Chicago Mobs and the Case For High Capacity Magazines

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Headline News | 280 comments

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    Over the weekend, hundreds of teens joined forces to harass, mug and beat peaceful residents of the disarmed city of Chicago.

    Things got pretty bad and very quickly, with a lot of innocent shoppers and tourists caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation.

    In May of 2011, Tess Pennington warned of the rising epidemic of teenage flash mobs and noted how the trend would soon become even more dangerous as criminal gangs realized the potential for overwhelming law enforcement and having their way with large groups of individuals who have no means of protecting themselves:

    It is a fact that when people’s basic needs are not met, they will act out.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before these senseless acts of violence will not be limited to only misguided youth, but reach out to others who feel they need to take their own desperation into their hands.  Due to the recent increase in unemployment, and under stimulated economy there will be an increase in crime, and violent mob attacks are surely to increase.  That being said, what will the local and state police force do to deter these attacks?  Will they create a police state and place a police officer on every street corner? Is that what this is coming to?

    Why not put the power back into each individuals hands?  While the teenage mobs are looting the stores, what were the witnesses doing?  Did they call the police, did they try and stop them or were they one of the many onlookers?  Instead of looking around and wondering what can be done, start taking personal responsibility for your city.

    With advancements in mobile social media communication, mass mob attacks involving hundreds of people at once will spread, especially as those with criminal inclinations realize their potential.

    Now, imagine a situation where you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the city with your family when you’re approached by dozens of mob-crazed individuals who have no qualms about robbing you or hurting those you love.

    Police are powerless, because they show up after the fact, and even if they do get their as the situation is developing, there are way too many mobsters for law enforcement to get a handle on the situation before someone gets hurt.

    So, how do you stop them?

    Perhaps a pair of scissors as recommended by Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano?

    Maybe try to talk them down and if that doesn’t work, just let them maim or kill us, as one Second Amendment opponent recently suggested?

    Or, perhaps we can hug it out?

    Realistically, there is only ONE solution, and it requires that you have on your person multiple high capacity magazines and a semi-automatic weapon capable of discharging a hail of bullets in rapid succession.

    If there were ever a case for why high capacity magazines belong in the holster belt of every American, the events in Chicago over the last two days are it.

    Only the individual citizen, in real-time, will have any chance of protecting themselves in an active mob scenario.

    When the bodies start hitting the floor you better believe mob members will think twice about pursuing their new found strategy of attacking innocent people. Moreover, those who are likely being empowered by the success of such mobs to go out and do the same in their own cities will reconsider the risks versus reward.

    Chicago is a gun-free zone. It is also the murder capital of the United States, with over 500 killed last year. With law abiding citizens having been disarmed, there is nothing to stop brazen attacks like what happened this weekend from continuing, and spreading.

    Put the power back in the hands of Americans.

    Let the people arm themselves – heavily.


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      1. A Clockwork Orange anyone?

        • Mac, when the statement”..when people’s basic needs are not met, they will act out.” It needs to add “when their wants aren’t met, they will act out also”.

          Chicago = gun free zone. Any more ???? Any more reason to escape the cities?

          • And I am laugh at for carrying sometimes two block 21 (new York reloag). And six spare mags.

            They say no one can get into that kind of trouble. I always point out how I talk and take no shit. And I am always ready for when I am in that much danger.

            • Where can I get new York reloag block 21?

              • Custom Made just for me.

                • 😉

            • @FB Page— if you carry TWO Glock 21’s and 6 EXTRA mags………. if you HONESTLY think you need that much….

              YOU are one who should not bein carrying anything more than a pencil.
              In Nam you took 200 rounds into a firefight…300 if you expected the worst.

              Your just plain nuts.

              • And you were never there.

                • FB Page

                  Don’t feed the trolls. They just gain strength.

                  Ignore and red thumb that bitch into moderation…

                  Thanks for your service to this country. We’ve got your six, soldier.

                  NOMI – CATIMF – Molon Labe

              • In ‘Nam we took a platoon at least, 300 rounds basic load, and an M60 with 10 belts.

                • My husband was m60 gunner, and he said he also carried a pistol, and usually couldnt get any one to carry his ammo

              • Tell me does it suck going through life as a Retard?


                • If there is a person in my community that can’t handle a fire arm or does’nt feel safe around them; they need to be persuaded, educated, and eventually initiated to the feeling of safety & liberty that comes from knowing he/she can deffend self, fam. & their “inalienable” rights. Try some good-ol American charm w/ your supperior intelligence. We need less enemies…

              • And who are you to determine what anyone “needs”? You don’t “need” to be posting.

            • I’m with you, but I wonder what will happen to the man standing with a half dozen “rioters” dead in front of him with a dozen wounded? It would send a message, depending on what happens to the person legally defending himself.

              • Yeah, it would need to shown that each of them intended to do harm to him.

              • i would say he is a bad shot ,,,needs to practice more,,


            • FBP is right. The fastest reload is another gun.

              • Always have a backup. I backup my 1911-A1 with another 1911-A1.

                Don’t leave home without them.

                Semper Fi

            • yet i agree the right to bear arms is a must, but open carry is a huge opsec mistake,Also a tactical fuck up and one that could cost you your life with your own weapon..’cause if “they” dont have one they will take yours and use it on you..
              also the one that is open carry is the first victim.,, or first shot.

              conceiled is the way to any situation, element of surprise is always a game changer

              • Yeah, but every time I carry my 12 gauge concealed girls think it’s my dick, and then I have to show them it’s not that skinny.(He who tells the biggest lie wins)

                • Obama phones were just part of the PLAN.

                • They probably think yours is a sawed-off short barrel.

                  • My reply was meant for Paranoid about his “gun.” Nobody cares how small Obama’s “phone” is.

                • You’re a WINNER!!!!

              • @Hank:

                Good Day Sir.

                “Open carry” trumps “no carry” anyway you slice it. I do not believe open carry to be an OPSEC mistake. Being openly armed makes you a hard target that very few will attempt to breach. It also helps you to maintain the correct situational awareness level. The debate should never be about the way a person carries, but rather, are they carrying, and if not, why not.

                I posted the statement and link to show that there is now hope in Chicago for the unarmed. If Illinois fails to enact laws related to conceal carry, in compliance with the 7th circuit rulings , Illinois becomes a Constitutional Carry state on June 10,2013…cool.

                Best to you and yours, NOMI.

                ….sometimes you gotta shake the tree, just to see what falls out…….BA.

                • I did say its better than not being armed people.

                  all my training has showed me that open carry isnt as wise as conceiled, thats all.

                  you play the game you take the chances, but if a criminal comes into a room and sees that on your side your the first one shot with out even a second to act

                  • Hank is right. Open carry has no tactical advantage. Where concealed carry is an option, open carry is a political statement. One which I support people having the right to make if they so choose. I especially like it when they choose to make such a statement at an Obama political event. But, the tactical advantage goes to concealed carry every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

                  • ..or, he sees it and leaves for a softer target.


              • I live in Crystal City Virginia, about 1/2 mile from DC.
                You can’t turn around without out bumping into someone carring a gun both open carry or concealed. We haven’t had a murder here in over 7 years. Virginia has a “Manditory” issue concealed license (if you pass a 45 day background check and take a safety class). Chicago needs to take a lesson from Virgina that if you want to reduce crime, arm all responsible citizens and watch violent crime evaporate. But then again, this is not about reducing crime… Insert liberal/progessive/marxist bumper sticker here…

                • Has anyone besides me noticed that the gun grabbing, Communist left has now completely dropped their masks and have now started openly demonizing ‘White males’ and spewing incredible torrents of raw hatred at White males because they know that this demographic group is the single biggest pro-Second Amendment group?

                  The left has been consumed with unbelievable levels of hatred for White males, and for Southern White males in particular, for well over the last 50 years – but, it seems to me that since the reelection of the communist from Kenya, there has been a literal explosion of vitriol and venom that is borderline psychopathic in it’s temperature and scope.

                  Chrissy Matthews, Michael Moore, are just two out of scores of other Communists on the left who are working overtime to turn the fight to protect the Second Amendment into a racial issue – using the time tested Cultural Marxist template of ‘evil White males’ vs the rest of the colored world and their self-hating, self-loathing White liberal elitist allies.

                  Does anyone in that demographic group doubt for a single second that this is the kind of hatred that will, without the slightest doubt, eventually result in the physical extermination of White men – if the left is ever successful in their obsession to disarm us?

                  • I’ve read numerous anti-2nd blog entries that paint Gun owners as racist, uneducated, evangelical extremist. It’s definitely happening.

                  • You sound weak as hell. “Exterminating white males” lol. What you think huh…your special? wow…What a mind job. When drugs and guns flooded (nationwide) the black and Latin cummunities in the 80’s and 90’s. Tax paying citizens called the cops and all they did was ride pass…on the news you see “5 year investigation leads to arrest!” 5 years!! Innocent people dealing with this sht,Kids affected by this new found wealth and all the ills that came with it, and from where?? Sure not from some thugs who dont leave off the block. And let me tell u its hard to fight some1 when its big money involved. So now your blind eye has become open to the game and you realize that you to are fair game! To have your image controled and insulted. Your rights violated. What world you think your on…they dont give care about you…and the people in power dont sign their own checks. Your not being wiped out, so stop thinking so fearfully…and peep that its divide and conquer sittn at the chess board. And you cont to allow them to put you against the other pieces. Your only a pond. Its about money and power. And the only power that a man without wealth has is knowledge…and not that bs their feeding you

                • Any state or city that needs to take such lesson should take it from Vermont, Arizona, Alaska and Wyoming. Everything else is an infringement.

                  Maine also has a Constitutional Carry law about to be voted on in both houses. If you live here, contact your state Senator and Rep and tell them to vote for it.

                  • Rights are not granted. Constitutional carry laws are unconstitutional.

                    Revoke all gun control laws, with predjudice.

                    Stalinist commies everywhere.

                • if i were the crook and walked into someplace and everyone was carrying,,i damn sure would know who would be the second person shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • According to that article, Illinois will have “Constitutional Carry”.

              “On June 10th Illinois will have Constitutional Carry, the right to carry a loaded firearm in public (openly or concealed) without a government issued permission slip.”

            • They had to get it through the supreme court because they passed a law against it. 🙂

          • It’s too politically incorrect to note the majority of these assholes are a bunch of obnoxious, spoiled, surly black scum who do everything they can to get into whitey’s face every day… but we’re not allowed to say that… such a double standard.

          • Agreed. Ive always liked they’re music but theyre politics I can do with out.

            • Why the thumbs down? They’re music is good, you can’t deny that just like you can’t deny some of the members are open Marxists and had the likes of Michael Moore direct some of they’re music vids.

              • It’s not even music, so it can’t be good music. Beating instruments to death while you holler crap at the top of your lungs is not music.

                Try some Patsy Cline, or Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, or a happy polka by Frankie Yankovich, or even some music from the Mexican radio station. Even try someone way out there like Klaus Nomi singing ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and you will find more musicality.

                • I’m a big fine of classical as well. Still brings a tear to my eye hearing Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major thinking of my daughters dance recital last year.

                  As for Rage, I’d have to say its a generational gap. Im not yet 30 and in my younger years it was quite popular. I wouldn’t expect many over 40 to like it.

                  I will whole heartedly agree music from generations before mine as a whole is much better than the same monotonous noise pollution you will find nowadays.

                  • So you were listening to Rage when you were 11 or 12? That’s a little young to be listening to someone screaming four-letter words. For those who don’t know, Rage Against the Machine first charted in 1996, 17 years ago. I have their records only because I have all the chart records as I am Archivist.

                    Find ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin to hear one of the few heavy metal records I find interesting. You can’t get it on Youtube, but you can get it on DailyMotion.

        • Clockwork Orange—good call!

          • Archivist,

            More like 15. All because they chartered in 1996 doesn’t mean I started listening at that time. Its a little presumptuous of you to state that and or imply thru that statement either a lack of parental oversight or a pension for angry music and ignorance of such music.

            I am a fan of all music from beethhoven to johnny cash and the rolling stones to calvin harris and much inbetween.

        • Given Chicago’s crime rate and prevalence of flash mobs..only a complete idiot would shop and walk in that rat infested hole of a city..then again they are part of the herd mentality..perfect examples of the sheep.

          I live on Cape Cod (a mere blip on the radar) with no cities..and still conceal carry everywhere..even working in the yard and commenting here right now..

          Only a fool would not carry nowadays..and if prevented by ordnance or law..friggin plan to move elsewhere asap.

          Americans are too satiated with the glossy media and are so predictable nowadays..fools all.

          With the rapid deterioration of society and the economy ..when the hell are they going to wake up?

          Probably never..given the story line here in this most recent video.

          Would any of us walk unarmed in any major city?..I certainly hope not..


        • Welly welly welly well little brotha……

          • Anytime anytime anytime..


            I ain’t your brotha..

        • Just the normal bunch of hampsters roaming the streets of Chicago, or Bmore, or Mo City, and Ratlanta.

        • The bitch who says “Self defense is not an option” says that because both herself and her chillern’ are much more likely to be doing the robbing.

        • More accurately, a Clockwork Black. They fail to mention that this a common ocurance there. They fail to mention that the offenders are always black. The victims are always non-black, usually white. Concealed carry is about to go into law. I can see the “reverends” screaming over the dead “black children” killed by their potential victims. Bring it. I can’t wait. Pay back time. Scream, reverend, scream.

          • You people sound like the maggot faggot wanna b gangstaz on the streets of Chicago who are only imitating the filth that Hollyhood and the corrupt gangsta culture of America has shown them…to bang bang and get the girl. Quick to pick up a gun instead of fighting like a man. A 1000 guns wont stop the cancer they selling your family @ the grocery store. Cant plant a tomato or make a quilt but like the rest of the thugs, u know how to kill. Wanna b gangstas make me sick. Learn how to let them hands go/FIGHT…How to spot trouble and avoid it…A 1000 clips wont stop you from getting taxed, or your kids safe when they leave the house. Where is the Man!!! All you Thugs need Jesus!!!

        • Bull shit, Planet of the Apes, its time to go monkey huntin. RIGHT FUCKIN NOW!

          • Start with putting the barrel in your mouth, because it sounds like you walk on your knuckles.

            • Everyone is saying the same thing, ooh sure but with nice platitudes and a little religion, but their still saying the same thing, think about it and get over it. And its not about race, its about something that must be done. With you its spare the rod and spoil the child, THATS THE PROBLEM. Because these little idots dont care what you think or what anybody thinks, they do what they want. So they play with matches their going to get burnt.

      2. An armed society is a polite society. Chicago is neither.

          • A beautiful work of art. Seen the SAIGA 12 before, my first thought was: what a confidence booster to have this at one’s disposal.

            • And it’s VERY easy to shoot! Very little recoil for a 12 Gauge.

              I am a big fan of my ‘ol remington 870, but the Saiga 12 is a heckuva fun gun to own.

              • I am jealous Mac, would love to have one. Oh well, I guess my 870 will have to do

              • VEPR 12 = Even better.

                • No it isn’t.

                • I have a fleet of Remington 1100’s/870’s in various gauges.

                  They have never let me down.

                  Tech of arms is a great thing.

                  Faith in God and real American Tradition will win what is coming.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

              • Hard to beat the 870, Mac. Good for night perimeter work or any other task needed for big city slummin’.

                • And reliable as all get out! I totally agree. The 870 is an affordable, all around great self defense firearm!

              • a bit hard to hide on the street , but dam fun at the range,and great for home protection for sure

                • Hard to beat the Kalashinikov design. Not much for the magazine (length) in the video. Looks like a donkey appendage. I was surprised that the gun did cycle relatively well with the low brass shells he was using in the rapid fire portion. You do have to admit that the muzzle climb is significant when you dump rounds like that. All in all a good video and a good firearm to add to the arsenal.

          • This makes my Mossberg look like a kitten. It’s now on the list of things to buy. Thanks Mac!

            • Remember your mossberg is faithful. Yes the Saiga has a great track record for working. But they do fail and break. And Mags do wear out quickly under heavy use.

              Pumps just keep on pumping.

              • The pump shotgun is one of the best weapons going.

              • Facebook and Big C, any gun is better than none. But, yeah, the pump is hard to beat for reliability. Plus, there’s just something so…..’sweet’ about the sound of racking one in.

                Mac- thanks for the video. Watch it everytime it’s posted. Don’t know much about guns but, I love gun porn!

                • LOL! it’s the only kind of porn we post at SHTFplan!

              • Mossberg 590 A1. Holds 8+1 ghost ring sights, bayonet lug and bayonet that works as a nice back up weapon, so far has never mis fed anything and was inexpensive too


            I’ll take the rugar 10/22.
            Small, light, cheap.
            Even the wife can handle it.

            Get shot with just one bullet in the lungs and you’ll have a REAL bad day.

            Often….the smaller gun that can cycle many more well placed bullets can fubar a target than high cal. ammo that has such a kick you miss.

            I’m sure the Russians who had their money stollen on Cyprus are reviewing guns this month. ha

            • That’s a fine weapon right there, and one that a pre-teen can shoot if it ever comes down to it.

              I have nothing but good things to say about the Ruger 10/22. It’s the first rifle I ever owned.

            • Love the 10/22 myself, but there is NO ammo for it right now! I did some checking this morning, and every website, including Cabelas, is out of stock. Went to the local Cabelas brick and mortar, and found the same thing there: No .22 on the shelves.

              • That has made a bigger real impression on me than reading 1000 news events. I’ve been prepping, probably not enough, (but doing what I can considering the fact that we can’t make the daily grind of life just stop to prep full time.) In the South growing up, we start shooting 22s as soon as we can hold the gun up, and the we start hunting squirrels and rabbits with 22lr as soon as we can carry the gun through the woods. Its as much a part of everyday life as gravy biscuits and pine trees. We used to buy them wherever we were, the FCX, the local hardware, even the gas station. That changed, always change, but they were still available, price started going up a little, then quite a bit. But to see it quadruple and then virtually disappear, that’s a real life lesson. If it can happen to 22s it can happen to almost anything, maybe not pine trees but certainly gravy biscuits. Its not like the price of those haven’t been going up like crazy too. I don’t know what would affect people in the sclerotic North and Sillifornia like the virtual disappearance of 22s have us. But maybe it will happen in time to completely change Congress into a branch of government willing to protect the Constitution, if its not too late already.

              • Our local Cabela’s is seeing some stock on the shelves, could be improving. Still no primers or brass, bullets are low, but .308 ammo was on the shelf. .22LR was gone, but found two 100 round CCI packs hidden behind the Sierra bullets, so I bought those and the bullets.

                The 10/22 is a great rifle, I’ve got four of them, including the .22 Magnum. Buddy of mine had a revolving crank handle you could attach to the trigger guard, turn the crank, you had a .22 Gatling gun out of your 10/22. That would empty a 25-round magazine in no time, and with a bipod, surprisingly accurate.

              • All the 22s you want, that used to cost 4c, are available every few minutes at gunbroker.c for 15c-20c/rnd, along with 22c 9mm now at 60c and 38c .223s at 70 cents each: GoBombEm and the tyrannicals have created the first black market, and after CA imposes their new license requirement for ammo sellers and buyers, and then imposes the CA ammo tax, the true ammo black market will emerge, somewhere offline, maybe out behind WalMart.

          • Howdy All,

            There is an alternative Y’all…the Akdal MKA-1919. That’s an AR-pattern 12 ga Shotgun…just like the standard AR with BHO, Magazine (up to 12 round currently)…in any picture you see (in profile view) you’d SWEAR it was an AR.

            I HAVE personal experiance with this ( 😉 ) and it IS very satisfying! There are as yet only a few ‘after-market accessory manuf for same, but all are high quality.

            It is worth noting that Firebird Precision is just onesuch (though thier mags ARE way high, price wise..some plastics will be out on the 11th at Midway) and as an outfit that works in both the Saiga AND the Akdal (MKA-1919) thier ‘read’ is that the Saiga require a large excess of in-house machining to be reliable …the Akdal, almost none…when THEY FIRST receive them from the manuf.

            Just a thought here guys…. 😉


          • If you care to spend enough money to rework it so it doesn’t jam. I’ll take a Benelli any day.

            • Howdy HO,

              Sorry, another one of those ‘I couldn’t resist’ times…kinda like Smokin Okie’s “FUN wit Lang-widge’ type things 😉

              Hmmm, I’ve never had the slighest problem therewith, neither have I heard of anyone having such with thiers…not with the Akdal. THERE is a recommended break-in period as specified by the manuf…about 40 rounds but I didn’t have any problems right out of the box…at all. THERE is a caveat here though; the aftermarket fore-guards are a matter to be carefull about. Seem sthat if you are not careful as to which one you select and install it WIL cause a bunch of ‘stove-piping’. The ‘long’ variety handguard REQUIRES the use of 3 inch magnum shells ONLY…the standard 2 3/4 inch will stove-pipe all day long…


              • My Saiga has only failed to feed once, with sissy bird loads. Just had to push the envelope because I would rather know at the range than find out the bad way. With double 00 buck it’s 100%. I have a 20 round drum and with full-house loads running super fast I tend to end up moving back a few steps (more like pushed), now I only weigh 225 so… I wonder if that recoil reducing stock might be the ticket? Anyways, I have two Mossy 500s as well, and I trust all three. It’s cheaper to shoot the pumps as I can sure burn through a couple of hundred dollars worth of 12 guage really fast with the Saiga. It’s next on my list to “pimp” up.

                • Roger that, not enough powder to produce enough gas to work the piston rod properly. Won’t move the bolt/breech block back far enough to eject nor catch and strip the next round from the mag.

          • Nancy and Harry are still doing their damn-est to prevent you from possessing this..

          • Hey everybody—That’s what I want for Christmas! LOL

          • Great gun. I like my .410 Saiga with its’ 30 round drum mag. Anyone can shoot it. (That can come in handy)

          • Saiga 12’s are made better than when they came out first.

            Magwells,gas operation more efficant.

        • CO, ever hear of Cause and Effect. CAUSE it happened in Chicago. It didn’t EFFECT me here in the Mountains. Mountain Trekker Out. Everyone Please stay in the City!

      3. All u have to do is drop one and the rest will run.
        Its nice to have the extra ammo in a standard mag. Because 15 in my m&p is not high capacity it is standard. I cant stand people calling it high capacity.
        An AR has a standard capacity of 30. Its not high capacity.

        I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

      4. Unlawful concealed carry works for me! Suck wind Gangsta

        • By the time the cops showed up, I would be gone, just
          another faceless person in a faceless city.

          • Thats why they rarely solve any of the murders there, too many, and nobody seen nutin

        • Concealed carry is lawful. Revoke all unlawful, unconstitutional gun laws.
          Don’t buy anything in/from/or about Colorado. Boycott the bastards.

        • Revolvers are great for this..nothing lefft on the ground with your prints on it

      5. Send Chicago a message and boycott the City.

        • This incident, combined with the shopping mall incident in December in a Chicago suburb, should pretty well put the kabosh on families’ inklings about taking a trip to Chicago to see the aquarium and visit the other tourist sites. The chickens finally are coming home to roost from the Democrats’ 30-some years of paying unmarried girls to have illegitimate babies for welfare benefits. We now, as the result, have these criminal mobs of youths roaming the streets just looking for easy targets with whom to entertain themselves and act out their frustrations.

          Nowhere else on earth does any other society offer such a generous, nationwide swath of free public education, with meals, with books, with supplies, with transportation, with sports activities, etc. And yet these lowlifes have squandered the opportunities to learn that taxpayers have placed at their feet. We have a true, unequivocal, major, national security problem now, entirely separate and apart from the illegal alien national security problem. How will we deal with it?

          This Chicago event demonstrates that no one in any city of any size can be assured of being safe on the streets, even under circumstances of ordinary business hours in good areas.

          How much of this is being orchestrated by a goal-oriented agenda and how much is truly spontaneous?

          • How do we deal with it?

            Arm Up! When they finally collapse the infrastructure like Detroit they will branch out into the suburbs. Be Ready.

          • 30 middle aged WHITE males could solve this in an afternoon…just give them baseball bats and let them run. You don’t fuck with middle aged while males..we get shit done.
            It’s why all the minorities get all worried when we band together.

            • Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. He’ll kill you.

              • also don’t pick a fight with a “retired”guy-they carry guns,knife and spray and will use them in the proper

            • Screw that baseball bat shit, 2 squads of 8, give us all M4s with 20, 30 rounders and a pack full of varmint ammo plus a 1911 with a few mags and a couple hundred JHPs, body armor and ir sights for our weapons, 1 week to clean house, hit the punks so hard they wont know what the french toast is up, hide out and rest during the day and go out at night and purge the streets, 0 tolerance, 0 chances.

              • sounds like another version of martial law. Are u only refering to the
                chicagon “punks”?

            • 30 white guys with bats? lol. Who in hell is worried about you. You dont run sht but your mouth, Your bat has nothing to do with food being put on the table no affect on the lights or gas being on or off. Sounding like a character off the Movie Grease, with your leather jacket and camel hanging off your lip. Comic book is what you are. Dont know body care about you dirty over 30 happy meal acting azzes. Grown azz men…sounding like idiots, seriously. A bunch of gang bangers, who 15 out of the 30 your talking about are probably gay. Man up! When you get out the bed you stand on your own 2 feet MF! Your own next door neighbors dont even deal with you. 30 white males smh…How you raise em is how they will go out…and you out there just… Goofy!

          • you’d be surprised at how many idiots are out there and wouldnt think twice about going to that city and its hot spots or do I know this..? relatives..

          • Stockton Ca. just went belly-up. If the broke cities in Cali go like dominoes, it won’t take long for cities in NY, Ill, NJ, Mich, etc. etc. to crumble. If they go slowly and continue their deterioration from moderate 5417 holes into massive 5417 holes like Chicago, Detroit, Oakland etc. etc., we may unfortunately see a slow exodus that will be harder to stop than a big panic bugout. It would be more damaging in the long run to those of us who’ve had the foresight get away from the 5417 hole cities years ago and try to build a potentially survivable lives despite the sociopaths like Obama and those who command him, who’ve destroyed our economy and who are trying to destroy the Constitution and our Nation.

            • You know I was thinking.
              Maybe we should all organize…. Buy these cites with our silver and gold stacks…
              Toss out the scum and set up preppers only cities.

              By law you have to be armed, keep preps.
              Have a job. Be a home owner.

              All American values.
              If your kids get caught doing stupid shit….they get banned and you get kicked out.

              • Right, because your utopiatic view of an ideal society is sooooo much better than what is already in place within those cities…. Great idea, we’ll trade a group of corrupt politicians for a single DICK-tator…. Think how your shit sounds before you say it.

              • S&G, great idea. I may not move there, but I’ll chip in a silver quarter, if you can get all the other people to move there too. Trekker Out.

          • The problem will not be dealt with during the current political atmosphere in America today. Radio talk show hosts refuse to say that it’s a race based problem. Gary McCarthy,Chicago’s top cop told the media that the perps are not organized. There’s a lot of dancing around the fact that it’s a black problem,plain and simple.

            Be honest about it,how many white kids have you ever seen doing this? Offhand,I would say none,at least on any videos I’ve ever seen,or witness accounts reported to media outlets. No,they have a snowball’s chance in hell of fixing the problem because they’re too God damned scared to admit what the problem is. That;s why they downplay or omit stories about this,better to have blacks doing whatever they please as opposed to being called,GASP,a racist.

          • Just wait until some of those rifles and that ammunition that DHS bought is given to the street gangs.

          • Your true colors are as dull as a kids crayon. You a shorty, meaning baby. A child who has No clue about the real world because you and yours have always been lied too. But now they are slowly pulling you into the bs that they have for decades placed on eveyone else… you weak punk. What you control huh? What grocery store chain do you own? What bank? What real estate firm, anything Big? Ill tell you. Nothing! Public school system lol.A system is right i.e. sewer system and like it nothing but sht is coming out your head and ears you goof! Free lunches and your tax dollar..You a Joke!You can die today and they wont miss a dime of your money. They wish you dead maggot! Your tax dollar… that they spending now to enslave your azz! Your tax money that they paid out to the big corps in the bailout? And what you do..bent over and took it with no vaseline. Because you have no wealth. No power …just temper tantrums and they are laughing @ you on the floor kicking and screaming because their deciding to stop lying to you about the real world. But to keep you happy, all they need to do is call up their corporate news buddies and tell em to feed you some drama with black and brown faces attached, in the nation or around the world because they understand the nature of your beast and how to tame it and keep it occupied and off of their wealth. Real estate developers and corporations moved monies out of the inner city to build up their suburb stash and used “fear” to sell it to you cowards. Talking about easy target when all you know is to scope out people who are easy targets. You wont dare take on the war that wealth can bring your coward azz

        • What do you call a new conservative; a liberal who’s just been mugged? Did anyone catch what the newscaster said calling this incident “mischief”? Mischief is what a toddler gets into, not adult size teens. I guess the Chicago P.D. doesn’t have the great intel network the NYPD does because according to the news folks this stuff was all over cyberspace for weeks prior to the attack. And no, I’m not a fan of the NYPD. I wonder if Mayor “Twinkle-Toes” Rham Emanuel is now going to PLED with the youth (thugs) to stop attacking the rich and tourist like he did with gang members a few months ago.

      6. of the 28 arrests, 25 were juvenile, I wonder if they shared something else in common…just sayin

        • These cities run by libtards are turning into Mogadishu.

          • New sign for Camden NJ


            Recipe: Remove the industry, have the tax base go to practically zero, simmer for several decades with a very corrupt city government and this is what you get.

          • How does anyone “thumbs down” this post. LOOK AT THE VIDEO!!

            • They thumb it down for 2 reasons:

              1)The parasites don’t like the truth getting out, that is why there is a long-standing effort to hide who is committing most of the crime, because if most people knew the truth, it would not have gotten this far out of hand. And, they sick thier cyber-trolls out to thumb down people who want the truth to come out.

              2)Most people have been conditioned to fear being called a name, rather than face, and speak the truth. People have been conditioned to accept a fuzzy fantasy, and revile anyone who challenges thier infantile outlook on life.

              Just wait until most of our people have been disarmed, and gang-bangers fill the ranks of obummer’s Red Guards. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

              • Most Americans never grow up and remain infantile their entire lives. They believe in all kinds of things which not only are not true not even logical. The schools main job now is the enstupidation of the students. That is one of the things they actually are good at.

        • You are not saying what most are thinking. Those injured appeared to have some thing in common as well. But who is to say, perhaps we cannot go by anything in a two minute clip and God knows no media would dare to touch on it if it was true.

          If I could have my pick of one hand gun right now it would be the Taurus .410 Pistol. That is so sweet! Just can’t get it here in California.


        • I too would like to know what other traits they share. Shit I already know.

        • Youre not allowed to notice the color/race/tribal attack mode of the perps or the innocence of the victims….just gotta play dumb and grin like a possum with a mouth full of crap…NOT!…I grew up on and live on a farm and reality is something you learn to deal with cause it doesnt care if you ignore it ill still bite you…PC is killing us…I/we didnt make/force any of these folks to do/act the way they do and I wont not notice just because of the PC crowd…this wont end well!

          • It wont end well, and for some reason the PTB feel it is your and my responsibility,
            Bullshit, its that entitlement mentality social dynamic in action too,
            Your right, call a spade a spade

        • They were all Amish. Something needs to be done about those trouble makers.

          • What goes clippity clop clippity clop, bang bang, clippity clop clippity clop? An Amish ride-by shooting.

        • I’m sure you don’t mean, “crystal blue persuasion”.

      7. If Denver turns into a “gun-free” zone, I’m making plans to leave Colorado.

        • Denver Airport…. Illuminati hangout bunkers.

          If it all collapses…we need to dump cement down the air shafts. ha

          • If it all collapses rather than cement dump a gallon of clorox mixed with a gallon of ammonia and a quart bottle of garden sulfur, wont take long and you can have the bunker for yourself

        • Don’t leave Scout. Stay and fight like I am here in California. If everybody leaves because of these liberals then we will soon be pinned into a corner state. You got to fight for your right to live your life free of the have not’s liberals policies. But if you are set on moving when they go gun free then you better reserve a U-Haul now. 🙂


          • Howdy BigB,

            Ummmm….I’m not sure about that Bro. The whole Ayn Rand thing comes to mind here. Think about it…the wretches who have screwed things up SO BAD to fate are utterly dependent on the flow of what…MONEY through thier hot little hands. Now for today’s interesting thought.

            WHERE does ‘Money’ come from? No, I’m NOT talking about that fiat crap that everyone THINKS is money…I’m talking about Money as it should be…like it used to be.

            “Money” of THAT order is the creation of Goods and Services that are USEFUL to Humankind, Yes? Just so. When was the LAST time you saw any of those ‘hoodies’ or Politicians EVER create anything USEFUL? Ahhhhh…now
            we begin to see into the bottom of the well!

            What Rand advocated was that those wou COULD just STOP. Were that the case I’d daresay that this entire MESS that we see all around could be brought to a halt in less than a week….cleaned up in less than a couple of months. IG it happened that those who COULD, in places like Kali and CO jsut LEFT for an extended period do you – any of you – beleive that the WHOLE thing wouldn’t just SHUT DOWN in a week or so? Think about if Smokin’ QUIT delivering goods by truck…what if the WHEELS just STOPPED?! Play that through your mind for every other ESSENTIAL service in this Country…how long would that take….not long methinks.

            Here’s the rub, tin order for that to be effective…to take effect there would have to be a large number of People ready, willing and able to take the plunge. I tell you this…IF I looked around me and saw that there were MANY who would do so…I’d STAY here and invite EVERYONE I could host to my place….and if 20 MILLION people did that what then?

            Kali would fold up like a traveling salesman after he got the cash…POOF. the POL’s in CO would VANISH like smoke in the WIND….nowing that IT was coming, being the COWARDS they are….Cuomo and Bloomberg would MELT like the Wicked With of the West when they found out that thier opinions – which they seem to think are meaningful – DON’T ACTUALLY MEAN SHIT to ANYONE but themselves….POOF…GONE!!!

            Y’All Dwell on that for a bit!!


            • Dwelling. 🙂


            • Whose John Gault?

            • If you could organize 20 million drop outs you ought to be able to organize 20 million pro active patriots willing to donate $100 each (two Billion dollars) and generate enough cash to start a Party of Patriots to take back the nation politically.

              $2 billion is only a start, but if every gun owner gave $100 you have a new political power challenging the status quo all across America.

              The only way to reverse the globalization process is by peaceful political action or violent revolution. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.


              • Howdy DK!

                Wellll….here’s the rub. It’s one of those ‘different strokes for different folks’ type of thing. I KNOW your post Friend, I’m aware that often as not you advocate in-system change…working – at least intially – within ‘it’ (Yep, I know the REST too 😉 ) After LONG and CAREFUL consideration of the ‘World as ir is’ I finally concluded that the ‘cancer’ is simply too prevalent, too overwhelming for any such to have effect…at least the ones that would help, Eh?

                Sooo, if ordinary actions cannot be viewed as practical then that leaves only the extraordinary ones. Many of those are fundamenatlly such that the level of violence neccessary to ‘win through’ as it were would inflict SO much harm – here – on the doer’s and the dooee’s both, that what would be left would be so enfeebled that we would be little more than a quick snack for someone like China.

                Where to go then? Whatever happens – as rectification – would NEED to paralyze evrything EVERYWHERE in short order to prevent that from becoming a global, nation- against-nation, dog-eat-dog party, WWIII. That’s what the notion above might well avoid. Why? IF we just ‘shut it all down’ imagine what would happen to the rest of the world…every other nation – everywhere – would halt economically all but overnight…the subsequent LOCAL disruption would be so vast – though not on the order of WWIII – that everyone would be preoccupied with just that…thier local problems, Eh?

                I am flat with you on one thing in particular DK…the DAMN bankers are at the root of this lock-stock-and- barrel. DISRUPT that system, in that wise and Humankind might JUST be able to AVOID the final ‘Interregnum’ that we’re otherwise facing…the one that has me planning as I have…to LEAVE. That response comes – frankly – as an issue of resignation (prior to that thought above inasmuch as the Hand-writing is SO clearly ‘pon the Wall. Further, that idea might well be a sufficient ‘disruption’ that the PTB would ALSO be thrown off balance enough to prevent a response ….against Who, directed at Where…they would have a hard time targeting EVERYONE all at once…forgive me here…the notion IS brand-new, it just came tonight so it’s NOT entirely ‘flushed-fully-out’ as it were. A possibilty, maybe…

                I’ve got a bit of thinking to do here…I’lll get back to you later on this…it might be that a New Dawn would fit right in here too…Much to consider here, I’ll get back to you in a day or two on this…Adios Brother!


      8. Taking the grandchildren to the range this evening when school lets out.

        • yep… and I offered to pay for shooting lessons for my daughter and she accepted. ; )

      9. If i lived in Chicago I would do whatever I needed to do to defend my family – Rahms gun laws be damned.

        • if i lived in chicago ,some one should smash my nuts flat with i wooden malet ,because i would deserve just that for being a moron ,because if i wasent a moron i wouldnt still be living there ,of course i could just be a masicist

      10. We’ve all seen these “gansta” aholes around, how many commenting here have the guts to draw down first on these slime?, drawing down seconed and your too late!- who here has the balls to go out and actively hunt these creeps? Very few I imagine, we all suind tough in the chat rm but these wretched punks need a huge beatdown. We all know it, dont flinch, just drop these asswipers, daily by the hundreds and life would change, until then were all sad, pathetic ppl who whine about justice. Make it happen, i’m going to disable the first ones I see- suggest you do the same, but I doubt you will.

        • I’ve said this before,the easiest way to clean up this shit hole city would be to dump truckloads of guns and ammo in the street….pull the cops out for a week and they’ll kill each other faster than we ever could,simple…

          • An 18 wheeler with a trailer full of basaballs dumped in the middle of the street and all the bullshit would of stopped. Best riot control bar none.

        • Pictures, or it didn’t happen.

      11. I live fairly close to Chicago, and I boycott it. I don’t spend a dime there, even when I have to go into the city in order to use the larger library facilities there for research. I buy my meals elsewhere on those days — in suburban Indiana, in fact, because Indiana is a state that values freedom, and Illinois is a nanny-state, high-taxation nightmare of a place. I told a friend the other day that the only thing Chicagoans may end up being good for is target practice when the SHTF and they’re all fleeing this way.

        • @ Lady,

          Good for you Dear, keep up the good work!!

          STRANGLE the morons, CUT off the flow of funds to them. It is only thier access to such that perpetuates this travesty of civilization we see around us. cut off the money they wither and roll up like a tumble-weed..

          …can you say ‘Detroit’?


        • Blow the bridges and mind the barricades…

      12. This was planned two weeks ago on social media.

        According to the video.

        • Probably using Bamma phones.

        • Let’s hope they use the social media postings and follow the trail to the other 300, then arrest ’em all for conspiracy to commit mayhem. Every one of them.

      13. I am strongly RKBA. A firearm, knife, club etc. is only a tool. You are (or you aren’t) the weapon. When violence is imminent one is either predator or prey. Sadly, too many middle class urban types are soft of body and mind. Ripe for predation. As the good burghers of Chicago demonstrate, “Please don’t hurt me” is not a defense.

      14. ” When in Rome … “

      15. This is an OUTAGE! When are able to get to wake up people? The city of wind s a trashed heaps.

      16. Just get out of the way. They were just getting their assault and mugging on. It’s their right.

      17. All I have to say is it figures that BO calls chicago home, and chicago still part of the U.S. They should put a big statue of BO in chicago with his middle finger pointing up to sky with a proclamation below it that says “I am coming for ALL the honest people’s guns everywhere else in America, so the criminals will have all the advantages”.

        • Better yet it should say ” I. Built this!”

      18. THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND WALLSTREET … IT’S ONE BIG constantly compounding generating debt PONZI SCHEME !


        hope you All are emptying your bank accounts prepping .

        congressman loses it FREAKS OUT on reporter for asking when does it All stop !

        Pete Stark Blows Up Over National Debt

        • I just spent everything over my usual expenses on 1oz silver rounds…and another 25lb bag of rice and another half dozen bolts for my C5.

          I’m lovin’ that crank cocking device, guys!


        This is all unfolding as I’ve researched.

        This is the age of socialist theft…and currency devaluation.



        • Stock up on antibiotics, lots of them.

          • Most people don’t realize this, but the antibiotics sold in aquarium shops are the very same ones you need a prescription for. Tetracycline, amoxicillin, penicillin, etc…all the same. The only difference is you can buy all of the fish shop stuff you want.

            Some people may disagree, but if your life, or the life of a loved one was on the line, would you worry that your penicillin didn’t come from a pharmacy? Really? I know I wouldn’t give a damn as long as it worked.


      20. I wouldn’y live in the big city for all the chili in texas.

        We have coyotes, snakes, wild dogs, and the occasional bear out here, but it’s hella safer than living in town.

      21. @JOG
        Read your post on the other thread about Hamurabi Code. They didn’t screw up when that was the law for sure.
        I hear all of these gangsters complaining they get No Respect. Respect! At age 15? Should be worrying about getting an education and then getting a good job even if the odds are against it in the job market. They don’t respect the law or their parents and want everything right now. If I ever said I was going to do what I wanted to my parents they would have choked me to death. At least while I lived under their roof. God help me if my neighbor dragged me up to the house and said I was doing something wrong.
        But their are to many bleeding hearts and do gooder laws that prevent parents of today of dishing out punishment for offenses. Sorry folks, I am Old Schooled and I am aware of child abuse takes many forms. So we will reap what we soe and it’s not pretty.

        • Howdy slingshot,

          Yep, every day we see the ‘pool’ in which we are all ‘swimming’ getting smaller ands smaller…don’t we?

          Those such as pertrayed here in Mac’s latest foray into ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire, Part Deux’ are little more than predators in the existent system,

          “The pool is now full of Piranna and getting smaller by the day”….what’s the logical conclusion there, hmm?

          Two choices here,

          1) stay in the pool…and get eaten, or

          2) LEAVE the Pool…and let them ‘eat’ each other.

          The choice here SEEMS to be a ‘no-brainer’ don’t it? BUT this IS Amerika…so there’s just no telling, is there? 😉

          The funny thing is that we are beginning to see this exact behaviour at the TOP of the heap as well…the amount of in-fighting on Wall Street is rapidly becoming a more sylized version of just what the ‘Windy City’ is already…at the bottom of the heap. Interesting thought, No?


      22. City slickers getting what they’ve begged for for decades.

      23. Where were all the do gooders and bleeding hearts when I was getting my ass beat?



        • Yesterdays glory will help today.
          You wanna retire, get out of the way.
          Hey Eisen. Going out for some Tofu. Do ya want sum?

        • Yeah…the new guys that keep showing up to my company have zero work ethic.

          I wash my ball in ice water to keep the edge on.

          It is good to suffer….it builds character.

          I’m making so much money because all the men today are like little girls.

          Let them live that way. Makes my life easier.
          And they all have “Masters degrees”.

          As soon as I hear that…I know they cannot do shit!
          Zero skills and just a padded resume.

        • I drive a stick shift and I taught my daughter how to drive one… just because you don’t know how to drive one or find one, stop blaming others, idiot!

          • 1970 Chev. LT, no power assists, heater works. Keeps on tickin’. Got a cab-over-camper on it.

            • Hah!,

              You are a ‘wise’ fellow Big C!


            • I learned to drive a manual tranny on a John Deere “duelie” while plowing a wheat field. I can move anything from a Datsun to a D9….I’d love to have a few minutes in a tank…LOL


            • Because you are an idiot.

        • I taught my daughter to drive in a car with a manual transmission – way easier to learn to drive automatic after than the reverse.

          As for vehicles that are manual, get a Jeep! Get a Dodge Challenger! Both American, both have stick. Aside from that, your base models of many vehicles are standard, but they don’t have any bells and whistles.


          • New jeeps don’t have manual. I like Jeep Sand Trooper. Cousin has Challenger with “auto stick” *look of disgust*

            Experts predict the total extinction of the stick shift within 15 years.

            • You absolutely CAN get a new jeep with a stick – check out the 2013 Rubicon. It is designed for off-road, hard to do with an automatic transmission. If your salesperson is telling you they can’t, it’s because he wants to sell something off the lot. Insist he locate one for you.

              Not all Challengers have auto-stick, only the sissy ones. 😉 If I had lots of money to blow on a car, it would definitely be a Challenger with a 5.7.

              • D, see if you find the old flick “Vanishing Point” w/barry Newman…1970 Dodge Challenger.

                He drives the hell out of it.

                The good old days…

                • LMS ~ I love that car! I really like the recent muscle car revival with new cars – way nicer than the designs where they are trying to look increasingly more modern. 🙂

        • I learned on a ’66 Chevy Super Sport.

          • 1966 SS 396 was my first car also. Replaced the 396 with a 427-L88. Bought the short block right in the crate for $300.00 Nicky Chevrolet motor with the big mains and rods. Had a set of heads with the oversize 1.88 inch exhaust valves. Wish I had never sold it.

            • Yeah…even if you can’t afford the gas to get around the block, it makes a beautiful flower pot!

        • Ya gotta buy a truck or a jeep E


        • Dont need no stinkin badges!

      26. BP’s Extinction Level Event! Experts: “We Have Been Advised NOT To Discuss Our Findings”; Meanwhile, Gulf Region Politicians Also Are Dying In Droves Despite the fact that dead dolphins and manatees are STILL showing up in droves along BOTH coasts of Florida, experts have been advised that they are NOT ALLOWED to discuss their findings due to the ongoing court cases involving BP.

        • Hi Nina0,

          Hmmmm, seems to me I remember some few months ago a report – somewhere – that indicated that an enormous amount of the oil spilled from the rig had ACTUALLY ‘submerged’ to something on the order of 1500+ feet.

          Remember when I say this – I’m always looking for the connections in the physical world – what then are the possible ‘vectors’ of the contamination here….food for thought perhaps?…”Oil” as in crude consist of MANY different constituent chemicals..benzene, toluene…a host of things. Some of those ‘frationate’ at room temperature as volatiles…


          • @jog ;0) … RESPECT .

            Thing is i suspect BP BRITISH PETROLEUM is still dumping COREXIT OIL DISPENSOR by the MILLIONS OF GALLONS in the GULF OF MEXICO .

            As there are now CONSTANTLY CRUDE OIL LEAKING multiple fractures along the oceans floor and 100’s of leaking capped oil wells in the gulf of mexico .




            • Howdy-Doo Nina0,

              Hmmmm, I’m not even passably familiar with the COREXIT, that is, it’s chemical make-up. I have seen you mention this in several post previous AND I’ve noted that your post always associate it with toxic properties as well. the question is then, I suppose, HOW toxic?

              You might just have piqued my interest here…I think I’ll go do a bit of ‘digging’ on this. A question here; are you familiar with the basic properties thereof …base, acid….possible halogen content, etc?


      27. When I lived in a city in the northeast I was attacked by a homeless bum and had to fight with my bare hands because I obeyed the “lawmakers” and I wasn’t armed.

        I’ve called the police a few times for destruction of property and breaking and entering. They don’t do anything but give it a report with a case number for the insurance company and close the case. Pigs are worthless when it comes to dealing with real crimes.


        • Incorrect. What we need is a set of standards of conduct for persons in these positions as well as a system of consequense for those that fail to meet these standards or simply ignore them. Maybe something like laws, courts and jails. Oh wait… Umm.

        • My shop was broken into many years back. I had just moved in so no alarm or Rottweilers yet. Called the cops, they came, and the black powder they used for the fingerprints ruined a carpet in my office, and a few other things. Result…no bad guys caught, carpet and drapes ruined…

      28. When asked why do I need 30 rd. mags, in reply, because they do not make 500 rd mags for an M1A.
        If Oblabla had a son, he would look just like this.
        It’s only going to get worse. Buckle up, it’s going to be a long hot summer. Coming to a city like ours, soon.
        I recall years ago a heard of young bull elephants were being quite rouge and no one could figure out what to do with them. Someone came up with the idea to put into the herd a large bull elephant. Soon thereafter the young bulls were slapped into shape. It isn’t hard to figure that 70% of these young bucks have no daddy to slap the sh!t out of them. Fifty years of LBJ’s Great Society. That really worked didn’t it?
        This is what happens when you pay these baby mammas by piece rate to have this spawn. Obamanomics.

        • Before anyone goes ballistic, I want to correct the spelling error of rouge (ROGUE)…

          • Say when says,….how dare you attack these innocent Chitlins…don’t you know they grew up with no daddy around,to guide them in the ways of system abuse…… get the most reparations that they clearly deserve .
            We beat them and insulated them,…well not them,their parents,no I mean their grandparents,,um,great grandparents,,,or uuuuuuhm….

            Anyway you must realize that the monthly check that they deserve,doesn’t cover a x-box or Nike shoes…….deploribale…

            • Dam spellcheck

            • Hey Anon
              I’m sorry. I Realize that we do owe them so much for past grievances. My grandpa was raised on the Choctaw reservation in Ok. Andy Jackson moved them there from the Mississippi area by force. Everybody wants to glamorize the Buffalo Soldiers, you know , the black soldiers that went west and shot down American Indians. So I reckon that those Negroids owe me something.

          • Nuts! I was hopin’ you meant rouge. It’s so close to crisnom. Crimnos. Crim.. Whatever.

        • The young bulls were killing Rhinos, they put the larger, older bulls into the preserve to straighten them out. Good point to bring up.

        • Gotta say its because its not practical to carry a belt fed rifle!

      29. Hicap mags????….hows about belt fed? 😉

        • Way to heavy and it will not make a good crew serve weapon in a fixed position.

          • …it was a joke man…you know a tease? 🙂

            • Im all for it, no Joke!

              serious as a 2 am beat down

              • Hey,

                I’m with VRF on this one! 🙂


            • 10 grenades would be nice, about dispersing a crowd!

              • A siper soaker filled with sulfuric acid should do

          • Ive never been anywhere near chicago or anyplace like it although I once went through detroit airport on a prospecting trip to Alaska…(I was once in Canton Ohio for a spell and thats as close to a big city as this boy is going to do and God willing never again)….didnt stop,didnt dally…this hillbilly wont be spending anytime in/near big cities or large populations unless they show up out here in the sticks in which case I have several options…my intent is to stay away from people in general…so far so good!

        • Got one, 1919 semi auto, fun gun, eats 30-06. but in a fighting situation you need other people to watch out for you, because you are fixed.

        • @ REB,

          I LIKE the WAY you think! 😉


      30. NOT going to happen.
        Stop your wineing and take it like a man.
        So what, they are a bunch of spoiled 18 year olds, mommie gave them everything and now they think they deserve EVERYTHING handed to them with out having to work for anything. Spoiled brats that need to have their panties pulled down (IN PUBLIC) and have the tar spanked out of them, (IN PUBLIC) that would shake the brats up, but that’s not going to happed due to child protective services).
        Nuke um all – let God sort them out.

        • drbuzz
          I don’t normally dispute posters on here, but,
          these are well beyond being spoiled brats. These are inner-city thugs. And to refute the idea that mommie gave them everything, I would highly suspect that those gifts were confiscated from our paychecks.

          • These “kids’ can stick a shiv in your guts
            as quick as any adult can do it.

        • Yes Drbuzzsaw…. a spanking. Yes, that’s what they need.

        • Nukem till they glow then shootem in the dark.


        There has to be some old russian retired mobster who’s money is getting stolen who will not be a happy camper. You never fuck with Russians…. revenge is a sport to them.

        Wow..the bankers have really lost it and forgot who these people are.



        • “You never fuck with Russians…. revenge is a sport to them.”

          Yep, with an ex-KGB at the Helm I’d say a NATIONAL Sport. Damn, I’ve been waiting for these fools to do something this STUPID all my life…and here I am without NEAR enough Popcorn on-hand for the SHOW to follow!



      32. This Will Signal The Final Collapse & End Game Has Started
        “I think the US stock market is building a massive rounded top, and when it finally buckles it will probably be the start of the end game. The volume keeps declining as the markets rise. This is not a good pattern when viewed from a historical context.

        So the whole situation we find ourselves in makes me very uncomfortable. The mainstream media continues with its propaganda in order to mislead people regarding the true state of the economy. At the same time the markets keep being propped up by the Fed, and gold and silver are being wildly suppressed.

        The suppression of the metals is taking place to keep people believing everything is fine….

      33. Knowing what we know, why would you be anywhare remotely close to Chicago? Dont go there, its just that simple. I dont plan on going to Damascus for the exact same reasons. Best way to avoid trouble is just that avoid it. Cities are fast becoming uninhabitable, well they are for me. I wont live in one and unless I find a very good reason I wont be in one. Stay out of these places and this wont happen to you.

        • Amen!

      34. I know I said we should Arm Up. I believe we should have the right to defend ourselves, loved ones and property. The majority were young adults in these attacks and if you step back a bit, when does it warrent massive firepower on what is to be considered children.
        In most gangs where the only security they have, they are defined as soldiers of the gang by the heirarchy. Willing to do anything for the group. Is there any difference between these young adults and those that wage war in Somalia or Sudan? Only that they have not reached that level of violence.

        • The ones I saw in the video were bigger than the cops trying to cuff them. I say shoot em if they want to eff with you.

      35. These ongoing negro rampages are racial warfare. I am pointing out the obvious for those good little white Eloi who have been trained not to notice obvious but “naughty” facts of NATURE like good little Merkin pussies. “You may not be interested in RACE, but RACE is definitely interested in YOU.”

        That disgusting pickaninny in the White House and his dull-eyed simian friend Eric Holder, whose entire public lives have centered around fighting, weakening and rolling back the White race, consider the latest black racist attacks in Chicago a good beginning. They have much bigger plans for us though, and that’s why they MUST get the guns first.

        The New Black Panther Party — which calls for the extermination of all Whites worldwide, and even has a chapter in FRANCE — is in South Africa, probably to get expert advice on how to deal with Whitey when the “reparations” expropriations begin HERE.

        Yes, disarm yourselves, strictly because Frank Marshall Davis Jr. (a.k.a. Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro) says you should. After all, it worked out so well for the Boers in South Africa.

        • I hope the ” panthers” come down my street to try that one day,looking forward to switching from my index finger to my middle finger,do to the trigger blisters.

        • Farrakhan recently called for the Black Panthers to make Chicago gangs their “Army” to take America. I can’t remember the details, but this racist pig is violating civil rights left and right, and holder just sits by and smiles. No one did anything about the blatant threats against whites in Florida after T Martin self defense shooting.

        • Phase 1 of White Genocide…

        • In about twenty years whites are a minority in the US. Guess what happens next?

        • Ahab,spot-on!

          I’ve been saying this about the black flash mobs from day one. These assaults on whites are not by accident, they are by design. IMO they are coming directly from the top.

          A sleeper cell is placed in all large metropolitan cities. Someone from the WH places a phone call. Some white man or woman is either raped, murdered, beaten or robbed or a combination of all of the above. The more heinous the crime, the better. No specific white person, just the first one who comes along.

          Another blogger Ulsterman reported that Obama loves drones. I’m almost sure he witnessed the Benghazi butt rape of the diplomat. It wouldn’t surprise me if he or his other minions get off on watching people suffer.

          Mac – this may be Obama’s Watergate. This theory that I’ve espoused for years. I’m wondering if there is an anon hacker who could hack into these smartphones and find out the real truth.

          Who’s behind these flash mobs? Is there a kill whitey app on their Obama phone?

          Something to think about. I think if someone as smart as you-Mac could dig and delve into this, you might find that the rabbit hole has no bottom.

      36. Slingshot, you already have a natural, God-given right to self-defense and it doesn’t matter what anyone else’s policy on self-defense says. I live in Memphis which is bad enough but at least we still have private gun ownership here so that’s the only reason our crime levels are lower than Chicago’s. I’d love to relocate to a rural area but the banks have turned down my loan applications even with co-signers. Silver, I also have a Ruger 10/22 and swear by it. Also have “heavier artillery” in the form of a .30 M1 Carbine, and yes, i have high-capacity magazines for both. Anyone comes to my place for anything their day will be ruined permanently. I even carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go and any restrictions on self-defense be damned. The liberals’ policies in Chicago and elsewhere have come back to haunt them. When you play with fire, you’ll damn sure get burned. braveheart

      37. I’m standing next to REB, holding the belt. Job discription: Ammo Feeder. He keeps us both safe!

        • I will stand with the both of you, turning the steaks and keeping the beer cold.


          …they mostly come out at night, mostly….–Aliens.

          …I never met a caliber I didn’t like……BA.

        • …youd do me proud to have you feeding the belt into the .50… together we could clean up the mess in a hurry…only thing is we both have to be careful not to get any contents from the box of “jelly-filleds”into the mechanism….yeehaww…grab another belt Okie!….Oh and another box of bon bons… 🙂

          • …you too BA….and could you make mine well done with lots of sauteed onions and mushrooms… 🙂

      38. Ahab, what you said is true up to a point, but most of their vitims are other black people. Only a small percentage of their victims are white, but that percentage has increased to some degree since the 2008 elections. Check out the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2008-2012. It shows that black males are more likely than any other group of people in this nation to commit serious and violent crimes. I’m only quoting from an official US government study; I’m not original with the statement. The New Black Panthers are the most dangerous black organization out there today. At least they admit to what they really want to do; I’ll give them credit for that. Anyone who comes to my house for anything, I don’t care what your color is, you better back off if you want to live. braveheart

        • “Normal” crime in the ghetto is directed at whatever target of opportunity presents itself. OTOH, Negro flash mob actions overwhelmingly target whites (but also Asians, and especially East Asians, but only up to a point). I personally know people who were on the lakefront in Chicago during last summer’s rampages. It was a simple case of mass black on white violence, though the media, Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago’s negro police commissioner bent over backwards to avoid stating that basic fact. Likewise the attacks at the Iowa State Fair several years back. Likewise the rampages in Seattle two years ago. Likewise countless rampages on mass transit all over the country.

          These urban “youfs” (whose ages we are apparently “allowed” to notice, but not their racial background) even have a name for their mob actions against Whites — “Polar Bear Hunting.”

          • I went to the Iowa State Fair…in 1971…

      39. Defend yourselves against near term attack; but keep working on the long term resolution – to establish peace in the world. Treat others like you want to be treated.

      40. Armed citizens stops flash mobs eh. I guess thats why I have never seen one here in Northeast Tennessee. Of course, we do have a castle law and just recently the law was changed to allow Concealed Permit Holders to keep their firearm locked in thier car while at work in the employer’s parking lot whether or not the employer agrees.
        It is amazing how I have never heard of a mass shooting at a gun show, NRA convention, gun clubs, etc where guns are everywhere. On the other hand, there have been several in gun free zones. I guess criminals and the mentally insane either can’t read or don’t care or perhaps don’t like the thought of being shot back. I see how the gun free thing is working out in Chicago.

      41. This article has a good concept with a poor scenario. If a large angry crowd has gathered you can hear it for blocks. I would attempt avoidance well in advance. I carry a Glock 17 with an extended mag. If I shoot into an advancing unarmed crowd, anticipating them to stop and flee would be reasonable. I don’t think it would take a lot of rounds.
        I also would assume some or most crowd members would be armed. Buying guns and ammo in Indiana is a matter of walking a few blocks. I am giving them the benefit of being eligible to purchase guns on paper or having a straw man qualified to make the purchase. If they were armed I would be greatly outnumbered and it would be hard to reload a 30 round mag when I am dead.
        I think a better example would be if I were trapped away from my home when shtf. At this point I may have to have several confrontations prior to making it home. I would have to carry too many mags everywhere all the time. Your normal 17+1+1 or 2 for the type of extension, plus a 30 round mag would be better than several mags and more practical day to day. I realize the crowd scenario was for illustration but we need to think of others in order to be prepared.

        • Not so, Roy — they don’t hang as an angry crowd when they go wilding in downtown Chicago. They’re not angry at all — they’re doing it for fun. They walk along in smaller groups and slam into people and punch a few people, then try to vanish before the police arrive in any significant number. This time a group of them attacked a mounted policeman, which is partly what got such a large and relatively efficient police presence on the scene so quickly. There have been a number of other wilding incidents in the Loop/Magnificent Mile area that haven’t gotten nearly this level of police or media attention.

          And this sort of thing happens fairly frequently in the north Halsted St. area, but since that’s not the city’s showcase neighborhood and rich tourists aren’t usually the victims there those incidents don’t get much media attention at all, even locally, unless a victim is severely injured or dies.

      42. Troll on deck.

        • Just watch out for those “young adults,” pal. Hell, you may get mobbed by a group of wilding White Cub Scouts at any moment, “cuz it’s only dem youfs dat be’s dangerous.” Funny how the Zebra Killers were all in their twenties and thirties, though.

          Merkins are “allowed” by their “betters” to classify flash mob criminals based on the transitory and arbitrary classification of age group affiliation, but not on the profound tribal and biological factors that make the flash-mobbers who they truly are. That’s because Merkins are deathly afraid of natural realities outside their propositional fantasy world. Sadly, this superstition will inevitably result in the deaths of countless Merkins when the Mau-Mau’s target THEM based on their whiteness.

          BTW, I’ve been at SHTF a lot longer than you, newbie.


        Non treated lumber, raised bed, three boards high.
        Foam board insulation on the ground, a couple of bags of sand with a soil heater cable in it. Then about 2 feet of peat moss…the heat will rise in the peat moss and create a thermal heat sink. With about six inches of garden mix.
        A frame design with two sliding glass doors. Some wax pistons to vent it and I’ll have a few shop lights for supplemental light…maybe a heat lamp when it gets real cold.

        Then I’ll have greens all year long even in the dead of winter.
        Expensive…but beats getting ecoli posioning from a bag of spinach.

        I control my food supply.

        Some electric yeah….beats getting sick and I eat better.
        Also…adding soil amendments.
        The US soil is tapped out.

        I welcome any ideas.

        For SHTF food production.. I have a set of light benches. I can start about 7,000 plugs under lights. That’s key. it takes about 6 weeks if you blaze the lights around the clock. The electric bill is about $150. But you get oceans of produce.

        This is the year you need to prep up on garden supplies… hyperinflation will hit us in 2015 or 16 I think. Peat moss, seeds of the right type…non gmo….fertilizer, bloodmeal. Seed starter mix.

        I also did a test…
        I bought some dried store bought beans….yes…they sprouted.

        Next year…I’ll look into growing my own shrimp in a barrel.

        I love all you guys.
        Makes me feel like the US is not over… but a new beginning after the crash.

        Dollar crash…civil unrest…then in come the blue UN helmets….Russia and China.
        Then civil war with our military leading the way. CIA and congress arrested.

        Keep in mind…all this stuff you hear about fema camps… GREAT…now we know where to go for resoruces… Same for the TSA and the DHS….stocking ammo….
        When you are out…these folks will have plenty.

        Have you ever thought that they are stocking because they know the UN and congress will try their little move and bring in foreign troops…then they will pass out ammo to us?

        I don’t believe this…but just a counter point.

        Maybe they are trashing the country hard and fast to get back to the right values we all hold dear.

        Final idea… Empty our prisons… arms and train them all…drop them in the mid east.
        Tell them if they can take it over…we’ll buy oil from them.


        • S&G…The dollar will not crash outright. That leaves too many people wanting an autopsy and then the 100 year scam starts to come into focus for even the sleepiest of people.

          “Cyber attack” is still high on the probability list; false flag of course. Pineapple nuke in a major city possible. New war scenario unfolds from there. Comet activity in 2013 and eclipses on key holy days 2014/2015 raises the ooga booga factor. They will play their Revelation script out. Won’t rule out an “alien” component (total bullshit). The dollar will appear as an unfortunate casualty.

          Problem with most folks (even on this forum) is they let their rabbit hole go only so deep. We tend to think too small when it comes to the agenda. Protection mechanism I suppose.

        • Sounds good!…One small thing Id suggest based on personal experience….install 1/4 hardware cloth on the bottom board layer so that its sealed off to mice/gophers/moles from the ground…glad youre going to do this…I encourage folks to do likewise and get some degree of food independence….the hardware cloth will save you alot of grief avoiding chewed up veggies,good luck! 🙂

      44. Grasshopper, when I was 15, I learned how to drive in a 53 Mercury with “3 on the tree” before I learned on any automatic. If you could drive a “3 on the tree”, you could drive anything, plus it was impossible to miss the gears. In 1982, I bought a 1972 Dodge cargo van with the slant-6 engine and “3 on the tree” before moving back to Tn from FL because my 69 Malibu threw a rod and had to junk it. One of the best vehicles I ever had. Wish I could find another 3 on the tree. people these days couldn’t possibly learn how to drive one with the minds they have so I wouldn’t have to worry about it being stolen. braveheart

        • Braveheart…

          My Chevy truck (mid 80’s) has a “3 on the tree” with a straight 6 under the hood. It ain’t purrdy, but it gets me from point A to point B.

          Lil’ hillbilly will be learning in a couple of years on it. We still have a lot of dirt roads in the hills for him to practice on. 🙂

          Y’all play nice. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

      45. Why do cops do this? What is wrong with those idiots? When you get a badge do they take away your humanity and common sense?

        • Well, you’re certainly the lamest one troll I’ve seen in a fair while.

          These “youths” put a fellow in the hospital, attacked a horse, shoved people, damaged cars, and intimidated an entire neighborhood, along with the usual shoplifting that goes along with the “fun.” I suppose by your reasoning we should simply let them skate because of their “disadvantaged” upbringing.

          There are plenty of times when I don’t support police actions — like when SWAT teams raid houses for pot-growing when all that’s in the hydroponic garden is tomatoes and butternut squashes. This is one time that the police didn’t do enough: they only got 28 of the 100+ who were doing the damage.

        • because when you’re wearing riot gear, everything looks like a riot………..

      46. For those of you that keep lists? Meet your forty-six United States Senators, that were willing to sign your 2nd Amendment rights over to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

        Baldwin (D-WI)
        Baucus (D-MT)
        Bennet (D-CO)
        Blumenthal (D-CT)
        Boxer (D-CA)
        Brown (D-OH)
        Cardin (D-MD)
        Carper (D-DE)
        Casey (D-PA)

        Coons (D-DE)
        Cowen (D-MA)
        Durbin (D-IL)
        Feinstein (D-CA)
        Franken (D-MN)
        Gillibrand (D-NY)
        Harkin (D-IA)
        Hirono (D-HI)
        Johnson (D-SD)
        Kaine (D-VA)
        King (I-ME)
        Klobuchar (D-MN)
        Landrieu (D-LA)
        Leahy (D-VT)
        Levin (D-MI)
        McCaskill (D-MO)
        Menendez (D-NJ)
        Merkley (D-OR)
        Mikulski (D-MD)
        Murphy (D-CT)

        Murray (D-WA)
        Nelson (D-FL)
        Reed (D-RI)
        Reid (D-NV)
        Rockefeller (D-WV)
        Sanders (I-VT)
        Schatz (D-HI)
        Schumer (D-NY)
        Shaheen (D-NH)
        Stabenow (D-MI)

        Udall (D-CO)
        Udall (D-NM)
        Warner (D-VA)
        Warren (D-MA)
        Whitehouse (D-RI)
        Wyden (D-OR)

        • thanks–looks like I’ve got a couple of nasty letters to write…

        • Bastards!!! Every single one of them!!!

        • Looks like we have a Democrat Problem, wouldnt you say?

        • GEE……..they are all Demoncrats!

          • Boycott Colorado.

            Demoncrats control coloscopy colorado. Repugcrats assist the Stalinist commies.

        • And people still say there is no difference between dems and repubs. That is a lie to break our resolve.

          Never a dem.

          When I vote, it is repub, indy, or liber….

          We need all liberal repubs out. Keep conservatives in.

        • time for a “silk hood” party.

      47. Chicago Sun times crime

        In the weekend’s first shooting death, Eugenio Solano, 23, of the 1700 block of North Francisco, was walking with a 44-year-old man 8:05 p.m. Friday in the 1800 block of North Francisco in the Logan Square neighborhood when three men approached and asked for directions, police said. Then one of the men pulled out a gun and opened fire. Solano was shot in the chest and died at the scene, less than a block from his home. The 44-year-old man suffered a minor gunshot wound in his hand as he ran away.

        The most recent shooting was about 9:50 p.m. Sunday, when a person, whose age and gender weren’t available, was shot in the leg in the 6300 block of South Wolcott and was taken in good condition to Stroger Hospital, police said.
        In other weekend shootings:

        ◆ About 9:15 p.m. Sunday, a 26-year-old man man was critically injured when a gunman opened fire on him as he walked out of a store in the 3100 block of West 25th Street in the Little Village neighborhood, Chicago Police said.

        ◆ About 7:30 p.m. Sunday, a 21-year-old man was shot about in his stomach in the 1700 block of North Lockwood in the Austin neighborhood, police said. The man was taken to Stroger Hospital.

        ◆ About 6 a.m. Sunday, a 40-year-old man was shot in the arm in the 4300 block of North Elston, police said. He was listed in good condition at Swedish Covenent Hospital on Sunday morning.

        ◆ About 2:30 a.m. Sunday, three men were shot in the 2000 block of West 68th Place. One of the men was found at the scene with a gunshot wound in his leg. He was listed in good condition on Sunday morning. The other men were located when police pulled over two vehicles that had fled the area. Officers pulled over a Buick LeSabre several blocks from the shooting and found a 23-year-old man with gunshot wounds in his leg and face, police said. He was taken to Advocate Christ Hospital. Police found the third man when they pulled over a van near the scene of the shooting. A 20-year old man in the van had a bullet graze wound in his head but he refused medical help, police said. No arrests were made.

        ◆ About 2:15 a.m. Sunday, a 33-year-old man walked into Stroger Hospital with a gunshot wound in his arm. He told police he was outside the United Center when he heard a gunshot and felt pain. He was listed in good condition Sunday at the hospital.

        ◆ About 1:45 a.m. Sunday, a 28-year-old man was shot in the leg when he answered the front door of his home in the 2000 block of West Randolph, police said.

        ◆ Early Sunday, a 35-year-old man was shot in the leg in the 2000 block of West Maypole.

        ◆ About 9:40 a.m. Saturday, a 38-year-old man and his 12-year-old son were wounded in a shooting in the 5300 block of South Prairie. They were getting out of a vehicle at the rear of a home when someone opened fire, police said. The father was hit in his right foot and the boy was hit in his right thigh. The man drove to Provident Hospital and his son was to be transferred to Comer Children’s Hospital. Both were listed in good condition with non life-threatening injuries Saturday.

        ◆ About 12:05 a.m. Saturday, an 18-year-old woman who was shot in her leg in the Garfield Park neighborhood.

        ◆ About 11:45 p.m. Friday, a 35-year-old man was shot in his head while riding in a car in the 6900 block of South Indiana in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.

        ◆ About 3:15 p.m. Friday, Chicago Police shot a 17-year-old boy who allegedly pointed a gun at officers during a foot chase near 95th and Jeffery. Police said the teenager was part of a group suspected of firing shots in the area.

        A veritable jungle…

        • This description makes it as clear as clear can be….

          So what is the answer?

          In my opinion:
          1. Stop responding to shooting incidents that take place between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. In all likelihood, none of these people have insurance to pay for the hospital costs or sufficient finances to pay out of their own pocket. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money.
          2. Deactivate the Obamaphones. The government provided what is, de facto, communications gear for organizing and directing mob attacks. That commo gear is not being used for the purpose intended, so shut it off.
          3. Shut down, immediately, all welfare programs for pregnant unwed females, nationwide. Shut down WIC (Women’s, Infants, Children), immediately and nationwide. Shut down, immediately, Section 8 programs, utility assistance programs, food stamps, cash assistance, free school breakfasts/lunches, childcare assistance and any other welfare-based, taxpayer-funded public assistance programs for anyone and everyone whose only claim to qualification for the programs is based on having a minor child and being unmarried.
          4. Screen applicants for remaining welfare programs. Put resources temporarily into investigating remaining welfare-eligible recipients and weed out remaining unqualified recipients.
          5. Focus welfare resources only on those who no one would argue should receive welfare.
          6. Revamp the disability benefit qualifications to provide for stiffer and more stringent qualifcation standards, and, remove from benefits all who can work but who manipulated the system in order to collect benefits instead of working.

          If riots break out as a consequence, take all measures necessary to contain and stop the rioting.

          It won’t be easy or pretty, but it’s what needs to be done. Immediately. The current situation is untenable and will only get worse. Enough is enough.


          according to this article the “flash mobs” aren’t random violence by “teens” with nothing else to do . they are planned, plotted and like clockwork. Question: who is pulling the puppet strings? our tax dollars supporting parasites has created an entirely new species that wants to see our eradication.

      48. My Carbon 15 Type 97 would work well to protect me and my loved ones in the city… compact and light as a feather.

      49. “Planned weeks ago on social media”, and the cops knew NOTHING about it? Chicago has a youth gang department. Are they too busy supplying drugs to their youth gangs to actually do a little police work?

      50. There seems to be a load for everything now. Even Zombie loads. Why not a Chi-Town Load? I wonder what the specs might be…

      51. Where’s Charles Bronson..?

      52. Time to start killing these rabid animals!

      53. Here is an easy way to help prevent gun confiscation. You are supposed to keep a record of all gun transfers for 10 years. If you decline all requests to provide the police with your gun records, the government can’t find the people to confiscate the guns. You don’t have to show your records to anybody. You have a right to remain silent. Refer all requests for your records to your attorney. Say nothing. If you lie to the police it is a crime. You have a right to remain silent. Use it. Resist. Or surrender. Find your spine.

      54. any place on earth where blacks or latinos excees 10% of the population and whites own everything this kind of stuff is going to happen.

        WTSHTF….dress accordingly because it’s going to be one hell of a party.

      55. Anselmo, those were young black thugs attacking innocent people for no good reason. The ones that were caught should’ve been killed instead of taken alive and civil rights laws be damned. if you support what those kids did, something is wrong with you.

      56. U.N. goes for more gun control.
        On Drudge.

        • Remove the UN with predjudice

      57. As Rush said you must remove liberals from positions of power. They have been seduced by the liberal doctrine of Satan.

        This doctrine brings only human misery and suffering as attested by Adam and Eve with the introduction of the first murderer and liar.

        Hence the human misery and suffering that liberals practice. Do not obey a liberal or listen to them. Do not have them around your children.

        They are lawless people, hypocrites of the highest nature and, of course, LIARS. They also base everything on HATE.

        Look at the carnival barker Barry Saetoro. A carnival barker that needs a teleprompter. Have you ever heard of that?

        Yet his racist handlers practically label him as “genius”.
        Yes, he is a genius, IN STUPIDITY!

      58. Armed or not I do my best to keep out of cities of any size. Short of a good hospital located there or a real need to visit a loved one (and they better be real close) there is nothing there for me. The worshippers of the sphere and fine arts can muddle in that mess.

        If prudence dictates more than a J Frame Smith the place is too damn dangerous for me and my family.

      59. why are they all black, could they be obama supporters, the guy attacked was white if it were the other way around they would crusify the people involved by obamas media whores. enough is enough we are going to fight back and whitey is well armed.

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