China Invokes HOLOCAUST HORRORS: 40 Mobile Incineration Ovens Deployed in Wuhan

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    China invokes HOLOCAUST HORRORS as 40 mobile incineration ovens are deployed in Wuhan, labeled for disposal of “animal corpses”

    Remember 13 days ago when we warned that “cremation vans” were running 24/7 in Wuhan, China while the crematoriums were backlogged with piles of dead bodies stacked in the cremation queues? Now China has brought in 40 mobile incineration ovens to burn and destroy what the Chinese government calls “medical waste.” As you can see in the photos below, the incineration ovens are labeled for the disposal of “animal corpses.”

    The deployment of incineration ovens, combined with the grotesque violations of basic human rights now being routinely committed by China in response to the pandemic, has invoked memories of the horrors related to the Holocaust of World War II.

    As reported by the UK Daily Star, these incineration ovens are built to the size of 20-foot transport containers, and each can incinerate about 30 cubic meters of material. “Reportedly the incinerators have been sanctioned for the use by the Chinese military after a test in Golmud, Qinghai in January,” says the Daily Star.

    (Image source: Weibo)

    The words on the side of these incineration ovens say, “Garbage and Animal Corpse Placement Receptacle.” (Our staff reads Mandarin Chinese, so we have confirmed this.)

    Each incinerator can burn up to five tons of material per day, which equates to about 16 dead human bodies or large animal bodies per unit, per day. Multiplied by the 40 incineration ovens which have now been deployed, this adds the capacity to burn up to 640 human bodies per day, even though they claim these ovens are for animal corpses and medical waste.

    According to “official” Chinese government data that no one believes except the incompetent World Health Organization, daily coronavirus deaths in China are hovering around 100. It seems we are now supposed to believe China has an epidemic of dead animals that’s so large, they need 40 incineration ovens to burn animal corpses.

    Chinese woman risks her life to tell the truth about communist LIES

    But people inside the quarantine chaos in China are so fed up with the lies from their own government that they are risking their own lives to speak out. Check out this woman’s desperate plea from China, where she is sure to be thrown into one of the incineration ovens for recording this very video. We have confirmed she speaks with a mainland Chinese accent and pronunciation. Actually, I’ve even confirmed that myself since I can tell the difference between mainland Chinese Mandarin vs. Taiwanese Mandarin:

    A partial transcript of what she’s saying: (h/t to Zero Hedge)

    Only normal citizens are suffering. The government does not care about us. We can’t buy medicine with money. We can’t go to the hospital with money.

    And in Hong Kong, I support your independence. I also support Taiwan independence. Tibet and Hong Kong, I support independence.

    Not a single person can speak freely. If anyone speaks about the truth, they are detained, If they decide it’s 10 years or 20 years then it’s already decided. Even lawyers are useless.

    I’m gonna tell you something. 1 person’s sacrifice 2 people’s sacrifice is a sacrifice that is necessary of a revolution. I will make a sacrifice for my parents, for my family, for our free lives.

    I know it is dangerous for me to speak out. But I can’t take it anymore, I cannot.

    No beds, no medicine, all the news from TV is a lie.

    In this evil society, I can no longer keep my mouth shut. No one is willing to speak out. I am going to stand up and make a voice. We really have to resist my fellow citizens. I can’t live like this anymore.

    Here’s another photo of the incineration ovens along with some crew members who will no doubt be required to move all the corpses into the incineration vessels:

    (Image source: Weibo)

    The next wave of lies from communist China will no doubt involve some cover story for explaining why hundreds of thousands of people have gone missing and are nowhere to be found…


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      1. Only 640 a day? Think of the logistics to burn 6 garillion. And gassing them first.

        Seems improbable.

      2. Obviously, you do not read Chinese and purely misinformation.

      3. Denialists say that concentration camps (✓ ) were ravaged by a contagious disease (✓ ). Supply lines were affected by demoralization (✓ ), Communists (✓ ), financial sabotage (✓ ) and wars fought on many fronts (✓ ). Literally Hitler?

        (Incidentally, you can shop for mobile incinerators / crematoriums, on Alibaba.

        “Hua’e Friendship Import and Export Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of Resistance furnaceHigh temperature furnaceVacuum furnacewell-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs”)

      4. If you talk slow I can converse in Mandarin( food, bathroom, and money sort of things)
        I can’t read most of it.
        Chinese don’t have an Alphabet.

      5. These ovens seem shocking to our western senses but the reality is that when dealing with large numbers of dead that are infected with communicable diseases this is the best and only answer of how to dispose of bodies. The russian army has used these in recent military actions , The Shah of Iran used them and no doubt others have as wells.
        America would be forced to do the same thing in similar circumstances so lets not criticize the Chinese for doing what has to be done.

      6. Ba, I made the comparison several days ago with the round ups, furnaces, mass quarantine on another site.
        Nothing new.

        But where are the SJW’s to deal out equality??
        little useless punks.

      7. Communism-Globalism-NWO Communism/Collectivism
        ALL are systems of Tyranny-Slavery-Genocide.

        But you BreadLine Bernie- Obamanista’s- Clintonista’s are too damn lazy to open up a History book. Or maybe you do know but just don’t care? Maybe you can’t read because of “modern” public schools that train children to be following globalist enviro commies, instead of teaching reading-writing-critical thinking?
        ** Democrats support the Industrial killing of babies in their mothers wombs. They murder babies and call it “choice” / “womans rights”. Planned Parenthood industrial baby killing mills, sells murdered babie’s body parts for profit. Read that again, FACT. This is allowed in the “changed” Amerikka.
        ** Communism is the Industrial killing of human beings War/Famine/GENOCIDE. Read history.

        * The ChinaVirus is the perfect cover for a PURGE/Genocide of people the ChiComs want gone. Honk Kong protestors and dissidents removed DEAD, due to “ChinaVirus”.
        * ChinaVirus also perfect cover story to get westerners to voluntarily leave China.

        I have not seen ONE “news” outlet state the obvious.
        You may be witnessing, 4th Generation Warfare on protestors, free thinkers, and targeted populations.
        Not just a flu. Not just a ChiCom BioWeapon test.

        ChinaVirus also could be a cover for economic collapse.
        Are the empty football stadiums and Boing grounding of planes also a part of a coverup in USSA?
        If patriots are dead or locked up then they don’t go to football games.

        Someone should be asking questions. Why isn’t any so called “news” outlets looking deeper past the ChiCom narrative?

        * Problem-Reaction-Solution
        * “Never let a crisis go to waste”–Hillary Clinton, and many others before her statement.

        If you people don’t wake up soon. You will never wake up again. Hell is upon us all.
        You will never have it as good as you do right now. Enjoy it while you can. Because Hell is on your doorstep.

        Plague-War-Famine-Economic Collapse-Murderous Tyrants bringing out incinerator ovens to dispose of dissidents purged. Phase one: Social credit score was used to target.
        Phase two: ChinaVirus ChiCom bioweapon as a cover.
        Phase three: Ovens for humans. Genocide.

        Google-YouTube-FaceBook collecting data for same scenario for US or a global scale? TechTyrants don’t like useless eaters.

      8. censored comments?
        why there are no comments.
        ChiCom censorship brought to Amerikka by BigTechTyrantMonopolyBullies.
        Like your “change”?
        Like your “New” Amerikka brought to you by the masters of the Beast Technology System?

        The True purpose of ALL Technolgy/MassMedia/Government, is to Snitch-Snoop-Surviell-Track-Trace and to CONTROL YOU. ALL of them view you as:
        – You are a sheep to be Sheared
        – You are a cow to be Milked.
        – You are a lamb to be Slaughtered when your masters decide there is no purpose/use for you worthless eaters.

        Do you actually believe the “CoronaVirus” released bioweapon narrative? Not just a bioweapon test.
        ChiCom Controlled PURGE, Is what it looks like to me.
        Or maybe also a cover for the global economic collapse?

        ChiComs play chess while the west plays checkers.
        They have a thousand+ year plan. Not just next quarters corporate profits, or next election cycle like westerners.

        — now censor that !

      9. so china just happen to have 40 of these incineration boxes sitting around just in case? Things are going to start showing up in this communist hell hole. The truth has a funny way of turning up when you don’t expect it. This virus is going to have a brutal effect on their economy and ours also. We’ll see how the stock market handles this.

      10. Very real and raw scream for help. Unfortunately they as private citizens have no arms to take up. Let this be a warning to all you arm chair bandits. Stand or be taken down when the time comes.

      11. They hoard cats, in my blue state, until everything is taken over, by sick and angry strays, and there are mobile gassing vans.

        My sister called animal control.

        They did it right in front of her.

        I don’t think that most of us, here, are any more civilized than Chinese.

      12. The only holocaust of WWII was the incineration of all Germany’s cities.

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