Collapse Incoming: European Nations Start RATIONING Food And Fuel

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Arsenio Toledo at Natural News. 

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The CBDC and the end of even the illusion of freedom is right around the corner. Prepare for permanent shackles. Food rationing is just the beginning.

    Countries all over the world, especially in Europe, have started implementing policies that ration food and fuel.

    Europe’s struggles with its food and fuel supplies began after most nations on the continent imposed economic sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. This threatened the flow of already-critical commodities in Europe and threatened to collapse already-struggling global supply chains.

    As a result, the prices of everything from oil to wheat have soared, leading to multi-decade high inflation rates. Supplies of these essential products have also dwindled after exports from Russia were completely strangled.

    Sunflower oil, wheat, dairy, and gas are being rationed

    In Spain, the country started experiencing sporadic shortages of different products like eggs, milk, and other dairy products almost immediately following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In early March, major supermarkets like Mercadona and Makro began rationing sunflower oil.

    Spain’s left-wing government even went further and gave stores the option to temporarily impose limits on the number of certain products customers purchase.

    In Greece, at least four national supermarket chains have started rationing food products like flour and sunflower oil due to critically low supplies caused by the crippled supply chains coming out of Russia and Ukraine.

    The supermarkets claim the current rationing is only a preventive measure that will be rolled back once Greece’s supplies of flour and sunflower oil stabilize. Around 30 percent of Greece’s wheat imports come from Russia and Ukraine.

    “The reason for the cap on these products is only precautionary, as our customers are concerned about the war in Ukraine,” said one official from supermarket chain Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos. “We want to ensure we will be able to serve our customers’ needs in the future too.”

    “Flour and sunflower oil are the two products which, apart from energy, the war has affected more than anything else,” said Greek Minister for Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis. “There are already shortages throughout Europe.”

    In Germany, the nation triggered the first part of a three-stage emergency plan to conserve the country’s natural gas supply. This move came after Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that Germany pay for Russian gas in rubles in an attempt to twist Western sanctions against Russia.

    The first stage of the emergency plan will lead to “targeted” shutdowns of the flow of natural gas to “specified individual large consumers.”

    German Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck explained that the current rationing plan is a preventive measure implemented to make sure the country doesn’t experience a critical shortage.

    Germany is also attempting to reduce or outright eliminate its dependence on Russian gas. Before the war, 55 percent of Germany’s natural gas came from Russia. Now, that number has been reduced to 40 percent with the help of natural gas flows from the Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

    Food and fuel rationing a consequence of globalism

    “The collapse is on … and no signs of slowing down anytime soon,” said Harrison Smith of InfoWars. “In fact, all evidence points to the contrary. It points to those in charge and with the ability to prevent the downside doing everything they can to exacerbate and perpetuate the total collapse of the world economy, particularly in Western countries.” (Related: Gas rationing, food vouchers, and hunger are now being normalized for the war phase of the plandemic.)

    Smith, the host of “American Journal” on InfoWars, noted that if the global economy wasn’t so dependent on imports from other nations, the war in Ukraine would not have caused such a massive problem for the food and fuel supplies of other nations.

    “All of this is really just predicated on globalism. It wouldn’t really be that big of an issue if we didn’t get our toilet paper from China,” he said. “If some ship running aground in the Suez Canal, quite literally on the polar opposite side of the world, somehow makes it so that I can’t buy toilet paper … that’s a problem, and it’s a problem in our world structure.”

    Learn more about the state of the global economy and the rationing of food and fuel around the world by reading the latest articles at

    Watch this episode of “American Journal” on InfoWars as host Harrison Smith talks about the start of food and fuel rationing in Europe.



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      1. I feel about as sorry for them as I do for some idiot that decided to practice fast draw and shoots himself in the foot.

        They made their own choice, took action on it, and are now receiving the result. Decisions always have consequences.

        Thank goodness we aren’t stupid enough to elect leaders that would do the same thing to us.

        • C’mon man!
          These sort of things take time, it’ll happen – have faith in me.
          My 80+ million supporters believe in me, you should do the same.

      2. Europe (especially NATO countries) are going to be in a real fix for energy and basic foodstuffs. Even now, they are deciding what parts of their economies will have to be curtailed and its effects. Rationing is just getting started. When autumn comes gov’ts will no longer be able to hide record low planted grain crop acreage and low yields, and thus low availability / much high prices. Actually, futures and prices are already increasing. Even more so, much of Europe is almost entirely dependent on Russian nat gas for private, commercial, and industrial use. Unless they cut out the US and work out some deal with the Russians, their economies are going to suffer and people are going to be pissed because their homes are cold and the cost of living is so high. LNG can be shipped from the US, but not in the quantities they use. As gas supplies are siphoned off to Europe from the US (because they are willing to pay more) gas prices will go up here too. Well, Europe let the US twist their arms and run their foreign policy for them. This is what they are getting for their cooperation.
        Again, this only shows how abysmally horrid our gov’t is. They’re literally turning everything into sh*t. It can’t be this bad by mere incompetence, it is intentionally making things worse.

        • Of course it’s intentional! They have told you their plans for the last 40 years! Did you not think they were serious? If you can’t think like them or comprehend that what they say is true, you are fooked. That’s the problem, people can’t believe there is such evil in the govt. They are soo fukkn stupid they believe the tv and other programming. The masses are going to get a huge slap in the PUSS real quick! At that point they will become your enemy (they already are). Watch yer back!

      3. Better stock up and become as self sufficient as possible. Get ready for the Greatest Depression. History is repeating, which will ultimately lead to WW3.

      4. Which of these countries will be the first to ration Muslim and African refugees? Now that would be something to see!

      5. do according to Toledo dont know the guy from a Natural News (ROTFLMAO) and infowars (LMAO) Europ is about to collapse a d everyone is going to become a slave (Lmao). Food Rationing is coming OMFG!!! They control the food they control us Ohhhh noooo (LMAO) if i could insert canned laughter I would. So here are some fun facts Yes the war in Ukraine will trigger higher prices more inflation especially in Europe, yes parts of Europe will have Natural gas shortages this is due to the War as well and Europes shortsightedness in Giving Putin so much power over them they should have seen that coming I remember when the announcement for the pipeline was announced first thing popped into my head was that was fuckin stupid of Germany…well hard lesson learned. So back to this whole Rationing end of world they gonna control us bullshit No it is not going to Happen unless there is a world wide drought or natural disaster or zero oil there will be food on everyones table Yes it will cost more your frosted flakes are probably going up a bit so will your gasoline btw Europeans were always paying pretty much double what se have always paid they charge by the Liter if you do the math each liter is or was almost 2 bucks times 3.7? Whats that over or near 7 bucks per American gallon and people in the U.S.A. are bitching???? See all you tinfoil kookoo fuks need to stop your hateful B.S. no the U.S. or Europe with the exception of China and Russia are not going to enslave you it will not happen. Technology has progressed to the point that people who dont wear tinfoil hats and have sex with their relatives will not allow governments ( except Russia and China?) To enslave them or allow a Racist government replace a democratic one thats aimed right at you Jan6ers.

        • Ok idiot. Your grammar and punctuation is atrocious and nonexistent. You babble incoherently like an asylum fool. So I guess you being from Brooklyn 4-6$ gas doesn’t affect you. Typical Libtard.

          • As opposed to all you right wing racist nutbags who believe all this conspiracy B.S. You really want the world to go to shit so you can live your fantasy, putting on your ninja gear carrying 20 guns and bandoliers of ammo to go shoot people of color, typical right wingnut fantasy. Many folks here really believe this nonsense. If food is being used to control people whyindafuk is there so much food all over the place? I can walk down the street and and bump into 3 to 4 grocery stores within a 4 to 5 block area the supermarket is 3 blocks away etc. The point is the tinfoil crowd wants to make people believe this bullshit in order to stroke shit up.
            I hit a nerve huh? Lol good KMA!

            • Mr. Libby , if you pull your head out of your ass, the world leaders; WHO and every other globalist POS is saying the same FFING thing. That food shortages are incoming.
              These scum tell you what is coming if you open your eyes and ears. It’s called mocking your constituents.

              Ever heard of 2010 Lockstep, UN Agenda 2030. WEF bond Villain Klaus You will own nothing be happy, eat bugs and live in your pod! Wake up and smell what the globalists are cooking and say FU we will not comply. They are even saying they will put the WEF non compliant in camps!

        • Curious, do you have any contingency plans if you turn out to be wrong?

          Only a fool, be they leftist or conservative, thinks his opinions and attitudes are infallible.

          Wise people know they can be wrong and prepare to the best of their ability for things they don’t believe will happen to happen. Fools don’t.

          Your choice as to which one you are, it isn’t something outside of your control.

        • Let’s hear what you have to say one year from now.

      6. europe rationing food and gas now with the ukraine war end no where in sight, inflation high on food, agriculture and gas the world over and now a projected 18,000 illegals coming into the usa daily starting the end of May.
        if you do not have your “shtf plan” now and are prepared, seems you have about two months left before the usa starts declining dramatically on a weekly level.
        the doomers have been warning the masses societal and economic collapse was coming, looks like its now down to months and days.

        • Ya sheeple have been warned for DECADES! But did they do anything? FOOK NO! I see retards with little kids and babies all over and you know what they have in common? I BET NOT ONE OF THEM HAS AN IQ OVER 80! Stupid troglodites that just breed more welfare kids and raise my taxes to pay for it! Only a complete asshole would have kids now. I hope they suffer like a mutherfooker because you come crying to me I will shoot all of you morons….

      7. Kissinger had bragged many years ago “We will control them with food”. He was a tribe member of the “master of lies” that controls the West by control of ALL media. Check it out.

      8. No worrIes for me, for when a loaf of bread costs a hundred dollars I’m throwing in the towel and this economy can go down the sewer drain for all I care. I won’t participate, FOAD MR. Big Gubermint, without workers you cannot exist! Decentralization will be the answer!

      9. All this trouble because the West couldn’t acknowledge that it didn’t matter if Putin was a saint or a tyrant: He stated Russia’s legitimate security concerns and the West basically told Russia to go screw.

      10. Let’s hear what you have to say one year from now.

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