Claim: Russia Has Created A Devastating Zircon Hypersonic Missile That Will Rip Right Through U.S. Warships: “Unstoppable… Unbeatable… Undefendable”

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    As President Trump ratchets up the U.S. military in his latest budget proposal, his counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has reportedly created a hypersonic missile with such devastating implications for the U.S. Navy, that it is being called “unstoppable.”

    Russia claims to have created a devastating hypersonic missile that travels five times faster than the speed of sound and could rip through navy warship defences because it’s too fast to stop.

    The Kremlin’s Zircon missile has been called “unstoppable”, “unbeatable” and “undefendable” with a 4,600mph speed that only one defence system in the world can destroy – that system is owned by Russia.

    The missile employs revolutionary scramjet technology to reach its hypersonic speeds whereby propulsion is created by forcing air from the atmosphere into its combustor where it mixes with on-board fuel – rather than carry both fuel and oxidizer like traditional rockets. This makes it lighter, and therefore much faster.

    The US Navy warns it could be fitted to Russia’s nuclear-powered Kirkov warship, where it would have a range of up to 500 miles.

    In comparison, the Royal Navy’s Sea Ceptor missile, which is designed to destroy incoming missiles can only travel 15 miles and hit top speeds of 2,300mph.

    Full report: International Business Time

    Reports indicate that no counter measures for the Zircon missile exist. If true, then the majority of the U.S. Naval fleet has just been rendered obsolete.

    Fact sheet via



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      1. Face it,nukes would also render any navy junk,waste of money if you have nukes.

        • Eight years of Obama and the severe erosion of our military and it’s R and D, and even a declining power like Russia pulls ahead of us. Think of how it would be if Hillary got in there. What would be next, Pakistan threatening us?

          • How is Russia threatening? The US creates imaginary threats to justify the economy sapping and destroying military/spy infrastructure.

            • Test, thank you for specifying “NYC”. Anytime I travel, I have to add “upstate” when I say I’m from NY. We are literally hostages to the City and Albany’s ridiculous legislation. If things go real bad, the libtards would be smart to head south out of NYC. The hillbillies, rednecks, woods people or whatever they call us now will be waiting and ready for them. -Hale

        • “The Kremlin’s Zircon missile has been called “unstoppable”, “unbeatable” and “undefendable” with a 4,600mph speed that only one defence system in the world can destroy – that system is owned by Russia.”

          Great weapon. But over-hyped. Russia doesn’t have the only defence system in the world that can destroy it. It will work great against China and India and Europe.

          Our laser weapons will take them down. It is not faster than light, is it ??? If somehow it manages to elude our lasers, a barrage of projectiles from our Navy rail guns will destroy it.

          An attack by Russia with a number of these missiles would invite a massive retaliatory strike. Nice weapon. Not a game changer. Nothing to see here …. 🙂

          • while this is north korea level crap, a laser needs to focus for a moment. And if the targeting systems could track it, it still needs to power up. So speed wins.

            • Yes, speed wins. Light wins. The only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought. The USA has over the horizon capability so these missiles would, of necessity, have to be fired at very close range.

              An attack of any magnitude would be met with a retaliatory response from our Sub Fleet. The latest upgrades to these missiles give them the ability to wipe out all Russian ICBM’s in their silos.

              Its a great weapon in any theater. Its not a game changer. The upgrades to our ballistic missiles are a game changer; as are our laser and rail guns.

              I’m not going to lose any sleep over this missile and no one else should either. There is a BIG reason why China does not are THAAD Anti-missile system deployed in Asia. Likewise, Russia doesn’t want it deployed in Europe.

              Golly Gee, I wonder why ??? 🙂

          • I don’t think you appreciate how fast it is. The real challenge is to create a tracking system that acquires, plots and then locks on to a target which is also not following a predictable path. Without this capability your laser system, no matter how powerful, is just fancy junk.

            The missile will have also been fired outside the range of defensive systems so they won’t see where it comes from and only have seconds to pick it up. Even if it is ‘destroyed’ near a ship the kinetic energy of the parts will rip a ship apart.

            Typical hubris. If the US ‘strikes’ then the US will also cease to exist.

            • Nexus,

              Not so quick!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Rather than super patriots accept that we don’t have a defense against everything, they prefer the delusion of believing instead that we do. Too bad imaginary supremacy is a fatal flaw that will get us taken out.

            • If the missile is real it would travel at 75 miles per minute. Lets assume they could get within 400 miles of our ships, we would have 5 and a half minutes to target and destroy the weapon. Not a problem as I see it for a laser.

              • I’m a little late to this stupid party, but here goes.

                Some of you just can not think. You are assuming that this thing travels from A to B in a straight line. That it is not maneuverable. And, any turret can follow it at 4600mph, and… calculate its deviation of flight path in any number of maneuverable paths. And, you probably believe they can just turn on a “laser” for an infinite amount of time.

                Neal, spot on. It’s the assumption that our technology, because U.S.A. MuriKa, is above god-like above all others, that will be our doom.

          • United States has ability to destroy Zircon.
            As the Us Military Complex Media can create ANY SCENARIO in Western steeple minds, they can SIMPLY ‘REPORT” that no US Ships can be touched by THE ZIRCON!
            Even though US shattered metal and shattered dreams of the hate mongering John MCCAIN and co New World Order boys club are crying in their pretzels sacrificing more chickens to BAAL and ancient Khazarian hairy plastic puppets…Guess WHAT?
            Yes the US Can report they have destroyed all Zircons with their new Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ant Rocket System.
            BUT NO INTELLIGENT DEEP STATE PLANS-Just same old crap.








          • Ahh. My heart bleeds for you.
            Its about time you got a taste of the medicine you have been dishing out to others for over 4000 years.

            You and your people have murdered north of 300 million people around the world since you crawled out of europe.

            Lets start the counting..

      2. A white Christian Country ready to dump the Central Bank has the ability to defend itself. This is great. Putin is a stud, a champion stud !!!


        • I do like putin more than most amerikan politico’s.

        • Pootin assassinates people who criticize him.

          Putin is a fucking slav piece of shit.

          Dont ever forget that.

      3. I’m not worried. I have my Ovaltine decoder ring.


        • DARPA and the NSA want you to “be sure to drink your Ovaltine”

          • Hmmmm, ovaltine, kaluah and ice…. sounds good to me 😛 A well rounded breakfast lol.

            • I made some chocolate kaluah and some chocolate mint kaluah last summer… it was DELICIOUS! Moonshining… it’s not just for hillbilly cornshuckers anymore 😛

            • Ovaltine, kaluah and ice. MY favorite.

              Got to go to the Gun show Sat. picked up some 45ACPs, 223, and 308’s.

              This is the last one of the season. Guns where getting bought like crazy.

              The guys I got my ammo from brought in 3500 rds of 9 mm and they were gone in the first 3 hours of the show. I got the last 200 rds of 223, and he only had 200 rds left of 45’s, and 100 rds of 308. He told me this was the best show that they have had.


              • An armed society is a polite society…. or so they say lol. Dang Sgt. maybe you need to go to a steel building show, look at more storage options 🙂 Update: Damn that ak is heavy with all those optics and a 30 rd mag 😐

                • Yep my little AR got to be as heavy as my LAR 8 with those sights on it.

                  But after playing with your AK you will find it well worth it.

                  Update: Damn that ak is heavy with all those optics and a 30 rd mag Try a 75 RD. DRUM!!! (LOL)

                  I’m happy I have a 20X30 dry basement for all my prepper stuff.


              • that’s just the dim-oc-RATs making up for not having to worry for the last 8 years……LUUUUCY!….we got some catcheen up to dooooo!

      4. I figure that aircraft carriers will go the way of the WW2 battleship. Too many missiles.

      5. leaders of countries are megalomaniacs. They love the power and glory….Going to war may remove someone from that power. They all have seen what happened to Hussein,ghadaffi,bin laden…..saber rattling is the only thing they will do…just opinion

        • They should sober up and become regular maniacs.

      6. PO’d Patriot, no worries with me since I have my Red Ryder, LOL! On a more serious note, I have to wonder whether this story is exaggeration. Certain Soviet/Russian weapons systems of times gone by have been over-rated. In Operation Desert Storm, when our M1 Abrams engaged Saddam’s Soviet-made T72 tanks, the T72’s turret was easily blown off. I suspect that some of Russia’s more modern weapons systems today are also made out to be something they’re really not. Russian propaganda of today sounds to some degree like old Soviet propaganda.

        • Don’t forget all the patriot missles that went after microwave ovens set to on with the door open lol. Low tech does work!

        • Brave.
          Like you I just oiled up my Red Rider

          Got to the last Gun Show of this season.

          Picked up some goodies for my ventilation machines. (see above.)

          Still looking. Just can’t find what we want.


          • Sarge, you’ll find some land eventually. Next gun show in my area is April 22-23. I was planning on going back to Ga around that time frame but now I’m putting it off til’ the first week of May.

            • Sarge, take time to go to the machine gun shoot and gun show at Knob Creek, Kentucky next month. Interesting. Near Fort Knox.

              • Him
                I was think about that, but my Dad is not in good shape and I’m going to stay around home for the near future. If any thing change I just might. What is the DATE?

                • Sarge, April 7, 8, and 9.

            • Greenville, SC?

        • T72s were 30 years older than the Abrams. In a fight with top-shelf Russian tanks, the Abrams wouldn’t have it all their way.

          Tanks are a formidable weapon, but are going the way of the battleship and aircraft carrier. Expensive toys that can be taken out relatively cheaply.

          An aircraft carrier group can be overwhelmed if enough (even marginally effective) missiles are fired. If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, it’s making boatloads of cheap knockoffs.

      7. Its a drawing? I bet that thing is overweight. Russians like to build it BIG. But will it beat the Lazar Cannon?
        On Drudge a House Rep. from AL. drew a one page simple bill to repeal OCare by 12/31/2017. He applied the KISS Method. (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

        Also, in LA, CA with only 30% white population the North Hollywood High Screwl will receive BUDGET Cuts due to the over white student body.

        Further, on Drudge Property Taxes going sky high! Although not new news really but it does has a nice graph.

        I just LOVE Drudge, real news that is important to me. So much more that being berated by MSM!

      8. Aircraft carriers are a floating air base. You don’t hide a floating air base. They’re very useful intimidating second string powers. They’re not invulnerable against first string nations capabilities. Of course this will require significant RD funding to counter this. Lets face it. If any nuclear armed nation sinks a US aircraft carrier head for the hills, immediately.

        • We have rail guns and lasers. The R & D has been done. 🙂

          • Good thing you have been watching too many sci fi movies, or else your delusion that they are the be all end all defense would be meaningless…oh wait…

            None of these systems are implemented in any numbers that are effective, and certainly not the rail guns at 2 million for a single precision round… Check reality again. Your imaginary defenses you think exist are NOT in the fleet.

            • Neal: You need to check your facts. First, rail gun projectiles are $800,000 per shot, much cheaper than say a Patriot missile at $3 million per. So it is COST EFFECTIVE.

              Yes none of these systems have been produced in any quantity … on either side; except for the laser weapons. Did you think the Space Plane circling the earth for more than two years had a cargo of chimps ???

              Just asking. 🙂

        • If any nation period,,,,,,

        • Kevin2,

          By the time you hear about it, it may be too late to head for them thar hills!??

          Louisiana Eagle?

      9. Scram jet technology is about the oldest around.

        Casts doubt on the validity of the whole article. Hardly, revolutionary. I think the revolutionary part will be the materials, structural and control issues associated with Mach 7.5.


        • Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

      10. Things are ramping up………

      11. “…IF it is true…”, is the key phrase in the whole article. Very interesting technology “discovery” that happens right when the Navy is gearing up for a place at the military-industrial complex budget table.
        I’ll believe it when it gets shared with Iran, then launched at US. Until then, Mr. Slavo is wrong far more than he has ever been close to correct.
        But, the headline got us all to click on this website.

      12. May I suggest you research the Navy’s new Rail Gun…..

        • Excellent point – that technology is certainly fast enough and quite accurate.

          • Let’s not forget that Russian missiles don’t fly a predictable path and projectiles still need to lead an incoming. At the speeds this thing flies, by the time a rail gun aims, the missile is somewhere else.

            • Which is why its nearly impossible to get true believers to understand. They think because its new shiny and exhorted by US R&D out of DARPA that is magically a “defense” and is fielded everywhere to do all things. They don’t understand the disconnect that exists between the HYPE and reality, but they buy the hype as being FACT.

        • Started in 2004 and has surpassed it’s testing
          It’s a bad ass extending ship protection for miles.

        • Floating Rail Gun?

      13. “…with a 4,600mph speed…”

        Or about the same speed the nutcase was doing who was tailgating me home from work….

        • Were you perhaps driving in the passing lane blocking traffic? That will piss anyone off (that has a mind).

      14. Another Russian wonderweapon. Same shit different day.

      15. All the major powers have these weapons.

        The next major war is going to move really fast in the beginning.

        These missiles can hit nearly anywhere in the world in about a half hour. They move so fast they don’t even need explosives, it’s like hitting something with a meteorite from space.

        Make it a bit bigger and it can carry a nuclear warhead, they are so fast they can’t be intercepted.

      16. Subs are the capital ships now. Carriers have been handed their hat but alas still won’t go away just hanging around until the parties over. But by the time the parties over most of them will be at the bottom with the others on fire in port.

        The only reason carriers are still operated is that the nations that use them haven’t put them up against an enemy with the technical capabilities to put them to the bottom.

        Let one carrier get sent to the bottom with a good majority of the crew and the carriers of the world will run home to momma.


        • The generals and admirals are always fighting the last war which, in this case, is WWII. It’s like the old joke about upgrading a ’57 Chevy to all-digital instrumentation. Looks nice and all that but it’s still a ’57 Chevy. Same with surface ships and especially carriers. Used to be, the cost of defending against a carrier or battleship was enormous and prohibitive for smaller countries. But with today’s and soon, tomorrow’s, missile tech the cost is very much lower and much more effective. Shipkilling missiles like this one will soon be (and maybe already are) available on the international arms market at prices that even third-world banana republics can afford. The real worry is that Russia or China will sell or give this tech to some piss-ant upstart dictator who will start something. Kim Jong Un(hinged), maybe?

        • Even subs are obsolete.

          The Russians and the US have planted microphones everywhere in the major oceans and see most all sub activity. Anti sub torpedos are nuclear, close works.

          Some of the only subs going unseen are the tiny diesel powered German made subs that operate in very shallow water that are very quiet. The third world has a bunch of these.

      17. What about the Railgun we have. Cant we use that to take out their ships.

        • Why take out their ships? To stop them from defending themselves against OUR aggression? Don’t be stupid lol.

      18. yeah, yeah…more slavo bullshit. fuckoff dickless!

      19. sr-71, introduced in 1966, flies at 2200mph over 2 1/2 times the speed of sound…

        • that was 40 years ago…..wonder what they’ve had time to invent in the last 40 years?…..hmmmmmm.

      20. Nothing is UN what ever.

        If they use this missile there more than likely have had nukes landing.

        Again No one wins WW3.

      21. I found an old newspaper in the wall of a house I was remodeling from the 1945, near the end of WW2. I read a few of the articles and one article reported that the Nazis had a bomb that could freeze everything within a 200 mile radius. Is this report just propaganda leaked by the Russians?

      22. Ah. Yes. The Devastating Zircon Hypersonic Missile. Step right up folks. This here baby packs a wallop. You might as well take your balls home and start crying to Jesus.

        • I saw one on ebay for 2 million bux. Might have to get a few lol.

          • Might be an article in Popular Science on how to make your own. Worth a shot.

      23. Of course there’s a way to stop it.

        Once again Sherman, set the wayback machine for 1960…

        Genie missiles.

        Also known as “Kamikaze tactical nukes”.

        Fly a defensive screen around the ships. Pretty damn far out from them. You get a heat signature coming at you, two jets hit the afterburners and self detonate at about a kiloton and a half when sort of kind of in range.

        Hell you can do that shit with drones now, no need to kill two pilots.

      24. Nice cad picture, Putin cut his military’s budget by 25% awhile back doesn’t mean he didn’t make one or two.
        Probably a proto type not in production be real careful of that red fever.

        The big worry is we don’t have shit for troops here in the U.S shipping most to the Baltic States. In a marshal law scenerio only enough left to handle four or five major cities, anything else would need to have PD and Sheriff support never happen.

      25. The Hot air, fear creating missle. Capable of causing panic in the general public.

      26. A British general pointed out a while back the next Big War will be lightening fast. It will not be like the ‘Dune Coon’ war we have seen since 9/11.

        It will be a war that will be about taking out high-value targets, fast. The side that wins is the side who has the least number of high-value targets to take out. Russia has nowhere near the number of high-value targets the US has. Russia has air raid shleters and bunkers for most of its intelligent population and would send them there prior to the bombs hitting. What America would then destroy is crumbling crap from the Soviet era that the Russians would be happy to see blown up. As for what the Russians would hit, that would be aircraft carriers, subs, cities, bases, satellites etc.

        • Don’t worry the First few Russian Nukes are aimed directly at The Bushes and Clinton crime families.The Chinese told them Tsun Tsu says “Cut the head off The Dragon”

      27. Big war? Cyber war first. Then sabotage. Then missiles.

        • Financial war first.

      28. Particle beam weaponry,near the speed of light, so there!

      29. Worried about ship killing hyperspeed missiles….and not the liberals scumbag communists who live next door…the home grown traitors will rob rape and kill you first and you all fret over missiles….talk about focused on the wrong things, but makes for sensational headline grabbing stories. Finding real spine and courage in America to defend at home from traitors is not nearly as sexy as Russian missiles….

        • NJ,

          You’ve got a ☝️!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

      30. There’s simple defense against this missile: DON’T MESS WITH RUSSIA !!

        • That’s a concept that is lost on people so entrenched in American Exceptionalism that the simply have no concept of REALITY. I come from a background of firing big guns over long ranges, and the mere suggestion that there is some magical rail gun or laser defense that the USA has to save us so far rooted in FICTION that people accept it as fact because they see it all the time on TV and movies that they accept it is REAL so they can sleep at night safe in the little glass globes of perceived reality.

      31. Damn that Putin is super smart. Where does he get the time for all his scheming. USA has a ZIOmissile with Soros strapped to it. It causes black death in 10000 mi radius

      32. Didn’t Israel develop a force field around their tanks to stop incoming shells?

      33. You forget.. if they get to launch one tipped with a nuclear payload and detonated it above the USA. Say over Kansas. An EMP effect would take place and knock off USA power to the nation for years. It would be more than disrupting, it’d be devastating to say the least.
        Send a ship around Alaska or near the north pole, or Main fire off one or two and USA would crumble quickly under EMP

      34. They could destroy our ships but won’t… We have lots of nukes…

      35. We can just ready a few of our classified UFO’S and
        vaporize them.Then have a bud.That’s Budweiser.

      36. Put a few of our secret UFO’S on them,then the Dems could blam aliens for interfering in conflicts.

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