Collapse Survivor: “There Was Little Room For Error… Either You Learn Fast Or End Up Dead”

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    Editor’s Note: When the Balkan wars erupted in Europe during the 1990’s people literally went from sipping coffees on their neighborhood streets to a war zone almost overnight. Most did not see it coming. Even in the midst of collapse many believed it was a temporary situation that would soon pass. But food, medical supplies and other necessities quickly began to run out. Tens of thousands of people were encircled by heavily armed military, snipers, and artillery. There was no where to go. In the following article from Selco of SHTF School you’ll get a first-hand account from someone who was there and was forced to make difficult decisions just to put powdered eggs on the table for his family and friends. Specifically, Selco details the supplies and tradegoods that became important in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the civilization around him. 

    It is a harrowing look into a life many of us can only imagine. 

    Selco is the founder of the SHTF School web site and creator of the One Year In Hell Survival Course.

    First Trades after Collapse
    By Selco

    balkan-war-1The items for trade during my SHTF very often changed value, and some of them became unavailable for some period of time, just to suddenly show up again much more expensive.

    Yes, situation in the city dictated that, but also people, the black market lords made this happen. The whole situation was always changing where and if you can find what you were looking for.

    Some of the items that were circulating in the city were completely new to everyone, one of the reasons was that all sorts of stuff from humanitarian aid was coming to the city through different channels and from all different parts of the world.

    Some of those things became popular fast, others remained completely strange for us, but all had some kind of value.

    Of course practical things like MRE were very good to have. Some other things like Turkish army crackers (salt cookies, or so called „Turks“) were strange for us. Taste was awkward, thats why they had lower value, but we were starving so of course everyone would eat it and trade it.
    In one period there were big amounts of some French cigarettes in the city, we called it „black tobacco“.

    It was very very strong tobacco, packaged in nice small boxes, and you simply did not need too much of those daily, even if you were very passionate smoker. Simply way too strong.

    Some “smart” guy smuggled this into the city and it is perfect example of successful product besides weapons and ammunition for trading.

    There were many new items for us, strange new kind of rice (was much too soft), canned meat without any declaration of meat type or expiration date (we called it „sick horse“). We ate it and used grease leftovers for lamps. Sometimes there were also big metal sealed boxes with dry cookies inside – some of the boxes had expiration dates that said it was expired like 20 years ago, we called it „Vietnam war cookies“ and we ate it and trade it as well.
    Of course it was always a good few days when we had some sort of food. In many other periods (most of the time) we ate much much worse things. Often soup with anything we could find that could provide some energy.

    One of the items in the beginning of everything that was very interesting for me was powdered eggs.

    As I can remember, we did not see that before, I mean we heard it from the stories of the old guys who survived WW2 that they used it a lot in the years after that war (and they call it Trumans eggs) because it was coming in the area as a part of humanitarian aid since everything was destroyed and folks were starving.

    Those eggs were interesting for me because we loved eggs, and obviously it became impossible to have real eggs. That is why food in urban survival is just a very bad version of food in wilderness survival. Rats and pigeons and some people probably also ate all dogs and cats. That was in the later months after we were surrounded without any way out and lost all basics like power and drinking water.

    One day we heard that powdered eggs can be bought from some guys who had lots of stuff taken from humanitarian aid convoy.

    Violence and shootings were already happening everywhere in the city, but it was period when we still believed it was temporary. There were three of us who went there to visit these guys. One of us had pistol, but that was not much help because none of us already realized how dangerous everything had become.

    It was time when the police force still existed but on the other hand other „police gangs“ started to operate and you could not say who is who, and what will happen when you run into them.

    We had German money for buying the eggs, at that moment you could still buy something with (foreign) money, but you could not expect any fixed price and price of everything was completely based on what happens in the negotiation.

    Guys were in apartment on second floor in apartment building that was maybe already half empty.

    Man who opened door for us took us to the living room of the apartment after we told him that we want to buy some goods from him.
    There were 4 more guys sitting next to table there, actually one of them was sleeping with his head on the table.

    One was trying to make some kind of sandwich with dry meat using a big old bayonet, room stank like someone died there.

    All of them looked pretty rough and ready for everything, three of us with one pistol looked like easy prey for them.

    Man who opened door for us asked us who sent us, we said name and he said: „Who is that? I do not know him.“

    Silence was ankward, I could feel like something is crawling over my back at that moment, especially when I noticed rifles standing next to the chairs where those guys were sitting, and on the carpet under the table there was big stain that suspiciously looked like blood.

    Man started to laugh and said „OK, I am kidding, I know him, just say what do you need.“

    Fear that crawled over my back started to disappear slowly, but still we were like sitting ducks there.

    We said what we wanted and he asked for how much money we want powdered eggs.

    My cousin stupidly took his money from pocket and said how much money we have.

    Guy said „Give me that!“

    Few seconds there was nothing, but when other guys from the table started to stare at us, my cousin gave him the money. From one of the rooms, we herad that someone shouted „Oh you m$@#!erf!*&er“ and then sounds that someone is being beaten.

    Man started to slowly count money, looking at us with smile, after he put money in his pocket and said: „Ok, you can have one box of powder for this money“

    Three of us knew that we were ripped off, but I just said „OK, it is a deal, we need to go now“.
    We took the box and left the apartment.

    On the outside hallway we noticed one more guy who was standing there as a guard for the apartment.
    When we were entering the apartment we did not even notice him.

    We came home safely that time, feeling that we were scammed there was gone very soon because we realized that guys could kill us very easily if they wanted to.

    Luckily at that moment they maybe did not feel like it, or what was most probable whole situation in the city had not reached level yet where they could do that easy and openly.

    Everyone still thought absence of rules and law are temporary. That changed soon, people started to kill each other as a part of trade scams. Later often just out of curiosity what other guy might still hide in his pockets and did not show.

    The one of us who had gun on his belt during the trade said „Oh man, I completely forgot that I had weapon with me there beceause how those guys looked“.

    Then we realized it was luck too because he did not pull the gun there in the middle of everything because we would end up dead for sure. Do you see a pattern there? Yes, in post collapse so many things can go wrong and often did.

    Thats why learning about survival and preparedness is most important right now. Do not delay when SHTF it comes out of nowhere. We still have registration for limited amount of students for the Survival Boot Camp open for few days if you want to get better insights into this.

    I remember that trade very well because we were scared, but much more important was feelings afterwards when we all realized that feelings of „kindness“ but also „fear“ went away. That day we realized we are living in new world with new rules and acting like we did in civilized times or showing weakness can have brutal consequences.

    We started to change and learn. We started to look and act like those guys during our trades, and whenever we found someone who was even harder and better at trading we also did what they did to us. We were lucky or maybe smart enough that we learned new rules very fast. There was little room for error. either you end up dead, or learn fast.

    That was one of my first trades after the collapse, I traded many times later again, and I often used similar setup of intimidation like those guys there.

    But there I learned for the first time few simple rules about trading like: never go to (closed) places where you do not know who to expect, how many, how well armed they are and similar stuff. Never have all your goods (or money) for trade with you, have plan what to do in case of surprises, never accept offers so easily because it can be seen as weakness, and weakness is sometimes call for problem, and many more.

    And one more rule that we learned and you should never forget is to never go and risk your life because of pure „luxury items“ like that powdered eggs were for us at that moment.

    Please comment below, discuss in our forum or if you act now you can still join my Survival Boot Camp before we close registrations.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 


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      1. Be prepared. Stay Prepared.


        • Selco always has a way with words and how to describe a SHTF scenario. It won’t be pretty when the whole world is basically like this when the black swan drops and you have a global financial meltdown.

            • If course the crisis in Ukraine is a nuclear war threat. The Russians are VERY SERIOUS about not having NATO weapons surrounding and pointing at them on all sides. I can’t blame them one bit.

              Anyone who says the U.S. would do anything different if another country parked their armies and weapons on our Canadian and Mexican borders, is absolutely stupid, or in denial. We’d go ballistic in a heartbeat.

              The Russians are right on this one. They don’t want our islamists, nazis, fags and GMOs.

              • Sixpack, now I remember where I saw you, Yeah so you were the one I use to see up in that mulberry tree. I use to run a train through Harvey many years ago, Harvey a big city like the one I ran out of, known as Moulton Ia. Trekker Out.

                • When I lived in Harvey it was the early 70’s. The town had ONE blinking stoplight, on the only paved road in town. I think the population was less than a thousand, including the outliers. The RR tracks were on the other side of town from my house. You must’ve had some damned good eyesight…

                  I’ve also lived in Burlington, 3 miles out of Agusta on Skunk River Rd, Wever and Bloomfield. Pella IA, is where I went to college. I still love tulips.

                  Ever heard of Bend IA? Population was 25 in the 70’s. It was nothing but 4 houses and a post office/gen store combo.

                  Spent most of my pre-teen/teenage days in Iowa, on a farm or in a very small town.

                  I guess it ain’t nothing like it was when I lived there.

                  • Sixpack it was in the very early 70’s when I ran through Harvy. And the best I recall I could see you even across town, because Harvey was only about 200 or 300 people the best I can remember. Tracy Ia wasn’t very far from Harvey, I worked for the Norfolk&Western RR at that time, and we shared trackage with the BN. It just brought back old memories when I read your comment about Harvey, I had almost forgot where it was. It’s a small world, also had a preacher come to our church here in Wy. that was from around Bussy Ia. and I ran trains right through the Middle of his dads farm. Trekker Out.

              • Well said!

              • sixpack: you are correct on this one. but it is no an issue of us vs. them, it is the issue of self survival. against all Christian beliefs it is time to develop a very self centered, me and only me type personality. When this stuff blows we will have less opportunity to adjust than the author did and it is that panic then into shock syndrome that will destroy almost everyone. anyway, hang in there and best of luck out there.

                • Right back at ya!

              • SixPack said, “The Russians are right on this one. They don’t want our islamists, nazis, fags and GMOs.”

                Wait just a minute there SixPack. I seem to remember that Krushchev took his shoe off and banged it on the table in front of Nixon and said, “Your grandchildren will be Communists.” And he was right, they are. America has more communism than Russia could ever come up with. So I think Russia started it.

                Russia has been tweaking Israels nose for decades now and Russia shouldn’t be surprised when Israel uses its various capabilities to defend itself against Russia.

                The long and short of it is that the world now has big military toys with big implications and the stakes are high. Once an arms race is entered in the modern era, there is only one possible outcome and we appear to be approaching that now.

                • Krushchev isn’t leading Russia anymore. What he said/did is irrelevant. The Communist Bolsheviks, maybe, but not The Russian Federation. People can’t seem, to separate the two in their minds, thanks to western rhetoric.

                  Screw Israel. They’ve been a treacherous, murdering country for decades. Let them deal with their own shit.

                  As for “The Arms Race”, I’m not so sure it ever REALLY ended. Many countries just continued stockpiling arms in secret…INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES AND RUSSIA.

                  We’re all guilty of being afraid for our own reasons, I just hope there is enough fear left around the world, to keep some asshole from pushing that big, red button.

                  We need to UNITE in only one common goal — TO STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER FROM WORLD FINANCIAL DOMINATION.

                  How we do that, is anybody’s guess. My idea would be to clarify and identify the true enemy, and stop kicking dirt on each other. Our enemy is the globalist bankster elites, not Russia or China.

                  We’ll never know peace until we do.

              • @sixpack, agree, we are doing to others what we’d never want done to us. And how did the Russians end up our new enemy all of a sudden? I can not believe how most people swallow the MSM bullshit as gospel.

              • Sad how our western media says nothing about what really happened with Ukraine. Our state department is on tape talking about it.We helped overthrow and elected government.
                The people who are in charge now come off as fascist,Wearing black masks and giving Nazi salutes.It makes me ill.
                All of this to move NATO lines and break a treaty. And the media says nothing.Just lots of crap about how bad Putin is.

          • This is who not to trust:

            Anyone who says, “We’re here from the government and we’re here to help.”

            The place where I see terrible and difficult arguments is this:

            Prepper Dad (could be a Prepper Mom) hears from wife: “We should trust these people (from the government, or whoever).”

            Prepper Dad, spidey sense tingling, “No honey, trust me, something’s wrong. This is a set-up.”

            Wife: “You’re just a freakin’ paranoid. We need what they’re offering. I’m not gonna listen to you anymore.”

            Prepper Dad, getting very alarmed and getting very pissed, “Honey! Seriously, don’t do this!! I love you, but don’t do this! We need to stick together.”

            Wife: “Look, why would the government want to hurt people? It doesn’t make sense. You’re just one of those crazy doomsday preppers.”

            Kids look at both dad and mom, greatly confused.

            This is a not a good atmosphere for a SHTF situation.

            • The EPA wants grilling stopped

              ht tp://

              And then they are coming for your shower water

              ht tp://

              Ya just cant make this shit up !
              ( unless your big socialist gov ) .

              • EPA can go f#$% themselves! I won’t give up my outdoor grill, period!

              • The first EPA goon that pokes his head over my fence to check to see if I’m BBQing on my grill, will need to pick his head up off the ground.

                Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

                But I am fed up with these Nazis.

                • Anon2, I’m with you. ANYONE who comes to tell me I can’t use my grill will be laid out on the ground with something broken.

                  • I wonder if the EPA will like my wood fired brick oven I just built last summer. My goofy, liberal Nancy boy neighbor already had the town code enforcement pay me a surprise visit. He also mentioned to my wife how he detests the smell of burning flesh when I Bbq. Game on!

                    • Ah, the VEGAN neighbors…

                    • Do you know what the words: “VEGAN” and “VEGETARIAN” mean in Native American language? They really mean: “He’s a bad shot!”

                • “California has maybe one year of water left” “No water for agriculture in California” “The US will lose one-third of its produce if California can’t produce”. How much does anyone want to bet me that while the EPA is getting ready to monitor length of showers in hotels … that the California golf courses – used by a tiny fraction of the population – are using tens of millions of gallons per day, collectively to water their grass ? Maybe hundreds of millions – take a look at the size of their pumps.

            • “we often used those same tactics of intimidation like those guys did” is similar to copying corrupt/abusive parents… not good role models!

              Some things are more important than physical survival and that is soul survival.. it is not admiral and I don’t agree with these tactics.

              Just because is corrupt and takes advantage of others and gets by with it does not mean you should imitate them! that is a sign of weakness, not strength!

              • It’s a sign the bad guys are gonna use your ass for a shoe rack, or play yard ball with your head. It’s one thing to put on a mask of evil to bluff your way out of a situation, it’s another to actually think you should really be like that.

                I’ll bluff if I must, and won’t worry about my soul. God knows what’s in my heart, even if the bad guys don’t.

                • Sixpack, the trick is DON’T even let them get close enough to touch you. That’s when they need to be ‘ventilated’. The scum won’t get near me because I’ll shoot their sorry asses first.

                • It sounded like he did more that just wear a tough mask– perhaps I read it too hurriedly, but it sounded like he became like them and took advantage of others… that is wrong!

              • Thats very easy to say…When your not starving….

              • Using intimidation can be a strong defensive measure. It can prevent a lot of trouble before it starts by giving you some modicum of control of the situation. If you’re a good person using intimidating techniques, then you can ensure no harm no foul at least on your part. In that case, everyone goes home intact with their souls.

            • i’ll play the devil’s advocate here.

              i could trust the gov during martial law over having to fend for myself and loved ones by going solo and trying to protect them myself during havoc.

              for one, a government needs its people in order to ensure the survival of its way of life.

              they have an army backing them up/defense for the defenseless. provisions/necessities of life.

              in times of hard crisis, numbers matter.

              sure, some freedoms are stripped away, but compared to the alternative…your freedom isn’t necessarily ensured either…always having to look over your shoulder, fending off criminals and other danger, being alone and helpless.

              if you can guarantee that you and your loved ones would be safe by your own merit, then by all means live free…but if you aren’t too proud to admit you need help, having the gov as your shield isn’t a bad idea either.

              • Devils advocate….. so, you are happy with a FEMA camp for a few years. Hope you voted for obama, didn’t ever go to a Tea Party meeting. Certainly you didn’t visit If so, you likely would not get out of camp alive, or intact. FEMA camps will feed people for awhile, but eventually they will decide what to do with each on an individual basis, with the help of the NSA.

                So, a little security at the cost of freedom, may not really work out that way.

                I suggest, all peoples fight the tyranny in a united fashion, and never surrender. This pertains to after any nuclear attack as well.

                • tin foil hat must be on a little too tight…you sound like every other jackass conspirist who blow every conspiracy out of proportion…but then again, i guess they really wouldn’t be conspiracies if they weren’t.

                  and to think they’d have sinister plans for people is just foolish…it takes people for re-poplation, even if the gov’s goal is to take advantage of people once again. can’t get blood from a stone.

                  • Sadly, with that kind of thinking, you will be among the first to die!!!

                • Sorry I posted twice, maybe you should read it twice, wouldn’t hurt.

              • The Jews got on the trains, no questions asked, and they led them straight to the concentration camps, i.e. FEMA camps, where they were either stripped, gassed and cremated, or worked as laborers that starved to death or died of exhaustion. You DO NOT get on the buses, trains, etc. that the government tell you to get on. Look at Katrina and the Boston bombings. People boarded buses to relocate them – no questions asked. Stupid. We have better learn from history, because it repeats itself, and we better learn quickly.

              • You are a libtard entitlement sissy on welfare and food stamps who probably hasn’t worked two consecutive days in your horrible life! Get a job, develope a set of balls and whining!

          • “That was one of my first trades after the collapse, I traded many times later again, and I often used similar setup of intimidation like those guys there”

            Sounds similar to someone becoming abusive and corrupt because their parents were that way to them– this is not a sign of strength but rather of weakness.

            • this is dealing with life as life is…. your statement would condemn men for killing a deer, even though they were hunting for sustenance…

            • “Sounds similar to someone becoming abusive and corrupt because their parents were that way to them– this is not a sign of strength but rather of weakness.”


              Not at all. Rubbish. See my comment above.

              • Using intimidation methods can get out of hand!

                If your are dealing with bad guys, that’s one thing– However, if you are dealing with regular people, you will end up with enemies– no one likes to be dominated!!

        • MASS DEATH IN AMERICA,I see by most of the comments,NO ONE,has realized they plan to WIPE america off the map,NO SURVIVORS,you guys hear that,NO SURVIVORS,thats THEIR PLAN,your not as important as you think you are,THEY PLAN TO KILL EVERYONE…NO SURVIVORS,the government wants ALL YOU DEAD….DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR “BEST BATTLE RIFLE” with you at all times,DON’T drive into ANY ROAD BLOCKS,and be READY TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH,cause thats what they have planned for ALL OF YOU ,DEATH……..

        • Ah, those were the days my friends i thought they would never end. Don,t worry what you just read will repeat itself., Soon!

      2. It is natural for humans to resist change.
        It is natural for some to dismiss change as a temporary event and soon life will return to normal.
        Have to be able to discern the time.
        After reading this post, it simply reenforces what everybody who post comments here pretty much thinks what could unfold here.

      3. Am I the first to comment on this?

        • No on Both counts. You’re not first, and you didn’t really comment.

        • nope, missed it by 2 minutes

          • Sorry Carlos, but I think Mac has a way of deciding who he wants to be first. I’ve made comments that were frist for 30 mins and the next thing you know your 10 times down. And their is one or two a minute ahead of you. And Dumb Dude is right, you didn’t really comment, you just asked a question. Trekker Out.

      4. Just as in combat the plan works till the first shots are fired. The same will hold true if the SHTF. Be prepared and flexable.

      5. Thank God I’m a quick learner. I also read a lot and been in situations where you had to survive. I learned to live off the land at any early age and know what it is to do so.
        The nice thing about today is that you can try stuff and fail. There is nothing wrong with that as long you don’t do it again! When TSHTF if you fail you might be dead, or The Lord doesn’t want you yet and is giving you another chance. So learn from your mistakes.

        • god or no god, at least knowing how to survive off the land is useful and relevant.

          • “at least knowing how to survive off the land is useful and relevant.”

            According to some of your recent comments, knowledge about growing and harvesting food is useless.

            Groups or families consume a lot of food. Eventually the stored food will run out. After the SHTF, those that lack that knowledge won’t last long.

            • i only stated that some people are redundant at posting common knowledge because of their basic thinking and close-mindedness and that in certain events, people will, more than likely not, have the means to start planting/harvesting.

              being able to hunt/fish/gather is the best solution.

              people who are unable to do that and think things will be alright as long as they buckle down in a cozy little cabin and sew buttons and knit sweaters while their tomato plants grow when shtf are f-king brain-dead. their little fantasies in reality wont be as cozy as they hope.

              • You miss the point. During the depression in the 1930’s, many animals such as deer, bears, turkeys, etc. were completely killed off many rural areas of the country. Some of the older folks that read here can confirm this.

                When the SHTF, this will happen again…quickly.

                Those thinking they are going to survive by killing and eating all those deer in the woods will be in for a rude awakening to reality.

                Don’t know where you are getting your info. Haven’t read any posts about sewing buttons in a cabin. You might want to put down the pipe before you post.

                • no need to worry bout that up here in canada. 😉

                  and yeah well, if ya had read what you had claimed to have read, you’d understand that point…but i don’t blame you for either having a short attention span or a bad memory(guess you’re the one who needs to lay off the dope lol).

                  besides the last times i posted were months ago when ky nom nom was throwing a fit after i called her stupid because she rather pack buttons and yarn instead of actual necessities for survival…

                  now you’re all clued in smart-ass.

      6. Powdered eggs huh. That sounds like a good description of the majority of the American people. Powdered, snookered, flim flammed, out of the loop, uncaring and otherwise occupied.

        • Don’t forget clueless!!!

      7. When I read responses from preppers that poo poo the practice of stocking trade goods – common & cheap goods NOW – that’ll be worth a fortune in the post-SHTF …. I don’t understand

        Even if you are well prepared for your lifetime and uber skilled across a wide scale …. there’ll always be a need for that extra something …. something you didn’t think about – something unexpected – maybe a skill nobody has in their kit bag ….

        Trading may save your life or make your post-SHTF alot more comfortable …. give it some thought

        • IW, spot on. I already stockpile a lot of items that will be VERY useful in post-SHTF and can be bartered for other useful items. I have a Katadyn water filter bottle with 2 extra filters set aside for barter since I now use Sawyer water filters which have far more capacity. SOMEONE will only be too happy to trade me something useful for that Katadyn in post-SHTF if they want to have drinkable water bad enough.

        • Trading may save your life or make your post-SHTF alot more comfortable

          Or get you killed.

          Trading/bartering should only be attempted after the 90% die off.

      8. Selco to me sounds like John Travolta’s in the killing fields.

      9. I have a friend who’s name i cannot mention, who is a scientist. My shtf friends and i meet up every month to discuss our preparations for this same exact thing that Selco is talking about. Another one got the shtf course by Selco. I highly recomend it, now back to my scientist friend. He told us 3 months ago, that he was informed by and inside source that this shtf event is coming by years end, with the economy. That the cabal purposely cut off a city in another country to test how the people would deal with such a calapse a few yrs back to beta test how it would look over here in the Great US OF A.. My friend told us that married women were dangerous. So we asked him, Wtf? women. He sys, shut up, let me explain. They sent men to kill other men to take their food and water to feed the kids. They had mouths to feed and turned into cold blooded killers murderous and rapist over night. The single men attacked and raped the women and girls in mass numbers and commited murders and other attrocities, when the food dissapeared and water ran out, it happened, they, the women that lived with men and kids, told the men to get out to find food and water. The population in th area was just under 5,000, we have 340,000,000 living in America and we are facing and economic calapse, and that the first person that they man goes to in the neighbourhood is the person who he always says high to, the aquaintance neighbour. Said dude across the street then tells him that he has no food or water. This is now 4 days later. So folks, your bro across the street will be coming for you. Remeber the article awhile back, ” I will be coming to you when shtf”. The man goes across the street, tells that the neighbours that his kids need food and water that they are going to die. The women start to get angry, tells the men to get out and get the supplies needed. This same guy took up a gun and blew away all the neighbors across the street and took their supplies, within 3 weeks, in that same real theatre, 90% of everyone was dead from the stronger ones who were armed killing off the entire town, civil war broke out, everyone without guns were killed, raped, kidnapping, mascreas, murders, you name it, it happened within 3 weeks. They tuned into animals. He said that neighbors went to war with people across the street , neighbours beside you attacked you and your family..That is how bad it was. It became hell on earth in just 3 weeks, people were dying all over the place bodies stinking up the streets and whole area. My friend said that the source told him that the 300,000,000 milliion plus in the US, that this will become a literal hell on earth, that he needs to prepare now and get the hell out of town, that not even the foreign military would be able to control the 300 million plus, and that and environmetal catastrophe is coming to Houston’s coastline from a fractial pole shift in less than 2 yrs from now, 2016-2017 time frame, raising the sea level in houston to over 100 Ft above sea level. So what did my friend do, he moved 3 yrs ago to the north side which is 250 ft above sea level. He began preps 2 yrs ago and moved out of town. I know this man well and he is not lying to me. Needless to say, it got me convinced. I have told a few dumb down people what i heard and they told me that i am too paranoid, worry too much and that keep reading too much nonsense and am diconnected from reality.

        I have another story to tell you. My brother has a friend who met from Kosovo, a man that was in the balkan war, when the surbs came in, and told him how they attacked his subdivision, and all the surbs ordered over everyone out of their houses, one soldier shot his father 4 times in the head, held them at gun, point as the soldiers continued to attack and kill the men across the street and then the screaming begun, when they began to rape the women and girls, and then they grabbed and through his sister down on the front lawn, and began to gang rape her as his brother tried to stop them and was shot and killed right in front of him and is bleeding out while, his father is now dead from the 4 gun shot Ak wounds to his head, he and his mother is watching them rape his sister right in front of them. These attrocites went on day and night until coilition forces came to area, his sister died a fews days later from the physical assault by literally hundreds of surbs and so did the other women and girls. Then allied forces entered the war, forcing to serbs to take off and leave the area. This happed in Kosovo. I am not making up this stuff, i was told it happend. But then again stupid people around us know better than us conspiracy types dont they. I just read A Failure Of Civility. Read that book, you will learn a few things. This book is reality check one point one. Can i prove that any of the above mentioned happed, since i was not there, however i will be taking notes and have prepared just incase this happens here. I am worried. We literally have a serious shtf pending situation on the horizon..I am done talking to people. This is the real world.

        • People just have no idea how the rules we live by now quickly get thrown out of the window. I really laugh sometimes when I see people being very politically correct, and lesbians or others endlessly going on about one faux pas or another somebody has done. That stuff disappears really fast when shtf happens. Nobody will care one jot about the ability of transgenders to enter the ladies toilets etc.

          We used to get shipments of American food aid chickens. These were like rubber. But, thank you to America, the chickens were food and if prepared well, could be tasty. Try shredding the tough meat and fry it up with some Tabasco sauce and garlic to make Thai chicken and rice.

          Then there were the prostitutes. Just young students who needed cash to pay for school or food. I saw stuff that was very shocking but people will do anything to make money. Very few young women did not turn to prostitution: basically only the ugliest ones or the ones who were politically connected and were able to get a job with the international companies. The rest f-d their way through the crisis. You soon lose your ethical problems with this; it was the best option for most of these young women.

          • Everyone needs a good sniper rifle or several, one for each able bodied family member, and a thousand rounds.

            You can’t take on ten men at your front door, but you can at a thousand yards when they are at the house way down the street. You take out two, and move location, etc, read a book on snipers. Keep them going in circles. Attrition is your friend. Not getting caught or identified, critical.

            Make them skip your area. Assume they will return in force, have a place to hide! Don’t go out in a blaze of glory, be a ghost.

            • May I add that if you use a sniper rifle and kill, you will be hunted at a level much higher than if you just wound, as well a wounded person requires the bad guys drain a lot of resources to help.

              Shooting to wound is counter to a military/police mentality/training, but a prepper just trying to get along and survive will likely not be protected by the rules of warfare!

              It would suck to find yourself on a most wanted list when civilization returns to sanity, tribunals may not be interested in self defense claims.

              During the revolutionary war, colonists targeted British officers in sniper attacks, this infuriated the British crown, but it was also a mitigating force that lead to independence. Just trying to say, it’s all a fine line.

              I liked a another’s post that said; “if you are old and can’t bug out, take two or three with you when they come for you!

              • Plan twice prep once, in any post-SHTF scenario, all of the rules we live by at this time will go down the tubes. There will be NO RULE OF LAW, let alone anyone being concerned about either the Geneva or Hague Conventions on rules of war. It will be “anything goes and no holds barred.” The only thing common people will be concerned about is survival and no one will be around to enforce any “rules of warfare” or anything else. I agree tribunals won’t care about self-defense claims, so the trick here is to NOT let any government thugs capture you alive in the first place. Everyone has a natural, God-given right to self-defense against anyone and everyone who approaches them with evil intentions toward them, and that includes anyone from a government. Never let any type of policy scare you away from the idea of self-defense. Following such a policy does have a price tag on it. That price could go as high as “losing your life”. Think about it.

                • In an EOTWAWKI situation, I fear that the War Lords, that come to power, murderers who would be an honorable kill, rapists, killers, thieves, may have been installed by your own government. Understand they will hunt you down if you kill their boy, no matter how evil they are!

                  I read on another site, beware when unusual/ exotic weapons begin appearing, and no the government controlled news will not report their use except by accident, it is a sign that your own government is likely supplying these terrorists. Fast and Furious all over again!

                  There are reasons police have begun wearing masks. You need to be prepared to leave no prints, DNA, wear a mask etc. just like the police do! There will be a day of reckoning. I was trying to say, you will need to be at peace with it, as well as with your own conscience.

        • Your narrative would have been so much better if you knew just the rudimentary elements of the English language. Please give your script to someone who can translate it into something readable. I am really very sorry to go so very virulently Grammar Nazi on you but I am very interested in what you have to present. Your prose led to nausea trying to decipher what you intended to say. All my best, I am totally on your side.

          • Just who ar u talkin to? You could have at least started your lecture with that.

        • I believe every word of your story is a real possibility in the coming collapse. Just look at how people act during black Friday sales.

          If people will fight over junk made in China when their bellies are full what will they do when their hungry

      10. 11 Americans exposed to Ebola flown back to U.S. and will stay in HOTELS

        “..the Americans coming home will stay at HOTELS and other housing near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.”

        There is one hotel now in Nebraska that will have to be thoroughly decontaminated.

        “One of those 11 being monitored in Nebraska has developed symptoms of Ebola and was moved to a biocontainment unit, hospital officials said in a news release Monday.”

        • KY Mom, Good to see yer back with more great links .

          • hammerhead,

            Thank you! Hope this finds all well with you!

        • Glad to see you are back. As always good wisdom backed up with sources.

          • casual observer,

            Thank you! Hope you are doing well too!

      11. When shtf commenses, you must form a NPP, Neighbourhood protection Perimeter. Stop the crap, feed your neighbours, help them and bring resources together. Get with the cops in you areas, from security. Trust me folks its much easier to deal with, bring the neighbour hood together immdiately. Make friend with the cops, they will work with you. You will find out that others in your very neighbourhoods were preppers and they will help you once they find out that you are also one of them. Get the book ” Failure of Civility”. This is the untimate shtf owners manual designed for the civilian and law enforcement. Written by a veteran and a cop. I am not a cop basher. There are bad ones out there, but i have met some really good trust worthy ones, and the secret is that they have been prepping. They have been reading the same crap that we have been reading, and they are convinced, shtf is going to happen.

      12. For any of you, like me, who are searching for the answers to ‘what is wrong with America’ do not skip over:

        Poster Digs video of Catherine Austin Fitts on the last subject (Billionaire Warns…).

        You will never look at America the same again. Do not wait for any blog to write an article on the subject she covers. Cause the truth on that video will never be brought to light as a SUBJECT.

        If you passed the video by….go back and listen. You will be 99% smarter on what truly ‘ails’ America than 99% of the “subject matter” on the blogs we chose to read.

        Matter of fact you will ask yourself how all this has been hidden from you by your favorite conservative? talk show head, senator/rep, subject matter on blogs, etc. No one has dared touch this subject, NO ONE!

        +1,000 Digs! Thanks!

        • Do you happen to have a link. I have been searching for awhile and cant find it. Would love to watch it

          • Adrenoman:

            Go back to Mac’s subject “Billionaire warns…(a couple of subjects ago). Go to the comments section. Digs has posted the video there for you to see.

            • ht tps://

              choose the first one.

              Oh, remove space in https

              • The point I got from the video was money was stolen and ‘repositioned’ for lack of a better word–in other words, America is not broke–TPTB are hiding what they stole.

            • POG

              Interesting video, not finished yet but its scary to imagine how big the wizard behind the curtain really is.

        • ur’ welcome pog!

          discovering , learning the ‘truth’ is winning half the battle to personal freedom.

        • Austin says what is happening here and around the world is a “slow burn,” meaning that things will just deteriorate for us while the rich and the politicians steal everything. So prepping will be the only way to survive. I’ve told my friends the same thing for decades: find a good piece of land, pay off your bills, and learn to grow your own food. Prepare as if a series of emergencies are coming your way (and they are!).

      13. A lot of ‘preppers’ still do not realize that when the SHTF, EVERYTHING (read EVERYTHING) will lock down almost instantaneously. We need to live on the edge and be prepared as if today is the last day of sanity.

        • THANKS 1 john 2.2

      14. everyone should keep in mind that just because the u.n. coalition forces show up to provide security everything will return to normal.

        it doesn’t , the u.n. troops run their own war zone mafia rackets and traffic everything such as sex slaves, children, body parts/ organs for human transplant, contraband, drugs and protect whore houses , other places of ill repute.

        this happens every where the u.n. has peace keeper boots on the ground.

        as one hell ends another will begin.

        • Thats why those blue helmets and berets are targets

          • Kula, spot on. Those blue helmets and berets will be targets for me. “Hey, little feller, that sure is a purdy blue helmet you got there. Here, let me install ‘air-conditioning’ on it for you.”

        • Digs, that’s why those blue helmets should be targeted and ventilated before any such nightmare can begin.

      15. Prepp’n tip: To save space and weight DEHYDRATE and DEHYDRATE SOME MORE! You can put back a lot of food and not take up much space. 12lb. of frozen diced potatoes dehydrated will go into a 8 cup container. For us this is the way we are going. Vacuum packed in gallon bags and hey put them between your mattress and box springs for a place to store them. Just an idea of ours.

      16. I like reading this kind of “real” survival stories. The guy over at The Modern Survivalist site from Argentina is another favorite too.

        Question: I want to purchase some guns as trade items. Do I get shotguns, pistols, AR’s or AK’s. Depending which caliber of ammo/mags are still available?

        I’m leaning towards Mossberg 500’s right now.

        “Watch out fur them Hogs!”

        • i suggest you don’t.

          why arm someone who is desperate so they can come back and kill you?

          desperate people do desperate things.

          • @digs
            Thanks for your opinion, I’ve considered that already. However I live by the motto, “No risk-no reward”.

            • Them Hogs, NEVER, EVER, TRY TO OFFER ANY FIREARMS OR AMMO IN A BARTER ARRANGMENT. THAT COULD GET YOU KILLED. Most other items like basic necessities and so forth are OK, but never guns or ammo.

              • @Braveheart
                Who are you, my Mom? Think about it, the bad guys will already have guns, they always do, don’t they?

                If a guy is willing to trade food/silver/water for a gun, he won’t need to take mine now will he? Plus I sure has hell will not be trading any of my own defense weapons away.

                Last of all, COOL IT WITH THE CAPS, they are insulting.

                Watch out fur them Hogs!

                • Hog, sounds like you want to be that tall blade of grass that gets mowed down first. No one with any common sense is gonna barter weapons and ammo to someone who can potentially come back later and use it to kill you and steal your stuff. Bartering with ammo and weapons is just a royally bonehead idea. I NEVER agree with braveheart, but there is a first time for everything…..

                  • Foxglove, I’ll admit I’m surprised to see you agree with me on something for a change. I really do personally believe bartering guns and/or ammo could be a fatal mistake. I have no problem bartering for food, water, basic necessities, etc. That kind of bartering makes perfect sense. I already stockpile certain items which will fast become scarce in any post-SHTF scenario, items that will be very useful and very much in demand, plus some extras for bartering. I realize some people here think I’m a total moron, but there’s no way I’m going to barter on any guns or ammo. If I ever did, then I would really be a total moron, most likely a DEAD moron. I’d like to survive for at least as long as possible in any post-SHTF scenario. Take care.

                • Them Hogs, I’m only offering some friendly advice, not trying to dictate anything to you. I understand and respect that it’s your decision to make. I just believe that something like that could backfire on a person. Just my 2 cents.

            • from a business perspective you’re looking at it wrong…

              you want to create within them a need of dependance upon you and your business.

              so they keep coming back and only come to you.

              so your wealth and business grows.

              by arming them you create unnecessary troublesome competition , if there is a threat nearby requiring folks a need to be lethally armed , simply create your own armed guard service and provide security to those who can afford to trade for it.

              try to see the bigger picture.

              if you must trade weapons, trade only limited personal protection weapons. such as airguns, knives, clubs, axes, spears, walking staves, bow/ arrows, nets, whips, snares, traps.

          • That is very true! I would stick to non armament items such as food, clothes, & tools

        • I too suggest you ever use guns as trade goods. The guy that’s willing to bring food to trade for guns may take back guns and food from the trade.

      17. I’ve been very busy in my office this first quarter of the year. I am a cash only business, and folks are spending that cash. Not sure where they are getting it, but someone is doing okay.

        Good news on my front, I finally have a job interview in MS coming up soon. So Maverick my friend, I may be out of the communist hell hole CT before summers end. There are so many people I meet now who are anti liberal policies, and they say I don’t understand why we (govt) not doing something different. I tell them it’s because they keep voting for the same dirt bags. My mother in law votes the dem party line. You ask her why and she doesn’t know. she’s just democrat. well what do democrats stand for.,…get this…”I don’t know” MS here I come!

        • NPPH, good to hear from you and glad to hear that news. And I’m happy to report that I can and am using my old moniker of Braveheart once again. All I had to do was change my browser from IE to Firefox. Imagine that! Come on back to Dixie where you belong.

      18. Currently taking Selco’s course, just finished the Trading portion of the course. The whole course is very sobering. He uses a lot of common sense and adds the videos and commentaries for added emphasis. If you can, you should consider taking the course, you have nothing to lose except maybe one’s survival.

      19. I always enjoy Selco’s articles. He is a very real down to earth person. I always take something from his writings. The reality is much of these examples given will very will need to be used if things continue the way they are going. Maybe spring will come sometime this year. God Bless and ya’ll have a great day.


        • Mike in Canada, long time no hear from. How have you been? I’ve taken Selco’s course previously and it’s well worth the time. he is a gold mine of information on what a societal collapse looks like since he’s already experienced it.

      20. Mac, could you please set up your site to support HTTPS, so it’s not incredibly easy for any group to monitor it.

      21. Man these posts really hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I feel odd preparing for the worst, but then I read stories like this and knowing that I am prepared (not 100%, still have work to do), gives me a little more peace of mind.

      22. My friends, when TSHTF, always carry your side arm. If it comes down to a life and death situation between someone else or you, DO NOT HESITATE, TAKE THEM OUT ! Because if you don’t, the chances are, they will take you out and steal whatever you have on your person, including your gold fillings.

        When it becomes a dog eat dog world, you had better act like an Alpha male and be ready to take out anyone who opposes you. Or, or, you can act like a good little Christian and die with that cross around your neck, clutched oh so reverently in your ignorant sorry little hands.

      23. I tell people to have some extra of everything.At least own a shotgun(my favorite home defense weapon)and some boxes of buckshot and maybe some slugs.Number six shells for animals.
        This runs about 225.00 bucks depending on the shotgun.
        Figure everything that you use or count on will just stop existing.Medical supplies would be a good idea.
        Having essential fats handy will help you keep from getting weak and sick. Peanut butter is used by agencies helping the starving around the world.
        My folks have seen people go feral when they are starving.
        Even people who think they are prepared, aren’t.

        • I love a shotgun, but the ammo is awful heavy, plus there are several kinds to stockpile. It gets way expensive,

          There is slugs, buck, turkey, bird, and skeet for practice. A case or two of each added up is a small fortune, and your talking 50 pounds a case for just 250 rounds. It is a serious shelter in weapon. Fifty pounds of 9mm is like 3000 rounds, and is more compact, but 50 pounds is a lot to lug.

      24. “it is time to develop a very self centered, me and only me type personality”

        Maybe. Or maybe now is the time to do everything we can to cultivate useful relationships with people who will be good to know in such a scenario.

        I have two uncles who aren’t particularly useful in the world as it is today. But one of them is a former farmer who can pinch a penny and build damn near anything, and the other is a gunsmith and can field dress and butcher any animal that lives in North America. It’s ridiculous how useful a close relationship with them could be under the right circumstances.

        Oh, and both of them are vindictive as hell. There are a lot of people who treat them like crap right now who might end up being sorry for that. These guys could end up the wealthiest guys in town in a time and place where practical skills are all that matter.

        But I do take your point. That’s a problem for me…I’m a bit soft. I can’t bear to see an animal or kid suffer and I’d feed anybody who sincerely asked. That might not always work either.

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