Collapse Reality: This Is What The Tap Water Looks Like In Venezuela

by | Jun 4, 2016 | Headline News | 175 comments

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    Editor’s Note: When real economic collapse happens the prevailing system and how it functions is often completely destroyed. As we’ve seen in Venezuela, that means no access to basic essentials like food and toilet paper, no law and order as rioters and looters rampage through the streets, and as noted below by Zero Hedge, those working for the state simply stop showing up for work because there’s no money to pay them. In Venezuela, that means the people responsible for maintaining utility facilities aren’t around to ensure your water is safe to drink. As you’ll see below, this is the very reason we strongly encourage our readers to consider water preparedness a priority.

    One week ago, we showed what the maximum amount of money one can take out of a Venezuela ATM machine looks like: the good news, one still doesn’t need a wheelbarrow to transport it (if only for the time being: with hyperinflation now rampant, it’s only a matter of time); the bad news: this is the equivalent of $25.


    Now, thanks to AP’s Hannah Dreier, we get a glimpse at the other kind of socialist “liquidity” and step aside Flint, because Caracas has some funky orange stuff flowing out of the tap to offer to those who are thirsty after a day of rioting against a entrenched, dictatorial regime. It appears that Venezuela’s Guri dam, which is so empty it caused the country to give public workers a “five day weekend” as it can’t generate enough electricity to keep the country running, has finally run dry.


    Sadly, not only do the people of Venezuela have to wait for 7 hours in line just to get access to food (if they are lucky), or failing that simply storm supermarkets looking for scraps, they now have to drink whatever is in that glass. Adding insult to injury, once the inevitable food poisoning hits, there is no toilet paper either.

    We wonder if Maduro will take a page out of his ideological peer from the north, and chug a glass of whatever this is to demonstrate to everyone that it is safe to drink…

    h/t @hannahdreier

    This article was originally published at Zero Hedge.

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      1. Well, as long as I have a little bit of gasoline (or I can find big enough inverter) to start my pump, I can supply clean water to a small city. But, regardless, stay out of the city. I bet the rural people are having plenty of problems but I bet their water isn’t looking like that!

        Fun Fun!

        • NetRanger, good to see you back. I just got back from the BOL 2 days ago and going back in July. No water issues in that area. Water filters on all the faucets in the cabin and showerhead. I use Sawyer water filters. They have more rated capacity than any other brand on the market. The Sawyer Water Filter Bottle is a very handy item to have. It has a built-in filter which can be cleaned and never needs replacing. I bought 2 of them; one I keep in the truck and another for a spare. They’re rated for up to 100000 gallons of water. Check them out at

        • There is a much better and more cost effective way to take your tap water and make it far better than the bottled water you are buying ! all at my site for free 1

          • It is great that you are sharing information on prepping on your site, but for the love of God, get rid of the naked pictures!

            • There are no naked pictures ? Are you ashamed of your body ? I am not. The pictures are about my overall health and proof of me healing myself from being crippled. You can read into it anything you want ?

              By the way are you fit or fat ? just curious.

                • PoP

                  It’s a coming. Like I have said before. Is to have the authorities state, “You are on your own”. And that’s fine with me.

                  No more bullshit after that.

                  She was doing the Convenience Store Shuffle.

                  • Dave Hodges has a story about the mentally ill during a collapse.

                    Lots of Fun.

                    • We has a nice shootout at the neighbor’s today. AR’s, pistols, .22’s. We had a fun time shooting off about 150 rounds each. I’m setting up a fun range on my BOL property soon. Miles of swamp are my back stop. Luv living in the country. Suppose to get 7 inches of rain in the next day. I need to get some rain barrels set up. Another project. Glad I got all my sandbags in place ahead of time. A big tree limb broke at the back of the property last night, that kicked out a Doe and at least a 4 pt Buck. That was exciting. Sounded like a herd of deer stampeeding by.

                      -WWTI… In FL.

              • Modesty Down! No shame involved. Be modest before God and the rest of us.

                Thank you for the warning John!

                ATTN Mac.

                • I am very modest before God and was seriously humbled. That is how I learned what I learned ?

              • JS made a joke. It was a joke. Geez. (Thanks for the chuckle, JS!)

              • Don’t you just love these idiots that try to feed off of Mac’s success?

                I won’t be visiting your site for “free” anything, you leach.

                • Whatever works for you. A closed mind is a dangerous thing. I do not visit hardly any prepper type sites because most are quite useless and I have already seen them all. This one realizes that our government is not only out of control, but that what we see them doing is not even close to sustainable economically and socially. That comes thru loud and clear to me for secifi8c reasons. So I know Mac is on the same page as myself in some ways. Your attitude and preconceived false paradigms are partly why I do not go to most prepper type sites. Mostly because I know more than they do and most offer very little useable info, just more sales of the same junk and repeating what others have said or actually accomplished ! Living in a closed loop is not an intelligent or practical thing to do in nearly any situation. Like I said a closed mind is not a good thing. I have helped many people regain their health and get fit as well as trained out in various ways. Much of it is for free! So not sure how that can make me a leach as you claim ? But I do not go along with some of the standard systems that we see so readily daily. That is obvious to anybody that has taken the time to actually look and read what I have to say ? In fact my site is quite excellent for those that are willing to actually THINK ! Try it you will likely like it. In some ways I am attempting to improve on what some would call the prepper movement or what might be called preparedness with a large dose of thinking. And I would agree I am not part of the standard diatribe. I also agree you are free to think whatever you choose , even of it harms you or holds you back ?

            • He is not naked! He clearly wears shorts.

              • There is one photo that is almost naked but not. But again the photos are not about being naked or ego or anything else, they are proof of what I speak about ! There are also photos of results of my motorcycle accident that crippled me for 6 years.

                So lets be honest. If I were a woman with a good body and showed some tits and ass would some of you say the same things and complain ? I doubt it. Get over it , move on and get fit and healthy ! and thanks to those that are not the complainers. But you are all welcome as well for free !

            • John, stopping nakedness is so far from fixing the problems we are going to have inflicted on us that it’s not worth talking about.
              I am always so unimpressed by people’s ability to put trivial words and ideas ahead of reality. As if you hear or see something you don’t like you put more importance on that than life itself.
              Who gives a shit about nakedness in the time of suffering. We need to become one people and stop thinking of our so important self’s and what WE WANT.
              PS: God made everything naked. You just chose to cover it.

              Which means there is more going on in reality than in your mind.

              • “God made everything naked” now that is a profound statement and I will remember that one for sure and likely use it with your permission !

                Chill and learn !

        • armored vehicles headed north from kansas. groups of about 20 for about 8 hours. I have NO other info, so don’t ask.

          • Probably the FEMA Earthquake and Tsumani Exercise…

          • We are traveling in MO & IA.

            We saw four different small convoys (5 to 10 vehicles each). Hwy 218 in MO & IA and Hwy 1 in IA near the Amish community in Kalona, IA.

            All going south. We were going north and then west to Waterloo, IA.

            Hubby thought it was Natl Guard?

        • You people just don’t get it> They now don’t need food. They get everything they need in their water.That’s not crap in the water it’s Vitamins and minerals.

        • Western NY here. We are having drought here. Need water real bad. Sump pump stopped pumping water over a month ago. Now i have to use the well water for the duk water.Getting worried. I need to put a long rope down there and see how much water is in the well. It’s only 34 ft deep and normally is 10 ft or less from the ground to the top of the water. I need to check to see how far down the water is. They keep predicting rain, but then the chemtrails come and suk the clouds dry, they go away, nothing left but chem trails and no rain. I am limiting myself to one shallow bath a week to conserve the water, and i do not flush all the time. The poor duks have no clean water to take a bath in and i can’t spare it. I just give them drinking water. Any one else on the East coast having dry conditions?

          • Heck No! I still haven’t been able to start my garden due to the amount of rain we’ve been having. My front yard looks like a lake. Ok, not that bad but there is a lot of standing water there. Both my 250 gallon totes are full from the shop roof run off and more rain is on the way for today. BTW, I live in MD.

            • Po’d. I live in PA and have the same rain issue. More supposedly coming today.

              • Js484, Got an ugly line coming our way. Calling for hail (why hail yeah!) Batten down the hatches…….again.

          • I live in Rochester, N.Y. and there is an 80% chance of rain here today. No drought conditions where I am at.

          • Marie, sounds like you need to ‘sink’ your pipe (extend it a bit), so that it hits bottom (the ‘brass footvalve’ does), and then, instead of bringing it UP 10 feet, only elevate it off bottom about 3 feet …and if you ‘draw in nasties …up it one foot at a time until it’s clear (remember to flush it well between tries (I should think the 3-foot rise will be plenty AND give you MUCH more water than you presently have (it depends on how long it takes your well to “recover” after it is sucked dry …so to speak. Many folks in Maine are “running on empty” as well. I’ve no knowledge of the other seaboard states, other than NC and SC and GA are all ‘full to the top’ AFAIK. Good luck with the well. Hint: You can use a fishing pole and weighted line and just let it hit bottom, take up the slack, then bring it up using just your hands to lay it all out in a straight line. This will give you a good idea of how much water you have “from the bottom up” (as the fishing line will cease to be wetted at some point right)? If you are like most others, you’ll find the water has dropped about 12 feet ‘total’. (I’m guessing what aquifer you might be drawing from)…

        • Bet the poor farmers in the boonies are still eating.

      2. I’ve lived in St. Pete for 16 years and have never drank tap water even once, not even in cooking, always refilling gallon water jugs from the store machines. These gizmos state the process to cleanse the water and it tastes good though I’m not sure if the flouride is removed or what is the actual quality of the water. American roulette.

        • Blind trust in a store machine that is connected to the same water supply that you refuse to drink from?

          I was in mexico once and saw some mexicans selling filtered and purified drinking water. I walked around the bend and saw the same mexicans filling jugs of water out of the creek behind the shop.

      3. Nice to have a Big Berkey around….just in case….

        • Those and the Sawyers both plug up rather easily as soon as you do not have near pristine water. In other words tap water or good well water. There is a much better way and much more cost effective and far more portable for real emergencies ! Besides that they are also very slow for any large amount of water.

          As soon as we are forced to go to less than pristine water, like a lake, stream, pond or whatever ? you will be in serious trouble.

          • Interesting site bud, going to spend some time reading it

            • Lots of good info to be sure for FREE ! I know a thing or two about water and water treatment because I built municipal treatment plants for 35 years from the ground up . Also sewage treatment plants and all as general contractor or sub. My company also worked for DOD, Lockheed Martin and CH2Mhill. I was offered a job to go to Afghanistan as a contractor about 4 years ago and turned it down because of our lame brain criminal president. I refuse to serve such a maniac and will fight them to the death !

              Hope may more will join in as well ! They will force it on us soon enough.

              • Stop spamming us. I couldn’t care less about your site.

                • He is providing useful info and Mac most likely knows it. If he doesn’t approve, he wouldn’t be here.

                • Barncat, uh, why not at least take a look at the man’s site before you pass judgment on it? I’ve looked at part of it and find it interesting.

              • DownToEarthThinking, I looked at your site briefly last night and what I found is interesting. I will visit it again when time permits. I find your method for water purification interesting.

                • It isn’t really my method. It has been around and in use since the Egyptians. And not just for filtration purposes. I just stumbled onto a quantity of it and knew what it could be used for and thought I would pass it along for a very reasonable price. 1 pound will filter 40,000 gallons. And it will remove chlorine and other VOCs far superior to other filter types like ceramic or the plastic filaments that Sawyer uses. It is also excellent for a pre-filter medium for other filter types which will make them last far longer without new filters !

                  Also I would say I am NOT what you might call your average prepper type ? My ideas are a bit different and all based on my own first hand life experiences which have been rather hair ball events ! Although I know full well it is only prudent to be prepared these days for any event. I just approach it a bit differently than most with a slightly different mindset for good reason. My thing is NOT following the herd because that always failed me in every event and matter ! I learned that in RVN the hard way and it stuck with me . Good on Ya !

            • *cough*leach*cough*

            • i agree kula. i clicked on the politics link and found some interesting comments about how our politicians are not really conservative at all….i KNOW this already, but i started saving stuff like this so i can educate the dumb masses when i encounter one.

          • Forgot to ask,,
            Coconut carcoal, from husk? Or shells?

            • Both are used. Dried and then fired. Coconut charcoal is the most absorbent natural product on the planet. And it has many health and medicinal uses as well. Every household should have at least 5 to 10 pounds on hand at a minimum. It is actually quite cheap for what it does and it’s many uses. I even detox with it regularly for radiation. Kind of magical stuff actually ! Anybody here that wants some, be sure and say in your email contact that you are from this site and I will give you a special deal and some freebies ! Or just contact me at the site and I will hook you up. Over about 5 years it made a very big difference in my overall health.

          • Yeah, the Sawyers do have a tendency to plug up first, which means they are filtering FAR MORE than other filters are capable of. Sawyers can be cleaned in many ways, backflushed, pulled and blasted clean, high-pressure “wash” (homemade contraption) …yet other filters cannot.
            So, as does Braveheart1776 (and others), I’ll stick with what filters down to the smallest micron (acceptable), and just keep cleaning them “as needed” and always have potable water.
            Using the Life Straws you can safely drink from mud puddles (you see them all over India, Africa, and the swamps of Louisiana! I can’t wait to see them try to get into those swamps to state they “own” their water. Those cajuns will feed them to the gators and snakes “in a heartbeat” for sure.
            The one thing we do that many do not, is use the ‘blue-light’ (UV) virus and bacteria killer lights …three in series between each stage of filtration (though there is nothing in need of filtration each time we have had it tested, and we also have our own microscope and ‘kit’ to make sure they ain’t lying to us. Using those lights and just a foam filter covered in charcoal ‘beads’ is more than adequate for most ‘country wells’. So, ours is a bit of an overkill. For what it is worth, we have ‘gaggles’ of bottled water that was taken directly from the tap (well water) and stored in glass/plastic containers with either bleach or purification tabs (fully intending to boil it before use if it is ever needed, and one of the other many ways to make it safe to use).
            I believe it will be the cities and suburbs that will first hurt badly for water …which will be FAR more pressing than the need for food, thus …you simply cannot store too much water!

            • The problem with UV is that bacteria can be hidden behind Turbidity, and the light will miss it. Also, unless you have a expensive system, that displays the effective condition of the light with a alarm, you’re screwed. Plus the light needs to be cleaned as it will develop a film from trace elements in the water. They do work, but conditions and proper installation is very important.

        • I just ordered a Royal Berkey, be here Tuesday

        • +1,,,
          Big berkey and some other backups,,,

          • if you look in the bottom of the filter below the valve line you will often see little black pepper flakes. That is coagulated iron that settles to the bottom of the tank. The iron is in the drinking water.

          • Get a big package of coffee filters and a funnel too. This will make the filter element last much longer as it is not being forced to filter the larger particles.

            • This.

          • I’ll stay with my Aqua Rain, USA made. It’s been a while since I read the comments about Berkey’s on amazon, but that was quite enough info to not buy.

            • Ketchup.the best filter on the market that is readily available and cost effective is the zero water ! I have researched all very thoroughly and tested most and it is hands down the shit ! But there are ways to do the same thing and more ! The problem with them is the filter is not rechargeable. But that is the problem with nearly all of them. You have to buy new filters and the replacements are not cheap considering the original cost of the unit. Some are much worse than others ?

      4. Looks like Detroit South.

        • Except in Detroit they get their water for free because it is a crime against humanity to make people pay for their water.

          Not paying people for there work running the water plant is apparently o.k., I thought that was called slavery, but what do i know?

      5. I think some one pee in the water any how how are we gonna know who to trust and who to shoot with the up and comming events like civil war ect when other than military un ect will be the only ones with a uniform or do we just shoot everyone who wonders by

        • Godsoldier

          You have not made that determination on who to shoot already?

          • Godsoldier, ANYONE who approaches your home armed to the teeth is who you shoot. Doesn’t matter where they come from.

            • Wait, what about all those heavily armed preppers who are going to wander the landscape and offer security to farms and groups in exchange for food and shelter?

              Surely they will be accepted into our communities without question, right?

              sarcasm off…

              • They already are, they are called the crips, the bloods, MS-13….

                • White supremacists, Neo-nazi’s, biker gangs,those groups are acceptable because they’re white?

                  • What you got against whites?

                  • My example is that the problem already exists in America pre-collapse.

            • y’all can come to my place! when you get a couple hundred yards away, just shout out the passwords…” I GOT EXTRA FOOD, WATER, AND AMMUNITION FOR EVERYBODY IN MY GROUP, AND PLENTY EXTRA FOR YOU TOO!”

        • ANYONE, who takes a turn down my road (clearly marked DEAD END) will receive one 7.62x51mm from approximately 1/2 mile distant and ‘silenced’, and then disposed of as quickly as time permits. From time to time there may be piles …yet such sights tend to keep folks moving away from such an area that is obvious unfriendly. 🙂

          If you have done some homework, or wish to, about five gallons of tannerite set in the right position would allow you to kill a “gaggle” of people (I saw a farmer using five gallons of it kill off 14 wild boars instantly …it was infused with nails, glass, rocks, etc). Fertilizer and diesel-fuel (mixed aka Ammonium Nitrate and diesel) is comparable and gets the job done …but a “shot” into it will NOT set it off, so you’d need long-leads of wiring (just two tiny ones to a blasting cap or ???), or a wireless stuck inside with the antennae ‘visible’ to the transmissions you send it. (Save that stuff for when there are many, to deter the others from coming any hope).
          There should NOT be anyone, anywhere where they have not been seen before …thus, shoot to kill and, FUCK ‘warning shots’ as they simply do not work, reveal your position and are a waste of ammo. Read up on Military “ghosting” and you’ll get the drift in a hurry. Good luck to you and yours.

          • Bud

            I watched some vids of Military “Ghost Riding”. Funny.

          • Tannerite,, what, you mean like the 3# containers set into the middle of a 5gallon bucket filled with 1.5″ filter rock?
            Gives a whole new meaning to shrapnel wounds,,,,

            • Kula, I am unsure of what you are referring to. The stuff around here that is called Tannerite, sells at the Gun Store/FFL, and is two powders that by themselves are harmelss …until mixed to a certain ratio and then it is SUPPOSED to be used immediately (according to law), as it IS a bit unstable (one good ‘bump’ and it goes BOOM). You can make your own as easily as you can buy it, and prolly make it safer and far more devastating when detonated. The “shock” of a bullet hitting it is enough to cause detonation …even a tiny .22LR will set her off nicely.
              And yeah …”shrapnel” is plentiful depending on what has been mixed into the concoction. Tiny calcium seashell would be “flying saucers” capable of penetrating palm trees 2 or 3 inches at least …hell, it killed all those boars like a gunship would have in ONE POP! Ammonium-Nitrate (fertilizer) and diesel is an ‘age-old’ and proven boom-boom. There are hundreds of recipes, yet I don’t trust much of what is printed on the web when dealing with such things-of-interest. (Of course, this is all just for curious minds and reading …nothing that anyone would ever consider making! omg)! The downloadable US ARMY BOOK OF IMPROVISED IEDs (in PDF format), has everything anyone could ever want to know about these things, in clear detail. You wouldn’t think so, but it is harder to find waterproofed (and long) fuses (green ones, preferably) than it is to find everything else, without fetching ‘wary looks’ from the locals. And so, I dress as a farmer would when purchasing fertilizer, and then get the diesel weeks later (I’m in no rush now that we’ve had 16yrs to try this and that, lose some stuff to stupidity (and learn from our mistakes well in advance).
              If you are not able to find out anything on making your own tannerite …it is just a mix of Ammonium Nitrate/Aluminum Powder and often 2 other ingredients (to help with stability). Here’s a link to get your blood pumping! 🙂

              ht tps://

              It is LEGAL to buy and use in the United States (all 50 I believe). *If you have aluminum and a grinder, then you have a way to make your OWN ‘aluminum powder’ (the finer the better, of course). DO be careful …however, it is NOT THAT dangerous to play with. I’ve been screwing with it for years and years. More fun than “See-four’-type charges, and cheaper too!

              • Wow! If I knew where u lived I would be sure to avoid. What possible use would a 15 year vetran R.N. with lots of supplies be to your retreat? If we take anyone in, they better be ready to work! Gardening without gas machines is a chore, and so is pressure canning!

          • Wow Bud! I bet you’re the “center of attention” at parties! Whatcha going to do after you eliminate a ‘gaggle’ of people? “Hunker Down”? I have a clear picture not only of what kind of person you are (your soul), but also, your appearance—-what you look like. I bet you’re a hit with the babes! “ANYONE who takes a turn down my road…” Wow, how sad.

            I bet I could pick you off, one shot, with a pellet pistol……how could I miss!

            • TROLL!

            • I’ll take that bet, you’re gonna regret, I’m the best that’s ever been!

              • GDAYM8 …thank you for posting and not covering up your IP address. Cya soon M8ty…

          • Kind of a coward are’nt you? You will just shoot someone who turns down a road that you do not own? Hopefully it will be someone you value showing up as a surprise. What a douche you are. Dopes like you make preppers look like loons.

            • maybe he DOES own the road?…why would he shoot someone if he wasn’t on his property?…and this aint really a place for a simp like you to be talkn’ ’bout loons….the ninety percenters are the loons……the ninety percent that don’t come HERE to get educated….so, what ARE you doing here? shoot, shovel, shut up.

      6. Nobody in that country knows how to make charcoal. Nobody in that country knows how to filter water.

        • Anon, you’d be amazed at how many have no clue how to get charcoal, let alone MAKE it. My bet is they are clueless as such info has not been allowed for them to view (as it is in so many similarly-run countries). Dumbed-down takes upon a whole new meaning when you’ve never been allowed to go beyond 3rd grade in educational terms. (Most 3rd world places are educated slightly above 2nd to 3rd graders in America …which is what Hillary and Michelle would love to see happen to the whities in America as payback for US making slaves of their great, great, great, great, great (to the 10th power) grandfathers were.

          After a week-long binge Abraham Licoln slept it off. When he awoke and had some coffee he heard someone comment on his latest accomplishment, to which he replied, “I fucking freed WHO?”

      7. Looks like this pic has been photoshopped from Flint, Michigan.

        • A long time ago during a poet call to Rio I watched kids take jugs and fill them in a puddle in the dirt road in a really nasty part of town. That is actually how the progressives(Obama want the US to end up. Gotta get even for that white privilege.

      8. When individuals, families, communities or societies leave or reject God, Satan will fill the voids and provide his best effort.
        Please read the one page of evidence at and then consider your reason and authority for you actions.

        • God has “authorized” man to protect his life when threatened. You got a problem with that?

          • ah-o! looks like time for some Bible thumping.

      9. The first hurricane prep I bought was a Berkey Water Filter and spare filters. Then I bought the generator and freeze dried food. There’s no telling what pathogens are floating in that glass of muddy water. Yuck.

        • just remember to let it settle first, then pour it through a folded towel, or sumthikn’ similar….THEN run through the berkey….i got coffee filters to pre strain also.

          • Good ideas. Thanks.

            • In the old days, before filters were downsized to fit house systems, many old-timers would filter their water using earth and sand. They’d build a box about four-foot square and as high as five feet, fill it a layer of sand (1 foot), then ‘cleaned’ (gravel free) dirt (1-foot), and keep alternating until they were near the top. Then they’d pour the water in, and let it drain at its leisure and ‘catch’ it at the bottom in a tray that was piped to a collector (rain barrel buried into the ground or water works and you have handy). FIFTY feet of earth will strain most everything nasty out of perfectly nasty water. Oh….adding quartz to your alternating mixes helps remove many irritants such as a sulfur-smell or ‘high-iron-content’ scent. Lastly, if you are good with building things, simply make that big ole “strainer” so that you can “flip it over” (making the bottom the top), and then one or two five gallon buckets will act as a “back-wash” for everything trapped in your filter (not all of it, but enough to SEE it go from ‘turbid’ to clear-water.
              This kind of water filtering goes farther back into history than can be traced and yields high-quality water (does NOT filter out radioactive materials, but perhaps it would cut it down a tad? I’ve no idea…

              • None of these dopes knows how to build a solar still?

              • Sand filters are still used today but they usually have a layer of “greensand”.tm between the sand and pea gravel. Still need cl2 or uv for municipal systems and non private.

      10. Does anyone remember the scene from the movie “Soylent Green” where the older man rooming with Charleston Heston had to recharge the apartment batteries on an improvised bicycle/generator apparatus when the lights started to flicker? Coming to Venezuela soon.

        • Yes, in fact we’ve a copy of that one on DVD. Dunno where it came from but it isn’t on a factory disc, so I must have downloaded it ages ago and just forgot we had it.
          That was a very fore-sightful movie for its time, no doubt, and it is where I first got the idea of using a bicycle built for two to turn, with ‘gearing down’, generators (just as a backup that we’ve not needed yet, but is there if and when it’s needed). Hint: The longer the chain used, the larger the forward wheel/gear can be used, making for easy peddling with ‘high speed’ rotation of your alts or gens… (using ‘gearing’ like on mountain bikes of course). No matter how you do it, it WILL become hard work, just as will everything else, or so it is looking that way I should say. Worse now than ever, and few, if any, alternatives except “get to hell out of the city you are living in, if you are in one …or you’ll likely not be allowed to exit” ….ever.

          • Bud, if you are ever in need of your improvised generator for prolonged use, the crap has truly hit the fan for sure. Hopefully you will not see that day in this lifetime; but thanks to unprecedented levels of political and moral corruption, we seem to be closer to that day now than in any time in our history.

            • I am praying I never have to resort to peddling the damn thing. But now that it is built, and I’m 11 years older than when it was built …I’m not so sure I could recharge a lightning-bugs ass with it. heheh… Actually, she’s pretty easy to peddle, and I’m in no hurry …just as long as the ampere-meter stays ‘to the right’ a tad I’m doing just fine, I think. 🙂 We thought about making a ‘walking circle’ for the horses, and have THEM turn the gennys (prolly at three times the speed), but, we did not want to ‘chance’ electrical backup to having horses on hand. They could be stolen, spooked and disappear (then killed and eaten). too many variables and crazies in the world. And I’m not paranoid just because I know everyone is out to get me either! 🙂

        • Except you won’t be powering your apartment, in socialist Venezuela you will be powering your neighbors and not getting paid to do so.

          • How the hell did NASA NOT see the damned ‘asteroid’ (that IS what they called it), that entered our atmosphere last night and strewed meteorites for miles? That’s ANOTHER ‘big old rock’ that has surprised us …and to me it is an omen of a sort.

            Could it be we are running into a debris field unlike any before in history? Looks that way, or anything is possible I suppose. And what is with this ninth planet they are now saying is most definitely out there (with a 10 to 20,000 year orbit on an ecliptic plane to ours? That’s NOT Niburu (no sun and no separate solar system with it). Besides, that’s surely a crock. Still, if it IS there (a giant gaseous planet frozen solid) …where are the pics to prove it?

      11. In addition to starvation, now the good people of Venezuela will face dehydration as well. Their govt. should have built water treatment plants way back when. Now the people pay for their govt.’s stupidity.

        • Agreed. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. One thing I keep in mind, the people of Venezuela went along with “the plan” and not once did they consider the unintended consequences of living a socialist/Marxist lifestyle. Life was easy and cheap, that’s all that mattered at the time. I mean it’s not like the 20th century wasn’t filled with a multitude of failed socialist regimes that killed and purged over 250 million of their own citizens.

        • Braveheart1776

          Our government should have built Desalination plants in California too..

          • ButtHole1776. Cali does have Desal plants. Dozens of them. The largest desal plant in the US, is in San Diago. Do your research before you comment out of your uninformes fly trap piehole. Otherwise you look like all the other dopey hicks on here.

            We even have Desalination plants here in FL. Big one in Tampa.


      12. I’m confused – there is no bathroom tissue but there is a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter.

        • Kate: GOOD EYES! Applause. That’s not a pic of a Venezuelan home as we KNOW that roll of paper would NOT be there. Somebody isn’t using their ‘noggin’ when they post these pics from time to time. You could be a trained observer girl!

      13. Got a katadyn pocket filter. I wanted portable but berkey is nice too. Don’t forget stocking salt you need it. Nowadays we get so much salt in everything so don’t use it that much. A small kids pool with a tight fitting cover in a shaded spot would make a nice holding tank for your water. Just keep shocking it to keep algae from growing. Filter before consuming.

      14. Even water treatment plants are useless in a radioactive water environment (and world-wide levels are rising, by the minute with no chance of reduction). OUR wonderful FDA has already RAISED the acceptable limits of ‘rad’ in seafood by 11%! No thank you! No no no…

        Water is a gift from God. How is it that the children of Satan feel they have the right to it ‘over and above’ other people? Isn’t that called insanity? I realize it is just to “prod” the shit out of us, hoping for retaliation “on their terms” …I wonder how the hell they think a civil war/revolution would be remotely on their terms? Gonna put meters on our guns and charge us by the bullet? lol…

        • Water treatment plants are not useless, as water does not get radioactive. Water can contain radioactive particles, but those can be filtered out.

          • Very well then. Radioactive water is of no harm once filtered properly. I’ll send that info to Japan and Putin tomorrow, as I am sure they’d both be astounded to learn of these things. Also, you are needed in Japan “el pronto” (they have a very large need for filtration of “rad” that you ‘say’ can be filtered out and made drinkable)? Feel free to drink all of it you desire Archivist …and I’ll just slip this tidbit of knowledge into MY ‘archives’ so as not to go without drinkable water at “ground zero”. 🙂

            Hey, I’m just ‘prodding you’ (and I get your drift completely). No worries…

          • Archivist,
            Actually water can be radioactive. Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen (hydrogen 3), as it is chemically identical to hydrogen, it can combine with O2 and form radioactive water that can’t be filtered or even removed through distillation. It is often released into the air from nuclear power plants. It is a beta emitter and is extremely toxic to humans through ingestion or inhalation.

            The half life of tritium is 12.3 years, so it’ll take about 84 years (7 half lives) for it to effectIvey dissipate naturally.

            I have tritium sights on one handgun that will glow in the dark for the next ten to fifteen years, and these sights uses an incredibly minute amount of tritium. Really cool, no batteries needed.

            • Ive got those on my 1911,,, love em,
              Didnt realize the half life thing meant multiply by 7, thats some years,,,,

              • Mathematically, it never dissipates to zero but becomes asymptotic to the zero bound. However, for all practical purposes it is 7 half lives for all elements because each time you split what is left in half again and at the end of the 7th, there is so little left that it is all but gone. That’s why you take prophylactic iodine after a event for 2 weeks after the event. It takes I 131 that long to go through the 7 half lives.

                • math is a foreign language I never learned. 🙁

                • Yup, the most important moment to take Iodine supplements is the moment news indicates a nuclear spill or fallout has occurred, before the cloud gets to your location. You want your thyroid saturated with clean iodine so your body ignores and just passes the radioactive iodine.

                  In all three of the major nuclear accidents (3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima) it took governments three days to a week to distribute iodine supplements, thus I bought my own.

                  Note in some cases doctors actually treat some forms of thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine!

                  In Mexico a radioactive cesium medical/industrial radiation source was stolen, and has not been recovered. If that is used in a dirty bomb, iodine supplements are not needed since radioactive iodine would not likely be present in that sample. If the government hands out iodine pills because a radiological attack like that, they are likely just blowing smoke up our asses.

                  • After reaching a certain age the iodine is not recommended. 10% povidone-iodine solution can be swabbed on the stomach area and be absorbed through the skin. A patch about 4×4 if I remember correctly. Caution should be taken to see if an allergic reaction evolves.. Not sure but I believe Antihistamine is the antidote.

                    You get hot. Short of breath and begin getting tunnel vision in bad reactions.

                    • anon …if memory serves, you are as close to correct as needs be. Povidone Iodine IS “the cat’s meow” if and when you eat the last of your tablets. A WATERPROOF patch of 4×4 / 5×5 inches inches ‘soaked’ in povidone will act as a ‘transdermal patch’, and if you have an allergic reaction, run for your Benadryl instead of an ER. Take one every four hours or “PRN” (as needed) …or so it says.

      15. First they drank the kool-aid. Socialist utopias never deliver the good life as promised. Sadly, America is still running headlong in that direction.
        Bravo to all you commenters above who have clean, safe water HIGH on your priority list.
        keep stackin’….

        • Yeah but, after they drank up all the Kool-Aid, Tang mysteriously began flowing directly from the spigot. Seems like everything worked out perfectly in the left wing land of rainbows and unicorns.

      16. We are blessed to have an artesian well that overflows year round into a pipe that leads down the mountain, a bit, to a large ‘bin’ (concrete silo that holds an impressive amount of clear, fresh water, and that overflows into a “branch” (creek or brook in NC). Every now and again it will go ‘turbid’, as if there was a cave-in somewhere and red-mud will prevail for a couple day then clear off to normal. There is also a high iron level so ‘rusty water’ is a problem for “some” of those who have drilled wells that are far deeper (and not artesian). Mountains are freaky. The higher you go the higher the water flies out of the spring holes. Fascinating “hydraulics”. Anything that isn’t a ‘spring’ is ‘not so hot’ water (by comparison). Strange but true…

        • … Just as long as someone is not fracking nearby …

      17. Smokin’, good to see you back. Just got back from the BOL 2 days ago and had more fun. Going back in July right before the convention.

      18. Emergency Survival 10 Commandments
        1. Stay in present time. Don’t get overwhelmed by fast changing events or
        motions. Automatic reactions can be good or bad. They are often based on fixed
        ideas. Fixed ideas if not appropriate to the present time situation can get in the
        way of doing the correct action. Staying in present time being fully aware of what
        is going on is mandatory in emergency survival situations.
        2. Observe the obvious. Look for the simple obvious what is in front of you to
        observe. Do a careful full attention in present time observation. Remove fixed
        ideas from the equation. Fixed ideas on how to handle come in to staple down the
        confusion of the situation.
        3. Evaluation of importance: Is there something (situation) going on that is more
        important to observe and be present for?
        4. Define the current situation: What is the problem or situation that needs
        5. Do your own analysis: Keep your own counsel. Determine all of the options
        available for the situation definition. Share with others and get them to do the
        6. Evaluate all of the options: The basic cycle of handling will be observe-decide-
        act. Careful observation and definition of the situation can lead to correct
        decisions of the best option for action.
        7. Bring order to current environment. Don’t do actions that add to the confusion
        that is currently going on. Put attention of those that can handle on to the proper
        actions that are need. Put others attention on what needs to be done.
        8. If needed jump in and bypass others to get the vital actions done.
        9. Help others: Help or get help for the injured or physically in trouble. Remove
        those that have gone insane from the environment. Calm those on the boarder of
        insanity and give them something simple to do.
        10. Look for out points. Put attention on it to get it handled. Look for plus points
        and encourage and reward continued effort in that direction. If you bypassed
        those evolved, transfer reasonability and action back to individuals involved or
        someone else present. Back off and get others involved.

        • Infidel-2:


        • Helping others would be a bad idea in most SHTF scenarios. Let’s say I have enough food and water for me and my wife for a year. If we take in two other people we’re down to six months worth of food and water.

          You can’t band together and help each other if you’re the only one with food. It’s better to pretend you have nothing than to try to feed the entire neighborhood.

          Trying to get other people involved doesn’t make sense when they don’t have anything you need and they need food. When food is scarce and I don’t know if or when the stores will open again I don’t plan on sharing my food with anyone. That’s why you should “stay in the present time.” You can’t necessarily do the things you would have done in the past in certain circumstances. Like help people who need it.

      19. I get a chuckle when another country running out of water is because the .gov is “socialist” or “communist”.

        What? Capitalism creates more water?

        Tell them dang capitalists they better get busy on Lake Mead cuz they damn sure is runnin’ out.

        • They’re running out of food because the country is communist. Venezuela is EXPORTING food while their people starve. That’s what will happen in America too after the dollar collapses.

        • That is easy. Cut off water going to southern California.
          We don’t need no stinking Democrats.

          • Rellik, give it some time. From what I hear, it won’t be too long before they get to a really critical level and start fighting each other over water.

        • It’s really pretty simple JRS, but I can see you have a hard time grasping the principles.

          Government doesn’t produce ANYTHING. The only thing it can give away is what it takes from someone else.

          Your post really demonstrates your ignorance.

          Just curious…….Do you have a degree from a state college or university?

      20. Perhaps the Great Land and Water Grab is to ensure our politicians do not go without fresh, clean water to drink (and fuck the populace and what they’ll have to drink). That’s about as low as a body can go, therefore, they most certainly DO deserve to take a bullet. I do not believe they are worth two bullets …as it would be more fun to watch them bleed out through the scope or field-glasses. (Don’t forget to treat your older optics to prevent “sun-flash/glint” …seriously)!

        Y’all enjoy what’s left of our weekend. Braveheart, you are most wise to get out of Dodge prior to the convention. Seems the road is getting steeper and so many things are coming faster and faster …and is to be expected. (information overload causes confusion and chaos and deaths …so of course The Feds LIVE for it). Hell, they even PAY folks to come in and ‘act’ the part of protesters solely to have an excuse to arrest or shoot folks. How ‘lowly’ and ‘dastardly’ they’ve become! I hope is hot enuff to do the bastards justice, as it seems that’s the only justice they’ll live to see. Hanging them just doesn’t seem to be good enough ..its too quick. I’d rather see immense suffering to the degree they’ve inflicted upon so very many for so very long, without a ‘lick’ of remorse. They cannot possible be human. MANDATORY LIVE AUTOPSIES PERFORMED HERE FOR POLITICIANS (free of charge …we’ll just add it to our national deficit). G’nite all.

      21. My apologies. I meant to say that I hope HELL is hot enough to fry the bastards to the point of eternal screaming in agony …and then turn it up to full.

        Many people have been raised to think that hell is in the bowels of the earth. I’d like to think that it is in the bowels of our SUN, as it is far and above any ‘heat’ found underground on Earth.

        Besides, how many ghosts have been seen flying around the sun? Not one so far, so I rest my case. 🙂

        • Bud, as long as you can do head shots, one bullet will be enough. I can do head shots.

          • Aye my friend. Headshots are the sureshots. We were trained to take out The Medula Oblongata, which as you know is the ‘lower’ (distal) part of the brain stem responsible for controlling heart and pulmonary function. Hit that and it is “curtains” ..NO exceptions. (It also prevents the trigger finger from ‘squeezing’ …your ‘objective’ just opens their hands and drop everything upon strike. Sweet! (We’re sick huh)? heheh…

      22. Yes, I will say it again. And again and again and again until every leftist who creates this evil can never say “I didn’t know”:

        “Socialism (gouvernement) is the great fiction whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        As if the lessons of the USSR, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Greece, Detroit ad nauseam weren’t already enough for all the either the utterly intellectually dishonest of the utterly ignorant.

        • Public school, Social Security, safety net doesn’t inherently destroy, corruption does.

          There is a huge difference between Norway, Finland, Germany and the USSR.

      23. Venezuela is a slow motion wreck.
        I guess the trick is to know when
        to cut your losses and get the hell
        out. I’ve lived through a lot of
        natural disasters, but never through
        a major disaster caused by a Democratically
        elected socialist government.
        American is sliding down that slope today.
        Many people on this site will do just fine.
        I feel for the city bound people, as
        they don’t have as many options.

      24. It’s funny, but the water looks like that in parts of Los Angeles.

        There is only on conclusion to draw here: dirty tap water causes Hispanics.

        I suppose it’s possible I might have it backward.

        • You are what you drink. in this case, brown.

      25. Distilled ocean water is clean and safe. Anyone living near the beaches of Southern California can get buckets of ocean water and boil it. The water that drips off the cover is pure Distilled drinkable water.

        • Distilling water is very energy intensive. It would take a lot of fuel to distill a gallon of water.

          • At 80% efficiency it would take 12,000 BTUs in fuel to boil one gallon of water or roughly a 10th of a gallon of #2 oil. Most likely the efficiency will be considerably lower so a pint of #2 oil per ballon of water evaporated would be more like it, maybe even more. Another issue is cycling up the concentration of salt. Its wise to evaporate the sea water until the concentration of the brine is at greatest doubled and them dump it.

            Even using solar the salt tends to plate out on the heat transfer areas.

      26. …For those who insist on and expect to be dependent on the urban system (“civilization”) that fails them so. Who was it that said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

      27. Only about 10 hrs to go…
        SHTF at noon time Chicago time on 5th of June 2016.
        Expect Obama live on TV about 15 to 30 min minutes before it hits.
        No privileged info, it’s all public information, gathered and connected the dots.
        Better run to BOL now…
        It’s over folks.
        THE END…

        • At the BOL today. Putting in new water filtration system on the well. Thanks for your heads up. Best wishes always.

        • Bobane

          Bring it!

        • OH NO! We’re doomed. Sitting in a camp site in Waterloo, Iowa. At least we’ll have a roof over our heads.

          2hrs to go. Time to fill the water tank and get the propane bottles refilled.

          Gas up and head for home!!!

          • Well, glad I didn’t head for home.

            Went to Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Got into dodge instead of outta dodge. hahahahaha

            our base of operations for the next two weeks.

        • It’s after noon in Chicago. I’m still here.

          • Guess I have to stand down. Damnit.

            • Good deal. One more day to prep! I get pretty tired of the doom and gloom prognostications but I have to admit it does motivate me somewhat.

          • Yup,
            Sunday, 8:38am on maui,,,,
            Think ill go ride the tractor for a few hours,,,, that aughta bring on the collapse

            • Kulafarmer: If someone were to smash the heck out of the black stuff that volcanoes leave behind (pumice? guessing here), would it be possible to grind it to the consistency of something like grain in a silo, so that one, tiny spark would cause an explosion? Or is it just ‘dead’ in all forms? I’m researching alternatives to black powder ingredients fyi… thanks in advance if you catch this.

              You were mentioning Tannerite earlier. www dot tannerite dot com is their main site.

              However, did ya know you can “level” most buildings (homes) with a 1 pound bag of flower? (Here’s the scoop: First you’ll want to unroll a dual-wire (twin leads) spool from where-ever you wish to take cover, and run it into the house, then place the wires as CLOSE AS YOU CAN ((so that there is a teeny-tiny ‘spark-gap’ just a hair or two wide (tape it). Open the flour bag and run through the building ‘strewing’ it everywhere so that it ‘hangs’ in the air making breathing impossible. Then get outside to the other end of the wire, hook the negative up to the negative terminal on a 9v transistor radio battery, and then just ‘tap tap tap’ the positive wire to the positive post. ONE of those sparks will ignite the flour, just as grain explodes in a silo, and flatten it by blowing out all four walls, including concrete.

              This is a good way to start cleaning up the local mosques in many areas, so I thought I’d let out the word. Cheap and easy. (Sadly, the flour is not reusable, but the battery is)!

        • Mr. Bobane, with all due respect, you’re full of crap.

          You lost all credibility when you pointed to some graph of the S&P and related that to THE END of days.

          Now, where was that website you wanted all of us to go to?
          Are you running low on funds?
          We’ll be here tomorrow and through next week, AT LEAST!
          We’ll be waiting for your explanation. Or apology.

          • Bonebrain.

      28. Council on Foreign Relations
        Carnegie Ford Rockefeller

        • The NY financial and legal community was the heart of the American establishment…It’s front organizations (were) the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations.

          Arthur Shelesinger

          • And a lot of those traitorous sob’s like to meet at the Metropolitan Club in NYC.
            Have we got any members here close to NYC?

      29. The last word of living or dying is CLEAN WATER. Enough said. One of the absolute must have items and should be number one on the list.

      30. Today is the day Bobane has been warning us about. Midday… central standard time.
        As per water… we have had torrential rainfall. Mushrooms abound and the deer are eating my okra.

      31. looks like Flint, MI water to me

        No disrespect intended.

      32. I can get water almost anyplace in my part of the Ozarks. there are plenty of streams and springs. just boil it and its fine. we have limestone and the water is clear and taste good. We had severe drought in 1980. It was great for hunting. Just set a stand at a water hole and killing game was easy. My concern is my livestock. I would like to be able to keep a nucleus of breeding stock to have after the great culling. Its been difficult to plan how to keep the hungry thieves from killing and eating them if SHTF? Ive not hit on any viable solution so far. Domestic livestock require grazing land and their easy to locate. Without domestic livestock a 1800,s lifestyle will not be possible. So Im thinking it will eventually end up being a Stone age live in a cave hunter gatherer root hawg or die existence.

        • that’s ONE theory…..there’s a LOT more possibilities out there. try not to imagine too few paths to go down….once a few million die, there will be a stark reality mindset with those that survive, and eventually we come out the other end of this to rebuild our once great nation. sounds to ME like yer on the right track….and you’re HERE, so you/we got a leg up on the competition…..knowledge IS power.

        • Reading ‘Starving The South’ by Andrew F. Smith

          Without salt to preserve meat, the south went without the protein source.

          Also, working animals, horses, mules etc need the salt (electrolytes)to keep doing the heavy work required to keep the farms running.

          Salt in your preps?

          • every time I go to the feed store I buy a 50 pound sack of salt It never goes stale. And I think our nation is in decline. It will never be rebuilt to any appreciable degree. Its most likely to fragment into several different countries. And the white and black races percentage wise are the most ill prepared. They are for the most part deep in debt fat lazy government enabled land wales. Unhealthy and don’t have any Know How. They cannot be self reliant. Its those little brown skinned hard working folks who can make something out of very little. Its not any surprise that we are being replaced by them. Im going to encourage my grandchildren to pick a Hispanic mate. The USA has been colonized. The Middle class is now experiencing the exact same thing our ancestors done to the native americans. Like it or not, right or wrong, My fault, your fault, nobodys fault, That’s just the way things are.

            • Old Guy:
              The only thing I agree with in your post is the acquisition of salt. Mixed couples have a difficult enough time during times of relative calm. In the coming Revolution they will be totally screwed.

          • Yes ma’am. Salt “licks” (blocks) …enough for our estimated lifetime are already “tucked nicely away” for the beasts, and for preserving meats as well we have the bags of iodized (plenty, we are assuming). It is incredible to view just how fast those ‘licks’ dwindle down from just two horses and a beef-critter (not ours but we had the extra stall and so that’s home for him).
            The American Indians, long ago, told ‘white man’ that the day would come that salt would become a ‘finite commodity’. Naturally, nobody paid them any mind (as most associated salt with our oceans, and assumed the salt would always be plentious …yet now we are seeing it isn’t as plentiful as was once presumed.
            Therefore, we have 1,000 pounds of ‘critter salt’ and about 10 years back bought up salt like there was no tomorrow. Sea salt before it was hopelessly contaminated (as is now in my own humble opinion). Also, a bit over 1,000 lbs of the stuff. Overkill? Perhaps. It shall be a good bartering item, yet not my first choice for bartering ‘consumables’.
            Yet like everything else we’d rather have an excess than empty shelves. I am not the ‘blood-loving jerk’ I often portray myself to be. We will feed those that we can, from the land and lakes as nature provides. Some will come and go. Some may stay and form an ever-increasing community of like-minded people.
            What could be wrong with the re-advent of “barn raisings”, House raisings and all of the things that USED to be the christian way of doing things? Neighbors making sure their neighbors did not go without. The way to rid the earth of evil is to not practice what you’ve likely been taught to do (or the “first inclination is to kill ‘mindset’), but instead keep God foremost in all things. (Not meaning “you” but of course, but “the general mindsets of a great many who would not offer subsistence to another human in need? Treat others as you would wish to have them treat you goes further than ANY other “thing” I can think of …at the moment. THAT is where ‘we are coming from” and hope many others take the same path, as it is a righteous one …and a very narrow path at that. 🙂

        • Old Guy, might you have a means to access a ‘boxed canyon’ where there is more woodland than open fields (to begin with anyway)? There would be no need for fencing…(and you’d have the advantage of elevation to watch o’er your babies). Our closest neighbor did the same thing with his goats …except they are well able to scale the bluffs when they wish to, but always come back (or so he says).

          I would not be into a Root, Hog or Die stoneage existence either, yet given your location and mine, we shouldn’t have to go much further back than NC already is. (When you enter NC, there is a sign, WELCOME TO NORTH CAROLINA- PLEASE SET YOUR CLOCK BACK 50 YEARS). The sign was also on Yahoo today. Funny how the web has made the earth such a small world isn’t it? Shoot. I used to think it was an immense place until seeing it from 58,000 feet. (Up that high you can see the stars very clearly at noon).

      33. Too bad we can’t take the water away from the illegals. They think socialism is so great as evidenced in photos from their anti Trump protests, they should be the first to wither on the vine. Control the water=control the populace. The .gov knows this of course, and if shtf, it will be one of the first things to go….

      34. Good morning fellow sht- effers.. can someone prove me wrong.. I cannot phucking believe the crap I am seeing unfolding in front of my eyes, yet its believable..if I wrong then I am wrong.. now that zionist piece of shit Greenspan is telling us to prepare for martial law, threatening us, telling us that America is next, then the cabalist stooge tells us to get ready of EMP events, since we know what Dr James a Garrow warned us about..i think something will happen, catch is all off guard then we get plunged into SHTF WITHIN MINUTES AND HRS.. then what?.. the women in my city are still getting pregnant and being bred by incompetent stupid men that do not understand food supply, that do not prep, further contributing to the near years end crisis.. putting kids lives at risk when the soldiers role into our cities.. normalcy biased dumb phucks don’t get it, that shipping of food and production of food while they hammer away increasing the population..will not be solving the future problems. What the phuck is wrong with these dumbasses..

        I am really worried.. A mental evaluation is not what’s going to be the deciding factor if I am telling the truth or not…it’s the info that I spilling is what you all need to look into. Take what I am telling your all into consideration, it’s going to hit. I don’t have the exact time or date, it’s just that July is when shtf evolves to another level…I was hoping to get laughed at and proven wrong but it’s going to be hell on earth as we know it..


        2016- 2017 deceased.

        • We are all being setup for an attack inside CONTUS by our own government.It will either be allowed or actually created. And it is all being done before the supposed election. Here is why I think this is not only likely but already in motion.

          1. Ft Hood was allowed to happen and never was admitted as an act of terror by our own government. Many had complained and reported this guy for his jihad comments and actions and all were let go ! and he is still on full pay and nothing has happened to him ? Just like Bergdahl !

          2.Boston was allowed to happen by our own government. The Russians gave us almost 2 years warning the older brother was training in Chechnya with terror groups. So with our supposed super spy agencies should they have watched these guys 24/7/365 ? Yes they should have but they did not ? They supposedly fell thru the cracks ? I do not believe that for a second given our capabilities.It was allowed to happen as a test to see the responses of the people and the agencies.

          3. Riverside ? The woman had an open facebook page in the ME that she clearly communicated with jihadis and openly spoke of terror acts. And nobody caught it from all the agencies we have ? This is not even close to possible unless it was allowed to happen as another test ?

          4. Our borders are wide open and our government has created that situation for a reason.

          5.Our government has been stockpiling for years now and building new underground facilties as well as opening old ones. so they do have some kind of plan or expect something ? They know something they are not telling us.

          6. Racial animus has been ratcheted up by our own government to create division and chaos deliberately. This will be part of the coming unrest and violence.

          All of these events tell me that it is very likely we will see some kind of event/attack within CONTUS before the coming election so martial law can be installed and the maniacs stay in power ! Stranger things have happened. And the worse part is that many Americans will beg for martial law as soon as any event takes place because they are afraid of their own shadow and believe the bullshit they are spoon fed daily !

          • DTET

            All the events that have happened up till now is only the warm up. Also all these events are set into motion so we become numb to whatever news is played on the networks. When the bad stuff comes we will accept it as just another day in paradise. Conditioning at it best.
            So what does it mean? Taking back the country.
            Voting, Protesting, Rioting, Civil War.
            Then ask yourself which presidential candidate can bring the country to revolution or civil war. We are not voting to save the country but bring about disorder.

            Example. Trump wins there are EBT riots. Trump gets whacked there is riots/civil war.
            Hillary becomes president more UN and gun control. Patriots revolt.

            The slogans Fighting For Us and Make America Great Again is PURE BULLSHIT.

            We don’t pick the delegates.
            We don’t elect the president.
            Congress knows the Country can not be saved.
            All these preps by the military and police dept.

            Five more months or so.

            • Agree on all points although I did not go into the political nuances because I think the underlying issues are already upon us in spades. But my point was simply that we are being deliberately setup by our own government which is to some degree what you are also aware of. Most of the politics I think is worthless at this juncture because both red and blue are more or less just criminals milking us in slightly different flavors ? But when it does come unglued from any of what I mentioned , it will be a very different set of circumstances to deal with and that is why I am always prepared as much as possible in every way. I live it and enjoy it. But I do NOT stress on it at all, because of my mindset and physical capabilities as well as other training.

              I am convinced it is very likely one of those events or more will take place soon. If not I have lost nothing and enjoyed my health along the way ! Kinda like making lemonade when given a bag of lemons.

              Been indoors a lot today , it is 104 degrees out side here in eastern Oregon !

      35. I just don’t understand how people who aren’t prepared or in the process of being cant see the writing on the wall. The new world order will be ushered in after the collapse. Hello sheep that mean collapse is coming and cannot be stopped its moving faster and faster by the day. I really don’t think there is much time left. Think I’m gonna put in the order for the bucket of powdered milk , butter and eggs. Either way we are going toward civil war. Just don’t see any political solution for the problems. People across all classes are just trying to pay their bills another day. There is no such thing as dirty $ any more. I remember the days people didn’t want dirty $. Boy have people changed. Just don’t think their is much time left. Better make final preparations.

      36. I have been working on expanding my garden. In addition to changing things up from my experience last year and doing lots of research on growing food, I feel I am getting more prepared. I know I will still not be able to feed my family totally with food from my garden. So many know so much more about raising crops than I do. On the flip side, I know ten times than most people do about it right now. I only have one neighbor who is even close to prepping. It is going to be along hot summer.

      37. Well, noon Chicago time has come and went. The world didn’t end. Or at least I don’t think so. I was taking a nap when the time came. That’s how worried I was about an exact deadline.


        I have found a fun little computer software to play with. Go to ht tp:// and check it out, watch a video or two, and download the free version. “The Brain” has many possible uses. You can use it to organize a business or your own thoughts. A business can upgrade to the professional version and coordinate through the cloud. It is called a mind mapping tool.

        I am putting in some of my extended family connections so that I can visualize them. I have one relative who married so many times, she went through the same last name twice. I have ancestors who married multiple times, and those spouses also married multiple times, and all the marriages produced children.

        I also have so many hard drives and millions of files. I can copy shortcuts for files or directories to “thoughts” in the software so I can organize them. I can’t physically organize the files like I want because there are too many of some types to actually fit on one drive, even a 6TB drive, such as my ebooks.

        Their website has links to some “brains” that have been uploaded, and one of them has tons of information and sources linked together about MKUltra and similar subjects. That particular “brain” is located at:
        ht tps://

        I am only using the free version of “The Brain” and have no intention of using the cloud.

        If nothing else, you will be entertained for a while.

        • OMG! SIX TERABYTE HDDS? Where in tarnation did you find such a beast? (And here I was thinking I was doing well with a bank of 3TB drives. hahah). How does that work with USB (or DO they work via USB “hubs” sir?
          We seem to have a common love for ‘archiving’ (I am well-known for copying off every site that interests me and later ‘rip’ what I want from it and trash the remainder. And, having done this since the days of DOS 5.0 (just after actually), and I imagine you’re in the same dinghy, we’ve both got more than The Library of Congress ever dreamed of? Holy Hannah Batman! (I will admit that I keep my HDDS in a leaded vault when not in use). NOT grounded (purposely).

          • The largest I actually have is 5TB, but 6TB is available. Here’s one:

            ht tp://

            If I buy drives online, this is where I buy them.

            There’s 30+ TB connected to my desktop right now. I have more in storage. I use a couple of large USB hubs.

            In a year or so, I hope to move to solid state drives. I also hope to get a large NAS (network attached storage) to hold the drives, so that the whole group will be seen as one drive letter by the computer.

            I have found that, with the relatively low price of disk storage, it is more cost effective to save everything. It takes too much time to pick out things to delete, and you can search for anything on your computer easily.

          • Correction. The link I gave was for an internal drive, not external like I meant. Here’s a link to an 8TB external hard drive:

            ht tp://

            • Thank you very much for all that info. (I had NO idea except the incoming solid state drives, which will be amazing). Using Linux (Debian) (one of the distros), I’ve amassed the HDDs into a likeness of a ‘raid’ array …linux style. Do you ‘bust them down’ into smaller drives (like with gparted), or is your machine capable of handling the entire drive(s)?
              Dang, those drives make the WDs look like toys …well, I guess they are just that, considering most fill them with smut and other highly useful stuff like it.
              I hear ya on keeping the entire web site (for offline browsing at blazing speeds). I save text, pics and SOME short MP4’s and toss the rest. Now, it appears I have a choice! Thank you again. Cheers.

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