China Plans to Combat Pesky Quadcopters With Bizarre Looking Drone Jamming Gun

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Aerial drones may go down in history as one of the most game changing technologies of the 21st century. They give both civilians and government agencies an unprecedented power to surveil for a very modest price. Drones are changing the nature of warfare, policing, and commerce. They’re practically everywhere now, and there’s no going back to way things were before.

    But that hardly means that they can’t be stopped, at least on an individual basis. Like anything electronic, they can be hacked or disabled. But given the fact that they hover in the air and aren’t so easy to shoot down with conventional firearms, it takes a very special kind of tool to bring these devices down.

    In China, the police are using a new drone jamming gun that looks like something out of a science fiction fever dream.


    According to

    Given China’s role as a global leader in consumer drone and military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) exports, it only makes sense that China is also developing a range of anti-drone capabilities to stop unauthorized or hostile flying robots from coming over sensitive or vulnerable sites. In the case of Wuhan, the jammer “guns”—known as such not just because they “shoot” but also because they look like an assault rifle—cost approximately $19,000, and can reportedly jam control signals up to a kilometer away (though that figure assumes that the user has exceptional aim). Impressed with its capabilities, Wuhan police intend to buy more.

    As drones continue to proliferate, and prove to be as just as threatening to our privacy as they are beneficial in other realms, I wonder if guns like this will one day be as common as ordinary firearms. That is of course, once they aren’t so expensive.


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      1. RF- Radio Frequency jammers have been around for decades. All sorts of Jamming devices out there. GPS Jammers, Radar Speed Jammers, Radio Frequency Jammers, Cell Phone Jammers, etc.

        Tell us something we don’t know. And for $19,000 I could buy a have dozen each, of all the jammers I just listed up above.

        • Americans are too enslaved to be able to buy one. You will never get the permits and license to operate something that actually works. Nope, we are stuck with antique guns that lob lead until they ban lead too.

          • Gandhi, you can look up online for jammers to bring down a drone. I would totally disregard any permits or license.

        • The United States Constitution clearly states that you are only allowed to keep arms that are antique in design and much inferior to military arms but only after you get permission from the goobermint with a background check and must have a permit to carry only small pistols that can’t penetrate police armor. So it is best to ensure that only people who have proven themselves to be cowards by obeying every globalist law may have a smoke pole. Can I get an Amen? Smart

        • Or just go totally “old school”- Spark Gap generators-the RFI off those things is from D.C. to daylight.
          Marconi did it with such a device using Morse Code for first trans-Atlantic message.
          Be well.

        • $19,000 can buy a LOT of preps…..

        • If you notice the style here is a bull-pup form. The chi-coms seem to favor them, their AK’s are usually bull-pups. It’s a great form for crowd suppression.The Chi-com police state is the model for the NWO. The UN has awarded them ‘Best Managed Nation’ awards for years. We’ve got to disconnect ourselves economically from these guys. Trump has made huge noises for doing this, but I think he’s way over his head. It’s likely doomed to failure.

      2. Jammers !! Musicians like to do it.

        Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry…

        The only drones that interest me are honey bees. Drones are males whose whole purpose in life is to mate with the queen bee. They mate while in the air. And you people call blondes airheads.

        __ ?


        • You might want to research what happens to most drone bees.

      3. I still prefer the “redneck method”. Slide action/semi auto shotgun with buckshot. Helluva lot cheaper too.

        • A sample of Redneck Foreplay- “Git in the Truck B!tch!!”

        • Exactly. 7 and 1/2s from full choke…drone gone. Easy and sporting.

      4. We had a drone looking in our windows a couple of nights during spring break. Thought at first it was a passing plane but it remained stationary for too long…. could’ve used one of those antidrone gadgets?

        • 2isone, 00 or 000 buck will do very nicely on a drone.

      5. Off Topic:

        The Mafia/Mossad at its best ?? CIA/NSA ?? Druid Queen ??

        ••••••••••• Asian Lawyer Woman shot in back five minutes after taking away papers regarding the fire/explosion/whatever on the bridge/overpass/whatever. She got them under the Freedom of Information Act. Some “freedom” hey. I heard on Rense Radio. Dr. David Duke interview.

        The shooter caught on video is a big white man.


        • B form Ca. I thought it takes a while to get an FOIA filed and info from big government.
          That info wouldn’t be given out after a couple of days??
          Reliable info needed!
          Ah, what’s the use, the mainstream media will ignore the story.

        • Let’s see your site for authenticity, shall we?

          Otherwise anything connected with Dr./Mr. David Duke is a big
          NON-starter for me.

          Show us?

      6. The configuration of this signal jammer is clearly intended to make the Asian policeman feel like a Power Ranger. (Could also be made to fit inside of a Sailor Moon prop.)

        I am only being facetious, here, because I see it as an example of Keynesian militarism. An idea for the arms race against remote control toys: the process of downing drones should be automated, because they are a source of radio frequencies.

        Here is a crude “robot”, which can follow an object, across flat surfaces.
        At this level of sophistication, probably, just a middle-school science project. Does it seem like real news, after higher-tech, Gulf War footage.

        The Chinese way, which shtfp is showing you, requires a live person to be high on-alert, at all times. But, the waste of manhours, and of human consciousness, is ultimately intended to be an excuse, for futile makework and airs of authority.

      7. A Television station was airing a program on drone jammers yesterday. Everybody is selling them. The jammer can actually take over the drone and redirect it. Or it can make it return to its start point or crash it. Bet they have one or two at the White House and other points of interest around the country. The Secret Service has been using RF jammers for decades. When ever Reagan was in California, all his neighbors had to disconnect their garage door openers because the doors would go up and non stop. Remote control bomb defense. It goes through all frequencies.

        • Meant, up and down non stop.

      8. RF jamming will have no effect on a preprogrammed flight path or internal AI software so long as the jamming signal is low powered and only interfering with send/receive transmissions.

        High powered pulses of EMF/radio/microwaves can cause voltage spikes (same principle of how transformers work ) on conductive materials ( wires, chips, board clads and shields. With a powerful enough directed pulse, you could literally blow components off boards if the design doesn’t have sufficient protection. As modern chipsets are designed to work on lower and lower voltages and current draws, they become more susceptible to these potential attacks.

        If the front end under the “barrel” were loaded with the proper capacitor(s) that were charged to a decent boost circuit ( assume the weapon is 12VDC unit so you can charge off any vehicle ) voltage level, you could direct a heck of an instantaneous wallop from the antennae in the barrel shroud. Might be able to take out a pacemaker at distance…

      9. All commercially sold drones have software that makes them sit down and not restart if they get near most any hospital, airport , government facility etc.
        That’s why the old ones are in demand. … they didn’t have the software.
        For the same reason when Israel or Saudia Arabia buy AH 64 Apaches they don’t get the code to go with them

      10. Almost every part for EVERY quadcopter/drone/eye in the sky in made in China. If you want to “combat” them, just shut the factories down. I used to work in the R/C industry, I would say 98% of all the things are from China.

        • China has the best stuff. Amerikans have turned into Amerikants. Their goobermnt subsidizes their Chinese factories so amerikants can’t compete. Then they buy our land and businesses. No need for a war when they own Hollywood propaganda machine?

      11. Any of PLA Chi-coms soldiers every come into Texas pointing your fansy shit at us, see I don’t shoot you ass on site.


      12. If I was military, I’d have a fast anti-drone drone that tracked the transmitter back to its origin and blew up the operator.

        If you had a creepy neighbor with a drone, you could take apart a garage sale microwave oven, add a long waveguide to the klystron, so it emitted a narrow tight beam, and aim that at the drone to fry its electronics. It would be a personal EMP gun and likely effective against a range of high tech electronic devices.

        Any math needed to make calculations for the waveguide, could be done on any four function calculator. The wave guide is just a rectangular aluminum tube where the height, width and length are a multiple of the microwave wave length.

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