Chain Reaction of Problems Coming In 2015: “Collapse Will Be On A Scale That Is Many Magnitudes Greater Than 2008”

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Headline News | 279 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    If you’re like most Americans, then you are absolutely loving the price you paid this week for a gallon of gas. Just a couple of years ago it was not uncommon to see a $75 price tag for filling up your car. Today, you might be driving off for half that amount.

    On the surface the recent drop in the price of oil has been a huge boost to America’s pocket books. But according to some analysts we shouldn’t be to quick to celebrate. The U.S. Oil and Gas industry has seen incredible job growth during the recession, with nearly 800,000 new jobs being attributed to domestic fracking and drilling expansion. At over $100 barrel, there was plenty of money to go around.

    But with a sub-sixty dollar price point, it’s quite possible that all economic hell is about to break loose.

    For many it has already begun.

    Thousands of recently highly paid workers have been laid off after the oil price plummeted 50 percent in 2014. At least four American oil-producing states are already facing budget problems due to decreasing oil revenues.


    In a study published last year, the Council on Foreign Relations warned the largest job losses caused by sharp decline in oil prices are going to take place in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wyoming, where the number of drilling rigs is decreasing.


    According to Tom Runiewicz, a US industry economist at IHS Global Insight, if oil stays around $56 a barrel till the middle of the next year, companies providing services to oil and gas industry could lose 40,000 jobs by the end of 2015, while oil and gas equipment manufacturers could slash up to 6,000 jobs.

    These workers can earn more than $1,700 a week, much higher than the average $848 a week payment for other workers, the WSJ reported. When experienced workers lose their highly paid jobs, they stop paying their bills.

    Source: RT

    Those are the conservative estimates and they are based on a $56 price point, which is almost exactly where we are today. But Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations have suggested the price could drop to $40 or even as low as $20.

    In such a scenario we could easily see widespread layoffs in an industry that currently employs over 10 million Americans.

    But that’s not even the worst of it.

    While losing 50,000 or even a million jobs will have a major impact on consumer spending, and thus the economy, the real problem is the massive amount of leveraged bets and debt currently in the system. There are trillions of dollars of derivatives and leverage at play in financial markets, much of it centering around the oil & gas industry. Should the price of oil remain at these levels or go even lower then a lot of major financial institutions are going to be in trouble.

    In a recent interview with King World News, John Ing says that not only did Congress remove financial safeguards when they passed their latest budget bill, but by doing so they left America susceptible to a disaster that will make 2008 look like a dress rehearsal.

    While everybody appears to be celebrating the record highs on Wall Street, we are also seeing a loss of public trust.  One key example of this loss of public trust is when you look at the $1.1 trillion spending bill in the U.S., where there was the dilution of the Dodd-Frank Act which now allows for bail-ins in the United States… This will lead to disastrous consequences…


    Meanwhile, the derivatives monster has gotten even bigger.  With the drop in the oil price we have yet to see the impact of the credit default swaps and what this will mean for the stability of the global financial system. 

    This will certainly set off a chain reaction of problems in 2015.


    The 2008 collapse was just a dress rehearsal compared to what the world is going to face this time around.  This time we have governments which are even more highly leveraged than the private sector was.

    So this time the collapse will be on a scale that is many magnitudes greater than what the world witnessed in 2008.

    Full Interview: King World News via Steve Quayle

    On top of all the other problems being faced by Americans – low wages, lackluster job growth, increased medical care costs, rising prices on essential goods, and more taxes to name a few – could the sudden drop in the price of oil could be the trigger that sends the whole thing crashing down?

    As we saw in 2008 it can happen quickly. Within a matter of a few weeks trillions of dollars in wealth were vaporized and America fell into it’s worst recession since the 1930’s.

    This time, as John Ing notes, the magnitude of the crash will be significantly worse and even the U.S. Treasury Department has warned that the system is so volatile that should there be even a single hiccup in our government’s ability to borrow money it would lead to a catastrophic effect lasting more than a generation.

    America sits on the brink of the largest financial and economic collapse in the history of the world and the recent drop in the price of oil could be the Black Swan no one saw coming.

    Those who fail to position themselves accordingly could experience serious damage to their wealth and well-being if and when this happens. Time is running short and now is the time to prepare. After the panic starts it will be too late.


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      1. Most Amerikans will be blindsided by their ignorance. Most Amerikans will wake up one day and realize that their freedom is lost. However, they will most likely wake too late.

        • What the hell is an Amerikan? It is America and the people who live here are called Americans. slip of the keys happens, but twice?

          • Americans live in the US. Amerikans live in the USSA. America has become the USSA.

            • So true. In WV there is a festival called Bridge Day. It is held the 3rd Saturday of October to commemorate the completion of the New River Gorge Bridge. Many BASE jumpers descend on the festival to jump from the bridge legally. This year the gestapo state police have decided that in order to jump, you must be fingerprinted. The BASE jumping community is organizing a boycott of the festival. There are sheeple idiots though who think it’s a great idea. I asked a woman who thought it was a great idea if she would also give up her right to an attorney, right to due process, right to practice her religion and she said YES, if it meant I would be safer. Not only do they freely give away rights, they practically beg the government to take them and think you’re the crazy one for believing in freedom.

              • These dolts aren’t happy with just giving up their rights. They insist upon giving up yours as well. This is especially true concerning the 2nd amendment. They think they have some innate right to surrender for someone else.

                • “They think they have some innate right to surrender for someone else.”

                  So True!

                  And,… ‘They Thought They Were Free’.

                  • Yeh, FREEDUMB

                    • We take our slavery far too granted!

                    • Daisy Luther had an article featured on natural news, regarding the overreach of the FDA.

                      ht tp://

                      Personally, I’m tired of talking about other people’s money.

                  • How about the USSAG?

                    The united socialist states of abortion and gaymorrah.

                  • Obamacare – a road map to collapse the economy and control the population.

                    2015 will see increased healthcare costs and decreased quality of healthcare for many Americans.

                    Obama Adviser Jonathan Gruber In 2009: Obamacare Will NOT Be Affordable

                    We’ll Have To DENY Treatment

                    “President Obama’s health care adviser Jonathan Gruber said that the Affordable Care Act would definitely not be affordable while he was writing the bill with the White House.

                    As Gruber continues to withhold documents while he awaits a call-back for more testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in the new year, more shocking information is coming to light detailing the deceptions that went into the writing of the health-care law.”

                    “Gruber said that Obamacare had no cost controls in it and would not be affordable in an October 2009 policy brief…”

                    “At the time, Gruber had already personally counseled Obama in the Oval Office and served on Obama’s presidential transition team. Obama, meanwhile, told the American people that their premiums would go down dramatically.”

                    “Gruber also said that the only way to control costs is to effectively deny treatment.”

                    “And despite the president’s pitches to the contrary, Obama also knew that his health care bill was unlikely to control costs, Gruber said.”

                    Tax dollars at work: 87% of new Obamacare users given federal aid

                    We can expect to see these numbers increase, due to Obama’s immigration and economic policies.

                  • “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”
                    -Mark Twain

                    Hitler’s and Obama’s Health Enabling Acts
                    “President Hitler signed a shockingly similar bill with similar tactics used to get it signed – threats, harassment, false promises, intimidation, invented crises.”

                    Hitler spoke; Hitler lied; Hitler intimidated; Hitler promised jobs, HEALTH CARE and safety; and Hitler won the vote 441 to 84.

                    March 23, 1933 everything changed for Germany. After that vote, their constitution was shredded. The most evil dictator of our time would rise to power, shockingly by the vote of the people in Parliament. …
                    The Germans believed the speeches – promises of HEALTH CARE, economic revival and jobs for all.”

                    “Obama shockingly also signed the constitution shredding, freedom stealing HEALTH CARE bill into law March 23, 2010 – 77 years later to the day. He also gave speech after speech on America’s ‘crisis’ of health care and need for massive Government intervention and correction.

                    This Health care bill, like Hitler’s Enabling Act, forces many things on the American people. For the first time in U.S. history it forces all Americans to have health insurance or face huge fines or even jail time. This is forced health insurance that the Government says is acceptable. Forcing the public to buy a product or service has never been done by our Government.”

                    “Obama couldn’t find a more intimidating, powerful and menacing control of Health care than the dreaded and huge IRS. It is almost as if he put the military in control of tracking us with the potential intimidation and enforcement plans attached. It will be frightening enough with the IRS breathing down our throats.”


                    • There are several things that are necessary to establish a “Marxist” state. During Wilson’s first term the progressives secured the IRS (the power to tax is the power to destroy) and the FED (giving private bankers control of our economic system).
                      This was closely followed by required, universal, “free” education, your public schools, that have been used as intended: to provide 12 years of political indoctrination.
                      The last two pieces of the takeover are now in place. The ACA gives them control over your medical services which very effectively will control everyone. Especially once people learn that this system isn’t about medical care but is actually based upon blocking medical care (the “death panels” are already in place and operating). Nor is the ACA affordable because it was never intended to be affordable (when the “elites” exempted themselves that tells the whole story).
                      The final piece of the puzzle is the destruction of the middle class. There are only two ways to stage a successful revolution: you must make the middle class love you (Hitler) or you must destroy it (pretty much everyone else). There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most direct way is already in place. The announced purpose of the quantitative easings is to lower the value of the dollar to zero.
                      Progressives are anything but progressive. They fully intend to combine the worst of the medieval period with the worst aspects of Stalins Russia with themselves taking the role of the kings and princes.
                      Dear Leader promised you a revolution. It is ongoing.

                    • Historyguy, you have not a clue of history and philosophy. You talk about a marxist state. But Marx worked and fighted during all his life to fight the bourgeoisie state. Marxism means to get rid of the concept of state itself. You complain the wipe out of the middle class. But marxism means to destroy the concept of class itself. You’re confusing marxism with state capitalism and fascism. This is very bad, for a historyguy.

                  • Helot, welcome back. Hope your Christmas went well.

                  • Helot, nobody can ever speak for me on surrender.

                    • They already spoke for me: Molon Labe: But F.U. will also do.

              • One of the BIGGEST INDICATORS I look at are price charts and the ranges they trade. I predict we will see in 2015 is $8 to $10 Silver per OZ prices again. Silver seemed to find a bottom in 2008. OIL too was like $30 a barrel if my memory serves me correctly. So all of this is cyclical in a trading range. The bigger problem is that the Govnt did not do jack squat about reining in the Las Vegas Banking Gambling speculation. The rules have changed in banking for who gets to bail out the banks and it is the DEPOSITORS this next time. The Global G20 created a new rule and our lovely Criminal Congress adopted this measure so that Banksters can use your deposits to cover their banking losses. GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF ALL BANKS NOW, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Paranoid, I make my own decisions and my position is the same as yours; LET THEM BRING IT ON AND WE’LL SEE WHO’S LEFT STANDING.

                • Why the down votes on this post? Do you disagree? or do you just not like the prognosis?

                  • I called it, AGAIN: Nothing happened, no collapse, no TEOTWAWTI, none of the dire predictions that everyone was so sure would happen this year. Just like they though it would happen in 2013, and the year before that, ad nauseam. Well, today is the last day of 2014 and still no apocalypse, but hey someone gave all of you a reprieve and pushed it back one more year, yet again. Maybe 2015 will be it, once and for all. But I’ll call it again and say that it’ll get pushed back to 2016 for some silly reason, probably because it’s an election year. Someone will come up with some silly excuse and you’ll all buy it like you’ve done every year before because otherwise your lives and money will have been wasted waiting for nothing. In the meantime you need you buy more ‘stuff’ because it will really, really, really happen this year, for sure! Me, I’m not wasting my time and good money in the hope of surviving some “Mad Max” sicko fantasy. I’m going on two cruises this year while the rest of you freeze your backsides off playing at being some hero in “Red Dawn”. Tah, tah lads, and don’t get frost bitten. I’ll be warming myself on the sundeck in the Caribbean.

                    • Each to their own. No one “knows” the future with certainty and/or timing……….including You.
                      Enjoy!Party on, it’s your life and you as well as everyone else should have the liberty to live it as you see fit.
                      That the majority of people on this planet do not have such choices gives me pause to reflect that the USA was/is unique and that “change” is the only constant.
                      The hopey,dopey,changey of the obamanation hasn’t ended well in the past, but history is “overrated” and can obviously be ignored by the majorities that sElected Der”O”Leader.

                    • WHY are you on a “survivalist” site anyway?

                    • Agreed, mostly. I amassed my preps in 2012 and have been living the high life ever since. Spending my money while it is still worth something. I say that in regards to the dismantling of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, not a doomsday prediction.
                      The United States is irrevocably in the decent/decline/decadence phase of the Fate of Empires. Read about it here:
                      There will be no amazing reversal of fortune, no “last minute” save that will return the USA to it’s former glory. The United States will continue to exist, in some form, just as Egypt, Greece, Rome, the British Empire all do today, but will no longer be calling the shots.
                      Find your place in this new world. Prep for momentary hiccups that inevitably occur, during the death rattle, in delivery of goods and services. Be prepared to fend off the weakest and most prone to violence of the herd during the necessary culling.

                      -Heel out

                    • I doubt the millions on EBT will be as sanguine over the “hiccups” as you are. Hell hath no fury like a cutoff or devalued dollar welfare recipient who can’t afford enough food.

              • Jake – of course they do, don’t you know how much smarter they are than you??? You possibly cannot be as smart as the gov’t, so you need them to take care of you cradle to grave. And if you can’t detect they dripping sarcasm in that, well, I just don’t know….

              • Jake,
                I used to be a food vendor down at bridge day for many years. Me and each employee had to go through extensive background checks in order to attend. The state police are very heavy handed down that way for no real reason other than fear mongering. They could not stop anything. It is all for show. I had signs on my trailer 18″ high x 8′ feet long stating “FUNNEL CAKES”….what are you selling??? they would ask. Me; Really? Cop; Pop you hood we have to examine your vehicle….what is the plug coming out of your motor for. Me; it’s a diesel COP; so…what’s the dam plug for!!!!!??? Me; well every diesel in north america has a block heater Cop; oh…well ok. The troopers treated us vendors like total crap both before and after the show. I could tell stories all night long about my experiences with the troopers down there. And it wasn’t just me…I saw lots of other harassed as well. I don’t think the state has any clue how much money that event brings in. Won’t go back, the troopers are just to hard to deal with.

                • The WV state police are mostly thugs who view due process as an inconvenience. Vendors also have to be printed. They say they are going to check the prints against the terrorist watchlist and that the prints will not be stored. If you believe that I got a bridge in Fayette Co. to sell you. Whats crazy is estimates put attendance at over 100k with some being over 200k. Somehow printing the vendors and jumpers but not 100k attendees equates safety, lol. I’m a firm believer that it’s next to impossible to stop someone who isn’t afraid to die and is hellbent on destruction. I believe this printing has something to do with the fbi fingerprint and biometric lab in Clarksburg, WV

              • Giving up their own rights is their business, but giving mine up for me, now that is bull sheet…

            • America has been Hijacked into the…

              Jewnited Snakes of Black Run AmeriKwans Soviet

              Who am I?

              I am behind communism
              I am behind radical feminism
              I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
              I am behind multiculturalism
              I am behind anti-Christianity

              I am behind a one world government
              I am the “divider and conquerer”
              I am the race baiter and the slave trader
              I am censorship
              I am anti-gun

              I am open borders
              I am eminent domain
              I am against English as the official language of the government
              I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
              I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

              I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
              I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
              I am AIPAC, NAMBLA, ACLU, ADL, NAACP, SPLC
              I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
              I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

              I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
              I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
              I am the military industrial complex
              I am an unregulated nuclear state (Israel)
              I am an international terrorist

              I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
              I am “war by way of deception”
              I am the aggressor – yet always the victim
              I am the eternal radical
              I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

              I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
              I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
              I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
              I succeed when you fail
              I have killed more innocents than any others

              I am your last, your current, and your next war

              Who am I?

              Answer: The International Jew

              • Bingo.. Spot on Condor. The boiling frog enemy has been on our shores for many decades like a parasite cancer eating into Americas Soul. Bankrupting us financially and morally. We are now down to just skin and bones and their last hurdle to crush is the 2nd Amendment. Keep stockpiling Guns and lots of Ammo and shoot any AntiGun Parasite who tries to take them away from you. Looking back through American History, the KKK WAS 99% CORRECT. The 1% Failure was they did not finish the job.

                • I thank the green thumbs cause you get it. The red thumbs are gullible stoopid sheep afraid to admit they have been duped.

              • Half the people voting on this comment are morons because they do not know who controls their lives.

                This explains why 2% of the population can rule the other 98%.

                • Your math is off. It’s the 1%–the super rich and the giant corporations–that control the 99%. And last time I looked, the religion of the super rich was money and corporations don’t have a religion (unless you’re Hobby Lobby).

                  • WRONG sharonj on the lack of religion on the big corporate owners. Please don’t tell me the money printers in the Federal Reserve Corp. and their 100 legged whore houses such as Goldman Sachs, Chase, and basically the entire banking cartels are not the Zionists Jooos as their main share holders and owners.

              • Condor. Well written TRUTH as always. AMEN BROTHER and Happy New Year.

                • Stolz: Thanks Much! and Happy New Year for you as well Brother. Am glad I can again post replies here…For at least Two weeks straight, every time I attempted to log onto SHTF website, Google aka Jewghoul control freeks blocked me from even being able to come here to Read articles and comments!!

                  Finally I tried again the other day and was able to log onto shtf same as prior when it was normal.

                  Not sure what happened???…I heard of and read others at other websites claim the exact same thing occured to them too at various sites and various times.

                  oh well at least now I am able to come back here okay.

                  • I have been stopped from entering comments on a few of my group sites as well. All prepping groups.. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Keep the faith, brother!!

                  • Same thing for me on Infowars !!!

                • eppe may think you are Joo bashing. Some Stoopid Sheep will never get it. Too busy playing in his sand box. Good Post Condor, I would rather get the real truth good or bad.

                  • Who, eppe said he was tired of your bashing religion and Jews. You do take parts of what is posted, and spin it into something else. What have you done to thwart the Jews? Words. Also Mac asked you to stop name calling, no?
                    I guess eppe does not post much any more, just because of YOU.
                    Many would like to hear eppe’s comments more than your one sided views.
                    Please go away, you are a blight to this site.

                    • Still pathetic Anon hiding behind his cowardness. You got No balls or credibility when you hide like a sissy. You statement mean NOTHING!! Be a Man!!

                    • WTTI

                      You’re wrong dude, I’m not the guy who posted that comment. In fact, I’ve stood up for you’re rights to post whatever comments you wanted to make regardless if the red thumbs crowd didn’t agree with you.

              • OhMyGosh! You’ve got to be KIDDING! You are anti-God! That’s who YOU are! If you hate your brother, you have no place in The Kingdom of God. He used the Jewish People to preserve His Holy Word! in the Torah. Without them, we would have LOST His Torah FOREVER! But, Praise God, His Word Lives Forever, and we have to thank the Jewish People, and the OTHER Tribes of Jacob, for helping to preserve it. I honestly thought that you were going to answer the question, “Who am I?” with the CORRECT answer – haSatan! He, ultimately, is behind all that other stuff you wrote about. I’m shocked you blamed it on the Jews. They have done only GOOD for the world…be it medicine, writings, inventions, hospitals, hospitality, loving others by treating them in their hospitals for free…EVEN THEIR ENEMIES! How can you say they are all those terrible things? Shame on your very head! You need to get real! and ask The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to forgive you, and then you need to repent. God will change your heart from a stony heart into a heart of flesh. Then He will mold it and make you into the Creation He created you to be.

                • TorahLover…. “They have done only GOOD for the world…be it medicine, writings, inventions, hospitals, hospitality, loving others by treating them in their hospitals for free…EVEN THEIR ENEMIES! “.

                  You are correct except you need to tell the truth: The Zionists Jews didn’t do jack for the world except to steal, commit financial crimes against humanity and therefore were kicked out of every damn country who hosted them.

                  As far as giving free medical treatment yes they do but to monsters named ISIS who they trained to cut the head off innocent Syrians and so on.

                  Killing unarmed Palestinians kids and women is a humanitarian ZOG manifesto?

          • Looks like I chose the wrong year to stop sniffing glue.. 🙂

            • Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking whiskey and chasing women.

              • i gave up booze and women once….it was the WORST 20 minutes of my LIFE!

                • You made it a whole 20 minutes??? You are a better man than I, brother!!!

                • I spent over half of my life fortune on booze and whores, the rest I pissed away.
                  Well, most were not whores, just girls with a high sex drive.

          • T=town, an AMERIKAN is someone who believes in using govt. to steal your money at gunpoint to fund theyre kids school and parks etc. Also known as a closet communist. But its what the mob wants so pay up sucker or else. I hear there are nice communities in china 🙂

            • Want your kids to go to school? Get together with other parents and build a school with your donations.

              Want a park for your kids to play in? Get together with other parents and build one with your donations.

              Want some monument or decorations around town? Get with others who want it too and build it with your donations.

              Want a golf course or stadium? Get with others that want it too and build it with donations.

              Want a playground or any number of other wishes? Get with others and build it with YOUR OWN MONEY!

              What don’t you understand about community? I live in a community and some I like others I don’t but I would NEVER demand that they be taxed to pay for anything!

              The true rule of law is IF THERE IS NO VICTIM THERE IS NO CRIME. Demanding others to pay for your crap is making VICTIMS of others that want no part of your scheme. Therefor it is a crime against those who choose not to participate in your wishes. Armed robbery by any other name and unconstitutional to boot! But alas this is all probably waaaay over your head. 🙁

              • I especially like the schmucks who want to “preserve” something they think is some historical landmark, using somebody else’s money, of course.

                • In order that the “Shoah” Must go On…

                  More USA Taxpayer Cash must be spent to build another couple Dozen’s of…Holohoax Museums and “Rememberance center’s”

                  Now go add Your full support by buying more products of every sort and type that passes on the full costs of including the Rabinical Talmudic “Kosher” symbols, aka circel with a K inside circle, amoung the better known symbols of the several dozen different Kosher symbols used to swindle scam all of You Goyims into paying the aprox $3-Billion per Year Profit’s such Kosher symbols provide to the aprox couple hundred cobined Rabbis who run “This” particular tribal scam swindle!

                  Anybody who refuses to agree that the 98% population of Goyims, should definatly Pay for a Kosher symbol’s inclusion on almost Every product they purchase today…

                  Even though that kosher symbol represents a talmudic pharisitical food/eating religious “Law” which applies ONLY To that remaining 2% population…

                  Will be labeled as an Evil Antisemitic Nazi, and as an KKK hate monger Raaaaysist of the most extreme type!

                  Because, the “Shoah” Must go On!

                  So, what exactly do You Goy’s Not as Yet Get?

                  • Attacks on the labeling of food with the symbols for kashruth (traditional Jewish dietary laws) have been a standard ploy of anti-Jewish bigots in the U.S. for decades. The cost to the consumer for this service is a miniscule fraction of the total production overhead; it is so negligible in practical terms as to be virtually non-existent. A May 18, 1975 New York Times article reported that the cost to General Foods’ “Bird’s Eye” Unit, for example, is 6.5 millionths (.0000065) of a cent per item. Furthermore, a representative of the Heinz Company has said that the per item cost is “so small we can’t even calculate it,” and that such labeling actually makes products less costly by increasing the market for them.

                    Are you an evil antisemitic Nazi? I have no idea. But you are stupid, ignorant, and have yet to learn how to google simple facts.

                    • sharonsj ….Nice try but worldwide people are becoming more and more aware of your tribe and its crime against humanity. Also stop this BS antisemitic and Nazi stuff. Your tribe still getting ransom for some imaginary numbers but it’ll end soon. Mark my words.

                • My favorite are the high school mega-stadiums built under the guise of “education”

                  • No Texas high school football player left behind.

                    • no child left a DIME, is more like it!

              • I would, but the government stole all my money through taxes, so that they could fund your kids school.

              • Spot On Genius… Jury Nullification is a powerful tool that the public can use to break the backs of the court system, phony laws designed to fleece the public, and the predator Corporate Prison System USA that depends of full occupancy. IF THERE IS NO VICTIM THERE IS NO CRIME. And find the accused NOT GUILTY if you ever are called to serve on a Jury. It is your duty as a Juror to find an accused NOT GUILTY if there is NO VICTIM. Just raising revenue for the State just feeds corruption to create more phony laws to fleece the people. Be Strong, have courage, and Stop Fascism.

                • My post above still has not posted within 6-8 hours. Like what happened to the 0-2 hour time frame?

              • The USSAG will find a way to take control of it, so you still lose.

              • Genius – Your posts back up your name… Nice job!

              • It’s not like “we weren’t told”…..

                “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes
                the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves
                and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
                — Thomas Jefferson

                Oh, we weren’t told…..that gubmint skool edumencation again…… from decades ago, but it does accumulate into mass ignorance eventually.

          • An Amerikan believes they are a socialist, but they are really a communist. The USSA is filled with Amerikans. I have read a lot of comments below. A lot of people believe this will be the big crash. I don’t think it will be. I believe this will be a major crash. I then see MyRA coming to the “rescue”, and bank accounts and all retirement funds will be raided for the greater good (of course). It will be everyone’s patriotic duty to give up their money to save the criminal government. Amerikans will blindly go about doing their patriotic duty. Americans will get pissed. Good luck.

            • I believe you are right, but not everyone here may know what MyRA is. It is 0bama’s regime attempting to nationalize every 401k and savings account in the country into one huge fund to be redistributed to all no matter how much they have contributed. Communism at it’s “finest.”

              • It will be a very bloody day when that happens.

          • Amerikans are the vast majority of TV watching, sports loving, GMO eating, vaccine taking IDIOTS. They do not know history. They care nothing for their rights or the rights of others. They BELIEVE everything the government tells them. They are NOT prepared for what is coming and will therefor be your ENEMY when the SHTF. They would not mind if China or Russia took over as long as they were fed and had TV.

          • On behalf of all the other residents of North and South America:
            Here goes another Yanker thinking that they are the only country in the Americas.

            “Amerika” refers to the post-constitutional republic still bearing the name “USA”. The term has been in use for over a decade at least.

          • You can’t be serious???

          • T-town, just for asking that makes you an Amerikan, idiot.

          • Amerikans meaning basically the people that stand by and do nothing while we lose our rights and freedoms as Americans. Obummers Merika, his socialist dream of collapsing America.

          • When Dear Leader promised you a revolution, he was (for once) stating the truth.
            The “progressives” who control both parties fully intend to institute the worst aspects of the medieval period with the worst aspects of Stalins Russia.
            Stalins NKVD would be jealous of the NSA’s current spy program, Prism, and they will be rolling over in their graves when the NSA’s next generation of software becomes fully operational. This is only one aspect of the intended police state.
            The old America is already deader than a three week old roadkill. When they shredded the constitution while instituting rule of man in place of the rule of law, both the constitution and the America that you though you knew were finished.
            Many call the new “Amerika” that is replacing the old America by this name: Amerika. What the progressives will choose for a name remains unknown, but what they are doing doesn’t remain unknown.

            • Just be ready for anything, from any direction. It all looks the same in the end, for better or worse, it’s going to be an exciting ride! You don’t have to live forever, thankfully.
              All the best, we will need it!

        • Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

          H.L. Mencken
          (1880 – 1956) journalist, essayist, editor & satirist

          Same shit, new day…

        • The generations nowadays don’t know they had civil rights. They are not taught that in schools or by parents.

          It is offense to say the pledge of allegiance in school, shy why would anybody think they would teach them about civil rights?

          • screw civil rights….I just want my God given rights to be left the fuck alone

        • Most americunts have been screwed again royally. Too FKN stupid to have been had recently with the oil barrel price drop.Get this fat heads, only. Gas for your car has dropped—U suckers.SCAM IS LOWER GAS PRICES UNTIL 2016 ELECTION,then after watch happens. WWIII

          WANNA PREP-? HIDE YOUR SONS. From uncle Scam

        • At least I have had time to build on my arsenal, med supply, food and water supply, fuel supply, etc… My anger has grown too.

        • Im not falling for it. Money is flowing back into the pockets of the middle class where it belongs. Jobs lost in the oil and financial industries will be replaced by small business picking up again, like it should. Small business has historically accounted for most of the job gains in this country until the to big to fail nonsense started. Big companies die and small ones fill the void. Its called capitalism. Next these to big to fail entities will demand another bailout or else. Their gov friends who control the media will be happy to push it through again on the backs of the middle class. Were being robbed.

          • Great observation, hadn’t thought of it from that point of view…

          • If the number of oil industry employees is in fact as high as ten million, they constitute.03125% of the population. Their $1700.00 dollar a week paycheck is putting an unconscionable hardship on the rest of us 97%. Is it indeed our fault that the stage has been set where this kind of extortion, when interrupted will collapse the economy? Well cry me a flippin river, welcome to my world.

          • I don’t think the $40/month I save in gas will offset the $200/month that this fucking Obamacare is costing in new premium amount. I AM SMACK DAB in the the middle of the middle class. But I agree, the oil shit will not be the straw on the camel unless Obama and the Saudis want it to be. Oil demand has been shit for years now, but prices were high. Nothing has changed, but prices dropped. WHY? Because they mark the prices at whatever they want them to be. When the administration wants them up, they will go up. Right now Obama wants to orchestrate a mini stock crash to blame on the House and Senate Repubs once they get seated in office, then they will say “18k DOW under Obama, then the Repukes ruined it for the country. Got to elect another Dem into office.” We are being played like a violin folks.

            • 1/1/15 you get to pay more Feral gov. gas tax!!!!!

              RepubChamberPots and DemocRats passed it last fall for highway infrastructure……..and the bail out shovel ready jobs money went where?????
              They just fleece us with no attempt to obscure their theft.

          • Do you think this is what Bill Ayers meant when he talked about putting Americans in camps?

        • Yes oil prices are a catch 22; to high they shut down the economy but to low they shut down the economy.

          The Illinois basin is already shutting down.

          What good people have trouble understanding is “ALL” of the jobs the oil industry creates in support of energy production.

          The real number of jobs created across “ALL” sectors is closer to 4 million!

          Plus people don’t seem to understand just how high the number of people receiving oil royalty interest income.

          The only boom in the economy has been Obama care forced spending and the oil industry.

          Take away the oil boom and you have collapse.

          Lower fuel price are only good if you could stock pile fuel but long term it’s not feasible unless its propane.

        • Cloward-Piven in action.

        • There is plenty of talk about bail ins affecting the “Banks “. What about brokerage houses like Fidelity , Vanguard , Schwarb , etc ? Should people expect the bail ins to affect all types of saving / investment institutions ? If so . where to stash $ , except in land and Au and Ag ??

        • My hope has always been that people will ask, “Why do we not see these economic downturns coming when someone else does? Why do we keep saying recovery is right around the corner when it never is? Why did we miss seeing the Great Recession coming in the first place … even when it was right on our horizon?” More importantly, “Why did all our experts miss it?”

          “People will default to assuming they did not see these things coming because they are unknowable unless someone points out that they are knowable. They are predictable. The important realization to be gained is that people don’t see these things coming because they do not fit their beliefs or their wishes. They are Democrats, or they are Republicans, and they cannot see outside of those boxes because that would mean giving up on the party line. Giving up on the party line means losing your membership in the club and being ridiculed by all the friends you’ve made in the club for no longer believing in the club. It is much more comfortable to belong to a club than to stand on your own and have both major clubs think you’ve been breathing the nitrous oxide.

          “Until we can see clearly past our ideologies, we will never find our way to a vision for a sustainable national and global economy, and we have massive changes to make if we ever want an economy that is strong, vibrant and equitable for all.” ( )

          –Knave Dave

      2. This is why I am a prepped.

      3. 2015 will be the year when TSHTF. My prepping is still continuing and I hope everyone else is still doing so.

        • We’ll see. This has been going on and off since the 70’s. Eventually it’ll happen as mathematics trumps every crook and Lord knows the global financial system is being run by crooks.

          • 2015 collapse….

            Article says…..

            “In a study published last year, the Council on Foreign Relations warned the largest job losses caused by sharp decline in oil prices are going to take place in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wyoming, where the number of drilling rigs is decreasing.”

            When the CFR, which is one of the Illuminati/NWO/UN support groups, with all members being privy to the insider plans, makes a profound statement about major American job losses; you had better consider it a major “flag-up” statement as to what they have in the works. Another jooster planned world war? The biggie. Dollar collapse, perhaps?
            It is programmed, planned, and put into play, as we speak. The planned financial collapse is biblical and it is coming.
            For every negative/evil, there is a positive/divine, marker for these events. This CFR statement is such of the evil markings …9-11 & 33 degree & multiplications of double digit and triple digit numbers…666.
            The number 13 stands for apostacy, depravity and rebellion. A big demonic number.
            The divine markers and signs comes from The Great I Am…YHWH, Yahweh, pronounced…’ja:hwei, or often just ‘ja:wei; or ya-ha-way and ya-way. 1 is New beginnings, 3 is Divine completeness and perfection. See how Satan has combined the two, to create the reverse.
            BTW, 5 is grace, 7 is Resurrection and spiritual completeness; 9 is fruit of the spirit and divine completeness and 11 is disorder and judgement. Put the two 9 & 11 together…?
            Divine judgment is coming upon the “house” of Israel (the Adamic/Israelite/Caucasian peoples). Most dominant in Western Europe and North America as descendants of early Israelites, of the ten tribes of the Northern area of biblical time Israel.
            Throughout history Yahweh has told us what happens when a rebellious child/children go astray thru disobedience; He brings forth chastisement and correction, or judgment, out of love. The house of Israel, are his “chosen” and are a “sign” unto his other children (all races)… Straighten up or get your ass whipped.

            America has failed as a Caucasian/Christian dominant society. Gone to hell, in a hand-basket, called liberalism and political correctness. Time for a little donkey kicking.

            So, we reap what we sow. We are in a Jubilee (50th) year that coincides in September 2015 with a Sabbatical (7th) year period. Many markers and signs such as the final Blood Moon of a tetrad, also ends in Sept/Oct. plus many other indicators. The explanations of things being relative by the biblical numbers are too many to discuss in this forum.

            Just understand all these things on both sides are aligning and pointing to a pivotal time ahead; all by design, by the Divine.
            Be a Watcher or be an Ostrich, but no one will escape the things which come upon the earth. Especially the atheists, abortionist, and homo Ostrich. These get hit the hardest when reality of their actions and beliefs can’t be hid in the sand any longer, and they see they will not be able to escape judgment with pc protections any longer.

            Read it and weep or skip it and sleep.

            • Well written…let us not forget that we are still within the time frame of the blood moons. If we send our eyes to the heavens we will see signs of things to come.

            • Did I hear a “Well done good a faithful servant!” I believe I did.

        • Prepping never ends. I too, believe 2015 is it. Even though 90+ percent of people have not prepped and make fun of those who do, I still feel sad for them. This is really bad. These people have been brainwashed by those reptile-like talking heads on the MSM and they are screwed. A lot of them have been victimized with the flouride and other things. They trusted the government and they are partial victims. I worry about them all – even if I don’t know them. We are on the brink of a nightmare.

          Also, the though of possibly having to shoot zombies makes me sick and disgusted, but I will do it for self defense.

          We at our place have an oath that we will never loot, steal, injury, or even threaten other people to take what they have. These days are coming will require more than even that people maintain their morals and ethics to a fault.

          • Dont worry about them because most of them worry onlyabout themselves and are oblivious to reality, NONE of the sheep will care one iota about you, so say a prayer and cut em loose.
            You are only responsible for yourself and your lovedones.

            • Kula, I’m with you on that. I tried to convince people to prep in the aftermath of Katrina and all I got were the same crazy looks. One person even told me to climb out of the deep end. never tried to talk to anyone else again about it. Let them continue to be fools. They’ll pay dearly for it. I only think of my self and my own. Like you said, that’s all I’m responsible for.

              • In the face of “dollar collapse”, “hyperinflation”, and assorted other calamities and desperate cries of doom, one voice has repeatedly said:

                “SHTF in 2015”. Since 2010.

                Who was that Masked Man? Its in the archives My Peeps. No CD to buy, no monthly newsletter subscription to purchase.

                Just amazing, accurate analysis for YOU!!! 🙂

                • For the record: Derr Kid also said “Now!” was the time to buy a house in AZ. – and – he propelled the idea it was a Great(!) time to rack up the college student loan debts.

                  That was just a year or so prior to housing prices and demand in Az. faaallling, and the job prospects, too.

                  He said All that, while at the same time saying, “SHTF in 2015″. … Since 2010. (That’s funny, i don’t ever recall a timeline of 2015, but, whatever).

                  Anyway, is he helping to set up bowling pins, or what?
                  He has a Lot of experience setting up People like that. It’s what mortgage brokers Do.
                  They help screw People over in eras of Central Bank deceit.

                  Why the heck would he encourage people to buy a vastly overpriced home in 2011-2012 (and prior to that!) or, to head off to college: If. He. Expected. “SHTF in 2015″???!!!

                  …See what I’m saying?

                  He loves calling People shills. Is it because he is one? A shill for empire?

                  You, Dear Reader, be the judge.

                  Sure, he’s got “No CD to buy, no monthly newsletter subscription to purchase”… and you maybe wonder why he has all this free time to devote to you? It’s all…because he cares?

                  (He certainly seems like he’s against capitalism here, funy, that. He cares about that!)

                  …Does he seem to you, like a Person who cares? Or, is he just deluded like all the other NeoCon-Lib warmongering-welfare cultists on the Left and Right who think another tweek or “reform” is all that’s needed to get things “where they need to be” and as they wish?

                  Yeesh, it’s one of the blackest hearts I’ve ever encountered. Problem is: we’re surrounded by them,… and their love of death, and of Imperial empire, it’s a bit overwhelming. …Not too mention, revolting and obscenely obnoxious.

                  • helot

                    as if anyone on this earth can predict anything accurately

                    especially socio-economic events

                    it’s all b.s.

                    soothsayers and prophets my ass

                    the moneychangers are worldwide and continue every day in their global pillaging…acquiring vast real estate,natural resources, and toppling governments one by one..

                    feats that even the greatest marauders of history could never fathom nor ever accomplish..

                    Spoke with manos yesterday and his nation(Greece) is once again assaulted by severe external and internal pressures..

                    Greece hit the fan years ago..and is still devastated..

                    We will be the last dominoe to fall..


                    not until they’ve extracted every last penny from us first..

                    prepare accordingly


                    • I miss Manos’ posts….

                    • Possee

                      Hiya mate. I can see why Manos and his family are worried by the elections coming, but I also get how good it would feel to stick it to the government. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. EUROPE is slowly falling apart, this so called Union is nothing more than centralised control of any nation willing to put up with it. All of us will end up going through what Manos has endured unless these effing idiots are stopped.

                      Completely off topic, love to the family, especially the little munchkins I hope they are all well x

                    • Hi there, B the Brit,

                      You probably don’t recognize me by this handle but we emailed back and forth a few times in the past, shortly before and after you moved.

                      Out to the island i think it was.

                      Anyways good to see ya on the site and hope all is well with you and the kid, across the pond.

                    • Good o “SEE” you. Missed you.

                  • @helot:

                    The durango kidd is a real piece of work isn’t he?

                    I personally think he’s a high functioning sociopath.

                    Lets see.

                    Qualities of a Sociopath.

                    Someone who is described as a sociopath will have several traits that set them apart from those with no personality disorders. These traits include the following…

                    • Narcissism – A personality disorder in itself in which the individual feels strong love and admiration toward themselves (often a defense mechanism against deep seated low esteem).

                    • Grandiose self image – They might see themselves as someone who is superior to others and sometimes even experiences delusions. A sociopath might see themselves as a fitting ruler of a country or even the world, but might also have delusional beliefs such as seeing themselves as a God or having super powers.

                    • Charming – While the sociopath is unable to fully understand the emotions of others, they are capable but rather highly adept at mimicking them and might appear to be charming and normal at first.

                    • Sensitive to criticism – That said, like all narcissists, the sociopath will desire the approval of others and will be highly sensitive to criticisms. They often feel they deserve adulation and admiration of the world and might feel victimized.

                    • Despotic/Authoritarian – Often the sociopath will see themselves as a necessary authority and will be in favor of totalitarian rule.

                    The Keynesian, central bank worshipping, empire loving, red state fascist known as the Durango Kidd, appears to possess these qualities.

                    • Sounds just like government officials and employees. Demanding forfeiture of others production. To top it all the police enforce communism on all Americans. Obama the fecal rhetoric king will destroy the dollar.

                    • You just defined Barack Obola!

                    • YMWW, welcome back. Hope your Christmas went well.

                    • YMWW: I didn’t know you had a Phd in Psychology. And an All American swimmer to boot. Who would have thunk it? 🙂

                    • Burt the Brit, how have you been? Long time no hear from.

                    • YMWW: Save the applause i have no desire for fame. I don’t need your money or adoration either. Just admit that I am right, and YOU are wrong again!!! 🙂

                    • Passin,

                      Hello, how are you.? Yup, i’m still here on the island, still renovating, still knackered and broke but what an opportunity this has been.

                      The chance to take everything back to bare brick and re-do it so it’s not only fit for purpose but fit for my purpose if you get my drift.

                      I hope alls well with you and yours x

                      Take care

                    • Perfect description YMWW…..perfect!

                      I see he posted that he is leaving soon with some excuse….ROFLMAO!!!

                  • helot/CLARK: “For the record: Derr Kid also said “Now!” was the time to buy a house in AZ. – and – he propelled the idea it was a Great(!) time to rack up the college student loan debts.”

                    It WAS a great time to buy a house if you have the SKILLS to negotiate a smoking deal, the knowledge to price the house correctly, and the ability to buy. You don’t have any of those characteristics; which is why you are still living in your mother’s basement and and mooching off of her!

                    NOW is a great time to buy too, if you have those three characteristics. For example: an 8,000 square foot McMansion on 1.5 acres against the mountains went to foreclosure some years ago for the $500,000 mortgage.

                    It has recently resurfaced and is priced at $2,200,000. If you have the three characteristics I mentioned, you could buy it for $1,000,000 or less as it is bank owned.

                    On the other end of the scale a 3/2 1400 square foot repo has recently surface with a nice design and rehabbed at $115 a sf. That’s the asking price.It is also still bank owned. $80-90 psf is possible, if you can qualify and get your own financing. You can’t.

                    Buy a repo for chump change and fuck a banker!!! 🙂

                  • helot/Clark: “He said All that, while at the same time saying, “SHTF in 2015″. … Since 2010. (That’s funny, i don’t ever recall a timeline of 2015, but, whatever)”

                    Its in the archives, Clark. Search the archives.

                    SHTF is not the end of the world or even the beginning of the end of the world. But it will seem so for those who are in it and who have not prepared for it. 🙁

                  • helot/CLARK: You still sore because I DESTROYED the “Free Trade” Propaganda of the NWO which you have been trying to sell to the folks here for years as “garage sale economics”?

                    Say it ain’t so faggot!!! 🙂

                  • helot/CLARK: No I am not against capitalism. I am against the CRONY CAPITALISM of the NWO who have sold the American people FREE TRADE as if it were a FREEDOM; and have transferred the American means of production offshore along with 70 million jobs:

                    when in fact, it is managed trade and managed to the benefit of the uber rich fascists who have married state power with corporate power in the multinationals who with the gangster banksters, control the world economy; via NAFTA, GATT, WTO, TPP, and the soon to be Atlantic Trade Partnership.

                    BTW folks the new euphemism is “partnership”. Watch for it, now that Americans have caught on to FREE TRADE and that term fallen into disrepute. 🙁

                    • BTW Clark: Enjoy the free education while you can because I notified Mac some time ago that I wouldn’t be able to stay and comment too much longer as I had bigger fish to fry.

                      Things that I have been working toward for quite some time appear to be coming together in the next couple of months and when they do I will not have the time to devote here.

                      Yes I do care about the people here; and Americans all across the country. I care about our God given rights and the American Constitution which is our best weapon against government tyranny, and your NWO propaganda.

                      Now is a great time for a young kid to get a college education by following the prescription I have outlined previously, if they have what it takes to get one. 🙂

                • DK;
                  You seem like a very intelligent guy, or gal. Maybe you could work a bit on arrogance. I personally enjoy a lot of your posts but 70! down thumbs. That may be a record.

                  • Skeptic: No I have had more than 100 down thumbs and that isn’t the record. It demonstrates the mentality here; of people who want to be victims.

                    Consider the post the other day where I got boo coo red thumbs for suggesting that individuals who borrowed $100,000 to go to college should have to pay it back themselves rather than relying upon the taxpayers for a bailout.

                    Or the number of red thumbs I received for suggesting that people ought to be able to borrow all of the money they want if someone will lend it to them. This is basic personal freedom.

                    All victims of the “college scam” I’m sure.

                    I point out the many times that my analysis has been right on the mark because of the many dissenters here who are embedded in their fear. Consider that after Black Friday when BF sales were down 10% yr over yr, that everyone here was saying it was all over as a chorus to the fear mongers.

                    I said not to jump to conclusions and wait until the data was in after Christmas. Depending upon who you want to believe, Nov-Dec sales this year are the best in three years, and anywhere between 3 to 5% higher than last year.

                    Around November 15th or so, eppe asked me if he should short the S&P 500. Remember that no less than G. Soros himself had a $2 Billion short against it since Aug/Sept.

                    I said that I wouldn’t and would wait until after Christmas to see what conditions were because Christmas sales might spur a Santa Claus rally, and the sheeple were already standing in line at Best Buy for bargains.

                    What happened? Christmas sales have exceeded expectations and there was a Santa Clause Rally pushing the S&P to new highs.

                    There is NOTHING magical about my ability to perceive these trends. They are BASIC economics and finance. BASIC. What it should show many here is the difference between a lifetime in the financial industry, and the level of sophistication here; which for the most part is seriously lacking the BASICS of their own economic and financial system.

                    My old 4×4 pickup needs repair. I will have to take it to someone who knows how to repair it because I don’t. I do know economics, finance, and investments. 🙂

                  • A perfect picture of me. And without the mask. How did you ever stumble across it? 🙁

              • If folks in disaster prone areas like tornado and hurricane alley dont see the need to have some basic preps on hand, there really is little hope for them. Course they will be the ones screaming the loudest about basic things like water,food for their kid, etc. Yeah bottled water sells out quickly but instead of throwing out those two liter fill them up with water. Heck have some hotdogs and sticks on hand if you have a fireplace. The phrase you can never under estimate the stupidity of the American public comes to mind

                • First of all tornados hit like a needle in a haystack. Second of all, if you don’t have the ability to get your preps below ground, if you take a direct hit your preps are toast. Yes you do see some folks whining on tv (like Katrina). MS got hit 10X harder than N’Awlins in Katrina? You didn’t hear country folk pissing and moaning. My dad was 4 HOURS from where the eye hit, she was still a CAT 1 when she passed over his home, and he lost power and phone for 2 weeks. Was first in line for a Ginny the next morning and saved his 4 freezers and 2 frigs of food. No looting, and robbing, but neighbors helping neighbors.

            • Kula, I know what you are saying and I know that they are all in denial or too busy working hard to know what’s going on.

              I worry about them. I’ve no concern for losers or druggies or lazy people.

              I was talking about the people who are working three part time jobs just to barely survive.

              • I agree, Renee.

                I don’t know of your spirituality, but I do know “compassion” is a sure marker of trying to be a true christian, and having a good soul.

                I feel sorry for the “innocent” ones caught up in this mess. God never said it was gonna be easy on anyone. He just said, If you obey me and love me, you will get thru it and I will never forsake you.

                He never promised He would “snatch” anyone out of the tribulations, but He would help us weather the storm.

                When compassion for others has to take a backseat to common sense and protection for family and loved ones; all one has to do as they pull that trigger is say;

                “Lord, please forgive me for sending this ignorant bastard to You, I hope it is your will that I relieve his/her misery now.” Amen!


          • Don’t worry about sheeple or zombies…..prepare to have to shoot those who you’ve been taught your whole life to trust and rely on. Your enemy won’t be sheeple, oh no……count on it, your enemies will be wearing uniforms and badges, if the cowards don’t have them hidden.

          • “””Even though 90+ percent of people have not prepped “””
            those 90% are leaches, bottom feeders ,parasites and the filthy rich, the world will be a better place without them although some bleeding liberal will see to it that some will survive to carry on the American way.

          • “””We at our place have an oath that we will never loot, steal, injury, or even threaten other people to take what they have. These days are coming will require more than even that people maintain their morals and ethics to a fault.”””
            Renee, all those morals and ethics will go out the door when people get cold tired and hungry, not just missed breakfast hungry, but a few weeks of starving, even the men on the Bataan death march were stealing food(insects) from each other, it’s just natural to want to survive. I feel that I’ll survive most anything as I’ve been thru much of it before, I have the same tools, skills that my folks had for the GD, plus what I’ve picked up in the past seventy plus six years, the biggest change now will be the people, back then if a hobo or tramp came to the door, you could just about trust them with you life, let them sleep in the shed or barn and set at the table with you, they were for the most part harmless, today you couldn’t even trust your neighbor. it’s been dog eat dog here for a good many yrs.

            • Unfortunately, you are 100% correct.

          • Renee, I commend your post, according to Martin Armstrong, the downturn will indeed start in the third quarter of 2015, but gradually get worse untill 2020, then climb up to 2024 and the plummet to 2028. There, a pridiction for the whats to come. For more anmd a damn good website goto
   and be surprised and informed.

        • @ renegade braveheart : I agree it will be towards the end of 2015, but I don’t agree on this article. Lets just say the author is right. A drop in oil prices will cause one million jobs to be lost. How many will it create. If prices drop that much, people will be driving a lot more. People that are driving, are going somewhere. People going somewhere are usually spending money. People spending less on gas will be spending more someplace else. Probably more than one million jobs created.

          Take this chance to stock up on fuel and other supplies with the money you are saving. Keep prepping, buying books and learning. Keep practicing, keep growing a garden. We all know it is going to happen. We just don’t know when. Don’t get complacent.

          • I screwed up and hit send before I entered my info, then could not find it. Oh well, retyped it anyways.

          • Anon, complacency is not even in my vocabulary. Hope you’re right about the end of 2015, but something tells me the first quarter instead. things don’t feel right at all at this time. something is definitely coming and I think first or no later than second quarter of 2015.

            • RB.

              I have given up on speculating when it all goes down. Use that energy/thought processes, to do more preps. Two points on what has been going on for years.

              First, Do you believe all the statistics that the government tells you? All the revised numbers and substitutions make all that null and void. Massaging the numbers to fit the image. Just what is the jobs number?
              How many employed or unemployed. What is the inflation number. All these number do not mean crap till it hits your pocketbook.
              Second. What have they been doing to us?
              Lots of laws to protect them and not us. Lots of supplies and bunkers. The banks can use our retirements to bail themselves out. Low interests rates and the dollar carry trade. U.N. treatise. Yes, who the hell knows what a derivative is for sure? What is the National Debt now. Politicians that want to take our rights away.
              Add on what is going on in the world and we have a big shit sandwich.

              Those buying sandbags. Fill them up. Store in a place out of the weather and no UV light. No good to you empty and its takes time to fill them.

              Buy Ammo and supplies for no better reason than the TPTB are doing it. BIG TIME!

              • Slingshot, nothing there I can dispute. Will do.

          • the probl isn’tjust the jobs lost, It’s that the drilling and services sector have borrower billions that they canot pay back . this will destabilize the financial institutuos that lent them the money.
            the cash saved by people paying less for gas won’t pay off those defaulted loan.
            because of leverage, the loans ar a larger ammount than the savings will be anyway.
            Whole countries that dependon oil revenue are now insolvent . they won’t be payng their bonds or creditors either. So this will be a worldwide mess.
            good luck folks . We’re allgonna need it. soon

            • Key phrase: “have borrower billions that they canot pay back”

              That’s a reoccurring theme, for sure!

              And,… Greece takes the punt to lead the way.

              …Look out(!) empire lovers, your dreams of world domination may just be about to be shattered.

            • no one is really saving anything with the price of gas going down, even if it was free, big business will find a way to make up for it. example, sugar used to be five pounds, now 4 pounds and cost more, everything that was sold by the pound is now 14-12 ounces and cost more. coffee ect. land,schools taxes insurance,utilities are creeping up, any repairs you may want or need are now around ninty bucks an hour, auto repairs, furnace service, roof ect.

              • Yup, my employer-provided health insurance has gone up more than 100% in the last 5 years, and the deductible has quadrupled. My property taxes have gone up nearly 100% in 17 years with decreased town services. My state income and sales taxes have increased. My homeowners insurance has doubled. My electricity rates and car insurance have gone up about 50%. But my pay is less than it was in the year 2000. How the hell is the lower middle class supposed to survive this shit???????? This is why I prep.

          • “People going somewhere are usually spending money.”

            “People spending less on gas will be spending more someplace else.”

            Those are some f.. messed up assumptions, imho.

            I wonder if that’s how The Fed technocrat membranes think?

            “…It’s like, Animal Spirits, or, something.”

            • I agree to a point.

              There is no “extra” money, unless there are no debts and one has started growing and killing everything they consume, foodwise.

              The prices in the markets haven’t come down, and they won’t. They continue to rise.

              Gasoline prices have very, very little to do with food market prices. It’s the diesel, and diesel has dropped very little. Trucking companies have closed the doors to the point that there is hardly any competition for freight. Corporations have to move their product, so they aren’t budget shopping for cheaper trucking fares.

              They just want their shit shipped like, yesterday. Until marginal operating trucking companies get profits back up to pre 2000 rates, there won’t be a large jump into the trucking business, like there was twenty years or so ago.

              Supply and demand is still relevant in this environment.

              Any “extra” money saved on the cost of gasoline, will be quickly gobbled up by increased costs of taxes and medical care and obolacare insurance fees and penalties.

              Thank your neighborhood liberals, dems and rebubs, for this.

            • helot/CLARK: Don’t you have a link to Lew Rockwell for that thought, faggot? 🙂

          • For a few years now every MSM tv news show as well as most online web articles kept telling us all that massive riseing Food prices were Mainly Due to the High cost per Gallon of Gasoline and especially Diesel fuel costs Big Rig Truckers had to pay to deliver Foods and other goods for Us all to buy at various stores.

            Yet so far while Oil and gas and diesel prices has dropped to aprox 1/2 of their high prices prior…We have not yet seen any price drops in Foods and likley also in various Other goods sold at stores daily.

            So unless such high food and other goods prices drastically Drop same as Fuel prices have fallen..

            This will prove that again what was told to consumers as the Main reason for such massive high foods price increases on almost a weekly basis being Gas and diesel price related, will just prove it was another manipulation of food prices by wall street speculators etc…They seem to do likewise with most every possible thing sold whenever they can find some excuse like, high fuel prices caused it all to happen…

            If it was an honesty we was told then very soon food prices should drop like a rock same as disel and gasoline has right?…If not…Speculators and manipulators along with compliant TV news show Shaboz Goyim whores Lied…AGAIN!

            • Once again, you are talking out your ass and slinging it against a wall, hoping it sticks.

              You evidently don’t drive a diesel.

              The average price is still around $3.25 a gallon in most states and several, like California, are averaging about $3.50.

              I was a trucker for twenty-five years and i don’t recall prices ever being $7 bucks a gallon.

              If you are still living in upstate MI, the prices range from $3.35 to $3.55 per gallon, which is hardly…

              condor quote…
              “Yet so far while Oil and gas and diesel prices has dropped to aprox 1/2 of their high prices prior…”

              …like the crap you are feeding people.

              Maybe you need some more “time off”, Them Guys/aka Condor day/4.

              Take eisencrap/sybil with you and go cold ass ice fishing or something. Maybe polar bear hunting with bowie knives. Acid makes like he is real good at running and hiking, so maybe he would be good as bait, if you could get him to stop bending over(his natural position) long enough. lol.

            • I caught a flat of 6 oz blackberries for 97 cents each at Fry’s and backed up the truck on the 24th. 🙂

          • Spending money elsewhere?
            Yeah like bills, debt and Obamacare and higher shared medical costs. And the smart ones will be saving it.

        • @ renegade braveheart : I agree it will be in late 2015, but I don’t agree with this article. If they loose 1,000,000 jobs because of price drop, how many will they gain? Cheaper gas means more people driving around, which means more people going somewhere. More people going somewhere means more peple spending money.

          Keep prepping and learning. We all know it is going to happen eventually. Don’t get complacent.

          • Fishandmud, I am concerned about those loans the oil drillers took out that won’t be paid in the oil boom. Figure in the student loans that won’t be paid, 1 out of 3 people are in collections for their debts, Employer penalties for Obamacare kick off in early 2015 and businesses will take a major hit, and with the stock market with inflated values of over 30% of their worth there is a saying molded into history with it–what goes up must come down.

            Like the title of this thread, there will be a chain of events that will cause a collapse and we are on the edge. It will only be a feather that knocks us over.

            • @ Woogie : I whole hartedlyly agree it is coming, I just don’t think it is the price of fuel dropping that will do it. Everything else you stated good very well be.

              The whole student loan thing pisses me off. I had a guy tell me that he hopes it goes bust so he would not have to pay them. He already got his education and it will take 10 – 20 more years to pay off his loans. When I went to school they said if you don’t or can’t afford college then go to trade school. Nowdays, their aren’t any trade schools. They teach the only way is college. Someday the highest paying jobs will be skilled laborers, because nobody knows how to do or fix anything anymore.

        • Just never know do we,
          I live this stuff, as best as i can at the moment anyway and not be overboard, am doing other stuff too though, is all about balance, tomorrow may be our last day so try and enjoy it !!!

        • TRBH
          I don’t think we should ever stop prepping even after the balloons go up.
          Jan. I’m starting full blast on several different items for power. Build a couple more rifles, and more food storage. I just got a second place saving 5 Gal. food buckets for me. I found that hand warms will take all the air out of them.
          You have a Great New Year!

          • Sarge, I’m currently concentrating on more food and water at this time. I’ve got another supply run scheduled for GA this month, weather permitting. I can’t help thinking the next trip I make could be my last. The more time I have, the more preps I can get. I’ll still be prepping even after the balloon goes up. Imagine this: there are 2 more gun shows scheduled for my area, one in Jan. and another in Feb. Correction on my next GA trip is for second half of Jan. I’ll be looking for more .30 Carbine ammo at the next 2 shows. haven’t seen .30 carbine anywhere since last spring. Take care.

            • RG, I don’t know whether you buy ammo online, but one of my top choices is SGAmmo dot com. They have an ample supply of .30 Carbine ammo among others.

              • has 30 carbine also,i just looked

                • has 30 carbine also

                • YES,!
                  Free Shipping & No Tax!
                  Highly Recommended!

                  • A few other sites for ammo if you can have shipped are slickguns and ammoseek,both have pricing from many dealers across the net,happy shopping!

              • I love it when people in this community help each other, instead of tearing each other down. Happy New Year everyone and buckle up, 2015 is going to be bumpy.

                • I agree Charley, pleases me greatly to see others offering assistance or advice on what works for them.

                  This thread is probably a bit old now for you to read this but if you do, all the best to you and yours from “The Family” Down Under.


            • Sarge and Brave

              I have no idea when the whole mess will fall apart, but I do know for an absolute certainty it will.

              Maybe “they” will be able to keep the boat afloat for quite a while yet but I doubt it.

              I’m just about ready anyway – nearly finished running my retreat solely on 12 volt solar – lighting, water pump and refrigeration. Three times the panels and batteries I actually need for a minimum. I have enough propane stored in 20 and 100 pound bottles to cook for 20 years! Hot water is solar with wood backup. Plenty of water (20,000 gallons) in tanks and good rainfall keeps them topped up. Septic tank. Deer, kangaroo and pig proofed my gardens.

              Just some finishing touches and I can bundle up my kids and grandkid and bug out if necessary.


          • sgt. dale
            read a lot of what you, and many have posted here on shtf site for awhile now, and tend to agree more than I care to admit. but you mentioned ‘power’ and was curious as to what you were referring too.

            I personally think most people that consider themselves prepared are way off base, and hoping and wishing for this magical reset to take place are insane.

            but for what it is worth, i’ll put my two cents on the table. a lot of folks think that having a generator is a good prep, which in short term I agree, but long term.. it is a joke.

            I believe if the ‘power’ your typing of, is electrical backup for a sustained amount of time, then you must consider solar or wind. don’t waste your time and $ on any gas/diesel genny.

            good luck too you sir.

            • RE: “I believe if the ‘power’ your typing of, is electrical backup for a sustained amount of time, then you must consider solar or wind.”

              In the background (in the Northland) the weatherman says something about the fourth month of, “no days with sun”,…and, as to, no wind… sailor’s know about, “no wind” …I wonder what they’d think of “no wind” in the Winter when the fuel source is wind? Geo-engineering, none-withstanding, and the effects there of.

              …Just thinking out loud there, I’m Not saying, “don’t”.

              • helot, look into wood gassifiers. They work if properly constructed and can me made pretty cheaply in various sizes.

                North Koreak uses them to power some of their trucks. They were used often during WW2 as well.

                There is an old FEMA manual that can be found online that has the diagrams, parts list, and fuctional test results.

                They won’t work on modern engines though. You need a generator with a carburetor.

                We restored a 1972 Onan generator for this purpose and it puts out 4KW at 1800 rpm. It’s messy, stinky, and potentially dangerous if not constructed well or used properly, but it works.

                The fuel is wood chips, bark, etc.

            • db427
              Solar, wind, leg. for electricity.
              Picking up some more deep cycle batteries too.
              Cheaper than dirt has panels from around $20.00 up to $1,000.00.
              I have used the $20 one on a motorhome (B.O.V.) to keep the battery hot for more than two years now. I have two more of them on batteries in my basement hot. I have one that I paid $70.00 keeping two batteries hot. I have several types of inverters to hook up the batteries to run the larger freezer and a light in the basement (to use only when I need to get things out of the freezer, or when I’m reloading.
              I’m still working on the wind power unit Haven’t quite got it yet. Leg power bike and a car generator on it. Pedal power! Help charge batteries
              My small Genni crashed and I haven’t had time to take it apart. I found a 6500 Watt/5500 watt Geni with a Honda motor on it for $300.00 with $50 rebate at Rural King. This now gives me a 6500, 4500, 2500 watt Geni, and If I get old faithful working again it will give me another 2500 watter. With gas prices down I just put another 100 gallon with stable in it in two different locations. along with 20, 20lbs propane tanks. (in different locations) I live in a heavily wood area so fire wood is not a problem.
              You and Yours have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

            • DB,with a large propane tank and limited use a generator can help a lot.That said,besides the fuel issue the gas ones will be a bit noisy and attract attention,something to consider and why I agree with solar.Genius is a solar guy and LOVES answering ?’s in regards to it,rumor has it he will do solar designs for your place with federal ammo and goldfish crackers as payment!

            • DB27;
              With all due respect, I think you dismiss generators way too quickly. There are slow turning diesels out there that can run on not much more than one quart per hour and produce 3-4 KW. If you are charging batteries as you use your high demand electrical items and have as little as 1000 gallons of off road diesel on hand while you are running 3 hours of so a day–you do the math. By the time our diesel is gone we will be making biodiesel or converting to gasification. Sorry, I’m not going to revert to the pre-industrial revolution without a bit of kicking and screaming.

        • `I wish you well Brave but 2015 is IT. follows 7, 08, 09, etc. I’m just getting tired of it all.

          • Paranoid, I’m tired of it all myself but what can anyone do but to continue prepping? The day will still come when we least expect it and that’s when we put our survival plans into action.

            • Heres how it Really operates: Ok if those in control desire for a win in 2016 by Hillery, or some other loony liberal dem win….Then the entire ecomonmy should do real swell so dems can Praise Hobammys dem leadership caused this great times ecomomy to rally.

              But if they instead desire for a 2016 Prez win by Jeb Bush, who is their top honcho jewish billionaire neocons main choice of shaboz goy to support and Fund, which based upon that prior Las Vegas casonio owners neocon pre political rally a few months ago shows it is Jeb Bush who was the winner in spades there…And Jeb was who got greatest praises and $$$$ from casino owner guy and jewish multi billionaire, plus most all of his fellow traveler neocons of same tribe….

              Then the likley plan is for the entire economy to do a huge downturn…..Timed to “Fit” with 2016 elections so neocon repubs can gin up mucho Hatred of hobammy and lib dems for haveing caused so bad an economy just when it was starting to really get fixed after the 2008 economic fiasco events!

              But if this happens they will need to time it right…Due to most folks have very short atten spans and even shorter memory ability…Therefore if a huge downturn is maniputaled to cause voters to vote for Jeb Buch neocon repub ticket, such economic downturn must occure only aprox one to two Months Prior to November elections…so it remains fresh in voters minds.

              Another Key component will be if you see all a sudden, TV news shows of every tv station and especially fox and glen beck types begin to Hammer dems and hobammy for …

              “Not provideing enough free $$$-Cash To state of Israel!” and for “Not carpet bombimg More countires and mass killing More innocent folks of such nations which israel zio jewry so Hates”!

              That part is to gin up mucho support from that 60-Million neocon war hawk “jewdeo-christian” bunch of worshippers that salivate and rabidly foam at mouth to worship all things and issues jewish and Israel state.

              These are the REAL issues and reasons for weather or not the usa economy remains okay and stable longer or even improves more….OR….Seems stable then all of a sudden takes a drastic and fast downturn.

              The economy has ZERO to do with ANY other issues…Supply and demand etc no longer matters. It is all so controlled and manipulated now by the jewyork banksters and wall street along with their Shaboz Goyim Political whoredom members that all former methods, reasons, theories on money, etc etc etc has ZERO influence or no influences that change it much.

              In this article where we are told that “If American Govnt cannot find anyone to Borrow more money from, all hell breaks loose”….Is a total Farce.. or… Controlled opposition speak….

              Because the writer of it is far too smart to not know whom and How us dollars gets created by, and why/how etc, right…For at any time or day the fed govnt or congress wants to do so…They can pass one simple Law that will REMOVE the us dollars creation away from Private jewish Banksters hands, and then continue to create more us dollars in the exact same way as now done…AND also can STOP the paying of Usury/Intrest to said jew private banksters in a heartbeat if so desired.

              Therefore one of the largest frauds in such articles is when article tells You usa fed govnt Must have others to “Borrow” money from or we are toast!

              Just more controlled opps speak to Divert folks atten away from the TRUE culprits aka private jewish Banksters running it all, profiting by one Trillion per year aprox in Usury Intrest from fed govnt alone PLUS much More profits from average citizens intrests paid to said banksters also!

              What do these jewish banksters possess that the usa fed govnt lacks, besides the biggest money scam swindles in all of recorded history since 1913 now?..Nothing!

              NO sound reason exists as to why the usa treasury cannot Print or create us dollars, MINUS the jewish private banksters “Massive Profit usury intrest payments” and simply BOOT them all OUT!

              If the ONLY thing that changed tomorrow on current money matters of us dollars and fed govnt etc was that such banksters did get totally Booted Out and NO longer got Paid their “Abomination” of cash each year? yet all else remaind as is now?….HOW does that change ANYthing else besides aprox 300 royally Pissed Off jews who belong to aprox a Dozen jewish families?

              Nothing else would be noticed at all if such happened.

              Makes one wonder why with aprox 600 top fed govnt officials at the helm, none has as yet thought this up eh?

              Maybe Now is the time for all such Shaboz Goy officials to reconsider what and whom are they really Loyal to right…Because if they do allow a handfull of scam jewish banksters to finsih the ruination of usa totally…Those same shaboz goy co-swindlers will be considered as much an Enemy of we the peoples as the actual jew banksters are!…bad spot to be in if that happens eh…Wake Up shaboz goy officials and do whats good and proper and righteous For Us Real American folk!

              Howz about a big bankster BOOT OUT! for a New years gift to the real citizenry we the peoples for a change we can ALL rally behind!

              QUESTION For Everybody:..What would YOUR freeways, roads & bridges, schools, etc etc etc etc…Look like, if instead of handing over aprox One Trillion dollars Per year in Usury/Intrest, To, said private jewish banksters aka the “Fed Reserve cartel”…That same one trillion dollars was spent to fix such raods, bridges, freeways, etc etc?…..I’d wager america would then have the worlds best pothole free roads worldwide, with many Millions more good paying Jobs for desperate White Folks…And many more good benifits that such many good paying jobs create.

              Then picture what Else could be acomplished if for example the usa fed govnt STOPPED all Foriegn nations cash grant free cash payoloas like to Israel, and all those crap 3rd world shithole nations where 99% of us dollars sent ends up in phony dictators and “Leaders” pockets eh….This alone proves there is no real valid reason for ANY type economic troubles in the usa now or in the future.

              The ONLY Policy usa fed govnt need have is a Whats Good for America policy period. Any other nations which cannot exist without us tax payers cash, maybe thats too bad and they do not desereve to be a nation. especially Rabid state of aparthide Israel state!…if as they calim to be such self chozens of God?…Let God fund israel and jewry for awhile eh…see how That works out!! Then entire world will see just how UNchozen these fraud khazar Imposters really are eh!!

              Khazar Israel+ Khazar Banksters+Libs/neocons+Negroes…and what can possibly go wrong with America?

              • I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, no one reads a long post even if it has 25 thumbs up,some people are just thumb happy. make one or two liners and people will read them and it may stick with them.

                • He won’t stop, Old70. His islamofascist handlers pay him by the word.

                  • Old Coach is back and it is alive. Islamofascist handlers? Are you referring to your sub human cousins in Tel Aviv and NY and London and their ISIS killers?

                    You have long way to go as far as reaching the minimum IQ level to understand the Truth Tellers.

                • Not possible to write of these issues in one or two line bumber sticker slogans.

                  Maybe after a huge majority fully awaken and get very jewized up its possible then. but untill that happens if ever, it takes quite a bit more than two sentences to explain how our america is being Nation Wrecked and By Whom!

                  Next to dumbed down and whitey guilt and emotional based thinkings this attitude where today most folks demand a two line bumper sticker slogan or they refuse to read further?….Thats whats really a huge problem today with a vast majority of sheeps.

                  Its why only in recent times every politition and every tv news anchor speaks in partial 1/2 sentences with pauses between speaking. recall GW bush and his speaking methods?…Hobammys even worse yet!

                  They recite three words then Pause…Then three words more and pause again…It is written down or teleprompted for them yet they do that right…Its due to such dumbed down american sheeps being unable to comprehend any full sentence spoken as it should be said.

                  Because duped dumbed down folks desires vast amounts of important info for most everything yet desire it spoken or written in TWO lines only!

                  not possible.

        • Prepping should be like brushing your teeth every morning, regular as clockwork. As I see it and have tried to explain to some folks you don’t have to hire a 2 ton truck to haul your preps home from the store it should be an ongoing thing, take today for instance I went to the store and since my husband’s fall we have no money coming in, I mean zero, but we got some Christmas money and rather then spend it on something we can live without I stocked up on the sale items of the month and really feel good about what I put in my cupboard. Prepping can be as little as buying 2 or 3 extra cans of baked beans that happen to be on sale that week; I’ve done that and still feel I’m making progress. What I would really like to be able to do is is get the full 1 years supply of dried 25 yr. shelf deal and be done with it but in our circumstances that won’t happen so baby steps will have to be it. Everyone just take it one day at a time, one can at a time, with some luck we’ll all get there one way or another.

          • speakin’ of beans…i just ate a can today that i bought 4 years ago for 69cents(28 ounce van camps)….still fresh as the day i got them….and costco showed me an old indian trick to make them even BETTER…add a quarter cup or so of your favorite barbeque sauce to that can, and they really taste great. .i buy kraft BBQ sause for 48cents at food for less often. it even makes pork and beans edible…which i got recently for 38cents a can(16 ounce)

        • I regret to say it, but I am afraid you are more right than wrong. I see too many signals that point that direction.


          Son of Liberty

        • It will come like a thief in the night. My Dad prepped in the 70s and 80s and thought it would happen at any minute. I went through a prepping frenzy (it will happen any minute phase) from 2007-2013. I am glad I’ve got my preps and I still rotate and replenish. But, the wizards of wall street have proven they can keep this going until every penny of wealth has been stolen through inflation and every asset seized with the help of deflation. This could take awhile. So, enjoy your life and your family. And remember you prep for peace of mind as much as anything else.

          • It’s unbelievable, here in northern New England, heating oil prices are down to the $2.20 per gallon range, but diesel is still around $3.50, total BS, it is nearly the same fuel, just with a dye added for the road version. Home heating oil actually has a higher BTU rating than diesel, so it should be more expensive. No price gouging going on there….

            • Oops, don’t know how this post got here, it was supposed to be waaaay up in response to a convo about diesel and gas prices…. But TT, you post is spot on.

              • MX,as a fellow New Englander have not seen oil that low,mostly a wood guy/oil is emergency for many my way(propane for me).I have a friend in Vt. with property classified as a farm and thus the diesel for his tractors delivered cheaper then pumps and somehow it still works as well in his pick up!

      4. someone click the ‘reset’ button already. yes, it will be brutal. yes, life will suck. But if it’s a freakin’ inevitability then let’s just get to it. If it will take a generation to recover from then it is the current generation of assholes that should pay the piper – myself included.

        or maybe I’ll just die peacefully in my feather bed, boots off, and let the kids deal with it a few years from now… yeah, that’s the ticket! Now…. what’s on the E Channel…?

        • Don’t be discouraged if your children reject your advice; years later they will offer it to their offspring.


          Same shit, new day…

          • how true that is.I used to think my folks were nuts during WW2,then I taught my kids what they taught me.

        • I try to not sound as though I actually WANT to see a reset and accompanying termoil, but since it appears inevitable, I guess I would rather face it before I am too much older.

        • i agree we should have to pay the ticket ,even if you and i didnt cause it or even partake in it ,it still happened on our shift ,just as the soldiers that ran onto the beach at normandy didnt start that war it still happened on there shift ,and they stepped up and payed the ticket ,this mess by no means belongs to my grandchildren ,for that matter my kids ,so its time to take the bitter pill ,its the only way were going to get well

      5. If you like your job, you can keep your job.

      6. That plane was diverted to North Korea or Iran hijacked by terrorists just like the last two thay want us to think they went down in the drink . the people that were on them are either dead or jailed by the regime . They want the aircraft they will load them up with nukes and use suicide martyrs to fly to either Israel or America they will try to breach the radar nets . If they can’t they will detonate in the sky causing emp . We will either be melted or without power this is my prediction watch for it .rockets launching sets off red flags of an imminent attack but airplanes in the sky is a common phenomena . It’s awful strange that these Asian planes are missing and nobody can find any thing. they go out to sea and plant aircraft debris to strengthen the case that they crashed in the sea come on am I the only one that sees this . After this first attack they start multiple random attacks on any remaining infrastructure then the sleeper cells wake up to finish us off . Just like a chess game . Iran got the nukes North Korea got the planes they both hate us makes perfect sense to me . Nobody thought that the trade center was gonna be attacked . They gotta out do that and create more mayhem this time .

        • New years eve straight into times square

          • Nope, too soon. Something more sinister than ever will hit us in 2015, but much later into the year I think.

            • Like October around the blood moon.

              • Yes, late September or early October at the latest I’m afraid, BJ.


                Son of Liberty

        • I think you are right: they were hijacked and are on a landing strip somewhere. The whole story stinks and does not add up. Many in the airline industry have also said so until they were threatened to shut up. One guy in Britain said he was watching the 24-hour news when the first Malaysian plane went missing earlier this year late at night and it was reported as a hijacking but the story was then quickly changed to ‘missing’. Fishy, fishy. But on a positive note, all the world’s government are in on it so that shows global unity behind the Illuminati.

        • Do you also think this time they will again use those Five danceing ISRAELIES with several being actual Mossad Agents?….As they did for 9/11 attacks….to Film their Depraved mass murders and destructions to provoke brainwashed americans into yet another set of wars to Kill off everybody else zionist jewry so hates.

          Better recheck sources as it was said prior that that other plane that disappeared was located hidden in some plane hanger inside Israel state telaviv.

          ps: it aint korea nor iran whos state slogan motto is “by Deception You shall Cause Wars”…Thats the state slogan Motto israel uses. Deception means Lies to Create Wars.

          You been mesmerized and Hypnotized and HoloHoaxed by John Hagee likely eh?..Or by Shaboz Goy supremeo Hannity.

          • So when are you going to stop whining, get a backpack nuke and fucking do something about it???????

            • MX,

              An EXCELLENT question put you’ve put forth to ole’ condor. However, I think you’ll be waiting for your answer for one hell of a long time, as in never. The only thing he’s capable of is frothing at the mouth over and over.

              • MX,which site did you get your backpack nukes from?!I will say that is one item not yet in Warchilds preps!

      7. This is what got me started prepping. I don’t know what’s coming, but I sleep better at night knowing when it collapses, we should be Ok, thru it all. I’m not a math whiz, but if we borrowed that much, and didn’t pay it back we’d be in jail. Why aren’t they?

      8. Central Banks’ 2% Plan to Impoverish You December 11, 2014

        The 2% target is low enough that the household frogs in the kettle of hot water never realize they’re being boiled alive because the increase is so gradual. A comment by correspondent David C. suggested the importance of demonstrating the impoverishing consequences of central banks reaching their 2% inflation target. David observed: “That central bankers aren’t all hanging by their necks from lamp posts everywhere is a testament to how scarce are those who grasp exponents and compounding.”

        • They are crafty and hold all the cards. You will notice they tend to start telegraphing to the public and bosses that people shouldn’t be paid too much and no raises this year. This pushes family incomes down and forces people to drain savings to zero.

          While that is underway, they start printing money like mad to cheapen it and flood the system so they prop up/enrich friends. This is banks, investment houses, crony corrupt elites in the developing world etc. Once they have their candy, they announce a fake inflation figure to further tamp down any expectations and to get people to misprice risk and their family budgets. When that is done, they then goose the real inflation rate through two ways – send the currency swooning so imports become expensive (they know full well all the manufacturing was shipped to China, so this hurts), and flood the markets at the top end with cheap money so asset prices inflate – housing, commodities, oil etc. Rinse, repeat until society looks like this: 10 per cent max who have a decent income and living standard (politicians, doctors, scientists, hedge funds, etc.), about 20 per cent who are the struggling but educated and capable, the suckers who drive the buses, turn up for white collar jobs, etc. and then the 70 per cent who are the ‘scum’ class: those on welfare, those who deal drugs, are idle, infirm, mentally deficient, unwell, etc. They then let the 70 per cent hack away at each other and take nips out of the 20 per cent. This further degrades the population – slowly – but eventually everyone around you looks like hell and dresses like a lazy bum.

          At this point the elite are well advanced with their concentric circles plan: create prosperity zones – like you find in the third world – where the wealthy live and where the smart scientists and technicians live. Most will never know where these places are or have the brains/money to get there. Inside these places, it is Starbucks, lectures, basically a campus-type atmosphere. I have been to these places and they are equally multiplying as more elites bail on the cities, and are getting real comfy. Trust me, the best looking women are there too. That is one of the first things you notice – how many babes are there. Nothing like what you see on the subway or the street. These are top class women. No obesity: very fit, very pretty and well dressed. All razor sharp too. They do most of the heavy lifting.

          On top of them are the super-elites – some women, but mostly men. These guys are not short company, let’s just say that. In fact, as they often opine, “Damn, sometimes I need to work and wash and eat, but if I didn’t, I would spend all my time with those honeys from the campus!!!”

          • FT – You get it…. Nice post.

      9. We keep hearing it is going to fall apart, and we know it is going to fall apart. I just wish I knew the date and time.
        Stay alert and sober so you can recast to the problem at hand.
        Keep prepping. Food, silver, water, medical, guns, and ammo.
        Now that Christmas is over we are going to get more food, silver, and ammo starting in January.
        Aim Small Miss Small

        • Everything will go wrong at one time.

          Corollary: That time is always when you least expect it.

          Murphy’s Eighth Law

          Same shit, new day…

        • sept 13th 2015 is the day. look up jonethan cahn on youtube.

          • I believe the real, or first catalyst event will be on the anniversary of 9-11, and that will trigger something with the Asian stock exchange,when it opens on the 13th, and then the rest falls like dominos around the world.

        • you may not even know when the SHsTF, during the 20s-30s, many people didn’t even know there was a depression, they saw men selling apples on the streets for a nickel and soup lines but they just thought that was part of life.

          • Old 70,
            To quote my mom “we was so poor, we didn’t even know there was a depression going on”. Glad her and my dad were raised being self sufficient, they passed it on to us and now I’m passing it down to the grandkids!

            • Goober(George Lindsey) used to say he was 15 before he found out that macaroni wasn’t meat.

          • But….they didn’t have TV,cell phones, and internet in the 20’s.

            Now, even the little pygmys in New Guinea, have internet and satellite phone.

            The bad news will travel like wildfire, even though some are so poor it won’t affect them at all.

      10. Look. I’m prepared. Probably better than 95% of the country. All the stuff on a wish list of most is standard operating procedure here on a 110 acre working farm with fresh water. Im surrounded by 6 guys who have about the same amount of stuff and all have specialities like welding/mechanics/gunsmith etc….bottom line- I’m burned out. Period. I will not go into 2015 with this sky is falling bs everyday of my life. I don’t buy what Libs – Repubs – Indep are selling. I can get 1000 guys to say the exact opposite of whatever the issue is be it economics-climate change-China intentions blah blah blah. F it. Filler up at $2-$3-$4 a gall. At $5 we have bigger problems. Is this a pay down for losing American lives in that sick fn desert? Maybe? Carter Doctdine? Maybe? To hurt Iran-Syria-Russia by fn Saudi royals – probably. Who gives a F. Live ur life. Get ready cause it will implode but I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

        • 101ST- Now thats a good post.
          Im with ya brother, sick and tired of worrying about it.

        • Nope, the cheaper oil prices are actually not of the US doing. It is OPEC driving the prices down. It will hurt them in the short term, but if they can bankrupt the US oil & nat gas producing companies, it is a long term gain. As soon as US production starts to tank, watch OPEC price per barrel to top $150, and effing fast!!!!

          • Still gave you a thumbs up though, liked the post.

        • Roger that brother.

      11. Ah, there it is, the gloom & doom from the ‘analysts.’ Just prior to the price of fuel tanking, these same ‘analysts’ were called ‘speculators’ and THEY are the folks that drove the price of gasoline through the roof in the first place! Hah! They didn’t want to take a bite of the Global Shit Sandwich, and now they are doing damage control by way of fear-mongering, to limit the amount of market share they will have to swallow. The price of gasoline has absolutely NOTHING to do with supply and demand, as was borne out back when gasoline first climbed into the $3 per gallon mark. Or did everybody forget about that? The price of gasoline is 100% controlled (in this country) by SPECULATORS. But you can’t keep speculating against a hedged market that is FIXED. Nope, even you Wall Street Speculators gotta pay the piper, on this one. Low gasoline prices are a GOOD THING. Let’s see how many ‘speculators’ dive off the tall towers in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Boston. Get the popcorn!

      12. The population has greatly decreased,
        and now the odds are greatly increased,
        that I may someday get a chance to kiss your lips.

        I thank the Lord each day for the apocalypse.

        Folks are mostly disfigured or dead,
        but, Sugar, I won’t let it go to my head.
        My mama’s face has dripped down into the dirt.

        But I’m still chasin’ CHITLINS WHISKEY AND SKIRT.


          I cannot. BELIEVE. Someone else remembers that PC game!

      13. Now is the time to stock up on fuel & fuel stabilizer!

      14. 2015 ? Is in a couple of days. How come if you lose a cell phone or I pad ,it can be located with no problem , but air planes go missing and can’t be located. I see very little being done to protect this country from a massive air strike , this is making me think the government is not working for the people,….

        • They most definitely are NOT our friends.
          Plan accordingly

        • Well for starters: iStuff isn’t normally lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean….

          • Funny, that’s where I lost all my guns and ammo…

            • I lost all mine kayaking the Pimi river,damn shame,really seems to happen to a lot of us!

      15. The problems will definetly be worst this year don’t see anything positive on the horizon . Not being negative. But if you look at things for what they really are what will be good 2015 . Only the sheep believe thing are doing well they live in a different world . And are offended by truth tellers these sheep will go into shock when it all goes down and I will rub it in so hard that they are crazy for not prepping everyone else did . what you have no food no clean water no protection wow sucks to be you well good luck. while cooking food smells are coming from my place then I walk over chewing on bones licking my fingers . I will be the biggest prick to the sheep they will not get a crumb out of me zero help. I don’t care if they have starving children that’s their problem . I sleep with one eye open . Try to rob me I dare you . The compassion switch will be off and my heart will be ice cold I won’t be smiling either it’s a shame it has to be this way . Oh well happy 2015

        • Ass hat says:
          “The compassion switch will be off and my heart will be ice cold”

          Mathew 24:12

          And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

      16. Ass hat. Plenty of people thought the towers were targets. They tried to blow it up 10 years before.

      17. Starting on list Smokey posted to me. I/we can do this if we stick together on this site.

      18. China and Russia have a short economic window to save things before the hegemon starts lobbing mushrooms. Better red, than dead. Yes, red with a golden tinge is better than blue with a greenish glow. Radiological genetic modification. That is one thing I will not prep for. No point. Gold and uranium are now in a race and ours is at stake.

      19. My children do not say the”pledge ” in school.

        I tell their teachers at the start of the school year that we only pledge allegiance to God not a flag, a man, a constitution or anything, because Nations, leaders, religions, and laws have miss guided people, but our relationship directly with God will not mislead us.

        They just say OK. I know they think about it. THEY know we are correct, most of them are Christians.

        • Everyone should read some background on Bellamy, the author of the pledge who many say was a socialist. There is a book about Bellamy by a cousin, Edward Bellamy called Looking Backward. Originally the flag was saluted with arms outstretched but was changed to the over the heart with the rise of Hitler who used the outstretched arm.

          • Ever noticed how similar the black power salute is to hitler’s salute? Odd…

      20. Look at a chart of the Weimar Republic hyperinflation, you will see that there was a slight dip before inflation goes exponental.

      21. those crazy false-flag happy nuclear armed zionist jews…

        the only thing i really worry about is zio-israehell’s 5 FIVE brand new nuclear armed submarines from nwo zog puppet germany.

        they now have the ability to go any where in the world and blow shat up, potentially causing WW3 to kick off between the BIG 3 due to a zio-jew israehell False-Flag Attack!

        israehell would nothing better than to set back and watch the BIG 3 – china , russia , and zog amerika take each other out so they can rise up as the new global all mighty jew power.

        everything else is survivable with just some minor irritation and adjustments to ones daily routines.


        • Hey pork stabber, you left out Persia.

          Which includes the 1.25 to 1.75 billion muslims, worldwide. They got to be in the equation somewhere.

      22. those crazy false-flag happy nuclear armed zionist jews…

        the only thing i really worry about is zio-israehell’s 5 FIVE brand new nuclear armed submarines from nwo zog puppet germany.

        they now have the ability to go any where in the world and blow shat up, potentially causing WW3 to kick off between the BIG 3 due to a zio-jew israehell False-Flag Attack!

        israehell would nothing better than to set back and watch the BIG 3 – china , russia , and zog amerika take each other out so they can rise up as the new global all mighty jew power.

        everything else is survivable with just some minor irritation and adjustments to ones daily routines.

      23. So in order to maintain their thievery, we have to continue to suck down 4.50/gal gas? I remember in the 1980s when oil was a big play…knew a lot of oil and gas people….basically they were total arseholes who had more money than sense. I was NOT impressed. So let the oil chips fall where they may.

      24. You are missing the bouncing ball….. Derivatives and credit default swaps used to backstop the falling price of oil. Those are the lynchpins. If those items trigger, it’s all over but the crying…

        • The largest dollar amount of derivatives is tied to interest rates. Probably a big reason why interest rates have stayed so low.

      25. This is nonsense: the oil and gas sector was in a bubble just like housing and tech were. I don’t care if 800,000 people got some bubble jobs: if it is a bubble, it is by nature unsustainable and prone to collapse. Real estate agents were coining it before 2005 but I would never venture a defense of their scum-bagging ways.

        Lower energy costs will benefit the majority and bring down the costs of everything, thus being a boost to the overall economy. A few yahoos in Texas on $160,000 a year for running a rig are worth sacrificing if hundreds of small businesses that do the majority of the hiring can get their stuff for less. I guess sales of Diamond Gusset jeans and pick-up trucks are heading downwards; on the plus side, hipster clothes and food trucks will do well.

      26. The US was foolish to start economic war because its own dire economic situation can suffer a like-response. I think Putin trading Argentina a Sukhoi Su-24 for wheat was an economic response. He knows it’s likely the US will spend millions to send a naval force to cover the barren tip of South America because Britain can’t defend the Falklands, and the west would lose that base in the South Atlantic. For the price of a jet, for wheat Russia doesn’t need, the US spends and deploys.

        It would be a valuable tactic to spread US forces even thinner so they can be better pinned down in a global Tet Offensive. They can dictate US deployments by deciding which areas of the world they make stronger, while the US gets weaker and poorer.

        • ETA…It would also be a tactic familiar to Putin as a judo expert, whereby you pin your opponent down by spreading your weight across his body and joints so he cannot get up again. The US would be pinned down across the world and the Great Satan will not get up again.

      27. Truth is I am surprised we have lasted this long without more going wrong. The overall picture collectively looks bleaker. We continue to stock up on supplies and fuels and hope we have stocked up on the right items. Getting ready for a bumpy ride that we hope does not happen.

      28. “Usury is the root of all evil”. Humanity is ignoring God’s requirement for a usuryFree money system and debt forgiveness Jubilee sabbaths. Thus, we are all unwitting servants of the Banksters. We have accepted the Mark of the Beast in the form of the usury-based Federal Reserve Note required to “buy and sell”.

        Solution? We must act like Kings and Queens as we are made in His image. How? We must ISSUE our own usuryFree money just like a restaurant owner issues a gift certificate. “Barter beats the Banksters”. With an independent money system; the Banksters tricks won’t matter to us.

        • You hit on a very important point here,

          the forgiveness of debt every seventh and fiftieth year.
          the releasing of slaves also.

          Most people are debt slaves and so therefore the jooster/banksters that claim to be God’s chosen because they uphold God’s so called word of their Torah, should abide and adhere those same laws with respect to their debtors.

          They will not and so hence comes JUDGMENT!

          Woe be unto them that call themselves Jews, but are of the synagog of Satan.

          The seeds of depravity sown by the workers of iniquity will bring forth the roots of their demise…pwtw

      29. It will hit the fan soon. It’s like watching a pot come to a boil, then over the top it goes. I don’t want it to happen but it is so let’s get on with it and get it over with.

      30. I agree with the thought that oil price is not set by supply and demand that’s bullshit it is good for us consumers american oil is in a price war with Middle East oil .I will buy from whoever is cheaper I am not loyal to anyone In this sense . the economy needs this right now if it survive at all the cost of goods should go down as transportation costs will fall. But I doubt that will be the case . When taxes fall then things will be a little better.

        • “When taxes fall then things will be a little better” Not trying to be an ass, but what color is the sky in your world???

          That will happen right after 0bama issues an executive order requiring a Sig 226, an M4, and an AK47 in every household. And the govt gives us all 10,000 rounds of ammo for each.

      31. you can thank your vote and the ones you voted for, they made it all happen, keep voting fools

      32. The reason oil prices continue to decline is when technology and new sources genuinely caused a modest price drop, speculators stopped buying oil futures. As existing futures contracts continue to run out, prices will continue to drop. At some point, speculators will start buying oil futures again, when that happens prices will pop back up.

        • Partially right, but you need to factor in OPEC’s influence. Our tech has increased output, driving down need for their oil. So, they will drive down prices as low as they possibly can to bankrupt the US companies utilizing this new tech. When they accomplish this, prices will triple, at least.

      33. A bunch of the Bakken fracking was financed with junk bonds and the interest rate on them is rising. As long as the well is already completed, these companies will have cash flow. They will continue pumping, but the depletion rate on these tight oil wells is north of 50% the first year.

        However, as you can see, rigs are being stacked and CapEx is being cut on future projects. With high depletion rates, you need to keep drilling to just stay even (Red Queen Syndrome). Not gonna happen…these wells were only possible with the enormous amount of QE sloshing around. That’s gone now.

        When it is time to roll over financing for these frackers, they will have to fold. There will probably be a lot of M&A for pennies on the dollar when this bubble pops. Then, they will start inflating another bubble.

        Your 401k or pension fund probably has a bunch of this toxic debt on it’s books. These will take another hit just like the housing bubble. Thus the .gov allowing pensions to cut bennies with no backstop from the PGBC.
        Thus the repeal of some of Dodd-Frank to make the taxpayer liable for some of those derivatives by way of FDIC.

        The corporate state is preparing to once again shaft the people by putting these losses on their backs. A bailout through pensions and FDIC. Thanks for voting in those Republicans…they sure are lots better than those Democrats. lol.

        • I think war is the next bubble: just look at the telegraphing in the popular culture – WWI anniversary, lots of WWII films about technology, The Interview etc.. They are getting people psyched for a big tech-war. Little birdies tell me we are re-invading Iraq in the spring – and maybe some others. The President doesn’t have to worry about re-election and would probably love nothing better than to leave a great, steaming pile of geo-political sh#t for Hillary to have to eat/clean-up.

      34. a week or so ago Neocon repub and Tea party Baptist’s Darling Ted Cruz went on record saying how much he’d back and support it if Hobammy nominated Dual Citizen zioboy Joe Liberman to be the next head of state dept!!!!!

        I bet all 60 million “jewdeo” christians jumped for joy at that eh….Nobody at the helm of usa state dept can better drag america into More wars for israel than Joe Lieberman can!

        I wonder if Ted Cruz’s Goldman Sachs VP-Wife got a bonus or raise after Ted said that.

      35. Those who don’t like falling gasoline prices are welcome to pay more.
        Low prices are helping me.

        • Best post on this thread!!!!

      36. Everyone talks about making it to the other side. What is the other side going to look like. What changes will those who make it do, in order to restore and correct what has been done.

        Everyone can own a sub-machinegun. NO? Then WHY does everyone in Switzerland own one and we don’t.

        Term Limits?

      37. “As we saw in 2008 it can happen quickly. Within a matter of a few weeks trillions of dollars in wealth were vaporized and America fell into it’s worst recession since the 1930′s.”

        Only paper promises and digits in cyberspace suffer that fate.

        Can’t ‘vaporize’ REAL wealth…..unencumbered land, machinery, stocks of real/USEFUL goods, precious metals, food, the ability to provide your own water/power, your health, etc.

        The problem is too many people (including the author apparently) don’t understand what wealth is. They have been fooled into thinking a pile of currency is wealth.

        Currency can get you TO wealth if you time it right, and the holders of real wealth are willing to trade, but get it wrong, and you’re left with a pile of pictures of dead presidents. (or some other paper or digital version)

      38. 2015 will see much destruction..much doom . Something wicked this way comes.

      39. Heads up.

        Those that are just getting on board and buying military gear. It is drying up and getting expensive.
        Pistol belts, load bearing vests, Camel Backs ,MOLLE and ALICE. I see people carrying items out, in the Flea Markets.
        Ammo cans 30 cal. now $15 and the 50 Cal. is $25 if you find them. Check out the prices at your local Army Navy Surplus store. Lots of ripped and torn items. They might stop the sale of military gear in the future.

      40. GOOD…..The sooner the disgusting vile EVIL CORPORATIST FASCIST GENOCIDAL filthy shithole of Murica collapses, the sooner we can start rounding up and arresting all the GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist filthy criminal shit stain scum who have put the brain dead dumbed down Zombies of shithole Murica under CHEMICAL ATTACK,the sooner we can round up and arrest their boot licking COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE trash chemically altered waddling fat ass toxic waste dump supporters still murdering their children with fluoridated water and vaccines, still murdering their children with GMO/SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL vile disgusting processed and restaurant shit food, and of course the sooner we can arrest the filthy fascist shit stain scum in the NSA, DHS, and all the other boot licking fascist filth in this collapsing GENOCIDAL STASI FASCIST POLICE STATE FEUDAL SYSTEM DISGUSTING EVIL SHITHOLE OF THE WORLD.

      41. Dont think the lower price of oil will sink us in 2015 but theres an effect. So many factors converging together.
        Cant seem to wrap my head around a black swan but were in the big swirl downwards. The trip to the bottom dont look all that fun but we cant control it. All we can do is stay as prepped as we can and hold on for the ride.
        We took advantage of Butterball turkeys on sale right now at 55 cents a pound. Bought 2 big ones and were defrosting them for a 2015 canning marathon later this week.
        Saw that the supremes voted in favor of ignorant cops who search w/out warrants and dont know about the 4th amendment. WTF Amerika.
        Wheres Anonymous now? SCOTUS needs to be hacked.

      42. Foreign economies like Greece and Japan can start the ball rolling. Collapse is probable. Part time workers in the US are a growing percentage of the working population. Low paid jobs in the US are the new norm. Too many people just getting by. With one more good hit to our economy, the people just getting by, won’t be getting by any more. Then what?

        • Next is chipping and tracking. The deal will be this: you want to eat and have a roof over your head? Then you need to be chipped and get a bio-card that you must carry around at all times. The bio-card will have your DNA data and a tracker chip. Back at Master Control, computers will create data maps showing everyone’s location and all their data, which can be fanned out quickly by the operators’ fingers.

          Once they have sifted and sorted the population, you will be assigned work duties “Damn, dude, the government is broke – you gots to work for your life maintenance payments!”) based on your capabilities and your compliance. Big, bull dudes will get the muscle work if they are controllable. If they are volatile or violent, they go to the prison system for their work assignment. If a person is clever and compliant, then they will probably go to customer service jobs at call centres; if they are stupid, weak and non-compliant but handsome/pretty, then it is sex work; if ugly, termination; moderate capability people will do the tasks robots still can’t do. All of this will be necessary because after the next crash, very few will actually have any real wealth left. And don’t think your house will save you: they will tax you out of that beyatch within months and sell it to somebody from China for cash up front. You get sent to a barracks with 100 chippies per barrack hall. The President will tell everyone he is doing it because of his Duty of Care to the population: it will be portrayed as an act of kindness and most will line up to get chipped. The propaganda will be very good and most will go for it. There will be perks: the chipped people will mostly be sterilized, so sex with anyone and whenever you want, will be allowed (“as long as it is consensual!!”) the lesbian bull dykes will cry. Fair enough. Happy drugs will be freely available and come in different work environment modes: if it is a call centre, then the drug will be like Ecstasy: keep the calls happy!; if it is stamp licking, then something chillin’ (weed); if it is sex work, then lady Viagra.

          • Frank Thoughts

            Human society “evolving” into an insect colony.

            Art imitating life or life imitating art? Its like “The Borg” on the Next Generation Star Trek series.

          • Sounds like I’m only qualified for sex work then…. Oh well!

        Economic Collapse, EMP, Grid Down Terrorist Attack, CME, Bond Market Crash, Derivatives Implosion, WWIII, Pandemic, GMO’s, Chemtrails, Yellowstone Super Volcano, Asteroid Impact, Famine, Cannibalism, Zombies, Martial Law and many more. You get the picture, tick tock, tick tock!
        I PRAY YOU ARE RIGHT WITH GOD? Oh and good luck with your new ipad.
        GET YOUR COPY (before it’s to late) AT:

      44. Golly Gee…Those poor…poor Oil Companies…I think I’m actually crying….

        • It’s not the oil companies that pose the problem but rather its any large dynamic shift in the economy. The system is one big gambling bet up and down. Relatively small and better yet predictable cycles make these gamblers money without too much risk. A significant change undermines the global casino as there is not enough capital to cover the bet as every winner has a corresponding looser. The cascading effect multiplies the damage virtually exponentially.

          Its like no one owns anything. Its not only that everything is on some form of credit but side bets are taken, backed by more credit, betting on up, down or stay the same.

          If one is in a mine field, even relatively close to its edge, even a rapid exodus is extremely dangerous.

        • You do realize that the fed gov’t takes about quadruple what the oil companies do for profit on a gallon of gasoline or oil, don’t you??? Stop with the occupy wall street sympathy.

          I’m by no means a fan of the big oil companies, but when they clear 4-6 cents profit on a gallon of gas after doing all the work and taking all the risk, and then the fed confiscates 18.5 cents for each gallon, it makes me fucking sick!!!!

          • Your speaking about refining. I’m well aware of the industry having spent 30 years of my life in an oil refinery and retiring as an operations supervisor.

            The big money is in E&P Exploration and Production. I dare anyone to break down the profits there. That is a black hole.

            Regardless the change in both magnitude and duration being both large and swift is destabilizing in our highly leveraged, gambled and interwoven global economic system which has pillars that are weak or non existent.

      45. As James Kuntsler said, we are living in a world shore up by a resource that is not sustainable. We need to adjust our lifestyles that allow us to provide for ourselves without dependence on Oil.

      46. The current price of oil could be the trigger that gets the ball rolling with this soon coming collapse. I still can’t say anything to my family about what I believe is coming. I will have to try and explain things when they see what has happened. In an instant everything is going to change. Like an EMP in the middle of the country. I thank God for this extra time he has given us to get ready. God Bless, Rex

      47. A couple of people doing great works, who need protecting.

        Brilliantly put together.
        911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad

        Paul Andrew Mitchell
        The lawyer on the same page was incarcerated & disappeared. I cant make out if hes been found yet.

        Michael Tellinger f

      48. Waking up is a process & we have all been on the other side so lets not get angry at the sleepers. Govts around the world are waking their people up better than many of us have been able to as they attempt to achieve the impossible.
        The more frantic they become the more blunders they make. Just keep passing on your knowledge, the penny is dropping faster each day.

        • sorry about that. This is the first I have seen email not required & so I just didn’t. lol

      49. I don’t see the collapse coming this year in 2015. I personnaly think more for 2016 when the new president should take office. Before Obama leaves office I believe he will stop the treasury from printing all this money that has no backing. In which case the market is gonna drop. Also I believe if there is going to be an attack on US soil again by foreign terrorist or another country it will be done while we have this coward and chief occupying our White House. After all if you wanted something or wanted to hurt somebody, do you wait till the person is around who can defend the object you want or protect things, or would you wait for a coward to be around who has proven he is a pathetic loser who is against war and defending the United States. Someone who has proven he will cut cost and cut back money used to strengthen our military forces. These are just my opinions. Anybody else think the same?

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