CDC Prepares for Perfect Storm: “The Next Plane Could Bring a Pandemic…”

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    It’s happening.

    The avian flu virus, which up until last year infected poultry exclusively, has now mutated and crossed over to humans.

    What’s even scarier is the fact that the Chinese have been unable to contain the novel H7N9 strain of the virus and health officials the world over are getting ready for the worst. It’s spreading and we now have confirmation that the virus has begun appearing in other countries.

    On Thursday, billions of Chinese will be on the move to celebrate the Lunar New Year, creating ripe conditions for the spread of the influenza virus from those already infected. And many of those celebrations will include chickens, the primary carriers of H7N9. In addition, with the Winter Olympics, one of the world’s largest sporting events, just two weeks away, the virus could find the ideal conditions for breaking out.

    And that means the next plane could bring a pandemic to the U.S. or anywhere else around the world. “The bottom line is the health security of the U.S. is only as strong as the health security of every country around the world,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

    “We are all connected by the food we eat, the water the drink and the air we breathe.”

    But that’s not the worst of it. Last year the World Health Organization warned that H7N9 is one of the most lethal influenza strains ever identified.

    Of the nearly 250 officially confirmed reports of human infection since last year, a quarter of those infected have died.

    Those are the official numbers, but it is likely that the number of active infections could be a hundred-fold (or more) higher.

    Moreover, like any flu virus, H7N9 continues to mutate and scientists recently suggested that all it would take for this particular strain to become a deadly global pandemic is an increase in its transmission rate.

    It was initially thought that the virus only spread through human contact with poultry, but that theory was quickly turned on its head when a team of researchers at the University of Hong Kong confirmed that the virus had gone airborne.

    If H7N9 mutates to transmission rates of other flu viruses, which is certainly a possibility, then we could well be looking at a mass global pandemic – and according to WHO the H7N9 is mutating eight (8) times faster than a typical flu virus.

    To put this in perspective, the 1918 Spanish Flu infected as many as half a billion people (about a quarter of the world’s population). The mortality rate was somewhere in the area of 5% to 10%, with a final death toll of around 50 million people.

    At a 25% mortality rate the H7N9 avlian flu, combined with modern transportation systems and metropolitan areas housing tens of millions of people, there is serious potential for a globally significant catastrophe.

    Should this virus increase its transmission rate we could be looking at a scenario where a billion or more people contract the virus around the world.

    The math is straight forward. One in four will perish.

    While we’ve had pandemic scares in the recent past, this one really has researchers and global health officials spooked:

    The fast mutation makes the virus’ evolutionary development very hard to predict. “We don’t know whether it will evolve into something harmless or dangerous,” He said. “Our samples are too limited. But the authorities should definitely be alarmed and get prepared for the worst-case scenario.”

    As of yet, there is no available vaccine, and one novel mechanism of action for H7N9 is that as soon as it infects its host it develops rapid antiviral resistance, so traditional medicines like Tamiflu don’t work.

    One infected student at a local school, or a restaurant worker, or a passenger on an airplane could take this to the next level.

    And once it takes hold, there will be no stopping it.

    Most don’t believe it is possible with our advanced sciences and research facilities.

    History proves otherwise.

    • Plague of Justinian (541 – 542) – At it’s peak over 5,000 people per day died in the city of Constantinople
    • Black Death (1348 – 1350) – Over 75 Million Dead. Nearly 60% of Europe.
    • Smallpox (16th Century) – Wiped out entire civilizations like the Aztecs.
    • The Third Pandemic (1855 – circa 1990) – A Bubonic Plague that killed over 10 million in China and India
    • The Spanish Flu (1918 – 1919) – Over 50 million dead

    The only steps one can take is to be ready in advance with a Pandemic Preparedness Plan, as recommended by Tess Pennington:

    When an outbreak occurs, many will remain in a state of denial about any approaching epidemics. Simply put, most people believe themselves to be invincible to negative situations and do not like the idea change of any kind.

    They will remain in this state until they realize they are unable to deny it to themselves any longer. Being prepared before the masses come out of their daze will ensure that you are better prepared before the hoards run to the store to stock up.

    In addition to remaining isolated from the general population, you must have (in advance) access to food, water, medicine, and self defense armaments.

    If such a virus were to spread, infecting millions and killing off 25% of those who contract it, you can be assured of widespread panic as the unprepared search and fight for resources.


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      1. At least they’ll be here to help us.

        • The problem with this is it could be written anytime in the last 100 years. Speedy transportation is just the way it is. I’m not going to do much until there really is a problem most of this is just crying wolf. Remember West Nile virus that was going to get all of us,it didn’t.

          • Lets not forget the chinese are gonna be processing chicken and shippin it all over here . That whole thing cant end well for so many reasons .
            Meanwhile , WASH YOUR HANDS !

            • All chicken available to consumers?

              • Eliminate the G Flu: R1,Q1, L1 🙂

                • D1 not Q1. fat fingers. 🙁

                  • W1 T1 F1 ?

                  • Fukushima factor will greatly aid the spread of disease, as well as facilitate viral mutations

                • Another good reason to raise your own and/or buy from local farmers.

                  Will you know when your chicken was processed in China?

                  In August 2013, the “U.S. took another step toward putting Chinese-processed poultry in American grocery stores and on American plates when Agriculture Department officials approved certain Chinese plants for processing.”

                  “…the rules for labeling are so loose that by the time the cooked product ends up at a restaurant table or in a home kitchen, it might be hard to know whether your chicken was processed in China or say, Arkansas.

                  In fact, Chinese-processed chicken that is used in restaurants, added to cans and other food products, or sent in bulk to be packaged by retailers would likely NOT be labeled to show that it was processed in China, officials say.”

                  “Processed poultry products do NOT require country-of-origin labeling…”

                  “In the near future, American consumers may begin eating processed poultry products from China, and then possibly poultry raised in China, without knowing it or being able to make informed choices in the marketplace. And given the food safety track record of China, I believe the health of American consumers may be risked by this decision…”

                  -Politico dot com

              • From what I understand, it’s “processed” chicken, like frozen nuggets and the like. Chicken that’s for sale in the meat dept. (thighs, legs and breast) should be raised and packaged here in the US.

                The problem is though that even the processed re-imported chicken does not have to have ANY identifying labeling that states that the product in question is from China.

                So there’s the current law/agreement and then there’s what actually happens or is quietly adjusted…

                Basically be careful with what you put in your mouth 😉

              • How long do you think it will take until we find out we aren’t eating just chicken? Horse, dog, a missing prisoner, kitty, maybe even baby girls. I won’t be surprised. Will you? It’s a sad time in our country when we can’t even make our own chicken nuggets and trust the fucking Chinese to feed us. What he hell!? Something’s wrong with that picture! It’s just plain wrong I tell ya!!!! I am never eatin another fucking chicken nugget again. No more Happy Meals!! I’m pissed!!!!! What’s next…

                • I agree wholeheartedly.

                  I wouldn’t eat the nugget of a fucking chicken either. Not even if I waited until after it stopped fucking.

                  Or not even one from a masturbating chicken.


                  Gross, I tell ya!

                • snake tastes alot like chicken… US & EU already consuming alot of horse offal marketed as ground beef. laws passed ok’d it several yrs ago.

                  whats strange is that the citizens who eat this never vote the Congressmen who legislate these crimes out of office.
                  what is wrong with you americans?

            • I have always worried about the filo viruses mutanting with something that is spread through the throat, nose, and mouth. Samllpox can have hemoorrhagic qualities in which the skin literally comes together between the blisters. Looks like warped rubber. The way the filo viruses spread is frightening as each time the virus spreads to new cells it pulls out what looks like fishing line and snags out to the cell, hence the name filo. The bad thing about these viruses is they go after internal organs rather than the flu usually staying focuses on one part of the bodym the airways.

              With any viruses it is the speed at which it shuts down the body and of course how many individual viral particles can make you sick. There are some virus such as Lassa Fever that are extremely contagious and can cause infection with as little as a few individuals virus particles. Smallpox for example usually causes sickness with several hundred to thousands. This is why people have tried to build up immunity to plagues by giving someone less than what could cause sickness in hopes of the body recognizing the pathogen and stopping it when they were contaminated with much more. Someone that gets a few viral particles of the flu for example will not likely get sick. This is why you can usually be safe within 6 feet of someone that is sick, not concentrated enough.

              WHEN something occurs from a test tube or nature it is going to horrible. Nature has killed off more species with disease than anything else. Every single life form has a pathogen gunning for them, including even bacteria. The main way to avoid getting sick is simple, avoid the areas that can make you sick. A prepper/survivalist can stay in their home or safe place for long periods of time and survive on what they have stored up. Anyone that doubts why having a stockpile is a good idea I remind them of this about a pandemic, that has occurred over and over again through not only human history, but plant and animals.

              Hammerhead is absolutely correct, be hands aware, as the most concentrated form of any germ is going to be on your hands from objects that sick people touch over and over again.

              • Pandemic Flu Reference Materials

                “Due to the tremendous response we have received from individuals requesting the Pandemic Flu reference materials, we are providing a website where the material can be downloaded.”

                “In the near future, Pandemic Flu Continuity of Operations training materials will be available.”


                • Who believes the billionaire depopulation enthusiasts aren’t weaponizing these germs???

                • O k..

                  So for all the past years we here have demonized the federal agencies..told not to give in to fear and their fear mongering..


                  All of a sudden you are quick to adhere to FEMA and the CDC’s warnings and advice?

                  Might as well get in line for your fuckin flu shot as well..

                  Good God…

                  I surely thought you were all more informed..

                  Wrong again..


                  • Howdy, possee. You don’t have to worry about braveheart following CDC or FEMA or any other federal f#$%ers. Braveheart definitely knows better. MOLON LABE

                  • possee,

                    I am sure FEMA & CDC have known about the threat of a flu pandemic for some time now. I’d like to know what they are planning. The more information we can have about it, the better.

                    Personally, I don’t trust FEMA or the CDC to inform the public of the actual situation. We have to search out and find information on our own.

                  • braveheart.KY Mom.

                    These mf’s use every tactic known to mankind to skew the facts,scare the beejeezus out of us, and keep everyone in fear mode 24/7..

                    If such a pandemic were to unravel nationwide,,surely we would be treated as mushrooms..kept in the dark and fed nothing but unadulterated bullshit as thousands to millions started dropping like flies..

                    Obviously we need another Snowden in the loop in the contagion departments…

                    It appears that every scandal (either exposed or brewing under the radar) is conveniently swept under the rug or relegated to the back pages of the news outlets..move on..nothing to see here as always..

                    It would be nice to have a real pandemic expert,not tied to big pharma or the feds, to give us some insight to this obvious manmade flu virus…

                    Check out Lyme disease…it started from some island off the coast of Connecticut where biological research was conducted by the feds(secretly of course)..then mysteriously first appeared in Lyme Connecticut..thus the namesake..

                    Since nearly everything emanating from the feds or news sources are 100% fabricated’s difficult to separate the truth from fiction..

                    Hopefully some credence of facts will emerge on this virus potential..

                    Good luck on that one..

                    Let’s just be prudent on jumping to any conclusions on this and every piece of pravda we receive on a daily/hourly basis..

                    Take care..


                  • Posseecom….You beat me to it. Lyme disease was created @ Plum Island Military lab by ex-nazi scientists (tip of Long Island) and “oops” some must have gotten away from there by “mistake” Plum Island is still in full swing, you can’t get anywhere near it before DHS is all over you by land or by sea. I don’t believe anything the Gov. says like unemployment is really 6.7%…..

                • Might be a good idea to obtain things like a face shield and disposable overcoats for use while treating family members. Disposable cups, plates, etc may be a good idea, along with handling of used linens, etc.

              • A glass of colloidal silver a day keeps the pandemic away…

                Be healthy by using Gods medicine.

                • A glass of that silver will turn you quite blue,
                  And your old ass will still contract the flu,
                  So what’s an old fossil like you to do,
                  but to sign up for Obarrycare before it gets you!

                  William Snakeshit

                  • You are a moron, but we know its true
                    Colloidal silver does not make one blue
                    So quit trolling here, we know what you do
                    We can only hope your the first with the flu

                  • Doyou do get well cards?

                  • LMAO GC 🙂

                  • The easiest way to get infected with anything, is when your immune system is not all that it can be. In the winter time, most North Americans are seriously Vitamin D deficient. Go over to youtube, and type in: Dr. John Cannell on vitamin D. Doctor Cannell, sez that if you take 5000 international units of vitamin D3 per day, you will never get sick with anything!
                    To God’s Creation:
                    Jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice and wait.

                  • Help!

                    I’ve got the rockin’ pnumonia and the boogie woogie flu!

                • I guess the things that hits me and makes me angry as I read this is: 1. This strain was probably man made. 2. The antidote probably does exist and 3. this would be real easy to stop from world wide spread

                  • And 4. it wont be stopped from world wide spread.

                  • If it happens, you’re exactly right HH

                • A whole glass GC?? We do an oz a day and thought that was enough?

                  • Oh BJ, Oh BJ don’t drink a whole glass,
                    Just borrow a douche bag and fill up yer ass.
                    Soon your behind will turn a yellowish green,
                    and you’ll find yourself hooked to a breathing machine!

                  • BJ,

                    An ounce a day is OK, but you can take a lot more for long periods of time without ill effect. If you start to hear the MSM talk more about pandemic, and you see cases in your area, amp up the dosage to an 8 oz glass a day, or even a quart of 10-15ppm, for up to a month or two, to make sure you are protected from SERIOUS infections.

                    The highly promoted “blue people”, who NEVER took properly made colloidal silver in their lives, scare a lot of people. That is why they are so heavily promoted by the Pharma types. Fear of silver is worse than not knowing about it at all.

                    The result is that people take two teaspoons a day like the label says when they have major problem and it does not work. Pharma wins and they have been beaten by the fear created using these bogus blue idiots, the most well know of them a victim of Pharma itself by taking silver salts up her nose for YEARS.

                    At 10 ppm, you get 10mg of silver per liter. If you took 10mg of ANY antibiotic you will get no noticeable effect on an active infection. Silver is no different in that way.

                    A liter is about 34 oz, so at 10ppm you are getting a little over 10mg of silver per MONTH. That will help keep your immune system in working order if it and you are already healthy, and help to stop small scale invasions of the body.

                    For a really bad bug, you need MUCH more than that. Don’t be afraid to take it if you need it.

              • I read just today this flu has a 6 ft. contagion range (did I say that right?); so much for staying clear of coughing and sneezing.
                It can also be on a surface.(stay away from the pharmacy or doc’s office)
                Point, if you know there is illness, stay away.
                Most flus are contagious the first 24 hours before you even know you are ill; after that, 5-7 days till not contagious.
                I call it the ‘gotcha’ flu!! 🙁

                • I feel like I am coming down with something as I write this (started before hand so it’s not the power of suggestion). Your post, JayJa, is very helpful- thanks!

                  We bought black currant syrup today. Cassis and elderberry are both anti-viral. Very helpful to have on hand in flu season. Another important variable is getting enough sleep. On that note, goodnight one and all!

              • The main way to avoid getting sick is simple, avoid the areas that can make you sick.
                You mean like going to work?

            • I just got over the Swine Flu. It wasent fun.
              However these statistics are not good.
              People don’t die from the flu. They die from bacterial pneumonia they sucked in while coughing their lungs up from the flu. Its just not possible for a pandemic of the flu these days. Some people always die. It is just the way it is. But you wont see the mass deaths that there was with the Spanish flue. WE HAVE ANTIBOTICS these days.
              Of course there are other things that can wipe us out. However the flu isn’t one of them.

              • Antibiotics are for cellular germs. Viruses are infectious macro molecules.
                Antibiotics are naught against viruses.

                • Antibiotics do help with some viral infections.

                  • Only when your girlfriend uses them for birth control. She squeezes them between her legs so she doesn’t catch your social virus.

              • Antibiotics do not work on viruses as they are not bacteria. Because this virus is mutating so fast they cannot create an antiviral vaccine to keep up with the constant mutation process. This really isn’t an influenza this is a viral infection kind of like Ebola that actually attacks organs. Re read the article as they explain this.

                • The antibiotics are for the pneumonia. Not the virus.
                  Anyhow. The good thing about a virus that mutates quickly is that it wont transfer much from person to person. There are very specific conditions to be met for transfer and the mutations quickly change that. Otherwise there would be no people on the planet.
                  Don’t waste your time worrying about this. Worry about the dangerous things like the politicians. It is much more likely that they will kill you than the Flu.

                  • ED – I keep sayin , socialism has and will kill more than an EMP ,a nuke or pandemic.
                    History is there to prove it .

                • T T.
                  You make a good point it keep mutating.
                  Here is something to think about It could (with luck) mutate into something that won’t infect humans.

                  Let us pray that this happens.

                  • Doesnt work that way. The genie is out of the lamp at this point.

                  • God help us if it mutates and reproduces as a liberal

              • the flu can put you on a ventilator
                it’s called respiratory failure

                how many of those machines do you think exist in this country ?

                there are less than 70,000 give or take

                millions will get the flu
                a SIGNIFICANT # of those will require ventilator support to
                stay alive

                guess what happens next???

                it’s called triage

                just hope and pray you or your loved one
                is one of the lucky FEW

                • There is also a shortage of sterile IV saline. It is only imported from Mexico and there have been problems with contamination.

                  IV saline is an automatic treatment when people are hospitalized, especially if they are dehydrated.

                  This virus is resistant to anti-virals.

                  • My local hospital has said that they are low on saline solutions(Virginia)

                  • It is true that there is a shortage of normal saline in the liter bags. I work at a large teaching hospital. We were told it will be day to day, encouraged to use sparingly, and consider other size bags. Was told it was a supply problem. This certainly explains alot now to me.

                  • “””This virus is resistant to anti-virals.”””

                    It may be immune to anything Big Pharma pushes, but it will succumb to Gods medicine (colloidal silver) in less than 5 minutes.

                    No known virus, bacteria or fungus can live even 5 minutes in the presence of silver.

                  • Can’t we make anything now?? From Mexico??

                  • Folks, it’s sterile salt water–it’s so damned complicated we can’t handle the intelligence here to make our own?
                    I am so confident that Mexico is cleaner than us—oh, wait, those making $20 an hour with the unions just couldn’t survive on that and wanted a raise? 🙁
                    So, what did the CEO do?? He moved.
                    Nice going a**holes.

                  • I came home this past Sunday from the hospital after having my appendix removed. I had an IV for 3 days and went through bag after bag of saline, plus antibiotics, anti nausea medicine, and pain killers. I kept thinking how lucky I was that this happened now before the collapse.

                  • Blue H2O

                    Nonsense. Mexico upholds the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Rivaled only by China.

                • I’d rather take my chances at home with Elderberry than in a hospital with C-Diff or staph infection running rampant.

                  • OK But with a bad appendix you would now be DEAD! All the whining people do-WE had 100% Natural medicine once. WE DIED AT 50!!! or long befor! GET REAL Modern medicine is the only reason people at 50-60 get to complain about it. Otherwise most of them would be dead. It’s not perfect, but it’s one hell of a lot better than home remedies.far more than alf the time.

                  • Paranoid, people died early because of dirty water, no sanitation, and other “unclean” environmental issues. The medical establishment would love to take credit, but it was not the reason for the rise in life expectancy.

                    Having said that, we may again lose the sanitation and cleanliness that keeps us alive longer.

                    The difference is that now we can make colloidal silver with very little effort to help ensure our bodies can fight of the bugs that clean water and sanitation keep at bay. We can use it to eliminate the bugs BEFORE they enter our systems.

                    Don’t give modern medicine too much credit. The system KILLS over 750,000 people a year that would have survived had they not gone to the doctor in the first place. A modern doctor is nothing more than a pharma trained drug pushers.

                    Of course, that does not include those doctors who work on trauma patients, where great strides have been made in repairing damage to the body.

                    Not one time in history has the modern medical community cured anything. The body heals itself, and always has.

                  • In northern KY, I could not find Elderberry in stock. It had to be ordered. If you wait, it won’t be available at any price.

                    I had wondered about the ventilator situation. Keep in mind that the 25% mortality rate is happening when cases are coming in small numbers.

                • Ok…..So you are saying be the first to get the flu….so you are first in line for the ventilator …LOL!
                  I do believe that the government will not tell us the truth…..because they don’t wasn’t to cause a panic. The panic will come when people start piling up in the streets. I believe the movie contagion gives a pretty realistic view of the future….if a pandemic comes our way . During the last flu scare a couple years back….it became impossible to get a hold of a box of N95 masks. It might be a good idea for everyone to look at their first aid/ medical kit & see if they have any. If not, you might want to consider buying a box or two now…while they are available . O Also…if any of you have a Kroger supermarket near you…they have Delmonte canned vegetables on sale where if you buy 6 cans or more, you get them for $0.48 a can. They are dated for 2016. 4 types,
                  Corn, Peas, green beans , & French cut green beans. I bought 8 cases yesterday….& will probably make another run tomorrow. These prices should be good until Tuesday . Be safe Y’all !
                  Standing by in
                  Montgomery County Texas

                  • And Kroger’s had .49¢ BBQ sauce and macaroni!! I stocked up even though I have buckets of macaroni–you can never have enough macaroni…mac and cheese, mac and tomatoes, mac and ground beef with cheese, mac and ground beef with tomatoes, mac in pasta salad…well, you get the point.
                    Oh, chicken breasts for $1.99 a lb.

                  • Call before you go–all Kroger’s don’t have the same sales. 🙂

              • ED,
                People also die from cytokine storm as a reaction to the influenza infection and apparently H7N9 has a high fatality rate in part because it is more likely to cause a cytokine storm.

                • I just read about this today–those with strong immune systems can die from an antibiotic? Right??

                  • Yes, JayJay,
                    Cytokines work to get immune cells into action- they “wake them up” and they prime them for action. When the cytokines get into a frenzy, they keep introducing new immune cells beyond what the body needs. The massive overload of immune cells can cause symptoms in many organs systems but one of the most common is flooding into the lungs to the extent that the victim suffocates. There are a number of things that can cause a cytokine storm but it appears the H7N9 is one of the most effective at doing this.

                  • Well, I am strong, healthy, NEVER sick and NEVER catch anything.
                    I have cautioned(don’t we just love that word :-)) Gene if I am unconscious to not let anyone give me an antibiotic.

              • Antibiotics do NOT affect the flu or cold–any doctor will tell you this that is worth his diploma.
                Mine is.
                You can not treat the flu with antibiotics. They are only effective against bacteria and the flu is only caused by viruses. There are antiviral medications
                that your physician may prescribe for the flu or there
                are over the counter symptomatic treatments, such as cough medicine, anti-inflammatory medicines and fever reducers.

            • Yeah, Payday Monsanto summed it up a while ago in a hip-hop song, called “National Emergency”. One of the lyrics is something like, “They’re about to release the bird flu from the CDC zoo now. A million FEMA coffins, what ya think they’re about to do now?”

              Great track for an article like this:

              Check it out and if you can’t handle a little hip-hop music, don’t come crying to me about. Just don’t watch the video.

              • Yeah, when I wants to no the real truth, I listens to rap, they no everything them rappers keep listening to rap n soon you no everystuff I tell you what only good chance we get is if Obama saves us

                • Moron! First of all, this isn’t rap, it’s Hip-hop and there’s a huge difference; it would be like saying Bluegrass is Country & Western; similar, but not the same. Secondly, the song isn’t about getting answers, it’s more of a gallows humor type of thing or a preaching to the choir. Finally, you moronic, sack of sad shit, Obama is nothing more than a puppet following the script. In fact, our entire political system is filled with nothing but puppets. So, as for your jagged little Obama remark, go blow that retarded shit out your ass. You won’t find a single Obama supporter anywhere near this artist.

                  • You be hater, come to hood and we knock you out good
                    Obama gets ahold of your email n watch your life suck more then even now
                    Hip hop, rap has no “artist”

            • Hammerhead, I won’t touch any Chinese birds. My stomach was made in USA.

              • brave – you wont know it , the FDA says “country of orogan” is not a nessessary label requirement.

            • I have railed on this site for years the way to obtain control of the population is not raiding homes for the guns to rid society of dissents against the government. Why risk your trained people getting them killed from those pesky constitutionalist. All you have to do is genetically modify an influenza virus and turn it lose on the population and kill most of them off. Just deal with what has survived.
              However though the problem might be that they haven’t found a anti-virus to protect those that aren’t meant to be infected. As we all know influenza is very indiscriminate and will infect anybody not immunized in some manner. Or treated with an anti-virol. Maybe they could all get into a “deep underground military base” (DUMBs) turn this shit lose and sit back and have a cocktail.
              We contracted that H1N1 swine a couple of weeks ago. I gotta tell ya, that’s been the sickest we’ve been in 15 years. That shit will kick the crap outta you for 10 days.
              But back to the subject. Genetic modification in my belief will be their route. Kill a bunch of people and not have to fire a shot and all of the blame is on the virus leaving the political leaders squeaky clean.

              • can anyone say overpopulation?

                • Lets see.

                  There are 640 acres per square mile. There are 6 Billion people on the world, with 57.3 million square miles of land.

                  That is 104 people per square mile, which leaves us with a bit over 6 acres for each person.


                  Well over 500 million people VOLUNTARILY live in the 100 or so largest cities, and I am sure that well over a 2 billion live in large cities overall.

                  The banksters would have you believe in the overpopulation theory and support their genocide so they don’t have to mingle with so many “low class” tourists.

                  The reality is that the banksters industrial pollution poses a threat to the rest of the people in the world. Their solution is to blame overpopulation for the problems they have caused and to rid the world of the people.

                  The only population problem on the planet is that there are too many banksters. All the world needs is a bankster depopulation effort and the rest will take care of itself.

            • Grow your own chickens!!!!

            • And if, God forbid, you do get really sick, cough on as many libs as you can.

            • We be raising our own. Thank you very much.

          • Para hope you don’t pack none of this back with you, when you come home to Wyoming. Trekker Out

            • Nope, some weaving and a few presents, No 22 ammo here either. Biggest difference between here and Ca is the fruit hangs from the trees here; hope it will in Ca someday.

          • Paranoid,

            Most of the stories about this thing is to get sheeple ready to flock (pun intended) into the doctors office to purchase Big Pharma’s newly “discovered” vaccine.

            The more fear they generate now, the more profits they will make later by injecting poison into willing victims.

            • especially since people get the flu whether they had the vaccine OR NOT. I saw an article that said almost HALF of those vaccinated get they flu ANYWAY.

          • Paranoid, don’t wait till it’s here. Research Elderberry unless you already did.
            God bless.

        • They’ll just spray us with virus mixed in the chemtrails.

          • As I read this I am listening to John Hagee who is warning of a epidemic with consequences of something similar to Spanish Flu. Creepy

        • Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting Wong 🙂

          • THATS FUNNY

            • Hey we got imposters on here! That like to use caps!

          • My first wife was tarded, she’s a pilot now.

          • That 777 was piloted by We Tu WO.

        • As that comedian in the 80s always said, stock up…on Elderberry.

      2. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Or it could be a whole bunch of things at the same time.

        The Stupid Bowl is coming up. A perfect chance for a black flag.

        • Stupor Bowl

          • Bird Flu Isn’t Just China’s Problem Anymore

            “On Thursday, billions of Chinese will be on the move to celebrate the Lunar New Year, creating ripe conditions for the spread of the influenza virus from those already infected. And many of those celebrations will include chickens, the primary carriers of H7N9.

            In addition, with the Winter Olympics, one of the world’s largest sporting events, just two weeks away, the virus could find the ideal conditions for breaking out.”


            • I think you mean millions….there is just over 1 billion Chinese.

        • Yeah, abut 3 weeks ago I read where the US Government was looking for volunteers to be purposely infected with the Flu, they were paying $3000 each (for research purposes) I wonder if they also gave them Super bowl tickets?

          • Good point, Mr. West.

          • I would take them up on it if they let me treat myself with silver 🙂

      3. time to push the PANIC button ???


        time to push the PREP button ???


        now that human to human transmission has been discovered
        it may be just a matter of time before this becomes much more widespread

        this is exactly how pandemics get started

        if we start to see more and more clusters of spread
        and if this gets out of China

        you really need to think about going into high gear

        • This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “MADE IN CHINA”. I’ll just call it the Chinese flu.

          • That’s a good name Brave! Too bad that it would be racist and intolerant. We just have to be more accepting is all. God knows we’re not allowed simple logic to call things what they are in this brave new utopia of ours. Sorry, just had to get that out. Be safe!
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • Daytona Matt, welcome back. I’ll still call it like I see it. Everyone here knows I don’t subscribe to any PC crap.

              • Thanks Brave! I’ve been here most days, just been very busy keeping up on things. So much going on, and none of it is good. A little disclosure, I’m State Leader for a very large group. I maintain a ” bunker” explicitly for my group. So I try to keep ahead of developments that may cause “The Facility” to be put into action. God help us when it comes! I too call it as I see it. I someone doesn’t like it, tough shit. Take care my friend!
                Standing ready in Daytona

              • What about Eisencrap?

                • Bring gear, guns & ammo, food and a ready attitude. I’ll only turn away the empty handed and the helpless. I meant to say we’re a global group, so we have people in your area. If you’re serious, write a comment and I’ll check later today. I hope you are…
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                  • Matt,glad to hear you are willing to work with others,would like to know more like minded people but am so paranoid about govt. fronts and infiltration really not willing to work with folks excepting friends have known for decades,that said,best of luck to you.It will become apparent real quickly if things go south who is a friend and who is a enemy.

          • Wok-a, Wok-a, Wok-a!

          • The Fu-Man Flu.

          • Do a google search on “Dead Pigs in Chinese River” if you want to know where this came from.

        • When in Trouble, When in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout! Bar the Door, Kill the Pig, Grab a Shovel We got to Dig.

          • But don’t


      4. Guess I’ll skip The Chinese food this week. Stay out of Seattle. They’re everywhere.

        • Hey that guy in the picture looks like Eisenkraut! Trekker Out.

          • MT, and everyone else. My advice is don’t go near eisenturd if you can avoid it.

            • You sure do post comments near me every chance you get.

          • Cannoy be him, he is with a female!!!

            • What makes you think I dont do women? It could be your daughter.

              In every area there are people who are wishing for SHTF. Praying for chaos so they can do whatever they want.

            • me: I think Trekk meant the guy on the left looks like eisencrews, the one on the right looks like my Cuz.

              • NGIC, f#$% you!

                • And you were the first to cuss and start a person all attack. BH. Look in the mirror and look how you are treating someone.

                  I guess you just are nice to who agree with you. He has been following the rules you are not.

          • eisen is like that…afraid some old person will infect him with wrinkles.

            • I do old women. I love wrinkles. They wear out quickly though.

              • Yea but if they take them dentures out,,,,

            • I don’t want to catch “Eisenitis” or “Eisen’s Disease”.

              • @ braveheart. I truly would be more concerned about the comment below about this character wanting American soldiers and veterans to all die. Someone like this is likely “everything goes” type of sicko, from man to beast. This fools end up with AIDS. Anyone wishing people will die over and over again is a total psycho/schizo. I pray to God that someone will see this and lock up this person in the booby hatch before they can actually act on this. No one I ever knew talked like this, and I knew a couple of really mentally disturbed people in college.

                • Riiiiight…the existence of veterans and soldiers is defined by them wanting everyone to die, but the desire for Karma is sooooo wong and evwil.

                  BI, you are a laugh riot.

                  • eisen, you are one sick puppy. you need some help or to be put out of your misery.

        • Same with Vancouver.

        • “Chickadee China, the Chinese Chicken! You have?”

        • Maudy:
          Off topic. I left you some infromation on the blog about the new bullets. It’s about my visit to my financial consultant.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      5. O.K., we have thousands of TSA people at the airports, costing millions of dollars, trying to catch terrorist (which they haven’t yet) & not $1 to catch a avian flu virus person.

        Once again, the USG has the priority of our safety ass backwards.

        • Tsa coulnt even catch the flu itself never mind identifying someone who has it.

          • We can always hope you are wrong about their ability to catch this flu. If it could mutate into a 100% killer if contracted while wearing a uniform maybe the airports would again be safe for grandma and the kids.

            • Yes GC we can hope. I made my first batch of colloidal silver the other day. Should I see silver particles floating. If so how big and I had some that looked like pieces clustered together after it sat for a day.

              • Filter it through a coffee filter and bottle it in a dark colored bottle.

              • No you shouldn’t see anything floating. And clusters means your water was too dirty and/or you cooked it too long. Most likely bad water. I forgot a batch once and it was cooking for 2 hours!! It turned out a shade of yellow but had nothing floating in it. ‘Silver, extra strength’!
                molon labe

                • It should be clear to a light yellowish color. The stronger it is (the higher the ppm) the more yellow it will become.

                  If you do not have a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids), you need to get one.

                  Make your batches between 15 to 20 ppm. It will be tinted yellow in that range. When making it with low voltage, keep the strength to 25ppm or less.

                  I make mine every day in an 8 oz glass, filter it and drink it right then.

                  Use distilled water ONLY.

              • It should be a bit milky but you shouldn’t see anything big floating. If they are in fact big, then the filter idea is a good one. If they aren’t, just swallow and smile 🙂
                You should be using a dark bottle and keep it in the dark. I always give the bottle a shake before consuming.

        • The TSA are only there to give those 58,000 jobs to make the numbers of employed look good.

      6. Definitely worth monitoring this one with all the major sporting events coming up over the next month – Olympics, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NBA All Star, NHL All Star, Daytona 500. Good time for either a false flag, or a legit pandemic breakout due to the travelers from all over

        Stay alert and EDC some Purell in your car or on you and use it after out in public and before eating!

        • wear gloves

        • Hey did you guys see that Homeland Security is now in the business of busting people selling counterfeit NFL gear? Really? Am I not getting something? How does a counterfeit baseball cap or football jersey affect the security of this nation?

          And aren’t they supposed to be looking for terrorists?

      7. Very few people take this serious till it is at your doorstep. I have almost been in a quarantine case of spinal meningitis. Scared the hell out me. Take into account the bodily functions of a sick person and the misery of being sick. Close quartered. A good portion of you are not even close to being ready for an outbreak.
        You will not go to the store and be afraid of any sneeze or cough and you will wash your hands better than a compulsive behavior person.

        • slingshot–I read today the flu contagion can be a 6 foot space, not necessarily the sneeze and cough depth.
          Just saying.

      8. new cases being reported DAILY

        Seven new H7N9 cases, plus family cluster, reported

        “The seven new cases today lift the outbreak total to 267, according to a case list compiled by FluTrackers infectious disease message board. and the Hong Kong man’s death raises the unofficial fatality count to 58. They also bump the number of illnesses reported in the second wave to 131, just five shy of matching the 136 cases reported during the first wave last spring.”

        • @ Satori. Thank you again for providing us with these up dated links to the world of germs. A plague is truly a mega SHTF and we need to know when something is spreading rapidly.

          • they even have an app for android, but the web version is very cool.

          • But, is 267 really an outbreak. There are 6 billion people in this world. 267??
            More die of cancer in one week in the U.S. One per minute.
            Just putting this in perspective.

      9. People think that bubonic plague was spread by flea-infested rats. True, but it was a minor nuisance until it “went airborne”. Then it killed 40% of the population of Europe in just a few years. Twice. Once when Justinian was emperor of Rome, and again in the 1300s. Pneumonic plague spread very rapidly, and killed people in 48 hours or less.

        Difference today is that we understand the transmission mechanism. Back then they had no clue. We can slow or stop the spread by prophylactic measures – cleaning, quarantines, wearing masks, etc. So there won’t be the huge die-offs that Europe endured, but the economic impact will be large, because businesses will have to close down. Especially malls, theaters, sports events, etc., maybe including grocery stores. THAT would justify six months of food right there.

        • @ The Old Coach. You are right, it did become air borne. The real killer is pneumonic plague that without antibiotic treatment nears rabies fatality rate of 100% that is also IF not treated. Pneumonic plague is still a problem in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. An antibiotic resistant pneumonic plague could be the end of humans. Let’s hope this never happens, as something like this is likely to occur from India, viral or bacterial.

          • We’ve already got strains of tuberculosis that are multiple-antibiotic-resistant coming in from Mexico.

            There is actually an argument for the positive value of spreading these diseases around. The catastrophic loss of life in the Americas after the introduction of smallpox was due to the genetic isolation of the entire western hemisphere from the disease. They had evolved no immunity at all. In these times that cannot happen, since the whole human race is constantly exposed due to the universality of world travel.

            • I forgot to mention MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. An ongoing epidemic in hospitals everywhere.

      10. Everything IS A PERFECT STORM. Everything was fine until 2008/2009. All hell broke loose and we still are in one mess after another.
        Take vitamin D-3 twice a day (I take 4000 units). I haven’t been sick in 6 years since I started taking this vitamin D-3 given to me by my Doctor. It builds your immune system up. Read this.


        • Grandma–I use puritanpride.
          1000 IU, 200 tabs for 3.50,or 2000 IU, 100 tabs for 4.00.
          Same prices maybe, but free shipping gets my business every time.

      11. Yeah yeah yeah, CDC, bla bla bla….. The important news would be finding out who boinked a chicken.

      12. I find it interesting that in light of all the billions of people that have been killed between pandemics, genocidal wars, mass starvation, and geological events like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis etc.. throughout the ages, humans continue to breed and multiply faster than rats and cockroaches. These cataclysmic events have NEVER slowed down our ability to breed and procreate much less stop it. I think the world is overpopulated by a disease called humanity, the more virulent forms have ascended to the top and are causing untold misery on all of us. There needs to be a massive thinning of the herd. Of course, I won’t be volunteering to be the first to be thinned but never-the-less just saying. A major worldwide pandemic that kills off a couple billion people world wide might be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. just saying.

        • You mean the guy that sits on the next ridge over by me during deer season might not be there? Of course, the reverse might happen and he wouldn’t have to look at me.

        • crabbie I agree with you. There are simply too many people on the planet. I say bring it on its time to reduce the herd by a couple of billion.. The few who have superior genetics will survive live and prosper and reproduce. go ahead folks bring on the red thumbs down. It doesn’t change the facts to be a denialist.

        • Start with the politicians

      13. Stock up now on the correct mask type the N95 if such a thing ever happens they will be gone in a second from store shelves and become as valuable as any trade item you could think of. Buy extras for your family extended family and everyone else you know who will need them. They are still cheap but when everyone needs one the price will be out the roof if you could get them at all. This almost happened during the SARs outbreak. You should have some anyway— And move to the country as fast as you can the cities will become death traps if this happens. You may have to isolate your family and if you try that anywhere but the country good luck. This could cause a real SHTF scenario! The article mentions the usual preps but not the masks!

        • and I know I keep harping on this

          but your mask needs to fit PROPERLY

          and keep in mind
          these masks are disposable
          you cant keep using them day after day
          you need to have an adequate supply on hand

          if TSHTF these things will be gone in a New York minute

        • Just started reading this thread this evening and you read my mind…N95 masks are the way to go I have two boxes; one small for my kid, one large for the wife and I. Going to get more tomorrow if I can find them. Got the one I have now from Graingers Industrial Co.

      14. Why would we need or want chicken from China?
        We are perfectly capable of raising all the poultry we would ever need domestically.
        “Eat your supper, there are starving kids in China”
        Remember that?
        Now we import chicken? From China?
        The whole place is a petri dish, sounds like a great way to infect the masses.
        Time to raise backyard chickens.

        • Give me KFC or Popeye’s any day.

        • Version at my home—Finish that beer, there are sober children in India

        • Atleast they won’t have to dump all those dead diseased hogs in the Yellow River anymore. Now that the Chinese have bought Smithfield hams. Trekker Out

      15. Some reports have a H7N9 mortality rate of 30%.

      16. Screw Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle. And screw you too if you went to watch lone survivor. Im glad Chris Kyle is dead. Live by the sword and die by it. Those SEALs are morons. In panic situation people always think in extremes. 0 or 10. Kill the guy or let them go. Did you ever think for a 5, tie them up or something?

        Thank God for dead soldiers. Screw all you veterans. Im glad your friends are dead. Degenerates who destroy and kill. Hoo-ha. Fighting for my freedom by preserving the petrodollar and pissing everyone off all over the world, setting us up to be attacked. 9-11 was a long time coming. Screw you if you have ever used the word terrorist. They have a right to defend themselves against us.

        I resent the fact that these parasite “veterans” get free health care, education, pension, etc. from my tax dollars. Any medical problems not resultant from actual combat should not be covered. Screw you for your service.

        • Hello Eisen.

          I see you crossed the line again, invoking into this argument my dead comrades in arms. Your right to do so. If I may put forth that by your rants, you have made many enemies. Both being Military and civilian. Hope you are prepared to go it alone.
          Once this site is shut down, I do not think the name of EISENKREUZ, will ever come to light again.

          • In their eyes you are the terrorist my friend.

            • Eisen.

              I can understand that. The problem is for this site to be helpful we don’t need to argue. I do not think it can be repaired. Gone too far. For me, we fought against a different foe. Now I have a new foe. Maybe more than one. Might be my own government. Foreign government. My own people. So now I am going to get hit from all sides.
              I do know we set the stage for what happens later on. When? I don’t know but what we say here affects every reader.

              • Remember what SELCO said. In SHTF, on the ground, youre on your own. Its every household for themselves and everyone is a potential enemy. There are no authorities cops or soldiers there are only people with guns and people without guns.

                Now that you see my point, I can love you. I really can. I want to hug you. Wouldnt you like to curl up on the couch with an Eisenkreuz? Just because I hate the fact that soldiers kill people doesnt mean I dont admire their bulging muscles. I just dont like tattoos. I really like sailors. Those neckerchiefs.

          • @ slingshot. Someone that wishes death on American soldiers, as well as everyone over 50 is a dangerous psychopath capable of one day turning on as much society they can take care of. Their agrument is that have not said genocide, but wishing for mass deaths of veterns and older people is wishing for genocide. Whether they wish for this today ot tomorrow, they are wishing that people die.

            This type of person I hope the law enforcement are watching extremely closely because I don’t want to hear about a slew of innocent people and the grief of their families that just become targets because the mind of such an individual finally went over the edge.

            • BI.

              I do not think he is the first and he will not be the last. One lesson he has taught is that they, like him, are out there. My negotiating skills are lacking but wanted to point out a thing of future value.

              His moniker. Eisenkreuz.

              • @ Slingshot. This is an awful comment from someone like this. People miss their friends in the service and this stings. To rub salt into a wound like this is rotten to the core. I could see the directed hate towards me as I have challenged the lunatic. What have you done to this person, nothing. I totally belief in the right of free speech, but I also believe in the protection of innocent people from some psycho like this acting on their final mental meltdown. I hope that someone gets this person some help or puts him into a mental hospital with a jacket with sleeves in the back for his sake and those around him. I feel bad that you had to hear this from this demented mad hatter.

                • Riiight…soldiers killing people = support our troops.

                  People making comments = just terrible, awful, needs “protecting”

                  “demented” “mad”

                  I hope next time its you on the receiving end of a soldier.

                  • So we are just going to beat on him for exercise free speech. Yes I would prefer he shut his fucking mouth. But what I can do is not read it. Thumb it down to hide it. But most will attack him for expressing himself.

                    If I remember right I was out there so he can speack about myself and other vets and so idlers without fear of saying what he feels.

                    His words prove I was successful in my job.

                • How about this….use “Eisenkruz” for disease, death, destruction and warning.

                  1. Crawling across the terrain on your belly, looking thru night vision scopes for an enemy in SHTF, your cover whispers, “Eisenkruz, 10 o,clock” and a shot rings out…

                  2. You drop a sledge hammer on your foot….”OH EISENKRUZIT!!!'”

                  3. You watch SHTF at the superbowl 2014….you whisper in horror, “It’s been Eisenkruzed…”

                  4. Your neighbor calls you at midnight, “Saddle up…Eisenkruz’s coming up the street!!!!”

                  5. Your loved one dies in pandemic, “It’s the Eisenkruz virus…”

                  6. ?????


                  • 6. Dang….they are Eisenkruz-trailing the sky again today…..

                    7. Don’t drink the water! It’s been Eisenkruzed….


                  • Awesome my friend. Please verb me, y’all.

                  • PKLL:
                    Those are pretty good ones. It is a shame a person has to converse that way to get his point across.
                    HE IS A LOSER. I hope I never run across this clown. I have lost friends that wore different uniforms for this country and I friends that came back crippled.
                    They are better men than this clown will ever be.
                    Eisenkruzed please do put down my HEROS!!!

                  • I wish I could spend more time on here right now but I need to go take an Eisenkreuz.

                  • PKLauLau, I like that one. Keep it up. braveheart

                  • PK I think you’ve got something there. Monica may have even lost her title, now instead of Monica they will say “did you get an Eisenkruz”. WASP

                  • eh pk laulau wat you da kine local boy o wat mo betta get da kine freeze driedkau kau you know zippy,s chili lunchwagon curry from makapuu.taro cake manapua,musubi.ahipoki an li dat brah mo betta fo survive eh brah.

                • I have stood on the Tarmac at Kandahar Airfield to see 14 better men than me carried in boxes and into aircrafts. I am lucky, I only knew one of them, had breakfast at the same table in Ma’sum Ghar, talked about the Olympics and a few hours later he was burned alive in his LAV III when it hit an IED with a powerful incendiary component.

                  Three and half years ago, a man I served with, a mentor and a friend, was discharged on medical grounds; four months later he took his own life.

                  And I have struggled with PTSD for 5 years now. I have attempted suicide. I have been medicated to my eyeballs. It is only in this last year I have started to actually get better and kicked the mess. And I wouldn’t wish what I have gone through on my worst enemy. Even this dipshit with the stones to refer to himself as a decoration of military merit.

                  So yes, his verbal diarrhea hurts. It brings up a lot of very unpleasant thoughts and memories and the parts of my life where I was at rock-bottom.

                  If I ever cross paths with him knowingly, I hope his medical coverage is up date.

                  • Canadian vet ,
                    I was so,angry with Eisen my last post crashed , he makes me sick he has no,idea what it’s like to see your friends die in front of you bleeding out missing limbs and you are powerless to save them due to the severities of their injuries. I will always be haunted by a young recruit horribly wounded he took part of a mortar round which basically for lack of.Better word pulverized his Lower anatomy.

                    He cried for his mother until he died

                    Many a night I wake up in a sweat when these memories come to visit.

                    You can never let this get the best of you for the sake of the ones who,did not come home.
                    Live your life for them , do not allow the enemy to win.

                    Ignoramuses like Eisen will get their due , the ones with the biggest mouths always pay in the end.

                    We who have been to that place of blood , hate and death are transformed and forever changed.

                    You have never lived until you have almost died , for us life has a special flavor the protected will never know.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • My friend,

                    You brought it all on yourself. You wanted to be a badass when you signed up. Your wish was granted. You liked the guns and the danger and the hero crap. Duty honor country medals, you thought. Country? What the hell were you doing invading somebody elses country for with no provocation whatsoever? Those people had a right to defend themselves and you and all your friends deserved to die because you were the aggressors. As God has kept you living you need to find something worthwhile to do with yourself. Remember, if you kill yourself you are going to hell. I dont want that for you. Turn back to God. But dont feed me your duty honor country crap. I have an independent mind and I wont fall for your stupid hero boy bullshit. Any more than I honor the fucking psychopath Chris Kyle or that moron Luttrell. They are deeply evil people. You call me a crazy? These people actually have murdered hundreds of human beings for no reason. I hope all you little shits are haunted with nightmares for the rest of your days. You reap what you sew. Live by the sword die by the sword.

                    It may not seem like it, but I love you my brother. Truly I do. I pray for your serenity and peace.

                  • Canadian Vet-

                    You soldier, possess honor!
                    ..your posts reek of it..hold your head high, eyes forward & know that you..ARE RESPECTED HERE!


                  • Hugs to you and prayers for healing. We have a son just been discharged…what he’s seen in 6 years of being all over the world defies description. He has two Purple Hearts, and the memories to go with them…may God bless you and heal your wounds. Hold your head high, we salute you! Prep on!

                  • Eisenkraut just thought I’d straighten you out. You wear what you sew, and reap what you sow. As your anger grows your English seems to be going down hill. Trekker Out.

                  • Eisen, don’t presume to call me your friend.

                  • Canada Vet–Gene served in Nam. Sorry about your drug induced problems.
                    It really helps if you just don’t click the ‘click to read it’.
                    That means there are so many thumbs down, it isn’t a nice post worth anyone’s view.
                    Just ignore and you kill two birds with one stone.
                    1) you don’t get upset
                    2) you don’t gratify his ego by responding
                    God bless and keep you safe.

                • Yea yea its not politically correct to state any negative facts about the military. The fact is they are indeed parasites they produce nothing. The military are not protecting American freedoms. they are just cannon fodder for the UN NWO and agenda 21. And those in the military today volunteer. They mostly where and are dumb ass losers who believed a lying recuters bull crap. If the US military would quit being the worlds police and quit protecting the shipping and interest of those who took our producing jobs out of the country we could possibly prosper again. If those troops didn’t join up the government wouldn’t be able to keep the unnecessary wars dragging on.

                  • Cool old guy. You get it. I thumbed you up.

                  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But as you said, most Western soldiers are volunteers and joined in good faith. I for one joined out of the sole and genuine desire to serve. Those who die in the line of duty do so doing what they believe in and fully accepting of the risks they are facing.

                    That alone shows more conviction than the vast majority of the population.

                  • But, old guy, where would the CIA get its supply of heroin?

                • I don’t know BI, but it seems that you are quite strongly pushing censorship/law enforcement oversight on a website that typically frowns on such antics. Sure the twit eisenkroop or whatever his name is has been making some very disturbing comments, but for you to be yelling out that his comments deserve some abc govt. scrutiny seems to me to be a bit of overkill. Let the eisen guy bury himself with his stupidity, because I believe that most readers here have the insight to decide for themselves what is what.

                  • @ Rich. I cannot stand censorship. On the other hand I cannot stand when I see a bunch of innocent people murdered by some nut case. There comes the calls for banning certain rifles and attacking the 2nd Amendment. If someone can spot one of these psychos before they turn MSM breaking news for the next several days, I say do it. We are not talking about someone upset about the government talking about defending themselves against tyranny. We are talking about someone that again and again has called for the death of tens or hundreds of millions that has an unbeliavble anger issue. I cannot stand anyone to be watched because of what they say as this is free speech, but there are ALWAYS exceptions to someone that is potentially dangerous. There are certain individuals through actions of their own, including threats and insane words, deserve to be put away or watched very closely to prevent a tragic event.

                    Call me pragamtic, but if it means saving people from some deranged lunatic from going postal, let them watch someone like this and maybe prevent a bunch of people having their families broken apart.

                • BI and slingshot, something needs to happen to eisen.

                  • I LOVE it when you get all mad and manly, BH. Take control of me, baby. I picture you as ruggedly handsome and hairy with bulging pecs.

                  • And BH is always the first with death to ??? Whoever. Remember that mirror.

                    Death to someone over words.

                    At least the big e is preaching death over someone’s actions.

            • Shut the fuck up you idiot. You couldnt care less about anyone but yourself. You just play at being this white knight. You have this immense hard on for me and you troll me on every single thread whether or not I post anything. Nobody that writes with my clarity is insane. I have no plans of harming anyone, nor am I mentally unbalanced. Nor have I ever killed anyone. I have told you repeatedly that I never posted something about beating women that was an imposter using my screen name. Yet you keep repeating this drivel again and again. You watched too many Matlock episodes old man. Just shut the fuck up already and post shit about sunspots and earthquakes. I dont give a shit about your stupid troll posts.

              • Eisen, what if I don’t want to shut up? do you think you can come and make me?

                • Not unless I can reach through this compooter screen lol litle buddy.

                  • eisenturd, I’m damned sure NOT your buddy of any kind so don’t even go there.

        • Westboro Baptist Church member?

          • No. Im a Zoroastrian.

          • Chimera, I have thought this very same thing many times. But what a disgrace, both Westboro and Eisenkraut. Being a Baptist myself Westboro is a stigma on Baptist, just as Eisenkraut is a stigma on Patriots. There is no hope for Westboro but Eisenkraut may see the errors of his ways and oneday come to his senses.Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

        • Fuck you, you worthless sack of shit.

          Hell, can’t even call you that, shit can still have a use. You, I wouldn’t even use you as fertilizer.

          I’ve been at the ramp ceremonies for 14 better men than me. By rights, I should have come home from Afghanistan in a box but though some unseen grace I went home under my own power.

          You aren’t fit to shovel my shit. And if these dead men were better than me, then in my book it means you aren’t worth enough to even to use the words “soldier” or “veteran”.

          Obviously you lack all concepts of sacrifice, commitment, duty and honour. To anyone who has served these aren’t just words, they are our way of life. Which is ironic seeing how you name yourself here after a high-level decoration for military merit. In fact, you disgrace the term.

          So do everyone a great favour and fuck right off, leave this site. Or better yet, do the world a favour and find a busy highway overpass and jump over the side.

          • Dear Canadian Vet,

            I am sorry to disagree with you. Eisenkruez can be of immense value. All that is needed is a blood sample and modern medical science can create and use a serum that will cure a myriad of diseases. For example:

            1. Asshole-ism
            2. Schmuck-ism
            3. Oral Diarrhea
            4. The urge to tax bridge crossings
            5. Lack of humor-ism
            6. Chasing senior-citizen tail-ism

            Any more?


            • Assgoblinism…..


          • Come on, Vet. Don’t let Eisenkreuz get to you. His comments were hidden for a reason. Best not to even look at them. He just wants to get everybody upset. Don’t read his filth. God forgive him, and others that think that way. God help the rest of us to not get involved with his comments. Please, just don’t anybody else bother to read him.

        • you have no idea what you are talking about…as usual. You couldn’t fill one of those men’s shoes pussy! why come in here and hate,stay home and look in the mirror!

      17. Pestilence has always been a part of life. We should prepare for hunkering down and hope we never have to. History repeats itself and technically we have dumbed down so don’t expect a health rearchers to figure ot out till after its killed too many people.

      18. Get tarps and duck tape trash bags and filters to keep the air out of your house. Gas masks and chemical suit.

        A pandemic would be an awesome SHTF. We desperately need an extinction level event to achieve a steep poulation decline to save mother earth from overpopulation of parasite humans.

        Im off to Chick Fil A!

        • Eisen, you sound like the globalists who want to reduce the earth’s population by 90%. You need to die yourself, you sorry mofo.

          • The Earths population does need to be reduced, idiot. Are you telling me its all fine? Hmmmm?

            • I know it’s not fine, but if you go ahead and kill yourself, that would be a step in the right direction.

        • Wishing for natural or manmade genocide, that sure is a spiritually right thing to do. I can visualize hearing and seeing the sirens going on top of the rubber padded truck from the local mental sanatorium coming to the rescue.

          • Troll,

            The Earth can only sustain so many people. Overpopulation will be the cause of a catastrophic event sooner or later. We need a one child policy and a total ban on immigration and a total ban on welfare and aid to foreign countries.

            • FOOL!!! Thats B.S.!!! Right out of some left wing tree hunging crap hand book. And you thing that man is the cause of climit change or what ever you call it now.
              Only the good Lord know how much this old earth can hold and he did not tells us to be fruitfull and multiply for nothing.

              • Just because there is no anthropomorphic climate change doesnt mean you should wantonly destroy the Earth.

            • @ old guy. I have been preaching about e to the x forever. My cup run over is true with any mass that over extends its boudaries. The planet can only hold so many people before it reacts. A natural virus is nature’s way of population control. I do agree that this will eventually happen. I understand math and volume all too well. What some people though, like the post above says, they assume that they will be the lucky ones not to be part of that 90-99% thinning. This type of person automatically says this, but they are hardly the ones to join the crowd with the sinking ship to “help planet Earth”. Again whom decides who dies and who lives? The old expression, in regards to that person above you, be careful for what you wish for, as you may be the one in that wish.

              I am going to take the advice and wisdom of Paranoid. He said to me in the last post. Do you talk to a piece of dog shit? Do you talk to a fart, that is just a circulation of air? He said that E was the same value as either of these. Therefore I will only talk about what was said like talking about the stench of a piece of dog feces or someone that broke wind. This is sound advice from someone with a lot of wisdom.

              • There is no such preposition as “in regards to”. It’s “in regard to”.

                I dont assume I’m going to survive.

            • eisen, I can agree with banning immigration, welfare, and foreign aid. But you advocate the one-child policy which is straight out of Red China. You sound like someone the globalists would love to have.

              • I dont give a shit if its popular or who does it its necessary.

                • Yeah, I know you don’t. communists never do.

          • Eisenkreuzatorium…..


            • Wait…..Eisenkreuzatarium…..ya, that’s it.


              • PKLauLau, beware of “Eisenkreuzitis” and “Eisenkreuz’s Disease”. braveheart

                • Hey Brave….LOL!


        • How about you show the example and start the depopulation process by offing yourself?

          • Suicide is a sin.

          • @ Canadian Vet. This fungus talks about be playing the white knight, but I do feel much empathy for anyone such as yourself that is suffering. It is such a horrible feeling to comtemplate suicide, it is awful hopeless darkness. To hear such a maniac talk this way about soldiers is beyond sickening. I know many vets, and they are cool people. Everyone of them has much honor and I can trust what they say as genuine. I know there are exceptions to this as everything else, but the people I know are all right, both men and women that have served.

            This pin worm talks about having compassion, yet makes hideous comments like this that rip a vet inside. I truly wish that IT would just go away. I have grown very tired of all the upset to so many people this toilet discharge has brought. I was perfectly happy posting about the day’s events and discussing survival and good ideas. Then this mental anomaly about two weeks ago starting this capital letters attack on 2 dozen people or more about anything and everything. I wish IT would go away and post on some pro weirdo site where IT could be happy as a cuckoo in a clock.

            • Many thanks for your words. Now that I am getting better I have a much keener grasp as to how low I’ve sunk. And that I will never fully recover from PTSD. One can only learn to manage it and not let it be in charge.

              Reading back some of what I wrote, I’m not overly proud of my response. In fact, I’m a bit ashamed of it. I am a bigger man than that. Just got my blood boiling something fierce but I could have handled that better.

              But then again, I’m just a very fallible human being.

              But I’ll chew on broken glass doused in battery acid before I apologize to this sorry excuse for a waste of good complex chemical sequences.

              • Your response was just fine. I enjoyed hearing your story. I pity your PTSD. I love you like a Christian should. I hope you find tranquility. I care about you as a person.

                But I’m not going to listen to this support our troops crap. Nor can I say you didn’t deserve it for being the aggressors and invading a country without provocation. Why don’t you think about how you would feel if China did it to you? I’m sick of you boomer assholes slobbering over the military and rubber stamping their every inhuman action.

                What really set me off was the Tapper Luttrell interview. Tapper, with a mild-mannered and sheepish question, pointed out the senselessness of the SEALs deaths. And Luttrell pulled his fuckass faggot tough guy military act. How dare anyone question the military! We do our jobs! I’ll kick your ass! Liberal weenie! Yeah? Luttrell is a murderer, a invader, and a marauder. Youre war criminals and killers. Thats exactly what you are. And you will answer to the almighty for killin all those people. Chris “badass” Kyle is in hell right now. Think about that. And Luttrells outfit deserved to die. And you supported all this with your tax dollars. That makes you an accomplice. Enjoy your lone survivor movie. In Tampa, a retired police chief killed someone for texting while this movie was playing. Did you hear what I just said? So fuck the military. BI, you ever feel any empathy for the billions upon billions of people murdered by militaries over the years that were “serving duty honor country god”ing? I bet you would rubber stamp the NKVD for “just doing their job”. You punk.

                • BI and everyone else: Is it live or is it Memorex? I can’t believe the crap I’m hearing out of this POS.

                  • The above post was for eisenturd.

                • Then go somewhere else.

                  You have obviously no concepts of sacrifice, duty and honour. The team features in Lone Survivor were good men who served as best they knew how. Special Forces do not attract the loyal-to-the-paycheck soldiers. They attract the best and brightest, the most dedicated to the mission.

                  And no, they had no third option with their detainees. Tying them up and leaving them there in the Afghan mountains is just a slower version of shooting them in the head. Exposure or animals would have killed them as surely as a bullet. I will grant they didn’t accomplish their mission and the casualties were appalling. And do you know why the operation failed and so many men whose clothes you aren’t fit to launder died? Because these four men refused to murder unarmed prisoners, even fully knowing sparing them would severely compromise their mission and further endanger their lives. I am a far lesser man than they in this regard: I would have put the mission ahead of their lives and found a creative way to live with myself afterwards.

                  I would love to see you deal with a life or death morally ambiguous situation like this yourself.

                  And for the record, I am in my thirties and I refer to myself as a veteran in the original sense, as one who has fought and survived a campaign. So, I am going on fourteen years in the uniform.

                  And I don’t want your pity. Not when your concept of service is asking whether or not you want your fries super sized.

                  • I hope the Chinese Special Forces invade your country and put their mission ahead of your entire familys lives and find a way to live with themselves afterwards. Who are you serving? Duty honor country blowing people to bits. You sick twisted freak. God loves it when you kill people. But the demons come at night, dont they? In your heart you know you only joined so you could hold a gun. And now here we are.

                    Just answer me this: what the hell gives you the right to invade someone elses country with no provocation?

              • Canadian Vet, I also sympathize with your plight and I don’t blame you for your response one bit. Plus, you don’t owe eisen anything except a bullet to his head. That would be the biggest favor for all of us. And yes, he is a waste. He’s had my blood boiling on occasion also.

        • need to be a part of that depopulation,you are a negative in the world population!

          • 30 of the last posts were to or about eisenwhatthecrap.

            Know what’s gonna happen?/
            This site will end up having that idiot and others acknowledging that idiot pretty soon and I’m gonna be pretty pi**ed about that.
            You posters responding to this idiot are only turning the interested parties off–have you noticed many of the visitors to this site are missing??
            I’ve seen it happen to many good sites in the last 5 years.
            Citizen Wells had a great site– informative, educational, nice community of exchanging views– till one butthole made it a less than desirable to visit.
            ‘An idiot doesn’t learn from mistakes. A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.’
            Move on people or lose a great site–Mac’s site.

            • Oh, yeah, Citizen Wells and Dr.kate’sview lost a great poster…me.
              The buttholes aren’t at those sites any longer, but neither is the great posting community.
              Case in point.

            • I completely agree! This is why we are still allowed the internet as we know it. TPTB have many agents doing the very thing you describe, and they are quite obviously good at it. It is their way of shutting down good, infomative, and resourceful comment sections. I’ve seen it time and time again! The part that irritates me most is when commenters like BI, and Canadian vet..etc. keep arguing their valid points against a person/name that no one can even be sure is the same person/name they were arguing with before. This my friends is why cointelpro is so effective and divisive. And eisendude exemplifies this with all the key/emoition provoking words he uses. He absolutely knows he will evoke a response from good helpful commenters by taunting them with childish, hurtful and destructive words. So I guess my rant can be summarized by ” don’t feed the trolls” Let’s all honor Mac’s site by taking this one challenge! Try to completely ignore the commenter’s that display above mentioned tactics and see how long they keep coming back. Or if you’re not up to the challenge than by all means comment on! 🙂

            • Exactly….When I see “Eise” anything…..I jump over to the next post. I do not have the time or the energy to waste reading all this childish name calling. Before Y’all post all the name calling rebuttals to what any of these trolls write….think what any new comers think when the read these posts on the first day they come to this site….Are we all in freak in kindergarten or what ???
              I have been following this page for several years now…& I have learned a lot from some of you.
              But after puttin in my 80 hrs a week, & driving 750 – 1000 miles…..I’m not really interested in waisting the little free time I have trying to sort through all this BS. When the trolls post….just red thumb them & move in with useful discussion . Rant Over.
              Standing by in
              Montgomery County Texas

      19. Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

        Since there is no vaccine available wash your hands frequently, avoid sick people, avoid public places, stay away/move away from people who are coughing, stay healthy. You are all Iinmy thoughts and prayers! Perhaps it is time to get a supply of the much touted Elderberry concoction. Seek medical attention early. Tamiflu should be tried early before you get too sick.

        Satori has been keeping everyone updated. Pay attention, have a low index of suspicion, be alert.

        • @laeagle…Thanx for your thoughts and prayers. Got dh home from hospital last night….I think just in time as his hospital has an outbreak of C-diff….nasty germ!!

          For all of you that sent prayers, I thank you. After all the tests, including MRI, catscan, spinal tap, etc., they do not know what caused the seizures, but now has ‘anti-seizure’ meds….so we are TRUELY Blessed!

          BTW, laeagle, I just got a couple ‘sambucol'(elderberry extract) thanx to you guys on this site! Take Care, CC.

          • CC–are you Sandra??

            • @JayJay…’Oui’…or Yes, that’s me, did I forget my AKA on my emails to you? ): take care, CC.

              • I wish you well with your husband’s health problems.
                God bless and watch over you.

        • laeagle–I got mine 3 days after ordering–3 bottles of syrup.
          If all would take your advice, it’d make it better for us.
          The cost of doctor visit, Tamiflu(I read was $100)and loss of work has got to be a strain when Elderberry costs about $7.50.

          • @JayJay…you are lucky, your price for Sambucol @$7.50? I had a hard time finding it here,finally at a ‘health food’ store I purchased@ $16.99….(4 fl.oz) bottle. Gotta get across the border to do some serious shopping! take care, CC

            • I stay away from health food stores here. I can beat her price at puritan pride by 50% AND free shipping.
              Good luck.
              I got 3 bottles and need to get more. Two adults on this will deplete my supply quickly.

      20. I am a daily visitor to this great site and consider the regular posters as my secret pen-pals. I learn so much from all of you, especially BI. For any seismic shifts I seek out your comments, which are spot on.

        Anyway, we are silent preppers and home-remedy home-bodies. I have never had a flu shot nor will I, don’t trust them. When I get the once-a-year cold I treat it with zinc, silver, elderberry, and chicken soup and its over in 2 days. Well, maybe my advancing age is tricking me, but two weeks ago I started the usual cold and it quickly descended into a fevered painful bronchitis that lasted a full week. Had to go for antibiotics for the first time in years.

        All of my home remedies failed me this time and I wonder if during a serious flu pandemic will I really be able to resist the bugs? I have made my own silver since 1999 and it has never failed to stop a cootie in its tracks. I will not get any shots but I can’t help but doubt if the big one hits I will be safe.

        Anyone else have thoughts on this?

        • Better store some fish antibiotics of all varieties – just in case. Good “insurance”.

          I wouldn’t trust the flu shot either – I had 2 family members who had bad reactions to them a few years ago – never again will our family get one.

        • Home Stead:

          Silver and home remedies didn’t cure us either….Hubby had to get antibiotics 3x plus steroids, inhalers, etc. Took him months to get well. (Thanks for the prayers all) Family in another state took 4 months+ to get well. Our little town has been very hard hit. Doc and nurse says this stuff is nasty and is hard to cure.

          This is worrisome to me. Although after recommendations here (thank you), I did get some Elderberry for the future.


          • Don’t just get a bottle or two of the elderberry. Those bottles are small. I think the dose for an adult is 2 tsp. 4 times a day while you are sick. There might be enough in there for a few days. For one person.

        • Home Steader, welcome aboard.

        • Home Stead
          I almost never get sick and I have been hit by a bronchitis that sounds much like the one you describe. What I have discovered is it is probably viral and antibiotics do not seem to make much difference.

          It causes a prolonged phase of inflammation with a cough that can last up to two months after the infectious phase is over. I have dealt with this continued inflammation for almost four weeks now. I even became desperate and tried a course of prednisone. This was not at all helpful.

          What has worked best has been- 1)hydration with clear liquids (more than 64 oz/day), 2) cough suppression to reduce the amount of re-irritation- with cough medicine and cough drops, 3) increased sleep to give the body time to recuperate, 4) good nutrition with supplemental vitamin C, D and herbal antioxidants such as Echinacea tea.

          I hope some of this can be helpful.

          • I might add that many doctors will prescribe antibiotics for this bronchitis when the patient has been having symptoms for a long time. The idea is that it might be bacterial and the antibiotics might help. In my experience this is true maybe 10-15% of the time. More often, the antibiotics just make the patient feel like they are doing something while time is the real healer.

            In many cases, the infection just does a lot of damage to the bronchial tubes. The damage stimulates the nerves that cause the cough and the repeat coughing perpetuates the damage.

            Eventually the body will heal despite the damage but suppressing the cough can help. It is also helpful to rest. When we rest, the body can divert more resources to healing. And it also helps to provide good nutrition so the body has the building blocks for healing.

      21. N95 masks have virtually no ability to protect the wearer from other people’s airborne germs.

        • .02:

          Is there any mask that would work? How about a bandana wet/moist with silver?


        • N95 masks are what we use in the hospital when working in close quarters with active respiratory isolation patients. I think the confusion comes from conflation of medical care masks and industrial masks. The filtering material is the same effectiveness but the ability to seal out all air except what is breathed in through the mask itself differs. Where I am hospital workers have to go through a program of being fitted and seal-tested with the masks we are to use, as well as show knowledge of how to wear them properly. The reason I consider this important is, if all you have is construction masks, you should be able to seal with tape around the circumference and achieve the same level of protection.

          • N95 masks mean 5% not protected. In concentrated areas of a germ, such as an elevator, I would not be too trusting of these masks. There are N100 masks that are much more expensive, and are more difficult to breathe from. Staying away from a deadly pathogen as much as possible is the really only way of securing yourself unless someone is willing to wear a space suit type of gear. Even then someone has to totally disinfect themselves before coming into contact with any part of it.

          • And don’t have any facial hair since it renders the mask useless!

          • Although everyone talks about masks, it is important to remember the difference between masks and respirators.

            Medical masks, such as used during surgery, are made to protect the patient from airborne germs that might be breathed out by the surgical team.

            Industrial masks are made to protect people from particulate material and it can cover a variety of sizes of particles and scenarios.

            Respirators are made to protect the person from the biologically infectious material or other hazards. Think the kind of apparatus that are used in hot rooms.

            There is a difference and it is important to research this before stocking up on supplies,

        • @.02

          Maybe you haven’t seen the Medline Antiviral masks that KILL flu germs? Not cheap, but better than anything else out there.

          Medline Introduces U.S. Health Care Industry’s First Antiviral Face Mask That Inactivates Flu Viruses

          BioMask™ inactivates 99.99 percent of tested flu viruses using natural elements

          Tuesday, June 05, 2012

          edline Introduces U.S. Health Care Industry’s First Antiviral Face Mask That Inactivates Flu Viruses
          With the latest flu season currently underway, health care workers can now benefit from a major breakthrough. Medline’s BioMask™, the first-ever FDA cleared antiviral, antimicrobial medical face mask that is shown to inactivate 99.99 percent of laboratory tested flu viruses, was introduced to the health care community today at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control’s (APIC) 39th Annual Educational Conference & International Meeting held in San Antonio, Texas.

          This first-of-its-kind product marks the first true innovation in face masks in several decades. Traditional face masks act only as an air filter and do nothing to neutralize the harmful pathogens that remain active on the mask itself. In addition to filtering the air, Medline’s BioMask inactivates harmful pathogens, including imminent pandemic and seasonal strains of influenza (flu) viruses, such as H1N1, Avian flu and Swine flu that land on both the outside and inside surfaces of mask.

          “With the flu season still underway, BioMask can protect health care workers from exposure to many flu viruses or from sharing these viruses with their patients,” said Frank Czajka, president of the Proxima Division at Medline. The BioMask works by using a combination of citric acid, zinc and copper — all natural and safe ingredients. A hydrophilic coating on the outside quickly wicks droplets away from the surface while the low pH in citric acid begins to inactivate viruses on contact. The droplet then lands on the mask’s inner blue layer where any remaining viruses are inactivated by copper and zinc, which are toxic to pathogens.

          The benefit of the BioMask is that it can provide protection from cross contamination. The outer facing of the mask is frequently touched by the user, who then touches other things or people. Since BioMask inactivates 99.9 percent of the tested flu viruses on five minutes contact, the risk of spreading the virus is greatly reduced.

          The BioMask was launched earlier this year under Medline’s Curad® brand name exclusively for the retail market. It is currently available at major retail chains, including Wallgreens, Walmart, Meijer, Albertsons and Winn-Dixie. Now, for the first time, BioMask is available to medical and health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, physician offices and laboratories

        • Thanks, .02–I didn’t want to sound off negative, but I read a drs. view and he stated the mask used in surgery was not for their protection, but for the patient’s protection–to prevent their germs from escaping.
          Thanks for setting this theory straight.
          I hesitated a long time not ordering masks; after reading the doc’s view, glad I didn’t.
          I have no germs I want to prevent from escaping…yet!:-)

          • And like B I says above, breathing in the virus laden particles is only part of the battle. What you don’t breath in still goes somewhere and could be spread later by contact-from hands to nose or eyes for example. Just like the military MOPP gear is not just a gas mask, when the threat level is high you response should be inclusive.
            All we really do is change the odds as much as we can anyway. Nothing is 100 percent sure. Failing the best possible, I still want the best I can get.

      22. That’s all we need is this crap, as if the socialist babble coming out of D.C. and intentional economic destruction the losers are planning for us isn’t enough.

        Once we have a confirmed case of this near my residence, we are packing up and moving to the retreat until further notice. Anyone who is invited to stay with us will be quarantined for 10 days before joining the rest of us. No exception.

      23. We’ll see another pandemic someday but it probably won’t be any time soon. The scariest thing about the Spanish flu from 100 years ago is that it killed over 50 million people BEFORE AIR TRAVEL. A pandemic like that could kill 500 million today.

      24. Ah yes… magic bullets in automatic weapons at the end of every concourse in airports,but only for flights from china…
        Yea…that’s the ticket!! 🙂

      25. I have the best prep for dealing with this pandemic crap. A sailboat and some good knowledge and experience about ocean sailing. Unfortunately the boat is 1000 miles away from me. Even with this airborne model if you were out to sea you would be home free compared to others.

        • Leave now and good riddance1

          • Jim in Va., I agree and second the motion. let it be a slow boat to China for eisen.

      26. And they will be sure to spread it Round ….
        even if barry himself has to load it on
        Chemtrail poison spewing NWO aircraft himself

      27. Chinese New Year 2014: Bird Flu Infection Fears as a Billion People Head Home

        “WHO recently confirmed “sporadic” human to human transmission of the disease can occur: “Although five small family clusters have been reported, evidence does not support sustained human-to-human transmission of this virus.”

        at least 5 family clusters identified so far

      28. Eizenfuck, you are like flies. You eat shit and bother people. Go away.

      29. This is the price of countries like China and people like the Chinese who care nothing about anything or anyone but themselves, as we now see in the state of their economy, environment and appallingly bad rapidly collapsing food bowls. Food quality is laughably low compared to western countries, contaminants, often illegal, plentiful, nutritional value poor, etc.
        It’s long overdue for the west to wake up and just stop buying second rate garbage from second rate countries, hence more organisations like appearing.

        And now the Chinese’s biggest export – a global deadly pandemic.
        Great, just great.

        • @ Z Dawg……As he talks ,a tractor & trailer passes on a nearby highway , the orange trailer has huge white lettering on the side ‘CHINA’ and when it pulls in to it’s local destination ,workers open the doors and find …..chickens …ALL DEAD Chickens !!…a present from China to us for not paying our bills !!….mm


        “In the next decade, many healthcare organisations agree with Jack Lord’s initial view that ‘we will see two or three major pandemics that will have a significant global impact’. Given that Spanish flu killed around 3% of the world’s population at the time and infected around a third, the consequences of a similar event today are massive. If, for example, a new strain of avian flu were to spread quickly from its source globally, then some estimate that as many as 3 billion people could be infected within twelve months. If the right vaccines are not developed and distributed quickly, one in five of these could die within the year.”

        China: H7N9 flu spreads at “unprecedented speeds”

        “The deadly H7N9 influenza spreads at unprecedented speeds, Hong Kong microbiologists say, faster than all known strains of the bird flu virus.”

        make no mistake about it
        if H7N9 should mix with H1N1
        and become as easily transmissible human to human
        it will be worse than any science fiction movie

        the current fatality rate is 20-25%

        • Dont sound as bad as the stand, cpt trips was b a d ass

      31. Chinese fru is very bad. Cough, Cough.

      32. passports should be (by LAW) required to display your vaccinations. SO if you don’t have the vaccinations, you don’t get into a country!

        Have bio screening at airports ie a temperature thermal image body camera & if you have a temperature you do NOT board a plane until a doctor says you are no longer a risk!

      33. The CDC has cried wolf to many times for me ever to take them serious. I wouldn’t take their word and especially their shots for anything.

      34. Short man who dance with tall woman get bust in mouth…Confucius

        • Tall man who dance with short woman get …. in mouth….iceman. sorry couldn’t pass that one up:-) keep those hands clean!

      35. I see a lot of comments from people saying “This couldn’t happen, it’ll never happen because… we are far too modern… blah. blah, blah.

        Hate to say it but you are dead WRONG. Why?

        With all of our so called civilized, modernized, weaponized, homogenized and sterilized lifestyles, we always neglect the basics…like thoroughly washing our hands after many activities. How about the idiots that don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough? This is how germs populate and spread. Not too mention all that recycled filthy air you breath on subways, buses trains and airplanes.

        Many people were apparently never taught or they simply don’t give a damn. I’d say the latter is more likely.
        You will care pretty soon, but it may be too late for you. Got colloidal silver? 😉

        • Socrates.

          Fixing to going into colloidal silver production.
          Two solutions. One 10 ppm and the other 50 ppm.
          Brown Bottles ready. Have PPM reader. Distilled water and twice filtered water.

        • Not long ago my hubby and I went to a restaurant with a salad bar. We had a 15 minute wait to be seated and we had a view of the salad bar as we waited. In that time I saw FOUR people, two of them adults, do this: with their fingers, they picked up an item from the salad bar, put it in their mouths, with their fingers touching their mouths as they did so, then they moved down the line and picked up the ladles and got other foods and dressings!!! One of the four people I observed was a little boy who put his whole hand on the grated cheese for a moment before the adult with him pulled his hand back!!

          Does anyone else remember several decades ago when Vitamin C was “all the rage”? I’m sure that in the minds of many it was just a fad, but when you read the books on nutrition and vitamins published in the 1970s or earlier, it sounds like we all should be taking it. It seems like the most important building block of the immune system. I take one-half teaspoon of the powdered C a day, I won’t bore you with all the reasons I think it’ s helped me. Try to find some of the old Rodale or Adele Davis books – though they’re rare nowadays, maybe due to TPTB not wanting us to be healthy? Best to all.

      36. Confucius say be careful…woman who stand on head probably have crack up.

        • Maudy–you are a breath of fresh air.
          Same here –I’ve been out of the house once in 4 weeks!

      37. I gotta get out more often. Anybody seen Spring yet?

        • One thing I forgot about another SHTF potetial problem. It is now day 7 since the possible proposed beginning of the end of the economy. Even with really good GDP growth numbers, the stocks only went up 110 points today. I do agree with all of you that something is on the horizon, I just wish I knew what it was.

          • BI, I think it’s the Moon! Trekker Out.

            • The Lunar moon or the lunatics running things mooning us again?

      38. I was watching 12 Monkeys last weekend and there are individuals out there that if given the chance would release a deadly virus on the whole population. One of them as already posted above how awesome a genocide type of plague would be. This is scary because as technology advances, it becomes easier and easier and cheaper for someone to design such a doomsday germ. Like the movie and many others made, these type of germs mutate and many times become more virulent than they ever were. Throughout nature in the plant and animal kingdom there are disease that have killed off 100% of the species. This is something that is not too farfetched.

        The fictional Andromeda Strain is about this virus that is only functional within a certain pH level, right within the pH level of human beings. Isolation is really the only chance with something like this. This might not be a bad idea to be in the back minds of everyone from a deadly germ or something else, total isolation from everything. It might in some cases be the only way to make it through some end of world as we know it type event.

        • Do you know what a MAMAD is? Better make one.

        • Funny you should mention that B.I….

 several years ago I read an article where some ‘nut-case’ used a windex-type spray bottle hidden inside his coat & connected to the spray nozzle/trigger via a 1/8th diameter clear hose, running thru the sleeve to his hand..he was caught hosing/misting down the produce display section of some supermarket out west..

          ..with a homegrown salmonilla(sp?) culture!

          • @ Hunter. What is even more frightening and it has been discussed in terrorist scenarioes. Which some nut or terrorist scum using those atomizers such on those that people use for asthma inhalers having a virus in there. No one is going to pay attention to someone with asthma using an inhaler. Those things emit a very fine aerosol mist that would remain in the air for much longer than a standard spray bottle. There are even more refined atomizers that some foreign terrorist could purchase for little money and go into any large crowd. The tools for pure evil are out there, it really is the pathogen that they lack.

          • Hunter, envision that same scenario with a park maintenance employee with a garden sprayer. No one would ever notice.

      39. I’m just glad Obama is President. He’ll save us.

      40. just a heads up

        word is that YAHOO email accounts have been hacked

        might want to change your password ASAP

      41. The hard fact is we will all eventually die of something. My self Im not a feared of dying. I don’t even worry about it. Now my concern is for my grandchildren and all the young folks. We baby boomers when its all said & done lived and played in a realtively great period in the entire world history. We had it really good. If anyone who grew up in the 50,s and 60,s didn’t do well and have great fun it was their own fault. Even In viet nam We had fun. Ran over and flattened a ox with a tank retriever. We where drinking beer and smoking pot at the time boy was that funny. Boy was Papa San mad. All he could say was big mother fucker!!!

        • From Gene’s pictures, all he did was drink and party.
          Albums of drinking and partying.

          • I was with a band of misfts. we didn’t give a rats ass we thought rules where made to be broken. The so called superior officers didn’t want us in their outfits.They where scared shitless of us. Afraid we would shoot their sorry asses. Any way we where barreling down the road in the tank retriever dragging a disabled tank. Ralph was driving and the Detroit Diesel engine screaming. Ralph says bet you ten dollars I can knock the wheel of of that ox cart! I says your on. So he veers over and knocks off the wheel and flattens the near ox to boot!! Flattened that ox like a pancake the entrals squirted 20 feet!! To bad we didn’t have video back then. I never had to shoot anyone or go out looking for trouble. I turned wrenches. Killing folks that’s was the gung ho marines thing. I resented being drafted and knew then that the war was all for nothing. It wasn’t about freedom or any noble cause. It was all so politicians and their cronies could make gobs of money.

      42. Is there any information that says if you saturate the blood with alcohol you can kill of the virus?

        • bleach for 1+ minute.

          • Nevermind… I was referring to pathogen training.

        • Slingshot, that would be a question I would expect from Ted Kenndy! Trekker Out.

        • No, but you won’t feel sick!!! 🙂

      43. This stuff is high on my RADAR, I can’t fight it like I can Blue helmets, ect.
        I got sick with the flu on Dec 26, I’m still coughing. My wife has to get the flu shot because of where she works, because it is mandatory or she doesn’t work. She has been sick two times. The shots that they are giving out won’t effect the flu strain that is out there.
        Stay away from large groups, wash your hands, take your Vitamins, drink you fluids.
        If you get sick, rest as much as you can Drink twice the fluids, take twice the vitamins. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.
        Good Luck, and may the Lord watch over you and yours.

        • SGT Dale:

          Prayers for you this time!


        • Good evening, Sarge. For the past 4 years I’ve been taking 2 Vitamin D3s every morning. haven’t had flu since then.

        • I’m home recovering from it now. Also have to take the flu shot(or wear a mask all day)to work. No-one expects it to cover every strain but it helps. Since I have asthma to start with I always take it. I believe in doing all I can and then dealing with whatever comes the best I can. The pain,achiness and fatigue I can deal with but the lack of breathing well gets old really quickly. I know what you mean on the cough.

      44. Slingshot:
        Sorry, you are out of luck!:-(
        You kill off the good bactiria that helps you fight the virus. Good try though.
        As far as I now only the body itself can fight off the virus, then it builds up a resistance to the virus. Then the next time it come you might catch it but it not as bad or you will not get it at all.
        I wish it would be that easy to kill it because if it was I would be waisted righ now instead of sick with this Da$% cold.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.NS. N.REB

      45. If we do have a pandemic headed our way, how bad will it get before the government kicks in and gives warning? Nothing on Fukushima and the Pacific. We have better earthquake warnings than the government. News collection of data is better than MSM.

        They will weigh lives against profit, you watch.

      46. Just an aside to those who may care…as I told y”all a while back I was charged with “disorderly conduct” for telling a Magistrate that she should be ashamed of herself for acting like a tyrant(not in open court)she took great offence and I had to have a hearing on the charge…it part(accusation of swearing at her and her staff) got thrown out but then they went after me for another part of the same statute law(ie BS) which was “creating a physically offence condition” took another year to even get a hearing…today I argued through my lawyer that yelling swearing and waving my hands(allegedly) fell under the 1st amendment…that the law wasn’t there to protect “sweet” speech but “offensive” speech and thank God the judge agreed…he told me (and my antagonists) that I should never have been charged and he threw it out…ordered full restitution of all my monies…you should have seen the look on their faces…made all the BS worth it…thank God the judge understood what was going on and what was right and set it right…glad to have that off my back…just wanted to let y’all know how it worked out…thanks!

        • REB.


          • REB, congratulations. You got real lucky with that one.

        • Reb:
          Thank God you won on this. The judges and attorney I hang with would have threw this thing out when they first heard it.
          Here again you give some people a little power and it goes to their heads. This is a Damn shame.
          It sounds like you have a good attorney.
          I’m sure glad this is behind you now, but it is a damn shame you had to defend your 1St. Amendment at all, and it took so long to get it done.

        • God bless you, Reb!

        • REB
          I’M PROUD OF YOU BROTHER. Well we know we still have a few good judges out there that still go by the Constitution. PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Great, REB–faith restored in one judge–yours!

          • Thanks all…world has gone crazy and upside down where the sane are crazy and the insane are in charge…glad I got that one behind me…no doubt Im heading for another fight of some sort…just don’t know how to shut up and be quiet I guess…wouldn’t if I did…monkey wrenchs ready! 🙂

      47. Great article! This story has been on my radar as the virus is spreading so quickly. Some people think it won’t make it’s way here, but that is only wishful thinking. It’s only a matter of time…I agree with some of the other comments- stock up on masks, hand sanitizer, water, etc. if you don’t already have some. Recent orders by fema seeking hospital tents, scrubs, charter buses, and heavy equipment are not just a coincidence! Be safe and happy prepping!

      48. The problem with these statistics- 25% fatal, is that they think the 250 cases they found by lab tests were the real denominator of the fraction 63deaths/250positive tests= 25%. It is much more likely that there are thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who got it, didn’t happen to be lab tested and got over it. The denominator can never be known in these situations and is always larger than can be reported

      49. Let’s do the math. Earth has about 6.5 billion people. 250 to 300 million die. A drop in the bucket. Now if 1/4 of Earth’s population gets wiped out, then it is serious.

        • Your post made me think of Revelation 6:8

      50. My personal plan is simple, stay home. Move to by BOL if possible but as much as possible not have interactions with people other than my family members who are reverse quarantined with me.

        That would also be the best response from government. I don’t like heavy handed government any more than you folks but a quarantine is one of the few situations that may necessitate it. Even without force, if the government simply asked people, explaining that contact with others is dangerous, I think that a large portion of the populace would comply, especially if employers are required to grant prophylactic sick leave to all their employees during the reverse-quarantine period.

        Absenteeism as they term it should be promoted, perhaps even required. Hospitals should be shut, at least to flu victims because with no vaccination there is little hospitalization will offer except a transmission mode. Other places where people gather should also be shuttered, airports and train stations, as well as schools and grocery stores. Essential workers, such as utility workers and police, should be provided with N95 respirators and during the pandemic housed separate from their families, so as not to expose them. Food and drugs should be distributed to folks at their homes. Hopefully if we acted quickly and decisively, keeping a strict regimen for two weeks the pandemic would burn out because of lack of access to new victims.

        • This was tried in the 1918 version. It worked until the economic and political opportunists got involved and opened the gates again, the the resultant increase in deaths was used to “prove” that quarantine didn’t work.

      51. This is fearmongering. I especially like how “History proves otherwise” when he talks about modern medicine, then the most recent example he gives is a full ONE HUNDRED YEARS old. How is that modern medicine?

      52. A second round of food stamps said to be coming soon. I believe food banks in many areas will be overwhelmed.

        $8 Billion decrease in SNAP benefit (food stamps) in Farm Bill

        The Farm Bill has passed in the House of Representatives and is expected to pass in the Senate shortly.

        “…around 850,000 low-income households will now lose about $90 in monthly SNAP benefits.”

        The effects of this cut are said to be “concentrated in 15 states and the District of Columbia and would equate to about 34 lost meals per month for impacted households.”

        “The states impacted most include California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.”

        -The Examiner

      53. More Obamacare regulations still to come

        “More than a dozen rules, ranging from technical to significant, are slated to come out this year or later.”

        “Some of the most important actions ahead may be impossible to predict until after the initial open-enrollment period ends March 31.”

        Politico dot com

        The economy hasn’t improved. Employees being laid off, decreased hours for employees, coal mines being shut down. More cuts are planned for food stamps.

        Food and healthcare are both BASIC needs of the people.
        Plans to have the population receive the RFID chip were included in the original Obamacare bill. Thankfully, Section 2521, Pg. 1001 was removed from the final version that passed.

        However, the final version of Obamacare provides a “back door” by granting authority to “enact future regulations for smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

        At some point, I expect they will add this regulation.

      54. Off topic but,
        Can we all just ignore the Eisens, Petersons, Facebooks, etc, etc.
        I really do have better things to do than trying to filter out the back and forth BS that does nothing to HELP anybody. That crap adds nothing to the discussion. Every time I read that stuff I can actually feel my IQ decrease.
        Enough already!

        • Well I am glad that the Elsens Petersons , Facebook & Old Guy ect. Are posting here. I proves that at least here the first admendment right is working and this site isn’t censoring! that is very good. Differing opinions many times are helpful.

          • Differing opinions are constructive but,
            “you’re a fag”, “no, you’re a fag”, “you’re ugly”, “no, you are”….. really?

            • And without us this would be just a reposting from other sites. We have talk about everything. What left. And when it come to e when he’s right just like old guy (young guy to me) Peterson. And FBP. When were right we always hit a nerve. We see it as it is not how you hope it will be.

              More fun look who replied to your post. Whose left.

      55. I believe most of our Gooberment officials are already infected… Hmmmm 1 in 4 don’t survive eh… Well that’s a good start.

      56. obvious manmade flu virus…

        Obvious? How do you know? Where is your evidence? Where are your facts to back up this idiotic claim? Oh, I know, there are none. This is just another product of your ignorant and deluded imagination.

      57. Are you people really this stupid? With one breath you rail against the feds and call are the info they put out lies and propaganda. Then with the next breath you give their warnings great credibility. It seems you pick and choose that which suits your preconceived notions. Intelligent and rational thought is indeed a rare commodity here.

      58. If a “Pandemic” happens, It will be homemade and used as a vehicle for Marshal Law to be installed so our dictator can do as he pleases without that burdensome Constution, using DHS, TSA and a police state to infirm those on “The List”.

      59. Buy chicken from a local farmer who lets them run free or minimally caged and fed a natural diet. That way you know for sure where it came from. I gave up grocery store chicken even the so called “organic” ones last spring. Glad I did. Superbugs and Chinese chicken…no thanks. Local small farm chickens are not cheap by any means and trust me we’re on a very strict food budget. No more fast food either. Zilch, nada. I’m spending a lot more time in the kitchen preparing the whole birds and making the meat stretch, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

      60. More and more food is being imported, somehow we lost our ability to feed our-selves, food can be used as a weapon, We need to ban all food imports, Restore farmers ability to plant fields raise meat and poultry, 100 farms a day is being lost.

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