Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election

by | Feb 25, 2017 | Headline News | 159 comments

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    Until the 1990’s, civilian run volunteer militias weren’t all that common in the United States. They were the fringe of the fringe in our culture. But after Waco and Ruby Ridge, their ranks swelled and they became a common subject in the news and in pop culture. Their numbers fell again under President Bush, and then grew to new heights under President Obama.

    It’s an obvious pattern. Conservative militias multiply like crazy under Democratic presidents, and for good reason. When Democrats take the reigns of government, they always threaten to restrict gun ownership. They then decline under Republican administrations, when conservatives don’t feel as threatened.

    However, there may be a new trend emerging. CBS Atlanta recently did a piece on a militia called the Three Percenter Security Force (which obviously showed them in slightly negative light, given the source). The organization is run by Marine Corps veteran Chris Hill, who says that their membership has grown from a few dozen, to roughly 400 members since November. The Marine told CBS that the militia would protect the Second Amendment under any administration, and that “The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it’s a constant threat.”

    That doesn’t sound very different from the stated objectives of any conservative militia that has emerged since the 90s. So why is this militia’s membership growing so drastically during the early stages of a Republican administration? What’s different this time? The answer may lie in how the Left has responded to Trump being elected. According to Hill:

    “The level of violence I see coming from these protests is alarming, I think that creates more of a need for people like us to be there,” Hill said.

    Hill says, just as anti-Trump supporters have a right to organize and protest, his group wants to show their presence.

    “We have a duty to protect, our freedom, our liberty, our constitutional Republic.” Hill said. “That responsibility can’t be deferred to you know Congress.”

    So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.


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      1. The mistake this guy is making, he’s talking to the media!!!
        Never, never, never, ever talk to the media, you, and your group need to be invisible to the PTB, and going on TV is just stupid!!!

        • Colt M4,
          It all depends on do you want more enlistees or just trying to stay incognito! unless your group is a complete no-body, the feds will know about you. VERY hard to stay off grid these days, if you know what i mean. there could be a small group or two that will but most will be known.

          • Colt and Apache, I agree. Never have any contact with MSM. You’re just asking for trouble and then some.

            • I HAVE A SUPPLY OF PUPPIES KITTIES AND CRAYONS, if needed. If the lefties show up I;ll just put up some Trump posters and when they fall apart throw them the Kitties etc. While they go to their safe spaces I’ll take them out.

            • I HAVE A SUPPLY OF PUPPIES KITTIES AND CRAYONS, if needed. If the lefties show up I;ll just put up some Trump posters and when they fall apart throw them the Kitties etc. While they go to their safe spaces I’ll take them out.

            • Braveheart I’m ready and waiting in houston. Just say the word and my “clan” will be ready.

              Steve – the true SOL not the poser in past trends.

              • Steve, I’ll be in the mountains of north GA with my own ‘clan’, i.e., family. If there’s any way possible, get out of Houston. Ain’t gonna be nice when the balloon goes up.

              • SOL are you in TSM, if not we should talk. I can get you talking to a couple people and you can join us. What say you.

      2. AR-15’s are gayer than HIV.

        Be a man and get an AK-47 VEPR

        • AZcats
          Come on. AK47. Try a RPK. with a 75 rd. drum now that’s a Mans gun! LOL

          • AR-15 America’s Rifle or are you a Commie traitor? Buy American.

            Prepper deal of the day. One day only Sunday Sale. Midway USA 10-pack 2nd Gen 30 Round mags $77.99 Product #: 448685 MagPul #: MAG571-BLK-10PK

            I will use my Sig Sauer Gas Piston AR-15 5.56 $1200 over any POS Commie Traitor $400 AK any day. Bring your spray and pray rifle to my compound and bring your own body bag. AK’s are not any good past 150 yards, they are inaccurate and COMMMIE Comical.

            • My SLR100-H AK 47 will out preform any AR piece of shit any time any place and keep thinking you safe past 150 yards because at 300 yards I put it right though your ear!!!

              Designer: Stoner….I rest my case!

            • An AK 47 can tag out to 300 yds. I think you have been duped.

          • HOW many of you out there know what a “STONER” is and after you quit laughing it is NOT a druggy!! that is and was ONE of the best guns ever made!

            • odd my “stoner” came in the caliber as intended. 7.62 x 51 .308 Winchester.

              • then you know they were only issued to special forces for awhile and then they did NOT get the military contract, BUT the special forces liked them so much they got to use them for awhile then later the company sold the equipment to Isreal and they started making them with a few small changes and a different name, was one of the most reliable and strait shooting guns made.

          • AK-47 VEPR from the FAMOUS moot factory in Russia that just started getting imported recently.

            This is no $400 AK….. it is 1k. It ain’t no piece of crap WASR.

            • Arsenal makes a good AK, I wouldn’t trade mine for 2 AR’s. Fookin overpriced jammomatics lol.

              • Ill stick with my Sprinfield M1A A1, and my AR, never had and issue. After 2500 rounds. I have no qualms about AK’s i just like ARs and the M1A’s more.

        • funny..versatility is key, regardless of your sexuality..just saying.
          I would love to have an SKS if I could afford it.
          But, the ar-15 is lighter and you can carry more ammo.
          Since I am not inclined to engage in a knife fight TOO soon, I would opt for the rifle that keeps me in the gunfight longer.
          Gotta love the .30 cal. cartridges, though.
          I do love my 8mm.
          I’m planning on building an ar-10 eventually.

          • With my Swiss made Sig Sauer AR15 SWAT Battle Rifle, even if I run out of ammo, I can affix my Swiss Bayonet on the end and the rifle is still a fighting machine. That’s right, comes with Bayonet lug, perfectly legal. You AK owners may try to scotch tape a dagger knife on your rifle end and try to fight. See how that works out for ya. LMFAO

            With Swiss, you sure did not see Hitler invading Switzerland did ya? He knew better. Know your History or be killed like a dope.

            • Zeus, your other post 11 minutes before this one you said “AR15… Buy American”, but now you talk about your “Swiss made” AR15.

              I’m confused between your two posts. When did Switzerland become American?

              • Bet he doesn’t respond.

                • Vic, he won’t. Typically, when he’s called out for something contradictory, or just plain wrong, he’s gone.

                  • I would just pull out my pistol if I ran out of rifle ammo derrrr. I tell ya what, lets have a test…. throw your AR in the mud and shake it off and see if it works, same with the ak….. wanna put money on it?

                    • Hey Skippy,stop dunking your guns in the mud,what the hells wrong with you?!You may need to rethink the value of you and alcohol!

            • Delusional. You People here are Delusional beyond belief.

              Militia? What a joke. Fat ass out of shape wannabe’s.
              Arm chair keyboard warriors with beer guts mouthing off.
              Gucci Tactical Toys with few real world skills.
              NOTE: SEAL toys do not make you a SEAL fat man.

              Ever seen combat?
              Ever seen absolute carnage? HE25 or .50 cal against human flesh?
              Fuel bomb air bursts?
              ***Drone missile double taps on a group of once human beings?
              Your small arms are next to Worthless in a full on confrontation against a modern military. Stop the BS kidding yourself.

              If You Have a confrontation against a modern military with Artillery-Armour-Air Superiority-Bio-Chem-Nuclear. You are just DEAD.

              Surround any USA city with these Military assets, cut off power, water, communications, stop the trucks going into the city.
              You are in the dark. Your water is gone. You are isolated. You will STARVE to death or be Murdered by the hoards of welfare leeches.
              City = DEATH. Your small arms are absolute last resort and nothing more.

              If you need a militia then you are already screwed. Read that again.
              US Army cuts off city just like they practiced with Jade Helm Exercise.
              US Army cuts off Power-Water-Sewer-Roads.
              Then Artillery and Air cover chew you into hamburger.

              NEWS FLASH:
              Today is 2017. Not 1776 when a militia meant something.
              Violence is a delusional IDIOTIC response to a Tyrant with a modern military.
              You will just DIE.

              So what good is a “Militia”? Deluded with small arms.
              Like I said, You People are Delusional.
              Non violence. Non Participation in the System on a Mass Scale, like what happened in Poland and East Germany at the collapse of USSR is only sane action.

              A Non Violent Social movement is only Realistic action of change. Not Violence.

              Your Social Media and net connection is MORE POWERFUL than your small arms.
              THAT IS WHY THE POWER STRUCTURE IS shutting it down and controlling free speech. They know where the power is. That is how Trump became president.

              Form a political party. Not a militia.
              Vote. If Trump does a decent job. Then get him in office a second term.
              If he fails on his promise. Find another candidate.
              These are useful actions for adults to accomplish change.

              Not Riots.
              Not BLM idiocy.
              NOT militia wannabe beer parties with AR’s and AK’s.
              Anyone who has seen combat has no illusions about his own power with any small arm.
              Air cover wins.
              Artillery wins.
              Armor wins.
              Militia men will just die. You loose.

              My guess is that every tenth militia member is a snitch on FBI payroll?
              Just like the KKK. More Feds informants than Klan fools dressed in their wife’s bed linens.
              Not to mention every comment you make on the web is right to your door step.
              Privacy is also a delusion. Welcome to 2017. Police State Amerikka.

              Did you guys see how the local Police MURDERED the bikers at Twin Peaks Waco Texas? Police got bikers all together to murder and arrest.
              Made up a BS story.
              Charged everyone there with made up charges. No bail. No due process.
              Not one peep from any media.

              Get the word out. Get out the Vote. That is what Adults do.

              I know this message pisses you off. But you need to learn to think like a grown up.

              • Larry, your an idiot, what makes you think that any Militia in their right mind is going to go, toe, to toe, against armor, and air power with only small arms. Any Militia with good leadership will have their people employ 4TH, and 5TH generational warfare against their enemy.

                As for your statement,of using “US military assets to just Surround any American city, then use Artillery, and Air power to just chew them into hamburger” just shows how little you know.

                So that’s how your going to win the hearts and minds of the American people. You surround their city’s, and rain artillery down on them, talk about your know nothing, arm chair warrior. By doing that, you just created thousands of new anti government Militia members.

                When civil war comes to this country, a Militia won’t win it by going, toe, to toe, with a stronger force, they will win it, by employing the Art of War.

                • As I have mentioned here on several occasions, our own American history showed the beginning of guerilla warfare in the Revolutionary War with Francis Marion in South Carolina. He used the environment and originated the hit-and-run tactics of guerilla warfare against the British, who were completely baffled as to how to respond. If you remember, someone else apparently learned that lesson in a small country in SE Asia.
                  Like my old DI in the Army always said, “observe and learn”.

                • Fangs of the Lone Wolf by dodge billingsley, is a book weve been reading. It talks about exactly what your saying.

              • A-MEN on the message Larry, Always try peaceful means first and keep trying them. But if they are coming for you then you have to fight well it is better to have a rifle than sticks and stones. Also you know that a smaller less equipped force force should never go head to head with any modern equipped military. They have to fight as the Vietcong did or any guerilla force or they are dead. Even doing so it will be a long protracted fight lasting years and the guerillas will still most likely lose.

                Just saying…

              • The militia is going to start eating rice (and beans) and doing a lot of walking. I think they’re turning Vietnamese, I think they’re turning Vietnamese, I really think so.

              • Ya you have a good point, the military never has fought for the people, just the tyrants in charge….. were screwed 🙁

              • Larry:

                I agree with most of what you posted.

                Where you spend your time and money: That is, I believe, a battlefield where we can win. We are the 99.9%. Think about it. What is a performer without an audience? What is a salesman without a client.

                Know thyself. To thine own self be true.

                They have their strengths; so, do we.


              • Common sense. We’re not gearing up for direct military confrontation. The cities will provide plenty of target fodder and attention for initial forces, (providing they keep it together).

                Eventually, through martial law, we’ll be asked to stay indoors and wait. Like penned sheep for the shearing/slaughter.

                We arm up for the local natives, whom are out of Prozac, and ate the last pizza pocket and their kids are starving because stupid is a birthright. “Here’s your gun dear, now go out and raid the Johnson’s!”

                We arm up because the friendly religions, (whom keep their basements stockpiled with AK47’s and teach their children songs about death to the infidels) need to promote their teachings.

                It’s all a big game of deception for a much larger “surprise”.

                If your a believer: According to history. Yahweh was displeased with humans prior to the flood. He also indicated that the earth will belong to Satan for a short while, (70 generations which ended in the mid 1900’s). Things are playing out accordingly. We are indeed back to the days of Noah, (I wonder if man ever really left those days)?

                Otherwise, direct observation from even a half brained nitwit, will be able to determine that we have a huge controlling group of folks whom DO believe, and are on task to an ultimatum.

                I’m sorry to say it’s part of an ongoing deception that’s been played out for eons. That might be a hard pill to swallow, especially if it’s the red one.

              • Larry: You are a genuine clown-stick, now go back to sucking on mami’s ‘tit’ and then back to the basement little boy.

              • Larry, you are the delusional one. What an EPIC FAIL rant showing the kind of dumbshit you REALLY are. Militias would fight a guerrilla war. See Vietnam. See Afghanistan, or really anywhere in the M.E. Better to keep you mouth shut and let people THINK you’re stupid than to open it up and prove them right.

                • The people in the middle east don’t live on hamburgers,sugared coca cola and Salted Potato Chips, the are lean mean and can survive on bread, dates and water.
                  That’s why they are pain in the ass for any invading army, and the have a will to die not to save face and ass!

              • so would seal gear on a fat chassis make me a walrus wanna be?
                “I am the walrus, I am the walrus..”

              • Your an idiot majority has been in the military and have seen combat, go away snowflake troll

            • Zeus: Wow, you sure do have it coming out of both of your ‘ends’ little boy – do us all a huge favor and give it a rest and go and count your pennies and polish your bullets…

          • VP
            I built a Rock River LAR 8.
            Picked up the 18″ upper and then later got the Lower.
            What I like about it is it take FN LAR mags. Metric or 1″. Thing shoots great, and easy to handle.

            As far as 308 battle rifles go the FN LAR is found all over the world, there was more of these battle rifles produced. So there are tons of mags out there.


            • Sgt. Dale
              I seem to remember you also have experience with a Springfield M1A Scout in 308.

              If you could only have one, either the M1A or the LAR-8, which would be your choice?

          • Vocalpatriot, I have an old M1 Carbine myself. Love it.

          • An SKS is inexpensive and so is the ammo. I have one. I also have an AR since it is lighter. No need to put all your eggs in one basket.

        • I own AK’s too and I have seen many photos from ‘NAM on wound channels (Autopsies) from the AK and AR. The current AR platform rounds have it all over the AK rounds. Most AK rounds upon hitting flesh do not start to yaw unless they hit a big bone. The majority of the AK rounds are a complete pass through with negligible expansion. The AR round commences to yaw upon entering flesh and travels through the body in a tumbling fashion causing more tissue and organ damage than a pass through. Would I get rid of my AKs? , NOPE. Remember, ‘mission drives equipment’.

          • There’s a reason why AK’s are the preferred weapon of terrorists all over the world. Most of them are too stupid to know how to maintain anything else and have such low skill levels that the superior accuracy of the AR platform rifles are a total waste on them.

            I have an AK. I like it. It’s a good weapon. But it’s not surgical like an AR. 4″ groups at 100 yards is just about the best you can get. My AR’s will shoot 1.5″-2″ groups all day long. That’s a significant difference if you are engaging a target at 400 yards. 5.56X45 shoots flatter too….and has already been said….you can carry at least a third more ammo. And finally……less recoil. The AK doesn’t have a lot…but the AR is just so much less. Get an AR with a gas piston system and you have a weapon that is easier to maintain and still has the accuracy potential.

            Another of the reasons that a lot of folks have bought AK’s over AR’s in the past was cost. AK’s were less expensive. But that’s not the case anymore. A quality AK today will cost you as much…if not more than a quality AR.

            • Anonymous5,
              YOU NAILED IT !!

            • Anonymous5
              You nailed it. Are you sure you aren’t a III% member?

          • PoP

            Have you ever seen the wounds done by Wolf ammo 7.62×39 hollow point? Wild Hogs don’t have a chance and if hog flesh is the best resemblance to human flesh.

            • 7.62×39 kills ar15 just wound most deer unless they are totally at ease.

          • Copy that PO Patriot

            • The Deepest State within the United States: Who is Spying and Stealing the most Technology and eves dropping on Americans and out government? Watch this Video: Israeli also came forward with the back door hacking on the I-phone when the FBI was requesting access from Apple but denied access. Israel had all the hacks to the I-phone for access. Know thy enemy, eliminate thy enemy. And now we have DJ Trump cozying up to these Traitors. Donald, are you with the enemy or with America? Answer that ASAP…

              Israeli Spying in the US: A Brief History

        • Losers who can’t afford a Real American AR-15 Rifle, resort to cheapy AK Spray and Pray rifles.

          • And with my Swiss made AR15 5.56 we can shoot Green Tips @3200 FPS, Steel Core penetrators which can punch holes in engine blocks like Swiss cheese. You can’t do that with AK Ammo can ya?

            • Uh green tips are steel tip only and led core and that’s why BTAF will not classify them as armor piercing. Certified armor piercing rounds are steel tip and steel core.

              • Ugh, BATF and lead.

                • I have real steel core 7.62×39 not just tipped. If I want long range I don’t use a semi auto. Bet my life on an AR? naaaah….

                  • All my AR’s are piston driven. I keep two spare parts for everything I have from AR’s to AKs and 1911’s. All are kept in water tight Plano containers in case I’ve got to skedaddle. The downfall of the old Stoner design was the gas tube ending up being used to operate the BCG and fouling/heating it. I can fire hundreds of rounds through my AR’s and never have to clean them. (even though I do).Don’t get me wrong, I love an AK and even have a SKS sporter (takes regular AK mags) and I have a ball with them. But the one AR that I shoot regularly (7.62) is shooting Sub MOA regularly if I do my part.

          • Zeus, I own both – AR and AK. And someone above also wished they’d owned a SKS. Got ‘er too. Bottom line – if push comes to shove, I want a rifle that gets the job done. Most important thing to have in my hand is whatever the heck I grab first. Wax poetic about 400 yd. shots and 4″ groups @ 100 vs. 1-2 groups, it’s my experience the usual target range is right less than 30 yds, if not less. To be blunt, I don’t give as rat’s behind what I happen to be found carrying as long as I’m found still in the fight and breathing. Be ready to use anything and everything you may come across.

            • I’d love to hear opinions on Century Arms C308.

              I already have a 308 bolt action that’s good out to a 1000 yards with a scope and I have ammo for it. I like matching several items to the ammo already in the closet.

              Anyone have any 9mm Lugar or .45 ACP carbines they like? I thought it interesting a couple makers of carbines that use pistol ammo, built them to use standard pistol magazines. One maker unrelated to Glock, makes their rifle in a couple calibres 9mm, .40 & .45 they use Glock magazines. Seems like a plan to have a rifle and handgun pair that use not only the same ammo, but also the same magazine.

              humor: Don’t think I even want to try to fire a pistol made in 308?

              • I have a keltec sub 2000 and a marlin camp carbine..both 9mm, the marlin is a good gun, got it out of service for 80 dollars, took it to my smith, itstalled new buffer, new wolff springs and duracoated it. it shoots very well, any 59 or 5900 series smith and wesson mags work. My keltec is being upgraded to steel sight, screw set, etc, tandemkross. it takes glock mags….

        • The ole spray and pray AK? No thanks. Real men shoot DMR’s.

          • That is amusing. I can consistently put a round in your chest at 300 yards with an AK or SKS.

            But then, maybe some of you are talking porch sniper shit.

            Anyhow, whether it is a 7.62×39, 5.56×45, or 7.62×51 in your chest, you’re gonna wish it wasn’t.

            • AK-47 has probably killed more people than any other weapon made in all of history.

        • Nothing says ‘I’m tougher than you’ like belt feed.

          • Nothing says am tougher then all then the man who removes tags from pillows and mattresses with impunity!

            • WC
              Good one. Love it. LOL

              • Yep,we needed a time out,folks getting a bit too fired up(pun intended!).Shoot what makes you happy/works for you/can afford.

          • Smokey
            You got me there!!!! LOL

          • Smokey

            “Happiness is a belt fed Weapon”.

        • AZ wild cat, the AK47 is a fine battlefield weapon, but i think you’ve made one fatal mistake. In any conflict you need to be able to resupply.

          In The case of the AK47, it use’s non US military ammunition. So once a conflict starts, you won’t be able to go to Wal Mart, or your local gun show to restock your ammo supply anymore.

          By using the AR15, your using a rifle that uses the same ammo as what the US military (your enemy) use’s, so you’ll be able to resupply from them.

          I know, you’ll tell me that you’ve got ton’s of spam can’s stock up. Problem is, what happens when your supply is gone. Or if your supply is lost to the enemy, or your new AO takes you to a place where there is no supply, remember you can only carry so many spam cans with you, so then what??

          Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying one rifle is any better then the other. But in order to win a fight, you need to be able to stay in the fight, and in order to do that, you need to be able to resupply!!!

          • Colt,plenty of 7.62×39 in stores,including wally world.Given the popularity of AK imagine plenty for scavenging things get that bad off of the dead,I probably won’t be living that long in that scenario.

            • @Warchild Dammit!…….

              And all that ammo at Wally World will be gone in less than an hour when SHTF.

              If you don’t have it NOW, you won’t get it then…..unless you take it from someone else. (Not a fun thing)

              Those making the point that you want a weapon in the caliber of the enemy you are fighting are correct. So….yes….I have weapons that are NATO caliber.

              That being said… try to prep for any contingency….so I have an AK too. Who knows? We might have to deal with the Chi-coms.

              I wish I had an AK in 5.45X39 just to round things out.

      3. No big deal.

        These are just good strong Americans coming together for mutual support. I’m sure that with few exceptions, these people aren’t looking for trouble. They are just wise enough to prepare in the event some rich globalist decides to pay people to beat them up and vandalize their properties, the way it has been done to vulnerable people in other places, here, in the USA.


        • All the while the police and the military have been training for just the thing. It’s not that hard to get on their list of potential malcontents. The last time the militias were gaining widespread interest they put a stop to their interest with the OKC bombing. Another false flag operation. I even read that Charles Manson and that incident could have been staged too. They needed to connect the hippies with the anti-war movement. And that surely did it. It seems they always have a plan to put a stop to citizen movements. If we want to get into what they have done for gun control we can get into Sandy Hook and a host of other ‘incidents’. And some incidents are just outright assassinations.

          • I attended a survival expo/gun show this morning. Very interesting trade show, especially the seminars held by ‘DOOM AND BLOOM’. Yes, Joseph and Amy Alton of were there and had seminars. I met them and found them to be very interesting and intelligent. Of course, I just had to get some extra medical supplies. also got an Aqua Rain water filter. I spoke with my usual sources of info about everything in general. also had lunch there. had a great time all around.

            • DB sounded like an interesting show.

              • Anonymous, yes it was. My first time at a survival expo. Of course I just HAD to get a few more preps. Gotta keep stacking.

          • Ya right:

            I agree with your post except I disagree with the motive you give for creating Manson.

            Let’s say for a moment, it was a hoax or a cover-up.

            Pregnant and beautiful, Sharon Tate was married to Polansky, who was accused of statutory rape of a 13 year old actress he was directing. Most likely senario is that it was a coverup for the Hoolywood pedo files. Scare the kids and their parents. Sometimes there is a target. Husbands kill wives all the time. Could be Sharon was Outraged and threatening to blow the story open and expose the whole can of worms that is the Chosen’s belief according to “tall mud” regarding sex with children, Christian children, that is.

            Another possible, or additional motive, to sow seeds of hatred and distrust in Blacks. Manson’s aim, the story went, was to propel whites into a race war with them; under the heading “Helter Skelter”.

            There was no need to tie hippies to the anti-war movement. Hippies were intimately connected with the anti-war movement which is clearly evident in video after video.

            What, if anything, they wanted was to portray peaceful college age white anti-war activists as racists and evil and violent. It was a lie. Tens of thousands gathered, listened to music, and hurt no one.


            • There’s a guy that did an article, really a short book, on the Manson murders. It can probably be found if anyone tried to Google it. I have it somewhere saved. When I find it, I’ll give you the site. It’s a PDF.
              What I’m going to say next is taken from what I have read of the times. Though I was pretty young, I lived it and it was a confusing time.
              Some of the information I have gotten myself comes from insiders who lived during the time too and knew what TPTB agenda was. You know, the darker side. Their view was an insight into the bigger picture. It was all about keeping the war going and keep making money by it. As Kissinger said as the war was winding down, the same amount of equipment will be ordered whether the war is over or not.
              The hippies and the anti-war movement were different. The anti-war movement was just that. The hippies of the ‘peace and love’ kind didn’t want to go to war, not because they were against the war specifically, they just didn’t want to get drafted and have go when they could just stay home and get high and have sex. The people that saw themselves as the real Americans at the time tended to see the war as fighting communism. And the MIC wanted them to stay thinking that way. So if the MIC could tie the long haired dopers, which the ‘real Americans’ didn’t much care for, with the true anti-war movement, that would help their cause. That’s why they needed someone like a Manson to do what he did with those brainwashed drugged up hippies. Makes sense to me.
              Later as more dead soldiers were coming home along with the live ones telling the truth of what a mess that war had become it became clear that they had to stop what they were doing.
              The author of the piece reminds everyone that all this happened in Laurel Canyon a place infested with CIA folks. It’s a real interesting read. And the connections that he makes I’m sure you will see as eye opening.
              The Helter Skelter divide and conquer plan is still in effect today. That I think was just maybe an after thought to keep the blacks doing what they were doing anyway at the time too.

      4. Years ago, I worked for a widow who was a hardcore ultra liberal borderline Communist armed to the teeth who lived out in the middle of nowhere. This at the time surprised me thinking commies were city dwellers always stirring the revolutionary pot of division. Never underestimate the enemy. Prevail – Protect – Preserve

        • Just being armed doesn’t mean she knows how to use them.

          • BlackMoe, I’ll bet the most she could do would be shoot her eye out.

      5. There is nothing like a people constitutional republic. The state is owned by the rich bourgeoise, and they make laws and rule exactly to maintain their domain over workers and extract their capital from exploitation. So, I could understand rich bourgeoise organize in militia to defend their interests, but I recognize this is superfluous because regular army already serve this task. What it is not logical is that common people lose time and energies to defend the constutional republic owned by their enslavers. Absurd!

        • No orsobubu, it is logical that common people use their time and energies to defend the constitutional republic.Why? Because it it ‘their’s’. It belongs to them. What is required of the people by their 2nd Amendment right is to be ‘well-regulated’. That means simply that as citizens it is their responsibility to be in proper working order to equally properly be able to defend that same republic. To not only own the devices necessary to maintain the rights; moreover, to have the skills needed to use them effectively, to know the appropriate times, places, conditions that call for that usage as free men. The right to keep and bear arms requires that all citizens observe not just ownership of the tools to assure freedom but also the correct order and understanding of how to use those tools. A citizen’s militia is merely one such tool that arises from common bonds and purpose. Again, that purpose is to maintain the constitutional republic.

          • I absolutely admire who organize in the way preppers and
            citizen’s militia do, absolutely. I totally agree on the method and the mental driving. I deeply disagree on the strategical target.

            I assume the republic is a political superstructure, basically founded on the material structure of the entire collection of means of production. In other words, the republic is about the political management of the production social machine. Since the means of production are owned by capitalists by definition, the republic is managed by corrupted workers on behalf of the capitalists. It is not the poor orsobubu, it is the Introduction to the Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx.

            And, exactly, what do you mean with the term “freedom”? What is freedom for you?

          • That is some funny shit right there. Why? Because no one has been defending the “constitutional republic”. Seriously, it is like some of you live in fantasy-land. You’re looking through your painted black windows… and you make shit up pretending you can see… your “consteetootional republic”.

            News-flash! It’s been dead for some time.

            • Anarchy=freedom. Lack of rulers/masters. This will only work with moral people though.

      6. “The Marine told CBS that the militia would protect the Second Amendment under any administration, and that “The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it’s a constant threat.””

        Here is where his militia is wrong. Their duty and their highest ranking officer IS the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution in order for anything they do to be lawful and backed by our legitimate government. That is the US Constitution’s requirement of them as they are REQUIRED to be USED by those who serve within both the federal and state governments for…

        — Enforcing the US Constitution (supreme Law of this land) and each state’s Constitution (highest Law of the state),
        — Enforcing and keeping the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
        — Protecting the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
        — and “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”

        This is per the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15:

        “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.“

        By that constitutional requirement those that serve within our governments are forbidden to use any other agency – governmental or not – for those purposes. Any other agency who did/do those things listed above when there is a Militia trained as the Congress requires the military to be trained, and knowledgeable about the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution available to do those things listed. This is in writing within the supreme contract they are Oathbound to.

        Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.“

        John Adams, “A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States”: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, countries or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

        George Washington: “It may be laid down, as a primary position, and the basis of our system, that every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free government…, but even of his personal services to the defence of it, and consequently that the Citizens of America (with a few legal and official exceptions) from 18 to 50 Years of Age should be borne on the Militia Rolls, provided with uniform Arms, and so far accustomed to the use of them, that the Total strength of the Country might be called forth at Short Notice on any very interesting Emergency.” (“Sentiments on a Peace Establishment”, letter to Alexander Hamilton; “The Writings of George Washington”)

        Understand that those that serve within our governments – state and federal – have duties TO THE Militias found in Clause 16.

        Clause 16: “To provide for organizing, arming and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”.

        The Militia is paid the same wages as any governmental enforcement is paid while performing those duties. They take orders from the Governor and the US President ONLY. They are NOT a governmental agency, but the other wall created of and by the people to stop those who serve within government from using a “military” – domestic enforcement or US military – against the American people.

        Good for you and those that train with you. WE need enough Militia trained as required by veterans for military training and the willingness to take a small bit of time to read the US Constitution (very short document), and their own state’s Constitution.

        Tench Coxe, Delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787: “The power of the sword, say the minority…, is in the hands of Congress. My friends and countrymen, it is not so, for The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and EVERY TERRIBLE IMPLEMENT OF THE SOLDIER ARE THE BIRTHRIGHT OF AMERICANS. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

        Remember it was Joseph Stalin, in 1933 who told those who served within our governments at that time that: ”The United States should get rid of its militias”.

        • Very good (sorry sounded all school teacher) and well but we the people are the final ad last word of control. We sent peaple to the first constitutional convention (the 13 nation States did) and we are the ones who determine when and how the deal is,and or,was broke. We the peaple under natural law can and will find ways of self preservation and the legal wording of the contract,( constitution of the united States)is to restrict government not the peaple. The contract at both state and federal levels does not have a simple process for said government to change the contract with out we the people qranting the change.
          The point of broken and abused was reached long ago and yes we have been voting for all of this for many many moons. It all comes down to the 3 boxes
          Soap Box
          Ballet Box
          Ammo Box
          When you restrict the first and ignore the second you will at some point after enough have had enough the third box. Are we there yet no we are all still talking tough it is when it gets quite that we need to be ready.

        • “— Enforcing and keeping the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),”

          And therein lies a snare to the foot of the unwary.

          Who or what decides whether or not a particular law is constitutional? This and other boards are rife with comments about “unconstitutional” laws and most of us wait with bated breath for a Supreme Court ruling to uphold our claim.

          I’m sure there were German citizens who behaved similarly and who shrugged their shoulders when the pronouncement (if there was one) failed to help them. The mass deportations and subsequent genocide continued unabated until the facilities were overrun by allied soldiers. At which point, the average citizen pled ignorance and fell back on the age-old claim that “there was nothing I could do.”

          After the war was over, the Nuremberg trials established the entirely new idea that every person has a duty to God and mankind that comes before duty to any earthly ruler.

          So, if what I have written here is factual and logical, how many of you who read it agree that ANY law, regulation or rule that curtails, restricts or in any way infringes on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms is unconstitutional and need not be obeyed? Further, how many of you ignore those laws?

          Our legal system is based on a set of laws that are written down so that we may refer to them in future times. The system is complicated by reference to past cases and how they were decided. As we all know, some decisions are based less on the law than on bias, yet they take their place in the law libraries just as those decided on purely legal grounds. According to the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, the Heller decision should never have been entered in any book, let alone a law book.

          Now, if you’ve beaten your way through this bramble-bush; Who decides if you can carry a gun into – wherever? You or a group of old lawyers in black robes that enjoy an armed detail of bodyguards?

          Don’t answer that here. Keep it to yourself.

        • George Washington didn’t care for the militia nor did anyone else under his command .

      7. Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election

        Look at all the protest by the left and the Commies.
        Look at left saying that they will get violent.
        Look at the muslim training camps.

        3%ers. Are all we need in that area. What about the rest of the areas around the US. Time to follow suit folks. That is why our group trains. We don’t have a name but we will fight for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        Look around you just might find a group that you might want to get to know.


        • Reminds me of Elohim City.

          Hell, there were so many agents from so many agencies there spying on each other as well as the few actual residents that the place would have looked uninhabited without them.

          Stay out of groups. LE isn’t stupid and will know who and where you are if the time for a roundup comes, and that time will come if anyone starts anything violent.

        • Sgt Dale. Militias are true Americans Patriot Volunteers that protect our country. These Commie Paid Protestors are lefty POS who are not even registered to vote but are paid protestor/ agitators. Big difference when the money runs out or the funding stops, they will stop. They sure won’t work for free.

          Arizona is looking into confiscation of the Assets in Asset forfeiture for Paid Protestors who do public destruction. These lefty protestors have no stake in the game, other than being paid to destroy American Cities. Once George Soros is Put in prison and all his assets confiscated, we will not see much of these Commie protestors acting out for a paycheck. Once the money flows stop they are done. These commie protestors will return back to their mommas basements to play video games like they have done all their sh!tty lives. Never voting, just useless eaters.

          • Zeus
            Thanks for the INFO on Arizona. That would be a GREAT MOVE!


        • The Paid Protestors on the left are like the Walking Dead Zombies. They have no idea what they are even protesting about, just show up and get paid like a trophy. They are low IQ useless eaters of our society who think everything is free, like living in Momma’s basement and delivered their hot food trays daily. For many who are in their 30’s this Paid Protesting gig is the first job they every had in their entire lives. They are being played and paid to destroy. They don’t even vote. They are the do nothings in life. Never paid any taxes. Idiot walking dead zombies. They will be easy targets of the militias. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Just never run out of ammo. So keep stacking.

        • Joining the 3% isn’t an option until they stop relying on the use of Facebook.

          • BlackMoe, if they’re using facebook, they need to stop like yesterday. social media is not necessarily a good thing.

        • Here we go again.

          “…but we will fight for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

          When? When are you and your little group of “trained” moolitia gonna fight fer da consteetootion?

          Running around in your cammies in the woods and capping off rounds into paper targets is not… fighting for da constitution and da Bill of Rights.

          IF… it comes down to it, you won’t be fighting for anything other than your survival.

      8. “…won’t end well.”

        Oh, it will end just fine if the militias are allowed to be “well regulated” (left alone, not interfered with).

        But, it makes one wonder: since leftists/globalist money is pouring into these anti-American protests and activities, what kind of backstabbing traitors have infiltrated the militias? What kind of bribery or stunts will the traitor element try to pull of with the excrement meets the rotary air circulation device?

        Hopefully the spoiled brat phase of this election will destroy itself. One gets tired of koolaid eventually.

        One thing that I heard is that we’d have this massive amount of violence after the election because Trump Supporters would stop being so civil. It has not happened. Trump supporters are still being civil. Patience may be running thin but they’re still not running over the road blockers on a regular basis. They’re still not pulling guns on people and they’re still backing down from fights. I’m not saying they shouldn’t, I’m just saying that it was predicted that after the election Trump Supporters would become a bit more unhinged and fight back.

        I just want to remind people that defending yourself does not cause you to lose the moral high ground. Of course there is no valley to low when it comes to morality that the leftists globalist won’t take.

        I just want to remind them, as they call for more invasive violence that the Patriots of this nation didn’t buy all that ammo just because we had a bunch of money we wanted to spend.

        • Your last sentence says it all. Thank You.

        • You seem to have bought into the leftist claim that all Trump supporters are crazies that are anti government, violent, and need to be stopped.

          They aren’t, they’re almost all traditional Americans, working Americans with families and such, Christians, and will not become violent and take up arms against leftist demonstrators.

          There are, of course, a few actual crazies attached to them that advocate this but their numbers are so small as to not even represent a measurable percentage of overall Trump voters and supporters and won’t be supported by them.

        • Net Ranger

          We have been very civil, as you say. How long will it last is anyone’s guess. The Libtards are arming up not because they are afraid of us it is because they want to be able to increase the violence against Conservatives. Fortunately we have the jump on them being prepared in many ways. Libtards being short sighted and myopic only see that they need guns and ammo. They never figure in what else they may need. Sort of a quick fix mentality. How many times have we run field test and things happens the wrong way or do not work as expected. This they will find out quickly. To echo what others have said, still we should not underestimate their capability to inflict horrendous bodily injury and property damage.

        • Regulated means:
          keeping pace, in time, synchronized kept up.

          The left changed the definition of “regulated” to government having control over what militias can do or have.

      9. WOW I can not wait to hang out with people like this.

        Its guaranteed to put more surveillance on you by the FBI.

        Just think cook outs drinking beer, seeing sexy women in camo.

        Letting people know what kind of firearms you have all your preps. and making videos so all the world can see.

        They can see you in your designer sunglasses, digital camo. outfit, and go pro helmet.


        REALLY????? ( SARCASM )

        • Nite Owl, damn good points. Just as bad as being on “Doomsday Preppers”.

      10. I don’t know about militias but I’m damned sure gonna protect myself and family first and in turn the Constitution will benefit. I won’t start anything but I very well may finish it.

      11. No militia here… just lots of friends, neighbors, hunters, farmers and veterans who are tired of the libtard brainwashed hordes who just dont realize that they lost the election.. real Americans buy guns and ammo for fun… what are the libs gonna attack with.. dildos and bongs..

        • Liberals will wave their little rainbow flags at you. Oooooohhh, are you scared yet?

          • Navyguy, I thought the libturds were already dildos and bongs, LOL!

      12. So how does this all spread out?

        Those states that have enacted laws to make high capacity magazines, weapon accessories, certain ammunition illegal, only inhibit the ones who wanted to take it all away. People living in those states, before being made illegal, have squirrelled those items away and await to bring them back to the light of day and used them if need be on the Libtards.

        • Anon,many in states that allow(?)high capacity mags and internet ammo sales ect. help out our brothers and sisters caught behind enemy lines also.

          The election woke a lot of folks up,it also showed many who thought otherwise they are not alone in thinking in many ways we as a country headed in a bad direction.

          Will say,all the talk of potus assassination/impeachment ect.
          with less then 100 days in office doesn’y help!

          • Anon and Warchild, anyone who wants to take something from me will get one bullet to the head.

      13. Don’t get me wrong I am a President Trump supporter but it sure seems he has a bit lost sight of the real reason we voted for him. I for one,and I’m sure many others wanted to see Hillery and Obutthole in orange suits hanging from a palm tree in Gitmo, but it looks like that won’t happen.They are allowed to run around turning the dogs of communism loose on us freedom loving Americans.Since he or any government agency that could arrest them won’t do it,it looks like it could ultimately be the responsibilty of the militia and us old combat vets to take up the slack when it hits the fan.I’m not in the best of shape like I was when I was in my 20s in the Nam but I can still squeeze of a shot or two if need be.

        • We’d love to see those two in prison, but illegal aliens, border security, tax reform, welfare reform, NATO funding, and other things are what I voted for.

          Hillary and Obama will be their own destruction one day, no need to make martyrs of them for the left to worship.

      14. Joining a militia just puts a target on your back. They will be the targets of paramilitary operations involving overwhelming force. Don’t let them know who you are. Don’t talk about it and don’t coordinate with others. .\

        Pick soft random targets that support the enemy. Government employees,news people,school administrators,college professors,social gospel preachers and your liberal cousin.

        Makem scared.

      15. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about finding one of these militia groups, and avoid infiltrators. Would like to join. Believe in the Constitution and the Republic.

        • Start your own

          allow no one in that you dont know or cant trust with your life

          thats it in a nut shell

          Opsec 1st rule

        • Waiting

          Awhile back I wanted to start a team of trusted people. Was called Pick 7. Didn’t happen so I gave up. I will wait till things get bad and then pick from a skilled group. Being tired of the bullshit I don’t need them stepping in half ass with nothing but excuses and believe me they have plenty of them.
          I am doing what I need to do to get ready and should I join ,or they join me, I will have things to put on the table. Just showing up is NOT enough.

          All this, provided I survive for any length of time.

        • Waiting,why join ,instead,create a local group of trusted friends/family ect.,emphasis on keep it local.

          Other good reads besides Plains suggestion is is Mosby’s Reluctant Partisian and failure of civility,forget the two authors names.These books both deal with reality and written by folks who have worked with/to build groups behind enemy lines.

          I would say larger scale groups as others have suggested watched and may have informents.The other value of a truly local group is things go very wrong no large scale travelling to help one another.just me thoughts.

      16. TPTB failed to instigate a race war because we all knew that was BS.
        Now the left is encouraging people to fight for their political views. This is far more dangerous and likely to come to pass. This does not know race or anything else. This is just the dumbed down people reacting to propaganda. It would appear they can make this a far more likely scenario.

        It is the duty of every “True” American to watch for this and put it down in order to save the country and its ideals.

        Sometimes I think to myself that it would a shame to have to fight with fellow Americans, but then I realize these people are not Americans in sense of Country, God, Patriotism and the idea of being free. I work with people who do not read, do think, do not want to be aware of is happening right in front of them. They raise children the same way. They vote for democraps and honestly believe the government will save them. They do not even blink when they are drowning in debt, they encourage their to waste time playing sports all the time to keep them from reading and learning what is happening in the world around them. It is almost like they think,, if I don’t know about it , it can’t hurt me. WRONG!

        A great culling is coming, it will be a shame, but in the end the Republic lives and the freedom we hold dear and cherish,,,, will prevail!

        Locked and Loaded!!

        Long live the Republic

        • this countries government has dummed them down so much at this point,, they cant even provoke a real fight out of them any more, like they would want .. cant provoke a race war ( that would be short lived anyways 13% blacks ..come on people quick ending would be the way forward .. political party war? people are already tired of who they “voted” in and so many are desensitized to the fact there is no difference between the two parties .. they are both here to fuck you , and gain from it

          this sissyfication of our males in this country has back fired on the lefties, and war provokers .. I cant wait til this really goes hot, if it ever will .. they will have no idea WTF to do .. government included

      17. Let’s get something straight – AR’s were incorporated so sissies could carry a lighter rifle and more of the lighter rounds PERIOD…Their tumbling 50 grain round often had insufficient shocking power to immediately incapacitate i.e. a shot enemy would be hemorrhaging to death while still killing GI’s.

        150 gr 30/06’s/ .308’s 150 grain @ 2700 fps from a M14, Garand, 08 etc. incapacitate immediately. They’re “down and out.”

        It’s all a matter of a bullet’s momentum (MV) and kinetic energy (MV^2) temporary wound shock cavity oscillating throughout a bodies water content.

        ….and then there’s the no small matter of .223 bullet deflection by underbrush &c…DISGRACEFULL…

        Best battle rifle – .308 or .30/06 M14…….

        • Mushroom

          My main go to rifle is a M1A Scout with a M1A standard match as #2. Then My LAR 8. Secondary rifles are my AR 6.8 and 5.56.

          Yes I agree that the 308 7.62X51 is the by far the best.


          • Each type of weapon has it’s niche. If I had to go running off through the woods, I believe I’d get farther with an AR in 556 verses my FAL in .762 based solely on weight.
            Don’t know about you guy’s but I wouldn’t want to get head shot with a .22Lr, let alone with anything bigger.
            Let each man be armed with that which suits their particular needs. A well trained person with an AR beats the hell out of an untrained one with a “manly” caliber any day of the week.

            The “sissy” is the person who is not armed…Period end of sentence!!!

            • NOBODY

              Excellent point.

        • Look….there’s no argument that .30 cal ANYTHING is superior in performance to lighter caliber…..IF… have re-supply of ammo readily available (a loaded deuce and half nearby)

          The problem comes when you have to hump a loadout for your M-1A or Garand or FN-FAL or whatever. Let’s assume you can carry 200 rounds…that’s 10 20rd magazines. That’s probably about 40 lbs right there. How long do you think it would take you to burn through that in a firefight? Someone with an AR could probably carry close to 500 rounds and it wouldn’t weigh any more.

          No….the AR round is not as potent. But I guarantee you that getting hit with it will take the fight out all but the most dedicated. In SHTF, you will probably be facing those looking to simply stay alive. Just about ANYTHING fired in their direction is going to be a deterrent. And with medical care being at a premium or possibly even unavailable, just about any wound will be ultimately fatal. The bad guys will simply move on to softer targets.

          As for fighting the military. They will trump your .308 with 25mm chain guns, drones tanks… the point is moot.

          Firepower will be more important that lethality. Kill a man right there and his comrades move on. Wound him and it will take 2 more of them to carry him and a vehicle to transport him out of the fight.

          • Actually……10 20 round mags of .308 would probably be closer to 30lbs……Sorry for the miscalculation.

      18. This type of movement was one important purpose for the creation of the surveillance state. Like a vulture on high, they watch. Waiting while taking it all in. While we talk about the cheaply bought visible opposition, the unseen is what gives me the creeps. An unfair advantage in a country down scenario, or to create one. The real problem is that the Constitution has been usurped. This is not a Constitutional Republic by application and never has been. Our freedom seen evaporating in the rising columns of heat waves from the data center cooling towers proves that. Heed is hereby cautioned while we are distracted by bathrooms and gender. This power is too great for any man to control, only we the people can. I would advise moves to dismantle this apparatus be made as a strategic effort to maintain any chance of regaining Constitutionality and a return to freedom. Watch what happens to the militia, their future is yours.

      19. The Democrats are a conglomeration of different groups. What keeps them together is to blindly ignore that all of their causes can’t be satisfied. Any effort to lower the Budget deficit or to put the needs of the country above theirs is opposed by them all. No raising of taxes, serious and sustained efforts at fiscal restraint put the groups at each other’ throats. Divide and conquer!

      20. Hillary and Obama both want power and lots of money. They have galaxy class egos and will do anything to gain power. If Trump leaves which I doubt Hillary and Obama will be at war with each other literally. Trump will not leave and slink away. It will take force to remove him and this will cause the trump supporters to gather and fight, it will last for years and destroy the land to the benefit of China who will run wild

        • Obama could legally run for president again in 2020. Not something I’d like to see.

      21. In the Russian Afghan war the Russian military lost
        More officers than anything from this one rifle???
        22 caliber rifle with a litter bottle made into a suppressor.
        Neck shots from buildings.

        • Pro USA, you mean the mujahideen used .22s on Russians? I never heard this before. Link or source for that info?

          • Sorry brother it’s been so many years I don’t no where to steer you to find it any more I’ll try do some research and let you know it’s no b.s though.

            • I could be wrong, but I believe it was the Chechen rebels that used the .22lr in urban fighting with the Russians.

              And from what I understand, they concentrated fire on the crotch….not the neck. Talk about a demoralizing thing. It’s one thing to have the guy next to you go down in a heap from a head shot. It’s quite another to see him writhing on the ground screaming because he manhood just got blown away.

              You are going to be hard pressed to find any links regarding this. There used to be some, but most, if not all of them have been removed. (Gee…I wonder why?)

              On a side note…..The Israelis once used .22lr to disperse Palestinian rioters. The idea was to knee-cap the leaders in order to disperse them. The stopped doing it though because they were causing too many fatalities.

              .22lr is a vastly under-estimated round. Do some youtube searches on the effectiveness of .22lr at long range. You might be surprised at what you find.

              The real advantage of a .22 in any kind of insurgency type warfare is the low sound signature. Fired from deep inside a building, combined with a sound suppressor, it will be nearly impossible to determine where a shot is coming from. The idea in such a scenario is not to overwhelm and defeat an opposing force, but to demoralize, hinder their effectiveness and demotivate them.

                  • Thx anonymous 5 wow you guys are good,a extremely high end 22
                    In my opinion is great low signal weapon for urban use with a killer scope.
                    And good for survival hunting also it’s very overlooked they have come a long way with accurate little guy.
                    .17cal also good but load and expensive AMMO.(load to)

        • 2nd that.
          Give more info please.

          .22 can be very effective if placed accordingly.

        • In the US .22 cal weapons kill more people in street crime than any other caliber. The weapons are plentiful, often very compact, concealable, and the quietest unsupressed round available.

          Since forever a .22 shot to the base of the skull was and is the preferred execution method for organized crime.

          A .22 is also the number one choice of people who jack deer out of season.

          It was also the number one choice of grandpa when a groundhog was raiding his garden. If grandpa knotched his rifle every time he nailed a groundhog, there’d a been nothing left of the stock.

          The ammo is light and cheap, and the firearms tend to be inexpensive as well. In my opinion a 22 rifle and pistol should be in every preppers gun locker.

          I was looking in the store at a Sig Sauer P229 in 9mm that has a separate .22 kit available for it that contains: a slide, barrel, spring and magazine it converts the 9mm pistol shoot .22LR. It costs less than a quality .22 pistol and takes less than a minute to change in and out. For a rifle I really like a Ruger 10-22 takedown in stainless steel. The rifle comes apart and can fit into a backpack carrier that comes with it.

      22. In AZ our malitia “asm” are very professional and have been
        In rolling fire fights for years don’t see that in the media,
        Unlike some boarder states we bite back,and because of that
        The physiologic implications on the bad guy’s keeps them
        Somewhat at bay.
        We love are vet’s so if your bored and want to be in the shit
        Come on down and get vested.
        Absolutely nothing against any other boarder state we’re just bad ass’s hahaha God bless.

      23. Is there a connection?

        Cars being shot up in drive by’s.

        People buying Army surplus Flack Jackets.

        This is the second observation I have made as one vender who manages to acquire a good source of surplus flack jackets. Has been selling them at the Flea Market at $40 a jacket and has sold about twenty in the past three weekends.

        • For $40 bucks its not all that bad, but if people think they will be bullet proof with them on , its false hope

          Flack Jackets werent made with the intention of stopping any sizeable rifle or even pistol rounds

          Although flak jackets offered some basic protection against small caliber bullets and shell fragments (which was obviously welcomed by their users), ultimately they proved to be less effective than hoped. Flak jackets are now generally considered to be inferior to ballistic vests.

          Just save up for the real thing ..plate carrier with plates

          • no thanks on the plate carrier. an 8×12 patch of protection is something i will pass on. i want a military grade level 3a “bulletproof vest”, with the plates in it. MUCH more protection, just in case you ARE shot with a pistol somewhere besides center-mass. i can think of MANY instances where i will be better off WITH it, than WITHOUT it. like parachutes, if you NEED one, and don’t HAVE one….chances are you won’t NEED on again.

      24. At the end of WWI chaos ruled in Germany with the red terror doing its thing Russia had fallen to the communists as had Hungary. Militias called free corps formed to combat the communists in Germany It was a bitter struggle but the right drove out the left wing In the US the left used paid mercenary street thugs to protest for them. Terror is part of the protests by choice. the various political parties formed militias to fight literally for their ideas. The left had the red front, the center has Reidhs banner and the right has the Sturm Abteilung or brown shirts. Even the center had to resort to a private army for protection while giving speeches. That is what is happening here in the US You will need mass guards to fight the protestors who are mercenary criminals hired for violence

      25. The elite’s refusal to accept Trump’s election win is a message, to we the people who voted for a new direction, that they refuse to let go of the levers of power. They rule, we obey. That’s the way it’s been, them with their foot on our neck and us without any way to object, and they are telling us loud and clear that’s the way it will stay. They are telling us that we do not have a seat at the table. They want us to shut up, go to work, pay taxes and humbly accommodate all the humiliating, insulting impediments and obstacles they can dream up. To them we are livestock to be milked, sheared and butchered. The only option they leave us is to submit to our own enslavement. No it will not end well.

      26. 1) flak jackets are not bullet proof.(I prefer plate carriers)
        2) ARs vs AKs both will kill you dead.(I prefer a 300WM)
        3) The improvised munitions book is priceless.
        4) Guerrilla warfare is used when facing a superior force.
        Look at Nam or the Middle East.(As powerful as America is,we did not have the enemy scream Uncle) Why, too politically correct, death by a thousand cuts !!! How political would a Civil war be? Ask Abraham Lincoln.

      27. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Having said that, be prepared, think smart, and keep your options quiet. Keep your plans to a minimum, but don’t fight a war by yourself. Select your allies, they will be your best defense and your capable offense. Read the last post of Simmon says, I prefer custom built AR-57’s, but 300WM why of course. Prepare, the other side has already started the war.

      28. A couple thoughts.
        With militia I would be nervous with any cellphone close by. GPS,voice recognition, and remote viewing. I think technology is great, but when a drone can Buzz by and have live target data on me. Call me paranoid. What If I stand too close to the wrong person. Poof!! Anybody with a cellphone out, what are they doing? Group photos? Infiltrators will probably have access to cia best gear. I have no clue on doing a sweep for bugs. No one can trust anyone. What happens to spies?? How about where everyone’s morality lies, after locating one. Serious questions need to be addressed before not after. like-minded people.
        Using a 22 is a grand idea in my book for some applications. I am getting old and like my optics. We preferred the 22 over other larger calibers for putting down hogs and cattle. Less mess and one well placed shot does the trick. There is practically no recoil on follow up shots, and low setting on variable scope makes easy following moving targets. High setting for tackdriving. 22 magnum is a farmboys favorite. Takes a rabbits head clean off. Compared to the 22lr mag hits a lot harder. Hollowpoints are explosive Winchester makes a jacketed hollowpoint that is nasty. I shot one with grain 6in. Deep in 2×4. Lead was almost gone but that jacket wasn’t.
        223 is still in 22 caliber range, with bullet weight about a third heavier. Really reaching out. crows go Poof.
        Keep your swords and powder dry

      29. A couple thoughts. 6p
        With militia I would be nervous with any cellphone close by. GPS,voice recognition, and remote viewing. I think technology is great, but when a drone can Buzz by and have live target data on me. Call me paranoid. What If I stand too close to the wrong person. Poof!! Anybody with a cellphone out, what are they doing? Group photos? Infiltrators will probably have access to cia best gear. I have no clue on doing a sweep for bugs. No one can trust anyone. What happens to spies?? How about where everyone’s morality lies, after locating one. Serious questions need to be addressed before not after. like-minded people.
        Using a 22 is a grand idea in my book for some applications. I am getting old and like my optics. We preferred the 22 over other larger calibers for putting down hogs and cattle. Less mess and one well placed shot does the trick. There is practically no recoil on follow up shots, and low setting on variable scope makes easy following moving targets. High setting for tackdriving. 22 magnum is a farmboys favorite. Takes a rabbits head clean off. Compared to the 22lr mag hits a lot harder. Hollowpoints are explosive Winchester makes a jacketed hollowpoint that is nasty. I shot one with grain 6in. Deep in 2×4. Lead was almost gone but that jacket wasn’t.
        223 is still in 22 caliber range, with bullet weight about a third heavier. Really reaching out. crows go Poof.
        Keep your swords and powder dry

      30. Thank you for the support We are avid followers.
        I understand all the stay under the radar jazz.. Don’t talk to media, ect. But do you understand, I cannot remain silent. I have broken no laws. I have a right to speak and we have a right to a civilian militia. I am the tripwire. I am the lightening rod. If I am taken away, you take point.
        In the meantime, I have suffered left leaning media and it has gotten us some much needed attention from right wing media. Hopefully, you will be able to make a well informed decision about me once pertinent facts about what I am doing becomes available. See Associated Press article to be released shortly Thank you for your time.
        Chris Hill
        Gen. BLooDAgenT
        III% Security Force
        Georgia Security Force III%
        Commanding Officer

      31. Nice Article TY! lll% ~Guns Up~

      32. Thanks for sharing.

      33. Thank you for the support III%~Guns Up!!!~ We have no reason to hide.
        Yvette DeMaria
        III% South Carolina Security Force

      34. Thankyou
        As you well know we are not a bunch of fat slobs running around in cammies in the woods .
        We are training together for a highly possible bad future. As my brothers and sisters in arms have already stated we are not breaking any laws.

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