China: Testing Ground for U.S. Surveillance

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    There is little doubt for most of us that the recent shootings in Florida were not merely a “spontaneous, random event,” precipitated by one individual. At the very least, if Cruz (the alleged shooter) was a “lone wolf,” then the Deep State and those who back it in the Congress are going to exploit it. They will not allow such a crisis to go to waste. Now a new “crusade” is forming by the Statists for gun control.

    They know: once they control the guns, the gulags can follow.

    Indeed, the Democrats have just announced they will submit “reforms” totaling more than 100 pages on gun control. It has been announced that all 49 Democrats of the Senate will be in lock step with this one. Is McCain counted among that number? Taking the guns away from the citizens is just one part of the equation. The other part (equally as sinister) is the ubiquitous state of surveillance that is being emplaced throughout the United States.

    China is the “testing ground.” If it works in China, the Statists are convinced it will also work in the United States in the future…when they intend to unveil it. We have already seen drastic measures being taken with bills that include biometric passports with more difficulty for American citizens to leave than for anyone to enter. That is because citizens are subjects, and we pay the monstrous taxes…the highest of any country in the world…to keep us impoverished, keep us on the treadmill, keep the system going…the infallible system, that of the existing social, political, and economic order.

    Popular Science writer Rob Verger just released an article on 2/8/18 entitled Chinese Cops are Using Facial-Recognition Sunglasses: Here’s How that Tech Works, that bears reading. In a nutshell, the glasses are used by the cops to “look” at a potential suspect, and the glasses relay those images to a database that compares files with individual biometric characteristics and sorts them out…to determine if the suspect is at hand.

    Sounds simple and innocuous, but it isn’t…because what can be done is to have a deeper database that places people under surveillance and monitors their personal habits. Yes, Big Brother on the street corner. We wrote previously about Chinese hand-held devices that enable the Chinese State Police to ID someone right on the street. These “sunglasses” complement those existing systems. They also have handheld readers that allow them to scan laptops and mobile phones.

    Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, and a host of other oligarch-politicos have all mentioned that a world system that would be effective should take as its example the system in place with the Communist Chinese. The funnel is narrowing, and it would take nothing to emplace these systems in use in China everywhere in the U.S. Questions are unanswered that point to an answer if they are thought upon long enough. Why are cameras springing up everywhere? Why was the Obama administration so hot to nab Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? Why the obfuscation, censorship, and control over things that violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens by the government?

    The answer is simple: we are slowly being manipulated and assets and resources being emplaced to enable a transition to a surveillance state…a completed one…when the time is right. They need to make the attempt to control the guns, and they need to monitor the actions of everyone, all the time. The “Thought Police” of Orwell are just around the corner…and when they decide the time is right, the United States will cease to exist in its present form.

    Watch what they do in China: with technological surveillance and monitoring, with controlled urbanization (such as forcing residents to live in shipping containers…little more than a cage), and with control over the Internet. Watch, simultaneously, in the United States how some creep is more than just a creep…and at the very least, and unwitting tool in the hands of the Deep State…an excuse to usher in gun control. They have to get the guns, and they have to control and monitor the movements and actions of the people. “1984” was written years ago, but it may take place tomorrow, and be in place when we awaken.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. JJ, another damn good article. TPTB have no idea of the hell they’ll be unleashing onto themselves. They underestimate us at their own peril. I’m not giving up anything and I’ll be at the BOL when the time is right.

        • TDBh, agreed. They are coming for the guns once more. The news was literally dripping with sobbing teenagers proposing any and all anti-firearm legislation. As is the POTUS, the NRA…… you name the group – “Killers of gay baby seals for Israel” (or something like that) I think were pledging to only use clubs from now on. I highly recommend topping off whatever the heck you think you need or want and settle in to wait for the fireworks. China. Geez. They are willing to lose a couple of billion for their own goals. Testing ground? Sure, why not?

          • Heartless, I never stopped stacking. I’ve got another trip scheduled for the BOL in March. Things are getting just a little too ‘interesting’ these days.

      2. Kick the chinese out.
        Take back the property they have purchased in this country.
        Just this past weekend, a person within the intelligence community made the statement that the Chinese presence here in the U.S. are a threat to the country.
        Being reported that while Trump was inin China, a security guard tried to take The Nuclear Codes from the officer who is responsible and Chief of Staff Kelley assaulted when he tried to intervene. Did they tried to do that with Nixon?

        We, have more than one threat to our freedom and security in this country.

      3. “such as forcing residents to live in shipping containers…little more than a cage”.

        I converted an FEU refrigerated Maersk shipping container into a studio, with windows, porch(Lanai), and a sliding glass door.
        I would not rule such a thing out as a place to live.
        As a BOL it can’t be beat for the price.
        Truck it up there and put it in place with
        an all terrain forklift.
        One thing you don’t do is bury them.

        • check this out… container living

          ht tps://

      4. I have said it before and I’m saying it again. At the very top are fascists who hire communists as human resource managers of society. Rothschild, Soros, Warburg, Rockefeller are not communists; they employ communists. At present they’re slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) casting an all controlling net. Communication, finance, travel, medical care…..the list goes on and on. Given an economic downturn which they control the timing and severity the iron fist, retired by many to quell the chaos appears. In the end you can run but you can’t hide. They’ll be pockets of resistance but sooner or later they’ll need medical care or something else that tracked and controlled. Think of “Enemy Of The State” on steroids.

      5. desired not retired

        • So the hired snowflakes are going come and take my guns away? Ha. Not in tbus County. 98% White and mostly Rednecks. Ha. Bikers and Country Folk will fill your britches full of lead. Die trying.

          • No. TPTB fund, support communist policy’s in government world wide. Laws get changed with draconian penalties. Have a gun we don’t approve (if any approved) of and we confiscate your home. Suspected is good enough for them. Wives will play a big part in compliance. You go to work and your arrested W/O warning at 10:37 AM; they know your not armed there. Your neighbor is arrested in this fashion and questioned. Lying to a Federal Officer and all of your possessions will be confiscated, “question: Who do you know that has guns”? Mob guys rat, common citizens will fold like a pretzel. It won’t be snowflakes enforcing this.

      6. Cameras everywhere don’t work in high crime areas, because the bad guys will just take and sell the governments very expensive high end cameras. If they can’t sell them they will destroy them and continue business as usual.

        Criminals will not tolerate cameras everywhere.

        So we are left with the government invading middle class America to spy on soccer moms…… Your tax dollars at work.

        After several break ins in my area police held a public meeting to calm the sheeple. The cameras on every street corner in our town were brought up in the discussion, and police all but admitted they were useless for solving crime. What they were designed for was tracking named people that TPTB want to spy on. There are regional centers where camera data is held. Police can go and with a warrant find out where person X with license plate “eat me” traveled to, but the system is not designed to find a common link in who traveled near four crime scenes around the crime of the known crimes.

        Where I live they installed cameras everywhere several years ago as part of a nationwide pilot program. These cameras are very high resolution with plate reading and facial recognition. They also included cellular, wifi, EZpass, and blue tooth technology that records and associates every operational electronic device in your car, including kids toys with you and your car while identifying everyone visible in the car, and tinted windows don’t hide you. Camera installations also have sensors for chemical and biological detection. They literally know what you smell like. They can construct a database of everyone, their devices, and link where they go and who they associate with. Again this isn’t for solving crime, and its in operation in large areas of the North East right now.

        Again this system isn’t for solving crime, the system is for tracking the public. The data is stored forever. The day you become interesting to TPTB, they can bring up info on everywhere you’ve been and who you’ve had contact with. Then they bring up info on all your contacts. Imagine if Nazi Germany had had this tech. The only place to hide is the wilderness, or crime ridden inner cities.

        • I chose remote wilderness. But there are drones and Google sky view. Go check out what your property looks like from above. Hide buildings under big trees. Go Solar.

          • None of my outbuildings show up in aerial photographs, no matter the season.

        • PTPO, good points about the cameras. The only good thing anyone can hope for from a camera is a positive ID of any suspects. Other than that, cameras don’t prevent any crimes from happening. Cameras are not about ‘public safety’. They’re all about CONTROL.

          • While chatting with my brother I said, I’d often walk by the security guard in my company whose job it was to watch Security cameras, if he wasn’t out cold sleeping, he was looking at the Internet or his phone. Word was he set an alarm to watch certain women walk to their car, and that he wore out the camera tilt and pan servos. In those days they used video tape, which just sucked and when one guys car was stolen, we found out was totally useless. It caught the guy red handed, problem was you couldn’t even identify what color he was, let alone what he looked like,it was so fuzzy.

            I said that because of what I saw I had no fear of a world filled with cameras.

            Now we have digital cameras, that are watched by computers that never sleep, and never get tired of watching. Cameras are digital with data backed up to the cloud. Unless of course you are Seth Rich, then every camera in a ten block radius of your murder, mysteriously fail on the same day and all the footage on the cloud vanishes……

            Anyway, I said to my brother, the day we are watched by computers is when we are in deep trouble. We are there now.

      7. commie reds ,never trust-um

      8. Folks, the only way to stop ALL of this outrageous, illegal and immoral b.s. is to REVOLT!! I think the day is upon us, we need to water that tree, yes, with the red stuff. I am not happy about this, but it is the truth and the time is now my fellow Patriots.

      9. Oh, okay. So, it’s not the Russians. It’s the Chinese. Oh, please. Let the madness stop.

        • Worked with a guy from China , He wouldn’t agree with Chinese rule. Said it was 3 years in a bad prison for even having one bullet. The domestic enemy here might agree?

          • Sounds a lot like the Glorious People’s Republic of Massachusetts….. possession of an unregistered BB g*n results in an automatic one-year prison sentence.

      10. Put a fat government paycheck in their pocket, and a federal police uniform on their back ,and these third world imigrants are capable of anything

      11. LOL. Biometric Visa’s to keep people in. That’s laughable. First people complain about others coming in and overstaying their Visa, and the next complain about a new Visa. Here’s a hint. You can leave the country quite easily with no Visa. It’s easy. Getting back in is the hard part. I’ve left the country a number of times. No one even checks going out on a fishing boat or on most foreign flagged freighters.
        You morons do realize you can actually buy a ticket as a passenger on freighters…yes? The accommodations aren’t great but they aren’t bad. And the food is decent. Definitely NOT like a cruise ship though, but the same as the guys that work on the freighter.

      12. I love China and the Chinese are not dumb. They know the score: if you have global trade and open borders, then “any fly can come in through your window”, as Deng Xiaoping used to say.

        Americans are dumb. They let the worst trash on planet earth wander freely in their country and even buy assault weapons and hand guns. That’s dumb. And Americans call that “freedom”: Free-Dumb more like it.

        The Chinese also do not put up with any crap from the Muslims. They have all those dudes in data bases and watched 24/7. Same goes with the Africans. It’s the future. The days in which trash can wander freely are coming to a swift end with the new technologies.

      13. Why are the banks collecting information from depositors on whether they have dual citizenship? The banks don’t need that information, so they are probably doing the Government’s dirty work. Could this have something to do with off-shore bank accounts?

      14. The police state gestapo highway thieves say they’ll no longer have any incentive to police without the existing civil forfeiture legality continuing.

      15. With all of this surveillance, no one will need Life Alert! Doesn’t that make you feel safer?(sarcasm)

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