CEO of Large Doomsday Bunker Builder Says The Global Elite “Fear A Rebellion is Brewing”

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    According to the CEO of one of the world’s largest doomsday bunker builders for the elitists, those who are in power currently fear a “rebellion” of those who they are ruling over.  Ron Hubbard, the CEO of Atlas Survival Shelters, while being interviewed by The Canadian Prepper tells us right away, the ‘bunker building business‘ is exploding as the elitists begin to fear the masses waking up.

    We know we are slaves, and those who have followed this blog know we aren’t “losing freedom” but we never had freedom.  What we are losing is the illusion that we are free. But the rest of humanity is finally waking up and evolving past needing masters to enslave them and steal the fruits of their labor.  This is a good thing, but we also know the rulers will not go down easily. As the year 2021 winds down, however, the doomsday bunker business is picking up and those who are buying these bunkers are the ones currently fearing the “great awakening” or the “apocalypse,” the lifting of the veil. They fear people finally realizing that they were born into slavery.

    Hubbard warns that one reason this is happening now is the globalists believe a “rebellion” is brewing in America and likely very near, with the American people growing increasingly angry with the entire establishment and those who control it. The system is failing. People are evolving mentally and many know they were not to be slaves.

    What the elitists want is massive chaos and division, which is why we are divided in every way possible. If we cannot get along and work together, they will achieve their goal. “The elites are almost exclusively building bunkers right now because they’re the ones that can afford it,” Hubbard says in the video. “America is within days, if not weeks of a rebellion. There is a panic buy of bunkers right now, especially in the United States.”

    He says it isn’t just in the United States either. This whole spirit of liberty and freedom from government has gone global.  They know they are losing control and all it’ll take is massive noncompliance, and people realizing they were not born to be slaves to any ruling class.

    We do not have to make this a violent rebellion, and even Hubbard admits that this won’t necessarily be a violent rebellion. But it will happen. As people face losing their jobs and everything they spent years working for, they will have no choice but to wake up to what is really going on.

    H/T [Natural News] and [All News Pipeline]


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      1. Figures these psychos
        would need somewhere
        to hide after all of the
        tyranical bullshit they’ve
        put all of us through.?

      2. Speaking of the illusion
        of freedom you mentioned:

        Government tells you what you can and can not put in your body, they take your money without consent, they tell you who the bad people are, and will enslave you to go kill them, you have to ask permission to hunt, fish, and get married.

        It started out as
        attacking the pandemic
        to protect everyone.
        It quickly became
        attacking everyone
        to protect the pandemic.

        The American people don’t
        need the government
        keeping us safe.
        The American people
        however, do need to be
        kept safe FROM
        the government.

        Once again, we see that it is our own government who is doing every single evil thing.

      3. Of course it is. We are sick of being used, abused and accused by psychopaths who want to use money and power to rule over the rest of us. No one died and made you the bosses of us. Your systems are a fraud and a failure against us. We have the right to fight back. We are sick of you trying to inject us with your poisons, we are sick of you playing us against each other, we are sick of you using food, lodging and our health against us to get what you want. We are not your pawns in yours sick games.

        • Now how do we tell those who fear and took the JAB’s. When they start to leave the earth the ones alive will panic and the insanity of Luciferase, the tracking device, along with Graphene, in the Shot will continue. The shot is a witches brew and cocktail of evil. All to get you into the system …. of the Beast.

        • Amen Sister! you said it like it is!

      4. Those elitists need to be worried about who brings them supplies. There are those who will watch and follow them home. They will not escape the masses.

      5. All working as planned.

      6. I want the Kim Jong Un model…..

        ht tps://

      7. LOL they think their bunkers will protect them from us?

        • Elitist bitches gotta come up sometime.

      8. Ultra-liberal Vice surprisingly included this on an episode of their series ‘While the Rest of Us Die: Secrets of America’s Shadow Government’. In most of the series they blame Trump, but Biden is more like the villain they identify. Still they laugh at the elite. Hiring conservative ex-military to defend them when the revolt comes. The rich even putting electronic dog collars on these people to shock them into obeying. They are humans not dogs, the can remove them, and if they kill these wealthy elite, then they are the ones with the goods and bunker, which they can easily defend themselves. Again even ultra-liberal woke Vice is laughing at them.

      9. Nope, they are not afraid. The technology they possess can be operated by a single person against a hundred thousand proles.

        The “elite” are preparing for the lack of power and heating, along with a major famine. They don’t want to be around when the unwashed masses start killing each other.

      10. Just remember, when it hits the fan; you will tell us where every one of your bunkers are or I wouldn’t want to be you.

      11. They can never hide or be safe,lets just say that their bolt holes are known. Ahahaha,Ahahahaha!

      12. No Bunker withstand 5 Gallons of Gasoline poured down an Air Intake. The idea that the government and ‘elite'(ists) are going to be able to Hide in Bunkers, and then still have any ability to influence and Control anything at all, when the Infrastructure they need to do this either no longer exists, or is not in their control, is quite Laughable.

      13. You really do not believe Biden is running this charade. This is Obama’s third term in motion. Biden is just a stand up stooge doing Obama’s bidding. Susan Rice is the VP
        Wake -up

        • J-man – you got it. Besides, JB doesn’t have the capacity to be prez in any way, never did. As for KH, she too is a lightweight, and like JB she way over rates her intelligence and abilities. These clowns were not elected, they were selected to hold these positions for those who control them. Frankly, not much more than useful idiots. Ex prez BO is aligned in the deep State, and JB’s admin. and staff are all deep Staters. Its just that JB is being used as the official in whose name all these policies and decisions are implemented. It’s all so obvious.

        • Obama? And who runs Obama? Look higher.

        • Amen ! Your absolutely correct!

      14. The war is the politically connected, Europe First globalist elites versus everyone else, including other rich elite people not on side.

        The European World Economic Forum, beleived to be a driving force behind Reset cultism, is little more than rebranded anti-American European Naziism.

        They’ve taken the intelligentisia by storm not unlike the original Third Reich-ists, but at a world level, not just Germany and a couple of allies.

        • All true. America lost its mind when it left its borders open to third world trash but closed to wealthy European tourists who would have spent money and created jobs.

          The US has now just become a third world dirt importation machine married with a war machine.

      15. Every bunker has to have an air vent (in and out) and a fan to move the air. They need continuous power to run the fans. Those are their achilles heel.

        Bunkers would be safer only if there is no uprising of the people.

        • I don’t know about your bunker, but mine has the ability to renew and refresh its own air without an outside supply.

          • even an autonomous submarine needs to surface. The closed cycle for the production of fresh air in the bunker does not last forever. Like nothing lasts forever under the moon.

        • I don’t think they are afraid of people. Something else must be going on we just don’t know yet

          • Yeah, that’s it.

            Probably multiple things.

            We can speculate about it but we can’t know till it finally happens.

          • There is supposdly a meteor on a direct collision course with Earth, which they are shit-scared of…..BUT! there are benevolent beings who will do whatever it takes to save us and our planet ????

      16. Why we must not miss this great opportunity: various countries that are overpopulated and have obnoxious politics (Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan etc) are currently begging for food aid.

        We need to be tough and smart: we wasted trillions on these countries and they just continued to have 5 kids they couldn’t feed and breeding the next generation of Islamic radicals and terrorists. We need to stop being so dumb and leave nature to take its course in these countries.

        If they get to grip with their populations and stop threatening the West, then we can start a dialogue about mutual help.

        But until then we need to focus on the National renewal of Western countries and to restore birth rates among white Europeans, a population being demographically wiped out.

      17. The rich must be bored. This is why this crap against us is happening.

      18. The global elite are nothing more then gluttonous pigs. Even the barnyard swine won’t eat em. ?

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