China Puts U.S. Soybean Farmers On Alert, Bans Import Of U.S. Grown Soybeans

by | May 31, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 43 comments

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    China is responding to the United States’ trade war by banning the import of soybeans grown by U.S. farmers into the Communist country. American farmers have been officially warned that they and the American consumer will suffer under this trade war and fare much worse than the Chinese government.

    Russian soybeans will replace those previously supplied by the U.S. to China. China boosted the import of American soybeans as a goodwill gesture when the leaders of the two countries agreed to halt the tariff hikes late last year. Back then, the move provided some relief to a significant part of Trump’s voter base, the American farmers, who are struggling to find buyers for their massive harvest.

    Soybeans Pile Up As Farmers Hope Trade War Ends SOON

    The renewed Chinese ban will hit them hard, given that soybean futures have recently slumped. And a majority of American farmers are already in a precarious situation.

    There is no reprieve in sight for the American farmer. According to Bloomberg, the Chinese state-owned grain buyers don’t expect that the order to continue the purchasing soybeans from the U.S. will come any time soon. China’s move will further drive U.S. grain prices down further indebting already borderline bankrupt farmers. Soybean and corn futures plummeted to the lowest price in more than 40 years at the beginning of May, even before president Donald Trump raised tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese goods from 10 percent to 25 percent and threatened to expand the trade war to all Chinese imports. Since then, crop prices have been slightly recovering.

    The U.S. government’s interference in the free market could soon plunge the country into a difficult food crisis. It’s no longer a trade war, but a war on food. For those who assume the trade war won’t affect them if they only buy American: hopefully, prices of food won’t surpass your income because a couple of dictators refuse to allow a free market. Last we checked, all humans still have to eat to survive.

    Start storing extra food, canned goods are an excellent option, and save a little extra money in your bank account.  This trade war could drag out, but that’s an even bigger reason to be prepared. As this trade war drags on, it will affect us all to an even greater extent than it already has.


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      1. Gee,
        The Chinese just destroyed 200 million pigs that eat soybeans.
        I think they can pull this off for the short term.
        What really surprises me is that China imports any food.
        America produces far more food than Americans can eat,
        this is a good thing. Most the rest of the world cannot feed
        themselves for a variety of reasons, mostly racial and political.
        Farmers may go bust, but the land is still there. Switch crops.

        • If it keeps raining, it will be a very good thing if China boycotts everything. Let them starve

        • Actually America imports about the same amount of food as it exports. In some years are a net importer.

      2. why the hell not tell the Chinese to screw off and just use the overload of soybeans to make soy biodiesel? Here’s the stats: “Average yield per acre for the U.S. was 44 bushels per acre (National Ag Statistics Service). One bushel of soybeans can yield 1.5 gallons of biodiesel (NBB). Using all U.S. soybeans for biodiesel could produce 5.1 billion gallons biofuel.”

        • Like that idea…..Bravo!

        • Then soybeans got cheap in the US and should lower food costs right???


        • Biodiesel is about all it’s good for. Just quit growing that shit period.It’s NOT food even for animals. Fooking Monsanto GARBAGE! Who gives a shit what the zips eat, there’s way too many of them anyway.

          • To the best of my understanding, most every important chemical, in day-to-day-use, can be generated from bio-diesel or fibers, and there are nearly 200 countries, besides China.

            google -> ‘business to business sales’ ->
            About 4,410,000,000 results (0.43 seconds)

            google -> ‘business to business sales -china’ ->
            About 3,810,000,000 results (0.59 seconds)

            google -> ‘business to business sales america’ ->
            About 1,670,000,000 results (0.53 seconds)

            “It takes about a month to count to a Million!”

          • To the best of my understanding, most every important chemical, in day-to-day-use, can be generated from bio-diesel or fibers, and there are nearly 200 countries, besides China.

            google -> ‘business to business sales’ ->
            About 4,410,000,000 results (0.43 seconds)

            google -> ‘business to business sales -china’ ->
            About 3,810,000,000 results (0.59 seconds)

            google -> ‘business to business sales america’ ->
            About 1,670,000,000 results (0.53 seconds)

            “It takes about a month to count to a Million!”

      3. Well, China just went from taxing the import of U.S. soybeans (which is what a tariff is), to banning all U.S. soybeans (which is a sanction). Somebody failed to explain the concept to China.

        And the rare earth deal? Rare earths are called rare because there is a limited supply, and at the rate the technology industry worldwide is consuming them they are running out.

        Crude Oil is rare. That is why we are running out.

      4. They are called rare earths for a reason. The world is running out of them. Same thing with crude oil. Same thing with coal. Same thing with drinking water. Same thing with arable land.

        China was within a decade of stopping export of rare earths to anybody. Saudi Arabi is within a decade of keeping what is left of their oil for domestic use.

        Only in the U.S. is conservation another word for “Party On! Dude!”


          • Isa 4:1

            There is a difference between total extinction and Malthusian check.

        • Yeah gonna have to disagree blame, not running out of oil or water or land, hate to say.

      5. Time for the American consumer to boycott Chinese products. Buy American.

      6. The Chinese can play this in the short term because they haven’t as many pigs to feed, assuming they slaughtered and buried the diseased ones instead of just re-labeling and shipping via another country.

        Ultimately, there are the same number of soybeans in the world as before. So, the ones the Russians sell to China will be off the market, and we can fill that gap, subject to supply and demand as the Chinese will have to replace the pigs for food at some point.

        All the hollering about the prices going down is customary with sleazy brokers and dealers, and now is political. A longer strategy on the part of some crooks likely is to scare farmers out of business, and buy their land cheap. Isn’t that what happened to the water restrictions in California? Some sleaze bought up the land cheap and resold it to his clients.

        • Probably sold them to US! The walmartians are probably eating it up since it’s cheap! Pork… the grossest shit there is! Here’s one for walmartians and their bad motor scooters lol…

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          Just remember I don’t live too far
          And there’s a red bridge that arcs the bay, yeah
          You’ll be at my place in less that a day
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          First thing in the morning we’ll be feeling all right
          So get on your bad motor scooter and ride
          Ooh, the last I seen your face
          I swore that no one would take your place
          Now since you’ve been gone I’ve been feelin’ bad, yeah
          I’d come out to your place but I’m afraid of your dad so you
          You get on your bad motor scooter and ride
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          First thing in the morning we’ll be feeling all right, all right, all right, all right
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          Ride, ride, ride
          Come on baby, ooh yeah
          Crank it on up
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          Get on your bad motor scooter and ride
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          Get on your bad motor scooter and ride
          Songwriters: Sammy Hagar

      7. The ground is so wet that most farmers can’t get corn or soy beans in the ground. If they can’t plant it won’t grow and it does not matter if China wants to buy them or not. They can’t buy something that does not exist.

      8. You know what, why don’t we just ban everything from China? Its all cheap made crap anyway. There are plenty of countries that would enjoy a relationship in trade with us. I can name a few I deal with and products are very good quality. Just listing a few far starters…..Poland, Germany, Canada,Argentina, Chile, Peru. This is just the start. Many countries make far better products whether electronics, food items, etc…….I know I buy from these countries for my own consumption, I don’t by crap from China and haven’t in years. Of course this is just MHO.

      9. Z. IonTrumpeloosinyettanyahoo will tell the fat American bastard people that we must join the USMCA in order to beat China.

        250 years of American “freedom” and all the lives sacrificed goes down the toilet.

        • Alot of the whiter people here are apparently oblivious to the Christian, Biblical warnings against Mid East peace, were the ‘deal of the century’ to work on this umpteenth try.

          • Ah, yes. Peace and Safety/Security. All we need are two prophets preaching.

            • In an interesting thought experiment, a once-hippy-ish Hal Lindsey discovered that you could talk about End Times, in liberal colleges, because we had become like uncontacted fourth worlders.

              They’re using the word, messiah, with a lower case m, like it’s a common figure of speech.

              Trump can be described as a messiah to churchians. Kushner, or his ilk, can be a messiah to J.ews. Barry to the 57 states of jihadists. Johnny Appleseed could called a messiah, without saying he was ‘The Messiah.’

              A prospective *m*essiah and heir to the throne of David, could be Trump’s vp. No big whoop. That’s how they’re discussing it — nominal Christians on Sunday. (Don’t remember the last Sunday or which doctrine, but yeah.)

              The Two Prophets, can be acknowledged by the secularists, if they’re just two prophets. Nobody minds.

      10. Chinese are smart. Well over 90% of all soybeans grown and harvested in America is TOXIC to the human body, i.e. GMO. Nobody in their right mind should be eating that sheet. Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame on any farmer, anywhere, who knowingly or unknowingly destroys life, by violating the Laws of Nature.

        • That is quite true. When more of the individual farmers are driven out, and their land bought cheap by the large conglomerates, all we’ll have is a chemistry set to eat. As an aside, know when that all started? Henry Wallace, in the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

        • European American. You are right on , but you failed to mention the fact that most farms are large corporate farms. I know a soy bean farmer that sprays so much round -up on his crops that you can swim in it. This farmer doesn’t give a rats ass about killing people . He pretty much believes ” let the consumer eat shit and die ” As long as they buy his soy beans before they croak that is.

      11. Montrose first album, classic and underrated…Rock On, Ronnie!

      12. The picture of the Chinese and US CONEX containers made me laugh. Search Shanghai shipping port and you will see thousands of CONEX shipping containers full of consumer export goods. Search American ports and you’ll see tanks and Humvees. You think China is dumb? As Gerald Celente stated, ‘The business of China is business. The business of America is war’.

      13. Donald Trump: “I am a Tariff Man….. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs.”
        Ron Paul’s reply: “Americans pay the tariffs.”
        It is clear that Trump is doing exactly what he has been told to do by globalist handlers. Bleed out America.

        • It still wouldn’t have a been a pure competition, on a level playing field, imho, but I always felt that tariffs might have gone to support those same industries, in the US, rather than whichever random hobby horses they are trying to support with a kleptocracy.

        • Early 1970’s beans were above $10. President Nixon put a ban on beans being shipped out of the U. S. because people were complaining food prices were too high. Prices dropped to below $4.00 in 1 day. Nobody died, cheap food to feed animals, everybody but the farmers were happy. The world didn’t end. Enough B. S. about soybeans. Feed the animals and sell T-bones.

      14. The flooding resulted in the destruction of a lot ot the existing stocks of corn and soybeans from previous years. The planting for the next harvest is way behind schedule and the next harvests may be seriously reduced. This is likely to be the worst agricultural year in decades. The world isn’t ending but Americans may see high price increases on food. This trade war simply adds to the farmers’ problems.

      15. And the mass shooter in Virginia is a negro. Dewayne Craddock just couldn’t take no mo shit. The last one in Illinois was also a negro.

        • Him

          “And the mass shooter in Virginia is a negro.”

          Generally mass shootings for no reason are committed by white males. Blacks may have a very poor reason ranging from drug deals a perceived wrong / disrespect (he dissed me) but it’s a reason none the less. Patrick Purdy kicked off this incomprehensible madness back in 1989 three decades ago.

          • k said, “Patrick Purdy kicked off this incomprehensible madness back in 1989 three decades ago.”

            As I am a fatalist, I believe that someone with observable tendencies has been given clearances for those 30yrs, if not a crisis actor.

      16. Stupid farmers bought into the corporate agriculture lie and do not diversify anymore. Few farmers have both livestock and crops. I feel do not feel the farmers pain.

      17. Once again, the child in the white house bestows the gift of unnecessary hardship on the people that make the US great. He plays tough guy with the Chinese while cutting taxes for himself and his buddies, sends the farmers to the welfare lines to give them other working people’s money. And still his cult persists… Truly amazing!
        So many rightly despise the democrats for catering to the rich, holding us down so that the rich can rape us, only to give power to the rapists!
        Not much has changed since 1776, I suppose…

      18. Chinese own over 30 million acres of land in the heartland of this country. They will have no problem growing anything they want. To supply their country.

        • They shouldn’t be allowed to own anything over here

        • You have obviously never imported or exported anything from this country.

          • r said, “You have obviously never imported or exported anything from this country.”

            Since you’re here, talking to people, you can understand how this works. Same way as mail order or at the Swap Meet. There is a field or checkbox for quantity. That is the only difference. (Yes, I have.)

      19. My comments censored.
        Will say it again:
        China Intelligence operatives ALL over Dallas area/ North Texas.
        Russian military personel in Dallas/North Texas.
        India immigrant spies have infiltrated nearly ALL corporate IT departments.
        Mexican Drug cartel in control of most of South Texas towns, counties.

        They are all streaming across southern border, or allowed in on H1 B visa’s.
        I will say again. Why is USA government allowing this.
        Has America already been given over to foriegn powers?
        Quiet war.

        Why the muslim trouble makers allowed to take over Europe/EU nations and UK?

        Obama allowed Russian Spetsnaz in Colorado Springs. To attend “baseball game” near NORAD/ AirSpace Command HQ.


        Look up story in Ft Worth Telegram about teacher being ousted for daring to go agfainst leftist ideology. Communism alive and well in Texas. Piss on you commies. Piss on your anti American social control.

        What is happening in USA? Why is Texas being given back to Mexico through immigrant invasion??????????
        Anyone who speaks of it is fired, censored.

        Why are comments censored continuously on this site and others? Tech Tyrant monopoly bullies censoring all dissent.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        God Save America.
        God Bless Texas.
        Long Live Our Republic.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        5g is a military grade surviellance, targeting, KILL, weapon.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -LIVE FREE OR DIE

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