China (Circa 2030 A.D.)

by | Nov 5, 2010 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    A not so unrealistic look into the future:

    The reality is, if China were to pull the trigger and stop buying U.S. debt, everything we have come to know – our way of life – would be over.

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      1. I saw this ad run on TV just before the election….So True…..SO SCARY

      2. I think the China connection is overly exagarrated.  The problem is our debt not who owns the bonds.  We cannot pay the debt!  We couldn’t pay them if China owned all of it or none of it.  Sooner or later we will have to default on it or more likely do a large QE and “buy” them with printed money.  While it is true that China and others who hold treasury bonds will be unhappy when it happens they don’t have a recourse except to stop buying our debt.  The real effect will be the hyper-inflation that will result from printing $14 trillion dollars.

      3. Won’t happen.  If we go down, they go down since we are their primary customers with the crap we purchase from them…  It is all relevant.   With the size of  China’s population, it would be total chaos and they are smart enough to know that. 

      4. While I believe we are screwing our selves here in the US I am not afraid of China. They will self destruct soon enough. They are destroying the crop land to build factories to make crap to sell to us for worthless US dollars.

        Globalization has turned nations into horribly deformed Siamese twins. Now no one can pull the trigger with out causing  damage to all attached

        In my version of this video china 2030 will look like a scene from an African starvation / war zone the likes of which the world has never seen.

      5. Is there anything to stop China from coming over here and spending their US dollars before they become worthless?  If they buy the company you work for then you are working for them.  They could buy all the movies we ever made and rent them back to us.  Think what that would do to the value of the dollar if they started spending.  We are toast!

      6. Ya’all don’t seem to understand:  if China sells our treasuries, the dollar will fall if not collapse, and interest rates will rise…..both
        would destroy our economy.  We ARE toast!

      7. We are already going through the stages of yet another default on our obligations with regard to debt.  We did it in 1933 and again in 1971.  The only difference, as I see it, is those previous defaults were done abruptly because money was gold or in the case of latter, redeemable in gold.  Because of the current fiat currency system, there is no reason for such an abrupt and announced default simply because money isn’t anything.  So the default continues, as it did Wednesday, until those who are being defaulted on say “enough is enough” and then what?  Well for starters, no one will trade with us since we have nothing (real) to offer.  That’s a big deal and it will be a total SHTF moment.  War?  Maybe, but with China controlling essentially all of the rare earth necessary for us to build our modern weapon systems it would be a pretty quick one, unless we go all out thermo nuclear.
        However, the thought of us working for the Chinese is laughable.  Working?  Doing what?  Bringing a piece of paper from one side of the office to another?  Do you want fries with that?  Cocktail or tarter?  Plastic or paper?  It’s an unlikely 2030 scenario.  The Chinese will simply pull the plug when they perceive it is in their best interest to do so and not before.  When they do, we will advance (read decline) into the final chapter of our empirical history with a blood in the streets, road warrior style collapse.  IMHO, the only way to stop this is to fire almost everyone in government and hire everyone on the left side of Mac’s great website here (and some others not listed), within five years.  Short of that I’ll bet the picture I paint above will be what 2030 looks like.  Although I continue to prep, buy PMs, build skillsets and educate myself, I wonder if it’s going to do much good.  I’m pretty sure some of you here ponder the same thing.  Good luck.

      8. Why do you think #1 is over in India & Korea….

      9. There is only a few things a country can do with 300 million unmarried men who have no hope for wives – that would be war.

      10. It is past time for USA to toss “globalism, and free trade” crap.

        The rest of the world should be careful what they wish for, because I believe  the American Spirit,  that made this country great,  is still there, and will soon make itself  known again,  despite 40 years of the Dept. of Education,  dumbing us down.

        America needs to pull back to our boarders, and begin again to put America, and Americans first.   Screw the rest of  the world.
        They want us out of their lives;  lets give it to them.

        It will  be painful, but the result, will be a greater and stronger America.   Swing the pendulum back to making  it here, again.   We have done it before,  and we can do it again!

        I for one,  do not think this country, has seen its greatest days.   It is always darkest, before the dawn!

      11. If we don’t make stuff here again, there is no future, no jobs and no hope. Quit buying the crap from China and either go without or start making it here.    This goes for other countries making stuff to sell us.   Problem is, you need shoes, clothes, etc. so the whole mess  appears hopeless since nothing is produced here anyway.  I see a third world America within a short time.

      12. “There is only a few things a country can do with 300 million unmarried men who have no hope for wives – that would be war.”

        sure seems like this has been their plan, or their countries plans for a long time..hasent it?

      13. “There is only a few things a country can do with 300 million unmarried men who have no hope for wives – that would be war.”

        sure seems like this has been their plan, or their countries plans for a long time..hasent it?

      14. Mac – at first I thought the date ‘2030’ was added by you, but when I saw the video I realized the date comes from the video.  , I think if things keep going as they are, a more realistic date might just be 2013, not 2030. 

      15. I don’t think this ad was meant to mean we would literally be working for them but more of how much control they really have over us now.  I agree with VRF.  It does seem like they have been half cocked for a long time now.    Not to change the subject much but it’s snowing up here in Michigan………..

      16. Wow Bill , where is it snowing?

        I have always felt..or maybe i should say in the past 15 to 18 years felt we were getting sold and bought out corperately by the germans or China..I just didnt have my finger on one or the other..but always felt that they felt they couldnt beat us at they would try to slowly take us over corporately
        I feel thats whats been going on.
        and if they cant completely,, their contingency plan is to weaken us and our manufacturing..allowing their lager manned army to taake over almost without a shot fired

      17. spelling correction…last sentance of above
        allowing their larger manned army to take over, almost without a shot.

      18. Evil way to get out of this…
        Use the chem trail technology…spray the globe with stuff that will stunt plant growth…then jack up the price of food and sell it to the world.
        We’d be out of debt in 3 years.

        Just messing around guys…but food is quite the weapon.
        The NWO is going this to us with Codex Alementarius.

        bean and rice to you!  (In the near future…that statement will mean…  Be well.)

      19. Bill,here in Pa too,cold!
        Lost in Missouri…..I remember folks laughing back in the 70s when I told them if they didnt quit trying to save a nickle buying cheap china junk we would belong to them,its great to hear more and more people expressing that sentiment,time to realize this globalism has been a sellout of America and its people,the rest of the world for the most part wants our money and lifestyle…minus us…time to restore/protect the republic!

      20. Comments…..One thing you don’t want to forget…..China has an armed and ready military force that has more soldgers then the US has people living within its borders.

      21. We do business with companies in China, I have family in China, I travel in China and I have done business with China since 1980 when the restrictions were first falling on U.S./China trade.  The Chinese are as disgusted with their government as we are with ours.  What they fear most are unsafe products, a rapidly deteriorating environment (specifically clean water & air), what they perceive as Western prejudice against Eastern values and the threat of a U.S. military machine that could up in the control of a loony politician willing to risk a war with China for U.S. domestic political advantage.  Their system is shaky…..very shaky.  China may be a cast iron kingdom on a foam foundation but they are a very proud people and they are SMART.  My greatest concern is if they ever attacked our industrial base with their computer knowledge on top of totally cutting off our imports of raw earth materials.  In the end, a total falling out with China would be devastating for both societies.  Will it happen?  Probably not.  There are too many realists running the show in both the U.S. and China.  The wild card is a sudden, violent miscalculation caused by something as benign as a false flag terrorist attack that stirred up one country or the other to the point that things boiled over in a matter of days or weeks.  Then all bets would be off.

      22. The reality is that if China stopped buying our debt our reality would change: then, so would the reality everywhere else in the world, and eventually in China. Not a rational scenario that will develop. China is too smart for that. Why shoot the goose that lays the golden eggs? They take our worthless dollars and convert them into real assets in South America and elsewhere; and happily overpay while they do it.

        China is NOT the natural enemy of the USA. There is NO advantage to conflict with US. Americans that fear China are paranoid, and very short sighted.

        Yes, there are 200-300 million Chinese men without hope of wives ….. unless they get them in North Korea, South Korea, Viet Nam, Laos
        , Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Central Asia, etc.

        If I lived in those countries I would be afraid; very afraid. In addition to the women, these are prime rice producing areas, and have considerable off shore resources to fuel the manufacturing machine.

        America is just making that possible. Does anyone think that the US would challenge China after it dominates these countries, and finally assaults them? The only thing better than cheap labor is slave labor. Japan had better develop the BOMB! Payback is a MF!

      23. I had a neighbor at a condo in Miami who was a Chinese sent Phd student a few years ago.  It took many months to get to know him.  Each of us was very guarded with our conservation.   His major was economics.  I showed him an ASE.  He was very intrigued & polite.   

      24. If we can’t pay THEM, who’s screwed?  Us or THEM?  Duh!

      25. @Mona –  “China has an armed and ready military force that has more soldgers then the US has people living within its borders.”
        Wow, that’s news to me!  I think they have about 3.4 million total military force, we have about 350 million residents.  You’re close… only off by a factor of about 100X.

        BTW, the US has about 2.4M compared to China’s 3.4M.  We also have over 300M guns in the US… with people that know how to use them.  Nobody is going to try an armed invasion of the mainland US.  Let’s try to keep things in perspective.

      26. China is gradually getting out of the dollar. This means that a dollar collapse could happen in 10-15 yrs from now. The only thing that is keeping the dollar still reserve currency is the US military. Unless we have an Adrianople the dollar will gain some more time.  China will not send any troops here when the shtf. China knows that right now it would be suiced to drop the dollar. They are waiting and getting ready for a post dollar world. By the middle of this decade I expect a fiscal crisis to arise as the depression gets worsen with us bailing out states,and the pension bubble erupting in full force. France had a fiscal crisis in the 1790s. And that led to chaos and civil war until a strongman came. Lets hope this does not happen. America is destined to fragment and become a warlord state.

      27. According to SHTF America: Illegal Immigration post, they claim a standing army in China of  20 million, and cite the world fact book for that info because the law in China is that every man has a two year military commitment once they reach the age of 18.

        Approximately 10 million young men reach that age every year. If every one of them leaves after two years, it creates a revolving, standing army of 20 million.

        An awesome number to be sure, but only two thirds of the number of illegals in the USA, who are also, primarily men; which probably accounts for the fact that since 1999, illegals have committed MORE than 0ne million sex crimes. 35% of those crimes have been against children. 25% of those crimes have been rape.

        MA: America is not destined to fragment into a warloard state. You are out of your FUCKING mind!!!!!! Get a clue about democracy in America, DUMBSHIT!!!!

        Many voices, one nation under God!

      28. VRF..hahahahaaha.. you must be a southern boy.. the upper peninsula of michigan is commonly covered in a fair bit of snow by this time… not too mention many parts of the northwest (parts of montana, idaho etc.)are below freezing nights by september, and than theres alaska…. you yanks/rebs dont even know your own country! but hey im just a canadian , so what would i know? well actually lots! i just bought a 10 acre place on the bruce peninsula, which is right across lake huron from the northern part of michigan. it is the perfect preppers property. ive got two outhouses , in case my septic system breaks down for whatever reason and cant be fixed. i think i stopped renting at just the right time and now have the perfect shtf property. other good thing is i get radio stations from damn near everywhere too because im surrounded by water. i get all sorts of stations from northern michigan and southern ontario,canada.should be able to catch/hunt / grow enough food to supplement my huge stash too! with any luck things just might be better for me in this big depression than during the boom .. and while many are in complete chaos… i may just be able to rest somewhat easy! i hope anyway….. what a f&#$ed up disturbing world we live in…. humans scare me in many ways.

      29. Durango Kidd  there is no need to call me dumbshit. Look at the soviet union when it collapsed. It fragmented with no blood shed(except Chechnya). Over here there are various ethnic,political factions just like the USSR but are heavily armed.  I am not a prophet I just think with the various groups that are preparing for a post collapse America. I may be wrong and i hope I’m wrong because urban civil war is no joke and the worst thing to ever happen. But when the dollar collapse,and there is no faith in it no more. Things will deteriorate very bad an d very quickly.Katrina proved our govt is not prepared for a major disruption in the water,food,and electrical supply in one city. Now imagine a Katrina type of scenario in every city across the nation. It would overwhelm the govt.  So Durrango Kidd read Tom Chittum’s Civil War II. I may be wrong but there is a lot distrust among the ethnic groups,and political factions.

        Now the theory of foreign troops comoing when the shtf is ludicrous. When the dollar collapse many nations will be affected,they will face their own shtf at home. China is facing a major bubble if popped there will be facing a bloody civil war at home. Foreign troops would unite the people,they would face a bloody guerrilla war because 1 we are heavily armed and 2 because of the large cities and terrain we have. So no Chinese troops are coming. They have their own problems when the shtf. The only thing we can do is educate that govt spending will not help us at all. We can cut military and entitlement spending by 70%-80%,get rid of the education dept,energy dept,and homeland security dept. That is a good start to prevent the fiscal criris we will face by the end of this decade which would lead to collapse and chaos and god knows what else. We can prevent this but we would need to alot of tough sacrifices.

      30. MA: If you are comparing the Soviet Union, which was a totalitarian regime which had conquored its member states; to the USA, which was a voluntary union of like minded people, you are a DUMBSHIT!

        I am a patriot, veteran, and someone who has shed my blood for this UNION. I am not going to allow someone to post propaganda and spread ridiculous ideas about the US without getting into their face or slapping them upside their freaking head!

        The dollar is not going to collapse, and all of you chicken littles running away claiming that the sky is falling just shows your ignorance of the facts. Yes, the dollar must dramatically decline with respect to the Yuan. This will be acheived by a “thousand cuts” and create serious inflation, but not a collapse of the dollar.

        No, you are not a prophet. I’m betting from your ignorance that you are not an MBA either.

      31. Mardochee,

        A new name for a warlord in a modern time is a “Great General” or “True Patriot”.

        History has proven many great warlords in the past like George Washington was a great general, or Alexander The Great of Greece, Warlords of Japan and China, etc… 

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