Chaos Has Never Been Closer: “Obama May Suspend Election” If She Is Too Sick

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 111 comments

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    The events are all lined up, and the system is geared for chaos. At any moment, a despotic leader could take control.

    But how could it ever happen in America?

    With economic collapse again on the horizon, and a basket of issues coming to a head, several factions of the population are tipping towards revolution. Much of it has played out in the election cycle; the establishment has lost all credibility, and the people are seeking anti-establishment voices. Alternate means of maintaining control are implemented.

    Homeland Security is taking control of the election process, making a  fair election completely impossible. Optics and careful PR is used to script the election, and maintain a favorable narrative – and one that is explosive enough to produce radical and unexpected results that might drive anger over the edge.

    Millions of people have been driven by the media to violently oppose Trump, and may well start riots across the country if he wins the election, that is, if Obama doesn’t stop the elections first. Likewise, if Hillary is elected and take office, it could spawn a civil war, of words… or worse.

    Any number of pretexts could theoretically come into play, but no scenario has become more likely than Hillary dropping from the race and stirring, well, a shitstorm like politics has never before seen.

    If Hillary is too sick, President Obama could opt to suspend the election, and it could make any number of groups unleash, giving way to civil unrest.

    The police state is ready to contain economic/food riots, and are also poised to use martial law to maintain order, using an iron fist.

    Chaos and order will repeat in cycle, and everything will become unstable, decline and render the population depraved and vulnerable.

    Radio host and political expert Michael Savage appeared on the Alex Jones Show and warned that the new Hillary card could be the unexpected reason for one of the most dangerous scenarios on the books.

    If these events came to pass, would the Constitution and rule of law ever be restored?

    Michael Savage: Hillary Is In Free-Fall, Obama May Suspend Election

    Steve Quayle has also been watching for the type of emergency events that could be used to alter reality and cancel the elections, or allow a martial law scenario to take hold. He, too, sees an uncertain election ahead.

    Steve Quayle: Election May Not Take Place

    What do you think is going to happen to this country in the next two months?

    Stay vigilant, and get ready for literally almost anything.

    Read more:

    Emergency DNC Plan Underway to Replace Hillary Clinton: “Unchartered Political Territory”

    And the Cancellations Begin… As Team Hillary Tries to “Contain the Severity of the Fallout”

    Even Hillary’s Advisors Admit This Changes Everything: “A New, Unwelcome Element… It Ain’t Good”

    Video Confirms: Hillary Faints, Wobbles, Falls Forward, Loses Shoe, And Is Escorted From Event By Secret Service


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      1. I thought he couldn’t do that…Hicks dont let the haters get to ya they act that troll way to make up for all they lack in self confidence and preparedness they are scared and afraid. So in turn they attempt to discredit and belittle everyone . One day soon they will get kicked in the nuts and then they will think hmm i guess hicks wasn’t crazy after all

        • I have a Franklin that says that the election cannot be stopped. Won’t be stopped.

          Any takers ??? 🙂

          • I’ve got $50,000 that I’d happily bet it’s BS. So tired of all this crap; Mac please cut the gossip and fear porn. There is no way a President or Congress that’s as unpopular as these could get away with this; you would have Civil War II in hours.

        • I’m just damn glad I can shoot back at whomever is shooting at me. Unless its a hellfire of course.

        • He can’t do it, this is just fear porn.

          Election Day is fixed by law, the first Tuesday after the first Thursday in November.

          There are plenty of candidates for the Presidency on the ballot, just because one party drops out or dies is no reason to panic, the country still gets to make a choice. This has happened before with other races and election day happens each and every time.

          • Please tell me when a presidential election was postponed… ever…

            • Please tell US when The United States was completely Under Siege, because THAT is the sole reason for pending Martial Law (by another name most likely), and because the desired outcome is chaos at a level that will render our Constitution and Amendments ‘of no consequence’ because under Martial Law “THERE IS NO LAW ON THE STREETS”. (which is already here, has been ongoing and at the same time ‘played down’ to background music by our wonderful lying-assed medias).

              The billions that have been expended, the lives that have been lost to ‘realize’ this ‘time & end’ (if they succeed), has been well-planed, well-staged and utterly ruthless.

              DO believe that when it comes to working with The American public each will meet up with the same ruthlessness exacerbated by all that happens between now and then to escalate “all facets” through the roof.

              These Powers That Be are not for nor ‘of’ The United States. They are enemies pure and simple, or tell me when we last gave billions and billions of dollars to Terrorist Supporting countries? There’s a very large red flag that has not yet entered into the full agenda of “things to come” (and once it has been started, it will not end but instead be continued with such force and constant change that few will be able to “handle the pressure” and will thus panic. …panic kills. Always has, always will. So, instilling panic is foremost for terrorism tactics is it not? One would think so.

              Most disheartening is that all of this is just the pretext to “the real thing” which will be full-scale war (and only approximately 50 million ‘vets’ in America have a clue what war truly is and looks, smells and works like. The others will be getting their ‘first taste’ (generally, it starts with the soiling of ones britches), followed by panic and multiple errors due to a complete lack of planning (due to denial that such a ‘thing’ was ever coming).

              One GOOD part of all this is that we’ll finally be able to start popping off shots at whomever wishes to try to take our weapons (because BLACK GUNS MATTER – WE GOTTEM AND THEY CANT HAVE”M).

              It MAY well be that our Black Guns are of no never mind. Given that they lie lie and lie some more, what are the chances that all of the gun-talk was just lies meant to take your eyes off the ‘real’ ball?
              Perhaps they are going to hit everyone with something so damned disconcerting and destructive that it will render firearms all but useless (or perhaps the plan is to make it appear that-a-way to dupe the unwary into turning them over “for personal safety” and all that rot.

              We are now totally out of time, and have no choice but to watch, wait and wonder. (We won’t be waiting or wondering very long, as that much is now ‘very transparent’). In short, it is what they are NOT saying that tells us what is ‘inbound’.

              What’s inbound? Everything they’ve got, as they’ve only got ONE shot at it, and this they know only too well.

              May You All Be Blessed In All Your Endeavors (and NEVER QUIT)!

              • That was a very eloquently stated comment.

          • Since when has any law ever meant anything to him?

          • You are forgetting one giant fact. With the passage of laws such as the Patriot Act, and more recently, the NDAA, the regular constitutional protections we have, will be null and void. These laws that have been passed were designed for just this purpose. To take control over of everything, including of course, we the people.
            So stop thinking in terms of current conditions. We won’t have these conditions if martial law is declared. These power crazed leaders can do anything they want, when they declare martial law. if you don’t believe that, just hang on, because you’re going to see it happen.

        • HCKS,

          While it is understandable what you are saying, it is not understandable why you are ‘giving up‘. This is precisely what TPTB want.

          There are those on this site (and others) that do not wish to see you leave. You are important to everyone (and more importantly, to us).

          But if you have made up your mind, then we humbly ask that you please let us know if you are alright by dropping us a post or two once in a while.

          Good Luck,
          You will be missed!


        • This is how it’s done! He already signed this back in 2012.Executive order 13603 says with ominous ambiguity: during “the full spectrum of emergencies.”
          There’s nothing in executive order 13603 about upholding the Constitution or protecting civil liberties.
          Obama’s 13603 seems to describe a potentially totalitarian regime obsessed with control over everything. Obama’s executive order makes no effort to justify the destruction of liberty, no effort to explain how amassing totalitarian control would enable government to deal effectively with cyber sabotage, suicide bombings, chemical warfare, nuclear missiles or other possible threats. It’s quite likely there would be greater difficulty responding to threats, since totalitarian regimes suffer from economic chaos, colossal waste, massive corruption and bureaucratic infighting that are inevitable consequences of extreme centralization.

      2. At this point nothing would surprise me…I could see Biden being the frontrunner if she drops out before the election. But here’s my even bigger concern- What happens if she limps through the finish line and wins the election, AND before she can be sworn in, in January, she dies or her current condition worsens to the point of no return. I believe Obama would then move right in and declare for the safety of the Country, he must continue “temporarily” to reign over the deplorables. I honestly think this is the beginning of much bigger things to come.

        • Yea what would happen if that was the case would vp get it then

          • @Godsoldier says- NO, I don’t think so. I think the VP is sworn in after the president.

            • On TV they were talking about possibly replacing her with another candidate

              • Anonymous, let me guess…. with Jeb Bush. After all, it’s unlikely that the Bush Crime Family has totally given up.

                TPTB are very intertwined with this crime family and I could see wanting him to finish what father & son started.

            • It appears that Obama found a ‘weak link’ in the chain, and thus has taken full advantage of it (if it were not planned long ago and was ‘saved’ for this time-in-history). Biden could only ‘take it’ IF our POTUS ‘ceased to live’ …in short.

              Just think, that in order to pull off what has transpired to this moment, it has taken since January (explaining why the media has done NOTHING BUT political coverage – – brainwashing at it’s very best, dividing, inciting riots and lying to excess). (They are incapable of telling the truth as the truth would get their asses killed …and they know it).

              I’ll bet Iran has never been so pleased… and I don’t even wish to think about Putin.

              Obama only needs to declare National Security and such and he’ll not be moved from where he has been standing, and Biden would have little to nothing he could say or do. (That’s why he said being the VP “was a bitch” isn’t it? If it wasn’t, it surely is going to be now.

          • No he has to be sworn in. It would be something that obama would write per executive

            • No, the VP-elect is sworn in as President. Obama can’t do a damn thing about it.

          • Trump now leads in the Polls in Both Ohio and Colorado.

            Hillary: I’m falling, and I can’t get up.


        • “Sen. Chuck Schumer has reminded us just how important the upcoming presidential election will be in shaping the federal judiciary, calling getting a progressive Supreme Court his “number one goal.”

          “A progressive majority on the Supreme Court is an imperative, and if I become majority leader, I will make it happen,”

          ht tp://

        • “I could see Biden being the frontrunner if she drops out before the election. ”

          TPTB buried Joe Biden in the Vice Presidency which is largely ceremonial. Joe has the, “Can’t help its”, and one gets more truth out of Joes mouth by accident than you get out of any political on purpose. Joes gaffs sent him to trips far away from the MSM and no doubt a chastising by Obama upon his return.

        • No, the VP-elect is sworn in as the new President. Same as if the President dies the day after taking office.

          • Sure, Constitutionally. Since nothing about this is remotely constitutional, or lawful – why even THINK that suddenly everything will revert back to a state of perfect constitutionality?

            Just ONE E.O. would render THAT ‘law’ null and void… (if needed that’s His fav way of going about it). After 100’s of them, it isn’t as though the people are going to question it is it?

            Again, complete refusal to believe that we are “off track”, “off-course” and under siege.

            Then again, perhaps you are right and everything is better than okay, and also don’t forget we are safer now than we were on 9/11….cuz foxnews said so! (And I’m a trillionaire).

            I’ll hush and just lurk…

        • No Texas. If Cankles dies, then we get that pathetic loser Tim Kaine. He was a corporate whore as governor in the Old Dominion from day 1.
          He’s a white O’Bama but 10 times more clown.

      3. Any news on Hillary? Maybe she got hit with the heart attack gun..
        The longer there is no news the better it gets, I’m thinking. If you know what I mean.

        • She’s returning to the campaign tomorrow.

          • Did they replace the parts that fell off her before throwing her into the van?

            She’ll come back into the race with a mismatching side panel or two.

            • Have some respect.

              Hillary is being tented for termites. She’ll be back soon.

            • They’re not going to be able to just buff it out, this time.

              The block is cracked and the frame is bent.

      4. oh for crying out loud
        the elections aren’t going to be suspended

        knock off the hysteria crap

        GEEZ !!!

        • Satori –

          That is something that can agree with you on!

        • Hey Satori , i find myself agreeing with again !
          Wow , twice in a week .

      5. Its not going to happen. We have this every election. Go back and check the site back when Bush was done because of he had served two terms. The same things were being said.

        Can the Election be stolen, Oh HELL YES now this could happen.

        Doesn’t TSWHTF under the next Prez. Unless they turn the country over to the PEOPLE. You and I know that this will not happen. We can only pray that it doesn’t happen.


        • Not going to happen? Just fear porn eh? Very well then. No nukes will arrive from N. Korea or Russia, China, Iran nor anyone and the same applies to an EMP or a hack of our grid.

          No Muslims have entered the country nor has the Southern Border been open all this time.

          No Islamic ‘teachings’ have filtered their way into The United States in any form nor have any Muslims been elected to any positions of power.

          God has not been ousted from a single place within this country at all. Everything is as it always was and not a thing has changed religiously speaking. In fact, times have never been better. Jobs are plentiful and the unemployment percentage is less than 1%. All the lies about Obama systematically destroying America have been nonsense because we’re not that stupid to allow such a thing to take place.

          The stories about LEOs shooting people and vice-versa was just a ploy to sell more newspapers and nothing more. And LaVoy Finnicum was just a “movie short” that they decided not to turn into a 2-hour movie due to lack of interest… Nobody died that day at all. The holes in that truck are typical of that particular model as everyone knows.

          The NWO has no plans for America and neither do The Globalists.

          This admin has done NOTHING to anyone in any nation to warrant them wishing us to be disarmed and eradicated.

          Iran hasn’t collected a penny from the USA nor has Russia received any “ore” from America either.

          The Middle East has never looked better, beautiful landscapes everywhere you look! (Especially in Aleppo).

          People have not been buying weapons like they are going out of style and there have been no ammo shortages despite what was said to the contrary. Those people lie like rugs!

          N. Korea did NOT test a 5th missile cuz it was just an earthquake and Kim is such a sweetheart that he’d never consider badmouthing such wonderful politicians as John Kerry and other USA politicians and speakers who are striving to bring the entire world together in complete, harmonious bliss.

          Yep. I’ve been friggin’ duped again by my own foolishness because nothing is any different now than it was at the end of Bush’s tenure. My apologies to everyone for my complete lack of foresight at all levels. And, I especially apologize for posting prepping information (I was under the impression this was a prepping site, only to learn it is a political think tank that our politicians read daily (to get better ideas than their own to ensure America is “the best”).

          Phew. At least now everyone can stand down since there’s no imminent ANYTHING going to happen. Oh, I’ll tell the sheriff’s that posted “Call To Arms” that it’s all off as they were also badly misled and owe apologies to their respective counties.

          bbl… (to pick up any pieces that may be left in the aftermath that isn’t coming).

          • Damn dude , your full of cheer !
            Things are not lookin good but damn, check yourself .
            Negative thoughts only feed on themselves and eventually come forcefully to fruition .
            Theres alot to worry about , but life is to be lived .
            I am happy to just hope for the best, cant change the rest .
            Still prepared as much as one can be though , cant hurt.

          • Equorial, chill man. You are going to have a heart attack. Just live your life. Not a single thing you can do about any of this. You can’t exert any control whatsoever about world, national or local events. So just live and breathe……

      6. “Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent. More than anything the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.” — William Mather Lewis – President ,George Washington University 1923 -1927

        • Now that is a TRUE statement. People are generally lost in their own world of “want what the others have” and have no clue of what’s really happening around them. It’s gonna’ get dicey…

          Molon Labe

        • I’ve always had trouble taking advice from 4 year olds Satori…

      7. What are the chances that nothing happens after the election?

        • pretty good

      8. My Baloney has a first name its
        My baloney has a second name its

        You are correct on every level sir. Nothing will ever change, the stock market can only go up, the FED will never increase interest rates.

        And if our glorious lord Obama were to be elected for a third, fourth or even fifth term, we should consider ourselves lucky.

        • That was funny

        • Its Bologna!!!

        • Maybe we should vote for “Oscar Meyer”

          • Suits me

      9. teh stoopid
        it burns

      10. The people need to wake the hell up and collectively apply their iron fist to this nations usurpers, starting with Obama the untouchable planted criminal who deserves capital punishment. He has sold out the American people just like Hillary, both being mass murderers. Just scratching the surface of criminality in the US government. Justice cries out for revenge. Nuke the capital when they are all in session. The world will be a better place. 9-11 was an attack on the American people from within. Audit the Fed and the Pentagon, the waste is in the trillions. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Thank you Mr. Putin for shining truth and the light on the thoroughly evil US government plans. The American people are passive and believe in government lies, when in fact this government is rotten to the core. Putrid murderous monsters making our future plans.

        • 9-11 was the largest real-time experiment in mass hypnosis and perception management ever attempted. It was a rousing success.

          Karl Rove…”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality…judiciously as you will…we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study, too. And that’s how things will sort out, We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

        • aljamo, you are right on the mark when you say the usurpers have taken over the government but you don’t have it quite right on O-wtf selling out the American people. That doesn’t work because he doesn’t work for us, he works for the US Corp. It’s a corporate system and not our lawful Constitutional government. When the hell are people going to wake the hell up and see that this whole election ploy is just a “dog and pony show”. What the hell does it take to shake people out of this stupid mind set that any of this is our problem? I know it is our problem right now because so many people believe in this f-ed up system, but if you would just pull your heads out of Trumps ass long enough to check out what went wrong that got us into this f-ed up mess we might have a chance to fix it! But noooooooooooooooooooo, that would be too hard and would take too long and you might get upset or some such chit. Well let me make a perdition, regardless of who wins this stupid election, things are NOT going to get any better! They can’t; it’s not in “their” cards. I’ll say this again; THEY DON’T WORK FOR US, THEY WORK FOR THE CRIME SYNTICATE CALLED USA,INC and THE FEDERAL RESERVE and THE IMF and so on.
          If you want to fix this you are going to have to do some research and some homework and some footwork and stop bitching and moaning about an election that doesn’t mean a damn thing.
          Mr.Charlie out.

      11. Can the Nation hold together for another 56 days?

        • I say it is a toss-up at this point. Ever closer to the edge…

      12. I got a friend who lives in a major city down south. Has a 7 year old in school. Kid says has black friend that said” if trump is president, he’s gonna send all black people back to Africa”. What the hell are these people telling their kids. Weirdest dam election I can remember.

        • The Hispanics up here are saying the same thing, he’ll ‘deport all the Mexicans’. Totally idiotic and untrue statements.

        • Remember when clinton first ran against bush 1, queef latifah was going around to dark complected schools and telling little obama sons (and daughters) that ghw bush was going to send all dark folks back to africa. Seems to be a recurring theme

      13. OK stop with the god damned fear porn people. As much as you all like to think this douchebag in the WH is “all powerful”, he CANNOT suspend the elections. He CANNOT serve a third term.

        EVEN if he did try it, I think even Congress would grow a pair and quash it.

        Martial Law? Possibly. But really people?? You REALLY think they have enough manpower to lock down the ENTIRE country? Never gonna happen, even if he called in the UN, which would then be an ACT OF WAR against the US, which the MILITARY would NOT stand for.

        All that being said- if that dirty scumbag CUNT steals this election, there will only be one outcome. Civil War. And then all these dindu-nuffins, illegal aliens, mudslimes and the traitors in the govt will finally witness firsthand the power and wrath of the 3%!! No country on the face of this Earth has the manpower and the sheer grit & determination that American Patriots have in the 3%.

        • AMEN !
          Well said , thanks

      14. The presidential election was held even during the civil war when there were large armies in the field locked in combat. Why would the election be stopped now ? Thats crazy.

        • Ok, now you went and did it! You said something reasonable amidst this fear porn fest. 😉

        • Don’t interject appropriate factual statements into the middle of an unfounded hypothesis, haven’t you learned anything from this forum?

      15. What if it’s all a big joke on us, again? What if Trump’s doctor says he has terminal cancer and has to drop out? I would race to New York and console his widow! It’s a dirty job, but someones got to do it.

      16. Obama will not suspend the elections. And the Dems know no matter who they run. That its almost certain Trump will win by a landslide. The tide has turned against them. the Race card don’t work any more. The thing is folks know Clinton destroyed their jobs with NAFTA. Obama stopped the pipeline. Hillary stated she wanted to kill the coal business and cancel the 2nd admendment. The people are sick and tired of political correctness. The hard working basket of undesirables will not stand for Obama to even suggest that because haggy hacking hellery is sick that we cant have the election.

        • Agreed !
          Lots of good comments tonight , i get the idea that no kinda BS is gonna be tolerated by this regime .
          Theres far to many of us folks in flyover country to allow it .

      17. The only way this could come to pass would be Obama declaring Martial Law. The current Federal Law is unambiguous , the election of President occurs in November period. WHO is on the ballot is immaterial in the eyes of the law. I don’t believe he has the stones to do that over a Hilary Clinton death or illness . To declare Martial Law he would need circumstances that populace would accept , Hilary Clinton dying ain’t it.Need false flag or major terrorist attack of some kind to pull that off.

        • Yep, there are maybe a dozen candidates on the ballot for the presidency, we have plenty to choose from, there is going to be no delay, no cancellation, no nothing.

      18. Did Something Go Wrong at Trump’s Physical?

        h ttp://

        maybe both of them are circling the drain ???

        • Ah be careful the red state is a rino rag,they even disable comments now.

      19. Not a frequent commenter here but everyday reader.

        In response to the “Trump Landslide comments I ask you to look at the link below.

        The Electoral College is often overlooked in all the pre-election hype going on. The Electoral College “elects” the President of the U.S.. Research its’ powers.

        So I would ask you to come back to the link often between now and Election night to get one frame of reference as to the direction of a winner.

        Notwithstanding any E.O. of the current POTUS, I ask you to lookup the power the D.N.C. has with regard to replacing H.R.C. if it becomes necessary.

        So before all the “”Suspension” and “Usurpation” scare stories, please just be aware what can be done within current policies we may not be familiar with.

        Educated Information regarding the election process has the important role in the understanding of events between now, Election Day, and Inauguration Day.

        Be Well All


      20. Trump is setting up the Kill shot, letting those like Satori shoot their mouths off then Trump releases his perfect health records, embarrassing the loudmouths.

        According to a release from the show, Trump’s exam was performed by Dr. Harold Bornstein, M.D. of Lenox Hill Hospital. Bornstein has been Trump’s personal physician since 1980. In December, Bornstein wrote a memo announcing that the 69-year-old Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

        At the time, Bornstein said that Trump had “suffered no form of cancer, has never had a hip, knee or shoulder replacement or any other orthopedic surgery” and added Trump has “no history of ever using alcohol or tobacco products.”

        ~WWTI… Touche’

      21. Trump will NEVER release his FULL medical records
        just like he will never release his full tax returns like he has promised on numerous occasions

        Touche’ my ass

        • Why would Trump not release his full medical records? He certainly appears healthy. He never smoked or drank, keeps his weight in check. Hell I assume he is quite fit and would like to make that known.

          • good question

            why hasn’t he released his FULL medical record?

            Donald Trump Ignores Draft Deferment Questions After Criticizing McCain, Vietnam

            ht tp://

            bone spur my ass
            just ANOTHER draft dodger

            • Getting a deferment is not dodging the draft, Satori.

              Fleeing to Canada is dodging the draft. Going to college in a foreign country like Bill Clinton did is dodging the draft.

              And, just so you know, when candidates to choose to release their medical records, they only release the last ten years or so, that’s all that’s important to the election here and now.

              • do a little digging Smokey

                like I did

                he’s a draft DODGER

                not to mention one hell of a crooked businessman
                a FACT I have well established with NUMEROUS posts

                want me to relate a few more horror stories about little guys he’s screwed over and ruined ???

                • many people were turned down for military service for some minor physical problem. I know from personal experience. Try to be fair.

                • Hey santori, what are you doing…being a rah-rah goy boy for the military industrial complex and (((das juden))) banksters??? Who the fuck wanted to go and serve those mother fuckers…you weren’t fighting for YOUR country chumway, you were supporting the (((Rothschild))) families banksters…So don’t piss and moan about “draft dodgers”. Oh, yeah and ladybird Johnson made millions off her Bell helicopter stock… just listen to Black Sabbath’s War Pigs…spells it out well.

                  • hmmm
                    you got ALL that out of that post?
                    and here I was just trying to point out that Trump had lied about something yet again

                    “flight of ideas” much ???

                  • Hear, hear!

                • Hey, just a quick question here, wouldn’t anyone in their right mind dodge the draft? I mean what sane person would “want” to go fight in a criminal war and get shot to pieces or killed for a bunch of thieves in DC who start wars for money? Do you think the people in DC are our lawful government and just loveeeeee you? Do you?
                  Hey, I’m just asking.
                  Mr.Charlie out.

                • @Satori….

                  And you prefer Hillary over Trump, don’t you? Because she’s just so much better.

                  Dumbass Democrat.

      22. I suspect that Obama may try it but its too outrageous and it wouldn’t happen. The net effect is to wound Trump assuming he entered office adding fuel to the fire,” He is not my President”.

        Were screwed up but I don’t think were as far gone as to suspend an election……..yet.

      23. We’ve less than 45 minutes until the 9-14-2016 at 4:00 PM deadline per the countdown clock at

        • The DOW is down about 50, yet there is an article on marketwatch talking about the possibility of a 100,000 DOW.

          ht tp://

          • 15 minutes.

            • Another deadline bites the dust.

      24. Where is the Crunch Berry Beast?

        Yes it is all coming to the Crunch Time and I love it.

        Hillary or Trump or whoever gets elected, you should have prepared accordingly.

        Heath records, Tax records, lies and more lies. Just get the damn thing over with so I know what to do next. I would rather see people trying to punch each other’s lights out than to hear more speculation.

        Prep for war. Get er Done.

      25. Two things.
        One there is no PRECEDENT for the SCOTUS to rule on this, and NO TIME prior tot he Elections


        The Constitution makes no allowances based on parties being able to field a candidate… NONE. therefore there is NO LEGAL REASON TO SUSPEND ELECTIONS.

        Case closed, FINIS, over with. Any attempt to do so is patently ILLEGAL.

        • Patently illegal but also a DIRECT internal interference with Constitutional ELECTION processes, and therefore a CRIME according to the US legal code.




          2. Statutes Applicable to Federal Elections
          The following additional statutes apply to federal (including
          “mixed”) elections, but not to purely nonfederal elections:15
          • 18 U.S.C. § 594 – intimidation of voters;
          • 18 U.S.C. § 597 – payments to vote, or to refrain
          from voting, for a federal candidate;
          • 18 U.S.C. § 608(b) – vote buying and false registration
          under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee
          Voting Act;
          • 18 U.S.C. § 611 – voting by aliens;
          • 42 U.S.C. § 1973i(c) – payments for registering to vote
          or voting, fraudulent registrations, and conspiracies to
          encourage illegal voting;
          • 42 U.S.C. § 1973i(e) – multiple voting;
          • 42 U.S.C. § 1973gg-10(1) – voter intimidation; and
          • 42 U.S.C. § 1973gg-10(2) – fraudulent voting or

      26. Trump evades specifics on his draft deferment

        h ttp://

        “who was a genuine student-athlete in his youth”
        4 years of deferment,student ATHLETE

        but “bone spurs” kept him out of the military ???
        and he was a student ATHLETE ??? WTF ?????????

        LMAO !!!

        just how naive do you have to be to buy that crappola ????

        bone spurs in both heels ?
        and Trump said in one interview he couldn’t remember which heel heel being singular

        what story do we buy ????????????????????????????????????

        • Do you get paid extra for the question marks?

          • @Archivist….

            Probably should leave Satori alone. He has wet dreams over Hillary.

            • yeah
              about those wet dreams you have about Trump…..

      27. Sorry about your dam bad luck liberal. Remember the eight state rule in effect. You can feel the burn or draft Ted Cruz he another scumbag .

      28. This is not what YOUR buddy Dave Hodges says …..he says they hope to just prop her up for the inauguration and then bill will will run the country …..I never heard such nonsense in my life

      29. I generally dont come here or comment here because the comment’s have to be approved by some/the commie pinko’s thin skinned person running this site..If you cant handle what people think then you ought to work for North Korea. American has free speech and like Haggard said, “if you dont like– leave it” oH my comment…. lol Hillary will be elected. Her one and only goal is to be the first woman Potus. She could care less what happens after shes gone..

      30. Who said we have to have a democrat in the election? If they do not have a candidate, to bad for them.

      31. I strongly suspect that Hillary is already deceased and there’s something big in the works that would clear the way for Obama to either declare a state of national emergency to declare martial law or invoke Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution.

        You have the WABC New York news clip where the news anchor says that Hillary had died. Then there’s the Hillary that comes out of Chelsea’s apartment, which apparently was a medical facility before it became an apartment: she’s 10 to 15 years younger, 30 pounds lighter, no wrinkles, no hog jaws, and walking unassisted after keeling over 90 minutes earlier. There’s also the handbag on the wrong shoulder and the different wedding rings.

        At some point, someone is going to have to get rid of Hillary’s body-double. Having the double spend any extended amount of time in front of the cameras is asking for people to figure out that there’s something wrong with the picture.

        How? The double gets “assassinated”, possibly within the next month or so; make no mistake about it, the woman doubling for Hillary is going to end up dead in this scenario. How much will the Dow tank off such an event? At least 2000 to 3000 points. Very convenient for blowing up the financial system, most likely through Deutsche Bank imploding via the “assassination”, and declaring bank holidays. Throw in some type of grid down event to restrict the flow of information to the public. Then point the finger at Russia to ignite the war of their wildest delusions.

        • Peter, that’s plausible but damn spooky. How about they use a patsy “shooter” and blame a Trump supporter?
          This is getting stranger by the day.

          • My thinking is they’d never go that route for two reasons. First, it’s just too explosive to be messing around with; they’d run the risk of stoking a full-blown rebellion in this country where they would have no clue what the outcome would be. The other, and more important reason, is that you still have other stuff out there, like global economic collapse, where you’re going to need something like a stupid, hubris-fueled war with Russia to distract the masses. Focus the attention of the masses on Russia, and their attention is no longer focused on the neo-con/neo-lib oligarchy responsible for the global economic collapse.

      32. I think the first time I heard the rumor that the sitting president was going to suspend/cancel the upcoming elections was when clinton was on his way out. Then I heard them again with George W. Bush, and of course we have it today with the current idiot-in-charge. Each time, a variety of reasons were offered up as to why the president would be canceling elections and declaring martial law. Impeachment woes, terrorist attacks, political ideology, economic conditions, ongoing military campaigns, etc., etc.
        Now IMHO, the current idiot has by far shown the most outright scorn for the founding principals of our nation, it’s laws, and even basic decency. Even with his exponentially worse behavior, I doubt very seriously that he will suspend elections even if both trump and clinton were unable to stand for election.
        I am not saying it is impossible, but I am saying I think it is so very unlikely that it doesn’t merit an article such as this one without some solid evidence revealing statements, policy decisions, political moves, etc. that would strongly indicate preparations for such an unprecedented violation of law.

      33. BTW- I thought it pretty interesting when I caught the video clip of one of the major news shows in NY stating that hilary was dead. Seems like an odd mistake to make.

      34. I Obama declared martial law. No matter what the reason. That will ignite the race wars, ethnic cleansing and Who knows what the end result will be. But it wont be fun or pretty. The gun toting believers will not roll over and give up. And the ruling elete & NWO folks are very aware of this fact.

      35. I just watched this black man on U Tube. called the doctor of common sense. He states Barack Obama cant suspend the electon. He stated It would lead to civil war. He stated that the guns are the thing preventing Obama from even thinking about canceling the elections. He stated Clinton is finished. And no replacement could beat Trump. So If they want to continue the plans they only have one choice. He stated Trump better have some real good security. You need to watch this dude he is spot on correct.

      36. It wouldn’t take much to bring things to a screeching halt. All Obama needs to do is declare a national emergency. People will go into “believe” mode and then he can do what he bloody well wants; because that’s when all laws go flying out the window. It can happen, and the probabilities are high that it will – with the promise, of course, that it will be a “temporary measure”.

      37. Hello fellow Patriots, I hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick short little blurb. Congress has done nothing to stop Obama or I should say the shadow government thus far. Why would anyone believe Congress would do anything to prevent a third term? The one component that seems to be left out of most people’s comments is the spiritual part of the situation. When one takes that into consideration anything is possible as the world is Satan’s domain and he rules for the time being. So while so many people are being distracted trying to figure out how the election or no election comes out we are overlooking our spiritual relationship with our creator. Have your hearts and minds prepared for anything because at this stage of the game anything can happen. Be right with the Lord pray for awareness and keep your powder dry…. Love in the Lord Jesus Christ be with ya’ll through these times of tribulation….

      38. Yea I think about the spiritual. I consider hillarys current health problems Divine Intervention.

      39. Isn’t this a DNC problem, not a national problem? Pick another candidate. Bernie not answering the phone?

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