Collapse: “It Will Be Sudden and Very Painful”

by | Aug 4, 2011 | Charlie McGrath, Headline News | 222 comments

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    While it’s too early to tell whether or not the destruction in stock markets will continue as it did in 2008, one thing is for sure – when the bottom finally falls out of this economy it’s going to come as a surprise to tens of millions of people who have been bamboozled by their trusted politicians and corporate elite.

    Today’s Dow Jones collapse of 350 points is but an indicator of the severe volatility and unmitigated destruction we can expect as this crisis enters the next phase. Former comptroller general of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) David Walker warns that it’s going to hurt:

    “Here’s the bottom line. If you take the total liabilities of the United States – public debt, unfunded pensions, retiree health care, under funding with regard to social security, with regard to medicare, a range of commitments and contingencies – as of September 30 2010 we would have had to have had $61.6 trillion dollars in the bank in order to be able to defease those obligations.” Walker explained.

    “The fact of the matter is that government has grown too big, promised too much and waited too long to restructure. Our problem is overwhelmingly a spending problem.” Walker, now the head of the fiscal advocacy group the Comeback America Initiative, told viewers.

    “Lets understand something very simple. If you have escalating deficits and mounting debt, that means you have to increase the debt ceiling limit at some point and it means absent structural reforms in entitlement programs, defense and other spending, those represent deferred tax increases.”

    “We are not exempt from a debt crisis,” he said. “We’re never going to default, because we can print money. At the same point in time, we have serious interest rate risk, we have serious currency risk, we have serious inflation risk over time. If it happens, it will be sudden and it will be very painful.

    It’s not a matter of if, but when. The course is mathematically unsustainable, and a few hundred billion in cuts, as ridiculous as it sounds, is simply not going to be enough.

    As Charlie McGrath pointed out in his August 3 video report, the US government will have to take extreme measures, like Greece is being forced to take now, to keep the system alive, albeit on life support:

    We are in the leagues of nations such as Greece and Italy, these other nations who their national debt far outpaces their GDP, and reality is these nations are going through austerity.

    And, here comes your crisis of reality.

    The austerity measures that are about to come our way are going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen or even dreamt about in this country – certainly worse than any of the politicians getting before the cameras will tell you is coming. They’re telling you if you go further into debt everything’s going to be OK.

    …President Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke are out of bullets. They have nothing left…they’ve tried everything: QE1, QE2, Stimulus 1, Stimulus 2, there’s just nothing left that can be done to help create jobs in this country.

    Many don’t believe it will happen here. But make no mistake, it’s coming (in fact, it’s happening right here and now!).

    They’re going to print more money and erode your savings. They’re going to borrow more money from foreign creditors, until such time that they won’t lend to us anymore. Prices for essentials like food, energy and clothing are going to increase exponentially over the next few years. At the same time we will see forced cuts to programs like social security, medicaid, medicare and a host of other entitlement programs. Millions of Americans are going to feel like they’ve been hit with a sledgehammer.

    The United States of America is embroiled in the next Great Depression – and there is no way out. The economy will not, contrary to the opinion of our government and the presstitutes who promote their agendas, recover in a few months. We’re in this for the long haul, as in years and decades not weeks or months, and all of us will soon learn what TEOTWAWKI means.


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      1. The End Of The World As We Know It

        • And I feel fine.

        • I think I hear the Fat Lady but she sure is out of tune.

          • Fat lady, who said anything about Michelle Obama?

            • Roflol!! Now THAT’S funny!!!

            • Wow really?

            • She is “big”, but more in the Amazonian sense. Not fat.

      2. The good news is that the Globalist Empire that controls our government and many others may finally die. Or, this is just another phase of the final solution to be used against us. Interesting times, indeed!

        • I tell my children frequently, “Watch carefully. You will be telling your children and grandchildren about these times.”

          • In the know folks won’t raise a family; America has zero future and zero hope. Most Americans are loser zombies and don’t care what kind of leadership we have. Best not to breed kids, their lives will be hell and slavery.

            • My girlfriend and I just had that very same discussion…

            • My wife and I had that discussion too. We want kids, but not in this world. Wouldn’t want to put them through Hell on Earth.

          • That’s if they survive it….

          • I was thinking M.L. needs to read the only book that speaks truth. The Bible. Man can do nothing without God. As long as we are pushing him out, we are pushing his protection and survival out with it.

        • thew people at the top will be just fine like they were in the depression of the 30’s. It is the average joe to the poor man to the well off….they will suffer painfully….only the uber rich elite will fair fine

          • Eat the rich

            • You’ll be the one getting eaten, wiked.

          • BJ, you can always take out some of those people who caused this and will not have to suffer as you do. That is what many patriots plan on doing.

      3. This is the beginning of the fallout. Last chance to load up on food, water, and ammo.

        • COSTCO has long-term storage food packages for sale….no need to pay shipping or wait for it to arrive by truck….

          • If you haven’t gotten your preps in order better do it soon. I found a great deal on a years supply package. They even beat the Costco deal and we got some free stuff coming too. Check it out at Don’t forget to find a place to hide your guns and amo. Probably bury my rifle and extra handgun. I was thinking about making it look like a grave site. Who would want to dig up a grave? What do you think? How will you hide your stuff.

            • Oiled, wrapped (three times), bottom of the cat box. Stereo speakers. Nailed along ceiling joists, within insulation. Bullets wrap in plastic “tubes” very well to be shimmy-stuffed within stairwell railings. Come on, folks, get inventive. Where’s the last place you would look?

            • I’m assuming you live in a rural area, David…

              …and assuming you were being serious, that idea about buying stuff and making it look like a grave is a pretty good idea. I can’t imagine anyone even thinking about messing with it.

              I do think burying stuff in such a way that no one else will notice ANYTHING is better – like digging in an area with gravel or something – then just covering the dirt back up with the gravel…BUT YOU better have a way to keep track of exactly where it is. I’ve thought of doing that myself out here in Arizona (where most yards have some gravel)…assuming of course the ground isn’t too hard to dig into…

            • If you are thinking about burying your guns, it’s time to use them.

            • In the South during the War Between the States, Yankees were known to dig up many graves of a returned dead soldier body, at the old home place, assuming someone had buried valuables there! Then, they would leave the rotting corpse out, and ride off, leaving the grieving family to rebury their loved one. So, we have already learned that does NOT work. Fuhgedaboutit!!

            • in a old hot water heater that looks like it is hooked up , also in pvc in the ground with a stell circle on top will look like a fence post from the air

            • No one really buries their dead in the backyard anymore though. I would think it was suspicious. If I was still a kid I’d want to dig it up just to see if it really was a grave. As soon as I saw a bone I would get freaked out and stop but still.

          • Five years ago, who would have thought Costco would stock such an item (or sold out of them)?

        • Don’t forget some medicine, wet baby wipes, and tablets of vitamin c.

        • Boy did you get that right. How many times have we thought things were at the tipping point? Now, I think they are.

          • Wallyworld in Coos Bay Oregon is carrying long term food storage products…you can by the basics by the case…I concur…who would have thought…along with TV advertisments for permit to carry classes…

        • I agree… learn how to grow your own garden explains how. Make sure you learn how to harvest the rain as well.

        • Lots and LOTS AND LOTS of Ammo! Whatever you have, its not enough for whats coming.

      4. yea almost time to play mad max, wait i hated mad max.

      5. I’m remaining hopefull and positive! About what I have no idea.

      6. The big fifty for the boy man in charge today. I hope he’s happy.

        • You can count on it.

          • Will you let him remain that way?

      7. Shut the market down! Shut it down NOW!

        • I have a bookmark to Yahoo finance and it always shows the running total of the stock markets. Yesterday, it was no longer there. Today it is back.

          Gee, I wonder why?

          • well i beleave this is coming and I know things going get tuf but thats why i been buying up seeds and amo but i can survive.

      8. food water silver guns ammo…get them now if you haven’t already – time is running short

        • And brooms…noone EVER lists brooms!!!

          • That’s funny

          • That’s funny

      9. silver was up almost two dollars today now is down three…


        • Great video bloody I have been looking for that one. Thanks again

        • Just so you know, they switched directers and the new director has a bit of an anti-prepper bias. It’s still a pretty good show, but the second family had her quotes trimmed and rearranged to make her seem crazy. If you don’t recognize her, she is SurvivalMom, and has a pretty good website of her own.

        • Awesome – Thanks for Sharing!

      10. DOW: 500+ points down…

        • 513 points

          • No suprises here folks. None at all. August is typically a down month as everyone on wall Street takes their vacation.

            The Big Bank trading desks push it down and prop it up. No surprises here at all, except that it seems appropriate for Obummer’s birthday.

            The Big Banks shorted before the drop. Next week it will bounce back to the upside and they will take even more profits.

            THE WALL STREET GANG – Richard Ney.

            • Not this time. Too much debt around the world. It’s like an anchor and it’s going to drag the markets down. I’ll bet you a bag of donuts we’re looking at a Dow that’s trading around 10,000 by Labor Day Weekend.
              I think it’s an overdue Bear. And it’s going to take a huge paw and swat the sh!t out of the market.
              Silver may fall more than gold because it’s an industrial metal, so anybody out there stocking up on coins might want to turn his/her attention to silver this fall. But I’d be buying food and ammo first. You can’t chew or shoot silver and gold.

            • Matt: I don’t play the markets. Its an insider’s game basically or for someone who wants to follow and watch it every day. I do know that the trading desks of the big banks will make money whether the market is trending up or down.

              The farther down the markets go the more money they will make until it bottoms and then they will start making money on the way up.

              Its not in the economics or the debt or the stars; its in the algorythms.

      11. The corruption and greed of the elected officials and the rich who own them has destroyed America from the top down…..

        But it will unravel from the bottom up in the streets as life becomes unaffordable and unlivable.

        America could always hold itself together because more people had something to gain by behaving themselves than going against the grain and risking the consequences of criminal activity….this will be no longer the case….

        Time to bunker-up people

        • Appointed officials.

      12. All the 2011 stock market gains poof gone just like that.
        The system is rigged. Start investing in bullets, food, & most importantly water.

        • I recommend 50-70 gallons of water for a family AND a Berkey water filter with as many filters as you can afford.

      13. They should have waited to post tis try -513 loss at alosing bell.

        • try

      14. Anyone know of any good sites/forums that preppers can congregate on? No offense, Mac, I’m completely addicted to your site. Your articles are wonderful, but I hestitate to go off topic and ask questions or start conversations outside your articles. I’d love a place for preppers to talk…let me rephrase…serious preppers to talk, advice and befriend. Great as most everyone is on here, I noticed a few that pop up to ridicule and make fun. We need a place where there is mutual respect, unity and education.

        • All good ML, I totally understand… I will be adding a forum and expanding the emergency preparedness section over coming weeks and months so hopefully that will help with being able to get questions answered that aren’t covered in my general musings

          • Sounds great! Can’t wait Mac!!

            • I can’t wait either……hopefully the thread will be easier to follow for new posts too 😉

          • Mac – The precious metal dealer, Kitco, has a decent forum on survival preparation. There’s plenty of room for more like this. I have the same addition the ML Gardner has. When there are no new articles on SHTFPlan I go through withdrawal and it ain’t pretty. Click on my name to see the Kitco site.

            • I went to the Kitco site, found the forums, but could not locate the survival preparation sections. Can you direct me to it? Many thanks!

            • DG – Click on my name highlighted in red. You’re there.

        • ML Gardener- I agree with you. I come to this site for a completely different reason than prepping. Go to You will love it! I promise.
          Mac- your site is still 1 of only 3 I visit daily. Please don’t stray too far from what you do. You do it very well : )

          • Joining Sheri in her sentiment.
            I’ve visited from time to time and, while I do like some people on that forum, there is just too much religion and too many gun ho’s for my taste.
            I am into prepping, not Mad Max games or Inquisition.
            I don’t like when someone’s beliefs are being shoved down my throat and I even less like the lunatics with guns screaming “bring it on!”.
            My family and I lived through some very tough times. We know what hunger is. We know what war is. I would not wish it on anyone. Ever.
            So a person hoping(!) for a Mad Max world and screaming “bring it on!” is an ignorant and arrogant dumba** in my book.

            Sorry, got off of topic.
            Mac, thank you for your site. I am here daily 🙂

            • I do like city-data’s “Self-sufficiency and Preparedness” forum, lots of good info and discussions. Civil people (most of the time :)).

            • Thank you for posting this…I totally agree. I just want to know what others are doing to prep and hoping to incorporate that into my own preps. Hoping I do not miss anything. I also appreciate MAC for keeping us up to date on current events. Thanks to all.

        • M.L.Gardener,

          Have you been to

          They have a number of articles with information on a number of topics – food storage, canning, dehydrating, health, gardening, energy, self defense, etc. There is even more info in the archives. I have also learned alot by reading the comments. Readers add advice, answer questions, etc.

          Save Salt To Survive

        • is really good for serious preppers

        • I agree….we need unity in thought and support of each other. Any idea?..

      15. what do you mean “there’s no way out”? a big fat WAR will clear up a lot of this… its how they got out of the last one… somehow, they’ll merge all that crap in the ME into one huge fight with china or russia… using Iran or Pakistan as a proxy…


      16. I shudder to know what THEY think.

      17. Watch the emporer starve on his mound of gold and silver. Water and ammunition will rise above the value of shiny objects. I can’t wait to hear the lies of why, we didn’t know this was happening, who is to blame, damn those preppers. The smoke is getting thicker and I do believe the mirrors have started to shatter. QEIII right around the corner, because everything is being done by design. I expect to see a market freeze instated, but then this is exactly what they want, get the suckers in, then pull the rug right out from underneath them. The next 4 months is going to be very interesting!

        • Can’t wait to hear cries of: That danged Bush!

      18. Tony- I’m locked and loaded. have the food and lead for years!! bring it on!

      19. I don’t think collapse will be sudden. First of all, its been happening for years already – most sheeple just haven’t seen the warning signs. Second, Greece has been in grave trouble for years & they are still hanging on. Their collapse has been slow & steady – though they are clearly nearing the end. We are about 2-3 years behind Greece.

        I pray it doesn’t happen. It will be horrible. But at this point, there seems to be no other option. We will eventually meet our fate.

        • I’d have to agree, Mr. Blutarsky. A collapse is bound to happen. The only question is how steep and how far we’ll fall.

      20. Well ain’t this a hoot.. Happy B’day, BHO, you big piece of crap.
        Anyway, early in the week I took a lot to cash, anticipating a big drop. Near the end of the day, I doubled my positions in silver. I still have some dry powder and will be watching the basic food commodities and may jump in deeper there.. we’ll see if I’m a chump or a champ. Remember, no matter what happens, everyone has to eat..

        • That’s exactly how I feel about food preps. No matter what you’ll never lose as long as you eat what you store.

          We bought a bunch more silver today too. When it temporarily dropped to $38/ounce we pounced on it.

          I read an article today that said gold will be $2000 by the end of the year. I’ll bet it gets there by November.

          • Hold me ? I’m a little scared… 😉

            • Want som-a-my Froot Loops from DG…on sale??

          • Hell of a time for the car to need a crapload of repairs. Had to sink all available cash into keeping it going and us debt free. Missed the dip completely. Grumbling about it alot today. Hoping to catch the next dip. If there is one.

            • Dont kick yourself. transportation is important and debt free is even better!
              pat yourself on the back and catch the next dip.
              You will be able to get to work to earn the money to buy on the next one.
              Happy prepping

      21. Could we expect a “bank holiday” tomorrow?

      22. I for one am sick and tired of hearing welfare and medicaid referred to as “entitlements”. It makes it sound as if it is owed to these leaches. However Social Security and medicare are owed to the seniors whom paid them in. I wish they would cut out the dead asses BEFORE messing with retirees. JMO

        • Sadly, those are the ones who will be protected as much as possible.

      23. I climbed aboard that eagle, took a last look around
        red tail lights, shadows moved slow across the ground,
        off somewhere a midnight train, slowly passes by,
        I can hear that whistle moanin’ “I’m so lonesome I could cry”….
        Cause it’s midnight in Montgomery, just hear that wip-por-will
        See the stars light up a purple sky, feel that lonesome chill
        Cause when the wind is right you hear his songs, smell whiskey in the air
        Midnight in Montgomery, he’s always playing there
        Hank’s always playing….there

      24. I think that the whole thing is coming unglued and unraveling much faster than the elites & PTB ever expected that it would. They were hoping for a long, slow, very shallow glide-path leading to a soft landing. Looks like we’re headed straight into the ground for a very violent crash landing.

        The wild gyrations and sudden jerky swings in the stock markets and precious metals markets, as witnessed today, could be an indication that we are much closer to the end than anyone realizes.

        I think that I am going to head on over to Outdoor World this evening and pick up a few more boxes of ammo. It might be a good idea to review your preparations and tighten up any loose ends that you see. Once the economic dominoes start falling, I have a feeling that the situation will go from bad to worse very quickly.

        God Bless & good luck to you and your families.

        • whatever you do don’t forget that lowly .22. That calibre has fed and defended more people than anyone can imagine. The rounds are inexpensive and the guns are too. If you don’t have one I would highly recommend that you acquire one. Those guns can be shot by almost any age person and their great for practicing. I’m still buying a box of federals 550 round (brick as we called them when I was young’un) box every month at Wallyworld. I’ll be honest, I currently have around 20K of them. Whatever I don’t light off, I’ll use for barter. YMMV.

          • Right on Po’d! I’ve got about 3k rounds for my .22. I just aquired a Kel-tec P-11 9MM over the summer. All I need now is a decent shot gun and I’ll at least have the basics.

            Can never have too much food tho and I always feel woefully inadequate in that department.

          • This is great advice.

            I’m embarrassed to say I’ve just woken up to it. Plan on snagging a couple of youth .22 LRs at Cabela’s next weekend. Then start stockpiling the bricks. Great for small game and my kids can use them for defense.

            I’ve also been advising folks to stock up on shot too. You can get a box of 250 shells for the 12 gauge for around $60. $150 for 00 buck.


          • good idea

          • Agreed on >>LR. Literally a lot of bang for the buck.

            • Speaking of “bang for the buck”—- Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54r Russian. These rifles are from WW2 bolt action and just a scoosh under a 30.06. I have 6 and one is dated 1939. The Russians at the end of the war anticipated WW3 with us and put 17 million of them away in issue ready condition, oh and by the way “BILLIONS” of rounds of ammunition. Today you can get one for $70+ and a spam can (440rounds) of ammunition as low as $82+. That’s $152; it’s hard to find a .22 under that price. These things are everywhere. If you can’t fine one you are as blind as a bat. If you have any doubts about this rifle, Google Vassili Zaitsev. Oh and one more thing, my local FFL told me brobama and ilk are trying desperately to keep these guns out of the US. Any wonder why?


      26. Charlie seems to want it both ways – if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, cuts would have to be even worst, and collapse faster. This way it’s a slow mush to the bottom and maybe everyone has more time to prep. IMHO.

      27. This used to be Europe but we are also in deep s* here. Unemployment, soaring taxes and gas prices, debt, layoffs… I dont recognize my country anymore. In Europe stocks continue to fall. Hell on heart.

        • I have dear friends in England and elsewhere in Europe. I’ve been hearing of this coming on there for years as well. Hang in there and do the best you can for you and yours. Your country is still there – the earth beneath your feet, your countrymen. They’ll still be there when everything else has gone to, um, shite.

      28. Sad day. Not enough people are awake. Think back to when you had your “Aa-ha” moment and woke up to the peril that we are in. How you kicked your preps into high-gear….Then, how many months have you spent trying to wake other people up? How many people were you able to get through to?…people who really understood how serious this is? People who started to prepare?

        Nobody listened to me. They just laughed and said they’d be coming over to MY HOUSE if S (ever) HTF. So I prepped for them too. I hope it was enough.

        • They are still laughing at me. And many of them say they’ll just come to my house when it all gos to hell. I said, “If you come to my house for my food, you’re going to meet my gun.” Don’t mean to be un-charitable, and I have stocked for some charity, but I won’t have someone mock me only to use me as a backup plan. At some point, it’s every man for himself and his family.

          • Scary how many use THAT plan B.

        • Same boat, different river. Don’t worry, it’ll be enough. God will provide..

          • Yes Sam, it can’t be said enough. God will provide if we put him first. Someone asked me why do you need guns you were a cop, I told them the guns are in case my lord and God the creator of the universe shows up late, and his name ain’t allah. This life is temporary, eternity is forever, help those you can if you can!

      29. TEOTWAWKI

        Thought this was a Mayan temple.

        • This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. LMAO.

      30. It will be interesting by 10 am tomorrow to see what my 457k looks like after the jobs report is out…..wish I could get it out. Gonna have to watch it vanish all over again.

        • I’ve given up on my 401K. Totally forgotten about it. Considering it gone. If there’s anything left after this next round, I’ll be surprised.

        • Must be in a company retirement account ? If we don’t see a total collapse, please try to get as much as possible into a self directed account.. even if you have to start one on a few bucks a month.. at least you can move it at will..

          • I work for local government, but 457k is voluntary. No matching funds of anything like that just what I put in it. In fact, after putting into it for 10+ years, I passed what I had put into it in the last year due to the crash of ’08-’09….It is separate from our pension, which thank god, is very over funded…one of the few.

            • Yes, thank God for that. Get it as self directed as possible and watch it like a hawk. Nobody cares as much about your money as you do.

          • You trust paper Sam? Yea, right!

          • Sam…my place of employment along with others i have gread about lately are forcing 401K participation. You are automatically signed up unless you read the fine print and opt-out. Because I have heard of several companies that have moved to this in 2011 alone…i have to wonder if the Fed is driving this…before they take it over.

            Just something that makes you go…Hummm

        • Ha try an get it out…that will be a NO! I tried to take out a hardship loan out of my gov’t 401k and left them 20k and all I got was 8k. As we put it in the front door they are taking it out the back, just like they did to SS. Wake up and get supplies while our fiat worthless paper is worth something.

          • I was able to cash mine out, granted I took a 30 percent loss. 20 percent for taxes and 10 percent for early withdrawal. Actually just did that two days ago.

        • chopped liver?

      31. The pension fund managers are hiding under their desks.

      32. Seriously the elites are severly outnumbered and at some point the masses will rebell … I guess they never learn…as the story goes it will be the best of times and the worst of times..

      33. Bailout bubble – bailout bullshit – ten thousand billion dollars = economic suicide

        When this nation defaults… it’s on our back, we take the hit. Ask any citizen in Iceland, once a very rich and peaceful nation, now broke and rioting. Sound familiar? It Will!

        • Yes, but they have fish to eat and geo thermal heat. Feel sorry for Africa? It’s coming here… Gold dropped $7!!!!!! Big F deal… People hedging stock had to sell their paper gold. F them. You ride with the hedge, you die with the hedge.

      34. Former CoC David Walker also said the “collapse” would come in three years. That was omitted.

        Charlie needs to cut back on his sugar. He’s wayyyy toooo hyper. The idea of a “Super Congress” is a farce. Catch my earlier post. Too many chicken littles. The sky is not falling, but it is heavily polluted.

        Of course Lieberman says we can’t cut back on the military, thats for his Jewish constituency.

        We CAN and SHOULD cut back on our military. Israel can protect itself and will do so soon enough. Then Congress can quit carrying their water. I

        ts time to eliminate “dual citzenship” in government. Its time to eliminate Dual Citizenship altogether. You are either an American or you are not!

        What WE need to do in America is elect Patriots to office as WE did last time. They made a difference!
        WE can do that again next time with a true patriot as President.

        When WE do this, Patriots CAN and WILL reduce our spending and our debt, cut government drastically, restructure taxes to generate jobs, eliminate the legislation that provides corporate welfare and allows for jobs to be outsourced to China and India.

        Then WE put the globalists in government on trial for treason.

        Thats how WE got into this mess, that is how WE get out of it. Vote for a Patriot. What is good for the American worker, taxpayer, and family is what is good for America. Make sure your representatives understand that and can pass that test.

        America First!

        • DK…good idea, but how do you think those duals governing our nation, regulating our country, corporations, and metros got there??
          The other countries’ leaders/governments supported/financed them!!!
          Just saying.
          GE isn’t American any more. And we are beating a dead horse—this nation is not run by Americans any longer and hasn’t been for decades.( a sad frown face inserted here)

          • JJ: I understand. You are correct if you look to the recent past and at current conditions, BUT look at the difference just one Congressional election has made.

            Without that election O’bummer and the globalists on both sides of the isle would have total control. With that election the pendulum has begun to swing, but in the direction of Patriots, not the Retards.

            There is reason for hope. WE have the power to change the direction of OUR country, control OUR destiny, and make this country good again. And WE will. Americans are awake. Americans are aware.

            America will pass this test, renew its promise, and yet create upon this continent, the vision of OUR Founding Fathers.

            Any change, every change, political or financial, represents an opportunity for Americans to band together at the local, community, state, and national level to demand a re-establishment of the American dream to life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness by elected officials that represent the American people.

            The promise that is America has not been lost except by and for the naysayers and defeatists that encourage those attitdes for US. They are losers who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, who are best at serving up negative propaganda to discourage the sheeple; who have no spine.

            WE do not have to accept a police state. WE do not have to accept a nanny government. WE do not have to accept the Federal Reserve, (America operated just fine without it). WE do not have to accept the financial rape and looting of the American economy by the gangster banksters. WE can demand that they be put in jail.

            All that WE must do to change these conditions is express OUR DNA; OUR American DNA. By ballot if possible, by bullet if any rogue Administration denies OUR right to vote, or tries to dilute America by amnesty invasion.

            This is OUR country. It belongs to US. It’s time for legislation to eliminate Dual Citizens. And its time to send an unmistakale message to the PTB.

            Let them fear US.

            • Understood.
              happy christian day!

            • DK, you are right on EVERY point!! But the problem I see is that the majority of American’s are fat, lazy couch potatoes who’d rather pig out on a Big Mac and watch American Idol, then to actually educate themselves on what is coming down around us!! I had a friend recently who, when I tried to warn them about what is coming, told me “Politics bore me, ok”? So I shut up, and decided that I’m not saying another word to ANYONE!!!
              That is why we are in this mess in the first place! The sheeple have been taught for years ” The Gov’t. is here for you and will protect you” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told, “Oh, you don’t have to worry, the President won’t let anything happen to us”!! AUUGGHHH!!! The President is HELPING plan what is happening to us!! Geez!!!

            • Damn dude. Pull your head out of your ass and face up to the fact that the sham Democracy we live under is an instrument of our subjugation. By design it cannot be used to deliver us. Get out your guns and prime them. The time for voting is over, these foreign elite bastards mean to kill us off, steal our wealth and our country, along with our children’s future. Liberty or Death. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

      35. “If it happens, IT WILL BE SUDDEN and it will be very painful.”

        It’s the “it will be sudden” part that scares the shit out of me!

        On a side note, I was out today and saw a white car with large dark blue lettering on the side of it, and it immediately caught my eye because of the first few letters written on it.

        It read… TEOTWForce. Has anyone seen this and what are they about?

        • Damn good one KY Mom think I’ll sent that to everybofdy I know.

      36. Two more of my friends have lost their jobs today. 3 more foreclosures in my neighborhood this past week. These are good people and hard working people. Its one thing when scum bags, druggies, and just peices of crap lose their jobs……thats whats different about this crisis……..I am starting to understand why my grand parents never spent a dime and saved everything…….They always said that the great depression was terrible and that if you didn’t go through it you could not and would not understand it…….I have a feeling we will all understand very shortly…..on a positive note…Happy Birthday you big peice of SHIT!!!

        • A Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

          A Depression is when you lose yours.

        • Scum bags, druggies, and pieces of crap are usually getting paychecks from the gubamint.

      37. I was good until he says “”stoled” your financial future”….40 second mark. If you want to be taken seriously, please understand basic english language(past, present, and future tenses). Thank you. Full disclosure I was a public school student pulling down C’s and goofing off.

      38. I wouldn’t be too worried, Stocks go up and down, up and down. Next week, we’ll the DOW back at 13,000 and maybe even 14,000 later this month. It was just a bad week for the market, thats all.

      39. Your comment is awaiting moderation


        • You may be subversive ….. just saying. 🙂

      40. Another exciting day in the markets…well, that’s one way to put it.

        That being said, I won’t get really excited unless (when?) the Dow starts sniffing 10K.

        For those who don’t watch CNBC (at least for comic relief), you should give it a try. It’s quite amusing on days like this to listen to 99% of the “experts” on the calmly try to dismiss days like this and assure the viewers (and themselves) that it will all be OK – whatever you do, keep buying stocks. I guess this was just a “risk off” day…

        • Watching Kramer saying on CNBC, “Today was just the market trying to factor in a world wide slow down……..we were factoring in pretty good times just a couple months ago…..but I am urging people to stay the course. This is nowhere as bad as 2008….. Most of the companies I talk to are doing quite well….It’s just not dire out there.”

          • But I bet HE owns PMs. Didn’t Suze O. do kind of the same thing?

          • Yeah, I always get a kick out of those.

            That being said, there is a serious point to make about it. To this day, like 99% of the guests on, for example, CNBC are the same clowns who DIDN’T see any of this $#!^ coming.

            In fact, I think it was just today (or maybe yesterday) that I saw Ben Stein on CNBC. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ben Stein…but given the fact that he was one guys talking smack to guys like Peter Schiff back in ’05 and ’06, who gives a damn what he has to say? It’s not like he missed a one day “hiccup” in the world’s financial system – this is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression. He’s no more of an “expert” than I am…

            Bernanke? Don’t get me started.

            • Peter Schiff’s record speaks for it’s self! All others are fu_king economic tards!!! and none of the seen the housing crash coming Peter did and had the balls to call it before the ’08 crash.

              I have been flowing Schiff for years. I credit Schiff and a great friend of mine who is still in the military for convincing me to buy silver & gold when it was cheap! And in the big picture I think that silver still is at the current price… is cheap! Get it while it is still under $50 an ounce.

            • Which is why I pay attention to Michael Panzner and author Harry Dent. They were sounding the alarm BEFORE everything melted down.

          • I had to quit watching before the first one ended. What a bunch of ignorant ass clowns. It’s pleasant to see peterr Schiff stands up to these talking heads. If he was right then, he’s right now. But now, a blind man can see where we’re headed. We are screwed.

      41. The problems that David Walker writes about are things that aren’t going to be big problems in the next two or three years. The big problem is the future loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. As the Fed continues to print money the dollar will keep losing value. One day OPEC will stop accepting dollars as payment for oil and all world trade will be conducted in Euros or some basket of currencies. When that happens the dollar could lose 90% of its value in a very short time.

        • That’s for accounts with over 50 million in deposits that increased their balance over 110%. and it’s 0.13 percent to cover insurance costs.

          Not a big deal

          • Sorry but you need to look at the big picture. The banks want these people out of cash and into paper assets to push their fiat world. This, I believe is only the beginning. What if the Gvt took this and changed the rules on 401k’s or other retirement plans and removed the ability to let your funds sit in cash or money market funds. You would have no other choice but to invest in the stock or bond market. The Gvt created these retirement “schemes” and they can change them anytime they want.

      42. god give me a week and a half to bug out =D

      43. Hy no problem, not to worry, the stock pushers and you metal bugs will get your general Bernakapart to ride in with the troops and bring on QE what ever to get your stocks and metal up and drill another hole int the dollar, while continuing to pound us savers who “did the right thing” in our low class lives and live below our means and actually “save” some of those worth less dollars what ever it takes to keep the intrest rates at 0

        those CNBC clowns are so funny, the market drops 300 and goes back to 296 and first thing out of their mouth is “its off its LOWS”, smirks,…. man

        • Don’t own any metal?

        • Save this.. and grow a pair.

        • You have half of the story. Pay your dues NO stocks 4 me. True words Anon.

          • pay what dues shady?? what are you talking about?? sounds as if you endorse thievery.

            NO stocks 4 me is telling how it is. they will inflate with what ever name QE3 is given. That in turn screws the savers of the country as normal along with the sheering of the real savings values from the pension funds and all the rest. The ONLY good metal is the metal you can personally hold in your hand or on your property such as scrap metals like copper, brass, etc.

            I have no idea what “reality plain” you 2 are living on, unless you 2 are actually the same person talking and patting yourself on the back.

            I hear what you are saying NO stocks 4 me.
            You have every rite to be pissed. I am too.
            theft is theft period. but hey, not everyone in here is ‘metal bugs’ who play fractional reserve metal certificates. if you cant hold it in your hand then you really don’t own jack. have a good one. 🙂

      44. today i watched people get their cars fixed; go to the doctor;grocery store;pharmacy,fast food joint, exercise joint, and beer joint.ARE WE THE ONLY ONES PAYING ATTENTION? preps have been done for quite awhile now; it’s just constant rotation and tweeking little areas here and there. watching, waiting , and living the good life. yeah if it starts tonight or two years from now it’s gonna hurt. iut’s gonna hurt people i care about that did nothing. being AMERICAN is not just a name it’s a great big attitude too. WE ARE the best and we ai’nt dead yet. going down maybe; but we damn sure will get back up dust off and start this game again on our terms. the PTB;NWO,UN,JORGE’ SOROS, WHOEVER wants america to fall forgot the fact YOU PISS US OFF WE KICK BUTT NOT OUR GOOBERMENT; US THE PEOPLE sorry about the rant. just saw too many sheeple today.

        • Good rant Deir. Lots of naysayers out there pissing, moaning, crying, and complaining when they could be actively prepping or engaging their government.

          There are hundreds of local “tea parties” out there to spend your energy and time with making a small but meaningful difference. Now is the time to act; not when they come to take you to a FEMA camp for being a Christian.

          Arizona must have at least a dozen tea party groups. If there is not one near you, whwerever you live, start one. Its all about smaller government, lower taxes, and more liberty for US.

          WE have the numbers on OUR side. Look, even John McLame has seen the light, feels the political wind in his face, and is pushing to close the border again.

          Now is the time to put the feet of YOUR elected official’s feet to the fire. Organize. Demand the change we want. Be vocal. Be loud. Be disobedient. Let them fear US. Let them think the American people are massing with pitchforks, tar, and feathers … and are just over the hill. Capitol Hill that is …. and WE might be.

          Emgage your government or be enslaved by it.

      45. There could be a great op to buy into the physical silver market in the next few days. Late Tuesday Benankio could signal that QE III is a go and the metals will go parabolic. Have trust in AU/AG and wipe your ass with the dollar when it is worthless in a year or so…


      46. Using Zimbabwe as an example, it didn’t happen in a day or a month, and when it gets going hard, inflation fluctuates month to month and day to day. It actually took a number of years to become catastrophic, but it can and does happen, and unless the morons in congress do something drastic soon, while most likely not as bad as Zimbabwe, hyperinflation IS coming.

        Year Inflation Rate
        1980 7% 1981 14% 1982 15%
        1983 19% 1984 10% 1985 10%
        1986 15% 1987 10% 1988 8%
        1989 14% 1990 17% 1991 48%
        1992 40% 1993 20% 1994 25%
        1995 28% 1996 16% 1997 20%
        1998 48%
        1999 56.9%
        2000 55.22%
        2001 112.1%
        2002 198.93%
        2003 598.75%
        2004 132.75%
        2005 585.84%
        2006 1,281.11%
        2007 66,212.3%
        2008 231,150,888.87%

        • yeah, that dumbass was saying the same thing after the 2008 “”crisis… a few months after it started he was saying “GET OUT NOW” BOOYAH!!

          • Willie: I agree with your judgement of Jim Cramer, he works for GE. He has to be optimistic. But hyper-inflation hasn’t happened yet even though we knew there was a $2.3 tillion “stimulus”.

            Come to find out, Uncle Ben printed and loaned an additional $16 tillion around the world during the same time frame. Thats more than $18 trillion dollars sloshing around the world chasing goods and services … with no hyper-inflation.

            If you understood how the banksing system worked you would be able to tell me why it hasn’t happened yet, you would understand the “arbitrage”, and you could give me the numbers for it. You can’t.

            Inflation by a thousand cuts, Willie, but NO hyper-inflation.

            • and right on Que, the “genius” arrives to bad mouth someone who doesn’t agree with his omnipotent self inflated ego. Zimbabwe was printing trillion dollars bills at the end, so yeah we aren’t close yet, and zimbabwe was an extreme example, but 100% to 500% inflation will be considered “hyper” here and UNLESS drastic changes are made and, the printing continues, or when all those dollars, which are not floating around but sitting in coffers, are released it will happen. If it doesn’t I will gladly admit I am wrong, if it does you will either disappear or say you never said it wouldn’t.

            • Loaned implies repayment!

            • Spot on, Willie Wonka!

        • I lived in Rhodesia. It was a nice place. Then came Zimbabwe. But, hyper-inflation CAN get just as bad here. It also happened in Germany after WW1.

      47. wait until we are not the world’s reserve currency. it is already starting to happen and will continue as other countries quit buying our debt and using the dollar to buy goods or oil. image for one moment oil traded in euro’s the price would be roughly $6.00 a gallon and that would cause the collapse of this country……but look out for the tail wagging the dog news……wars,rumors of wars, and scandals. Obama will play the violin as the U.S. burns
        or crash and burns.

        • was thinking the same thing…….while everyone is focused on the market he is preparing for something else….if we do lose the resereve currency, its over…

      48. Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

        Regardless of gold’s natural reaction from $1650, do not be concerned. The seeds of $1764 are well planted and watered.

        Buyers will emerge in size should the middle to low $1500 occur in this reaction.

        U.S. eats up most of debt limit in one day
        $239 billion spike uses up 60% of funding OK’d on Tuesday
        By Stephen Dinan
        The Washington Times
        5:05 p.m., Wednesday, August 3, 2011

        U.S. debt shot up $239 billion on Tuesday — the largest one-day bump in history — as the government flexed the new borrowing room it earned in this week’s debt-limit increase deal.

        The debt subject to the statutory limit shot way past the old cap of $14.294 trillion to hit $14.532 trillion on Tuesday, according to the latest the Treasury Department figures, which are released on the next business day.

        That increase puts the government already remarkably close to the new debt limit of $14.694, which means one day’s new borrowing ate up 60 percent of the $400 billion in space Congress granted the president this week.

        Debt numbers go up and down regularly, depending on what the Treasury Department is redeeming or issuing on any day, but have been on a steep upward trend for the past decade as spending has ballooned and revenues have fluctuated.

        For the past 2½ months, though, the number essentially was frozen as the government was poised to reach the borrowing limit set by law. TheTreasury Department used extraordinary means to stall, but was about to run out of room on Tuesday.

        With little time to spare, Congress and the White House managed to cobble together a deal to grant new borrowing authority: an initial increase of $400 billion, coupled with future increases.

        JS is the man.

      49. the 500+ drop happened just in time to start thenext bail-out. The congress has thier money in the stcok market. They will pump that puppy up as much as possible. QE 3 is coming our way.

      50. How will the 100 count discount pack of shotgun shells from wall mart fare?

      51. The Zimbabwe example is not pertinent to the US inflationary problem. In Zim, you had a sealed economy. In US, we have an open economy and we are the reserve currency.

        So when we lose the reserve status, suddenly our source of borrowing will go away and all the trillions in short-term treasuries will be redeemed. In order to cover part of the redemption, we will need to inflate our money supply by at least half of the $14T. And there is a good probability that that won’t be enough.

        With this level of inflationary printing (on computer screen), look for prices to jump like we have never seen in weeks to a few months.

        Duration? Before the fedreal reserve, most depressions in the US ran their course in several months to a couple years. The big one in ’29 didn’t really end until the mid-50’s. The US financed a bunch of the WWII costs through war bonds and serious rationing. Folks, rationing is inflation; the ole supply/demand curve thingy. So my bet is a generation and a half; call it 20-25 years and then we will be just another has-been like the last mega-powers.

        Part of me wants to predict the rise of Chindia, but in all probability they will fall just as hard as we do. With serious US inflation, China and India will face their nemesis: they can’t feed themselves without massive imports. They will try to buy all we can sell as well as from Russia, Australia and Argentina. The problem will still be energy costs in production and distribution.

        Recognize-adapt-drive on. Nobody is getting off this rock alive anyway, so make the best of it. Until you are dead, survival and prosperity are still valid options. Choose wisely.

        • OTE: Usually agree with you and you are right about Zim, but check my post to willie wonka. No hyper inflation, but double digit inflation.

          Do you understand the “arbitage”? Can you give me the numbers?

          Tomorrow DK

        • overtheedge nice post and a good read.

          DK, I think I know what you are saying by “arbitage” I do not know what the numbers will be on that 16 trillion but that is astronomical money and more than our GDP.

          in a simple nutshell it is how they feed at the trough imo..
          example would be, Take a loan from Fed at 0.25% then buy like Treasury Securities with an average yield of like 3.2% (or what ever the current rate is)

          Truth would be, arbitrage has existed for the top 20 banks since the Fed took rates down to zero.

          We both know the bailout has always been about rescuing the banks, their management, shareholders, their creditors and bond holders. but when I think on how 16 trillion could be used to feed at the trough, my mind goes numb. even 3% feed off of 16 trillion the numbers are so great I have problems with that many zero’s.
          you do make a great point if I am on track in what you are meaning… maybe I am not, or maybe I am partially blurred in what you are saying. let me know.

          later bro.

      52. By the way Edge, how’s the sniping going? Not much time left this season for you. PS think we should take up a collection and get you satellite.

        • Had to take some short-term jobs to get some ready cash. Tractor repair job and a R&R on a netbook keyboard. Well, these are bringing on more small jobs. Get the cash and use it for storable and tangible assets while you can.

          Still have a couple months before the ground freezes.
          Found a small skim bar running close to 0.025 ozt/yd and close to 10-12 yds inferred. Even with a pan, I can run that in a day or two. 1/4 oz is a 1/4 oz. Not bad for a day or two. Oh, the books are full of it on how much a person can pan in a day (1/2 yd might be a valid average including all folks). I have video of me taken by someone else showing me attack a gravel bank and running 1/3 yd in under 1/2 hour with a pan/classifier/tub and recovering better than 95% down to about 100 mesh. From there the recovery drops off fast ~ maybe 5-10% at 150 mesh. The trick? If you know it ain’t gold, don’t waste time putting it in the pan, highbanker or dredge. Doing otherwise wastes time and energy. Classify in-situ and only move the actual gold-bearing material to further processing.

          Just as well I have dail-up. Only TV I get is Pentagon channel off satellite. So faster internet would just tempt me to substitute it for TV, alcohol or some damn MAD willingly prescribed by your family doctor. Need to keep my mind straight and eyes wide open.

          This ain’t gonna be pretty, but homo sapiens has lived through far worse. Hey recall that few minutes in HS science class about ice-ages? Homo sapiens, been there, done that. We survived and went on to put man on the moon.

          Recognize the new environment, adapt to the new environment and profit in the new environment. Yes Dorthy, planting a 4 ounce chunk of potato and getting back 2 pounds after a few months is a nice profit.

          Profit= energy recovered > energy expended. It is all about energy. You burn calories to gain something else; food, shelter, BMW, etc. If you fail to get more than you burned on a regular basis: death. And just my opinion but I can’t eat a Beemer and if I can’t get fuel, well … . Psst, ever thought how a Beemer in the driveway might signal zombies just like “Goldish Arches?”

      53. beans, bullets and bandaids….that has been my mantra for many years now…and will be till i die..

        • BIBLE!!

      54. The banking holiday thing will be the clincher. There have been massive withdrawls from the European banks since austerity measures were put in place. Where are these folks parking their cash? Switzerland and in PM’s. Switzerland is responding by their own QE. We will see more of this as citizens lose faith in their currencies. QE III will take on a new name but will have the same impact. Boosting markets and adding more liquidity to cover more and more losses. Yah, some recovery! It just keeps getting worse by the week. Keep only enough in the bank to cover expenses, hold the rest in “crisp $10.00 dollar bills” or what ever denomination suits your fancy.
        Hedge your investments
        Dollar cost average on physical PM purchases, (long term)
        Take Macs’ advice
        Cut costs, liquidate, consolidate
        When the markets bottom, buy with both hands

      55. “The austerity measures that are about to come our way are going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen or even dreamt about in this country – certainly worse than any of the politicians getting before the cameras will tell you is coming.”

        “Austerity Measures” for those addicted to Mind/Body Altering substances (from junk food and texting to drugs, booze and TV) and absolutely terrified of being separated from those illusions, juxtaposed to, a Simpler Life for those who are already Self contained. Half full or half empty? Who says this has to be some earth shattering transition full of pain and suffering. That’s the Drama THEY want YOU to be overshadowed by!

        The World Is as you Are.

        If you can adapt to simplicity then you will not only live, you will thrive.
        it will be experienced as the Great Awaking; when humans finally consciously understand their purpose on this small blue green orb, spinning ever so perfectly through the Universe.

        I see trees of green, red roses too
        I see them bloom, for me and you
        And I think to myself
        What a wonderful world

        I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
        The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
        And I think to myself
        What a wonderful world

        The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
        Are also on the faces, of people going by
        I see friends shaking hands, sayin’, “How do you do?”
        They’re really sayin’, “I love you”

        I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
        They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know
        And I think to myself
        What a wonderful world

        Yes, I think to myself
        What a wonderful world
        Oh yeah

        • I’ll bet the politicans play that song to chill the crowd before the teleprompter reader comes out to read.

      56. The money in SS, which has never added one DOME to the deficit, will be a pittance beside this debt. They’ll take it and it will disappear like a grain of sand dropped into the Grand Canyon, doing no good at all. It will simply guarantee the utter poverty of the older people and disabled who paid into it all their (our) working lives! And how will they handle it when literally millions of starving older folks show up at the White House and the Fed and the Congressional building. They may or may not bring weapons. No doubt some may want to kill the thieving bastards who are killing them for no better reason than greed, but the others will probably just sit there and finish dying just to show them the death and suffering they caused with their lies and thievery.

        And of course no one will have the power to hold anyone accountable, because the whole damned gov’t is corrupt. Even though We the People created the wealth of this country, we’re worthless now because we want more than just slave wages and an early death.

      57. Look mummy, a C-5 and Uncle Ben in the sky. They’re tossing out wacked out Black Sheep from the sky.

      58. I may not own much silver but I’ve got plenty of lead copper and brass


      59. if everybody in the united states joined in unity we could over through the goverment and put mac in office what theres only thirteen of them now

      60. If you are still in the stock market, you are crazy.

      61. I do not know what everyone is worrying about?
        There is lots of green shoots here where i live. Our local community is doing fine, Our family business has never been more lucrative then ever before, our town employees all have gotten cost of living raises. We are redoing our parks and town hall, We have people trying to move to our town, there is actually a waiting list to get an apt.
        Then I woke up I must have been dreaming.

      62. Great website:

        They have a number of articles with information on a number of topics – food storage, canning, dehydrating, health, gardening, energy, self defense, etc. There is even more info in the archives. I have also learned alot by reading the comments. Readers add advice, answer questions, etc.

        Save Salt To Survive

      63. Mac:

        You should do a piece on ( it’s full of BS!

        On several occasions I have made reference to when checking the authenticity of various subjects. Along the way I have had several readers suggest that the owners/operators of were liberal agents of the liberal left and the Democrat Party.

        Having checked into the ownership/operation of the web site, it seems that Barbara and David Mikkelson operate the website. Thus far, I have been unable to find any indication of their political affiliation or vent or who exactly owns it. With so much info available on the internet I find that more than interesting. Who or why is the ownership of the site being covered up?

        F. Roberts-

        • Anyone can buy/register whatever domain name they choose that isn’t already taken. Preparing to publish, I bought the .com and .net for the book series I’m working on. All sites are listed on the registry, but at purchase, you (the buyer) have the option of making biographic/demographic information private for an additional charge. Since even Steven King has had bomb threats, I opted not to have my address, phone number or anything else floating around out there for would-be stalkers and nutjobs. That’s probably the case here as well.

        • George Soros is one of the big investors in Snopes & has a lot of pull there.

      64. Snopes Exposed!

        From Blogsphere

        Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an “Internet Propaganda Arm” pushing these views. The Democratic Alliance has been reported to instruct Fundees to not disclose their funding source.

        For the past few years has positioned itself, or others have labeled it, as the ‘tell-all final word’ on any comment, claim and email. But for several years people tried to find out who exactly was behind It is run by a husband and wife team – that’s right, no big office of investigators and researchers, no team of lawyers. It’s just a mom-and-pop operation that began as a hobby. David and Barbara Mikkelson in the San Fernando Valley of California started the website about 13 years ago and they have no formal background or experience in investigative research.

        The reason for the questions – or skepticisms – is a result of claiming to have the bottom line facts to certain questions or issue when in fact they have been proven wrong. Also, there were criticisms the Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the ‘true’ bottom of various issues.

        A few months ago, when my State Farm agent Bud Gregg in Mandeville hoisted a political sign referencing Barack Obama and made a big splash across the Internet, ‘supposedly’ the Mikkelson’s claim to have researched this issue before posting their findings on In their statement they claimed the corporate office of State Farm pressured Gregg into taking down the sign, when in fact nothing of the sort ‘ever’ took place. I personally contacted David Mikkelson (and he replied back to me) thinking he would want to get to the bottom of this and I gave him Bud Gregg’s contact phone numbers – and Bud was going to give him phone numbers to the big exec’s at State Farm in Illinois who would have been willing to speak with him about it. He never called Bud. In fact, I learned from Bud Gregg that no one from ever contacted anyone with State Farm.
        Yet, issued a statement as the ‘final factual word’ on the issue as if they did all their homework and got to the bottom of things – not!

        Then it has been learned the Mikkelson’s are very Democratic (party) and extremely liberal. As we all now know from this presidential election, liberals have a purpose agenda to discredit anything that appears to be conservative. There has been much criticism lately over the Internet with people pointing out the Mikkelson’s liberalism revealing itself in their website findings. Gee, what a shock?
        So, I say this now to everyone who goes to to get what they think to be the bottom line fact ‘proceed with caution.’ Take what it says at face value and nothing more. Use it only to lead you to their references where you can link to and read the sources for yourself. Plus,you can always search a subject and do the research yourself.

        I have found this to be true also! Many videos of Obama I tried to verify on Snopes and they said they were False. Then they gave their liberal slant! I have suspected some problems with snopes for some time now, but I have only caught them in half-truths. If there is any subjectivity they do an immediate full left rudder.

        I have recently discovered that is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to You tube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust, ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don’t even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore.

        A few conservative speakers on MySpace told me A few months ago and I took it upon myself to do a little research to find out if it was true. Well, I found out for myself that it is true. Anyway just FYI please don’t use anymore for fact checking and make your friends aware of their political leanings as well. Many people still is neutral and they can be trusted as factual. We need to make sure everyone is aware that that is a hoax in itself.

        • “I have recently discovered that is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama.”

          Why would a Liberal be for Obama? Any Liberal who can read, has ears and more than three functioning brain cells knows that he’s NOT a Liberal. That was only for pre-election consumption, by his own repeated statements. Look at his appointees from the very beginning, look at everything else he’s done. He’s just VERY slightly to the left of Genghis Khan! And that only in that his executions, torturing and genocides aren’t in public, not in his own country anyway. The American public got rooked again, that’s all. He wants to be one of the “haves,” and the price doesn’t matter as long as everyone else pays it.

      65. What does history teach us? That the rich always screw the poor and working class. That they hoard and worship money and power and in doing so, destroy one gov’t after another after another.

        No one wants to believe that the Anglo-American empire will be the last human empire before the UN takes control over the world. We are witnessing the end of it right now.

      66. If you think this 500 pt drop was just a fluke ,think again and read : Is the market making a gigantic top? at Money Game. This was a shot over the bow. The market may bounce a bit from here then look out below…according to many experts…go to cash or gold…


        US loses AAA crdit rating. Interestrates will rise, as the ydo when credit rating goes down, thus risk goes up…….

        It sounds conspiracy, but this juts looks like another part of the plan… transfer jobs out of country, send all out manufacturing jobs to China…. spend spend spend…. send more money to China… more money…. allow Chona to use money they make from us to buy our bonds… spend like idiots…… eventually lose credit rating…. NEXT STEP… Dollar will no longer be world currency… we are so fkd….and we got fkd SO FAST….

        This has all occured since 1995. Before 1995 things were fine. We manufactured our own stuff, for fine prices, fo 80 years….. then they sent it all to China ? Why would anyone do that?

        They ruined the United States on purpose. It was aplan…they wrecked us…. we are fkd. It wasnt either party… no Dems or Reps…. it was both…

        China runs China like a company….
        We allowed them to run the US like a crack house.
        It is all of our faults…. we allowed this to happen.

        The rich wont be hurt, but the other 98% of us are fkd.

      68. GOOD!!! I’m glad the AAA rating has been down graded to AA+ Why? Because if this doesn’t wake people up, bring folks to their senses or lift them out of a deep coma ….. Then they are probably dead already and it doesn’t matter.
        What a mess!!!!!!

      69. Please people, stop treating Liberals as though we are some sort of enemy. If you really think things are as bad as they are and will get worse, it will get worse for anyone not extremely wealthy – whether the person is Conservative or Liberal. And further, if we truly want to meet the challenges before us, whatever they are, shouldn’t we be UNITED?

        I am a Liberal Democrat. However, I am seeing that even my own party doese’t seem to stand up for the most vulnerable among us as they should. And please don’t dsparage those who receive safety net programs. Sure, there may be some who abuse the system, but continue your research. There are many on food stamps, for example, because in this awful economy they lost their jobs and need the help.

        Again, if we AMERICANS want to weather the storm, we must be united.

      70. Durango Kidd and his lame ass, “Emgage your government or be enslaved by it.”

        Here’s a response to that shirt:

        Responsibilities of a resident of the police state, part III

        When I challenged people (sarcastically, I admit) to point me toward a single local government that consistently and reliably obeyed the law, respected individuals, and kept within its bounds, people responded with exactly the sort of examples that proved my point. Yes, you can demonstrate that when local governments become sufficiently corrupt and abusive, angry voters will rise up and kick ass. But I already acknowledged that.

        Nobody came up with a single example of true “good government” even at what ought to be the most easily managed level.

        Matt did point out, correctly, that if good government did exist, it might not get much media attention; botched SWAT raids and politicians caught in the act of bribe-taking do make better press.

        Nevertheless, if voting and vigilance create good government, there’d be hundreds, if not thousands, of examples to point to. There aren’t any. At best, you get slightly more tolerable versions of tyranny, slightly less corrupt oligarchies, slightly more favorable forms of favoritism, out of the vigilance-and-voting arrangement. That’s all you’ll ever get — and in most cases not even that much.

        The moment you set up an organization that’s empowered to take other people’s money and boss other people around, the word “good” simply can’t apply.

        Joel sums things up pretty well. You can vote out all the rascals in the world, but you’re still stuck with a system that attracts rascals and bullies and corrupts the rare good people who dare enter it.

        The saddest thing is that despite centuries of evidence, so many people hold voting as some holy ritual, some magic rite. “If enough people would just vote, all would be well.” When it doesn’t work, it’s because the people failed to vote diligently enough.

        No, that’s not the saddest thing. The saddest thing is that so many have been conditioned to believe that our only choices are the two “Vs” — a) voting or b) violence. “We must make the magic rite of voting work. If we can’t, blood will run in the streets.”

        Now that’s a heck of a choice.

        Is the universe really that limited? Nonsense!

        We could get into some philosophical meander here and point out that voting is a form of violence, as is government itself. But let’s leave that for the philosophical types. For the rest of us, it’s a matter of doing what works to increase the amount of freedom — in the world and in our worlds. And right now, at this moment, for We the People who’ve watched a police state (albeit a kinder, gentler one) rise up around us, neither voting nor violence is an effective option if our aim is to live free.


        “But what do we do instead?” There’s the eternal cry. And what’s strange is that all manner of people (including me, including lots of commentors, including legions of creative bloggers) offer answers to that question every day. For years we’ve been tossing out alternatives.

        Few want to hear. Because of course the answers aren’t as easy-peasy as spending five minutes of bi-annual or quad-annual (is that even a word?) v*ting (and getting righteous over news stories in between). Nor is it as dramatic (and pleasantly distant) as the image of we, our heroic selves, (someday) taking up arms and blasting in Rambo-esque glory at The Tyrant’s Legions — after somebody else starts the revolution we’re so adamant to have.

        The real answers take 10,000 forms and involve (as one commentor scorned) everybody “doing their own thing” (“Hippies,” he snorted).

        The real answers involve individual responsibility. Ugh. How dreary. How tedious. How unheroic. How very unfashionable.

        Responsibilities of a resident of the police state, part II

        This wasn’t actually intended as part of the “Responsibilities” series. But it’s related and I had to get it off my chest. So consider it a mini rant within the larger rant, an interlude, or whatever you like.


        I have a question for the folks who are always saying we can end tyranny (or corruption or government overspending) by a) keeping an eagle eye on “our” politicians and b) voting the rascals out of office.

        Ready for the question, you advocates of politician-watching? Here goes:

        The governments of your city and your county are as uncorrupt and responsible as government can be, right? You’ve chased all the bad guys out and replaced them with representatives who never break laws or overstep their bounds — true servants of the citizenry. Whatever inclinations they might have toward citizen abuse are curbed either by their integrity or their fear of what You the People will do to them. If the smallest act of abuse or corruption ever raises its head, you and your activist friends are immediately able to whack it down. This is how your local governments are run, right?


        Okay. I don’t seem to be hearing all you voting advocates speak up. So let me try that another way:

        If this thing you’re always recommending — this watchfulness, this voting — worked, you’d already be working it in your own political arena, right? You’d have examples to show us. Your YouTube channel would be filled with videos of honest, helpful cops and honest, respectful, law-abiding politicians in action. You’d have Twitter feeds boasting of your clean government — or at least boasting of how terrified of you your local pols are. You’d hold seminars demonstrating how you did it. Freedom seekers by the tens of thousands would flock to your hometown — to live there or just to learn from you.

        I don’t see any of that happening. Why not? If you’re so darned sure the eternal-watch-and-vote method produces honest, responsive government … well, show us.

        I’m waiting.

        Still waiting …

        If you in the (amazingly large) watch-and-vote crowd haven’t gotten together with your friends and cleaned up government’s house at the most local level, how can you possibly believe — let alone preach — that the rest of us should use your recommended tactics to reform everybody from graft-ridden bureaucratic underlings 3,000 miles away to shadowy CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, IRS, ABC-through-XYZ snoops in our backyards?

        Don’t tell me that the failure of your theories is everybody else’s fault. Don’t tell me we doom your system by our lack of interest in it. Because if what you’re recommending worked, you’d have the track record, enthusiasm, and the intellectual and political ammunition to rouse … maybe not everybody, but the passionate minority who are supposed to make such a difference.

        When you rant that your method is The One, then blame its failure on everybody else, you sound like a Stalinist apparatchik pinning the failure of the latest five-year plan on “wreckers and saboteurs.”

        Face it. If watching-and-voting worked, the advocates of watching-and-voting would be the first ones to make it work. Yet you can’t even alter small-town or county government, can you? You can’t even do it when it’s just a matter of persuading your neighbors.

        So may I respectfully — or what the heck, not so respectfully — suggest (from my 30-year experience as a political activist and devout voter) that you STFU unless you can demonstrate the validity of your theories?

        As for the rest of us, the next time somebody asserts that “we” can end government abuse all by our little votesomes — if we just muster the will and go along with the plan, the proper response is: When you’ve done it, come back and show me.

        Did you read this part, Durango Kidd? It bears repeating:

        The governments of your city and your county are as uncorrupt and responsible as government can be, right? You’ve chased all the bad guys out and replaced them with representatives who never break laws or overstep their bounds — true servants of the citizenry. Whatever inclinations they might have toward citizen abuse are curbed either by their integrity or their fear of what You the People will do to them. If the smallest act of abuse or corruption ever raises its head, you and your activist friends are immediately able to whack it down. This is how your local governments are run, right?

        • Bravo! It has taken me 4 years of watch like a hawk and vote to realize this: It doesn’t matter.

          When they need votes, they’ll prop things up and get all squeaky clean on TV and you’ll love them. Then, as soon as they’re back in office (or their future proxies are back in office) they simply continue to tighten the same old screw with the same old screwdrivers.

          • Exactly, NetRanger. However; I will vote, for the first time ever, for Ron Paul, because he asked me to, because he provided a lot of information I learned from, and because it will help spread the message of liberty to others,… but I don’t expect things to change because of it, not in the long haul anyway.

        • Clark: I NEVER read your links, and I don’t see what your rant has to do with me. Frankly I found it a bit incoherent. If YOU want to drop out – and I suspect you did from high school- drop out. Thats why you do not have an education, why you do not have any assets, and why you still live at home off your parents.

          If you want to be successful follow the path others have found to achieve success. Participate! Don’t expect to live on adsense income for the rest of your life. It won’t work.

          • Clark: I never said vote and wait. patience is faith in action if you are waiting for the return of Christ, but if you want the government that OUR Founding Fathers gave US then you must be a man of ACTION!

            Of course YOU must wean yourself off of World of Warcraft first!!! 🙂

            Voting isn’t enough. Join a tea party movement. Sway them to your opinion. Knock on doors for Ron Paul. Talk to people about the state of OUR government and explain the role of the gangster banksters and dual citizens as I have explained it to you.

            Immerse yourself in the system if you want a better or different one. Otherwise you will get what you deserve. You will get what you have.

            I got mine. GO! Get yours.

            • DK, You don’t see what this rant has to do with you? That not surprising, it’s spelled out pretty clearly.

              You say, “if you want the government that OUR Founding Fathers gave US then you must be a man of ACTION!”


              “…The governments of your city and your county are as uncorrupt and responsible as government can be, right? [You’ve been “a man of ACTION!”, right?] You’ve chased all the bad guys out and replaced them with representatives who never break laws or overstep their bounds — true servants of the citizenry. Whatever inclinations they might have toward citizen abuse are curbed either by their integrity or their fear of what You the People will do to them. If the smallest act of abuse or corruption ever raises its head, you and your activist friends are immediately able to whack it down. This is how your local governments are run, right?…

              If this thing you’re always recommending [engaging government] worked, you’d already be working it in your own political arena, right? You’d have examples to show us. Your YouTube channel would be filled with videos of honest, helpful cops and honest, respectful, law-abiding politicians in action. You’d have Twitter feeds boasting of your clean government — or at least boasting of how terrified of you your local pols are. You’d hold seminars demonstrating how you did it. Freedom seekers by the tens of thousands would flock to your hometown — to live there or just to learn from you.

              I don’t see any of that happening. Why not? If you’re so darned sure [being a man of ACTION!] produces honest, responsive government … well, show us.

              I’m waiting.”

      71. I guess this will hit the overleveraged American, who in reality is middle-class, but lived like a King for the past several years on the credit card HARD. Fake wealth and a fake sense of security can only lead to a very real self-destruction.

      72. no doom doods. our time to be proper with eachother. grow veg,root,kill the odd beast, together .big house .old school .and make sure we never get hijacked again by cappo scum.

      73. Hi People.
        This is something most of you don’t really want to hear, but I’ll give it a try.


        Yes, the economy is not great but it will be sorted out. Just pay down debt over time. Might be more taxes (oh no your poor Yanks, having to pay tax, how will you cope) and more pulling your head in. BUT IT AIN’T THE END OF THE WORLD YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER KNOBS.

      74. The society is controlled by people with power, and opportunists, like politicians and statesmen.
        Greedy seems to be here to stay I guess, because They do not want change, but instead they fight to remain the existing society. They want us all to buy more and tax us more. They act like we could go on like this forever.
        Why are the politicians and leading economics so affraid of the Zeitgeist Movement and the information they give us. Are they affraid we ALL will see the truth soon. See Zeitgeist Moving Forward = best documentary ever!

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