Censorship Of Conservatives: Twitter Begins Purging Right-Leaning Accounts

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    Social media giant Twitter has begun their censorship in the form of a purge. Focusing on right-leaning accounts, Twitter has begun suspending well-known conservative users from their site.

    Twitter began enforcing their new censorship rules to combat “hateful and abusive content” (aka, anything not leftist in nature according to conservatives) Monday and a number of well-known far-right organizations and users were suspended. The changes to the policy were announced last month and broadened Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy” to permanently suspend any account—covering usernames, profile bios, and display names—that displays “violent threats, multiple slurs, epithets, racist or sexist tropes, incites fear or reduces someone to less than human.”

    According to Fox News, this will presumably include countless accounts bearing Nazi flags, swastikas, and similar symbols, but it certainly won’t stop there. Conservatives fear they will be shut down simply for disagreeing with the communist rhetoric Twitter allows.


    Twitter’s crackdown on free speech is surely a simple way for them to continue to promote only the hardened communist ideals which have killed 100 million people in the past few decades.

    So far, the mainstream media is calling this “purge” one of only the extremist hate groups. However, anyone with at least a few functioning brain cells understands that once censorship begins it will continue an in all likelihood, disproportionately affect those who disagree with the standard vein of mainstream opinion.

    Among the accounts suspended Monday are those of white nationalist Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance group, and British far-right activists Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, along with the American Nazi Party. Later in the day, Twitter suspended an account belonging to the New Black Panther Party, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization” that encourages violence against whites and Jews. In all fairness, Twitter has maintained their reputation by purging some left-wing hate groups from the social media platform too.

    As a private company, Twitter has the legal and constitutional right to block any speech it wants, since the First Amendment only applies to the government’s control of speech. Ironically though, for years, Twitter billed itself as the “free speech wing of the free speech party,” exerting little control over its legions of anonymous users.


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      1. GOOD! Who cares? Go for it you losers, lose 70% of your business because other companies will take it from you lol. Fook twitter and facebook and the rest of them. Never used them and never will. Lots of others to fill your upcoming void, you won’t be missed whatsoever ha ha ha ha!

        • Much like Liberalism … Social Media is a fk’n disease!

          • Black people are less than human. Kinda like the “missing link” between apes and people. Not missing at all anymore, I found them in Detroit, among many other cities they have ruined.

          • Genius and FTW, agreed about social media. I don’t touch it either. If the libturds want to censor me anyway, let them bring it on. I’ll make them wish they’d never left mommy’s basement.

        • Genius – a no sh*t moment and response. Don’t use it. They can’t take away what you don’t have, want or find of any value.

          • Sorta why i chuckle when people think government is so indispensible, most of our problems are caused by government and bureaucracy or bureaucrats,,, dont need em, want em , nor like em

      2. I purged my account from twitter a long time ago after I purged from Fakebook.

        • I’m sure that really hurt them pal. Hey, all you right-leaning folks, you wanted net-neutrality gone, you got it in spades. This will just be the beginning. These mega-media outlets will now be able to silence anyone they want, that’s all part of the package. Choke on it!!

        • I could care less about twitter or facebook. I’ve never had an account on either, don’t need it.

          • AMEN! (I’ve got an analogue flip-phone & run ‘Vista’ on a 12 yr. old Dell desktop)……what’s facebook? 😉

      3. Hateful and abusive comments? The left is by FAR the biggest purveyor of H8TE in this country (hey! Anyone ever hear of Antifa? They’ve gone quiet because it’s winter, and they want to sip their half-caf soy latte frappucino Starbuck rather than face the cold, but those brownshirts will be back)

        I am trying to get time to put together a massive list of all the HATE and violence from the left. Hope I get time sometime soon, as I have a LOT of data.

        Remember: H8TE,bullying and violence is always wrong.That is, unless the fascist left does it- then it is “understandable,” “acceptable”and even “justified.”

        • Hate is a normal human emotion. The reason they don’t want you to hate is because it reinforces your motives with conviction and will help you win. When the left is criticizing hate look at their faces. They are spewing hate themselves.

      4. Twitter is for twits (and twats)

        The only thing I used was twitter.com/realdonaldtrump but the novelty wore off a while ago…

        So twitter is free to close the doors and turn the lights off.

      5. Twitter…begins with Twit…how appropriate.

      6. If government censors you or the MSM monopoly complements of government censors you the result is the same. If under communism government doesn’t respond to the will of the citizenry or under neo-con capitalism government doesn’t respond to the will of the citizenry the result is the same. The only substantial difference is with a functional Second Amendment its messy and difficult to round up masses for the gulag. If the masses are neutered of effective political power that becomes unnecessary anyway because those really in power do what they want regardless.

        We live in an illusion.

      7. Screw Twitter!

      8. I still dont get twitter,,, seems like just another waste of time

        • This BB is as social as my media gets. I dislike Text, Twitter and Facebook. If I care, and know you, I send you an E mail. My cell phone is so dumb that Capt Kirk can operate it and I tape over cameras and count my fingers after shaking hands with car salesmen and real-estate agents.

          • That counting fingers comment gave me a good chuckle, so true..
            Social media, what a joke, dummies putting everything about their lives out there for everyone to see, most people dont even have any privacy controlls on their accounts, so you either have the dumbest with everything out there for all to see or the most snarky, cruel, rude ones who are just brutal because they can be. I dont do any of that crap, really dont like it,
            I do like texting, is convenient, saves time when trying to deal with others, or good for conversing with family when its convenient,

      9. Create a social network for Conservatives. Who needs Facebook and Twitter. Fight fire with fire. Piss off the libs(as if they weren’t already).

        • Seems to me that Conservatives should move in mass to Reddit and Vimeo and leave Twitter and You Tube in their rear view mirror.

      10. Why do conservatives come up with their own communication network not subject to censorship and dump twitter

      11. …guys, don’t be a ‘twit’. migrate to free speech gab.ai.

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