China Is Experimenting With A New Virus That Has A 100% Mortality Rate

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Headline News

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    Chinese researchers are now reportedly experimenting with a new COVID-like virus that has a “mortality rate of 100 percent.”

    Doctors trained by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have made their version of “pangolin coronavirus” which has been found to have a 100 percent mortality in mice.

    According to a report published in bioRxiv, a group of mice were administered with SARS-CoV-2-related pangolin coronavirus GX_P2V to test its effect. The shocking results indicate potential dangers and a risk of the virus spilling over onto humans.

    A lab-made version of the pangolin coronavirus, called GX_P2V, was used in experiments on mice. The pangolin animal is known to carry a coronavirus variant, making it a subject of interest for the study. -First Post

    The scientists conducting the experiments on this virus were surprised at the horrific effect of infection in the mice. The virus not only spread throughout the mice’s entire bodies but also reached critical organs such as the brain, eyes, and lungs. The scientists issued a dire warning, suggesting a potential risk of the virus spilling over into humans. They stressed the need for further investigation into the high pathogenicity mechanism of GX_P2V and its potential implications for human health.

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    The study raises concerns about the possibility of GX_P2V affecting humans. Because the experiments on mice indicated 100 percent mortality, the scientists expressed concerns over the severe brain infection observed during the later stages of the infection. This was identified as a potential key cause of death. The researchers also stressed the urgency of further investigations to understand the virus’s behavior and its potential impact on human health.

    Researchers are going to continue to play around with this virus, and this time, they are looking to extract a wild version instead of using a lab-created one.  This approach is said to better simulate real-world conditions and assess the true potential threat posed by GX_P2V.

    What are the chances that this one is “accidentally” leaked?


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