Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana

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    This article has been generously contributed by Thad D. Ackel, Jr. Esq., an advocate for private property rights and economic and civil liberty. Visit his web site at Ackel & Associates.

    Editor’s Note: Last month we advised our readers of a troubling trend in Europe which now seems to be rearing its ugly head here in the U.S. When France banned cash transactions over $600 for the sales or exchange of metals like copper, gold and silver it was reportedly an effort by legislators to stop metal thieves from illegally unloading their stolen goods. The same criminal enterprises used in France to justify their legislation is now being used to pass similar, perhaps even more extreme, legislation right here in the United States. In addition to banning certain kinds of cash transactions completely, Louisiana now forces all “second-hand” dealers of goods (like gold, silver, or ANY second hand property) to keep detailed records of their customers, regardless of what they are selling. As you’ll see, and as is the case with most legislation emanating in recent years from States and the Federal government, the definitions have been purposely left ambiguous so that they can be applied at will by the State in any way police and prosecutors choose. We full expect similar laws to be enacted across the country in due time. Our ability to engage in lawful, private transactions with U.S. legal tender is being systematically stripped away.

    Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana: Government Takes Private Property Without Due Process
    by Thad D. Ackel, Jr.

    This summer, the State Legislature and Governor of Louisiana passed a law that bans individuals and businesses from transacting in cash if they are considered a “secondhand dealer”.  House Bill 195 of the 2011 Regular Session (Act 389) broadly defines a secondhand dealer to include   “… Anyone, other than a non-profit entity, who buys, sells, trades in or otherwise acquires or disposes of junk or used or secondhand property more frequently than once per month from any other person, other than a non-profit entity, shall be deemed as being in the business of a secondhand dealer. ” The law then states that “A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of junk or used or secondhand property.  Payment shall be made in the form of check, electronic transfers, or money order issued to the seller of the junk or used or secondhand property…”  The broad scope of this definition can essentially encompass everyone; from your local flea market vendors and buyers to a housewife purchasing goods on ebay or craigslist, to a group of guys trading baseball cards, they could all be considered secondhand dealers. Lawmakers in Louisiana have effectively banned its citizens from freely using United States legal tender.

    The law goes further to require secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business’ proprietary client information.  For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered.  They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports.  If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

    This legislation amounts to a public taking of private property without due process or compensation.  Regardless of whether or not the transaction information is connected with, or law enforcement is investigating a crime, individuals and businesses are forced to report routine business activity to the police.  Can law enforcement not accomplish its goal of identifying potential thieves and locating stolen items in a far less intrusive manner?  And of course, there are already laws that prohibit stealing, buying or selling stolen goods, laws that require businesses to account for transactions and laws that penalize individuals and businesses that transact in stolen property. Why does the Louisiana State Legislature need to enact more laws infringing on personal privacy, liberties and freedom?

    Motivating the introduction of this legislation was an increase in criminal activity, necessitating law enforcement to develop additional tools in tracking potential criminals. Thefts of copper and other precious metals have risen recently with higher commodity prices and mounting pressures from the economic downturn.  The added restrictions under this recent legislation have come about under the pretense of cracking down on crime and helping the government take care of you, all at the cost of your individual privacy, economic, civil liberty and freedom.

    Interestingly enough, although Pawnshops are still required to obtain clients personal information and transmit their client database information to law enforcement, they are exempt from the restriction of cash payments.  A jeweler next door to a pawnshop cannot offer clients the same payment method offered by its competing pawnshop neighbor.

    Act 389 passed by unanimous consent of the Louisiana House of Representatives and only mustered one nay vote (Senator Neil Riser) from the State Senate.  The governor signed the legislation into law on July 1, 2011.

    Thad D. Ackel, Jr. serves as lead counsel at Ackel & Associates L.L.C. and Broker of Tribute Real Estate.


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        • There will be blood!

          • Durango, agreed!

          • 1950 Defense Production Act September 8, 1950
            gives the President sweeping powers over all aspects of the economy.
            The Defense Production Act (DPA) is the primary source of Presidential authorities to expedite and expand the supply of critical resources from the U.S. industrial base to support the national defense and homeland security. In addition to military, energy, and space activities, the DPA definition of “national defense” includes emergency preparedness activities conducted pursuant to title VI of the Stafford Act and protection and restoration of critical infrastructure. The President’s DPA authorities are delegated to the heads of Federal departments and agencies in Executive Order (E.O.) 12919.

            International Emergency Economic Powers Act
            enacted October 28, 1977 was changed to the
            International Emergency Economic Powers Act Civil and Criminal Penalties On October 16, 2007, the President signed the Act into law as Public Law 110-96. Section 2 of the Act amended section 206 of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1705) by, among other things …this
            enables the President to seize the property of a foreign country or U.S. national. These powers were transferred to FEMA in a sweeping consolidation
            in 1979.

            I beleive you are correct DK, problem is who spills it first. If L.A. is the first how many others are going to follow suit?

            Mac any thoughts??

        • Well, I wouldn’t exactly say “the world is crashing in front of our eyes”. “Transitioning” might be a better way to put it. From Capitalism to Fascism. There will be many Fascists who will relish the change, i.e. the politicians, corporations and “wanna be’s/have nots”, especially.

          It’s ALL about CONTROL. THEY want to CONTROL you and I. It’s based on their insatiable desire for more, and we know they’ll never be able to quench that thirst as long as you and I are free.

          It’s coming with multiple heads: FASCISM, COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, BOLSHEVISM, Marxism, mounted on the body of Selfishness, Greed and Power.

          What is “crashing” is our Constitutional way of life.

          • Absolutely correct and well said.

        • If I were a citizen of the state of LA, I would make the Hawaiian good luck sign, trace my hand, write under it “THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOUR NO CASH ACT, and send every state legislator a copy.

          Notice: it is not a law, it is an ACT. Acts only effect corporate entities. If you’re a private, non-corporate citizen you can tell them to kiss your butt. Acts are made under the color of law but do not apply to living, breathing (wo)men. They apply to legal persons not natural persons. Once you understand this process you’ll start to see the duality of American Citizenship. One part corporate, one part sovereign. Be sure you choose the time and the place to be which ever part you wish to be.

        • Yes, passed by the state legislature, and signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindahl,who would be the Republican candidate for POTUS.

          • Yep! And I sure as hell didn’t vote for the wormy acting bastard.

        • I thought currency is legal tender for any and all transactions. Doesnt a seller HAVE to accept cash unless barter is agreed.

          • I don’t think so, Tex. I think the currency law stipulates that a gov’t entity must accept the fiat currency, but I don’t think it mentions that a private citizen or business must accept it. worth reading the fine print.

        • Welcome to 1939 Germany. Welcome to the 4th World Reich. Hail Bankers!

      1. Track every penny, tax every dime. Make the honest, criminals. It all falls into place. Welcome to the “New Dark Ages” where the neo-serfs are tied to the land in upsidedown mortgages. Paid wages which drive us into debt, and we work our lives with nothing to show or hand our children. WORK HARDER, WORK LONGER, EXPECT LESS

        Smile… should be happy you HAVE a job. mantra for the 21st century

        • You got that right! And isn’t it amazing how much energy the govt. puts into tracking every dime ordinary people earn and spend. Yet the Bernie Madoff’s of the world and their ilk can go merrily along their way for decades embezzling billions. How does that work?

      2. Sigh 🙁
        ya know, “Home of the free” just does not mean the same anymore. Before 1995 I was the most Pro U.S.A., loudest singer in the house, anywhere/anytime it came for singing our national anthem. Today, I no longer proudly sing that anthem, the words are not true anymore, they are lies. What did those men in that song really die for?

        How do we get this country back to being proud and mighty again? Certainly not by treating every citizen as if they were a crimminal.



        • You just keep singing loud and clear ‘ol boy. I will stop what I’m doing and listen and join in.

        • I would encourage everyone to do what I did many years ago ……… I became a ‘refuse-nick’. I quite simply refuse to even acknowledge their bullshit laws and go about my business as I normally would. If we simply ignore the assholes; they, and their laws, quickly become irrelevant.
          If the PTB can’t afford the salaries for police and fire fighters; I seriously doubt that they can afford to build enough prisons to hold all of us. Overwhelm the system and cause it to crash.

          • That works as long as you fly under the radar. The minute you make a mistake, and some idiot bureaucrat sees a career-enhancing opportunity, you get rammed in to the legal meat grinder.

            • It’ll work, if everyone encourages others to do the same.
              Here in the UK in 1990, the Poll Tax – which had been touted across the media as the ‘flagship policy’ of the government – soon turned into their Titanic, as within six months SIXTY PER CENT of people who should have been paying it – 18 million people – were lawbreakers, simply not paying.

              They tried to drag people through the courts (I had income sequestered by court order), but in the end the sheer volume of people refusing to pay – and the possibility of a repeat of the massive Trafalgar Square riot – forced them to repeal it (and within 6 months, Thatcher was basically sacked by her own party).

              The resistance to it was built by word-of-mouth and posters in windows – there was not a squeak about opposition to it in the news (well, not until the rioting started), it was never mentioned on the soap-operas that are supposed to represent ‘real-life’, but literally every time you went to a bar, you would get into a conversation about it; walking down many streets, half the houses had a ‘no poll tax’ poster on display (one classic poster had a picture of a Rottweiler, with “Bailiffs – make my day !”); if you went to the supermarket on a saturday, there was people outside with a burning brazier, & signs saying “burn your registration forms here”. IT CAN BE DONE !

              (& it’s worth noting that resistance was not just based on the fact that it was a ‘regressive’ tax – everyone paid the same amount, so someone earning £100/week was being taxed 7%; but someone earning £1,000 was being taxed 0.7% – but also because it was the first time in British history that all citizens were required to notify the authorities as to where they lived. No wonder we were pissed off !)

              Stand firm, and fight the government, not each other !

        • The goal is control of everything and every one and to do that they pass “laws” that allow them to “legally” cart off and punish anyone who gets in their way or does not fall into line. Control. Control. Control.
          The opposite of FREEDOM.

      3. One step closer to a cashless society. One step closer to tracking EVERYthing you do. One step closer to a NWO.
        The fun is just starting.

        • Exactly right! Hit soft targets first. Gain some acceptance whether they like it or not. Then spread to other targets.

          Consider a day in the future when you walk into Walmart (our local Chinese outlet store) and try to use cash followed by, “Sorry sir but we no longer accept that any longer. We will be happy to sign you up for our new cashless alternative if you like.”

          The majority of sheeple won’t want to be weaned off of their favorite shopping complex and will easily bend to these new requirements. It will be like giving candy to a baby instead of taking, especially with their expectations of enjoying what’s in the shopping cart when they get home.

          The precedent has been set!

        • They take our money, our homes/land, brain wash our children, squander our SS, spend to enslave our children to debt, ignor the constitution, kill our young men and women in political wars, lie to us(and get caught), regulate the hell out of us and then we vote them back into office (priceless? or insanity?). Then tell our military chaplins, that they can’t pray in the name of Jesus.
          Yes, we are at war and the PTB are well aware of it. Stay in His grace.

      4. As far as I know the law was passed to better track stolen materials sold for scrap. A quick check on Craigslist and everything seems normal. Its still another step in the wrong direction, but I’m not going to worry about it too much. I don’t plan on it interfering with any of my purchases (including completely legel face-to-face firearm transactions).

        • It’s certainly not enforceable. I seem to remember the “Cajun Navy” rescuing all those people after Katrina swept through, I don’t see those people being pushed around.

          If I turn in wire that at least looks like house wire to my local recycler, they take my drivers license info and take a photo of me with the wire. I then try my best to look like Teddy Roosevelt with a particularly large bull elephant. I think aluminum irrigation pipe earns that same scrutiny.

          As we head into the future, remember that gov’t is going to get more and more weird – like Hitler in his final days ordering around imaginary battalions – and more and more, we’re going to ignore its ravings.

        • EXACTLY the kind of response they are hoping for.

      5. The people of Louisiana need to contact their representatives and make their views strongly heard; otherwise their children will live in a lower form of sharecropper servitude than their grandfathers.

      6. I wonder if the however many million bailout the congresswoman took dubbed the Louisiana purchase awhile back, was in cash?

      7. another knee jerk reaction to scrape metal thieves. hold a garage sale two days in a row in one month and you have broken this law. stupid law that cannot be enforced very easily. makes you wonder what were they smoking when they came with that one.

        • They were probably smoking “ballots” and they liked the taste of votes. Probably someone ran on it as a way to crack down on crime or something.

      8. See, you feel safer already.

      9. Good luck with that.

      10. Good thing we are a law-abiding christian nation. Nothing evil could possibly come from this with that being the case! I am only surprised that Louisiana was the first to implement this kind of control instead of the Democratik Republik of Kalifornia. I am wondering how long until TPTB figure out a way to monitor private transactions advertised online and executed face to face. Maybe make the activity criminal and then hire stooges to go around meeting sellers and trying to get them to accept cash. When they do, the friendly neighborhood SWAT team is called in to take down the hardened menace to society. Maybe there is some kind of exemption for illegal immigrants because of their inability to pay with anything other than cash?

        • Hey, more swat teams means job creation…more with one La. Act than in 3 years with this administration??!!??

      11. Well they want shariah law…but who’s heads comin off first?

      12. Another great buisness plan!!

      13. Come on people, I lived in Louisiana. It has always been a banana republic and government officials their want their graft any way and any time they can get it. Nothing new in that state.

      14. I hope it is challenged in court!

        • It’s time to say screw the courts and challenge these draconian measures in public. Free yourselves! There are laws which we must comply with in order to have a civil society…….Shall not murder, rob, rape, pillage, etc; and then there are laws which reduce the exercise of our Liberty to the permissions of a hall pass. Will we allow ourselves to be Legislated into prison? We are within our rights as free people to ignore asinine Legislative measures, otherwise will you jump when they pass a law requiring all blue eyed people to throw themselves off a cliff? Perhaps you will just get some brown contacts and turn the other cheek?

      15. chipping away at the stone, thats what they have been doing,, its a slow process..were letting them get away with it.

        frog in the frying pan

        • my thoughts exactly…

      16. I wouldn’t want to be one of these penis head tyrant politcal heads when the populous get out their guns.

        • Soon ……. very soon Bubba.

      17. LOL I can just see those LA rednecks now…..sorry “boss” I don’t buy nothen second hand its all new to me!

      18. Jindal is a treacherous fascist. This is a draconian and ruthless abuse of individual rights. That’s what happens when you have an idiot for your governor. It’s serfdom for Louisiana! If only that state could be quarantined from the rest of the USA, we might be spared the infection. This has the potential of harming my private business activities in New York and Illinois.

        • Don’t believe it would help. I think there using LA. As a guinea pig. If nobody screams bloody murder, watch it spread the rest of the way around the country.

      19. It’s past time for people to start saying “no” in acts of civil disobedience towards laws like this. Yes, we’ll get “in trouble” but making a stand is worth it. We have to start questioning these things.

        Even though we are more aware than most people, evidenced by us visiting sites like this, if we allow ourselves to be herded along, we are sheeple too. In fact, we are worse sheeple than the ones that don’t realize what’s going on, because we know and we go with the flow anyway.

        I’ve talked to my kids about laws a lot lately, as I review all of the creeping invasions of privacy. We’ve talked about the fact that these laws are man’s laws, not Gods, and therefore are subject to question.

        My 11 year old asked today, “Have you ever broken any laws, Mommy?”

        “Only the stupid ones, honey.”

        • Stay in Canuk land.

          • asshole

      20. I believe another way the new law could be worded is:

        “Yer damned right we are searching all of your bank transactions and purchases without a waarant or probable cause. Constitution? We don’t need no stinking constitution!”

        Is there one person that reads or participates in this forum that doesn’t believe the S is gonna HTF? It’s pretty obvious that all levels of government are on the verge of total panic.

        Gotta got more ammo & peanut butter.

        • got my peanut butter today…it was odd. the groc. shelves had been restocked with the peanut butter which tells me that the prices go up tomorrow or friday at the place where i was shopping.

      21. this is against the constitution

        • the “cash” banned is repugnant to the Constitution.

      22. ” This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private “.

        • My excess linen needs washed & recycled into Ag & Au every month! Good on you Sns.

        • That was exactly the first thing I thought when I read the headline.

      23. I guess this would be the last straw for mom & pop operations with the bookeeping is outragious. I have been a second hand dealer for 50+ years. I’m not going to comply at all & advise everyone else to do the same. Just say NO NO NO way. The dollar is worthless & these guys know it. It’s time that everyone stands up for AMERICA land of the free & home of the brave. If you don’t take a stand NOW you may as well jump on the train to the incinerator
        as to let someone tell you that you cannot take UNITED STATES CURRENCY FOR ANYTHING OF VALUE. That is absurd wake up people tar & feather these people out of office & the USA.

      24. They will keep making new laws; saftey belt laws, child seat laws, no cash for transactions, cut you grass, kick you ass, TSA feels your up ass, no smoking, new laws, new laws, new laws, until you are all locked the fk up.

        The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.

        Indeed, the United States leads the world in producing prisoners, a reflection of a relatively recent and now entirely distinctive American approach to crime and punishment. Americans are locked up for crimes — from writing bad checks to using drugs — that would rarely produce prison sentences in other countries. And in particular they are kept incarcerated far longer than prisoners in other nations.

        Criminologists and legal scholars in other industrialized nations say they are mystified and appalled by the number and length of American prison sentences.

        The United States has, for instance, 2.3 million criminals behind bars, more than any other nation, according to data maintained by the International Center for Prison Studies at King’s College London.

        China, which is four times more populous than the United States, is a distant second, with 1.6 million people in prison. (That number excludes hundreds of thousands of people held in administrative detention, most of them in China’s extrajudicial system of re-education through labor, which often singles out political activists who have not committed crimes.)

        San Marino, with a population of about 30,000, is at the end of the long list of 218 countries compiled by the center. It has a single prisoner.

        The United States comes in first, too, on a more meaningful list from the prison studies center, the one ranked in order of the incarceration rates. It has 751 people in prison or jail for every 100,000 in population. (If you count only adults, one in 100 Americans is locked up.)

        1 in 100 Americans is locked up. WE ARE A DISGRACE, WE SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED!!

        • Did you obtain the proper permit to write his complaint?

        • You can be a disgrace and ashamed all you want sunshine. I for one am neither. I worked for ten years in a state prison of which two of those years I ran what was called the “Hammer”. That was the housing unit where they were locked in 23 hours out of 24. They were the ones that could not function in general population with the rest of the jackasses. I’ve seen what one man can do to another, and brother it ain’t pretty. To sum it up, 99.5 percent of what we have in prison belong right where they are now. Its fucked-up panty-waists like you thats part of the problem in this country. I gotta a feeling I seen you standing in the chow line one day when I was working afternoon feed-up.

          • POd, you be wrong.

            Over half of all prisoners are there for victimless crimes, not causing an injury to others.

            What prison turns the people into is not what most were before getting there.

            Most of those locked up shouldn’t be there any more than you. But what better way to take the humanity out of someone than cage them like an animal, unless it is to send them off to kill more innocent people in foreign countries.

            There is a reason we are always at war and lock up nonviolent people. TPTB want to unleash their creations on the rest of us.

            • Gods Creation go roll yourself another big fat greasy one and light her up. You’re so full of shit, you stink.

          • PO’dpatriot,
            You are a freek job. Is it your small penis or how your daddy beat you that makes you want to guard over others? I guess we can expect this type of comment from social retards like you, who want to lock up everyone, just so you can keep your pathetic job. Go fk yourself wackjob.

            • Bite me Jimbo. I know your kind, Mr. America by day and Miss America at night. Just remember fag boy, whether you’re pitchin’ or catchin’ you’re still playing baseball.

            • Wow!! I must have hit the nail on the head to make you react like that, or was it a double tap? You have a small penis AND your daddy beat you. I feel sorry for you, and those like you. It is sociopaths like you who are ruining our country.

              Who would want to be a prison guard? especially guarding the hard core lock down, but you seem to relish it, that is just sick man, you are sick.

              Here is to hoping your karma catches up with you in the most special way, and when you “get it” dont look up and ask why, look in the mirror and know why.

            • Sorry jumbo, but you can’t any further from the truth. My Dad happen to be the best man at my wedding. If it amuses you to know, I left the correctional officer position after working there for l0 years to open my own business. As far as small penis’ i don’t know what to tell you there pal but apparently you have a fixation on them. Hhmmmmmmm. Maybe some of your dates laughed at you or something. Oh well gotta go, got better things to do then to explain things to a loser.

      25. Vote with your feet and leave. Once the dust settles from the lawsuits and its deemed unconstitutional, you can move back.

      26. Pawnshop owners who must have enjoyed this news, less competition from the jewellers.

        Buy Gold and Silver in NZ

      27. They should make a law where being a member of Congress or any state legislature can only be a part-time job (less than 20 hrs/wk with no benefits). Right now, they have 40 hours a week to pass law after law and law and endless law, and the idiots get full pensions and retirement healthcare pretty much immediately right after being elected (although some states make them wait a whole six years to get full pensions and retirement benefits…ARGH!!!) …what a CROCK!!!

        PLUS, this really tells me that US money is worthless when you can’t even buy second-hand goods with it anymore…LOL

      28. Funny thing is what is referred to as CASH is unlawful to begin with. Federal Reserve notes should be banned for all transactions…

        • Notice our paper “money” is Federal Reserve Notes, says so right on ’em.

          Our coins are …. coins. Just room for “In God We Trust” which as a kid I tries to imagine as “In God Wet Rust”. Meh.

          “Nine broad pennies will feed three hungry men…” – Robin Hood in some politically-incorrect 1950s or 60s book.

        • I agree. The constitution says that ‘no state shall allow anything but gold and silver’ to be used as money. No bills of credit. This is an unconstitutional law, and all states, including Utah, are acting in an unconstitutional manner by allowing these illegal pieces of paper to impersonate real money.

      29. I live in CFalls Columbia Falls Montana, It’s a real montana alchi meth-head inbreeder red-neck run-down mill town… unemployment is 15%, there is a need, BIG NEED for that here in the flathead valley montana. The LOCAL white trash here thrive on robbing all the new fish here and harassing the new arrivals and their kids! It’s a big local joke here to see how soon the new folks leave town… no joke! I know this not only cause I live with em’ but from being targetted and robbed by em’! The white trash here only respect one thing here – VIOLENCE! And they only stop harassing you here when you return fire for fire here!

        So I personally applaud the move… If people weren’t such scum robbing slime like here in CFALLS MT… preying upon other good god fearing folks for the money for their next meth and alchi fix. Laws like this wouldn’t be necessary!

        The White Trash and other scum of Society is leaving law makers no choice but to create such Laws!

        I applaud the New Laws! And Encourage more laws with stiffer fines/ real jail time and more money for local Sheriff Offices to hire more Cops!

        Vigilanteism will soon be the Norm here in the Good Ole’ USSA! Amerika will soon be just as Gangster as Soviet russia… where the Strong Thrive upon/ on Preying Upon the Meek and Weak!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare!

        Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours!

      30. It is time to hit reset on everything, yes everything. Go back to the constitution and fix any gaps. Anything else is bandaids

      31. From the state that during post Katrina confiscated lawfully owned firearms from defenseless citizens, and formed a law enforcement “posse” from ruthless out of state hired guns and mercenaries, ala German Hessian troops from the Revolutionary War; this comes as no surprise to me. These politicians are drunk with power and will continue to take power literally until there is a popular uprising that ends the power grab.

      32. The currency of the future is going to be “junk” silver, .22lr cartridges, or eggs.

        Don’t laugh at eggs, we had a damn DUCK living under the house in the Starving Seventies (before someone stole it) and one of my younger sisters knew where it laid its eggs and ate ’em for breakfast.

        OK now: You know there’s fish in there, and you’re starving. Which do you want rightnowrightaway? A Krugerrand or a Mustad hook?

        • I’ll take an American Gold Eagle before they are illegal. I’ll buy you a hooker.

          • Avoid the ones with all of their teeth.

        • alc, I don’t order any supplies online—BUT I did order powdered eggs and powdered buttermilk..and plan to order more this week.

          Cornbread without either ain’t cornbread; not where i’m from.

      33. I have not seen the written version of this law but I know what one area it is intended for and thats the stealing of metal scrap. Just read some of the articles written on the web recently where in Detroit citizens are climbing poles and stealing electrical transformers. Iv’e had two call-ins this week where people who live out of state have contacted me because their empty rental homes had its HVAC equipment stolen. One house I looked at had the copper propane line (18 inches) underground ripped up from the tank to the house (60 ft). I hate to see this (the thievery) but its getting bad here even in my very rural area. They do pay cash at the scrap/salvage yards for what you bring to them.

      34. Should I point out this is a heavily GOP dominated or red state? Its always amazing Dems are accused of this behavior but it is republican governments and officials who do it. Everything from Herbert Hoovers police actions against war veterans in the Bonus Army in the 30s to George W’s seizure of guns from private citizens protecting private property during Katrina. It’s all a red herring. GOP talks a good game and that’s it. They only want your money.

      35. this and actions like it are really an insurance policy for the gov’t to make sure they get every penny possible from us…

      36. One more step to a “cashless society” in which unless you conform, you will be without the ability to purchase. Perhaps the destruction of our current monetary system is a means to that end. Or the introduction of another fiat currency needed for the transition to a unified North American continent.

      37. Jay A Nock said: never complain, never explain, never argue. Those able to move, do so, those able to cease doing business there, do so. Starve the beast !


      38. does this mean that the drug dealers and hookers in New Orleans will be taking credit cards and checks?

        • no, they work in the free market. oops, I mean the Black market.

          They will still take your cash, so it will not affect you.

          • I was there once in 1959, so I’ll keep that in mind if i ever go back.

      39. According to CNN, Qaddafi is DEAD.

        They ran him to ground in a hole like the vermin he was. He was shot and captured and then suffered further wounds (sounds like a beating) from which he died.

        • I’m not sure that’s very accurate daisy, I’ve read a lot about what Qadaffi was doing for Libya and north Africa, and for the most part it seems like to me he was doing the right things.
          It seems far more likely that the MSM and govt, around the world, decided that they couldn’t have Qadaffi creating a money supply that was backed by anything real, i.e. gold.

          • exactly. Can’t have Qaddafi refusing the US dollar now can we? Didn’t they find Saddam in a hole also? for refusing the US dollar?

          • That and he wouldn’t join the NWO.
            Notice the aggression against other nations with their middle finger exercised about NWO??

      40. How could anyone have guessed that the “black markets” would start this way in America? They will be HUGE and the tax man just lost his butt!

      41. “Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana”

        Hone your Black Market skills.

      42. Dead, dead, dead. What good timing now that thunder thighs is there collecting hazardous duty pay by ducking bullets exiting the special aircraft while calling for his removal or death. He didn’t want to share his oil unless he got paid in gold backed money anyway. Phiist, you can’t eat it but Michael Jackson says “beat it”. He didn’t either…

      43. The less money in circulation the people actually think about it. Plastic becomes the norm and cash goes away. all transactions become visable to anyone who wants to look at them. Eventually cash has no meaning and the quantities produced by (keystroke) becomes unimportant.

      44. I think it’s time to plan moving other country, eventually this country will becomes like Nazi ruling again!

        • It already is becoming so. The question is: where are you going to go? This is spreading like a disease all over the world. Eventually nowhere is going to be safe. Maybe living in a remote jungle somewhere in a tree house might. WWIII is on the way.

          • I got the remote, I got the jungle and I even got the tree ( 2 100+ foot ever bearing figs ) I ain’t got no house in the tree. Gotta fix that.

      45. Please move along. There’s nothing to see here. Now go back to your sports and your american idol.

      46. And now, TSA is performing ROAD inspections of vehicles in Tennessee. See Drudgereport DOT com.

      47. Good point Texas Lawman – the currency we use says right on it “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.” We, the people, must rise up and take our freedoms back.
        We have to resist the New World Order. John F. Kennedy spoke about the secret societies in a very eloquent way – if you haven’t heard it, listen to it on You Tube. These bastards are out to control and enslave the entire world. Also for those of you who haven’t heard about the Georgia Guidestones – look them up! Here’s the link to the Georgia Guidestones on Wikipedia:

        Note # 1 under “Inscriptions.” They (the elitists) want to reduce the population of the earth to under 500,000,000. The population of the earth is about 6 billion, therefore they want wipe out over 90% of the world’s population !!! These people are evil incarnate. But do not fear! They are a tiny minority. They are the sons and daughters of Darkness. We have Truth, Light, and Justice on our sides. We have Almighty God on our side – the God of Justice, Mercy and Righteousness that is! The Children of Darkness shall inherit the kingdom of suffering and darkness.

      48. @ po’dpatriot

        On one hand u seem to support the mass incarceration of our citizens claiming the numbers are where they should b or even lower than u would like but you also seem to be almost apologetic for people in your rural community who have resorted to stealing copper suggesting you are sympethic to their plight.

        It sounds like you are being extremely biased and making absurd generalizations based on your personal experiences. If you can empathize with the necessity of starving people to steal copper to sell so they can eat why cant you empathize w the tens of thousands of who are incarcerated for similar offenses or for crimes I consider to be victimless (drug use for example)?

        My brother is 40 in the first 2yrs of a 96yr sentence because of a lying POS gutter trash whore and an equally pathetic corrupt DA allowed to thrive in equally corrupt judicial system of which u boast being a part of. Just because you happened to have been assigned to monitor a group of social and penal misfits doesn’t justify your assertion that the balance of inmates in the general prison population are similarly dysfunctional or deserve to be where they are.

        U should be more careful about making idiotic offensive pro-establishment statements like that if you plan to continue to include the term “patriot” in your moniker and would like to retain some measure of credibility among educated people. Or change your moniker to something like po’dpretender and find another site to infect. POSMF!

      49. This isn’t about crime or safety. It’s nothing more than a way for the IRS to tax every penny that anyone makes. They want no more cash transactions, because they can’t track and tax the cash transaction.

      50. grab the rug. the sh8t will hit the fan at high speed.
        move to international waters and have UN protection.

      51. Teapot gonna boil over.

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