Chilling Threats To Kill Cops On New Year’s Eve

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Headline News | 277 comments

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    As instances of violence against police officers across the country escalate, chilling warnings about plans to kill cops on New Year’s Eve continue to emerge.

    A message scrawled on a bathroom wall at a Kum-and-Go gas station in Arkansas states, “A cop will be killed New Year’s night in Rogers, AR.”


    The message is signed “MS13,” which is the name of a criminal gang that has members in numerous major cities across the United States.

    Rogers police Officer Keith Foster said the department was not aware of any specific threat but would be on alert after the warning.

    In a separate incident, a Ferguson protester also tweeted “F*ck 12 and u. PICK A sidE or die with em. #Ferguson #VonderritMyers Shawtown 211MOB New Years Eve Massacre Kill A Pig Night 12/31/2014.”


    As we previously reported, Michael Brown supporters voiced their desire to see Officer Darren Wilson and other white police officers murdered in the aftermath of last month’s Grand Jury verdict.

    The threats follow a spate of incidents across the country where police have been targeted in violent attacks.

    Last night, a 52-year-old man who made terroristic threats against cops on social media was shot dead after he attempted to run over police officers in Delaware County.

    Over the course of the last week, there have also been three assassination attempts against officers in Tampa, FL, Los Angeles, CA and Durham, NC.

    Threatening or carrying out acts of violence against police officers in the name of protesting against police brutality is completely ludicrous and self-defeating.

    Such behavior in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting and the Eric Garner choking has only served tobolster advocacy for cops, with the Associated Press reporting on a “surge of support for police” in the aftermath of the murder of two NYPD officers.

    Despite liberals seizing on a Baltimore Fox affiliate being caught deceptively editing audio to frame Black Lives Matter protesters chanting “kill a cop,” this has been a theme of some post-Ferguson protests, as documented in the video below which features demonstrators in New York chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

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      1. Would someone please push the ‘RESET’ button, so we can start over.

        • This is NOT good. I pray that these men and women will be safe.

          I see the (deliberate) stirring up of violence against the police as part of a ‘bigger plan’.

          Who will be able to keep the peace? They will say they then HAVE to call in UN troops as ‘peacekeepers’.

          Keep praying and prepping.
          KY Mom

          • Pray to who? some invisible playmate in the sky?

            • It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the cops who were dropping the tweets and scribbling on walls as they try and frame the thugs in an effort to escalate militarized measures funded on the tax dime.

              • If the police arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?

                George Carlin
                (1937 – 2008) stand-up comedian, social critic, actor & author

                Same shit, new day.

                • God bless George Carlin.

                • GMAFB I don’t know about the mime he didn’t tell me. But I remeber well when Biden was politicing in Missourah and he told Chuck Graham a State Senator to stand up and be recognized, Chuck was in a wheelchair. Guess Biden thought he was a healer. Trekker Out. How Do You Spell Potatoe!

                  • No matter what MT, you still can’t fix Biden, er…I mean stupid. I’m thinking potatoe was the other idiot VP, Dan “birdbrain” Quayle.

                    Same shit, new day.

                    • The fact that you think Quayle stupid shows what a moron you are.

                    • Jill honey, just go out onto the balcony and fire both shotgun blasts into the air, and tgat should scare them off.

                      Now we know why the US has been in perpetual losing war for 13 years

                • If, as you constantly state, is IS same shit, new day, then why bother reading the article, much less comment?

                  If you’re of the opinion that you’ve seen it all, then move ON. Your lack of meaningful feedback won’t be missed.

                  • Same shit, new year.

                    • sssd=Same Shit Same Day

              • You can never trust the cops. Don’t talk to them ever for any reason. Their job isn’t to protect you or your rights, it’s to put you in jail. The supreme court has ruled and the cops have affirmed that they don’t have any responsibility to protect individual citizens.
                Don’t ever rely on the cops for anything (well anything good, of course they can be relied on to steal from you) and be prepared to defend yourself and family from harm.

                I am married with, ahem, more than 5 kids (doesn’t violate opsec here, lots of families in Idaho have more than 5) and have never harmed anyone using force or fraud. We are church going, rule of law type people, who are very much in favor of civilized society and justice.

                We also hate the cops and most every other government agent. Maybe I’ll ask for forgiveness for hating them next time I’m in church.

                Oh and for any, like sarge, that are going to say not all cops are bad blah blah blah. Just ask yourself how it has come to pass that so many decent people mistrust the police and consider them the enemy. When men such as my father, who doesn’t drink, smoke, swear, or break the law ever (he doesn’t even speed) and is retired military hates the cops, it’s fair to say you’ve lost the support of a lot of the public.

                Before he died, my grandfather was so ashamed of the modern police that he would never mention that he was a retired police officer. He said he was retired navy, which was true but after 20 years in the navy he did another 20+ for the police. When that guy tells people to never trust the police you have a real problem.

                • Good post rebel.

                  • Thanks much, I had to get that off my chest.

                    I’m better now.

                • Rebel, I have retired cops in my family in GA who have become so disgusted with their former profession they tell their own kids NOT to become cops or even to join the military. When a retired cop himself tells you NEVER to trust cops, yes, something is seriously wrong in this country.

              • This is probably being done to get the police officers willing to help with confiscation.

                • …and risk getting shot on sight? I don’t think so, Tim.

                  For a cop to realize that he could be public enemy number 2, THEN opt to go lay siege to private homes … naw, I doubt even today’s low-IQ police are THAT stupid.

              • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

                There are groups actively involved to inflame the violence at protests.

                Obama may give a speech to the nation saying he is against violence, but his actions speak louder than his words.

                Government funded groups, such as the Community Relations Service (CRS) are being SENT to protests to inflame tension.

                Remember this?
                Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

                “Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents in response to local, state, and federal records requests revealing that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.”

                “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

                “taxpayers (are) paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.”

                Following the same play book, Eric Holder dispatched the (CRS) Community Relations Service last August to Ferguson, Missouri to INFLAME racial tension, rather than minimize it.”

                Obama Quietly Met With Activists: ‘Stay on Course’…
                “The Ferguson protesters had already LOOTED over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area.”
                (The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report.)

                Buildings, businesses and cars were vandalized and burned, yet the National Guard (standing by) was ordered to stand down.

                It has been reported that Communist party members are now involved with the protests.

                In Ferguson, Revolutionary Communist Party members were involved in the protests, openly chanting, “The only solution is a Communist revolution.”

                It has also been reported that ISIS has offered to send members to stir up violence.

                “The radical Islamist group ISIS has also reached out to Ferguson protesters, offering to send fighters…”

              • @SterlingSilver………shhhhhhhhhhhh, dont say that too loud, somebody will hear you and start to THINK logically, and thats dangerous………….anyway, its just more fearmongering. Its like bad ass kids, bad ass kids always think the boogieman is gonna get ’em. When you got a guilty conscience you always think someone is after you for the shit you’ve done……….YAWN.

                • Yawn, go somewhere else with the PC crap.

              • I tend to agree with Sterling Silver.

                Does anyone think that, at approximately the same time where an increasing number of politicians are finally starting to listen to their constituents back home who are expressing grave concerns about the militarization of law enforcement and who’ve been making a few noises about taking steps to reign this in – bingo, the mysterious tribe who’s ancestors seized control of Russia in 1917 rub their magic Aladdin’s Lamp and poof, out pops a miracle! Kwaps are now fearing for their lives all across the country, fears – which, might I remind everyone – were and are the consequences of their own jackbooted thug behaviors? So, because of those ‘fears’ and because of all these ‘scary tweets’, then the militarization of law enforcement has to continue.

                Right? Good call, Sterling.

            • Really Daruka? “playmate in the sky”? Is that your final answer?

              • The Equalizer

                This is a great, I mean great movie. Hollyweird has sucked this year with not one memorable movie I can think of all year long. UNTIL now….we rented and watched The Equalizer last night with Denzel Washington in it and WOW! Finally at the end of the year we see a good one that has you on the edge of your seat and hoping the movie lasts longer.

                And the shit he does to cops is beautiful!

                I think there will be a sequel/s. I used to love watching the show Equalizer w/Michael Caine in it with my dad in high school.

                • Edward Woodward. Not Michael Caine. Great show.

                  • Thanks for the correction. I was taking about the movie this morning at the chiropractor’s office and couldn’t remember the guys name and the receptionist said Michael Caine. And it seemed right to me for some reason….power of suggestion? LoL

                    Thanks for the correction….Dad would of probably snarled at me for getting him confused with Michael Caine

                • I could be a little overly optimistic, but I think I’ve read consumer statistical data that indicates that the vast and overwhelming majority of movie goers tend to be White Americans. After all, the ‘traditional’ culture of America is still heavily influenced by White, Western European people and the classic definition of ‘date night’ still includes the old ‘dinner and a movie’ routine.

                  However, there are many factors that I feel are all contributing to the demise of Hollywood and the movie theater industry in America. Cost is at the top of that list of factors; nobody in their right minds wants to be ass raped out of $12 to $15 bucks for a single ticket to watch a movie in a theater, plus get ass raped even deeper by the concession stands inside those theaters who want to bust you for another $5 to $8 for a lousy watered down soft drink, and another $10 for a box of popcorn.

                  Then, there is the content of the movies these days and the virulently anti-White agenda that the jewish script writers are inserting into every movie that oozes out of Hollywood. If it is not pushing white genocidal miscegenation between black males and blue-eyed, blond haired White females and making sure that any White males in the movie are depicted as clumsy, inept, stupid clowns and losers or the stereotypical ‘evil villain’ of the movie, it is something even more anti-White such as: ‘Inglorious Basterds’, ‘Machete I and II’, ‘Django Unchained’, or ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ or ‘The Butler’ or ’12 Years a Slave’ – which are all based on the jewish invented and endlessly promoted ‘White guilt’, ‘hate and kill Whitey’ template that has seized complete control over the hate consumed evil brains of the Hollywood jewish movie studio owners and film producers.

                  What sane and racially healthy White man or woman or even teenager would want to surrender their hard earned money to Hollywood to help subsidize what can only be described as a jewish orgy of anti-White hate and venom?

            • @ Daruka

              I’m probably 100% safe in saying that KY Mom is not a member of my faith. Additionally, she and I have verbally sparred on a few occasions. That much being said, you’re a damned fool to give her crap and make that sort of snarky “smarter than thou” remark. It serves no useful purpose whatsoever, helps not one single person posting here, does nothing to advance our common goals and generates ill will for no damned reason. Additionally, it has nothing to do with the topic of this article.

              I’ll take the GOD I serve over any damned thing you feel like dishing up.

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • Only invisible to those who cannot truly see.

              • There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

            • There’s always some scum atheist that comes on here and belittles prayer. We hate that you will be damned to the lake of fire forever but all we can do is tell you about it. Perhaps you will re-think your position… but you probably won’t.

            • Dracula, I would rebuke you but the bible says not to cast pearls before swine.

            • Um, Ever hear of “God?”
              You seriously don’t understand the logical difference between the notion of “God” and a “playmate in the sky?”
              Just one simple example, you can’t make logical dichotomies using a “play mate in the sky.”
              For instance, you would never say “All of the matter in the universe came from nothing; or there is a ‘play mate in the sky.'” This makes no sense…. You could however state “All of the matter in the universe came from nothing; or there is a ‘God.'”
              You should really learn a little about philosophy before making stupid statements like this that make no sense.

          • Atta girl… daruka, I will pray for the policemen, Kymom, AND YOU. My God is able to do great things! If anyone here thinks our officers are corrupt and vicious, just wait till those UN “peacekeepers” are given free reign to “keep the peace” and disarm you…

            And Mac… I like the new commenting policy… This IS a great place for community chatter on pertinent issues. It does not have to get ugly and vulgar…

            • Hilldweller, I understand you points, but UN troops will disarm you ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. They will suffer unbelievable casualties when they make the attempt.

              • RB, your absolutely correct….

                • Those blue helmets turned upside down, filled with dirt, make nice decorative flower pots? A little bit of paint, glitter or stickers adds a festive touch.

                  Whether you salvage them off the street after a skirmish, or knock a few off for yourself, those helmets can be “tres chic”.

                  • Sixpack, Happy New Year to you. “Hey, little feller, that sure is a purty blue helmet you got there; here let me “ventilate” it for you. LOL

              • That’s right Braveheart. I’m going for blue helmet head shots.

              • I think your kidding yourself if you think it won’t start long before that with our own police force; local, state and federal levels.

                • BJ, it’s a given that feds will spearhead that effort. I have my doubts about state and local cops taking part. I have always expected a combination of feds and foreign troops making the effort. I also believe the effort will fail miserably. 1. They can never bring in enough troops to do it. 2. There are at least 80,000,000 gun owners out here in possession of somewhere between 200,000,000 to 250,000,000 firearms. They don’t stand a chance from a logistics point of view.

              • 1) back to the lie helmet UN taking over the U.S.
                2). Ebola is purposely being brought to the USA. For a number of whacky reasons.
                3). Boston bombing was a set up and a rehearsal for the police to take over
                4). Buy silver 50…40…30….20….15 an ounce. Heard it here all the way down.
                5). Sell all stocks at dow 7 k, 8…9…10…11…12…13….14….15 k. Heard here a lot.
                6). Obama is taking your guns. 08…09…10….11…12….13….14…..2015. Heard here.
                7). The crash is coming any day now. 2006..7..8…9…10..11..12..13…2014. “I feel it”.

                Happy New Year. (Except for the diehard idiots who will continue the paranoid nonsense). Then it will be the same year until they die and half their preps rot.

          • KY Mom, what good is praying going to do? How many of the victims of AirAsia Flight 8501 do you think prayed? How well did that work for them?

            Praying to a fictitious character is just like kids writing letters to Santa. Only the kids eventually grow up and realize the truth.

            • That’s ok, Kymom… We KNOW the truth…

            • Not every prayer is answered in the affirmative. And it depends on the sincerity of the life…not just in the 3 seconds a prayer is spoken. There is a lot more to life than your eyes can see.

            • @nobama

              I reiterate: what possible difference does it make to you whether KY mom believes in GOD and prays? To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, her actions and beliefs “neither pick your pocket, nor do they break your leg”.

              Instead of wasting valuable time and energy berating her, how’s about you focus on something that helps all of us against our common enemy: an all powerful state run by smirking tyrants. Instead of getting all worked up over KY Mom praying to GOD, try speaking out against those evil men who imagine that they themselves are “gods”

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • Nobama, of course stoopid sheep love to be lied to as it is more comfi and cozy. The truth is hard for the gullible to swallow. I would always want the truth good or bad. Otherwise what is the point of existance? Living in fantasy will get you killed.

            • Praying, or so some have said, has become an excuse for doing nothing to help save yourself, your race, or your nation.

              I have lost count of the number of absolutely sickening times I have heard kwanszombie bible thumpers call into talk radio shows and pusillanimously swear that the only thing left to do is to ‘have faith that the Lord is going to ride in His White stallion and save us from Satan and his prodigiously nosed kids’.

              Without taking any sides on the question of whether the Big Guy in the Sky is fictitious or not, common sense drives me to believe that were He to exist, and were He to look down and see multiple millions of weak kneed, trembling, pants pooping people all sitting around with their thumbs jammed up their asses, shivering and crying and waiting for someone to rescue them – He would be likely to turn away in total disgust.

          • The TRUTH is…

            Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim. There have BEEN OVER 10 various supreme and state court cases the individual has never won. Notably, the Supreme Court STATED about the responsibility of police for the security of your family and loved ones is “You, and only you, are responsible for your security and the security of your family and loved ones. That was the essence of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the early 1980’s when they ruled that the police do not have a duty to protect you as an individual, but to protect society as a whole.”

            “It is well-settled fact of American law that the police have no legal duty to protect any individual citizen from crime, even if the citizen has received death threats and the police have negligently failed to provide protection.”


            On June 27, in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the Supreme Court found that Jessica Gonzales did not have a constitutional right to individual police protection even in the presence of a restraining order. Mrs. Gonzales’ husband with a track record of violence, stabbing Mrs. Gonzales to death, Mrs. Gonzales’ family could not get the Supreme Court to change their unanimous decision for one’s individual protection. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOLKS AND GOVERNMENT BODIES ARE REFUSING TO PASS THE Safety Ordinance.

            (1) Richard W. Stevens. 1999. Dial 911 and Die. Hartford, Wisconsin: Mazel Freedom Press.

            (2) Barillari v. City of Milwaukee, 533 N.W.2d 759 (Wis. 1995).

            (3) Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982).

            (4) DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189 (1989).

            (5) Ford v. Town of Grafton, 693 N.E.2d 1047 (Mass. App. 1998).

            (6) Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. 1981).
            “…a government and its agencies are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen…” -Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981)

            (7) “What makes the City’s position particularly difficult to understand is that, in conformity to the dictates of the law, Linda did not carry any weapon for self-defense. Thus by a rather bitter irony she was required to rely for protection on the City of NY which now denies all responsibility to her.”
            Riss v. New York, 22 N.Y.2d 579,293 N.Y.S.2d 897, 240 N.E.2d 806 (1958).

            (8) “Law enforcement agencies and personnel have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others; instead their duty is to preserve the peace and arrest law breakers for the protection of the general public.”
            Lynch v. N.C. Dept. of Justice, 376 S.E. 2nd 247 (N.C. App. 1989)

            New York Times, Washington DC
            Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone By LINDA GREENHOUSE Published: June 28, 2005
            The ruling applies even for a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

            See ht tp://

            God gives you the right to defend yourself and your family. If need be, exercise that right because the LEOs of the country simply don’t have to do so.

            Same shit, new day…

            • GMAFB: Wow, that is an excellent piece on the police. I’ve tried to explain this to my liberal friends who think only cops should have guns. I’ve mentioned some of these cases and they look at me as though I were making the stuff up. I’ve given the names of some of these cases myself and told them to do their own research if the want. Again, great job, thanks.

              • Greg8, it is futile to try to educate libtards who think only cops should have guns. I’ve tried. You just cannot fix stupid. Just tell them, if they ever get raped just lay back and enjoy it, because it will be well over before anyone responds to a 911 call.

                • Same thing goes for the idiot righties who think most cops are good and deserve their badge sucked. You can’t fix stupid and Anne Sullivan ain’t teachin anymore.

            • GMAFB, I have a copy of that book “Dial 911 And Die”. Everything you posted is true and I’ve had it verified by the retired cops in my family.

            • Yep, never trust the cops. They are not your friend and are not there to defend you. They will arrest you though if you own property they don’t approve of, or use honestly purchased property like a firearm to defend yourself if you do it in an area they don’t approve of you owning such property.
              Oh, and don’t let them know you don’t trust the banking cartel and carry a lot of cash. The cops will just steal it from you and try to think of a reason to imprison you to boot. So don’t talk to them ever. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you and can only hurt you.
              Even if you exercise your right to remain silent and they can’t think of anything to charge you with, don’t think they will give your cash back.
              Never delude yourself into thinking the cops are on your side because you are a good person. Just wait till it’s your kid killed during a no knock warrant for the wrong address. Just wait till it’s your relative arrested for peacefully protesting outside a “1st amendment zone.” Just wait till the cops try to seize your lawfully purchased firearms after a hurricane or other local emergency.

              • I strongly agree with Idaho about cops.

                The thing that both baffles me and pisses me off at the same time, however, is how so many millions of naive, nose picking, IQ challenged WHITE Americans seem to be so easily snookered into believing that the cops are to always be loved and worshiped and never questioned or held to account for any of the criminality and abuse of power that they engage in on a daily basis.

                I mean, I’m White myself – so I take this kind of brainless stupidity and baseless gullibility kind of personal. It makes me ashamed of being White, because that means that I share DNA with the imbeciles who have the Sean Insanity hook set in their gullible jaws.

                Listen, White man. Go to youtube and I guarantee to all of you naive numbskulls that you can spend hours watching videos that have been uploaded that show jackbooted thug WHITE cops beating the living crap out of White citizens over the most trivial of excuses. You can see 220lb White cops grabbing a fistful of hair from a 16 year old, 110lb White female teenager and then banging her head repeatedly against the wall of an interrogation room. You can see 220lb White cops physically grab a White female and shove her face first into a concrete bench in a holding cell, and shattering nearly every bone in her face and knocking out half of her teeth. You can see 10 or 12 mostly White cops dog piled on top of one proned out, subdued white guy and watch them fight with one another to see who can get the best angle and position needed to bash the guy’s brains out with their nightsticks or metal flashlights or who can land the best crushing kick to the guy’s genitals.

                Idaho is 100 percent right about cops. They are NOT our friends. Avoid them. Shun them. If your sister decides to date one, shun her, too. Cops are nothing more than an extension of the evil criminal class who has hijacked the USA and that makes them all our mortal enemies.

                • Tucker, Happy New Year to you. The only part of your post I have disagree with is “being ashamed of being white.” I’m not ashamed of being white, don’t have a damned thing to apologize to any minority people for, don’t owe any minority people any damned thing, don’t feel any guilt over any damned thing, etc. I always tell the libturds to go stuff all that PC crap. The rest of your post is spot on.

            • You are absolutely correct! Police NEVER protect or serve the People. Cops protect and serve their corporate masters.

            • Doughnut Trail Leads Cops to Thief

              Reuters Headline

              Same shit, new day.

          • Happy New Year Everyone 🙂
            Be safe.
            Continue to prepare.

          • When the cops refuse to police themselfs and they do… they only option if for people to police the cops.
            ie there is gona be ALOT of cops getting killed and they have earned it big time.. there are no good cops… if they were they would police themself and arrest the cops who murder… they never will.
            It will stop when the bad cops get arrested or killed people have had enough and will not let this keep happening.

            • Maybe if enough police get “back alley” justice, they might rethink the idea of giving “Citizen’s Review Boards” the power to require justice in a more civilized manner.

              One way or the other, police are going to be held accountable for their misdeeds…let them choose.

          • KY Mom, these protestors have crossed a line just by making these stupid threats against cops. This could escalate into the very thing we don’t want: martial law and “UN peacekeepers” on our streets.

            • @Braveheart

              According to Breitbart the head guy at the New Black Panthers is calling for this people to form an army.

              It seems to me that you, I, and KY Mom see’s what’s coming. Should be an interesting Summer.

              This is my last post as I’ve sworn off all posting.

              • Sinner, hate to see you go. Best wishes to you and yours.

            • RB,
              I am going to go dark for a while ,
              Seriously anyone preparing for what’s to come ,
              Get some training ( DTG, Mosby , Max V etc )
              And go out and practice and practice till it hurts .
              This is the only way to increase your odds , be humble , be willing to learn ,
              Full disclosure , I resigned today , I will not be a participant in the regimes games , I will not give my consent , some things are more important than they seem .

              May the odds be always in your favor .

              Resist no matter what anyway you can.

              The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the brave .

              Semper Fi 8541
              USMC 2 FORECON 1977-1993 , PH , Bronze Star
              Grenada , Panama , Desert Shield , Desert Storm

              • IF…you are telling the truth, and with this being the internet and you being a government guy your whole adult life… is a big IF. But IF you really resigned….then kudos to you. Now if you would just totally wake up and renounce your actions since 1977, or at least most of them….you’d be an honorable, awake and trustworthy guy.

              • Night Breaker, MEGA KUDOS TO YOU. It’s possible I might also be ‘going dark’ within the next 30 to 60 days. I still feel first quarter of this new year will become ‘just a bit too interesting’ if you get my drift.

                • Braveheart,

                  Yeah right,promises, pomises. I think your brain went dark years ago.

          • KY Mom said that “This is NOT good. I pray that these men and women will be safe.”

            Not me. I pray they will live me alone and not arrest or kill me when they interface w me. I pray they get what they give.

            Cops aren’t peace officers anymore, they are law enforcers.

            Rather than helpful. most of the interfaces LEOs have with the public are unwelcome, intrusive, expensive and often dangerous for the public who wants nothing more than to be left alone.

            Modern “peace officers” are militarized LEOs with very bad aggressive, indifferent attitudes who largely view the public as “civilians” rather than sovereign citizens who the LEOs work for and take an oath to serve *& protect)

            They are, the in the main, the enforcers for the extortion racket which the modern state is. I want them to be afraid of the extra-judicial consequences when they contemplate using excessive or lethal force on the public.

            >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

          • KY Mom, It’s not good. We own this land . Not them. We give them freedom and a right to speak there evil and hate. They don’t have a God. They will pay the price. And won’t understand why and what happen . God ‘s love is not pretty, when he come’s in the garden to prune the vine’s That don’t produce.We must stand for the truth and not let anyone take our freedom. WE HAVE TO STAND AT ALL COST. God BE WITH US.

        • I agree, Angry. I live in a small town in a county of 50,000 more or less. I know many of our local officers, as I am a County Commissioner, and have worked with many of them. This whole thing of hating members of the police force is really unsettling to me. I am sure that there are bad cops interspersed in departments across the country, but by and far, most want to serve the community they are in. Our sheriffs department has openly stated that they would never offer support to any outside agency (United Nations, ie) that came in determined to confiscate firearms. They are totally committed to their oath to uphold the constitution. I really think these are people we want on our side when SHTF. I’ve rattled on long enough… I just think the blanket hatred is out of line.

          • If you are perplexed why good people are horrified by warrantless searches, no-knock raids, MRAPS, grenades tossed into cribs, kids with toy guns shot, pregnant women tazed, old men shot on the couch, and others shot in the back, all of it excused and unpunished, you are part of the problem.

            Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America

            The rest of us are starting to feel like… Palestinians!

            • Ah, you mean stupid, hateful, and violent? Hmmm, we already knew that.

          • Hilldweller, I agree. I think the protestors have already crossed a line with their threats. I think it’s time for some of these protestors to have “accidents”.

            • Leave it to the god fearers to show their duality. This is why so many of us do not like people who think God is the means and end to all things that happen. People like you will use it to carry out whatever sick fantasy you have.

              God, whether real or not (since it cannot be proven or disproven), did not GIVE you any rights. Humans, over the course of their existence have had to realize, fight for, and maintain their rights. That is something that cannot be disputed because it has been written in history by the blood of countless humans that have fought for their own sovereignty and the ability to determine their own fates.

              Humans make the greatest impact on this Earth. If we live justly, care and empathize, then hopefully we can step beyond this planet and ensure many generations after the current ones get to live in a world better than the one their ancestors did. By using God as an answer for everything, you blind yourself to the true nature of what is happening around you. You aren’t awake at all.

          • Hilldweller? Can I ask you a question?

            Who has the sole responsibility to clean up the reputation of law enforcement?

            Might the answer be related somehow to the police officers themselves?

            I think so. And, I also think most other people share my opinion on this matter.

          • Hillweller says “I am sure that there are bad cops interspersed in departments across the country, but by and far, most want to serve the community they are in.”

            I am sure most concentration camp guards wanted to serve the community they were in & that there were some “bad ones” interspersed in their departments.

            The truth is that you are what you do. If you enforce a endless amounts of laws, regulations & requirements designed primarily to extort money from the public and harass citizens by using pretext stops to begin the proceess of searching & siezing them you are bad.

            “Good” people who do bad things are bad.

            I will go further and say that every cog in the wheel of the police state (yes, even the paper pushers) are just as culpable.

            If you keep the gears of the police state turning you have blood on your hands.

            The day of reckoning is quickly approaching.

            >my name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.

        • No doubt on the reset but I’m afraid we won’t get a start over. People here on this site are not scum murderers like these hooligans are. However, killing in self-defense or in a battle for freedom is another matter entirely.

        • This is the RESET, Ready or Not Suckas!!!!

        • Its coming, won’t be long now. Sept. 13 15

          • What?

            Why 9/13/2015? Got some data to back that up?

            • NetRanger, NEVER trust anyone who sets dates for any type of future events.

      2. I’m sure this comment will receive lots of flak, but I honestly do not feel sorry for this new generation of law enforcement. You can only oppress/harass and kill people for so long before they finally stand up. The police helped cultivate this culture of “Us v Them” and they will reap what they sow.

        I feel bad for guys like Sgt. Dale who are among the old guard and police in the correct fashion, but those guys are either retired or on the way out. No incentive for them to do anything about the new jackbooted thugs we have as cops.

        • Welcome to the new generation of law enFORCEment.

          The age of aggression that now ride around in armored vehicles, dress and act like warriors, carry submachine guns, throw flash bangs into baby cribs while raiding the wrong house, intimidate, threaten, and harass everyone who gets in their way.

          Anyone dumb enough to feel sorry for today’s badged thugs obviously don’t realize that many of these acts against cops are organized and perpetrated by other cops and their superiors, all to gain public sorrow and support for them to build a more militaristic police state, while disarming everyone else.

          Coming to a neighborhood near you…

          • I don’t feel sorry for the police but it is for a different reason.

            No one is forced to become a cop. It doesn’t take a genius to know that by becoming one that you are going to see some pretty shitty stuff. That is part of the job. You take the good with the bad. And know that you will be judged by the actions of a few.

            Don’t get me wrong, I do not think cops should be shot just for being a cop. That’s f*cked.

            Just saying that everyone has a choice in life and that you need to live with those choices. I know two retired city cops who have both said if they could do it over again that they would choose something else.


            • @Ghostrider…Hey, how are you doing? Well here we are and another year has gone……Lets hope for a more ‘gentle’ New one……guess I’m just wishin….but not holding my breath!

              All the Best to you and yours…. The boys in blue will certainly be earning their paycheques tonight!!Hope the ‘good’ guys all stay safe!

              BTW..haven’t heard from our friend in over a month now….,maybe a communications problem….I know that happened around this time last year….sure hope that group is safe!! take care, CC

            • Hey Ghost. I was on the streets for 7 years as a Firefighter Paramedic. Its the exact same shit Cops see. All the truth in your face daily. After 7 years I choose to move onto another career. The shittiest scum on the earth is what we delt with. So the ONLY way I want to see life with is 100% TRUTH. NO PHONY BS LIES OR PHONY RELIGION. I KNOW THE TRUTH, I LIVED IT. People need to stand up and be a Man, only seek the truth, because the whole pack of lies the populace has been fed for decades is why our country and society is in the mess we are in today.

              • Many people in our society are outright frightened of the truth and why they choose to live a lie in their fantasy world cause they have little coping skills. Its much easier living life dumbed down than seeking the truth and doing research. They would rather get spoonfed babble and singing songs and hymms, than pick up a science book.

                • Its the God, Guns and Honey BooBoo Crowd.

          • Sarcasm on//
            ya the cops take bets on each entry to see how many times they can “light up” a baby crib while entering the wrong house. Kinda of an inside joke. On the warrants they will mark over a 5 on the address so it becomes an 8. yessiree bob. Then they fur sure go into the wrong house
            Their training facilities have baby cribs in the training house so they can become proficient at hitting the cribs with flash bangs almost every time.
            Sarcasm off//

            “Anyone dumb enough to feel sorry for today’s badged thugs obviously don’t realize that many of these acts against cops are organized and perpetrated by other cops and their superiors, all to gain public sorrow and support for them to build a more militaristic police state, while disarming everyone else.”

            Are you off of your meds????? Paranoia will destroy ya.

            • Just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

              Whats your take on Garner? How about the toddler in Georgia that got FlashBanged?

              You condone that stuff all in the name of “Law and Order”?

              If you do, thats pretty damned sick and I would be ashamed to actually know you’re a fellow American. If you don’t condone it, then why are you defending the ones who do it?

              • NetRanger. Did you know that POS Cop that threw the flashbang in the crib that burned that child’s face was interviewed and that POS Cop said if he had to do it all over again he would have done the same thing. So what does that tell you about that Scumbag. Does not want to admit guilt or remorse or anything he is a POS psychopath that should be fired. And charged with battery on a child and be forced to pay for tgat child’s medical bills and college education.

              • So given millions of arrests and entries in to homes to serve warrants, you pull two items out of your hat? As a matter of necessity, cops use guns, explosives and other items to do their job. Statistically there are going to be events that go wrong. It’s gonna happen. That it doesn’t happen more often is a tribute to cops training. If we hobble out police where they can’t do anything, we’ve assisted the criminals out to the point where we will have to carry sidearms just to keep from being mugged.

                All the crying and whining about the events that “made the news” lately only serves to advance the cause of criminals. The more the public outcry, the more likely we will take away necessary tools the police use to keep criminals in check.

                Do you really think the cop was trying to kill Garner? Do you really think cops flipped a flash bang into a crib on purpose? Think about it. Stuff happens.

              • WWTI, Redneck 101, and NetRanger, we can thank federal interference for what today’s cops have turned into. WWTI, the SWAT animal you mentioned is a perfect example. what he said in that interview is that same attitude that the feds have always had toward the people. I agree it’s time for cops like him to start having “accidents”. The SWAT boys in particular believe they’re invincible because they’ve never been challenged. maybe it’s time to see an entire SWAT team to suffer an “accident”. That would send a message to all the other SWAT boys; hopefully it would get them to think long and hard before kicking in anyone’s door. For way too long cops have accepted this federal brainwashing without even questioning it. Today’s cops are truly morons. They lack critical thinking skills just like sheeple. If they don’t wake up and smell the coffee, they’ll pay the ultimate price for what they’re doing.

          • And don’t forget. No accountability for when they screw up or blatantly kill someone. Cops getting away with murder and brutal violence.

            Brown and Martin got what they deserved. Garner? Six cops for some guy selling loose smokes? Isn’t this overkill? And yes, his big fat arm IS around his Garners neck.

            I digress. SWAT teams raiding houses for minor beefs or the wrong house or using explosives to enter. Why not bust in with guns a blazing?

            There are two problems. Militant Ghetto blacks AND Militant police side stepping the Constitution in any way they can come up.

            • “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm” – George Orwell

              I could care less about criminals who get their butts kicked by the cops. There are some types of people, socio and psycho, paths AKA criminals, that do not understand anything other than violence or the threat of violence. Kill the first one, word gets around. The more likely violence will reign down on them when they misbehave, the less likely they will misbehave. Real simple.

              • You better care! Because, first they first violate the rights of the criminals and then they violate YOURS because they make money off of the criminals and the only way to keep the corporate gig going is to keep arresting people. They don’t give one little shit about innocence or guilt, just their job and their reviews.

                I don’t feel sorry for these cops. They have brought *ALL* of this on themselves with their uninlightened “Protect and Serve” bullshit. They say they “Protect and Serve” the community, but in reality, they’re the iron fist of: the police state / the oligarchy / the fascists / chrony capitalists. …many blanks to be filled there. But, one that never seems to fit is “The Constitution”. They take the oath and then violated it multiple times every day, mostly through ignorance, but definately on command.

                Sorry, I’ve know this forever and kept quiet because stupid people don’t understand. If tyranny, dictatorship, communism, etc. comes to America, it will come via the cops. They’ve eased them into violating their oaths daily on bigger and bigger things. Now we’ve got no-knocks, etc.

                The only reason they haven’t just rounded up the guns is because of the militia. In my state that is every man 17 and older. Also in my state they made it legal to shoot cops if they overstep their bounds. THEY CODIFIED IT!

                You can bet, the cops in my state behave well. You should have heard it, all the whining and bitching they the tin badgers. Jeez! I mean they’ll tell you “The law is the law.” but what they don’t do is finish the sentence “…unless your a LEO, then the law is, well, kind of a big grey area…”

                All we want is for the cops to obey the law *AND* get punished if they don’t. Well, all this whining and crying right now is just because they realize that they are going to end up paying if they don’t follow the law. Boo! Hoo!

                I don’t feel sorry for them. Obey the law you enforce and you’ll be respected and protected.

                • >>>”Also in my state they made it legal to shoot cops if they overstep their bounds. THEY CODIFIED IT!”<<<
                  Kinda doubt this….cite it please!

                  Our society has the potential to become a good bit more violent as the economy continues to drop to the new normal. Lot's of people out of jobs creates an atmosphere where people will seek out the least little item to complain about. Things that nobody paid attention to ten years back make the headlines today. It gives the busybodies something to latch on to. A nice little distraction.

                  • You are what Sterling Silver refers to as a “low info guy.”
                    In conjunction with that, I will state that you are a naive badge sucking sheeple. Your posts seem to reflect some intelligence, or maybe egumication would describe what your posts show??

                    Anyway, since you are a doubting sheeple and obviously too ignorant or lazy to look it up for your self, I have decided to help you.

                    ht tp://

                    ht tp://

                    • @BJ
                      Dude…so i have to think the folks in Indiana ain’t too smart. Here’s the scenario

                      Swat goes to the wrong house to serve a warrant. Typo on the address. Whoopsie. So our brave homeowner laying in bed hears his front door get blown off the hinges. It takes about 10-20 seconds to get your brain somewhat operational when startled awake from a dead sleep and figure out WTH is going on. That’s about the time any decent swat team will have gone into and through most single level homes. So in his righteous indignation,our brave laddie grabs his little semi-auto and chambers a round. So now our boy is just getting out of bed with his little pistola and you have four swat team members with their little AR15s aimed at his punkin head. Where do you think thats gonna go?

                      I guess if a person intended to “use this law” he could harden his doors, laser intrusion systems, motion sensors etc…. However, if our hypothetical warrant is for a nasty individual, cops will have scouted the house for this type of hardware and will already have a plan to go around it. Prolly discovered the address issue at that time also.

                      I think maybe the intent of this law would be to protect an innocent “homeowner” if in fact he/she did shoot a cop while they were serving at an incorrect address. Maybe.

                      How does that song go? “I fought the law and the law won”

              • Redneck 101 says: “I could care less about criminals who get their butts kicked by the cops.”

                Almost everything is illegal these days. You really think that selling some loose cigs make someone a criminal? Not it my book, just a law breaker. No victim, no crime.

                The reason why selling loose cigs (and much other voluntary, commercial activity is criminalized) is so that the state can continue its shakedown racket.)

                The truth is that of all the law breakers a very, very small percentage are true anti-social criminals. Most “crime” these days do not involve true victims. I am more afraid of the cops “protecting the shite out of me” than street crime.

                • @Legion

                  I agree that peddling cigarettes would be a minor offense. The first couple of times. The fellow who got killed was peddling cigarettes right outside of a smoke shop. Had been told to leave several dozen times. So the cops tried to arrest him. The poor fellows ticker gave out.

                  The victim is the taxpayer who has to make up the difference. There is always a victim for any illegal activity.

                  I don’t really think the taxes are a shakedown. Government has to fund itself.

                  ht tp://

            • Sierra Dave. Most cities have a system set up that says if the don’t utilize their SWAT teams that they will be defunded. So cities have then used SWAT TEAMS for lesser violations such as serving warrants. Warrents used to be served by a guy in a white shirt that would go knock on a door ask for the person of interest hand him his notice to appear in court. It worked for decades. Untill the ZOG conspired and forced training of the US Cops to treat Americans as the hostile enemy, creating more hate and then the ZOG companies could sell cities more military hardware. It is a vicious downward spiral the ZOG has forced us into. They love to watch Americans fight eachother and why they push gay marriage, abortion, and now race hate and promote rioting. They make money selling War toys. So if we step back and see the big picture, who is the real enemy to our country and society?? Wake up sheeple as it is an easy answer.

        • you want flak, you got it.

          the only reason cops are now fearing for their lives is because people like obama, holder and deblasio have been stoking this fire since ferguson and the deepest bowels of hell isnt bad enough from them to put police where they are now actually wondering if they are the next victims.

          and people like you have made this possible and its going to get much, much worse.

          word is going to get out to any criminal or mentally ill person that the police are only coming in on extreme incidences and with extreme force, so things like patroling neighborhoods and looking for suspicious people and cars will drop dramatically. i predict that in 2015, crimes like burglary, theft and rape will be reported at better than a 10% increase and maybe 25% in 2015; and thats just whats reported.
          and imagine being a store owner in a bad neighborhood, at night you are most likely on your own.

          do some cops abuse authority; yes. do those that do routinely get off easily; yes; but it is up to local govts to improve upon this and people to vote in those that will do that; people like you are just making it worse and making it more likely that where you live becomes less safe.

          people have been preaching doom and gloom on this site for years, 2015 may just be it; and people and govts that threw their own police under the bus have nothing but themselves to blame.

          • Lena- I appreciate the reply, but you are wrong on so many levels.

            “the only reason cops are now fearing for their lives is because people like obama, holder and deblasio have been stoking this fire since ferguson ”

            NO, the reason is because cops kill, rob, and rape with impunity. They are being held accountable for their actions. Typical, you would try to inject politics while discussing an issue that transcends that (police criminality.

            • Oh, forgot one thing. “Because people like you let his happen”.

              Put the pipe down and stop smoking. DO NOT ever blame me or anyone else for what the police are now dealing with. They brought it on themselves.

              • i’m sorry, comments like your and thinking like yours brought this on. the nyc cops are apprently taking the day off in the nyc subways on new years, the potential for harm to the people in nyc just skyrocketd and what if some muslim finds that out with a bomb and decides times square gets another shot tonight ?

                the cops that you think are on every street corner, which in reality are less than 1% of all cops(as evidenced by by houston statistics) just put a city of 9 million in jeopardy on its biggest night of the year.

                • If you live in NYC and aren’t prepared to defend yourself, stay home! Holy shit! What is so hard about taking some personal responsibility instead of thinking that the ‘state’ has to do EVERYTHING from cradle to grave for everyone.

                  • SS, top-notch points. Couldn’t have said it better.

                    • SS, BTW, your point applies to the entire US, not just NYC.

                  • Sterling Silver,
                    You are 100% CORRECT!!!!

                • You and your ilk, enjoy your slavery.

                • Lick those boots, lena.

                • My potential for harm from NYC cops staying home is 0.00%. My wife and I visited NYC once for a week and would never go back. We flew there and the whole time I felt naked without my Glock. NY has done this to themselves and deserve it.

            • @Lena – Smooth Criminal is correct. People want to stand up for the cops but in reality, they are corporate thugs who work for private corporations under the guise of public servants, and in far too many cases, act as mercenaries for private interests exacting fines as well as filling prisons who are under a 90% capacity mandate for the continued rape of the tax payer.

              I’m sure there are good hearted cops out there, but then again, there were some good hearted Nazis as well as SS. But did that justify the actions of their bosses?

              You’re only as good as the people you work for.

            • The only reason that there are chilling threats to cops on new years eve(the title of this post) is because of politics.

              if obama and holder wouldve stayed out of furgeson and kept people like sharpton out and then the nyc mayor stayed off of gardner and instead backed the cops and back all efforts to keep protests at a minimum, what could happen in NYC tonight would not be happening and two NYC cops that were executed would still be alive today.

              i am sorry but all of you seeing the police today as jackbooted thugs are wrong and you guys might look up the staistics on percent of people killed by cops, percent of cases of abuses of authority vs total police cases and percent of cases in cops injured vs victims.

              here in houston, we have about 2500 arrests per week. noiw if the cops were total abusers of authority, the local news would be camped out at the jails because there’d be multiple stories daily of houston cops being stormtroopers. again, are there some cases, yes; but in 2500 arrests per week in houston, we arent getting 1 a week; so thats less than 1%; not bad for people that never know if they just pulled over a preist or an illegal alien hopped up on drugs in a car they just stole from a priest.

              i like this site and come here often as i am in full argreement that when the financial you know what hits the fan, its going to be bad for years; but you guys going against your local police are dead wrong.

              and with the way the local police is being pushed away from any desire to protect its local community, when the finiancial you know what does hit the fan; you may be dead because you bought into the sham that police are bad.

              trust me, there is no where that is safe if criminals believe that thin blue line isnt going to be around.

              • If I had to choose between a world run amuck with NO cops versus what we have now…I’d take the no cop option. I’d rather defend myself against civilian criminals instead of both civilian criminals AND government sanctioned thugs. That way, I”m only taking attacks from one instead of both.

                • A sterling comment! Yep, taking personal responsibility for yourself. A quality sorely lacking in the world today, but then again as I always say…

                  Same shit, new day.

                • Sterling, i’m sure Randy Weaver and his family would agree 100%. Also all those at Waco that were attacked by the badge toting criminal class.

                • SS, if/when we get into such situations as individuals, we are already on our own anyway. We have to become our own first responders. I’ll handle the situation any way I consider necessary regardless of any potential legal issues.

              • @Lena, Your last name doesn’t happen to be Dunham, does it?

              • Technology is showing how bad the abusive cop situation is. With cell phone cams everywhere as well as other digital cameras. YouTube is full of Police abuse.

                I love how they use BS charges like Interfering with administrative duties to arrest people recording them.

                The one good thing from Ferguson is the bug push to get cameras on the cops. Not a perfect solution. But makes it harder for them yell “He’s going for my gun!” when the suspect clearly has their hands in the air.

              • Nonsense. We don’t call 911 at our farm; ever. I assure you it is quite safe. Every single one of my neighbors will tell you the same. Granted there’s not many of them, but each house is within rifle range of the next and we all know each other well.

                I’ll never forget one of the first times we came to look at our farm when it was still for sale, we parked in the driveway with the real estate agent and were getting out of the car when a nicely dressed man confronted us saying “I’m the neighbor and what are you doing here I don’t know you.” By his body language, untucked dress shirt over jeans and boots, I just knew he was armed. I said “I’m hoping to become your neighbor” and after introductions I knew we had found the right place.

                We love it here in Idaho and assure you we don’t need the cops. Our neighbors are fantastic and crime is unheard of. This isn’t because we have police, it’s because my neighbors are great people and decency is the norm here.

              • lena says;”trust me, there is no where that is safe if criminals believe that thin blue line isnt going to be around.”
                Sorry Lena, You obviously do not take personal responsibility for your safety including your live choice of where you choose to live).

                I can tell you that in my community, what keeps “criminals”in line is not the “thin blue line”. Its the thin red line that is emitted by my crimson trace laser sight grips.

          • I agree with you. I think the cops are going to end up stepping a back in 2015, which will cause a rise in other crimes. Having said that I believe that vigilante justice will start to emerge. I for one will not tolerate crimes in my neighborhood.

            I don’t believe that any of us should turn a blind eye when these gutter punks start robbing from our neighbors or do worse. I might be a full time working mom of 3 living in the burbs, doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms…but I have no problem working a weapon and will work it if I must. Eye for an eye, in my book. Harm someone in my household or my “hood” and they will wish the cops would come arrest them.

            • I agree with your assessment, my only quibble being the term “vigilante”. Let’s just say that a subdivision decides to update its HOA charter to include armed patrols by neighbors selected for their skills and temperament,ie, they know their way around firearms and less than lethal methods, plus they’re sober fellows not out to show what “tough guys” they are. Plus they are generally well known and well respected in their neighborhood. Would they be vigilantes? Or are they armed citizens protecting themselves and their neighbors?

              Even in the best of times and with the best of intentions, the police are sometimes going to include a bunch of wanna be “Rambos” who enjoy a legal guise for bossing people around; AND they may not even be a member of the community in question. Most importantly, the police cannot be everywhere at once. I say its about time “we the people” stood up to reclaim our rights and re shoulder our responsibilities

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • Vigilante will soon eqaul insurrgent .

            • I think you are wrong….very wrong! I can see this going in the opposite direction. I think this is going to give them more unconstitutional support from the color of law makers and things are going to get even nastier from the pigs. And I think the gun control nuts are going to use the ensuing crap that the pigs are going to force, in their favor.

            • Kynase, vigilantism will definitely emerge in any post-SHTF scenario. All of the rules we live by for now will go down the toilet. LE will be at home taking care of their own families. We will all definitely be on our own.

            • Kynase says: ” Harm someone in my household or my “hood” and they will wish the cops would come arrest them.”

              You have my respect Madam. Lena and her ilk would benefit spending some time around you.

        • These LEO’s are taught in the colleges and police academies. The curriculum is set…by who?

          • Molly, the recruits are brainwashed by the feds.

        • SC, I agree with most of your post except for the first sentence. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT LOCAL AND STATE LAW ENFOCEMENT HAS BECOME. The feds changed he curriculum at the academies after 9/11. DHS was created to be the core of a future national police force and has given out all of those grants to buy military weapons, etc. The “us vs them” attitude is the same FEDERAL attitude DC has had toward us forever. This campaign against cops will only bring about martial law and foreign troops on our streets; the very thing we’re trying to avoid.

          • Braveheart you might be more right than you think.
            Check out the article on Steve Quales site on the exec
            order Obutthole signed 12-28-14 to create a fed panel on police.

            I was one of 400 layed off on Monday from local copper mine. So if the great reset is gonna happen I’m available.

            Happy New Year to all you guys and gals lets hope 2015 is better than 2014,

            • But each SOB cop holds personal accountability as well….that shit of “I was doing my job” or “I was doing what I was trianed to do” aint gonna f’ing work.

          • I hope they do the martial law and foreign troops on our street route , I think it will exspose them for what they are , and will be the wake up call so many need

            • As far as I am concerned, wake up call time done passed. The lines are already drawn and anyone needing any more evidence has already chosen the wrong side. We can see this from reading here on this site that the lines are drawn and the state drew them and drew first blood. If you’re still on the side of the state now, then you shall remain there til your last breath……which I can only hope is soon.

        • Smooth Criminal- Guess Where they all get their Training? And then certain Cretans on this board, then claim I am Jew Bashing. Wake up fools and smell the bagels.

          How Israel helped train NYPD, who then attacked Occupy
          Report: Israeli model underlies militarization of U.S. police

          “The extreme militarization of American police forces has been brought to public attention by the tactics employed against Occupy protesters, which often appear more appropriate to counter-terrorism operations than to the control of non-violent protest. According to investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, however, the proper term for this ruthless suppression of dissent should be ‘Israelification.’

          In an article which begins with examples of American police training alongside Israeli security forces, Blumenthal writes, ‘Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population, local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities. Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls, leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people. The New York Police Department’s disclosure that it deployed ‘counter-terror’ measures against Occupy protesters encamped in downtown Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park is just the latest example of the so-called War on Terror creeping into every day life. Revelations like these have raised serious questions about the extent to which Israeli-inspired tactics are being used to suppress the Occupy movement.’”

          Are U.S. Police training with the Israeli Military?

          “Apparently so and for some time now. According to Max Blumenthal with the Nation Institute, police in the U.S. have gone to Israel to train with the Israeli military in the ‘handling’ of civilians. According to Blumenthal, ‘Crimaterrorists’ is a phrase coined by an Israeli military official that essentially puts forth the notion that civilians engaging in civil disobedience should be seen and treated as a kind of domestic terrorist with criminal intentions. Raw Story weighed in on Blumenthal’s allegations on December 4th.”

          NYPD In Israel: Police Department Opens Branch In Kfar Saba With Lone Detective Charlie Ben-Naim

          “Officers have been stationed in London, Lyons, Hamburg, Toronto, and Tel Aviv, New York Magazine reports.

          Several FBI officials have raised concerns that NYPD operatives abroad consistently break the laws of foreign governments.”

          • @WWTI- Thanks for the links. I have been aware of the police receiving training from Israeli law enforcement agencies & military. I guess the hook nosed parasites wish to treat us like they do the Palestinians.

            Don’t worry about those who call you a “jew basher”. All you are doing is speaking the truth and the jew is the problem.

          • Truth telling, especially when it reveals the negative influence that jews have over Western civilization, is what Abe Foxman calls ‘anti-Semitism’.

            It has always been a very odd thing for me to fathom, how obsessed jews are to make it illegal to simply point out the evil things that they are doing in our society.

            Endless financial swindles and ripoffs on Wall Street, endless machinations, lies and false flag events to manipulate the Western nations into illegal and unnecessary wars, media control and the use of it to brainwash and deceive and mislead millions of Americans as well as the rest of the entire world, running black market organ harvesting criminal enterprises, working to resurrect the USSR right here in North America, deliberately flooding every historic White European nation with hundreds of millions of non-assimilable, incompatible and indigestible third world aliens as part of a diabolically evil and malicious conspiracy to reduce Whites to minorities inside every historic White European nation and thereby depriving Europeans from their God-given right to self determination and self-rule.

            And, in the depraved and obviously sociopathic and probably psychopathic mind of Abe Foxman and Chuckie Schumer and Diane Feinstein – Whites who dare to point out and then complain about this jewish war to destroy White European mankind are ‘anti-Semitic’?

            I would say that a far more accurate description of this situation would be to call Abe and his fellow tribe members ‘Anti-White’ or ‘anti-Gentile’.

            I mean, they are waging war on Whites – not the other way around, right?

            Can anyone name even one White politician who is calling for massive African immigration into Israel?

        • I agree. I’m an old codger and I’ve seen em go from Mayberry RFD to Terminator/Robocop all rolled into one. The cops really despise the average American. Join a cop board and see what they post about us non cops. You will be pissed off and really despise cops more than ever. They post stuff like “If they pull that “4th Amendment” right crap on me I hit em with Obstruction of Justice and Disorderly Conduct! That gets em every time!” Stuff like that. Cops are criminals as far as I am concerned. Never talk to em and never call em except when it’s time to clean up the mess.

          • @jack- I did check out some of those police forums and you are absolutely correct sir. Their level of hatred towards us “civilians” is beyond belief. To hell with them.

            • @Smooth
              Which forums? could you post links? I would like to check them out.

          • Funny, I read Second City Cop (blog) about every other day, and don’t get the idea that they hate us at all. Rather that they hate their management.

          • I wish all the cops here, present and past, would go hang out on one of those oink boards.

          • My grandfather, who was a retired cop, told me that if I was ever involved in a shooting I should make sure that when the sheriff arrived he heard only one version of the events… mine.

      3. You reap what you sow!

      4. Any bets that sooner or later some of these threats and shootings will be tracked back to some cops using them to garner sympathy and support?
        The fact chaos hasn’t crippled NYC from their work stoppage should illustrate how arbitrary and selective enforcement is.
        I might also add that here we have the perfect example of how these mindless order followers of the dominator class pick and choose how they obey authority. The fact they stick together in this display of childish tantrums should o I’d be a wake-up call for us all.

      5. This underclass does not understand the counter productive nature of their violent actions. Violence as a method to settle disputes within the back community is acceptable within their circles. A sympathetic ear outside of their community was listening before looting, arson and murder became part of the agenda. Whatever higher moral ground that was held is leveled.

        No one has the right to unlawfully and by extension unethically inflict harm on another.

        • Tell that to our political leaders and military. Violence is the way of the world unfortunately.

          • Evil commits violence far more often than good uses moral ethical violence in defense of it.

            Violence is therefore more often aligned with evil.

            • Evil sells more news than good acts do, which is why the MSM incites violence so much. It’s big business.

              Evil also brings more people into churches selling fairy tales and false sense of security to sheeple masses, which is why religions everywhere incite violence and wars. It’s big business too.

        • Kevin2, AMEN to your comments.

      6. Non-violence is the only way. Didn’t these people listen to Martin Luther King?

      7. The idiots doing just what the fascist filth want, as they go after the boot licking police fighting to hold onto their collapsing Corporatist Fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM shithole, which pays the boot lickers with their booze money, expensive motorized toy money, and of course with money for the boot lickers to get the latest violent video games so they can learn how to shoot Muricans faster and with more accuracy……HEY IDIOTS… how about directing your attention to the CORPORATIST FASCIST GLOBALIST GENOCIDAL FILTH controlling you with their “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” stratagem, the fascist filth have been using on COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES for centuries.

      8. Sounds good to me but why only one??

      9. In my personal opinion, anyone who makes threats towards the LEOs should not be put to jail. Pop a cap in their ass and thin the herd of these useless idiots. All they are doing other than stealing our tax dollars for starters more than likely, is also, contaminating the air that we breathe. My local LEOs are actually very cool. I have signs posted as to give warnings to anyone attempting anything illegal and unlawful. Been told, off the record, whomever attempts anything dumb here gets what they deserve for they were warned.

        • And I’m sure that you’ll play into the presumption that cops are always right instead of acknowledging that they are usually the ones that are acting in the “illegal and unlawful” manner per the Constitution. There is a clear impetus in dividing the people against the corporate code enforcers for the purpose of a required totalitarianistic state. They want a violent backlash and it is being engineered.

          Common street thugs are in the wrong to loot, plunder, steal, and murder…but the cops are the thugs that do the same thing for the ruling corporate elite. Both sides are wrong.

          • Actually I prefer the common street thug. At least when they robbed me they knew what they were doing was wrong and didn’t expect me to thank them for their service.

            The cops on the other hand want to rob me too, dictate how free people may live their lives, beat me if I refuse to agree, and expect me to thank them and pay them for their service. If I don’t agree they want to lock me in a box that they made me first pay for.

        • I would be fine with that….AS LONG as we get to “pop a cap in their ass” as you say….every time a cop threatens someone’s life.

        • America, AMEN to your comments.

          • braveheart,

            Once again you demonstrate you’re a man of MANY different personalities. On one hand, you argue for citizens rights. On the other hand, you argue that citizens have a constitutional right to bleed when a cop shoots them. It’s like your posts about college a few articles back, on one hand, poor ole’ brave couldn’t get in to college ’cause of them damn Negroes and women. Then you turn around and say all colleges are nuthin’ but bastions of those damn commies and I’m glad I never went! You are TRULY amusing to read, or perhaps I should say you are ALL truly amusing to read, both of you!

            • Anonymous, Happy New Year. I only have one personality, period. I’m actually starting to laugh at my detractors for a change. You just don’t understand what I’m saying in my posts, but that’s OK. You’re not the first and won’t be the last. I love you too. Have a good day. [sarcasm]

              • Braveheart,

                You are correct for once in your pitifully deluded mind. I do NOT understand your posts. Why not? Simply because I’m not a licensed psychiatrist , that’s what it takes to understand somebody who always tries to hold conflicting points on the same issue. Just in case you’re not aware of it, there’s a term for this condition, it’s called INSANITY.

        • I give raw milk (from organic, grass fed, jersey cows) to my neighbors without proper labeling (though of course my neighbors know what it is), we sell organic pasture raised chicken eggs without declaring the income, and have distilled ethanol for a purpose other than a fuel additive without a license. All of these activities are illegal, but not immoral.

          I have never violated anyone’s rights through force or fraud. Do you think I would be welcome in your neighborhood America? Would I find your LEO’s cool if they knew I gave away raw milk? Would they shut me down and imprison me if they knew I sold close friends apple brandy? I just butchered 5 more sheep and gave some to all of the neighbors, is that legal since I don’t have a license to process meat and don’t have FDA approved facilities?

          I’d rather the cops leave me alone thank you; I have no use for them.

      10. One of the worse things a organized gang can do is openly threat law enforcement as they will get more than normal attention. I they act,the manner is stealth and buisness.

        • In Mexico the gangs would laugh at that statement. They’ve been murdering cops with impunity for years down there, and it looks like they’re bringing it here.

      11. Could it be possible that all these “threats” are from the cops themselves?

        Im skeptical of all these protests too. That its all designed to set the stage for an even BIGGER false flag.

        • Check out who made the signs in Ferguson.
          Communists. No joke.

          • Scary stuff. The first thing the commies want to do is remove/marginalize authority. I guess that’s why we have so many anti-police people in this room.

            ht tp://

            ht tp://

          • Scott-
            communists as well as Anarchists , whatta fun bunch !

      12. I think threatening the police is a big mistake and self-defeating. While there are bad cops out there, on the whole they are there to protect the public and keep the peace. Where they are tasked to do stupid enforcement of stupid laws, that is the fault of the politicians who make the laws. Punish the politicians, not the cops.

        The more disturbing trend is the degradation of society and declining respect for the community and civil behavior. Some communities (I will not name them but you know who) do not teach their youth to work hard, learn and show respect to other people (though they tend to endlessly demand ‘respect’ be shown to them). The result is a large thug class of people who are not able to function in society. They are very violent, they earn their money illegally and they degrade the quality of life for the majority.

        This is what the police have to face every day. I can understand their frustration when they have to deal with people whose behavior is disgusting and low-life. I have never been able to understand why some people believe they can mouth off to police officers or talk back to them. This sort of behavior tends to be the cause of many of the incidents. Learn to speak politely when asked questions by an officer. If you feel they are asking you illegal questions, get a lawyer.

        • “Where they are tasked to do stupid enforcement of stupid laws, that is the fault of the politicians who make the laws. Punish the politicians, not the cops.”

          That was pretty much the defense of the nazis at Nerumburg. ‘I was just doing my job’. Being a corporate thug because you accept money for dehumanizing other sovereign individuals with unalienable rights is no excuse. The culture today in the thug vs. cops war is that it is being engineered by special interests at the top and both sides are wrong with this turning more and more violent. The harder the cops act against the public, the more snap-back they’ll get from the criminals. Its a cycle going no where good. And the cops need to take the higher road.

          • “””””“Where they are tasked to do stupid enforcement of stupid laws, that is the fault of the politicians who make the laws. Punish the politicians, not the cops.””””””

            vote in different lawmakers to get some of the laws changed or tossed.

            this is true, most cops probably don’t like to be bothered with CS arrests, but it’s their job to enforce the laws made by the politicians. they really have no choice if they want to do the job right.

            • When law enforcement and sheriffs (as elected officials) take their OATH (promise) to support and defend the Constitution for the United States of America as well as their respective State constitutions, and are THE ordered by superiors to violate that oath, can they still stand on the excuse that they are just doing their job?

              As a Sheriff, the top county LEO’s job is to enforce county laws…EXCEPT WHEN THE COUNTY CODES AND STATUTES ARE NOT LAWFUL. As an elected official, the Sheriff is under the OBLIGATION to make that determination since that is the OATH he took. Period.

              They promise to defend the people, and then squeeze out of it by saying that they are doing what they were told. Well, which is it? Are you defending the rights of the people? Or are you acting as a paid mercenary? You can’t have both in that situation.

              • Taking an oath to defend the Constitution doesn’t mean shit. Look at all the crimes Obola and Holder committed against the Constitution, violating their oaths numerous times. All the way at the top of the Executive and Judicial branches. The Constitution is mere toilet paper to them.

        • “Where they are tasked to do stupid enforcement of stupid laws, that is the fault of the politicians who make the laws. Punish the politicians, not the cops.”

          That was pretty much the defense of the nazis at Nerumburg. ‘I was just doing my job’. Being a corporate thug because you accept money for dehumanizing other sovereign individuals with unalienable rights is no excuse. The culture today in the thug vs. cops war is that it is being engineered by special interests at the top and both sides are wrong with this turning more and more violent. The harder the cops act against the public, the more snap-back they’ll get from the criminals. Its a cycle going no where good. And the cops need to take the higher road.

          • Sterling , while i dont agree with you on this at all , i am not gonna get dragged in to the hate mongering.

            Your comparison of police to nazi ss is silly , the nazi ss troopers had no choice but to kill or be killed and in the end hitler killed many of them.
            Now maybe a better comparison to a “corporate thug” would be Blackwater mercenaries , or would you can them dirty capitalist’s ?

            Any way my take on the definition of corporate thug , as the police dont work for the “corporate fed gov” as you like to call it , they are municiple, county or state employees .

            • hammerhead, if you research, you’ll see that what you call ‘municipal, county, or state employees” are in actuality private employees funded by public funds taken as taxes, fines, fees, and penalties. Under USC, the United States is corporation and doesn’t even act as the United States of America as most Americans ‘think’ that it does. These cops are literally mercs just like Blackwater. My comparison to police as nazis is dead on.

              • Ya , I get the whole “soveriegn man” BS , its nothing more than Anarchy in reality.
                Without ROL your world would be ruled by thugs of a much greater threat , gangs mostly .
                Somehow rule of law has to be enfored at some level to maintain a civil society.

                I am glad that i dont live in your world my friend , it seems dark and depressing.

                Happy new year and best wishes.

                • The reason I will have a Happy New Year is because I have hope that your view will not prevail for me and my children and grandchildren as long as we live to fight for truth.

                  The whole “sovergeign BS” as you put it was the fundamental principle upon which the Declaration as well as the Magna Carta before it was based. You statists have every right to your limited and myopic view of central governance, and I have no problem with that as long as you guys stay within your rights to be stupid and harm no one else.

                  I am the biggest proponent of ROL, but LAW is the operative portion of what makes that work; not corporate statutes, codes, regulations and acts that are arbitrarily created by politicians and forced on us by thug cops with no standing in LAW. ANYTIME legislative bodies make so called laws that violate the foundational premise of the agreement as ratified by the States (colonies), they are null and void on their face, and any cop that enforces those so called laws are nothing but thugs to be dealt with in a self defense manner.

                  If you want that to change and be lawfully binding, call a Constitutional Convention and have the states change them appropriately and dissolve the Republic as it was ratified. But until then, politicians can’t violate the supreme Law of the Land and think that everyone will watch it go quietly.

                  hammerhead, Its your world that is dark and depressing.

                  • “I am the biggest proponent of ROL”

                    Not so soveriegn after all , eh ?
                    Why would you recognise any authourity other than yourself ? You are soveriegn , right ?

                    “not corporate statutes, codes, regulations and acts that are arbitrarily created by politicians and forced on us”
                    ok , i,m with ya so far..

                    Its calling the cops thugs that i dont get.
                    I havent ever seen it , maybe this country boy is niave to the ways of the big towns , but my interactions with the law have always been fair (even my DUI, had it coming) . So i dont understand the whole hatred thing.
                    All these stories in the news are people breakin the law in the first place .
                    I just dont see the need for all the hate.
                    And i also dont see the need for weapons of war being put in police departments either.
                    And MY sherrif has refused such offerings.

                    All this hate just ramps up the police and the responce to any interaction .They are afraid , as well.
                    Ask a cop to tell you who his corporate master is and see what he says .

                    • hammerhead, you are a low info person. Good luck

                    • low info my ass , best wishes sir .

                    • I really wish the cop hatin group here would wake the hell up and realize that they are being propagandised by the fed gov disinfo machine IE: media .
                      The more out of control they can portray the police , the closer we move to a federal law enforcement body , such as DHS .
                      Dont buy into the propaganda .

                      Nancy Reagan said : Just say no ! LOL
                      ( I think it was her )

                    • I’m not a cop hater! I simply put cops that violate the Constitution in the same category as ANY OTHER CRIMINAL! To excuse them because of their badge is ridiculous. You can call me a cop hater all you want but it just shows how partial you are to irrationality.

                      Trying to get this through to the low info crowd is hard when you don’t have crayons.

                    • I too am a big fan of Rule Of Law. Of course I mean natural law and I suspect SS does too. Laws that diverge from natural law aren’t ROL at all and should be considered rule of man instead. This I don’t support. If I want to give and/or sell my neighbor raw milk and he wants to buy it that’s nobodies’ business but ours, I don’t care what your law says. Any law that criminalizes consensual adult behavior that harms no one, except possibly themselves, is in violation of natural law.

                      I am my own sovereign and I will bow to no one. Don’t confuse my respect for ROL and civility for submission.

                • You are an enemy to freedom, the constitution, BOR, the spirit that founded America, me, my family and my children’s future. When I read your post and peer into a mans mind like yours, I see someone who either wants to put a gun to my and my children’s head or supports others who want to kill me and mine. You belong in Detroit rather than the upper part of lower Mi.

                  Drink some more koolaid and go back to sleep.

                  I wish I could find the founding father’s quote to the likes of you who thought much like you do back then.

                  • “I can’t control my destiny, I trust my soul, and my only goal is just to be. There’s only now, there’s only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day but today. -Jonathan Larson ”

                    I live by these words .
                    Dont pretend to “peer into my mind” as you think you can.

                    When i read your angry statements , I see an angry little corporate drone who does not have the ability to live free because he has corporate masters that tell him when and where to be each day of his life , a man who when old will be dismissed by that corp and sent on his way to die with a pat on the head and a pitance for his lifes work.
                    That would make me angry too , the realization that you are not a free man. So lash out as you wish , blame your percieved troubles on others .
                    You do have that right .

                    Maybe you sieze control of your own destiny rather than

          • @hammerhead: Are you gunna try and explain away that the cops that killed Eric Garner were justified when contrasted against his unalienable right to life, liberty, and property?

            Wilson shooting Brown is another story. I’m guessing that Wilson acted in self defense. I have no problem with that on its surface. But let the punishment fit the crime. Even if Garner’s antagonists didn’t ‘mean’ to kill him, they still did. Would that have justified me had I done that to a cop?…choked him until he died and then said it was an accident and his fault because he had asthma or was too fat?

            You commit a crime, you’re a criminal whether you’re wearing gang colors or municipal blue.

            • Sterling you are so ill informed it is pathetic. The Police did not kill Eric Gardner, he died because he was unhealthy and his body could not handle the stress, he himself brought on himself. He had many previous run ins with law enforcement and the owner of that shop he was standing outside of had called the police multiple times to take care of his illegal behavior. While being held down, the man has heard to say “I can’t breathe” 11 times, guess what, if you have the air flow to make your speech heard, you are freaking breathing. BTW, ever been trained to put someone in a choke hold? It is common place for people to say they can’t breathe. Again, if you can make your speech heard, you can breathe. The officer used a hold on Gardner straight out of the training books. He wasn’t choked to death, he stressed himself to death. It all could have been avoided by doing what the officers asked, just sell his dam cigarettes somewhere else.

              • Talk about brain washed and ill informed….your the perfect description of such.

                If the cops were tried under true law without the blue privilege, the jury would come back inside 5 minutes with a guilty verdict in the murder of Garner.

                You sound like a cop.

              • You are confusing illegal with immoral. It isn’t immoral for consenting adults to engage in trade and they don’t need permission from the state to do so. The shopkeeper is behaving in an immoral fashion when he uses the police power of government to prevent a competitor from offering services (loose cigs in this case) that customers might prefer.

                The police killed a man who wasn’t harming anyone through force or fraud. None of his customers complained of being cheated, only the state felt it wasn’t paid off for consenting adults to engage in free trade.

              • So are you saying that had I done that to a cop who was out of control but also had the same health issues of Eric Garner that a grand jury would have decided not to charge me? I guarantee it would have never come to that because the other cops would have killed me where I stood for “killing that cop” in the same way that Eric Garner died. And thats a fact. So don’t tell me that I’m ill informed.

                • funnything, thank you for the compliment. Rebel,, odd kind of a twist I’d say. sterling, unless you have taken a pledge to uphold the law and put your life in danger every day and every minute while on duty, I see no valid reason for you to put your hands on an officer so yea, if you did that you would be found guilty and rightly so. Did it ever occur to any of you “smart guys” that criminals are more and more violent these days? Taking an oath to protect and serve does not mean law enforcement officers have given up their own rights to be protected. geese. A grand jury panel of 20 jurors found the officer’s actions did not warrant charges. I guess they are all in on the conspiracy too, huh? hell, I’m sure ANYBODY who disagrees with you are in on it, brainwashed or God forbid, a cop! laughable really. obama is doing a great job dividing us isn’t he? whose the brainwashed and who can see through the haze of deceit and lies? Keep talking your hate, see how far it gets us down a hole.

                  • It’s not a conspiracy per se that the jurors found no true bill, but I have a feeling that you already know that and are trying to spin and deflect.

                    It is about blue privilege and how when a police man shoots a civilian, the rules of investigating and the process of the grand jury are totally different than when a civilian shoots anyone. And that stubborn little fact is irrefutable.

                    • of course it is different, as it should be. You seriously want the police to operate as if they were civilians? what is the point of having police then? Perhaps you are someone who feels they can protect themselves. Good for you, what about my elderly parents, who is going to protect them? Not spinning, stating a fact. where is the respect for the rule of law. Don’t think it works as it should? work to change the process but these stupid protests and threatening the lives of police doesn’t do squat except divide. which may be the point anyway.

                    • So, you are saying that it is ok that police involved in a shooting or a beating event are treated differently and investigated differently than a civilian?

        • Frank Thoughts, I agree. Excellent post.

      13. MS-13 cares about what happened in Ferguson? Hardly. Most MS-13 gang members are illegals from Mexico and central America. I think they should all be deported, but this reeks of a set up.

      14. Drew

        Though I abhor the abuse of power by the few, the majority are on the side of good. They have families and want everyone to be safe.
        What I do know is when the daily SHTF for somebody, they are the ones who run towards the danger and not away from it like everyone else.
        I do understand that they are also the boots of the system. Most do not have a choice but to be part of the system. The more you can get out of the system the less exposure you and yours will have to its negative side. Happy New Year!!!

      15. My feeling is this. A few bad apples have spoiled the entire barrel. What’s left of the good apples have no way of throwing out the bad ones, so to the good apples is the pension worth our life. The choice is yours.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      16. I wonder if the black community would be interested in making a protest statement by refusing to accept any government assistance. No EBT, no welfare, no Medicaid, no Obama phones, and no disability or WIC. That would show the world that they were no longer slaves to the system set up by whitey.

        • “Whitey” is offensive. I prefer to be called a cracker 🙂

          • I’d rather be called “colored”, because that’s what we white people are, full of color.

            Black people are black, because they lack color. White is white because it comprises the full spectrum of visible colors.

            I wonder if the NAACP would accept my membership application using this rationale?

      17. I don’t believe it, if it were really MS-13 they would probably try to kill a cop in every city in America and they wouldn’t advertise it. the cops are not stupid and they probably know who each and every member is so why would MS-13 bring down every cop in America on them? not a good idea.
        maybe some dope head with time on their hands while they were shooting up.

      18. And while were all pointing fingers- who’s right, who’s wrong?…Obama moves ever closer to instituting his promised nationalized police force. The fish rots from the head.

        • Scavenger, I am of the opinion that we already have a de facto nationalized police force. I had a conversation with a cop-chick who stated she considered herself to be in a para-military organization.
          While I am as a very critical of the current state of LEOs and their abuses of the public, I can NOT condone the murder of cops, or advocating such action. This is not going to end well.

      19. The grammar and punctuation seem pretty good for a gang-banger.

        • That’s because that “graffiti” was not written by a gang member, rather it was written by someone with an agenda to strengthen the Police State of Amerika.

      20. It’s the same old game, one of many, playing side against side and at the end, they benefit. They further militarize the cops, and the people caught up in the middle lose. The thugs and these idiots screaming on the street are just useful idiots, the dead cops are collateral damage. At the very top the leaders who pull the strings of the politicians get what they want. You and I, we just get more laws placed on us and further restraints on any wiggle room we thought we had. They are tightening down, taking away more rights and more freedom. Like a big Boa constrictor that is taking it’s time squeezing it’s prey. We are dying and have been dying slowly in this nation. Most of it is already dead in spirit, we are now just seeing the death of us in the material, I strongly believe that we will see the end of the America that we once knew this coming new year.

      21. Happy New Year!

        Tonight is a special night when again I get to hear the sound of gunfire echo about the neighborhood. To be followed by Police and First Aid Rescue calls to the adjacent area. This all continues to 3 a.m. Yes, to listen to the morning news to see who has been shot.

        Police will have to figure out if it is fireworks or a gun shot at them.

        Party On!

        • I wouldn’t stand anywhere within earshot of fireworks. Period. Chances are good that you’ll take multiple shots to the head from police who were “fearing for their safety” and you just happened to be standing close enough for them to shoot.

      22. Somewhere, a politician is writing a bill to solve this problem: the banning of all writing implements.

      23. This is all just a ploy to further divide us. They’ve already divided us by skin color, belief system, sexual orientation, social class.

        • And clearly it’s working.

      24. old70 is right.

        It’s cherry picked graffiti to rile up the us vs them crowd. It is going to be used to clamp down more on the freemen of this country.

        Personally, the FSA and the .gov goons are opposite sides of the same coin. They both live off the largesse of the producers.

        Most of the ladies (at least on this board) and most of the girly men think they need to be protected from the violent world that surrounds them.

        Take charge of your own life and well-being…the cops sure as shit don’t care about you.

        Sack up and fight the power.

        • “It’s cherry picked graffiti to rile up the us vs them crowd. It is going to be used to clamp down more on the freemen of this country.”

          Its cherry picked alright , but its done to stir up more trouble .
          The more cop hate rhetoric that flys around the more nervous the cops get. And rightfully so , they are way out numbered.
          That said it just increases the chance of a simple interaction going wrong.

          I wish some of the cop haters on this site could have been at my place a couple years ago when i had two deputies tryin to get two stupid steers back into my fence , them smooth shoes dont do well in cow shit.
          Just sayin…LOL .
          Good people , no need to “fight the power” around hear.

          • Hammerhead. It is probably propaganda so people will feel sorry for the Cops and also to keep Cops on their toes. They did the same thing during the Aug 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa, FL where they found a few days before the convention an Anonymous symbol spray painted on a roof top. Anon does not do inperson violence, they are stealthy via the digital world. But they used that graffiti to pump up the troops fear for the RNC Convention and justify a military presence.

            ‘V for Vendetta’-like image spray-painted on Tampa building days before RNC

            • Yup, and it is having the same effect as the false flag psyop shooting of the two cops in NYC a week ago or so. Look how many poured out to mourn them as if they were gods. Sure don’t see that kind of showing for those murdered by them?

      25. I would also add to refrain from direct threats to LEO or .gov in general.

        There are disinfo agents on this board and you can bet every threat made is cataloged for future use.

        Ever hear of the Sedition Act? Yes, it is till on the books and can be enforced at .gov will.

        It is probably prudent not to brag about your armory either… I know, I know, most say fuck it. That’s up to you. I’m glad I sold all my off paper stuff long ago. All I have left is a 22 pellet gun and a home made slingshot.

        • Exactly JRS.

          Just stay away from them and let them be. Avoid them at all costs and watch what your fervor can lead you to say online.

          I was just saying on the other thread when everyone was answering the cop dale on here…a cop who has worked with fbi before. He fished for info on ammo and a lot of people bit the hook and spilled it.

          And yes, there are feds on this board….you can count on it.

        • Dude, you’re lucky that you didn’t lose that .22 in a kayak accident like some others on this site. I was duck hunting in a flat bottom boat myself. Recoil is a real bitch, just tipped it right over.

      26. Most people today cant see the forest for the trees. This is true in this particular case of the current protests of the police. This is how the Arab spring started in Egypt. You see this is not really about black versus white OR left versus right. Its about the police acting as the arm of the government which is squeezing people more and more for money. The governments local or otherwise cant seem to find enough ways to put people in the slammer or fine them. The militarization of police by the federal government has much to do with this situation. The public has become the enemy. If you outfit police with military gear they will eventually play the part of soldier but fighting what enemy and what war ? (Us) If anyone has been paying attention, our rights have gone out the door in the last few years. There are many examples of this just look for it on you tube. Cops shooting family pets needlessly, SWAT reams barging in on innocent people in their homes, excessive force, children being killed by police etc, etc. We are no longer a nation of laws ( even though Obama repeats that its just not true) The government will invent a law to persecute you for whatever they feel is convenient. The laws we should be following are the ones voted on by our elected leaders not the ones that are made up on the spot today. What you are really seeing today is a low level uprising against the governments. Its just that its occurring largely with the minorities first. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Eventually people just get fed up, unfortunately the police are in the middle between the overbearing excessive government and a tense society.

      27. “You’re either a cop or little people.”—Police captain Harry Bryant in Blade Runner

        MCFMF!!//RIP America.

      28. Pray for everybody tonight.
        Stop this B.S. of Good person, Bad person, Good Cop, Bad Cop. This is all B.S. It is designed to have us fight against each other instead of standing up for each other.
        If you didn’t know by now that there a few bad apples in every bunch. You are naïve!

        You All have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

        • Stay Safe Sgt Dale. I won’t say anything bad about Cops till next year. bwhahaha .. Cheers!!

        • This all started with the creation of SWAT.

          • SWAT was a tv show started when I was a kid,they had AR”‘s and rode around in a blue bread truck.

        • I agree in theory with what you are saying, but “standing up for each other” is a generalized cliche. How can you stand for the oppressed victim that is senselessly beaten by an over-roided cop without being accused of being an all encompassing cop-hater? Or how do you stand up for the two Manhattan police needlessly murdered in their patrol car the other day without enraging the black community who feels picked on?

          There is a divide wherein we have to stand on principle in order to fix this. You can’t just put your head in the sand and declare..”can’t we all just get along”? I wish we could but we have to see reality as well.

          • SS
            We have to try.

            • Well said Sgt Dale

        • Sarge, Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

        • dale,

          Anybody who listens to YOU deserves to have his constitutional rights taken away from him on the grounds of boot licking stupidity.

      29. So now all it takes is some thug scribble and a tweet to justify millions of dollars increase in police protection / militarization budgets. Ah, the benefits of having only two social media and 6 traditional media companies continues to astound me.

      30. I wonder how these cop haters would like it if whites were writing “Kill a Darkie” all over the place and just randomly attacking blacks.

        • I wouldn’t like it.

      31. I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that other than a traffic stop 95% of the posters here have not had an in depth interaction with LEO’s. I have. Many times, most good and a few bad.

        Caveat here: I live in a semi rural area where most folks know each other unlike in an urban environment where the cops don’t know what situation they are going to encounter. If I was a LEO I would be very, very wary in a big city environment ( or for that matter, a Highway Patrol officer ) and attuned to body language or unusual activity.

        Do what the cops tell you even if they are dicks. That beats getting shot, maced or tased. I’d rather do a night in jail for a minor offense than waking up in a hospital or dead.

        An overwhelming amount of LEO’s are very civic minded people when they enter law enforcement. They want to benefit their community with service. I respect that.

        Here’s a couple of situations I’ve experienced in the last couple of years dealing with the local cops:

        I had a fellow rear end my truck 2 summers ago. It was 105 degrees and I was beginning to fall out due to my diabetes and the responding cop walked up and i told him I had a CCW but no weapons in the truck and asked him if he wanted to search the vehicle. He said no and asked if I was going to be OK and I told him I needed the the orange juice out of the truck ( reason for my short trip to the store) and he grabbed the juice for me while I sat on the roadside. The guy who hit my truck was screaming and yelling while his kids sat sweltering in the heat because the AC in his car was ruined. Once the cop saw the kids he told the butthole who hit me that he would put the kids in the back of his patrol car where they could cool off. The dude looked completely surprised and agreed. I was on my way in 15 minutes.

        The same cop responded to an incident at my home when my neighbors had a scrap. What was amusing is that I invited the cop into the house and he walked right on in and began interviewing my neighbor and his wife while his brand new trainee stood by my front door with his hand on the door knob and looking around nervously. I guess the newbie had never been in a home with a collection of edge weapons on the wall ( been collecting for 37 years from all over the world )and the good cop noticed that I was watching the newbie very intently. The newbie was flat out scared and that worried me. The good cop asked the newbie to go sit in the car and start the report. Newbie didn’t like that but I sincerely believe that the trainer recognized there was no threat here but the newbie needed some real life experience in how to deal with low level responses.

        However, there have been a few Plisken/cop related events that have not gone well. I got SWATTED this last summer and it was a pretty crappy experience. A bit of background first.

        I live in what was once known as a ” tough neighborhood ” although that has changed dramatically for the better in the last 10 years. However, some ( only a few ) local cops still harbor a bias against out neighborhood and when they get called out they respond in huge numbers with fully automatic m4’s. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t have MRAP’s in my case. Sarc.

        And once again I invited the cops into my home to look around. The Sarge running the circus searched the home but I did inform him that I know my 4th admendment rights and he yelled ” I know the the 4th better than you do!” My response was ” You’re almost 30 years younger than i am and I doubt if you were taught the 4th in school.” Didn’t go over well with this POS. The cops left the home with nothing. I am worried that this young sh!tass cop is still angry so I keep my nose clean and keep a low profile.

        I know i’m kind of a jerk but if Leo’s treat me right I respect them and co operate with them. I feel for them. Being a LEO has got to be the worst job in the world.

        Bottom line: I have had my fairshare of trouble with the cops but have been treated badly only a couple of times in my 52 years on this planet.

        Happy New year to all including the boys/women in blue! Be safe! Watch your 6!


        Snake Plisken

        • IF being a cop is the worst job in the world, then why the fuck do they volunteer to be one in the first place?

        • Snake, I have had many interactions with cops…mostly good in that I wasn’t physically beaten. However, when I’ve needed them they have NEVER have been there for me as a tax payer. I was assaulted by a mexican gang in downtown SLC and beaten and had my car smashed for no other reason than being in a place where one of them needed initiation. The cops never came so I could even file a report. I was told by 911 to stay put and wait because it was a crime scene. Waited for 4 hours and no one showed, even after repeated calls.

          My experience is that most of them are polite, but self interested for the corporate state and never acting in the capacity of a civil servant.

          My personal experience is that when I was involved in violence and needed them, they basically left me for dead. Thats the Salt Lake City police and County Unified Law Enforcement per my experience. Since then I have been pulled over by them and ticketed and forced to pay fines for which I never committed infractions for. I’ve been forced to pay speeding and seat belt tickets when I was not in violation of either contest, as well as being searched in violation of my rights with no probable cause. Of course nothing was ever found.

          Its hard to defend a lifetime of experiences that have shown clear abuse by the people I pay to protect me, if that is their excuse for even wearing the badge.

          In my life, I have been violated more by the police than I ever have by common criminals, and that’s even considering that gang beating I took. AT least now I know that I can arm myself against that behavior again… but if you try that against a cop that does the same thing?

      32. Hey john here can someone out there recommend a reputable manufacturer for level 3 body armour that will ship to Canada

      33. I am not taking sides with anyone.

        But I will say this LEAVE THE COPS ALONE.

        My feeling is this if we loss them DO YOU WANT A HOLE BUNCH OF BA BS on the streets playing RUN AWAY ARMED MILITIA ???? MAKING THERE OWN RULES ?????

        Next QUESTION.


        WE THRIVE ON DIRTY LAUNDRY DO WE NOT ?????????????

        My advice is do not feed into this shit.

        That is what the radicals and the extremist want.

        Use your heads THINK ! THINK ! THINK!

        You folks in LAW ENFORCEMENT that put it on the line everyday.

        THANK YOU


        GOD BLESS

      34. Let’s stop the hate meme in 2015: that’s my message. Killing cops will not make the world a better place. Set a better example in your behavior and the better cops will follow. Every day we have the power to make that day end well or end badly. Make it end well and keep it safe out there, dudes.

        Happy new year!

        • HERE , HERE !!!!
          Thanks Frank .

          Happy New year !

          • UHHHH,,
            HEAR , HEAR ! LMAO !

        • F.T
          Yes Please.

        • We just need to hold cops accountable. Changing our behaviour won’t help unless you want people to act like robots and just obey every command as it they have to.

          There is something wrong with you if you can’t see whats going on here. The bad cops are excused and promoted while the “good ones” condone it. So, which ones are the good ones?

          “Keep it safe out there.” That means “Stay as far away from the cops as you can.”

          I’m much more worried about a cop than a criminal. Criminals have to be smart. They might actually get put in prison if they murder me so they try to avoid it. No such compulsion for cops. They take a notion and you’re dead and there is nothing anyone can do about it. …and its all “justified” by the Just Us system.

          Well, I guess we’re finding out thats its not true that nothing can be done about it. The losses have been one sided for a very long time. I have a feeling it may start to change. Justified or not, cops have slaughtered 1100 people in 2014. So many gone. So much sorrow. People are sick of it.

          Please, have a moment of silence for those slaughtered by police.

          ht tp://

          Then, try to figure out what we need to do to stop the slaughter. While I don’t like the “kill a pig” option or the “if they kill one of ours we will kill 2 of theirs” option, if the cops keep it up, thats what it will boil down to.

          “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

          Is that what they want? You tell your “good cop” buddies to calm the heck down or they’re all going to be in a world of hurt. Us good citizens out here that have never commited a crime are wondering why we supported them all these years. To put it simple, if they keep up their current record and a small percentage of good citizens put their support on the other side, there will be a shitstorm come down on them the like of which the world has never seen.

          Wear a heavy rain coat because I think I hear shit-thunder in the distance!

          • Great post….you are so much better with words than I am….LoL


          • @NetRanger: Those are eloquent words. WEll said

          • @NetRanger: Those are eloquent words. WEll said

          • @Rump Ranger

            Holy Jesus where to start….

            >>>”cops have slaughtered 1100 people in 2014″<<>>”Please, have a moment of silence for those slaughtered by police.”<<>>“Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”<<>>”I think I hear shit-thunder in the distance!”<<<
            Don't worry ole buddy. That's just your brain bouncing around in your cranial cavity. It's kinda small so there plenty of room for it to bounce don't ya know 🙂

            To all: Have a happy and safe New Year!

            • Previous post got jacked up……

              ”cops have slaughtered 1100 people in 2014″
              Of which I would be willing to bet 90% were drawing weapons on the police to kill them.

              ”Please, have a moment of silence for those slaughtered by police.” What about the 200+ cops that died in the line of duty? Your allegiance baffles anyone with an IQ above their shoe size.

              “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Might want to be careful where you take this. You really really want the police taking care of law enforcement. You cut loose regular citizens on criminals and you would see your 1100 go to 11000 overnight. There’s way more people sick and tired of criminal activity than there are people worried about police.

              “I think I hear shit-thunder in the distance!”
              Don’t worry ole buddy. That’s just your brain bouncing around in your cranial cavity. It’s kinda small so there plenty of room for it to bounce don’t ya know

              To all: Have a happy and safe New Year!

              • 200+

                ht tp://

                Try 50, up from 32 the year before.

                • A little more accuracy for you.

                  ht tp://

                  • LMAO….what a tool you are.

                    Line of Duty Deaths: 118
                    Assault: 2
                    Automobile accident: 26
                    Drowned: 1
                    Fire: 1
                    Gunfire: 47
                    Gunfire (Accidental): 2
                    Heart attack: 15
                    Motorcycle accident: 4
                    Struck by vehicle: 5
                    Vehicle pursuit: 5
                    Vehicular assault: 10

                    Read more:

                    It’s too bad all 118 weren’t death by constitutional patriot defending himself and his.

                    • You are hopeless aren’t you.

      35. Re-paste from an anonymous poster, had to be repeated:

        “Hate to say it, but if the cops REALLY had policed themselves of their corrupt brethern, they would ALL not be wearing targets NOW..

        When you cannot distinguish the right from the wrong when they all wear the same uniform and their culture is rife with corruption, they ALL wear those stained colors.

        I have no pity for them. They EARNED the notoriety they have and they ALL FULLY DESERVE the fear they feel now. They took oaths to UPHOLD the laws (irrespective of WHO the law breakers were) but instead created the THIN BLUE LINE. this is not a a courtesy but a symbol of the culture of corruption.

        When they had a chance to do right and be right they chose NOT to be. Choices have consequences. Call me a cop hater, I dont care, but everything i said is blunt truth.”

        • I am proud to be a cop hater….you say it like it is a bad thing? I am to hate the evil of this world. So to hate our govt and their strong arm gorillas, is the right thing to do. I want to live in peace and be left alone and I don’t condone murder unless it is provoked and in self defense or in a righteous justified war.

      36. Cops suck they are the Gestapo and gov Is their boss look at their uniforms the pants flare out at the knees high boots they are the biggest crooks they are not here to help you. To protect and serve who the regime. when have you seen a cop serve anything but themselves at a coffee shop. my wife’s father was retired cop and he told me don’t do it it’s not what it used to be. Anyway these cops suck and are gonna get what they have coming to them people say they are just doing their job they don’t deserve to be attacked. They are a gang just like ms13 , skinheads , bloods , crypts it’s no different and there will be a war if cops were smart they would find a new way to make $ or suffer the consequences. They are all no good because in the end they will follow orders even if they are a good guy to play golf with. I’m not a cop hater but I have seen how they operate they are thugs in suits .

      37. The more they can kill the better.

        Maybe then, these cops will learn a lesson.

      38. The cops around here pack glocks and have 12 guage in the car I have seen them slam a mentally challenged guy to the ground behind a liquor store and the guy was very afraid of them he kept saying don’t hurt me please and They kept saying stop resisting .he ended up getting a heart attack during it . The cops were afraid of him being a large guy and used too much force and killed him they were not charged. They smashed my cousins head into brick wall and told him he fell. They are just a bunch of young thugs with metal numbers on their pocket too many of them to . All they got to say is he was resisting and this justifys their violence in court and they know it . Avoid them at all costs . Even that’s getting harder to do .if someone hates you all hey got to do is say you are doing something criminal the police will investigate they do this with any thing I mean it. The cops have started snitching programs called see something say something . They want us to rat each other out so they can make arrests . They are trying to use people’s anger at each other to confiscate weapons. My sister in law and her husband were quarreling and she made the big mistake of calling the cops on him he is a good guy it was just an argument and she wanted him to leave the cops took his sterling shotgun his daddy gave him and made him leave there was no violence the cops over reacted he was never charged because there was no crime it took him a year to get his gun back they just wanna disarm people. They say it’s for their safety why didn’t he get it back right away if that’s the case. My brother in law designs electronic boards he’s not stupid enough to throw his $ 150000a year career away to be a criminal.

        • Look at all the people they disarmed after hurricane katrina for no reason whatsoever. How many cops were arrested for this?

      39. Hammerhead has it right. Distraction so a Federal police force can be established. Just what Obama said he wanted.

      40. Shit…..I’m worried about “chilling threats” to me…..fuck worrying about somebody else’s “chilling threats”, especially when they can legally carry guns, tasers, pepper spray, clubs, rifles, shotguns, armor, and knives. With all that shit if you are worried about “chilling threats” then you are a pussy and need to find another line of work….that shit is laughable…….yawn.

      41. It’s already been written
        Live by the sword , die by the sword

        We didn’t start the fire
        You know all the catch phrases

        Are you ready is all that’s important

      42. A message on a bathroom wall? It was probably just some bored shittaker with a sharpie in his pocket. Doesn’t mean a thing.
        Just stay away from the cops if you feel threatened. It’s called survival.
        What would you rather do? Enter a diner with 10 cops in it or, a diner with 10 low level ghetto scumbags?
        Believe it or not there are some real fucked up people out there. Who else is gonna deal with them? You? The people in your neighborhood? If that was gonna happen why hasn’t it happened? Adapt people. It’s called survival, deal with it. The shit hit the fan years ago. It just hasn’t hit everyone yet. But it will.

      43. Hrmph. Who would have thought if you take the NYPD off patrol the crime rates would fall by 60% to 90%?

        We should try this in some other cities. (The taking cops off patrol part, not the shooting them part…)

        • give us the same rights back to carry and protect our selves and there probably would be less robbing and killing, most of this started when the people lost their rights

      44. Cops are beginning to reap what they sow! Oh well…perhaps they should change their modus operandi.

        • I don’t know that your comment is entirely fair RickE, you’re generalizing a bit. There are good and bad in every bunch, and on each side of the fence.

          I agree with one of the other comments, lets look forward and be positive to the new year. I have faith in humanity that a change for the better is coming, we have to believe that.

      45. These people threatening cops, actually doing stuff, none of them follow along my beliefs or guidelines.

        I could quote the 3%’ers Morals, Physical Ready for Combat, Not shoot First, and Not shoot innocents.

        Nope these cop threatener’s not on that list.

        Lets see Militia?
        I don’t see them training 3 days at a time there.

        How about Oath Keepers?
        I see lots of racism, that can’t be tolerated in Oath Keepers, they don’t fit in with oath keepers either. Not to mention can these people rub two neurons together to even be bothered to understand the OATH anyway?

        SO what that leaves in the wake? Not Good, that’s what.

        Gang mentality. I get it it is SAFER in gangs. But it sure ain’t where I want this country to go. In fact if the cops would just arrest the oath breaking treasonous scum, and the prosecute the banksters most of this crap would flush right out. The longer this country strays from the Constitution and Bill of Rights the deeper this FASCIST RABBIT HOLE will go.

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