Chuck Norris: World War III Started Last Friday In Paris

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Headline News | 146 comments

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    If you know anything about Chuck Norris (or his alter ego Walker Texas Ranger), you know that he’s not one to take things lying down.

    Just look at what happened over the summer when, after a number of Texans got worried about the US Spec Ops Command’s Jade Helm 15 “exercises,” Norris warned The Pentagon that the drills came “a little too close to the backdoor of [his] ranch.”

    A few months later, after Norris became “exhausted” with Tehran’s nuclear “antics”, Walker suggested that if he were allowed to speak for and act on behalf of the entire international community, the Bahamas would never obtain a nuclear weapon, Iranian drug dealers would never be given a 90-day heads up to hide their stash, and most importantly, Iran’s nuclear ambitions would be “sniffed” out and “pre-emptive strikes” would be launched.

    Well, in the wake of the Paris attacks, Norris is out with a new missive titled simply, “World War III?”

    No, really. Just click the link, you’ll see.

    In it, we get a history lesson, a quantitative assessment of Islamic State’s power vis-a-vis other Sunni extremist groups, and all sorts of semantic shenanigans. Below, find some highlights and commentary.

    First, Norris says this:

    ...if you weren’t convinced before, now you know what a disorganized World War III looks like from the six simultaneous Paris terror attacks by ISIS that killed at least 129 precious souls and injured more than 300 more. And to think just a year ago, President Obama called ISIS “a jayvee team.” In fact, on Friday morning just before the attacks in Paris, President Obama again minimized ISIS’ power as he shared on “Good Morning America,” “I don’t think they’re gaining ground. What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. … We’ve [also] made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters…”

    Whoops. Another misdirected miscalculation.

    We’re not sure what a “misdirected miscalculation” is, and the word “convinced” doesn’t work with the phrase “now you know”, but Norris is correct that Obama had a rather unfortunate soundbite on Good Morning America and we think we understand what Chuck is trying to say. But just so we’re sure, let’s see if he can clear it up:

    I believe these coordinated murder sprees in Paris may go down in history like the Nazis’ invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, as the spark that lit the fuse for a wider European involvement in World War II. Though apples and oranges in warfare, the impact of ISIS in Syria and Iraq is comparable to Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia and Austria, which caused great concern and condemnation but not greater European revolt.

    Ok, got it. ISIS taking territory in Syria and Iraq is a lot like Anschluss and the German occupation of Sudetenland. You see, late 1930s Germany was a rising industrial and military powerhouse capable of annexing entire states by decree. Much like ISIS, a ragtag group of desert bandits operating out of bombed out cities in the war-torn Middle East.

    But hey, at least Norris admits their style of warfare is “apples to oranges.”

    It took the closer invasion of Poland to provoke a military battle from France and Great Britain. So, I believe, ISIS’ attacks on Paris will prompt Western nations and others to coalesce against ISIS like never before, especially for those countries whose victims lie among the dead and injured.

    Well, on that point we’d have to agree, although we think Chuck may be missing a thing or two when it comes to understanding the real motivation for Western troops going to Syria.

    The expansion of ISIS’ footprint is undeniable. The jihadists possess a hundredfold the power of al-Qaida and, in their own estimation, are well on the way to Caliphate victory.

    Yes, they “possess a hundredfold the power of al-Qaeda.” We would love to know how Norris calculated that and we’d also like to know what “well on the way to Caliphate victory” means. Does that mean the Caliphate itself is nearly victorious? Or does that mean ISIS is soon to be victorious in realizing its goal of creating a Caliphate? Because if it’s the former, well, of course they’re going to say that – we’re sure that “by their own estimation”, ISIS is a lot of things. If it’s the latter, we suggest Norris take a look at a map of some real historical Caliphates and decide how close he thinks ISIS is to realizing their goal.


    In true Walker fashion, Norris goes out in a blaze of glory with four policy recommendations.

    Number 1: Mr. President, we need you to quit sticking your head in the sands of cultural, military and religious ignorance and minimizing the power of ISIS. We need you to unleash the full force of the U.S. military and U.S. Intelligence to destroy it both domestically and abroad. We must triple the protection at all of our ports and borders. It is also imperative that nations around the globe join us in collectively stopping ISIS’ Caliphate.

    Right. It is imperative that nations around the globe “join in collectively stopping ISIS”, which is why it’s so damn curious that Washington steadfastly refuses to cooperate with Russia and Iran on doing just that.

    Number 2: We need the White House and major mainstream media to quit downplaying Islamic terrorism and playing politically correct cards by moving away from terms like terrorists and jihadists, and condoning Islamic extremism under the rubric of pacifying peaceful Muslims.

    Yeah, really. What’s with the lack of ISIS media coverage? Besides the fact that CNN has run nothing but ISIS coverage for 72 straight hours to the point that apparently, everyone other than Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett just got to take three whole days off, and besides this…

    parisheadlines2’s almost like no one cares.

    Number 3: We do not need Washington to foolishly open its arms to Syrian refugees when we are in a war with ISIS. Are we naïve enough to believe that the jihadists aren’t packing the flood of Syrian refugees with their minions and importing their jihad into multiple nations around the world, including the U.S.?

    Honestly Chuck, who knows at this point and since we’ve covered it on any number of occasions, we’ll just leave it for now.

    Number 4: One year from now, we absolutely need a new (Republican) president who rebuilds and expands the U.S. military and U.S. Intelligence, fighting Islamic jihadists like never before, before they succeed in coordinated acts of terror in the U.S. that make Paris and even Sept. 11 seem like Islamic child’s play.

    Ah, yes and there it is. The obligatory political plug. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to that every now and again we suppose.

    The irony here is that Norris’ premise may in fact be right. That is, what happened in Paris may very well be the spark that starts World War III and so on that point we have to give it to Walker: he seems to be drawing a plausible connection between Poland ca. 1939 and Paris 2015 although it’s not at all clear that he fully appreciates what might well be going on behind the scenes.

    If Norris is right and World War III did indeed start last Friday in Paris, the only question for ISIS now is this: will Walker be joining the fight?

    Because if so, expect Raqqa to fall in about, oh, let’s just call it 14 minutes…


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      1. Now they messed with the wrong guy. Remember when all those commies tried to invade the USA in 1985 and Chuck Norris kicked all their asses?

        Maybe we’ll see a Vice President Norris under Trump????!?!?

        We should start lobbying the Trump campaign now.

        • Chuck Norris doesn’t move when he does pushups.
          He pushes the earth away and pulls it back again…

          All be well…

          • Your damn right!

            • “Much like ISIS, a ragtag group of desert bandits operating out of bombed out cities in the war-torn Middle East.”

              The writer of the article leaves out ONE IMPORTANT THING – That ISIS HAS BEEN FUNDED, TRAINED AND ARMED BY THE U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, which IS a “military powerhouse”.

              ISIS has not been alone. I don’t doubt that the U.S. has been sending them intel and technology they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Apparently Israel, another military powerhouse, has also contributed to these terrorists known as ISIS. Not to mention the efforts and funding from the Saudis and Turkey.


              Whomever wrote this article has absolutely NO BUSINESS making fun of Norris, when THIS WRITER has no idea himself what is going on either.

              A clown laughing at people who are trying to figure it all out, is not helpful. Of course it’s from a bastion of truth – Zero Hedge…

              • Well said.

                • Too bad. Norris seems a decent guy and, a rarity in the entertainment industry, supposedly faithful to his wife, but he has been drinking the CIA/Hagee/Mossad Kool-Aid for too long.

                  Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

                  • I love Chuck Norris but I think your right about some..I heard him even say we need a new president in a year..We ain’t got a year to play around with this mad man trying to take us down..Congress needs to impeach him now..Then we can get someone in there willing to defend our nation..

                    • New dummy in WH means zip when the ventriloquist pulling the strings is STILL zionism. Norris is another Hollywood zioskank w/ little to add that is not pre-approved by Israel. Let him take a number and get in line with Jonathan Pollard, another treasonous traitor- just released today.

              • Not a Chuck Norris fan, myself, but I get the impression than Zero Hedge is not happy because he is not Chuck Norris.

                Sorry, Zero, but you are not the only person who can address the issue of Islamic Terror. Norris is a celebrity, you are not. His opinion will reach a larger audience than yours will. Sucks, doesn’t it? Get over yourself.

              • Why is it that we have so called leaders who hove no eyes to see, or ears to hear? Chuck Norris sees it crystal clear.

                The following make this all even more clear from Bill Keller:

                What you must know to understand Islam and what we are facing!!!

                “Why is anyone shocked about the terrorism in Paris last Friday night? As I have watched the events unfold in Paris, Belgium, and the response by our government and others around the world, I can only wonder why anyone is surprised and how completely clueless virtually everyone who has spoken on this issue really is. Over these past 16+ years everything I have told you and warned you about Islam has unfolded before your very eyes time and time again. Paris is simply the latest event.

                Please be praying for the families of those who lost their life in Paris, and for God’s healing touch upon the hundreds who were injured. Amazingly, in all of the news coverage over the past days, I have really heard NOBODY put this in the correct context or deal with it from the spiritual place it comes from.
                Here are many of the issues that are relevant to the terrorism that occurred in Paris last Friday, in no random order, and the context people need to understand them.

                -What happened in Paris last Friday night is the same thing that has happened for the 1400 years Islam has existed. These are not the acts of “extreme Islamists,” these are the acts of ISLAM…PERIOD! Those who practice Islam as their faith, no matter what part of the world they live in, ALL believe that Islam will one day rule all nations of the world through Islamic law, Sharia, and the earth will be cleansed of all “infidels,” or non-Muslims. There is no such thing as a “peaceful Muslim,” since ALL who practice Islam believe in the Islamic takeover of all nations and ruling them according to Islamic law. Of course, only in places where they can freely practice Islam, areas where they dominate the population and have control, will they tell you the truth since lying to advance Islam is a tenant of their false religion.

                -President Obama was a Muslim by birth as all children who are born by a Muslim father are. He has never renounced Islam, as a matter of fact, has been a Muslim advocate and sympathizer. He also claims to be a Christian, yet has never been able to talk about his “born again” experience. Personally, I don’t believe he is of any faith. Having said that, to understand his failed and incompetent foreign policy, you have to understand he has plans to have some sort of global leadership position post-Presidency, and does not want to be seen as hostile to Islam, labeled as a man who sought to kill Muslims. These are reasons why he ridiculously refuses to call Islam what it is, and even refuses to admit we are at war with Islam even though they are at war with us! I still personally wonder who paid for his college education including his law degree from Harvard. I have always believed it was the royal family of Saudi Arabia. His pacifism towards Islam has put our nation and the nations of the world at risk for the type of terror attacks you saw in Paris last Friday Night.

                -For several years here and on the TV program I have warned people about the mass immigration by Muslims into Europe. They didn’t need to send an army from Syria or the Middle East to reek havoc on Paris, they already had Muslims in place to carry out those acts, like they are in England, Germany, and all European nations, not to mention in the United States!
                -This is why to even consider bringing Syrian refugees to this nation is pure madness. Most people don’t even know that during Obama’s reign, well over 100,000 Muslims from the Middle East have immigrated here or have come to our country via a refugee status. Virtually 100% are Muslims, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have been exterminated because they had no place to ecape. Despite not caring, a legacy of President Obama will be his refusal to do anything as the Coptic Christians in Egypt and some of the oldest Christian groups, dating back to the first churches 2,000 years ago were wiped out. Even if none of the Syrian refugees are ISIS plants, once here, how many will become radicalized as dozens of Muslims we know about have. Add to the porous, non-existent southern border and only God knows the number of Muslims in this nation ready, willing, and able to commit jihad on our soil. To that end, the FBI has over 100 active ISIS investigations open in all 50 states.

                -The Muslim invasion of Europe was NO ACCIDENT but done by design. They were right next door to Saudi Arabia and many other Arab nations that would not require them going such a long distance. The fact is, despite the land Saudi Arabia and all of the Arab nations have, they allowed NO refugees into their nations. On top of wanting to bring hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to our nation over the next few years, we have already sent $4.5 billion in aid, unlike the Arab nations with their coffers overflowing that have sent a fraction of that amount.

                -Most Americans have been lulled to sleep on this critical issue due to a pro-Islamic media that sympathizes with the false narrative put out by Islamic advocacy groups like CAIR. Add to that the politics of not wanting to “offend” Muslims by telling the truth about Islam and their real and stated goals along with a President whose administration has put Muslims in every part of the government, the vast majority of people have no clue the real and present danger on our soil right now.
                -Another myth is that Muslims hate us for our way of life, or because of Abu Grahb or GITMO, or anything else we might do that they find offensive. Get this straight, Muslims hate us because we are not Muslims! It is not any more difficult than that!! Again, people simply not understanding what Islam is about, makes them try to come up with logical excuses for such barbaric acts. They have perpetrated those barbaric acts for their entire 1400year history against the “infidels!”
                -Secretary of State Kerry stated that he understood why Muslims executed the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, but there was no excuse for the Paris attack. This is the exact kind of justification that gives people such a false understanding of this false religion from the pits of hell known as Islam. Again, being “offended” by even a cartoon is simply an excuse to commit jihad, and killing infidels is celebrated by Muslims worldwide.

                -As I have stated many times, Europe is done. Europe left God decades ago, and between the financial crisis in all European nations, and the breaking of their infrastructures by this mass Islamic invasion from Syria and Northern Africa, Europe as we know it today is over. GOD IS JUDGING EUROPE AS HE HAS JUDGED MANY NATIONS OVER THE COURSE OF HUMAN HISTORY!!!
                I love you and care about you so much. The answer is to send 50,000 troops to wipe out ISIS. It could be done in several weeks. Yes, many innocent civilians will also die, but that is war. However, you have to understand that would deal with the current blight on this world, ISIS, but won’t solve the problem since other Muslims will simply rise up to take their place in due time. This is what Islam has always done over the 1400 years it has existed. Until President Obama leaves office, this will never happen for the reasons I outlined about his relationship with Islam above.

                For now, we must pray for our intelligence and law enforcement communities to have God’s favor in preventing attacks on our soil. This becomes difficult since we have forfeited His favor and protection due to our sin. Proactively as I have shared in the past, we should stop ALL immigration of people from Muslim nations. We should immediately close down all mosques as a matter of national security. We should profile and put our intelligence resources in Muslim communities. Or, we can do none of that and wait until we see how many of our citizens are killed when the next act of jihad is committed in our country.
                For over a decade and a half I have been sounding this trumpet of warning to our nation. We are only a few decades behind Europe, but unless we wake up, we will be the next Europe. The only true answer and hope is for this nation to repent, turn back to God and His Truth…and that is the mission of Liveprayer!

                In His love and service,
                Your friend and brother in Christ,

                Bill Keller

                If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at: [email protected]

                Abraham Lincoln wrote: “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Bonaparte for a
                commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years, unless we permitted it.

                If we are to fall, it will be from within.”

                How do you measure an invasion? Make NO mistake, our enemy is now within our borders which will only add more lives that might have been prevented.

          • I remember watching one of his movies way back, don’t remember the name of it.

            The opening was at Christmas time, a pickup full of mid easterner terrorist types aiming a RPG at a suburb home full of lights and merry makers.

            The comment by the terrorist was chilling, even back then.

            As he aimed the weapon at the front window of the house he said, “They make it so easy.”

            Then blew up the house.

            Do we make it “so easy?”

            • G, yes we do.

              Sad part is, it does not seem to get better…

              My dead dog could do better…

              • What happened in France is a tragedy and I don’t mean to take away from that, but could some one please refresh my memory. It seems like it was just a year or two ago that we hated the French so much that we were going to change the name of french fries to freedom fries because we were so mad at France, and now we’re flying our flag at half staff. Just curious what was the reason we hated France so much about? Trekker Out. Short Memory!

                • they didnt want to go to war in iraq. “cheese eating surrender monkeys” was the catchphrase as i recall

                  • First, I think our CIA instigated the Charley Hebdo thing, just hours after Hollande publicly said he didn’t want France to jump on the “isolate Russia” bandwagon. As for why people hate one day, then love the next is simply called “MEDIA MANIPULATION.” Many people are susceptible to it. People like me and maybe you, are not.

                    We also don’t have the memory span of a common house fly…

                    • This reply was for Mountain Trekker, sorry.

                    • There’s also that ‘mass hysteria’ population. With both used to exploit situations, you pretty much get as many as possible at your side. But truth be told about this ‘war’, it actually began when O endorsed the muslim brotherhood as leaders in Egypt. There’s always hidden factors in any agenda that usually don’t out until most involved are dead. This one is no different.

                • Trekker, we didn’t hate France or the French, that was just a lot of hot air put about by people who thought they wanted to look tough in the face of muslim terror by taking it out on the French.

          • You guys sound like children with beards !! He’s an actor

          • how many pushups can chuck norris do???………ALL OF ‘EM!

        • Chuck’s got my vote

          • Hmmm I see ol chucky isn’t aware that isis is a creation of his own govt. 10 demerit points for him…

            • Exactly what I was thinking to Genius – I read that drivel from top to bottom, and I was waiting to read something along the lines of … “hey obama, why did the government create and fund ISIS?” … “why are you a habitual liar, and is Michele really a Michael?”.

              Nope, obviously Chuck ain’t all that bright to realize Al-Qaeda & ISIS are a MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCT. Somebody needs to give ‘ol Chuck a good roundhouse kick to the head, it may be just what he needs to get his brain working.

              Since ISIS & Al-Qaeda are a US PRODUCT and the US TAXPAYERS are funding them … and since the alleged ISIS group did the attacks on Paris. Why isn’t France holding the US GOV responsible for the shit that they created?

              After all, if it wasn’t for the US creation of ISIS. Chances are, this would of never happened. So France, instead of dropping your massive load of 20 bombs onto unoccupied desert land. You should of saved that payload for Washington D.C. – unless, you are part of the problem in the creation of ISIS as well? … well, which is it FRANCE?

              • Why are so many people using the word drivel . Sounds like a government catch word . That and nonsense . Who uses these words except government propagandists? Mr. Norris was a middle weight world champion. How dare you talk to him like that . What are you a government paid traitor.

                • His “middle weight world championship title” doesn’t mean he knows jack about our foreign policy in the middle east…Hell, most of our politicians don’t know what’s going on.

                • It’s because drivel and nonsense are entirely appropriate words to describe drivel and nonsense.

                  Other appropriate words could be ‘insane conspiracy theory’, ‘Pavlovian buzzwords’, ‘fiction’, ‘deranged demagoguery’, ‘thoughtless trash’, and my personal favorite, ‘bullshit’.

              • You made me wonder! Great post.

              • The Ussag dogs of war, are the conduit for creating ISIL and Al-qaeda. Our debt dollars helped more than others did, so in that, we/our politicians, are mostly responsible; but, the real evil responsible for it all is sitting behind world curtains, and other than the Rothschilds and a few more, we don’t even know their names or origins, we just know they exist.

                The poppy bush family has been at the top since Prescott, but doesn’t have the political face it once had. The Jebster doesn’t have the will nor the “testicular fortitude”, to handle the job. It was handed to him if he had more evil powers than billery, but we see how that is playing out.

                Nobama, the abominable one, is playing his part quite well. He was chosen by poppy bush and serviced him well thru the eighties, and was groomed for this particular time. If martial law is not installed by 2017, then we may see a new face on the main stage. I don’t think, in fact i know, hitlery doesn’t have the mind capability to pull it off, however; she does have the evil intent and satanic power, and with slick willie as the co-driver, they can pull it off for another eight years.

                There will be much gov change in the next eight, and the transition to the fuller implemented NWO. Then it will be a World religious transformation that ushers in the real Obominable One for the final countdown.

                To offset his evil agenda; through deception, as faking the real Christ, we will have the two witnesses that the Almighty has staged and ready to return to preach. No deceptive lies and agenda like the religious organized and seminaritized (my word), preachers of today.
                They will be celebrated by fellow Christians that have not been blinded by the “strong delusion” that God has placed on them, for their own good.

                As true Christians that have prayed for open eyes, ears, and minds, we will be able to see it all unfold, right before our eyes like a motion picture. The majority of the world will deny the two witnesses (most likely Moses-the law giver, and Elisha- the prophet of prophets), because they have fallen into bed with the mainstream religious cults of the day, and Satan’s deceptive Beast System.

                One of the biggest reasons the masses will not believe or follow the two, is because they are seen as -ews, and because they are ragged looking and are preaching from Jerusalem.
                We know better because we have read the letter, from our Father.
                It will happen as foretold, and hopefully as this current generation comes to it’s apex. The generation of the Fig Tree.
                1947 to 2047. Believers..keep your eyes on the next set of blood moons.

                • “PassingWind” is an appropriate title, since he hides his identity and presents NO proof! I’m 90 and WW2 11th AF and a MAJOR amount of “replies and comments” here and many other sites are, in fact, the mysterious “drivel” you talk about! There are many sites I no longer visit because of their nonsense!! Probably 10% or less of many comments on these sites show even a trace of intelligence!! Lee Robinson
                  West Palm Beach, FL

                  • Ignorance is bliss and has no age boundaries.

                    • Passin:

                      I left you a comment back on the Chuck Norris subject.

                    • Passin:

                      Because it is hung up in moderation (below), I hope at sometime you get to read and respond.

            • Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Chuck Norris stories.

              • Love it.

            • Genius, Norris could go after the trolls for us.

            • Genius:

              Saw your question about Albert Pike. Go to the website

              Let me know what you think of the real reasons given for WW1, WW2, and how this upcoming WW3 would be formented. No denying, what is written there is coming to pass right before our very eyes.

              • Genius:

                The website is Got carried away with the dd. Thanks.

                • Got it, thanks 🙂

            • Chuck Norris is a bad actor who made his fortune by being a propaganda tool and a reliable shill for the false flag terrorism specialist gang of blood thirsty, conniving psychopaths who run the state of Israel.

              Anyone who pays close attention to the credits on a Chuck Norris movie will see the almost comical list of Israeli names that will scroll by – producers, directors, writers, et al. Looks like a who’s who list of Yiddish luminaries.

              Schwarzenegger, Seagall, Stallone, Norris – were all used by Hollywood to prepare the American sheeple via a decade or more of non-stop ‘action’ films where these movie tough guys would be doing battle with Muslims, Arabs and, oh yea, don’t forget the favorite and most Hollywood hated demographic group – ‘White Southern males who drove pickup trucks with Confederate Flag bumper stickers on them’ and maybe an NRA sticker or two on the rear window. These guys were the ‘A-Team’ for preparing the stupid and gullible American population for the long planned, jewish neo-con planned ‘Global War on any Arab and Muslim nation that the Israelis hate and want the dumb goyim to destroy for them’.

              Like I said. Do not take my word for it. Check the credits on any Chuck Norris flick you decide to watch on Netflix. The guy is a propaganda tool for the Israeli War Machine – which runs on the blood shed by American military men and women.

          • After a night of partying, Chuck Norris doesn’t throw up, he throws down!





          • Yes so long as you add your master to the list in Isreal who did 9/11 to the american public and are now trying to get the USA to remove preident Assad so the zionist bankers can take more land it does not own.

          • How about using the PATRIOT ACT for something useful, and prosecuting anyone, govt or corporate, who aids or abets terrorism in any way, under it’s provisions on aiding terrorism?

            Hell, common people have had their assets seized and been arrested, for simply working for some charity that had ties to some organization or people on the terrorist watch list. Even if they didn’t know it at the time…but them obungler and most of our government get a pass, apparently.







        • Don’t Phuck with Chuck!

        • What a sad laugh……
          Norris thinks that ISIS is the enemy of America!!
          What he fails to understand is that ISIS is THE VERY TOOL the US government is building to achieve it’s “foreign policy” goals across this fucked up planet.
          How would Norris then address that conundrum, if he had the mental capacity to figure it out?
          Perhaps… many of us, he would insist upon “fists of fury” first being trained first upon the CRIMINALS in DC and Arlington, Virginia.

        • Chuck Norris doesn’t wear Superman pajamas, Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas!

        • And dang, what a great job he did ridding evil when he played Billy Jack. :o)

          • And he did a great job of getting his ass kicked by Bruce Lee in enter the dragon 🙂

            • and an even BETTER job when he beat bruce lee in REAL LIFE!

              • doooohhhhh…

                • lots of years ago i saw an interview and i believe chuck said he beat him for title of world champ, right? i BELIEVE they actually had a match against each other…and i’m juuuust to lazy to google it….awww, hell, i’m off to googoo….or maybe duckduckgoo

      2. Walker Texas Ranger is all riled up. Look out! On a serious note: WWIII – Not hardly. Sorry Walker. Maybe you should have a consult with Trivette and Alex about what should be done.

      3. I would like to here from Mr. Norris what he thinks about the Texas Rangers role in the Waco massacre?

      4. Also when Texas authorities took 400 lds children away from their parents after one crank? Phone call. Let start from there Mr. Norris. We want to know who you think is the domestic enemy. If anyone?

      5. He also said Jade Helm was the beginning of martial law and that I would be living in a WalMart by now.

      6. really? we are listening to what some washed up actor has to say… done.

        • Be done then, See ya. We don’t like his sentiment because he is an actor, we like it because we like it.

        • We are listening to your views, regardless of your profession. So….

        • Crash and Burn,
          I understand where you are coming from. Celebs in general are hypocrites and present only what will keep their paychecks rolling. Fans look at these people like they are a best friend but fans are only meal tickets. These same celebs know secrets that would disgust normal people but speaking out about what goes on in the industry would end their career. I have no use for those who have no morals or values. I could be wrong but Mr. Norris seems genuine.

          • Yes, I am a Chuck Norris fan.. but a Genius just sturred up the sh…t bowl. Isis is the calls creation as in our own government, so Chuck need to rephrase his points.. that why I had or remove the Genius from the agency ass clown list..he has been posting some sensible plucked up comments lately that for him on the board..we cannot ignore the facts about how and who started this jihadist crap all over the Globe.



          • The anti gun celebs are the worst. They made fortunes toting guns in movies. Anything a celeb endorses such as charities or merchandise I won’t partake of. Hypocrites.

        • It worked for Regan in the 80’s, and the current Republican frontrunner everyone’s raving about is a “reality” TV actor.

          So yeah.



          • It also worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura, they both got into the governor’s mansion.

      7. Chuck is just a normal person who has his eyes open. Good that his profession gives him the ability to share views held by many.

        • Simon b,
          great comment, and YUP!! your spot on, funny that every time someone that may have soon clout tries to stand-up the f—-g trolls show up and try to discredit them!! when we clean house it will include trolls, and there ip adress will and are being kept!!
          Amen brother stay safe the wild times are coming!

          • Making a list, checking it twice…
            So you can make vague threats towards people with different opinions.
            Murika, fuk yeah!

      8. This is my opinion and just mine.

        This is going to get nasty.

        Everyone who has been itching to try out their SHTF weapon and ammo stockpile may get the chance to use it.

        Do not underestimate the threat you and I are facing.

        We can debate until we are blue in the fingers from over key boarding comments. When SHTF hits the fan, everything will change. You and I will be different people.

        As I said, just my opinion and yes, I am concerned.

        • Weapon Prep Tip: Get a Gal. Sized Super Soaker squirt gun and fill it with Blessed Holy Water…Save to use as protection from Vampires of the syangouge of Satan.

          It will Melt them vampires and retun them to hell.

          • We will need a fleet of firetrucks pumping Holy Water!

        • I agree watching and waiting. Our families lives are at stake now. That tends to motivate me.

        • W&W

          When it goes down many will do NOTHING!

          They will take a number. Sit down and wait to load the bus to the FEMA camps.

      9. I like Chuck Norris. Never any foolishness with him romancing dolphins or the housekeeping help.

      10. Isis would crush chuck they would have his head on a fence post or use it as a bowling ball. People this threat is reality not reality tv.

        • His Rangers TV show in almost every episode portrays White Males in the typical hollywood PC method of demonize whitey men as the evil perps and portray Blacks, Mexicans, Amer Injuns, and yes also portrays jewish folks as Always the sad poor poor victims of evil whitey.

          Same goes for JAG Reruns on tv daily, Danial Boon Old 1960’s and Bonanza 1960-70s Episodes too…Almost EVERY TV series we all viewd as small kids contains huge doses of this crap propaganda…We just were never aware of it back then is all…Doubt Me? Watch a few reruns on dish network tv daily of any mentioned tv series shows.

          Gunsmoke is almost the Only one that barely ever has such propaganda in it. Most every Other series has it in spades.

          Whitey= Bad evil nazi and ALL non whiteys = Poor sad victims of evil whitey..Franfurt School of Cultural Marxism, at its finest work hour eh.

          McCarthy was correct Hollywood and fed govnt was and still IS a HOTBED of soviet jewdeokommie opperatives…About only thing McCarthy got wrong was in how badly he UNderestimated just how many jewdeokommies usa had back then…Real numbers were probably 25-50 Times worse then he ever dreamed of…Today it is off the proverbial Charts as to jewdeokommie marxist activity and opperative perps…they aint called Kommies today though, it got switched to zionists and neocons and has absorbed fully former dem lib soviet kommies into itself.

          So be carefull out there folks and recall Uncle Joe’s words of wisdom..”A Wize Monkey, Never Monkeys with another Monekys Monkey”..Uncle Joey, who came for Thankgiving Dinner and remained at my Crib untill…Next July 4th!!!

          • PS: the Worst or close to it of tv show series is Dr Quinn Medicine Woman!!….So PC and such femanazi re-write of history it aint funny.

            Typical show portrays Dr Quin aka a Import female massive femminist type from Britian, as antigun as finestien, anti Males excpet for pro Minority males always…

            Insists on folks calls her Dr MIKE!…Out to Prove every utopian kommie fem nazis dreams in spades.

            Her Two Best Pals are one Negroe man and one negroe female, also rageing femnazi only a Black femminist…

            Both blacks has Just recently been Liberated from Slavery Via civil war etc…yet in probably Less than 10 yrs time since war ended and both former negroe slaves gets set free…Now the female ex slave can Read and write and contemplates to write Poetry books or naybe fantasy fiction books about former slavery, what else!

            She also Owns the towns Only Resturant which compares to a todays version of a highly attended profitible enterprize where Upper crust patrons eat and dine out at…Very Very Upper crust for 1870 colorado small town.

            The Male ex slave owns what back in 1870 was probably considered the MOST important Buisness and Most Highly skillfull to do job then…Owner of Towns only Blacksmiths shop.

            He can Read and write even far better than the ex slave women can too!

            They also has several Black ex slave friends that visit the town now or then…These ex slaves that were a slave less than a decade ago or so, wear Thousand dollar suits, Speak with articulation that comes from obtaining Two PHD’s and 3 Master degrees!…Ones a chicago Architecht! guess hes Designing Sky Scrapers eh…

            Another is I think a succesfull Banker in some eastern City Upstate!..Black banksters in 1870!

            And besides leading the antigun females in town Dr “Mike” is also the Mayor! and her best pal white female owns only town Newspaper!….And EVERY woman in This tv town can and always does never hesitate to speak rude to a man in Public…Husband, Boyfriend or anothers husband! Openly hostility to Males in general as was the Norm in wild west 1870’s right…

            this dr Mike crap show is Soooo PC correct and so anti white male and so trys re write history to propagandize folks to actually Believe such stuff occured as portrayed it is disgusting at best…

            And this Is a prime example of what many refuse to believe happened in usa since 1934-36 era when that Frankfurt school of cultural Marxizm arrived here from germany and began its Mission to Kommunize american folks…Its Real, the frankfurt school was/Is real and only a Blind Fool cannot see today results of this crap.

            You Must peer close and look Deep into these tv shows and scripted actors voiced lines or you shall still miss this reality happening Under our Noses and since we was small kids 50 yrs ago….NO other thing has so destroyed usa and its people worse. It is the main creator of whitey Guilt and PC.

            And I say Every such shabozz goy actor as well as tribe actors are good for nothing money grubber traitors for agreeing to so subvert america in exchange for $$$$ and temporary fame…May they all Burn in Hell.

            • It’s strange, for somebody who allegedly hates that show so much, you seem to have NEVER missed an episode! I can’t comment on it myself having never seen it, but it sounds like the television takes up a big part of your day and the space between your ears.

          • Sounds like you spend your life watching tv and surfing Nazi websites. Great way to spend your golden years, just keep puking up all the hate and bile, maybe you will get it out of your system, but not if you don’t want to.

      11. Obummer and this sitting government will do shit…
        Their arrogance and ignorance will get people killed and the only result will be further erosion of our rights, American culture and way of life.

      12. How disappointing that Chuck Norris chooses to repeat the official narrative of events promoted by the government and the corporate media.

        The November 13, 2015 Paris attack was France’s very own 9/11 — its very own false-flag attack.

        ISIS — the designated villain in the 11-13-15 Paris attack — was created by the United States, Israel, and England, with help from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

        Come on — this huge army suddenly appears out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz; SITE Institute is also responsible for “discovering” and posting almost all announcements and video communiqués attributed to ISIS).

        ISIS is a manufactured enemy created to provide an excuse for more war and more government control. The real enemy is the international corporate elite and the governments that it controls.

        Once again, we are being conned. Yes, the government does lie about everything. Yes, the corporate media does work together with the government to reinforce those lies — the government can create any fictional scenario it wants because it can depend on the corporate media to back it up completely.

        As for Mr. Norris’s recommendation of “pre-emptive strikes” on Iran because of Iran’s alleged attempt to build a nuclear weapon, why doesn’t Mr. Norris demand that Israel give up its nuclear weapons?

        Israel imposes a South Africa-style “apartheid” on its Arab citizens and residents, has a long history of waging wars of aggression, and has over 200 nuclear weapons and long-range missiles to deliver them.

        Step back and take an objective look at Israel. Israel was created in 1948, the culmination of a Zionist initiative that began in the late 19th century. The justification for a Jewish-supremacist regime in a predominantly Arab “possession” of Great Britain (actually, a possession of the “Crown” — the City of London — but that’s another story) was that a holy book supposedly written 3000 years ago said that a supernatural entity promised that land to the Jews. Based on that, the Zionist Jews and their supporters drove out hundreds of thousands of indigenous Arabs and declared the land theirs.

        The United States government supported the creation of Israel in 1948, and supports Israel today. The United States government gives billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel every year. Numerous top officials in the government of the United States are dual Israeli/United States citizens.

        Why does Mr. Norris ignore the fact that Israel, a religious-supremacist, aggressive nation of questionable origin, has hundreds of nuclear weapons? Why does Mr. Norris believe that Israel should be allowed to keep its hundreds of nuclear weapons, but Iran should be attacked for trying to build one?

        As for Iran wanting to “destroy” Israel, if the government of Iran wants to “destroy” Israel it is in the same sense as those opposed to the white-supremacist regime of South Africa wanted to destroy that regime (they succeeded; South Africa is still ruled by the same people, only now the puppets are black instead of white — but that’s another story too . . .)

        • Johnny Kay:

          You certainly have done your homework. Great factual post.

          • Thank you, Jonny Kay.

            ..rarely, has TRUTH / Facts been presented here w/ such eloquent simplicity.

            Thumbs up!!!

            • Bullshit!

              JK says…”Israel imposes a South Africa-style “apartheid” on its Arab citizens and residents, has a long history of waging wars of aggression, and has over 200 nuclear weapons and long-range missiles to deliver them.”

              The land of Israel was “given” to the 12 tribes in a Divine covenant that was installed and declared before either of you too idiots were ever a twinkle in your daddy’s eyes.

              Take the -ew factor out of it and look at it with Biblical and historical facts. The land is God’s and it is where He will set up His Kingdom that is headquartered right out of Jerusalem.

              You dumbasses gonna stand up and shout “down with Israel” when Christ returns to cleanse it and set up the Millennial Temple?

              Come on now…don’t be shy, answer it truthfully. You -ew baiters are all delusional and don’t know that the “fake” -ews, for the most part, are not even present and residing in the Land of Israel. You dopes just want someone to blame for all the worlds problems and evil, so it is easier to cover blame the whole house of Judah.

              if you followed truth, you would know that King David purchased the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock/ the threshing floor, legally and binding and no muzzie has ever purchased anything there.

              The muzzies you so uphold, has linage back to the philistines, yet your types make them out to be good Arab citizens that somehow deserve a birthright to the land….give me a break.

              These people were so bad, just like many of the Syrian refugees today, their own kind don’t even want them in their lands. Think about it.
              How many Arabs and Iranians are extending a welcome hand to them. Even the Egyptians don’t want them.

              But you see the Palestinians as oppressed and their land as being occupied. Israel is the way it is because God wanted it that way. Evidently you have no problem going against God and His covenants.

              Now come on and condemn me and tell me how wrong i am. You may convince yourselves and your types like JQP, and POG to name a couple, but you know or will soon know, that I am right and God has made it clear the Land Of Israel is His, and the Philistine/Palestinians are defiling it. He even said to run them out completely…or..

              .Num 33:55
              But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.”

              Yes, it was from the original installment of Israel from God’s Covenant; but God is the same yesterday, today , and tomorrow.
              he gave israel the victory in the 1967 war, and then they (palestinians/arabs/etc), should have been removed fully again, but because of one man, they were allowed to stay, and what have they become to the nation? Just as it was in the days they disobeyed God, and made an agreement with them…the fakes and Idolators. One man made the decision then also, and it backfired. Take God out of the equation, of which you -ew baiters do, and it will backfire on you folks.

        • Great post Sir…great post.

        • Johnny Kay,

          What about 1948?
          Then there’s that pretty inconvenient number 1967.
          Oh brother!

        • John Kay from steppenwolf, Now there is a man that was awake and his words are just as true today as they were then!

      13. The presidents head is not in the sand. It is in a darker place.

      14. FTW… Agree with that. France, another NWO puppet state following what has proved reliable stages a false flag inside job to fan war flames. Meanwhile Joe America is bombarded while watching football games, not only with gobs of freaking commercials but patriotic support the troops blather with field sized flags and military flyovers. Opportunists want war bad.



      15. First,let’s talk about Hitler’s alleged invasion of Poland in September, 1939. During August of that year on one Sunday afternoon after church the fine civilian people, hiding behind the protection of the Polish military moved into what is called the Danzig Corridor and butchered over 60,000 German Civilians in the most gruesome of methods. Most died of wounds inflicted by hand held farm implements. Babies were nailed to the barn doors, and pregnant women had their fetuses ripped from their wombs. Not one Western leader, including Churchill and Roosevelt, uttered one word in condemnation of this massacre of innocents. About three weeks later Hitler counterattacked Poland to avenge his dead, and prevent other murders. The rest is history. Second, Chuck is as full of dodo as a constipated elephant, because the last thing this country needs is a new President of either party that expands our dysfunctional military. Our military caused this mess by not finishing the job in the Middle East. Again we don’t need our military meddling in other folks business. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with bringing down the towers, yet we hung his ass, just to say, told you so. Norris is Hollywood, nothing more. His movies were b grade at best. His brother, killed in Vietnam, was the true hero of the family. Go figure. thanks for your time.

        • Taxn2poverty:

          Wow. I never knew. Thank you. My reality shift is dizzying.

          • Don’t shift your reality just yet, his post is a complete fabrication. Didn’t happen. Total bullshit.

        • Ww2. Is full of lies. We are being totally manipulated. Only a higher power can save us at this point. Taxn2 is right. We are pawns. Lead to the slaughter. By billionaires that want more . There’s no limit to their greed.

        • “babies nailed to barn doors” is a fact.

          My Aunt by marriage, was married when ole uncle buck, was stationed in Germany in the sixties. After coming to America with their first of five children, Marie told me of those events. Yes, i was very young and did not fully understand, but the visuals stuck with me.

          She witnessed babies nailed to utility poles by their tongues.

          How cruel can someone be to do such a thing. it wasn’t until much later in life that i realized who actually did those killings and horrible acts.

          Some things can’t be covered up.

      16. Ok here is the red neck solution to the problem, round up all those muslimes put them in a big fenced off area. Back a shit load of trucks filled with pigs let the pigs out the muslimes will kill each other trying to escape there end of the muslimes

        • Or drop a big ass bomb on them and watch scum muslim pig parts fly high.

        • And Who was the kommie soviet rulership Of poland back in 1930’s?…..The same as russias soviets only Polish! aka Polish Jewish Soviet kommies is who did such atrocities wrote of in above post…And they did much more too..

          READ Alexander Solyzitzens (sp?) Final Book called “Two Hundred Years Together” it was wrote in russian and NEVER allowed be published in English!…To HIDE truth of jewish communist and what They are so guilty of is why.

          But thanks to websites, Today his final book has ALL chapters avail FREE Online and in it he Names the guilty jew kommies etc…he was a Nobel Prize writer and proven truth teller bar none…

          Michael Hoffmans website also has more truth articles and several, 1/2 dozen documented books he wrote, some are well Over 1100 pages long and expose more truth on talmudics and zionists and Real WWI and WWII History than You can digest in several lifetimes.

          Anyone needs a few good Proof truth Links?…Just ask me!

          Glad to assist in Your awakening…

          PS: Beware of various “facts” books that Do speak truth on Kommies of 1917 russia etc..BUT…They never speak 100% Truth! IE: while books like “The Black book of Communism” many folks promote for you to read…Far as I know of That particular book contains ONE Major Flaw.

          it NEVER mentions Fact that Yes Communism was/Is a Jewish invention and it Was ruled in every place by at least 90% jews at key top officials positions…

          1/2 Truths which leave Out the most important aspect such as “WHOM” was them evil kommie butchers?…Aint worth the read even when free. They are ALL basically Mainstream/msm approved PC type “facts”…

          “Do You Swear to tell the Truth…The ENTIRE truth and Nothing But truth”?…Theres a good reason witness stand Oaths like that ask about “Tell WHOLE truth” eh…Because anything Less is at best 1/2 truths, or Lies..

          it is either 100% TRUTH…or something Other aka propaganda or lies. Even the residnt Naysayers and mossad trolls or hasbarratts cannot refute that eh.

          • Speaking of books and truth..what about God’s book and where He explains that there are the “bad figs”…aka “tares”, that were planted among the “good figs” and “wheat” ====-ews? In 1948 the good fig was set out and along with it, some bad figs were transplanted also…we get it.

            You always fail to mention those, when putting all blame on the house of Judah.

            I love it. You people speak of lies and half truths as you try to gather your -ew haters harem together, but you never get around to telling the whole truth.

            You speak as though you are somehow more righteous for speaking about the synagog of satan -ews, but never give any respect or place for the others.

            OTHERS? Oh yes, there are other -ews, that already have their Millennial positions declared by the Creator, in His laying out of the positions of the original tribes allotments of land in Jerusalem.

            Guess where the two -ewish tribes of Judah and Benjamin are located? At the two main entrances to the Temple. Oh yes, you expect to enter the Holy of Holy’s, you gotta pass right through the -ewish tribes allotment of lands.

            Screech to a halt, stand to the side..that might work for yous guys.

            That might be a problem also, if you still blanket cover all of Israel/-ewish, as evil/bad/responsible. Better read in Ezekiel and make some adjustments, before the true Adjuster gets here.

            • Passin:

              The utterance from the clergy which confuses Christians most and which is repeated from the pulpit and from the printed page without ceasing is “Jesus was a Jew. We must protect and help the Jews no matter what they do because they are Gods chosen people and if we do not help them, God will curse us.” Completely ignored is the definition of the “anti-Christ” as given in I John 2:22-23.

              “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is Christ? He is anti-Christ that denieth the Father and Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father, but he that acknowledges the Son has the Father also.”

              This couldn’t be more clear, and it certainly is an accurate portrayal of Jewish thought today. In II John 10-11 Christians are given a strong admonition as to their attitude toward these anti-christs:

              “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine (that Jesus is Christ) receive him not into your house, neither bid him Godspeed: For he that biddeth him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deed.”

              This leaves no room for argument, Passin. Can any person of any race be saved who decides to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Absolutely. Does the Jewish religion of the Torah/Talmud allow Jews to believe in Jesus? The answer to that can be found on their own websites Jewish 101 or Jewish Virtual Library.

              The supreme court of Israel has a law stating if a Jew believes in Jesus Christ they cannot be a citizen of Israel. So how many of those people you are citing that live in Israel are of the true house of Israel/Judah when their own government says they cannot live there if they believe? How many Passin?

              Does God set up his final kingdom in Jerusalem? Yes, but only after the anti-Christ and his minions lay claim to it for a period of time.

              By the way, in past posts you have acknowledged that the state of Israel is not the nation/peoples that received the blessings God promised to his people. There is no way that tiny barren place ever fit in with those promised blessings.

              As far as the two witnesses go no one knows who they are, and no one knows what they will look like or dress like either… us how you came up with that.

              The people you have called out in your posts as Jew haters/baiters do not like the muzzies religion any more than you do Passin. They, along with all the other false religions who do not believe in Jesus Christ, are Christianity’s enemies.

              The muzzies and our kids will be fighting WW3 for the PTB/banksters and their desire for their ownership of the world and most Americans are buying the MSM rhetoric leading up to that war.

              I leave you with this quote:

              “When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

              You should leave the name calling to the trolls, Passin. It is beneath you.

              • My response to you is…Fuck off!

                I don’t listen to fools, and make my own decisions and live with them. I don’t care about your twist on the -ews that according to God’s word…have blinders on, and the appointed time the blinders will be removed.

                But, you and the other -ew baiters would not know that because you twerps are too busy tooting your own horns, or each others.
                Sounds like you need to recruit Eisen itch, he is famous for tooting horns.

                You can twist my words that come from sound biblical doctrine and not get a leg striping from me; just a verbal lashing.
                However; you keep mocking God, and well…I just would not want to be in your shoes…so…you can still do as i first instructed…is that beneath me enough for ya?

      17. Why are we nit picking Chuck’s comments? Aren’t we on the same side?

        • Apparently not, seems everyone has to think exactly like some folks or suffer for it.

      18. When monsters sit around a campfire they tell Chuck Norris stories…

      19. Arnauld Swartziniger told his future wife that she had a nice ass. This Kennedy gal was so impressed she jumped on his motorcycle and they drove right into the Governors mansion. Mr. Biceps tried to get to DC but his place of birth became an obstacle. Far be it from me to suggest that Hollywood moguls would conspire to put an actor into the Oval Office, as if that has ever happened. But at least with old Chucky, he could be his own body guard.

        • BfCa, at least Chuck has a birth certificate.

          Norris reminds me of Putin, a real man.

          Research Chuck’s history, he is a self made man, rare these days.

          I would rather him be in charge for the last 7 years, at least he has morals…

          And no bashing, anyone would be better than what we have now.

          John Wayne for president, whoops, too late…

          • Thanks Mac, you got a great place to vent, good, bad, or indifferent, we all can place comments to express what we feel.

            We all grew up different, hence all the range of opinions.

            Eyes open, no fear…

            • One day we may NOT be able to do so…

              One CME, EMP, earthquake in the USA, could change all we know.

              Thanks, Mac…

          • Eppe:

            I agree that it would be hard to find someone worse than Obama. I like Chuck Norris. But even a fine individual can only move an inch one way or another without the approval of the ZioNWO. He will just be reading his lines. We are a Country under occupation. It has been that way since Kennedy was killed and Nixon was removed. All the other assignations in government and of celebrities who stepped out of line. TPTB let us vent but they record our opinions and punish us in our private lives in so many ways. Be brave. God willing, truth and freedom will win in the end. So far evil has a head start.

            • Sad, is it not???

              We seem to live in a world of questions…

              Be well all…

      20. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
        Zionist Rahm Emanuel
        Former adviser to Zionist controlled first multi-racial President who may possibly go down as the man who destroyed America through a program of open borders and massive importation of hostile aliens.

        Good work ZioNWO.

        So long America, land of the free.

        • B/Ca..

          Per bidding farewell to the US…look at it this way, its being done by design. Many have accepted that fact. Its necessary per the NWO-JWO schematic.

          Thus, to remain ahead of the zio-game of…race, culture, Christian & individual sovereignty destruction..

          We should focus a step ahead, o’ the bastards via, ensuring the Balkanized region we inhabit(after the fight/revolution), becomes something better.

          Yep, the U.S. is going to break apart & several/manifold countries will arise from its ashes. Its up to us, to determine the “Liberty Index” of our respective regions.


 Sarge used to say: ..aim small, miss small.

          Btw, where is that scoundrel..I miss his posts!

          • Sgt is hunting at a bol…

          • Hunter
            Thanks. SCOUNDREL is a nice name to hear. The guys in my hunting party were calling me others. You see I took a button buck ( I thought it was a doe) in the morning. and that afternoon I took a nice young 5 pointer.
            They accused me of having them tied up. You see I’ve have done this now for three years in a row. I’m not going to tell them it is just dumb luck! The other 5 adults didn’t get a deer. Several shots fired and several misses. I was the only one that got smoke my Victory Dance (cigar). They also had to buy lunch and dinner for me. Now do you see why I said what I said.
            Had a great time and did get some things done there.

            As far a this French thing goes I’m pissed. I don’t have a lot of love for the French, but these folks had no fighting chance against these Bastards.


      21. Like the saying goes I ain’t no Genius..but I see as hell know what’s really going on



      22. NOVEMBER 16, 2015 PARIS — President François Hollande of France called on Monday for constitutional amendments to fight potential terrorists at home and for an aggressive effort to “eradicate” the Islamic State abroad.

        His call to arms — “France is at war,” he said at the opening of his remarks to a joint session of Parliament — came as security forces in France and Belgium zeroed in on a suspect they said was the architect of the assault that killed 129 people Friday night in Paris. The suspect, a 27-year-old Belgian, has fought for the Islamic State in Syria and has been linked to other terrorist attacks.

        Mr. Hollande spoke after the French police raided homes and other sites across the country in an effort to head off possible further attacks and as the authorities in Belgium hunted for a suspected assailant in Friday’s attacks.

        Mr. Hollande called for quick action by Parliament on new legislation that would give the government more flexibility to conduct police raids without a warrant and place people under house arrest. He said he would seek court advice on broader surveillance powers. And he called for amendments that would enable the state to take exceptional security measures without having to resort to options currently in the Constitution.

        Mr. Hollande is also seeking to extend the current state of emergency for three months and let the government strip the citizenship of French natives who are convicted of terrorism and hold a second passport.

        “Our democracy has prevailed over much more formidable opponents than these cowardly assassins,” Mr. Hollande said.

      23. Wants:

        – constitutional amendments

        – quick action by Parliament on new legislation that would give the government more flexibility to conduct police raids without a warrant and place people under house arrest

        – broader surveillance powers

        – amendments that would enable the state to take exceptional security measures without having to resort to options currently in the Constitution.

        – extend the current state of emergency for three months and let the government strip the citizenship of French natives

        No mention of:

        – Allowing citizens the right to protect themselves

        – Justification of prior actions in the M.E.

        – How diluting democracy is suppose to protect democracy

        – Why Syrian nationals and ISIS affiliates were allowed into France

        • Typical NWO puppet.

      24. Their letting them in to create a situation were they can justify martial law . Isn’t it obvious? How else can they disarm us?

      25. ZOG got what it wanted martial law in France . We’re on the list. Traitors beware. A traitors death. Isn’t pretty.

      26. The war started years ago as we allowed our leaders to bomb Syria just so that Isreal could get some free land because we are in so much debt to the international bankers of the world.

        Yes it became war all right when Russia started to take out ISIS fighters who you americans are supplying with weapons because that stops the bankers from getting the free land in Syria that your government had promist to give to the jews.

        Paris has a new flag, it’s the false flag and has the same colours as the one the USA got on 9/11

        • Mr. Smith:

          There is a speech by a man, Benjamin Freedman, on U-tube. He explains in 1961 how we got into WW1&2 and why. And why WW3 is part of the plan for a global takeover. I have never heard anything as chilling and as seemingly authentic. It changed my world view and put my beliefs into an entirely new perspective.

      27. Norris is a pussy, all talk no action. He is an actor and everything is staged. Get real people. If it hit the fan, he would duck and run and hit behind his big walls. Just like the big mouth elected people. Remember when Bush said “Bring them on” as long as he had the SS protecting him.

      28. The war with islam started in 1983 with the bombing of US MARINE CORPS BARRACKS…which reagan let the scumbags get away with!!

      29. Been gone for the last 5 days at BOL#2 working on several different things, and taking down some supplies. Found out that the muslime bastards attacked a bunch of unarmed people at a concert. Them bastards won’t attack armed folks and when they do like in Texas they die fast very fast.

        If them bastard muslime want a war give it to them. I don’t give a SHIT if they even use NUKES on them!!!!!

        I’m saying this LOUD a CLEAR. If a muslime bastard kills any of my family. I will declare my own war. They will not know when, how, or where I will hit them. There will be no mercy shown. I will send as many of them to HELL as I can. Time for men to be men and protect their families and seek revenge when harm is done to their families. An Eye for an Eye!!!!!

        No Syrian turds in Illinois. Thank God we have a Republican Gov.


        • As Congress and America’s governors debate whether to allow in more Syrian refugees, more than 2,000 already have been admitted since the start of the 2011 Syrian civil war.

          As it stands, a handful of states have absorbed the bulk of the Syrian refugee population: California, Michigan, Texas, Arizona and Illinois.

          The federal government, under a 1980 law, has the ability to admit and resettle refugees using federal funds, while taking state input under consideration.

          Together, just those five states already have accepted hundreds.

          According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, since Jan. 1, California has received 218 Syrian refugees; Michigan has received 195; Texas has received 194; Arizona has received 153; and Illinois has received 131.

          At the same time, some other states have received none at all this year, including Alabama, Maine, Iowa and New Mexico.

        • Of Illinois’ last seven governors, four have ended up in prison.

          Rod Blagojevich was governor from 2002 to 2009. He was convicted of numerous corruption charges in 2011, including allegations that he tried to sell or trade President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat. He is currently serving a 14-year sentence at a federal prison in Colorado.

          Blagojevich was impeached on this date, January 30, four years ago.

          Dan Walker, governor from 1973 through 1977, pleaded guilty to bank fraud and other charges in 1987 related to his business activities after leaving office. He spent about a year and a half in federal prison.

          Otto Kerner, governor from 1961 through 1968, spent three years in prison after being convicted of bribery related charges.

          Republican governor George Ryan was found guilty of a 22-count federal indictment. The charges included racketeering, bribery, extortion, money laundering and tax fraud. The indictment alleged that Ryan steered several state contracts to Warner and other friends; disbursed campaign funds to relatives and to pay personal expenses; and obstructed justice by attempting to end the state investigation of the license-for-bribes scandal. He was charged with lying to investigators and accepting cash, gifts and loans in return for his official actions as governor.

        • Don’t worry sarge, I don’t think buck toothed Illinois ridge runners are a high priority target for ’em.

      30. The secret to being a successful Prepper = love.

        Love of family/neighbors/country/Christ.

        We WILL beat Islam because we love and they hate.

        The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want

        • Them Hogs.

          You can have all of that but you need the will to fight and Americans don’t have it.

          They will melt into the soil when they are fire upon. Then beg their oppressors to live as slaves.


        Guys, this is embarrasing, but i have to come clean to let you know that i have weaknesses that had to fixed. No the car didnt break down, the Bug out bag had catostrophic failure.

        Then i dropped out out of the 3%, and was no in post SHTF CALAPSE AND in Dred lock terrain.

        Yes Sarge, definately get that Bug out LOC ready. I have to agree with you on that one. Now your going to laugh your ass off at me. This is almost embarrasing to say the least, how Mr Prepper extraodinaree, just became a dread post calapse victim, had it this happen in real time.

        Talking about BOL’s. You guys are going to laugh your asses of at what happend me, and what i discovered last Saturday morning. I also met with the scientist. I had a serious phucking emergency, life threatening. In fact has shtf commensed on Saturday, i would be dead by now and would not have survived the first 24-72 hrs, yikes?

        So i am sitting in a restaurant reading this very site and it commentors, when my waiter looked at me, you see that, then i did a 180′ and noticed the Paris attack was going on and so i jumped on, figured Steve would have it up, ofcourse he is on it like fly on sh…t. but you see something unsuall was going on for over a month, i couldn’t put it together. My girlfriend and i had met over 2 months ago, kept talking back and forth and we had not even gone a date until 2 weeks ago, when she jumped in the HCKS Camaro SS, boy i was so proud of my car, all fixed up, AC, new Stero system, bue Tooth, and other BS, New MSD Ingmition system and exaust, only to hear say, whats that weird smell in you car? you see i had told her about my homelessness, but didn;t tell her that i had taken a piss in my car and spilled it on the passenger side of the car, so that carpet was dried out and since i am the driver everyday, i am thinking damn, this is not good, so i told her it was from my Ac leak, a flat out lie, because you have to lie to women sometimes. Since i told her that i have to get her a Bug out Bag made for her car, since Houston is a rough Terrain, and she has been keeping up before she met me, so what was that smell. So remember now this is 2 weeks ago.

        Saturday morning.

        So we had the HAARP induced torrential rains that rained down on Houton a few months ago, flooding out the entire fricking city, and getting into my car trunk, damn. If you all recall that flood.

        You see my bug out bag in my trunk compartment at a secure location. So it was time to check to add a few mor prepps just incase, because the Paris attacks put me, and us on high alert. When i dove into the compartment, i had over 7 inches of water and my bug out bag is in it, totally soaked, i nearly sh..t, it stunk so bad, mold all over inside the car, i pulled out the fricking think, pulled the drain pulg and water, green water and algae, started ro run the hell outside over 3 gallons of it, holy crap. i then rushed to open the bag, everyting phucking thing totally destroyed, all over lighting power, batteries, my solar accesories, my ammo, bars, freeze dry, busted open from water damage, total complete loss. I called Hammer told him what happen, he is like are you sh…ting me. He reminded me how phucked i would have been if we got hit off guard and the fact that i would not have reach the BOL. Not to mention getting eaten by wild animals wolves and cayotes.



        I would not have survived, and would be dead as phuck.

        All the batteries busted open, spilled acid, damages every flash light, rusted up all othem, and everthing. all over. Had a shtf event hit me, i would have had nothing to even survive on to get to my BOL. I would have been totally completely phucked. It then took over 3 hrs to reassemble another one, this time better, sealed up the max, provissions resupplied, with better stuff, back to 100%. restocked the ammo, luckily my gun was not in the bag, that would have been totally screwed and usless and rusted out.

        How the hell could i have let somehthing like that happen. I should have left the damn plug out and open, but no, i know what i am doing, i am HCKS. Mr know it all, i am perfect? Yea right. My advice to everyone it this, check you stuff and re check it especially know, since we know that the UN is ramping up the attack to kick in ww3. I told my scientist friend what happened, he is like, picture the unprepared who know nothing, that are completely dumbed down. Anyone note prepped out, when 2016 comes rolling around, by the time July 2016 comes up, all sh…t is going to bust loose, all the food, transport of trucking, food supplies, power grid calapses, etc, eveyone is totally phucked. I did a comment on what he told me recently on and earlier thread you can go look up. Yes folks, i make mistakes too. This one would have literally costed me my life. I beefed up the water damage prevention proplem, ran the water hose in it flooded out the truck, with the Bug out bag in it, damged it and it passed the soak test, and its rapped on into 6 layers of heavy duty garbage bags and all it contents sealed with 6 bags a piece incase of secondary breach. QC complete. Of course the girlfriend is asking me crap about, i taught you what the hell your going, told i do, but damn.

        Plan A failed, left without a plan B, that meant i would have to walk without food, water, ammo, my gun with just the clothes on my back and now 1,000 dred lock, soldiers and mexican gangs, to contend with, now how the hell am i going to handle that. I would have been reduced to the average metro sexual useless idiotic and anothet statistic, Damn. I am still in shock.

        Guys, check you stuff, re-check it, if its in you car, check it again, we cant afford screw up like this. If this has ever happened to anyone, i want to hear about it. I feel like a f….ing idiot. Its embarrasing.



        Perfect my ass. Think again.

        • What in the HELL was that rambling jingle jangle all about? Is there some kind of cypher key you need to have to make sense of this guy? WOW, I’ve never seen anything like this.

        • HCKS
          Man we can all learn from those mess ups. Bad Mo-Jo man. Keep the faith!!!

        • I’m glad you were able to find it and fix it before it was too late….lesson learned. Now I will go check my bob…..

      32. Times are hard money is tight and the nordic tracks that chuck sells at 3am are not selling well cus everyone is broke so now he is a payed spokes person for the gov think about it hes not bullet proof nor is he matrix bending backwards dodge bullets hell arnold swartz is more bad ass but they cant recruit him

      33. Buy vaccume pack machine at everyones favorite conveinent place walmart and vac pack everything prob solved even if batteries leak they wont eat through plastic

      34. Remember moses diddent have a weapon he just picked up a rock and bashed in their skull even the roman soldier who was trained and had a sword now thats bad ass you are never without a weapon just look around and be resources

      35. Yea Sarge, tell me about it man. Godsoldier, i am going to look into that vacumme bag sealer, because even though i solved teh problem, i still doubled up on my plastic bags, but i am going to have to pull the bag and seal its contents the right way, and i never even taught of that. The life straw survied the water damage and comes sealed, as in vacummed sealed and it was in the water completely and the plastic that was used to seal it was real good, high quality material, so i have to give lifestraw credit. They have a good product with a strong heavy duty plastic bag covering. It literally survived the shtf test. I will be checking into that bag sealing technology for certain. Godsoldier welcome to the board, thats why i come to this site, i still have alot to learn. How in the hell can i let water damage end my life and cancell me out permanently, out of my own stupidity of not paying attention to the environment and its implications.

        As for the rock fighting in the field. I am a martial artist and i can tell you that i would not be fist figthing, i am smart enough to run like hell. I can take on up to 6 people and survive the attack, stop the threat and hurt the attackers, 7, 8, 9 , 10, 1,000. This my friends, lets be realistic, run like hell, then if you have 00 buck shot and good pump, then its easy to solve.



        When shtf strikes, you have to ready. As i can see i am just as dead and everyone, but my chances just increased again.

        • HCKS, I use the 3600 calorie mainstay bars in my BOB. They are vaccum packed in foil, 5 year life even under extreme temps, compact, cheap, no cooking or water needed, taste good, a 30 day supply fits in a shoebox. I have picked up a couple of the foodsaver vac sealers at yard sales for 5 bux each. DO NOT vac pack ammo in them without wrapping it in a protective barrier ( I did this and the points puncture the bags). Don’t vac pack anything that has sharp or pointed edges. The best way I have found to pack ammo is in a piece of 3 inch pvc with caps glued on. You can just knock the caps off with a rock or hammer when needed (be careful). Same for your firestarter and matches etc. pvc works good and you can use the pipe to carry water also.

          • As a matter of fact I also packed rice in vac bags and after a while it punctured the bags, same with dehydrated apples. You might be better off just sealing the bags without the vaccum. Or get some mylar bags and a heat sealer, I haven’t had a problem with that system yet.

      36. QUESTION ?

        Did not the French arm the PLO, Hezbollah, and other suppose to be terror organizations not long ago ????????

      37. Wrap pointy stuff with tp or papertowls

      38. WWIII STARTED SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

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