CNN Blames Trump For Newspaper Shooting That Had Nothing to Do With Him

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Headline News | 91 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at

    CNN’s Asha Rangappa blamed Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the shooting of journalists at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis yesterday despite the fact that the gunman’s vendetta against the newspaper stretched back seven years and had nothing to do with Trump.

    Armed with smoke grenades and a shotgun, Jarrod W. Ramos opened fire on journalists working at the newspaper yesterday afternoon, killing five.

    Almost as soon as the shooting was reported, and with zero knowledge of the gunman’s motive, mainstream press talking heads began blaming Trump’s anti-media rhetoric.

    Prime amongst them was CNN legal and national security analyst Asha Rangappa, who suggested that Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” could have been a motivating factor.

    “Just to relate this back to kind of a bigger conversation that we’ve had this week about civility and rhetoric, you know, lone wolf actors are often alienated individuals who are looking to displace their anger and frustration onto some kind of outside entity or enemy, and I think it’s worth pointing out that we’ve had a constant rhetoric coming even from the President that the press is the enemy of the people, that’s been repeated constantly, and I think it’s worth noting if there is a link here that the publication was being targeted that that kind of rhetoric can be very dangerous in these times,” said Rangappa.

    The insinuation that Trump’s rhetoric was somehow to blame for the shooting is completely inconsistent with the facts.

    The gunman sent a tweet minutes before the attack making reference to the judge who dismissed his 2012 lawsuit against the Capital Gazette.

    It quickly emerged that Ramos was pursuing a vendetta against the newspaper, having sued them for defamation over a 2011 article in which they reported on his conviction for criminal harassment.

    In other words, Ramos’ vendetta stretched back at least seven years, and at least four years before Trump even announced he was running for president. His motive had no connection to Trump whatsoever.

    Numerous other leftists also rushed to blame Trump for the shooting without waiting for the facts to come in.

    Journalist Michael Tracey summed up the entire farce when he tweeted, “The alleged shooter had a deranged, obsessive grudge with this particular newspaper dating back years. Condolences to everyone desperately disappointed to find that they can’t connect this to their favorite national political narrative. You’ll have to wait till the next shooting.”

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      1. CNN’s Asha Rangappa is a leftist, socialist communist liberal democrat with no reasonable way to connect this to Trump, but he attempts to anyway…

        CNN’s Asha Rangappa is an idiot !!

        • I’d be gratifying to beat some of these prick “journalists” to a pulp to reduce their giant egos. A reporter should not have a celebrity status nor do people need to pay any mind to their opinions.

          • That seems to have straightened old Gerald Rivera right out.

            • I had a dream a few nights ago. The month “November” was spelled out in big red letters.

              Stay quiet Be smart

            • Nothing teaches quite like a good old fashioned ass-whoopin.

        • @TakenItEasy: Your statement that “CNN’s Asha Rangappa is a leftist, socialist communist liberal democrat with no reasonable way to connect this to Trump, but he attempts to anyway…” is incorrect. “He” is a SHE; all else is OK.

        • It isn’t widely known but being an idiot is a graduation requirement from journalism school.

          • Do they teach stupid there?

            • No it’s a disease, you can get it from watching CNN, licking food stamps, Seems to be endemic to Democratic cities.

              • Trump drains the Swamp again like BOOM There it is:

                BOOM! Trump’s DOJ criminally charges 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses raking in billions in medical fraud to push toxic drugs

                06-29-2018 • by Mike Adams

                President Trump is draining the “medical swamp.” The U.S. health care system is plagued by rampant fraud, abuse and profiteering carried out by dishonest doctors and pharmacists. In working to combat the rampant fraud, the DOJ has announced an unprecedented crackdown on medical fraud, charging over 600 people with criminal activities that involved over $2 billion medical fraud.

                U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered prepared remarks, saying, “This year we are charging 601 people, including 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses, and other medical personnel with more than $2 billion in medical fraud. In this latest operation, with the help of our fabulous partners at HHS, we have charged another 162 people—including 32 doctors—with the illegal distribution of opioids. This is the most doctors, the most medical personnel, and the most fraud that the Department of Justice has ever taken on in any single law enforcement action. This is the most defendants we’ve ever charged with health care fraud. It’s also the most opioid-related fraud defendants we’ve ever charged in a single enforcement action.”

                Link: ht tps://

                MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

            • No Yahooie, they merely cultivate, nourish and promote stupidity. The seed is in place from birth.

          • My journalism professor (before the left took over) told me there are two kinds of journalists one that wants to report the news and the other wants to change the world. She said never hire the “world changers” because their copy will always be dishonest and slanted. When I was in the news room, if you were known to be a conservative or Constitutionalist you were relegated to obits and pet fairs. I went into technical writing instead.




        • Michael Moore is calling for civil war.
          Will Asha GangRappa be calling for his head when it goes down?

          • Well then maybe that pathetic fat slob should get off the couch and fire the first shot. That will never happen.

            • There’s a terrifying picture; Michael Moore coming dead at you…, fork in hand. lol

          • We have millions of anchor babies from the third world. That is OK? But, one hundred per year white anchor babies is a catastrophe.

            A group of four or five beautiful Russian babes in bikini with full bellies in a photograph, then photographed with their little bundles of joy. And the lunatic anti-white racists are clamoring to stop them.

            Get this, the ladies paid their own way, one hundred thousand each and thus are supporting the economy. But, the outrage is of course their whiteness, and that they are choosing to stay at Trump’s hotel.

            Maybe, chessplaying Trump will cave to the demands of the outraged and give them MORE than they’re asking for. Maybe, President Trump will pass an executive order outlawing all anchor baby citizenship to travelers and migrants alike.

            That should get Michael Moore, more pissed off.



        • This chick, CNN’s Asha Rangappa, has lots of company in the “blame Trump” crowd. Rob Cox over at Reuters also claimed Trump has “blood on his hands” for the shootings over at the “Capital Gazette.” Cox claims Trump calling the press the “enemy of the people” triggered the shooter. Some kind of mind control. [sarcasm]

          And so did Hollywood director James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”). Gunn is unrepentant and keeps repeating his claim that Trump was somehow a triggerman.

          Cox later apologized saying in part that he “knew people in Newtown.” How pathetic is that. And insane.

      2. Just more evidence that the left liberal dimocraps are not interested in the truth or reporting the actual facts. They attempt place blame and never will be reasonable or accept any election result’s or law’s that they don’t endorse. Yep its a cold civil war.

        • OG,
          Were it not for this and other sites I’d have no idea what CNN puts out as propaganda that they claim to be “News”.

          • Most “information” posing as news is more like a soap opera and sometimes the pl0t moves at about the same pace.

          • Be patient. They’re working on restoring their control of the narrative…

      3. The newspaper shooting has EVERYTHING to do with Trump and it is entirely Trump’s fault.

        So says the fake news narrative. Repeat it long enough and loud enough and everybody will believe it. Does not matter what the actual truth is.

        Play the victim card.

        • But it’s true if HKC had been elected, as she deserved, the Unicorns would have been pooping Golden Skittles for close to 2 years.

        • “Play the victim card.” And the bully card. And play them together. Play them at once. Perfect way to back somebody into a corner. What could possibly go wrong?

      4. Honestly, I don’t really care about the TV media killings… considering how unbelievably corrupt they are– ALL NEWS CHANNELS…!!!

        However, what I DO care about is the innocent black guy just sitting on the curb and was tasered by the cops… Now, you people may not care about this– most right wingers are racist, anyhow. We all have our likes and dislikes. But just remember the story of the Jews, the gypsies, the outspoken journalists in Germany and what happened to them. Nobody like the Jews anyhow, or the gypsies, etc.. and then the Nazis came for the ….

        • Anon, actually all left wingers are racist. And very bigoted, also.

          • liberals and blacks truly believe that only white people can be racists.

        • While you’re busy considering that, don’t forget that TWICE as many whites are shot by police; or are you part of the “white genocide is fine” brigade?

      5. Recent video: Cops use a stun gun on unarmed man sitting on curb, doing nothing. Bastards!

        If the news media (propaganda machine for the police state) gets hurt, well.. that’s what happens sometimes when the system is anti-the people! Tough titty!

        • That will teach that fucker to sit on the sidewalk.

        • Well if he was back in the african jungle where he belongs he wouldn’t have gotten tased would he?

      6. CNN can shove it up their asses, bunch of Communist.
        OR, maybe not, they might like that to much HAHAHAHA

        • CNN (Communist News Network) is so invested in their political slant that they in no way represent a news delivery organization. The relentless bias is sickening.

        • Anderson Cooper can’t take it up the ass anymore. It is already full.

      7. Well now, about those sticky facts.

        It was not so unreasonable for some to jump to the conclusion that Trump’s “fake news” narrative inspired some deranged individual.

        But, now that the facts are in, those who are logical will revise their preconceived ideas about the matter. But don’t expect Trump hate to soften and dissipate. The vocal left is not motivated by truth. As in revisionist history, “truth is no defense”; Not when truth and facts that support truth interfere with an important agenda.

        6 million lies.

        And this brings me to another news item; one the msm is ignoring. Today in a city near Tehran in Isreal, a young man who is said to be mentally challenged because of a brain tumor was found guilty of thousands of incidents of hate crimes against 3ews in the USA, of bribery of The Congress and threats against them, of pornography and prostitution rackets: and all this was supposed to have been done by this little 3ew from his mother’s house when he was only sixteen years old and retarded.

        The idea that these crimes were elaborate and more like the work of organized crime in Isreal rather than the work of one sick teen is obvious to any rational person. The Mossad is suspected by many.

        The organizations like the anti-defamation received vast sums of money because of alleged hate crimes against 3ews that it turns out we’re committed by 3ews themselves in order to play the victim card, and justify censorship on google, YouTube, etc; and promote anti-whiteness and multi-race mixing.


        • B of CA, interesting news item. Have a link?

          One of the problems with “fake news” is that is mixes in a few genuine facts along with leaving out a few facts. It’s like those puzzles/games from childhood where you have to guess what something is but you don’t see everything to make a correct identification.

          So throw in some heart-string pulling emotion and every sob sister in town joins in the victim-hood party.

      8. ” a city near Tehran in Israel ” damn B from CA, you’ve out done youself this time. Is there any more proof needed that this site’s commenting policy is nonexistent?

        • So,
          I caught that but figured it was a spellchecker problem. You can’t edit anything on this site, except by a reply to yourself and BfCA probably didn’t read their comment after being published.
          It least it is a humorous mistake.

      9. This is new??

      10. If anyone is interested, here is a link to the local news:

        This situation is still making headlines around here.

        I don’t understand why they call it an incident. Seems a little casual type of terminology. I associate the word “incident” with something happening of no great importance like losing your burger to the dog (when you’re not looking).

      11. I’m sick of all these foreigners creeping into high positions in government and media. Like Ajit Pai, all I see is what I call illegal interlopers. The NWO mixing it up and stirring the pot, why can’t they make it in their own shithole? Some old mexican refurbished a dilapidated woodframe house across the street, now he brought in a young 17-18 year old kid with an equally young girl pushing around a double baby buggy while the kid, the father walks up and down the sidewalk all day talking on the phone and adding another frizzy headed kid to his entourage. A black woman moved in another rental across the street, after a month she brought in more hangers out all day. The future is right here unlike the recent past.

      12. CNN was so used to being pandered to by puppet presidents that they have gone off the deep end having to face a self-made man who answers to no one but the American people because he chooses to.

        Acosta was actually shushed at a press conference today for asking ridiculous questions that were not germane to the topic.

        Acosta is washed-up and that idiot Cuomo is a buffoon.

      13. Stupid, stupid CNN. Actually consider their biased reports as journalism. They actually believe that THEY are the press. They are enemies of the people, exactly as Trump stated.

        There are press outlets who ARE NOT enemies of the people but CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC are enemies of the people and this is beginning to filter down into local news programs of these networks. Liars, deceivers, bigots, d’crap liberals.

      14. Yeah yeah.its Trump’s fault. The sun coming up tomorrow…its Trump’s fault. The left is sounding like a dripping faucet. After awhile you don’t hear it anymore.

      15. When you stupid libtards want to go for it wake me up, otherwise yall are just a waste of time

      16. cnn changing the precetion of reality since 1980

      17. amazing how the cia cnn propagandists and can report this as the news while keeping a straight face

        what sociopaths

      18. Couldn’t care less about national media. Who needs them? The internet is destroying their monopoly of intelligence agencies’ propaganda , lies, and disinformation. The jackasses that work for them, are slowly losing their minds along with the leftists.

      19. Those in the media have to make great leaps of logic and make up facts to rationalize a story how the Pres. was responsible for the shootings in MD. In reality their rationalization must be a story that conforms to their ideological bent. They love to hear themselves talk and think themselves clever, but in reality they are only smug idelogues. They are simply not very bright. All informed people know that ideology, regardless of what type, is and must be irrational. Ideologues insist in conforming reality to belief, not belief to reality. That’s why Ideological based systems like dictatorships and marxism/communism can only be sustained with brutal force and continuous propaganda; they are not rational. They have neither the natural principles nor the merit to exist for long. Fortunately, communism only appeals to the stupid or the irrational. In ALL ideological based systems there is no rule of law, it is ALWAYS supplanted with cult of personality.

      20. Another attempt by CNN and other leftists to blame conservatives for a libtard criminal action. The Gabby Gifford assassination attempt, many of the mass killings, and many group criminal efforts are done by libtards that have no limits on their behavior. These cowards attack people in places that are not likely to be defended. Great job Massachusetts in making it very difficult to KEEP & BEAR ARMS so citizens can defend themselves against the latest looney-tune.

      21. The media assholes think they are off limits. They had better think again. There are crazy people out there who will hurt them.

      22. They are friggin lunatics used to be the evil black guns (ar15s) that blame game diddent go as planned for them so now its the president? Ok if they want to go down that road then Obama is responsible for a hell of alot more shootings then. They are either crazy retarded or think everyone is stupid. Its the shooter that kills people damn….

        • Yes, marxists are crazy retarded, and they do think everyone else is stupid.

      23. It’s a classic example of redguard agitprop propaganda on a 24/7/365 spin cycle and they are just ratcheting it up another notch.

        The deep state cabal and their media are trying to foment more discord, division, chaos, and mayhem in society (think order out of chaos) to further fuel the fire of decension and to impede the current administration from any further dismantling of their unconstitutional deep state apparatus stranglehold.

        Do not fall for what is on the surface. It is ideological subversion for the demoralized segment of society (to rile up the useful idiots…those who have made worship of the state and their utopian religion of globalism and communism) those of whom are unable to assess any real information or come to any rational logical conclusions as to the facts of the matter.

        Don’t fall for their BS. The deep state and their propagandist networks are not comprised of a bunch of stupid liberals… they are very intelligent, cunning, calculated, and cold sociopaths who are at war with the basic principals of America and it’s foundations.

      24. Every so called news show I see on TV or hear on the radio, has at least one anti-Trump message every day. No exception. This level of attack is unprecedented. Never have I seen this much before. I didn’t like G.W. Bush, and the media went after him pretty much, but nothing like what they’re doing to Trump. The commies are coming out of the wood work.

        • And every evening on the National News any report on Trump, is Anti-Trump, and never just a Report that he has accomplished something good for the nation, and you can bet it will be followed up by a video clip of some poor black being abused or shoot by the police. These video’s always show the end where they are being mistreated but never show what led up to the incident, wonder why? Trekker Out

      25. This just in: CNN claims that Trump’s policies killed all the dinosaurs.

        Story at 11.

      26. And the good news is that Fox News blamed M. Waters for the murder.

      27. -> I tell readers to be productive, independently, and avoid doing anything rash.

        There is a computer commercial. I leave it up to you, to decide whether it’s historically accurate:

        While all the ‘cool’ people are taking dumps, on Haight-Ashbbury, and OD’ing, during the Summer of Love, garage geeks are creating the home computer. Or, something like that.

        Milo, Anglin, and Loesch (to name just a few) are suggesting that reporters be “curb stomped”. (A reference to ‘American History X’).

        The reporters instigate fights, verbally, via fake, demoralizing, Hegelian dialectics, so, in return, are being threatened with street justice. Are any of the simpler minds seeing all the layers of nuance, here?

        Whether Annapolis is just a drill, or it really happened, Ramos is accused of being a cultish Milo-follower / copycat. Milo has just said to harm reporters. If you like campy, outrageous material, you will see it as dark humor. It is usually slapstick, whenever someone says to initiate force. Like the Three Stooges or Tom and Jerry. Gullible people and special ed kids believe that rhetoric is real, so commit crimes against their housepets.

        The establishment would like to portray someone as a terrorist, if they question msm narratives, like Ramos. (If you had questioned this stuff, you would not be hurting people, over politics.)

        And, I question the integration of far-too-colorful eccentrics (Little Richard, Bobcat Goldwait tier subversives) into conservatism.

        You have flamboyant and exotic people, in the alt-right — deliberately put there, just for visual interest — yet act like there’s some mysterious, invisible, hidden hand, to agitate you.

        You have created a circus, so tacky, so decadent, that not even these circus performers believe it.

        There is a red light district or side show act, for these people, not a podium.

        Moral absolutists, WWJD. Chapter, verse, and concordance, thx. Is either side ever right.

        Want to make it about demographics? Who is neither race traitor, heterodox, nor hypocrite. It is written, let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

      28. Television is only entertainment. Every single bit of it, including the “news.”

        I don’t watch any of the networks, and haven’t watched them for a number of years.

        • With all due respect to living in a your happybubble (I think I would be happier) shtf’s article is derivative of pjw’s, which comes from CNN.

          I have a rich, private life, but am not being the best possible, example of willful ignorance, myself.

      29. CNN. What’s that?
        Should we care what CNN says?

      30. Help needed.
        Anyone know of a good way to get rid of Ravens? There is half a dozen that keep raiding my squirrel food.
        Few weeks back a young squirrel started coming around cleaning up bird seed I put out for sparrow’s. The squirrel doesn’t make messed stays quite and lives in a big pine. Noticing the Ravens in there prompted me to set up a wooden box only my little friend could access.
        This is where the war begins. I watched those black bastards attack and dive bomb him as he tries to cross the street to his stash. They are allowing him to get the food out then rob him.
        So I need help in winning the war short of a shotgun blast.

        • It’s the 4th of July time so go buy some bottle rockets and get a price of pipe then light em up will get rid of them and be fun

          • Or could go with Roman candles lol

      31. Angry Beaver, how close can you get to them?
        Recently I bought a .22 air pistol, Umarex brand, pump it up to 10 times max.
        I’ve not spent much time zeroing it in yet but the first few times it was accurate enough, considering how big ravens are..It is surprisingly quiet and velocity is around 500fps. $40 at sprotsman’s warehouse.

      32. I’ve been chasing them away with a grizzly BB gun I can get within 15-20 feet. Unfortunately ravens are protected here.
        I’m hoping to kill one and put him in a pail for the others to smell.

      33. UPDATE: The Raven wars:
        I found the nest whilst taking the dog for a walk oh weren’t the upset to see me hanging around just below. I didn’t need to speak bird to figure out they didn’t want me there.
        And I borrowed an air rifle off one if the neighborhood kids. I’ll lay out some hard boiled egg yokes to bait the black bastards in.
        Normally I wouldn’t get so involved but the deviousness of allowing the squirrel to dig out the food and then to mug him as he tries for home .
        Remind you good folks of other ” animal’s” habits and tactics?

        • Watermelon and fried chicken might work.

      34. Is Trump also responsible for this? Probably not. In Boise Idaho a man stabbed 9 people. Most victims are in serious condition. It is the largest mass casualty incident in Boise history. It happened in the housing associated with the “immigrant community”. Castro dumped his convicts and mentally ill on us back in the day. If anyone thinks that other countries aren’t dumping their “undesirables” on us, they would be naive.

        • Him:

          Yes, I remember when Castro emptied his insane asylums and prisons, put them on a boat, and the USA admitted them. We are repeating history. Advocates for “immigrant/refugee” are knowingly or not committing treason. “Some are murderers and rapists, and some are good people, I guess.”


          • B from CA

            Most are good, likely in the plus 90% range. Regardless we don’t need the good as there is insufficient opportunities and certainly not the bad. We have better things to do than to spend time attempting to figure out their intentions.

      35. Every bad thing that happens and is weather-related, blame it on “climate change”. Everything else, blame it on Trump and include allegations of racism, sexism, or homophobia. Never accept responsibility yourself. Standard liberal/socialist strategy.

      36. Is anyone ever responsible for anything?

        • K2,
          I’m responsible for everything I do.
          Democrats and Liberals aren’t responsible for anything they do. Welcome to the modern America. Plan and prep.

          • “Democrats and Liberals aren’t responsible for anything they do.”

            Certainly corporations are included being Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion dollars and the corporation pleas “No Contest” to Felony Charges, is fined $160 million and no human being within the organization is criminally charged let alone convicted. The corporation did it on its own. Yes it reaches will beyond Democrat Progressive Liberals as Wall Street is guilty of nothing.

            • K2,
              Do you honestly believe most corporations and large banks are run by conservatives, or even Republicans? Think again, but do not blame a race, religion, or a nation, blame a culture.

      37. We allow 3 million migrants into the US every year. Over 10 years that’s 30 million plus the children born to them after they’re here. Could be 40 million more poor people every ten years. How much is enough? Most will get at least some taxpayer aid.

      38. Off topic a little- imagine if hillary won? Two Supreme Court justices, no borders…

        brother and sisters we’d be in it now!!!

        That vote sure mattered!!!

        Trump ain’t no messiah but I believe we’d lost out remaining sovereignty via U.N. treaties…

      39. where is braveheart?

      40. I will give the Communists News Network (CNN) credit, they are persistent.

      41. The “targeted attack” was by CNN.

      42. In the 1950s white people where 25% of this worlds population , we are now at 8%. Do the math! Fight or be exterminated? But realistically , prep for the fight of our lives? Let the third world win? Unacceptable ?

      43. Just sayin , If the 8%! Of world population don’t start goin full NAZI fast , we will end up like the EU or South Africa . We have always been fighting evil , why stop now?

      44. I guess the first messia , tried to convert the third world? But as written , the next ones robe will be red with blood ,and he will rule with an iron rod? Seems just what’s needed?

      45. Keep the faith, no matter what.

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