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Chicago-Area Hospital Will Resume COVID Vaccinations, Even After Workers Had Adverse Reactions

Mac Slavo
December 21st, 2020
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The vaccination program at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Illinois, said it would restart vaccinations for other employees after four workers experienced adverse relations to the vaccine.

“Our site vaccination teams remain prepared to respond quickly and appropriately should anyone experience any kind of reaction,” the hospital statement, according to FOX 32. “Out of an abundance of caution, we have increased our post-vaccine evaluation period to 30 minutes for all individuals across all our sites, which exceeds CDC/ACIP recommendations.”

The medical center noted that the four affected employees represent “only a small fraction” of the organization’s 3,000 employees who have been vaccinated since the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine became available earlier this week.  But that’s a larger share than those being hospitalized for the disease they are allegedly vaccinating everyone for.

While the medical center — about 39 miles north of Chicago — temporarily paused injections of the Pfizer vaccine at its Libertyville site, the organization’s other sites, including eight more in Illinois and three in Wisconsin, were continuing vaccinations without disruption, officials told FOX 32.

In Alaska, 2 out of about 100 people who were vaccinated had severe adverse reactions.

On Wednesday, state officials in Alaska reported that two health care workers in that state experienced allergic reactions to the Pfizer product.

One worker, described as a middle-aged woman with no previous allergy history, stabilized after treatment Tuesday following a rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing and a skin rash and redness, CBS News reported. She was admitted to a Juneau hospital for monitoring.

The second employee experienced milder symptoms, including eye puffiness, lightheadedness and a scratchy throat, the report said. –FOX 32

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Federal officials have announced agreements for a total of 200 million doses of the Moderna product and 100 million doses of the Pfizer product.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: December 21st, 2020

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    1. loudmouth says:

      As you wisely pointed out, a higher percentage of people are being adversely affected by the vaccine than are being hospitalized for the “disease” they are allegedly being vaccinated against.The supposed “cure” is indeed worse than the phony 19 “virus”,especially when that supposed “virus”(if it existed at all) has a 99.000℅ or more recovery/survival rate.Why anyone would get a toxic/DNA altering vaccine with potentially deadly side effects for a supposed disease which basically everyone survives is beyond me.I won’t be on any lines for a shot – the evil bastards can count me out.As you have mentioned many times,this hoax is about control over the masses, pure and simple!

    2. It won’t be long before they’ll be making vaccines against the original vaccine. These people are literally insane.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Now Brennan is jumping onn the alien gravy train too, in his alien pose. If we start seeing green people, it will just be from the mNoeongreen in the covid vax, which will turn them green under a blue light, and many flourescent lights might be enogh blue light to do it, I am guessing. Pfizer claims that if the vaxxed individual is infected with the virus, that the mNeongreen would cause the cells to glow green under a blue light, and of course skin is made of cells. So, I guess that they might be jaundiced in normal light, which would be signs of liver toxicity, since yellow things would appear greenish under a blue light. Not martians, just victims of the the Nazi Euagenicists in America.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says: show the Alembic Files by Anonymous on The Ominous Parallels really must be listened to! The parallels between Klaus Schwabs Great Reset and The Rise of Nazi Germany intend to solidify this even further! I have been fighting these psychos for my entire life! Their sense of entitlement over the self determination and property of others is a crime against humanity! There is absolutely no limit to their rapcaity at all, from my own personal experience. Even mind raping technology being developed and used in Universities and psychopaths like Elon Musk. To Elon Musk, socialism means that your brain is community property! The majority in Silicon Valley share this sentiment. Ironically, they believe that they are exempt from all of this, as Mark Zuckerberg has stated, “There is no privacy.” But Mark Zuckerberg has privacy anyways and has stored servers in his 700 acre estate in Hawaii that has freaked out Facebook employees. The level of secrecy in the government and corporations is quite confounding if “There is no privacy.” So, what Mark Zuckerberg really means is that there is no privacy for anyone else, and he knows this for a fact because he is spying on everyone else! The destruction of privacy is an extremely evil act of violence that destroys the meaning of life itself. It really does not get anymore evil than that. After the meaning of life has been destroyed, all that remains is misery, hatred, anger, and hostility, which are not desirable conditions for society and is the most barbaric crime against humanity ever perpetrated! It is enslavement. There is no denying it! slavery is illegal, in addition to the fact that privacy is a fundamental human right and is also guaranteed in the 4th amendment! Of course all of the psychos deny that they are doing this to anyone that confronts them about it because they know that it is illegal, sick, evil, deviant, perverted, and predatory, and would be mortified for being exposed as the monsterous, and wretched, creeped out, freaked out, mentally incompetent, swine that they are!

      We frequently hear the quasi-whistle blowers like Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity confess that they themselves have in fact spied on American citizens, but they do not confess exactly which Americans they have spied on though, at least not publicly, and I do happen to know that I happen to be one of the people that they did spy on, and are spying on. It is not really doing me any favors! I also notified many of them on their websites and twitter acoounts what was happening to me, and was not responded to at all. They never really changed. It is just a racket for them now. Maybe Binney has, but I know that some of them have turned it into a racket, which is really all that the Central Idiot Agency is capable of doing, as we have all witnessed! Fraud and rapacity used for the purposes of self agrandizement and personal gain at someone else’s expense.

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Darth Skippy says:

      The govt gave you free access to all the relevant information, on what you would be injecting into your bloodstream, and, for now, no one has forced it upon you.
      Liberal interests are COVID’s greatest proponents. The final solution is granted to your posterchildren, first and foremost.

      • Agreed says:

        @Darth Skippy, I agree totally with you.It boggles the mind how anyone would get this vaccine knowing what’s in it. If anyone gets it after knowing how toxic/deadly it is to their body – the repercussions/dire consequences are on them.