Catholic Church Jumps Head First Into Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrency

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    ICOx Innovations Inc., which designs, builds and manages digital currencies so organizations can grow their businesses by attracting, engaging and retaining customers through the creation of their own digital currency, announced today a new customer, Cathio. Cathio is a public benefit corporation founded specifically in service of the Catholic economy.

    Cathio is applying blockchain technology to offer an easy-to-use payment solution that responds to the needs of the Catholic community, non-profits, and institutions.

    Cathio was founded in 2018 and is working to transform the way the Catholic community moves money. By bringing innovative technology and best practices from the tech world, Cathio is providing a turnkey solution for Catholic organizations to bring their financial transactions into alignment with their beliefs. Cathio was created to address the needs of the Catholic church. Cathio‘s website

    A blockchain-based charity and non-prot cryptocurrency, Catholiccoin seeks to provide an all-in-one solution to how we donate transparently on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are aware of the disruptive power of Blockchain technology and that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will significantly influence how we donate to charity in the future. As a result, Catholiccoin aims to play a tremendous impact on this innovative period of fundraising. –Steemit

    “We are excited to announce our new customer Cathio, which will provide the first of its kind payment, remittance, and funding platform that will enable the Catholic economy to save money and position it to provide greater transparency of financial transactions and to connect the Catholic community,” said ICOx Innovations President Bruce Elliott according to an ICOx press release. 

    Through our ecosystem of services with a user-friendly interface, Catholiccoin connects the non-prot and charity community while enabling traceability and full transparency of donations. –Steemit

    That’s a pretty big step for an entity as wealthy as the Catholic Church. While Cathio is attempting to make it very clear that this cryptocurrency will make payments and donations easier for Catholics worldwide, one can’t help but wonder just why they need more money, to begin with.

    No one really knows how much wealth the Catholic Church controls, and the organization’s secrecy and obfuscation of the facts surrounding its wealth continue to confuse many. The Vatican’s cash flow is in the hundreds of millions a year, individual holdings in the Vatican Bank total perhaps $15 billion, property held by the Vatican may be worth over a billion dollars, and the Church owns the largest store of the world’s most priceless art.


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      1. I would suggest that authoritarians have no sincere intentions of following their own rules, and that rebels with workarounds are the true influencers.

        To be able to coin one’s own currency was originally a means of avoiding odious debts. The RCC should know about that.

        Further, seeing as how authoritarians have no sincere intentions of following their own rules, all sorts of different people, with all sorts of different intentions, are gathered under the same noble lie, much in the same respect as all sorts of different companies are under Disney, the Walmart, or McDonalds. They may have no more personal respect for the RCC venue or trading platform than Don Sterling had for the Clippers.

      2. No good can come of secretive organisations trying to find new ways to hide their money. Remember, this is the same organisation that ran a systemic abuse regime for decades. The U.N. is also interested in blockchain: I wonder why?

        • FT, the UN is also interested in blockchain? That may be the one-world currency they have planned for us.

      3. I was raised catholic. Alter boy, married in the church, kids all went through the sacraments, taught Sunday school, pre-cana, lecturer. Lost my job at the end of 08. Had two kids in college. One went to a Catholic college. Had trouble getting money to pay my son’s semester tuition. I went to the school and asked if they could work with me. They said sure. Next month a get a bill with interest. Needless to say, what I see happening in the Catholic church makes me sick, along with how they treated other parishinors that have fallen on hard times. If you don’t have money they don’t have time for you.

        • As a recovering Catholic myself, I have to ask you ” What took you so long?”.
          I am a Christian, I know that there is a God and Christ is my Savior, but I AM NOT A CATHOLIC ! (anymore)

          • SW, my wife was one of those recovering catholics when I first met her. During our courtship she verified for me some of the things my pastor used to tell me about catholics. She told me some stories that blew me away. I always knew something was wrong with them.

        • Wojo, my wife used to tell me similar stories about her catholic upbringing. And they always claim they care about the poor? GMAFB!

        • If one was really an altar boy, one would know how to spell the word—two a’s, no e.

          Funny thing about “Bible believers,” they contradict the Bible, including the verses against private interpretation, e.g., 2 Peter 1:20, Acts 8:26-31

          Also, the post-Vatican-2 Novus Ordo is the “New Order,” a sect that is 50 years old and, despite the fraudulent signage, is not the Catholic Church.

          Jesus founded one Church (singular, not plural, in Matthew 16:18), a visible Church with Divine Rights to govern (Matthew 16:19 & 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). Divinely and logically consistent with His commissions, Jesus founded one Church, singular, with one central authority (Matthew 16:19 & 18:18), a visible organized society (Mark 4:11), and called for oneness of doctrine (John 17:11, 21-23).

          Jesus did not found an anarchy of churches having mutually exclusive doctrines like the 35,000+ sects of Protestantism in which every dyslexic with an interrupted grammar school education and an expurgated Protestant “Bible” gets to make up his own doctrine and be his own little “pope.”

      4. Sorry Mr. Bergoglio.
        Your “church” continues to receive BILLIONS of dollars from the US government (US taxpayers), along with ALL of the mainstream Protestant churches, to resettle “immigrants” (illegal aliens) throughout the United States.
        Your church works with the United Nations to help resettle illegals.
        Your church advocates for a border-less world and the destruction of national sovereignty.
        Your church wants countries, especially the United States, to bring in millions of Islamic invaders while the Vatican has housed 1 CHRISTIAN Iraqi family behind your 60 foot walls.
        Hypocrisy thy name is Francis.

      5. sounds like this to me: (from Wiki) “The Classical Greek word charagma (χάραγμα), translated as mark (of the beast) in Revelation 13:16 can also mean any mark engraved, imprinted, or branded; stamped money, document, or coin.” Seems the Pope wants all his flock to receive their mark…. that no one can buy or sell without it.

      6. You must understand that all major organizations that started out good such as The Masons have over time been infiltrated and destroyed from within. Just as our own beloved Country, the USA, has.

        The Catholic Church of today is not the same Church that it was before Ww2. The Vatican Council radically changed the Church. The pedophiles and homosexual problem occured as a result of hostile infiltration.

        The Church is not the authoritarian men that control, nor the buildings, but the people, the parishioners themselves.

        “Where two or more are gathered together, there I Am in the midst of them.”


        • Apparently, hypperlinks are censored here, so…

          Here is a brief history of the infiltration and subversion of the Church: judaism DOT is/new-order-of-pharisees.html

          • Typo should read “hyperlinks.”

      7. “one can’t help but wonder just why they need more money, to begin with.”
        The Catholic Church gives more aid to the needy than every government on earth combined… and they are far more efficient at it.
        People talk about socialism, and how the government needs to help people… the Catholic Church actually does help people and does it for far less money than the government can.

      8. If fascism is the merger of business and government Roman Catholicism is the merger of religion and money.

        In 4th grade a nun asked us to go home and find out who married our parents and at what parish. I asked at dinner and my mom told be that she was divorced before she met and married my father. She said the they were married at my grandparents by judge whoever (I forgot his name). She never asked why I wanted to know. Following day we each stood up and recited who and where our parents were married by and where at. Everyone before me recited some priest and parish followed by nice words from the nun. When I told her and the class mine (the only product of a previously divorced mother) the nun, Sister Teresa called me illegitimate and I sat down. Being puzzled about the words meaning thinking it had something to do with law I saved the question for the dinner table. WOW, fireworks! I learned (kind of) two words from mom, one, I was NOT ILLEGITIMATE and a brand new word WHORE as in “I am no whore”, (did not know what a whore was but damn sure knew my Mom wasn’t one of them). The following day we all went to school together including my father, my mother had a hallway discussion with Sister Teresa and I was in public school (a great school by the way far better) the following Monday. This same nun earlier said that God had a special place for a grieving classmates deceased dog and to another that his friends father who died, a non catholic would not go to heaven. At the age of 8 or so I thought, “something is wrong here”.

        They’re a cult.

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