Caught On Tape: Democratic Party Official Says He’s “Glad [Scalise] Got Shot, I Wish He Was F*cking Dead”

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Headline News | 74 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at

    ‘Progressive’ democrats in this country are seemingly becoming completely unhinged.  A party that is run by the ‘peaceful’ hippies of the 60’s who, at least at the time, considered themselves among the most vocal advocates of free speech, now openly supports the suppression of free speech on college campuses.  A party that abhors violence saw one of it’s voters last week carry out an attempted assassination of numerous Republican congressmen…not to mention the several violent protests that erupted after November’s election that resulted in untold amounts of property destruction.  A party that promotes itself as the party of women, simultaneously defends the ‘rights’ of people to practice Sharia law which specifically allows for domestic violence when women are ‘disobedient.’  The outrageous hypocrisy is truly mind boggling.

    Meanwhile, just the latest example of ‘unhinged’ Democrats behaving badly comes to us courtesy of Phil Montag, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Technology Chairman, who inadvertently got caught sharing his true feelings on Steve Scalise’s shooting:

    “This motherfucker, like his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to fucking kick people off fucking health care. I hate this motherfucker.  I’m fucking glad he got shot.  I’m glad he got shot.”

    “I wish he was fucking dead.”

    Meanwhile, Phil also seemed to get himself in some trouble last February after spending a little too much time on a Bernie Facebook page “trolling hard for hours.”



    Perhaps Tom Perez of the DNC should take notice of Phil’s dedication…he’s recently unemployed and we hear the DNC is ramping up staff.



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      1. It seems like the Dems have given up on common sense. This mindset is what has turned our colleges into kindergardens, our boarders into free access to US welfare and our education system into babysitters. If our citizens do not learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, our whole country will go the way of Chicago.

        • These democrats have drank their own kool-aid.

          They believed that Trump would be removed from office and somehow Hillary would be installed in his place.

          This has not happened so they are becoming more and more militant.

          Trump better watch out because when the Russia BS runs out of steam the democrats will become more violent.

          If you look at history, it is always the progressive liberals that assassinate government leaders. We just saw an example with the congressional baseball shooter.

          • Liberalism is a Disease. Only cure out there? Give them lead.

            As you can see Fluoride is mostly poisoning Drinking Water in all in the Cities. Cities are where most liberal live. Then you add in all the narcotics and Pharm-cotics, opioids and steroids in the drinking water in the cities, and you end up with Mush for Brains. Liberals have Mush for their brains. And easily absorb the liberal MSM agenda. They are broken slave drones, talking without thinking. Voting without thinking.

      2. If these people keep talking like this and doing these things they will be the ones that are fucking dead.

        • Menzo, i wish the libturd Phil Montag and all of his libturd ‘comrades’ were dead so that makes us even. The libturds’ time is coming, Menzo. Bank on it.

          • Libtard or Repubtard, it doesn’t make a difference. Neither parties care about you or your families.

            It’s a divide and conquer technique by the powers that be to defeat us…………the working people, working Americans. We need to forget what separates us and unite against the elite.

        • “The melting pot” schtick was conceived and popularized by a Jew

          none of the founders ever used this bullshit phrase

          diversity is killing our social cohesion

          • Eisen, good points.

          • Its the same Commie, Disney World attraction Brainwashing BS> “Its a small small world ride”, spreading infiltration into your history culture and Constitution, to divide and conquer. Brainwashing little children at a young age to trust everybody, let them all in, and then get raped. And wonder why.

            BOYCOTT ALL DISNEY. Pedophilia, beauty and the beast, Make love to the beast, taking in Muslims, oh they are so cuddly.


        • I always knew that these scum wanted our guns so they could kill us. I told family that anyone who would disarm you is a truly dangerous enemy. They said I was crazy to think that these loving lefties just wanted to save the children and were misguided. Those lefties want you as a tax slave or dead, understand that now.

        • Yeah, it would be awesome if those parasitic leftist vermin were all dead, too. This is getting old.

          Over on The Burning Platform, there is a 30 minute vid about how marxism took hold in America, called:


          Very much worth your time, explains a lot about how we got to this point.

          • Sure, and the right-wing nutters are pure as the virgin driven snow. Big deal, some Nebraska Democrat was “caught” saying he was glad a congressman was shot. I am sure words of this sort have never been uttered by Republicans regarding Obama or Clinton- LOL.

            • Derhund, are you a hillary supporter?

          • Marxism is the law of the land here in JUSA. It came here via the Rothschilds khazarian mafia fed reserve. Aipac 8s here to make it stay. Ever wonder why every DC rat must pledge their allegiance to aipac? The thought that jusa is a democratic republic is a joke on us

        • I expect the Hillary-Bernie lover crowd to precipitate a major event in the near future. They’re losing “Bigley”, and know it. They’ll orchestrate an event they think Trump will get blamed for.

      3. Class


      4. Everyone should be forgiven for saying something completely stupid at least once in their life. This boy used up that clemency right after he learned to talk at twenty-four years of age!

      5. He’s been fired, what more can we ask? Well! Trekker Out.

        • Only because he got publicly caught. The people the fired him most likely agree and support him saying what he said.

        • I could ask more. Lot’s more.

        • Mountain Trecker:

          Freedom of Speech. If we say it is OK to fire this jerk because of something he said (no matter how vile) during a private conversation (if it was that) do we not open the door for our own future when something we say gets brought up as unacceptable and cause for job loss. Now, we can sue for “wrongful termination”. Let’s not be too quick to applaud this cretin’s getting fired. I find the statement that the conversation was taped to be appaling, and a violation of privacy. At one time people asked before taking your picture or recording your voice, they got written permission before using your image or voice. Now, it seems we’ve turned into our own worst enemies. Everybody spying on each other. Fire him for saying something crass, but it is just his opinion about the man. It is not like he said before hand to go out and shoot him, the way some people have talked about people.
          Kill white people.
          Kill the police.
          These things are requesting action to murder. That is much worse.
          Why was no one fired? Because this is all bull.


      6. I always knew libturds were sorry MFs but this one takes the cake.

        • They all feel this way. This tool just got caught.

      7. I did say libturds are sorry mofos, right? OK, just checking.

      8. I’ve established that I repudiate most Democrats. I don’t understand why anybody is surprised at the actions of “modern” Democrats. They as a group, serve no useful purpose, seek to destroy anybody that creates something useful, like to butcher babies( lucky for us it is mostly their own babies), and abuse our children (either in perversions or in war).
        So what is the big deal? They are Democrats and in our system we have to let them live. The best we can do is to protect ourselves from them and their ultimate fate, which hopefully is early death,
        mainly due to their Hubris.

        • Perhaps you do not understand. They, and the people behind them, have declared war on you, and yours. Once they finally run the show, it will be over, for you, and yours. They will not die out peacefully, they have goals, that they believe in, goals they will kill for. The people behind them manipulate those beliefs well.

          • Hi JM,
            Perhaps you miss my point. This is a public forum
            and I cannot say I’d kill every fucking one of them.
            their family, dogs, and cats. I’d even dump over
            their trash.
            That could be construed as a threat. I would
            never threaten anybody or violate any laws.

            • Well said.

        • These insane brainwashed braindead dickheads are no longer the Democratic party. Democrats have degenerated into a radical fringe group made up mostly of “progressives” on the East and West coasts. Like the Islamic religion of pieces there is no such thing as a moderate and they have a vile hatred for any one who disagrees with their Marxist ideology.

          • forget about any kind of reasoning or debating with goatfuckers or libturds. not happening.

          • Absolutely correct!

            They have abandoned all critical thinking and have descended into self-righteous justification for all of their actions. No comparing their ideals to American norms or family traditions, just progressive bullshit.

            They are nothing but lunatics now and they will be treated like the rabid dogs that they are.

            Shot on sight.

      9. We are seeing perhaps the true color or heart of the Democratic left.

        That is just mean.

        But then again many strange things have been said towards the President his family and his supporters that just doesn’t add up in a regular election cycle.

        I guess not only the Democratic Left , far left, the demons in Hell also.

        New sheriff in town, trump!

      10. I know I’m a voice crying in the wilderness, but they (libtard morons) are not the “Democratic” Party!.. Damn, people get a clue, they are the “democrat” party. “Democratic” refers to a popular vote among the people, which also includes…wait for it…..Republicans! Repeat after me, democrat, democrat, democrat, NOT effin “Democratic” party!!!! Thanks to all….I know the uneducated low info voters do not know the difference, but I do…..hopefully you do as well….ciao

        • Since we are a “Constitutional Republic” then anyone that has been brainwashed into thinking we are democratic Is the enemy.

      11. Japan vs “gina” meh lord what will happen?

      12. Rellik, agreed. However, when TSHTF we will be WROL. That’s going to be a totally different ballgame. Karma is still a bitch last time I checked.

      13. Keep it up Dems….you’re only hurting yourselves. The public is increasingly disgusted with you and your politicians behavior. Many democrats have already left your party and have become independents or are thinking of a third party. That gives the Republicans/Trump a good chance to get reelected in 2018/20.

      14. All I know is you honkeys’ all got some quick “Whitesplainin” to do…. Oh wait, I’m a honkey too… D’oh! But seriously…. These people of democrat persuasion are beyond all hope, and suffer from severe mental deficiencies! Their propensity for violence against, and hatred of, those who share a different viewpoint is clear. They have become THE VERY PEOPLE they claim to fight against; violent racist haters….

        • They haven’t “become” they always “were and are” haters of life. That is why they worship abortion, wars and gun control.

        • “I’m proud to be black”, said the black man.
          “I’m proud to be Asian”, said the Asian man.
          “I’m proud to be White”, said the racist…

          • Hahaha racist white dude yep

      15. I have not seen this story in the MSM. If a Repulican said something like that about Obama he would have been investigated and even arrested, he would have lost his job, his career and future ruined, he would have received hate email and death threats to him and his family, and would have been a marked man the rest of his life. The Dem.’s are allowed to be hypocrites, anyone else deserves to die of course.
        Think about it, this horrible individual is an important person in the political world; he is one of those who gets to make decisions affecting public policy. You can see he is truly low-class, listen to the F words and MF words spewing out of his dirty mouth in such a easy and natural way, all the while actually wishing someone dead because the victim is of a different party.
        Though the video was short it is very telling. I do not attempt to be critical, merely stating my analysis. He is actually stupid, no where did he state a rational or pertinent response, or even a response based in human decency. The only thing coming out of his mouth was pure rubbish, a normal would have been embarrassed. When people shoot off their mouth they show they are responding with irrational passions and ego – a product of a witless intellect, a very poor substitute for reason. Combine this with his base nature, allowing him to wish death to someone and stating it in such a vile way only clearly reveals he is a cruel unthinking ideologue, the exact kind of slavish and murderous people Stalin surrounded himself with. Edmund Burke said it is written in the eternal constitution of things that men with intemperate minds can never be free, their passions form their shackles. This Montag is little more than a hapless creature of a depraved nature, he does not even know it. He will never develop into an individual of higher moral or intellectual character.
        This video reveals other truths. At first, I found it hard to believe a major political party would allow such an individual in the position he holds. However, it quickly became apparent this is the type of person the Dem. party wants, a useful idiot. Prone to making inflammatory but vacuous statements that appeal to the unthinking and violent passions in people. This is the type of method or tactic used to sway masses of people when one has no facts or argument (perfected by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao).
        He shows he has not the ability (or even the inclination) to contribute in a honorable way improving our country. By his statements, his tone, and his unprovoked viciousness one can see he identifies with the mindless and frankly dim-witted left wing protesters that plague our streets After watching the video sane and decent will immediately questions his motives. This man has found a home in the Dem. party.

        • I find it amazing the same people accusing others of racism and fascism are just that!

      16. Firing is not good enough for him but at least one more swamp creature has been drained.

      17. My favorite quote of all time: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      18. Tip of the iceberg, we are unfortunately just peeling back the first layer of a very large onion.

      19. They are destroying themselves because they think people don’t know thier hate but we can see it. They are so blinded by it they can’t even see that ppl are noticing. It’s like the empire has no clothes for the 21st century.

        • EMPORER…

          • Way to go NetRanger, nice correction!

          • ?
            The emplorer imploded and the emperor has no clothes and lost his employment and his empire!

            • eagle I’m still laughing! Nothing like a little humor to lighten the day. Trekker Out

      20. How the fuck did that lard ass douchbag get elected !

      21. One would be delusional to think this gang will admit defeat and go quietly into the night. They will beachme progressively more violent. They’re “progressives”, after all.

      22. THIS JUST IN::
        Canadian sniper breaks world record for longest confirmed kills. Using a McMillan tac-50 scalped his target at just over 3500 meters. ???
        Be careful of the quiet ones lol

        • That was amazing ?

        • Nice that there’s a firearm you can squeeze the trigger on Monday and exterminate your target on Tuesday.

      23. From burning Berkeley to putting that Middlebury College prof in the hospital for defending free speech to their “Rape Melania” signs, the fascist left brownshirts are THE biggest H8TERS on the planet.

        As you know, the left MURDERED 100 million last century, according to The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. But, of course, death, poverty and ignorance has been their hallmark since Robespierre, hasn’t it….

      24. Obama buddy and leftist hero Wee Willy Ayers wrote this vile, disgusting piece in 1969

        “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”

        Cited from A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. Formerly Ayers was a roommate of Terry Robbins, another leftist murderer who was killed in 1970 along with Ayers’ girlfriend Oughton and one other member, while constructing anti-personnel bombs (nail bombs) intended for a non-commissioned officer dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Gee, isn’t that lovely… NOT.. Ayers participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972, as he noted in his 2001 book, Fugitive Days.

        Some media reports and political critics have suggested that Ayers was connected to the fatal 1970 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing but I guess we’ll never know.

        Not enough the fascist left MURDERED 100 million last century; not enough that EVERY thing they have ever done is always and everywhere associated with death, poverty and ignorance – from Robespierre to Mentally Il Kim Jong Un to Cuba to the USSR to Mao’s China to Pol Pot’s Cambodia to Zimbabwe to Venezuela to Detroit to…. well, you get the picture.

        Ore if you want another picture, try this visual, from Communist Poland: When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”

      25. A bunch of classless fools! How much longer is this stuff going to go on? And why should these people be free to do these things? I do not believe the nonsense of a civil war, but some beat downs are certainly appropriate!

      26. We took the grandkids to the zoo today. I’ve never seen such a high percentage of morbidly obese adults in one place ever. Un-Fuckin-Real.

        • You must not shop at Wal-Mart

        • more important things in the world to worry about

        • Bert:

          We now have the second and third generation of fast food junk eaters. They have been eating crap since they were born. It takes a lot to get through to them that they are sabotaged.
          No one can remain healthy on a constant diet of restaurant French fries cooked in hydrogenated oil and coke- a- cola. It just ain’t possible. Mountain Dew rots out your teeth.


          • In times past, our ancestors fasted every Friday they ate nothing at all out of adoration to Christ and as gratitude for his suffering on the cross. This fast was also recognized as a cleanse of toxins for the health and strength of the body.

            Today if one goes for a day without food, he most likely will go through detox hell. Coffee and cola has caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. Regular use is addictive. Withdrawal causes exhaustion and headaches. Before going on a fast, one should first detox from caffeine drinks.

            Prepackaged foods may contain chemicals which are addictive. Before going on a fast first withdraw from eating anything prepackaged for at least one week, preferably for a month or more.

            If a person is only eating fresh organic nonGMO fruit, vegtables, clean meat, fish, and poultry for several months; a fast once a week including clean fresh water is not only relatively easy, it cuts down on the cost of your food. People who fast find that they have more energy. They are in better control of eating without over eating. They are healthier and happier.

            Prior to Easter when Christians celebrated the ascension of Christ, the would fast for three days beginning Thursday evening they did not eat, they ate nothing all Friday (Good Friday-CHRIST is crucified) and nothing all Saturday. On Sunday they broke their fast and celebrated the Ascended CHRIST.

            They could do this because their food was not contaminated with chemicals. They were accustomed to healthy living. We, modern people are not advanced, we are degenerate in our eating habits. We eat things that don’t even qualify as food. Some of it is chemicals, nutritionally deficient, and poisonous over time. No wonder we are obese.


            • B from CA, great post.

      27. GETTING REAL

      28. who cares they all suck , both thugs and dims

      29. “…Sharia law which specifically allows for domestic violence when women are ‘disobedient.’”

        Whether she is psychotic, empowered, disobedient, political, whatever you want to call it, do you really want her preparing your food, and in your pants, etc, etc.

        To feminists, with an extra set of teeth, why did you need a male housemate.idk

        The reason why I have answered this way, is that, in lines, in public, and every social event, say, at the 4th of July, these people have become ever more vocal, I guess, since each financial bubble popped.

        Those who fill your prescriptions, work on your cars, sew your clothes, take care of your animals, etc, have embedded themselves amongst the normals, who, at the very least, don’t want to kill a person. Alot of our accidents and slack and runarounds, afaic, has a basis in politics.

        We had to make a lot of moral compromises, before a dignitary could have such flippant, verbal diarrhea. Just as when women cannot adapt to simple routine.

        That doesn’t mean I want to harm anyone — not genitally, with acid, or in the face.

      30. When going to one of the rallies . Take a four footed cane with you and act like you sprained your ankle. They won’t take a cane away from a handicap person. And those four footed canes are heavy at the end. You can find them at thrifty second hand stores.

      31. Anybody smart knew that this is where we have been since Obama. Ow that we have confirmed the facts, we need to act accordingly.

      32. The breathtaking thing is these people apparently never read a history book. If they did they would know there are people out there making lists! When you utter this kind of stuff, in writing, no less, you get a place on a list and when the SHTF you get to hang from a lamp post or get beaten to death in a drainage ditch.

      33. Thank God my folks brought me up to know what it means to be white. That you strive to be productive and not beholden to anyone. That when something is free or seems to good to be true you avoid it like the plague. If that makes me racist? I am a proud racist. Sometimes I think deep down those libturd’s know they are wrong. So they do and say stupid things like this guy did and commit self sabatoge?

      34. I know a white woman that’s a rabid hellery supporter. married a guy had two daughters and divorced him. Poor sap had to pay child support until those daughters finished college. Now the daughters each have two daughters and no man around. Never married likely don’t know who the sperm donor was? Worst libturd’s you ever saw. College educated know it all’s. Living in public housing no job. And being enabled by the government dole. To read the crap they post on facebook Obummer was the best president ever and to them President Trump is the devil himself. A entire family of parasite culls who think their right because they have those worthless college degrees. That scrap of paper they did not have to personally pay for makes them believe they are smarter than everyone else. There needs to be a collapse and a return of a stone age survival of the fittest. A great culling and cleansing of the gene pool is needed.

      35. Old Guy: Be ready, get prepared, those days are coming!

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