Chicago Commissioner Pleads With UN To Deploy Foreign Troops On US Soil

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    Under the guise of stopping violent crime, a County Commissioner in Cook County, Illinois, went to New York City late last week to request that the United Nations deploy foreign troops in Chicago to tackle the city’s “quiet genocide.”

    Perhaps, the geopolitical instability on the Korean Peninsula and in the Middle East is just one giant distraction. The real action is currently unfolding in America’s out of control inner cities, such as Chicago. There is a pattern emerging across the United States, where inner cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland, Memphis, and St. Louis are experiencing out of control violent crime with local officials paralyzed.

    Earlier this year, President Trump threatened Chicago with sending in the Feds, after crime statistics warned of an alarming surge in violent crime.

    Some politicians in Chicago have recommended deploying the National Guard to aid in combating gun violence, but Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin went straight to the United Nations last week and pleaded with Oscar Fernandez-Taranco of Argentina, the U.N. Assistant Secretary-General for deployement of foreign troops on United States soil. Boykin is seeking international assistance with “horrific levels of shootings” and violent crime mainly on the West Side and South Side communities.

    Boykin said at O’Hare International Airport on Thursday, “I’m hoping to appeal to the U.N. to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts, because I think it’s so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe.”

    Boykin told Inc. before his meeting, “the United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations. There was tribal warfare between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Africa, and they deployed peacekeeping troops there to help save those populations and reduce the bloodshed.”

    “We have to do something — black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence,” he added.

    Throughout 2017, President Trump has been fairly vocal about the carnage in Chicago. Last week, he addressed FBI grads in Quantico, Virginia, and asked one simple question: “What The Hell Is Going On In Chicago?” (See: “What The Hell Is Going On In Chicago” And Other Highlights From Trump’s Speech To FBI Grads)

    Courtesy of stats from HeyJackAss!, here’s a quick recap of “what the hell is going on in Chicago.”  In aggregate, 3,451 people have been shot so far in 2017, or roughly 1 person every 2.4 hours, and 651 have died from their injuries.

    Per the chart below, the violent crime is a persistent cloud over the city of Chicago with shootings and murders happening on a daily occurrence.

    Meanwhile, this long-term chart shows why Boykin has met with the United States for the assistance of foreign troops to occupy Chicago. It’s the sheer velocity in homicides in recent years which has local officials frightened.

    And lastly, “we can’t wait until the mayor comes up with another 1,000 police to try to make the streets safer. Quite frankly, the people want to be safe right now in their homes and their neighborhoods, and we want to make sure that they’re safe,” Boykin said.

    * * *

    Meanwhile in Maryland, just outside the hellhole which is known as Baltimore, an entire unit of heavily armed United Nations vehicles sits behind a mysterious Kellogg Cereal Plant (as of September 2017).


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      1. The governor of Illinois should send in the National guard. You don’t jump over state reps or national reps to the UN for your problems. Rahm can’t handle it?

        • The scum foreigners will just be murdered like everyone else in that hellhole. Seriously though, a county commission doesn’t have the authority to request such a thing and make it happen.

          • “black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence”

            This is not a gun problem, it’s a black problem. The more blacks you have, the more problems you have. Give all the blacks guns and they will reduce the problem themselves.

            • Ya but the problem is that the spearchuckers wander out of bounds sometimes and rob/kill whites. Give all whites guns and the apelings might stay in their own neighborhood to fook up… but then, there are a lot of retarded chicken shit white people that hate guns.

              • Genius, you truly live up to your handle name. Personally I do not care if the spearchuckers kill each other in the mainly black areas of the south and Westside. The problem is Chicago’s excellent public rail system allows these feral apes to reach the human areas of downtown, the northside, and lakefront. Areas that decent citizens should be able yo enjoy in peace.

            • The funny thing is, i have friends who live in Arizona, they have open, and concealed carry with no permit required. They also have tons of guns in that state, including AR 15’s, but no were near the number of shootings that Chicago has. They also have tons of Mexicans, and live right next to Mexico with all the drug cartel’s violence, but still they don’t have the level of shootings that Chicago has. So what is it about Chicago, it’s not a gun problem, it’s a black problem!!

              • Exactly this, people openly carry around here in lots of places and no one but the snow bird transplants give a double look if at all. Folks tend to be more respectful of others also.

                We do have crime but nowhere near the levels of Chiraq.

            • As someone who lives in Chicago, I can tell you this is not a Black problem, it is a POVERTY problem.

              • Bullshit, since 1965 LBJ’s Great Society program has spent over 1 trillion dollars of tax payers money on black poverty. Even with all that money spent, their situation has only gotten worse, not better!! So if it’s not a gun problem, or a money problem, it MUST be a black problem!!

                • Who do you think I is??????? why da hell do you think I dumm enough to go get a job when my hoe got dem 8 kids and we get food, cash, house, phone, and free medical care and you want me to get a job at minimum wage? Let da crackers get up and go to work and I will wait for my pay from da Uncle.

            • Another liberal moron that suffers from his own party policies that have destroyed Chicago. Like a true idiot liberal, he runs to the United Nations and violates the very oath he swore to.

          • Menzo, that’s right. But I wouldn’t have any problem with the hoodrats taking out those UN boys. Those UN boys wouldn’t stand a chance. Google the history of “UN peacekeeping operations”. Not exactly a success story.

            • Braveheart1776, you have that right, was thinking the same thing. Get some popcorn and turn on the Communist News Network because some U.N. boys about to get their asses kicked.

          • Just another media stunt by a black Illinois garbage politician. Utter nonsense to be sure, but it would be interesting to see the hoodies take out a few UN twits before they pull out in fear. How many bad guys have UN soldiers engaged in the last 30 fucking years ? Answer ZERO !

            The only people they engage are children and women to be raped or robbed or brutalized in one way or another. Worthless fucks, all ! The solution is at the bottom of this page link and the info on the page in general. Only one left.


            • For the most part I would agree with you. I can not believe this tool referenced the failure in Rawanda, as 750,00 people were murdered mainly by machetes. The General in charge Romeo Dalaire had been warning, begging and pleading for extra assistance to prevent this from happening and the U.N. sat on their ass. Canadian U.N peace keepers got into a 3 day pitched battle in the Medak pocket during the 90’s to stop the Croat militia from slaughtering civilians and were held back from saving many by the U.N

        • Leftists worship the UN. They want them so bad they can taste it. Of course, the UN will focus entirely on Whitey.

          I doubt if a county-level politician has the authority to do this. Probably not even at state level.

        • Sending in federal troops is unconstitutional under posse comitatus. Sending in the UN is an invasion which will start a war. Trump may have won the election but that does not give him the right nor the power to violate the Constitution nor allow an invasion of America by the UN, illegals, muslims, or anyone.

        • At least he’s trying. A lot of people don’t care. President Obama didn’t do diddly to help resolve the problem. The Change he said he wanted was just so he could buy some booze.

        • “We have to do something — black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence,” he added.

          He fails to mention that that it’s the blacks that are killing the blacks and if not them, the mexicans, and if not them, the police doing their job.

          This is strictly a racial issue, not an “American” issue. This is Chicago, commie HQ BS. They are erecting what will be the highest building in America. This is a symbol of communism, a tall obelisk or pillar like the empire state building. The empire state building was the pillar (actually core of a pyramid and much easier and cheaper to build) signifying that Chicago will be the new HQ. New York was the HQ of communism in America until Israel was founded after WW2. Now Chicago will be the American HQ. They are spreading as they control the east, west coast, into middle America now with Chicago, St. Louis being the midland hubs which they will try to connect. We need the wall to protect the valuable Texas ports and New Orleans. Florida, Cali, and New York ports are all compromised with jewish, commie, freemaonic, harbormasters.

          This story may focus on Chicago, but the real agenda is much bigger. The anaconda plan is to take each coast, then the middle. Well, if Trump didn’t get elected it would all be over and BO setup would have let Hillary implement the total commie coup takeover of the USA.

          We need the wall and Texas to be strong until it’s finished and the feds or national guard or militia to intervene but definitely not the UN. That would start a civil war which is exactly what the left wants, especially since Hillary is not POTUS. That could have been what they wanted anyway instead of a bloodless revolution. Who knows.

          God, guns, COTUS and love to all. MAGA with or without Trump. Happy New Year! Jesus Lives And Saves!

      2. The first time I see a blue helmet or Beret, I will make a plan, grab my gun, and shoot it. My Avatar is a blue UN helmet with lots of 30 cal holes in it.

        • Agreed. If ever this nation or any part of it deploys foreign troops here…… it is war.

          • I would say what I told the last guy, Get real. You’ll be in one of these videos as you’re being sentenced or buried. but I’ll go with…. I don’t think you have the power to declare war.

        • Yup, theres benefits to living above the road a ways,,,

        • Get real. You’ll be in one of these videos as you’re being sentenced or buried.

        • That’s right, I took an oath several times in my life to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Foreign troops on our soil is a violation and anyone who brings, or allows them to come are Traitors who need to be dealt a Traitors punishment. (which anymore today is probably a month at a Country Club)

      3. We will have to conclude that UN troops, should they be deployed here are an invading military force and will have to respond in kind. DON’T DO IT.

        • Yes we would be obligated as Patriots to kill them.

      4. From Chicago. Chicago’s problems are self inflicted. The Black female communist States Attorney (Cook County) refuses to prosecute young black men for felonies. In Cook County, before the police can charge you with a felony they must call something called Felony Review at the S/A Office. Police must get approval for charges or there are no felony charges allowed. And “non-violent” misdemeanors don’t require a cash bond. You can just walk out and promise to show up in court. Here’s a recent example. 3 young black males do a car jacking armed with hand guns. They’re going to use the car in another felony. They crash and get caught. Charges? Misdemeanor trespass to motor vehicle. A “non-violent” misdemeanor. No armed robbery, no car jacking, no weapons charges, etc. No bond is required. Maybe they show up in court, maybe they don’t. They would only get supervision any way. And now you know why there is a crime problem in Chicago. Only 17% of homicides are solved. That doesn’t mean that 17% of the offenders are caught and convicted of murder. They may not be charged or they may be charged with a lesser crime. No need to send any UN troops here. They’d only get robbed.

        • I hate Democrats.
          Democrats run Illinois.
          Never interrupt an enemy that
          is committing suicide.
          We are in a war. Better start
          acting like it.

          • Same shit over here bud, liberals are like a fungus

          • No question we are in a war and it is with the DEM deep state apparatus.Democrats have become the enemy and shown us exactly who the deep state is , in spades ! Making a list and checking it twice is very good advice !

        • Him, that situation you just described only happens to black offenders. I’m sure it’s totally different for white offenders. Just some more of that black civil rights crap. Let the UN boys have Chicago. Chicago deserves whatever it has coming to it.

          • Shitcago and all of Kawleeefornya are lost and will suffer their own fates as deserved. They are not the only DEM garbage places that will suffer their own fate. It is already happening isn’t it and you don’t have to raise a hand. It is all self inflicted and nobodies problem, but their own, so enjoy your holidays and smile !

          • Brave, actually you are right about that. If you are a white offender you get the book thrown at you. They are trying to make it look like whites commit more of the crime. Over 90% of the violent crimes are committed by blacks in Chicago. 95% of the homicides. A white guy I know was busted for driving on a revoked license. Not his first time. He was sentenced to 1 year in prison. Black armed robbers aren’t doing 1 year in prison.

        • I guess with statistics like that, you have to hope the murderers are killing the murderers.

      5. “”Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
        – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

        • Thanks K2. Yes, people ARE that stupid. Save me mommy, save me!

        • “The one thing every man fears is the unknown”.
          So true.
          That is why we prepare for the unknown.

        • Kevin2, all of the major urban areas are doomed regardless. While the UN boys might hold the cities, they won’t last 5 minutes in any rural area.

      6. Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin can house them all in his house.

      7. Blue helmets make great targets!!! And mr and mrs nsa and other 3 letter agencies looking and listening, you and kissenger can kiss my RED, WHITE, and BLUE ass!! For kith and kin…

      8. 30 percent of the population, but make up 80 percent of the shooting, done I’m sure 100 percent by black shooters. Black lives don’t matter to blacks. Everytime a black shoots another black, I say thanks for helping Make America white again.

        • I say the same each and every time they visit planned parenthood. all of you antis need to rethink, we loose one white fetus for every six of theirs. seems fair trade off.

          • madtxn…..that is so wrong man. I understand your Patriotism and fear of what is coming to America. However, All children are created in the image of Almighty God. We are all made in his image and likeness. Black baby, white baby. Abortion is genocide no matter the race. When mankind fails to protect the innocent, God will and there will be no escape. If you really want to help America, stand up against Abortion! Legal abortion threatens Americas existence because eventually God will act.

      9. There’s local politics behind this – Boykin is anti-Rahm and pushing one of the other mayoral candidates – my guess is former CPD Super McCarthy – got fired for his pussy footed crime measures against the ghetto shootings ….

      10. That might be the spark that starts the chaios? Blue helmets on American soil that is a no no. I have no doubt that The chicago thugs will shoot at them. and many patriots might also take up arms.

        • Wouldnt that be something? dont discount possible allies if the UN shows up

          • Stranger things have happened.

            • Menzo, I’ll still treat both the gangbangers and the UN boys as enemies. At least I know for sure where I stand with the hoodrats since they’re always talking shit about what they’ll do to people like us. The UN boys may not say anything but I already know the same thing is on their minds. Any of the show up in my rifle scope, they’re history.

              • Damn: I just finished up another 200 300 Win Mags. Just think maybe that was why I got the itch to load up a bunch again. I really didn’t need any I have about 1000 rds. stored up now. Just maybe the great gun & ammo god was or is watching over me.

                • Dang Sgt. Thats a lot of rds. for .300WM! You must have a progressive loader. I use a LEE handpress and collet die set. Weigh every charge, use a LEE auto-prime. It about beats my butt to load 50rds. lol.

                • if you really intend to fight if the blue hats show up or the shtf…. I think maybe you need to keep that reloader cranking out rounds.

        • Those idiot libtards in illinois will welcome them with open arms, right up until they start raping their women every chance they get… and thats exactly what will happen, UN “peace keepers” are responsible for more crimes than the people they are supposed to be keeping peaceful, and are generally from some shithole african country

          • Nailbanger, it’ll be interesting to see how the UN boys do in any of our cities. Look up the history of UN peacekeeping operations. Not exactly a success story.

          • nailbanger, I don’t think the liberals give a shit if their daughters are raped or sons………they understand that the U.N. boys are here to help us and that they are young and horny and maybe their daughter should not of been wearing those stretchy pants. The rapist came from a different culture where rape is ok when women show their ankles, etc.

      11. If the UN troops come into the US, that is the signal to hide/bury some guns & ammo for a future date when needed…..
        SHTF won’t be far away….

      12. Blue helmets make great target practice!

      13. Him,I heard something like your post says awhile ago, but paid no mind because I could not believe black libs are that stupid. Learn something new everyday

      14. Not a good idea at all.

      15. Won’t it be just down right hilarious when the boys from the hood grab the UN weapon toting vehicles,since they are quite proficient at car jacking after years of experience,and use them on the UN troops themselves.

      16. Down State Illinois won’t take too kindly to the UN being on our soil.
        They might want to think twice before they put those blue helmets in Shitcago, because we all know they will spread out like dog shit in the rain.


        • It’s all bluster. If you know Chicago, you know it ain’t gonna happen.
          Increase the murda rate. A mild winter will mean more funerals.

      17. The so called UN blue helmets will be target practice. The UN will not survive the American people who are very armed. There are 150-200 million gun owners in USA alone.

      18. How about the National Guard?

      19. This bozo Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has the nerve to use deepest, darkest Africa as an example of where the UN has worked? You’re kidding me, right?

        Africa is not just a failed state, Africa is a failed continent — a sh*t hole. Africa today is what these one-world, globalist libtards see the future of the U.S. becoming.

        When I see George Soros floating people out of Chicago in mass-migrations to Canada like he has been doing with free-boating entire African populations to Europe — then I’ll worry (still NOT).

        • yeah, have you heard about the white genocide in South Africa? and other countries on that Continent? They are murdering white farm owners and raping the women while cutting them from neck to vagina. Smashing the heads of babies and the men as well. Total war on whites down there and you don’t hear a peep.

      20. He just tipped his hand as to how much of a traitor to this country he is
        And watch
        Not a dam thing will be done about it
        If this shit hole pulled this stunt in the late 1800’s he’d been pushing up daisies by now
        Or at least on trial
        We’re so fucked

      21. Let’s see, a Chicago city council member commits open treason against the U.S. by inviting foreign troops into the country. An authority he doesn’t posses in any legal way and he’s not arrested.

      22. Medical cannabis patients are being told that they cannot own a firearm and that dictate is within Constitutional government rights to impose. That is tyranny and beyond shall not be infringed.

      23. Regarding Boykin I say, you can’t fix stupid. Simple fix to Chicago’s problem would be to repeal the gun control laws. It will quickly become very polite when every citizen can carry a firearm.

      24. am i right…no one can bring troops [UN]on our soil one who tries its grounds to relief of his or her duties terminated or and worst,,,i believe that is in our Constitution Thank You

        • i have a private server there big brother or whoever you are to decide who comments and if u like it wouldnt dought you got this setup for u know who …u feds act like it Thank you
          will subscribe now bet ya wont print none of this im like others just trying to make it too vpn private but glad you showed your true point Thank You

      25. blaming people for the dire conditions they live in is part of the problem. Judging people you never meet is for folks who seem to enjoy being hateful trolls. Why not learn something about the people you share the world with than hatefully throwing snot around? Be part of the problem, or the solution, your choice. 🙂

      26. blaming people for the dire conditions they live in is part of the problem. Judging people you never meet is for folks who seem to enjoy being hateful trolls. Why not learn something about the people you share the world with, rather than throwing negative commentary about folks you know nothing about around? Why be a problem? Be part of the solution.

      27. if you really intend to fight if the blue hats show up or the shtf…. I think maybe you need to keep that reloader cranking out rounds.

      28. time Mr Boykin was charged with treason!

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