CBS News, NYT Reporter Suggest U.S. Scrap Free Speech In Favor Of New Zealand-Style Censorship

by | May 2, 2019 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    This article was originally published by Chris Menahan at Old Thinker News.

    CBS News released a propaganda segment on Monday featuring New York Times tech reporter Cecilia Kang where they suggested the US government could do an end-run around the First Amendment through strict “regulations” in order to suppress “hate speech” and “misinformation” online.

    Both the CBS News host and NYT reporter Cecilia Kang said the US should look to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and India — which do not have free speech — as models for suppressing free speech on the Internet.

    Here’s the full segment:

    As I reported in November 2018, the New York Times editorial board wrote a propaganda piece comparing right-wingers to jihadists and demanded authoritarian censorship of the Internet to stop the spread of “toxic ideas.”

    The New York Times last year hired virulent anti-white racist Sarah Jeong in August 2018 as their lead technology writer and made her a member of their editorial board.

    Jeong’s Twitter feed featured her attacking “dumbass f**king white people” for “marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

    She also said she gets a sick “joy” out of “being cruel to old white men” and wondered if white people’s light skin is a sign they’re “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

    The New York Times said they were aware of her anti-white tweets when they hired her and argued her tweets were justified because some trolls called her mean names on the Internet.

    While journos love to act as though they’re crusaders for free speech and a free press, as we saw over the weekend during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, they’re actually the biggest crusaders against free speech and the free press in America and throughout the West.


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      1. And WHO determines what is “misinformation”?

        As we now know, most conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

        They could surpress whatever they don’t want the people to know, even if it is true!

        Off with their heads.

      2. Democrat: Free speech for me….. but not for thee.

        • JS,
          You pretty well nailed it!

      3. I’m going to go out on a limb and theorize that this “Reporter” has a like opinion of the Second Amendment too.

        • Kevin2, you nail it again. Neither one of those jezebels have a leg to stand on.

      4. anyone else besides me notice the similarity between Kang and Jeong? Besides both being (I think at least) female? I’d dare say both have heritages originating in either socialist or communist lands. Both are liberals (duh, obviously) and most probably Democrats. I say to them , “fine, you first…. STFU, girls”.

        • Heartless and everyone else, I say that the 2 gook ‘journalists’ along with everyone else in the MSM CAN GO F#$% THEMSELVES. NO ONE IN MSM OR ANYWHERE ELSE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO, SAY, THINK, OR ANYTHING ELSE. So that Sarah Jeong at NYT likes to be cruel to white people, eh? She needs to be careful what she wishes for. She’ll end up encountering someone who will put up resistance to her BS. She needs to go back to Red China with that BS. This is NOT her country.

      5. Cancel cable TV. Use those funds for food/metals/ammo purchase. As of this post gold down $14.
        Buy Buy Buy.

        Face up to reality:
        Your guns will be made illegal. Just a matter of time.
        Your speech will be censored and taken away.
        You will be tracked-traced-snooped on-snitched on by ALL technology you bring into your life/home/vehicle.
        China style social score built by Google is already here.

        When Marcos declared himself dictator in Phillipines. His first act was to ban ALL firearms. You had a week to turn them in or it was the death penalty.

        Leftist Communist NWO one worlders LOVE gun control and speech control.

        Putin is now shutting down outside access on internet.

        “Political correctness” psyop in USA is now considered “normal.”

        What will you do? You will do nothing.
        You Amerikans will put up with anything dished out by commie media dirtbags or commie criminal politicians.

        Look at LA.
        Look at San Fran
        Look at Portland
        Look at Sreattle
        ALL COMMIE druggie homeless anti American sewer troughs.
        Leftist Commies destroyed the crown Jewels of America.
        And you people do NOTHING!!
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        • We moved out…many of us are digging in the mountains,rural areas,the south. Time The cities are fight is coming.

      6. Look at the law just passed in Florida that guts the first amendment in the schools. The brainwashing will now start in kindergarten. Something about the ones who are in charge are the ones that you are prohibited from talking about.

        Myths about controlling Hollywood ,and the media, or too much influence in government, or exaggerating historical events are now verboten to speak about under penalty of law.

        Maybe you agree with this statute. Just remember, one day it may apply to your free speech rights under some nebulous term as “hate speech”. It’s a slippery slope. There are no provisions in the first amendment that relate to “hate speech”. That is a made up term.

        Coming soon to a location near you.

        • JBS, if I was back in school now I would be at war with scum like them. The concept of “hate speech” is totally bogus and is only applied to white people. I dare someone to try that BS with me.

          • Excuse me, JRS NOT JBS. I was typing too fast. Sorry.

          • The lefties want to control the speech.
            Control the thoughts. Control public conversation.
            Steal your money. Give your money to non productive dirtbag druggie loafers and breeders in the hood. Giving the rest to illegal wetbacks. But you Amerikans will put up with anything.

            “Political correct” is communist thought control.
            Control. All about control.

            No one will stand up to lefties/commies. Soon they will take your guns. They have already taken your free speech. You do Nothing. You self censor. Fearful. Fear is what the commies count on. They want to shut you up. Shut you down. Take your earnings. Take your guns. That is what leftie Tyrants do.

      7. These miscreants do not have enough intelligence to even appreciate what free speech means, let alone what happens once it is lost.

        • Abaddon, AMEN to that one. Commies are not exactly known for having any brains.

      8. Why is the govt funding subversives on a too-big-to-fail media platform.

      9. Yeah…New Zealand is one of the leaders in the Free World.

        • Kiwis are too busy rooting sheep to worry about talking

      10. Well, hello!!! Both those women are working for China. China is aggressively pushing out their control over the internet and all information around the world. These women I am sure are taking some Yuan to push this agenda.

        The one good thing the Kiwis did was get the Mosque shooting off the TV. I have forgotten about what happened and I am sure in a year’s time it will fade away amongst all the other distractions. That is the best monument to those ‘folks’.

        I was shocked at the footage of the large numbers of conservative Muslims already in New Zealand: when did that happen??

        • FT,
          Why it a good thing that the video of the shooting was suppressed? I managed to download the video and still have it.
          I’ll share it here if someone asks( and if I can figure out how to post it). It pretty much shows you how not to do a mass shooting.
          It also demonstrates how impotent cops are!

        • FT, good points. Neither one of those commie bitches can lecture anyone about anything, especially considering what their “comrades” are doing to people in Red China. Both of them should be deported.

      11. The reasons they cite for wanting to censor speech are the same as any totalitarian regime would cite. No one likes to cite the real reason which is to prevent opposition.

      12. ” Me ban free speech long time “

      13. Maybe she should practice what she preaches about hate speech. I guess she doesn’t recognize her hate speech toward “dumbass f**king White people” and getting joy out of being cruel to (again) old white men. Her speech is hateful toward whites, men, and old people. And why would a Constitutional Republic want to imitate countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, or India? There is nothing to compare to the Constitution of these United States of America. Nothing! For a person of Asian decent, she’s not living up to their reputation for intelligence. Where has common sense gone? Really don’t expect an answer for that question.

        • descent

      14. I don’t care what so-called “laws” they try to enact to silence the opposition to their tyranny, I’ll always say whatever the hell I want to, period ! Why I might even use bad grammar as well, words like “aint” “y’all” “fixin’ to” ect.

        • Rock Roller, same here. Try censorship on me and you’ll have a fight on your hands.

      15. People take the written or spoken word too seriously.

        It is the people that wield the power over good people that are to be banned or scrapped.

        Good people don’t need regulations.
        Corporations and the Governments they control need to be regulated.
        Felons [of all collar crimes] need to be dirtnapped.

      16. What did Mommy always used to say. It takes two, to tango. You are both fighting, so you are both wrong, irrespective of who started it.

        I didn’t believe it, then, and I don’t believe it, now.

        Identity politics is a litmus test — particularly, when time, money, and crucial resources are limited. Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, and the US collapsed within a generation.

      17. Free speech is only free in public. Internet free speech is increasingly used to provide a government tracking of your opinion. There will be no free speech in reality unless large masses of people express it publicly in the streets. Our glorious leader is involved in financial crimes just like Putin and the entire financial banking system. Deutsche Bank “shorted” United and American Airlines before the 9-11 attacks. Release your tax returns to reveal the truth.

      18. Well New Zealand is banning free speech and with that last shooting went half way to banning all guns there. Sounds like these events are being set up. It will happen here very soon or I should say the “next” one.

      19. White people are the Semitic 13 clans that traveled over the mountains out of the Middle East into Europe, the islands south of Europe and and into northern Africa where they built the pyramids. That’s right. The pyramids were built by “dumb” white people proven by DNA testing.

        The Bible is the history of the Caucasian white people. Jesus was a white man, a direct descendant of Adam and Eve.

        The first warning in the Bible is the warning not to eat of the tree of knowledge. To “know a man” or to “know a woman” is an archaic way of speech which means to have sexual intercourse. We call our family tree by the word tree.

        Eve was seduced by one not of her own race but one of a different race, a forbidden tree, which she had been warned not to do. She conceived a non- white child whom she named Cain. Adam and Eve were ethnically cleansed, driven out of the garden (out of the Middle East and over the Caucus Mountains into Europe).

        Cain, half white and half non-white, was four years older than Able.
        Able was the son of Eve and Adam, both white.
        When Cain became a man, he killed his younger half-brother Able.

        Now this story is a metaphor or it is an actual account, but what matters is not whether it is interpreted literally or not. The message is the same.

        The scriptures are the story of the white people’s struggle to survive. There is a connection between the old and the new testaments. The missing books were left out of the Bible but they do exist.

        Christ’s sons or Christian’s are “dumb” white people who have brought science, an end to slavery, and civilization to an ungrateful world.

        To Hell with the real “dumb dumbs”.



        • You blockade foreign countries, then, render assistance with strings attached.

          Also, the workhouse, Indian schools, southern plantations, prison labor, and crisis housing are all structured similarly.

          For these and other reasons, you have hardly brought an end to slavery.

        • The Syrians are the original white people. That’s why the Russians, also descendent from white tribes, are helping to protect them.

          Syrians are smart and if you have dealt with them you will know that. Their women are also known for being extremely beautiful, just like the Iranians (also a lost Aryan tribe).

          The original tribal people of Britain were actually dark skinned, but they died out because they weren’t too smart. The current majority white population are actually the invaders who came from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Syria and Germany.

          Who are the smartest people in computing? Well, Steve Jobs was from Syria; the Google boys are White Russians; Elon Musk is a white guy from South Africa.

          Those are the facts.

      20. Not one word about Freedom of Speech in the Australian Constitution.

      21. Meanwhile, Facebook and other social media are double downing on banning conservatives. What most don’t notice is google and yahoo will no longer compile and look up requests about conservative subjects. Most of the things we talk about those two search engines pretend does not exist. Meanwhile no conservative invents or starts allternative media for us Patriots.

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