CNN Vows To Manipulate The 2020 Election By Not Showing Any Of Trump’s Rallies

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    Propaganda and misinformation outlet CNN has promised The Washington Post that the network will not air any of president Donald Trump’s campaign rallies or speeches live or unedited in an effort to ensure a democrat wins.  CNN will decide what you’ll see from the upcoming campaign rallies.

    Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, promised Washington Post that his news media outlet will not air President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign rallies live and unedited in the leadup to 2020’s presidential election, according to a report by Breitbart News. By not airing the speeches unedited, the media giant can manipulate the words of the president in any way they see fit, making this almost worse than censorship.

    In an interview with the Washington Post, which provided no video, audio, or full transcription, Zucker described CNN as “not putting its finger on the scale for any single candidate” and “focus[ed] on the issues.” The 2020’s election cycle offers a chance for a “do-over” relative to 2016 for CNN and other propaganda to make sure they correctly manipulate the voter this time around.

    CNN plays host for two nights with 20 candidates in Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s the network’s biggest moment yet in the 2020 election cycle — an election cycle that could serve as a sort of do-over for Zucker, for CNN and for the media in general.

    Zucker came under intense criticism for CNN’s mode of coverage in the 2016 election. He has acknowledged some mistakes while defending the network overall, and vows that this time will be different.

    The network won’t air any candidate rallies live and unedited, as it did repeatedly for candidate Trump. He has put more reporters in the field, to stay closer to the voters in the middle of the country. And CNN has held over 20 town hall events with presidential candidates for 2020 — many of them low-rated — partly as a way to focus on the issues, Zucker said, and partly to make sure that the network is not putting its finger on the scale for any single candidate. –Washington Post

    Zucker regularly denies that CNN operates with political or partisan biases. CNN markets itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet with the slogan, “Facts First.” If you actually believe that, read the entire Washington Post article here. 

    But some Twitter users have already figured it out.

    Panelist David Zurawik with CNN siad: “He’s [Trump] so far down this road of evil….We can change voters’ minds for 2020. That’s what we can do if we keep speaking forcefully….Journalists do not talk enough about morality because we think people will think we’re biased.”

    The most trusted name in news? Hardley…


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      1. Everyone behind Trump needs to be wearing a “Fake News CNN Sucks!” T-Shirt, so when they do clips…
        Then there are those LED displays around the stadia.

        • LMFAO !!! 🙂

          No one watches CNN except for the “captive” viewers at airports, and health clubs. If CNN didn’t PAY for those viewers they would not have any eyeballs at all !!!

      2. CNN decides what CNN watchers see. People that watch CNN are a bunch of knuckledragging morons anyway. They’re called democrats. Who gives a shit what they say, the audience is retarded…

        • CNN viewership consists of those of whom are either senile geriatrics or are the types who suffer from what is known as the Dunning and Kruger effect. People who believe they’re intellectually superior, but are in reality so stupid they’re unable to comprehend their own stupidity and incompetence.

      3. Trump voters don’t watch Cnn anyhow.hardly anyone watches them. The Dayton Ohio shooter was a White Guy. He even shot and killed his coal burner sister.

        • OG,
          It has also been reported that the Dayton shooter was a registered Democrat.

          • Right after the shooting they switched his social media to republican and added a bunch of crap. Typical of every mind control op.

            • Nothing like making and shaping public opinion, by twisting facts and omitting data. The Communist and the NAZI’s were masters of that, seems a certain group of Americans has learned this too.

      4. I have seen children’s games, on the back of cereal boxes, where you are supposed to find subtle differences between two similar drawings. Crisis actor narratives and political platforms are dissembled that fast.

        Unless someone is making you a deal, personally, and you have a good reason to believe they will actually keep it, I can’t really give you a valid excuse to be following along, at this point.

        Any kind of self-improvement, whatsoever, any opportunism, would be better prepping than lending your emotional energy to the collective dumpster fire, in which we brand ourselves.

      5. I don’t worry so much about CNN.
        I worry about ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, WA Compost, et al.
        It took me years to convince my mother that Brian Williams was a blithering, lying idiot.
        She still thinks Walter Cronkite was as honest as the day is long.
        My mother wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to politics.
        Many people trust the news services. The next election will be Americans against Democrats and their propaganda machine.

        • rellik

          You’re correct, CNN has lost credibility and they literally “preach” to their own “choir”. The 3 majors ABC, NBC & CBS are the swayers of public opinion generally saying the same as CNN without as much embellishment. It’s all in the presentation and delivery.

          • K2,
            I was in the fourth grade during the 1964 election.
            I used to parrot “Goldwater” jokes.
            But even at that age I could see through
            the BS on TV and my family at the time wasn’t particularly political, I don’t even think my Mom or Step father even voted.
            I was for Goldwater! But Fourth graders can’t vote.
            I saw through the TV crap really quick.
            What still surprises me is the stupidity of people.
            We are supposed to be made in image of God.
            But we have a lot of idiots. I guess even God is
            not “perfect” in that area. Not every boat I ever
            built was perfect, nor every design I created was
            It’s Sunday.

            • rellik

              Food and Circus covers most of it. On occasion the threat of danger (war, terrorism, crime) that is perceived as both genuine and so large as to necessitate the power of The State finishes it off. The State, being essentially omnipotent has a Stockholm Syndrome over the citizenry. Governments good and bad all use the above for control.

              • Yeah, ever notice how many shows or TV channels are about food and cooking? I have nothing against either, of course, but it seems to be so much.

            • News media is concentrating more on creating hate and violence than ratings. The media is just another tentacle of the liberal propagander machine as are all the schools and universities. The schools are openly teaching kids to be stupid followers of the liberal agenda to destroy our society and culture as a way to drive the country into a war with itself. (Just look what’s going on in schools from the first grade). A country divided cannot stand. The mass shootings are false flag attacks designed to cause more violence and division. The liberals are too stupid to realize they are being used by those whose plan is to create anarchy in order to get total control of the country and then the world.

      6. I PREDICT: Orange Julius and the NRA will cave in on new gun control. Mark my words!

        • Gen ,
          You might be right.
          I’m a Life NRA member and am pretty pissed at the recent revelations. OJ may cave, but I don’t think so.
          But let me question you this, what kind of laws are they going to
          Universal registration? Background checks for all ownership transfers? Back ground checks for Ammo purchase?
          Outlaw Semi-automatics?
          Who is going to pay attention to those laws?
          Where that has been tried, for the most part, it is being ignored.
          Society is lucky they only have had to deal with nut cases and terrorists in Mass deaths situations.
          Wait till you piss off the real patriots. Precision elimination of
          Democrat leaders. Cheap, quiet, impossible to protect against
          will occur.
          It is a known fact reaction is ALWAYS slower than action.
          I have “Art of war”, KJV Bible, and “The Prince” in that order on one of my book shelves.
          It was a very small part of the American population
          that defeated the World’s best Military, the British.
          Today the World’s best Military is American.
          That military trained and educated( GI bill)
          me and a few others.
          Since it Sunday,
          I spent more than 5 years in the USAF, Vietnam era.
          When I was about to graduate with a STEM Degree some years later, the USA sent a recruiter to try and get me to join the Army. I had more fun with that guy( Sergent Major)than you can believe. They didn’t know I was a Vet. My wife threatened to divorce me if I joined up again, she married me while I was still in the military so is a military wife and knew the USAF drill. I told the recruiter if you let me fly a gunship I might consider it. He basically said a computer guy is too valuable to waste in combat. No gunship.
          I got a really nice T-shirt though!
          I don’t think it will turn out so well for Socialist
          gun grabbers in the big cities.

          • relik, who knows what they will pass. But I can guarantee it will do NOTHING to stop their psyop crap. The shootings will continue till ALL the guns are gone (in their minds). Most people I think will just hide what they have. There is a part in the “protocols of the elders of sion, a z in place of the s” which says they will be ultra brutal in coming for the guns when they do. Fear is a motivating factor big time. Traitors will be everywhere! Your neighbors, your friends, your enemies, the cops, etc. Even your kids might rat you out! Gonna be an interesting ride for sure. I am in a red state with a sheetload of gun owners, you on the other hand, need a sheetload of ammo! The few that fought the revolutionary war weren’t up against the high tech, best of the best equipped, total surviellance, baddass military ever. We will see what goes down but it WILL be brutal guaranteed!

            • Gen.
              “high tech, best of the best equipped, total surviellance, baddass military ever. ”
              That is true. But I know how to beat them. They educated me.
              I honestly think I spent more time learning stuff in life than doing real “work”, although I’ve done more than my share of that.
              Today I got in to a corral with a scared #1300 steer to feed and water him. I intend to harvest him tomorrow. In the other part of the corral the Heifer was better behaved she is about #1200 and my Donkey nearly knocked me over when I wasn’t watching when I was feeding them.
              The other day I was hit by a malware attack.
              I have their cell number. It is not worth my time to fuck with them.
              Y’all have a good Sunday,

        • Who cares? My RIGHT(S) do not come from the nra nor the evil satan controlled government. You know it says in the KING JAMES BIBLE, to not be rebellious, so to speak. But I know this, when a people are coming to MURDER you and yours and the government is leading the way and doing most of the killing, what to do? I would be remiss if I didn’t fight anyway I could to stop the onslaught of evil, right?

          The Founders left us four boxes to defend our freedom. The Ballot Box. The Soap Box. The Jury Box. And the Cartridge Box. (So of these what should be used in this age?)

          And I quote…
          “Do you think these assholes even understand what will happen when thousands of pissed-off armed Americans decide to take just one shot at the target of their own choice – be it human or otherwise – and then go home? College professors, low-level local politician nobodies, media celebutards, elderly leftist icons — they all are walking around every day as if real people with real balls can’t find them and destroy them. Death squads? Shit. I’m talking about death battalions.”

          “I think we should all relax and keep doing what we’re doing in preparing for that inevitable fuck up that will turn into a shit storm of scary crap, and who knows for how long. The left will keep at it, fucking the country a little harder each time, in pursuit of their victory for the proletariat (aka; whoever they designate as the proletariat.) And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, with an aware mind, equipped with intelligence, and a clear idea of what we stand for, and want to bring about, being some of the best weapons we have. It all looks like hopeless shit because the left pretty much does what it wants, and we’re constrained by the morality we possess.

          Don’t sweat it, every dog has his day, and ours is coming.

          Want to lose heart, want to betray?

          Well, don’t. This is the men’s department, and here, we do the difficult and grotesquely complicated shit, because we’re men, and we don’t quit, and we don’t despair because men that are winners don’t despair. They persevere.

          We are persistent, we are determined, and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it.

          It will take a while, and it will suck and blow with every living breath, but in the end, we will win.

          Write THAT in stone.”

          “The truly dangerous man does not wear camouflage fatigues or muscle shirts. He does not talk loudly, boast how tough he is, give demonstrations or make threats. The truly dangerous man dresses inconspicuously and is soft-spoken. He walks away from most confrontations. The only time you learn that the truly dangerous man is mad at you is a split second before you die, for he never fights. He only kills. The truly dangerous man knows that fighting is what children do and killing is what men do.”

          “The world is full of savages and gentlemen. Rare is it to find the man who can be both. It is not ideal to be void of all trace of masculinity, nor is it suitable to succumb to one’s every base desire. There must be a balance struck between the two sides of this same coin that is manhood. This is the plight of the Savage Gentleman, to cultivate both aspects of his being and achieve his full potential.”

          “Why do Americans, who are willing to go all over the world murdering peoples and destroying entire countries in order “to protect our freedom,” so completely unwilling to protect their freedom at home from a tiny minority of Fifth Columnists who are a million times greater threat to them than any country or people abroad?” End quotes…


      7. I also predict that in 2 months (or less) silver will be above 17 bucks. By 8/1 2020 it will be over 30. Good time to buy!

        • Looks like by the end of week silver will be over $17.

          • Bingo!

      8. I say hi cap mags will be banned by that time also. It’s called CAVE!

        • CAVEman meets the wind lol…

          ht tps://

      9. Wisdom and a warning here. I’m not kidding either!

        ht tps://

      10. CNN throwing a hissy fit reminds me of something that happened many years ago. A group of women decided to protest a men-only social club by…boycotting the club. Who gives a rat’s a$$ about CNN, The Most Busted Name in News, anyway? Besides shitlib democrats and the dane bramaged, that is. Pardon me for being redundant there.

      11. It makes me so furious that no one is reporting on the huge homeless problem in the USA. News agencies, government, everybody totally ignore the homeless, hungry, suffering men, women, and children in this country. I do what I can for those who so desperately need our help. I am so angry when I hear stupid remarks from people like “oh they just need to get a job”. The USA is slowly turning into a third world country and no one seems to notice. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

        • Anonymous, sad but true. I am involved in prison ministry. Like the homeless, few care about the incarcerated (many unjustly).
          Americans have been cleverly channeled into 2 corrals. Both the Left and Right hate each other. Honestly, if either could push a button and destroy the other group they would. So much hate. You see it here almost every day.

          • It is outrageous what goes on in the prison systems. It all seems to be a money churning operation with no real rehabilitation programs and no recourse for those wrongly incarcerated. Thank you Montana guy for caring and bringing your ministries to the incarcerated.

          • It is outrageous what goes on in the prison systems. It all seems to be a money churning operation with no real rehabilitation programs and no recourse for those wrongly incarcerated. Thank you Montana guy for caring and bringing your ministries to the incarcerated.

        • Over the last 20 years or more, the American political system, has decided to help everyone on the planet….. except American working people. The average uninsured American can’t go to a doctor, but both the Senate and Congress have put forth bills offering illegals free medical care?! If you work for a living and have a major illness, they don’t want to help you. But if you are a bast–d breeder on EBT, TANF….they can’t do enough for you. What did the Democrats and Multinational corporations think would happen, when they moved jobs out of the US, and then welcomed this unarmed third world invasion of America? Mark my words there will be trouble ahead. Imagine if there were 10,000 shooters active at one time, or 50,000……I’m glad I left city life long ago. I fear it will get much worse, before it gets better.

        • My sister quit her volunteer job helping the homeless in Seattle. She said many if not most liked the free food, free healthcare, and various other benefits
          of not having a 9 to 5 job . They knew the system and most seemed satisfied with their plight. She quit in disgust.

      12. Who the hell watches CNN??

      13. Aaaaand, people should care what CNN and its lone viewer do… why?

      14. Time to stop watching CNN and boycott any company that advertises with them.

      15. PREDICTION:

        They will push climate change HARD. Like… “we’re all going to die yesterday” kind of hard.

        This is all they got now that the Russia thing blew up and they look like complete FOOLS for being the bunch of crybabies they’ve been for the past 4 years.

        So… existential threat that Trump refuses to address. You don’t want to DIE, do you?

        (As if… even if it were true… they’d be competent to actually do anything about it…)

      16. hello nobody watches cnn anyway

      17. Funny how you need a broadcast license for a TV channel (CNN) that you might think Trump would have yanked by now but nope ~ keep saying “fake news” but do nothing about it.

        • CNN is not a broadcast network and doesn’t need a broadcast license. The broadcast networks are ABC, NBC, CBS, and others like CW that don’t really count.

      18. As usual, the title does not quite match the content. CNN isn’t showing ANY candidate’s rallies, Republican or Democrat. It isn’t focused on Trump. Shows even Right Blogs are as fake news as CNN and MSNBC.

      19. Look at What You Get:

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