City Now Requires Gun Owners to Carry Liability Insurance, Conveniently Exempts Current, Former Cops

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Government is slavery. Cops enforce said slavery. We should work toward abolishing enslavement in all forms. There should be no masters and no slaves. If you still worship the state, including those who enFORCE your slavey, you will be triggered by this article.

    In what’s being touted as a first-of-its-kind action in the country, gun owners in San Jose will soon be forced to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee for practicing their right to self-defense. The City Council passed the resolution this week, and it is already being torn apart by those who can see past solving problems without government mandates.

    “San Jose has an opportunity to become a model for the rest of the nation to invest in proven strategies to reduce gun violence, domestic violence and suicide and the many other preventable harms from firearms in our communities,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said at a news conference Monday.

    But will requiring legal gun owners to buy insurance do anything at all to stop crimes or keep people safe? Not very likely. The City Council’s measure does nothing to address the problem of illegally obtained weapons that are stolen or purchased by criminals.

    Despite this legislation coming forward as a reaction to the tragic mass shooting that took place at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority rail yard that left nine people dead last May, it does absolutely nothing to stop criminal gun violence. All it does is place a burden on the thousands of lawful gun owners in the city.

    The mayor, who acted as a cheerleader for the legislation, even admitted this fact, saying“this won’t stop mass shootings and keep bad people from committing violent crime.”

    On top of liability insurance, legal gun owners will also be forced to pay an annual fee to the city of $25. While it may not seem like much, coupled with an expensive insurance policy, it could make lots of legal gun owners who are having trouble paying their bills, criminals for noncompliance.

    Essentially, it is just another way for the government to limit the ability of poor people to legally protect themselves.

    To be clear, voluntarily purchasing gun liability insurance is not a bad idea. Insurance companies — unlike the state — have an incentive to keep costs down and would likely require policyholders to practice gun safety like safes and trigger locks. They could even require policyholders to schedule biannual trips to the range to remain proficient with their firearms.

    What’s more, because police officers are public employees, a law requiring them to carry liability insurance would not be a violation of their rights. As police violence costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year in lawsuits, a personal liability insurance plan for cops would make perfect sense.

    Liability insurance for police officers has long been one of the solutions to the problem of police violence for which the Free Thought Project has been advocating for years. 

    But, as readers of TFTP know, the state does not act with logic and reason and therefore makes no sense. This is why, according to the current legislation, current and retired law enforcement officers are exempt from the requirement to pay the $25 fee and to carry the liability insurance.

    For everyone else who is not a cop, however, they will be forced to pay unspecified fines for non-compliance with the legislation — which will undoubtedly be enforced by the cops — who are exempt from that very law.



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      1. This article reveals another TACTIC of STATISTS & subversives. They want to disarm citizens. Any rational observer can see the slow & steady erosion of individual rights. The Bill of Rights amendments to our Constitution listed those God-given rights as a reminder that they are part of a free man’s identity & may NOT be infringed. STATISTS cannot stand the impediment those rights cause to tyranny.

        • C/r – exactly right, the State, and it’s gov’t and officialdom despise the Constitution but especially the Bill of Rights. They don’t see this as we do, they see it as being in the way of accumulating more power, while disempowering citizens. They say things like it is archaic or outdated, or an impediment to progress, or no longer necessary, and “unjust” (which means whatever they want it to mean). Its even being taught the Constitution was written solely to protect slavery and nothing else. Vilifying the Constitution is the first step in the effort to abolish it. And if they can’t abolish it they merely redefine what it says, this is the main way judges are selected, how they define articles of the Constitution.
          But it’s not just about empowering the State and disempowering citizens, the State truly viscerally despises the people. But their utmost special hatred is reserved for people like you and me who see what they are really like, and are never going to go along with them. There are even districts in the US where politicians have proposed to actually not allow whites to vote.
          The State seeks to marginalize us with things like legalizing anti-family measures such as abortion, promoting same-sex marriage, special rights and subsidizing anti-family entities, open borders to flood in illegal immigrants, mandating quotas and preferences, and teaching CRT in schools, all designed to minimize us and our influence.
          The end of particular ages or eras always manifests in similar fashion. Hosea made the same observation for the circumstances in his times. The State today sows the wind and will also reap the whirlwind. Yeats said “things fall apart, the center cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”.

      2. The USA is chock full of scumbags in every location you can think of. time for culling them out is long overdue.

        • How you propose doing that?

          In case you haven’t noticed yet, they’re currently culling us, and doing it very effectively.

          • I had a dream, in which the End Times is analogous with the ‘Ordeal of the Bitter Water’.

            “Repeated attempts would be made to persuade the woman to confess, including multiple suggestions to her of possible mitigating factors; if she confessed, the ordeal was not required.”

            Do you imagine a revival, or are cultural Marxists doubling down on their accusations against traditional people and traditional countries.

      3. “San Jose has an opportunity to become a model for the rest of the nation to invest in proven strategies to reduce gun violence, domestic violence and suicide and the many other preventable harms from firearms in our communities,”

        Why do statements like this never specify what exact strategies they are talking about and and how they have been proven?

        Anyone can claim anything, but accepting it without proof is foolish, are we now considered a nation of fools by our political leaders?

        In any event, at least criminals will have liability insurance now that covers your medical costs after they shoot you.

      4. Do not comply, this is unconstitutional and will be shot down!

      5. Any self-starter, who could contemplate self-sufficiency, in any capacity, was already raised to consider himself a thought criminal.

        Of which I am aware, there is no formal rule which legally requires you to have a camera, in your place of business. Or , such things are prone to malfunction.

        Also, there are some people who would I flatly never trust with a gun.

      6. Funny how they never speak of the illegal aliens flooding into this country that are responsible for so many crimes. No, can’t do that, it would be speaking against the agenda.

      7. Notice that ex military is not exempt?….

      8. We all (those of us like the ones here) know what has to be done to stop the insanity. The only TRUE question is WILL that happen? I doubt it, too many years of mental dumbed down.
        for the masses.

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