CBD Regulation Will Only Pave The Way For New Products

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    This article was originally published by Sara Tipton at Ready Nutrition.

    The use of CBD and products containing it have been on the rise, and with that comes government intrusion in the form of regulations. However, regulating the CBD market will only result in the creation of new products.

    With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which is decades late, if you ask me, hemp-based CBD cultivation will become legal nationwide. According to Well and Good, industry experts believe this will clear up the current confusion around the hemp plant’s legality, making retailers, scientists, and manufacturers more comfortable working with it. Additionally, it will pave the way for a tidal wave of research, product innovation, and distribution of hemp and other CBD products.

    Cannabidiol – or “CBDYou probably have heard about CBD oil by now, but might be wondering what it is and if all the hype is justified. Here, we explain what CBD is, and why it erroneously became swept up in the War on Drugs. #ReadyNutrition” – is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis sativa plants (including hemp) that belong to a class of naturally occurring, biologically active chemical constituents called cannabinoids. It’s a non-intoxicating compound in hemp and cannabis plants that can be credited with relieving anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation.

    Already, hemp and cannabis compounds can be found in everything from foodskincare, and mascara. “A lot of [beauty and supplement] brands are aligning with the CBD [trend] without actually using CBD,” says Anna Duckworth, co-founder, and editor-in-chief of MissGrass, an elevated lifestyle shop, and publication for women and cannabis. The applications seem endless! To put the desire for CBD into perspective, the market for hemp-based CBD could top $22 billion by 2022, according to cannabis industry research firm The Brightfield Group. In contrast, turmeric, another plant ingredient with lots of hype surrounding it, raked in $11 billion in the United States in 2017.  That is leaving the door wide open for cannabis and CBD enthusiasts to conduct more research and create products that will benefit everyone.

    Of course, there’s the flipside.  With government regulations comes the inevitable silencing of certain claims The use of CBD and products containing it have been on the rise, and with that comes government intrusion in the form of regulations. However, regulating the CBD market will only result in the creation of new products.about CBD oil – even though the evidence exists to back up those claims.  Various brands have been called out for using hemp seed oil and calling it “cannabis oil”—when, really, this part of the plant contains negligible levels of cannabinoids. Hemp oil is often made from the flowers of the hemp plant, not the seeds, that contain the most CBD.  That should improve anyway, as hemp is still a valuable holistic and natural remedy for many ailments, but a distinction needs to be made clear as to whether the product is CBD oil or hemp oil.

    But even if the government more heavily regulates CBD products, you will see companies skirt those regulations, bypassing them via loopholes.  There will still be products made using workarounds. But that could result in less effective products too. Hopefully, regulations are eased up on and not tightened when it comes to CBD so we can get more studies done and see more beneficial products.

    Women can expect to start seeing CBD oil in more makeup and skin care creams, and hopefully soon, some menstrual and other “women’s issues” products. CBD protein powders, pain-relief patches, and vaporizer pens are also filtering into the market, and there’s a growing number of brands combining CBD with other herbal ingredients to make a truly natural medicine that’s as unique as the user! Pet CBD blends will also become more popular as people look for a less expensive and more natural alternative to pet care.

    There is honestly little to complain about when it comes to this increasingly popular trend! As it grows, the CBD industry will go increasingly organic with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Plus, with all the new products, the market will expand and so will competition that always results in lower prices at a better quality.

    While there are still those out there who say “there’s just not enough research out there to trust CBD,” the outlook for studies and creation in 2019 is truly a positive one!  Soon there will be enough research out there on CBD that you won’t be able to get through it all.  More good news comes out about the compound every day and it’s helping a lot of people!

    “The more people you have looking at this and trying to crack the code, the better,” says  Laurel Myers, Prima’s COO. “We’ll learn more, know more, and it will hopefully help broaden the impact on people’s lives.”



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      1. I would like to see tinkerers come up with clever, new ways of doing things — personally, hands on — rather than just being better consumers.

        I am not upset over hemp but feel there are millions of other functional foods or nutra-ceuticals or ways to get high. You can probably make a life’s work out of any.

      2. This equates to one less big pharma ad on tv every hour potential. Ask your doctor if so and so is right for you.

      3. I hope big pharma goes down in flames.What would you rather take for pain, some addictive health destroying pill you can O.D. on with 15 horrible side effects, or a safe, natural,beneficial pain reliever with zero side effects?

      4. look all, I don’t give a damn if you want to use CBD or just get high on pot. Neither is for me, now or ever. I happen to like being sober/straight and deal with pain by just accepting it. But I remind you this: “Federal Firearms Licensees, including all gun stores, may not knowingly sell a firearm or ammunition to a person who possesses a medical marijuana card under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives’ (ATF) interpretation of the law. The possession of a medical marijuana card is reasonable cause to believe that the person is an unlawful user of a controlled substance.” So? You want your sh*t? Fine. You risk loosing your 2A rights. Legally, that is.

        • Philosophically, they were natural or inherent rights, not granted by a limited govt.

          Further, where there are no tangible damages, there are no victim and no crime.

        • You are one hundred percent correct. The entire make pot legal movement is a hidden take your guns program by leftists.

          Avoid it, flee from it. Don’t fall for it.

          The liberals are pushing pot to disarm citizens. They won’t legalize it federally, just on the state level. They will use that disparity to label you a felon and disarm you.

          Flee from it unless your life depends on it.

        • The first chains a slave must break are in his own mind.

      5. Off topic:

        Yesterday I watched a ten hour movie on YouTube called Apotheosis of Evil.

        It is a history of Europeans from a very different perspective than traditional histories of Europe and Europeans.

        The film includes clips of many videos already on YouTube, but in an organized chronological stream with added written material superimposed, as well as original work.

        I enjoyed watching, but it was quite long. It comes in three parts which run consecutively.


      6. Colorado has raked in millions in weed revenue. Some of the weed revenue will be used for youth substance prevention programs. Experts and officials coming up with another dumbass idea.

      7. Anytime the “Government” wants to cripple an industry it begins with regulation; CBD and Rick Simpson Oil WORKS, so they will do everything in their power to destroy it.

        Its obvious from the comments here that the government successfully chained the ability of many to THINK. CBD OIL DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH. Cannabinoids are used by preexisting systems in your body to boost your immunities; wow, can’t IMAGINE why Big Pharma would be terrified of a weed that cures health issues, will grow anywhere, and can easily escape the clutches of greedy swine pretending to be serving the Public while fattening their bank accounts at public expense.

        Currently, most of our problems stem from people who got the bright idea that TV and internet can successfully supplant PARENTING. No? Three words for y’all; Tide Pod Challenge.

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