Collapse Strategist: “We’re In The Terminal Phase… Economic Pain Like We’ve Never Seen Before”

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    At this point, despite major highs in U.S. stock markets and reassurances from no less than President of the United States himself that the economy is sound, one only need to look around to understand that we are on the cusp of what researcher and collapse strategist Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog calls the “early chapters of a total meltdown.” In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Snyder notes that the fundamental economic problems we face can be seen across the globe. The United States, Europe, Asia, and South America are all crashing and no one will be immune to what comes next.

    We’re in the terminal phase of the greatest debt bubble in all of human history… The crisis that happened last time around… it was just a warning signal of what would happen if we didn’t fix our problems… and of course we didn’t fix them.

    It’s not sustainable… There’s going to be a permanent, massive adjustment and a loss of faith in the current system… as it unravels and implodes we’re going to see economic pain on a scale that is historic, like we’ve never seen before… when this thing finally blows it’s going to bring the existing system down.

    Full Interview via Future Money Trends:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    While most Americans think that near-record breaking stock markets are a sign of recovery and revival in the U.S. economy, Snyder goes on to warn that what we’ve seen in Greece, Cyprus, and Argentina, and what’s happening right now in Venezuela, is a coming reality to Americans.

    That could mean everything from bank holidays wherein governments authorize the seizure of account holders’ deposits, to a full-on collapse scenario like Venezuela where food, toilet paper and basic necessities become totally unavailable.

    Michael Snyder explains that the one asset class to protect and preserve wealth in the midst of crisis is precious metals and well known billionaire investors have been rapidly acquiring everything they can their hands on in recent months. And as we’ve seen just this year, when panic is the order of the day capital shifts into gold and silver as a crisis hedge.

    But that’s not all you can do to prepare for the next wave, says Snyder, and diversifying your approach to collapse-proofing your life will be critical because we simply don’t know exactly how events will play out over coming months and years:

    There’re are different strategies that are required to get through a period of crisis, even if it’s just a recession, but especially if it escalates to a full-blown historic financial crisis. 

    For example. if people have money in financial markets they may want to evaluate what their risk is… because if things start crashing are they going to be able to survive if their investments crash to a 40% or 50% decline… can you weather that? Can you survive that?

    A lot of people are moving into gold and silver as a way to insulate themselves, to protect their wealth during a time of crisis.

    Of course, not everyone’s in the markets. One thing I really recommend to people is to have an emergency fund in the case you lose your job or there’s a business reversal… you just look back at 2008 and all of a sudden there was a huge downturn and millions of people lost their jobs…

    We’re already seeing corporate revenues fall… corporate profits fall… Job cut announcements by major firms in the United States were up 32% in the first quarter of 2016… We’re already starting to see it happen… people are going to lose their jobs. 

    And because more than 60% of all Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck when people lose their jobs they don’t have anything to fall back on… they can’t pay the mortgage… they can’t pay the bills… then we start seeing people lose their homes…  foreclosures go up..

    People go from living a very comfortable lifestyle to being on the street very rapidly. 

    You’ve got to have that cushion… you’ve got to have that emergency fund.

    But an emergency fund may not be enough, because when the global economy detonates it could bring serious monetary and financial problems with it. And that means supply chains for core essentials like food could dry up because of credit freezes like we saw in Greece. Or, your money will be worth so little because of hyperinflation that you simply won’t have enough of it to put food on the table. And that’s why Snyder advocates owning alternative hard assets and supplies:

    In the longer-term… we do believe in storing up food and basic supplies… We don’t think we’re going to need them in the next week or the next month… or even in the short-term time frame… but in the mid- or long-term we believe those things are going to start to come into play…

    We’re just in the early chapters… we’re just seeing the early shaking. 

    As it all plays out we believe we’re going to see a total meltdown. 

    So, for example, if some day you can go to the bank and can’t get money out of the ATM, what are you going to do?

    That’s one of the reasons why we recommend not having your eggs in one basket. Spread your assets around to different banks… different types of investments, whether it’s precious metals or different types of hard assets.

    Having your assets spread around in different places makes it harder, if there is an emergency or crisis, for you to be in a situation of hardship because you can’t get access to what you need. 

    The whole system is built upon lies. And while the powers that be tout stability, what they’ve created is anything but.

    And when the house of cards comes tumbling down you can be sure that the elite will be safely tucked away in their bunkers watching it all play out live on their satellite feeds.

    They’ve already started preparing for the meltdown by diversifying into precious metals, buckets of food, personal defense armaments and other tangible assets that will be impossible to find during a crisis event.

    For more interviews like this visit Future Money Trends. Follow the strategies of top investors like Eric Sprott and Doug Casey – Read this before you buy gold.

    Michael Snyder is the founder of The Economic Collapse Blog. He is the author of The Beginning of the End. His latest book The Rapture Verdict has just been released.



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      1. This is going to be one for the history books. They’ll talk about this era like we do about the collapse of the Roman Empire. It will be epic.

        Best be ready for it.

        • One for the history books? The history books have all been rewritten by the liberals. The history books will all refelect this was George Bush’s fault.

          • it WAS bush’s fault….and clinton, and obama, and the OTHER white bush, and a whole bunch of congressmen, and WORST of all, it was the PEOPLE’S fault for electing them, over, and over, and OVER…poor simpleton america(ns). there WILL be plenty of history books to cover ALL responsible…

            • Ha ha, well said. People quickly forget that both parties are one and the same or two sides of the same coin.

              • is that 2 sides of the same “CON”

            • Yup

            • Buttcrack, it was may peoples fault from lincoln to wilson to FDR to the present occupier. And you are right, the masses fault for electing these credens. People have never been free and never will be, they are too stupid. Don’t count on history books pointing out the ones responsible, history is written by the victors of war and those in power. By the way, I missed you on Mac’s day (the 15th). Good to see you still here!

              • I APPRECIATE THE KIND WORDS, GENIUS. now in the spirit of providing some HELP to the peeps, here’s a link to the items allowed on the next season of “alone”…i’ve picked MY ten, but without knowing a few other details, some of the items would change….what would YOU take?

                • Axe, paracord, sleeping bag, large pot,bear canister, fishing line/hooks, hunting knife, flashlight, jerkey, towel….

                  • Get at least 200 Sandbags. That would be about 4 Yards of Sand to be delivered to fill 200 bags. Get your bunkers built. Great Bullet stopper up to .50 Cal BMG. (.50 BMG) or 12.7×99mm NATO. Any Sand left over, Build 2 Horseshoe Trowing Pits, Stakes are placed 40 Ft Apart. Build some pits around the stakes and fill with sand. Build activities on your BOL properties. I’m thinking about building a putting green. The main room of the largest building will have a nice open room area, with a big pool table. Good entertainment, with big sliding doors fora all open to the great outdoors. May have to spend a lot of time, there during the collapse. So may as well have fun. I’m putting a Pistol range in the back f the property. Could shoot rifles as well, into miles of endless swamp. Half my neighbors do it. I listen and try to guess the calibers they are firing.

                    So whats your Nuclear Fall out exposure number this week? Go here to see the Map and your area. RadiationNetwork dotcom Pick up Potassium Iodide, to protect your thyroid Gland from radiation. There maybe power grid failures and its “Game On” after a few hours.. Shotguns with mounted flash light/ laser light. Get ready, its going down at dark. Those with Night vision or IR will rule the night. Get out of the High rise Buildings and Cities, ASAP!! You think you are going to carry 5 gallons of water up to your Apartment flat on the 48th floor, all up stairs in the dark, cause the elevators are not working and no pump to lift the water up to you. In fact none above the 1st floor has water. And who knows who’s lurking on every floor you go up, in the dark feeling your way. That will be a quick death. Unless you own the penthouse suite and have your own helicopter pad out the patio sliders. Go watch the 1974 movie “Towering Inferno.” With Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Then the 1981 Movie, “Escape from New York.” W/ Kurt Russel. Are you prepared?


                  • 12g Mossberg-pistol grip and the 5.56 AR-15 Pistol and lots of High capacity filled Mags. And in case you get into some deep rough. Bring the 9-Iron, and prepare to yell “fore”.


            • I continue to be amazed by how many clueless, blithering idiots there are over on the so-called right who still try to put lipstick on the pigs that the ENTIRE Bush Crime Family have been for their entire miserable, treasonous existence within this nation.

              Oh, and I’m a hard core right winger. The Bushes, the Clintons, the Boehners, the Ryans, the Obongos, heck, the entire establishment ‘elite’ class are TRAITORS to this nation and anyone who can’t see that is an IMBECILE.

              • Well said Tucker… Mac took note of a quote where the speaker says: “as it unravels and implodes we’re going to see economic pain on a scale that is historic, like we’ve never seen before… when this thing finally blows it’s going to bring the existing system down.”
                I wonder if we could use the fall of Rome as an example of what is coming on a global scale? In the centuries that followed the fall of Rome, it wasn’t called the ‘dark ages’ for nothing – culture and technology actually went backwards for a very long time… as stupid as the human race has become overall, I dare say we could see a literal repeat performance…

                • Anyone hear anything about Rob Kirby saying that s-tarting tomorrow (4-19-16) China is going to a gold backed Yuan?

              • Did you know that the Bush family was at Dealy Plaza on that FATEFUL DAY IN 1963? HWBush can be seen in the background in one crime scene photo!!

                • I do believe HW Bush was a sharp shooter and a cia spook, go figure.

              • Look how about half the country supports Hillary,Scary.

            • Fed Issues an Ominous Warning to JPMorgan Chase and Leaders Flock to Secret Meetings

              ht tp://

            • Wait, I thought elections are rigged? How did they get bored in if the elite put them there?

              Which is it?

          • Pure fearporno this article…apply to many credit cards as possible, maximize the cards’ credit lines, buy assets in another country and then file for bankruptcy in America.

            That’s the way to go baby, easy money!

            • Its not that easy anymore. For good reason they charge you with fraud if you do that. Only ultra right can steal and get away with it.

              • “ultra right”

                oops Ultra Rich

                see Corzine

                • When most people here were screaming “HYPERINFLATION” and the “COLLAPSE OF THE DOLLAR” over the past few years, someone here said that any financial collapse would be triggered by Europe and/or China.

                  Who was that Masked Man?

                  Someone here said the stock market would be “CHOPPY” for the next two years …. nine months ago.

                  Someone here said last year that the BRIC’S would be taken down by the FED for challenging their hegemony. ALL of their economies are in the SHITTER !!!

                  Someone here said, years ago, that the next economic downturn would be DEFLATIONARY in character leading the another extended depression.

                  Its in the archives. 🙂

                  • DK

                    I am not looking for an online fight here…but please, for the love of God, stop asking “Who was that Masked Man?

                  • DURANGO KIDD
                    I enjoy reading your comments.
                    And have for several years.
                    Keep up the good work.
                    The boy from Illinois

                    • Likewise — Your insights are always appreciated DK

                    • I am not praising myself. I am only pointing out the facts. I took ALOT of heat from a few financial morons here over the years; who for the most part, are not with US anymore, but loved to spread internet meme’s of dubious value.

                      I challenge a few who seem determined to mislead and profit from their deception. I try to provide another perspective when the situation calls for it, and I give my insight freely and without reservation for those who can benefit from my education, experience, and special expertise.

                      You are free to ignore it as well. 🙂

                  • Wisdom literature from a few K years ago…YMMV

                    Proverbs 27:2

                    Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth;

                    an outsider, and not your own lips.


            • I always keep a small flashlite on my bedside table in case the power goes out. Well.,.. I have a house genny and it’s supposed to go on in one minute when the power goes out. My bedroom is very dark with curtains on the windows. Well, I was sleeping at 8 a.m. and when i woke up my room was completely dark, no nitelight on. I reached for my flashlite on the table and i couldn’t find it in the dark! I kept trying and finally i found it. Seems that the genny did NOT go on when it was supposed to! Went next door, in country here, and asked the lady what time the power went out. She told me. She was sitting half dressed on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her “waiting” for the power to come back on cuz she had to get ready for work, shower i guess, no electric, then no well pump works. Power came on in a couple hours….but here i thought i was prepared and i couldn’t even find the flashlite in the dark! Oh, the way i found it was by back up….I have a candle and matches on the table too. I groped around and found the matches and that’s how i was able to find the flashlite! So we think we are prepared and the littlest thing can screw us up!!!

              • Oh, and the genny not coming on was a freak thing happening too., as the genny man told me. He said it has never happened before. Coming next wk to check it and tune up. I do have a hand well pump, but well is under the porch, so won’t be easy getting to it…..dumb people before me built the porch over the well…so now i can’t use a regular well hand pump. Have to use a long hose and another pump sitting on top of the porch. Hard, but doable. I did go outside and pushed the genny button and it went on.

          • …or the history books will just pretend it never happened.



          • YEP!!

        • You cant tell me.


        • If anyone’s left……

          If you’re the last one out, please turn out the lights, trying to save the planet y’know…..

        • I went to the ER in acute pain. They ushered a wealthy man in ahead of me (if you don’t know anyone in the medical field – CONGRESSMAN, SENATORS, MAYORS, AND OTHER VIP’S GET BUMPED AHEAD OF YOU & I.

          Finally was seen as I was writhing in pain and I was refused medication. I have NEVER had an addiction problem but was damaged by a pharmaceutical (from our illustrious worthless FDA government workers who don’t do their jobs) They left me writhing in pain. The CDC who does not know what the hell they’re doing have now decided that you and I don’t need pain relief. Never mind that they remarked “your blood pressure shot up from pain” – which could give me a stroke and destroy my kidneys.

          This country is in a shaky shaky state. Trump is our last best chance.

          • I’ve been a CPP (Chronic Pain Patient) for DECADES. Now after correct meds (post 7 back operations, Dx “Massive nerve damage, Chronic Intractable Pain” some anti-opiate fanatics are taking it all away yet AGAIN. From all CPP unless they have cancer. CIP KILLS without treatment, but apparently better that than addiction (which most docs can’t tell from habituation). I’ve about had it; I really haven’t decided if I want to have to survive this BS yet again. The insurance companies love it of course; they don’t have to pay for all those meds and that’s pure profit for them. So the doc is required to titrate it down, the INSURANCE Co. does too, and instead of a correct titration it’s cut in half or more. I was just preparing to move out of here; now I can barely move at ALL. More depopulation? Likely. It will work that way, no doubt. And it’s all based on a BS set of “guidelines” again (same people in Washington again) based on nothing verifiable.

      2. It’s slowly coming apart as most don’t even notice. Unfortunately the normal response to such extreme crisis is for the people to demand a dictator to take care of them. When the decline accelerates to the point most can notice they will demand to be taken care of and liberty will be greatly curtailed by majority rule.

        • Rebel In Idaho

          The person who rises to the top in that chaotic atmosphere is the one that can restore order. That generally means a strongman with ambition who is very willing to step on anything and anyone in his way. History has shown repeatedly that tyrants came from this environment.

          • Mussolini comes to mind , umm , Mao , hows about Pol Pot .
            Hey ! What could go wrong ?

            • Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler. They were all worshiped by their followers. Their followers for the most part did very well in their Fascists systems. Even today you still run into some people who lived under Mussolini who can say nothing bad about him. Fascism and communism actually work to a point. Of course that is when you run out of other peoples money or your slves rebel.

              • “They were all worshiped by their followers.”

                Many followed and worshiped out of fear of having their heads lopped off, as was the case when Musahammed ruled his people.
                Rule by fear has always been the order by the spirit of antichrists.

                They were all just former shadows of the one to come. The last to come and rule on the dark side. As was with many of his predecessors, they came in “prosperously and peacefully” with a socialistic promise for the masses. A chicken in every pot.

                As it will be with the latter ruler, it all turns to shit before it ends.

                Many will be delusioned and dumbed down, or made to fear, in order for the evil one to take control. Following the lies and deception is what is the ruin of many a soul.

                Sadly, the masses of fake religious zealots, will cause the sheeple to follow the Judas Goat, right up to the gates of Hell.

                A part of this deception has taken root so deep that people are willing to kill over their belief. People that seem normal on the outside, are so taken over by false beliefs, that have have become blinded. Case in point…the pre-trib rapture doctrine of which people are ready to fight their brethren over.

                The Word of Yahweh is clear. There is no pre-trib, any moment, flying away from earth to avoid tribuation. The first christ to come and make himself appear as the sacrificial lamb, will be using this doctrine of delusional eschatological teaching, to cause a world wide following. Hence…” the whole world whores after the beast”.

                It is at the end of his little reign, that some will finally wake up and that is when the Antichrist turns ugly, and begins to reveal himself as an evil spirit.

                Those that are dead set on this belief hate people like me, because it tears down their little glass houses that surrounds their make believe world. I am not the creator of this doctrine, but I bring forth the biblical truths, as many have in the past.

                We can play ostrich or learn the Word. It is fairly simple if one doesn’t let man’s false teachings get in the way. Most disagree, or just don’t want to worry over the facts. Look at where the teachings are coming from. Mostly ignorant teachers that want to be biblicaly correct, but have followed a teaching that is only less than 200 years old.

                One asks …why? It is simple. It is an accepted and followed teaching for those that can’t handle the bare naked truth. It is an “ear tickling” doctrine that keeps the masses dumbed down and coming back for more. Coming back for more “we are better than the world and therefore we will escape the tribulation of the world;” all the while keeping their wallets open, so they can hear more of the same ole “feel good doctrines”. There is no escape by the hands of man. It follows the pattern of Baal worship, in that they want a “tower to Heaven”.

                A tower of power of Babel, which is ….”confusion”.

                I am just saying, it is time to wake up and smell truth.

                • Muhammad wasent on my list. I was talking of Fascist. He wasent a Fascist.

                • Sounds like your describing yourself lol. To a T!

                  • Ed, not you I was refering to the moron above you lol.

                    • I wasn’t speaking to either one of you two cracker heads, or for your benefit.

                      I was speaking to the “real” folks with open ears and minds.
                      You two are locked in world systems of an indoctrinated mindset…especially the atheist one which lays drunk most of the time. Yea, you little genius. You need to go lay up in the swamp with your atheist counterpart, wwti. You two make such good bedfellows.

                    • You are speaking for the stupid few, not the moral majority…dumbass that goes by anon.
                      Get a life an leave trolling to the experts you little pipsqueak.

                • My preacher is the Holy Spirit so i don’t need a man’s point of view to follow anywhere.

                  • Lots of different anon’s out there.

            • The USA was very unusual in that a revolution out of war transitioned to peace and the rule of law not men. The Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini et all are the norm. We are the aberration. I think having the framework in place from Britain and one hell of a pile of great men made the difference. I don’t see any Jeffersons today.

              • Kevin. Many people certainly tried to turn the USA into a Fascist state after the revolution.

                • Ed

                  Newsflash, they were successful. The US is an Oligarchy.

                • Ed

                  Newsflash, they were successful. The US is an Oligarchy.

                  • Guess it was worth repeating.

        • You are right, sadly we are already taking care of 21.3% of Americans now.

        • People vote for the politicians that promise the most free shit. Why do you think everybody is promising $15 an hour.

          I know quite a few people that aren’t worth $5 an hour none the less $15 an hour.

          • Gotta agree with you there.
            A fast food worker gets $15 per hour. Yet an engineer gets 70k per year. Works 12 hours per day 6 days per week which means about $16 per hour. Hmm something is wrong here.

            • Sad for your engineer. The ones I see work 10 hrs a day at 5 days a week with all the holidays off, they made $100K or better.

              • Yea, Mr. Ed is way off on this as well as his dissing of the truth tellers of the 9/11 towers event.

                Mr Ed ( a talking horse’s ass, of course), probably has one engineer…aka mechanic, friend, that is a totally dissatisfied employee, stuck in a job he can’t rid himself of.

                Most engineers are satisfied workers with good benefits and get something out of their jobs that fast food workers can’t possibly attain. Two of those things are called self-growth and, real skills satisfaction; that may be used to further their knowledge and advancement in their field of work.
                i did a short stint as a mechanical engineer, with on the job training minus the book work. In that three year period, i gained enough knowledge to handle almost any electrical or mechanical task involved with industrial applications, but without certification. Industrial level HVAC maintenance was a special interest of mine and of which I got the most satisfaction from learning while doing. I had good mentors that had a desire to extend their knowledge to a novice.

                Mr. Ed is out there so far in left field with his observations and interpretations that he must be a liberal. Hopefully not a world sucking atheist like the alchie, genius.

        • Rebel, the doom and gloom articles of the last 100 years would have people beside themselves wondering what they were doing wrong in their SHFT preparations. In 1913 it was the bankers getting the Federal Reserve and politicians getting the income tax…then WWI…in the depression of the 1930s, well it is all over…then WWII brought us back…then we went off the gold standard with Nixon…and there are many more items leading to the present.
          So what a wise person does is evaluate from 1913 to 2016 the economic deterioration that has taken place as if America were being evaluated as a business. What one would find over the 100 plus years is the growth engine of American manufacturing has been destroyed that was used to build the capitalization of America and provided a tax base for a solvent government. We have gradually replaced our productive manufacturing base with a non-productive government base.

          When looking at the shorter term economic deterioration the government has taken the centralized role of jobs providing replacing the boom-bust cycles of business as a jobs generator and CPU grower. The problem with this scenario is government is a net destroyer of money as opposed to business as a net generator.

          Along with the role government has taken on in centralization are bubbles in monetary resources and debt. This occurs because business via boom and bust cycles had limits on monetary resources and debt where government has no limits. And because the government base has no monetary limits there is a growing risk of collapse in a large number of global government base dominated economies.

          This large government base risk pool has bought about in many people, like me, a need to prepare for continuous systemic financial shocks that threaten our entire financial system. We have no idea in this government risk dominated financial system how solvent and sustainable each government system is and whether the whole system could collapse from a crisis in a place like Venezuela (with yellow water, dirty air and power outages).

          So what dominates our prepping is defining the risk these centralized governmental base monsters could cause us if they gasp, hiccup, cough, choke, smother, gag, suffocate or in the end keel over. There are many scenarios that are serious enough from the smother to the keel over to require the use of all of our preps. The minor gasp, hiccup, cough, choke may only require the use of our hedges (PMs, cash, metals, etc…) to keep us solvent.

          But the one thing we know is while the government base dominates we remain at substantial risk levels in our personal finance and security. For example we may wake up one morning like the U.K. did in 1967 and find the dollar has been devalued. Or are we a worst case Weimar Republic in the making. Because worldwide government bases hide so much from us we must prepare for a case that gets us through most of the bad scenarios….

      3. Well I have arrived. Met up with my cousin and his wife and their 7 kids ages 4 to 24 lol.
        All the way up here I was half way expecting to find a teepee village but the town itself is set up like any other grocery store post office pharmacy internet phone and cable TV.
        Tonight we rest and eat tomorrow all involved will meet at the lodge (town hall)
        To make preparation horses and supplies will be loaded. Everyone involved has a job to do even the little ones. From what I’ve seen so far these people know how to look after their own. Town is clean and kept up nice cars and trucks older but well kept
        I’ll try to update once a day with the high lights.
        You all wish me luck eh.

        • Sounds like an adventure. How about posting some youtube videos later.

          • I’m of course going to try I’m not all that savy with computers. I’ll gather the footage up and get it up there somehow I plan to take in all I can. 630 pm here sun is still high in the sky the scenery is truly unbelievable. My cousin met me in town and I followed him in. He showed me around the property. WOW what a spread total wet prepper dream.
            Fish ponds water systems solar and wind power massive garden smattering of chickens pigs goats milk cow.12 achers +all the reserve land he needs if they need it. Seems no one here has excess only what they need to be comfortable. Dinner will be served shortly I believe elk chops over an open coal fire with garden and wild greens.
            After dinner we’ve planned for me to meet my horse and get used to him/her. Yes I can ride rather well.
            Will update again tomorrow.

            • Great for you angry beaver…I am envious.

              Glad you are sharing your experience with all us interested Fanners. Look forward to the update.


                • Not really, BJ, i covered him quite well in previous comments. Just read down a little further and see that i call him the “little antichrist potus”.

      4. I need a scale to see how much weight I’m gaining. Also to keep track when the belt tightens and I’m reduced to a scare crow. That will take some time. Ha ha. I’m going to look into scales for food. If I barter what I have for other stuff; I’ll put food in bags and mark the weight. I’m thinking about fold up tables, chairs, outdoor restaurant, after things settle. The survivors will set up outdoor markets. I’ve done it before. Nice to know someone with musical talent. We like to make things as pleasant as possible for ourselves and others. When the big chains can’t get in product, there will be opportunities for the ones with foresight.

        • Desperation is the foundation of all capitalism.

      5. Assets are great. Cached assets are greater still. At this point, I hate hearing predictions of “when”. I’ve been preparing since the publication of Bankruptcy ’95. Then ’98, y2k, etc. I just prepare as a way of life.

        • Never stop brother , its just the right thing to do.
          I dont want anything to fall apart , its gonna be heart breaking.
          Hope for the best , plan for the rest .

          • Over,we got to figure out a way/time to meet up.Hammer,was it you who bought new can opener that you thought was quality,if so ,what brand,if not,who was it that got one,nned a good one and not seeing good old school yet at yard sales ect.

            • Hi Warchild,
              That was me. The can opener that you should have is the EZ-DUZ-IT brand, available on Amazon and made in America. It’s all steel, no plastic parts to gradually wear out. It’s larger and heavier than the usual cheap ones from the grocery store, with well-padded handles. I got one and can say it is definitely the most comfortable to use, opens cans more quickly, and should last forever. I can highly recommend it!

            • Can opener by E-Z-Duz-It, made in the USA. Works like a charm, even on the big #10 cans. Costs about $10 each on-line. I bought three.

              • Carol& Goat,thanks for the info,going to look into ordering one tonight,I like will get a few for family/friends,thanks again both of you’s!

        • Timing is not crucial to prepping unless one does not have a system in place to cycle through the semi perishables.

          Foods are not storable, indefinitely, without some loss of nutrients or flavor. Any person can find themselves in a SHTF scenario without a nationwide economic collapse. Therefore; prepping for a short term (three weeks to three months) stint, has always been a good idea.

          Now with all the markers/signs, and indicators pointing to something much larger, the prepping definitely must take on the mindset of something long term…like six months to six years.

          With even two years as a goal, which is beyond the scope of most folks prepping capabilities when it comes to food storage; there must be a plan in place to take over when those food and water storage limits hit their end period.

          Simply putting faith in PMs to carry any one person, much less a whole extended family, is truly a high stakes gamble.

          The next feasible extension of prepping long term, after available food sources are starting to dwindle, is then left to gardening and crop growing plans, which includes plans and systems designed for long term storage of edibles; such as canning.

          So; for those that have seed vaults and plans for gardeneng, equipment needs to be in place for canning and dehydrating….even without electricity.

          • Just to clarify on the timing is not crucial thing.

            Timing has not been crucial by the fact that a total system breakdown has not been in the cards for the ussag, “up until now”.

            Anyone with half a brain, blind in one eye, and seeing thru cataracts in the other; can see the writing on the wall.
            Something big is about to be unleashed upon this once great country. Something so big that even the preppped and prepared will start to have doubts of surviving.

            Hence the pre-tribbers put faith in man’s doctrine that they will be flown out in a “pre” seven year tribulation, escape plan. The ignorant preacher’s say if you prep you are not putting your faith in God’s promise to save them from the evils that are about to come upon the earth. That is “not”, what the bible teaches.
            When there is no mention of God flying anyone away from the earth, to escape anything; it is then, idiotic, to put all of one’s faith into a flesh man that has a main goal of filling his pockets, while filling the heads of the sheeple with shit.

            Timing? Well, everyone has their own opinion and vision about when the rug will be pulled out from under the flimsy bankster system. I just try to follow the events based on how God’s word says it will all pan out.

            There are prophesied events being partially fulfilled on a steady stream of time. As we get closer to the fulfillment of time, as God has laid it out; then the true watchers and believers will not be caught off guard.

            Europe has already taken to the dark side in relations to God’s commandments and intentions. The defiance to biblical principles, with liberal policies and agendas has taken them to the next dark level in history. There is no turning back.

            The only thing separating the ussag from Europe right now, on their level of darkness and evil, is the Christian Right and our Constitutional rights to Freedom of religion (no matter that some of that is misguided), and the right to free speech and right to bear arms.

            When, and if, billery gets the potus/dictatorship position, those rights will be further eroded that will take us right up to the opening of the window for the entrance of Antichrist/Satan coming in on his highly polished bronze white Steed.

            Did anyone catch my spin on the “timing” vision? A two term stolen election process…or a continuation of the little antichrist potus, in charge now, through martial law. Either one does not matter, because eight to ten years further down the road puts us directly in to biblical timing of events that will eventually consummate the end of this age.

            We are in the season, and the seasons are getting more volatile with each and every progressing one. I believe we are in for a rocky and rough road ahead for the next decade that gets us right up to the few remaining years before the end.

            If my vision and understanding of the “timing” has been shortened by several years, at God’s deciding, then we could see an escalation of those prophetic events of which i don’t have space or time to lay out right now. it is however; laid out, in detail with scripture, in my forth coming book.

      6. I think the FED will drastically raise rates just before Trump or Cruz take over the Presidency. That will finally kill the economy and the Republicans will have to take the blame.

        • The interest rates are completely divorced from reality and have been for quite some time. The cost of capital, the risk / reward has been obliterated. For those that don’t realize it we are in a planned economy. Its a hybrid of fascism & communism.

        • John Stiner:

          Does it make a difference that “republicans will have to take the blame”.

          I blame the fiat banking system. Apathy is quickly turning to anger. Soon you will see the One Hundreth Monkey. If you are not familiar with the story, it goes something like this.

          There are two islands. One island has little food (bananas) and one hundred monkeys. The other island has plentiful food but no monkeys. One monkey is daring and ventures over to the other island where he finds plentiful food. One by one monkeys join him until at last the majority notices and low and behold, the entire monkey population high tales it over to the other island.

          The fact is that sooner or later the masses will come to their senses and demand an end to the fiat system. Nationalism not Zionism, Communism, or Facism will become the order of the day.

          Anyone who doubts this is deluded. In the end, tyrants are short lived. Trotskey was killed by Lenin. Lenin sacrificed his son, lost his mind, and was poisoned. Being part of a tyrannical system is suicide. Sooner or later, oppressed people revolt and win because “God is With Us”. Well, maybe it’s not so much about God as it is about right and wrong.

          • Great monkey analogy.

            Morality and the idea of what is right and wrong is different in the minds of each and every one of us. God does not take sides, people do.

            The people will never come to their senses. For the simple fact that they have one thing working against them: the human brain. The elite use said brain against us because they know exactly how to get us to believe anything they want us to believe.

            For example, many on this very website actually believe that trump will save the day and actually make america great again. Exactly whom he will make it great for is never mentioned, but I don’t think it is the average joe on the street. Do you?

            • In prepping education, this website works pretty good. They toss in the political and social stuff to give us a vent platform and general entertainment. We really don’t say what we really think as we all know this is a public forum and what you say can be used against you anytime TPTB feel like it.
              I see you don’t like Trump, but can you tell me how to eliminate EPA agents and not get caught? That might be more interesting.
              It is only illegal if you get caught.
              Prep on!

          • The problem is that tyrant is generally replaced by tyrant.

            • He who takes the tyrants head, becomes the tyrant in his stead!

            • Tyrants are usually replaced by demigods.

              It is important to understand the true fault of the coming crash. Either you think it Republicans or Democrats or both, or bankers or who ever.

              Why is this important?

              Jews. The Nazis blamed the Jews for all the woes in Germany and everybody jumped on the bandwagon and all the Jews were murdered.

              So when socialism takes over this country, who are going to be the new Jews?

              It is going to be Republicans. And if you voted in the last primary you are on a list.

            • Kevin2 that is exactly what I was going to type. You can replace everyone in office with well meaning people and I can guarantee you that in a few years they would be just as corrupt.

          • Lenin was dead a good 15 years before Trotsky. Trotsky was assassinated in exile in Mexico City under orders from Stalin because of his writings about the failure of Bolshevism. Then again, Trotsky was more of a pure Marxist than a Bolshevik, having come from the Menshevik faction originally.

      7. Snyder said the economy would implode by the end of 2015. It did not. Now he is hoping many will forget his one millionth failed prediction and believe him — this time.

        Do a search in his own archives to see that he recycles the same articles over and over. Just changing a few things here and there.

        On the flip side if you had to leave your home, which would you carry; a backpack filled with silver and gold or one filled with food and water?

      8. “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first”. -Thomas Jefferson. We are way past that point.

      9. I guess the greater the exposure the greater the pain.
        We have tried to build a safety net but to ease the pain but it might not be enough.

      10. Get silver and gold so the gestapo shows up they take it. Forget all that live like a grunt peasant. When you live like a peasant there is very little anyone can do to you. You are already down. You have nothing to steal. $ cannot be used against you. Your gonna die someday and you cannot take your$ with you. Live and die if need be for your own agenda. Me I don’t care about $ you cannot bribe me because I cannot be bought. I’m not poor but I have been and continue to live like I’m poor so they can take what I got. Best thing about having nothing is you have nothing to lose. ?

        • Asshat, that’s why you hide your metals away from your property. I agree, don’t live high on the hog, appear poor or struggling. Living beneath your means gives you extra to spend on preps or land or whatever. By the way… how do you make that emoticon?

          • I’m trying cut-and-paste to see if that works.


            • Yep, cut-and-paste works.

      11. I don’t believe there will ever be a national $15 minimum wage, not going to happen. Even $7.25 is too much, look for that to be thrown out. If the banks decide to confiscate peoples money that will likely happen at the first of some month when the direct deposited entitlement funds are first there. Sock it to grandma and grandpa because they have lived long enough.

        • aljamo

          You only confiscate money that has an inherent value. You don’t take their money, you dilute it with more money. Its stealthy and its not confrontational. Prices rise and everyone gets blamed except those behind it. I seen it in the 1970s. Labor and business were blamed and the “Free Press” went along with the blaming. Dropping the gold standard in 1971? Too difficult for the experts in the News Media to connect those dots. Oil price caused it? Hell the rise in oil prices trippled the world wide demand for US dollars because of the oil peg replacement for Bretton Woods. It was done on purpose with the absolute blessing of the real controllers the Banking and Financial sectors. Arabs got blamed, oil companies got blamed as both reaped rewards but the Banking Establishment / US Treasury got the big pay off.

        • Clear point. Dead old people don’t collect anything or cost anything. Not a good thought. We like to think we’ve contributed but do the powers-that-be think that way? probably not. Peace

        • FEMA camps set up as debtors prisons will only ‘pay’ you a pittance that will be credited against what you owe the banksters. Of course they will charge you for room & board and medical care. The products produced by this cheap labor can be sold over seas to help balance trade deficits when the dollar no longer is reserve currency.

        • IF the Government took less in taxes out of our checks every week we would ALL have more money to spend & may not need a forced minimum wage. All the Politicians from both sides are constantly thinking up new ways to tax us. One Politician in Illinois wants to tax you on the miles you drive. WTF They SHOULD be thinking of ways for us to keep more money rather than ways to take more money from us.

      12. PLEASE READ!!!!

        I’m aware this may sound a bit out there, but I think I might be on to something. Quickly about myself I have a B.A. In Criminal Justice and I have worked for a Sheriffs Department in the past so I know how to follow evidence and I’m not what you would consider gullible. This conclusion hit me 3 days ago like a freight train. We all see that the government is preparing for something. They bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for the DHS. They are having the military practice detaining and policing Americans in American city’s. We all saw this with Jade Helm and a quick youtube search will show numerous videos of the sort. Our government as well as foreign governments are constructing massive city size underground bunkers. We see the wealthy elite as well acquiring bunkers. FEMA has purchased 100s of millions of MRE’s as well as make the camps and get the plastic coffins. It is evident they are preparing for something massive. I personally always thought it was for either a coming revolution in our country or maybe a economic collapse. I’m not so sure anymore. I’m going to switch lanes now so stay with me. We have been inundated with talk of global warming/climate change since I’ve been on the planet (32 years). We have seen in the news very violent and extreme weather and it seems as though it is only getting worse. We have seen an incredible up tick in the amount of large earth quakes around the world (Japan these last couple days). We have also seen an increase in volcanic activity around the world most notably on the Pacific Ring of Fire. We are also seeing mass die offs of various species of animals all around the world, google this if you don’t believe me. Perhaps scariest and most telling of all is the exponential increase in the fireballs the world is reporting. Fireballs being the visible meteors streaking across the sky like we saw over the Urals in Russia back in 2013. Now for the crazy part, and please criticize and poke holes in my theory, I hope I’m wrong and this is just a Homer Simpson moment. I believe that there maybe another planet entering our solar system and the magnetic pull of this other planet is tugging on earth and this is what is responsible for the weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, animal die offs, and what the governments of the world are preparing for. I’m not by any means religious but the bible refers to this planet as Wormwood, I believe we know the planet as Nibiru. NASA has admitted to the existence of this planet, they do not call it Nibiru however. If I am right, which I hope I’m not, this will not hold well for earth or we inhabitants. The magnetic pull on earth will create tremendous weather the likes of which we have never seen, think The Day After Tomorrow or 2012. It would also allow for solar flares to reach the surface of the earth destroying our electric grid just like an EMP. It could also cause a poll shift or poll reversal as well as erupt super volcanos like Yellowstone. From what I have read, this planet is on a 3600 year orbit which means this has happened in the past. Moses the great flood, also pretty much every ancient civilization has a story about a great flood going back to the Sumerians. Again I know this sounds crazy and I hope I’m wrong but I brought this up to try and stimulate debate and encourage research on the topic. If you have any insight into this please let me know.

        P.S. If you dismiss this as conspiracy nutter stuff I wouldn’t hold it against you because I too probably would have. But in the following weeks and months if we continue to see insane weather, worsening earthquakes and even more volcanoes erupting.. Well then maybe I was on to something.

        email [email protected] if you have any pertinent info.

        • What if this has happened befoe?
          What if there really were more advanced beings at one time and most of their civilization was wiped out?

        • A couple things that I have read regarding Nibiru:

          1) As the Bible relates to “signs in the heaven,” and specifically in regards to its descriptions regarding Wormwood (Nibiru) and the Destroyer, and according to some astronomers, there is a complex star/planet configuration stated in the Bible that will only EVER take place ONCE — never to have occurred before and never to be repeated again according to people who track star charts — which configuration will be in place at the end of September/first week of October, 2017.

          2) The supposed date of the Great Flood doesn’t fall in the 3600-year time frame, so that is an unrelated event to Nibiru.

          3) There were notations in different magazines/newspaper articles from different countries about agencies and their scientists actually sighting “planet X” around 30 to 40 years ago and the fact that the U.S. sent out a probe to look at it, but then the U.S. government blacked out any further announcements regarding the probe data once the magnitude of the data started coming back in relation to how bad it was actually going to be.

          4) (Out of the blue) they now see a HUGE planet/star (10 times the size of Earth) that orbits the sun. [Sounds like the hot pot/lobster problem where they slowly//barely introduce us to the thought of a rogue planet and its horrendous effects, then BAM!!!]

          5) You won’t have time to flee the effects when Nibiru is finally seen by regular people on earth because it is a brown dwarf star (has to do with light reflection and only being able to be seen with infrared light and the direction it is coming from until it is right on top of us), as it will happen so fast.

          6) The Vatican has a large telescopic array that watches the direction of the sky where Nibiru will be appearing from.

          Nibiru could explain the reason why these multiple underground enclaves are being placed into bedrock foundations — however, if there are earthquakes as forecast that will exceed magnitude 10 (12 and 14 magnitudes are expected) and the poles are to shift, nothing will protect the elite and those places will become tombs as the paths of the seas and continental mass change.

          However, I don’t think we will have that long of a wait to see more evidence of the gravitational effects of this supposed rogue brown dwarf star due to its supposed size, as it brings its own large accompaniment of cosmic trash along its wake, and Earth upheavals.

          • I used to work at the world’s largest telescopes, with some of the worlds leading astronomers. They could find the earliest sign of our universe some 13.8 billions years ago and you think they’d miss a local planet, or star? They figured out the the Earth makes our sun,Sol wobble about 30 meters or so as we orbit. I don’t think they’d miss a brown Dwarf, or Nibiru.

            • “They” didn’t miss it. They just haven’t officially alerted the hysterical public yet as to its existence…except to say they “see a new planet” and it is big.

              • I really hope Nibiru is real. I would prefer it to the collapse ,race wars, martial law ect that will likely happen. I would prefer a great catyclismic event to what is happening. right at this moment the usa is being colonized overrun with (illegal folks) Who are very different from us. They are a real threat and its happening right now. In ne ark the chicken industry and elected officials is promoting the turning of that region into a third world serf dom.

            • I agree and respect your opinions.

              However; there is one thing that I read about many years ago in reference to Nibiru, that was discusssed in length from several scientist astronomers and such; some of which have mysteriously died or simply disappeared.

              That was, the determination that Nibiru was observed by those that had no fear of speaking out about it, and in some of those determinations, it was agreed upon that the steering patterns associated with Nibiru was not like any planet or brown Dwarf star at all.

              In fact, it had the behavior of being more like a massive vehicle that was being guided with precise movements, and manipulated steering probabilities.

              With that probability in mind, could it, in all actuality be a “mothership” of some type? I say yes, because there is too much evidence of it being a factual dense mass of something, rather than an illusion created out of thin air to provoke the masses. It is also apparent that more evidence is coming forth to support a gov cover-up of the thing.
              I have a couple hypothetical ideas of what it may be, but i digress…for now.

              • PWTW: There are, in all seriousness, so many possibilities as to what “Nibiru” really is…if it even exists.

                Do I and my family believe that some great planet is going to appear to destroy all of Earth’s human inhabitants – not really, putting it in the realm of 70% disbelief and 30% “maybe,” BUT there are some exceptionally odd things that have occurred in the past and some exceptionally odd things occurring right now.

                But as our extended family of preppers live in various different states, and in the spirit of 1999 and 2012, we now tell each other, while laughing, “If your state goes underwater from Nibiru, we STILL LOVE YOU!!!!”

                • Good way to look at the big picture for family members that are separated.

                  As you well know, this short period of time called “life”, is just that a period of time that we all must get through, in flesh bodies and the evil world, in order to progress into the eternal home of light and love.

                  All we can do is hope and pray for our families and loved ones that they may be so humble as to accept and follow truth, so that they may be a part of the eternal kingdom.

                  Blessings to you and yours.

        • The many extremes of weather and earthquakes is apparent mainly because of today’s news media.

          Here is an example. Many years ago I researched earthquakes. I made a list of major earthquakes, 8.0 and above. Then I totaled them by decade. Here is my list:


          Based on that data, the number of earthquakes of 8.0 or greater have been decreasing. I did that chart back in 1999, so I didn’t have that decade’s complete results to chart. I’m pretty sure the number has gone up some, but not nearly as high as 100 years ago.

          Also, you can check newspapers from 100 years ago and see that they were all full of stories of droughts, storms, and other disasters all over the world. But back then, it was just a few lines in print with few if any pictures. Nowadays we get endless news stories with color photos and videos. Many people didn’t even read the world news items in the newspapers years ago.

          So don’t think any apparent increase in disasters in your 32 years is out of the ordinary. I am almost twice your age. I have lived through days of 100+ degree temps and quite a few direct hits by hurricanes, plus a tornado that came within a few hundred yards of my house back in 1965. I had a goldfish bowl freeze solid in the living room where the heater was back in February of 1958. So I have seen extremes come and go, and I’m still here.

          I’m doubtful if Nibiru, assuming it even exists, is anywhere near Earth. I believe if it was close enough to affect anything here, amateur astronomers would have either seen it or noticed it blocking usually visible stars.

          • Gold fish bowl freezing in 1958?

            That comment just jogged my memory of 1960, just after my little brother was born and i was four and a half. We had been visiting relatives for supper on a cold blustery February evening.

            Dad never did keep up with the oil circulator and keeping oil in the barrel. We lived in a drafty house that faced north and had nothing but a barbed wire fence between us and Canada for 1000 miles.

            Upon arrival back at home, the heat had been off for so long that the two parakeets mom had, were frozen stiff. Dad scrambled as she spewed hate and cuss words at him continually, but never could get the darn thing fired up.

            Luckily we did have a small woodstove for a back up and dad went outside and scratched around for enough scraps of firewood to get some heat going. Not much cause i remember holding my bare hands against the sides of the heater to catch some warmth.

            Mom never let up and Dad, dumb lazy ass that he was, knew to keep quiet. After an hour we could actually start feel the warmth from the small woodstove.

            Even more so, me and dad could feel the heat coming off mom’s lips and curdling blood. Dad walked over to the birdcage, grasp the two birds in his gloves, and rubbed them together as if they were magically going to come back to life.
            Upon seeing that, Mom exploded again, and stomped into the bedroom for more quilts.

            Dad layed those two birds on the top of the wood stove and was rolling them around with a piece of a wood stick. I remember thinking, “there is now way those awful squawking birds are coming back to life…hopefully not, cause i hated them.

            Finally mom said you stupid sob, throw them out the back door.

            • That was a cold house in the winter. It got down to 9 degrees that night, February 28, 1958. You could see the outdoors through cracks in the walls. When the wind blew, the linoleum on the floor would raise up several inches. In the mornings there would be ice on the inside of the windows. My parents would put so many blankets and quilts on top of me in the bed that I could hardly move. There was no hot water and no bathroom, just an outhouse.

              BTW, the kerosene heater was going full blast, but it couldn’t keep the living room above freezing that night. We soon moved to an apartment in a housing project. There was too much heat there in the winter at night. We would sit there cold all day, and about 8 or 9 at night we would hear the steam radiators start creaking. We eventually moved to another house and used the same kerosene heater until the mid-1960s, but that house was a lot easier to heat.

              • Kids these days in America don’t have a clue how tough it was for some of us in those early days.

                Life now, is like living in the lap of luxury compared to how we had to work just to keep things going.

      13. Let me just tell you all something. Your silver and your gold aren’t going to be worth $#!+ when there is nothing on the freaking shelves to buy. So enough with the BS about precious metals.

        • Bingo

          • Well said!

            • I trade you one tako for one taro root and one bunch bananna for you pipikaula

              • My wife makes a variation of pipikaula, normally from our cattle. It is very popular, from Waikalola to Paauilo, the pepper Da kine is the best. For tako we had a good friend that repeatedly won prizes at Sam Choy’s so we just got our poke from him, but he moved to Texas.
                We’ll figure out something Cuz.

                • Trade you a quart of lychees for some pipikaula.

        • You got that right, and I wouldn’t be pulling any gold coins out my pocket if I had any, it will either already be made illegal to own, or the person looking at you would have no idea how to make change for that 20 dollar gold piece, smirk….

      14. I clearly don’t understand gold as a currency mitigation; when the USD (or currencies in general) crashes, then things of highest value will be the things that your’s and everyone else’ life demands. Food, fuel, shelter, security ……. and the prices will be exorbitant. No one’s life demands gold – so, food prices will be high in terms of gold, but not so high if traded for other essentials, like fuel, or ammo…..what’s in demand rules. I think I should divest to those currencies.

        • What value is a Picasso to you? Would you pay millions for one? I think not. Neither would I. The point being people in the comments section who disparage gold/silver are not the market makers for gold/silver and their opinions have no influence on the price. The rich who have plenty of wealth needing a safe place to park it will be the price setters of gold/silver. They will take the precious metals to unheard of heights while you sit on your sack of beans. Cover your needs with preps and assure for future with precious metals.

          • Lead and wheel weights, Burt. Might throw in a little tin.

        • JPL-texas, if you go back in history and study the various setbacks government based systems can have then you will understand where PM’s come into play. Gold for example in several government systems that went bankrupt was useless during the crash phase of the government system and prospered in the recovery phase of the new government

          For example with the Weimar republic for several years in their crash phase only subsistent items that could be bartered PM’s were sought after by people like food, fuel, shelter, security… In the crash phase basic food, water and etc… were the barter tools and currency between people. PM’s were almost worthless in the crash phase. However, in the recovery phase once a new currency was issued PM’s could be converted to large amounts of the new currency since the new currency was “shaky”.

          If we have devaluation like the UK in 1967 then we may get to the recovery phase at the same time and our PM’s will go up by the percentage the currency is devalued or even greater.

        • A good barter medium will be hard cast lead bullets in calibers of .308, .338, .357, .375, .452 and .457.

          The bullets can be remelted and cast in your own molds and of any weight.

          Lay in large supplies of lead, tin and wheel weights. Stockpile gas checks of the various calibers.

          Have handguns and rifles that shoot heavy bullets of hard cast bullets and that shoot them accurately.

          • Powder and primers. Theirs enough car batteries out there . And you can make molds?

      15. It looks like wee are going to have an abundance of honey this year. Has anyone got a good recipe for mead on the dry side? Would very much appreciate it.

        • By the way, you are all correct. I am going to take any precious metal I can find and make sinkers out of it. What could I have been thinking. I guess that to avoid looking like a fool I should also give any real estate to the government. Thanks guys, I have been such a fool. I will then move my family to a crack infested trailer park where all of the tenants are squatters. I’m so happy I came here!

          • You sound skeptical

            • You are right Kula. I know that you have a sense of humor. In 2008 we spread out stuff around. Some of it hit and some of it shit. We are now selling some real estate that I thought I would die with at a decent mark and carrying for a pretty sweet interest rate all things considered. I’m upside down on metal but oh well, I don’t need to sell it. All in all, everyone I listened to at that time was full of shit and had I carried on as usual I would be fine. Christ, I begged my wife to dump stocks and bonds. Thank god she never pays attention to me. Hell Kulafarmer, you and I are every bit as qualified to preach investment advice as all of the article writers here!

              • Skeptic:

                You and Kula, and a number of others are not just as qualified, you are more qualified. Why? Because you’re not trying to do a con job. Some of the authors of articles try to give accurate info. But when you work for “the man”, whatever agenda is in the interest of the investment firm, business, government or banker; that’s what we’ll hear. most of it is useless bs but sometimes you pick up something, mostly from commenters. Anymore, even the comments are bs. Government looking for dangerous people, usually dangerous to the criminals in suits. Relic, if you want to take out an EPA agent, show him a way to cut down pollution. That would give him a panic attack, without pollution where’s his job security? We had a rich do gooder here in California. He gave jobs to the homeless people. The government workers whose job was helping the homeless, started so much crap to stop him.

                • Sorta like the state and local governments making laws that make it illegal to feed the homeless.
                  Sad, really sad,
                  Here in the islands we have the highest per capita rate of homelessness of the entire nation.
                  I see it every time i head to town,
                  People say they are being sent here, the reality is lots of folks want to live here, unless you have family ties or a nice fat bank account this place can chew you up and spit you out,
                  It just cost a lot to live here and one or two part time jobs just wont cut it unless you have that solid support group. Ive seen it many times,
                  Cant pay the rent, cant pay the registration on the car, next thing they know something happens and they are on the street, then it really comes unglued.

              • Thats the thing with predictions,,,
                Ive never had any faith in these kinds of prognosticators, ever since i first started reading the prepper sites.
                I just sorta roll my eyes now,
                I like real prepping pieces, but more often than not these sky is gonna fall pieces dont even get read.
                As with everything in life a little good common sense goes a long ways,
                I have it easy though, really dont own anything substantial unless you consider 10-20 year old vehicles and tools substantial, and have had to walk away for some stuff that people just couldnt understand.
                Ill stick to just paying attention out of the edge of my vision rather than getting wrapped up in this frenzy these guys seem to like to pen,,
                I read that story of the boy who cried wolf and chicken little and the moral kinda stuck

      16. I looked to the sky to see this other planet, but what did I see.??

        Brave and Sgt. kissing in a tree…..LMAO

      17. HURRY UP…BUY GOLD!

        Just so ya know…this is the same malarky the gun industry pulled to increase their profits before Obama’s election and during his presidency! Fear sells! The NRA and GUN manufacturers and dealers used “Obama will take away your guns” as a reason to get record profits!

        I know…my husband is a manufacturing sales engineer who got the frantic calls and met up with a gun manufacturing president who said of the big picture of Obama on his wall…WE LOVE OBAMA…HE IS OUR BEST SALESMAN!

        It worked folks…and guess what…your Obummer did NOT even attempt to take away your guns.

        WHEN will people stop these fear based tactics?


        …fear sells

      18. As gold rises to $2,000 then $3,000 those metal detectors will sell out…
        For you cats out there with the cash, are you going to get a White’s GMT? Maybe a Gold Bug, or a Lobo. Then there’s Minelab…
        mister It’ll be gold fever, yahoos and heelots diggin up creekbanks to tarnation and all getout, consarnit and dagnabbit anyways
        When you get mugged the super predators will check your teeth for gold, then whip out the pliers…

      19. The race to find Planet Nine

        h ttp://

        “A few months ago, planetary astronomers made a big splash with the announcement that idiosyncrasies in the orbits of a few distant, Trans-Neptunium Objects (TNOs) were silent witness to something big lurking in the icy shadows of the far outer solar system”

        “something big lurking in the icy shadows”

        uh oh
        that can’t be good !!!

        • If it’s way out there, it will never get here during our lifetimes.

      20. just another of those cry wolf buy PM,s article. No substance just a fear porn waste of space filler article.. The only prep you need is self reliance & know how. If you don’t have those two things all the gold & silver you have hoarded wont do you any good. At least with cash you could wipe your butt with it.

      21. The Big Ones: Scientist Warns Up To 4 Quakes Over 8.0 Possible Under ‘Current Conditions’

        h tp://

      22. We had an M 6.7 solar flare just before 9 PM EDT last night.

      23. Dark ages 21St century style!
        I’ll be Ok I pray you will be also!!!!

      24. It’s just another obnoxious stupid article by Mac attempting to pan his gold to the naive and unstable. And unfortunately it works. Naive and mentally unstable accurately describes any person that would take his ‘never come true’ articles seriously. Reference the economic emergency he issued last fall for the complete meltdown by the end of December ’15. Grow up people! Keep your money in your pocket, not his.

      25. FWIW – A long time friend who has accurately predicted earthquakes told me a few days ago that a massive quake (not less than 8.0) will hit Pakistan within the next few months.
        He said it will most likely be any day or week, but no later than the next few months. I never posted his predictions here before because he rarely predicts, but when he does he’s right on target….fwiw.

      26. Well, the sun is starting to rise in Asia on Tuesday, the day the new Shanghai metal fix goes in. Should be an interesting day-

        In other news, Houston is flooded again after 15 inches of rainfall overnight. More to come. Here’s the thing- the same principle is at play in the denial mindset of people who rebuild after a previous flood. Has anything been done to mitigate the situation so that your street won’t flood again. If not, move on… or move up to a higher point in the same city. Katy is pretty wet too. My daughter called early this morning and told me that they got some water in a vehicle. House is okay though. Folks calling us because we’re on a lake, but our house is built on a very high foundation overlooking a spillway. We dodged a bullet, coming back from Japan before the earhquakes. Even though Kyoto prefecture wasn’t hit, we had considered opting to take the kids down to the southern islands to enjoy the beach. We went up to Nagano instead. So, feeling pretty blessed right now about missing the epicenters of both events.
        Saying too- I know if the dollar starts to,go south tomorrow, I will wish I had bought more silver, food and emergency items. But, like most of us on here, I feel pretty confident that we are way ahead in the prepping game. And if things don’t fall apart, these events are a good way to have a teachable moment with people who baste in normalcy bias.

      27. What the bankers have done, and done many times before, is to flood the unsuspecting world with debt that the bankers create from thin air. and when a collapse inevitably takes place they see what assets in the real world they can take for that which cost them nothing. This time the debt bubble is so large the bankers are looking to foreclose on nations (Greece) with their secretive bank the Global Environment Facility ready to do “debt for land swaps” effectively confiscating sovereign land for themselves while imposing “conditionalities” on other land use by the indebted nation. Combined with Agenda 21 – cap and trade as world wide taxation – the latest “trade deals’ they are going for effective control of all the nations that will collapse into default in their next engineered financial holocaust.

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