Chinese President To Military: ‘Prepare For WAR’

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the military to “prepare for war.” The Chinese nation’s military group that monitors the South China Sea and Taiwan are bracing for a bloody conflict over rising tensions with Taiwan, which also comes amongst a trade war with the United States that’s threatening to crumble the global economy.

    The Chinese president was quoted as saying it has become necessary to prepare for a war. “It’s necessary to strengthen the mission […] and concentrate preparations for fighting a war,” according to the Chinese president, who was quoted by state broadcaster CCTV on Thursday during an inspection of the Southern Theatre Command (one of the five war zones of China’s People’s Liberation Army) in Guangdong province. According to Sputnik News, Xi added: “We have to step up combat readiness exercises, joint exercises, and confrontational exercises to enhance servicemen’s capabilities and preparation for war!”

    The Chinese military’s war preparations appear to be in direct response to Taiwan’s insistence on also bracing for a military conflict with the large communist nation. Beijing’s extensive territorial claims in the waters, which include islands, banks, reefs, and maritime ways, are challenged by Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, and Taiwan.

    “We have to step up combat readiness exercises, joint exercises, and confrontational exercises to enhance servicemen’s capabilities and preparation for war,” Xi added, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Friday. On Thursday, during the Xiangshan Forum‘s opening ceremony, Wei Fenghe, China’s minister of defense and a State Council member, noted that “China will take decisive steps regardless of the cost to preserve its territorial integrity and repel attempts to separate Taiwan from the country.”

    Tensions between China and Taiwan are compounded by skyrocketing tensions between Beijing and Washington as well. Not only is the trade war amplifying political issues, but Washington has been approving arms deals with Taipei at a much faster pace than under Barack Obama and George W Bush. Meanwhile, the self-ruled island has been making public U.S. military movements near the Taiwan Strait and that information that would not have been released under previous U.S. administrations

    According to Collin Koh, a research fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Xi’s comments were most likely intended to stress Beijing’s territorial claims in the contested regions, according to Sputnik News‘ report. “It’s likely intended as a signal to the US in particular and any parties that Beijing perceives to be causing provocation [in the disputed waters],” Koh said, SCMP reported.


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      1. China I think feels that it has come of age and wants a Monroe Doctrine of its very own.

        • Chinkroe doctrine?

          The Chinese forget, all their military hardware and electronics are made in China. That means they are total crap. Use once and throw away.

          By the way, anybody see the movie “Air Strike” a 2018 Chinese movie that had Bruce Willis? Pit part for Bruce, but a WWII movie.

          It should serve as a reminder that China’s enemy is still Japan, not the USA.

          • “which also comes amongst a trade war with the United States that’s threatening to crumble the global economy.” Gimme a break. This so called trade war ain’t gonna crumble anything but China’s fleecing of the US. And China isn’t going to war, they’re saber rattling. They will be toast if they try to start a war or even a proxy against the US, and they know it. They think that this threat will scare enough Americans into pressuring our government to change course. Think about it for a minute. If you are fixing to destroy your enemy, are you gonna broadcast it?

            • You make total sense.

            • @Panther; Much of wha5 you said makes sense However it must be remembered that our military cannot beat goat herders in Afghanistan, and have been trying for 17 years!
              The US needs to also make their own rocket engines and use modern technology before they can successfully engage China AND probably Russia in a world war.
              There’s not gonna be a winner anyway in a WW3 scenario!
              Actual diplomacy makes much more sense for all concerned.

              • Afghanistan is not a good example to use. The military was very restricted as to the rules of engagement and combat. If we would’ve gone to fight in that country under Pres Trump (we wouldn’t have) it would’ve been over within a year. Isis was born from military mismanagement and that’s why we’ve been there so long. Diplomacy has gotten us nowhere with countries whose soul objective it is to kill us. Look at any war (Korea and Vietnam) that we basically had to leave before the mission was accomplished. They were mismanaged. If the US goes to war, let the military brass do their job. It shouldn’t be directed from offices in Washington DC

              • Diplomacy will only take you so far. You have to be strong not weak. Diplomacy hasn’t worked with China. China acts as a spoiled child, have a tantrum if they don’t get their way. WE buy more from China than they buy from us, and their products are cheap shit. Perhaps the American military could beat the goat herders of Afghanistan if they were allowed to fight a real war.

      2. If you look at history. Every country that has started a World War has lost a World War. The third time might be a charm? Or the 4Th WW will be fought with stones.

        • Every country that has started a World War started a small war that blew up into a world war.

      3. More people speak Chinese than any other language in the world.

        We must have a respect for our Nations borders.


        • I thought India had more people than china?

      4. The main goal of China’s one-child policy was not to curb population, but to produce an over-abundance of males….with no prospect of marriage. The Communist Party were well aware that most woman would abort their only child if female, due to the cultural preference of having male children. After several generations, the result would be over 100 million more males than females. When a country has that many military age males in surplus, it has a decisive advantage when going to war. China now has the technology, and could conscript an army of over 100 million men. Think about that for one moment….Then ponder our purged military where female, minority, and gays have been promoted into positions of command. And the hard-core tough Christian white heterosexual males have been demoted, discharged, or forced into retirement. And you get a clear picture of why China & Russia are preparing for WWIII. We haven’t won a war since WWII. Korea was a standoff. We lost Vietnam. The first Iraq war was not a war. It was a coalition of Allies to remove Saddams rag-tag army from Kuwait (a turkey shoot)…and we’re still fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan 12 years later. Me thinks we’re about ready to get our asses kicked.!!!!

        • JJ, the US is still safe because it’s protected bu our oceans. Neither China or Russia can land sufficient forces to threaten the Continental US.

          But I get your point. We have had a hard time “bullying” third world nations. What will happen against near peer countries?

          The only way we can loose is by Nukes or EMP?!?!

          • I need to wear my glasses when I post. Sorry.

          • 100 million soldiers? A few nukes would take care of that and the same would happen to us,oceans be damned.

          • The Chinese don’t need to do anything of the sort. They already have their chips embedded in all our computers and phones because the DEFENSE contractors were cheap and bought the cheapest stuff to build our overpriced war toys with so they could maximize their corporate skimmings from the military industrial complex. That’s what its PURPOSE was to fleece the USA PEOPLE out of their monies through TAXES given directly to the MIC in the name of USA Defense. you suckers just haven’t realized that the Chinese have won already as proven by the recent technology failures that involved major US PAC Fleet assets with collisions they could have easily avoided if the Navy personnel had been doing their jobs and not relied on lazy personnel using tech the Chinese could shut down remotely.

            • The Chinese chips are in most American routers, computers, laptops and almost ALL CELLPHONES and tablets.

              Yes, the Chinese have us by the Balls, and just one signal they cut us off from the modern world No EMP needed. Then the invasion and beach landings begins.

        • oooooorrrrr,
          they could just put women in the army like the Russians did in WWII.

        • Moving 100 million troops ain’t no small feat. If those troops are for defense, then they’re well protected but even moving 10% would be difficult. China ain’t gonna do crap except keep talkin crap. When was the last war China was in? Even if they’re technology is what they claim, they simply have no modern combat experience. More fear porn

        • China can’t feed their population now, they’ll have a very difficult time keeping 100,000,000 fighting soldiers fed adequately. It’s the logistics people here do not consider and who could blame them, it doesn’t fit into the narrative of fear porn. And just a little side note, quite a bit of the US population is armed to the teef, don’t underestimate that little statistic when you cheerfully exclaim “ me thinks we’re about to get our asses kicked”

        • What do you mean ” abort their only child if female”? They had no means of knowing child’s sex, these are poor people. They outright murdered the female child.

      5. Let the commie scum bring it.

      6. 0% chance of China/USA war.

        China’s best bet is to wait, and waiting is what China knows best.

        It will be interestingly to see Trump topple the Ruble and Yuan by Ramadan next year, he will because time will expire on his patience, Trump really wanted them to sign agreements to protect USA intellectual and corporate property rights. Funny how Russia and China recently dumped their US T-holdings (to punish the USA for sanctions/tariffs) and the moment they hit the market the FED bought them all up – within seconds!!

      7. Chinas main military advantage is the size of the army. They cant march over here so its worthless. Now the Mexicans could let them in and stage near the U S border and sweep across but I doubt it. Any other opinions ?

      8. ———————————————————
        God Bless the USA.
        God Bless Donald J Trump the elected President. May God lead President Trump and guide him to seek Peace, avoid all wars. Again, seek PEACE. God comfort our elected President Trump, Please give him good health, good rest, good judgement.

        May God comfort those who have lost due to war and foolish violent idiots.
        Deplorables Political Party:
        Say NO to NFL. “Take a knee” on the NFL. Cancel cable sports ticket. No pro football since they took knee. I LOVE AMERICA and our Anthem is respect for fallen brothers.
        Say NO to Leftist Hollywood. Buy NO movie tickets.
        Say No to US Anti-American media. Cancel cable.
        Say No,to CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and CANCEL your Cable TV.
        Say No to Leftist FaceBook-Twitter. Cancel thier accounts.

        Buy Gold-Silver-Food-Ammo with all the money you will save from no cable, no movies, no NFL swag or tickets.
        Do not pay Anti Americans.

        Because Pay yourself instead with Gold-Silver-Ammo-Food with savings.

        Say No to China.
        Buy American.

      9. RIP USSA

        • Nope.
          Just getting started.
          God Bless Texas.

          America will be back. Traitor O out.
          American is back at wheel.

          Future is bright.

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