Caught On Camera: Illegals Smuggle Drugs Into Laredo Before Trump Visit

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    As Donald Trump prepared to arrive in Laredo for a tour of the US border, Infowars captured astounding footage which shows illegals sneaking across the Rio Grande river before they frantically throw huge bags of drugs into a vehicle and swim back to Mexico.

    Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens traveled to Laredo to cover Trump’s highly publicized visit. While recording footage of the Rio Grande river, which forms part of the Mexico–US border, Owens spotted illegals crossing the water in the distance on rafts and began to film.

    The clip then shows an individual holding open the trunk of a red Ford Explorer before four illegals frantically run up carrying huge packs of what are almost certainly drugs before quickly throwing them into the vehicle and fleeing back towards Mexico.

    The vehicle then drives into America as one of the smugglers glances back towards Biggs and Owens.

    Biggs and Owens immediately had to go into hiding and remove the license plates on their vehicle because they were spotted by the cartel during filming.

    The footage validates Trump’s assertion, for which he has been vilified for weeks, that illegal immigrants are bringing drugs into the United States.

    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said during his announcement that he would run for president. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    Trump was invited to visit the border by the National Border Patrol Council and will arrive in Laredo later today, although the participation of Border Patrol agents was subsequently canceled after the national AFL-CIO-controlled union intervened.

    Mexican drug cartels make up to $29 billion annually from U.S. drug sales, with 90% of the cocaine that enters America transiting through Mexico. The majority of marijuana and methamphetamines that are sold in the U.S. also come from Mexico.

    The footage illustrates the porous nature of the US border and how easy it would be for ISIS terrorists – who reportedly have set up training bases nearby, to bring militants, weapons and explosives into America.

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      1. The federal government as well as many state and local governments want a fake drug war as well as a bunch of druged out dumbed down people who are easy to control. Not only the drugs do they want people on but they want the system to be overwhelmed by illegals.

        It is by design.

        • We are being replaced, plain and simple.

          • Major U.S. city poised to implement Islamic law

            “The Obama administration, with the full support of Congress, is following an immigration policy that allows at least 100,000 Muslims into the country every year, according to U.S. Census data.”

            United Nations floods Seattle area with refugees
            “Another portion of Seattle’s Muslims has been brought into the nation compliments of the U.S. taxpayer, which foots the bill for the U.S. State Department’s refugee resettlement program.

            The program costs more than $1 billion a year, not including the cost of welfare benefits that refugees are immediately signed up for upon arrival in American cities and towns.”

            WND dot com

            • KY Mom, when the libturd idiots in Seattle allow Muslim law to replace our own law and the muzzies start beheading people it will be interesting to see what they say about that.

            • You are entering a area of Sharia law… NO ALCOHOL. NO SMOKING. NO MUSIC. NO IMMODEST DRESSING… Allahu fucking Akbar.

              • Bingo!

              • …sounds like a target-rich environment to me…

                • Why does anyone republish anything from Alex Jones’ organization?

                  Search “Alex Jones expose” and Innumerable exposés are available.

                  Increasingly the republished content here comes from commercial shills and agents provocateur. Why?

              • Do you know what Allah Akbar means? It means our god is greater ( than your god.) It is a cry of dominance over all others.

                • And just for clarification the muslims DO NOT believe that their god is the same as Christians and or Jews. Our government and many Christian preachers claim we have the same god but the muslims disagree. They do not believe in the Trinity, Jesus or the Holy Ghost.

                  • You left out an important part. Why?

                    Judaism teaches that those who worship the Holy Trinity are idolators who should be executed.

                    See the link above.

        • Trump was a liberal for most of his life. He supported Obamacare. He loves Hillary and Nancy Pelosi. He is very childish and petty. He isn’t presidential. Telling it like it is is one thing, but this guy has an ego made of glass.

          • “Hillary Clinton is by far the worst Secretary of State we have ever had.”
            – Donald Trump, today in Laredo

            And IIRC, Trump supported some form of Universal Health Care, but not Obamacare.
            (Not ness-a-scarily supporting D.T.- I’m just sayin)

            • Why do we even care about the electioneering theatre?

              Does it really matter which puppet is in front of the camera?

          • And hair made of GRASS! Good shit dude.

          • And so it has been done.

        • Cloward Piven…
          But we’ll see who gets overwhelmed real soon!

          Live Free or Die…it always ends badly for tyrants

        • Infowars is my go-to site upon starting the day.

        • This is worth repeating again. 2 CIA Agents were caught by the Minutemen Malitia a few weeks ago smuggling 1300 Lbs of Cocaine across the Mexican border. The melitia arrested then. Wonder whats up with that case now? SO WHOS THE TERRORIST? UH HUH

      2. Open borders is insanity.

        What country in its right mind would allow anyone to enter?

        If these individuals were in uniform we would call it an invasion.

        Well it is an invasion.

        Our politician’s, Republican’s or Democrat’s have sold out the Legal Citizens of America.

        Amnesty pimps organizations have bought the politicians.

        Open borders…but spy on every legal American. Insanity!!

        Politician’s blab about National Security but allow anyone to enter?

        From my farm I can see a ‘transfer location’ van loads of South of the border illegal’s brought in and passed onto ‘their buyers’

        This creates a Black market economy no Politician will talk about. Cash labor, eventually sent back to Mexico or elsewhere.

        Rural Health clinics provide healthcare and never get paid.

        Where are the ‘human rights’ mouthpieces? Young girls ending up in situation that you can only imagine.

        Law enforcement is forced to deal with people they can’t even identify, so they give up unless violence is involved.

        Absolutely sickening every time I see a photo of those killed by illegals.

        Sorry folks just kind of pissed about the whole thing.

        • You cannot have both a welfare state and open borders. It never works. I think the first word they learn in English is “medicaid.” The last numbers I saw on hispanic births in the US is 72% were paid for by medicaid.

        • Open borders are part of the plan.

          Remember this?

          “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
          -Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

        • Note From Idaho, welcome and we share your sentiments. again, welcome.

        • Idaho; You nailed it!

      3. I have never really taken trump seriously but I will give him this, he is the only one I have heard standing up and talking about the fact that there are 30++ million illegals in the country. I mean the msm and repubs and dems really expect us to believe their are only 10 million here. Gimme a friggin break!! 50 mil would not surprise me. I’m pretty sure there were half that last time I went to wal mart (btw F wal mart) And I use to live in a nice little town full of backroads, farm fields, and trailer parks, just in the last 6 to 8 years it has become a multicultural cornucopia

        • RH, I think it’s too early to tell about Trump for the most part but at least he’s touching on the same issues Ron Paul touched on and no one else would.

          • BUT, he is taking many eyes off of Rand Paul, who is a viable, experienced candidate. Trump will be easy to destroy and should he actually end up winning, he’ll be either literally or politically assassinated…unless he’s the elite’s point man.

            I think Rand Paul is practicing opsec, because he knows the jews won’t allow him to be elected if they catch wind of how he’ll really act as president. Anyone who will not admit that the dual-citizen jews in power in this country are not formidable, must be lying to themselves.

            All racism and bigotry aside—IT IS WHAT IT IS.

      4. CTRL_ALT_DELETE the time has arrived!!!!!


        • Copperhead, I second that one especially on the illegals coming in. It burns me that they can get on tax dollars and live so well, but there’s white people out here that need help and can’t get it BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE. YOU HAVE TO BELONG TOA F#$%ING MINORITY GROUP TO GET ANYTHING.

      5. I am sorry, but the foremost, fundamental, sacred duty for any government of a country is to protect its borders. Not food production, transportation, infrastructure, or even the ability to wage war outside its border.

        Some countries simply can not protect their borders, as they have insufficient manpower, money or equipment to do so. The United States can, but chooses not to.

        If the US government does not elect to protect its border from such a blatant invasion of illegals, then the government as it is today has no meaning and should not exist. Either default into a WROL situation or we get a new government.

        • Horse’sass, the reset is coming. Just a matter of time now.

        • The drug cartels use various methods to fund US politicians, who then make sure that illegal immigrants are portrayed as “victims” and such. The truth, as Trump has stated, is that the illegals are often in the employment of the cartels, and are helping to hook American teenagers on dope. I wish Trump could expose one of these crooked US politicians, catch them red-handed in the act of collaborating with the cartels.

      6. Army Says Armed Citizens Are “Security Threat” At Recruiting Stations

        h ttp://“Security_Threat”_At_Recruiting_Stations/45163/0/38/38/Y/M.html

      7. Bryce Canyon

        Bryce is awesome. The hoodoos are majestic. Use the Queens Garden Trail/Navajo Loop Trail route. Bryce can be done in a day. Due to the elevation it is much colder in Bryce than in the surrounding areas.

        • Acid, glad to hear your trip is going well. Be careful out there.

        • ACID ROCKS xXx

      8. Congress
        selling out America’s security AGAIN

        Strategic Petroleum Reserve No Longer Key Part Of US National Security

        ht tp://

      9. MSM crapping themselves, desperate to slant Trump’s statements, slandering him, useing “selective hearing”…
        Bought & Paid For career politicians insulting him…
        Strange unknown ‘metrosexual’ P.C. talking heads snidely dismissing him…
        Artfully edited hit pieces on replay everywhere…
        “CIA intern” Anderson “Entrance in Rear” Cooper doing his standard confused schoolboy routine, as he tries desperately to get Trump to “Repent”… (WTF?! LMFAO!)

        Operation “Divide and Conquer Moral America” grinds forward.

        (sorry- rant off)

        • But it seems like every time they attack him and he tells them where to go instead of apologizing for himself he gains in popularity.

          People are tired of the squishy mushies that are our current press and politicians.

        • Just remember who Cooper really is … a Vanderbilt. Son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, his great great grandpa Cornelius provided pretty well for the family. Anderson’s just passing time, trying to find a purpose.

      10. That boarder is closed and what you saw was pixies bring in pixie dust. They weren’t bring in drugs. This is all HYPE! Just Obullshit the guy 1/2 Black 1/2 whites setting in the big chair at the White House. He will tell you that it was just Pixie dust.

      11. Im sure it was just roofing tools or gardening tools that they were bringing across. Mexicans don’t smuggle drugs according to the Democrats.

      12. Well I guess they are willing to do the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do

      13. Easy to transport a bomb the very same way.
        Obama working to that end.

      14. Dooms day clock up 1 more minute

      15. It is still early in the cycle to know how things will level out. BUT, I bet Trump scares the crap out of Russian and Chinese leaders. The do-nothing politicians are being exposed by Trump. I am reminded of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous statement “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” except that Trump is not speaking softly!

        The beat-down American middle class seem to be backing Trump; I see young people flocking to him as well as middle aged and senior citizens. It is getting interesting to watch.

      16. So why hasn’t this video been on the news? You would think Trump would be all over this.

      17. jbird… because it’s Infowars. The long lost nemesis of the MSM. Can’t be legitimizing the alt media. Infowars seems to post news that takes 2 or 3 days to make it to Fox. While at lot of it is BS, there are articles that make you think.

        I don’t think any news media tells the truth, only bits and pieces. Read them all and piece it together.

        • exactly. all of the corporate media conglomerates are bought and paid for by globalists and the global agenda. I’ve noticed that hack sean hannity was dabbling in little truth a little (kust enough to get attention) the other day while i was looking for something to listen to on the radio as i was heading up the interstate. i figured faux news must be hurting for listeners as more and more people are tuning out of the regular “programing” propaganda and into the real news which has become many of the alternative sourcs.

      18. Can you blame the Mexicans? Look at what NAFTA did to them! If you heard the whooshing sound of jobs going south of the border, it was because the corporations in alignment with the politicians of our government along with the government politicians of Mexico did all of this with a purpose. How can anyone live on 30 dollars a week? It’s what the WalMarts and the other big corporations pay them. We are talking from 8 to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, for $30.00. Then the ones that come over here are trying to both get away from the cartels and also the unreasonable legal paying jobs. Every time you shop at a big box store, you are responsible for more people coming here illegally. Every time you buy something made in some other country you are responsible for someone in America for losing their job. You make it impossible for a small company in America to be able to compete with a big government supported corporation. Then you have people living on welfare and then they tend to want to heal from their bleak existence and they become addicted to drugs and then they buy drugs from a black guy(who he himself has already been manipulated and twisted by “them”) on the street corner, and they call him racist names for selling drugs. He gets the drugs from some Mexican who is an anchor baby, from parents who came here illegally to escape both the drug cartels and the poverty caused by the big imperialist American corporations and the elitest who sit at the top and control it all, although you may not see the correlations, you have to sit down and take a long look and see who is behind it all. All you see is some video of a few guys bringing bags over, and somehow now it’s time to call them all illegal and rapist and criminals. But stop and think, who is the real criminal, and why are they so bent on trying to dirty the consequences, but not look into the reasons, and who is behind it all? The 1% and the government is more guilty of so much more, yet their is no video of them, their is no hoopla over “them”. Why are they so hidden and no one points fingers at them? These videos along with the media are going to try and make criminals out of everything and every one. They are going to try and bring strife and chaos, by pitting people against people. This is where they then step in and will offer a solution. As “they” always do. “They” have been doing all of this for a long time. They are masters at manipulation they are the synagogue of satan. He was a murderer from the beginning. Alex Jones is married to one.

        • those who are pandeing for votes and allowing wide open borders are the people responsible for the invaision.

      19. Still waiting to see if Trump is another plant so the fringe stream ‘news’ media can have a cover to hide Rand Paul. The ‘polls’ are a joke. I think they are contrived, controlled & used to manipulate US citizen thinking.

        Sixpack, a lot of Jews want to end foreign aid to Israel. Rand is right. End ALL FA. It’s not in line with the Constitution any way.

        Any one know what happened to the two CIA smugglers? I bet they got a transfer & more pay.

        Didn’t the CIA use Air America for drug smuggling?

        Ending the lost & deadly to all human life war on some drugs would help a LOT!


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