City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Headline News | 444 comments

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    Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a disaster, a chilling example of how the second amendment is being assaulted via the back door.

    The new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during an extreme weather event such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.

    “The ordinance states officers could disarm individuals, if necessary, reports ABC 31. “Dollar says the proposal is just way to give officers more authority to protect themselves.”

    Dollar denied that the ordinance would be used to take away constitutional rights, but residents questioned why authorities would need to pass a new ordinance given that police already have the power to arrest citizens who are being “unruly,” whether armed or not.

    “Well, it seems like an infringement on the 2nd Amendment and that’s the biggest problem I have with it,” said Guntersville Music Academy teacher Paul Landry.

    Authorities are seemingly attempting to mirror unconstitutional gun grab powers that were enacted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    In the aftermath of Katrina, the New Orleans Police, National Guard troops, and U.S. Marshals confiscated firearms. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass declared as he prepared to violate the Second Amendment.

    The National Guard conducted warrantless house-to-house searches, targeting not just Hurricane-hit areas under the pretext of stopping violent looters, but also high and dry homes that were not even affected by the storm.

    Authorities even confiscated pistols from old ladies, as documented in the video below.

    The Guntersville gun grab ordinance will be on the city council agenda at their meeting on March 4th.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. Front door, Back door, doesn’t matter. Its still unconstitutional. The word for 2013 will be RESIST.

        • Why don’t we fight about it, cause I think THEY are the ones who need disarmed! Disarmed of much more than just their guns!!!

          • Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar

            Another candidate for the Register Traitors, not guns website.

            Nuremberg 2

            • The web site is a nice idea. However, I’m thinking of a new trading card series or maybe just decks of playing cards. You could have some of the following decks:

              Globalist Tyrants
              National Traitors
              State Traitors
              Local Traitors (That one could get messy)

              You could even get different collector series going too, such as; The Bilderberg Group, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and on down the line.

              Another series could be events and acts of treason highlighted on each card. The possibilities are endless and these decks would not be something to ever go away. They should stay in print forever as to remind people in the future of the hell these swine have driven the world to.

              I don’t know how feasible this would be, just throwing it out there.

              • JoeRepublic,

                Excellent ideas!

                • Shocking “leaked” memo could reveal Obama’s real plan for guns

                  “The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

                  The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.”

                  Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.”

                  The Daily Crux

                  • KY Mom,

                    Thank for the news! They will get neither gun registration or confiscation. This isn’t New Orleans. They will literally have to put themselves in grave danger and harm’s way to disarm aware Americans.

                  • So which is it? They seem to be advocating two different things, yet one always leads to the other.

                  • I wonder who is willing to die to disarm us? Not so many I think……..;)

                    CATI if you think you can

              • Perfect! Having a deck of 52 will be the same as the number of states we have.

                • 57 wasn’t it?

                  • It reminds me of the cards our soldiers had to hunt down Saddam’s henchmen. Ironic, isn’t it?

                  • The dumb commie thinks we’ve got 57 states.

                  • Plus he had 2 more to go to

              • JoeRepublic, I like it! I’d buy multiple decks of these cards.

              • It’s a fantastic idea, and it would also be great to have Patriot cards. Laminate isn’t costly — the big expense (outside of advertising) would be the design work because you couldn’t infringe on others copyrighted photos or art.

                Any artists out there? Cartoonists??

                I’d think a decent card game of “WAR” with a set of Patriots versus a set of NWO Tyrants would be a great game. And a prep item.

                Or you could invent a new game, maybe something on the lines of “Goin’ Down” or “Toast”…. 😉

              • Who would be the Ace of Spades?

                • 🙂


                  • Feinstein evil number one, sorry gotta rant… Seen the farmer ad ? Got created a farmer?
                    Farmers should run this country,real Americans,not some bunch o suits.
                    Just like in a trial where you are judge by your peers. PEERS really … My peers would not be someone who wears a suit and tie,lives in a city,drives a preius,and doesn’t own a coffee maker!
                    My peers would have to own a truck,and only owns one or two suits for special occasions .

                    They will pass some type of gun control, count on it!

                    Always be ready

                • No need for an artist to make that card, just wipe your ass with the Ace of Spades from a new deck and you have your mascot for that particular card


                  • you could call it “Obuckwheat”

                • Gee, I wonder?

              • Sounds a lot like the Steve Jackson illuminati card game, except he made his cards into humorous references to TPTB

              • You will only need about 3000 cards.Give one to each Vet who took the oath”against all enemies”

              • Leave them everywhere. Nailed to public telephone poles, mailboxes, public restrooms, .gov buildings, bulletin boards, radio and tv stations, everywhere.

              • So true, we live in an era of traitors. It’s been said that there is a special place in hell for those who would enslave others such as the NWO guys you mention. Some are completely enlightened as to the enslavement program (Bilderbergers, Rockefellers, CFR, etc..), some are simply tools and useful idiots like this LE guy. Good comment.

            • The mayor, an enemy of the Constitution, is attempting to overthrow the Constitution. It is the duty of every American to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

          • This morning I flipped to a page in the Bible not knowing where to go and what to read, not having gotten into my email yet for my daily devotional. I ended up flipping to Psalm 73… was amazing on the relevancy to the time we are in specifically in regards to those in positions of authority.
            I encourage all of you believers to read Psalm 73

          • “””The ordinance states officers could disarm individuals.”””

            That’s because they don’t have the balls to try to disarm a GROUP of armed people.

            Ultimately, that is what they will face. Right now they are trying to disarm “individuals”, but soon they will be faced with armed groups.

            • the sooner they come up against a group the better..sure would like to see how that goes, you know..for learning purposes..

              we all know how they do it when its 20 on 1…lets see how they do it when its 200 patriots on 20 thugs and everyone has thier toy of choice

          • Why would anyone elect someone named $$$$ Dollar $$$$, the voters should have known she would have no cents. So now you know what a Dollar will get you.

          • I wonder how they will feel when they are on the wrong end of disarmament/detainment? It’s not as though everyone is going to sit and wait for the “authorities” to get suited up, assemble overwhelming force, and initiate such a raid on THEIR terms.

          • We have every right to fight back, no where is it written where God said do not fight back. This is our life and world to and I will fight if I have to.

        • I was thinking those same thoughts. Front door back door window, I can cover them all with 7.62 for you know who. After they loose a dozen or more officers for a weather event they are going to wish they had stayed inside. Unlike those assinine weather reportersstanding sideways and dodging flying stop signs.

          • I predict they’ll run out of officers willing to confiscate guns, long before they run out of citizens unwilling to give them up.

            • I think so, inside a home you know the home and the (lawbreaker) will not have the advantage. You go into a home, that house could have corners you may not even know where they are. If you want to get creative(kind of stupid but would work) is setup 3-4 maniquins with fake guns or plastic guns in different locations behind a counter, in a chair etc would throw off the feds for a sec or 2 and thats all it takes for you to aim and make the shot. Can you imagine you are the feds and go into a home quickly and you see 3 dummies with guns pointing at you, it would throw you off for a sec or 2 and you could be in another location and make the shot.
              But yes they will run out of people to enforce. Hell one guy heavily armed would take at least 3-8 guys to take it down and you still could be the winner using the right gun and tactics. What are they going to burn every house down. lol I was debating using my ar-15 or my benelli m2 with 8 rounds with buckshot. still debating what I would use. really think shotgun to the face. bodyarmor shotgun is useless, a shotgun to the face with buckshot its over for them.

              • One word: Flechettes. Will go where no man has gone before. Only to be used on the most irredeemable of TPTB and their minions. Think of it as the V2 of personal defense tools.

              • Especially if u load steel shot in a mag load, 3″ hot load filled with steel BB in my 590A1 should do, back it up with the bushmaster with those 90 round drums and slidefire stock, 69g smk’s like to spall out of a hot 1-9 bbl, armor might stop 5 or 6 but 25-40? Good luck

                • Just wanted to say “thanks” for helping to perpetuate the “crazy prepper with firearms” stereotype that we’re trying desperately to disprove. Good job.

                  • they have their scare tactics, we have ours..It seems to come down to who has the bigger dog..too bad they have our money to fight us with..if that were changed..they would back down from being tyrants…because everyone knows tyrants are just pussies with back up

                  • You are free to say what you want, but if you want your guns to be taken away go ahead and let them. From the way you are talking, you seem to me don’t care if your guns get taken away. It makes no difference at this point arkaden what we say or do not say. or gun freedoms are being stripped! Does it make any difference if we speak our mind or try and be polite to these democrats, it makes no difference what we say!!!! Don’t you get that? What if we are nice and professional? They are going to allow us to keep our guns? Don’t think so buddy. At this point the democrats are going to do what they want to do and makes no difference what we say or not say at this time. So I rather have my voice heard how I really feel.

                  • VRF- Yes that is a better way to say it, they have their tactics and we have ours. Much easier and cleaner. I’m not a good writer. lol

                  • Ok,
                    For the record then
                    I am a patriotic American citizen who will not allow ANYONE to disarm me,
                    I am a patriotic American citizen who will defend his home and family from danger or invasion by any means possible.
                    I am a patriotic American who is tired of continually having to justify and protect my rights from the people who are supposed to be protecting and upholding them.
                    MOLON LABE FUCKERS

                  • Crazy preppers with firearms seems about right to me. I know a couple. And they’ll defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and that includes gestapo mayors.

                  • Arkaden, I don’t think we’ll conform to being the PC crowd any time soon.

                    And limited speech, or withholding our sentiments, well, that’s just plain un-American. And Draconian.

              • Hell..use both of them! lol.

              • 12 ga fleschettes, soft body armor = no match.

              • Gas leaks are common after tornadoes and such. Going into what may turn out to be an empty house with guns blazing could ignite accumulated gas, engulfing the whole building.

              • The wet dream of Gadsen flying cowards! Another line in the sand is going to be crossed and another inch given.
                You will all become like Austrailians when John Howard
                went for the guns, as a good 80% of the gun owners there,
                handed them in. It’s going to take some more incrementalist steps toward getting you Americans toward
                that level of disarmement, but rest assured, Hurricane
                Kat has demonstrated that you are not much of a viable
                threat as you all are a divided and thoroughly defeated
                people. You know, as preppers, that a lone wolf, in a
                SHTF situation is easy pickin’s, right? That is what makes house house confiscations so easy, because nobody
                wants to get involved, mixed up in their neighbors’ business, especially if there are SWAT teams roving house to house. Nobody wants to be first to pull the trigger and make examples out of those LEO’s that sold
                their soul for a paycheck. The Individual is king alright, but look where it has gotten you today.
                Maybe, if your lucky, you get to keep your .22 lever action Mare’s Legs and pretentd that you are Josh Randall. NOMI/CATIYMF my ass! The only way to enforce NOMI and get out of this, is to form neighbourhood block
                watches, the like of which have never been seen before.
                Like minded people need to, first, take their neighbour- hoods back by having to know their neighbours, and have a consistent, sizeable, and visible 24/7 armed neighbour
                hood patrol, done by the neighbours, themselves. A neighbourhood surveillance network must be put in place
                to spot would be gun grabbers at a distance. LEO’s that
                pass through the neighbourhood need to be made aware that
                they really DO NOT, in no uncertain terms have a monopoly
                on the use of deadly force, and that they are not neccessarily, relied upon, by the neighbourhood, for
                the collective security. Not trying to stir the pot, but
                nothing less than setting up Mutually Assured Neighbour
                hood Groups, in this manner, is all you have left to make
                a demonstrable, peaceful stand, in your own backyards,
                at first. Should TPTB countinue to position their pawns
                (sold-out LEO’s Nat. Guard, Mercs, U.N. etc). and make
                their move against you, then THEY would have to have made the first shot. The 2A you have makes the U.S.A.
                unique, in the world, as it really puts power in your
                hands, as a people, at the grass roots level. It really
                is worth fighting and dying for. The rest of the world
                watches what you are gonna do about it!

        • Freedom’s just another word for nothing else to loose. Thank You Kris Kristopherson. “Me and Bobby McGee”

          • Janice sang it the best. Even my ol’ huntin’ dog joined in when she sang it.

          • Janis Joplin?

        • “Today all of the things I have mentioned in this article are accelerating to a high speed in America. The first strike in the battlefield of the mind is to convince your enemy that they are powerless against you and there is no possible way for them to win, except to surrender. This is the focal point of psychological warfare. Just like in Hitler’s time there are highly advanced scientific and technological weapons of warfare being employed. But to the person who is brainwashed this is just tin foil hat and conspiracy theory stuff. That stream of thought which is promoted by the media, politicians, and other leaders is the core component of the brainwashing process. It shuts down the neurological pathways by erecting a terrifying psychological monster which says to you that if you think independently you are crazy and you will be rejected by your peers”.

          • “From that scientific truth which supports the greater Biblical truth we can accept scientifically and by faith what God means when He said to us “For I knew you before the beginning of time and you were called for such a time as this.” It is critical in the outcome of the current battle that you clearly comprehend that God specifically designed you and fully equipped you to live right now in the here and now. Furthermore, you have a series of assignments that pertain to the great battle, which is your duty to fulfill”.

            • Even for those who don’t believe in the Bible, by now it should be glaringly obvious there are Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness. Which we are will be apparent soon.

              • Excellent observation.

            • @ BJ That is true and that is why I will either kill anyone who breaks into my house or try like hell.If they get the drop on me when they come I will deal with them by means of future set ups and ambushes.It will be my only reason in life.I will not be violated with no reasoning or imprisoned.If that happens My life is changed for the worse.They are the criminals not us.I do not steal ,they do,I do not kill,they do.I will memorize there faces and hunt them down when they are with there family or hell just go after there family.All law enforcement that enforce these laws will wish they did not.They will learn as they are mourning there lost that it is there fault for enforcing tyranny on us instead of arresting the sick and perverted physco path’s that want total domination over the people they want to enslave.I hope any one reading this understands that when you take everything away from us we have nothing to lose. I see people doing Guerrilla warfare,ambush’s and the likes will all commence.We have the advantage to sit and dream up there nightmare’s.

              • Somebody needs to switch to decaf !!
                Try going outside once in a while and start cutting back on the Steven Seagal movies.

                • Somebody needs to quite smoking weed and face the real world.Maybe you should cut back watching the the view and broke back mountain.You seem like from your comment you are ok with slavery and bondage.I am tired of seeing myself and others treated like criminals.

                  • I did not mean how it came off to you and others.What I meant was ,when this Country of America has come to that road that which the psychopath’s that are in power past, present and future want to break in to my house to violate me like many others it is time to fight and die rather be a slave.

            • @BJ

              Great post! We all have a duty to defend our country.

              Not One More Inch!!!


        • I want everyone to do something, find out the citizen to police ratio in you town or city. When you get this ratio, say it is 500 to 1. Then say that 1/2, at least of citizens own guns. Then say to yourself how many of those that own guns will not put up with having their firearms taken from them after a true SHTF event happens. This would be at least 25%, that is a low ballpark number. So using a 500 to 1 ratio of people to police, down to 250 to 1 of gun owning people to police, then 1/4 of those that will stick their middle finger up to giving up their firearms. That would make the police outnumbered about 60-65 to 1 while taking away people’s firearms and protection. That is called a slaughter to any law enforcement that would “attempt” to seize their guns.

          Even if you throw in National Guard and military, you still would have citizens with firearms outnumbering those gun grabbers 10 to 1. Throw in the blue flags of un troops and you will have even more citizens willing to help you not have your self protection taken away. IF people just understand that they way outnumber the thugs that would “TRY” to take your protection away from you and leave you defenseless, this type of mafia like bullying could NEVER happen. NEVER.

          • Beinformed

            We are at war now..period!..and it is time to plan our offensive as you have so eloquently stated.

            War has been declared upon us in every facet..economically,socially,religiously,and especially our God given rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution..

            They have procured armaments and ammo and secured the first buy on all future ammo by their edicts keeping us in short supply as citizens..last in line!

            They have successfully convinced more than half the population that government is in their side..and hidden the massive food lines by issuing ebt/food stamps for the 50 million dependent so called poor..meanwhile planning slashing social security for those who did work all their lives..

            It is all planned and working quite well..but we know that all plans sooner or later are laid to waste…and they will make a mistake..but are counting on us to make the first mistake so they can usher in austerity ,and eventual martial law…so we must be vigilant and plan accordingly..

            Your thoughts?


            • @ possee.

              What I am reading is that people have not done shit to prepare for an event such as home invasion by anyone. They will not do anything either. Most here, by their comments are going to give in and many are going to DIE! Yes, you have it correct. DIE! By the very hands of those we dispise. How do I know this? Comments of others giving up the guns and there are too many agents or this or that. One crazy fucker had a whole army looking for him and he wasn’t all that good at it was he, according to the media. Yepper Possee, most will let an almost 60 year old man out do them.

              • thats what im afraid of. too many people are afraid to stand up and have that confidence. remember some of you, you would be amazed and could defend yourself against 3-4 swat members by being a 10th of a sec faster and know your house!! they dont know where you are, they are not going to be scanning you home with infra-red or making a model of it. there is not enough time for them to do this for all the people. they are sitting ducks if you are in a good size neighborhood and they are outfront getting ready to kick the door in. there might be a freedom fighter down the street that takes a shot in the back. they wouldn’t know what to do. picture 4-5 feds in line outside your house ready to go in and out of nowhere a bullet drops the agent. they would be looking everywhere for that shooter and which house it came from. very dangerous time for them. And the confidence is believing yourself. This is what seals do, they relax and believe they are the best man or shot and without any hesistation going into a home makes the shot, while the person inside is scared and hesitates for that sec and ends up dead. you guys get the picture.

                • I love these Rambo scenarios.

                  And just what do you think is going to happen the second you drop a police officer? Did you not see the news for Christopher Dorner? Do you think that your neighbors are just going to magically take up arms and start a revolution? No, they’re going to be doing interviews with the local news saying that you were a “nice guy and seemed to keep to himself”. This isn’t the movies. This isn’t the battlefields of Iraq where you fend off an angry mob of insurgents. This is Joe Plumber in suburban America that just went crazy and now his house is surrounded by 3x more cops, with helicopters, heavy equipment and the rest of his neighborhood evacuated.

                  Listen closely and realize: it’s going to take a HELL OF A LOT of tyranny for the people of this country to snap and finally stand up for themselves in union. Anything else is just going to be lost in history. So to all the couch Rambos, keep on dreaming.

                  (and here comes the thumbs down from all the one man army types.)

                  • @Arkaden

                    Thumbs up from me. But at the same time while that brave one person is surrounded the powers will not have the manpower to continue in the confiscation. Add that to the people who will see that lone guy as a hero and a martyr and people will rise and see that all is not futile. The resistance will grow.

                    All it would take is one guy. Look at Dorner. He was in the wrong but he had a following. If one more person had stood up during that time lights out.

                  • @ Arkaden

                    I have no doubt I will most likely die, but not going without a fight. House to house search for guns should have been done before the gun ban threat.

                    Every time they have one of instances you can learn from it. The news tells you everything

                  • @ Arkaden.

                    That is the most intelligent statement posted on this website in months. It’s all to easy to be an internet chatroom hero,but reality suggests most people talk a good game but 99 per cent never do more than talk.

                  • arkadan, im talking if you have 2-3 people at your door, not the whole swat team, not the whole police force etc. they will be stretched so thin they will not be able to do the disarm well. What makes the winners from the losers is to imagine every possible senerio at your home and what to do. You wan’t to go over every possible senerio if you are approaced. it’s better to be prepared than do nothing, because if you decide to not back down and stand your ground the more you prepare the better your chances. Yes you are not going to take down a whole swat team, that is not the point. The point is to think all the possibilities that may happen.

                  • Other things to consider in this type of situation. I was part of scenario training about 20 years ago where a bunch of us paintballers acted as the bad guys for the local SWAT team.

                    It was quite a lot of fun for both sides, they weren’t used to the paintball guns so it made for some comedy of errors at times.

                    But one quote has always stuck with me when we asked them how they’d really do their insertions and such when facing armed response. “Shoot through the walls and use grenades.”

                    Never fails to amaze me how Hollywood lets the good and bad guys use pretty much anything that blocks line of sight to act as cover. When the realty is if you’re not behind something substantial, thick and dense, anyone with a half a clue is just going to shoot you through that door, interior wall, couch, table etc.

                  • @Arkaden

                    NAILED IT !!

                  • I find it highly interesting that you’re getting so many thumbs up (mine included).

                    I posted something very akin to this a few weeks back. These keyboard Rambos and their families will end up with a drone missile up their a$$es or getting burned to death in a darkened corner at the hands of cops that’ll go home, put their feet up and listen to the 10 oclock news talking about the lunatic with a gun that had to be put down.

                    Mine got all thumbs down. Perhaps the tuffy tuffertons just haven’t checked in yet.

                  • Arkaden,

                    Listen closely and realize: it’s going to take a HELL OF A LOT of tyranny for the people of this country to snap and finally stand up for themselves in union.

                    Listen closely and realize by trying to take away our our rights to defend our homes, our families and our rights to defend ourselves against a corrupt goverment they shall cause us to snap. This will not be something that is brought on by we the people. It will however be the line in the sand that shall not be crossed.

                    I don’t claim to be Rambo. What I do demand is my rights.
                    And Sir they shall not be infringed upon…If there is to be a fight then so be it. Another words Sir if you or anybody else wants my guns.. THEN COME AND TAKE THEM YOU SOB’s


                  • You are probably right, but anyone that does stand up won’t be in a Fema Camp wishing they did something. I would rather be dead than live in fear! I have absolutely no problem going down with the ship. Let them think I was a nice guy that just snapped while being interviewed, then they will be on the news the next week having their guns taken away, while they tell the reporter “gee, I never thought this would happen to me”!! And I have never been in the military, I’m just Joe Plumber the American.

                  • I do not expect to win. Winning is in the hands of the Gods. I expect to go to Hades like a man, not a kicked dog. We all go, far to much time is wasted on when, not enough on how.

                  • Glad you posted this !!

                    Everyone needs to remember that “discretion is the better part of valor” — In other words, live to fight another day.

                    If this type of thing starts to happen – have some crap to appease the enforcers and hide the good stuff for later use. There is no green zone for the enforcers to retreat to.

                    You got to be smarter than a martyr

                    Just saying !!

                  • Probably right…it isnt easy to be under fire and those who havent and even some who have may not react as they might want to(wargaming generally doesnt count on “murphy”and he always shows up)…whilst one may not bet on winning such a scenerio,one should not “plan” on losing either,a great deal about winning depends on ones attitude going in…one of the good things about this mess is that people who a year ago would never have even thought about fighting the PTB are now activly entertaining such thoughts and even prepping to resist them,this can only work on our behalf and to the detriment of TPTB…they should have left well enough alone,now they went and woke up the spirit of rebellion that was slumbering just under the American psyche…just as well though because Id rather fight them now when Im strong enough to do so and perhaps spare my grandkids having to do it…

                  • “Every time you shoot, the resistance grows. I know. I was a partisan”

                  • The most powerful army in the world cannot maintain control of a bunch of 7th century goat-herders. And you think police are going to be able to disarm people who are determined to resist?

                    How long do you suppose it will be before the guys they are asking to do the confiscating decide that they’d really rather have another career?… that doesn’t involve dying while attempting to deprive another law abiding citizen of their God given rights?

                    And that’s just assuming that people sit tight and wait for them to come.

                    No…what will happen is that when the confiscations start, some will decide to become pro-active instead of reactive, and anything in a uniform will become a target of opportunity.

                    It’s call civil war.

                    I don’t want to see it. But it’s what will happen.

                    As Gerald Celente has said, “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

                    People saw what happened with Katrina. And I don’t think they’ll let it happen again. The stakes are far higher now. People know it’s not just a brief storm that’s coming. And they know that once they are disarmed, they’ll never get them back again.

              • slingshot

                There is a line in the proverbial sand..many LEO’s(mostly sheriffs) are now standing tall in defiance of any gun confiscation or federal intrusion in their respective counties.

                Logistically, any further attempts of house to house, town by town,intrusions would be nearly impossible with the ratio of either local state or fed combined vs the 10’s of millions legal gun owners…unless of course every facet of comm is silenced as Beinformed stated.

                I know way too many ex military as well as local leo who would Not stand for this in any situation!

                That being said, never underestimate the opposition..ever!

                They might outgun us, out tech us etc etc..but we have resolve and are not part of the general mindset..and many who are on the fence will make a stand as well if push comes to shove.
                It has to be a 24 hour conscious mindset on our part to “be ready for the fight!”
                as Yeager always ends his videos..couldn’t agree more.
                This takes willpower, and it takes time,daily adherence, and practice and is not achieved overnight.

                My suggestion to Mac..

                is to have some guest articles/videos from tactical professionals on daily self defense/offense skills..both psychological and physical both are required.

                None of us know what exactly will pan out in the near future..but preparing for every scenario is vital..especially preserving yourself and loved ones from threats..and how to address them!

                just saying


                • Fortunately, I live in Wyoming. I don’t think our local police will let the Feds do warrentless searches for firearms.

                  In Wyoming, there is no gun registration. I have an antique revolver that is so old that there isn’t even a serial # on it. Someone once told me it would be dangerous to shoot it. That is the gun I will give them.

                  If I ever did own any other gun, I probably had to sell it to buy food when I lost my job.

                  • “In Wyoming, there is no gun registration.”

                    That’s technically not true for any state. The gun shop you bought that gun through is required to keep paperwork on that gun and it’s buyer for a period of years.

                    True story: My wife bought a gun last year sometime. She was called by the shop last week to come correct the paperwork for that gun because the ATF was having a cow that a DATE on the paperwork was 2 days off.

                  • True, the gun dealers have to keep records in Wyoming, as in any state. But I have one gun purchased in Colorado many years ago by my husband (now deceased), and one gun purchased at a gun show and one purchased from a dealer who went out of business. (He would have had to turn over his records to the state if he wanted to open a new store in the state he was retiring to, but, he retired, so I don’t think he did.) Yes, I do have some guns purchased from dealers, but like I said, I must have sold all my guns to buy food. No records required for private sales.

                  • Don’t give them anything, Wyoming. You boys in the West are gunslingers. On the other hand, you can give ’em lead.

                    Need wheel weights?

            • @ possee. Oh do I have thoughts on this. The conditioning of society in such that even after a type of holocaust event, we are taking mega SHTF, you could have this situation happen. You could have a law enforcement force of maybe 5-10 left and they could go neighborhood to neighborhood and there would be people just because they see that badge, willingly give up their firearms. A whole neighborhood could easily make those 5-10 individuals into a Custer’s last stand within about 45 seconds, but this set of rules that has been impregnated into too many people’s set of conformity can be a huge problem after anything happens.

              No one wants to be the one that the government surrounds, but after true SHTF there is not going to be anyone left to charge anyone with anything or enforce much of anything unless they are ALLOWED to. You, me and almost everyone on the site would figure this one out, we all are the mavericks and don’t run with the held or flock. However too many people will allow one sheepdog to drive them anywhere the sheepdog desires them to go. IF the flock or herd decides to turn against the sheepdog, the dog has no chance. This is the case with anyone trying to control others by trying to take away their self defense, it is ONLY feasible IF people allow it.

              Enough people decide to not allow this type of gun taking, it can’t happen, anywhere. The truly evil government can spray areas with some plague, but they can’t take away people’s firearms without killing everyone if people just decide not to put up with it. Hopefully the government will never turn to an Assad type of keeping power, in this case much attention to an excellent immune system is your best defense. If case of city, county, state, and federal gun grabs, it just can’t happen if people will figure out that there are in actual numbers a very tiny number of thugs trying to enforce crap tactics against the citizens and the Constitution. A very tiny number that simply look large, and after a true SHTF can be handled very quickly with enough people that see the truth in numbers issue.

              • I don’t see how it is possible without smart resistance and being unified. Meaning you need not a neighborhood, but hundreds of thousands if not in the millions all together, smae page, unified, working smart together at same time and preferrably smae place or at least region. Other wise if your alone and they come to your home…you might get a couple, but then they get you, your family and all your stuff and they move on to the next house

                • BJ, I don’t think you needs millions; read the book “the Patriot” written by ex-military man. It actually works best to fight in small groups…and just being smart. Of course, one solitary man fighting the pigs will just get himself killed. You need a tribe.

                  Also, we need to consider something else.. Americans are waking up. we REMEMBER how citizens were treated by the military after Katrina, how we have constantly been duped over and over again the last few years… and then, there’s the Internet. People are waking up. Eric Peters Auto–“this time it will be different because it already is.”

                  • How many feds in your tribe, and how do know?

              • I suggest that, if your community is strongly pro-gun, early on someone who is respected in the community, a good leader, go to the local police chief and lay it out: You can lose good men and women trying to disarm law-abiding citizens or you can enlist them RIGHT NOW to help keep law and order when the REAL CRAZIES show up and start using your officers for target practice.

                It is NOT necessary to have a scenario where either you die or a cop dies. You can have a situation where a cop and you work together to see that neither one of you dies, nor your families. I know a lot of cops. There is a whole mythos that surrounds them but I don’t know one who wouldn’t prefer to avoid a shooting scene. Give them the opportunity to do that. Be firm but understand human psychological and don’t dictate to a cop…they’re not used to that and it won’t work. But cops LOVE co-operation so just make sure your co-operation keeps your guns in your control and the cop alive and I GUARANTEE you will have done more to turn this country around than any last stand.

                For those LEO who won’t listen to reason, you can make your choice: Die standing up or die of dysentery in some interment camp somewhere.

            • possee…I have been saying the same thing…they want us to make the first mistake.

              We must be patient…they realize that we are on to them and their bs.

              They cannot help themselves, they are out of time…and they know it

              They fucked up by messing with our 2nd Amendment rights. Personally, I think they were in a rush and didn’t realize that the push-back would be so powerful.

              People are waking up every day…they are into damage control and frankly it isn’t going to work.

              Let’s send these bastards back to hell on fucking fire.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

            • Dor gunners overhead, 50 cals on the corners. That’s your militia at work. They’re just following orders from bommies commies.

              Inside every marxist is a stalinist commie trying to get out.

              Commies everywhere.

          • I think this is right but I want to know how many are going to really pull the trigger. If this situation ever happens and im thinking its getting closer everyday and this is proof they want them and not for safety they want us to not have them ever!! If a disaster ever happens how long before they give them back. Good luck with that and your ammo being used and your out of luck all the money you spent on them. They claim the area is not safe and you have to file this form or take this course to get them back and some are not safe etc. People don’t ever give them up and don’t answer your door or even be near when they approach. if they kick in your front door its game on and its illegal!! This is when they wished they never did. This is real people! Get prepared. I don’t know when it could be 20 years but I think things are falling apart this year rather quickly. If you want to disarm innocent people and good people you are the problem and I wish you luck. You might think if you disarm us you got the edge but be aware of the person you don’t know about and they put a .22 bullet in your head from a neighbor’s house. Good luck.

            • And last thing, this is not a threat to politicians in anyway this is a warning to you idiots who are breaking the laws, that when things fall apart you better hide and stay out of sight! Many people in cities know who you are and are not going to be happy with you. For your safety you better not even show your face, because there are people out there that want your head and your blood. They will shoot you dead for the problems and breakdown of society and the threats of you taking away their rights and freedoms. They will be comming for you I’m afraid. So think about where you go and what you do for your safety in a breakdown in America. It’s not a threat or I’m not going to do this but there are people that want your blood.

            • If you read Dave Grossman’s “On Killing”, probably not too many people will pull the trigger when faced with the choice.

              These things are feelers. I know this small city. It’s people wouldn’t tolerate confiscation. Neither will the people of Missouri turn in their weapons at the threat of legislation that would make them felons (even if it passed). TPTB know right now is not the time (barring some catastrophic event) to try to erase the 2nd.

              They will wait another generation until today’s children are so afraid of guns (b/c they get suspended from school for cutting out L-shaped papers or pointing their fingers like a pistol) that they will gladly give them up. Anyone with a gun will be considered a danger to society. The Constitution will have long been shredded. Technology will allow for the abolition of individual rights.

              This is why the United States will go out with a whimper unless men and women of character preserve it.

              Esse Quam Videri

              • Southpaw, they don’t have another generation to wait. They know the end is fast approaching where it is fight or flight…

              • Southpaw, that’s why TPTB are trying to disarm (and sometimes assassinate) veterans– because they are NOT afraid to kill. And why they hire goons from other countries for Blackwater and why they hire gang members to work in prisons, etc. HOWEVER, please remember that video of that lady who lived alone in her trailer with her little boy and shot to death 2 intruders– don’t mess with a mama bear! Or the little 12 year old, who shot an intruder. Or the old 70 year old with 2 grandkids, who shot an intruder..

            • 22? Screw that 308 175g smk from 250 yds
              Never going peacefully! Never!
              MOLON LABE

              • Love that .308…but if I have to scoot my .22 is the one Im taking…I understand your point,just making another point about taking that .22 seriously… 🙂

                • I’m with you, REB.

                  When you’re packing your heavy rifle, shotgun and 1911 be sure to carry a reliable, lightweight .22 pistol and 1,000 rounds of .22 LR. 1,000 rounds weighs only 7 1/2 pounds. 1,000 rounds of .22 shorts weighs only 5 pounds.

                  Triple wrap bricks of .22s in plastic bags and cache them in trees. Give the squirrels something to think about. Particularly when a short checks ’em between the eyes.

          • Be informed:

            Sadly, this logic does not represent the typical community nor does it represent law enforcement tactics. I could run down the numbers and a scenario, but that would be an article in itself. I will just say, the average suburban community could easily be disarmed by a willing police force. Having said that, by all means, do not give up the fight.

            • Wonder haw thats worked out for the guys trying to do that in Afganistan?
              Same thing

              • Those that lived have parts missing fighting in an unconstitutional “war.”

                Bring ’em home. Station ’em on the border. Deport illegals, all of ’em.

                • How can you deport 30 MM illegals?????

                  One busload at a time.

                  • Damned straight.

                    Herd ’em like cats. Shoot the strays.

            • Thank God, someone who finally understands that we aren’t living in a movie! I’d give you a 100 thumbs up if I could.

              • Arkaden: Real life is much different. I lived south of Miami during Hurricane Andrew. It was so bad that police and fire couldn’t get to most neighborhoods. In my area you could hardly walk, let alone ride a bicycle down it. We were on our own for days. A reported asked one policeman something stupid about folks having guns and the policeman said since they couldn’t get to them citizens were responsible for their own safety and protection. What folks fail to understand is that if martial law is delcared it means that many, if not most, consitutional rights are suspended for the duration. The Governor and local officals have a lot of power during these times so it’s best not to stand out. Be prepared, stay at home unless it’s necessay to go out, and never, but never open your door to anyone you don’t know.

                • Read you Constitution again; nothing in it gives them any Martial Law power, They want to say they can do anything they want to because they have a stupid piece of paper, well so can I. EITHER STAND AND BE COUNTED OR WUSS OUT! I’d rather have an empty spot on my back than someone worried about a page of paper. I will support the law as long as it’s LAW, not opinion.

                  • Paranoid: Tell that to the folks who’ve had the guns forcibly taken by the cops and national guard in N.O. You never open your door or your big mouth. You can wave the constitution in someone’s face all day but if they’re there to take your guns they will. You talk tough pal but when you’re outgunned, you’ll likely end up dead rather than some folk hero/Rambo like you imagine. I can tell you’ve never been in the military or been a cop by your unifromed comments. I’ve been both. When surrounded by superior forces, take cover and let them pass until you can resurface. You sound a lot like that arrogant prick Custer, and you see how that turned out for him. A wise person choses the time and place for fighting, if at all possible. Living to fight another day is not cowardly, it’s how folks get to be veterans instead of just another statistic.

                  • Greg 8 I may be many things but I will NEVER be outgunned in my house. I am a peaceful person, haven’t been in a fight in close to fifty years, but I always carry, at home. The guy that sticks a gun in my face had better say: “YOU have just won it in a lottery.” My father was a weapons instructer during the war, one statement was; If it gets ugly you can explain any bodies but your own. I’m no hero, but I’m old enough that I’m more concerned about how I go, than when. So a kindly word: PISSOFF!

                  • Martial law is unconstitutional.

                    Revoke all gun control laws beginning with the National Firearms Act, 1934. Then revoke, repeal, burn the 1968 nazi gun control trash.

                • Paranoid: Again, tough talk. You let TPTB know what you’ve got and where you are-you’re DEAD! A platoon of two or seasaond Marines will take you and yours like Grant took Vicksburg. You’ll be a story told around campfires. Dead heros are still dead.

            • how would they get the guns they dont know about if some decide to call thier bluff and keep them on the down low and wait for the smoke to clear before digging them up or taking them out of “storrage”?

              when they think they have them all their guard will be down,, thats when the second wave hits and it could hit very hard

          • Please don’t use general terms such as “law enforcement”. There is a huge difference between urban law enforcement and suburban/ rural law enforcement… also a big difference between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. I can tell you that outside of the big cities and communist leaning states such as New York and California, local law enforcement for the most part is very pro gun and very serious about their oaths taken to support and defend the constitution. For example where I work we have all discussed the possibility of being told that the 2nd Amendment would be suspended and have all agreed that we will not enforce any order which goes against our sworn oath. Its not just me, its my entire agency. This is why I feel that DHS has been “loading up” for lack of a better term, because they know that if and when an order is given the local police and sheriffs will tell them to go pound sand. Then it will be a Feds against locals standoff. Do not for one second believe that all police, local, state and federal all hold hands and sing kumbiya together.

            • CJ:

              I completely agree with you. There are many of us who would never attempt to enforce unconstitutional “laws” on the free people. That is why I stated the example of a “willing police force”. My use of the general term “law enforcement tactics” or methods of operation was used to refute the claim that in a real-world scenario, there would be 60-65 armed civilians to 1 police officer. No agency at the city, state, or federal level operates in this manner. Neither does the average community have a means to communicate and assemble into such an overwhelming force.

            • When the Federal Corp. starts fighting with the Sheriff we know the time has come to stand with him. I will be there with him along with a couple thousand other county residents.

              • Already had that talk with the Sheriff…

            • I don’t know anyone who would want to be “the tip of the spear”. One raid is one thing, but again and again is a different matter. Nobody stays undefeated forever. If they started terrorizing people by executions, burning houses, etc, most people would see the nature of the beast and go from wimp to self-preservation mode quickly.

            • Well CJ and Tex, does law enforcement enforce existing gun law? Cause from where I sit “shall not be infringed” means that all gun law is unconstitutional. Perhaps you have bought into the reasonable arguement. If so you have lost. Who decides what “reasonable” is? As the current enforcers of unconstitutional law many sheriffs have made this “won’t enforce” speech like it means something. The day I see a sheriff refuse to enforce any gun law as ‘shall not be infringed” means what it says I will change my opinion about pigs. Until then you are still the thugs of the trators in office and traitors to your oaths. Where is the sheriff to arrest the congress after the blatant act of treason known as the NDAA? Where were the “good” pigs in NO after Katrina?Your oath means less than your paycheck. Just admit you have sold out like the mercenaries you are.

            • There are many good LEOs out there.

              Stay safe, CJ and,

              Semper Fi

          • I sure wish a Patriot lawyer would volunteer to file suit against this town. tie ’em up in litigation. then some Patriot folks in marketing & advertising could cover this, and make sure the citizens of this town & area know exactly what’s going on. so many, too many really, are still asleep.

        • Perhaps such action would just speed up the deaths of the police trying to do so?

        • OK, during a large-scale emergengy, the police have nothing to do other than to disarm prople. What are the chances anyone will get anything back? How many police are going to be willing to force entry into a home where somebody won’t let them in? We all know that everybody will be considered “unruly”.

          F**k ’em. Hell ain’t half full.

          • …yet there seems to be a waiting list to get in…

        • line in the sand, where?

        • This should be part of your preps
          Don’t roll into a choke point roadblock and say
          To police yes sir I have a weapon no you don’t
          They are not there to protect your rights legal or not
          You should say no sir we don’t have any weapons
          We are trying to evacuate the area
          They will most likely let you through
          You create hiding spots in your BOV
          Or your house honest people get screwed
          There not looking for your best interest
          When they take your gun cause you handed it over
          You’re screwed and your defense plan is over
          Get creative now people don’t get screwed
          And for the ones that say I will fight before give up my guns
          You won’t last very long against a superior force
          Pick battles you will win not lose
          If you have more than one gun to hide spread them out if they find one
          Not all of them in the same spot they will take the ones given up first

          • precicely,…the government lies to us daily..time we all learn to do the same right back at em.

            • keep one or two messed up old guns that you can reluctantly hand over, or “let” them find.

            • taint a lie if youre talking to gubbermint folk… 😉

          • Check You Tube to see where compliance gets you.

        • Perhaps Mayor Dollar would like to hear from some of us?

          [email protected]

          What do you bet her email address changes or stops working in a day or two?

        • The word is FIGHT and we better be prepared to against all who endanger or rights, icluding so called law enforcement

      2. If you think im unruly now….

        Try and take my firearms.

        The operative word is TRY.

        • They are all out of control, pushing the envelope and getting away with murder. Who is going to stop them?

          • Nobody! who wants to to commit suicide?

          • You know, if they would have tried to disarm us or tried confiscation of any kind about 5 or 6 years ago when most people where living it up on the good times, they might have had a good shot at doing so. Or at least talked a good many into falling for it, since everyone was so busy working and moving up the ladder, and buying so many toys.

            But now that hard times are here, it’s hard to believe anyone would be so stupid as to let anyone take their guns or even worse, give them up! The feds and local powers missed the mark this time, so now we can probably except them to play hard ball with some made up disaster to force their move, which is not going to be as easy as they think.

            • We just need to use the time given to us to prepare– not just stock up on goods, but prepare for the war they seem to be instigating.

              • Takes a lot of C rations, winter clothing and ammo to kill nazis/commies.

                Semper Fi

            • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I see a lot more “fence sitters” off the fence now, also.

            • Wouldn’t that end up having the opposite of the desired effect?

              One of the multitudinous reasons for all this gun buying is the fear of being unarmed when another “mass shooting” takes place. Certainly not the only reason, but it’s in the top five.

              They need a better consulting firm or something. You make everyone think they’re super safe and prosperous and that they don’t NEED them and that they’re ridiculous, then you slowly bleed off the ammo until they ARE ridiculous if you want to do it right…

            • The NWO has made two mistakes. First they have used American males to fight their wars of phony crony capitalism, creating an army of Patriots MILLIONS strong with military skills.

              Second, they have been soooo eager to impose their Agenda 21 upon US, and soooo aggressive about it, that they have exposed their goals and intent prematurely.

              No OPSEC on their part. 🙂

              100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hand. We are ALL Seal Team America.

              Seal Team America could eliminate the NWO Gun Grabbers overnight, and at 1000 yards. Mother Shipton predicted that DAY when Preppers would secretly stash their preps their cache in the hills.

              She also predicted that Seal Team America would hunt down the NWO. Read it for yourself at SHTF Earth Changes under Shipton.

              America will opt out of the NWO. Rome will be destroyed in an hour under God’s judgement, and Paris will be destroyed like Damascus is being destroyed now, and by the same people according to Nostradamus. Believe it or not.

              Washington’s Vision is OUR future.

              • “Seal Team America could eliminate the NWO Gun Grabbers overnight, and at 1000 yards. ”

                You’re dreaming tuff guy. While you may be able to hit at that range, that isn’t common and you know it.

                • Big Perm: New scope technology makes everyone a sniper. Just input the type of round you are using and press the button before you set your line of sight. Then apply BRASS. Its child’s play now if you can afford the scope.

                  WE are ALL Seal Team America.

                  • I dont think so.

                    The scope may compensate nicely for bullet drop but there’s MUCH more to shooting than that, including one of the hardest to deal with – windage.

                  • Check the link, originally provided by BJ, and watch the video. But 200 yards is sufficient for shoot and scoot.The point is that there are 100 million American gun owners and a small minority of NWO Conspirators.


                  • DK is right, lots of cool technology out there, but even cheap scopes help a lot. Look what our adversaries used in Viet Nam. It was junk compared to even the cheapest Trashco available today.

                • DK is not right. scope or no scope, software or not, 1000 yard shooting is not simple and its NOT common.

                  • Most shooters flinch, can’t hit shit.

                    Find an old marine who shot the 03 and M1 Garand. Have him coach you. If you keep flinching he’ll assign you to light duty with the pussies.

                    Semper Fi

                  • Thanks, I am a jarhead and I own plenty of ‘reach out and touch someone’.

                    I shot expert every year I was in (usually right around 225), including goin ‘PET’ several times. If you were really a jughead you’d agree it simply aint that easy to shoot 1000 yards.

                    Think back – what was the percentage of people in your unit that could hit a decent percentage at 500 yards? Now cut that number by 80-90% for 1000 yards.

                    You can keyboard commando all you want, but in the end you’re dreaming.

            • The Greeks had a word for it, it mean the importance of timing. The same strategy at two different times: One is wildly successful, the other total failure.

              From what I’m seeing, they are not getting the kind of grassroots momentum that they need to make this stuff stick. They have astroturf public interest groups, left wingers and utopians but the American people have heard enough lies and seen enough corruption that a good percentage of them are not buying ANYTHING the feds say…me among them.

              The biggest thing you can do psychologically right now is to be the voice of inspiration and support when people start in with the “we’ll never win” shit. Yes, we will…if they will open their eyes and turn off the propaganda. There is handfuls of people right now that are holding off the combined strength of the US military right now. You telling me 30 million armed Americans can’t do a better job on them? I don’t want to hear it.

              Be in yourself but more importantly, believe in the RIGHTNESS of what we are undertaking. We are the so-called Sons of Light. Offer the olive branch and if it is refused, give them holy hell.

              • Filigree, + 1000….I”am sick and tired of these so called Patriots,saying we can”t WIN. and we are up against all odds, and our shyte is weak! We only have to realize. these goons cannot win a shoot out with all of Us..We out number the Beast at all levels…Sure they will have success in the Beginning, because they can overwhelm the Individual, but once there is REAL Resistance, and their Numbers of Trigger Puller Fall, they the Hunters will become the Hunted..and to all those who believe. there are only Key Board Warriors, we have 25 Million Combat Trained Vets, that Have seen the Elephant, we will not Shrink or run, if they want a Fight, there will be a Fight!

                Semper Fi

              • Keep in mind that .gov is King Kong only as long as they have unlimited resources. You can bet that even though hurricane Sandy was a short-term, fairly localized event, economic repercussions were felt because of the area it affected.

            • Many good folks have bought supplies.

              “Many men have guns.”

            • Here’s another thing that has been nagging at the back of my mind.

              Has everyone noticed how the Commies who run Hollywood and TV have been cranking out all these movies and/or TV shows that depict the most frightening sort of ‘the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it’ scenarios? Jericho, which is supposed to be returning to TV. Walking Dead, Revolution, Doomsday Preppers, etc. I’m not a TV watcher and don’t have cable, but those are just a few I have been made aware of – I’m sure there are probably more shows that I don’t know about.

              So, on one hand – the Commies are working over time to scare the crap out of people by putting all these SHTF types of shows on the tube, which in turn has an effect on the thinking of the masses – many of whom decide to start making a few preparations, which have to include getting a few personal defense weapons and lots of ammo for them. But, now that these Commies have got everyone all spooked and hyped up – and thinking like a sane survivalist ought to, they start making noises like they want to take our firearms away from us?

              Something doesn’t add up, if you ask me. Why would they work so hard to scare us into getting our preps in order, and then think they would be able to talk us out of our weapons?

              It seems to me like these psychopaths who populate the sewers of Washington, D.C. are playing some very dangerous games and those games could wind up blowing up in their faces.

              It seems to me like these psychopaths who populate the sewers of Washington, D.C. are playing some very dangerous games and those games could wind up blowing up in their faces. Once a significant portion of the population have switched their brains over to the ‘survivalist’ way of thinking, any attempt to disarm those people is automatically seen as a serious threat to their survival in a SHTF/WROL situation and will be a guarantee of lethal resistance.

              It almost looks as if they’ve set this whole scenario up in order to achieve a desired objective.

              • They want to die. Simple as that. Commies everywhere, eager targets.

                Semper Fi

      3. any public official who introduces or supports such a law
        should be removed from office for malfeasance and imprisoned for violation of the Constitution

        • This is the only chance to recerse things is to vote out the traitors who attempt this. The problem is both Dems and repubs are equally corrupt.

        • But the imprisonment should only last until a rope is located

          • I wrote this late on another post. But I think it deserves some thought. In today’s world what would you consider the “Committees of Correspondence” to be? Isn’t that: Us? Second: Notice the definition of: Treason? Interesting: The founding fathers were a smart bunch: How did they know?

            • I kind of like what Michael Piper wrote awhile back– he said something about signing another Declaration of Independence and sending it to them… he was kidding, I guess, but it sort of rang a bell… be nice to reply all their bull s they’ve been spreading around lately. ; )

            • @ Paranoid. The founding fathers only had to look to the past to predict the future as history repeats itself over and over and over again. The same pattern follows itself in human nature as does in the geophysical world. This is why people are almost destined to go to war and repeat the same idiocy in the same carousel manner. Until human beings can stop the same pathway off the cliff, fall they shall, and the more advanced the weapons of war the harder the thud will be each time.

              • Wisdom.

        • Looks like Tuscaloosa already has THIS law on the books!!

          All this talk of “try and take my guns and molon labe adn NOMI….will be absolutely futile and nothing but nothces on their gun stocks for successful kills. Without unified “smart” resistance, it will never ever work!

          • BJ: “smart resistance” is Seal Team America acting upon the best interests of the nation, and at 1000 yards, or less. It will happen.

            It will start with a “Rosa Parks” moment when the NWO Gun Grabbers try to seize the guns of the wrong guy. Then it will spread farther and faster than the PTB ever expected, like a wildfire.

            Traitors will be marked for death by Patriots and Patriots will be hunted by the NWO. Read Mother Shipton.

            The Military will be divided at first, but eventually they will come together behind the People and LLE. Mark my words, that’s prophecy from valid independent sources.

            Americans will NEVER be disarmed.

            • I think DK is right that after one incidence of resistance, it will spread like a fire. Suffering through a disaster and living a truly perilous existence sharpens your mind.

              • You’ll never hear about that “one incidence of resistance” from the MSM though, we need to keep alternate means of communication open.

            • never…There are millions of us that have silently put up with this bs for many years. We have lived quietly with our families and friends while trying to tolerate the soft tyranny being shoved down our throats.

              You have crossed the final line with the treasonas attempt to take our right to bear arms.

              Not one more inch.

              I’ve got one more “bear” for you fascist sob’s…

              You shall bear the wrath of the US Citizenry…come and take it.

              We will not give up our right to bear arms so help us God.

              • I cant believe this is happening in Ala-fuckin-bama.

                • Stupid people(like this mayor) know no boundries….theyre everywhere… theyre everywhere… 🙂 even in “sweet home Alabama” and Detroit…question is in which location will the “stupid people” have their lease on life terminated sooner? 🙂

            • 1). When that “Rosa Parks” moment occurs and open hostilities exist between anti-2nd Amendment traitors and true Americans, the Treasonous Main Stream Media should be targeted at the outset repeatedly and without mercy until they change their treacherous tune.

              2). Public schools should be required to teach pro-2nd Amendment classes that include firearm responsibility through all grades. At graduation those who successfully completed this class through all grades should be issued a permanent photo ID that documents their successful completion. Simply showing this ID at any gun store should take the place of having to fill out ATF Form 4473 to purchase a firearm. Also, possessing this ID should entitle the citizen to legally carry concealed if they so desire all across America regardless of Gun Free Zone status of any location.

              3). Any politician that is not pro-2nd Amendment should be summarily voted out of office ASAP. Where someone running for office stands on the 2nd Amendment should be the salient issue deciding whether or not they will be successful in gaining office. Shame on any so called American that votes to help any anti-2nd Amendment scoundrel to be elected to public office!

              4). ATF Form 4473 should be amended to include a new question: m. Are you pro-2nd Amendment and understand the importance of this constitutionally protected right? Answering no will deny you the right to purchase a firearm. If you are an anti-2nd Amendment politician or news media hack who purchases a firearm and provably lied on question “m” then mandatory jail time with no exceptions should be the penalty.

              It is Gun Free Zones that should be banned along with anti-2nd Amendment politicians and news reporters.

              • Sorry goose but filling out a form or needing an ID is an infringement. We need to respect the law. Shall not be infringed.
                Not a little.
                Not reasonably.
                Not in times of emergency.
                Not at all.

                I see no point in fighting for the tyranny I have now.
                I am fighting for the rights we have all lost.

            • DK, on most things I agree with you but this…

              “It will start with a “Rosa Parks” moment when the NWO Gun Grabbers try to seize the guns of the wrong guy. Then it will spread farther and faster than the PTB ever expected, like a wildfire. ”

              …is where I differ. No, it won’t spread like wildfire because of mass media. That one guy who stands up for himself, even though he’s right, will be portrayed as a lunatic by mass media and the anti-gun crowd. You will never hear his side of the story, and history will continue to record these incidents as fringe. As sad as I hate to make the comparison, look what the Occupy movement accomplished – nothing. And that was millions of people around the world. Nothing accomplished. You think one guy makes the news and all of a sudden the whole country becomes angry? Nope. Know why? Because they have families and day jobs to get up and go to tomorrow.

              “It sucks for that guy and I feel bad for him, but I need to pay the mortgage. ” – said 99% of Americans.

              • Mass media is already getting its ass handed to them for not reporting the truth..MSM is slowly getting a black the time this event takes place, i think or feel their credibility with the major population will be very very low at best.

                so in some cases that could acctually help the patriot resistance.

              • Arkaden,

                You are correct, otherwise, we would not be at the point we are today. Someday, we as a society will look back and the signposts will have been so obvious. Complacency and inaction will be our great legacy.

              • Arkaden: Read Mother Shipton at SHTF Earth Changes. It will give you a new perspective.

                No one will be making mortgage payments when the Changes hit. Engage.

            • Frrrrrrrrrrttttt. Silent but deadly.

          • Hell, pass 10 of them if it makes you feel better, guys. Just remember, in spite of what you may think, you don’t have a reservation in the underground Shangra-la. Karma’s a bitch.

          • No offense but attitude is what makes the difference between those committed to a cause and those whipped into doing what they know is wrong but aren’t strong enough to resist.

            Your attitude sucks. Smart resistance doesn’t wait for smart resistance to be organized to resist. Smart resistance is the kind of resistance that is smart enough to recognize not resisting is immoral.

            Let us know how the organizing party goes. BTW Did anyone ever mention the concept of leaderless resistance to you?

      4. How we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to
        lose and had boldly set up in the
        downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers or whatever else was at hand? Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur? What if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and …the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        • Awesome quote.

          When I was in middle school, a man came and spoke to us about being stuck for years in a soviet gulag, this was before I had heard of Aleksandr Solzenitsyn. There are other accounts of the gulags out there as well.

          The people in power here are the studious progeny of the bolsheviks, they are hardened marxists, and they have every intention of doing to us, what they did to the people of Russia, in 1917.

          Speaking of soviets, and gulags, here is a link to a poster of a soviet soldier, telling people to hand over thier weapons:

          • Alexanders S’s other book the newer one is 200 yrs together. It is written in russian and for many yrs no publishers in usa would translate and publich it in english. Likely due to from what I gather of this new book it better describes and Names the true culprits and what they are etc.

            A Guy named HOFF has a website with this book 200 yrs together in English translated by some russian speaking individual, online and FREE to read!

            HOFF also has Over 100-More full books online to read Free at his website. All 100 books deals with something to due with kommies-bolsheviks-and what roles jewsih people played. Some are expose’ type books that out various lies we were told of germany in WWI and WWII and nazis etc. Most are of Kommie stuff though I think.

            Heres his website, jewise dot wordpress dot com

            Not sure if all chapters of 200 yrs together are tranlated to english as yet?.Whatever is he has it posted by chapters. And 100+ more full lenghth books Free to read.

      5. I wonder if the mayor and board are member’s of ICLIE…
        Certainly thru the back door…

        • umm…not a member…

        • If they are, they are illegally per Alabama state law. Gov. Bentley signed SB 477 in June/July? 2012 banning ICLIE/ Or anything concerning the UN’S agenda 21 plan from being implemented in our state. The UN is banned from Alabama. I don’t know what’s up with this mayor…she better be glad she’s not a few counties over to the west. We would sure let her, and that council know we won’t put up that kinda shit, period, end of story. My uncle has a vacation home there on the lake. I would love to see the day they try and take anything from him. God have mercy.

          • That being true…how come “THEY” list three cities in AL. as being members?

        • Jerrytbg, but the 3 largest cities in AL actually are ICLEI members. The City Council appears to be in the beginning stages of adopting Agenda 21. I did some searching and found their Facepuke page. People are going off on them via the newspaper’s FB page.

          Have at it if you’re on FB:

          • Sorry Zol, didn’t catch your reply right off…
            I understand, this is so insidious…they’re trying everything anyhoo anyway…
            WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
            Sorry…it just got away from me for a moment…the id that is, but not really a demon… 😉

      6. One has to wonder how and why the citizens of GUNtersville would ever choose a Bolshevik mayor in the first place. If they aren’t there in armed droves, at the next city council meeting, then they get what they deserve.

      7. You just cannot fix stupid! What is happening to America? Same shit, different day!

        • Communists never stop. That’s why society has drifted so far left over the past 50 years.

          Just wait until the Libtards take control of the Supreme Court… You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


          • By then, they will have long burned the land, and boiled the sea…

            Browncoats Forever

            • Boat Lovers, they never taught about This particular boat in public schools eh.

              In 1935 the steamer “Tel Aviv” made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. A passenger described the spectacle as a “metaphysical absurdity.”

              Actually it made perfect sense. The ship transported German Jews who had taken advantage of the “Haavara” program, which allowed them to exchange their money for its value in Germany products in Palestine. As a result, the fledgling Jewish colony received about 70,000 highly educated German Jews and 140 million Reichmarks worth of German industrial equipment. This laid the foundation of Israel’s infrastructure.

              website it is from= www dot savethemales dot ca/000482 dot html

      8. What the hell is with these people…..?!

        • Is the Supreme Court on permanent recess now or what?

          • Geritol break. Lawrence Welk is on….and my isn’t thata lovely-a tune.

          • Naw its just that they arnt really relevant anymore and they know it…people have for too long looked to the court to save them and make things right … the court really isnt the final say on whats right or even constitutional…we are…theyre on the board of directors of the corporation and wont fight too hard against it,mainly all they do is theatrics,smoke and mirrors…sure sometimes they are correct in their desisions,but often theyre way off… I wish they would get serious about being part of the checks and balances but in all reality that responsibility has fallen to us to take up our rightful places and put this criminal enterprise out of business and restore the republic.

        • Scroll thru this website page full of Links with brief explainations of the online book or article related to the link. Rare and Banned Books online.

          And Entire Historic-Documented Expose’ of the last 100 yrs of things You never were told or taught!! Much explaines How america got so screwed up with Kommies.



        • The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of military personnel and resources on American Soil.

          How’s that been workin’ out?

          Not trying to slam you personally Eisenkreuz; it’s just my opinion that we have long since passed the point where ‘working within the system’ has become anything other than mutual masturbation.

          • @Burrow Owl

            Sadly, you have it correct. When the SHTF, all rules and laws will go out the window. Hopefully you have a good group of people that will and can stand up against the criminals, I mean the police and the criminals, I mean the liberals and the other criminals.

            • Pick 7

          • Preachin’ to the choir buddy.

        • Are there any people in New Orleans challanging the confiscations in the courts?


      11. Good Lord! I live 10 mins. away from Guntersville. This completely blindsided me.

        • @ Shidty,

          “Oh Kwap, you silly wabbit, hehehe.”

      12. Don’t go out, don’t answer the door. Say hello to my little friend if they come in.

      13. Time to bring back tar and feathers.

        • And running people out of town on a rail!

        • No more tar babies.

          • Then stay out of the “Briar Patch”, young-un.

      14. Had enough yet?
        When are the good citizens going to stand up to these morons? The next city council meeting should have a few hundred citizens attend and let this clown know they have had enough of this kind of BS.

        Can anyone say recall election. Do something, anything, to let these people know your not going to put up with it. It isn’t going to stop until the folks stop it. These people are emboldened when nothing is done to stop it. Next thing you know, they’ll want to tell you what size cold drink you can legally drink…..

        • Many states are standing up to ‘these’ people.
          Also, 50+ gun manufacturers are standing up to ‘these’ people.
          Hundreds of sheriffs in states are standing up to ‘these’ people.

      15. o well.

      16. What was the resistance level in N.O, after Katrina? There was no resistance thats what will happen community to community thats why they do it. nobody wants to try to fight 6-8 soldiers with guns. It’s just amazing to me this country has gone this direction.They may encounter small squirmeshes here aand there but for the most part they will capture guns without too much resistance.

        • Don’t bet your life on it.

        • StopItNow.

          You are a defeatist. You already gave up. Move on.
          Nothing for you here.

          • Im just saying they took the guns, noresitance! nothing its done with and they had success, Now they wnat to use storms as a reason to doit again?

        • you want to know happened after katrina ,HEY ! you cant do that ,yea well we did , what are you going to do about it ,nothing thats what i thought ,thats there attitude ,where’s the out rage ,where’s the arrest for violating the law of the land ,nowhere its just a little blip in the foot note’s ,my grandpa always told me the best way to handle a unruly dog is to place a small pc. of lead behind his ear , it was the only thing that would get his attention

        • @ StopItNow,

          1) Place hands firmly on shoulders,

          2) Grip tightly,

          3) LEVER backwards,

          4) EXTRACT HEAD from ASS

          This works 97% of the time for people with this problem.

          Afterwards BLOW nose HARD,, ‘Stuff’ gets in dem sinuses and causes problems if you don’t CLEAR them 🙂

          No Need for thanks here, I LIKE to help People! 😉

          • Whatever Im not a lib but my point is already validated. The NewOrleans confiscations took place, there was no resistance,there was no legal splashback it was a successful confiscation on U.S. soil with little to no challenge.

            • Stopitnow,

              As much as hate to admit it your right.. Wanna know how they got away with it? It was done before anybody in the country knew about it..By media blackout till it was over.
              The problem with that now is everybody knows they are coming after our guns.. Don’t belive me? Go hang out at the shooting range or the sporting good stores and just listen to folks..
              If you got really big balls tell those same people they should give up their guns.


              • Im no anti gun at all! I think we are screwed that we have people in charge with anti american beleifs. If you want to fight you do need to fight the media they work hand with hand with this anti american agenda. they have false pols telling people that this is what they want and then they do it.

            • BUT THAT IS THE POINT, STOPIT… WE SAW THEM TAKE AWAY THOSE PEOPLES’ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH GUNS IN THEIR OWN HOMES and we SAW Obama sign the NDAA bill, and we saw what happened after 9-11 and we saw them give trillions to banks and are now about to hand over to us the bill… we SAW all this shit… and we are MAD!

        • If you watched in NO they left compounds and groups alone and only bothered lone stragglers. Just like hyenas they took the weak and left them weaker, but cowered away from fenced compounds, and groups of armed citizens who were handling their buisness.

        • I’m afraid Stop it now is correct….to a point. I mean look at all these freaking gun buy back programs. There’s only one that I’ve heard of that the people got one over on the gun grabbers. A LOT of people will turn in their guns with out a peep. Not most, just a lot. I do know that I will NOT be one of them. They can’t, they will not have mine.

          • I’m actually waiting for one of these in my area, I have several junk guns I bought for $25 to $50, I’d love a $200 check for each one to go buy more ammo for my good guns!

      17. Folks have had a long time to come to terms with the wantonly illegal and unconstitutional gun confiscations which took place during Post Katrina in New Orleans. I predict the next such event (and there will definitely be another event) will not be nearly so ‘peaceful’.

        People have come to understand that law enforcement is no longer an honorable profession run by honorable and trustworthy people. Simply put, they are enforcers of political violence against the population.

        Respecting the law and being fearful of the law are two diametrically opposite virtues. Police don’t seem to care whether we fear or respect the law as long as our compliance can be obtained using any means necessary. That is no way for a civilized Republic to exist. Just my opinion.

        • That is what is suprising to me is that there seems to be no Patriots in position of power to stand up and challenge . All of them seem to sellout to their sponsor.

          • StopItNow,

            They are indoctrinated long before they get anywhere close to the real centers of power. The political process is centered around a corrupt mechanism that ensures voters are given a choice between Socialist Progressive candidates (A) (B) or (C).

            I’m afraid there are no more political solutions available to rectify this problem. It will simply have to play itself out for better or worse.

            • Agreed

      18. whoever came up with that hilarous idea surely is not living on this planet. mr. mayor you are a bonified weirdo.

      19. This is quite unusual from a demographic perspective. The population is bit under 8200 and the area around it is rural.

        I suspect that the mayor is very anti gun and is attempting to piggy back some bad gun press with present Federal Firearms proposals.

        The mayor needs to be voted out and a new pro Second Amendment Administration voted in. Considering the demographics (look it up) it shouldn’t be too difficult to get. Better yet propose a law that in time of crisis the mayor may call forward the legal gun owning population to assist in providing security.

        Do any of these elected officials read the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

        • Nice thoughts, but look around you. Ballots are quickly becoming a thing of the past…

          • It’s doubtful that there is some plot to put this nit wit in office in a town of 8200 for this purpose. She is a bad choice and this move is political grandstanding on her part to further her agenda nothing more. I would be surprised if something like this passed in such a demographic.

        • F**k voting him out. Just kick his ass out of his office. There is some POS in some town (I think in Cali) refusing to leave after losing an election. If we voted out every person in the house of representatives in 2014, they wouldn’t leave unless MADE to leave.

          • that could be arranged.

      20. The very reason that this lunacy keeps surfacing is because WE LET IT GO ON! The idiots we elect forget the most important thing; THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS!! We allowed the government to get so big that now they want to take on the citizens. WE let them wipe their asses with the Constitution. WE have let them turn this country into a police state. WE have let the fed spend us into oblivian. WE have not acted and we have no one to blame but ourselves. I saw a shirt at a gun show that said “The Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now”. Until we decide to take it back, it belongs to them and we get to peck shit with the chickens and hope for a little benevolence from our rulers. There is only one way out and we all know what it is. The big question is who will stand when the time comes? Whose life is worth more than the shambles of a coutry we are passing down to our children? I have my mind ready. What say you?

        • “We” are not to blame. The current trend started before anyone here was born. The WW2 generation had the power to stop what was coming. A few brave souls of that generation did stand up, and try to warn people, but they were silenced, even killed. The rest chose to sit back, question nothing, say nothing, and ostracize anyone who did.

          Even 20 years ago, when it became evident that this was coming, those of us who did stand up, were silenced. Those of you out there who think what is coming is just an accident of greed, and/or stupidity, are fooling yourselves. What you see happening today is the final stage of the takedown of America. This has been in the works a very long time. “We” did not allow this to occur.

          But, it is this generation, here and now, that will either stand up, and reaffirm thier liberty, or, they will stand down, and kneel in slavery. If they choose to kneel, liberty will never rise again, and America will be destroyed.

          • I’ll agree that there were a lot of people before us who stood down but like you said, this generation has a choice to make, and a big one too. Do we get our country back or hand down this huge dented can to our kids and pretend not to notice what happened? People are gearing up for a fight from where I am looking, but I don’t know about other areas of the country. I agree with you JustMe, if we don’t take it back, its gone forever and how could we live with that?

            • there’s a big divide– several states against the constitution and many other states willing to die for it… just find a tribe.

      21. What the hell did they put in the drinking water over in Alabama? “Only if Necessary”? By who’s standards? That Lady Mayor must be a, “Deep Mole Closet Yankee”. A Northern Bloomberg Sympathizer for sure. Next thing you know the south will have ToFu farms all over tarnation.
        Bitch has a whole police force at her beck and call.

      22. I lived it in Katrinia, Didn’t get the pistol back either,after being told by the officer that remembers finding the weapon in the building they were searching that they turned it into central headquarters,when calling into central I was told they didn’t have it. Made a call too ATF and after about a month they told me they couldn’t Locate it. Also 7+ years later I’m still waiting for them to show up so I could make a report of a missing gun.
        What a bunch of crap,They do what they want when they want, don’t get me wrong I came across a Bunch of great policeman during this crisis But it seemed that the ones from out of town came to kick some ass for practice.

        • I think I would follow up on that “in person” on that “report of a missing gun”.

          • Wheres the outrage? People of N.O. should be using the legal sytem to challenge what happened. Why and how can they justify the loss of 2nd admendment rights in the midst of tradjedy. Its one of the ocaissions you want protection.If you want your voice heard that would have been the time!If your not willing to do that much for your rights your really not willing to do anything!

        • Rhino;
          It would’nt surprise me in the least if your pistol now
          resides in a gun collection at the home of the officer
          that “found” it. Never made it to central…..

          • That or took it back home to sell it to one of the city hampsters. Probably used the money to take his boyfriend to dinner.

          • We had the NG steal alot of guns here 25 years agoafter serious tornados went through…neighbor lost his collection including a nice 1873 Winchester to them…tried to get it back but didnt some years ago I was told it turned up hanging on the wall in the Commanders office…we did get to have some fun with their checkpoints and officers…even gave the sheriff at that time alot of grief…never trust the govt!

        • They succeeded in N.O. beacuse they encountered no resistance. They are tough guys as long as nobody fights back and allows .gov to dictate the time and place of every engagement. Solzenitsyn was right. They think it will always be completely one-sided.

        • that pistol should have been “lost” before they ever came lookin for it…catch my drift?

          im talking years before that should have never been in a place they could search, or let alone find it..

          the cop that “found” it has it..he doesnt own it, he has it.
          why? because he needs an unregistered gun in his collection, because he knows whats on its way

      23. Peace: This question already has the perfect answer. It cost a lot to get it but it still works: Molon Labe. It has been said a lot of ways by a lot of good people, But it all means the same; NO! Past here you shall not go while I live. NOMI

      24. The arrogance of these pinko commie bastards! They look you right in the eye, smile that condescending smile and say crap like “We have No intention of violating anybody’s rights.”
        You lying, ignorant bitch! You globalist, tyrant scum! You and the rest of those freedom-hating dogs , from the city hall to the white house, had better know this:


        • Now who do you sound like?

          Now what is this CATIMF, old man?

          • I don’t know for sure, but a hunch I have is that it stands for “come and take it mother fucker”????

          • That’s okie’s alter ego. From what I hear, he’s a real internet badass! Fortunately, he usually calms down (or sobers up) in a day or two.

            pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

        • dear mrs.okie, please have the following available when smokin’ gets home:

          1)ribeye, baked potato, apple pie and blue bell ice cream
          2) crown and coke
          3) clean sheets and a new bottle of massage oil

          while we recognize budgets are tight with all the preppin going on, i’m sure most of us here would gladly pitch in to help you get smokin calmed back down. this site needs him only slightly less than you do!

          • Just forwarded this to her! She’s laughing so hard she can’t breathe!!

        • I would like to see ’em try this in Kennesaw, GA. HA!!

          • The town where it’s the law that everyone has to have a gun in the home? I wish I lived there….


      25. I would ask the fine people of Alabama to rise to the occasion and show them just how “those Southern Boys” like to play with their guns.
        Not one more inch

        • The citizens of that area should challenge the law call the mayor out and vote him out. Im really stunned NY can tolerate Bloomberg and Cuomo. How they can sell their communist intentions to the millions is insane!They are so blatent and the people cheer and vote them in.

          • That’s ’cause nyer’s are commie pussies.

      26. I’m getting really tired of this tyranny shit! Lets get it on already so we can “reset”! I want a future for our children, not slavery! We want our guns because we love our freedom and we want to pass that freedom on to the nest generation! Restore the anger! Live free or die! Our kids’ hope and future are in the balance!

      27. What will be the final straw??

        I wonder where all of these anti-American Constitutional people come from? Is there an idiot factory pumping out all of these waste of a human beings somewhere?

        We need a bill that will throw anyone out of this country if they try to go against the Constitution of the United States.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • The factory pumping out the idiotic anti constitutional morons is called “The Public School System” or The American Education System since I consider colleges in this category as well

        • That the movement that needs to take place now!! The politicians should have to swear to an oath before they run for office and can be prosocuted for violations while in office. they have to control funding so the Bloombergs cant keep buying these seats of power

        • soapdish,

          These anti-American anti-Constitutional maggots live in a deluded, self reinforcing, altruistic, socialist inspired utopia. It is the most dangerous and seductive form of indoctrination that exists because they are invested in their own brainwashing. They defend it as one would defend a fanatical religion. They own it, and will defend it to the end. Rational people need not apply to this cult called Progressivism.

          It is the antithesis of what Ayn Rand strenuously and unsuccessfully warned us about in her novels, especially Atlas Shrugged.

          Socialist Progressives have turned American minds into useless mush through a combination of pharmaceuticals, propaganda, police state, and political violence. The takeover occurred slowly over the span of the last 100 years, but it’s end game effects are now in full view for all to see.

          Americans have become nothing but highly impressionable robotic production units for the Progressive movement. Those of us who are apparently immune to the relentless indoctrination find ourselves in a shrinking minority with no political solutions left to fix the damage.

          Only a total collapse of the welfare state controlled economy will begin the corrective process. If Ayn Rand’s predictions are accurate, and so far they have been nearly 100% accurate, conditions will get much worse before we can see any improvement.

        • soapdish…Where did these people come from?

          Most are those who just can’t make it on their own. They think they have all the knowledge, answers and great ideas but just don’t have the balls to see it through…they are the weak of our society, the failures.

          They are scooped up by someone with a handful of taxpayer money or the promise of a cushy life at the expense of that damn rich guy. These losers are everywhere.

          They must have a collective group to hide with believing that there is only strength in numbers…there is only strength in numbers if everyone who is already independant chooses to band together.

          These marxist trash hide behind each other hoping that the other (or gubt) will do the dirty work for them. None of them have any intention of truly supporting one another. That is why the bus will grind all of them up.

          They are no benefit to the earth or humanity…their day is coming.

      28. Damn! And I was just about to calm down, too.
        Looks like today is one of those days. Only hope for me now is a 6 hour Gilligans Island marathon on the dvd player.

        • Smokin,
          Watch this satire video of the LAPD singing “We didn’t start the Fire”. It will make you ROTFL. –

          “YouTube will probably ban this video very quickly, as they habitually censor free speech that criticizes government (while gladly tolerating videos that erode the moral compass of society).”

          So here is a link to the originator.

          • Thanks Kindle. I watched it, loved the intro!

      29. Time to move from that city, maybe that state.

        • When you have to move from rural Northern Alabama to escape Marxists, it is already at the point where there is nowhere left to go.

          Looked at buying there back a few years before the Crash. They have a nice lake/marina. A Baptist church every few miles. The soil is poor and the roads are narrow, winding and on grade. It is hardly a place for elitists.

          What happened?

          • Elitists are looking for a place where we won’t expect to find elitists—where else would they hide?

        • No–wrong…time to get that mayor removed from that position, and then removed from that state.
          I bet generations of Alabamans would agree.
          More than likely, with her liberal, communist, fascist view, they were there first.

        • Light one out of california light the fuse of liberty.

      30. They are blowing smoke. (SECOND AMENDMENT)

        “All politics are local” somebody said it, not me

        Pay attention to your local government. Do one more thing.

        Stay Brave

      31. When they come, and they will come. Your rights are already gone, you just don’t know it. You will have to decide whether or not to fire upon the 20 at your door or surrender your firearms peaceably and be left unprotected to the same criminals that the criminals in washington are empowering with their criminalization by decree methods and craptastic law enactment that will do nothing to combat crime by firearm.

      32. Want to know exactly how a person feels about any subject? Get them drunk. I mean fall down, knee knocking drunk and it is better than sodium penathol. These people want to tell you they are better than you and will never tell you when they are sober.

        Wonder what Joe Biden would say at a kegger and shine party?

        • “Sodium Pentothal”

          • It is sodium penathol. We drink beer and shine and that’s how we pronounce it afterwards..

            • Ezactly right, slingshot!
              Sodium plenathol. Soapium penathol. Slonium pennythol. Pennyum slonathol. After a few sips it’s all the same.
              Might as well be a box of monkeys!! 🙂

              • Truf seerim.

                • How about a sign on the door, “First one in DIES!”?

              • Box of monkeys? Leave congress out of this!

              • thanks for the laugh!

              • SmokinOkie – Now my keyboard is dripping with coffee, seems like a lot of that going on here today!!!

      33. Imagine an all black congress and pres that wants to disarm everyone….you know what’s next.

      34. We need to watch carefully what happens in these videos and other videos of police brutality so that we don’t allow this shit to happen again… we need to LEARN what to do and not to do beforehand… and never, never trust them. That’s the mistake these people made (and vets who’ve had their rights tramples on): DON’T TRUST THEM! They do not respect us or our Constitutional rights so don’t respect or trust them. Just plan and act with stealth.

      35. Our state law prohibits cities from passing gun laws more restrictive than the states liberal laws and a new law is being proposed to specifically prevent the feds from confiscation within our borders as well.

      36. Is anyone shocked by this? Really ? This is the new normal isn’t it?

        Shut up, gimmie yer guns, pay yer taxes, vote for the blue or the red tie and repeat after me

        ” I’m an American I am free, I’m an American I am free”

        may as well do a Dorothy and start clickin your heels together “theres no place like home”

        This entire nation has Stokholm Syndrome.

        • “Let them march all they want,so long as they pay their taxes.” Alexander Haig

      37. Probably a lot more cities, towns, villages thinking about this crap. When these unconstitutional ordinances don’t pass, the pro gun people will think they’ve won. DO NOT THINK LIKE THAT PEOPLE!! Martial law or some emergency ordinance can be enacted in a split second. Then, here they come.

        I’ve always said I hope we see them at the neighbors before they get to us, otherwise it’s gonna be ugly. Communication is key. We need to know that this is going on and where they are.
        molon labe

      38. Audemus jura nostra defendere!

      39. Wait since when do officers have authority to protect themselves?

        They have authority to protect the public…

        Last I checked their authority to protect themselves is a cut down version of a standard citizen’s authority to protect himself. As in, drastically curtailed version…

      40. This sh*t just gets worse by the day. I swear I’m gonna die from a stroke or heart attack! Need to calm down and pray. I guess I’ll just sit quietly on my porch wearing my MOLON LABE hat and Don’t Tread on Me t-shirt with my AR on my lap and the Bible in my hand. And see what comes next.

        • My sentiments exactly. Somedays I think my head is going to explode.

          • KK, I meditate daily and about every other day, go out walking/exercise. These are very dark times–great stress for everyone, almost, I imagine. Please take good care of yourself–exercise, exercise, exercise! And pray a lot!

        • jUST BE SURE TO SIT ON THE back STEPS! iN DELAWARE, a vet who had just served 2 terms in the Iraqi war was sitting oh his front steps and suddenly a bunch of black garbed cops (protective gear) pulled out tazers and started shooting him… killed him. they said they suspected him of selling marijuana… yeah, right! all he had in his pocket was a pocket knife. Or better still, hide in the woods.

      41. I supposed we will have to wait and see what happens when they try to take all of the guns. I suspect there will be a lot of officers not going home. Hopefully after a few hundred die trying, they will find it hard to get anyone to enforce the law.

        • @JAS

          Sadly, probably the same thing that happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. Nothing. The criminals, I mean police and feds came, they took firearms and no one resisted. They either lied about having firearms or had them well hidden from the criminals, damn it, I mean policy.

        • it will be federal officers decked out in military gear adn in armored vehicles and tanks. There body armor will be the best and their guns will be fully automatic…they also have other toys that are not lethal that will put you down unless you have super duper hearing protection…..oh and dont forget the drones in the sky at 20,000 feet that WILL be armed to the teeth that no amount of armor can defend against

          • Retribution will become their fear. They will be unable to sleep just like us.

        • They will probably bring in backup from elsewhere, something else they learned from the soviets. Lot’s of Chinese troops, trained to fight, and nothing to do…

        • But you are not in large groups, They will come 10 or 20 to a single house and there is nothing you will do because it would jeopardize your family. When they come to take your guns, you will give them up just like Australians did.
          All this macho talk is nothing but BS. Just get you and your family used to the idea of living under socialism. You will be much happier.

          • Am I not vindicated? See what I have written before.

            Go get them Jimb.

          • If our forefathers thought the way you think we would be living in the USSR. Some things are worth dying for. Get out and go live in Australia!

            • I now that, what I am saying is we have no one like our forefathers. We have a bunch of tough talking armchair Generals that when the time comes, will go OK, you can have them, can I stay in my home please.

              • @ Jimb. Sorry. I get all riled up. But you still have to pick up a rifle and draw a line in the sand to keep your freedom. NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • @Chimp

            You girls have already lost. You two should have been drown with the rest of that litter in the gunnie sack!! If you don’t think we will fight to the death to protect our family,homes and country just watch and learn.

            Wouldn’t want you in my county.



      42. I don’t understand why a small time mayor even gets involved in this issue. Cities have been and still are unable to respond to basic needs during a crisis. Look at any city that has suffered a crisis. The resulting chaos has taken over every time. Officials are at best poorly organized and regardless of anyone’s beliefs about guns, officials should be doing real planning on basic needs. This mayor is wasting time on an issue that is going to be of low interest when people are dying of exposure, disease, and injuries. I have a rhetorical question, why not learn forlorn continuous mistakes? Instead of planning for the impossible why not plan for the probable? Even if everyone handed over all their guns willingly, how long would it take to accomplish this? Never mind considering the numerous people who wouldn’t give up without a fight. Are they planning to step over sick and injured people to have a shoot out with numerous gun owners? I am sorry, I don’t usually curse but some what has got to say….what the fuck.

        • Well, Rory, there must have been a lot of married pilgrims down there ’cause they didn’t stick around to see what happened next.

      43. Good evening, PP, good to hear from you. Hope you and yours are doing well. YH, everything you said in #1201114 is spot on, especially about LE. I’ve had relatives in LE who have told me point-blank, “Never trust cops!” Straight from the horse’s mouth. Now that speaks volumes! There had better be at least thousands of gun owners going to city hall in that town and tell the mayor and police chief point-blank, “BACK OFF! FORGET ABOUT GUN CONFISCATION IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!” When Obama and the gun grabbers started spewing their crap right after Election Day, they started something I know they never counted on. Let them bring it on if they’re still stupid enough to try it. Even before the latest surge in gun sales, we already had the “authorities” outnumbered and outgunned. Even if/when they call for “UN peacekeepers” for backup, they can still be defeated. I have to say it again: IF YOU FORCE YOUR WAY INTO MY HOME FOR ANY REASON, REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WEAR, WHAT YOU BELIEVE, YOU WILL DIE! I’M NOT GIVING UP SHIT! NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT HAVE! NOMI CATIMF LFOD Braveheart

        • UN peacekeepers are a joke. They won’t even patrol areas they KNOW to be largely unarmed.

        • @ braveheart. Every last American, even those imbecile anti self defense screwballs, cannot ever accept any un troops on U.S. soil enforcing anything. A foreign army acting like police or national guard is either an enemy military that is attacking the country or an enemy military that has conquered the country. Either case it does matter, that is what a well armed citizen militia is for. Take no prisoners when anyone sees un troops telling you what to do like some cop.

          I have said this before, the un is one the most useless organizations on the planet. The un has failed at everything. Americans law enforcement is one thing that could be a real problem, but un law enforcement is war.

          • No, they are actually very good at raping helpless women in remote villages.

        • They’ll fire bomb you first so have a fall back position.

      44. Good luck with taking my weapons ladies and gents…I’ve got just what the doctor ordered.

      45. Fuck You…

      46. I hear the thunder,a storm is coming…….Porch Dog Revival band

      47. This is just part of a article, fine it in its entirety at

        “Yeah, but what does that Three Percent thing MEAN?”

        The muzzles of three million rifles: A more complete explication of the Three Percent and what our existence means to the rest of the population, the Founders’ Republic and all our futures.

        By Mike Vanderboegh

        I hope this has given y’all a better idea of what the Three Percent is, and what it isn’t. What it boils down to is this: the Three Percent are the folks the Founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it.

        And we will.

        There will be no more free Waco’s and no more free Katrina’s.
        For we are the Three Percent.
        We will not disarm.
        You cannot convince us.
        You cannot intimidate us.
        You can try to kill us, if you think you can.
        But remember, we’ll shoot back.
        We are not going away.
        We are not backing up another inch.
        And there are THREE MILLION OF US.
        Your move, Mr. Wannabe Tyrant.

        Your move.

        • 9 million, by my math!

      48. The new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during an extreme weather event such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.

        If the PTB even think this will fly, then they have no idea of UNRULY. Just the thought trying to take my weapons will automatically start and automatic response. If you catch my drift.


        BDBDMF-(Brain Dead, Broke Dic_, Mother F___ker)

        • Well…to be correct…it will trigger a “semi-automatic” response.

      49. Remember that article about the person that died with all that gold in Nevada? Well once again the government has its hands in the pockets of the dead trying to squeeze out every last bit of money it can in taxes and other money “owed” in some form. Atypical that those taxes are a lot more than anyone realized, of course. Another example of a city and state getting as much of someone’s lifeline in life and death. Won’t work too well trying to take people’s firearms after a true SHTF event though.

      50. If you guys can afford it, find something to “throw them a bone” so to speak. This is what I plan to do. They can take this or that, “Yes sir, here you go”. After this they better watch their back. We need to live to fight a unified fight. These door to doors will only be the beginning of the long fight. I don’t plan on going down like Scarface or Jeronimo. That would be last resort. I have yet to actually see a gov official physically try confiscation. I do believe it will signal code red among all of us “Don’t fuck with me” types when it actually takes place. Then we plan and seriously organize.

        • Gonetoolong,
          one of the better posts I have seen on this subject!

        • @ Gonetoolong:

          Glad you brought up that point!
          I’ve urged friends and family to take their worthless
          “junk” guns (Buy some real cheap if they needed to)
          and turn them in when there was a “police buyback
          program” they could get to.

          When the hooligans come knocking on their doors they
          would have an official police dept. bill of sale that
          was proof their guns, in fact, have been sold.

          • My plan exactly!!!

        • Gonetoolong. YEP!!! my plan!!!.If required. I hand them an old single barrel 12 guage with 20 guage shells. and say!!!it’s broken.them red things do not fit in there right.

      51. @ Everybody. Ever played pinball? I sure have.

        To those unfamiliar with the solar system, the asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter. That comet slams into one or more of those large asteroids instead of Mars, and you are going to have an awful lot of vastly different trajectories of many of the regular asteroids on top of the thousands or tens of thusands of new ‘rocks’ that are going to be cascading around the solar system after such an impact. Can anyone say Earth style pinball. 🙁

      52. sniper team south ready!

      53. great article over on ZeroHedge
        off topic
        but of interest

        this time things will be different
        really they will

        we don’t have hyperinflation of prices in this country yet
        but I can easily name a number of food products that have went up
        by 50-100% just in the last 2-3 years

      54. I would like to know why this employment opportunity is listed on the GOARMY site…..these tasks traditionally are for Military Police, but now this is a separate “job”….I find the “counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program” to be particularly disturbing….

        Be well, Be aware, Be prepared
        God Bless US All

        Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E)
        Enlisted Officer Active Duty Army Reserve Open to Women Entry Level
        Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.

        Job Duties
        Supervision of confinement and detention operations

        External security to facilities

        Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program

        Records of prisoners/internees and their programs
        Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you.

        Job training for an internment/resettlement specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and in the field.

        Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

        Military laws and jurisdictions

        Self-defense and use of firearms

        Interpersonal communications skills

        Search/restraint and custody/control procedures
        Helpful Skills
        Interest in law enforcement

        Physically and mentally fit

        Ability to make quick decisions

        Remain calm under heavy duress
        Required ASVAB Score(s)
        Skilled Technical (ST) : 95
        Learn more about the ASVAB and see what jobs you could qualify for.

        Total compensation includes housing, medical, food, special pay, and vacation time. Learn more about total compensation.

        Education Benefits
        In the Army, qualified students can earn full-tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses. Learn more about education benefits.

        Future Civilian Careers
        The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career with federal, state and local law enforcement.

        Related Jobs Military Police (31B)Military police protect the lives and property on Army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations. They also control traffic, prevent crime and respond to all emergencies.

        Active/Reserve: Both
        Officer/Enlisted: Enlisted
        Restrictions: None
        Criminal Investigations Special Agent (31D)Criminal investigations special agents are primarily responsible for investigating any criminal allegations/offenses related to the Army. They handle felony-level crimes that involve Army property and Army personnel.

        Active/Reserve: Both
        Officer/Enlisted: Enlisted
        Restrictions: None

        • Evening FOB,

          This is a specialization within the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) classification. Both from WHERE you located this and the required ASVAB (Armed Servies Voactional Aptitude Battery) requirements this is strictly a Military vocation, MP’s are also a 31 series but a different suffix (A, B, C….)

          Hope that clarify’s things…Don’t stop digging though, you never know WHEN you’ll find something these idgit’s would taher NOT have us know…


          • Howdy JOG
            Thanks for the info and encouragement….I am currently researching and uncovering some very interesting and disturbing facts….will keep all posted



        • FOB:
          Good answer for the arrogant sheep who scream that the FEMA camps are just tin-fiol hat stuff. I guess these job postings are made just to find something for bored enlisted people to do.

      55. the implications of this kind of law are mind boggling. Now whatever the relationship the police have with public is destroyed, they are the nazis. They cannot be trusted even when they are needed most. Some needing help will not call them and they should know that this is a breach of trust. They are PUBLIC SERVIANTS or should be. She should be shot.

        • cptden

          You know where they stand. Confrontation would be inevitable.

          • Head on confrontation would result in a shortened lifespan. After a few of these raids, they wold have to fear the guns they DIDN’T find.

      56. Okay–this city has confiscated guns from legal gunowners.
        Duh—what about the next city?? and the next??
        and the next??
        They are unarmed and ripe for takeover from…..??
        Uh, did I read protection from foreign and domestic violence somewhere lately??
        Hmmm.. isn’t this mayor opening a can of worms for other hostile counties and states??
        Hey, Guntersville is unarmed; let’s go steal gas, groceries, blings, motorcycles, rob banks even—freebies–not enough law to cover EVERY house and business!!

      57. found some great books to read: Kenny Ausubel, author, etc. has a bunch of books…”Dreaming the Future”– tells about surviving the chaos that’s on our doorsteps. Matt Stein, author of “When Technology Fails”. Excerpts of his book is found in Mother Earth magazine– can read online. Also, author of “The Perfect Storm–6 Trends Converging on Collapse”, etc. Also, talks about survivors of catastrophic situations versus those who don’t survive…

        Kenny Ausubel is also author of books on natural healing, co-founder of “Seeds of Change” (organic, heirloom seeds), author of “When Healing Becomes a Crime” (natural healing being shouted down by the “Medical Establishment”)

      58. Glad I am looking for some real estate on Pluto. Will you guys let me know how you are doing via Ham Radio. Just go to the Quasar signals.

        Earth has zero sanity. Earth makes zero sense. What is wrong with everyone, especially the so-called Leaders?

        I am not sure if 90% of Americans will understand what has happened when that Day happens….They will probably call Dr Phil!

        • “I got this scar on my head from a bar-fight.”- Dr. Phil

          • Nope wrong quote. I believe it is “I’ve got a forehead on my scar in a bar fight”. Dr Phil, although a complete badass and well k own tough mutherfucker has a forehead that rivals a porpoise.

          • Is it hotter in the summer or the city?

      59. Resistance is feudal!

      60. The worst part is instead of making first responders safer, now they will be viewed as a threat that must be dealt with just as any other ! Now she has made first responders into targets that are attacking to steal guns, from my cold dead fingers!

      61. FOB, that description you gave sounds like “re-education” to me. Plus, that position has been advertised since 2010. With defense being cut over the next decade, looks like everything will be “outsourced” to “UN peacekeepers”? Possee, good to hear from you and how’ve you been? Plus, everything you said is spot on. Slingshot and Clint, I agree some gun owners have a defeatist attitude and will give up their weapons; they’ll definitely sign their own death warrants with that move. Clint, it’s a damn good question how many gun owners will take a stand and are willing to pull the trigger. In the American Revolution, only 3% took up arms against the British initially, but as time went by, more and more people joined in the fight. If only 10% of gun owners take up arms initially, more will join the cause. For the cowards willing to surrender, sell me your guns and ammo and I’ll put them to damned good use. BI, like you, I’m optimistic that the NWO can be defeated, but it’s going to require a significant number of gun owners all over this nation to stand up, say no to tyranny, and be willing to pull the trigger. I made my decision on the day I saw Mt. Carmel on fire at Waco. I fully expected TSHTF during Slick Willie’s time in the White House. I was prepped even then and during Y2K. Anyone forces their way into my home, they will be history! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      62. Paul Joseph Watson only gave you half of the truth and intentionally missed a lot of important facts. “AN ORDER OUT OF CHAOS” 🙁 was exactly what it was for, because “NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS.” 🙁

        Prez Bush sent in National Guard troops, and he also ordered the New Orleans Police to come in to take care the mess, but they were shot by several “SNIPERS.” Also a lot of people in the country and around the world volunteered to go to help the New Orleans’ citizens during the Katrina crisis.


        Due to the snipers, all officers refused to go in, so that was the reason someone advised the government to confiscate guns, by going house to house.

        You can bet that during the next crisis, the same thing will happen again. Don’t expect the media and propagandists to tell you their REAL AGENDA, they never have and they never will.


        In ALL CRISES, including wars, revolutions and civil wars (Vietnam War), as we’ve seen they use a lot of snipers.

        Snipers are very effective, even during the Greece Crises, Syria, Libya, etc.

      63. TX Ranger, I like your slogan BDBDMF; I’ll remember that one. Gonetoolong, I’m with you except for “throwing tham a bone”. Only thing they’ll get from me is “precious metal” aka “hot lead”. Braveheart

        • Hey Eisen, That’s plain Vanilla. Give all of us ‘old bastards’ some new discovery like Eluveitie. Thousandfold (and the lyrics) would be appropriate. And when you figure out Gaulish, we’ll talk — but only after you divulge the Spectral Guise.

      64. Just read this on a local news site. However, it seems like her proposal is a bit more far reaching.

        “Alabama law already gives every police officer and deputy in the state this exact same authority during an emergency. It’s actually been law since 1955.

        The Code of Alabama, 31-9-10, Section C 2 reads as follows: “A law enforcement officer who is acting in the lawful discharge of the officer’s official duties may disarm an individual if the officer reasonably believes that it is immediately necessary for the protection of the officer or another individual. The officer shall return the firearm to the individual before discharging that individual unless the officer arrests that individual for engaging in criminal activity or seizes the firearm as evidence pursuant to an investigation for the commission of a crime or, at the discretion of the officer, the individual poses a threat to himself or herself or to others.””

      65. Way too much stress today. So how about a dog story?

        Measley was the best dog we ever had. He was a mixed breed. Probably Mogrel crossed with Heinz57. And he looked it. He came wandering up to the farm one day back when the kids were still in high school. He looked skinny and hungry. And kind of like he was running from an outstanding warrant or something. He just had that look. Our youngest son fed him, so of course he stuck around.
        That first day, when I came home from work, I took one look at him and said, “Where’d that measley dog come from?” The name sort of stuck with him. And he was every bit his name. He looked like he was dressed in a splotchy grey jacket that had been used for catching oil drips. Then used to scrub mud off of something. And that was when he was clean, which he usually wasn’t. He wasn’t just ugly, he had taken the term to new heights. (or is it lows?)
        But what he lacked in appearance, he made up for in intelligence. And not typical dog intelligence. More like ‘street smarts.’ He was…. savvy! If he’d been a human, he would most likely be that 15 yr old Puerto Rican kid who knows every cop, every con game, every mean street in the roughest neighborhood. And how to find them, or avoid them, depending on which was in his best interest at the time.
        If he’d been human, he would certainly have had a rap sheet. Probably a long one. And lots more experiences which had been expunged than actually showed up. Yessiree, this pooch definitely had a past!
        He was tough. But he was smart, too. He wouldn’t fight unless there was something in it for him. Food, territory or girl dogs usually. If it was simply pride or reputation, he’d walk away. He had no pride or reputation worth it, so why bother?
        Still, he wouldn’t run, just walk. He never ran form any dog that I’m aware of, but he would casually back up, letting the other dog know that he was conceeding, but not scared. Kinda reminded me of John Wayne, backing out of a saloon while pointing his six-shooter at the bad guys. ‘I’ll give you the territory, but don’t be stupid enough to come after me.’
        Measley had plenty of faults and, if you looked hard enough, probably some good traits as well. But he had only one personal rule for himself. That was ‘I’m lookin out for number one.’ And he was so crafty about it.
        If he was tired (maybe lazy is a better word) and didn’t want to go chase rabbits with one of the boys, he’d feign a sore paw. Then, as soon as they were out of sight, he’d miraculously heal and start trotting fine on all fours.
        Once, while I was gone on the truck and the kids were at school, a couple of strangers came out to the house. They knocked and, when mrs okie answered, they asked a few rambling questions about a tractor for sale in the area. She didn’t like the looks of them and, since we didn’t have a tractor for sale, she told them to come back later and talk to me.
        Keep in mind, I wasn’t too worried for her safety. She’s generally quite capable in matters of self protection.
        As the men were leaving, she noticed they seemed to be taking a mental inventory of everything visible through the open barn door. At the edge of the yard, one of them casually kicked his toe against the dog’s food dish.
        Measley had been watching the entire scene from under the porch. He never made a sound and the men evidently didn’t know he was there. He was never much of a guard dog. As I said, if there wasn’t anything in it for him, he usually wasn’t intersted.
        But when he saw his food dish get kicked, he came EXPLODING out from under the porch! Snarling and growling in that low barritone voice that made his medium-large frame seem even bigger, he chased the men the last 20 feet to their car.
        Mrs. okie says they practically leaped through the windows to get away. She stood there laughing as they sped down the driveway, slinging gravel. Their rusty old car bounced about 2 feet off the ground when they hit the big chuck hole half way down the drive and something fell out from under it. They kept going. Measley ‘escorted’ them all the way off the farm. He watched them fade in the distance, then, satisfied that his food was out of danger, he casually strolled back toward the porch. He stopped to sniff the part that had fallen from their car.
        I asked the wife if she’d been scared.
        “No. I had my jacket on. And I did reach inside to make sure the little .32 pea-shooter was there. But, no, I wasn’t scared.”
        ‘Well, did you at least get their tag number?’
        She grinned and said, “No, but Measley did!”
        Laying there under the edge of the porch, right where he had dropped it, was the license plate from their car!

        Measley has since gone on to greener pastures. He didn’t die, at least not at our place. After a few years, he simply wandered off and never came back. We never knew exactly how old he was, but, if he’s still alive, he’d be about a hundred or more in dog years.
        I think about him now and then. And I hope he’s still out there….somewhere. Most likely, he hopped a southbound train and is living out his golden years mooching off some kind retired folks in Florida. At least that was probably his plan….

        • A real good story. Thanks!

        • Gotta’ love a good dog story.

      66. Sorry guys but I hafta revisit this. My initial impetus for my first post after over 2 years of lurking and learning was the SHTF scenario as a result of Superstorm Sandy. I guess I didn’t really make myself very clear as I was a little intimidated but I have to now. This is not a victim pity party. It feels extremely relevant, especially relating to so many recent comments – especially on the “I Hope You’re Ready” article – regarding land purchases, the health care debacle, and more. You’ll have to make your own extrapolations as this post is getting too long already.
        Basically, Sandy was a pretty localized disaster. And don’t get me wrong, the damage is truly breathtaking and heartbreaking. The ‘problem’ is not the storm or damage per se, or even unpreparedness. Misconceptions about that aside, the issue is the aftermath because of FEMA and the government, and the implications are staggering and national.
        Briefly as possible, FEMA runs the National Flood Insurance Program. If you have a mortgage and you live in a flood zone, you are required to buy flood insurance and you have no choice but to buy it from the government. Well some act was passed in July 2012 (Biggert Waters) revamping that program. As a result, they are expanding flood zones with new maps nationally and ending ‘federal subsidies’ to the program. (That’s how they put it and it’s complete B-ess but another story.)
        Stay with me on this. Since those who were inundated by the storm would be filing claims and rebuilding, they decided to “do us a favor” and release the new maps and rates early so we could plan accordingly. Well since they went completely insolvent as a result of Katrina, they are going to recoup their losses on the backs of the rest of us and then some.
        Here is my scenario – one of thousands in my town – as an example: I have to LIFT my house 10 feet and put it on pilings or my flood insurance will be $31,000 per year. For a 1000 sq. ft. bungalow, estimates are coming in at $50,000. If I do that, my insurance premiums will only increase 400-500%. You read that correctly. By the way – NO ONE who had flood insurance has received ANY money yet (4 months later). FEMA has given money only to the low-lifes and those without insurance. Also, they won’t release flood claims to the owners, the money goes to the mortgage companies (because of the enormous contingent of people who are going to be forced to walk away).
        If any homeowner takes a grant for ‘hazard mitigation’ (to help raise their house), they will have a deed restriction on their property in perpetuity requiring flood insurance forever on that property regardless of sale, transfer, or payoff. 18% of the country lives in a flood zone now. That increased to 25% at least at the Jersey Shore and will nationwide once the new maps are released. People not affected by Sandy and nowhere near the water are affected. (FEMA keeps saying ‘everyone lives in a flood zone’.) They’re just starting to get wind of this is lower Manhattan and places like Hoboken. It’s almost hilarious.
        That is effectively the largest tax increase in history. It will wipe out the middle class and certainly kill my neighborhood, and I suspect many more. The mass exodus has already begun. The banks are going to make out like mad. I can’t even imagine what will happen to our taxes.
        Incidentally, you haven’t heard it in the MSM but there is currently Martial Law on the barrier island and has been since the storm. My uncle stayed on the barrier island through the storm. ‘Several men with rifles’ showed up at his place and gave him 10 minutes to grab what he could and he was escorted out of his place and he still hasn’t been let back.
        My Dad tried to get to my grandfather’s property over there by boat to shut the water so the pipes wouldn’t freeze a day or two after the storm. He was met by 2 State Police boats, Coast Guard, and a helicopter directing him to turn around. People haven’t been allowed back to their homes for months.
        I mean, that’s the Reader’s Digest version. Take from it what you will. I could certainly get into more detail on the far-reaching implications and analogies that could be made. Please don’t bother extending sympathies. Thanks to you all here, me and mine are more than fine. Financially, I’d say most of my family has been almost completely wiped out of what we’ve worked for our whole lives, but this is what we’ve been talking about here and this is what is coming either way. Lemme tell ya, those coming to grips with that reality are the really sad thing to see. People are completely shell-shocked – good people who’ve played by the rules and tried to do the right thing. And it’s only going to get worse.
        Dealing with FEMA is a whole ‘nother story (almost comical, really) and OMG when the .gov takes over our healthcare, people ARE going to start to wake up en masse.
        If anyone thinks I’m giving up my guns, they’re crazy!

        • Nautigal…they want you and the rest the fuck out of there. The beautiful places are not for you and I, only for them.

          All I can say is get out and find a safer place. Time is short.

        • I had no idea so many of you were still in such a predicament, NautiGal. If relocation becomes the final plan for you, be assured we’d be proud to have you in Oklahoma. Bring the family. And your guns. DK mentioned that they like guns in Arizona. We’re kind of fond of them in okievile, too. And we’ll teach you the accent.
          Best wishes for all of you there. You’ll be in our prayers.

          • I’m outa there already kinda – but my equity isn’t! And neither is my heart. Thanks guys. I have a real hard time accepting being land-locked, however.
            Anyone here who owns property hasta realize what is coming in regards to this. You have a large chance of being clawed into a flood zone by FEMA. It is one of the tactics they’re going to use. I know lots of you think about covering your property taxes as a long-term prep. 85% of mortgages in the country are backed by Freddie/Fannie. What’s gonna happen if you – or your neighbors are looking at literally insane flood insurance premiums?? What about the tax base?
            Don’t think it’s not lost on me that this is happening in a republican, white, working-class bastion. They’ve prettymuch admitted that we’re a beta test for implementation across the country.
            I’ve been involved with fighting the commie enviro-whacks for a while now and am fully cognizant of their goals. But So many people still don’t get it. I, like many of you, am astonished at the ignorance and can’t believe after all this it still feels like I’m beating my head against a wall trying to wise people up. The lack of outrage is disturbing. Thankfully I found some last night at a townhall (in another state) about new gun legislation. I seriously wondered if some of you were there! Why is it so hard to find patriots?

        • NautiGal, This isn’t just FEMA that’s going after your land. This is about power and money and the new global agenda which includes land grabs, reorganization, and a new “controlled” society. There’s an organization called “Stop FEMA Now”. Get more info on this group in NJ.

          When I was @FEMA, I worked in Flood Mapping for a while and I was astounded at the vast regions that were in the process of redefined flood designations. It’s a land grab. And it’s all over America — the land grabs are first focusing on flood zones, waterway zones, rivers, streams, etc. AND the land grab is also targeting rural zones. Just by searching online for “flood insurance rate map”, you can see how many people in areas all around the US are fighting this beast — and for how long.

          As you say, coupled with the manditory flood insurance that can ONLY be purchased via FEMA, I can’t help but wonder how this is even Constitutional. In the past, a flood victim would be given financial assistance if they did not have any flood insurance — but only one time. This was a law that morphed into being due to the frequent-victim club that continued to bilk the FEMA-assistance disaster after disaster while remaining uninsured. NFIP has certainly changed their criteria in recent years. And they haven’t made payments or settlements?

          I would try to get the State AG involved and force the issues legally. We have Constitutional property rights which should trump basic Federal bullshit that Agenda 21 is trying to override.

          I hope this is a wake-up call to everyone reading about NautiGal’s plight. People who think this doesn’t apply to them are only thinking with blinders on. Wait until Obamacare shows the strong arms of Communism as we will forced into medical compliance.


          • Zoltanne – totally right and this is just ONE avenue they will use to implement Agenda 21. I am active in Stop FEMA Now and they are really good people but still don’t get it. They are focused on disputing the maps which I believe is pissing in the wind.
            Anonymous above is me, by the way – don’t know why my screen name didn’t post.
            Funny how I can’t get an answer as to why – if my house is 14 feet above the advisory base flood elevation on helical pilings – I would still need flood insurance? Ha.
            I know you guys are more the ‘hunker down and ride it out’ types but we’ve gotta get the power back to the people! Is it really beyond that already? I’m so disgusted at those who are already walking away. I can’t reconcile letting ourselves be inundated by commies/letting them ‘grind us down’.

        • Nautigal & others:

          I did a bit of searching and discovered that Nautigal’s reference to increased flood insurance premiums is not just true, but it is law. The NFIP simply stopped subsidizing a portion of the flood insurance.

          Like I said before, they want you out.

          From the NYC dot gov site:
          “.. the July 2012 Congressional reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA will be phasing out subsidized premiums, meaning that premiums going forward will be more reflective of the actual risks faced by insured buildings. Therefore, premiums will be lower for buildings that comply with recommended FEMA standards than for buildings that do not. ”

          Perhaps you and other landowners might consider forming your own land trust or some other legal instrument where you can’t be so legally vulnerable? I think I’d look into the Community Land Trust option.

        • Nautical, no sympathies but know the invitation to bring your loved ones and your guns to TN is an option as well. We know all about this Flood plain business here too. But with your experience you could be a real asset here. Know you are not alone, our prayers are coming your way.

          On a separate note military air activity sure has been active here today in East TN. Several jets and helos ,was about to send my farewells the one helo was so low.

          • Had 2 F16s do a low fly over the ranch last saturday. Haven’t seen that before.

            NOT ONE MORE INCH!


      67. Greetings Everyone!
        I suspect that TPTB know EXACTLY how bad things are going to get in the near future(after all,they’re the ones creating the mess!).Having a bone to toss to the new and well armed “dawgs” sounds like a good idea.They have their job to,and so do we.I won’t argue about someone’s choice of getting off the first shot.It happened when the “Civil War” started in 1800’s.He raised the flag of the United States in the midst of the part gone Confederate.Unfortunately,it made a DEAD hero out of the person involved.And your don’t even read about his sacrifice in the history books anymore.I would NOT want to kill anyone.PERIOD.But after the “bone” is given up,and someone thinking me defenseless comes for my family in the name(or no name at all)of any group, things might have reached the point of no return.It matters little if they no longer wear badges,dark suits,blue helmets,bandannas or no emblems at all…..
        We all die sometime,if it comes to extremes(and sadly, I see it becoming such a stark reality in our Republic)then we each must choose our way.The men who formed our Republic reached such a point in their day.
        I think the following applies…

        “If not now,then when? If not here,then where?If it be not due for us then upon whom will the obligation be settled it if not by us in this time?”

        -A paraphrase of Shakespeare.
        All the best to All here
        Hope you have your mind firmly settled,and you’ve cleared your side of the street and with God.
        If this site goes “missing” one day,then it’s truly been fun and educational,folks!

        • Well put!

        • Look out for it in March while POTUS is out of the country. Also look to see if Mrs. POTUS and the girls are somewhere else in the country, along with congress.

        • Where’s Halsey when we need him?

      68. They had no right to take your guns away. You where in every right to use it against them for them breaking the 2nd amendment. Damn people you should of set an example of these gun grabbers and let them have the bullets only!!

      69. the zionist pigs have taken RT out. presstv is stillup for now.

      70. The attacks on our second amendment rights will never stop, its very evident that they want us disarmed any possible way..

        reason?…because they are fucking up and they finally see that we are catching on

        people, the fact that they keep coming at our right to bear arms , is the loudest admission of guilt ive ever witnessed in my life

      71. Janet Napolitano is releasing 100’s of illegal immigrants from detention centers across the country BEFORE the sequester. A mass budget “pardon”. The government says they have “no choice”. But yet, they have no problem spending money pursuing gun control measures to disarm law abiding American citizens. This is where their spending priorities are. I swear it gets more insane every day, folks.

        • Saddam did the same thing just before the invasion.

          • As Russia, Syria,(and most of the other towel head countries at one time or another), Chavez and Castro have also done.

      72. You know who your enemies are.Target their stations. Burn them and their vehicles. Destroy their coms infrastructure. Make them sitting ducks. Make them afraid but as stated let them move first. In the meantime, gather your intel and prepare to win at all costs. You are stronger than them.
        We are watching, listening and supporting your efforts in Australia.

        • a handful of teenagers with gas cans setting tires aflame can put afoot an entire small town police force in a short burn long and hot.officers on foot are easy targets.lets say martial law is declared.can the military be everywhere?even the u.n. forces are only somthing like 90,000 strong total.fuck them.

        • Destroy their coms infrastructure


        • @tracker,

          So what’s wrong with you Diggers doing some misbehaving yourselves? I served with some from your country in S.E. Asia and how tough some of you boys can be.

          Cowboy up mate!

          • My Dad told me that in the war the Aussies were as tough as nails…really hope to see that trait return to them and to us here in America and never fade out again! Death to tyrants everywhere!

        • Thanks, Tracker, you’re a good mate.

          In my travels I see Xs everywhere.

      73. On top of these UN Agenda threats, there is a newly formed White House Rural Council.

        Gotta read this article to learn more about the behind-the-scenes strategy to render American citizens pawns in the NWO game:

        The ‘Sustainable’ Plot to Erode American Prosperity, Liberty and Independence

      74. Waiting for the second shoe to drop is getting to be like Chinese waiter torture. Small groups of 5 to 10 vetted neighbors. No electronic communication. “Card game” get togethers. Stop posting online about your collections and standing up to alphabet agencies. You are being monitered. The time will evetually come. Be ready but be smart about it.

        • seems like you want us all to fear the alphabet agencies JRS. Thereby, you enable them.

          • OMG, not the dreaded alphabet agencies. Give it up. The alphabet agencies are the greatest enemy. Other than the one they are desparately trying to cover up.

      75. I’ve now read from 2 sources that there is a scheduled meeting today, Feb 27, at 4:30pm to remove the ordinance.

        If this is true, public outcry worked.

          Tip O’Neill

      76. Maybe somewhere, but door to door will never happen in most areas. If, and that’s a big if, it does it won’t be police. There aren’t enough to go around. Most won’t even try. Around here they call for county backup at traffic stops!!. And if the blue hats come, then it’s all out war.

        What will happen is it will be crooks dressed all official looking. And they will amass a sizable arsenal from the sheeple. Just when they think it’s easy going they will run into a prepped household.

        Anyone kicks in my doors they will be met with more buckshot than they could ever have imagined.
        molon labe

      77. Alabama, like most other states has it’s pockets of knuckleheads, they seem to live in the cities and have the same heritage as Comrade Barry, or they’ve moved to the South from shit holes like New Yuck and have names like Goldberg, Perez, Silverman, and Levin.

        North Carolina is filled with ex-New Yuckers, while the factory jobs all through the South which once went were held by Locals are now filled by Juan and Lupe from Mexico.

        I lived in Orlando and watched that city turn into another “Puerto Rico” in less than 10 years.

      78. BI, good morning, I’m just now catching your comment #1202737 from last night; once again, you’re right on target. American law enforcement was in the process of getting militarized even before Y2K and 911. I would say they’re almost as bad as any foreign cops would be. Braveheart

      79. Magpul says fuck you Colorado legislature

        as any self respecting gun manufacturer should..Um hey Ruger, S&w..Winchester..Remmington..etc.. you gonna let these boys show you how its really done here…get with the program pussies your either with who truely supports you or you go bye bye..
        how well would any of the big guys survive if they pissed off all the public gun owners? they sure as hell wouldnt be able to survive just feeding law enforement, so they better have a come to Jeasus moment and dam soon

        We are proud to announce that within a matter of days we will be going live with a new program. Due to a bill currently moving through the Colorado legislature, there is the possibility that Colorado residents’ ability to purchase standard capacity magazines will soon be infringed. Before that happens, and Magpul is forced to leave the state in order to keep to our principles, we will be doing our best to get standard capacity PMAGs into the hands of any Colorado resident that wants them.
        Verified Colorado residents will be able to purchase up to ten (10) standard capacity AR/M4 magazines directly from Magpul, and will be given immediate flat-rate $5 shipping, bypassing our current order queue.
        Our customers outside of Colorado, please know that our PMAG production will continue at an ever-increasing rate until we do relocate, shipments to our distributors in other states will continue, and that we do not expect relocation to significantly impact PMAG production. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well. (Emphasis supplied, MBV.)

          • ‘Bout freakin’ time!

          • I hope they do, and I hope it sends a message to the others..they better get with it..the gun owners are not a forgetful bunch, and despise traitors..and as I see it so far they are treading on thin traitor ice

            wont be good for sales, and once the cops have everything they think they need they wont need any product coming out of the big guys..but us civillians will, and will also remember who didnt side with them

          • Repost,


            NOW, that’s GOOD news Kindle! Finally, we can get a ‘Big-un’ on board with this….we only need to persude Remimgton, Browning, S&W and a few others and this WILL become an avalanche which will BURY those retards in Washington…T’anks bunches!!! 🙂


      80. DEMOCRAT Mayor Leigh Dollar of Guntersville, Alabama – The Guntersville Gun Grab.

        What they don’t tell you in ANY news story, that she is a DEMOCRAT.

        • Standard Operating Procedure for our Pravda-wanna-be MSM.

        • Because they are mostly commie pussies.

        • Because their welfare checks are triple compared to other states???

      81. All I can say, is “good luck” to that Guntersville city council. That is *almost* rural Alabama. I grew up in a smaller town, outside of Guntersville. If I know folks in that area as well as I think I do, an ordinance like that will go over “like a fart in church”. People (including City Council members) aren’t going to take too kindly to that kind of talk.

      82. I feel that we should start thinking of video surveilence of maybe our front porches? Turn the tables on them so to speak. It will also give us faces to go along with our scopes at a later time, on our terms of course. We can also pass the videos along to spread the word. Something to think about.

        • way way way ahead of you on that.

          as they (anyone) is standing at my front door, i can come around either side and meet them out front and behind them without them ever knowing where I came from..i played it on a few friends..freaked the hell out of em.

        • Front porches….lol

          Anyone with a single family home needs an outdoor surveillance system, indoor perimeter system, and backup for redundancy. (Rawles at Survivalblog covered the best system, Dakota Alert, about a month ago, check archives.)

          • My indoor alarm system barks ferociously when the perimeter is breached!

            • We have a 4 Dog Alarm system. (2 Chihuahuas, Dach and Dobe). One of them will let you know if a cricket farts. Makes us feel better, but video would still be nice for recording.

        • i like this idea.

      83. Will the last American leaving Guntersville AL please turn off the lights, take down the flag, and explain The Constitution to The Mayor.


      84. The tyrants everywhere are showing their hands; from homeless to the President. If you think that they are going to stop and back down your brain dead for sure, they have started this and they feel they must finish it, because they cannot play this card again.

        So draw your arms boys and prepare to repel boarders!


        “Son, let me explain something to you. You don’t poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off.” — Grandpa Vanderboegh’s Rule of Life #32.

        • Yea!!!!


      85. Well, it’s good to see the world’s getting back to (ab)normal today….

        A man in FL has been arrested for assaulting a teen with a burrito. Drudge has a link to the story. Apparently, the 16 yr old boy was having an argument with his mom and another customer got fed up with the teen’s behavior. So he tossed a burrito in the kid’s face.
        The man was arrested and charged with assault. The best part is the comments after the story:
        Taco bell food has always been deadly- This should be a felony!
        We must protect the public from these dangerous ‘Assault Burritos
        Maximum 7 bean capacity in all burritos
        It was really just a reunion tour of the Flying Burrito Brothers
        First they came for the tacos and I said nothing because I had no tacos. Then they came for the quesadillas and I said nothing…..
        Right wing burrito nuts rally at capitol
        You can have my burrito when you pry if from my cold, dead hands
        Burritos don’t kill people. Empanada kill people.
        This is nacho fight, stay out of it

        • OK now that is funny!

      86. Okie, your humor is the best on this site. keep it coming.

      87. admiral yamamoto was right. there WILL be a gun behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS!

      88. I say, send the guy in that wants the power to do this…

        than see how that goes..LMFAO

      89. invest in lead…and lead delivery systems!

      90. Daisy,

        I saw your article on canning pork and beans. Dumb question for you is if the bacon is cooked or raw before being pressure cooked? Also, when you pressure cook, how much water do you put in your pressure cooker?

        I just got my pressure cooker and know absolutely nothing of pressure cooking yet. All of the canning me and the CP have done has been water bathing. I have a prepper friend coming over with her mom and they do a lot of canning of about everything so I’ll gain a lot of knowledge from her.


        • Hi NP~ That’s not a dumb question at all!

          Nope, you don’t have to cook the meat before it goes in the pressure canner. It heats up to 245F and you are maintaining that temp for 90 minutes with at least 10 PSI. If you cook it ahead of time, it will cook down to nothing in the P-canner.

          Secondly, about the water level. Each brand is different but the All-American and the Presto, two of the most popular, have a small line in the bottom that gives you a water level to shoot for. If it does not have that line, you want 2-3 inches of water. With pressure canning you don’t cover the top of the jars with the water – the processing is done by the steam that is trapped inside the canner.

          If you have any other questions let me know! 🙂


          • Thank you so much! I went full throttle and got the All American. Hope my glass top stove will handle the weight!

            • Oh,do be careful…I know folks who had theirs go through the glass top and another whos top shattered due to the heat concentrating because of the direct contact of the canner on the top… pardon my interjecting just wanted to let you know that. 🙂

        • Get Balls “Blue Book”.

          Everything you need to know to get started with canning. Also look into dry canning. It’s done with dehydrated and/or freeze dried. Just suck the air out of the jar with a little doo-dad and put it away. When time to eat just add water and heat. Good way to turn all the number 10’s into manageable serving sizes.

          Way to go with canning!


      91. From the local news this morning :

        GUNTERSVILLE, Alabama – Members of Guntersville City Council will meet at 4:30 p.m. today to discuss a provision in a proposed resolution that would allow police officers to disarm potentially harmful citizens in emergency situations.

        The meeting will be at City Hall at 340 Blount Avenue.

        Council members are expected to withdraw the resolution from consideration after Mayor Leigh Dollar’s office was inundated with calls from residents concerned about the wording of that provision. The measure garnered attention as Second Amendment rights gained the national spotlight in the wake of the December school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

        “The council will be withdrawing it from consideration because there has been so much misunderstanding about the resolution,” said Milla Sachs, Dollar’s executive assistant. “It has been completely misinterpreted.”

        • ” The measure was drafted as a response to the April 27, 2011, tornado outbreak that devastated the city and much of the state to give the Guntersville mayor the power to conduct city business without a vote of the council.

          However, the wording of one passage would give Guntersville Police officers the authority to disarm a citizen who the officer thought could harm himself or others.

          The Tennessee Valley Constitutionalist Society was one group that expressed concern over the measure.”

        • Translation: “You knew EXACTLY what we were doing”

      92. It’s official, they removed it from the agenda, its off the table. And that’s how we do it in Dixie!! 😉

      93. If a Katrina-like disaster hit my area, I’d have my rifle in my hands 24/7 and they’d have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

      94. So who thinks the Banks are holding out on crashing the system because everyone’s got guns, and as soon as they’ve got your guns, the banks are going to crash the system?

        If that was true, then all these Gunners are responsible for all the current Financial hardships across the World.

      95. What I have run through my mind over and over is, “What if they come to the door to confiscate our gear and guns durning the shtf?” The resounding clangor was, “They won’t get far. Because the first house had friends and neighbors that took care of the problem.” Over and out.

      96. I know the Dollar was losing value, but damn! The Dollar in Guntersville is worthless!

      97. I realized the majority of this is against the mayor, and an unspecified group of “jack booted thugs”. As a first responder I feel cmfortable going into crisis knowing my wife, children, sisters, and elderly parents are well armed and able to take care of themselves. I would not be comfotable putting on the uniform if I though my first order of business would be to disarm the public. They need to stay armed and vigilant. The mantra goes “call 911, help is minutes away when seconds count”.The best partner a law enforcement officer has is a WELL armed law abiding public. An armed society is a polite society.

      98. Stop freting its simple.. you come to take guns you die…

      99. Atrocious stories. How much are the attacking police officers being sued for? Assault and battery, elderly abuse, etc.

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