CDC Issues Warning: Doctors on Alert for Bubonic Plague: “There is a Heightened Risk… We Don’t Want People To Panic”

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    The following article was originally published by Tess Pennington at Ready Nutrition. Tess is the author of the widely popular and highly acclaimed book The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster.



    Since April 2015, eleven cases of plague have been recorded in the U.S., and three people have died leaving the CDC no other recourse but to issue a warning to alert doctors of potential cases that may arise.

    There is a “Heightened Risk”

    “It is unclear why the number of cases in 2015 is higher than usual,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Many of the cases are occurring in rural and semi-rural areas in the western United States. The report lists two cases in Arizona, one in California, four in Colorado, one in Georgia, two in New Mexico and one in Oregon. The cases in California and Georgia have been linked to areas in or near Yosemite National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada. Dr. Natalie Kwit of the CDC emphasizes, “We don’t want people to panic but we do want them to be aware of the heightened risk.”



    The CDC has recorded 1006 confirmed or probable human plague cases occurred in the United States between 1900 and 2012. Over 80% of United States plague cases have been the bubonic form. The plague is a rare and dangerous disease caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis and passed from humans by infected fleas and rodents typically in the wild. Many may remember how the Black Death killed around 30–60 percent of the population in Europe. These days, the bacteria is typically treated with antibiotics. With many antibiotic resistance strains of bacterias occurring, this begs the question. Will this plague rampantly spread like it once did?

    Types of Plague to Look Out For

    “Health care providers should consider the diagnosis of plague in any patient with compatible signs or symptoms, residence or travel in the western United States, and recent proximity to rodent habitats or direct contact with rodents or ill domestic animals,” the CDC says in its report.

    Although the bubonic plague is the most common form that occurs in the United States, there are three types of the plague to be aware of.

    Bubonic plague: Patients develop sudden onset of fever, headache, chills, and weakness and one or more swollen, tender and painful lymph nodes (called buboes). This form usually results from the bite of an infected flea. The bacteria multiply in the lymph node closest to where the bacteria entered the human body. If the patient is not treated with the appropriate antibiotics, the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body.

    Septicemic plague: Patients develop fever, chills, extreme weakness, abdominal pain, shock, and possibly bleeding into the skin and other organs. Skin and other tissues may turn black and die, especially on fingers, toes, and the nose. Septicemic plague can occur as the first symptom of plague, or may develop from untreated bubonic plague. This form results from bites of infected fleas or from handling an infected animal.

    Pneumonic plague: Patients develop fever, headache, weakness, and a rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, and sometimes bloody or watery mucous. Pneumonic plague may develop from inhaling infectious droplets or may develop from untreated bubonic or septicemic plague after the bacteria spread to the lungs. The pneumonia may cause respiratory failure and shock. Pneumonic plague is the most serious form of the disease and is the only form of plague that can be spread from person to person (by infectious droplets).

    How to Prevent the Bubonic Plague

    Although the government is closely monitoring the situation, California is actually mapping where the plague is occurring in the state. It is important to note that there is no vaccination of this illness. In the past, many relied on four thieves oil to naturally protect them from this disease, however prevention is the best recourse.

    Follow these tips from the CDC:

    1. Reduce rodent habitat around your home, work place, and recreational areas. Remove brush, rock piles, junk, cluttered firewood, and possible rodent food supplies, such as pet and wild animal food. Make your home and outbuildings rodent-proof.
    2. Wear gloves if you are handling or skinning potentially infected animals to prevent contact between your skin and the plague bacteria. Contact your local health department if you have questions about disposal of dead animals.
    3. Use repellent if you think you could be exposed to rodent fleas during activities such as camping, hiking, or working outdoors. Products containing DEET can be applied to the skin as well as clothing and products containing permethrin can be applied to clothing (always follow instructions on the label).
    4. Keep fleas off of your pets by applying flea control products. Animals that roam freely are more likely to come in contact with plague infected animals or fleas and could bring them into homes. If your pet becomes sick, seek care from a veterinarian as soon as possible.
    5. Do not allow dogs or cats that roam free in endemic areas to sleep on your bed.
    6. Remove garbage, clutter, brush and anything that could be a food source for rodents.

    How to Prepare for These Type of Diseases

    Although the bubonic plague is a relatively rare occurrence, it only emphasizes the need to be prepared. Ensure that you have these items on hand in order to prepare for pandemic-like disasters.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

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      1. Dang it, another thing to worry about…

        May all be well here…

        • And I live close to the animal CDC.
          That is what scares me…

          Thank goodness none shown in JAWJA…

        • What do you mean? Having something to worry about every day is the only thing that makes life worth living. If it wasn’t for worry, why would we prep to begin with?

          • Killer moniker.
            There are so many things to worry over, I just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.
            There is probably 50 or more issues on this planet to get concerned about…
            Be well all.

        • People wonder how all these diseases are getting in here and the answer is the scum illegals the bastard president has allowed to flood our country.

          • I was forced to exit Detroit two decades ago due to the deadly disease bactirium some calls…”Apeisus-Baboonisis-Amoungusisz”….Now today I recently viewed a website that showed the screen in a split screen of a side by side view one can scroll down…The main picture shows detroit on Left screen side, with Nagasaki Japan on right screen side.

            It began with Detroit and Japan in 1945…As one srolls down it shows various eras of a Later date…Untill it ends at NOW today era 2015.

            It is an amazeing ongoing photo display which details how Beautifull the world Famous “Motor City”, Capitol of Industry and Manufacturing Detroit was so famed for becoming after three or more Centuries of an Old Fort called “Fort Detroit” when first erected by the White French folk at Rivers edge, to ward off savage attacks from hethen injuns, and onwards thru the centuries when White Folks steadily built and rebuilt Detroit into greater and greater example of White Mans ingenuity and inventivness etc…

            Then all of a sudden, while Japan side of screen which begins with days after the Atom Bomb got dropped, and is a total wreck mess…..While right side screen shows gradual rebuilding of Nagasaki city, Detroit side screen of aprox 1960 shows vast decline start to seep in similar to dreaded disease.

            Once past 1960, Nagasaki Japan by end of screen shows what looks closer to the cartoon series the Jetsons tv show!….Very modern space age high tech city etc.

            While due to being overwhelmed and overtaken by Africans and savages, Detriot once past 1960 shows All Down hill from that point. Untill it ends with current 2015 views and Detroit looks very much like Nagasaki did in 1945 After atom bombed!

            So I guess the main take away idea is…That while African savage blacks can and DO as much real dammage as can be acomplished by Nuke bombs…

            It just takes african blacks a bit longer to acomplish such wrecking is all…I wish I saved that website but alas I cannot now locate it again to post it up here…

      2. global warming/climate change/climate disruption

        • There is no global warming or climate change. It is all a con to make money from the taxpayers.

          • Correct you are Mary – If the Climate Carbon Tax pushers want to slow down their bogus claims. They should direct their focus to those who habitually invade, bomb, and destroy other sovereign nations.

            Those (governments) are the biggest polluters on this planet.

          • @Mary, it’s working, because I get hot around the collar each time they raise my taxes. You are right though it’s all nonsense. thanks

          • Right… anything to get us to part with our $$$$$$$$.

            They want us struggling to make ends meet or impoverished.

        • Muddy … are you saying this is the resurrection of Al Gore?

        • global warming/climate change/climate disruption


      3. How much of this is coming across the southern border? Nothing in the article on that.

        • purposely omitted, I’m sure

        • That was actually my first thought given the geographic area that this is occurring in.

        • Jim, The invaders across the mexican border carry lice, and fleas. These vectors carry typhus, plague and a bunch of other diseases.

          Boiling kills most.

      4. aS A physician, I have picked up cases of the bubonic plague.
        One gets many swollen and painful lymph nodes,
        If a person does not get treated with bubonic plague, then they
        can get pneumonia. If a person with the plage gets pneumonia,
        it is then called pneumonic plague. Bubonic plage cannot be transmitted from person to person, one must get bitten by the flea.

        However, a cough from a person with pneumonic plague can infect anyone in the same room or area. There are recorded cases of people getting the pneumonic plague and dying in 4 hours.

        Take doxycycline for bubonic plague or to prevent.

        • You can purchase doxycycline(got some) from electronics bay under the fish type antibiotics, like fishmox, fish cycline, etc.

        • Rhonda.

          As a Doctor.

          Why hasn’t the Medical Field filed suit to inhibit the introduction of diseases throughout the United States by the implementation of forced intergration of Foreign Nationals into our major cities.

          Oh? Doesn’t involve Gun Control.

      5. Aaaahchew !!! Your it !!! Did you ever think this may be coming over the boarder from third world countries ?

        • ABSOLUTELY!!! We already know many diseases have shown up that had long ago been conquered here in the U.S. until obama opened the border to the whole world.

          • MK

            Willful endangerment of the Children of the United States.

        • Interesting how New Mexico shows up as having the highest concentration of hispanics and also shows to be an epicenter for disease. Interesting. Interesting that most illegals are concentrated on the border states and most of the plague is located on the border states. Maybe plague has a dual meaning here.
          ht tp://

          Black Death. Can I call it that without being discriminatory?

          • “Black Death. Can I call it that without being discriminatory?”

            Not if you include ALL shades of blacks… 🙂

            • There is No such real Race as those called Hispanic or LaTinA or LaTinO(not quite certain what major difference is from an A or O at end of latina or latino?).

              Every so called brown race persons are simply some combo of various real races. IE: they are mixed races mixed with varrying degrees of Whites-Asiatic Injuns-and African Black…Most have alot of african black mixed in.

              Take a quick gander at for example them Two guys who got shot dead by an alert Texan neighbor when he saw the two exiting a nearby home after robbing it about a year ago or so…When first seen on tv and the usual crys of a whitey texan rayssis who only shot both because they were african blacks…it soon was revealed both B%E “artists” were really Hispanic or mexicans!

              Yet even their Own mothers would never guess this untill they heard both speak spanish, since both had Every possible appearance of a typical afrcian black thug.

              Both had the Wooly Brillo pad short hairs, huge noses and even larger lips…With the profound tell tale, Sloped forehead down to chin look, akin to an Ape or Gorilla. (From the side facial profile).

              Yet both were called Mexican Hispanic illeagle immigrants….Proof most possess varried degrees of african dna…And expect for a very tiny small percentage of these types…Most will Never be able to assimilate into nor with predomanantly White folk nations.

              Yes I am aware that this Fact sure upsets many and especially altruistic Whiteys….But now that we have seen well Over one Half century of mass militant, deadly attacks against Whites, and fully ruined and destroyed major cities in litterally every state, all 50 states!

              At some soon to arrive point in time it will be necessary for such “upset” types to come to their senses and just finally admit, that this crazed lunacy of “Multicultic-Divirsity” has been nothing else but a demented project by the worlds Nation Wrecker tribe.

              And if allowed to continue much longer, America and every White aka “Western” world nation is going to be destroyed beyond comprehension and never again be able to re set or renew and rebuild period.

              Maybe conservative Whites need to revamp overall policy and methods eh…Because after 45+ yrs of every election cycle makeing only Abortion and Fag marriages THE Center piece of policy to run on etc…Face facts..when every January I view on TV them Priests for Life crowd brag how its Now 45 years and 45 times without fail that their 20,000 members has arived at foot of us supremes ct steps, and have had the Exact same main keynote speakers, exact same poster size protest signs, banners, etc etc..

              All costing untold Multi tens of Millions dollars per eveny per year!!….ok so what exactly has crying exact same speaches, by ame folks, at same location for 45 yrs now gotten us? (Yes I am fully opposed to abortion and faggs, but I also see Other issues as bad or even worse at This time frame for Us and the usa).

              ZERO good results is what!…Yet already a year out from elections again many are ramping up anti abortion and anti faggot events and protests etc…while the Rest rally for more Wars and even a WWIII to benifit, who else?…Israel and jews!..Hows about a Rally for Pro White America for a drastic change eh?

              Maybe such tactics are no more than Relief-Valves like a steam valve on an engine so folks think they get something good and swell acomplished eh?

              Maybe its High Time for ALL Whites, and whatever small numbers of non Whites there are(????) who agree we need retake usa back and Now, to assemble and Stand and refuse to back down no matter what.

              Because at This Late date we now see that no matter What Whiteys does…No Matter How nice-good-pc-proper-Kind-affectionate-$$$$$ spent!!-etc etc we do…

              “THEY” are Going to Call you Whitey’s a…Raysssist and an Antisemitic, Period….So…you All May as Well Go All Out!”

              Some may disagree and some may use Other methods…But for myself I have passed point of niceness and care not whos “feelings” I may disrupt/offend…therefore for quite some time now, whenever I am confronted by ANYBODY of any group or race or color attacks me with the usual name calls named above I simply use one of Two main answer replies back at them…#1 if its a black african or brown mex etc?…I answer back “Fuck You nigger! go back to africa!” (or mexico if the case)

              And #2 if I get called an antisemite, which is absured since 99%+ of global jewry are Not semitic but rather are Khazar mix races, I simply answer back “get the Fuck OUT Jewboy!”

              And incase more troubles than name calls errupt from them types?…I always Pak my Kimber.45 “Snuffy”.

              9-1-2015 A.D= No time left to pussy foot around expecting good changes…Time to Go All Out and Preserve the White and best ever Race ever created period…We Owe it to the rest for they wont be happy with end results once they exterminate all Whiteys eh!…I give em all Two years tops before jewry goes Back to cave dweller and arrid sands Tent tribe dwellers, while afrcian and browns types goes back to Jungle bunnie Cannabal methods and ways.

              Whites= the Proven, Proper, Overseers and controler/rulers class of folks…Several Thousands years proves it no doubt…We create/build…They ALl Rob it blind and or burn it down after they first Royally Wreck it all…Any questions from resident Libs?

      6. Obama is not our Savior. …and our borders are wide open. I am on my way to my pharmacy.

      7. It looks like the spread is specific to the states that Hillary just visited. Can someone keep the bitch in chain?

        • I wouldn’t take her in public without getting her spayed and her rabies shots up to date…

          • I wouldn’t take her out in public with a bag over her head.

      8. By the red dots on the map it makes me wonder if that is not where a lot of illegal immigrants from all over the world may have landed and brought the plague with them. We know many diseases have been brought in by illegals that had long ago been stamped out here in the U.S. until obama opened the border to anyone who could get across.

      9. Interesting where the high concentration of cases is, isnt 4 corners region mostly tribal land?

        • The Four Corners area has always been a plague area, it’s endemic there, low years and bad years, from the rodent population.

      10. Fear porn fear porn the sky is falling. This site is getting so degraded and lame with bs stories. Outta here for a while unless it changes.


        • Thank God and Greyhound he is gone!

          Yea, right.

          • Jesus has told me you bear false god and witness believing what your pastor tells you. Think about it, just look at your house and look at his. Look at your car and then at the pastors. He is feeding you lies.

            • That is a lie because i don’t have a “pastor”, dumbass. I have no use for organized religion or ignorant preachers.
              You are a fake and need some professional help.

              • You should talk about needing professional help pissin, you should be able to recommend several professionals that you’ve wasted your money on, well, you can always pretend to be “cuz” oicu812 whenever the walls start closing in on you again.

        • Fear porn?

          Sorry I think Mac is doing an excellent job. When major media covers a story like this they keep it vague enough that no one knows enough detail to access their risk, or the risk of this disease.

          Look at the map, is it in your area? Those in the high risk areas should probably take rodent control seriously.

          If you prepped for Ebola a year ago, your are already there, save some rat poison. Rat poison may be a good addition anyway. I’ve always believed that when America’s rats find all the dumpers empty, they will get hungry and move in mass across the countryside looking for food. Is all your stored food in rodent proof containers?

          • There are an awful lot of dots on the I-5 corridor between Cali and Portland…Lucky I live off of 26.

      11. Fear porn….. click the adds, click the adds and stock up on fear porn preps.

        The frightened sheep are getting fleeced.


        • lol…don’t post much anymore, but you asked about preserving meat on another post.

          Use Morton cure for your meat. Instructions are on the bag or online. I inject my pork, but deer meat could be different. You could mix your own cure, but the one ingredient (I forget the name) is poisonous if you add too much…so buy it mixed up for now.

          A small smokehouse can be built out of wood on the cheap in sandy swampy areas that aren’t really permanent structures and don’t really need to be. They only need to hold smoke. Use LP and wood chips to smoke your meat while gas is still available since it’s easier to control the smoke and heat. After that, you’ll need to find Hickory or Apple or whatever to smolder in a metal bucket to smoke your meat when hydrocarbons disappear from the market. That’s what the old timers did.

          I grind my deer meat for jerky and dehydrate it. Simply because we don’t have no teeth around here to chaw on the regular jerky. lol. You can experiment on the ingredients to suit your tastes. It took me a long time to get something I really liked. You can marinate your jerky strips before you smoke them in your smokehouse with a mix of cure, vinegar, cayenne pepper, molasses, etc. etc. Experiment with what you like.

          The info for building simple smokers can be found online along with some basic curing tips and techniques.

          Sorry to see ya go. Check in once in a while with updates on your swamp.

          • Thx JRS. I’ll take a look at it. Jerky seems simple enough. Still shopping on a smoker. Debating using charcoal rather than gas. Either will work.. There are sales this weekend being Labor day. Yeah its called the Big Green Swamp. 8 counties wide and loads of Gators.


          • About having no teeth. Wife and I are both getting old and our teeth are wearing out. We can a lot of meat (cut up into 1 inch chunks and pressure can it for 90 minutes). The pork and chicken come out really tender and can generally be gummed but the beef and venison is always tough, no matter how long you cook it. Recently, we cooked up a big pot of multi-meat and vegetable stew from meats we canned and added two cups each of fresh carrots, celery, green chilies, onions, and potatoes with some garlic and other spices. After it was cooked and ready to eat, as an experiment, we ran it through a food processor and it came out really smooth like a pureed soup. (think of potato or cream of mushroom soup), except this has carrots, celery and meat in it. Tasted awesome. Didn’t need no teeth to eat this stuff and it is nutritious and tasty. Canned meat, if done right has a fairly long shelf life. The meat we used in this soup was canned back in 2011 and 2012 and was still good.

          • I’ve always been amazed when I visit preserved American colonial villages, the smoke houses are always the most substantial buildings on the property. They have deep foundations, usually made of stone and mortar or solid wood walls a foot thick. In most cases they look heavier than the house.

            I suppose it was to keep the temperature even, and keep critters and thieves out.

      12. Are You Ready?

        Thanks Doc Rhonda for the treatment.

        Not much more to add except the incubation period and how long for the meds to work.

        Bird flu Swine Flu, MERS, SARS, Measles, E. Coli, T.B., and a bunch of others.

        Similar to hurricane season. Substitute the disease for the seasonal names of the storms.

      13. Does your Wifes prepper blue print book teach you how to set up a solar power for energy? How about a septic system for human waste? How about AR 15’s and tactical advantages? Camo your camp to stay disappeared. How about how ro deal with rogue LEO’s? And the rules of barter? Oh but buy the book, its the magic bullet for the plague. No just a big fat shopping list from those who are fearful. Here want to avoid getting the plague by 99.9%? Just move away from large population centers. Later. Wwti.

        • no matter where you go nowadays someone or a group of folks will already be there, claiming first rights to everything, and they will look upon you as the invader threat when times get tough or they just need a target to vent on.

          so choose wisely where you bugout too or it might just be worse than where you came from.

          • You are absolutely right, E Company. Don’t make the same mistake wwti made.
            He didn’t do his homework and bought land out of panic, evidently.

            Now he realizes the swamp is a bit more crowded than what he expected. Some people never learn. When you leave God out of the equation and mock or blame Him, things never work out in your favor.

            Just sayin’.

            • Pass, show some brotherly love, bro.
              Everyone grew up different.
              After all the abuse from wwti, I still wish him well.
              Not dissing, just saying…

              Be well all…

              • Gotta ask all.
                Why,where,what,who started humanity???

                • eppe

                  I don’t know for sure but it had to involve fermented apples or bananas.

              • eppe, he may be your brother, but he ain’t mine.

                Anyone that calls my Saviour and his disciples..faggots, and praises those that say they will help put Christ back onto a cross when He returns, is a satanic fool.

                I will never sidle with an atheist and an asshole.

                I wish him what he has got coming to him, and believe me, it won’t be pretty “if” he doesn’t have a change of heart.
                I said my little prayer for him and as far as I am concerned, he is in God’s hands.

                • Pissing you already got what you deserve. Shit for brains. I dont need a crutch or a ghost who puts voices in my head. Ever think for yourself or do any fact checking before you throw your soul into the fire? Its a hoax. Why would I want anybody’s hands on me? Thats what the twisted fag priest do to dumb sheep molest your body and soul. Stoopid sheep like you PITW will be the first to die in SHTF. By your own gullible stoopidiry or me putting you out of your misery laying in the ditch clinging to your babbl verses. The rats with the plague will eat your flesh.

            • The lord is angry with your disdain for other human life. Shame on your jealousy and envy.

              • Boo, hoo hoo, you both are little pussy crybabies that do not have a clue. when the fire surrounds your head,and there is nowhere to run and hide at, you will remember your little lies and attacks.

                wwti, you forgot that you used anonoymous again. You also showed your true colors again by saying you wish to “put me out of my misery laying in the ditch…”

                That just shows how really pathetic you are. You have a lot of chastisement and pain coming your way.

                • pissin, YOU are the biggest fucking crybaby who ever posted on this board. Why don’t you and God just get it over with and run off and elope? Then you can get your sorry religious ass off this site once and for all and leave it to the people who want to know about prepping, NOT your nutcase views of God and how you’re his main man here on shtf. Get a life loser, or go back to truck driving, maybe we’ll all get lucky and you’ll run your truck off a high cliff somewhere, ” God willing!”

            • Pisssing in the wind you are just a dumb prick. Codependent on a fn ghost. Im thriving very well at my BOL well before SHTF hits. I pick and choose my moves in life, as I a in charge of my destiny. Something you can only dream and hope wishy pray about dumb ass.

              And eppe, just picked on you a little. No hard feelings. At least you are a man unlike PITW.


      14. Possible Bio attack?

      15. Speaking of the Plague

        Muslims Hate Dogs

        a brief warning to all pet owners as America is invaded by more than 200,000+ Muslim War Refugee’s and Illegal Aliens of Muslim Faith be aware that they are killing family pets with poisons and nail spiked meat treats in their new host countries.

        Their Prophet Mohammad actually encourages it in the Koran as dogs are known to spread disease such as the plague.

        People in Europe are now putting muzzles on their dogs and avoiding the Muslim no go zones when walking their pets.

        • But they had rather hump their camels and goats instead of their women…go figure.

          • Q: What do you call a muslim with a goat under one arm, and a
            sheep under the other?

            A: Bi-sexual.

        • Never knew any of them to have a pet of any sort; not even so much as a goldfish.

      16. Another alarmist story. There are cases every year and it’s much more treatable than in the past. There are many more cases in Asia and Europe than in the USA. Get the facts not fear.

      17. Where I live is covered in red dots. Yeah, Kula, the Navajo res. We’ve had a wet summer. Lots of toads, lots of mice (think haunta virus)lots of Prairie Dogs, who are known to host the plague. Believe me, WWTI, this is not a large, dense population area. What we do have is tourists. (Monument Valley, Painted Desert, etc) We also have prairie dogs. And regular dogs, and cows, horses, sheep, goats to bring the fleas to humans.

      18. Another alarmist story. There are cases every year and it’s much more treatable than in the past. There are many more cases in Asia and Europe than in the USA. Get the facts not fear.

      19. And above all else remember … the illegal immigrants streaming into the USA by the millions, (some carrying the bubonic plague) had nothing whatsoever to do with this!

      20. My guess is, the mice are getting desperate enough to go where the water is. If people are the ones with all the water, that’s where the mice will be. And so will anything hitching a ride on the mice. Which means the fleas that carry Yersinia pestis.

        • I hate meeces to pieces!

          • Those mice come near Anonymous, and they will get load full of hot lead from my ventilation team. I got a 30 carbine and a 12 gauge to fill them up with hot lead. Combat qualified through x-box I am.


        • Right on ! Good ole classic movie ‘Omega Man’. Correct?

      22. Break out the booga-booga! Beat the drums of vaccinations!!
        Give up your rights; give us your weapons; we own your very soul, although most don’t use them. FOR FUCKS SAKE, DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!

      23. I read a book a few years ago on the Black Death. Apparently cool, wet weather coupled with depleted soils are fertile ground for the plague. A global cooling period is beginning.

      24. Of course that map looks scary–it is representing 40 years worth of plague deaths. Though there are more cases this year than usual, it’s still a mild year compared to many.

      25. Maybe someone is doing human testing on a new bio toxin?

      26. Many years ago, Due to military service I was forced to get a Plague shot. Also a small pox shot. I was classified world wide mobile in 2 hours or less. I wonder if they still work?
        Anybody have any info?

        • those shoots give you a better chance to survive exposure

          i also was given the same class of shots as i was a part of a military combat mobility team tasked to deploy to asia in 24 hrs. notice, the shots are for life as they build up antibodies in your body for the disease or chemical/ biological weapon so your body is accustomed to the disease.

          you may need a booster every few years though for it to be 100% effective.

      27. Stocking up on rubber or latex gloves should not be underestimated. When my mom was sick I went through about 16+ gloves a day helping her and cleaning. I ran out of a box of 100 in 5 days. If more than one person gets sick you may need a lot more. Also get trash bags and save plastic grocery bags for disposal. BTW, she is fine now:)
        Also colloical silver is good to have on hand for bacteria and viruses.

        • If you are gloving every time you touch something potentially contaminated, you can go through a box a day. I use a box a day in the operating room giving anesthesia. I never touch patient or potentially contaminated items without FSA pait of gloves so I don’t spread or contaminate clean surfaces. Be sure to get GOOD quality alcohol sanitizer. Cheap stuff will dry out your skin and now you are at risk of cracks and open areas which increase your chances of getting infected.

          If your hands are not visibly soiled purell, etc alcohol scrub alone is sufficient if you have previously washed your hands properly. Purell kills 99.99% of MRSA bacteria. Studies from 90’s show purell after a good soap and water wash is best protection. HOWEVER, if you are dealing with cdiff, you must use bleach to disinfect. It is the only thing that kills it.

      28. I’ve always found it curious that a certain percentage of people
        always classify articles like this “fear porn”

        there is nothing alarmist about this article
        it merely reports on events actually occurring
        and provides info on how to protect yourself should you live
        in an affected area

        that’s “fear porn” ???

        and as for those criticizing “The Preppers Blueprint”
        that book is actually one of the best overall books of its type out there
        that and the LDS manual
        ht tps://

        are the two best books out there on the subject

        no one book can cover everything
        it would literally take a set of Prepper Encyclopedias to do that

        • ” no one book can cover everything
          it would literally take a set of Prepper Encyclopedias to do that”

          Now wouldn’t that be a cool thing to have?

          • The Foxfire series of books comes pretty close to being a prepper’s encyclopedia. Worth checkin out.

        • This article is just a sales add for book sales. Instill fear and buy the magic bullet. You do know Tess is Macs wife right? Connect the dots. About the same as the MSM fear then they run drug commercials. Yes just fear porn. You are 10000,s times more exposed to crap like hepatitus, teneus (sp) bacteria or infections than catching any plague period. Get out of the Mass population centers for starters and stay away from whores and prostitutes that spread disease. And wash your hands frequently. Pretty simple stuff, that you don’t needs to go buy a bunch of shit lists that has expiration dates. Many people write these prepping books to make money, that never went and did it. Like bugging out to the woods. Try carring that warehouse supply list in yiur bug out bag. Its BS. Live it first then talk and write about it. Yeah fear porn to sell books.

      29. It’s a miracle, right around the area where Jade Helm is operating??

      30. I would like to mention, since the subject came up, that here, in Parker, Colorado, the prairie dog colonies are out of control. We sold our house in the country 6 months ago in preparation for the coming collapse, and now are renting.

        There are huge block square fields full of the pests. They can be seen squashed in the roadways. They dig burrows along the sidewalks and their dirt gets mounded on the walks. There is at least one apartment complex that has a volleyball court with mounds in it.

        They are all along the miles of bike paths that people and their pets walk along daily.

        The city of Parker, Colorado is being remiss in its duty here. It’s only a matter of time until an outbreak occurs here. But, they’ll wait until AFTER the death and destruction to do anything, instead of eradicating these huge numbers of rodent populations so close to the public.

        • .223/5.56 is a varmint round, right? Ideal for shooting prairie dogs! Since they’re a nuisance/pest species, isn’t there a bounty on them?

      31. I wonder why Jade Helm is in the South West.
        Are they going to send all the troops home with the plague?
        Or are they because they knew there was going to be a plague?
        Then again turds crossing the border are more than likely bring it with them.

      32. Just wait until we are so far in debt that we stop paying the salaries for trash collectors. Either that or when trash collectors become too scared to go into various neighborhoods. I am less worried about antibiotic resistant plague – even a high kill rate is not as critical if the infection rate is very low. The bigger issue would be more rodents or airborne or something that would allow it to infect many more people – maybe even direct human-to-human transmission?

      33. Link exchange is nothing else but it is just placing the other person’s webpage link
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        do similar in support of you.

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      34. No problem, let’s bring some more illegals from the third world toilets. With them comes all the diseases and problems inherent in their home countries. We will provide schools, welfare, a place to live (title 8 housing) and other countless government programs in exchange for their democrat vote. When it is all said and done, remember the DC scum that brought these disease ridden vermin in the country.

      35. It got this way since the turd-world sodomite illegally in office brought his own type here.

        They are bringing them in by the millions without testing them and these people have very unsanitary habits. I have noticed that where I live.

        I hope their the diseases the the Kenyan negro sodomite is letting them bring to whitey USA does not go viral.

      36. I live in the bitterroot valley of western Montana, and years ago, a private lab, called Rebi Labs was set up, to investigate diseases like this. They found a cure for Rocky mountain spotted
        fever, and later a treatment for eye cancer in cattle. In the 90’s, they were taken over by the government, and it became one of only three level 5 development labs for the very most lethal
        pathogens known. They, along with the Bethesda Hospital, and the
        military germ warfare center, at Ft. Dedrick Md. Run by Merk pharm. are the only places in the country to enjoy the exclusive protection of a national police force!.
        Just a year after they opened, with overwhelming assurances of the highest security standards ever known, a small notice appeared in the local news that a worker at the lab had contracted Plague.!!!! He was allowed to go home, and move about freely in the community.
        We were told that the authorities were “monitoring” the situation.

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