Central Banks Are About To Leave Fiat Addicted Stock Markets In Agony: “The Most Unstable Economic Conditions Possible”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com

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    Many investors today are not very familiar with market history and tend to live only in the day-to-day mainstream narrative while watching little red and green graphs move up and down. This is not so much an issue in a relatively stable economic environment. The problem is, today we live in the most unstable economic conditions possible.

    These investors and analysts are simply not aware that some of the most exciting stock rallies occur during the most volatile crises, and so they interpret every rally of a few days to a few weeks as a signal for recovery.  However, in this kind of fiscal environment, all the gains made in a few weeks can be lost in moments.

    After the Great Depression began to take hold in U.S. markets, massive rallies unfolded over the span of weeks and sometimes months, only to end in a collapse to even lower depths. For example, in 1930 the Dow Jones enjoyed historic rallies twice, gaining 48% only to lose it all, then gaining more than 16% and crashing down to a 50% loss for the year. Each consecutive year there were multiple rallies of more than 25% and each time they disintegrated. By 1932 stocks were only worth approximately 20% of what they were worth in 1929. Bear market rallies continued to give false hope to investors and the public throughout the crisis, and mainstream banks and economists continued to exploit such rallies to capitalize on those false hopes.

    I mention this to put our markets today in perspective. Mainstream analysts and some banking moguls are already declaring a reversion of the instability that was launched at the beginning of this year due to the spike in stocks over the past three weeks. I explained the reason behind this comparatively short term rally in my article “Markets Ignore Fundamentals And Chase Headlines Because They Are Dying.” In desperation, the investment world has placed all its hopes on renewed stimulus measures this March by China and the European Central Bank. They have also made bets that the Fed will not raise rates again until the end of this year, if they raise rates again at all.

    I believe the next two weeks will be very telling in terms of how the rest of the year in markets will progress. If mainstream analysts and investors are placing faith in further central bank intervention, they may be greatly disappointed.

    Every action of the central bankers this year has indicated a shift away from open intervention. The taper of quantitative easing (QE) has run its course and no new QE has been announced since. The rate hikes were launched in December despite all traditional logic to the contrary and now, Fed officials appear to be staying on track for more hikes in the near term. Kansas City Fed President Esther George told Bloomberg that a fed rate hike in March should “absolutely remain on the table.”

    San Francisco Fed President John Williams said there has been “no substantial change” in his view of the economy or the rate hikes and that said rate hikes will likely continue as planned.

    Goldman Sachs argues that there will only be “three” more rate hikes this year, rather than four, although, this is three more rate hikes than the investment world was asking for.

    Fed statements have given little clue as to the timing of the rate hikes, but all fed statements have so far presented an attitude that they plan to “stay the course.” For now, stock markets do not want to accept this reality.

    I believe that the Fed will be raising rates again in the near term. I believe there is a possibility for the fed to surprise with a rate hike at their meeting this March 15th and 16th. If this does not occur, the Fed will likely hint of a hike in June in their press statements. Another hike so soon (or even the threat of an assured hike) will absolutely strangle any market gains made in the past few weeks.

    Another date to watch out for will be the March 10th meeting of the European Central Bank. All eyes are on renewed ECB stimulus; not only renewed stimulus, but stimulus measures vastly beyond what the ECB has initiated in the past. I am not sure why investors’ expectations are so high for the ECB to save the day. The last time this kind of exuberance hit stock markets over a European stimulus package was in December of last year, and the ECB dashed all those hopes into the dirt with a mediocre response. This aided directly in the stock market volatility that came in January and February.

    So, the markets are praying for the ECB to “do it right this time.” I highly doubt the ECB’s eventual decision will satisfy the unrealistic expectations of the investment community. In fact, I believe the central bank will offer little or nothing, and stocks will come crashing down just as they did after the December meeting.

    It wasn’t long ago that the entire financial universe was focused on whether China would intervene in their own markets, either with more stimulus or by arresting more investors that were betting against their stocks. The days of outright Chinese stimulus appear to be over as reports come in that the National People’s Congress concluded without any mention of large scale action to artificially support the Chinese economy. This should not be a surprise to anyone who was paying attention; China’s president warned in January that more economic stimulus is “not the answer to the nation’s challenges.”

    So, what does this mean?

    Well, first and foremost, it shows that the attitude of central bankers is moving away from intervention. As I have stated many times in the past, actions like the Fed taper of QE3 and the rate hikes only make sense if central banks are planning to ALLOW the markets to decline. The rate hike meetings, stimulus meetings, and the fact that they allow investor conjecture on stimulus to continue without much official contradiction, helps international financiers to control the speed at which this crash occurs. But the fact remains that they are not acting to stop the crash, nor will they act.

    There are no fundamental economic indicators that are positive enough to support a market recovery or an economic recovery. All moves in stocks are based on nothing but the delusions of fiat addicted stock players waiting for more printing to feed their habit of “buying the dip” without having to think strategically and educate themselves on sound investments. That is to say, investors have become addicted to central bank manipulation of markets, but now the central banks are cutting off their supply of smack.

    Where is this all going?

    I have mentioned in past articles the tendency of elitists to warn the public of coming economic collapse, but these warnings are always far too late for anyone to do much to prepare. They do this because they KNOW that a crisis is coming. They know a crisis is coming because THEY created the circumstances which are causing it. The money elites inject warnings into the media not to help the public, or to encourage positive solutions. Rather, they offer these warnings so that after the crash they can present themselves to the public as “good Samaritans,” or fortune tellers who “tried to save us.” They are, of course, neither of these things.

    The Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, has released yet another dire warning into the mainstream, stating that “official” global debt is now 200 percent of GDP and that this debt is unsustainable. They have also warned of a “gathering storm” and the “loss of faith in central banks” as 2016 moves forward.

    On top of this, none other than Lord Jacob Rothschild has released his own cautionary letter on the global economy, stating that we are now “in the eye of the storm.”

    Why are central banks allowing a controlled demolition of our economy to take place instead of propping up and manipulating markets as they have for the past few years? You can read my many articles on the globalist endgame for a detailed explanation, but to summarize – problem, reaction, solution.

    International financiers want a completely centralized global economic structure, including a single currency system, the eventual removal of physical currency to be replaced with more easily controlled digital currency, and ultimately a central authority for global economic governance. In the pursuit of a “New World Order,” they must destroy the structure of the “old world.” Covertly engineer an economic problem, get the masses to beg you to save them from that problem, then offer them the solution you always intended to give them.

    Our current crisis, what the International Monetary Fund calls the “global economic reset,” has only just begun. Though sometimes we must read between the lines or connect a few dots, in most cases the banking elites tell us exactly what they are going to do before they do it. It’s time we start listening, stop buying into the day-to-day hype and hopes of false recovery, and prepare accordingly.

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      1. Take’er down. I hope she lands hard, I don’t want to have to limp away from the wreck.

        • Ron White on flying….

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRJpRu2RsSs

          • lmao. Flying at the speed of smell.

      2. Are you ready?

        • Take a look at the New Video of the Murder of Lavoy Finicum on SurvivalBlog. I’m sure there are many more video’s out there, that may never be released. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

          • The video was released by the State mouthpiece, the Oregonian, because audio/video showed one of the jack boots firing twice as soon as Levoy got out. I think this is why the “come clean” happened a few days ago when it was disclosed an agent fired twice (missed) and didn’t report it. LE was primed to kill Levoy and in looking at the video one can easily see the Occupiers were not people looking for a fight, and I think Levoy was surprised they actually shot him (you can hear him exclaim/breath out after getting hit).
            This was an unlawful shoot – if you tell me he didn’t get on the ground fast enough you can kma, his hearing had been impaired and there were conflicting commands. The people who were involved in the planning of this shooting belong in jail, the man-hating Governor, fbi agents, state police, and whoever gave the order from the top (probably Bary). The rest who have been imprisoned should be let go and an investigation of the BLM must commence.

          • What will the bootlicking suckasses have to say after watching the new video.

      3. Mr. Smith, thanks for another well stated article. The connection between the NWO and fiat currencies is brilliant. The logical end game for the NWO is to remove more wealth from Americans and distribute that wealth to citizens of other countries that hate us. I VOTE to not accept that scenario.

      4. I told this community last September that the FED would raise rates by 25 bp in DEC/JAN to mitigate the froth in the markets. They did.

        I told this community in Late November that the business cycle was over and that it should be apparent to investors by March 1st with a decline in the markets. It was.

        I told this community in January that the rate hike was a signal to the Uber Rich, a “two minute warning” as it were to unwind their positions and exit the markets. They are.

        Hedge funds are closing up shop.

        I told this community in January that the FED would allow the markets to decline, ratcheting it down to more sustainable levels where EPS are more in line with historical norms.

        I told this community in January that the FED WOULD raise rates again in late Spring. March is not late Spring.

        I have been telling this community for five, no six years, that the next recession would be an extended downturn and DEFLATIONARY in character. It will be.

        Ten dollar bills in number ten cans; a little gold and silver, your preps and lots of ammo. You cannot have too much ammo. 🙂

        • “D”
          I remember you telling us this . I took you word. Only added what you got listed, and food and water. and More loaded Mags!


        • DD
          ” DEFLATIONARY in character”
          Are you talking about money deflation ?
          Loss of buying power ?
          Or economic deflation , homes and goods deflated in value?
          All of the above ?

          • A deflationary spiral, like the Great Depression, resets all asset prices lower. ALL ASSETS. Velocity of money will decline because those who have dollars will hold on to them; and there will be fewer dollars in the system, if only because fewer dollars will be created while the dollar destruction cycle accelerates.

            I have explained to this community that dollars are DESTROYED all of the time, (read NPL, BK’s, credit defaults, stock losses, etc); while dollars are created all of the time through fractional reserve banking too.

            In a deflationary spiral more dollars are destroyed than created because there is less demand for goods and services. And less demand for borrowed money. There is less demand for leverage (borrowed money) because there are fewer ways to profit beyond the cost to borrow.

            Less demand creates increasing inventories, and producers cut jobs (increasing layoffs) to cut production. Fewer jobs create less disposable income, less demand and inventories increase. Producers liquidate inventory and cut more jobs, and in this way the spiral feeds upon itself.

            Purchasing power will actually (technically) increase for those with dollars to spend, income, and good credit. Right now, auto over production and autos coming off of leases are creating an oversupply in the used car market and these vehicles should drop in cost dramatically,later this year and next, as one example of increased purchasing power.

            Home prices will tank, again, as they did in 2008/2009 as job losses mount and household disposable income declines. Deflation is a vicious cycle and difficult to harness once it begins. Once started, and after it passes a “break even point” it typically stops when the system is thoroughly purged, and is restarted by an increase in demand through war.

            Those with preps and cash outside of the banking system should survive; particularly those with services and skills that can be bartered, saving the expenditure of cash or precious metals.

            If you have no bartable skills (cough) you should have an abundance of cash, preps, and metals. And ammo. Don’t forget ammo. 🙂

            • DK. The velocity of money is down because the masses are flat ass broke. Not that everybody is hording cash at home. Most people can’t scrape up $500 buck cash if they wanted because they are in debt up to their eyeballs.. Your $10 in #10 cans are losing value every day. But, you may be able to sell those #10 cans as wall paper or toilet paper in the can soon. The rest of your babble is just what most of us aready know, and are experiencing for some time since 2008. That is not a prediction, But a parrot repeating history.


            • Thanks.

        • Once again: why do I need a subscription?

          • Jacknife: For the free (DK) hat and econ magic decoder ring !!! 🙂

        • Have to agree with you Durango, I remember seeing a few of those post too! Keep prepping folks keeps your ammo dry

        • DK the Tarrot card reader. You and dozens of other articles before you we all read said the same thing. And the FED will raise the interest rate 2 more times this year. Its already baked insider info.
          You have low self esteem if you have to pat your self on the back repeating like a parrot, What dozens of other articles already say. A dead clock is right twice a day. I could check the archives and pull dozems of your other predictions which are dead wrong. Like the Yuan is pegged to the US dollar. Like the exchange rate never changes in your opinion. Bwahajaha


          • He seems to enjoy claiming credit for other people’s predictions. I would have to see some documentation (links?) because I’m pretty sure he did not predict most of the items he listed.

        • Could you provide links to these predictions?

          • Brandon use the search box in the top left hand corner. Try using the time frames too. 🙂

            I am not parroting other people’s prediction’s. I am making my own based upon BASIC economic theory. Nothing sophisticated about it.

            A while back, I was asked how low oil might go. I said that unless Saudi Arabia or Russia intervened in some way, it could go as low as SEVEN DOLLARS A BARREL. It was at $28 a barrel then. Two days later an analyst for Deutsche Bank predicted a low range between $7 and $17 a barrel.

            Will it go to seven ??? I don’t know. No one really knows because there are too many unknown variables in that equation. It could because the last time around it went to nine, and this time around the major players and low cost producers, Saudi Arabia and Russia, are ferociously fighting over market share.

            I believe the recent spike (in the face of massive above ground inventory) is designed by the bankers to produce a pause to protect their balance sheets while they assimilate certain oil & gas assets in foreclosure. Another drop in price is likely unless hostilities stop production as it did in Libya with the loss of half a million barrels a day.

            Left to its own market devices the price of oil COULD drop to seven, but I believe additional hostilities will suppress more production. So around and around she goes and where she stops, nobody knows. 🙂

            • I can’t find a single instance of you, for instance, predicting rate hikes back in September. You can’t provide any evidence that you did this? It should be simple for you, you would know where and when you posted said prediction, better than anyone.

              • Brandon, the archives are not working right now. Don’t know why. I could not get a single response to my moniker: or + rate hike; or + FED; or even + pensions.

                I mention pensions here because I have mentioned them many times over the years and MAC even did a short article about it in response to “naysayers” about my pension calls, (5 or 6 came up) just like you about the rate hike.

                Don’t know what to tell you. I have been PURGED !!! I want my money back MAC !!! 🙂

                • DK, We don’t purge comments — if it was approved it should be in the archives.

                  Try a search at Google using this in the search box –

                  Site:https://www.shtfplan.com/ keyword or phrase

                  They have a much better search algo than the one we have running on here


        • DK ~ Where do you figure silver will be in 6 to 12 months? I’m annoyed with myself for not getting more when it was down to 13.75 several weeks ago but I just can’t decide whether to buy at 15 or hold on and wait for it to drop again.

          • Karl, definitely do whatever you feel is right for you, but I would recommend that you stop valuing such a commodity as silver in dollars. Historically, 1/10th of an oz. of silver was the pay for a hard day of labor (eg. Roman Army, Chinese Army, factory workers in the US at the turn of the 20th century, etc.) I think that if you put it in those terms that you will find that you getting your silver very much discounted, be it at $15, $13.75, or even lower.

          • Karl V: I don’t have a price forecast for silver. When the SHTF I believe that gold will go to $3500/oz. It may go lower first, as Harry Dent believes, but eventually gold should rebound to a much higher and permanent level; especially as the Chinese take more control over the gold market. Silver will move in sympathy but the traditional ratios between gold and silver no longer apply, so don’t use that as a guide.

            A true DEPRESSION would reset all asset prices.

            Everyone should own precious metals. Some more than others depending upon your personal economic position (excess cash and income); and also where you live: like Utah, and Arizona where they are more precious metal friendly.

            My recommendation on precious metals is and has always been:

            “Invest in gold, SPECULATE with silver, and hold on to your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.”

            Gold is a the way to preserve a portion of your wealth THROUGH the coming changes. Even if it declines in dollar terms, it will hold its comparative purchasing power over time.

            Silver is useful in speculation if you are so inclined, buying on the dips, or selling into a bull run, as the volatility of silver’s price gives you a larger spread. Buying the dips is a great way to accumulate silver. Silver will be useful to buy things when SHTF. Even metal coins (nickel, dimes, and quarters) will be acceptable to some people in transactions. Save your change.

            Precious metal markets are manipulated and front runned just like FX. Fundamentals are out the window. Trying to out guess the traders, bullion buyers, and BIG BANK trading desks is a fool’s game and a good way to lose $20-30K in a heartbeat, as some here can attest. 🙁

      5. We’ve gotten ourselves into a position where everything hinges on the stock market.

        Everything, your retirement, your savings, the value of your money and the prices you pay for stuff (keeps money from the public market and avoids price inflation) and on and on and on.

        The market crashes and everything crashes, you will end up surprised at how widespread it is when it happens and no one will escape being seriously affected by it.

        It will be glorious, half the current population may be dead by the time it is over.

        • The value of items depends on the basic supply and demands principals of the market in a pure sense if not manipulated. The auto industry has sold more new cars this year in a deflationary economy, due to clever financing programs such as longer term loans with lower affordable payments. Anybody who has studied Macronomics can see through DK”a BS as he uses basic EC principals, tweeks the words a little to make everybody think he figured this out himself or is some master economic guru. Since this is his only audience some are fooled. The decoder ring is a gimmick to sell b.s. like cracker jacks. That’s what DK is selling.

          The Auto bubble is about to pop, over financed and negative equity in cars due to rolling over old loans and debt into new loans, and is reaching the blow point, mostly due to people losing their jobs and incimes to pay for it all. Auto leasing accounts for about 45% of all auto sales. I buy New or newer cars, pay them off in an accellerated fashion, then drive them 10 more years. That’s how you beat the dealership finance system. My current vehicle is a 2009 bought it brand new, and it still only has 32k miles in it. I will drive it another 10 years or to about 120k miles on it or where the big drop off point is for value due to age. It still looks and drives like a new one. Low maintenance, and the new prices on my vehicle keeps climbing so my vehicle keeps holding nearly new value, for what I paid for it, 7 years ago, especially with the low mileage. I also use synthetic oil and change the fluids every 5k miles. Cars are designed for oil changes every 7000 miles, but lie and say every 3000 miles. I worked for a big car rental co back when and was responsible for about $5 Million of auto inventory in my fleet, so I do know what I’m talking about.


          • For an ordinary car, nothing exotic, do you recommend ‘synthetic’ oil? Or is regular motor oil okay?

            (Since virtually all “synthetic” items are made from petrochemicals, the term ‘synthetic oil’ seems redundant. What is fake oil made from?)

      6. durangokidd… I like the deflation part of that scenario. Since the 100 dollar bill is currently looked at as a big bill by the bankers, who wants to carry around wads of smaller bills or even store them away? Nobody has change for a 100 or you might be a criminal for paying with large bills.

        • I just got a fund raising call wanting money for some kind of LEO Assoc. How Ironic, right after I had just finished watching the video on the murder of Lavoy Finicum. I told them “No Thanks” I’m not as interested in law enforcment as I use to be, and hung up. Trekker Out. Support Your Local Sheriff!

          • Mountain Trekker
            No LEO but I am getting endless requests for political donations. Not happening.

            • Rebecca I have donated to individuals, but never to a Party. I have also donated to various law enforcement assoc. in the past, but those days are long over, like atleast 10 years. When Missourah was trying to pass a Conceal Carry Law and the MHP was opposed, they called wanting a donation and I told them not to bother me again. Trekker Out.

        • The rush to digital money globally, NIRP, and the elimination of large bills (500 euro notes) in Europe is one thing.

          There are LEGAL hurdles for the FED in the USA that they likely cannot overcome in Court; given that the “dollar” is defined in the US Constitution. Trust me. They do not want to open that can of worms.

          The FED will be happy with what they have and will not want to lose the control they have by pissing off the American People anymore than they already have.

          I don’t see NIRP as an example, coming to the USA. There is no profit in it for the Member Banks. 🙂

          • I’m sorry, I’m not quite understanding. These legal hurdles, they would prevent the removal of the 100 dollar bill?

            The reason I ask is because back in 1969, the Treasury Department started a program to destroy $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills. Any received by a bank, to this day, are removed from circulation and systematically destroyed.

            How would the $100 bill differ?

            Sidenote: I, personally, would be very upset at the removal of the $100 bill since it offers a freedom that is sorely lacking in this day of digital transactions. I just don’t see a way to save it if the Treasury Department gets it into their heads to give it the ax.

            • GN: No difference on the $100 bill. But it is still useful, particularly for a family grocery shopping; whereas the larger denominations are not for everyday purchases.

              I doubt that the 500 euro note is necessary in Europe as the West uses credit and debt cards for large transactions anyway.

              I remember being in Russia many years ago and Russians were awash in wads of $100 bills. They were amazed that I didn’t have any cash in my wallet as I moved through customs, until I flashed them a glance at my credit cards. I don’t see where the elimination of the 500 euro note, in and of itself, is a threat to individual freedom in Europe.

              In the USA the removal of the $100 bill from circulation COULD happen, but I don’t think it likely. I do not think digital money will replace folding money in America anytime soon, but it is likely in five to ten years or more.

              Currently NEW $100 bills have a new, large, very legible, and highly prominent security strip. So I don’t see the FED eliminating it anytime soon. However if they get enough Americans talking about the possibility of the elimination of the $100 bill, then it stops them from talking about something meaningful. See ???

              The legal hurdles in the USA that banks must overcome, is “outlawing” folding money altogether. In practice digital payments via phone apps are changing point of sale transactions now, and this will increase in frequency, but to eliminate all folding money would invite a lawsuit by the People, in which the Courts must rule that a dollar is as defined by the US Constitution and the mask would be ripped off of the FRN, and the Rothschild banking cartel, once and for all in Depositions and under Oath. God alone knows what could be disclosed in Depositions from the cross examination of a good trial lawyer.

              The FED does not want to open that can of worms.

              In the end there is no advantage to total control of every thin dime or 100 dollar bill because it would invite legal resistance and/or insurrection. De Facto control which is what the FED has now, is sufficient for their purposes.

              For this reason too, theft of cash from individual bank accounts would create a firestorm. Why raise the alarm if they can just print money to replace the losses of the banks as they have been doing ???

              That said, large companies moving large sums of cash in and out of their accounts every day does create an accounting burden for the banks and they would be justified in charging these companies fees for those services.

              The FED does not need our money when they control the printing press to replace their losses without a fuss from the public. The FED has “printed” TRILLIONS of dollars since 2008 but there is no inflation because these dollars have not (in the main), reached main street; and those that do are only (in the main) replacing dollars destroyed by bk’s, NPL, foreclosures, etc in the normal dollar creation / destruction cycle.

              I have a stash of those new $100 bills. They are nice and crisp. Get some. I got mine !!! 🙂

            • Tell your employers that you want to be paid in physical silver rounds. No more direct deposit of phony paper fiat currency. Tell him he will save at least 6% on not having to pay the employment tax. You too will save 6% as well. Tell him just to send you a 1099 at the end of the year for the silver he paid you.


              • LMAO !!! Your employer will tell you to fuck off and show you the door !!! 🙂

          • DK. Wrong again, That’s what NIRP is designed to do is create more profit for the banks and fleece depositors from their wealth to pay for the banks gambling habits. I am going to start saving your BS predictions and list them later to show everybody you are full of b.s. and wrong repeatedly. You think you are preaching to a class of dumb 3rd graders?


            • Yes NIRP is “designed” to create more profit from the banks in theory, but in reality, depositors will take their money out of the banks. The designers in Japan and Europe didn’t think it through.

              Fleecing American depositor accounts would lay the ground work for a massive class action lawsuit exactly as I described. But why steal pennies from depositor accounts when you can print trillions while know one is watching.

              By all means, save my BS. Its in the archives. 🙂

              • Know. Freudian slip. “no” is the correct grammar. My bad. 🙂

      7. CIVIL WAR is on the horizon and TEOTWAWKI. Are you prepared for what is to come? Draw close to family because they are all you have.

        • What if you family members suck as human beings?

          • RJ: good question. My goal is to meet people that share my interests and have skills, want to learn new skills, or appreciate the skills I have. No one in my family meets any of the preceding criteria.

            • Philo, I agree with your goals. I have two nephews that would be great to have close by, even right here on the property, but they are 3500 miles away and have kids to care for, so it’s extremely doubtful if they’ll be able to make it here. They’re in So Cal to make thing even worse.
              I told one if shtf and there’s a way to get here do so, but the way things are, all bets are like a crap shoot.
              The rest of the ex pats we know here are clueless.
              Only watching their complete surprise when it happens will be entertaining, to say the least.

          • Doesn’t surprise me, RJ, as most are commies. 60 million commies voted for bommie and his commie mommy.

            Commie hitlery has more commies in her camp than bommie has.

            Take a commie ‘gater baitin’.

        • Wish this comment section had a BS flag… I’d be posting it a lot.

      8. Who in WDC will be the first prisoner…Executive or Congress—-or both?

        • Take no prisoners. 🙂

      9. “There are no fundamental economic indicators that are positive enough to support a market recovery or an economic recovery.”

        “The central banks allowing a controlled demolition of our economy to take place.”

        I agree. You summed up the economic situation accurately.

        I too agree any “warning” from our leaders will be too little and too late. The great majority of people will be caught by surprise.

        The gold/silver ratio is another indicator to watch.

        This 4,000-year old financial indicator says that a major crisis is looming

        “In nearly every single major recession and panic of the last century, there was a sharp rise in the gold/silver ratio.”

        (Throughout the 20th century the silver/gold ratio in the U.S. has averaged about 50:1)

        “the ratio tends to rise dramatically in times of crisis, panic, and economic slowdown.”

        “We’re seeing another MAJOR INCREASE once again…the gold/silver ratio is 81.7, nearly as high as the peak of the 2008 financial crisis.
        (In other words, today you can trade 1 ounce of gold for 80 ounces of silver.)

        This isn’t normal.

        In modern history, the gold/silver ratio has only been this high THREE OTHER TIMES, all periods of extreme turmoil—the 2008 crisis, Gulf War, and World War II.”

        “So while the gold/silver ratio isn’t any kind of smoking gun, it is an obvious symptom alongside many, many others.”

        ht tps://www.sovereignman.com/trends/this-4000-year-old-financial-indicator-says-that-a-major-crisis-is-looming-18815/

      10. Jeb is meeting with Cruz, Rubio and Kasich today. Telling me that the Florida primary vote will likely be tampered with to make it appear closer than the polls currently suggest that Trump is projected to win handily. Jeb should be in jail if justice was legitimate, crowded in with his kind. Wasting big money on stupid ads is not steering many. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are all Bush suckups, never met a war or a bribe they won’t accept.

        • The cuban sandwich and the jeb mex, what could go wrong.

          Commies everywhere.

        • aljamo, I loved the story recently when Jeb dropped out that he spent $130-150 MILLION and didn’t win ONE state..lol

        • Trump will win FL winner takes all delegates unless Jebby dusts off his old hacked diebold voting machines. Yes Jeborah should be sitting in prison with the rest of his criminal family clan. Not sure why somebody has not put a hit on these slimeballs years ago. The Bush family is a bigtime disgrace to our country. The Neocons would rather have Hillary than a Republican. Shows you where their value system is, and it us not in favor of the American people. Their wars scams and lies are self destructing daily. And why they are scared of Trump. He calls their BS out, like I do here. Ha. Right DK?


      11. I declare war on United Kingdom and Russia. USA and Germany crush them. Prepare your weapons for activation. Let’s start warfare. Trump, Merkel get ready! USA and Germany I am on your side.

      12. lets move to Greece, I here its pretty slick!

      13. How many years will you conspiracy theorists waste sitting on the sidelines praying for the end of the world? You throw out prophecies with no real date for years, selling your followers on fear, and every so often something happens that you can then go and say, “told you so!” That’s the great thing about confirmation bias and self-fulfilling prophecies. Meanwhile, the rest of us can benefit from market declines that are another normal part of the overall cycle. Markets are up over 200% since the last downturn, so I get a good chuckle that you’ve been hoarding your money at 0% interest for 6 years (locking in the losses) or worse yet-trading it in for gold, which will be worth less and less as time goes on.

        Keep doing it though, we appreciate it.

        • Stocks are a trailing indicator. Only an gullible idiot bases his economic view only on the movements of the stock market. In a bad economy the markets are the LAST thing to go. Also, gold has beat out most investments so far this year, so, wrong again.

          Show us hard evidence as to why you think the global economy is actually healthy or normalized instead of throwing out empty opinions like a child.

        • I started putting money into gold when it was 380 per ounce, and silver when it was at 10 per ounce.

          Thank you for highlighting the error of my ways.

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