Catastrophic Consequences for Our Nation are 100% Guaranteed

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    As we watch events unfold, it is difficult to assess what exactly is happening and what the end result of our economic and political future will be.

    Stewart Dougherty has published a must-read look at America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship and outlines how today’s events are shaping our country.

    Nothing like this has happened before in America. We hesitate to suggest it, but all of the signs indicate that what’s happening right now simply cannot be stopped.

    “Thanks to the endless barrage of feel-good propaganda that daily assaults the American mind, best epitomized a few months ago by the “green shoots,” everything’s-coming-up-roses propaganda touted by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, the citizens have no idea how disastrous the country’s fiscal, monetary and economic problems truly are. Nor do they perceive the rapidly increasing risk of a totalitarian nightmare descending upon the American Republic.”

    Despite what you may hear from State Media, which includes virtually all establishment news organizations, particularly financial ones (e.g., CNBC), America is on the precipice. No bankrupt nation in history has ever defended or preserved the freedoms of its citizens. In fact, it has been the exact opposite: in desperation, bankrupt governments have routinely plundered their citizens’ wealth and imposed totalitarian controls. What will make things different for the United States, the largest debtor nation in all of recorded civilization?

    As Dougherty points out in his article, the official debt and unfunded liabilities is $120,000,000,000,000. That’s $120 trillion over the next 35 years or so. These are the official numbers, using government fuzzy math. The real debt is estimated somewhere north of $150 Trillion. Our government takes in around $4 trillion in tax revenues each year – and that’s being generous. How on earth are we to pay off our existing liabilities and debt with this revenue stream?

    It’s just not going to happen.

    So, the government is going to come after its people. Like broke and unstable governments before them, the US government will seize anything and everything they can. The problem, as Dougherty points out, is that the combined individual wealth for the 99% of us that aren’t in the elite class is roughly $32 trillion. Even if the government confiscated all of the non-elite wealth in America right now, we would still have a $88 trillion shortfall! That’s how bad this is.

    But our government couldn’t let something like this happen. They wouldn’t let this get out of control, right? Dougherty makes it very clear – pay attention:

    Therefore, the government’s only solutions are either formal bankruptcy (outright debt repudiation and the dismantling of bankrupt government programs) or unprecedented American monetary inflation and debt monetization. If the government chooses to inflate its way out of this fiscal catastrophe, the United States dollar will essentially become worthless. You can be absolutely certain that a PhD. in economics, such as Dr. Bernanke, is well aware of these realities, despite what he might say in speeches. For that matter, so are Chinese schoolchildren, who, when patronized by Treasury Secretary Geithner about America’s “strong dollar,” laughed in his face. One day, perhaps America’s school children will receive a real education so that they, too, will know when to laugh at absurd propaganda.

    There is no easy way out of this. And the powers that be fully understand this. As we have mentioned in previous SHTF Plan articles, Bernanke and Geithner will be left with two options, neither one of them good: either default on our debt and stop paying foreign creditors, or, monetize and print more money to inflate the debt away. The dollar is currently on life support, but it cannot be saved. Both of the aforementioned cases will lead to a dollar flat line.

    These deficits and debts are now so gargantuan that they have become surreal abstractions impossible even for sophisticated financiers to begin to comprehend. The common citizen has absolutely no idea what these numbers mean, or imply for his or her future. The people have been deluded into thinking that America’s arrogant, egomaniacal, always-wrong-but-never-in-doubt fiscal witch doctors and charlatans, including Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Geithner and Ponce de Bernanke, have discovered a Monetary Fountain of Youth that endlessly spits up free money from the center of earth, in a geyser of good will toward the United States. Unfortunately, this delusion is false: there is no Monetary Fountain of Youth, and contrary to the apparent beliefs of the self-deified man-gods in Washington, D.C., the debt and deficits are real, completely out of control, and 100% guaranteed to create catastrophic consequences for the nation and its people.

    It is hard to believe that this is happening, but it is. Read that last sentence again, because it is very important to your financial and personal well being.

    On a national and global level, what is about transpire can only be deemed catastrophic. Life as we know it, everything we have come to know as normal in America – enjoying a daily Star Bucks, buying a new car every few years, updating your furniture to keep up with the Jones, yearly salary increases, and iPhone upgrades every time a new model is released – is over. Hard to believe. You can either accept it, or go down in flames along with the rest of the sheep.

    Financially, this will be accomplished by a complete destruction of what is often referred to as the world’s reserve currency, the US Dollar:

    The most important point is this: devalued currencies never rise again. Once they are destroyed, they are gone forever, and those whose wealth had once been denominated in them are wiped out. As you have no doubt heard before, not one fiat currency has survived over time, and that is an indisputable fact. More significantly, no fiat currency has ever suffered the abuse that has been inflicted upon the United States dollar, meaning that it is at extreme risk. Gold has been money for 5,000 years. It has not merely survived, it has prevailed over each and every fiat currency collapse throughout history. Given this, the most important financial question a person can ask him- or herself today is: How is my wealth denominated at this time? And given its denomination, is my wealth likely to be safe in current and evolving circumstances?

    Venezuela devalued their currency by 50% just a few months ago. North Korea’s Kim Jon Il devalued their currency by 99%. Both devaluations were executed overnight without warning to the non-elite 99%, literally evaporating the wealth of individuals who lived in those countries. Will it happen in America? No, it’s different here. Right?

    The destruction of the middle class in America by evaporating our wealth through a number of different means will eventually lead to threats to our personal well being. Throughout history, governments have always turned on their people during times of trouble, and we fear that the same may come to pass in the United States of America.

    We are seeing it already in mandatory health care, violations of which are punishable by prison sentences. We see it in government’s complete take over of our supposedly free internet. We see it in four justices wanting to eliminate our Constitutional protected right to bear arms. And as Stewart Dougherty points out in the excerpt below, the Executive Orders are ready to go. In an event deemed a national emergency, whatever that event is, our Constitution will be suspended and a domino effect of tyrannical policies will be immediately implemented.

    Are you ready for what’s coming? Stewart Dougherty has some advice:

    If you find the above argument compelling, you should consider how to protect yourself from Executive Orders that could be issued at any time, under any pretext, and that could be extremely hostile to your financial and/or personal health and well being. One simple way to start is to purchase one ounce of gold for yourself and each member of your household, and much more if you can afford it. That is not financial advice; it is merely the common sense generously communicated to you by history.

    Common sense indeed, something our government and officials seem to be lacking.

    Read Stewart Dougherty’s full article…

    Hat tip Mariposa


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      1. you guys are such downers… why can’t TEOTWAWKI be a happy, shiny feeling where we sit around and sing kumbaya?? instead of planting, weeding, canning, repeat…

        /Stop the world, I want to get off!

      2. Love what really feels like the truth.  I need a tums.

      3. LOL – well, it’s the stuff leading up to TEOTWAWKI that’s really the downer… I suppose if you’re out on your farm, not bothering anyone and no one’s bothering you, then it could be kumbaya-ish.

        It’s all a matter of perception and one’s point of reference.

        For those who are planning for it and see it as a possibility it won’t be as bad (hopefully) as for those who have absolutely no idea it is coming and refuse to open their eyes.

      4. The S will HTF this fall/winter. Guaranteed. Hope everyone is ready.

      5. Comments…..If you think farming is KUMBAYA give it a try its just an existance no $$ made here just hard ass work that starts in the dark & finishes in the dark with self satisfaction to reward you. Then you have to keep the steeling assholes off you cluttering up the land with their mere existence. Open your eyes people even boy scouts motto BE PREPARED.  tha0ts good enough for me. I’m stickin by it. LUCK B WITH U

      6. But gold and everything will be rosy…………….kiss my ass. I have physical PM holdings BTW but I’m sick of the Doom and Gloom forecast followed by “buy gold”. BUY FOOD PEOPLE! Make sure you have a reliable WATER SOURCE!  GET OUT OF DEBT! And stop feeding these monters who want nothing more than to wring another filthy damned dollar out of someone else before it all comes crashing down.

      7. @Tony: What specifically tells you that it will be this fall/winter when it happens?? what hard evidence are you looking at? elections?

      8. They got more tricks up their sleeves then a card hustler. They’ll kick the can down the road until they hit the wall, and that could be years. For us smucks it’ll be month after month of increased prices for consumables, increasing vicious crime, heavier taxes, fewer or no services, a crumbling infrastructure which is never repaired, and at the end, grinding third-world poverty for at least 30% and maybe 50% of the population. Heck, maybe 90%. It’s as if they are following a play book based on the novel 1984 and the social policies of the Soviet Union. After I waited for years for “The Big Event” to happen that would trigger a revolt, it occurred to me (recently) that it ain’t gonna happen. Like a dismal tide of woe it will just get progressively worse.

      9. The one thing that puzzles me is how can they implement such a totalatarian system if there is not enough man power to enforce it. They are playing with fire. When the shtf the chaos that will be coming will be unbearable and will overwhelm the system. Half the military and police will be at home either protecting their families or joining up with old vets,tea party gun owners,and militias to protect their communities,counties,small towns. Second the nation is too big to implement martial law. They can only do martial law in the large cities like LA,NYC,ATL,CHI etc.
        The United States is kept together by one thing. It is not even the military. It is the economy and if this goes so does everything else. With what will they pay the private contracts,soldiers,police,fed police(ATF,IRS,FBI,Fire Marshall,etc) to enforec such an act. New dollars? The economy is what glues our nation together and when its gone hell will be broken loose. The sheeple will riot and burn things down because they will not be able to go to their atm,or the local Wal,Mart or Target is all out of supplies. The govt has plans for such a  collapse but as Mike Tyson said it “Everybody has a plan until they get hit.” The govt is overestimating their power and when the shtf they will be too overwhelmed.

      10. Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke said the economy were improving today.  And so it is.   You people need to exercise patience.  Obama has a plan, but he can’t fix all the mistakes George Bush Jr. made over a 8 year period in the space of one year.  Where is your patriotism and resolve?   

      11. Some thoughts and rants…

        Mardochee, I’d like to agree with your thoughts on this, but I suspect there is a plan in place for this. From what I understand and have seen reported (and have reported on this web site) the US government will have no problem deploying foreign troops. Additionally, as we have done in the middle east, we can fully expect private security firms to step up to the plate when called on. There’s lots of money to be made. Though they probably could not blanket lock down the entire nation all at once, they wouldn’t really have to. Secure one area, then move to the next. If I am not mistaken, they could use counter insurgency techniques of cordoning off areas like big cities, and then work their way in, securing every block, including every home, as they go. Perhaps it will not come to this, but if we were to have a nationwide martial law emergency order given, I believe that the last 8 years in the middle east has really given our military the training to handle something like this. However, the Tyson Factor seems to be a serious possibility as well. If there’s one thing we’ve learned thus far, it’s that government isn’t exactly efficient at what they do.

        Obama & Biden 2012 — I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry about your comment. :)   All I can say is that GW is only part of the problem that got us here. The left/right argument really doesn’t work for me anymore. Patience is not going to help. Neither will hope. Not supporting the policies of President Obama, or Bush for that matter, does not make or break one’s resolve or patriotism, in my view.

        Scar – I can agree with your assessment. There may very well not be a “single” event. What we are looking at is a slow degradation of our way of life. Not over just the last couple of years, but the last 20 years (or more, depending on who you ask and their frame of reference). We may very well see the same for the next decade, until one day we wake up and the middle class is gone, our families are hungry, there are no jobs to be found, and speaking out against the wrong government official will land you in a behavioral modification re-education camp.

        FARMERS – My apologies. I didn’t mean to suggest farming was all kumbaya and no work. If our current gardening experiments are any guide, than farming during a SHTF scenario will not be a walk in the park!

        Tony – A few of the folks I chat with regularly about this kind of stuff do cycle work. One of them is also seeing some serious cyclical moves coming later this year. There is also a major Armstrong cyclical turning point next June (2011) and those have been fairly accurate for the last couple decades. In fact, the last one was on April 16, which I published here on April 9, a week prior. Turns out that Goldman got served papers that very day and from what I can tell, it (stock market / good news) pretty much went downhill from there. Coincidence? Maybe, but looking at past cycle dates, these are incredibly accurate….

        We may very well see a stock market crash… will it be TEOTWAWKI? That I can’t say, but I’d like to think not. Markets, especially these days, are not really very good at telling us what is really going on fundamentally.

        At this point, personally, I would prefer for things to drag out as long as possible. The longer TEOTWAWKI or SHTF takes, the better. I’d really like another 5 – 10 years…. Personally, I don’t see a debt crisis / dollar collapse any time soon – not until the States need bailouts, and then we’ll have a little more time until the Federal govt does… this could be months… or years…

        Let’s hope Obama & Biden 2012 is right and everything’s going to be ok. 🙂

      12. The day that the US Federal Screwed-UP Government finds it necessary to declare martial law, the ‘elites’ will have lost everything!!! Currently, the United States is the safest place for foreign investors to park their money, earn at least a little interest, and do so safely without fear of losing their money. Declare martial law and kiss that advantage goodby. Declare martial law and watch that money flee back to wherever it came from. No more obscene profits for the banksters. Poor banksters and stock marketeers!!!

        Our government has been screwing over our military for a long time. Most of those currently enlisting are poor kids from disadvantaged areas of the country where finding a job is almost impossable. After HurricaneKatrina, 50+% of the NOPD was ‘unavailable for service’. Most were at home taking care of their own families. Good luck getting these people that you have been screwing over to turn their weapons on their friends, neighbors and family!

        46 of the 50 states are in deep financial do-do. Many won’t be able to pay so-called ‘essential services’. No one has ever heard of laying off police, teachers and fire fighters prior to this. It’s currently happening in many places around the US. The federal government is broke and won’t be able to bail the states out. So what happens next??

        God, but we do live in interesting times boys and girls! Whatever happens can’t be put off for very much longer; the bills are coming due and we don’t have the money to pay them! God Bless and good luck to all.

      13. Comments…..I would have to agree with M Augustin on this, seeing civil war break out in the country where I was born , when SHTF the goernment collapsed followed by the currency which destoyed the economy, the army fell apart, soldiers either styed close to home or joined private militia groups.
        Mac, as for the training the US. troops experienced in Irag  or where ever, that doesn’t apply in the states, the American people have a high rotio of arms, they”re not mulnuntrioned first then attacked , they also hold their freedom dearly and very patriotic, when the economy falls and the government breaks watch out it ain’t going to be pretty. The good thing is we have time to prep and get ready, because they still have alot of rabbits they can pull out of the hat yet.

      14. The one thing that puzzles me is how can they implement such a totalatarian system if there is not enough man power to enforce it…….

        Too easy, I’ll answer with a question. Why is it that gun laws are being “loosened” ? Do you suppose the government has “seen the light” so to speak and is setting the stage for a return to the Constitutional framework of this country?  Or do you suppose that once we have killed each other off  with a government created and sponsored Civil War that the corresponding population decrease will make for a much more manageable and agreeable people who will give themselves over to whatever big brother deems necessary and prudent? You see……..the government doesn’t have to do the dirty work this time, humanity has been conditioned to slaughter itself, and everything the government is currently doing is to that end.

      15. Scar, I agree with your sentiments exactly. The idea is one of slow-bleed, kill us very slowly so very few are able to put the pieces together and are able to assign blame for their situation. The boiling the frog analogy I guess you could say.

        I hope it’s not another 5-10 years of this BS economy we live in with more and more sheeple buying shiny trinkets and devices, but I suppose it’s possible.

        Thanks for the joke Obama & Biden in 2012.

      16. I’ve been lurking here so go easy…wondering abt personal debt as we approach TEOTWAKI- If the house of cards is gonna come down anyway, why should I care abt getting out of debt? For example, I barely above water right now. Seems like this is exactly the right place to be when SHTF. No? Plus have lots of gold. But why would I care if I’m in debt if all my assets are wiped out anyway? Seems like a reset is going to favor those in debt.

      17. kwiebe, I thought the same as you at one point. Then I came to the following conclusion:


        One need only look at 1932 to see what may happen here again in 2010/11/12. Roosevelt confiscated the little guy’s gold (their assets and their only “real” form of wealth). Did he cancel any of their debt obligations? Hardly. More and more people lost their savings, their homes, and ended up moving just to escape their situation. In fact, you could say all he did was kick them in the head when they were already down.

        Will they confiscate our gold again? There are two sides to this argument, but my guess is no. No one uses it as money anymore, hence there is nothing to confiscate. What can they confiscate? All our paper wealth and our homes/cars/etc.

        It would seem a reset would favor those in debt, but that would be a logical assumption, and we know the government does not act logically.

      18. “Like a dismal tide of woe it will just get progressively worse.”
        Wow Scar you truely are a poet.

        Unfortunatly for me my dismal tide is filled with oil. Regionally the SHTF plan will be incrimentally met out with or without manmade or natural calamities however, let us not waste a good crisis…right?
        I’am constantly reminded of my faith in humanity when I come here to read the comments. These things we speak of with eloquence of diction and simple forethought help me keep my sanity just when I think I’m the only one left with two brain cells to rub together.
        Mac, I salute you sir. Keep up the good work!

      19. It’s interesting how much of the reasoning in these responses relies on unsupported assumptions.   50% of police and military home with their families?  Farming all work and mere subsistence and thus not even worth thinking about?  Are you really sure about that?

        These are rationalizations to support decisions you already made.  We just don’t know what will happen or how it will play out.  The best sign of intellectual integrity is the ability to say “I don’t know.”  If your goal is to survive and thrive post-SHTF you need to start with the lowest common denominator – survival -  and build up from there.  With the right mindset and attitude, you can insulate yourself and your family from hard times by adopting a homesteading perspective.  Get a few acres of arable and wooded land without relying on a loan.  Buy a big pile of lumber.  Start swinging a hammer.  End up with the fundamental resources to live.  Make that effort part of belonging to an agrarian-based community, where you will have help and can provide help.

        If you reason that the farming part is your moneymaking ticket, I can see how it would be unattractive and likely to fail.  However, for the purposes of SHTF preps, the farming part is to keep you from starving.  Every bush bean plant and every potato in the ground is insulation between you and starvation.  Get enough insulation between you and starvation, and the rest of the world can go to Hell for all you care.

        Whether it’s a slow slide or a sudden collapse, there are a few basic measures that will ensure you are insulated from the effects (to the best extent possible).  Those are being in a reasonably self-supporting agrarian community with low population density, and having the resources / skills to participate as a valuable member of that community.  However much you believe that a stockpile of gold will advance your survival odds is up to you, and reality will decide if you made a good guess.

        It would be nice to see these agrarian communities and small towns thinking far enough ahead, such that they can respond to a SHTF event by quickly forming a region of efficiently functioning local governance and trade / business networks that do not need help or interference by FedGov or anyone else.  This is where the plusses of an agrarian community bear the most fruit.  The economic output may not be extravagant, but the value supplied by those efforts are the nucleus of other activities, like cottage industries and small scale manufacturing.  They have a division of labor that has as its basis the roots of civilization: food supply.

        If there are totalitarian or martial law efforts made against the population, where do you think those efforts will be concentrated?  Population centers or small local communities that are trying hard not to be a squeaky wheel?  Food is not the only form of insulation provided by an agrarian community.  These communities also have their own built-in weedout mechanisms for those thinking they can roll in with their Lexus SUV, me-me-me attitude, and buy their way in with gold bars.  The agrarian communities are already largely self sustaining because those that can, do – while those that can’t are quickly identified as such and will suffer the same predetermined fate post-SHTF regardless of their location choice.

      20. I agree with Mardochee, they by no stretch of the imagination have the manpower  and or resources to implement martial law across the U.S.  NO WAY, they can’t fight an insurgent war in smaller, less armed countries, how the hell are they gonna do it here with 100 million or more gun owners.   And this would be assuming all members obey orders. You are going to have at least 50% defection of Military and police units to the “peoples” side.

        Now if Mac is right, and they bring in foreign troops to try and bolster their forces, there will be war, and even more U.S. troops and police will defect, but this  may be exactly what they want.  If you have seen the video of the FBI agent who infiltrated The Weather Underground (Bill Ayers), he talks about how they wanted the Russians, or Chinese to come in and take over once they started their “revolution”!!!!!

      21. Obama Biden 2012 is either hopelesly naive  still buying the hope and change shit, a complete and utter moron, or  part of the white house dis-info/propaganda team that  patrols websites and forums posting their gibberish that more and more people know is CRAP!!

      22. I am already on the government list, so this link I am giving is just one more check mark for their list. – 

        There is a reason for everything that has happened here in the US and every other country on the globe. What happened in the Gulf was not an accident. And don’t ask me to back it up with this or that, do your own research. The people living in those Gulf states that are getting sick will either leave on their own while they can, if they can, or their will be that EO put into force and those remaining will be ordered to leave. How, might be up to them, for those who cannot or will not there are ways that the good ol’ boys in government will get them moved. Many presidents, if not all of them use the advice of the CFR to make decisions on current affairs or to decide to sign one of those EO into law. Read the one about the ‘immigration’ problem. This one was written before O became president, except that in one sentence they have up dated and advise the O administration on their ideal of solving the problem. There is no ‘immigration’ problem. It is an open border and the thousands that cross that border that are here in the US illegally being the problem. But, there again, this has been on going by president after president doing nothing for their intended agenda. That would be the infighting among the population between the different ethic groups. Civil war. For those of you thinking a smaller community, good idea until you are overrun by thousands fleeing inner city violence. You cannot stop that flow of people coming endlessly. There will be no barter or trade allowed in the near furture. I have to tell someone out there steaming to go do your own research again. Leaving everyone reading this with one very smart piece of advise for themselves and family. Start storing up as much water for drinking and bathing now while we still have access to water. Oil rains are very possible that will contaminate water supplies for many major cities. If you don’t  think that stuff can evaporate, then think about the corexit that is unseen in your drinking water. A huge water shortage will affect everyone in this nation. Use everything you have to store water now while you have a chance to. Not just one months worth, but a lot for a long time.

      23. Comments…..Budd, ” precious things should be costly and the most precious of all things is water”(Plato). Your theory makes sense the only problem how much water can you store? I think you must live close to a water source.

        June 29th, 2010 at 4:13 pm
        But gold and everything will be rosy…………….kiss my ass. I have physical PM holdings BTW but I’m sick of the Doom and Gloom forecast followed by “buy gold”. BUY FOOD PEOPLE! Make sure you have a reliable WATER SOURCE!  GET OUT OF DEBT! And stop feeding these monters who want nothing more than to wring another filthy damned dollar out of someone else before it all comes crashing down……
        I agree..I’m up to about a year’s worth of stored goods for my husband and me…don’t ever tell the neighbors you are storing water, food, and don’t forget to store ammo w. guns to protect it.

        I don’t count the freezer contents in case electricity is discontinued.


        June 30th, 2010 at 12:46 pm

        And you left out bartering………returning  to the pioneer era may not be a bad thing.

      26. I’m not hearing much of an argument for the “get out of debt” part.  And the way some of the posts are playing UP food prep, over gold, means to me that what we’re discussing is a true reset where the S Hits The Fan with a vengeance.  That being the case, I’m not gonna worry about getting out of debt too much.  In fact, I think it could be argued that staying in debt, or even going deeper in debt, to buy food and other preparatory investments, makes a lot more sense.  If I can defend myself against zombies that may find me in my hideaway, I’m not gonna worry about delinquency notices.  Seriously, who’s gonna care about credit ratings and debt collectors at that point?

      27. …and regarding debt in a slightly different vein, but relative to this:  I think the productive members of society are this close to just sayin F-it regarding their obligations right now.  The sense already is that tax dollars are going to pay someone else’s mortgage, pension, whatever.  It was bad enough when it was the entitlements our parents and g-parents grew up with.  But at least then there was a chance that you as a payer would be able to participate in the program someday.  Not only are those programs bankrupt, but we’re seeing actual transfers to people using “programs” we’re never going to qualify for.  As soon as this perception becomes pervasive and widespread among the producing people, there will be widespread defaulting, imo. Hell, formerly upstanding borrowers already have been walking away from their suddenly underwater mortgages, in droves and without a second thought.

      28. Pay monthly minimums, just enough to avoid scrutiny, use the rest for prepping food, ammo, filtration, ammo, salt, spare magazines, ammo, solar charging panels, and lastly, some spare ammo.

      29. I think the productive members of society are this close to just sayin F-it regarding their obligations right now.

        I understand your position, however the law is on the side of the creditor. The banks/creditors would LOVE for you to default. Why are you so willing to hand over to them what they do not own already for pennies on the dollar. I’m paying my shit off, and then it is MINE, and I’ll have a clean conscious while I defend it, otherwise what the hell am I defending……..the right to incur debt? LOL  The following comment by a previous poster is right on IMO………

        Chris C.
        June 30th, 2010 at 12:20 pm
        One need only look at 1932 to see what may happen here again in 2010/11/12. Roosevelt confiscated the little guy’s gold (their assets and their only “real” form of wealth). Did he cancel any of their debt obligations? Hardly. More and more people lost their savings, their homes, and ended up moving just to escape their situation. In fact, you could say all he did was kick them in the head when they were already down.

      30. oh yeah….and don’t forget to continue to vote for all those nifty democrats and republicans….you know, the friendly folks who caused all this S in the first place…

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