Censorship Warning: Obama’s Internet Transfer Means Your Privacy, Anonymity and Free Speech Are Under Serious Threat

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Obama’s campaign slogan in both elections was “Yes we can,” however, these past almost eight years have been marked by unilateral actions for virtually everything that he has forced on the United States and the American people.  The NDAA, the signing onto the Climate Change accord during this recent UN conference, the directive for Kerry to sign the Small Arms Treaty…the list is almost endless.  “Yes I can,” is the more appropriate slogan, and with the exclusion of the word “yes” and by adding a letter “N” we are seeing this slogan in the transfer of Internet control to ICANN.

    This Los Angeles firm is a multinational corporation.  “ICANN” stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  It sounds Orwellian because it is, and China and Russia are large shareholders in this firm.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) opposes the transfer, and in a letter to the Commerce Department (the entity directed by Obama to initiate Internet transfer and relinquish U.S. control over it), he wrote this:

    “The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN’s historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden leadership to act without any real accountability.”

    On August 16, Rudy Takala penned a piece entitled America to Hand Off Internet Control in Under Two Months.  Here is an excerpt from that piece that is worth keeping in mind regarding both censorship controls and loss of personal freedoms for Internet users:

    “While those issues could, in theory, lead to a legal challenge being filed in the days following the transfer, the administration has expressed a desire to finish it before the president leaves office…”

    This is very similar to the executive orders and actions Obama took to allow the flood of undocumented illegal aliens into the United States without fear of deportation from 2012 until this year when the courts ruled such actions illegal.  The point: before it even came under court ruling, an uncountable number of illegal aliens surged across our borders and were given “immunity” by Obama.  The same thing applies to this ICANN transfer within the language of Takala’s article: “…could, in theory, lead to a legal challenge being filed in the days following the transfer…”

    Once the transfer is accomplished, ladies and gents, what court can be appealed to?  Since it is being transferred into the hands of a multinational stakeholder, then it would have to be taken to The Hague and the international court.  The transfer will have been done, and Obama will have accomplished yet another major erosion of our liberties by placing the Internet into the hands of Russia and China, who will undoubtedly censor and squelch every independent news network.  There’s also an insidious reason that is highly possible and probable for Obama’s actions with the Internet:

    Obama and Kerry are preconditioning the public with a script that Russia may be attempting to hijack the presidential election by tampering with the ballots and rigging the vote.  With control of the Internet given partially to Russia one month before the election, this gives Obama the pretense he needs to declare the election null and void and blame it on the Russians.

    To make matters worse, ICANN’s office in China is in the same building that China uses to censor its own Internet, the Cyberspace Administration of China located in Beijing.  On Thursday, September 22nd, Obama mouthpiece Josh Earnest had this to say regarding the protests of Senator Cruz and other lawmakers in relation to this Internet transfer:

    “It doesn’t withstand scrutiny.  It also strikes me as a curious position for a self-described small government conservative to shut down the government to ensure that the federal government can continue to control the Internet.  It doesn’t make any sense.”

    Earnest was referring to the fact that Cruz and others attached a provision that would prevent the transfer (of the Internet) to a bill that would fund the government to keep it from “shutting down” corresponding to October 1, the fiscal year.  This, too, will backfire, as it did in 2012 when Republicans were accused of stalling and not passing measures in a timely fashion to “fund” the government and prevent a shutdown…the year Obama retaliated in a half-measure by shutting down the World War II memorials and preventing the WWII veterans from accessing them.

    On this occasion, however, the measure to pass will be vetoed by Obama, and the Republicans will be blamed for the “government shutdown,” and the Internet will still be transferred, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Commerce under the direction of Obama.  The government always shuts down: it does so from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  The Congress just took a vacation for two months…not even returning to “work” until after the Labor Day weekend.  The monolith came to a standstill, but the vacations to Martha’s Vineyard didn’t.

    Now it’s time to save the monolith that lands in the midst of “Moon-watcher” and company and taxes them at a rate of $2 trillion per year.  Racial unrest and violence is still occurring in Charlotte, amidst the “peppering” of gun-violence incidents being reported by the media.  All of this is part of the circus to divert attention from October 1, when the Internet slips from our grasp.

    As the control of the Internet is being ceded to China, Russia, and friends, potentially the death-rattle is being sounded for free, independent news outlets and user privacy and anonymity.  Simultaneously the transfer provides Obama with yet another excuse to use to “snake” the elections, or to simply declare them null and void by blaming hackers or internet hijackers.  The true trail to the coming internet censorship and any election chicanery, however, leads straight to D.C. and into the White House.  “Yes he can,” courtesy of ICANN.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Well crap, I better turn in all of my weapons too. I wouldn’t want to offend any precious snowflakes with any future 2nd Amendment microaggressive language.

        Time to go underground, America.

        • California Resident

          The time to go to ground is fast approaching.

          Tick Tock.
          Tick Tock. What you have is what you got.

          Prep for War.

          • This Internet Giveaway, is all part of the dismantling of America’s Freedoms by the Democrat Socialist Communist, Zionists. They want to bring everything good in America down to the polluted gutter status of impoverished enslavement of our society. Just like NAFTA, creating free trade with 3rd world countries will degrade America’s socio-economic status to 3rd world poverty status. Its all part of their master plan to place us in the race to the bottom.

            So what is their motive for doing this? Jealousy? Personal Greed? Control by reducing the Middle classes to poverty status? Or part of the population enslavement process? Or just plain psychopathic?

            However what these Commie Shills have forgot about, and miscalculated, is that there are plenty of Freedom Loving Americans still around, and plenty well regulated, that will destroy these shills when our backs are against the wall. I am not afraid to die, for freedom, or free speech, or my rights to bear arms, or freedom to travel unmolested, or my country or anything else I damn well please or choose to do at my own will.

            Come and get me you asswipe psychopaths. I have plenty of fresh bullets, ready to place in your numbskull brains. And to all other Patriots, get your Freedom Tools lubed and primed. The drums of Revolution are as ripe as a red cherry above a welding torch. Bring it.

            MidwayUSA has AR-15 30 rounds P-mags on sale for 1 day today for $12.95 ea, get them while you can. Have at least 20 to 30 filled mags min, on hand at all times.

            ~WTTI… Prepare to hear the revolutionary shot around the world. Then its game on! Prepare your own DOS – denial of service to the Government.

            • I prefer Magpul gen,2’s,avaliable now on net about 11 bucks a piece shipped you look a bit.

              • Cant beat a pmag , i trust the springs .
                Never had a problem with one that set loaded for long periods.
                Had issues with others , so ….

              • You People Refuse to Demand:
                Impeach-Arrest for Treason-Stop the Wars-Back off from Russia-Leave Russia Alone

                As a result You and your Children will Die.
                Result: Nuclear War.
                Your preps will not be used because you will be dead.
                Your guns are worthless.
                ***Any Questions?

                It is that Simple. Staying in Amerikka is Death.

                The German People did Nothing to stop Hitler.
                Result: German People paid the price. More people died from famine than Combat.

                The Amerikkan Sheeple did nothing to stop Obama. They elected him twice.
                Result: Amerikkan people will pay the price.

                You have a Criminal Traitor as President.
                Traitors NOW running Congress-Senate-FBI-Judicial-Media.
                Hillary Rotten Clinton CRIMINAL going to be next Mob boss.
                If Obama does not start the War. Hillary will.
                You did Nothing to stop the criminal Politician.
                Now they give away your Internet-Free Speech.
                World War III will go Nuclear.

                Russia-China will hit Hard-Suprise Attack. Joint action against USSA.
                Leave the city.
                Leave Amerikka the betrayed.
                If you stay. You will die.
                Leaving is a small chance at Life.

            • They have pretty much stolen all our civil liberties and now they are coming for the internet. Well, I have news for them.

              I was thinking about this very thing the other day and it occurred to me that if they destroy our fun on the Internet then we will have nothing left– no way to blow off steam at all their other atrocities, no way to find out the Truth (even though it seems we can’t do much about it), no way to have friendship– comrades in arms, as our lives crash because of their horrendous policies… so there will be only 2 alternatives left to us when this foul deed is done:

              We can either wither away (die quietly) because their policies are obviously destroying us… Or, we can join the thousands of insurgencies around the country (which Dmitry Orlov talks about in his interview on his website…) and destroy the elite. There will be nothing left for us to do after they destroy the Internet.

        • Well the ability to vent here and other places has kept some people from actually killing some of these scum that richly deserve death. Perhaps this will be a good development.

          • Menzo

            The deadline transfer date of the internet and the possible election of Hillary as president, has not developed into the urgency, one as myself would expect from others.
            I have prepared and tried to get others to do the same with terrible results, No enthusiasm by them, only insults. My last endeavor was here, at this site, to help others. I have made my “Standard Operating Procedures” and my conscience is clear of the past, the present and how I will handle things in the future.

            An it covers a Multitude of Sins.

            • Indeed. I’ve had the same reactions from the sheeple. Its their funeral and will probably be mine as well but at least I will not die a coward.

              • Menzo, same here for me. I’ll still keep posting as long as I can, however.

      2. prepare accordingly
        organize into three man cells
        establish a commo system between cells

        • I am going to post all the racist and homophobic comments now while I still can……may not be able to tomorrow.

      3. and it aint just obama….it’s the whole damn 535 at the head of our gub-mint, that WANTS it this way….one man(?) can’t do all this alone…….it’s ALL of them.

        • Dems, Repubs…just two heads of the same serpent.

          • ohhh, now i get why they’re called “public serpents”.

        • one of my favorite movies.

          The Sheriff is a Nig***bong***

          What, the sheriff is near????

          • LOL – you mean this one?

            Blazing Saddles – The Sheriff is a (GONG!)

            Duration: 1:17


      4. Maybe we can put the Borg to sleep and that will cause it to blow up (star trek reference).

      5. So the civil slash genocide war is getting closer. We have to make an example out of these people that will last a thousand years. They don’t get to surrender and start up again later. If ever in all of history was there a group of people that needed to be exterminated more then now? If you are not a racist . You are an idiot. Look at the conditions of the countries they control . And try to find other reasons for it . Curupttion at the genetic level. Who are the Tares?

      6. The United States developed the internet. What is the advantage to the Unites States to simply give it up? The ability to more effectively monitor the internet against misuse by islamic terrorists would be seriously weakened by our giving it up. We should retain control.

        • Oh, come on now. It’s not like the US ceding control has ever ended badly for us. Why, just look at the Panama Canal. It’s not like giving it back opened the door for a Chinese PLA owned corporation to take control of it. So, nope. I can see no bad coming of this…

        • But But Brian , It wouldnt be fair !!!
          The US needs to sede control to a bunch of third world piss pots to make reparations for past imagined sins and because we are too wealthy and we live a better lifestyle .
          No , apologies to the world are in order and i think its time we lived in mud huts like everyone else . dammit !

      7. Donate to the Dr. David Duke campaign for Senator of Louisianna. Even though you are not living in Louisianna, his campaign is important to every citizen in the United States of America. Don’t believe the main stream media lies, distortions, and false characterization of his positions. He is level headed. His past history as a member of the House of Representitives proves he is a man of his word. His fears and trepidation about such things as integration and unchecked immigration have proven to have been legitimate concerns. He, if elected to the Senate, will have the 1965 Immigration Act repealed. The 1965 immigration act opened the floodgates of legal immigration to every foreign Country, and is nothing short of a Trojan Horse. Those persons responsible are traitors. If we do not take full advantage of this opportunity to reset the clock by voting in Duke; there may never again be an America. We will be just one more brown third world dump. The Caucasan is not a Supremist, and never has been; as portrayed by our enemies who seek our total annihilation. The genocide of Caucasans is what Duke had the foresight to know because he is a brilliant intellect. The enemies of the American way of life always introduce Duke as former KKK. Yes, it is true. Former. As in past. He joined the KKK to form a NONVIOLENT group to work for the Caucasan rights and to be an advocate for the continued survival of the Caucasan people. He was in his twenties when he realized that the KKK was not the right group to lead the white people to a successful win. He left. He received a PHD in History and then became a History Professor and lectured at Universities around the globe.

        Duke for senate.com


        • Don’t believe the main stream media lies, distortions, and false characterization of his positions.

          What distortions? He hates niggers…..what is there to distort?

        • BfrmCa
          DDD is in an exclusive class of intellectuals that far exceed the guilt trip thinking of establishment traitors that occupy our country

        • Ummm… no. Just no. Sorry but while I am interested in protecting American citizens, for me it is not a racial issue. Even if Mr. Duke had all of the right policy stances, he is a poisoned candidate because of his past racial bigotry and very few people who wish to be seen as educated would ever vote for him. Move on. You are wasting your money.

      8. They couldn’t take away our guns. Now they are after our freedom of speech.

        Two words. F@@K U.N.


        • They couldn’t take away our guns ……yet.

          • That all depends on whether or not those who own the guns willingly give them up. If, on that day, people just bow their heads and submit like little sheep, then all is truly lost for we have no backbone. However, the test has not yet come, so, Lord willing, we will not fail the test and will prove ourselves worthy of the sacrifices of our forefathers.

            • Winston Smith.

              We have often talked about what we would do the day they come for our firearms.

              Who exactly is going to do this task and under what circumstances will this act be initiated?

              Your neighbor may bum rush you to steal your guns. The criminal could with the opportunity of finding a weapon in commission of another crime. Then come back to search more efficiently. The police would if you were shooting wildly in the neighborhood. The DEA, FBI and State Trooper’s might show up with a warrant for something you have been doing wrong.

              The last is the Military. One of two. Our own Military or a foreign one.

              The fly in the ointment is that we start shooting at each other because the government cause us to do it, or even a race war. Then government could step in with draconian laws. BUT! by that time, many would have experience being shot at and even the images of death. Plus being scared shitless a few times. So the taking of our weapons by authorities will be more dangerous as the populace becomes hardened by previous combat action.


              • I needed to add this to the other post.

                I do feel bad for the Black on Black Crime. Especially when the victims are children.

                But who is now living in a war zone NOW!

                How does it not affect people who see blood in the street day in and day out. They may not have bombs dropping on them or tanks shooting rounds into their homes, but it changes people.

                The two edge sword is that images of death can get people to change. Allow Too much of it and life becomes cheap.

              • That’s the whole reason why people like Soros are trying to push us into a race war. Sadly though, the uneducated among us are falling for it because it is easier to identify someone who looks different than you as your enemy rather than someone who is truly evil and pulling the strings behind the scenes. I try to be on the side of justice rather than on the side of those who may share skin pigmentation with me. Thus, I try to see through the petty prejudices we all have to the facts of each case to discern who is wrong and who is right. Sadly though, this is not how the mob thinks. Too many people get drawn into emotionally picking sides rather than doing so by analysis and detail. Thus, the elites will likely get their race war between the ignorant and uneducated people of one race and the ignorant and uneducated people of another. At the end of it all will be a call for order where people weary from the chaos will accept order from wherever it comes so long as they can get back to some semblance of normalcy. What is truly pathetic though is that many who post on sites like this, who claim to be awake, will be right there either fighting over petty racial differences or accepting the new order in order to survive.

                What should we fight for then? We should fight for the right of all people to live peaceably together and engage in trade and commerce with one another (as individuals) with minimal government interference. We should fight against the influence of multinational corporations and NGOs that seek to limit the rights of the individual. We should also fight against international treaties that give away our rights as individuals without our consent. As Americans, we fought a war to (among other things) end slavery. Why now would we let today’s politicians treat us like slaves to be bought and sold for the pleasure of their big money donors? THIS is what we must fight against! For if we do not, slaves are what we will be with only a thin illusion of freedom left to remind us of what we once were and how much we have lost.

      9. Oh good Lord, EVERYTHING you say, do, write, rant, talk about on the internet RIGHT NOW is downloaded, analyzed, categorized, and placed in your America Fascist Slave File held by 16 criminal TREASONOUS alphabet agencies of the psychopath controlled Globalist Fascist US Government in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America, and the dumbed down boot licking toxic dump COWARDS could care less.

      10. Couple of years ago I read that China had 30,000 internet police whose main job was deleting free speech. 30 fricken’ thousand.

        How many will the UN hire, or this company ICANN?

        Guess whose tax dollars will pay their salaries?

        I want to hear Mac’s opinion on this.
        Mac, you might be losing a few people when this goes down.
        Maybe not right away, but …?

        • Hey Ketch,
          I frequently comment on “Peoples on line daily”. A Chinese
          web site.
          Most of my comments (and they are very respectful, but contrary to the CCP), get pulled. The guys that comment on my comments are disrespectful and make the worst SHTF troll look like an
          I wish I could sick Acid etch on them, he would have a blast.
          I also comment on Pravda, I’m very critical, and have no problems,
          other than needing to read Cyrillic to log off.
          It will be interesting to see how this works out. Anything Democrats think is a good thing is always bad these days.

        • As a retired IT Data Manager I have been screaming about government over steps for 10 years in limiting data access. They gradually have shut off free and open access to transfer data, view data, modify data on open access platforms by using false flag cyber warfare as a overstated threat.

          Their idea to limit free speech is simple. Define all “outlier” website to a specific DNS groups. Monitor the groups. Shut down access slowly to these DNS groups. Drop small website who are trouble makers by non renewal. Build the DNS groups so that by some false flag provocation in the future the entire DNS group is shut down (an in most cases never comes back up again).

          Using this method SHTFplan will be gone in about 2.5 to 3 years worst case. When they did this in Asia they cut about 400,000 website accesses a week for 4 years until most of their “dissidents” were shut out of internet. I have been on some of their Asian sites where today the people write using code sheets so their website is not shut down by the internet police. It is estimated that up to 120,000 internet police combined are active in all Asian countries.

          • One way around the problem is alt root dns systems. Yeti-dns, maidsafe & P2P systems are available

        • “IF”..my Prior Reply in This article forum ever finally gets Posted up???!!! Please READ it and let Truth sink in Very Deeply! Truth as to Who is the REAL Perps behind this entire plan for internet censorings and total deletions of every website THEY alone determine should get scrubbed fully from online ability to exist!

          I also included TWO Proof of whom Links so to in advance counter the idiotic naysayers and deluded deniars that always Demand proofs etc..

          if Mac posts it up???!!! Then lets Hope such deluded deniars of vetted proof truths actually Research my documented Proofs and then Re-Think their grand delusions and finally awaken to the real documented proven main major Perps behind it all period.

          my Prior short info and links reply here contains all one needs to know and since it is info straight From the ziojewry perps themselves…Well how much better of proof can deniars desire of eh?

          my other info reply also proves this agenda plan Has been Ongoing for at least THREE Years if not Longer yet!

          Only abject fools will reject this valid proof of whoms them perps. Of which this forum is certain to contain its more than fair share of eh. What do they not yet Get?

      11. This site censors. Fucking hypocrites

        • Not sure what you mean… Your comments have been posted.

          • Mac: Why was my other info relpy totally deleated? it is relevant to this internet censoring issue. It was written BY the very folks that had a govnt sponcered meeting held in Jeruselem Israel three years ago, and fully exposes whos the true perps behind it all.

            I also included Two Links as proof of info sources so folks can go check validity etc of it all.

            yet that entire info reply got deleted. WHY?

            Nobody can call it racist or antisemite info since jews is who spoke and wrote that info!

            Mac you keep insisting on zero censorship yet as soon as it seems true and my replies get posted up, although Every reply I submit gets moderated and most take 24 to 48 hrs to finally appear. And then only after half dozen new articles get added so my reply is very old and out dated at best.

            But then when it seems to be more normal here, once agan my replies get totally deleated.

            have you considered that while Yes Mac you do provide a good place for folks to come to and post info at etc…

            Without said poster folks this site would be irrelevant and barly a few folks would know of it.

            And maybe it has not crossed your mind or thoughts yet? But it takes a long time to think up or locate relevant info to reply with and also to do spelling checks and make it as good as possible for others to read.

            to see all that become for nothing when it all simply disapears via deleted and censored?…That sure aint belief of free speech mac.

            And do Not attempt to claim my replies are any different or worse when compared to many others here with similar infos and words used etc…

            Soon SHTF will probably be lucky to maintain a forum with half dozen poster folks here if that many.

            oh well at least each one then shall likly be very pro-PC and never Dare broach any Taboo subjects eh!

      12. How does O have the authority to do this. Seems like it is something the people should vote on? Cruz was trying to stop it.

      13. Jet17coredos/5937rel333676?

      14. Yes, the time for words is coming to an end, ended by those who can’t stand the truth of those words and who rely on the silence and inaction of those who will be their compliant victims.

      15. It’s going to be interesting watching censors working to stop Americans from saying what they wish, with the conflict of the 1st amendment and foreign censors. This may be the cause of the next big war.

      16. Why I store lots of paper/pens/and a manual typewriter . Communication. Is important ! Saving history is important . Put info on disk as much as you can. I think the future depends on it.
        Take care all

      17. Tons of alternative news websites backed up over the years (compressed in zip and 7zip format!) All .html webpages from hundreds of different online news sites were scraped up using a simple bot (Teleport Pro & VLX!) You can download them and still read the reports even if offline using your PC web browser.

        KILLCEN Archive 2013 – 2015 (Over 5,000,000 Reports) »



        Operation KILLCEN 2016 (Over 1,200,000 reports) »



        My current collection of website backups here:

        A couple alternative news boards you may or may not like:

        Me and some other anons backup all kinds of other info & media here:

        • Thank you!

      18. Speaking about the un/freedom of speech ect.,where the hell is the article on un calling for slavery reparations that was on site earlier?!

        • WD

          Was on Drudge.

          • Anon,there was a link here in one of the posts to I believe breibart version,can’t find it now!Screw it,am R&Ring at a friends house,just fed the duck out on river squawking,believe one of the ducklings that followed me in kayak in Spring I started feeding,the world goes to hell at least had a nice time towards the demises gathering steam!

      19. WHAT EVER

      20. Warchild, the UN can go f#$% themselves and I don’t even care if I find the article. UN has NO authority over any of us.

      21. if Blacks ever do get slavery reparation cash? Then every white person should instantly become the largest ever group of Outlaws and Highway Robbers history ever yet heard of!

        And employ savage african street tactics to Remove their illgotten fraudulent gotten slavery rep cash right from their pockets and hands!

        Tactics such as Armed stop and carjack methods used by savage negroes daily on usa roads. Only instead of a car jacking, make it a Cash Jacking of slavery rep cash they never deserved period. And cash that will be added onto Whiteys fed Taxpayer roles as owed taxes to fund it all.

        I demand cash grant reparations paid to Whiteys that has paid half their weekly paychecks since day one, funding every fucked up agenda and policy and program designed to fund savage cannabals antics and baby factory mommas.

        Because Whiteys Owed it back since every such program has
        been an abject FAILURE!…I have zero kids yet Pay property taxes to fund kids public schools…But todays kids cannot read or do math etc! That spells Failure big time eh…I want a full REBATE!

        And so should YOU if also white!

        just wait untill every website that contains even a rare Hint of facts or truths, which no doubt Must also mention afrcian blacks and ziojewry, since they are the Two major problems in america and have been all along, is fully scrubbed and gone never agin to get accessed.

        Then What Eh?…..NO patriotic real american folk will ever be eble to pass on knowledge or info period…Nor use a website forum to assemble folks in large enough groups to affect various nefarious libziojewafrcian kommie agendas ever again.

        And as soon as websites can be deleted permanantly…Watch for New Crys and whinny whines, and no others can whine as they do eh! Crys for new Fed Laws like Germany has for hate speech and hate “Thoughts”.

        Well as soon as real american folk begin to get arrested and jailed same as Now in germany and 55 other nations the ADL ziojews brag of doing constantly to…

        That aint going to fly in usa period. Blood will flow for certain if They dare go that far!

        These kontrol freeks and self chozens thought if they waited untill we boomers age to retirement ages or older yet….That Then it be easy piece of cake to accomplish every evl agenda they have pre planned for a long time now.

        Only it never did work out like that eh! Yes boomers did age and reitre…But be sure and certain Too Many boomers to count own many firearms and ammos and still are quite able to HIT whatever target they aim at!

        I now no longer doubt that we the boomer gen Are the genaration designated by a much higher Power/God to be the true warrior class He shall employ/Use at some point in time to finalize and vanquish the real nefarious Perps.

        Maybe all thats holding it all up now, is we are waiting for the rest/Others to Finally awaken to whom are the real perps eh?

        And I have just One main question for various american/dual israel citizen type folks…

        Question is: “IF/When” the day arrives that YOU Must choose ONLY One Nation You will REMAIN 100% Loyal to?

        And even when That loyalty will mean a total Disowning of all/any former or current Ties to or with state of israel…WHICH shall You choose to remain 100% Loyal to eh?

        ps: I don’t really expcet any real logical sound pertinant answers to it. If any even respond in an answer?

        It will likly be jibber jabberish mambo jambo that fully evades a real solid easy yes or no answer.

        But Bottom Line for ALL type dual citizens in america is soon going to be “Which Nation do You swear 100% allegiance and Loyalty to”? And Any answer other than “I swear it To and For America”…Equals an Domestic ENEMY period! For there can never Be another way period.

        I very look fwd to the day such dual citizens Must choose just ONE loyalty and Denounce or renounce ALL other nations like it or not…outta be a real Hoot watching all of their many mindless negotiations and mind game answers conjured up so to delay a Real easy on point answer when asked that serious important question.

        We already Know for certain what nation their full loyalty goes to when it is folks such as sen schumer or finestien etc etc et al…Of Course they remain loyal only to or for Israel and jewry….

        But….What about those lesser knowns that are from same group/tribe and now number aprox 7+Million persons within usa lands eh? They are who I am wondering about.

        Most talk big on being pro american etc etc…but most also remain More loyal to nuttyahoos israel state as well…That simply will Not Fly when shtf time arrives.

        So untill then, keep wakeing others about the tare weeds and nation wreckers amoung us.

        • Kind of a funny statement coming from one who calls himself a Christian… “But Bottom Line for ALL type dual citizens in america is soon going to be “Which Nation do You swear 100% allegiance and Loyalty to”? And Any answer other than “I swear it To and For America”…Equals an Domestic ENEMY period! For there can never Be another way period.”

          You, a Christian, have a duel citizenship, do you not?? If you call yourself a Christian, you most definitely do.

          To whom do you give the preeminence?

          yeah, I know who you are.

          • gran, sounds like you’re splitting hairs with that response.
            It’s quite a simple question he’s asking. Which Country?

      22. Them,will not fall into trap of govt. turning folks on each other,instead,drop out of system and the taxation/become part of underground economy,and thus,stop supporting the insanity.As the insanity grows the govt. will see more dropping out and in the end they will turn directly on the citizens,and as citizens we see the enemy out front and the battle is on,will not tear each other apart to make the then govt. turning easy on em,nope,fuck that noise.

        • WD

          Roaming the Flea Market today I found two drop leg magazine pouches made by American Body armor. Price $2.00. Excellent condition.

          Hit the Flea Markets, Garage and yard sales. You find great stuff for great prices. You also get some sun, fresh air and exercise.

          That’s the Prep Tip of the day.

      23. They have to do this before the election so they can control information and communication post election shtf. Its part of their plan

      24. There are 2 main beasts in Revelation, the beast with the 7 heads and 10 horns representing the UN and the Beast with the lamb’s horns which serves the UN beast and make people do homage to the UN.

        ICANN logo has the lamb’s horns on it and is the backbone of the internet providing address for everything connected to it. The internet is how all electronic transaction are carried out and without it you could not do commerce without accessing it. Soon it will be a requirement for everybody to be marked so that they can buy or sell using this electronic media. ICANN will be put under the control of the UN.

        The UN motto one world one people.
        ICANN motto one world one internet.

        The 7 headed beast with the 10 horns represent the security council in that the 7 heads represent 4 permanent members China, Russia, England and France which has 4 heads/presidents as it is part of the EU. The 10 horns represent the 10 non permanent members on the security council, 5 acting and 5 training. The last permanent member of the security council is the Woman that rides the Beast which is the US.

        The UN beast will hate the woman and burn her with fire according to Revelation.

      25. Russia closing down independent news?

        You lost me there. Russia has been RELYING on independent news to try and spread the truth about MH17, Syria, Ukraine, and every other ‘Putin-demonising’ MSM brainwashing effort being conducted to swing public opinion.

        While I appreciate the points of this article, and the dangers of the handover, this bit was indicative of the author’s own brainwashing by the MSM.

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