China Warns Trump: “We Will Back North Korea If The US Strikes First”

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    All day Saturday, South Korea braced for a possible new missile test by North Korea as the provocative northern neighbor marked its founding anniversary, just days after its sixth and largest nuclear test rattled global financial markets and further escalated tensions in the region. Throughout the week, South Korean officials warned the North could launch another intercontinental ballistic missile, in defiance of U.N. sanctions and to further provoke the US. As Reuters reports, Pyongyang marks its founding anniversary each year with a big display of pageantry and military hardware. Last year, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on the Sept. 9 anniversary.

    Ultimately, September 9 came and went, and North Korea did nothing, perhaps signalling its eagerness to de-escalate. Or perhaps not, and Kim is simply looking to surprise his adversaries with the ICBM launch date. Experts have said the rogue, isolated regime is close to its goal of developing a powerful nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States, something Trump has vowed to prevent.

    Celebrating its founding anniversary, a front-page editorial of the Saturday edition of North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun said the country should make “more high-tech Juche weapons to continuously bring about big historical events such as a miraculous victory of July 28.”. The July date refers to the intercontinental ballistic missile test (Juche is North Korea’s homegrown ideology of self-reliance that is a mix of Marxism and extreme nationalism preached by state founder Kim Il Sung, the current leader’s grandfather).

    * * *

    Meanwhile, South Korean nuclear experts, checking for contamination, said on Friday they had found minute traces of radioactive xenon gas but that it was too early to link it to Sunday’s explosion. The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) said it had been conducting tests on land, air and water samples since shortly after the North Korean nuclear test on Sunday. There was no chance the xenon “will have an impact on South Korea’s territory or population”, the agency said.

    What is more concerning, however, is a Friday report on NBC, according to which Trump is readying a package of diplomatic and military moves against North Korea, including cyberattacks and increased surveillance and intelligence operations, after the nation’s sixth and largest nuclear test.

    Trump’s top national security advisers walked him through a range of options over lunch in the White House on Sunday, just hours after North Korea’s latest test, officials said.

    According to NBC, Trump is also seriously considering adopting diplomatically risky sanctions on Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang and upgrading missile defense systems in the region, administration officials said. In addition, the administration is not ruling out moving tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea should Seoul request them, a White House official said, though many consider such a move a nonstarter. It would break with nearly three decades of U.S. policy of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

    U.S. officials have also made the case to China that if Beijing doesn’t take stronger steps against North Korea, such as cutting off oil exports, South Korea and Japan are likely to pursue their own nuclear weapons programs and the U.S. won’t stop them, the official said. “It’s more a message for China than North Korea,” the official said.

    The U.S. has adopted sanctions aimed at Chinese entities that conduct business with North Korea, but has so far held back on broadly targeting China’s banking system. China has told U.S. officials it would protest such a move diplomatically and retaliate, according to the senior administration official.

    So what happened on Sunday? According to NBC, Trump’s national security advisers presented him with U.S. military options, including pre-emptive strikes, and nuclear capabilities should America be called on to abide by its treaty obligations in the region, White House and defense officials said.

    The president’s advisers have made the case, however, that military strikes on North Korea could have serious repercussions, senior defense officials said, and the most glaring among these is that China has told administration officials that if the U.S. strikes North Korea first, Beijing would back Pyongyang, a senior military official told NBC.

    This is not the first time China has warned the US not to escalate: on August 11, Beijing, through the state-owned media, cautioned the US president on Friday that it would intervene (militarily) on North Korea’s behalf if the US and South Korea launch a preemptive strike to “overthrow the North Korean regime,” according to a statement in the influential state-run newspaper Global Times.

    “If the U.S. and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so,” it said.

    At the same time, the Chinese regime made it clear that its preferred outcome would be a continuation of the status quo, warning Kim Jong Un, or perhaps Trump, that it would “remain neutral if North Korea were to strike first.”

    As we said almost one month ago:

     “not surprisingly, analysts have compared the standoff between the two nuclear powers (the North is a recent, if untested, member of this club) to a modern day Cuban Missile crisis.  “This situation is beginning to develop into this generation’s Cuban Missile crisis moment,” ING’s chief Asia economist Robert Carnell said in a research note. “While the U.S. president insists on ramping up the war of words, there is a decreasing chance of any diplomatic solution.

    Since then, the potential risks, mutual threats and near-hostilities have grown exponentially. China – which is by far North Korea’s biggest trading partner, accounting for 92% of two-way trade last year, and also provides hundreds of thousands of tonnes of oil and fuel to the impoverished regime – has only dug in deeper, explaining repeatedly that it wants a peaceful de-escalation and that it would not side with the US in case of a military conflict.

    * * *

    What happens next? Well, on one hand, after today’s lack of launch, there is hope that things will indeed de-escalate. A headline that just hit from Yonhap may accelerate this:


    On the other hand, what the US does next may be a sufficient provocation to force Kim to lob another ICBM. Earlier today, Reuters reported that the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier left its home port in Japan for a routine autumn patrol of the Western Pacific, a Navy spokeswoman said. That area included “waters between Japan and the Korean peninsula.” North Korea vehemently objects to military exercises on or near the peninsula, and China and Russia have suggested the United States and South Korea halt their exercises to lower tension.

    Another imminent escalation is due on Monday.

    That’s when the United States told the U.N. Security Council that it intends to call a meeting to vote on a draft resolution establishing additional sanctions.  U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said last Monday that she intended to call for a vote on Sept. 11 and then the United States circulated a draft resolution to the 15-member council on Wednesday.

    The United States wants the Security Council to impose an oil embargo on North Korea, ban its exports of textiles and the hiring of North Korean laborers abroad, and to subject Kim Jong Un to an asset freeze and travel ban, according to a draft resolution seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

    It was not immediately clear how North Korean allies China and Russia would vote, but a senior U.S. official on Friday night expressed scepticism that either nation would accept anything more stringent than a ban on imports of North Korean textiles. Chinese officials have privately expressed fears that imposing an oil embargo could risk triggering massive instability in its neighbor.

    Meanwhile, tensions are also growing between China and South Korea. The two countries have been at loggerheads over South Korea’s decision to deploy the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system, which has a powerful radar that can probe deep into China. Shares in South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor and key suppliers slid on Friday on worries over its position in China after highly critical Chinese state newspaper comments. Recently Hyundai auto sales in China have crashed as local suppliers and potential customers have shied away from the company due to nationalistic prerogatives. The military section of China’s Global Times newspaper on Thursday referred to THAAD as “a malignant tumor”.

    The good news, for markets, is that this Saturday’s widely anticipated ICBM launch from North Korea did not take place; the bad news is that said launch was at best delayed, and if and when it comes, the US will have to choose: do nothing again, and appears increasingly weak on the global diplomatic arena, or retaliate, and risk dragging China into the conflict, potentially precipitating the appearance of mushroom clouds around the globe.


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      1. I still say let China deal with Porky. Tell them, ‘he’s YOUR boy and YOUR problem.’ Bring our troops home. President Trump, we’ve got our own problems at home to deal with. Forget all about these foreign problems. Let’s take care of our own for a change.

        • You’re under the assumption that “Porky” isn’t doing *exactly* what China wants.

          • M, I don’t care what Porky does as long as he doesn’t attack any our people. Trump and the neocons need to back the hell off.



              • DK, who said anything about appeasing the bastard? I said let someone else deal with him and get ourselves the hell out of there. We’ve got more important problems at home to deal with. Let’s take care of our own. NK is not really our problem.

                • Was reading a good article a few months back about the period right before WWII when many here in the U.S. wanted to stay out of WWII, even while our Allies were getting hammered. People were saying “Hitler isn’t our problem”, and then came Dec 7th when Japan attacked what they considered a weak America. So, you say NK isn’t our problem? Will you still be saying that after they lob a few nukes our way in the future?? There missile technology improves every time they fire one off, which is often. NOT a good scenario………

                • “We’ve got more important problems at home to deal with. Let’s take care of our own. NK is not really our problem.”

                  How can you say Kim is not our problem ??? He threatens to nuke US everyday and is building a world class nuclear arsenal to do so … with impunity I might add. We have treaties, for well or ill with both Japan and SK to defend them. Kim is our problem whether we like it or not.

                  Kim is an EXISTENTIAL threat to the United States. He needs to be eliminated now. There is NO is more important to Americans than Kim. None. 🙂

                  • NK is a problem YOU created, and are still creating. As always, bully-boy America. Do as we say or we bomb you to rubble.

        • Deplorable Braveheart:

          Yes, I would think there could be no better solution than to withdraw from the wars and conflicts around the globe. Stop being the world’s policeman, mind our own business, take care of our own people, stop giving foreign aid to anyone, and rectify our own mess right here in the USA.

          Buy American…


          • Very very well stated. I could not agree more.

            I understand foreign policies and guarding our interests globally, but,we should withdraw and put our forces to guard the USA, and if we pulled out of all these war zones, I fear dictators having their way, but, as you stated, we simply have to stop being the police of the world.

          • If you really want to “Buy American” then don’t buy hypocrite Trump’s products. All are made in China, including Ivanka’s women’s line of clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.

        • If anyone thinks China will attack US forces in response to a massive pre-emptive strike on NK they would be wrong. The only thing that China will do is flood NK with Chinese troops, after it is so much rubble.

          China IS NOT ready to compete head to head in a naval, air, or missile war with the USA. It would lose. Its economy would also be destroyed and its financial system is precarious, at best. Ours cannot go much lower.

          TRUMP should call the Chinese bluff and destroy NK. If he doesn’t, Nk will only get stronger, more powerful, and more threatening. Turn NK into a sea of glass now !!! 🙂

          • I disagree. China has built a VERY strong military, including VERY silent subs, stealth aircraft and extremely dangerous anti-carrier missiles. They have well over 10-1 advantage in military man power and posses dangerous satellite “killers”. DO NOT underestimate them. Our military has been weakened by BHO for 8 years, our military is now at or below PRE WWII levels. And they know this. IF they take out our carriers that would pretty much decide things very quickly. BUT, don’t believe me. Research what I posted and you’ll see that we are in no position to “take out” NK and not expect a huge military response from China, and perhaps there ally, Russia…….

            • No. if our carriers were sunk or attacked, our Nuke sub fleet would render China uninhabitable. We have anti-missile technology that China does not yet possess. China does not yet have an equal capability to match US head to head militarily and they know it.

              “Backing” NK does not mean attacking the US unless we were to invade NK with the intent to merge it with SK. They they would intervene as they did in the Korean War. Regime Change can be accomplished from afar, leaving the Chinese to clean up the mess on the ground afterward.

              China would need at least another five years to catch up if our military would stand still. It won’t. 🙂

              • America has invaded how many countries? NK how many?
                America has bombed over 50 countries since 1950. NK how many?
                America has torture camps all over the globe. NK how many?
                America sends assassins into other people’s countries. NK how many?
                America has murdered 250’000 civilians with nukes. NK how many?

                I suggest you are worrying about the wrong country.

        • The main problem is, China fully SUPPORTs that Fat gay fuck!! China is no good. I wish both China and NK would burn to the ground.

        • Hahahahahahahahaha…


          BOMBS AWAY!!!!!

      2. Leave a few tactical nukes for the South Koreans,we owe them that at least,pack up,go home.

        Good luck to all in Fl. and any other states that take a hit from Irma,get your own cajun navies/armies ready!

        • Obviously, Florida is NOT a good place to ride out SHTF; not even the Everglades, contrary to a certain poster’s idea here that he is safe, secure, and out of harm’s way there.

          Don’t think he has posted lately. He must be trying to keep his “gold backed yuan” dry. 🙂

          • Hmmm….,perhaps pet alligator escaped from the bath tub!

      3. Well you know that the (((shekel monsters))) are NEVER going to let the US back away from the endless war drama.

      4. We just can’t afford it any more……

        • Ya think?

      5. China and Russia have made it perfectly clear to tyrants of any magnitude that if they strike first it will be their last. The US always chooses its own supremacy when confronted with values of any kind. The Wolfowitz doctrine has finally been called. It won’t be pretty, just look how they react to an election they thought was in the bag. The only question now is how rogue can you go?

      6. Kim Jong Un is a third-generation Anerica-hater. America prevented his grandfather, father, and himself from being the master of all of Korea. He needs an American boogeyman to make the North Koreans content with a miserable life. China wants the US off the Korean peninsula as much as North Korea does.



        End of Dr Strange love

      8. Well In glad that China has the clout to tell the war mongers to back off. You bet China and Russia are sick and tired of the UN bullcrap. The USA needs to cease trying to be the UN’s bully boy and perform police actions all over the globe. Bring home all the troops. close all bases not on US soil. Stop all foreign aid. We are a bankrupt nation deep in debt. We cannot afford to be the worlds policemen.

        • OG,
          For the most part I agree with you.
          But I’m thinking history and “The art of war”.
          We need to stay involved.
          Overseas bases are a political issue and I don’t
          really have enough information, But I think parking
          a CVN and SSGNs close to China is a good thing.

          I think we should quit giving any money to the UN
          and just speak up once in a while.

          We are bankrupt, but morally so.
          The Union Democrat retirees pulling down 100,000+ a year
          will be cut to 50,000 a year, which is a lot
          more than I get, let them tough it out!
          Our country is very rich because we are
          for the most part a free people and free people
          are greedy and want to get richer.

      9. Old Guy, good points. We’ll have a hard enough time coming up with aid money for the victims of Harvey and Irma. Trump just signed a bill authorizing $15 billion or Harvey victims and I’m sure that figure’s going to grow. He still has to come up with money for Irma’s victims.

      10. Perhaps the United States could encourage and help Taiwan with a nuclear weapons and missile program. You think that might get the point across to the Chinese?

      11. And we will kill the 350,000 PLA chi-coms that Obama and the rothchild and UN banking families brought over here and we will also take out the ones that cross over from Mexico into Texas. Russia and china is our enemy, period.


        Any Questions.

        • HCKS.
          “any questions”
          Yes I have one.
          Who is a bigger threat to your
          health safety and welfare,
          our Government or the PLA?

          My vote is our government.
          You and I can easily kill the PLA.
          Shooting your congress critter is a
          lot more difficult.

      12. Shooting a congress critter difficult?!Some crazed dem shoots up ball field full of em,just not a good shot is all that saved a lot of folks from death,a good shot would have taken down the ss and capitol cops and cleared the field leaving a large # of dead.

        They are like roaches(govt.),you need to take away the food supply,kill em till your foot sore as hell and will still have roaches till you starve em out.

        • War: I agree – they are definitely no good filthy Roaches!!!!!!! ALL of them are just disgusting and have ruined this once great nation.

      13. China is just playing games.

        They will tell you one thing and do another.

        We will see.

        • Sgt: China is a bunch of radical, dog-eating cunts! I have never liked their asses and never will. They are a super-sneaky bunch of shits, just like the damn heebs…

      14. The US has little military left to send to North Korea if a war starts there, so it will come down to South Korea’s military with US air support to defeat North Korea.

        That makes it even more likely that China will enter the war on NK’s side as China won’t be confronting a lot of US troops on the ground. China can simply pour troops in, set up a defensive line, tell SK to stop advancing, then force an armistice.

        China might also decide to depose Kim quietly and set up a more reasonable leader under their control.

        So the US can’t invade NK, SK doesn’t want to invade NK, and NK isn’t going to attack anyone first unless it looks like SK is going to invade NK. But NK will continue missile and nuke development until they get negotiation with the US – which the US won’t do.

        So it boils down to either: 1) Trump blinks and negotiates, or 2) Trump tries a “decapitation strike” which will 1) fail, and 2) likely cause NK to attack SK (or at least Guam) thus forcing escalation by the US and SK – and hence bring China in.

        Option 1 is the only option that has ANY chance of working.

        • There is option 4. Refuse to do anything. Just pack up and leave both koreas. China made it possible. Just tell China being you stuck your nose in we are done. We will just let you have the whole thing. Of course China and Russia will get all of those valuable minerals that North Korea has. That’s what this is about the wealthy want to exploit and profit from war and access to those natural resources. Its about the money . Its always about the money. China isn’t about to become involved. China is already deeply involved. China isn’t about to let anyone except China have access to the North Korea Natural Resources. China will eventually annex all of Korea. The Russians will let them & even help if necessary because its in their best interest to have the USA gone. Trump needs to tell his weathy buddies the Korea deal isn’t viable. But some stupid folks will still maintain that a war is necessary to protect America,s freedom. And stupid folks will encourage their gullible children to join the US military and become cannon fodder.

        • Dicky: The thing is though, you cannot deal with these damn cat-eating mutts. They are super sneaky, no good bastards that you cannot trust for 1 damn second. They have been extorting MILLIONS of dollars from the US for 20+ years and that garbage has stopped and the FAT Gay one does not like that one little bit. I don’t know the play here but something “real” has got to happen. We/they cannot continue like this.

      15. Wipe out China first: end of problem. thanks

      16. Hondo, uh, what have you been smoking? Sounds like suicide to me. The whole world will ump on the bandwagon to destroy us. Someone somewhere is begging for an opportunity like what you call for.

        • HA HA 😀
          was going to reply hondo and you are right …
          ‘begging’ is the correct word!!!
          Question: is studying ‘history’ or world history an optional subject in your schools?
          also ussa can NEVER give taiwan nukes as it is in your law that forbids it… and of course the international law too. ussa would have to violate their own law and the international law to act so stupidly and the crime and punishment would have been double or more.
          ussa can give nuke to s.k but then they worry one day s.k will turn the nuke back to ussa or sell the secrets to china and russia. jap alledgedly can make their own nukes in wks if they ‘dissolve’ their law and the threat is the same – all ‘allies’ can turn their back to ussa and point their ‘nuke’ back to ussa.

          Who’s your friend when you have no GOOD money left??? – law of nature?!?!

          for a bankrupt largest debtor nation, who’s population survive on financializing fake and fraudulent ‘assets’, the future is murky to say the least. why would you COMPULSIVELY do more damage to your own self thuosand miles away from your border and not learn ANYTHING?!!
          BEGGING YOU PLS!!!!!
          and it is always the people who pay the price… sadly.
          be safe

          • q: You are obviously some form of a filthy Asian, Gook or Chink. Do the world a true solid and hang yourself and don’t forget to insert that big, black dildo all the way up your ass you damn cat-eating whore you.

            • thats your reply??? 🙂 dear me

              if you are indeed a true Concerned-Citizen!,
              why dont you ask your leaders what are they doing with your tax money?!
              then ask why are they commiting all kinds of war crime and financial crime around the world?
              and these war and financial crimes will eventually come back to you, the people of usa, and you will have to pay on their behalf.
              Go ask your leaders, ‘why should you pay for their crimes?’ if again you are a Concerned-Citizen!

              btw our words express the stature of the man.
              You are free to disagree with me but you should not lower yourself so carelessly. Words come from your deepest soul. You are a decent human, and not a animal or a bot aren’t you? Just checking.
              anyhow, be safe Concerned-Citizen!
              No offense taken 🙂

              Times are tough and the show must go on…
              alot more unthinkable events has been lined up it seems
              and its not going to be nice or easy… sad to say.
              Be safe all

      17. I have to say our own government, as the rogue faction elements, not Trump. Trump is fighting that faction is what I was told. The military is spilt up into 3 factions, a UN faction, and Obama faction and a Constitutional faction. The Constitutional faction is the faction that Trump is alighned with.

        Our own government is a threat, not the Trump government, you all need to understand this, its complicated. But I have to say the PLA too, with the wrong government is place, its both, and they will have the PLA come in and kill us. In fact, over 350,000 of them have been brought in. The Bundys spotted Chinese soldiers on the outskirts of that ranch. Dr James Garrow also confirmed these facts.

        This is how the PLA GOT HERE. Obama brought them in to have them kill us, and take us over from the inside of the US. Trump is getting ready to resind the UN standing army and have them removed from the United States sending them home. This is what I heard is going to happen. Its that serious, the UN, has over 250,000 UN Cubans that can deploy in the UN, anywhere from Cuba in 1 1/2 hrs, to take control of every major city. The Chinese then come in from mexico, the 350,000 Chinese in the US activate, along with the 25,000 Russians, the jihadist that run the power plants, then shut them down, triggering AND SHTF event. Its some really serious shit that I have learned.


        • Any invading force from border would as last resort be met with battle field nukes,as for any in interior could if really there do a fair bit of damage but would be cleaned out pretty quick even with a partial/full grid shut down.

        • HCKS: We have to fight and do our absolute best to smoke all of these no good invaders!! I will work my rifle and my ammo and my supplies until I can no longer. We have got to take out the trash so to speak. The time is very near so it seems my fellow American Patriots.

      18. I think most intelligent, learned Americans would also support NKorea, when it comes to turning against the psychotic behavior of the Satanic, Warmongering United States of Zionism.

        • Yep its those Zions who want control of the north Korean minerals. They already control the scrap iron business almose everyplace. They don’t want those natural resources being mined and coming on the market and undermining their monopoly. The same with oil they colluded to prevent Russia from being a player in the world oil market. Now Russian oil will be marketed by China. The days of the USA being the Bully world Police are fast coming to the end. I think that is a very good thing.

        • Yep its those Zxxx Jxx’s who want control of the north Korean minerals. They already control the scrap iron business almose everyplace. They don’t want those natural resources being mined and coming on the market and undermining their monopoly. The same with oil they colluded to prevent Russia from being a player in the world oil market. Now Russian oil will be marketed by China. The days of the USA being the Bully world Police are fast coming to the end. I think that is a very good thing

      19. Sunspot AR2673 has erupted again with a Class X8.0 solar flare 9/10. This is after a X9.3 eruption earlier. It is rotating away from earth but will reappear in two weeks. Flares of this size are very unusual.

      20. The Un isn’t any threat. The only clout the UN has is the USA Armed forces. If the USA quits supplying troops and Funding the UN is finished. Hicks is full of bad information. The UN hasn’t been effective any place it has been. I would like to see the UN attempt to use blue helmets to try and invade the USA. That would be the final straw. The citizens would declare open season on blue helmets and white vehicles. There aint any Chinese troops in mexico. If they where those Mexicans would kill and robb them long before they ever came close to the US border. The Mexican government isn’t in control of their country. The drug gangs are who really controls the country. The officials are corrupt & bought off.

      21. Old guy, you live in mexico. A cop I am friends with told me what was going on in Panama canal and mexico. Chinese military is in mexico, THIS IS A BIG FACT OF LIFE HERE BUDDY. I don’t think you know why Trump put that prick Pena on notice and has threatened to pull out GM. Until we get rid of that drug dealing criminal cartel mexican government, chi-coms will be stationed there. We even have these PLA in disguise in all the major cites of the US, and they are all muscled up, going to our universities, working at you local Chinese restaurant. 350,000 of them are here and move will be coming, mexico has 1,200,000 and THIS IS A FACT BUDDY


        • I had someone telling me what the law was that pertained to a certain subject. I asked him how do you know this? He stated I know because I asked a cop. Like putting on a badge gives cops instant knowledge of the law? I spent a considerable time in Texas near the New Mexico border and where I was at was along the border. The folks who I worked for had
          vast amounts of leased grazing land and mining operations in Mexico. I crossed that border every day. No guards nothing just drove that semi truck across a ford on the Rio. You are in my opinion beyond dumb. You apparently believe anything some cop or scientist friend tells you? Just how thick is your skull. I thought you where leaving? You are not some Agency Ass Clown. You are just a Clown.

      22. Trump should signal China that we will be arming Japan (perhaps other allies in the area) with nukes, on land, sea, and air. We will be doing this as of January first unless he disarms North Korea.

        They will rapidly remove this little runt of a terrorist as they don’t want nukes on their back door any more than we did with Cuba.

        Time is up.

      23. And Those nukes stayed in Cuba. Kennedy did not get them removed. Your solution just increases the nukes in the hands of more people. And its would cost plenty of money that the USA don’t have. We need to stop our military from being spread out all over the planet. That’s why Rome fell. Their armies where spread out too far and too sparsely. The only reason this trouble is brewing is wealthy folks want the valuable minerals that are in north Korea. China and Russia will never let the USA wealthy elete have those deposits. Trump and his Jxx friends need to give it up. We need to leave both Koreas and not waste another red cent in the whole deal.

        • Cuba has no nukes. Fake news. Japan would pay for the nukes or help defray the cost. MAD works. Appeasement does not. You are confused, old guy.

      24. Wipe out China first? After 16 years the US “superpower” has been unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, who have no air force, no Panzer divisions, no worldwide intelligence service, and the crazed US government in Washington is courting war with Russia and China and North Korea and Iran. Really Smart move aint it. Just because Trumps wealthy Jxx Friends want control of the mineral deposits in North Korea. Well we didn’t vote for Trump because he is such a great person. We voted for him because Hellery was such a lousy despicable horrible thing. Most of us knew there wasn’t any viable political & ballot box fix. So keep on prepping is the only reasonable positive action we can do.

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