China Expert Claims Beijing Will “Bring War To The West” By 2024

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Prominent China hawk Kyle Bass told CNBC on Tuesday that he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping is determined to “bring war to the West,” with an invasion of Taiwan likely before the end of 2024. “If you listen to what [Chinese president Xi Jinping] says, I believe he will end up acquiring, reacquiring Taiwan by force by the end of next year,” Bass told “Street Signs.”

Bass, who is the founder and chief investment officer at Hayman Capital Management said that Xi, much like Russian President Vladimir Putin, is unconcerned with the economic fallout of such an attack, according to a report by CNBC. 

“We on Wall Street love to think [Xi] would never do that because it doesn’t make economic sense. We have to stop thinking that way and literally start listening to what the man says,” he said.

China’s president, when confirming his third term this March, cited the need to “promote peaceful development of cross-strait relations” with Taiwan, but stressed that his country should oppose “external forces” and pro-independence movements.

Xi Jinping Is Preparing China For A War With The United States

The dispute over Taiwan is a global flashpoint, with most in the West considering it a self-governing nation. Beijing, meanwhile, called for “reunification” with Taiwan, last year describing its status in a white paper as an “unalterable” part of China.

Chinese Military Is “Ready To Fight” A War After Drills Near Taiwan

China’s foreign ministry also said in April that Taiwan was an issue of Chinese “sovereignty and security” and warned against foreign interference.

“Xi Jinping is not economically focused. Economics are kind of a means to his end, very much like Putin,” Bass said, adding that if Putin cared about economics, Russia never would have invaded Ukraine.

China & Russia Sent Huge Naval Flotilla Toward Alaska; US Responds By Dispatching Destroyers

War is just one mores step in the ruling classes plans to takeover humanity and gain power and control over all humans.

2030 Agenda Push By The WEF Is Set For Launch As Elite Make Final Drive Towards Total Control


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