Civil Disobedience Is Here: People All Over Are Getting Off Their Knees & Disobeying Tyrants

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This is one of the most positive posts I have ever written.  We are witnessing humanity, on a large scale, standing up.  People are getting off their knees and disobeying the lockdown orders of tyrants.

    As I have said before, the government and elitists only have power over you if you allow them.  More and more people around the globe are waking up to their enslavement and standing up to those who want ultimate control over their lives and to rule them.

    If you have been an advocate for freedom and a voluntary society for any amount of time, you’ll know what we are witnessing is unprecedented.  It took a massive amount of human rights abuses for the public to wake up, but the good news is that they have and we are now among the many.

    One example of removing power from tyrants comes from San Clemente, California. The city decided to go all out on control dump 37 tons of sand on a local skatepark in order to prevent kids from skating during the coronavirus lockdown. But just a few days later, local skaters were shredding again after removing the sand themselves. Not only did they remove the sand, but the dig-up was aided by dirt bikers who used it to make a course. The dig up was filmed by motocross videographer Connor Ericsson, who headed over to the skatepark to help the effort and use the sand as a dirt bike course.

    “Took advantage of all the sand the city dumped into the San Clemente skatepark then helped some local skaters dig it all out so they could do some social shredding,” read the caption of Ericsson’s Instagram post on Sunday, which showed him riding his bike in the park and then digging up the sand.

    In Alabama’s Shelby County, a barbershop plans to reopen on Friday completely disregarding the orders barked by tyrants to remain closed and give up their livelihood. The Male Room, a full-service barbershop in the Inverness Corners shopping center off Highway 280, will be offering its services by appointment only starting Friday and with safety measures in place, Scott Farr, president, and partner of Ervin, Farr Inc., which owns the barbershop, said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

    In Bangladesh, India, 100,000 people gathered at a funeral in defiance of lockdown orders.  The funeral for Maulana Zubayer Ahmad Ansari, an Islamic teacher, broke the country’s ban of no more than five people attending prayers at one time.

    These are not the only examples, just the ones that are easy to find.  The mainstream media and government want everyone to believe that no one is standing up and removing power from governments all around the globe, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

    If you are living in fear of the virus or scared to death of going in public, by all means, cower in fear in lockdown and obey the masters that own you.  But many are coming to terms with the fact the government couldn’t close the economy to begin with: we did that by obeying and we will reopen it by disobeying.

    The only way to salvage even a shred of our human dignity, rights, and economy is to disobey the tyrants who put everyone on house arrest. This is only the beginning.  The people will now decide how much slavery they will accept.


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      1. Your “brave” Police Attacking Mothers and Family:
        From Article: “Idaho Mom Could Face Jail Time Over Yard Sale During Coronavirus”

        “The Rathdrum Police Department said that the family held the yard sale for the past week in the northern Idaho city and said it “should not be open for business,” the Idaho Statesman said.

        Police said that the family was warned on several occasions to stop the sale and was even issued a written warning that they were in violation of Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order.
        But they said the sale continued.”

        Article 2 at Blacklistednews:
        “Arrest of Idaho mother at closed playground with her children sparks protest”
        Published: April 22, 2020
        Source: the blaze

        Opinion: * * * Politicians/Media/Police MUST ALL be held Accountable. Refuse to be arrested.
        I must have missed the civics class where the Constitution said a “politician” could arrest mothers, pastors, church goers, people trying to earn a living, or selling their belongings to keep their children fed? ALL ILLEGAL under communist AntiAmerican tyrants. STAND. Open America.

        Open America:. Fear mongering LIAR Media/Politicians are to be Ignored. People must simply refuse being arrested for unlawful “order” by a criminal politician. That is why they want your 2nd DISSOLVED. 2nd is your ability to say “Enough is Enough.” That is why the AntiAmerican COMMIE Pelosi congress is working on banning your 2nd. They are doing this NOW. While you are ordered to be locked in. Why no article here at shtfplan?

        • around here you gotta get a permit from the town. its cheap like $15 alot of people dont bother pulling a permit and it really isnt enforced if you have one yard sale a year. never heard of anyone getting harassed. if your doing it every weekend then ya they will probably shut you down. use your head having a yard sale during the rona is gonna be a problem. put shit on facebook market place then meet the buyer at the gas station nearby do the deal no headaches. i dont want anyone coming to my house you dont know these people plus you dont want them coming back to bother you.

          • After the COVID scare, I got stood up, four times, and then nothing.

            Not giving these idiots your home address is good.

            Outrightly blocking anyone, who looks like “The Squad” is better.

            Semi-anonymous mail order or financial speculation is better still.

      2. Sorry but I have to point out that this is not a victory at all. It is a hat trick. The surveillance abuse continues, as well as other constitutional rights abuses. Mean while, the world is being robbed blind and duped into beliebing that leaving their home was a victory.

        These victory standards are just too damn low.

        I am truly astonished at what human waste we have in America that chooses to waste their finite time, resources, free-will, and technology to surveil, gas-light, stalk, vandalize, steal, hack, censor, and use DEWs on people. Planet of the Apes! There will not be a victory in my life time. It is cultural and societal rot. It will take generations to overcome, way beyond my life time. Society has decayed and there is no legal system, which is apparent by everything that has been transpiring.

      3. That’s fine, as long as they are wearing a mask while they are being disobedient.

        • tahini,
          Slaves are obedient
          Dogs are somewhat obedient.
          Livestock like Sheep, are forced to be obedient as they are sheared/slaughtered.

          * Free men fight censorship. Free men speak Against tyrant kings. They speak openly Against EVIL China CCP-Liar Media-criminal thief Predator Politicians.
          * Free men Arm themselves to the teeth. The 2nd matters.
          * Free men have more ammo than can be used in a lifetime. Just in case.
          * Free men exercise, run, hump a pack 50k, are in the physical condition required to resist thugs.
          * Free men have Food storage for their family. Just in case.
          * Free men use Critical Thinking. Not following idiocy like livestock led to slaughter.
          * Free men don’t grovel and beg as whimpering dogs to be “saved” by politicians.

          Free men have the Right to bow on their knees before the Living God Jesus Christ. In a house of worship. Surrounded by fellow believers. The right as a human being to associate Freely with fellow believers and Worship God in a house of God.

          Free Men STAND for ALL of the above.
          Are you a owned by politicians, an obedient slave?
          Are you a forced to be obedient sheep?
          Are you a obedient whimpering dog?

      4. My fellow Americans the time is NOW do not feed the beast any more TAX’S NOW .
        To the small mom an pop shops that can find away to trade ,find away to accept cash for services Stop feeding this Democracy,we must return to a REPUBLIC ,
        TAXS thats what has created this MONSTER and with out food
        IT DIES .
        We can dissolve the Poolitical bands now do not Fund them
        Read your first American prayer our American mission Statement
        Dissolve the Poolitical bands who have sown this Democracy aka MOB RULE
        WE can restart our REPUBLIC with our already in place CONSTITUTION it has been Ratified all ready no need to recreate a more perfect union
        We just need to hang any Poolitical band members who have deemed we have a DEMOCRACY no where in the founding documents did the Framers wish for democracy
        The political bands are all in on this treason an video of them saying Democracy is the Prove of their TREASON in their own words they have spread this LIE .
        Republicans an Democrats have recreated every EVIL and more of a TYRANT and the lists of EVIL of King George and the newTYRANTS are in the DECLARATION, read it for yourselves, study it it is all here again.
        Rebellion to Tyrants IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD

        • Bravo…Bravo Michael; Game, Set and MATCH.
          The entirety of the control state apparatus exist SOLEY due to it’s access to vast amounts of money primarily derived from YOUR tax dollars.
          Right now, we have been given the greatest gift ever bestowed on Humanity by a benevolent Creator; the circumstance that will – if we CHOOSE to act – that will break the back of Tyranny in this nation…forever. Simply refusing to restart the ‘Economy’ by declining to return to your little sockets in the Great Machine will compel the Fed and it’s Masters – yes, the Fed HAS Masters; it is not at the Apex of the pyramid…far from it – to walk a path they are deathly afraid to walk. In ‘printing’ from thin air, ever larger amounts of fiat their own Capitol reserves are diluted as well leading directly to something as yet unseen in this Nation; hyperinflation. Unfortunately, the only way to kill the parasitical, generational infestation in this country is to starve it to DEATH.
          Is that going to cause pain and suffering for many? You betcha. However, as has been seen Lo these past several decades, there is simply no realistic means available to “We the People…” to effect change from within the framework THEY have turned so finely to suit themselves; no indeed. Chane – therefore – can only come outside of normal channels and this ‘event’s which is the virus is exactly that. The US Military is so spread out globally that they hardly even enter into the coercive picture…it’s is the LEO’s as well as the Reservist and NG in tandem with those with which we must concern ourselves.
          Have a mortgage? Have a bank note against your car? Most do. What if, based on the current circumstance, you send a nicely worded letter to your lender informing them – explicitly – that due to unforeseeable circumstance you are declaring ‘Force Majeure’; big corporations do it daily of late. In essence, it informs them that due to BROAD circumstances beyond anyone’s control you are stepping back from meeting your obligations for an indefinite period until a renormalization HAS occurred.
          Naturally, the likely swift response on their part will be to make an attempt at foreclosure, yes? Of course…then things get ‘interesting’. For it is at that point that you NEED to be a part of something local to your vicinity – something that you have FAITH in – such that when the knock comes at your door – in WHATEVER form – attempting to FORCIBLY act on YOU that a sufficient number of those you TRUST can appear on short – very short – notice and ‘explain’ the situation to those coming for your house, car and etc wherein Force is CONFRONTED by equal or GREATER FORCE(S).
          THIS opportunity will – IMHO – not come again in our lifetimes (or our Children’s…or Children’s children). I am NOT here advocating the employment of FORCE, I am advocating demonstrating DEMONSTRATING resolve…and CAPABILITY.
          Remember here…you are dealing with cowards who only act when they have both color of Law backing them AND the ability to apply overwhelming force; they will NOT act If they’re own safety is not guaranteed by the conditions listed…they will withdraw. In truth, if 100 Million people acted as described the SHEER Chaos resulting would insulate everyone, everywhere; their ability to respond is wholly micro-scale, remember that Folks.

          Well, duty calls, Adios Y’all. Be Well, be SAFE and be Blessed, everyone.


      5. Lock down of the sick is a quarantine…lock down of the healthy is a dictatorship.

      6. I fear Tyranny more than the Virus.

        Don’t burn the Flag; burn your mask

        To understand God-given Rights, as are recognized in The Constitution, one has first to accept God.

      7. And what if THIS is the plan Mark:

        1) Disseminate confusing, inaccurate information that’s actually meant to ensure the spread of the virus.
        You can sure get rid of a lot of welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SSI recipients that way!

        2) Create false hope by telling the population that a vaccine is just around the corner.
        Have YOU ever heard about an AIDS vaccine, a vaccine for the common cold, or a vaccine for MERS or SARS (both MERS and SARS are Corona viruses)?

        3) Allow businesses to re-open without implementing EFFECTIVE safety measures (everyone mandated to wear N-95/N-100 masks while in public).
        By telling the population that “social distancing” and “washing their hands” will prevent the spread of this virus, and NOT stressing the need to wear masks as the #1 preventative measure, officials are ensuring that the disease will spread.

        4) Engage in emotionalism, play on fears, and encourage protests.
        Encouraging people to blindly “protest for their rights” WITHOUT encouraging them to use masks (and other preventive measures), you make sure that a number of the people attending those protests will contract the virus.
        But maybe that’s the point?

        This isn’t about being scared of the virus, or cowering under tyranny, but it is about being SMART, being pro-active, being aware, and taking control of your own destiny in order to preserve your God given rights.

      8. We need official corruption eradicated, every official institution and method and process and program not rooted in the Constitution eliminated. We need a new way of doing official business. We need preeminence of the people’s will restored, and restoration of lost liberties back to the people.
        We know by now voting will not really fix things for us, TPTB have utter and total control of gov’t and officialdom. The gov’t and officialdom are merely tools used by TPTB to help bring about the order they are striving for.
        The voters cannot fix or change things in the gov’t, it is utterly and totally controlled by TPTB. TPTB and their minions in officialdom may temporarily accede to some minor or unimportant public wish, but this is merely to placate the citizens. They are not simply going to yield to popular will as far as their power and agenda is concerned. The only real way is to wrench power away from them is by the secession of states. There is no longer any other way to achieve the freedoms and personal freedoms out forefathers wanted for us.
        But it appears that many, including those who leave comments on this site, would rather live a shackled life, and watch their children and grandchildren accept a life of kissing their chains than to see states break away and the US as it presently exists broken apart. And not only a greater loss of freedoms, but also a dramatic lowering of standard of living because of the national debt being passed on to them.
        This is not for me, nor my family and relatives, nor my friends. We want our own country.

        • The only real way is to wrench power away from them is by the secession of states. ??? what? Look at what many State governors and other state officials are doing! If not shackled by the Bill of Rights and the Remedy of Federal courts . They would be far worse Dictators. Nope I wouldn’t want to live in a state that left the union.

          • Hey Old Guy, secession isn’t just for Southern states.

      9. Fuck the police.

      10. Given a choice between masks and distancing, here, most people are taking the approach that they can’t even be in their yards — even when the state has given them permission, here. You took an inch, and they gave a mile.

        Houses are mainly feeding stalls for braying tax cattle. I hiked through the nearby wilderness, and back home again. Heard angry remarks, for hours on end.

        People all over are not getting off their knees or disobeying tyrants. Civilians, here, will run you over roughshod, to be closer to the tyrant. They have a passionate affection for their zookeepers.

        Qualified immunity for the tyrants is being enforced by a tyranny of the majority, who cannot be fixed or do not want your help. They are masochists and feel high from it.

      11. I LOVE IT. Stop being obedient to murderers.

      12. This summer some 300 million desperate, broke, hungry, unemployed and unneeded Chinese men will topple their government overnight. Unless the Chinese government can put these people to work first, fighting a war or some sort where most will be eliminated solving the problem.

      13. Time to skin some redcoat tyrant scalps brothers 🙂

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