CNN Analyst Suggests Manchester Bombing Was A False Flag: “Right-Wing Extremists Have Tried To Frame Islamists For Terrorism”

by | May 23, 2017 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Whenever there is a mass killing of any kind in Europe, every reasonable person jumps to the same conclusion every time. They assume that the attack was committed by a Muslim, and it’s not an outlandish assumption to make. Nine times out of ten they are right.

    The media however, often tries to pin it on right-wing extremists. Or at the very least, they’ll try to leave that possibility on the table for as long as they can. They won’t commit to an Islamic terror narrative until the authorities confirm what everyone already knew.

    That scenario played out again after the Manchester bombing. Shortly after the Ariana Grande concert was attacked, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank suggested that the incident could be a false flag perpetrated by right-wing extremists.

    “But given the fact that they’re looking into this real possibility, and it is there would appear some evidence that this was a suicide bombing– that certainly takes you down the Islamist terrorist direction,” he continued. “It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there have been a number of false flag plots where right-wing extremists have tried frame Islamists for terrorism. We have seen that in Germany in recent weeks. But a suicide bomber does take you down the direction of Islamist terror.”

    When you stop to think about it, that theory is incredibly dumb. Right-wing extremists in Europe have no reason to commit a terrorist attack, in an attempt to make Islam look bad. The countless radical Muslims living in Europe right now already do that on a regular basis. For the record, ISIS has since taken responsibility for the Manchester bombing.

    This isn’t the first time that a CNN guest has tried to blame a violent incident on conservatives. When a Berkeley protest against Milo Yiannopoulos turned into a riot earlier this year, former Clinton Secretary of Labor and Berkeley professor Robert Reich was quick to suggest that the rioters could be right-wing extremists affiliated with Breitbart.

    That too was a pretty dumb theory. Especially when you consider how often conservatives are responsible for mob violence in modern America.

    When there’s a riot in our country, it’s almost always safe to assume that it’s being led by far-left extremists. Likewise, whenever there’s a terror attack in Europe, you can bet your bottom dollar that it was committed by a Muslim. That may be uncomfortable for some people to admit to, but facts don’t care about your feelings.

    In any case, if the mainstream media was even a little bit responsible, they would hold off the speculation until all of the facts are in. But if they are going to speculate, trying to coyly blame conservatives for riots and terrorism is just plain ignorant. It only makes these media outlets look foolish, and shows the whole world just how biased they really are.


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      1. Lying commie MSM scum can go f#$% themselves! They know damned well the sandapes are responsible and don’t care what they do. The libturds stand up for them no matter what. Any libturd or sandnigger who falls into my hands will not receive any mercy or quarter.

      2. Here is the classic European solution / reply to terrorism. The five year old has more sense than his nit wit father.

        h ttps://

        • The baizuo-tards will go to all extremes to blame anyone else, but the perpetrators, and when it cannot be denied who did it, they will make excuses, and start calling people names. This is really tiresome.

        • Pull the plug on CNN. They no longer serve American interests and do not deserve to use the American electromagnetic spectrum.

          Revoke its license to operate !!! 🙂

          • DK, agreed. I can’t stomach those libturd liars, especially Don Lemon, totally antiwhite and anti-American. He’s one of the biggest black liars in MSM. Better yet, pull the plug on the ENTIRE MSM.

            • Ya gotta start somewhere ….. 🙂

      3. I read where an eyewitness said there were no deceased people seen from their vantage point. The ambulances were not being loaded. The “attack” said to be the work of ISIS, the very same group who the US funds and arms. Sleeper cell agent Obama did his best to keep the agenda moving forward to destroy America’s remaining freedoms. Possible false flag event on schedule. Can’t become numb to the fear tactics as the pace of the urgency to make all humanity slaves quickens.

        • aljamo

          I completely understand ISIS / US / Globalist ties to overthrow sovereign nations out of the good graces of the globalists. I see no advantage for them with this attack which can sway British support for the massive Islamic immigration that the globalists are facilitating. ISIS is a two edge sword for them. Its advantages far outweigh its potential liabilities which is acceptable for the globalists.

        • Your ‘eyewitness’ should have kept his mouth shut until he saw and heard something.

      4. Here’s a good question. A Russian journalist asked Assad why ISIS never attacks Israel? Assad answered because Israel supports all terrorist in the region. So, you have the USA supporting ISIS, then it would make since that Israel also supports it…..after all the USA and Israel are allies. And too, the USA fights Israel’s wars for them. All Americans need to demand that the USA get out of the middle east. I’m sure the Democrats don’t want to be at war in the middle east either. The only ones wanting to be there is the war mongers who are getting rich off of it. We all know this is shadow government. Wonder what they’re going to do when the really big war starts and all Americans refuse to go over there and fight their dirty war? That’s what we need to do. You can’t lock everyone up especially if they turn on you. We the people have a right to say how this country is run, when it’s Constitution is not being followed.

        • Got a link to that report about the Russian journalist?

          I’d like to see it.

      5. just can’t imagine what kind of a mind could make a statement like that after the murder of innocents.

        • His mind is devoid of soul, black, and empty of reason and truth.

          • Smokey, you just described all of the MSM talking heads to a T.

        • george…your imagination is limited since your brain hasn’t developed fully. Study and read more and you’ll see the nest of the beast. Hope you can and if not then remain stupid.

        • The same kind of mind that makes claims like Sandy Hook was fake and didn’t happen.

          You see them around rather regularly, they advertise themselves often.

      6. The media however, often tries to pin it on right-wing extremists.

        You have it all backwards.

        As usual.

        Who let them in? OH RIIIIGHT.

        Why’d you lose the election? OH RIIIIIGHT.

        • They lost because they are a bunch of stupid fucks led by a bunch of stupid fucks,,,,
          I cant wait till its balls to the wall bullets flying

      7. If and when the muslims take over you can bet those naysayers in the press will be the first to go especially the useful idiots on the left. False flag? There sure were a lot of witnesses at that stadium. Screw CNN.

      8. The left MURDERED over 100 freaking MILLION last century, and the savants at CNN suggest it might be, if not Muslims, right wingers.

        Actually, in a perverse way, this is a good story. Reason is, these imbeciles continue to marginalize themselves even MORE than they already are… with only six viewers left in the whole country.

        Oh yeah. April 30th polling a few weeks ago by CNN has Hilary ahead by 11 points. Now you know… or not.

        • TEST, I would just as soon see the scum at CNN and all MSM outlets be put of their misery. I can’t stomach of any of those turds.

      9. Things like that don’t happen very much in Israel. Maybe they understand what real security is. Israeli airports seem pretty safe compared to US and European airports.
        Lessons to be learned. Profiling works.

        • kib,

          Great point! The Israelies have been living with this kind of stuff for several generations now and have developed tactics and strategies to ensure their own survival. The Daesh can’t be attacking Israel ?? if they are wanting to establish a Califate in parts of Iraq and Syria. It is an extremely complex situation and few if any nations understand it better than the Israelies.

          I am sick ? of the MSM libtards constantly twisting and changing the news to fit their liberal agenda. They have lost all credibility with me!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • laeagle, the MSM wouldn’t know credibility if it bit them in the ass. They never had credibility and never will.

        • Well kibbutz n bits….maybe because the fucking Zionists are treating the ISIS wounded in their hospitals. May be they are waking hand in hand with the barbarian in Saudis as Trump’s jew boy son in law did with the king…… There are many unanswered but one thing is clear that most people in the USA are stupid enough to bark at the wrong source since they ave been conditioned as such. Just like most of the commits on this blog.

      10. All these media charges and counter charges has become a totally absurd. These amoral hacks, these horrible putrid people make false allegations and statements and get away with it because they know it cannot be debunked with the low level of the average American’s critical thinking or short attention span. Secondly, these hacks are professional liars with no qualms about blatantly lying to an audience. Thirdly, the goal is to muddy the waters to the point where issues become intractable and unable to be resolved. That way, the issue true or false (it doesn’t matter) never goes away. And fourthly, each group is constantly trying to smear the other to hide their own sins. There are likely several more reasons.
        The political and cultural situation is in a state of collapse. The Democrats would rather see a destroyed nation, society, and economy than see the other side succeed and the people benefit. The gov’t has a 20 TRILLION dollar deficit with MANY MANY TRILLIONS MORE in unfounded liabilities, and they aren’t even discussing it, (they don’t want the public to be educated how grotesque our nation’s finances really are). They will never publicly inform the people how dire the debt is. We now get propagandized, the gov’t does not tell the truth about anything, you must always be suspect of everything they say or do. Officialdom only keeps talking bullshit, releasing bullshit data, telling us everything is fine and getting better. Every single citizen in the country is going to be affected in a life-changing bad way ((except the really wealthy). Rather, they’re consumed in gross behavior while the ship is going down. One can only conclude we don’t matter, only their power and position is important to them.
        When TSHTF they will confiscate, tax, appropriate, arrest, fine, imprison, establish curfews, suspend rights, and even draft or declare martial law to enable them to hold on to their power and wealth while everyone else is taking the hit. We are disposable, they don’t even like us, in reality they despise us. They see us only as a managed resource.

      11. They are beginning to lay the groundwork for police and security action against the right. They aren’t stupid they are setting us up. You will be surprised how aggressive the lefties can be when the target of the police is the right and not the left.

        Be stealthy.

        • Overthecliff, I would hope that LE will be sensible enough to recognize that and back off when the right starts fighting back against the left, which the right has every right to do. It’s about time to play ‘cowboys and libturds’.

      12. Alice: If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see? – Alice in Wonderland

        ISIS are the paid mercenaries of the Deep State. Ask yourself – why Manchester? why now? What are they trying to cover up? Trump’s trip to the Middle-east? Pedogate? Seth Rich’s murder?

      13. Problem/reaction/solution. People still don’t get it.

      14. The so called terrorism expert, Paul criunkshank has spent his entire career fighting terrorism in colleges and universities, never boots on the ground. His opinions have no more merit than the dope smoking, coke snorting Hollywood losers. Remember, CNN stands for Communist Network News, what would you expect ????

        • Our public education system…

          Thirteen Reasons Why: America’s High Schools Are Creating (Another) Lost Generation

          “The Thirteen Reasons’ portrait of how a stifling, bureaucratic system progressively cuts this teenage girl to pieces, eventually driving her to death, provides a dramatized, insightful reflection on (another) emerging lost generation.

          The statistics are grim: a third of 18- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. live at home according to the US Census Bureau. Homeserve USA finds that nearly one in three Americans can’t come up with $500 to fund an emergency.

          As if that were not enough, according to the US Congressional Budget Office, governments have saddled today’s young with more than $100 trillion worth of pension and healthcare debts.

          The harder truth depicted in Thirteen Reasons Why is that today’s high school graduates emerge with few skills, little education and a sanitized view of the world. In short, they are totally unprepared to take on the challenges they face.”

          ht tp://

      15. Trump called the attackers losers. If they have the British gov enacting martial law eliminating citizens rights so they can provide false safety looks like they are winning imo. Punish the people for brexit. Their gov has been totally taken over by globalist filth.

      16. This was not a false flag.

        It really happened.

        People died.

        It’s just the way it is in this world.

        No need to make up false anythings.

        That being said, there is no reason someone in TPTB group won’t take advantage of the situation.

        So best be prepping on. Little time left.

        • Grandee:

          False flag comes from the practice of one Nation (usually wanting war), committing a crime and blaming it on and setting it up to appear that another Nation performed the action.

          It does not imply that there were no casualties. But in our TV world of unreality false flag has gone further by staging events with actors, both are called “false flag”, both are attempts to cause people to erroneously blame an innocent group or Nation.


          • It is also used by a weak third party power to get two of its stronger enemies to go to war with one another so they are both weakened or destroyed and can no longer present a threat.

            You can’t defeat either of them so you get them to destroy each other so you can rise to the top without being destroyed yourself in the process.

      17. True Islam does NOT condone terrorist attacks.

        • A distinction without a difference. So-called ‘True Islam’ doesn’t exist in the Muslim population.

        • kib,

          Great point! The Israelies have been living with this kind of stuff for several generations now and have developed tactics and strategies to ensure their own survival. The Daesh can’t be attacking Israel ?? if they are wanting to establish a Califate in parts of Iraq and Syria. It is an extremely complex situation and few if any nations understand it better than the Israelies.

          I am sick ? of the MSM libtards constantly twisting and changing the news to fit their liberal agenda. They have lost all credibility with me!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • LOL!!!…

          The koran is pretty specific about waging war, by any means, against the infidels. If you have not read it, you can find on PDF, or get a translated version, if you don’t speak Arabic.

        • SJ,

          You are being sarcastic, right?

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • I have read the Qu’ran twice. Have you? Do you know what the jizya tax is? Did you ever wonder why the Battle of Tours took place, or the Siege of Vienna? Do you think the Muslims were there as tourists? Do you know who the Janissaries were? (Hint – Muslims would steal young boys from Christians, then turn the boys into fanatic warriors for Islam. How nice.) The latter part of the Qu’ran is full of injunction to slay the unbelievers, ad nauseam. It is true that not all Muslims conduct terror attacks, but a massive percentage of them support it, and there IS support in the Qu’ran to do so. And what IS true Islam, pray tell? Notwithstanding the Shia and Sunni might have a few choice comments to you, the truth is a very hefty percentage of Muslims support attacks on the “infidels,” number probably in the hundreds of millions. A massive number felt the 9/11 attacks were justified (show some intellectual honesty and just google it).

          Truth is, Islam was FOUNDED by the sword, Mohammed led attacks (and had a 9 yr old bride, Aisha, just in case you are into pedophilia, too, Stu) and KILLED people, advocated killing those that didn’t believe in him, and Islam expanded by attacking, killing and subjugating innocent people in places like Egypt, Syria, Turkey, etc.

          You post is despicable. No, not every Muslim advocates violence. But the truth is that it was founded on violence, their disgusting Qu’ran supports violence (and opppression of women), and EVERY place you go throughout the world, or throughout history, you see attacks, violence and oppression by Muslims. ALWAYS. The only place it seems to have been modified a bit is when they were colonized, and western values made some inroads.

          To repeat, your post is a lie. Get a clue. You might find one on eBay.

      18. CNN has the only reporters in the world that are so stupid other reporters notice it!

      19. Watching Reich speak is like reading Jabberwocky backwards – while lying with every word.

        Tell a lie big enough, and long enough and then…. well, I guess then you’ll have CNN, right?

      20. Why hasn’t the right wing retaliated against these commie propagandists? Why is soros still breathing? Why don’t you start assassinating them? There is an opioid so potent a drop on the skin can kill. If I had the resources i would.

        • +1

      21. I bet the Brits wish they had a Second Amendment right now. Firearms are greatly restricted there. Same with bows and crossbows.

        If I remember right anything with a blade over 50 cm (20 inches) is prohibited unless it was already in your possession when the law was passed in 1988. Antique swords are exempt.

        The Brits are basically held hostage by the globalists in London.

        We have options here in America they don’t – thanks to our Founding Fathers.

      22. Could have been a false flag by a T.V. news reporter. Has anybody seen Rick Sanchez ??

        There were reports of a suspicious looking swarthy dark skinned man, either a Radical Muslim Terrorist sent by ISIS; or it could have been a disgruntled former employee.


        • That’s it! I knew it! It’s just another instance of workplace violence, by a disgruntled former employee!

      23. ANYONE OUT THERE WITH A BRAIN? Saudi holds $1.24 trillion of US Debt. Now Saudi is dumping $110 billion of the US debt in exchange for tangible goods. Basically, the deal is a laundering scam. $110 billion of old US debt is cancelled out and the treasury will have to add another $110 billion on to the national debt in order to pay for the goods the Saudis will get. * * * Now what will the Chinese demand as they hold multiple trillions in US debt. Everyone fears the day that the $4 trillion in outstanding US debt gets dumped and those dollars drown the system and hyperinflation causes the FED to raise interest rates to 20% Smart move for the Sauds as they will get at least something for those worthless US IOU’s. Stupid move for Trump as it only adds to the national debt and our technology is given away.

      24. Here come $4 trillion dollars worth of unneeded petrodollars back to America.

      25. All the libtards can suck my ass

      26. Great Pinocchio pic.

      27. problim reaction solution,,,,NWO,UN,,,bring in 5000000 islamics in ,that want sherai low,tell people that it is for cultueral you see a problem here.

      28. CNN has degenerated to the level of a supermarket tabloid printing stories like “Elvis was an alien”, something to be sneered and smirked at.

      29. It’s almost time to start exterminating them all. Wake me up when I can hunt and kill these fkn traitors.

      30. On which end of the political spectrum are provocateurs, assuming the false flag theory.

      31. Don’t feel at the least bit sorry for them.
        Brits let them in
        Now you have to deal with the consequences of your lib experiments in diversity

      32. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% FALSE FLAG, PERIOD.


      33. Nailbanger take easy with the fucking bullshit ass foul language.


      34. The ownership of the news media are in too few hands(General Electric, Westinghouse, Time-Warner, Viacomm, Disney, Roger Murdoch(Fox)). The ultimate owners of the owners aren’t so obvious but you can be sure that the reporters know who they are. They “report” the news in a way that pleases their ultimate bosses. Some of these ultimate bosses are muslims so they don’t use expressions like “Islamic terrorists”. Shameful times for the journalism industry!

      35. Aug 5, 2015 British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?

        The “elite” British SAS special forces are dispatching over 120 troops to Syria to dress up as ISIS fighters and attack Syrian targets. In today’s Thought For The Day, James looks back at a couple of the lowlights of the bumbling SAS forces and examines the 2005 incident where the SAS was caught in Basra dressing up as Arabs and shooting Iraqis in order to fuel ethnic tensions in the country.

      36. Oh the irony, or should I say stupidity. How many times have you shit for brains morons screamed “FALSE FLAG”! from your stupidity that knows no bounds. Now, somebody embraces your narrative and you squeal like Ned Beatty’s character in Deliverance.Most likely, you idiots wish could take Ned’s place and take it up the ass.

      37. Conspiracy Theorists believe a bomb went off at Manchester with no fire. However majority of people know there was no explosion.

        “the media make you believe what they want you to believe ” George Orwell

      38. You will notice that the carnage in Manchester will not be seen. You will not see the bloody bodies. You will not see any of the victims in a hospital bed. You will not here any of the victims or their families speak about Islamic terror. You will not see any video of the funerals.
        Now, if it had been a ‘right-wing white extremist” that entered an Islamic gathering and killed dozens of Muslims…I can guarantee you WOULD see all of the above…over and over and over and over again… after day for weeks, if not months. And one talking head after another screaming how we must root out all these right-wing extremists and hate-filled racists.
        These main stream media pundits are sick, evil, and psychotic. I believe I hate them more than any class of humanoids, including lawyers & politicians.!!!!

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