Cities Will Collapse Even Sooner Than We Fear

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    This article has been generously contributed by David Spero of Code Green Prep and was originally linked via Prepper Website.

    Cities Will CollapseWe have written several times about how major population groupings (ie cities) will collapse ‘shortly’ after the essential elements of life cease to smoothly flow in to them as needed.  When there’s no water, no sewage, no food, no gas and no electricity, things will unavoidably get very nasty.

    In an earlier post we suggested that cities will decay into violent anarchistic morasses within a week or two.  In that article we were deliberately trying to look at a ‘best case scenario’ (don’t laugh – the collapse of cities taking a week or two is, alas, a best case scenario!).  Our projection was based on the ‘best case’ hope that people would remain passive for a few days and it would only be when people realized no help was coming and they were starting to starve that things would turn truly nasty.

    One of our readers, ‘Lt. Dan’, wrote in to share his perspective of what might go down, and alas, it is not nearly as sunny and optimistic as our earlier best case hope.  His point is that violence will break outimmediately.  There will not be days of ambiguity before things start to fail.

    He says that in known ‘hot spots’ in larger cities, the violence will start at once, and as soon as the violent offenders realize that the police response is inadequate (or totally missing) it will skyrocket in scope and extent.

    This is a key issue for us, because it impacts on our decision about when to ‘Get Out Of Dodge’ (GOOD) and hightail it to our remote retreat.  How much time do we have to decide what to do between when a massive problem occurs and when the city becomes lawless?

    Lt. Dan writes :

    As a retired LEO with over 30 yrs dealing with “society” I have a number of thoughts on this topic. I grew up on a working farm not close to any major metro center but in adulthood joined a sizable metro PD.  So I have perspective from various angles.

    The speed and spread of lawlessness with be much faster than most will think.  Even now in “quiet” times LE staffing is usually based on the lowest number of officers to reasonably handle a “normal” day.  Any event(s) beyond “normal” immediately overwhelm on-duty forces.  Planned events like anarchists protesting the latest capitalist conference allow time to plan for enough ON-DUTY personnel (plus resources from other agencies) to be available when violence breaks out.

    In most major metro areas there are areas the police routinely avoid because they’re too hazardous.  The violent elements in these areas are constantly looking to explode their violence at a moment’s notice when the opportunity happens.  And when it happens it will spread like a ruptured gasoline storage tank afire.  LE forces will be quickly overwhelmed and retreat to a safe place/bunker for self-preservation.

    Most LEO’s have families and a desire for self-preservation.  If the collapse involves monetary problems (like no paychecks) the officers will not be reporting to duty, they’ll be protecting their own.  When this happens the initial violent outbreaks will mushroom like a nuclear reaction.  If the officers are being paid yet, they’ll set up a “containment perimeter” IF they have enough manpower…. which is highly unlikely in a regional or national SHTF scenario.

    On other really scary thought I never see mentioned is…. what happens to the tens of thousands of violent criminals in prisons??

    In a farming community where religion/moral values are generally much higher than urban dwellers, the problems of violence will be much reduced.  Plus everyone usually knows each other so its harder to want to take advantage of them.  One tip for urbanites… are not working their butts off to feed the city slickers (who’ve been ridiculing them for years as hicks, etc) and they certainly will not welcome the urbanites showing up during a crisis.

    We asked Dan about his comments and background, and he told us a bit more about how he has formed the views he has – and, let’s face it, thirty years in a major metro police department and retiring as a lieutenant gives him a lot of credibility, particularly on police related operational issues and on matters to do with how people will (mis)behave when given half a chance to do so.

    Now that he can ‘tell it like it is’ we asked him in particular about something that opinions widely vary on – will the police bravely ‘man the battlements’ and fight to the last man in a failing and doomed effort to save civilization, or will they adopt – as he suggests above – a ‘my family first, everyone else second’ approach when they see the inevitability of a city’s collapse.

    Dan replied :

    When I first started on the PD in the 70′s I was stuck in the Comm room and on boring nights I’d actually read the Civil Defense binders (HUGE things) full of detail, much theoretical.  For example, upon receiving alert of a nuke attack we were supposed to call a long list of elected officials and city unit directors etc.  We all knew it’d be a total waste of time to call these clueless government people because all they’d do is panic and babble on the phone asking US what to do!

    We (cops) talked openly in the Comm Room about what we’d do and we decided we’d immediately leave our posts and spend our remaining time with family.  The point being alerting totally clueless and incompetent “leaders” would do nothing except add to the panic and confusion over which we (cops) would have ZERO control over.

    It is important to understand how much we can learn from past ‘lessons’ with breakdowns in cities (in the case of the US, the L.A. riots being a prime example) and how much we have to adjust for a future breakdown of society.

    We suggest that the big difference is that in past events, the problem has been successfully contained to a restricted region, and the police have had, in effect, virtually unlimited reinforcements and resupply, and there has never been any question of what the ultimate outcome would be – of course law and order would triumph.

    But in a future society-destroying event, none of this applies.  The police will have no resupply or reinforcement, and problems will break out in multiple locations.

    We agree with Lt. Dan that very quickly, the police will see the unwinnable nature of the contest and will switch from attempting to defend a disintegrating society from itself, and will focus instead on attempting to ensure the safe survival of themselves and their immediate family and friends.


    Lt. Dan puts it very vividly when he writes

    [Violence] will spread like a ruptured gasoline storage tank afire

    This means that if you have a GOOD plan and a retreat to go to, you need to be ready to activate this sooner than you might have otherwise hoped for.  As soon as you hear the first word of lawlessness, rioting, looting, and general disorder breaking out, you should accept that this will spread like wildfire across the entire city, and leave as quickly as you can.

    Oh – one more unsettling thought.  How will you learn that violence has broken out in another part of the city if the internet is down, and radio and television stations are also down?  Even if some broadcasters remain in service, they’ll probably have limited sources of information and it might take a while for them to become appraised of events and to then broadcast them.

    It is also reasonable to guess that broadcasters will be asked ‘not to spread panic’ and so initial reports of violence breaking out might be downplayed or omitted entirely.

    Choosing when to bug-out is a difficult but essential issue.  You need to be willing to leave before it becomes too late, and with inertia and resistance to change and desperate hope all encouraging you to delay your decision, you need to fight these tendencies.  Better to leave ‘too soon’ and return back again some time later, safely; than to leave it too late and suffer the consequences.

    We talk about the issues to do with making your bug-out decision here.

    David Spero has been prepping since before it was ever an issue. He remembers how his father would store vast quantities of food and supplies at home, and both of them thought it to be normal prudent actions – as, of course, they are. He has a masters degree in business, has worked internationally, speaks several languages, is a nationally accredited firearms instructor, a licensed ham radio operator, and through this website is becoming increasingly a respected authority on matters to do with prepping.  

    You can visit David’s web site at Code Green Prep and learn more about the Code Green Community, a self-contained, self-supporting and self-sustaining retreat community in the western United States.


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      1. It’s the police we need to worry about.

        The New Orleans Times Picayune reported that, “Recently, 18 current and former NOPD officers have been charged with killing innocent civilians around the time of Hurricane Katrina or with covering up the crimes. The revelations have been despicable, and five officers have pleaded guilty so far. Additional federal investigations of police brutality are expected to yield even more indictments.” In a crisis, the public depend on the police even more than usual.

        A police officer can plant or fabricate evidence, as came to light in the Troop C scandal. In April 1993, New York State Police Lt. Craig D. Harvey admitted he and another trooper lifted fingerprints from items the suspect, John Spencer, touched while in Troop C headquarters and attached them to
        evidence cards. Spencer was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to fifty years to life in prison.
        Nothing threatens society more than law enforcers who are law breakers.

        • Just as not every doctor gravitates to medicine for humanitarian reasons, so too not every cop gravitates to authoritarian power to protect and serve.

          Many people select their careers to act out their own problems.

          • As you read this, Sweden is being destroyed by “youths”, the msm euphemism for anti-whites. This will come to Amerika soon, and here, whites will cower and beg for police to protect them, because they have been conditioned to reject reality. They will only protect the anti-whites. And White Genocide will begin.

            • JustMe,

              There won’t be ANY racial genocide on U.S. soil. Not on my watch.

              It was bad enough progressives began Eugenic experiments here in the U.S. in the early 20th century, upon which Hitler based his “Final Solution” on those barbaric genetic experiments according to his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’. 25 million people died to stop that bastard Adolph Hitler. Over my dead body will I see that happen here. Believe it!

              • You don’t seem to know who is running the program, and what their goals are. The nazi bit is true, but they didn’t slaughter as many people as the communists. By some estimates, they are responsible for about 200 million dead.

                Under Lenin and Stalin, the soviets killed more people before the war than Hitler did during the war, and Stalin went on to kill almost as many more, yet this goes relatively unmentioned. Obummer’s handlers and owners are Marxists, they know how to do genocide real well.

                Do a search for White Genicide, you will find many people who openly call for the extermination of White people. Do a search for the UN definition of genocide, and if you are honest and objective, you will find that the program is in motion now, in America, and Europe.

                When America crashes, it will go into full swing.

                • I don’t care who they are or what they intend. I stand like a rock. I will defend. This is one Scots Irishman who does not depend on hired muscle to defend me. My family, friends and close in neighbors I will defend. I doubt too many of the agenda types would go aggressive [ one on one] with an armed and trained man perfectly willing to kill them and if necessary die. What they count on is rolling over a bunch of pants pissing wimps who’ve never thought through or prepared for ( how bad it could be ). Not saying the few of us here could not be over run. Any small force no matter who they are can be overrun by superior numbers. My question to those whose bravery depends on being part of a mob is: Do you want to be among the first 75 to die? I don’t care what race, ancestry, religion or shoe size they are. There’s a point beyond which a free man won’t be pushed.

                  • Remember to go get the liberals first and use them as shields.

                    Afterall, they brought them here. Might as well let’em see the problem first hand!

                  • … and that’s all there is to that!

                • JustMe,

                  I am familiar with genocidal history which is why I strongly oppose it. It doesn’t matter to me who throws the first stone, opposing genocide is as good a cause for me to fight for. Eventually when everyone else has been taken, and the powers that be decide it’s my turn, by that time it’s too late to resist.

                  When America crashes, I think genocide may be the least of our worries when people begin to starve.

                  • You say you are familiar with “genocidal history” then go on to say that when America crashes that genocide may be the least of our worries.Either you arent familiar with history or you dont know the meaning of genocide. AS economies fail societies fracture along ethnic,religous,racial,and political lines. Marxist leaders use this to empower their own groups to carry out their agendas. Melissa Dawn Huggins-Jones, Josiah Humphrey,Quinn Boyer, Jeremy Crane, Kyleigh Crane, Todd North, John Lehman, Melinda Sue McCormick, Matthew Gadfield, Aaron Makarian, Robert Horton,Fay Jones, Antonio Santiago… These are just a few murdered in the last EIGHT weeks or so. The “least of our worries” has been underway for quite sometime.

                  • YH

                    I thought about WWII and if the outcome was different. Did the Italians with dark skin think they would get a pass from NAZIs forever? The Japanese knew Hitlers dream of a white arian race. Did they think he would be inclusive?

                • JustMe, you’re simply wrong. Bolschevik revolution did only one victim, by stroke. After that, Lenin immediately stopped the war in Russia (started by the capitalistic governments all over the world). All international bourgeoises, fearing that communist revolution could spread in their countries, ending their grasp over exèploited workers, stopped to fight among themselves and grouped to start an attack (white terrorism) inside Russia. Remember, that country had been horribly plagued by the imperialistic war, and people turned to cannibalism to survive. Lenin and Trotsky incredibly succeeded in defeating the coward invaders; in doing this, they had to use every tactics, including terrorism (red terrorism, about 20.000 victims) to survive and defend the revolution against the imperialistic block (USA, for example, did horribly worse in recent times to defend their interests ABROAD). But communism was too much ahead in respect to the historical times, and all other revolutionaries around the world were killed and destroyed by capitalists. Lenin knew very well that – without an international revolution – communistic dreams were doomed, so he withdrawed to the NEP (a state-capitalistic form of economy policy). After Lenin’ death, Stalin killed all the bolscheviks (hundreds of thousands) and completed the state-capitalistic organization of URSS, killing (according to capitalistic habits) tens of millions people. But remember that communism never existed in the history of the world (aside from primitive communism before history itself). If you have money, wage work, banks and market, as in URSS, China, etc, you should talk about capitalism; this is a scientific certainty, as capital derives exclusively from exploited human work, and inside “communist” regimes there was an extremely organized form of exploiting wage work (and also stakanovism!!!). False democracy is the regime used when economy is flourishing, fascism is the regime adopted during crisis times, to avoid workers seize the power: nazism, stalinism, etc, all regimes started by capitalists (Hitler took the power thanks to worldwide bankers support, including USA). Communism is a program for the future; a communist economy is a more advanced capitalism, because capitalism, nowadays, cannot manage anymore the enormous productive capacity of the socialized economy. Communism could organize and plan all the wildest productive dreams of human race without the need of convert exploited work into money. Capitalism needs to convert – by exploitation – human work in capital and money at a minimum rate of 2% yearly; when it fails (it cannot expand forever, like communism do, because capotalism needs to expand endlessly the worked hours), crisis and destructive wars start. “Soviet communism” is only a bourgeoise ideology used to frighten and control the western proletariat, and it widely spreaded in america during the mccarthyism. But these ideology – along with popperism – was confuted by Geymonat, Bordiga, Feyerabend decades ago; it is similar to the “free market” ideology: this is false too, and in this blog you can clearly see the effects, when readers cannot understand why the american dream is vanishing before their eyes: small owners fall into proletariat, and imperialism and state capitalism rule. Fascism, civil war and global conflicts, all generated by the capitalistic monster, will be the historical powers at work in the future. Only communism could save the mankind. A clear proof is World War II, when no leninistic revolutionary parties existed to contrast the bourgeoise destruction frenzy. So, the primary task for workers, today, is rebuild those organizations; America is fatally late on this, leaning toward selfish and individual solutions, and the risk is to succumb to a fascist government, exporting its violence overseas.

                  • bolshevik,

                    “Lenin”, and “Trotsky” were not even real Russians, and the truth about who created communism, and who still pushes it, still escapes most people today. No, communism is not a viable future for anyone, as the last hundred years of their murderous history has shown, and no, this is not a scare tactic from “McCarthyism”, the numbers speak for themselves; plenty of people have escaped communist countries and risked all the warn the world. Your communist friends murdered more people in the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Hitler did in his concentration camps.

                    Your version of propaganda is worse than that of the bourgeois capitalists. Communism is, as it has always been, theft and slow death of the many, overseen by the few. Communism promises people the Moon, at some later date; just work harder, we’ll get there, comrades…
                    Marxists are parasites, the very vampires marx denounced.

                    “The theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” -Karl Marx

                    To that, we can add: “And murder anyone who opposes communism”…

                  • You must have spent a fair amount of time in one of our fine institutions of higher learning. Heck, you are probably a professor.

                  • If they eliminated communism capitalism would work just fine the world over.

                    Communist, please get out of the way of progress!!!!!!

                  • Communism = Capitalism, in the sense, that they are both the ideologies of men, rich men.
                    The end result of both is a few guys owning everything, and proclaiming themselves Boss.
                    This is the underlying lesson of the Tower of Babel.

                    Both communism and fascism, and all other ‘isms’, reduce men into man… in the French Revolution, they were a communist cluster f* with their rights of ‘man’, IOW, The Collective Man. Here in America, we had the Bill of Rights, of Men, The Individual Man. It had its flaws too, but not nearly so severe as France.

                    In the Tower of Babel, all men are reduced to bricks, all alike, as economic units, their humanity given over to The Collective. God didn’t appreciate this scheme, and (in the story), confused their language, causing a collapse of the system, and a scattering of the people. WHen they scattered, they become Rocks, men, individuals beholden to themselves alone. This was the condition God wants men to live in, for their own personal JOY of LIVING.

                    In the end, the Meaning of Life is JOY, codified in our constitution as the right to pursue happiness.

                    The defect was, as always, rich men and their machinations to gather power unto themselves… which always ends up being about power and control. Period. Money = power. This is the Rule of Gold we love. That he who has the gold, makes the rules.

                    This is also epitomized in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. The Head of Gold, the two legs of Left and Right, and the people lost in the confusion of ideologies and doctrines that speak to either their mind or their heart. (Men of ‘Iron’ constitution, or the sticky clay of the Heart.)

                    Until we understand, that we must all participate in the process of civil authority, ie participate in governing as part of our function, we will always give up our Power, to Rich men. This is why the love of money, is the root of all evil. It is US, not THEM, that loves them, and want to be like them. Either a capitalist or a communist system, it matters not. It is supported by the arms and breast of the middle class who want to rise in money, and power. Those who love money, and drink the koolaide.

                    It has been this way through thousands of years, ever since Babylon, they invented the System we have. What did Babylon invent? A system of the fixed contract of debt, from the money changers, backed up by the Kings Laws, and the people kept in submission to ‘Godly Authority’ by the Priests… Sound familiar? The Elite have loved it since that time, since it was designed for them.

                    Fortunately, it all comes crashing down, and the evil are destroyed. Our task this next cycle of civilization, is to NOT FORGET who destroyed us, and not allow their kin to retake control, but to kill the rich and the evil, to never allow centralized governance or money again, and to learn to pound our swords into plowshares. (Some believe we may have a little help from above, some don’t, it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long you understand that what has destroyed us… is ourselves.)

                  • Sure,look at North Korea and Cuba,the last 2 bastions of true communist economics.They’re really tearin’ up the place,aren’t they?I just don’t understand why the rest of the world isn’t trying to emulate that standard of living…..

                • @ Justme, Agreed, The ‘Free Public Education’, I mean Indoctrination, Is lost on most people. They don’t teach That ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin, our ally in WW2, and his jewish brother-in-law, Kagonovich, killed many more than Hitler!
                  The story behind the Bolshevik Revolution should be front page news, Because it’s the same communist agenda we face now, AKA one world banking order!

                • YH: read several Posts I posted at Brandon’s article on Kommies in america etc. Several days back. My posts contain a vast amount of Real Proven history about what You wrote of IE: WWII-hitler. My posts also have proven valid info that backs up kommie issues in russia etc as Justme posted here.

                  When the issue regards genocide or racial war against Whiteys…Yes indeed! White folks should be placed at the VERY TOP of the current fed govnt-UN-Enviro whackos List’s of…”ENDANGERED SPECIES”.

                  Go look at census numbers of worldwide whiteys POP at 1900 and compare to 2013!!

                  The Vast Majority of aprox. 1/3 of a BILLION the Soviets killed or caused to be killed since 1918, were primarily Whites and Christian Whites. Compare those numbers to the infamous “Six-Million” which is always 99% of peoples kneejerk reply whenever the subject is Evils-Genocide-Deaths of innocents etc.

                  It get’s tireing and is Sad to see so many folks brainwashed to believe that the Only Victims which matter is That Six million(actualy Proven to be Far less, Far, far less). Unless of course the subject is African Blacks.

                  Then as per usual, the only victims which matter is…Blacks due to whatever happened way prior to Our being born. Funny public school books Never mention that in america, it was IRISH-WHITES that became the very First “Slaves” before a single african black was ever brought to our country. Also Never mentioned is the Facts that Most slave ships owners as well as many ships captains and even crews, as well as the euro Banksters who Funded Slavery Everywheres, were of the Same tribe as that infamous “six Million” were.

                  That is to be expected I rekon, when you realize those same folks also Own Most every major Publishing house nationwide in usa. And They are who publish usa school history Text books! The Rabbit hole keeps going Deeper as you continue your truth search. Yet the Rabbits seem to always be of the Same tribe. If only people Today will learn of these truths, we could end our troubles Very quickly.

                  The Swindlers are much akin to Magicians, and comdeieans. Once folks see the “trick” as a Trick, it is easier to figure out the scam. Same for comedy. Their jokes are only humorous and funny untill you know the punchline.

                  Folks usually won’t remain to hear the same joke again after learning the end punchline. Same for folks who learn Truths about Todays troubles and why and who are doing it all. They won’t be fooled again comes to mind.

                • The “tribe” who launched a relatively unknown and certainly underqualified Barack Obama’s career is the same one who had no qualms about conducting genocidal cleansing in Palestine.


                  “Israeli Colonel Meir Pa’el on his retirement, remorsefully admitted that,

                  ”The Irgun and LEHI men came out of hiding and began to `clean’ the houses. They shot whoever they saw, women and children included, the commanders did not try to stop the massacre ….”

                  Zvi Ankori, who commanded the Zionist Unit at Deir Yassin gave this statement on April 9, 1982:

                  “I went into 6 to 7 houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women’s crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

                  The Zionists had bayoneted the wombs of pregnant Palestinian women and crushed the heads and bodies of dozens of children and babies.

                  And then in the ultimate chutzpah, Zionists purposely publicized their horrific crimes.

                  Menachem Begin was actually proud of Deir Yassin.

                  He boasted that the massacre he ordered induced the terror that the Jews needed to help ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from the new Zionist State. Quote:

                  “The massacre was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the victory at Deir Yassin.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

                  700,000 men women and children were terrorized and driven from their homes. The Jewish extremists accomplished this by mass murder, torture and terror.

                  To this day Israel has not permitted the Palestinian refugees and their children to return to their own homes, farms, businesses, villages and cities stolen from them, the land from which they were murdered, injured, tortured, terrorized and ethnically cleansed.”

              • Eugenics began in Britain, among their aristocracy, in the 1800’s, and was taken up in the US in the early 1920’s. Yes, the Nazis modeled their eugenics program after the British and American ones, but this was in response to what was then (and is now) happening to Europe.

                • I was speaking in contemporary terms regarding Eugenics. Not dating back to the 19th century.

                  • Wow! New poster person here, “ORSOBUBU” sounds, based upon their style of writing, as if they may be a Hispanic person who has been taught the lastest forms of Communisim. IE: Hispanic Liberation Theology, a near exact copy of what Rev Wright taught Hobammys church group. IE: African Black Liberation Theology.

                    Reason I say likly a hispanic, is due to many write same as the speak when in english. IE: Fail to use capitol letters-commas-periods-Paragraphs etc. With writings same as speaking of what sounds like an ongoing 20 min sentence without any pauses etc. I meant nothing good nor bad regarding hispanics. Just an observation, and how so many hispanics were/are taught a newer form communisim etc. To assist in getting them to hate whites and hate the usa.

                    Its just kommizim but based more on falsified religious based need and methods to liberate the Black or Hispanic “Victims”…Victims of Whites of course.

                    This new resident kommie poster has swollowed kommies BS totally. Even to the point that only 20,000 got killed in Russia! And that that is excusable as it is what Lennin and Trotsky(both Rabid jews taught talmude when young prior to being atheists. Funny if russian bolsheviks was such atheists as we see proof from blowing up or torching over 25,000 orthodox christian churches…YET! Them same Bolshi jew kommies supposedly atheists Never harmed a single Synagouge eh! Why Not? see, talmudeic teachings that jews can murder and steal from and lie to Goyimn gentiles as long as they don’t do such to fellow jews.)

                    Its excusable as thats what was necessary for lennin and trotskys sucess!!!

                    It is long passed due, for folks everywheres to Re learn historic events facts and to discover the real reasons for various stuff which we know occured. Too much time is spent on What happened…Far too Less if Any time spent to Learn the “WHYS” of it. As for example Hitler. Everybody was taught the answer to this question:
                    How or why did nearly 95 million german folks get scammed or taken in by hitler? Taught Answer=: “Oh it was because hitler had a “way” to convince folks, so they agreed with hitler and we know the results”…A “Way” to convince gernams? Some of the Smartest-Most productive-Inventors-Builders-Perfectionistic types- known worldwide as such?

                    And so…90+ million germans all awoke one tuesday morning at 7 am to ready to go to work, when by some Massive “Coincidence” almost all 90 million german folks by time clock struck 8am that same tuesday morn, all began to agree and Shout out “Lets all Hate jews and kill em all ok”! And by Noon that same day, Hitler got elected!

                    Hitler, the 8th grade never attended high school “genius”?

                    Or was it due to his writing of Mien Komph?(which in english is something closer to My Struggle’s aka struggles to understand Why and How his nation germany got so fucked up and whom is responsible for it).

                    OR!! Could the vast 90% acceptance of Hitler by so many german folks be due to the Facts that…Those german folks SAW-HEARD-Personally evidenced what began to occure Twenty yrs BEFORE anyone ever heard of a guy named Hitler?

                    That being saw and heard what begin to happen when Russian Bolshevik Jews(Kommies aka soviets) began to Butcher-Torture-Slaughter-Imprison in Gulags(Real work camps!) those folks in germanys’ Fellow germans and relatives of germans back home in germany.

                    Once a person Learns the Truth about Kommies, as well as Bolsheviks and also learns at least a little of relevant Talmudic conections to it all(communisim ideals) and especially learms What went on in Russia in 1918 At least Two Decades Prior to any mention of hitler or nazis. Then can a person begin to get a clearer understanding of the True answers to “How did so many former good germans get corrupted by a guy called hitler?”

                    Maybe he simply spoke out and Told germany what Most knew already. That being the very same ilk destroying Russians and moving to take the entire eastern euro areas by Force, were the same type and same membership of their tribe, as were those who first infiltrated germany 100+ yrs before(like usa perhaps?) and were now Flooding across germanys borders preparing the Set-Up for an Exact duplicate takeover and mass murdering 100 million Germans who also were White and Christian mainly, just as was the case in Russia.

                    The REAL question folks should be asking is this: Would Hitler have been elected or even Known at all, IF, what those russian bolshevik jewish Kommies did Twenty yrs Prior to hitlers era, had NOT happened?

                    IMHO= NO! and WWII never would have happened neither.

                    Now today with what we know of since end of WWII, it truly is too bad Our usa govnt and Prez esienhower rejected Gen george Pattons pleas and Warnings that if we deal with them bolshevik kommies NOW(back in 1945) we wont never need deal with Kommies back home in america. Because mark my words(pattons words) if we do not confront kommies Now(1945) we WILL at sometime in future, And ON USA SOIL!…Patton figured it all out correctly by wars ending. As Pattons diary reveals from His own words.”We Fought the WRONG Enemy”(meant germany was Not the real enemys, Russian kommie jewsih bolsheviks Were and today STILL are!)

                    Try to Picture This Scenario: Todays usa=germany of 1945—Canada=England of 1945—-Mexico=Kommie Russia-1945.

                    Ok picture the usa has many mexicans in it with hoards more invading. Then once mecicans Delcare War against america, Canada begnis a campaign of SIX times Bombing usa citys!…Then after Repeated pleas for PEACE which in every case fails to be accepted by canada and mexicans…The usa says ok bastards and begins its Own bombing runs over Canada in a type of Blitzkrig of bomber planes non stop. WHO would Fault the USA? Would YOU?

                    The Above scenario is way closer to Truth than anything we was ever told to believe of WWII.

              • Moron,

                Eugenics had ALREADY Been in place, for decades, in the USA and England.
                The Mentally ill were sterilized, laws on books against racial miscegentation and homosexuality and they were enforced! Germany was starving and made some tough decisions, but abortion was outlawed and the gun ages were lowered under Hitler.

                There was NO final solution!
                The Red Cross never mentioned it despite 80,000 visits to all camps, where Otto Frank and others lived in the Auschwitz Hospital sick with Typhus for 6 months! Do you really think that 6 million people died in a 2 car Garage Sized, vented room by use of bug spray in 18 months?

                Do the math or is that anti semitic too? It takes 3 hours to cremate a body per any modern crematorium.
                Thats 8 bodies per day, or 240 per month or 3000 per year.
                Auschwitz had 20 crematorium.

                Here are the photos, or do they lie too?

                France under Nazi Occupation, oh the horror..

                No one buys the Zio Bullsh*t anymore. At least those with a high 2 digit IQ and critical thinking skills.

                • Bill: Exallent Links! I checked the france under “nazi” occupation link!..EVERYBODY needs vieew the tons of great photos. Totally Refutes what we amricans were taught to believe of WWII! Thanks Bill…I added that france link to my long list of favorites for future ref.

                  NOTE: Of Special intrest relevant to our latest discussions on kommies etc see huge colro photo at Bills france link, of a massive color street sign as huge as a freeways billboard ad, sign is promoting Exibits of what Boshevisim is doing to Destroy Europe!(bolshevisim=russian jewish communisim).

                  Also the huge color photo showing BOTH French civilians as well as Germans and german Officers in uniform exiting a Catholic Church after sunday service mass!…Those french folks sure seem very smiles and Happy eh. Total Oppoiste of what us usa folks was told by zionist run fed govnt here. Amazeing find Bill!

              • RIP hitler.

                I was shielded from reality of the coming race war in my public school days, but university changed me. When society falls – and we all agree on here it will, it will break into factions based on regional/racial lines.

                Why regional and racial? because the education system since the 60s has been indoctrinating minorities into thinking about the “evil white man”, and telling whites they should be ashamed. I bet there is more racial tension now than in the 1960s, the only difference is the welfare checks keep the savages from raising up.

                people will break into groups they are comfortable with. I can easily say that I trust a white man over a black man.

                I am rambling a bit and honestly forget my point. If only we would have sided with Hitler and killed off our coon population before it festered into what we have today. Do you think fucking Abe Lincoln would have freed them if he knew what they would turn into?

                and I say turn into because up until the 1960s the black man was hardworking respectable, Jazz music is sex to my ears… but the post 1960s black population needs to be hung. I need to write this stuff out in microsoft word before I post my crap. My apologies.

                • Regarding Gaybraham Lincoln,I’ve reahed the conclusion that the real crime committed by John Wilkes Booth was that he did not act 3 years earlier than he did.

                • You must live in or near the most crime ridden black area in the world, because you’re not talking about the black population in general. You have no effing idea about the general black population to make such a stupid comment.
                  I do know the black population enough to make averages and here are the facts: Black people know what’s going on and have known long before idiot war-cheering white morons like you ever had a clue about the ‘new order’. Blacks such as MLK were KILLED trying to stop their lying wars for profit, black musicians have talked about it, while You sat on your butt yapping about ‘ragheads’ and the fake ‘al CIA duh’ as the govt got trillions more for fake ‘wars’.
                  Black people in general are smarter than you are (by far, trust me, lol), and once pushed they are going to push back.
                  Hitler didn’t have a problem with black people he had a problem with jews who had declared economic boycotts against Germany you know-nothing.

                  Your comment is an example of the big mouth redneck who’s only half educated but declares himself in a position to judge.
                  You’re the one that deserves to be hung. Hopefully someday if you ever have to call for help and a black person is the only one around they’ll have the sense to know you’re a judgmental punk and just ignore you.

                  • not quite a Thinker, First, Any community that blacks makeup a majority population, crime and poverty are rampant.Second, MLK was a commie. Third, “Hitler didnt have a problem with black people”, considering its been some seventy years since his rule and the current black populution of Germany today is only 1%, I doubt he ever had the displeasure of personally knowing any. Your comment is an example of a big mouth libtard who’s only half educated but declares himself in a position to judge. Hopefully someday you will be the victim of your pets.

                  • Tell you what,thinker.Let’s me and you take a walk down south Austin Ave in Shitcago at about 2.00 am.I’ll bring my .45,you can wear your “Obama’s The Man!”tee shirt.When we’re approached by a group of strident Obama supporters,strongly suggesting we make a “campaign contribution”,I’ll draw my weapon and give boojy tunes a chance to run away.You,on the other hand,can stick around by yourself and tell them how “down”you are with their cause.We’ll see who gets out alive,because I sure as hell won’t care what they do to you.

                  • Virginian, you and ‘anon’ appear to be govt trolls.
                    -You are both working the ‘black hate’ angle to divide people.
                    -You are also both working the ‘Germany/Hitler’ angle to keep people who are uninformed believing the bs about ‘Hitler’ and his agenda. Again, Hilter’s problem was with the Jews who were causing massive problems and who had declared boycotts against Germany.
                    -MLK was a conservative and Pro family, he also spoke out against the fake wars, just as I said. But you don’t like those facts, because you’re a shill trying to keep focus on your black hatemonging to keep people divided.
                    -‘anon’ – You proved my point. I already called out your bs in my First line (you must live in the worst area). Using the worst possible example, as if that represents millions of others, only makes you look stupid, or like a govt troll.

                    Interesting you yap like a harpie about ‘blacks’ but conveniently leave out Illegals who are Millions More in population than blacks and More Illegals than blacks are on welfare, And Now crimes by illegals are getting a pass, but, you say nothing about that. So where’s your shrill harping about illegals.
                    What about all the white criminals, like the federal reserve bankers, or how about all those catholic church pedophiles that get no jail time. Where’s your venom for that. Too busy yapping bs about ‘blacks’ whose population is far smaller than illegals. Fail.

                    Another govt shill move, lazily copying my language. Why didn’t you just write ‘no you are’. Lol. Anyone reading your BS and my posts can clearly see you’re either govt shills or just incredibly stupid.
                    I happen to be primarily conservative. Being a govt troll using anti-black tactics makes you a Moron, it does not make me ‘liberal’. You govt hate trolls are out of your league with me so I suggest you quit now.

                    For real readers see – 2012 list #2. Your taxes are being used to pay for govt shills to work various angles on comment threads, while you think they’re just regular people. Then again ‘virgianian’ and ‘anon’ could just be morons.

                  • Since you seem to be a typical liberal retard, I shouldnt waste my time however, others read these comments. Bayard Rustin,Carl Braden,Hunter Pitts ODell all commies, all associates/employees of MLK.Like bho he never made a public declaration of his Marxist ideology, he just surrounded himself with likeminded people.As far as a there being a divide I guess you didnt see the election results? 90+% of blacks voted for O, almost 60% of whites voted GOP. That would say there is a great divide.Now its time for the real news, something the Unthinker doesnt get in Leftwing lala land…Melissa Dawn Huggins-Jones,Josiah Humphrey,Quinn Boyer, Jeremy Crane, Kyleigh Crane, Todd North,John Lehman, Melinda Sue McCormick, Matthew Gadfield,Aaron Makarian,Robert Horton,Fay Jones,Antonio Santiago, what do they have in common? All white and all murdered by your beloved africans(not illegal mexicans) in the last few months. Go back to the Huffpo where they like DNC hacks.

              • Was wondering if anyone could point out the page in Mein Kampf where it talks about genetic experiments or genocide, or that this “Final Solution” had anything to do with either? I can’t find this.

                • @thinker,

                  You know,you’re absolutely correct! All this time I didn’t know these gangs of “energetic youts” who start the riots every summer are actually WHITE! Talk about being an ignorant troll,do you really think ANYBODY
                  needs to work an “angle” to state what the truth is? Obviously you don’t practice what you preach do you? When you start living in the hood side by side with YOUR equals,maybe then you’ll have an ounce of credibility.

            • While I think it is likely that attempts at white genocide will be made in limited areas, I think it is extremely improbable it will happen on a large, general scale. Simply because the vast majority of firearms owners are white. Demographics are key. Major urban areas where the average law abiding person [white or otherwise] is unarmed, yes, they are going to be ugly. Possibly massive bloodbaths of racially motivated violence. But in urban areas where gun ownership is not heavily restricted by law, it will not play out that way.

              Out here in a rural area like mine, the minority would have to be stupid and suicidal to be going after the majority in such a manner. Gun owners around here don’t limit themselves to a handgun in a nightstand. You can make book on that. Desperation and violence will happen everywhere. But the demographics and environment outside the socialist urban areas will not be conducive to racial genocide.

              • You said demographics are key, then you said genocide is unlikely. I think you have ignored the changing demographics. Whites only make up about 10% of the world population, down from 30% in 1900. We used to make up 90% of the US. Now we are approaching only 50%. That is by design. There is more than one way to commit genocide. I charge genocide of my people by the globalist/marxists. Demographic genocide. This will be genocide by assimilation. The same thing happened to the American Indians. It’s not a matter of “if”, but rather, when. There is only one way to prevent the assimilation of my people (Whites), and it ain’t at the ballot box.

                • maudy fricket:
                  No, I’m not ignoring changing demographics. Yes, in the longer term we are screwed; not just “white” people as such, but all productive people who believe in liberty. However, at the moment we are discussing the much nearer term and how it will play out in the event of social/economic collapse. In that case, current demographics are certainly applicable. Obviously, there are variables coming into play that can change that, potentially even in the near future (20 million new Mexicans after amnesty; mass gun confiscation; martial law type crackdown before a collapse). But they haven’t yet happened.

              • In the event of a collapse its not a white v black issue but rather a have v have not issue. The underclass through accident or design have less of everything in good times. The urban underclass regardless of race are generally much more dependent upon government and hence the most vulnerable. They’re as Kissinger said in his classic statement, “Useless Eaters” in the opinion of TPTB. Because they’re already grouped together I believe they’ll secure them in place, cut off the news to the outside world and let them fend for themselves. Mass hoards will not be permitted to leave to cause troubles elsewhere. Their plight will be terrible.

                • It is Racial all right!


                  By: Devvy

                  March 30, 2006


                  The words above were spoken by Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party. His full comment was: “We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

                  FROM: A Speech that Wetback Porfessor at Univ of TEXAS gave to a huge group attending his speech there!

                  Besides african savages wanting to kill whiteys, so do these Savage Mexican “Negroes”. If a person becomes like those he chooses to hang out with, how much More so do people become like Those they Cross-Breed with? aka mexicans with african dna. BOTH are Deadly to Whites, after decades of being taught to Blame and Hate whites for all of the failures of african blacks as well as their “Kin folk” Mexican savages.

                  • Realize that if the TPTB did not have infighting in the working classes then they would promote it.

                    The White v Back v Hispanic plays into their hands.

            • JustMe; Dont bet the bank on that. Whites have a very high tolerance level. It takes alot to set them off. And when that happens, RUN, HIDE, Because if their pissed enough, and really belive their fighting for something, they will burn and kill everything in sight. Thats why Obama wants to disarm the American public,(really the white working class), and why the DHS is arming up, 2 billion rounds of ammo, who knows how many guns, their scared. And should be. IF it happens, and I hope it does not, MUI’s; minority urban youths, will have no place to hide. It is not in our hands, the tipping point will be based on the decisions the Obama Administration makes. Based on the stupidity going on now, it does’nt look very bright.

              • What if the 2 billion rounds of ammunition are being stockpiled to supply the “civilian military force” that was mentioned at the start of the Obama presidency.

                It’s pretty reasonable to believe he would have trouble getting funding to equip such a force, but if the materials already existed (under control of the executive branch), it would be a simple matter to issue it his friends.

                • My thoughts as well, Boe. We have already seen this regime arm mexican gangs (knowing the end result would be a huge body count) to advance their agenda(gun ban for US). Doesnt take a stretch of imaginationto believe the govt stockpile of weapons and ammo are meant for his true followers (they dont own guns like we do…just another form of redistibution).

              • I wish I could ditto Ryback’s prediction, but he fails to provide any ideas on how we will ever be able to pry the white male eyeballs off of their 32 inch wide Big Screen TV’s and their lips off the rear ends of the endless parade of dredlocked, tattoo covered, IQ of 75, inner city gang banging, criminally prone sports ‘heroes’ who chase various shapes of leather balls around on football field or on basketball courts – long enough to get these disgusting nitwits interested in taking up their weapons to engage in the long overdue fight to end the White racial genocide agenda of our hostile and alien ruling elite class.

                • Damn well said Tucker. Well said. To be fortunate and blessed to be born white, and idolize these semi-retarded sports players, rappers and gangsta’s. WTF. Wiggers and coal burners. My wife accuses me of being prejudice. I correct her and remind her I am a racist. And why? My eyes, that’s why! I see what these non whites do and how they organize and govern themselves, everywhere in the world, and I draw conclusions. Anything else is forcing me to go against my common sense and personal observation. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. They show me better, I change, perhaps. Until then, I’ll just stick with ” birds of a feather, flock together”.
                  And p/ s. There are individuals who don’t fit this mold. But they are the exception.

                  • Yes, there are exceptions – and I’ve personally known and had a few of those exceptions as friends, usually through our mutual participation in sports and athletics.

                    But, in general, and as a rule – I’ve found that there is something vaguely unnatural and uncomfortable about excessive socializing with large numbers of people of any non-white race. In limited scenarios, it can be done, but eventually the strain brought about by the Political Correctness disease results in a White guy or woman feeling like they are walking on egg-shells, because non-whites have been brainwashed to have extremely thin skin and will take offense at the drop of a feather.

                    Frankly, I want nothing to do with that sort of scenario, so I tend to avoid associations with minorities.

                • Tucker; Watch what happens when that 32 inch goes out, or he cant stock his fridge with his favorite beer, and his gorgous girlfriend and kid say I’m hungry, but he cant get any food. And his smart phone goes dead, and theres no gas for that hotrod of his. Magnify this 150 or 200 million times and watch what happens.

                  • Excellent point, Ryback. However, with the incredibly huge and nauseating percentage of White males under the age of, say about 40, dressing and adopting the ‘whigger’ attitude and behavior – I wonder if these guys will even be on the side of their own race, if and when any ethnic conflict does arise?

                  • Tucker; If that happens it would probably be a low percentage. Have you ever read the book Civil War 2: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum. Very good read and very informative. It should answer a lot of questions, I still go back time and time again and look things up.

                • Your comment would be funny, if the truth of it werent so sad. I agree, Im afraid many wont wake up until its to late.I find it more and more difficult to talk to those that cant or wont wake up to the reality. The time for self indulgence has passed. I know a couple men that have the latest and greatest cellphone, but dont own a firearm. It will be a sad day for them and their loved ones when the black plague is raging outside their door, amd they realise they would much better armed with a Remy 870 than an iphone.

                  • I am ashamed to admit that, while I live in a state that has a GOP semi-neocon, semi-RINO for a governor, for some bizarre reason, in November 2012’s presidential election, the state went for the commie marxist from Kenya.

                    Granted, this could be blamed on the establishment GOP leadership who foisted a blood-thirsty, liberal RINO and neo-con candidate who was clearly owned by Sheldon Adelson and the Israel War Mongering Lobby – and this kept a substantial number of traditional conservatives from voting for him, but I don’t really think that this fact alone was the sole reason why my state went for the commie.

                    I remember how I walked into the voting precinct last November, and I had never seen a crowd that huge for ANY election I had ever participated in. I had to stand in line for almost and hour and 15 minutes, before I got a chance to vote. Now, traditionally, we have always been told by the experts that a big turnout for a mid-term election is usually supposed to spell bad news for the incumbent, right? So, those were my thoughts while I was waiting for my turn to vote. I was chuckling to myself and thinking: “This commie anti-white Marxist racist totalitarian monster is history!”

                    Incidentally, I glanced around at the crowd – and only counted about 5 or 6 blacks, and a couple of them were wearing those ‘Black Power’, clenched fist T-Shirts. How do like that flavor of black brass, folks?

                    But, lo and behold – not only did this evil guy win reelection, but he won my state and he also won my district, which is overwhelmingly White. That has to mean that a huge number of Whites decided to vote to reelect a card carrying Communist, Marxist, and Socialist who despises their White guts and who is now attempting to take away our means of self defense, and drive the final stake through the heart of White Western Civilization and the GOP by passing amnesty and turning America into Mexico El Norte.

                    If I wasn’t living inside this nightmare, I would almost not believe it could be really happening.

              • Vikings,
                They were kilt wearing barbarians that EVERYBODY including the moors were wary of.

            • the white race will triumph as it always has.

            • Its always non-whites attacking whites when you hear about ‘yoots’

            • @ JMS I say let the cleansing begin. There are a few people in my circle that are LEO’s and I am not but they are concerned as much as you all are on here.I live close to Peoria Ill. and have for many years. I have found that they ( the thousands of criminal black element that inhabit this area will be in for a treat.While they knock up white whores and steel kill and rob ,or standing in a something for nothing line ,whites are standing in lines to buy ammo. I can not speak for all white men just the ones I know and the ones I meet do not want this but all say it is inevitable because when that PTB have finally screwed us to the breaking point ,shit will hit the fan. We know it is gonna happen so instead of putting your head in the sand we chose to plan and be ready. While I am and many around me would be consider law breakers we stand with the Constitution and not the crazy rules Ill. crooks have passed. To stop White Genocide. The best thing for Whites would be a complete wrol or shtf across all of America. I believe when we can go back to boundaries and become tribal like we all once where we will only then stop the self mutilation that has been forced on the white society. The only way is a complete breakdown of this broken system and that we all know is coming in our life times or our children’s. It is imperative to you and your group of people to keep a low profile. We are the sleeper cells that the left fear and hate that is why they want our guns ,it is not about some asshole’s that are going out on a shooting spree’s at all. Being prepared is not just about gathering stuff. It is learning how and why and where things are and how to utilize them. We will not be the person’s who runs to the hills and waits for them to come , instead we will over come and adapt. To the ptb we are the worst sleeper cells that have and will ever be hands down.

            • There not just “youth” there Muslims

            • I seriously doubt that shitskins can organize genocide against humans,the white man is the most dangerous warrior on the planet,how many times do we have to prove it,the ni66er would stand no chance against the human in a total war,the only time the white man can’t win a war is when we hold back and don’t destroy their women and children,in a total war,the white man would wipe the shitskin from the face of the planet.

              • I wonder if this warrior characteristic has somehow been bred out of White males?

                It seems to me, judging from the behavior I see being exhibited by most White males in the 18-40 age range, that most of them are trying their level best to act, dress, and behave in the same kind of manner as do inner city, Ghetto bred blacks. Often times, I will be out driving around town, and if the weather is nice and my window is rolled down – stopping at a traffic light, I’ll hear the most horrible screeching sounds of gutter filthy black rap music blasting out of cars that are in the next lane over, and when I glance over – 8 times out of 10, there will be a young White guy in the car and he’ll have his hair braided in those nasty looking corn-rows or stringy looking dred-locks.

                When I was a young guy in that age range, I’d hear the sounds of WHITE country & western music coming out of car or pickup truck radios, and the White guys who were driving would be well groomed, and wearing clothes that reflected their pride in being White men.

                What the hell happened to you, White man? What happened to your White racial pride?

              • How true is that!The world always seems to forget that the white man has fought all his battles since WW2 with one hand tied behind his back for “political”reasons.”If the gloves are ever removed,there’s going to be a great shock on many,many faces.

            • I don’t give a damn if they are purple with pink stripes—they come after me and mine and I’ll send them to meet their maker. period.

              YH—I got your six buddy.

            • White Genocide is in full swing already. Look to South Africa…the Afrikaner people, who had been basically disarmed, are being raped with sharpened broomsticks, hacked to death, gang raped and murdered in the most dehumanizing ways by murderous racist blacks and the ANC and “hero” Mandela condones it.

          • You got THAT right.

        • THE police gangs have planned to start blocking off the roads as soon as they are told,(so much for leaving town)THEY have never HONORED THEIR OATH,their nothing but a pack of lieing bought and paid for whores,prison guards are told if a SHTF comes down they are to lock down everyone and then put FIVE BULLETS in every prisoner,(remember most prisoners are POT smokers or took pictures of police commiting crimes,THATS 90% of prisoners,(slave labor),when the SHTF,the police will KILL without mercy,women,children and anyone who stands in their way,THEY WILL BE LIKE WILD ANIMALS,plan ahead,you life will depend on it…and they are talking about rounding up VETERANS starting this weekend,5/25/2013,so all you vets get ready your on the red list,and don’t stop at any government road blocks,or the fights over for you..REMEMBER,those honorable LOE’s will be helping the russians(DHS) take you prisoner…don’t let it happen………

          • And I thought my idea was tough, just let ’em rot in their cells.

            • I have read all the comments and no one seems to realize the collapse has all ready started. It’s been going on for better than 30 years. Large areas in major cities the cops won’t go into at night. Each individual must define collapse for themselves. The Gov isn’t going to stop people from leaving until well after most of us should have left town. Have any o you ever seen or heard of the Gov doing ANYTHING early? The problem is not the Gov stopping people, it’s the people that run out of gas 10 miles down the road, It’s interstate lanes that have a capacity of 1200 cars per hour and 5000 want to use them.
              Forget the Gov controlling the news, Thousands of people with cell phone cameras will start the panic. If you do not start early you are not going to get out unless you have a dirt bike or an Ultralight, Look at the Gun/Ammo crisis The stuff was gone in hours, but you had months of warning, just didn’t believe it.
              I don’t know when it starts or even IF, but I know if you wait till you know you need something it will be out, gone by the time you get there. To G.O.O.D. You will have some warning. As long as the SNAP cards work, the ATM’S are going, it’s fine: Just don’t stop to fill your tank of gas when they don’t, just get out. You will have from 3 hours to 3 days, that’s all.

              • I think that your assessment is pretty close to correct.

                When the free shit isn’t accessible to the non-producers, it will become insane in population areas within 24 hrs. The fucks know that and are counting on it.

                I laugh at the “cash is king” folks. 3 days for cash in most areas, perhaps 2 weeks in out areas.

                Tangibles of any kind will be the only thing that anyone will want…better learn how to negotiate to stay alive.

              • But..but..there can be no collapse…the stock market just hit an all time high…msm said so…

            • Well….that would be fine if ALL of the people locked up in our prisons were really, really bad people.

              The reality is….a large percentage of our prison population are there for what are essentially….victimless or non-violent crimes….drug possession, petty theft, white collar crimes…etc.

              I’m not saying that these are good people per se….but they are not evil either. There are probably more evil people in positions of authority in this country than there are in the prisons.

              The violent ones can rot as far as I’m concerned…but not every person in prison deserves to die. Many are just self-destructive more than anything else.

              And as our government becomes ever more draconian…..more and more people are being locked up every day that should never be imprisoned in the first place.

              • Er uh, do I have to remind anyone that one of the consequences of placing a virulently anti-White, rage and resentment filled minority into the top power spot where he and his Communist pals can rule over a historic White European nation – is that, if the SHTF Day arrives, and its open racial warfare – that all of those prison doors are going to be opened wide, and all of those really dangerous and criminally experienced brothas who’d been ‘wrongly incarcerated’ by the ‘evil racist White man and his system’ are going to be unleashed and enlisted in the Communist Marxist-Black Panther Army brigades?

                • A bunch of doped up drunk ni66ers are no threat to the white man other than to make his life miserable by living in our white countries.

                  • Never underestimate your enemy, As far as not being a threat, they have been inflicting causulties(see my response to YH comment above) on us for the last 50 years with no retaliation or real punishment. Our side blames poverty, racism, lack of role models etc.for their behavior.

              • Does your brain ever work? If it comes to It, millions of completely innocent people are going to die. On average we don’t lock up people who aren’t a problem in State prison, they are in some low security jail. Sorry, but if the SHTF, let them die in their cells. They don’t have stockpiles of anything, jobs, or skills. So what do you think the possibility is that they might resort to crime to get them? 99% or 100%? I can think of no better group to cull first. But if you want them, I’d be happy to drop a few on your front lawn. We are not talng about a rain out of an ice cream party here.

                • Paranoid: You make a really good point. Don’t leave the cake out in the rain.

                • Oh yes we do lock up people who have never hurt anyone but themselves, in state prison. That’s where you go for smoking a joint or taking a hit, driving without permission, GETTING CAUGHT WITH A 30 ROUND MAG or an ASSAULT RIFLE or speaking out against the government.

                  GET RID OF EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW, ABOUT WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE IN PRISON TODAY…tomorrow it might be you and yours, for refusing to turn in your guns or ‘hoarding’ supplies.

              • “White collar crimes” typically consist of “betrayal of public trust”, which is the reason for the shape our world is in. Our body politic is nothing more than “white collar criminals”! Treason is a capital offense! If we hung every bastard that violated public trust none of us would even be here having this discussion. We would all be enjoying life and watching our babies grow up! The decisions to lay waste to anything in its path is a “white collar” decision. WAR IS A WHITE COLLAR CRIME. White collar criminals are the biggest pussies on the planet but yet, initiate the most massive mayhem on the planet. Congress is a hornet’s nest of white collar criminals!!!

                • @ Paranoid, durango kid and Shooty McBang…

                  So why what are we waiting for? Let’s just execute ALL prison inmates now and be done with it. Preemptive remediation of a future problem.

                  Hence forth….all crimes of a nature serious enough to warrant prison time, will be instantly escalated to a death sentence.

                  Yes sir. That’s just what we need to do.

                  Sounds like you guys have thought this through real well……..Not!

                  • Actually, IF we shot everyone in prison, I’d be for it, right now. Then fill it again with the gangs and do it again. Tell the third batch you arrest to play nice or they are next. Bet prisons and cities would calm down a lot. You could make collage free on the money you saved. Spend the Billions on people who contribute rather than scum. You cannot insult me that way. Never said I was MR.Nice Guy. That’s also why I figure to survive. I like good people, but I have no problem disposing of problems

                  • Walt: While many who are incarcerated ARE habitual criminals, and the rate of return to crime is high after release, (as felons have few options) back in about ’95 there were 26 men on Death Row in Illinois.

                    DNA analysis was new at the time due to the OJ trial.

                    When DNA evidence that had been collected at the crime scenes for the crimes for which these men had been sentenced was compared to their DNA, it was found that fully 50% of them were innocent as claimed. They were eventually released.

                    Since that time I have been against the death penalty, unless, unequivical DNA evidence supports the findings of the crime for which the accused is found guilty; but in a SHTF Scenario, stray dogs and criminals WILL be a problem.

                    Shoot straight. One to the groin, one to the head. End of problem.

                  • Thanks DK….

                    I agree with you on the death penalty as regarding DNA being a requirement.

                    I spent over 10 years working as an investigator and I can tell you first-hand that eye-witness testimony is highly unreliable. Positively identifying people is one of the hardest things in the world to do….yet many people have been sent up on not much more than testimony of a witness who said, “Yep…he did it.”

                    And you are exactly correct…..once you get a felony on your record, your employment options become extremely limited.

                    I’m not saying that the people in prison are good folks. I’m just saying that having the attitude that when TSHTF, the first thing we do is execute all prison inmates. That is just barbaric, and makes us no better than TPTB that we all claim to despise.

                    I would have less of a problem with executing those who have committed violent crimes like rape and murder, because we know that if they are released back into a population where rule of law has broken down, they will be a problem for everyone.

                    But carte blanche…wholesale slaughter of people just because they are in prison is just wrong. Period.

                  • DK

                    The legal standard for conviction should remain as “beyond a reasonable doubt” but a death sentence should require ‘beyond the shadow of a doubt”. I’m with you 100% with the DNA requirement.

              • @ Walt

                Yeah, I checked back in for some reason. Nothing against you. I suspect I could have a reasonable discussion with you face to face.

                I was responding to the apparent majority in here who drank the right-wing koolaid and won’t tolerate any divergence from the Republican party line. It’s that thinking that will elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. I don’t look forward to that day.

                • We cannot allow that bitch to get into the white house, or back into ANY politically powerful office…period.

                  • So dialogue with the middle… or at least the center-right.

                • so are you going to start crying again when the right wing majority disagrees with you? Perhaps try to sell us on how smart communists are? See Cuba and North Korea first. What gets hitlery elected will be Diebold voting machines and a lying national media, along with 30 million “new” americans looking for their share of welfare pie.Yeah,right wing thinking will elect her,troll.

                  • Mindless right-wing extremism in the personage of Sarah Palin absolutely elected King Obama. In other words, you are the one responsible.

                    You, Anon, not aware of the simple fact that you’re not in the majority so you drag the right farther right in the primaries. You are responsible for this.

          • Someone forgot to take their Zanex

            • Obey Propoganda and be a good tax slave..I mean American.
              Go back to sleep now.

            • Is that the title of your autobiography?

            • @Selkirk,

              Nice try troll.If you can’t argue the facts,try to baffle ’em with bullshit,eh? I couldn’t help but notice that you certainly didn’t want to go anywhere near the facts I presented about Hilary,did you? No,can’t do that,nothing to base a straw argument on that soooooo i’ll conveniently slip in a sarah palin comment to try and shift the focus.Did you learn that from your SMART communist friends?

          • Sounds good to me , it will keep the worthless predatory liberals trapped in open air thunderdomes. Shut off the utilities and most cities will be filled with emaciated wretches and corpses faster than you can say starvin marvin sittin on sally struthers lap.

          • Arizona: And just who in the hell are THEY? And exactly when and where did THEY talk about this ‘so-called’ round up? There are over 21 million veterans, of which 12.6 million are Vietnam Era and Gulf War Era vets. Since we live all across the U.S., who is going to ’round’ us up? Certainly not the cops because there are only around 1 million cops at the federal, state, and local levels combined. One of the so-called detention centers kooks like you talk about was Camp Blanding in Florida. I was there less than three weeks ago on business (veteran) and unless that ‘alleged’ detention center is invisable, they don’t have one. Sorry, but I have to call B.S. on your ’round-up’.

            • They would not have to round anyone up. I got stuff too make up signs that say FOOD , DOCTOR , HOT SHOWER 15 miles ======> FEDERAL RELIEF CAMP . To keep the tardos moving along , away from my property and conserve my ammo in event of a disaster ).

              Ever been to a failed state ? People will march for miles on foot too “get help” rather than engage in violence.

              All it till take is some direction signs to get any federal camps filled up with entitled sheepos , no round up needed.

          • I do not believe OUR police will do that. I DO believe foreign police will do that. Lemme explain…

            We have to watch the foreigners they are putting in the Police, the Military, the DHS, etc.

            THEY WILL KILL AMERICANS WITH NO REMORSE. They are not connected to US. You must understand this or you will DIE!

            • The foreign police will not bother us for a moment. 1. If we go down, they will be needed at home. 2. If we go down our money is no good, they aren’t going to work free. 3. Everyone I know doesn’t want to hurt our guys, but The BLUE hats or anyone else is toast. 4. Just how many people do you think it would take to subdue the US population? Took 1000 cops just to track down one. The few hundred or thousand they have would not last past midnight in most big cities.

        • This article makes the case for 20,000 drones in OUR skies by 2020 to take out the Zombies.

          Only an EMP or Pole Shift can create the SHTF scenario envisioned where NO public services are operating.

          SNAP / EBT Cards are designed to feed the population in a SHTF Event. Get one! 🙂

          • We’re going to have a complete economic collapse due to the collapse of the dollar. The Fed is creating $85 billion a month out of thin air. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s. Germany went from 4 marks to the dollar to a billion marks to the dollar. When that happens in America 90% or more of the US population will starve or die in the violence.

            • Barn Cat

              If your not correct your theory is within spitting distance of it.

              That 85 billion / month is over three times the money we spend on imported oil. All the talk for decades of the drain “imported oil” is putting on the economy and here is over 3 x of money going in with just enough effect to keep civility not luxury.

              Here is the math.

              8 million bbls / day imported oil @ $95 bbl = $760 million dollars / day = 22.8 billion dollars a month.

              85 billion / 22.8 billion = 3.7 times (almost 4)

              That is a HUGE amount going into the economy out of nowhere and we’re still floundering? This speaks volumes for the depth the USA has dropped to. Pull the plug on that and “look out” don’t pull the plug and “look out”.

              • To dramatize the 85 billion in stimulus a tad clearer its not only is a multiple of imported oil but dwarfs our entire oil consumption.

                We use a combined domestic and imported supply of 17 million barrels a day of oil. Multiplied by $95 a barrel that is 1.6 billion per day or 48.5 billion per month. The stimulus is $85 billion per month. The nation has its de-facto oil bill being paid almost twice over and we still can’t make our ends meet. Remember that is not just your personal gasoline bill but oil to make the wheels of society rotate.

          • @DK

            You’re an optimist. I believe those drones are intended to take US out. We who govern ourselves and practice self-reliance. Why risk a take down team to seize our firearms and logistics if they can drop a missile on our location?

            Would destroy most of our firearms and logistics but it’s one fewer liberty firster for the tyrant to worry about. The costumed can move in after we’re shredded to grab anything useful in the weckage.

            About those 2 BB rounds DHS has. Suppose they are distributed to every GS 5 and above in all those non .mil non FLEA agencies. Can you imagine Harry and Sally GSer coming for us? Oh would you please …. civvie fed lard asses … would you please CATI.

            The tyrant is headquartered across the river. A large fraction of the local work force works directly for him. Another large fraction are single-customer gov contractors, trainers, lobbyists or journalists. Almost everyone in these parts is on the tyrant’s payroll one way or another. Or benefits from the purchasing power of those who are.

            While some of those folk are relatively non-ideological some of them hate us with a passion. If they had the option to they would form hunting parties coming for us.

            All I ask of whatever deities there may be is that one of those civ govvie paper pusher hunter killer teams knocks on my door. Can we be overrun? Yes, but until then my property will be a shoot house.

            • I’ll tell you what this .gov dude would be long gone if it comes to this , there are a lot of us who would get geared up and simply disappear… far as the ones that hate everybody they would not last 5 seconds against a competent OPFOR.
              TPTB don’t realize that all the support they think they have just isn’t there.

              Keep preparing , time is on our side, TPTB are in for a rude awaking.

              Semper Fi 8541

          • It would not require something as extreme as an EMP or pole shift.

            A pandemic or significant terrorist attack could set the stage as well.

            We are dependent upon a very fragile infrastructure that requires multiple dependencies to keep it running. Anything that interferes to a significant degree with those dependencies, and things start coming apart.

            The History Channel produced a docudrama called “After Armageddon” that illustrated how a global pandemic could bring this about. In the scenario they described, the pandemic resulted in loss of the power grid simply because the people required to keep it going were no longer able to carry out their jobs.

            The world has experienced such pandemics in the past, but these occurred BEFORE we were so dependent upon things like the power grid and food resources that had to be transported literally thousands of miles to urban areas. Food staple items for instance, were for the most part, produced locally. That is not the case today.

            Our dependency on modern conveniences have set the stage for this. The very things that make our lives comfortable today are no longer simply luxuries…they have become necessities for our very existence.

            Large scale civil unrest can also bring about loss of the power grid. And that is probably the reason we are seeing the ramping up of agencies like DHS and FEMA with their preparations centered around their procurement of weapons, billions of rounds of ammunition and MRAP vehicles.

            I am certain that these scenarios have all been “gamed” in think tanks and in DHS and FEMA. They KNOW that something is big is coming….or they may even be planning to bring it about. And they are doing their best to prepare for their own survival….not the survival of the American people. This is why they have purchased huge amounts of long-term food supplies and have constructed underground redoubts in places like the Ozarks and Colorado. And it’s why they want everyone but them disarmed.

            And yes…..the drones and every other means of surveillance that they are implementing are part of that plan. But they consider US to be the zombies.

            They would like to thin us out without having to resort to these redoubts….but they are preparing for the worst case scenario.

            • Walt: You are right about one thing ….. some of you ARE Zombies. On the other hand, Sheriff Joe, his Posse, the AZ National Guard, and any military available will be deployed to protect MY neighborhood.

              Just saying. 🙂

              • @DK…

                Pipe dream.

                • Oh….and DK….. I am most definitely NOT a zombie.

                  But I would say that anyone who thinks that the kind of command and control structure as Sheriff’s departments and National Guard are going to continue to function as effective units in a real SHTF situation has probably already had whatever brain they had devoured by zombies.

                  Look at what happened in places the Balkans for examples. The closest thing anyone had there to organized defense of neighborhoods was the local warlord.

                  • Sheriff Arpaio already IS the warlord in their area…

                  • Support your local Sheriff. Join his posse. organize your neighborhood. My neighbors are armed to the TEETH! If they get past my neighbors and can run faster than my gatling guns can shoot ….

                    I’m toast! 🙂

                    Ya know folks, you can create gatling guns with a heavier caliber than 22l. Just saying.

          • Drones are easily ‘defeated’ with $10 software.

            Already been done. Look it up after you take your Vagisil.

            There is a counter strategy for every strategy..sort of like chess.

            • And how will that work after the electrical grid goes down?

            • Vagisil is for ladies…

        • It’s not just the cops, judges at all levels are subject to the same slime. Together they are a really dangerous combination. In my case, the cop gave me a ticket for talking on my cell phone when I hadn’t done anything of the kind. I requested written deposition from the cop and went to court. The deposition was not signed and was, therefore, invalid. However the judge accepted it. I produced my cell phone bill proving that no call had been made, but the judge accepted the cop’s purely speculative objection that the bill ” may not have been” mine ( I produced the phone company contract stating I was the owner of the phone). So we have a cop perjure himself in court after having submitted a false police report ( both felonies) and judge and an appellate judge protecting him. Cost of the lesson? $105.00. Benefit of the experience? Priceless!
          Oh, by the way I have stopped my donations to the fund benefitting all cops and saved many times the cost of the fine.

        • I agree. I saw them in action at Katrina on youtube. A little VERY elderly woman was thrown to the grown and then picked up and handcuffed because, not understanding what was going on in the middle of the night when her door was busted open, she had a handgun in her hand.

        • The government will know when this is going down long before we do. They’ve been planning it for quite some time.
          In Houston alone, they have 30,000 Nato troops, staying who knows where. It will be like that everywhere. The powers that be are not going to depend on local law enforcement to disarm and control.

      2. I think cities will collapse as soon as there’s no longer a police presence. There will be rioting as soon as food stamp cards don’t work and/or when there’s no longer food in the stores. It will get exponentially worse once it’s clear the police aren’t coming.

        I expect FEMA to keep people from leaving the cities like they did during Hurricane Katrina. Imagine being on an interstate surrounded by ghetto neighborhoods and suddenly the traffic is stopped. It won’t be long and the criminals from the ghettoes will be preying on people in their cars.

        • “Won’t be long”??? We’ve already seen “flash mob” violence, most of it racial in nature, in dozens of US cities.

          As far as protection goes—Don’t leave home without it.

          • Barn Cat go check out Incogman website he has tons of good articles with many photos never seen on Any MSm’s news. All are of whites badly beaten, some killed, by massive RECENT(aprox a 12-18 months now) wave of Chimpouts as he calls it. Usually its from 40-500+ African Black hoards of “Yoooots” who use cell text messg’s to alert fellow chimpouters as to which location to meet at. Once there, it is all out attacks on Whites. And ONLY on whites.

            I am talking of Huge savage animal sized Yoot blacks useing a solid Brick to repeatedly Smash in a persons Face. Then knock em down so all his fellow chimpout yoots can gang up to kick the downed white person, male and female too! Untill near death or cops sirens are heard.

            Check the photos at that website for proof. It IS already Here and been growing weekly since 1-1 1/2 yrs ago.

            Just wait till the first time them yoots choose to attack motorists in rush hour stopped traffic again, only it will be fully well armed Whites with RIFLES and AR’s that shoot every single savage attacker dead. Then the shit will expolde! Sharpton will rant and cry Raaassssiiisss!

            And america will go on fire litterally. Them savages know One thing only. Violence. And That is all which will halt there Rasist attacks on whiteys period.

            • Isn’t it weird, how both the left and the RINO/neo-con right will uniformly join hands to condemn, demonize and heap boat loads of blistering hot criticism upon any White man or White woman who speaks out about black and mestizo violence against Whites, and who believes that Whites should start fighting back against these savage attackers?

              Why, it is almost as if both the Chrissy “Mr. Tingle” Matthews lefties and the “I Love to Suck up to Israel” Sean Hannity types on the right both have the attitude that Whites are somehow obliged to simply accept this criminal behavior directed against them and not complain about it.

              And, here is the sickest aspect to how this attitude is being promoted: Millions of Whites seem to have meekly adopted this position. They’ve been taught to love their tormenters.

              Is this some kind of grotesque magnification of the ‘battered wife syndrome’, or what?

        • BARN CAT,did you notice,in new orleans,Katrina,OVER 5,000 people were brough into the mourge who were shot in their head at close range,NEVER a mention on TV about that,hussicane andrew 1992,south florida,6,000 people shot at close range in their head,buried at the air force base,WITH A BULLDOZER,never a mention on TV about that,WHEN the SHTF in america EXPECT LOE’S TO DO THE SAME THING everywhere in america,take care to NOT BE IN THEIR SIGHTS,or you’ll fine out the truth about these animals the HARD WAY….and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS………………

          • Arizona can you provide references to this? This sounds like something that should be looked into further.

            • References? arizona don’t need no stinkin references! You read it here! THAT should be good enough!

              arizona: You must have high security clearance. Try to keep the intel coming. We know you are probably risking your life to help us. Thanks!

              • The only thing being risked listening to arizona is your sanity.

            • 18 to 1 positive for this dribble? No wonder people think preppers are idiots.

              Do you really believe 6000 people were shot in the head and buried with a bulldozer at an air force base? Really?

              My advice is don’t try bartering after the SHTF. You’ll trade all your powered eggs for a magic bean.

            • Go dig up the mass grave and prove it. No way a modern-day Katyn can be hidden.

              • I gotta agree.

                If you’ve got 6000 people executed and buried in mass graves, you are going to have a lot of family members and friends making noise about their missing friends and loved ones.

                Even I don’t wear my tin-foil hat that tight.

            • google Cynthia McKinney…she was a US congresswoman.

              Choose to believe whatever you want when it comes to the gub…best to make sure that you can make it to the other side.

              • I’ve listened to Cythnia McKinney on several web radio talk shows, and the bizarre thing about those appearances is that for some incredibly unfathomable reason, there is the idea floating around some sections of the ‘patriot’ and ‘pro-White’ community that this woman is someone who is somehow on their side in this endless battle against the NWO gang.

                Well, I’m here to tell anyone who believes that baloney that they are dead wrong. This woman, at best, can be described as a black nationalist – which is not in my view a bad thing, because I support ethnic/racial nationalism for all races of people.

                In McKinney’s case, if any kind of ethnic conflict were to break out in America – she would be standing with people who look like her, i.e., her fellow blacks.

                Which is the perfectly normal and healthy thing for her to do.

          • Now you know you’re making all this up or you have been watching alex jones again…..

          • arizona, I don’t know what you’ve ingested but you need to get yourself to a poison control center. It’s too late to save your brain but you might still be able to walk with help.

          • A.C. Thompson’s reporting on New Orleans and state records indicate fewer than 10 people were murdered by gunfire during Katrina. Having said that, the records were really messed up during the flood and the police essentially gave up policing during Katrina.

          • arizona, I do believe you need to fabricate a new tin foil hat. Only this time make sure the shiny side is out cause with your last two posts it’s evident that too many negative wave are getting through.

          • Buried? They dug a mass grave? Apparently you don’t know anything about the water table there. You can’t dig in south Florida or New Orleans area because the water is right there. Everyone in New Orleans is entombed above ground.

          • AZ, an honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind. If one would like to be taken seriously, one must be serious. Jimminy-Frickin’-Cricket! That’s all.

          • I was in “Task Force Andrew” and spent 6 weeks on “Ash and Trash ” detail delivering supplies to the huge clamshell shelters set up at Homestead AFB from Miami airport, and hauling loads of debris to the forced air incenerators set up to dispose of household debris as well as broken houses. I never saw, or heard of any mass graves, and traveled all across the region. There were areas we could not take the Humvees, and CuCV’s without getting the stink eye from locals, but I used a mountain bike to run small parts and noone bothered me abouut my buisness. I must call bullshit about the mass graves.

        • Barn Cat – you are so right about the food stamp scenario…I used to take messages on the phone line for Human Services and there was desperation as clients weren’t going to get their food stamps/EBT etc. because they didn’t fill out something correctly or HS was behind in activating cards. The first week I worked there a guy actually called 911 because he was so upset not getting his EBT card. The police came…man, it’s going to be hell when this all goes down.

        • I was reading testimonies of the people who were taken to the Fema camps from Sandy- after they were first deposited to the “tent” camps w/o water and electricity. If you all recall, the weather was freezing.
          The guards were taking their cell phones when they saw them, and many people said they were actually taken by guard just to go to the bathrooms located elsewhere within the camps.
          Bottom line, they were all kept from making contact on the outside. I wonder where they are now; if they ever took them home.

      3. It is better to be safe than sorry. We don’t want to end up like this poor woman.

        The gov’t tells us we don’t need guns. Didn’t Janet at DHS say all we need is a good pair of scissors to defend ourselves?

        911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts…

        This woman was on the telephone with the dispatcher for over 10 minutes – while this man was trying to break into her house.

        She was told, “Sorry, no one is available to come.”

        According to the record, the dispatcher also told her, “Can You Ask Him To Go Away?”

        However, there was an officer available later to come and arrest this man.

        seattle dot cbslocal dot com

        • Sorry, but I also blame the woman. It is not the job of others to protect her; it is hers. She was attacked and hospitalized by the same man just weeks prior to this rape/attack, so she should have taken responsibility for her own safety and purchased some protection.

          • Finally a ray of light in the darkness!

            Standing by in SC, out!

            • @ GMS 1

              I am also standing by in SC!

              • Been saying this to folks for years. You must rely on yourself. There are areas of my district that would take me 10-15 minutes to get to at best speed, if we even have the manpower to go.

                • Thanks for that 11 B…most of us have always had the highest respect for law enforcement…until now. There is such uncertainty where they stand.

                  In my area, 911 is not even an option. We will be handling it ourselves…with Gods grace we will be on the right side of it.

                  Be safe.

              • also standing by in south carolina!

            • Standing by a heaping pile of fried bacon and hot coffee!

          • Yeah and then she’d be up on a wrongful death / 2nd degree murder charge. This DESPITE the fact no one could show up.

            The sick part is… you know I’m right.

            • Just make sure LEO gets only your side of the story!

            • If an intruder is attempting to enter your home, get to your bedroom and lock the door. Get your weapon and wait. If you can make your 911 call, by all means, make it. When/if the intruder makes it through your bedroom door, blow them into the afterlife. No jury on this planet will convict you of squat!

      4. Glad I live in the sticks.

        • I’m with you brother, it’s 8 miles to the closest place to buy a gallon of milk, but sometimes I still fell like I’m too close.

          Standing by in SC out!

          • Sounds like you need a cow. My Mother-In-Law likes SC.

        • Im glad I live on a sailboat

          • You “Living on the hook”?

          • Glad I live in REALITY

            • Sallie, Is that anywhere near Encampment! Trekker Out.

            • Sallie why are you trolling around Fantasy Land?

              • From what I am reading here, this IS fantasy land right here.

      5. Look at Chicago and Detroit, depending on who you ask most residents of these places will tell you TSH already HTF

      6. No Police reinforcements, no ammo for the Police? Don’t worry because that’s where the 2 billion rounds of HP bullets come in along with the Nat’l Guard and the military. 😛

        • Not sure if you were being sarcastic, but that could definitely be the direction that TPTB were going with that, there is NO WAY IN HELL that the LEO from the various urban centers would be able to quell the craziness that could erupt if anything fell apart.
          I seriously doubt that they are worried about us country folks, we gots our own protection, but look at the HUGE cities and surrounding burbs, scarry stuff, at best DHS and LEOs and National Gaurd will be able to contain rather than prevent, military can gain entry with their armor but again the response will be containment, after fighting overseas since 2001 these guys know what to expect in urban areas.

        • And yet ANOTHER genius who thinks that the Country will be locked down and taken over by Police with 40 cal Glocks.

          You just cant make this stuff up.

          How does your thought process work?

          Ya think maybe they might have stockpiled billions of rounds of 308 and 223 instead.

          Y’all are crazy…. crazy as DAISY.

          • Sallie

            Locked down and taken over? No. Are they preparing for significant to massive social disorder? Absolutely.

            Be concerned about two things. One, the significant to massive social disorder itself and what events will cause it to occur; Second, the governmental response to number one.

            • all with 40 cal Glocks, Kevin?

              Sorry, but no.

              Wake up.

              • Sallie

                They’re looking at quelling civil disorder, riots, looting and the like. That requires a limited need for armor and heavy weapons that are counter productive to use in your own country essentially upon yourself. In your own country the more you break, the more you have to eventually fix. Police break little but intimidate a lot (especially when an MI Abrams Tank is behind them).

                That 1.2 billion rounds of HP 40 cal is far too much to be practice ammo.

                • Gotta say handguns did nothing in LA riots. They sure as hell won’t do anything in total breakdown.

                  • I gotta say that those law abiding with handguns and ammo stayed alive in the LA riots.

                    The problem is too few law abiding people were armed in the LA riots. The lack of handguns in the proper hands and the abundance of handguns in criminal hands was the problem. A Glock with loaded spare magazines has a lot of defensive power in a riot.

              • Sally ,
                Remember 40 cal is also used in Gov’t issued MP-5 ‘s ,
                MP-5 is the preferred weapon of DHS QRF .

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Thank you for addressing the stupidity of .40 “glock” handguns as the primary delivery system that will be used by DHS, etc. Carbine sub machine guns using this ammo will be MORE THAN EFFECTIVE. (Anyone remember the Nazi 9mm “grease-guns” of WWII?)

                  Additionally, THEY are stocking 223 and 308 rounds in HIGH numbers as well. Poke “sallie” in the “south pole ignorant asshole”.

            • In the event of a collapse in relatively short order the prudent in any city / large community will fear the police they don’t know as much or more than the criminals. Think of the current inner city mentality x 10.

              Read Surviving In Argentina.

          • Sorry Sallie, but you don’t need 308 and 223 when your shooting in the city, cause that’s mostly close range work.40 cal will do just fine going door to door. That wouldn’t be my choice, but hey what do I KNOW. Trekker Out. Keep Your AR500 Body Armor Handy!

          • The weather forecast is for rain. You look outside and it is Sunny so you leave the Umbrella at home. A couple of hours later you are all wet.

            Your closed mind will get you and those close to you killed.

      7. If you hesitate you die …

        lesson to learn here … don’t hesitate don’t wait just go Go GO !


        or be trapped in Sheeple Zombie Hell in miles long traffic jams .


        • 3n3m, watched the u-tube vid’s you posted, made it Crystal clear to me what I need to do, and I think I have everything I need right here on the farm, gotta love that..Thank you much…

        • I had a 2 minute traffic jam the other day waiting for a flock of turkeys to cross the road. Future dinner 🙂

          • Bill, What Gettho was you in! Trekker Out.

          • Were you in DC?

      8. Only half in jest I am thinking of putting a steel plate on my brick front porch, with a tiny notice beside the door bell: Visitor, do you see the steel plate you’re standing on? It can be electrified at any moment. Do you see that thick nasty cable leading to it? Are you sure you want to ring my door bell? zzzzzzzzzttt. Time to mosey on down the road.

        Connected to nothing, of course. But they don’t know that.

        • If you want to slow anybody down from coming thru the doors, do this. Go down to Home Depot and buy 6 or 7 90# bags of dry mix concrete for each door. Wrap them in heavy 6mil plastic sheathing, wrap and secure them with duct tape, for handling without damaging the bags. If somebody unpleasant shows up, stack those puppies up against the doors. It’s impossible for a 200# bad guy to move 600# of concrete via the door. They can shotgun the bolts and hinges but it allows you time to send something equally unpleasant back thru the door. My first choice would be go low and shoot for the feet. That way you avoid body armor and so to say “keep him jumping” or at least on his toes. Think about it, if someone was shot gunning your feet, what would you do? Once he wounded it will take at least two of his accomplices to get him out of there, that is if they give a shit. Depending on the situation/attack you can turn the tide by wounding multiple assailants by diminishing their moral and shifting concern for their buddies and figuring out how the hell, are they going to get them out of there or how are they going to overcome this situation. Dragging their wounded out “is” thought about but it is low on their list, that’s the last thing they want to do. Facing somebody that is intently shooting to wound them is far from their thoughts. This tactic can curb a serious on slot, but be ready to bug the fuck out, or ramp it up once they regroup or get reinforcements, they will come at you hard and fast with lots of force.

          • I wouldn’t mess around trying to “wound” them if you get my drift.

            • “Wounding” is a proven effective “battle-field tactic”. One of the primary reasons the 5.56 round is still standard issue for OUR troops on the global battlefield.

              The domestic stockpile of “hollow points”…are for YOU and ME. No wounding intended. And even extremity “wounds” with talon hollow points will result in an extremely high percentage of fatality. It doesn’t take long to “bleed-out” in a “no emergency medical care” environment.

              Still not ready to “surrender” on the “London thing”…but am prepared to eat any/all “crow-pie” should a logical, researchable, and “makes sense of the rampant bullsh*t” narrative emerge. I am dedicated…but not stupid and unteachable. These “eyes” are ALWAYS WIDE OPEN.

              Onward through the Fog!

              • hmmm, how about all false flags are evil, but not all evil is a false flag…

                • I actually do agree…not ALL evil is a false flag. However, MOST evil that affects more than a local market and immediately results in additional “loss of liberty/freedom” on some level and is obviously “agenda driven” has by the very nature of the “event”, a high probability of “hidden motive beyond the reported event”. And frankly, THEY don’t appear to care whether or not it is remotely “hidden” anymore. That bothers me.

                  I don’t claim to be perfect, simply scrutinizing the MSM version for personally historical reasons to doubt what is “plastered” all over the “idiot box”.

            • During normal times this falls under my state’s “booby trap” law. If I did this and unintentionally electrocuted somebody’s darling daughter collecting for the high school orchestra, or that hot babe delivering my Fed Ex package … second degree homicide charge, no plea bargain accepted.

              Strict liability … simply doing it would demonstrate actionable intent.

              But waiting for SHTF to do it from scratch … probably run out of time before it was done.

              And if the grid was down it would give Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde a good laugh before they kicked in all my ground floor doors and windows.

              You builders … so long as one leaves a few fire exit openings what is the building code about permanently “bricking over” ground floor windows? Begs the question if they really want to get in badly enough they can cut right through the flimsy subdivision house walls.

            • Back before G. Gordon Liddy turned into a sleazy, Israel ass crack licking neo-con scumbag – during the post Waco slaughter, he was advising his listeners to shoot these jackbooted DEA thugs in the balls, since their body armor didn’t protect their tiny little 2 inch peckers.

              I remember thinking at the time, that a target that small might be pretty hard to hit in a situation where you’re all pumped up with adrenaline.

          • Im in agreement with wounding. Shoot them in the butt and they will scream and holler. If yo see someone else wounded it would scare the crap outa you. It would be demoralizing seeing wonded fellow comrads. I just dont want to take anothers life if there is any other possible avenue.

            • I guess you’re a way better marksman than me then… I will always aim for “center mass”.

              Then again, I’m protecting my wife and daughter; the smallest hair on their heads is worth more to me than the life value of whatever useless POS is trying to break into my home.

              That goes for my dog too; the cat is on his own. That’ll teach that daft fucker to meow 8000 times outside my door at 3am

          • im more worried about being burned out of my place…

            • You can get this gel that is flame retardant and coat heavy on your roof & any other vulnerable spots. Have several commercial fire extinguishers on hand, they can also double as a weapon.

              • Hmmm, there’s another advantage to my old fashioned slate roof !

              • That’s a load of shit! Barricading the baddies out is a fantasy. You’ll burn or die of smoke inhalation. See: Maginot line.

          • They will lob a grenade through window and you’ll be unable to get out because of the concrete in the way of the door…..

            • I’m sure he boarded up his windows when he did the bags of cement. We country hicks got this, we thought of it all.

            • Scotch Guard window security film. 3M invented the product. Banks and jewelry stores use it to deter smash and grabs. One 3M vid on their product site shows a perp breaking in easily enough … with his pick up truck.

              A thrown grenade would probably bounce off. I have no been there’s to guess about what a shot grenade would do. But it is better than nothing.

          • And what are you going to place over the single pane glass windows located right next to the door and all around your house in most every room. If you live in a stick house you are screwed, you can not keep a 200 pound man from breaking in if his children are going hungry and he knows you have food in your house. Guns with training, yes. Sacks of cement, no.

            • 200# ain’t really that big a man.

          • You can secure your door by using a piece of 3/8″ rebar. Bend or cut the rebar to make a 12″ x 8″ rectangle. If you cut the rebar you will need to weld the rectangle together. Then you weld a vertical piece 12″ long that dissects the rectangle. Drill a 7/16″ hole in the floor in front of the door. Install vertical piece into hole in the floor with the rectangle flat against the door. This will keep your door shut until they total destroy door.

            There are many custom modifications that can be made to fit your particular door.

            • Dude, have you ever heard of Amazon?

              • Yes, some of us just love to make our own stuff. This blog is about information on how to survive by your self. Amazon is here today and could be long gone tomorrow. Buy today or build it tomorrow.

              • PS. $4 in parts and a little sweat vs. $29.95

            • You can purchase these steel forged “S” shaped heavy-duty plates at Home Depot for .66 cents each. Buy at least two.
              Bolt into brick or concrete (wood- sorry,the bad guys just hatchet and hack into) required bolts and then place trusty 2×4 horizontally between your mounts across your door.
              Just like in medieval times!!

        • Connect it, set the plate on a rubber mat, run one #2 copper or Al wire to a knife switch directly wired to wour main panel lugs, and connect a motor relay to the metal grounded doorbell button, just remember to shut it off when you got friends coming over.

          • You will be electrocuted when you forget to turn it off and the dog pees on it during a trip outdoors…..

            • Who said im going out?

          • Hopefully no one will be stupid enough to follow your advice on this.

            • Eh, free country right

          • lol I love it. ZZAAAPPPP.

            • At least you get the humor in it!

      9. The Truth Comes Out: Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary

        • yes , but has he stopped paying? probably not

          plenty of people have tested this..and ended up in jail/prison

          im thinking they didnt get the memo

          • That’s cause not being in jail is also voluntary ^^

            See how circular and pointless this is?

        • Of course it’s voluntary, says so right in the 16th amendment! ‘Voluntary Compliance’!

          • Chopulin Colorado:

            16th amendment:

            The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes,from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

            ratified February 3 1913

        • Obama mis-quotes our founding forefathers again, well he actually mis-quoted the name,
          JANE MADISON, what a disgrace him and his constitutional law degree, I mean computer generated college degree.

      10. I am a strong believer of bugging in and taking your chances over being a refugee. Unless you have a stocked up retreat, within a reasonable distance, it is best to stay in place. For those who have not done a reasonable amount of preparation don’t come crying to me that you don’t have food, protection, etc.
        Those of us that have made the sacrifices to prepare instead of getting the newest iphone etc, should not be looked down on for having a brain as to all the events that could and are developing around us. God Bless, James

        • What about those of us who prepare AND get the newest iphone as well?

          • We’ll just have to call you LUCKY,LUCKY!!

        • JAMES,do not forget what the AIR FORCE colonel said,were going to FIRE BOMB ALL CITIES,their won’t be any survivors,we’er going to kill them all…..he wasn’t kidding you know……….

          • Stock up on marshmallows NOW! NOW! NOW!

          • I would like to see a reference to that statement because that does seem a bit out there. Not to say it wasn’t said but I would like to know by whom and when.
            But the idea of bugging out all I look at is the traffic jams when a storm is coming. Compare that with a sudden SHTF event, people won’t be going anywhere. Regards, James

          • Fried Trayvons? New type of ghetto grillin……

            • Goes great with watermellon.

          • I don’t think they’re firebomb all cities. I think they’ll firebomb areas of resistance to the new world government a year or so after the collapse.

            • Barn Cat,

              Let’s think this through together. “A year after the resistance?” That presupposes there is still an air force. That somebody is paying those highly skilled pilots. Fuel available. Skilled technicians and parts to maintain those high performance planes. A stock of munitions somewhere. For one thing, if currency collapses world wide, how are those tankers and refineries gonna make that fuel? Of even get it from Texas to wherever, USA?

              Six months or a year into the collapse, guerillas or even a few lone wolves could blow every plane on that base to a gabillion pieces. Or the fuel dump. Or slip into the living quarters and cut that pilot’s throat while he sleeps.

              I too would love to know that colonel’s name. Which publication or web site did he say it on? Because he deserves to go on a list. Ours.

              • Anonymous6.8: You’ve touched on a very important point-fule and everything else that comes into a base via pipes, wires, and roads. These are the Achilles heal of any group-their supply lines. Fule and water are usually pumped in from someplace else, as is the electricty. Cut those and any base will fold. Other item must be driven in such as food and medical supplies. All these are weak points, vulnerable to attack/disruption.

              • I believe that the federal government will provide for key personnel in the government and military. They’re preparing not only for the coming economic collapse but for regaining control of the country afterwards.

            • They won’t have too firebomb anything. If the FD is not rolling all it takes is one person to chimp out with some matches and the entire city burns.

          • @Arizona….

            A link to your source would be nice.

            You make a lot of incredible statements. You should back them up with a credible source.

            • Walt:

              Arizona’s source is in his video games.

              • Thanks for that input. You are very likely correct! 🙂

      11. Off Topic, but some of you are earthquake experts — what’s your take on the 48 small earthquakes today in Greenville CA? The largest was a 5.7 and felt all the way to Sacramento.

        • GRAMMY are you kidding,don’t you KNOW we have a mini-solar system approching from the south of planet earth,NIBIRU,everything you see going on is a result of this mini-solar system,it will be here soon and thats what all the governments of the world are causing shit about,they know its coming and there trying to keep you to busy to notice,BUT YOU BETTER NOTICE cause its going to kill millions on the coasts,watch the weather reports,they can’t get anything right,and NIBIRU is the reason…………..

          • Yes the planet Is experiecing an End of An Age earth altering Pole Shift. Its not the end of the world. Many likely most humans will perish. but humans wont become extinct. The earth changes are not caused by mans activities. They are not caused by mans sin. These events would still be occuring even if man had never walked the planet. the last earth change pole shift happend during the time of the EXIDIOUS. Actually its quite an exciting time to be alive on the earth. Its gonna be quite an adventure jut as well have a positive additude and embrace the coming clatyclisms . nothing you can do about them anyhow and worrying wont help. find a safe place at a high elevation and get away from the coast, river valleys, and low elevaions.

          • arizona you are a tard. Everyone knows NIBIRU is a bunch of super charged ultraviolet rainbows that were sealed up with Superman when planet Krypton imploded. Stop being such a Margo.

            • Where does Superman go to change now?

              • The “ladies restroom”…HE has become a politically correct metro-sexual man of “semi-steel”.

                • Superman’s been replaced by Super Monky!

        • I’m no earthquake expert….but those quakes took place pretty close to Mt. Lassen….a volcano that last erupted around 1914-1917 I believe.

          That part of the country has a whole string of volcanoes….from Washington all the way down to Mt. Lassen in CA. Lassen is part of what was once a giant volcano called Tehama.

          The whole area there is volcanic.

          I lived for a while about 5 miles from Mt. Lassen.

          Beautiful country….but I don’t think I’d build a house there.

      12. I just rethought the article on 1 Indian framer committing suicide every 30 minutes due to the Monsanto debacle over there and remembered in India people effectively become slaves if they can’t pay their debt. So, has any society ever had a similar arrangement for criminals? Or are criminals not worth anything as workers?

      13. Cars, schools and a police station were torched Friday after a fifth night of riots in Stockholm’s immigrant-majority suburbs following the fatal police shooting on Sunday of a 69-year-old wielding a machete.

        By News Wires (text)

        At least nine cars were torched and two schools and a police station were set ablaze as riots swept through Stockholm’s immigrant-dominated suburbs early Friday for the fifth straight night, police and firefighters said.

        The riots, which have shattered Sweden’s image abroad as a peaceful and egalitarian nation, have sparked a debate about the assimilation of immigrants, who make up about 15 percent of the population.
        muslim immigrants? ( im speculating I dont know, im asking, anyone know?)

        • My research into this tells me mainly Muslim & North Africans.

          • Hmmm
            Not being racist, but not real surprising, bunch of violent f$7@(:9?}*
            Things to be aware of, hate to generalize, but in some instances if the shoe fits!
            Again, not trying to generalize nor be racist about it.

            • I try not to be racist as well kula but the fact is I’m more worried about a group of ghetto thugs than a group of white guys. IMO blacks are the most racist and violent prone people I’ve ever witnessed.

              • I hear ya, same here but with different ethnic groups, the native ethnics no prob, they are good, but some of the imports are questionable.

                • I met a retired swede engineer the other day. We were both leaning on a jetty having lunch and watching the tide and got talking. He lamented the changes to Sweden that he had seen on his last visit there. He had not been back in a very long time and he said “the place if fucked, there are kafirs everywhere, everything is dirty, it is not safe to walk the street, they have ruined it.

                  Funny how we dont get that impression from the MSM.

                  • Eagle eye:

                    One minor quibble. Kafir means unbeliever.

                    “First applied to Meccans who refused submission to Islam, the term implies an active rejection of divine revelation.” The Oxford Dictionary of Islam. “there are kafirs everywhere.” The Swedes, not the Muslims camped out there, would be the kafirs. Not a term a Swede would likely use to describe fellow Swedes. It isn’t the Swedes, but their “guests” who would have ruined it.

                  • anonymouse,

                    Kafir was the term he used, personally I don’t like the word. I am assuming he used it to describe the Africans there because he had spent time in Rhodesia in the mining industry.

                    Sorry but I cannot reply to your post directly

                • Might be a good time to discuss what we are going to do with these White race traitors who voted for the current illegal alien from Kenya, should we descend into ethnic warfare.

              • You haven’t hung out with white meth addicted trailer trash. Sadly and stupidly, I have. I’ll match them up in terms of violence against a black gang banger any day.

                • But they haven’t made a religion of it . . . .

                  • Oh…I don’t know about that. Most meth-heads would pretty much sell (or run over) their own mother to get the thing that they love the most in this world…..their next fix. I’d say that if that doesn’t qualify as a religion, I don’t know what does.

                    I don’t know any even really religious people who would do that.

                • I agree…..criminality seems to be pretty well distributed among all races.

                  The common trait among them is the lack of a moral foundation.

                  • But one muct also consider Temperment when dealing with violent folks or groups. And it seems the worst for short temper violence is hispanics. They act like a schizo by flip flopping between calm and nice, to in meere seconds violent outbursts. Usually brought on simply by some “Macho” minded hispanic male who “Thinks” someone was checking out his fat sister or girlfriend. When the other guy was just gazing at the Clock on a wall Behind the table those hispanics are at.

                    At least blacks and whites usually need provoking to commit violence. Many hispanics will quickly go from calm, to grabbing a broken bottle or some other sharp thing to cut or stab with. Then after a momentary fit of rage and an innocent persons face profusly bleeding, the perp goes back to calm again while apologysing repeadedly for their violent acts. They act that way to Each other! Way more dangerous on avg I think.

          • thats what I was thinking

            • directed to: markinAZ

          • HAHAHA,they wanted foreigners in their country,well now they got em,I talked to a couple on their motorcycle in florida,who were from sweden and they SAID THE IMMIGRANTS were trashing their once wonderful country,hahaha,they did the same thing to america,and now the government is giving them auto-matic weapons to attack with,now america is really in trouble,DHS is giving all the gangs auto weapons,OH,OH,sounds like trouble to me………..

            • @Arizona….

              Again….a source for your statement please.

              I don’t think much of DHS either, but do you have evidence that they are arming the gangs with automatic weapons?

        • According to my relatives still over there, yes, muslim immigrants from Turkey, Africa, etc.

          • thought so..really gives the truth about what we are going to be up against, its already starting here

            • Like most of Europe and here as well, they refuse to assimilate, learn the language or culture, and set up their own sections of a city based on the country they just fled including radical beliefs.

              • @ 11 Bravo, Exactly!!!!! Why the hell do I have to “Press 1” for ENGLISH!!!!!!

                • You dont. It’s “1” for Spanish, “2” for English. Geesh!

                  • lol, I stand corrected.

          • Look at the shitholes they’recoming from. Whadya ‘spect,eh?

        • VRF,

          There have been huge numbers of immigrants (most are Muslim) that have immigrated to Sweden in recent years.
          Many choose not to learn about Swedish history or culture, or join society, but prefer to live in “separate” communities and have large families.

          It is predicted that native Swedes will become a minority in the near future.

          “One recent government study showed up to a third of young people between 16-29 in some of the most deprived areas of Sweden’s big cities neither study nor have a job.

          “Sweden received 43,900 asylum seekers in 2012, a nearly 50 percent jump from 2011 and the second highest on record. Nearly half were from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. Many native Swedes worry welfare could become unaffordable if the trend continues.

          Asylum seekers, in the short term, add a fiscal burden on the welfare state. OECD data show foreign-born unemployed rates, at 16 percent, compared with 6 percent for native Swedes. Sweden needs high employment levels to pay for its extensive welfare.”

          Sweden riots expose ugly side of ‘Nordic model’
          ca dot news dot yahoo dot com

            • NORDIC Model?!! More like Zionist model eh. Look around the globe at all 200 nations. Where Else besides White nations is this Multicultic madness occuring? Nowheres else! If the solution to racisim is Multicultural Immigration? Why are zero such policys enacted in China or Japan etc where 99% are all the same race?

              This is proof #1 as to by Design to destroy whites and eventually Exterminate them all. And by any/all means available. From Kill whteys to get white women to be coal burners and make NON white babies to Make white a Minority voter block. Those who keep waiting for More Proof will soon have it. But then it will be far too late to fix.

          • I figured as much, I didnt want to speculate, but it has their MO all over it , dont it?

          • I live in sweden and i feel. hat the swedes are being treated as crap in favor for the immigrants,always new/more taxation to support our new non working mass.
            Can i get asylum in USA,i want to contribute in society.
            I always have and still buys US made when possible,last week an TOPS .230 and a belt,recommended:-)

            • No better here Per. Best stay home, and do some housecleaning. By the way, is every White culture in on some kind of a mutual suicide pact? By the time you idiots realize how bad you fucked up, it’ll be too late.

          • Just goes to show that multiculturalism is the death of civilized nations.

        • Yes, lots of Turks, Kurds, and North African arabs and West African blacks, nearly all are Muslim. Some Gypsies and such, but not many.

          When any nation’s minorities get to about 15% of the population, troubles begin.

        • They were a neutral (neutered?) country during WW2 weren’t they? If so, I guess it is still in effect.

      14. Excellent article and nothing I can dispute. I find it very interesting what Lt. Dan said about the “clueless elected officials” in the old Civil Defense manual. I knew the manuals had bad information in them but never knew they were THAT BAD! Although I now have a plan to bug out and a relative’s place to go to with some supplies already stored there, that plan depends on NO EMP OCCURING that could fry the computer in my truck. If the power grid is ta out by EMP or CME, then i’m stuck in the city. I live in the heart of an urban area, in “the belly of the beast”, so to speak. I know my area all too well. The worst elements would be going apeshit in the blink of an eye. it will definitely be a challenge in all of the urban areas. speaking of which, a 2nd break-in attempt was made on my home at 4:00 this morning, but i successfully defeated it with a very powerful LED flashlight in one hand and a handgun in the other hand. This animal even tried to come into the same window as on the previous attempt on 5-18. i made it clear to him what his ultimate fate would be if he didn’t turn around, leave, and never come back. he took my advice to heart and left. When TSHTF in my area, it’s going to be the biggest challenge of my life. It will make all of my previous SHTF experience pale in comparison. But I’m prepared and still prepping all the way to the last minute. Everyone else, you need to do the same. braveheart

        • Braveheart,
          Bummer on the break ins, you must live in a tough area, sounds like S is already to some degree Hing TF!
          Look up pepper balls, they got paintballs filled with pepper spray basicly feed em into a full auto paintball gun along with glow in the dark paintballs and you might be able to tag the perp.
          Just a thought.

        • You missed your chance….should have let him in and put two in his heart….
          Put a knife in his hand and called the cops…

          1 PROBLEM down……he will eather try again,or rob someone else….

          Never hesitate , your life was in danger!

          Good practice too

          • Do NOT put a knife in his hand, or anything else, or drag them inside, or any of that. When your DNA turns up on it, or the blood spatter doesn’t match up, you are legal toast. He just reached under his shirt when challenged and you thought he had a gun or knife.

            • fuck all that, he was breaking into YOUR house! There’s no damned need to plant a knife or any such bullshit: he broke in, you feared for your life, you pulled the rigger until it went click.

              For my money, every time a decent citizen puts down one of these useless POS, he’s not only defending himself, he’s defending the next guy too.

              We are ALL the “next guy”

        • Bravehart these people don’t know how city folk live everyday is like shtf for us if we’re not dodging low life scum or thugs or drug addicts or the police are sometimes just as bad we’re ready plenty of bullets I will bug in place for a while let them kill each other first and any that come my way will have a bulls eye on their back the only thing that stops me now. Is that the police still answer 911 when that stops working . The decent people won’t hesitate to be judge jury and executioner and rid the city’s of the worthless scum then it will be time to bug out got to be tough to live in a big city were not all sheep ther are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing !

        • Bravehart these people don’t know how city folk live everyday is like shtf for us if we’re not dodging low life scum or thugs or drug addicts or the police are sometimes just as bad we’re ready plenty of bullets I will bug in place for a while let them kill each other first and any that come my way will have a bulls eye on their back the only thing that stops me now. Is that the police still answer 911 when that stops working . The decent people won’t hesitate to be judge jury and executioner and rid the city’s of the worthless scum then it will be time to bug out got to be tough to live in a big city were not all sheep ther are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing !

        • Unless I’m traveling at the SHTF moment, I can generally walk home in 5-8 hours, maybe 20 miles, if the roads are impassable or vehicles don’t work. If it’s SHTF going on, I can cut a lot of it cross-country, fields and farms, and make it in 2 long days, hopefully. Think I’ll toss a box of .44 Special rounds in the rig, though, generally only carry the 6 in the cylinder. Water and boots are always at hand, hat and coat, etc.

          • Everyone should have a “get home bag” in their vehicle….all the time.

            • I got one Walt. She usually drives and I sit in the passenger seat with a white knuckle grip on the dash………(I know the ladies on here are gonna burn me for this)

              • LOL!

          • You got way to much gun. Was invented for black powder used now to kill Bears. Get a 9 MM, use jacketed HP. Makes 50 cal hole. Will do just as good a job, far more firepower and carry 3 Boxes of ammo, for about the same total wieght.

            • Use enough gun, I say.

        • Braveheart, I am sorry to hear about the 2nd attempt. Glad you “repelled with prejudice” & hopefully the intruder learned not to mess with your house. We used to live in Lakeland, just outside of the city limits and a gang (whites-believe it or not) started kicking in doors in broad daylight in our area (the subdivision next to us),killed that guy(you may remember that on the news-about 2-3 yrs ago). Hubby was already here working and I was there with the kids trying to sell the house. No area of that place is safe. When the Kroger in Lakeland got armed guards because of muggings, we were thankful we got the chance to leave.

      15. Holder to investigate — Holder

        hahahahahah you cant make this shit up people

        • You can’t make it up, but apparently you can repeat Drudge headlines at the bottom of articles on other sites that have nothing to do with what you’re posting about.

          • Dam right smart guy

            • Besides its not the only service i provide, stick around,, you’ll see

              • Besides, I think yer missing the point..

          • And your contribution is?…..

        • @ VRF. Big cities are death traps, the higher the concentration of people in any one area will make survival and keeping your survival supplies that much more difficult. Cities are not meant to support the popualtion without outside aid, paid for or donated to them. Big cities will be the first to fall. By the way IF I see anything to give your family a heads up to an imminent mega quake or even a large one coming to Peru I will try to tell you. Right now after this mega deep focus quake, all bets are off the line for the entire western half of the Pacific. It was that big, and when you have them that deep it affects the entire planet, especially opposite of it, the west coast.

          • Appreciaate that BI
            I know the big cities are a death trap, theres just no way they can get out of there..

            Im glad I dont live in that situation

        • That would have been like having Eichmann investigating allegations of the existence of Nazi death camps.

      16. You malign anarchy.

        Permanent cities having self-perpetuating government of some sort constitute about 2 seconds on the 24 hour clock of human history.

        Humans had family groups, clans or tribes marked by strong leaders, yes, but the point was every freeborn stakeholder had a say. For perhaps the last ten thousand years out of a million years of human life has there been government. Proof is in the pudding … we grew without it. How?

        Anarchy and chaos aren’t the same thing. But it serves tyrants’ interest to conflate the two because there’s nothing that scares a sheep more than being responsible for himself, making his own choices and eating the consequences.

        If you’re intellectually curious you might look at James E. O’Gallagher reviewing
        Gerald Casey’s book Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State,

        May 24,

      17. Howdy, KY Mom, I saw that same article at Daily last night. in those kind of situations we really are on our own. When TSHTF, law and order will totally disappear and vigilantism will be the new order of the day. Do what you consider necessary to keep yourself alive and don’t worry about any potential consequences. That’s part of my plan for surviving mega-SHTF. NOTHING will discourage me from self-defense, PERIOD! braveheart

        • I saw the article, too, and had to wonder why she didn’t press charges and put him in jail when he beat her so badly she was hospitalized just a few weeks prior to this current attack. And, knowing he’d put her in the hospital before, why she didn’t obtain some protection. This mindset I do not understand AT ALL.

          • GV,its called stupid,it can’t be fixed and theres no talking to them…they don’t get it…………..

            • It’s not a good mindset, and it takes a long time
              To get out of it too. Don’t judge guys, being an
              Abused wife/girlfriend is extremely difficult mentally
              As well as physically.

              Keep preppin’

            • Hey arizona, You’re right on the money about K trina and the head s h o t s, heard it through the first hand grapevine. Desperate governments do desperate things be prepped and be wise for all the nasty s h i t is about to hit the fan.

          • Yep, but now we’re expected to spend billions of dollars on additional police presence across the entire country because of folks like this who do nothing to protect themselves.

        • braveheart,

          I agree … when TSHTF, we are on our own.

          I believe if this woman had a gun and knew how to use it, this assault could have been prevented.

          We need to be responsible for our own protection.

          Take care.
          KY Mom

          • @ KY Mom,

            I agree with you, but believe our protection is our responsibility NOW, not just when the SHTF. It always has been in this country, and always will be, at least in our family.

            If that woman had protection, and knew how to use it, it’s likely that the first attack several weeks ago would’ve landed the perp in the hospital (instead of her) or the morgue; and no second attack would’ve taken place.

            • GV,

              I agree.

              If someone is trying to break into your house and attack you…I would say the SHTF NOW.

              When the tornado hit here last year, we had a glimpse of how some people would “take advantage” of the situation. There were reports of stealing and ‘attempted’ stealing.

              It is common knowledge that most people here have guns and know how to use them.

          • I also think people like this woman may be the worst converts to pro-second amendment. If she does arm, she’ll likely get a gun out of fear, frustration, and extreme anger; as opposed to calmly understanding the principles of liberty and her responsibility at protecting her own life.

          • KY Mom

            We are responsible for our own protection. Those that choose to subcontract that responsibility are willing to take the risk that their subcontractor will either never be needed or instantly available if so. The failure of the subcontractor to provide safety often converts them to accept greater responsibility for it. As they say, “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged”. Some just cant accept the thought that they must defend themselves. I’m puzzled how any amount of peer pressure, social conditioning or other influence can alter a basic instinct inherent in all living creatures.

      18. Can I connect a PC to a router through a USB?

        • Um, yes..but why?

          • Try a band saw first. Routers can bind and kick sometimes.

        • No…you need a network card on yer PC

        • No, don’t do it…… It may explode and shrapnel will surely tear through your guts and you will die a slow painful abdominal gas passing death……

        • @Eisenkreuz…..

          You can if you have a “USB to ethernet” adapter.

      19. Not sure how the title and the story correspond. Perhaps Cities Will Collapse Even FASTER Than We Fear would be a more appropriate title. Nothing in the article references when they will collapse; only the possibility that the rate of degradation and spread of chaos will be faster than commonly perceived once it begins.

        I for one don’t really care because what I believe is just over the horizon is much much worse than most seem to be willing or able to contemplate. In other words no amount of prepping can prepare for it unless you have an interstellar BOL.

        Hold your loved ones close and live everyday like it’s your last. Smile more, joke often, hold a child’s hand, help out a stranger and think about how infinitesimal the chances are that you would be there looking out from behind those eyes.

        • You don’t need an interstellar BOL.

          You need a BOAT. A big one. The kind with beds in it and all that crap. Preferrably sail powered. And a lot of fishing gear, and a floating solar water distiller.

          Close enough man. Anyone with the $ and an ocean nearby… I’d consider this the #1 prep item. I lack the money sadly.

          It’s like getting lost in an area the size of Russia and China combined.

          Others will have the same idea but what are we talking about… a population of 100,000 in an area that size?

          • One word – PIRATES. Just look at Somalia coast.

      20. Its a tough call for those who have elderly parents & abandonement to the country is not an option rather it is a time for genuine family (that if there is any) togetherness & then defend like your life & others depend on you because in truth they will. It may help somewhat put a few signs on poles SNIPER AT WORK


      22. Not sure how bad it will be in my patrol area. The area I cover transitions from suburbs of a large city and dwindles to wide open farm land. I think the denser populated area could get kinda hairy while the subdivision middle income areas will be shell shocked and panicky, out to the farms, which will be armed to the teeth, and just watching.

        I think Lt Dan is dead on in his assessment, as long as it’s not to bad, we are getting paid, and our own homestead is not under real danger, we’ll be at work….maybe.

        • Good assessment. I will be watching.

      23. Like I have said previously, human nature can go primitively evil quick. Whenever people ask what a SHTF scenario would be like I always say what would you do to feed your family and friends? Now multiply by 330 million and that’s what it’ll be like. I see it on a regular basis traveling to major cities. It is borderline lawless on a good day. If you are in a metro area form a group of neighbors because unfortunately in a gladiatorial setting the best equipped and prepared gang triumphs.

      24. Did any of you ever consider where as 1000’s will be trying to get out of the hell hole cities some will be trying to get in for the action & personal satisfaction in bagging a few thug lifers. One never knows you might get country folk giving up on hunting moose & heading into the concrete jungle to hunt two legged beasts

        • Good point Two Buckets. Hard to imagine that some will be looking at you or your family as their next meal. Zombie Apocalypse anyone?

          • Those rapper thugs love to show their gold dentures when they spew out their verbal garbage, when gold hits $8000 a fortune could be made harvesting gold dentures with a pair of pliers

        • Ever see the movie, “The Road”?

      25. I am trying to do this as fast as possible just in case. Another earthquake on the Mid Atlanic Ridge this time, just less than a hour ago. Did the checking and found out that this exact spot 9 days later Northern British Columbia/ Alaska was hit with that 7.5 in the early part of the year. Here is something else, back on November 13, 2006 a quake happened here and 2 days later the Kuril Islands was hit with a 8.3. Back in 1977 Santa Cruz was hit with a 7.6 after this exact region was hit. 90% of the time a major earthquake follows, sometimes very large.

        Mexico was again a target before and so was South American, this makes 23 out of 25 times in the past 7 weeks. The area between Mexico to central Chile is so ready to break. This earthquake today shows just a little more evidence of that. Will calculate the new target zones as another precursor quake or two hits.

        • So what are you thinking we should be looking for that will correspond with the quakes the past week or two ?

          • I definitely would be hiding under the bed at this point… It may come at anytime, who knows?,… and you wouldn’t want to be caught out in the open in just your underwear…..

            • Go Commando!

        • I keep expecting to hear the tsunami warning sirens start to go off, probly be in the middle of the night next time, and wont be a false alarm.

      26. One again Camden NJ one of the most forward looking city’s in the US is ahead of the curve.

      27. I would suggest that if your internet takes a crap, and so does your neigbor’s… and many of the TV stations are down… may as well assume it’s on and run.

        I’d wait for the TV stations to go plop… the internet thing could just be a downed server in your area.

        That said the drones thing is looking… like it grudgingly makes more sense to me. Grudgingly. Criminals believe their’s no LEO’s but you publicise “death from above” it’s going to give them serious pause.

        How you do this without basically saying everyone’s subject to it at any given moment even in peace time is beyond me though.

      28. Kula, thanks for the tip, but i’ll be using hot lead. I don’t want them to be a threat to anyone else. braveheart

      29. Glad I live in the sticks with my 30-06.

        Standing by in OH,


      30. @BI…..did you see the post on daily sheeple about possible plate fracture and rumored evacuation of dignitaries from San Fran?

        Any insight? Know you’re busy right now. No rush

      31. A friend of mine once told me no matter how “advanced” or “enlightened”, civilization is only 3 meals deep.

        Probably one of the smartest things I was ever told.

        • read the last line in the story

          hows that union force working out for you?

          • If you were commenting on me, guess I kinda glossed over the last sentence….trying to read and type with a 5 yr old granddaughter using me for a jungle gym isn’t working to well…..unsure on the union force comment….

            • No sir I wasnt..but as far as the union force comment goes..the cops are all unionized..thats why yhey can break the law and sometimes still keep their jobs or pensions

        • 35 year old 10 year on job $118,000 a year and he burns his bosses house down and
          is suspended WITH pay ..only in New Jersey. Charged with 5 counts of attempted
          Murder and Arson.

      32. Hi BI, the 5.7 was about 125 miles NE of me. Truth be told I was flying the couch and did not feel it but wife sitting in baracalounger did and made comment that we had just had an earthquake. I looked and the blinds were swinging.

        So my question to you is with the 8.3 in Russia hours later what do you think this has done to the San Andreas which I do worry very mush about?


      33. anarchy? Perhaps the original definition of the Greek word should be looked up instead of MSM western world definitions. It has nothing to do with violence and more to do with an absence of “control minded” police forces. The people have been brainwashed that police are “heros” since they were young tykes. Lt. Dan, I’m sure, accepts this definition of himself (along with his pension) as he has been taught the same thing. That said, I’m sad to hear he would desert his post if his “pay” was not forthcoming or if things got too “hairy” for him. What kind of hero are you Lt. Dan?

        • He never said he was a hero. He is there to do his job. Job for pay just like everywhere else.

          • You know, I’m tired of hearing about LEO just “doing their job for their pay”. I thought y’all were believers in the big bad CONSTITUTION. Fact is, NOWHERE in the Constitution is a civilian police force mentioned. Whatever is not mandated as a function of government is therefore Constitutionally invalid. Read the piece of paper. Police Oathkeepers are only fooling themselves and you as to them being some sort of Constitutionally legitimate organization. They are merely a function of parasitic government that has perverted the Bill of Rights to suit their own power and defend themselves. Police are not here to defend the common man…only to make them follow corporate government “laws”. Learn to defend yourself and not be a pawn to government thugs. You are blind if you can’t see whose orders LEO follows after the incident in Boston. You will end up in a FEMA camp or dead if it is up to the police. But you will be fist pumping “USA…USA” all the way to your death.

        • Wow! That’s a really old story. (2011) Wonder why it’s surfacing again.

      34. Islam & meat cleavers. Who’s going to get it?

        • When are they going to get it? When is everyone going to wake up? When are we going to do something about it?

          New short story, very short.

          “Meat Cleaver meets Christian with Gun”

          • Never take a knife to a gun fight.

            • Or can crumple meat cleaver muhammadan right where he stands with an ASP baton

      35. I want to mention one tiny little detail that I often see in these articles. You said,”…they were starting to starve…” It takes about 30 days to starve. Don’t you mean, “…they were starting to get hungry..”? People will riot long before they are actually beginning to starve. Starving is serious, being hungry is not necessarily serious, but people will still begin to behave badly.

        I recommend that preppers regularly fast to be accustomed to what it feels like to go without food for a few days. Begin by skipping a meal, then go a day, then a couple of days. Do it at least once or twice a year. It’s not that big of a deal if you are used to it. Obviously, certain medical conditions make it unwise to fast, but most people can do it safely. It’s even good for you!

        • I also HIGHLY recommend fasting. I’ve been doing it regularly for decades. Longest fast: 42 days in 2011; but shorter fasts of around 5-10 days are my most common.

          Because of this, I have zero fear of being without food for extended periods (although I won’t have to worry about that much with preps/gardening/trees).

          What I do have is an almost fanatical system for having plenty of pure water.

          IMHO, pure water is THE most important thing when the SHTF. Without it, not much else will matter.

      36. I know for a fact that Lt Dan is far from alone in his plans for breakdown. There are still lots of good cops, at least in some smaller towns. I overheard a conversation between a few of them a few years ago. That was their take on the situation. I would hate for any of those men to feel they had to commit suicide trying to protect people who should have gotten their own protection when it was easy to buy. Now to change the subject…people have absolutely no idea what it will be like without utilities. We have just survived our first year off grid. The couple of winter months that were the coldest almost did our marriage in. Frozen up water line, frozen sewer line. My husband was almost glassy-eyed after listening to me say over and over “I told you that you should have put heat tape on the water and sewer lines”. We survived tho. By the way, save all of those plastic grocery bags. The dollar store ones have more holes than the ones from Target. The solids go in the woodstove and the liquids go to the compost pile. What doesn’t kill will probably make you stronger or smarter…

      37. What makes you think cities will collapse anyway?

        • @Brad

          Do some research and get back to us.

          Thanks for playing.

          • Well that proves it.

            • It’s about as much of a reply as you are going to get.

              If you want to participate here, try doing a little research BEFORE you post. We aren’t going to do your homework for you.

              On the other hand….you can feel free to continue walking around with your head up your backside, and living with your terminal case of normalcy bias.

              Perhaps sites like this aren’t where you want to be.

              I know…..maybe you can watch American Idol. 🙂

              • AMEN Brother!
                Ignorance is bliss, and i guess some folks cant even see the obvious.

      38. Having grown up in the same neighborhood of So. Central L.A where the riots erupted- I think it would be a matter of MINUTES from the time the gangbangers and other criminals there found out there was no/insufficient LE presence/response to the time SHTF. I think realistically, you’d see major intersections shut down within 30 minutes. If you didn’t get out at the VERY first sign of trouble- all you could do is hunker down. Very likely- you’d never even make it to the freeway.

        • Check out what happened with the LA Riots in 1992.

          It went downhill real fast.

          When it started to come apart…the police retreated. Can’t blame them really….they were outnumbered and were concerned that a swift, firm response to the initial violence would escalate the situation.

          Were they right? I don’t know. We could argue about that all day.

          Point is… happened real fast…in different locations throughout the city (particularly in minority neighborhoods)

          Multiply that by a couple dozen cities all over the country, and you’ve got a SHTF situation without doubt.

          • Another thought…

            I would argue that most of the major cities in this country are a lot more volatile now than LA was then.

      39. hey mac, can you plz move the daily sheeple story about the people leaving cali due to earthquakes over to this site so we can have a thread for BI and JOG this week-end?

        • @ kimintn. Really watch that Mid Atlantic Ridge, that is likely waht is going to go off before the New Madrid fails. It took a little longer, by a week or so, but the earthquakes on the New Madrid are on schedule after that region between 14 and 20 north had that activity. Another region of course to watch is the Caribbean plate, this goes off, 7.5+, anywhere east to north and the New Madrid is in trouble. There is definite danger for the next 15 days, perhaps longer depending on the action on the plate boundaries, or other event such as volcanic activity.

          • Are you a geologist?

            • Are you new?

            • Brad: “Are you a geologist?”

              BI: “No. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” 🙂

          • @ Bl thanks once again for all the work you put into the quakes 🙂

          • BI, thank you for the research and info friend!

            God bless ya this Memorial Day Weekend!

      40. Mr Spero’s statement at the end of this informative article,”one more unsettling thought” can be solved
        with a scanner or VHF/UHF transceiver. Program in your local EOC and 2-meter repeater frequencies and also scan for simplex (non repeater)operation.
        In the past, I’ve found Ham’s to be operating right through a hurricane. And you don’t need a ham licence to own this type of equipment.

      41. This article should be a major reminder that we need a plan, practice your plan then revise as needed.

        I’m sure many think they’ll hop in the bug out vehicle and drive, question, will you be in a caravan with 3 vehicles plus? You should, do you know your terrain along the way? Do you know if any what bridges you’ll cross? Have you physically walked the bridge to see if it could be used for ambushes against you?

        Do you know the hill tops? What if you drive up and then see an ambush/road block.

        In other words, “Do You Really Know Your Escape Route”?
        Is your plan to have a scout car and rear guard vehicle all with comms, the scout car recons and Danger Points.

        So do you have a plan?

      42. What is sickening and disheartening is that not a single person is paying attention to what is actually going to happen, it is literally right in front on everyone’s face, and everyone is worried about oh government going to do this, blah blah, look up, well try and look past the chem trails. But where I live, in a remote perfect location to see it, is a planet that is ten times bigger then the sun right in front of every single one of you. That “asteroid” is its moon and they are not going to be able to hide it with chem trails for much longer. Look up and you will see what is really happening. Everyone is so distracted but with a week left, their plan succeeded but know it to late to prepare for what is really going to happen.

        • Ok, what is going to happen and when?

        • Please be more specific and tell us exactly what is really going to happen. Stop acting like you got some kind of secret and are so smart because you are the only one that knows. Tell us now, what is REALLY going to happen.

        • If it is ten times bigger than the sun it would be a star, like our sun, and it would have already started changing our orbit.

      43. First of all BigB, I am surprised you did not feel that quake of 8.3, at that depth it should be felt out to about 6000 miles, as they felt it in Moscow and other european locations. The 8.3 did much to the crust, but even more so was the cause of it, that is what everyone should be very alarmed over. This cause will put on the west coast from Chile to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands at much higher risk. That earthquake today on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge lead to a massive 8.3 in the Kuril Islands in 2006, and the Alaska/Canada quake of 7.5 in January of this year. Yes the west coast is in danger until 15 days from now, June 8, or extended if more precursor quakes occur.

        @ PenCRNA. I saw this, and do I agree? Maybe. The 5.7 did nothing to any crust, but to me indicates some volcanic activity brewing, and some strees indications on the southern Juan de Fuca plate and northern San Andreas. Fractures would come from the causes of what is going on within the Pacific plate and North American plate, and event the Asain plate. As I said to BigB above, there is still strong signs that this is not over. More precursor quakes will tell what is going to happen next.

        @ 11 Bravo. This is why I have been desperately trying to warn the people here that might be in danger or their families in danger. This started on May 10, and I gave a warning of earthquakes to come by May 25, which happened yesterday and early today. As these quakes continue to swarm the southern plate borders with the Antarctica, it was obvious to me what was coming. This quake today indicates that a major quake is still coming after this. I have never seen such acitivity on some many different plate boundaries, it means that there is some serious plate crustal movements.

        This is the issue, the two large quakes north of the Cascadia fault should have caused it to go off months ago. The only reason it did not is because there is that much pressure on it right now, 9+. I have longed thought that a quake on the southern portion will help trigger it. This 5.7 is no way large enough, but a 7.5 in that area south of the Cacadia is, even a high 6 to low 7 could. The Cascadia fault could just finally just fail without any push it over the edge. The San Andreas, south to north is the same, but it is more likely to have something large trigger it.

        I have been checking the earthquake map all day today. I have noticed that in the past several days that the New Madrid fault has finally become active from the Mid Atlantic Ridge’s quakes on the junction point a few weeks ago. IT ALWAYS DOES AFTER EARTHQUAKES AT BETWEEN 14-20 DEGREES NORTH ON THE MID ATALNTIC RIDGE. Yes something horrible is coming, more earthquakes should tell where.

        • wow….

      44. Thank you very much (mush,lol) BI. On high alert. If it wasn’t for the business and presiding over a few June weddings we would be taking a trip East for the next month. But on the other hand this is what we prep for isn’t it?


      45. Talked to a SWAT member in my church once many moons ago sometime after the Rodney King riots, he mentioned having extra training on his schedule, when I asked why he replied it was in case of large scale rioting like the King riots, seems the he was under the impression that if it occurred again they would go in and shoot everyone who did not take them seriously in the effort to restore order.

        • He sounds like a real hypocrit, he goes to church but can disobey a commandment thou shall not murder. If you are not defending you and your families life, then it’s murder.

          • Rebel,

            You must have had a brain fart. We understand. It’s happened to the best of us.

            It’s never { murder } when the government does it. Any costumed tax parasite can gun down any of us anywhere for any reason or no reason at all. The .LE and prosecutorial hirelings will always call it “justifiable.”

            All they have to do is bleat “officer safety” and case is closed.

            The tyrant being the cowardly shit stains they are, will never put their own lives on the line. They need people willing to go on their payroll to defend them because in any contest between a mundane and the tyrant we are always wrong. (sic)

            Must uphold that illusion of their “authority” no matter how many of us are murdered in the process.

      46. If an EMP fries the computer on my truck, I’ll have no choice but to bug in. I’m trying to improve the “defenses” on my humble abode after 2 attempted break-ins in less than a week. Like BI said earlier, something really serious is coming down the road. I may have to sleep with both pistol and rifle at my bedside now. braveheart

        • Get you an old pickup. Fix everything about it but the looks. You’ll have a reliable ride that no one will want to steal. That’s what I have done. Mine has peeling paint and rust, but all the mechanical parts have been repaired and/or replaced in the past year.

        • You need to get an old pickup that’s immune to EMP. Fix everything about it but the way it looks so no one will steal it. That’s what I have done.

        • Braveheart

          Always keep your “companions” by your side!

          Consider them your version of American Express..

          Never leave home without them.

          In fact, never leave them alone.


      47. I agree with the main premise of this piece, and I accept that violence and desperation will be the order of the day very soon after SHTF. However, I do have a couple of points to contest.

        First, to equate violence with anarchism is uninformed and misguided. When anarchists do engage in violence in protests, it is intentional, and intended to disrupt and to cause harm to the existing structure. Cops tend to be bought into the system heavily, and anarchists not at all. That ideological split results in cops simply not having any real conception of the tenets of anarchism. In a SHTF scenario, a more accurate and common exemplar of anarchist action is what we saw in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Those Occupy folks and many anarchists actually organized and worked to alleviate the shortages and social disruptions after the storm; the cops were often absent. Misunderstanding what anarchism is might be a grave error when the SHTF.

        My second point is that bugging out should never, IMO, be a snap or ad hoc decision. If you are aware of what the conditions will be in your neighborhood when the SHTF, then by all means, plan ahead. But many people, even in some urban areas, intend to stay put for awhile. That decision must be made on a case-by-case basis, intelligently, calmly, and in advance.

        • @Nehweh Gahnin….

          I think that if you were to talk to most of these folks who refer to themselves as “anarchists”….who engage in the violent protests….what you would find is that they are actually extreme leftists.

          Ask them what they want to replace the current government with, and they will answer with some form of government that involves taking the property of the “rich” and redistributing it to everyone else.

          They are just another bunch of Bolsheviks. No more. No less.

        • n]\NEW-ah,or whatever;
          what you just described, Sounds like
          what Is happening in ,damn, was it NorWay?
          IDFK- but to say, Thanx for Food 4 Thought

      48. Back in 1644 to 1628 BC the earth went through the same thing, 1625 starting the worse of it until 1628 BC it died out, previous would be 5200 bc etc etc, that time period now is 2000 to 2016, 2013 being the worse, June 2013 will be the start of the big finale, 1/3 of the population boom gone, then so on and so on. It’s history, and history repeats itself. It’s not a secret either, try and look past the chemtrails and you will see it, our sun has a binary sun with its own orbiting planets with moons, actually every solar system has a binary solar system. The preliminary is earthquakes, volcanos, tornados etc etc, same as 1644 to 1628 BC, 5200 BC 8000 BC and so on. Same time table, after the preliminary, when the people figure it out is social and economic collapse following then massive disease and famine, same as each other time frame, same exact pattern, same exact formation and same exact events. People call it nibiru, Planet X but NASA calls it ISON, it appears as a comet but it is not, it is extremely magnetic giving it the appearance of the comet, notice how the moon has been setting really early then staying really late the next night? The earthquakes? Our earth is rocking back and forth and this will cause a pole shift and the next ice age, which happens every 7000 years, every other time period rotation, all of the northern hemisphere will be a ice land. Go ahead and call me crazy but look all around, the dead fish by the millions? The plates are moving causing methane gas to be released from the sea floor. But now it is too late, once this 1998 qe2 comes the planet will be so huge and in our face that they can’t cover it up anymore, causing the next stage, panic to social unrest. Then the stores will clean out, water will stop flowing then the next stage, famine and disease.

        • That’s a bunch of crap.

          • Actually. No, it’s not, their is plenty of proof to everything I just said, including the literal in your face evidence in the sky.

            • And one more tid but of information, each “book of life” ” testament” “bible” was written after these time periods. King James Bible 1611 BC, a decade and a half after the last rotation. Old Testament, 5189 BC, a couple years after the 5200 BC rotation, Adam and Eve etc etc.

              • And the King James Bible took 15 years to write, lines right up to 1628 BC, hmmm just not related though huh?

            • Waiting for some kind of support evidence besides your personal observations.

              • Walt, more tid buts should by coming.

        • 1/3 ????

          Hopefully my ex, and the guy she was “f-ing” that knocked her up……as long as I can rescue my dogs…

        • There’s something about this guy that still bothers me.

          I really am concerned that he may be some kind of tool of the elites to try to foment some kind of action that will give them cause for a “non-proportional response”.

          • I don’t know if this is a trick or not but since I live in the Sacramento area I am going to check it out. If there are others down there I should be able to spot them. Plus I know a guy who is 2nd in command of a militia who will know if they are going to support it. I also have contact / am a member of 2 veterans clubs and will see what if anything is shaking down there.


      49. Have you noticed the massive riots in sweden,due to our wellfare system has been exploited for years.
        Authorities have lost all control,sweden sucks and we have the highest rate of gangrapes in the whole world,poor women:-(

        • Hope you all get things straightened out…..I still have family there…

      50. With all that being said, anyone ever WHY the Egyptians just disappeared? The Mayans, Sumerians? The Babylonians? As if they were wiped out, look up the time table, then compare it to what I just said

        • 155th
          I just looked at a map. “Egyptians”, are still there. Do you write for science fiction stories???? What do you offer that makes any sense???

        • Hate to say it but nobody told the Egyptians they had disappeared. They think they are still there.

          • Okay maybe the Egyptian country and modern people but the ancient civilization was wiped out.

            • By the Romans; ask Cleo. No surprise there. It lasted almost 4,000 years. You expect nothing to change? All the Civ. you list, except the Mayans, we know what did them in and we are finding out about them. No magic, just someone with a bigger spear.

        • You have a very loose grasp on history. If you are 155th, who are the other 154?

          • every class has a goat.

        • The Egyptians didn’t disappear. Their empire just declined…as did the Babylonians…and the Mayans.

          Empires decline….and “disappear” over time.

          Would you say that the Romans “disappeared”?

      51. I think in most areas people will die of thirst and from drinking bad water before they starve. Think of how large a city is, how many people there are, and how many sources of clean fresh water exist there. Now if you live in Chicago you can probably drink Lake Michigan water and not get sick but if you live on the coast or in the south west, drinking water will become a serious issue very quickly.

        • I’m of the mindset of economic collapse. Polar Shits, Space Rock impact, Nuclear War and the like is schools out.

          Why would major cities loose water? I can see the food chain being disrupted but not a complete loss of power and water. If that happens WWIII is here, guaranteed.

          • Not sure water and power will fail quickly, but the issue is, complex failure, If you have a thousand blacksmiths making horseshoes, one gets shot by his wife’s boy friend, no one notices any effect on horseshoe production. You have one huge machine that makes all the shoes, it fails for any reason , No shoes. Large cities have very interconnected water and power systems. They take hundreds of people to keep them up. You burn down a thousand houses, unless someone shuts off the water and power, the system will fail. It cannot stand the leaks and shorts.
            Most places have only a few hours of stored, pressuresed water. People open a few fire hydrents, either repair people are there or the water isn’t. If the police stop going in, the W&P people aren’t going in either. Nor are the food trucks. It is Hell in 24 hours.

            • I guess sufficient civil disorder in a city can cascade under the circumstances you describe. I’m assuming parts of a city would loose services but it would be contained. I can only see a complete loss in multiple cities in the event of global war, space rock impact and the like.

              Actually I dislike cities even in the best of times.

              • K2: Have you been a major city lately? If not you don’t know how close to Chaos they are, Was in NY last fall LA 2 weeks ago. There are Interstate exits it’s death to get off on, after dark, and that’s no exaggeration. There are gas stations built like banks, armed guards and the person taking money is armed and behind 3 inches of plastic. These places cover square miles, they will run out of food in a few hours. The stores have fences inside to permit only one way movement and the clerk has a gun and watches you till you pay and go out past a turnstile.

          • You lose power due to hyperinflation. People can’t pay their $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 electric bills. Once most people can’t pay their bills the grid will shut down because the utilities don’t have the money to buy fuel. Public water shuts down for the same reason.

      52. It was mentioned earlier about racial genocide NOT being tolerated on a certain person’s watch, and I feel it necessary to remind everyone here that Zionist Jews ran the National Socialist party then….and now, killing Christian Jews and everyone alike that disagreed with their Satanic agenda. Hitler was just a pawn, like most every President you know of, a patsy at best. About our prisoners behind bars, I have heard everything from execution plans to just letting them go completely due to lack of money to house them. Lock and load, fun times ahead. P.S. Just tell everyone who hates white people that genocide is wrong, you have been brainwashed into loving them, NOT the other way around.

        • I don’t know where you got those lies but they come from Satan, Islam, or Naziism. As if there’s a difference. I can’t believe that you got any thumbs up over that.

      53. The Rider of the White Horse has arrived. The Fiery Red one is to follow very soon….

        The Earth is about to collapse financially.

        The Have-nots will go after the Haves.

        Hatred is filling the planet.

        There are no Peace-Makers. There are no Problem Solvers. The Day spoken long ago is here. Best to enjoy today and be ready for that very ugly, near future.

        • I agree that things make no sense on so many fronts these days. I mean I can’t watch the damn news without seeing that humans have lost their damn minds everywhere. I think this is what is making so many people throw their hands up with frustration. Lawlessness and circus atmosphere in Washington. These people are a joke on both sides of the aisle. Nothing will change and a buffoon is lying his ass off and the citizens stand around with their thumbs up their asses. Something is way fucked up. Is it possible that Earth movements, solar, planetary shifts etc. are screwing with peoples minds? I can’t make any sense of it. Maybe it is just the combination of life cycles and human stupidity. We can’t go on indefinitely breaking nature’s laws.

          • Gonetoolong? Ever heard of chemtrails? If they have consistently poisoned the air, the food and the water how long before everyone is completely insane? No mystery here.

            • Chemtrails are a complete fraud. Nothing is being poisoned.

              • Barn Cat? I suggest you do a little research and find out what exactly is going on.

        • The 4 horsemen are about to ride across America. And they are not John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Alan Ladd, or Clint Eastwood riding them.

          YOU have been warned America!!!

      54. The cities will be hell on earth. And then hell will leave the cities and start fanning out in search of everything. These hell on earth survivors will be ruthless, without a shed of human decency and mercy. Be prepared for the Hell spawn. I suspect many have not thought this thru. If you are buggin in due to your outside the city location, have you thought thru how you will respond to this Hell spawn? Seriously, you must send your family to a nearby safe BOL, where you can later reunite. In defending your homestead, I’m confident you will defeat the Hell spawn. At the very least, I’m sure you’ll take down many of them. However, if you are wounded or killed, do you want your home overrun with the Hell spawn with your family at home? Plan, Prepare, Prevail!

        • The old adage is safety in numbers. You had better be able to get along with like-minded others. If lone wolf, you had better be damn good and prepare to lose family members. It won’t be like a Die Hard movie where the good guys go home at the end.

          • You need at least two people in your house who can use a gun and take turns staying awake 24/7.

        • Peter,

          Every city and every suburb is different. One would err greatly to generalize. I expect that dehydration, hunger, epidemic and homicide will cull the vast majority of potential Hell Spawn. Give it a month or six weeks and most of those hellions will be feral dog food. Someone who is starving, has lost 25 percent of his body weight and strength, risks being ambushed every few hundred yards, is going to get 29 miles out here and threaten me? Possible but not too bloody likely.

          I’m more worried about rogue LE or local .mil who would have the logistics and training to be very effective SHTF raiders in addition to / instead of their assigned roles.

        • The hell spawn don’t stand a chance around my neck of the woods. My community is tight knit with combat vets galore. I myself am a OIF vet from 1st CAV. 19 Delta, where my scouts at! I never went thru sniper school but was squad designated marksman. We’re suited and booted with all kinds of nasties if need be (thanks to my Sapper neighbor)

      55. “In an earlier post we suggested that cities will decay into violent anarchistic morasses within a week or two. In that article we were deliberately trying to look at a ‘best case scenario’ (don’t laugh – the collapse of cities taking a week or two is, alas, a best case scenario!). Our projection was based on the ‘best case’ hope that people would remain passive for a few days and it would only be when people realized no help was coming and they were starting to starve that things would turn truly nasty.

        One of our readers, ‘Lt. Dan’, wrote in to share his perspective of what might go down, and alas, it is not nearly as sunny and optimistic as our earlier best case hope. His point is that violence will break outimmediately. There will not be days of ambiguity before things start to fail.”

        Well, I missed the report, and ‘Lt. Dan’ certainly does also have a point. However, the other factor to consider is that such emergencies; shelter in place or effectively martial law would likely be declared as a matter of attempting to sustain the present domestic balance of power, which technologically and financially predominantly is held by the financial and political elite that are in issues largely one and the same.

        The evaluation’s best case scenario sounds as though this was based under large bodies and demographics of the population strongly values morals, ethics, justice, and etc. Many large cities simply lack these as Lt. Dan points out, and although Arizona’s commits were blocked by low rating there are three cities around here who if you possess gang paraphernalia/symbols or gang colors; you will be arrested by the city’s officer’s. All three possess areas that people avoid and almost never see patrols enter the area outside a sweep of arrests. These officers are already accustomed to making arrests without any other form of evidence. It might be a good idea to see if police stations are eliminating or downsizing these departments but actually laying off officers in other divisions allowing these officers to stay on the force.

        Considering, the Dollar is heading towards being dissolved as the world’s reserve currency; it probably will have a economic and financial aspect to it. I am also compelled to point out that not possessing a viable alternative does not matter to nation’s who are domestically under siege by massive civil unrest/etc. Such as if the US’s economy collapses and presented with massive domestic issues, the Dollar’s confidence is shredded, and the viable alternative is to form trade agreements in nation’s respective currencies and precious metals.

        durango kidd
        “Only an EMP or Pole Shift can create the SHTF scenario envisioned where NO public services are operating.”

        No, there are actually plenty of options:
        1. Yellowstone, Valley Grande, and Long Valley are volcanoes the BBC coined super-volcanoes or volcanoes capable of 7/8 and above on the VEI scale, which like earthquakes are measured in magnitude and intensity.
        2. I forget the name of the grid but prior to 9/11; it shorted knocking out power on the entire east coast, which can occur by natural or man-made disaster.
        3. There’s earthquakes to consider as well. New Madrid and Cascadia on average rupture every few hundred years. Cascadia is approaching 400 and New Madrid just passed 200. Also I didn’t catch the name of the commenter, but the closest theory in which one earthquake triggers another is the Earthquake Storm Hypothesis, which means it’s not completely acquired enough data to support it and requires accessibility to monitor the temperature or heat built by pressure along the faults to determine the next area to likely be impacted by an earthquake or fault rupture. Both of these regions tend to produce very large earthquakes, and most standards halted between 7 and 8 prior to 1997’s methodology of Richter of moment magnitude, which according to MW the 8.3 San Fran quake was 7.7 MW.
        4. There’s the decaying infrastructure to consider, which largely impacts the ability to restock shelves from its distributors being able to effectively deliver from Point A to Point B.
        5. Then, there’s natural and man-made unknown or wildcards such as world war, nuclear war, and alteration in geological composition (familiar with Isostatic Adjustment much like the central aspect to Continental Rebound among the Great Lakes?).

        “SNAP / EBT Cards are designed to feed the population in a SHTF Event.”

        Actually, no they aren’t. In fact, they are specifically designed to be capable of being shutoff at whim, and they are vulnerable to EMP or the break down of the energy grid. If a place can’t accept credit/debit, it cannot accept EBT.

        • @ Seen. First of all the program was not all right you watched, the Cascadia fault went in 1700, 313 years ago. This averages about 260 years, so it is 50+ years overdue. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was NO WAY 7.7. Magnitude of an earthquake can be calculated by the miles of rupture and the amount of slippage, roughly for earthquakes in the distant past. The SF quake had 270 miles of rupture and 21 feet of slippage. That means it was a bare minimum 7.9, probably 8.0-8.1. They use that 7.7 because it looks better than another 8 happening in california for tourism and real estate deceptions. You know how california and new york are when it comes to lying about practically everything.

          The 1992 earthquake in southern california was a 7.3 or a 7.4 and a strike slip like the San Andreas and didn’t even have half the slippage or miles of rupture. Earthquakes almost exactly like the San Andreas have similar breaks to 1906 and NEVER have they been considered ONLY a 7.7. Politics as usual.

          The Long Valley Caldera is probably more of a VEI of 6, but might be capable of a 7. Millions of years ago it could have reached almost a 8, not now, maybe a high 6 barely 7. Valley Grande is the same, once very powerful, but now maybe a 7. Yellowstone of course a 8 and then some. Yellowstone may actually have enough magma under it to explode under the right conditions to be the largest eruption in the past billion years. They say it has much more magma than ever suspected. An earthquake could rip a large enough fissure to release that. This would end civilization as we know it.

          As for earthquake sizes for breaking, the following are the most likely magnitudes to occur:

          Southern San Andreas alone 7.8-7.9
          Southern and Central San Andreas 8.1-8.4
          San Andreas from San Francisco to Salton Sea 8.5-8.7
          Whole San Andreas 8.9-9.1

          Cascadia fault 9.0-9.3

          New Madrid, full break like in 1812- 7.7-8.2. The old dense rock would magnify to what would feel like close to a 9.

          Eastern Caribbean plate 8.5-8.9
          Northern and eastern section of the Caribbean plate 9-9.3
          Caribbean plate going would create very large tsunamis for the east and Gulf coasts. Shallow water would increase the tsunami size.

          Wasatch mountains in Utah 7.8

          Did some interesting investigation on 8+ quakes, and it is very uncommon for another 8 to follow after a 8+. It happened last year from a 8.6 to 8.2 aftershock. It happened in 2004 south of Australia with a 8.1 then 3 days later the Sumatra quake of 9.1 and ocean wide tsunami. Usually months or years go by before another 8+ quake happens. Of course there has been only 2 (8+)deep focus quakes ever recorded, the one in 1994 and TODAY which was the most powerful ever at 8.3. It took 4 months before a 8.3 occurred after the 1994 Peru/Bolivia quake happened.

          All indications are that the west coast from Mexico to Chile is extremely due for a very large earthquake, 24 out of 26 times plate boundary quakes that have been hit before and had central and South America major quakes occurring after this within 15 days. The entire west coast all the way up to the Aleutians in Alaska are now in danger. It doesn’t have to be a 8+ quake, but it will be large.

          Can you have mega quakes go one after the other? Yse, but the rebound effect of the plates usually prevents this. One plate goes, it usually allows another plate to kind of relax. Though in you got enough momentum going for one plate to the another, and each plate was at a critical point of failure, then yes it could happen. This is especially true with the Cascadia and San Andreas faults. Both the southern San Andreas and the Cascadia broke at around 1700. The Cascadia 1700 and the southern San Andrease = or – a few years of 1700, or very close to that time. Can happen, will it? At this point one can say maybe yes. I still think Peru to Columbia and Mexico are the best possibilities for the next massive earthquake.

          • Morning BI,

            77 4.5+ in 6 days on the Kamchatka!!!@#$%%% WHEWWWW, what on Earth is going ON? As well that hufe 8.3 in the Sea of Othoskt?….FWIW Frnend, the Planetary magnetometers are WAY OFF, have been so for three days now, as well and also, the Proton Flux’s, Electon Flux’s…from that long-winded M-5.0 the other day, ALL of which IS ‘Anomolously Strong’…sure IS a LOT going ON!

            I’ve read throgh your missives thereon…Good Work Friend, stay with it…I’l keep you abreast of things on the ‘other end’ a they occur. Oh, BTW, I WAS ‘out’ for the last 24 hours, am NOW trying to get ‘resync’ed’ with all that is happening…


            • @ JustOneGuy. Whenever you start having century old records broken with earthquakes, you have something going on. It doesn’t mean the end of the world type scenarioes, just an increase in the cycles that are eons old that we have yet to experience. A 8.3 that deep in the planet is tremendous. That deep the rock is so plastic like, so molasses like, that it truly take a massive amount of tension from the diving down of the more solid plate from above. This happened in Bolivia/Peru region in 1994 with a 8.2, but the next largest one ever recorded was a 7.9. The USGS told me back in 1994 that it was simply one for the record books. Well, now here is another one more severe for the record books.

              The above post by Seen about how those lying scumbuckets out in california try to downplay the dangers, true dangers they live under. I have done way more than enough schooling on Geology to understand that a 270 mile rupture is no freaking way only a 7.7. Just like that lamia feinsteinless, God she is butt ugly, and so many others out there that try to suffocate everyone with ridicuolus laws and try to take away eveyone’s right, they bold face lie about the size of earthquakes past, present, and future. A 7.7 would be about 180-210 of rupture land on a horizontal plain. The San Andreas actually is not as horizontal as once thought, a propeller shape. This means some vertical movement also that would jack up the magnitude substantially, as more mass would be in motion.

              I so much thrive for accuracy, and when I see this crap from those liars out there, I thank God I am not in california or new york, or those other european states that do their best to take all freedoms away, especially the most basic, the right to defend ourselves. I don’t even want to go into how these horrible states try to take away the 1st. Amendment rights by this political correctness crap where those poor people have to be careful what they say under some of the most whacked out free speech state laws. In some areas if you use a racial tone you could be accused of inciting a riot. Hard to prove, but the “lawmakers” have these provisions on the books. They don’t even use the term anymore, islamist radical or extremist anymore. I say towel head homicide maniac frantic. Let them come after me for that one.

              Anyway, the above magnitudes given are probably accurate as possible. I don’t exaggerate or downplay it, just the facts on this. Those in earthquake zones will downplay the size potential because of MONEY. People are scared to death of the number 8 when it comes to earthquakes. They would have you believe that if the entire San Andreas broke 700 miles+ from Mexico to about Oregon that this would be only a 7.9 or low 8. It would reach towards 9, not 10, nine pointer. The 8.6/8.7 strike slip in Indonesia was only about 550 miles of rupture. Watch the earthquake maps, last night another precursor quake happened west of the Macquarie Islands, this one was indicating smaller major quakes coming, low to mid 7 range, but still showing that more earthquakes are coming.

              • Howdy BI,

                I did see the Macquarie Island ‘thing’ up when I was typing my previous post in…and KNEW that THAT was not a good ‘Omen’.

                If I may here…I have dwelt on the entire ‘Deep Earth’ tremor issue for some little bit. Allow me to share my thoughts, if you will…

                In classical mechanics ‘Shear’ or an accumulation of ‘Stress/Strain’ is a circumstance ONLY associated with ‘rigid body’ mechanics. By the definitions of such those CANNOT exist in a ‘fluid’. As such, since I am REASONABLY sure that the character of the mantle at 600 KILOMETERS deep is NOT ‘solid’ then again, “What is UP with that?” asked rhetorically here. There ARE other physical phenomena which could serve to explain ‘Deep Earth’ phenomena such as sudden large scale chemical reduction (think several cubic MILES of ‘something’ suddenly going from the ‘oxide’ state to the pure, elemental material, with a concommitant release/absorption of gases) as well as another possibility too. The second possibility I may already have mentioned, (in a previou posting) that being that the dynamics of the deep Earth MAY include (near to the surface of the Fe-Ni ‘core’) large high-speed ‘flows’ as a consequence of the rotation of the core itself…IF so, these admit the possibility of ‘Cavitation’ at points within the ‘bulk’ of the mantle.

                Bear in mind that NEARLY all of the ‘bulk’ of the Earth, or rather the Mantle proper, (some several hundred miles deep, at least) consists of mineral’s which are the oxide states of various metals, Yes? It IS possible that at SOME depth (unspecified) that the tandem of temperature/pressure might well set the stage for an ‘explosive’ event when same began to decay into the pure forms (OR vice-versa)…clearly this would apply to the first case noted above as well, but HERE I am refering to the the equilibrium gas/metal admixture that would certainly exist at an again, unspecified depth, due to pressure/temperature: TOO Hot to be a homogenous chemical substance, TOO high a presuure to summarily ‘resolve’ into the constituent elements …UNLESS a ‘cavitation wave’ pssed through the region of such.

                **For those who are not familiar with the word ‘cavitation’ think about what happens when a propeller, on a boat or ship, is suddenly DRIVEN at too high a rate; in the ‘lee’ of the prop, the ‘back-side’ of each blade, the PRESSURE’S suddenly drop hugely and the gases ‘dissolved within’, trapped within the water suddenly ‘explode’ back into a true gaseous state….

                Therefor, and I here quote MYSELF, “????????” 😉

                Anywho….what ever THIS is, I don’t think it’s a ‘good thing’…especially given that of ALL the ‘Ring of Fire’, ie, it’s extent, over time there has been so little activity in both the PAC-NOR and the region which extends from ‘Haida Gwaii’ to past the vicinity of the Malaspina Glacier (Yakutat, roundabouts…) I WOULD ask a quetion of you here Friend, that being;

                “WHAT is the character of the Primary faults which lay along the coast of BC, as well those which DEFINE the perimeter of the Juan de Fuca? I HAVE a relevant REASON for asking here…more on that later. Put simply (Yes, this is far from being anything which exists within the scope of my particular fields of study) are those “Upthrust’, “Strike-Slip” an so forth…or combinations thereof?”

                Clearly, ANY thoughts YOU might have with repect to the foregoing would be considered…and appreciated, as well.

                Well, that about ‘sums it up’ for the nonce, I think…I WILL miss our ‘little discussions’ Friend, more than I can say …(JOG…Sadness, at the prospect of the imminent loss of a treasured thing…)

                “Auf Wiedersehen Sie mein Freundin”!!!


              • Thanks for the report, BI! Perhaps Mother Nature ain’t too thrilled, getting overwhelmed with so much ecological DESTRUCTION on an overpopulated planet.

          • JOG & BI ?I have read about the Moon Saturday night will be the closest to earth since March of 2011.Do you know if there was an increase of Earthquakes and Solar activity on that date ?? Thanks for the info.


            • @ Thinker. Actually on June 23 it is 1400 km closer than on the 26th of this month. The moon’s perigee does slightly increase the frequency of BIG earthquakes, 7.5+ beyond just pure chance. When the moon is at or mear the apogee, away from the Earth, the chance of smaller than 7.5 earthquakes increases a lot. About 390,000-407,000 km away is that window. June 9, and July 7 of this year are the furthest points of the moon this year. Also when the moon is farthest from the ecliptic, the equator of the sky, earthquakes sharply increase. When the moon is 4-5.25 degrees north or south of that equator, earthquakes go up a lot. It seems that the shearing effect of gravity at a sharper angle helps faults ready to fail to be pushed over the edge.

              I found that the ONLY barring that out in space has on earthquakes are the moon and the Sun. The closest next body out there that would have any effect on the planet is Venus because of its density and the distance, and then Mars. Neither one of these have had any influence on earthquake or volcanic activity due to anything. Even when Mars was very close to the Earth and Venus was aligned perfectly with the Earth and Mars, NOTHING happened. In fact things were very calm. Even when far away, nothing indicates either planet has anything to do with earthquakes. Jupiter that much larger distance, and again nothing. Someone once said that when Uranus was at its sharpest angle facing the Earth, big earthquakes increased. I checked this out, and just once out of many times this proved to be correct. Only the moon and Sun, or some other planetary body close enough would have anything to do with triggering an earthquake.

              Many people talk about Nibiru, and JustOneGuy could verify this far more than me, just would not have much effect on the planet unless it was much closer, IF it is a brown dwarf. Jupiter could have been a smaller red type star if it had the mass and heat behind it billions of years ago. A brown dwarf with a strange orbit would have to be as close as the orbit of Mars to have much effect on the planet. Many binary stars have Earth style planets that function fine with them around the galaxy. Planet X as they call it would be brighter than Venus in the sky before it would cause any problems with the planet. Right Neptune would have more influence than Planet X on the Earth. You have something with the brightness of a -6 or 7 magnitude “star” out there, Venus is -4, The moon averages I believe about -10, and the panic would be off the scale. Watch the earthquake map and plate borders to see what is coming, and yes it is on the way.

            • Howdy Thinker!

              I SURE LIKE your moniker!! 🙂

              BI, of course will have to answer the relevant seismic componment of your question. The other is this: some few days ago we saw a reletively small M-5.0 flare emitted from near to trhe north-western limb. It was NOT a HUGE flare by any decription…but it DID go ON for a very LONG TIME, what we refer toa s a “LOng Duration Event” an “LDE” … a VERY long time, in this case. Several things about this particular flare were anomalous, including the near instantaneous observed rise in the Proton Flux’s as measured here…something we WEREN’T expecting given that tha Flare originated SO close the the Limb…such is seldom seen from that vicinity, though I HAVE said here before, that the case of ‘ejecta’ from such is NOT like a stick of dynamite going off, ie, spherically distributed blast-wave in all directions; there is an enoumous variability in HOW mass is ejected from the Solar surface during a flare.

              That said, there has been a very high measured proton flux passing arond the Earth for days now, a certain fraction of which becomes trapped within ‘Van Allen Belts’ which encircle the Earth. When that happens momentum is transfered to the Earth through the associated fields as well as the gross transsfers involved in the deflection into space of those who do NOT get traped therein, but which still are so deflected…

              In short, there IS a lot going on right now which would serve to explain what we have been seeing the last 48 hours…and Yes, the planetary magnetometers which we use to measure the actions of such on us here have been going ‘fruit’ throughout. As BI will shortly tell you, the Moon’s influence on the seismic character of the Earth IS strong at times…the only body within our Solar system who can so effect us….unless you’re an adherent of ‘Astrology’ of course! Hope that helps Friend!!


      56. Gotta visit the zoo and let the tigers out before buggin out

        • I agree…nobody thinks about all these poor animals in zoos that will starve to death without human care. I would hope that some people would do exactly that…let them out so they can fend for themselves, give them a chance at survival as compared to certain death if left caged and unfed. When the SHTF, I am more worried about the animals than I am about other humans.

          • set them free it will be the law of the jungle after the collapse the animals can join in & take their chances with the rest of mankind

          • Bet you won’t feel that way when a Bengal Tiger chomps on any of your family.

            Letting zoo animals loose is the stupidest thing to do come shtf.

            Will you go to the prisons and psych wards to let everyone free too?

          • James,

            speaking of animals, I have prepped more for my little dog than 99% have for their children.
            My dog is equiped with plenty of food, snacks, meds, diapers, if needed/piddle pads (in case outside is not safe for her.)
            I just cannot understand why people with children, elderly family and those with health issues will not listen.
            Thank God we are not in a bad situation, although our age prohibits us from bugging out.

          • I am sorry, but I will have enough on my plate with the release of the prisoners in a true SHTF. I don’t want to have to worry about a damn tiger eating my face off.

          • Are you nuts? If it gets that bad, people will EAT them!

            • I know I would
              I belong to PETA
              People Eating Tasty Animals

              I like mine right next to a big scoop of potatos

              or pasta

              • Oh VRF!!

                Hhahahaaa…”PETA”!! I WILL be sending YOU the bill for the new keyboard I now need after blowing an entire mouthfull of ‘Mountain Dew’ all over the one I used to USE!

                Good One…Reeeaalll good!! 😉

                @ Anita here,

                Hmmm, could BE ‘advantageous’ under the circumstance, No? 😉 As far as this is all concerned, I’m sorry but Humankind haa made it’s sorry-assed choices…I too ‘feel’ for the animals, who didn’t GET to make a choice.
                Yeah, I DO HOPE someone turns ’em loose afterwards, the idea of dying in a LOCKED cage is rather revolting, isn’t it? Not that I’m sayin’ that about THOSE in the PRISONS…THEY can STAY where they ARE…Sorry, No sympathy there at ALL, I’m afraid….


            • Or, if they are all released like Sick and James want – they will eat the people!

          • James- if you let those animals out, they will definitely end up on somebody’s grill. Maybe mine! If VRF doesn’t beat me to them.
            I just discovered a whole area of preppin’ I’d overlooked…”Special Recipes.” Anybody know if Bengal tiger is good with KC Masterpeice? Got any recommendations for Yak stew? Baked wildebeast?

            • No Thanks Smokin’…I’ll PASS on ‘Kitty-Q’…


            • I hear smoked mountain lion and otter are good

            • I dunno…but I’d love to have a tiger rug.

              • Go for the buffalo coat.

            • Roast Bengal Tiger was a delicacy among the Indian Rajahs. Indian farmers were a delicacy to the Bengal Tiger, sort of that circle of life thing.

          • We have to do what we have to do, right? Some may be worth eating for your own survival, some may do the eating…but in the long run, Darwinism wins out for those who are the strongest. Our ancestors had the same challenges and they made it through.

      57. If we look at what is most likely to happen or what has the highest percentage of happening I would say “Economic Collapse followed with a Revolution”.

        The Collapse will spew civil unrest, which will restrict more of our B.O.R thus triggering a we’ve had enough attitude.

        my .02

        • I really don’t see WHY the impending economic collapse can’t usher in a new era of ‘community’, where bartering & buying LOCAL are commonplace. Then again, TPTB did dumb down a majority of the population with soap operas & idiotic reality TV crap for a loooong time, so I don’t have much hope.
          Ignorance is bliss!

          • Because we have 7 Billion people on the Earth. Roughly 1/4 to1/3 cannot feed themselves. It’s not just poor countries. Most of Europe cannot feed itself. If the the system of the entire earth is required to move stuff around so that it all works, what happens when that stops? Even in the US average food product moves 1600 miles. System breaks, it does not move. Cumbuyya of the planet, trading by barter and family BS stopped working when the planet had 1 Billion. Kill off 6B and you can go back, but only if no one else is born. Not going to be.

      58. I used to live in a fairly small town. Whenever the power would go out during the night, I would turn on my scanner to see what was going on. The police would report that people from “certain neighborhoods,” in a matter of minutes after the lights went out, were heading downtown on foot to see what they could break into while all the burglar alarms were blaring.

        • That is what is happening just now in sweden,it is out of control.Police just stand passive,look at Youtube.
          But when the real crisis come “the rioters” will be dealt with in the old Wiking style.;-)

        • I’m stealing the TV set in the name of Rodney King.

          • The difference between a good neighborhood and a bad neighborhood is the necessity of police. In a good neighborhood the occupants are inherently law abiding and require no police to keep indigenous crime down. People don’t steal simply because they choose not to. In a bad neighborhood the occupants behave the law because they fear getting caught.

      59. And to think that this is where the tax dollars and petro-accounts have led us.

        Our early pioneers gave their lives daily to build this country just so we could be free and have liberty to worship, work, and bear arms from tyranny. Then came money, and then the Federal Reserve. Then no gold, but petro-bucks.

        The NWO is here. It will take folks that love this country, such as the early pioneers, to fight this in numbers (No Man is an Island). If we all bug-out, then we will be dead anyway. Sooner or later, your bug-out locale will be identified.

        If this is the end days? then guess just yell Maranatha!!!!

        • Actully that is what destroyed the mayans. The Myan elete parasites didnt produce. The producers all bugged out and left the parasites to fend forthemselves. Its those who know you who will rat you out or stab you in the back. Now the police are parasites they produce nothing. the police dont prevent crime they show up and make a report afterward. The worst thing that could happen to them is that crime declines. It behooves th police & courts ect, to have a many criminals as possible. More criminals = more money for their parasitic existance. Their lively hood depend,s on the productive being Robbed By taxes and fines on the productive. I wouldnt trust Law enforceement no farther than I could throw them. Our society is doomed to fail because we have too many relatively high paid & benifited parsite takers and too few relatively low paid producing makers. The few producers can no longer be taxed ,fined & robbed support the great number ofparasites. So now the US goverment borrowes 40 cents of evert dollar spent. And it keeps getting worse every day there are more parasitic takers and less producing makers.

          • Howdy SC,

            ACTUALLY, we DO kmow what killed the Mayans off…and it could happen agai, in fact it WILL.

            Rather than ABSE you here as I’m so often accused of 😉 I’ll try to keep this short-er…

            Some few years ago a Civil Enfinner was taking a tour of the Mayan ruins. As a CE, he ‘sees’ tjhings as an Engineer, Yes? There he noted that the entirety of Mayan architecture included – from thr ground up – VAST diverion structures for water…not just into the jungle, but instead to ‘catchments’ and he naturally wondered, “What are People who live in a tropical RAIN-FOREST STORING all this water for?…

            …That fuy had a ‘buddy’ was a paleo-climatologist and in the course of small talk THAT simple fact got mentioned…then the ‘Buddy’ got to thinking about it too….

            Upshot: the climatologist did an EXHAUSTIVE search of the reords of the Spanish Empire, as far back as he could, and also compared the Northern Hemisphere ‘lake core-samples’ going back a couple of thouand years…turns out there WAS an ‘oddity’ therein. Specifically, about EVERY 900 years a gross change in the occurance odf the Hurricanes that are generated off the east coast of Africa, or rather the chronic low pressure zone which exists there MOVES to another location…to near to the Yucatan….where SUDDENLY, ALL rain CEASES, for some few years…as in nearly ‘Sahara Desert’ grade, dehydration…it appears that the ALST time that occured it was ‘unusually’ BAD…ergo, they used up thier aquafers and stored water…end of story.

            Oh, for what it’s worth, the Maya were HIGHLY civilized, a very efficient culture…bt got ythr weather change that hit them…which APPARANTLY they WERE aware of long-term, hye would likely be around today, but for the Conquistadores, of course…


            • My apologie for the many typos in the preceding ‘Yall Beware put out a psot earlier that caused me to SPRAY ‘Mountain Dew all over my keyboard…it NO WORK SO GOOD NOW!! 😉

              Oh…an addenda here, EACH time that that ‘low pressure zone’ MOVED to ‘stand’ off of the Yucatan, it happened that the COLDEST recorded winters seen anywhere in the record sets of the Northern Hemisphere occured… repeatedly…


              • Canabals=Highly Civilized? No. Pagan=YES! Hethen=Yes! Civilised=No. It is more likly that the same fallen ones(evil angels of old testement era) who caused so many problems with dna mixes of animals plus humans plus plant life, also paid a visit to the mayans and taught them how to Build stuff. Mayan pyrimids are a joke when compared to egypt’s.

                • TG..You’re village has lost it’s idiot…get on home Son.

                  Might try studying HISTORY first…it’s a common error made by the stupid, S’OK?


        • You forgot and then came the Muslims, welcomed with open arms to the White House and beyond.

      60. This is no more right or wrong on this planet. A Brit gets hacked to death, and nobody cares.

        Is there an East or West? I asked awhile back, ‘if I am running East, am I not actually running West?’

        If I take off running East will I not soon reach 0′ 0” West?

        Is not all this evil for the good of mankind? Does evil justify the good of man for the end result, such as utopia? Such as the ‘Brave New World’.

        I planted one year old hybrids; they don’t germinate like they use to. Maybe this is good for me? This keeps me buying seeds–good for economy.

        I am going to sleep. I will count sheep. Maybe tomorrow sun’s will rise and those rays will bring hope to the world. Maybe?

        • A young girl brutally stabs her boyfiend to death, slashes his throat, etc., the jury can’t decide if she should have the death penalty or not.

          (How about letting her start cake classes then?)

          A British soldier gets hacked to death and their leader comes on TV and says we will not buckle to this kind of thing. Next day the British press releases news that soldiers should not wear their uniform off base.

          (You can’t even wear your soldier’s uniform in your OWN COUNTRY???)

        • Ugly,
          Profound.. absolutely head spinning.
          (Better not let Monsanto get a whiff.. their agents will be looking you up…)

          • Piper….

            Not my fault. All I do is buy the hybrids so I can plant a garden. The seeds do not store anymore. If you buy seed that is dated 2012, then you need to plant that year. If you stored in closet for two years, I’ll bet the germination % is less than 25%.

            The hybrids of the past were good. My grandmother in the early 1990s, before she died, gave me her box of seeds. Some of those seeds were 20 years old. I planted them (now wished I had saved them)and they grew great. Great gardens. The hybrids of past grew well even if not planted 5 years later.

            Now. If you buy, then plant.

            • Ugly,
              Can you not get heirloom seeds ?
              I wonder if Ms. Daisy would do something on that, as far as if there are any real heirloom seeds left that Monsatan hasn’t corrupted or bought out?

      61. There’s a scenario that has been on my mind for some time now, so I’ll just put it out there and see what you all think. First, the XL pipeline will be approved and construction rushed. within the next year or 2, by presidential order, the military draft will be re-enacted. Syria will be taken by the US, opening the way for war with Iran. This will be the powder keg for the next world war. Russia, China, North Korea will all join forces to take on the US. Because of the deals with us (Canada) the US will have access to many natural resources they require, including energy, to become more self sufficient during this war. I mean, what better way to kill off the massive debt with China…declare war on them, and start bombing. Debt crisis fixed. Take over the middle east, and you have your oil problems fixed. Take over Russia, and you have huge reserves or natural gas. Take down China, no more debt, and access to their reserves of rare earth elements. With the mandatory draft, millions of americans will be sent off to war and die, and that will be their method of population control. The FEMA camps will be for people who oppose or refuse the draft. Drones will be used to track down deserters on american soil, justifying the hundreds of drones in the air.

        Does any of this sound plausible to you? It makes sense to me, which in turn scares the hell out of me! And because it’s so much more difficult to get weapons and ammo up here (expensive, need to take a course or 2) I don’t have that option available. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this…

        • @James,

          I like your thought process but it has to many variables. Seldom do thing follow what any of us would believe to be of a natural order. Not to say what you have described is implausible just that there are so many variables one cannot make such a wide assumption of events.


          • Good point, but one cannot foresee all the small details of their plans. At least an overall general idea, maybe milestones to watch for, is always good. Keeps us on our toes.

        • This is all because the ‘toilet paper’ dollar is about to tank & become worthless. The BRICS aren’t trading in dollars any more among themselves which is only going to lessen demand of the dollar. So, who will pull the trigger first?
          Morale of the story?? Eliminate the banksters — by any means necessary!!!

        • If we are toe to toe with the 3 powers of Russia, China and N Korea we are screwed, you would have to add all predominantly Muslim countries to that, ie Iran, Egypt, and quite a few others, some too close for any comfort, just the numbers of manpower in China’s military alone dwarf ours and all our possible allies combined, dont kid yourself thinking we are all powerful USA
          We are streatched thin and are broke to boot, plus we have a youth in America largely, not entirely, but largely bought into the liberal progressive turn the other cheek and give them your wallet mentality who can barely think for themselves.

          • Howdy Kula-Bro!

            I’m not overly worried about ‘lil Kimmy-Pooh’ per se…I AM worried about the notion of us getting ‘into it’ – for any reason – with Russia…or worse China,
            worse yet, BOTH…

            The reason is a simple observation from WWII. When hostilitiis commenced we had a pathetically small army of standing soldiers, yet in a mere 13 months we had ramped production to previously unheard of levels AND had enlisted 4 million people into the services…in so short a time, Yes? China is NOT a natural reource ‘giant’ but they HAVE squirreled away a vast amount of raw materials in their World-trading which has been ongoing in the last several years..according to the ‘Hedge, there are, literally, “Mountain’s of Iron ore, Copper and the like just sitting there on docks or in warehouses. China’s problem would be the OIL it would need to prosecute a conflict against us. However, China could EASILY mount up a 100 million man Army in so short a time it would be ‘incomprehenible’ to us…such as we did to the German’s previously. Rememeber what Patton said, when he said that he KNEW that ‘war was over’? …When he saw ‘Horsecarts carrying drums of gasoline and diesel for the German’s….because it was TOO VALUABLE to use to TRANSPORT itself in vehicles”…Too, even IF they reinstituted the draft here – OVERNIGHT – all they’d have to work with would ebe a bunch of “McDonalds LUVIN”, FAT, LAZY, self-centered little SHITS…who would roughly be as useful as ‘tit’s on a boar-hog’ for anything other than ‘Canon-Fodder’…Yep, THAT doesn’t ‘seem’ promising…does it?

            On the other hand, RUSSIA, is a ‘Titan’ in the natural resource department. I beleive it was BI the other day who specified that Russia is larger than the entirety of North America by a LARGE factor…and with Total LAND MASS goes TOTAL RESOURCES, Eh? In truth, the Russians have absolutely NO NEED for much of anything beyond thier own borders…they have Oil, Natural Gas, Metals, Diamonds, huge Forest…WHAT DON’T They have? Russia IS primarily concerned with not being FURTHER ‘marginalized’ in the Global senss…they have a VERY keen senese of ‘Pride’…that is part of what makes – as another posted here some bit ago – ‘Revenge…a National Sport in Russia”. Frankly, an R/C tandem of those two, against US would be ‘Game Over’, simply put…Manpower AND Resources!…Our ‘Final Nightmare’.

            …but on the other hand…IF the PTB continue to REDUCE ALL of America to abject poverty in the next six months…then ‘Who IS worse?…our current “Masters of the Universe’ Crowd or someone else?…I AM NOT sure anymore…I’m sorry to say, since I AM reasonably SURE that anyone ‘taking over’ would go out of thier way to HANG EVERY last one of the rat-bastards here who have turned this Nation into a cess-pool…that would be WORTH seeing!!…though I doubt we’d get to enjoy it for long afterwards…a pity. 🙁

            What DO you ALL think? 😉

            JOG *Mildly MILITANT TODAY*

        • You forgot the part about the US being transformed into a giant work camp where you will be slaving away in weapons @ munitions factories , mines , medical facilities for the duration of the war, to save the homeland and your own good of course.

        • James- yes, sadly, it all sounds plausible. Nothing today seems to be outside the realm of possibility. But, like BibB said, it’s not likely anyone could accurately predict the sequence of coming events. Just too many variables.

          • When considering Russia. You Must stop thinking of it as it was when a soviet ran nation for about 75 yrs. The Last Two decades has seen remarkable Changes in russia. Yes like all large nations russia has internal troubles. But it Is primarily a White nation full of same language same minded folks who think as Nationalistic and Pro home front etc(like usa used to be). And after 3/4 of a century of all forms christianity forbiden by the bolsheviks(also known as zionists) one Major thing going on all over russia is rebuilding the countrys Churches.(so far Putin got 200+ rebuilt per yr, still many to go as 24,000 were destroyed by kommie jewsih athestic bolsheviks).

            Unlike america with many self apointed small popes of every type non catholic denomination, russia is basically One form and it is Orthodox Christianity. They are who or what split apart from Roman Catholic unity aprox 1200 yrs ago. “The Great Schizim”. They have a group of Bishops like a council of elders who decide issues. They Reject a Pope like rome has. And the russian orthodox church has quite alot of pull when it comes to issues russian of all types.

            There is alot more, non religious stuff, occuring in the major rebuild efforts since the oligarchs and bolshei-jews got booted from russia 20 yrs ago. All we knew of russia was based on Soviet Kommie rulers. Thats Gone.

            Today russia seems alot closer to what the usa WAS untill 60 yrs ago thanks to liberal kommies(progressives).

            And who controls all major things today in usa? The same bolshies and zios as did in russia prior!

            Picture 90++ % Christian and White who LOVE their country as well as LOVE each other as in love thy neighbor etc.

            If old enough You can recall an america that way. Today as in days long gone when russia was that way prior to the kommie revolt and takeover, russia has made a massive comback. Notice how russia had to do the exact same booting Out of that certain always trouble makers and nation wreckers group/tribe, which 109 other nations has done. That seems to be the Main Recipe. #1 Boot Out kommie bolshie zios, Then, #2= Fix yer nation!

            Most patriots in usa are doing it all Backwards! Those usa patriots seem to “get it” in most every issue or problem as to What or Who is our main problems, or the cause of. Except when it comes to one small part of the pop of america, aka patriots refuse to awaken to the “Nation Wreckers” and who they are and How they operate. Some of Us are trying to awaken them asap. I just Hope we can Pass the Audition.

        • Not one bit of anything going on has a damn thing to do with country. It has everything to do with a global mega elite desiring complete control of everything. The US verses anybody post WWII had everything to do with the agenda of those forces. We’re in debt not because of China but rather because these globalist forces desire it to be so.

          To answer your question, “Does any of this sound plausible to you?” The answer is no.

        • Hopefully the drones and satellites will be knocked out by an EMP. We recently were notified in a newspaper article that the area just over us has been selected to do drone testing. Aren’t we lucky…

        • Of course, I didn’t mention the US allies, like Canada, Britain, etc who would join the US in said war. It’s just a scenario I’ve had mulling about upstairs. BTW, all of you here are great! So much useful info, so much passion in what you do. It’s so nice to see that in people these days. Keep doing what you all do, and I know you will be fine.

          • James, not sure if avail to you in Canada to read it?(due to stringint hate crime/speech laws there etc) But if posible to do so…Read both the Communist manifesto, agenda for america…And I Know you likly heard or were taught to believe it is all a fake or “forgery”(forgery=a copy of what exists, right) But if you have heard such, IGNORE it for a moment or two and READ the Protocals of the Elders of Zion. Because just like the commie agenda for usa is accurate as can be as to what Has occured the last 100 yrs(and has in canada also!) the Protocals are, if not More so, an almost Exact Blueprint of what Has occured so far the prior 100 yrs in usa, and worse yet, what little remains of “Their” Plans seem Very likly to soon happen….Unless…Enough good folks awaken and Fast. Yet even if enough awaken, it wont do much good unless they also ACT upon it!

            Just forget what you heard if you did about protocals are a forgery etc…What Really does Matter most is…Are the protocals accurate or not? If truly seeking the Truths? Then You need Read and make self determination to that answer. A great Hint that it is the naysayers and claims of forgery are whos Not to trust. Because NONE have ever debated or produced any Proof of such forgery claims!

            In other words they use words like fake or forgery in like manner to words such as Racist or antisemitic. Words designed and Pre-planned to Stiffle All debate or belief of it entrirely. Trust Yourself and read then decide!

            Because you wont find a better or more widely avail. set of documents which show the past and near future end game scenario’s as swell as those Two does.(I mean in a non-biblical source of future predictions or Plans by TPTB).

            IGNORE Naysayers! ALL Truth comes in Three stages. #1 it is Always vilified and hated, especially in msm. #2, if #1 fails to stiffle it, the vilifiers resort to Physical Violence to Halt it. When that too fails to halt truths, then #3 kicks in. It is widely recognized as Self Evident by most All!

            Today Now we are aproaching #2 the violence against all truths part. Ignore em all and Read those Two things for good answers to Your questions James.

      62. in reality, there are so many different scenarios and variations thereof that to try to pinpoint even the cluster of a few as being “the cause(s)” is a little far fetched… allow me to delve into another issue as a possible catalyst for tshtf:

        the return of Christ to receive His Own into Glory, otherwise known as “the Rapture”… i’m not suggesting “pie in the sky” deliverance from difficult times but rather a situation which would initiate worldwide catastrophe and disarray… all this would spark a worldwide cry for central, authoritative leadership – which, in my view, they will get…

        you may have other beliefs or none at all… my comment wasn’t intended as a religious or doctrinal statement, merely a possiblity which i personally find quite plausible…

        my position is and will remain – until convinced otherwise through Scriptures – pray for the best while prepping for the worst… no one is guaranteed an easy time nor easy way out…

        • Prepping Preacher, the exact Opposite of what you said about Rapture is posible also. IE: So Many usa christians has bought into 100% belief in a Pre-Trib event, that if it does Not happen “Pre” and instead happens like the bible says at the Return of Christ instead. That may cause a massive falling away aka “Apostasy” by masses of christians who may lose all trust formerly held for those pastors that teach pre-trib as a Fact etc.

          So many tens of Millions of folks who never prepared a single thing due to vast belief in raptured Out prior to anything evil occuring. They shall do What if those pastors were wrong? Mass Total Chaos is what. And massive Loss of faith in many. Then they will question all other things told to believe by same pastors. Good or bad. They will lose faith in it all. Likly hang a few such mammon worshiper type pastors too eh!(NOT speaking Of you! More so the TBN TV crowd I mean).

      63. I have been eagerly lurking this site for MONTHS now since I find the info valuable & eye opening!! I retweet a LOT of these articles!

        Anyhow, here’s a big SHOUT OUT to Braveheart, God’s Creation, Be Informed, KY Mom, Walt Kowalski, Trekker, Don’t Tread, Satori, Mamma Bear and so many other SHTF regulars whom I can’t remember off hand. 🙂
        THANK YOU (and especially Mac!) for the great prepper tips & showing me that not everyone in the USA is asleep at the wheel — drunk on mass media lies & disinformation.

        Stay strong, folks, because shit WILL hit the fan!!

        ~Escape Artist

      64. It is real simple. If tou live in a large urban area, the time to “bug out” is NOW. Pack up your family and permanently move somewhere far away from a major metropolitan area.

      65. On the other side…
        A few minutes before the church services started,
        The congregation were sitting in their pews and talking.
        Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church.
        Everyone started screaming and running for the rear
        Entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get
        Away from evil incarnate.

        Soon the church was empty except for one elderly
        Gentleman who sat calmly in his pew without moving,
        Seemingly oblivious to the fact that God’s ultimate
        Enemy was in his presence.

        So Satan walked up to the man and said,
        ‘Do you know who I am?’
        The man replied, ‘Yep, sure do.’
        ‘Aren’t you afraid of me?’ Satan asked.
        ‘Nope, sure ain’t.’ said the man.
        ‘Don’t you realize I can kill you with one word?’
        Asked Satan.
        ‘Don’t doubt it for a minute,’
        Returned the old man, in an even tone.

        ‘Did you know that I can cause you profound,
        Horrifying AGONY for all eternity?’ persisted Satan.
        ‘Yep,’ was the calm reply.
        ‘And you are still not afraid?’ asked Satan.
        ‘ Nope,’ said the old man
        More than a little perturbed, Satan asked,
        ‘Why aren’t you afraid of me?’
        The man calmly replied,
        ‘Been married to your sister for 48 years.’

        Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’

        • Good one! I’ll be using that.


          • Howdy B!

            Yep..same here, BEST I’ve heard in WHILE. 🙂 Kudos Y’all.
            Mmmm..are you a second cousin to a third Aunt on the FAR side of Smokin’s line…jut askin’ here? 🙂

            “Two PEAS in a POD, methinks!” 🙂


            • Howdy, JOG. There is a distant relationship, but I promised Y’all Beware I’d not mention it. Ever since the Flaming Potato Salad Incident at the family reunion of ’88, he’s disavowed any connection to the family. Don’t know why he’s still upset about it. The civil suits were all settled out of court. And the statute of limitations ran out on the last of the felony charges long ago…

              • Hhahahaaa…as usual Smokin’…’Good One’! 😉


      66. The balloon will go up at the most inconvenient time. You must have “stuff” with you at all times. Will you be at work, downtown? Will your kids or grandkids be at school? Make sure you have “what it takes”, to get where you need to be, when it all goes south. Study what happened in OKC during this last tornado. Traffic and debris where a major problem. Police closed off areas and stopped traffic on the Interstate. 4WD and motorcycles come in handy during traffic and weather problems. Bicycles. Keep one with you.

      67. Fact or Fiction? It’s a very interesting read. Found on whatreallyhappened(.)com

        21 year old Virginia man is recruited over the internet by the ‘Defense Intelligence Agency’ to rob banks in order to test police response times


        • Sounds like another patsie in the making. Anyone who naively falls for that Federal bait is a f*kin retard & deserves to be fully consumed by the Police State.

      68. All of this anti Black and anti Muslim bias can only benefit one group of people, and they damn sure aren’t Blacks or Muslims. The hilarious thing is that the average working/ poor White people who serve the globalist multi-nationalists (starts with the letter ‘Z’) are not going to be much better off than the Blacks and Muslims whom they’ve been trained by their Media and Banking masters to despise. So go ahead and die fighting for the thirteen families who run this world if you choose to, just don’t fool yourself that by allowing yourselves to be used as tools that they will treat you any better than the Blacks or Muslims.

        Cui Bono, people. Cui Bono.

      69. I am curious, what makes the author think because he owns some remote property, that he will be allowed to even get close to it in a true shtf scenario? Those of us who LIVE in the rural areas, will not be allowing ANYBODY who doesn’t LIVE here, entrance… period….

        • As a rural resident who has neighbors who do not live on their property I have got to agree with that. Unless you know your neighbors you are up shit creek.

      70. “[Violence] will spread like a ruptured gasoline storage tank afire…”

        Huh? I guess I repeat that throughout the day? How about “water spray effective wide much shoot? Nahh, that don’t sound good either.

        How about? Zombie clearance mucho tacos burrito drip? No, that don’t sound right either.

        Guess I’ll stick to, “…will spread like a ruptured gasoline storage tank afire.”

        • I don’T care who ya are- THAT’S FUNNY!

        • Howdy Bim,

          That last line…’Wisdom indeed’… 😉

          T’wa a nice attempt though! 🙂


      71. not to add salt to the wound, but has anyone stopped to think what all of the drug addicts are going to do? as it is, they willingly break the law to get money for their next fix. In a SHTF scenario, they will become quite dangerous and i suspect the first ones leading the looting. With an extra level of urgency driving them, they will not go down with a single bullet.

        • Thats why you need at least 10 30 round mags and a good AR a good tactical shotgun with an 8 round tube and a decent handgun, .40 cal or higher,
          Lots of ammo for all and a good understanding and proficiency in their use.
          When they come to your house you need to be able to repel them,
          Guns and fire work quite well,

        • And to add more salt to the wound, how will the dealers, the distributors, get their drugs for the drug addicts>??

        • In response to Kirby’s question re what will the drug addicts do? It is my understanding that addicts on the hard stuff probably will die if they are not helped with the withdrawal process. I am sure the medical profession will have their hands full taking care of other problems.

      72. Broke Detroit’s Pension Fund “Trustees” Use Public Funds To Fund Hawaii Trip

        “Amid the deepening financial crisis the crumbling region faces, four trustees of its public pension funds spent $22,000 of retirement funds to attend a conference at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.”

        Zerohedge dot com

      73. @ JustOneGuy. The faults north of the Cacadia are horizontal to the most part, just like several areas around the world with mega thrusts nearby, Caribbean plate and to the west a strike slip is what caused the Haiti tragedy. When the Queen Charlotte earthquake occurred at 7.8 or 7.9, depending on the seismic source this unlocked an area for the Juan de Fuca plate to move into. It did not, since there was no mega quake. This tells me that the fault is jammed up so badly that there is at least 9.0 energy behind this. It should have broken. Something from the south might have to push it, or the rock finally reaches a critical level and goes. I feel the southern push will do it, likely from the northern San Andreas.

        I found your desciption of the gaseous states very deep in the planet very interesting and the way this type of recoil effect that occurs, like the discharge almost of a firearm. There is something I found that maybe you or someone else could figure out. I was taught in school that there are no earthquakes below 700 km, and up until 1985 there was not one recorded one at this depth. Then either through better seismic equipment, this I don’t believe, or for some unseen reason you started to get deeper earthquakes.

        I did a search of every earthquake 700 km or deeper and since 1985 there has been 16. Most of these are 4 pointers, with the highest being a 5.5. The deepest one was 735.8 km that was a 4.2 under the Santa Cruz Islands in 2004. The largest really deep quake was 7.7 at an incredible depth of 675.4 km under Fiji on August 19, 2002. This is getting into the inner mantle that is iron, magnesium oxides rather than the silicate minerals higher up. WHY did you have earthquakes at depths of 692 km like the 4.6 on January 17, 1975, but not until 1985 did the 700 km level finally been broken? P waves travel to the core and S waves travel down to 3000 km, so there should be a record of 700 km+ quake, but there is not until that 1985 date.

        Makes me wonder if what you were saying about the planet’s inner temperature changing is that sign this might be happening. Why would there suddenly be deeper quakes by almost 40 km where there had not been recorded before? This could just be a regular cycle that the planet goes through. In any case this points to a planet that might be on the verge of cooling down and becoming more rigid and less elastic and more stiff. This could be the reason for an increase of large earthquakes. Or some chemical reaction down there is causing this. This is a reason for deeper earthquakes, as 40 km deeper is a lot.

        Every deep earthquake over 680 km has occurred from Vanautu to Tonga area along the Fiji plate zone where they say a massive bubble of magma is building each year that would put Yellowstone to shame. Something to give you a bit of thought as this change has continued to 2008, in 2007 there was a 721 km deep focus quake of 4.2. The deepest quake ever recorded prior to 1985 was 695 in 1978. I would say that the mantle is cooling down and that is the reason. If the planet was heating up, you would think that the higher temperature would make more mantle stable and fluid and this the really deep earthquakes would become shallower each year. What do you think about this change in depth?

        • Howdy BI,

          Your premise is good I think…that aid allow me to dwell upon it for a bit, if you would. In the meanwhile allow me to relate a story I know of.

          Just lately we have been apprised that the global supply of phosphates (a neeccesary part of what is used to sustain our commercial farming efforts globally, ie ‘fertilizers) is dangerously low…for very long no ‘new’ extractable deposits have been located. As it happens there is an island in the Pacific from which large quantities have been mined for a couple of generations, Yes? Though I CANNOT here specidy the name od such sill I ditinctly remeber reading of this somne several years ago. AS IT HAPPENS, this island IS volcanic in nature, ie, these deposits of high-grade phosphatew were laid down long ago during volcanic activity…

          At SOME DEPTH in the Earth, it is s CERTAINTY that the temperatures are suffuciently high such that while the matter there is hardly a ‘plsma’ yet it is ALSO the case that the average molecular velocity (whci IS the temprature!) is so HIGH that there is not actually anything that can can be construed as chemical bonds. IF SO, then there is a less deep region for which THAT is not true…hence at some point between those two differing gepths there IS a region in which theat chnage empirically ‘occurs’. An Atom Bomb is a potent thing, to be would it not be equally powerful were a multi-cubic MILE volume of material SUDDENLY undergo a ‘chemical ‘phase change’?

          I do know that the bulk o the diamond mining in South Africa i done insode of exisitng ‘kimberlite’ pipes… which ARE the ‘throats’ of old volcano’s…interesting, No?

          As to the interior eother ‘grosly heating or sooling I fully support the observation that our record sets are simply ‘too thin’ o a slice of time…that is GOOD reords, based on GOOD, dependable, ACCURATE sensing mechanisms…Damn, but we just DON’T have ENOUGH DATA from which to draw conslusions. Do you remember jut a few years ago when everyobne GOT ALL WORRIED, just after the installation of REALLY accurate GPS based monitors at Yellowstone…and at that time the Norris basin was showing several onches of ‘rise’…scared the ‘sh_t’ out o a BUNCH of People – myself included – until we began to gain an appreciation for the cyclic character of that activity…that Yellowstone apparently ‘Breathes’ in and out over time? Much the same here I think…

          Let me consider what you have posited and I WILL repsond later this eve…much to ponder here!

          JOG *THINKING, HARD!!* 🙂

          • PS: As far as my poor typing today..LAY THAT at “Y’alls” DOORSTEP…I’m STILL cleaning “Mountain Dew” of the durn thing after that last hysterical posting made above this!!! 😉 HALF my ‘keys’ on that are ‘sticky’ AND not RESPONDING!! 🙂

            Thanks Y’all…T’WAS very good!


          • The island is Niaru, but I always thought the product was guano, or bird shit.

            I used to work at a geothermal power station in NZ and every couple of years we used to shut the borefield down for maintenance. That used to generate some interesting earthquakes, and play havoc with the surveyors trig point calculations.

            lake Taupo, just south of there is the crater of a volcano, and the bottom apparently moves up and down on a regular basis. I have no proof, but it is a common story back in !NZ. N.

            • 80% of the total area of Nauru has been strip-mined for phosphate.

            • Howdy double-E,

              The onme I was refering to ,ight actually fe one different from the one you mention. The fiest exposure I had to that was through – of all things, NatGeo, wherein htey hd a layout of the place, as a pictorial, of course. In that they showed many pictres of various ‘Open-Air’ locations which had – essentially – been strip-mined, much like the practice o the American Coal Company’s an dwhich they – through pictures – showed the after-effects thereof. Specifically, some several points across the Island whwere there yet reained 40+ foot tall ‘pylons’ of remanent material (somewhat similar to what you see when a new subdivision is been prepared, where they are suugnificantly changing the ‘grade’ thereof by removing large amounts of soil via ‘scrapper’s) therefor, I am relativiely ure that it was not ‘guano’ ince almost without varince THAT is mined in cavernous environs (BAT guano..MAmmoth Cave was at one point mined for THOSANDS of tons of that during the ‘LESS-than-Civil War’ (Hmmm, nae may be wrong there…I’m thinking of the large complex in either Kentucky or Tennessee, Oh well…). Also, in an ‘Open Air’ environ ‘Fuano’ wold NEVER build-up…rain, Eh?

              The phosphate issue came up, most recently, over at Buiness Insider, in an article thereat, a few weeks ago. Finally, fano is only a source of Nitrates, not phopahres, I beleive. Nonetheless intereting to know how they access that in the modern age though, since ALL o it is germaine to the ‘Highly artificial’ methods we are COMPELLED to use today, without which the sustanancew of Humankind would be impossible given current World Demand for ‘edibles’; the attendant density at which agriculature MUST operate….’disturb’ that – anyhow – and well….not good. I note that BI (below) has also ‘zeroed-in’ on something similar in name to what you list herein, Thanks again (If I haven’t already!!)

              You know, this sharing that is done here i the ‘Soul’ of the cooperation that becomes ‘Commnity’ tis ALWAYS a good thing therefor!!!


            • Speaking of bat guano…I read that the European freedom fighters during the war raised pigeons in their attics. They used the dried poop in making ammunition. Read that bat guano is the hottest but pigeon is usable.

          • Just for your information, the largest phosphate mine in the world, in Aurora, NC, has proven reserves enough to last for 75 years.

            I applied for a job there once. The whole area smells like rotten eggs, and the water in the ditches along the roads are yellow with sulfur. Zoom in on that area with Google Earth and you will see how bad the whole area looks.

            • Thanks ‘A’,

              That may well have been a ‘previous estimation’, dunno here, thanks!, inasmuch as in just the last few years the AMOUNT of ‘agriculture’ required has went way up…bear in mind that our ‘Oriental Friends’ ‘taste’ are changing…they are NOT eating a ‘bowl of rice per day as thier SOLE nutritional intake…ANYMORE. Same applies to INDIA as well…ergo the NEED for !MOAR! is goin’ way, way up, Eh? OF COURSE, our own ‘Corporate types’ are all but dribbling *unmentionables* down their legs at the prospect of BILLIONS of !MOAR! mouths to have captive to the Corp…Yes?

              The article I saw most recently…ummm, two plus weeks ago was at Buisness Insider (FWIW, they DO screw things up occaisionally!) wherein they detailed the soon at hand crunch for same…in the here and now, actually. That said, this is NOT the first time OR venue I have heard this in…T’anks again for the info Friend!! 🙂


              • Also, that 75 year estimate is if they keep current production. They may increase production if it’s possible. Other phosphate operations are probably a lot closer to the end.

      74. Bosnia

      75. FYI:

        I am trained as a Emergency Medicine Physician, having worked in the civilian and DOD critical care and trauma sectors all of my life. I’m now “semi-retired,” as I no longer do heavy trauma surgery, etc., and confine my practice to relatively light work injuries such as spinal fractures, muscle damage, peripheral nerve injuries and closed head injuries. What I’ve seen in my career is the same in urban, suburban, and rural America as is the case in Iraq and Bosnia (two places I’ve seen up front and personal); only the latter have less “high tech” resources. When the shit hits the fan, and it always does, people become unglued, so to speak. What that means is that when people are no longer assured of personal safety, food and water, they go after it in whatever way they are either directed by a powerful psychopathic leader or via their own impulses. They attempt to control food and water sources and attack any perceived enemy they fear will harm them. This yields chaos and injuries; that’s my domain.

        In the SHTF mode, there will be massive chaos and massive injuries. ERs will be overwhelmed very early on (this happened in Sarajevo, in Buenos Aires, Haiti, etc ad nauseum); same pattern everywhere. The thing that will shock most sensible people is that the animals among us (and there are many and they are not usually recognized until the SHTF) will attack the injured to take what they have (food, water, weapons, ammo, toilet tissue, bic lighters). Often violence is seen across racial and ethnic lines; this shocks the liberal mind at a level one can’t imagine until its observed. But it happens.

        Preppers need to be prepared for blood and guts, on the part of family, friends and neighbors, in addition to being prepped for water, food and security. That being said, getting one’s mind ready for physical chaos is not an easy thing. When most people smell a large amount of human blood for the first time, they vomit profusely. (That’s a big issue for new soldiers entering a battle zone). I have no special advice on how to get ready for this but my ultimate advice is to get ready in whatever way seems right for you. The time of comfort and immediately met needs and wants is nearly over; the time of strife is at hand.

        Not proseletizing, but the one thing I do know after over 30 years of emergency medicine work is that there is power in the blood of Jesus. And I don’t mean anything akin to bullshit mega-churches and their ilk.

        Lock and load.

        • Howdy Wardoc,

          [email protected] I ‘get’ your monicker! A such, then be doubly -welcome here SIR! Your statement that,

          “I have no special advice on how to get ready for this but my ultimate advice is to get ready in whatever way seems right for you. The time of comfort and immediately met needs and wants is nearly over; the time of strife is at hand.”

          i, I fear, all too true…most here – even thouse who think thenmselves ‘steeled for what is to come’ but who have never seen such cannot truly grasp the shocking extent to which the sight of such Is ‘Paralyzing’. Sch CANNOT be allowed if your are to say, save your Friends or Loved Ones, under that circumstance..your response MUST be immediate in ALL such occurances, else ‘Finite’,
          ‘The End’…

          Thanks for your input Brother…ot Sister ( 😉 ) whensoever we can get the story STRAIGHT from those of the ‘Professional Grade’ we are well-served indeed! My personal Thanks therefor!!! 🙂


      76. Off topic but something that will bite us in the ass.

        Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

        This was the title on a piece on Lew Rockwell, obammy is right, the internet does make it easy to consume dangerous propaganda.
        It also makes it possible for people to openly speak their mind and criticize these tyrannical dictators and corrupt public officials like himself and the rest of these assholes in DC.

        You can ALL go fuck yourselves!
        Thanks for pointing out the obvious,
        The fact that you people dont want We The People to have any say in our government.

      77. in my trucking business I broker freight-I get all kinds of truckers,black,brown,white,eastern,europe,-you name it, they come in the door and hang out,somethimes for hours while waiting for freight-its my opinion they will all come together when it falls apart-they see it as them against the “machine”-sure,it might be every man for themselfe but it sure aint about white against black,etc.not at least for the working guy or gal.we are way past all that crap..

      78. Bug out? To where? There will be roadblocks, either government goons who have fled to a place where there are no gangs and they can strut and assert their authority, or gangs such as were seen in Iraq and Libya when times got tough. They will take everything in your car and leave you and your family naked by the roadside–if you’re lucky. Or it could just be people who live in a given area and don’t want outsiders with nothing to show up and freeload. And the SHTF will start instantly. Supermarkets will become battlezones and will rapidly be looted and burned. People will be VERY hungry after 48 hours and armed hungry people of all races will fan out through the streets wanting your water, ammo, guns, food, meds, gold and silver. Get ready to rumble!

        • if you completely dispossed of everything. but left alive and naked. you can still survive if you have the three things that cannott be taken fron you. Self reliance-Know How and last but not least your spiritual belief & convictions (religion or Superstition)..

      79. YO BI!

        A quick check of the magnetometers at Kaktovic, Alaska and Kiruna, Sweden shows VERY LARGE deviations from true…on the order of 1000 nT at BOTH locations. Neither Boulder, Colorado, nor The GOES satellite-based mag’s are reflecting this level of disturbance. Pl;ease to note that both of the speciied locations ARE Far North…both are above the ‘Actic Circle’ with Kaktovic being ON the Northern coastline of Alaska (near to the international boundary with Canada at that latitude), ON the shores of Actic Sea.

        I WONDER if this is NOT presaging additional activity in either the Okhotsk region near to Kamchatka OR Alaska itself, naturally here, ‘Eyes Open’ Friend…


        PS: These disturbances ARE ‘sustained’ significantly…ie, long duration events, nee, potential larhe total effective results…Force through TIME.

        • I saw your little island listed as one of the least visited places, it is basically a phosphate mine, it is called Nauru. What a ‘pit’ to visit or to live there. I was thinking about that depth of the earthquakes beyond 700 km and I was thinking that the plate being forced down there must be rigid enough not to be simply assimilated by the mantle. This kind of supports that there might be some cooling going on that would allow such a depth to be breached. In any case since 1985, this zone of over 700 km has been reached and a couple of times much more than 700 km. Something is up.

          • Howdy BI,

            If there were a decreae in the avarage temperautre at a given depth (ie, the presence of LESS heat, less HEAT being evolved then what would happen? We would probably see a reulting marginal increase in viscosity, but as function of temperature (which IS construeable as a pressure itself (avarage kinetic energy in a sample…how HARD are the molecules ‘banging into’ each other) then the pressure would therefor likely drop. Taken up the column – so to speak – then we have that the temp/pres equation would thereby shift so that the zone in which the manifestation mentioned would go…Ummm, downward? That is, towards greater heat and pressure both…would IT occur then though, my first intuition is that you might be correct…this bears SOME thought…more thought!! Now placed as a ‘running mental task’ THIS IS INERESTING…THANK YOU!!

            Give me a day or so…I WILL get back with you…on THIS!! Anywho, I’m going to cruize through the forums for a bit tonight before turning in…Later Friend!!

            JOG *Fascinated*

            • @ JustOneGuy. You are one of the best people to work on this problem. By the way, guess whom was right about another X-flare hitting? It sure wasn’t NOAA. It was you. Trust comes from people on this site for answers, that is for sure.

        • @JustOneGuy….

          I’m a little slow. Can you translate that into English for me? 🙂

          • Howdy Walt!

            ‘No Problemo’ Friend! The magnetometers I mention are sensitive to mass movements of the material of the mantle below our feet. The reason for this is that magma is actually a Piss-poor conductor of electricity, (even though molten it is NOT clsssifiably ‘incandescent’… like the Sodium vapor lamps in Wal-Mart’s parking lots, which ARE ‘incadescent’ and VERY good conductors…even with the sodium as a gaseous vapor) electrical charge, Yes? Think of the Clouds over head, from where Lightning arises….millions of individual ‘particles’ of droplets of water vapor which effectively – through random collisions with each other, experience a ‘friction’ which leads to the formation of LARGE charges within the cloud, leading to lighning. S’Ok? Same as stroking the cat where it’s hair stands up to cling to your hands sometimes…same thing.

            In the cae of the mantle this is LIKELY to be VERY much more prevalent as the material there is radically more dense than the air overhead….therefor, the conditions at hand are; LOW to NO condutivity THROUGH the magma means that charge accumulations IN the magma get carried from point-to-point with it as it itself flowss….anything ‘charged’, that is carrying an excess of charge, which ‘flows’ or moves from point A to point B IS a CURRENT…moving aggregations of CHARGE, which ARE CURRENTS produce magnetic fields…

            The explanantion is a bit long, Apologies, but it is exact in this case and can not really be clearly explained in a more abriged form…hope that suffices!

            S’Ok Brother?


      80. Announcement: “The US dollar has crashed.” You immediately phone your family, leave work, collect your family members, grab your “stuff” (which hopefully is already nicely packed), refuel your vehicle (if you still can), and LEAVE. You will not have until the next day to get all your wits about you and go to the mall for one more item. It’s “get out and get out NOW.” If you have a place in the country, good; if not, you’re screwed. The cities will be full of zombies, sheeple, last-minute preppers, and the full-blown good-intentioned preppers who didn’t leave when they knew they should have. God help us all.

        • Anne Marie: The sky is falling. Duck! 🙂

        • “If you have a place in the country, good”….. I am curious, what makes you think because some one travels to, or even owns some remote property, that they will be allowed to even get close to it in a true shtf scenario? Those of us who LIVE in the rural areas, will not be allowing ANYBODY who doesn’t LIVE here, entrance… period….

      81. Yea, LT Dan the 5 Oh bought APCs, body armor and M4s to bunker down. I think Dan joined and stayed in the ’70.

      82. As Dan aludes to, chaos will reign. Now,preset the stage with a number of significant but maybe small events to upset the emotional status of the population, then the economic collapse occurs. IF the banks close, the only money will be what is in your pocket. PERIOD! Thus, men wil run to the banks. Women will run to the markets to buy anything they can for thier family. Previous examples are available to show what people will do to get what they want/need. STAMPEDE!. The police will be overwhelmed trying to deal with just that issue alone. Riots at the food mart. Meantime, the gangs will sieze the opportunity to do what they want. At some point the police will just go home an bunker down. A few willtough it out trying to restore/maintain order. Chaos will rule for a limited time. Then martial law will be declared. At that point, the MAJORITY will greet martial law with open arms and gratitude. Unffortunately, the stage is being prepared for an event where a ‘fanatical’ group of Patriots will respond in some form of ambush and this will be the trigger that begins the decline of civilized behavior calling for martial law entirely. It won’t be enacted in force every where, but the news will contain stories of areas where things require extreme force. And for the most part, the MAJORITY will go along. By the time they realize just how extreme it will get, it will be to late.
        Dan is on target.

      83. @Eagle Eyle – I went on the site you posted,
        transients information, Global coastal event summary.
        Its a great site, and I bookmarked it. I never heard
        of this site before. Great information, thanks for
        posting the link. 🙂

        • Hi Emily,

          It was new to me too, but I have been following the webbot predictive linguistics thing for a long time.

          I would not bet the farm on it, but it is interesting, and it did predict major shifts prior to 911 and the Boxing Day tsunami.

      84. Do you seriously believe the ‘chosen ones’ will allow their cities to go down with them in residence? Get real. The controllers will never allow their home bases and control centers to go down. There will perhaps be expendable cities. But the centers of ‘chosen one’ power will remain with the underlings to wipe their butts, cook their food, police their streets etc. Wake up man, you should know who controls things, turn on your brainwash box tonight and enjoy the filth and anti-Christ entertainments.

        • @truthseekerharrison….

          What makes you think that they are going to stay in their current cities of residence?

          Most likely….they already have their bugout locations. That’s where they’ll be.

          They’ll let their former cities burn to the ground.

      85. I get such a laugh out of these comments about a terrifying fear of white genocide. The only genocide in the Western Hemisphere was the Indian genocide by white colonizers. How about the millions who perished in the slave trade? and let us not forget that nuclear bomb over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, conveniently populated by non-whites. To cast Whites in a role as victims of genocide, rather than as the historical role of perpetrator is laughable.

        • To be truthful; I don’t care about the past genocides, I just want to be on the good side of the next one. Good being defined as those who win.

          • There is no “good” side to a genocide. No winners…..only losers. Those who are murdered lose their lives. Those who commit the murder….their souls.

            “There are only two races of people, the decent, and the indecent.” –Viktor Frankl–

            • The reason we lose wars is partly the way we define winning. There is no definition except, the other guy admits he lost, or is dead. He says you won, you don’t. I care not about your opinion, you are welcome to it. But to save what I value I’ll wade through any number of anything or anybody. As far as god goes, I wouldn’t fight for anything that wasn’t worth my life, and as far as my soul goes, oh well, it wont be the only thing I’ll have to answer for. As the man said: “Kill them all. let God sort them out”.

        • Well…you don’t have much of an agenda, do you The Real Moral Majority?

        • While you piss your pants laughing I also laugh at your ignorant comment where you try to explain how whites have committed Genocide on every other color , and then say they (NON WHITES)do not hate us but love us, and that there are not hate groups that hate us (whites), or schools dont teach how bad them past (white) leaders of the USA were. And that the media does not push Multiculturalism into our (white)children’s brains.If you can , look up the word genocide and look at the facts before you say non whites do not have a reason to hate WHITEY! FACTS FACTS FACTS !

        • @ the unreal unmoral minority. don’t forget the Indians who butchered each other before the white man came, or the africans who sold each other to the slave traders and are still selling and hacking each other up. Don’t forget the Japanese beheading the chinese in WW11 before the white man dropped the 2 bombs on them. the jewish genocide. You are a ass.

          • Have to agree with you Dave.

        • The only genocide in the Western Hemisphere was the Indian genocide by white colonizers.

          Before the “Indians” came over from Asia, there were at least two other populations in the Americas. Both became extinct — one barely exists in a few genetic traces in Patagonia — shortly after the “Indians” arrived.

          Of the millions who perished in the African slave trade, most died in Muslim lands.

        • And have you considered that your comment shows real racial hatred, “Real Moral Majority”?

      86. Fear violent white people – especially those in uniform, who are murdering and enslaving all humans on the earth! AS PROPHESIED!!!

      87. Burning the Field by Marc F. Brocato 2006

        The American Cash Cow – ALL BULLS OUT.

        Back in the old days, before fencing had subdivided and cordoned off the once opened areas of land throughout the south, the farmers and cattlemen of the day would burn off the fields and woodlands. During the summer, vegetation in the forms of grasses, briars, and various shrubs would grow in the open fields and meadows. These plants were a source of nutrition for livestock and a major food supply for the herds which where allowed to roam freely. In the fall of the year, winter would set in and the summer growth cycle would end. With the onset of cold winter weather, the grasses and other vegetation would die, leaving the landscape lifeless and brown. The purpose of burning the woods were twofold. First, the fire had a cleansing effect by clearing the ground of useless and unwanted debris. Secondly, nutrients where returned to the soil, making them available for the next succession of growth. One could look north and south, east and west, and see the numerous columns of smoke rising into the sky.
        The yearly roundup took place in the fall, at which time the cattle were gathered together. The ranchers collected their ( cash ) cows, some were sold at auction and others where put in places of safe keeping (Euro’s, Swiss franks, Yen, and gold…. ). Not until all the cattle where herded together and relocated were the fields and woods set on fire. This was the economic cycle that reoccurred year after year, a necessary evil of the day and was eventually outlawed.. Thousands of independent ranchers would be replaced by the large cooperate cattle companies. And so it is with food and many other good and services today, from the hands of the thousands who established the market, whatever that market might be, into the hands of the few who now control it. But that’s not the end of this story, it’s far from over. Apply these same principles and methods to the national and global economy. It appears as if the industrialists and financiers who control the economies of the world have been moving their cash cows out of the U.S. .for a long time in advance of a controlled burn or just maybe wildfire. The crash of the ‘30’s was such an action, however, every major market on the face of the earth will be effected this go round. A well planned choreography of events will reshape the global economy in ways which the average individual cannot comprehend. When the fires are out and the smoke clears, the result will be an empty shell of a country, with an economic landscape barren and ready for the next season of growth.
        Enjoy your freedom and rights, savor them as you would your favorite meal. Life in the United States and the entire civilized world shall soon go through quiet a transition. Similar circumstances have overtaken unsuspecting populations in the past, but never the entire world, as it will this time. What shall be used as the form of ignition? Will it be a manipulated economic disaster, or some fabricated terrorist act. Perhaps a bonafide and unexpected act of God that was not a part of man’s planning. Maybe those in Washington will legislate the country out of existence by executive order, it’s amusing to think a thing like that is possible. Imagine, a economic system with no exchange rate, a global unit of currency. One currency and one governing authority.

        The surest way to prevent seditions is to take away the matter of them; for if there be fuel prepared, it is hard to tell whence the spark shall come that shall set it on fire. – Bacon.

        • The open range and yearly burning caused much more harm than good. property owners had to fence out the free roaming livestock from anything they wanted grow. The open range was overstocked. cows ,horses , pigs sheep & goats denuded everything. The hogs where the worst they rooted up the soil causing erosion & ate all the mast crops. there werent any deer turkey & rabbitts. very few squirrl. The yearly burning damaged the trees destroyed fences there wasnt any undergrowth for wildlife to browse. therewheren many acorns & nuts that where buried by squirrl and grew into the next generation of trees. The stock laws & laws against burning off the public land where the best thing that happened in the Ozarks. The purple paint tresspassing law & banning the chasing & hunting deer with dogs was a good thing also. how would you feel if your garden the you worked so hard on was destroyed in a few ours by hogs or some other free Roaming hungry & starving livestock the broke through your fence. And you had no recourse to be compensated for your loss because of the open range . Ask anyone who lives in a area where they have a feral hog problen about the devastation free roaming livestock cause.

      88. Bug out vs. hole up in one’s setting. Ultimate question. Discussed ad nauseum, but it keeps coming up, even in the discussions above. The issues are not as clear as many seem to think. I’ve seen groups of people slaughtered while bugging out, esp when they run into the stalled and wrecked vehicles that inevitably choke the exits to cities. Remember that the gas stations only have 2-3 days of fuel in normal settings; if trans lines are shoddy or cut, forget it, out of gas vehicles will be everywhere and those bugging out will be trapped outside the city perimeter (like fish in a bowl).

        I have no answer for all, but personally, I’ll set tight, get my boys defocused from dating girls, cars, careers and school, and focused on perimeter defense, water acquisition and storage, and growing food, the things that matter. Next, I’ll try to get neighbors organized to do same on a larger scale, cooperatively (maybe after things settle, or between skirmishes, we’ll have an ice cream social for the meeting girls part for the boys) 🙂 I’m not sure whether horny teenagers are the best warriors, regardless of gear and training. But, that’s another discussion entirely.

        What I’ve seen in foreign collapse settings is that the last thing one wants to be is a refugee (i.e. people who have bugged out and headed to a “retreat” or some fantasy of safety). They get abused by all sides of a conflict, they get robbed and raped, and worse, and often end up being bargaining chips for sector war lords. If you can get a number of close and TRUSTED friends, relatives and neighbors to band together for mutual protection, etc, that seems to be the highest survival MO in a collapse.

        And, BTW, he who ignores history (of prior collapses) will be eaten by those who understand what’s coming.

        Just my 2 cents worth.

        Lock and load.

        • Agree with you on that environment. Up here, we are already remote. Bugging out just means going out the back door and into the woods to the “holes”.

        • Wardoc,
          “If you can get a number of close and TRUSTED friends, relatives and neighbors to band together for mutual protection, etc, that seems to be the highest survival MO in a collapse.

          And, BTW, he who ignores history (of prior collapses) will be eaten by those who understand what’s coming.

          Just my 2 cents worth.”

          So true, safety in numbers…

        • Much appreciate your insights. Can you suggest any titles for those of us wanting to read up on the history of collapses?

      89. Did you see my baseball?? Have you seen it???

        • Trusted? Its your friends & relatves who will stab you in the back and rat you out. think back to the 1800,s mountian men fur trappers . They ventured into hostile indian territory. a place & time without any rules or laws beyone survival of the meanest strongest most crafty who where self reliant and had Know How. Bare bones survival of the fittest. And they didnt do it in large groups. They mostly went alone or with just one partner. You and your so called close & trusted friends will very quickly begin fighting & killing each other for the limited supply of food and other desired items you have. DTA Dont Trust Anyone.

          • Your point is good. The trustworthiness of even relatives varies from family to family and it happens to the best of them.

            Often times, appearing to have nothing, to know nothing, and to want nothing is the best protection. Meekness, weakness, helpless, useless and penniless is a big turnoff for predators seeking resources, supplies and restrengthening. Not a bad idea to learn how to swiftly make yourselves appear sickly, filthy, possibly diseased, crazed, and not worth the effort to mess with. No guarantee that’s the ticket, but it’s a tactic that might come in handy at some point.

            I think the overriding point that all posters who have any type of law enforcement experience are making, is that you must be ready to provide your own self-protection. Like anything else, do it in moderation and within your means — don’t blow the grocery money on extra ammo or extra guns.

            In my opinion, the biggest threat is roving mobs or gangs large enough to outnumber you and yours. They have the “mob mentality” and feed off of each other for bravado and motivation.

            Can’t imagine how bad it could get but do know that it’s nothing anyone would wish for if they knew what it’s like. Let’s all just pray, and like the doc says, put our faith in God that whatever comes is manageable.

            I’ll close with a story: Came across an obviously upper middle class professional white male about two months ago in a national chain outdoor store that is a large guns and ammo retailer. We were waiting in line, with a number tab in our hands, to be waited on for a purchase. This other gentleman had a 20-round box of Remmington hollow point 9mm ammo in his hand and asked one of us and another customer, both strangers to him, if the ammo he had selected was correct for “a 9mm handgun for home defense.” I spoke up first and told him that it was correct and that hollow point was what he wanted. He thanked us and proceeded to checkout. It was clear that he had purchased his first-ever gun and had done so because even he, at his level of society, had come to recognize that there is a looming threat to him, his family and his property. When a threat reaches the professional class, as it obviously had in his situation, it’s to be taken seriously by all classes.

      90. Yeah, who can forget the afternoon of 9/11, when the police and firemen of NYC were all concentrated around the WTC site, how the rest of the city burnt to the ground…

        Wait. That never happened.

        Or how those paralyzing snow storms ended with cities in rubble because the criminals knew police couldn’t respond…

        Oh. That never happened, either.

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