China Readies For WAR With New Unmanned Super Tanks Powered By AI

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    The Chinese military appears to be bracing itself for a major war. The country just unleashed their new unmanned super tanks that are powered by artificial intelligence.

    The nuclear nation of China is constantly seeking advancements in their military and weapons technology, but they seem to be going at breakneck speed right now. The Communist nation is looking to link up the tanks to aircraft and satellites and make them work in more deadly ways than their human-driven versions, according to the Daily Star. 

    Chief editor of Tank and Armoured Vehicle, Liu Qingshan said the Chinese will be capable of continuous combat with greater speed and higher lethality thanks to these tanks.

    This news comes as the country looks to revolutionize its already dangerous armed forces. Recent footage shown on Chinese media reveals the country’s deadly unmanned tanks are now in their testing stage. This major overhaul of the People’s Liberation Army (the Chinese military) is occurring during ominous times when fears of a third world war are at the forefront of the minds of people globally.

    Russia is also thought to have gone at least this far in the development of unmanned tanks and weapons. It said new Russian Armata main battle tank will have the potential to be fully unmanned. Because of Russian and Chinese advancement in military weapons, the United States has been stepping up their quest for more military might as well.

    Army and industry weapons developers in the US have begun work on an advanced next-generation Abrams tank specifically engineered with new weapons, ammunition, laser-spotters, and advanced thermal sights able to outrange, outgun and outmatch the most modern Russian and Chinese tanks, service and industry officials said. “Right now we are at parity with near-peer competitors, and a sight upgrade will give us operational overmatch,” Lt. Col. Justin Shell, the Army’s product manager for Abrams, said recently at the Association of the United States Army annual convention.

    The general consensus is that China is all but ready for an all-out world war and Russia is not that far behind.


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      1. Do you think AI knows fear? Fear of war? Fear of combat? Fear of defeat? Fear of retreat? Fear of death?

        • When these tanks can swim the Pacific I’ll be concerned for US. However, these tanks would do quite well mopping up the remnants of any resistance in the virtually DESERTED Eastern Russian Territory of Siberia after a blazing First Strike of Chinese hypersonic missiles level most of Russia’s military forces.

          China could dominate all of Asia to the borders of the EU, the Middle East, and Africa if Russia were removed as a military threat to its security.

          China MUST HAVE the mineral resources and water of its Northern Neighbor if it is to continue its global manufacturing dominance and feed its people into the 22nd Century and beyond.

          I predict a new rapprochement between Russia and the USA during TRUMP’S second term. 🙂

          • Can someone tell me why a country with 1.6 Billion people, and supposedly 30 million more males than females wants an AI tank? This is the country that 60 years ago used suicide waves of unarmed men who were supposed to pick up guns from the last wave of dead, in Korea.

          • On the contrary: Search and read “2005 Speech of the Chinese Minister of Defense” to all Chinese Military Officers and Government officials. They intend to eventually, with Russia, attack and occupy the USA and kill every man, woman and child they contact.

            During the dock strikes in California some years back a senior Customs Official said: There are dozens and dozens of Chinese ships, either unloading or waiting to unload their cargo’s, however we have only a few customs officers to search cargo containers, having up to 5000 or more per ship. It’s impossible to search them all and we only manage 1% at most. Secondly, we have in those few instances found containers with heavy weapons and munitions in their cargos, just how many have got by – is both our guesses.

            Some few years back an American reporter was allowed to witness a Chinese Military Amphibious landing on China’s coast. The reporter asked one of the officers if they were practicing to attack Taiwan – he laughed and said, no – America.

            In the last few years Customs have intercepted at least 4 ship cargo’s on the West Coast and 3 on the East Coast with not only heavy weapons, but shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles.

            Several Russian defectors, i.e. Colonel Stanislav Lunev former GRU and Anatoly Golytsin KGB and author of Russians long term strategic planning, which he says is still in play – warn that there are many hidden weapons and munitions caches all over the northern USA and southern Canada.

            As reported by the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor and others: Russian and Chinese ships have been unloading “tanks, personal carriers, munitions” on Mexican and S. American ports. These are driven to underground salt mines to escape satellite surveillance.

            I could go on and on but let me end with this:

            Over 100 Catholic prophecies state that Russia and China will launch a massive surprise attack on both Europe and America. One Million man Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast. They take to the Rockies before we drive them back into the ocean, but at a great loss of life.

            These prophecies also warn of America getting attacked suddenly from six sides.

            1. Alaska: Russians attack from Alaska and Artic drives straigt to the Minn/Manitoba border in order to reach the Mississippi and cut America in half, however, they are stopped by US and Canadian forces and civilians.
            2. Florida: Several S. American Marxist countries, including Brazil and Cuba, among others, side with Russia and attack America.
            3. Mexico: As above sides with Russia. These S. American countries are already being supply and prepared for the attack.
            4. Pennsylvania: Russian and other elements attempt to drive from the East Coast to and through Pittsburgh to the interior.
            5. Minnesota: Russian and Muslim elements strike out to sabotage bridges, roads, airports, dams, utilities, electricity, etc. Note: Large population of Russians and Muslims live in Minn. Mich. Ohio. and the Dakota’s.
            6. California: One million man Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast (2005 speech!!) “with help from within our own government which is polluted with Russian, Chinese and Muslim spies and operatives.

            Over 75% of America dies.

            No electricity, food, transportation, water, clothes, meds, nothing but gangs, mobs, oppressive martial law, and the enemy attacking.

            These prophecies warn the attack will be sudden, unexpected and massive, when we are in the middle of a civil war and revolution lasting 4-5 months, then Russia/China and their allies attack.

            We win in the end but again over 75% of America dies.

            – Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 1999: Russia will attack both America and Europe.
            -Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic: warned from her visions: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe, all American troops will be slaughtered all American and NATO supply depots will be captured.
            – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a noted German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) in numbers the world never imagined they were amassing and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and bases.

            Some of the prophecies go into much detail such as those of the French Mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny, who also bore the mysterious wounds of Our Lord, detailing the Russian attack in Europe.

            Russia wins everywhere for the first two years of this four year WW3 which is preceded by three to four months of complete civil war and revolution in Europe and America.

            Then when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, comes the “Great Catholic Monarch” in Europe who defeats all in miraculous battles (search and read on the Great Catholic Monarch to come.

            I could detail other events that will pale WW3 in comparison from these many saints and mystics.

            Look at Kiev – it is a warning of great importance and so is Syria: These mystics warns of a Naval confrontation in the Med. Sea between Russian and American warships and a battle near Aleppo bewtewwn Russian and American forces.

            Note: These prophecies are decades and some even a few hundred years old warning these events happen at the end of the 20th century – near now.

            Presently: Russian warships and America warships are positioning in the Med. Sea over 20 American ships and over 10,000 troops massing on the Israeli and Jordanian border for a soon attack on Syria – and Russia said it will counter……………………………………

            Following the battle coming in Syria: Three high officials are assassinated in the Balkans which begins Russia’s attack, first on Europe and then America with her “secret” armies.

            • Thanks for the info. I am aware of some of the prophecies including the two year, four year scenario you mentioned. Personally, I believe that these things are a number of years away yet, so while interested, I am not concerned.

              But where there are prophecies, prophecies fail. If I had a bitcoin for every prediction on Youtube today I would be a very rich man. Oh wait, I am and I don’t have any bitcoin, but I do have precious metals.

              The internal strife in the West will be triggered by massive Earth Changes giving Russia the boldness to attack. That said, the natural development of the Chinese Empire is WEST not East. Water, electricity, spirit, political and military power always follows the path of least resistance. Particularly when those natural resources in Siberia are essential to the Chinese economy.

              Invading what’s left of Kalifornia would be suicide if the Chinese could muster that capability. China does not YET have the capability to send an amphibious invasion and support it 12,000 miles across the Pacific. And such an endeavor would be mitigated long before it reached American shores. It will take another decade before they have that ability. Lasers weapons are already being installed on American aircraft and mobile weapons. We have seen these weapons used on Napa Valley. They are real and they are very effective.

              America’s Secret Space Force is real and operational already. Neither China nor Russia have this capability YET. I have PERSONALLY seen the TR-3 ….. (two) ten years ago from about a mile away. They are HUGE, as long as a 747, twice as thick, and completely silent. With laser weapons the craft would be a formidable weapon of war. Lasers are likely already installed on them now based upon Napa Valley fires.

              There is NO strategic advantage of China engaging the USA in a war of any kind: whether that is real war or a trade war. The only thing that China wants is our dollars and our jobs. Yes China is going to scream bloody murder about the changes that TRUMP wants in the economic relationship between the two countries, but China is not stupid.

              China KNOWS that they have enjoyed a lopsided trade advantage with US and that balancing that relationship has always been the Agreement …. at least until China reneged upon it.

              TRUMP has been the only POTUS strong enough to demand that the original Agreement be adhered too. He is only asking for what is fair and eventually China will negotiate a fairER Agreement with US. China and the USA can compete and cooperate as equals and both can prosper by engaging each other equally: which means that the Yuan will rise against the dollar, but not replace it.

              And NO they will not make the Yuan gold backed. “Gold Backed” means it is interchangeable with gold with NO commision for a broker or exchange. That is not going to happen. Follow the money, there is no profit in it.

              Meanwhile, China’s jobs will be taken by India and it is much more likely and profitable that China would attack India with Pakistan as its client state, rather than attack the USA with Russia as a Partner.

              In fact, this is why the USA has shared neutron bomb technology with every major nuclear capable state except NK & Iran. I do believe that Russia will invade Europe, but Earth Changes will follow for Russia too, negating their First Strike advantage.

              Lots of speculation, many variables, and more possibilities as time goes by. Read Washington’s Vision for the future of America. I personally believe that TRUMP will forge a good relationship with Putin after the 2020 elections. Time will tell because time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity.

              My Catholic friend: The Roman Catholic Church is pushing for a ONE WORLD RELIGION to combine all of the “Abrahamic faiths” with a nut job by the name of RayEl as it New Messiah (False Prophet); which is why the NWO is pushing Islam on Europe. Google that on Youtube. I can’t make that stuff up !!! 🙂

              • Here is the link for Washington’s Vision :


                Note that the Spirit of America speaking to Washington says: ” … the whole world gathered together against her shall not prevail”.

                And the reason is this: the IDEAL that is America is the best thing to happen to homo sapiens since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. United under God, with liberty and justice for all, WE are invincible.

                Victory will not come easy. It never does, but we must each work every day to manifest the Ideal that is America into our lives and the lives of our fellow Americans. It’s not easy I know, but America is the best hope for freedom, liberty, and self determination as God intended.

                You cannot see the Christ in others until you can see the Christ in you, with all of your flaws. 🙂

            • Too late! The commies took California years ago!

            • They don’t even have to do anything for the first attack phase. Just let current trends play out. Look at the chaos Muslims and blacks do already. How many cities have burned with unrest since 2005: Paris, London, Baltimore etc.

              There is no way in hell these people will rally behind the government in a fight with China. This is not the same generation that went to war in Vietnam. Today’s youth are too soft and too divided by race, gender etc.

              I remember the Chinese training to use flame throwers before deploying to Africa. There is their solution to unrest and the fight back against China: they will cook your goose.

            • Too many Tom Clancy novels. Drink some reality juice.

          • durangokidd.. I thought Russia gave China the technology of hypersonic missiles and then warned the US of having them.

            • China is capable of developing its own military high tech. That said they have been stealing from US for decades. 🙂

          • What about the billions in energy agreements between Russia and China?
            What about the Belt and Road? Too many Tom Clancy novels, my friend.

          • AI is demonically possessed but so is much of ‘humanity’ at this point. AI sounds perfect for the type of agenda the Chinese have. There is no compassion at all. and without Chrrist, all men are beasts. Have mercy and Come quickly Lord Jesus!

        • heck no! thats why the chinese want this thing, it is demobnically possessed I believe, and the beasts systaem will be AI..

      2. Tesla recalls car run by artificial intelligence (AI) after the car runs down and kills pedestrian.

        I wonder what that pedestrian did to deserve to be killed. Or, may be it was just an accident.


        • There are no accidents. Nothing is just a coincidence.

        • She wore dark clothing, did not watch where she was going, on a very dark road and just wandered across in front of the car. A driver would not have seen or been able to avoid her.
          Really stupid pedestrian.

      3. Facing AI actually might be easier than we think. It cannot truly think independently. It must follow its programming. Some smart lad needs to come up with a way to ‘paint’ our enemy targets – those same tanks and any other machines – as being the ones to be attacked. Let the AI kill each other off. Or better, return to the ‘depot’/point of departure and self-destruct.

        • I think that’s the entire point of AI – it CAN think independently….. and learn too.

            • Blame-e, thanks for that video. I wonder if AI trolls might be the next thing to come along?

              • They call them bots and have been working on the internet for years.
                Israel is the greatest user to automatically troll anyone who criticises them.
                Never give up, never admit anything and keep on changing the argument.
                Sometimes difficult to spot.

      4. How far will it go on a tank of gas. How will it get itself unstuck when it happens.

        The reason people go into combat is because the machines can only do so much and cannot think itself out of problems like humans can. AI or not.

      5. one CBU 150 cluster bomb destroys 40 tanks that are within a 1,500 by 500 feet radius, soooo go ahead and make all the tanks you want, guys…

        • I’ve always believed it remains to be seen how China’s weapon systems will perform in real combat conditions. AI has its limitations and can be countered. It’s also just as vulnerable to nukes as anything else.

      6. NOBODY is going to take on China in a land war!

        Even Vietnam and India would think twice. China has NIL hope of getting her many “invincible weapons” to Taiwan any time soon.

        • Actually, after winning the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese got a little full of themselves. China told the Viet Cong to cut it out. The VC thought otherwise. So, China came down with their army and knocked the crap out of the Viet Cong. It was a blood bath. Inside a week Viet Cong’s jets were cooled and Hanoi was suing for peace. Inside a week.

          Same thing happened in the Korean War. General MacArthur was knocking the crap out of the North Koreans, talking about using Nukes, and over-running North Korea inside a week. China thought otherwise and said so.

          In the Korean War (November 1950); when UN troops advanced north to the Yalu River, 200,000 Chinese troops crossed the river in force, and drove the American forces back. Over ran the American forces was more like it. A rout. The Americans were pushed almost all the way back to Seoul.

          Lesson there: Don’t mess with China.

          Yet, here we are, again, with President Donald Trump. Good luck with that.

          • China pulled out of Vietnam because they were getting their asses handed to them.

            • My history book says the same

            • Exactly

          • blame-e

            Actually you have that backwards. China and Vietnam had a border dispute in 1979. Its wasn’t Viet Cong but NVA rich with US leftover artillery and ammo. In the end the Chinese went back to China and their influence in Cambodia ended too as Vietnam ended Pol Pot’s rein of genocide. One can accurately say that Vietnam achieved its goals and China did not.

      7. So a hacker reprograms them to hunt Chinese and Chinese military installations.

      8. Looks like they’re trying to put AI into the same tanks that we’ve had for 3 decades.

        Oh, color me ready to surrender because the chinks steal everything from America.

      9. China is acquiring its own indigenous MIC. Since when is a 5 man Chinese tank crew not expendable?

        • You are exactly right. The Chinese have so many people that everyone is expendable. The Chinese were famous for their wave attacks in Korea so why their concern for human life now.

      10. Remember Tianamen Square where the protestors were talking to the tank drivers? Soldiers can sometimes be turned while AI can’t be. If someone declared martial law, all of the soldiers would have to decide between supporting the Republic or supporting the treason. Tanks driven by AI automatically would support the treason.

      11. 1983… welcome back. Weeee missed you *Agent Smith voice*

      12. Hope they got cool cameras so I can watch the vids as I eat my pizza, drink my beer and sink into idiocracy and ignorous.

      13. I hope they have the same luck with Autonomous Vehicles as Uber is.

      14. If their work as good as their AI driverless cars. Well they will more than likely shot each other.


        • Right now AI cars are running over Americans, murdering them, homicide by computer, manslaughter, woman-slaughter — and loving it. Ever try arguing with a computer?

        • Sarge, I think I’d prefer if they shot each other instead of any of us. Just might be a Chinese version of Uber, LOL!

      15. So what happens to the tanks when the Chinese satellites are taken out?. Next war will include space to take out communications and GPS. Where will that leave the American,Russian,and Chinese armies?

      16. It’s final test will be to see if it will “ Ubėr “ an aged pensioner holding groceries in Tiananmen Square.

      17. The only way Donald Trump will be a 2 term president is if we’re in a war so he brings John Bolton on board a known psychopath whom he is aware will get us into a war. There is no prepping for what is coming.

      18. Tanks LOL what are they planning on doing… robbing a bank? Hand to hand ground combat is something the US restrict itself to in order to make the war drag on for decades. Follow the money to find out who is really in charge of the US military, it isn’t the president.

      19. Driverless cars? Driving and crossing the street are dangerous enough now! This is too much!

      20. All this talk of chinese land invasion of the USA is kind of stupid. China doesn’t need to invade anything – if they want to destroy us, dump all our treasury bonds overnight and it will do more damage than any nuclear weapon will.

        Or do they want to take all our resources? We already have chickensh_t deals giving them pretty much whatever they want while they hit us with 25% tariffs. They’ve taken our technology, know how, all our companies, tooling, manufacturing knowledge, the raw resources are easier to take with a puppet government in the USA vs some attempt at an occupation – our own govt is corrupt enough it will just keep selling out everything anyways.

        This is why talk of China invading us is fantasy – they gain nothing, and spend a trillion dollars to do so. They already own us BY DESIGN and our own govt made it happen since the Clintons onwards.

      21. When you have trade agreements with other countries and those countries repeatedly violate them, you should be more angry with yourself for letting it happen than with the countries that are doing it!

      22. This is no joke; while American’s have been sleeping, high or obsessed with sports & porn China has been preparing to defeat us in WWIII. The Chinese Military Is Surpassing the American Forces. Chinese Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Video –
        Chinese hackers breach US defense contractors database.
        Hack exposed U.S. military and intel data –
        Chinese hack of US national security details revealed –
        US agency plundered by Chinese hackers –
        Chinese hacker admitted hacking US Defense contractors –
        China Hacked Into Key US Defense Contractors Site –
        Chinese Hackers Privileged Access to U.S. Systems –
        Hacks of OPM databases compromised 22.1 million people –
        China Is Using North Korea As an Instrument to Start WW III –
        Dave Hodges Common Sense Show –

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