Case Dismissed: Government Had No Grounds to Indefinitely Detain Marine Vet Without Charge or Trial

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Headline News | 172 comments

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    After the FBI, Secret Service and local police swarmed Brandon Raub’s home because of Facebook posts that were deemed by officials as “terrorist threats” and investigated under the auspices of domestic terrorism, the outcry from proponents of free speech were loud and undeniable.

    As many warned when the National Defense Authorization Act was approved by both Houses of Congress, law enforcement officials now have the power to arrest and detain American citizens without cause, without charge and without trial. Despite arguments to the contrary, the NDAA coupled with the Patriot Act allows those who are detained under allegations of domestic terrorism or for alleged hostilities against the United States, either through speech or action, to be held indefinitely.

    In the case of Brandon Raub, he was originally ordered to appear before a state psychiatrist a few days after his illegal detainment. It was then pushed to thirty days in a psychiatric evaluation facility. Given how the government has treated military whistleblower Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement without charges or a trial for over 800 days, the government could have potentially held Raub for weeks, months or years.

    In this particular instance we have good news. The pressure from outraged Americans and a focused effort by Raub’s defense team has reportedly led to his release this afternoon.

    A Hopewell circuit court judge has ordered that a Marine veteran detained over anti-government Facebook posts be released from a psychiatric hospital.

    The judge said the original petition for Raub’s detention contained no facts. In other words, there was no information on why Raub was being held — and the judge deemed this violated his civil liberties.

    As a result, the judge ruled the government had no grounds to hold Raub.

    Beck said the judge is in the process of writing an order for Raub’s release. He is expected to be released from a the hospital in Salem, Virginia Thursday afternoon.

    Source: WTVR

    How is it even possible for an individual in America to be detained against their will with no facts having been presented?

    The right thing to do here is to criminally charge those who detained him – every single law enforcement officer, prosecutor and judge involved in this case – with kidnapping, abduction, violation of the 4th amendment which is supposed to protect free men against unreasonable search and seizure, and violation of 5th Amendment protections that denied Brandon Raub his liberty and right to due process.

    Where are the charges against those who would have sent this man to a hole for the rest of his life without any justification whatsoever?

    Without the national exposure this case received, it’s completely plausible to suggest that Raub could have been left to rot in a government prison cell like Bradley Manning.

    But no one in government will be held accountable. No one.

    And, what of other Americans, namely veterans, who are being detained by the government based on manufactured allegations or the overt attacks against individuals expressing their personal views in a non-violent manner, such as Jason Egroff who was recently detained, forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation, and stripped of his guns for no other reason than a call to police from a “friend” who disagreed with him and thought Egroff was a danger to himself or others.

    Under the guidelines being set forth by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and Congress, are we not all psychotics in need of mental health evaluations and re-education?

    Is every American citizen now guilty of subversion and hostilities against government interests?

    Brandon Raub’s release is a victory for liberty, but the road ahead will be paved with more tyranny and injustice as the government police state steps up its crackdown on dissent.


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      1. Its about time. don’t look for this happen very often in the future as there is a way around it in the NDAA

        • The only reason he was released was because of technological advancement that allowed video and news of the arrest to go viral.

          When the economy collapses, technology gone, no more outcry from the people.

          • That’s right! when civil breakouts happen and internet is down they can do whatever they want because nobody will be able to follow up. your right. What makes me more pissed off is not racist, but the black dancers party made threats against whites and to kill whites clearly and nothing! Not one zippin thing came to their arrests, not one. What if they get caught are they going to say this is racial targeting. this is just wrong and we all know it.

            • To clint hospo:

              I’m gonna skip the dancer comment because its silly. This new BPP is obviously government run PSY OP, that’s being to used to stir white peoples fears. Dont fall for it. This administration needs a SPARK in order to bring in martial law and attempt to take away our guns. Whether that spark is through a race war or a civil war. This is why the MSM or the president hasn’t condemned this.

            • ..which is the exact reason that the Dept of HOMELAND security, not the Army, Marines, etc have stockpiled nearly 2 billion rounds of ammo. The puppet masters at the top know what’s coming and what their new supposed ‘authority’ permits. Peaceful, knowledgeable, free-thinking, contributing, caring individuals…like us…are now the enemy to them. Again I say HOMELAND security ammo, not to be used against a supposed enemy in a foreign land.

              Gold Leader standing by.

          • Pfft – if things truly were totalitarian (it could possibly go that way), you’d never even hear about the arrest.

            When collapse gets into full gear, we’ll all be too busy to even notice.

            • OddQ: And that’s when people will really be afraid of the Police/FBI/Secret Service, etc. But that’s also when these agencies are going to start to lose a number of folks. Under those conditions, when the cops come for a fellow he’s going to figure that he’s as good as dead if they get a hold of him so why not take out as many as possible and save the next guy a little ammo. I hope I’m wrong. But it if does come to this it’ll be real ugly with folks possibly even seeking out these cops and agents ahead of time and eliminating them as a preventive measure. It’ll be a real mess.

            • You can bet they will knock down your front door at 4 Am …just as they did in Russia for many years. The house sets empty and the neighbors are perplexed over the absence of the neighbor…BTW they will haul off the entire family to re-education camps full of God hating court appointed psychiatrists. During their stay one after another will get sick and die..The government caters will supply the slop and they will make sure you do not return to your home..Thanks to the off guard voters for years that distinctly trusted in government phooey!

            • This is correct. In Argentina in the ’70s, the fascist regime simply “disappeared” people.
              Nobody knew who took them or where they went. Most ended up as burned carcasses on the roadside, or shoved out of airplanes miles above the Atlantic.

          • That works both ways. LEO’s have pissed off a good portion of the population. When SHTF, they won’t be shown anymore mercy than they have shown the innocent law abiding citizens such as Brandon Raub. In the mayhem that follows a collapse, there can be no mercy for those that have knowingly not followed the Constitution. It’s all about choices. Their gestapo tactics have earned them the wrath of the people.

        • Hope he sues the authorities (individually too) for false arrest and kidnapping. If the government doesn’t understand what OUR rights are, its time to teach them a lesson.

          I love it when the administration oversteps their bounds. It demonstrates their FEAR of US!!!

          • DK, he was not arrested which makes this entire situation beyond sinister. It really WAS kidnapping. He’ll probably sue, though, as he should. And just think — he can sue local police and two Federal agencies.

            Odds are that he’s going to get a book deal. And I’m thinking the movie rights will be signed by next week.

            • Its time to name the individual officers within the lawsuit and hold them liable as well; particularly the one that cuffed him while maintaining he wasn’t under arrest.

              After that LEO’s across the nation will think twice about confining someone against their will.

              Every Mexico understands that military law cannot be applied to civilians. Its time to re-educate OUR employees!


            • I’m under the impression that you cannot sue individuals in government when it’s connected to performing their duties.

              This will be interesting to see how it turns out. Regardless if he can sue some governmental agency it will take money; lots of money. I just can’t see the ACLU doing a Pro Bono here. The guy needs a collection started. Hell if a woman school bus driver that was insulted by students can get on the internet and end up with 750k in donations this guy should be able to get some serious $$$ for legal fees.

            • Kevin: If the LEO wasn’t arresting the guy, but detaining him against his will, the LEO wasn’t performing his governmental duties since there was no justifiable cause for arrest or detention.

              Just saying, name the culprits individually! No reason to let them hide behind a badge.

            • DK, The LEOs are in a bad spot, putting their jobs on the line but at this time in American history, it’s becoming clearer that this is what has to be done. Just like the men from ICE who have taken a legal stance against the Feds on detaining the illegals.

              About the arrest — After I posted my comment, I found some newer articles on Raub and some say he was arrested and some say he was not arrested. I think that we’re only going to get the truth through court transcripts or through Raub’s own interviews. I sure am glad that this unconstitutional crap has gotten some media attention!

            • RT tv interviewed his lawyer who said no he was not arrested. He was detained for “observation”.Under gov statute this can happen to anyone.His lawyer stated that however it was determined that there was no justifiable reason to detain him so the judge ordered his release.He also said that without the veterans(among others) who got him legal representation he would have probably disappeared into the system. They are considering a civil suit.The police often cuff people “for their own safety”. This is a symptom of the police state we are in.

            • DK and Zoltanne: Once his attorney gets the names of all the agents and officers involved, especially the supervisors(s) who made the decision to take him in, this young Marine can file both criminal and civil charges against all of them. On the civil side this will allow him to start putting liens on all of the property they own, outside of their primary residences and retirements, in anticipation of winning a settlement. This means that any other porperty they own such as second homes or other real estate, stocks and other investments, boats, you name it, and he can lay claim to it until the case is decided in court. What this does is prevent these clowns from transfering or selling their property. And even if some don’t have much extra, if the court decides in his favor, he can have their wages attached and even go after their kids college funds. This action also has a much bigger and longer lasting effect because these liens will seriously screw up the credit ratings of each person being sued because they will show up as an unpaid bill, or debt, on their credit reports until the case is either dismissed in the cops favor, or until the settlements are paid should he prevail in court. The other upside to all of this is the negative stress, especially the civil actions,that these pending cases will have on all of these jerks. Serves them right. If it were me I’d let my attornies keep most of the money, I’d just want my day in court. My satifaction would come from watching them squirm in court and knowing that they and their families are suffering financially and emotionally because of what they did to me and my family. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

            • Zoltanne –

              He could sue but it would be a waste of resources (his) because in the end, both the local LEO’s and the Feds WILL NOT be held accountable, probably due to NDAA.

          • durango- I do too. I love when we teach lessions to the idiots in charge and it makes them look like amatures. like the beautiful dike Janet N. She is gotta be one of the stupidest people to be in charge of DHS. I think they messed up and she should be with Dept of human services or possibly seeing her working in a zoo as a animal poop picker-up’er. I hope she gets a flood of illegals when things go south and they come over and make themselves at home in her place. God we have so many idiots in charge its sad. It’s just a matter of time before Obama or some sorry ass liberals push the ban on certain guns and/or all guns etc. That will be the biggest mistake that will ever happen in America history. I still think and said this before that thugs and gangs and pyros will start fires all over the US that thousands of buildings will be buring out of control. We have way too many people living too close to other people. I hope we all get out of the city safely for some of us and have a good place in a low crime area if things get bad. I do hope if it does I want it to happen in the winter where we use mother nature in our favor while others cant stand the cold or will have no winter survival skills or common sense and they are cold and tired and thats when they are going to make the wrong mistakes not being warm and tired and try to break into a home with a family of well armed people and that will be the end of that.

        • Looks like to me some of the state judges are opening those eyes..Welcome to our world Judge Sir..


          • what do you mean? in our favor or against DPS? Just curious. I think you mean in our favor but could be wrong.

            • clint hospo,

              In favor of the people of course, some of the judges are seeing what is being done to our rights. And with the loud American voices they to will wake up just like we have..Scream louder maybe it will speed things up..


        • He is not released yet and they can just pick him up again and again and again. They no longer have to worry about harrassment charges or the Bill of Rights.

      2. sigh. . . . we’re DONE as a country. . .Sorry, Mr Franklin, we could not keep it.

        • Never give up. The courts did the right thing; they won’t always do what was right but in this case they did. There is outrage in America over this, and every time our government steps over the line there will be more outrage. We can take back our country; we didn’t get this way over night we won’t take it back over night either.

          20 years ago 2 agents stalked a would be assailant. His dog blew their cover and they shot the dog; his son and a friend returned fire – one shot each – and then ran for cover. The son was gunned down – shot in the back by an assailant. One of the agents was shot and killed himself the friend of the assailant and the assailant himself charged for the killing – both acquitted. They literally testified the friends 30:16 killed the agent only to find later he was shot in the back by the other agent by mistake.

          It took a long time, 3 people died, all for no good reason. It took a long time but 20 years later people still remember Ruby Ridge and how our government went wrong. 20 years later we don’t forget and we will NEVER FORGET.

          • Yes, the Weavers paid a high price because Randy wouldn’t turn snitch.

        • grrrrrrr: Try “meow”! because YOU are a fucking pussy, not a tiger!

          Another loser!

          • Mr. Kidd: I ask that if you don’t have anything productive or constructive with which to criticize my comments, please don’t bother commenting at all.

        • This judge upheld the Constitution, the rights of citizens and the beauty of this nation and in so doing, he protected his own rights and those of his children.
          Thank you Judge.

          • “C” you are absolutely correct when you say the judge in this case did the right thing and by doing so, “He Protected His Own Rights and Those of His Children”.

            The more people in authority who stand up for what is right, and true and good, and DO realize they are not just protecting and defending the “victim” of this run away gulag system, but rather their own rights and their own families and every other citizen…the better we will all be. Thank God for this judge and all the other’s in authority who are waking up! May we all one with one loud voice send a very strong message to the feds…Not on our watch!

      3. I tell you, if this incident doesnt wake anyone up to the truth, there are truly lost.

      4. DUH government! He didn’t do anything but express himself, which is his given right under the constitution. Sounds like atypical scare and intimidation tactics of those of the state, like an example to others. Makes you real angry when you see this, and those black panther scum buckets talk all the time about killing innocent people and make jiga-boo songs about raping white women just to stir up more hate against what can make them some more blood money.

        Why does a marine that served his country get nailed like this and the militant blacks that are calling for rioting and killing of innocent people never called on for this? Reason, we are not allowed to be racist ever against even those that are calling for anarachy and those that are truly calling for domestic terrorism, AND have the plans and the weapons in their black panther arsenal to actually commit an act of domestic terrorism. I guess if you are a radical black you can say anything and hide behind the racist shield. Pathetic example of reverse racism.

        • BI – that’s exactly what I don’t understand – the New Black Panthers can talk about how they want their followers to start killing white babies to thin out the population, but this former marine gets arrested? WTF???? It makes me sick what’s happening to this country.

          • I know i said the same thing before i got down here to read your post. the only person that gave you a thumbs down is either black or a superior liberal that’s smarter than all of us combined. Maybe it was holder on here or obama.

          • @Z,,,,The New Black Panthers are controlled by the FBI, just like the old Black Panthers. That’s one of the reasons Holder refused to prosecute the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers in Filthadelphia. (The other reason was the influence of the King family.)

            My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Rutherford Institute for representing Brandon Raub, in the face of three tyrannical agencies. While victories are few, it shows the Nazi Police State establishment doesn’t always win.

            • I dont understand how a black attorny general and a black president can have that much power to mute these arrests against the black douch party. Can it really be that much power to tell the FBI and other angencies to not follow thru and shut these people up. It just gets crazy and crazier each day. something is going to backfire and these blacks are going to attack someone and cause some serious violence soon. There are some good blacks many of them are so fricken stupid and think they are going to be a better shot than many of us who have shot every type of gun and do it for practice often. Hell they shoot a gun sideways and they think thats the right way. IF you have never shot a gun like that, take it to the range and shoot in gangster style and you can miss a popcan from 10 feet away and miss by a foot. I hope they are not that stupid if a major civil war breaks out. I do feel sorry for all those people that have nothing! No food, nothing but their fancy shoes and hats. They are gonna be in for a world of hurtin if a collapse happens and there are thousands of shootings and deaths each day. there will not be the manpower or time for investigations at this point. So use common sense and protect your family and don’t worry about hesitation to shoot in case of violent civil unrest. One mistake or hesitation can make the difference of life and death

            • its so obvious that obama would take the side of the black power over the white side. he does and probably is ashamed to be half white. I truely believe that.

            • I think this is just nuts with brandon raub. 10 or 15 years ago or less people said some really bad things and nothing. But now you hear more and more of these government officals busting people for free speech without real threats. If you can’t see this as alarming then I’m afraid a lot of these people will be and are clueless what the government is heading or trying to do to us. With the black dancing gingerbread party saying killing whites and kill all crackers and nothing happens thats a huge red flag. I feel sorry for a lot of the young that have not paid attention to what the laws of this land are and how many times this Admin party has broken and let illegals stay in without penalty or no worries and claim bogus dependents and get check issued for thousands of dollars without any oversight and harry reid strikes this down to stop the fraud, just more alarming BS that is going on. people can say we are nuts but we know how our freedoms and liberty slowing stripping. Can you imagine 5 years ago trying to ban large sodas or smokes from everywhere. Everyday it gets more clearer and clearer the fraud and lies Obama admin has done and the hints of a collapse. I don’t know whats going to happen with Iran or when the attack is going to happen, but make sure you are stocked and taken care of. I know we all see tips on here for this and that but at least have water, ammo/guns and lots of food. I’ts getting closer and closer. I just want to hear what the fraud in cheif is going to say in a few weeks for his speech to us. I don’t see how people are going to keep sane with food prices spiking, gas prices spiking and loss of jobs. something is gonna give soon and be ready.

        • Be Informed,

          I agree with you. This whole incident is wrong…it never should have happened.

          Obviously, the new black panthers feel ’emboldened’ to speak their mind. Remember, Obama marched with the new black panthers in Selma, Alabama in 2007. There were photos of Obama marching with them on But, the photos have since ‘disappeared’.

          To read the article and see the empty boxes where the pictures used to be, go to ( and type in ‘Obama appeared with and marched with the New Black Panther party in 2007’.

        • Z and Be Informed: The BPP are a few clowns who talk tough but can’t even get a big group to show up when it’s in thier favor; the Trevon thing a few months ago about 8-10 of these losers showed up at a “rally” near Zimmerman’s home. Yeah, they let fly a lot of hot talk about getting Zimmerman and other whites but that’s all it was, talk. They don’t have the balls to actually do anything. These sorry punks formed the BPP because they weren’t tough enough to get into the Crips or Bloods except as the gang’s bithces. The are also very bad at math because they are vastly outnumbered by whites with guns better than 10:1 at a minimum. So unless they have a couple of battalions of marksmen or snipers, they’ll be in for a Little Big Horn moment if they should start something. But those who talk never do anything and those that do things never talk about their plans, they just do it. It’s called OPSEC.

      5. Raub was lucky. His arrest (Yes, it was an arrest) was witnessed and photographed by family and friends who managed to get an attorney. Others like Susan Lindauer were not so lucky. Still others have simply disappeared.

      6. Soon they will just start offing you. Why do you think they want to turn off the internet? F.U.B.A.R. BIGTIME.

      7. They can do anything to us they want because most of us or death, dumb and ignorant. They’ve been slowly taking away our rights and we do nothing. Wake up people. A coward dies a thousand deaths.

        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution!)

      8. Sounds like Raub would have been a rich man (except it’s all gonna collapse before he gets his court decision and check.)

      9. I say the good citizens of this great nation should award Brandon Raub with the medal of honor for his heroic actions on our behalf.


        Decorated U.S. MARINE BRANDON RAUB ILLEGALLY DETAINED sent to the looney bin BY THE ZOG FEDGOV for “sharpening his axe” to take off CORRUPT CRIMINAL WASH DC UN NWO ZOG TRAITOR POLITICIAN HEADS and professing his Patriotism on-line against a Dictatorial Tyrannic ZOG Puppet GESTAPO FedGov !!!

        And … Yet the AmeriKan CIA is “Paying” foreign Very Fake Al-CIA-Duh CIA FINANCED SUPPORTED TRAINED muslim Terrorists to ILLEGALLY WAGE WAR … ILLEGALLY MUTILATE RAPE MURDER DEATH KILL HANG Innocent Syrian BABIES children women Christians and $700. worthless AmeriKan fiat dollars per a DECAPITATED male Syrian SEVERE HEAD ??? WTF ???




        pls see below …

      11. Good reason to stay off FB…that thing is nothing but a trap! There are plenty of other outlets for speaking out. This is is a good example of how they intend to use social media. But you’re not normal if your not on FB lol…yea right. Pretty sobering example of what’s to come.

      12. Ron Paul 2012

        • President Paul!

      13. To: “‘Steve Quayle'”
        Subject: RE: Another veteran raided


        The details for the alert are below.

        What frightens and enrages me is there have to be more incidents happening we aren’t hearing about. Brandon Raub, Jason Egroff, and now my friend Don… those are just the three I know of, and they’ve all happened around the same time period. Is this part of a larger operation?

        If you would like to contact Don personally to ask him any questions you may have, I have been authorized to provide you with his contact information upon your request (name, cell phone number, and email.)

        Please edit my report below as you see fit, for security purposes, etc.

        Thank you,



        At 18:40 EST on 22/Aug/2012, I received a call from a very close friend of mine in west central Ohio, claiming he had just had all firearms confiscated. At first I thought he was joking, as we often do, so I made some sarcastic remarks, but he continued explaining what he had gone through. I stopped him and asked if he was being serious or just pulling my leg. He assured me he was being serious. I’ll provide you with the details as best I can- he conveyed all of this information to me during our second phone conversation after I had returned home at approximately 20:30 EST.

        A search warrant was executed by Miami County Ohio Sheriff’s deputies at approximately 1730 EST at the home of my friend, at the exact time he was returning home from work. The minute he got in the back door from the garage, there was a knock at the front door, and a cruiser pulled up directly behind his truck (which he could see from inside the house.) There were seven Sheriff’s deputies in total, and the warrant they produced gave them the ability to find, secure, and obtain any deadly weapons. The reason stated on the warrant was for the “safety of the defendant (my friend,) and the general public.” The order was signed by a local judge around noon on 21/Aug/2012.

        My friend was able to read off parts of the warrant to me, and I transcribed them as best I could:

        “…Defendant shall not possess, use, carry, or obtain any deadly weapon and shall turn over all deadly weapons in defendant’s possession to the law enforcement agency that serves this order. Any law enforcement agency is authorized to take possession of deadly weapons pursuant to this paragraph and hold them in protective custody until further court order…”


        “…if defendant is in possession of deadly weapons, defendant is guilty of violating Ohio revised code 2923.13(5). Whoever violates this section is guilty of having weapons while under disability, a felony of the third degree…”

        Here’s the revised code the warrant referred to:

        “2923.13 Having weapons while under disability.

        (5) The person is under adjudication of mental incompetence, has been adjudicated as a mental defective, has been committed to a mental institution, has been found by a court to be a mentally ill person subject to hospitalization by court order, or is an involuntary patient other than one who is a patient only for purposes of observation. As used in this division, “mentally ill person subject to hospitalization by court order” and “patient” have the same meanings as in section 5122.01 of the Revised Code.”

        The deputies confiscated one .45 caliber pistol, one .380 caliber pistol, a 12 gauge shotgun, two AR-15 rifles, and a stripped AR-15 lower receiver. My friend was able to see what the deputy/detective wrote on the evidence list regarding the firearm descriptions. The shotgun was listed as a “hunting shotgun,” the pistols were listed by their caliber, and the two ARs were listed as “tactical assault rifles.” What was even more strange is the detective then listed all the accessories on the ARs, including red dot sights, laser sights, foregrips, 30 round magazines, etc. It should also be stated one of those ARs was his fiancée’s, and the deputies claimed it was shared ownership and therefore had to be confiscated. A hunting knife was also confiscated. No magazines or ammunition were confiscated.

        In addition to the confiscations, the deputies attempted to question my friend and his fiancée. I didn’t get specific details on the questions asked. They refused to answer any questions without an attorney present. When my friend stated, “This is bullshit,” one of the deputy detectives remarked, “Look man, I’m just doing my job.”

        The icing on the police-state-cake was a notice to appear before a judge for “an evaluation of mental competency.” The judge will decide if he has to see a state psych. Keep in mind, too, if during the time between now and the judge’s decision, another search warrant could be executed. If they find any “deadly weapons” in his house, he’ll be charged with a FELONY and arrested. Ohio revised code is extremely vague on the definition of a “deadly weapon,” maybe intentionally so. Like Brandon Raub, there were no criminal charges, no suspicions of criminal activity. Unlike Brandon Raub’s case, however, the state of Ohio won’t allow law enforcement to involuntarily commit a person unless there is an immediate need to do so, such as holding a gun to their head or another person’s head. Ohio law requires a judge to make the decision on having a person evaluated for mental illness. Of course, you’re then evaluated by a state-appointed psych, and that isn’t exactly going to play out in your favor. Had my friend lived in Virginia, he may be sitting in a metal hospital (prison) right now. Or worse.

        Steve- this man is an Army combat veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, a Christian working for a Christian company, his father is a pastor and a police officer, he has no criminal record aside from a speeding ticket many years ago, and no psychiatric problems, no PTSD, etc. He’s not on any medication. He and his fiancée have three children, and their wedding is in 30 days. Heck, he even quit smoking earlier this year until this assault on his freedom happened. He is an upstanding person with strong values and a good heart. This should not be happening, and yet it is. We know why he was raided, but we don’t know why he was raided, if you know what I mean. There is no indication of anybody filing a complaint against him, and no indication of who asked for the judge’s signature or why.

        My friend does have a lawyer (after shelling out $2500…Thank God he and his fiancée have good jobs and live responsibly so they could have money saved up for an emergency. Of course, that money was earmarked for prep items like food, clothing for their kids, etc.) The lawyer will be filing motions tomorrow. I told him to keep on his lawyer and to be extremely aggressive with discovery- find out how far up these orders came from, because I can assure this wasn’t a local operation. He has only lived in the county for five weeks!

        When I hung up with my friend at around 21:30, I told him to be safe and that we’d be praying for him.

        I will keep you apprised of any further details.

        • BJ: $2500 bucks is chicken feed. The lawyer has already gone through that. At best he will be released prior to trial, and a year later and another $50K including a second mortgage on his house for the lawyer; and the lawyer will say:

          “You do not have another $50k? I cannot work for free, you will need a court appointed attorney or I can plead you to a little lesser charge and you can avoid prison”.

          Have his wife contact the Rutherford Institute NOW!

          Good luck.

        • did this guy say something on the internet and if he did I would like to know what he said. this does not make sense and i do believe this happened. what was said to have them come over and have his stuff taken? I travel in a hotel and have my weapons at parents and girlfriends parents home! I have only one pistol in my possession at all times. so if they come to my apartment I’ve bought some heavy hitting weapons and they are all scattered all over so good luck with them trying to get a warrant for all these places. I feel very sorry for this person! i would like to know what was said or not said. thanks for sharing that. Im going to bury a lot of my stuff in airtight large containers. good luck again bastards.

        • Sounds to me like they are fishing for somthing. What happens when they try this on a guy who starts shooting instead of bending over. Another red flag incident instigated by the Gov but it would be the fault of the civilian who decided to defend his rights. It would be all over MSM as a reason to take guns off civilians…lot of these incidents happening lately.

          • You guys may think I am nuts but I see it happening in other areas as well. Take for example, Lance Armstrong, Americas most prolific athlete, some would say. He is white, never failed a drug test and yet he is hounded out of sports. He has finally said “enough is enough” and he is giving up his fight. But in his last statement he said what was being done to him was unconstitutional. I hate to say it, but if you are white, you are officially a target in the Good ole USA.

        • WTF?


        • “A search warrant was executed by Miami County Sheriff’s deputies…”. Right here tells you that you cannot even trust your local sheriff to back you up. They are agents of the gov and will “do as they are told” for a paycheck.

      14. well it was a good run ,i guess ill head to the work kamp so i can get a good spot ,were all guilty of thought krime kommrades

      15. I hate to say it, but this really isn’t surprising at all. These days you can’t disagree with someone without being accused of a hate crime. Founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves at how much their vision has been warped by power hungry criminals.

        • If you claim to hate everyone equally, does that exempt you from “hate crimes”?

          • I thought that meant you were “Liberal”.

          • A friend of mine used to say that, “I’m not prejudiced, I hate everybody!” I always thought it was pretty funny, now he’d probably be thrown in jail for it though.

      16. This possibly could be a scare tactic by the governmenT to thump their chest to show who is the tough gorilla in the political jungle. 🙁

        The message was loud and clear., but they are stirring up a hornets nest.

      17. They hadn’t figured on kicking over a hornets nest when they took Raub, but they did. His arrest was the subject of our local conservative radio talk show, I got an email about it from a Christian Newsletter and Glen Beck did 20 minutes on it as well today.

        The mask came off Obama/Czars on this one as they are in a long line of criminals going back to Lenin himself.

        All communists are murders and thugs! They have murdered 100 million since 1917!

        Raub just might be the Leader folks have been looking for when the SHTF! Recent military experiance and Conservative values? He seems to see what is coming, judging from his articles posted here.

        • Could be. I’d like to see just what his conservative values are. Mostly because I rarely find a republican these days who knows what that is.

          Neocons need not apply.

      18. I really want to see this guy doing public interviews and exposing what can happen when a person questions gov’t policies.
        But I would not blame him one bit if he were to vanish in the mountains and off the grid.
        Ask yourself what you would do if in his shoes. Would you risk the safety of your family to get the word out?
        He already knows he is a target.
        What happened to him honestly sends a chill up my spine. I think how easily someone in a dark suburban can show up and essentially orphan my kids and widow my wife.

        • And with all the destruction done to our constitution, the Patriot Act, NDAA, and others, your neighbor just makes one call and you disappear.

        • Saddle Up: Grow some fricking BALLS! Grow a back bone; or better yet just get the fuck out of the way. Americans will not turn their country over to the NWO or the UN.

          Its OUR country and WE are going to keep it. YOU disappear to the woods and hide behind your wife and kids.

          You are a lame ass excuse for a man! Pissers, moaners, and whiners like you make me want to puke! Do you want your kids to grow up under Agenda 21?

          Engage my peeps! Demand your rights and the NWO will fold like a sheet of paper! There are millions of US for every one of them.


          • DK: You are exactly what I expected. GIANT BRASS BALLS when hiding behind a computer screen. When or if something like this would happen at your front door you would be pissing your knickers. While you think you have the answers, I seriously doubt you do when the swat unit shows up.
            All I was saying is that I do have a family that depends on me now and much more if everything goes to hell. My obligations are to keep the safe, not to raise the alarm for anyone else who may or may not listen.
            You can question my backbone all you want. Come fuck with my family and see what kind of spine I have my friend.

            • saddle up and DK, come on guys lets not fight with each other on here, you might not like me I just want us to solve things and not have the enemy break us apart. I see both side of you guys, personally i would get on TV and tell the world if I could in a heartbeat what is going on and if something did happen or someone came over im armed 24/7 and a quick shot. I dont think a swat team is going to make me disappear. but again you gotta stand up all of us do! I know the internet tough guy thing, we all know that. we all get heated and feel differently and a lot of times we dont say what we really mean or how we write can really form a opinion that may not what were trying to say. We need to let everyone know the truth and cant hide in hear. we have to let people know what is really happening. ive been shot before and not afraid at all. we all have different morals and I love reading both of you guys’s posts on here. im just saying lets not hate each other and i will shut the fuck up. lol

            • Saddle Up: If you are such a bad ass, why are you sobbing in a public forum? I hate fucking crybabies!

              You smell of fear over the Net. Or is that propaganda that you are spreading? Huh?

              I have dealt with LEO’s and the authorities many times in my life and know my rights. I also understand how they operate. In such environments I am usually mistaken as the attorney for DK. 🙂

              You can hold your ground if you are understand they work for you. If you have done nothing wrong there is nothing to fear.

              What they want you do do is either cower before them or make a mistake and give them an excuse to arrest you.

              I treat them as an equal and expect the same respect. And I get it.

          • I got yer 6 DK

          • hey DK, just go to your voting booth this november and you can heal all your ills…..just vote in the right politicians and everything will be ok…right? Isn’t that your ususal mantra….just engage your govt and vote…..LMBO

            • BJ: WE must have NEW political structures like The Constitution Party, America First!, or the Patriot Party. Pick one.

              90 million gun owners must support a New Party of Patriots by their vote, participation, and contribution.

              If every gun owner in America contributed $100 to say, The Constitution Party (Pastor Chuck Baldwin (?)); a grassroots political organization could be funded in every state of the Union. That’s enough money and enough votes to blow the Retards and Demturds away!

              The NWO would be toast!

              How much is your heritage in Liberty worth to YOU?

          • DK: While I don’t always agree with you I still respect your opinions. They are well thought out and well reasoned and well researched. I think Clint is probably right, we don’t need to have this pissing contest. Nobody will win, and in the end we will be like a couple of bitches yapping at each other about who is tougher.

            You can think what you want about me. I have been detained for 14hrs without being charged while officers questioned me about a crime I knew nothing about. I can tell you from experience it will rattle a person to think that they could have planted evidence and atleast charged me and ran me through the ringer. Now my mistake was thinking that since I was innocent I had nothing to worry about so I didn’t demand an attorney present for those questions.

            I am sure this guy Raub is probably pretty rattled as well. He just found out what the gov’t is capable of doing. Now like I said I would like for him to do some interviews but would understand if he thought it was time for someone else to take the lead.

            • Saddle Up: Raub was smart. He didn’t get physical or resist “not being arrested”. Bottom line you must know your rights and insist upon them at the proper time.

              I have also been arrested. I have also been set up, detained, and charged with a crime I didn’t commit. There are a lot of punks out there masquarading as LEOs looking for a collar. There are also a lot of heroes out there wearing a badge.

              They need to police themselves much better.

              I have also filed suit in the past (in Federal Court) against the ten biggest banks in AZ who were violating my rights.

              Me in my best black pin striped suit against the GB’s and the ten best lawyers in town. I was doing pretty good until my computer crashed and I had to ask the judge for more time to respond to motions. He refused and dismissed the case with prejudice so I couldn’t refile.

              But I had made my point. The banks all changed their policy. I call that change the “DK Rule”.

              In the meantime I had obtained Summary Judgments against three Major banks and you can imagine the egg on their face when those three attorneys had to tell their GB client that little joe shit the rag man off the street had just kicked their ass and had obtained a judgment against them on a possible class action suit!

              I didn’t expect to win when I started but I wasn’t going to rollover for these MF’s. That was 20 years ago when I was a know nothing kid. But I knew one thing:

              WE must live OUR lives by Principle and when those principles are threatened, WE must fight. Legally if possible, violently if necessary; but WE must fight regardless of the odds.

              As Patriots those principles are the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If WE do not have them, We have nothing to pass to OUR wives and children or future generations of Americans.

              Liberty or death.

          • There will be no “taking back our country”. Too many like where it’s going, as long as they get their freebies. A USSR style divorce is coming.

        • Never gonna happen. Main stream media isn’t going to touch this story with a 10ft pole. My guess is that the pressure is already on to “leave it alone”. Sad really.







      19. ….got to beat this crap down every time it’s seen. I believe we only have seen the beginning of this type of tyranny.

      20. So this is how it’s going to happen, cause most judges won’t do what this judge did. From my cold dead hands crowd will even go….they wont go door to door they’ll use the NDAA and Patriot act and they will get it done…we are done !! We cant organize all together at least not undere the radar, the deck is triple stacked against us and it’s pretty much over!

        • @BJ,,,it’s not over till the fat lady sings. And, the fat lady is locked, loaded, safety off, slack taken out of the trigger, and a bad case of PMS!

        • Sad, sad monkey.

          DO THE MATHS!

          Even if there were only a million “Raubs” in America and they snatched up a hundred of them a day it would take OVER TWENTY SEVEN YEARS to GET US ALL!

          27 YEARS!

          DO THE MATHS!

          It can’t be done unless they BREAK YOUR WILL!

          STAND UP!

          PUSH BACK!

          Call them out for the Nazis they are and SHOUT LOUD!

          Just doing their job? Following orders? Sound familiar?

          Shout “NAZI!” so loud they hear it in their sleep.

          Don’t let them break you. Break THEM instead!

          Remember. 27 years at a hundred a day! THEY CANNOT GET US ALL!

      21. Who’d of thought they would find such a great loop hole strategy with the mental illness issue. In todays America actually that should of been foreseen with the dumbed down sheeple masses and the bought and paid for whore media

      22. LAND OF THE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahaha.

      23. I’m 45 years old with old military injuries already. I’m arthritic with pieces of steel throughout my body and I can’t see myself in cuffs for DOING NOTHING, NO CRIME. I know for a fact that my senior chain of command in the Navy would expect me to resist from being falsely arrested in my situation. It’s a terrifying thought for me to even be in cuffs because of the pain and stress of just being in that situation. Cops and politicians never think about this. Being constrained for no reason! I’m like what I think an already injured wolf cornered with it’s paw caught in a trap would feel like. All it wants is to be free from the trap and pain. Plus the cops don’t have any rules to ask veterans if they have injuries that will cause stress, anxiety or pain from being in hand cuffs when they come to arrest you. Just look at the people who have been shot or tasered to death who had illnesses like diabetes and were in shock and couldn’t follow a cops commands. The thought of even being in a jail cell like a rat for nothing would make me psychotic plus I feel claustrophobic as hell lately…SO looking at all that… I know for a fact that they would have to kill me. I can’t stress that enough. I wouldn’t have any other choice. Being shot and killed is the better alternative. So IMHO it would’ve been within Brandon Raub’s rights as a citizen and veteran to defend himself violently & aggressively until his last breath. I feel sorry for the cops that just think that they’re “just doing their job” if they ever try that on a man in my exact position and if they keep looking for veterans to arrest for no reason… it will become a reality. There’s many civilians and veterans like me out there. I guess all I can do is pray that they never do that to me.

        • im 39 and was in the navy too for 6 years. did swcc. i always wanted to carry the key of handcuffs in your buttcheeks if you were arrested and your in the car and unlock the cuffs if you could, take the cuffs and shatter the window and surpise the cop. wonder if that would work? I dont know how many safariland keys and different cuffs have different key locks. not an expert at all on this.

          • OFF TOPIC….Well it’s good to see a fellow sailor on here. I guess you guys were kind of the new gator navy. I was only in a short time. 85-88 Active Sea Duty 3rd Amphibious Fleet. Spinal Injury but I can still… shake a leg lol. Looks like we might have to put some of our talents to use. Don’t really have any choice.

      24. To everyone: What happened to Brandon Raub could have happened to any of us. You don’t even need to be on FB or any other social media site to get targeted. Brandon is extremely lucky to get out of this alive. My advice to him from now on would be if he gets targeted again for any reason to resist, but i understand that it’s his decision. Anyone targets me for any reason and is unable or unwilling to show me any legitimate basis for it, you WILL be stirring up a hornet’s nest and you WILL meet resistance, so my advice to whoever would be to just forget it. This is only one example of what is to come; we are all equally vulnerable to such acts of injustice. Don’t go into the dark night without putting up one hell of a fight. Take care and keep prepping.

      25. They probably released him because of the attention his case got. Many have not been, are not, and will not be so lucky.

      26. WTVR in Virginia is now reporting that Raub has been released and is on his way home.
        If you go to their website and read comments section below the article, many are interesting. I guess I didn’t realize just how many people are completely fed up with the gov’t. Always on this site there are the same people commenting so I have thought that the number of people with eyes wide open were small. But maybe there is a great awakening happening.
        The gov’t is losing control of themselves and of us.

      27. “I was just doing my job” is no excuse. It is an admission of guilt. It means the party is aware that what they are doing is wrong, and they just don’t care.

        • I seem to recall, there was this trial, in a city called “Nuremburg”. As I recall, the ever so moral victors stated “I was just doing my job.” did’nt cut it as an excuse…

        • I@Heretic,,,,I could not agree more. Whats even more troubling is there are still patriots who believe the locals will not fire on them WTSHTF. With police already coping the Nuremberg plea, that is a wake up call beyond deniability.

        • “I was just doing my job” is equivalent to, “I didn’t know it was illegal”. Law enforcement wouldn’t let you off on that one, would they–?

      28. OMG…Governor Brewer trumped the fraud …EO’d the dream act with…are you sitting for this??
        AN EXECUTIVE ORDER!!! Oh, yes she did!!!

      29. not sure how valid this is
        we’ll have to see what comes out in the wash

        but it should stir things up a bit !

      30. What you guys need to do now is make a huge example out of this case, using it as a “false flag event”. Ramp it up and get traction. Bring the “dirty” legislation out and launder it. Force the Govt. to own up to it and re-instate protection for innocents until proven otherwise. If you miss this opportunity your Govt. will close the loopholes that got Raub off. Then you will be stuffed.

        • If you own firearms and the doctor wants to put you on psycotropic medicine tell him NO. They will use this aa a backdoor to confiscate.

          • Even going to an outpatient clinic for alcoholism years ago could get you banned. Under Obamacare, all medical records will be government property, going back for as far as they have been kept. Can you just imagine the AFT agents sitting at computers day after day trolling for anything on anybody to get them prohibited from owning firearms??

      31. People whether we know it or Not..we are all at War with the Fed Gov..and all the Agencies connected to DC..From the State to the Local Level. There should be all kinds of Public up roar over these False Arrest and detainments, of which we are all subject to! People its far past time to get Formed up. and protect our Neighbors,Train Prep and get to a Militia Meeting in your Area..Where are the Patriots? When are we going to Act? Where are our Minuet Men? Times a Wasting!

      32. Prosecutors move to dismiss charges against Bray’s Hamburgers owner

        Detroit — Federal prosecutors moved to dismiss charges against the owner of the popular Bray’s Hamburgers joint Thursday who is accused of being a violent loan shark and lying to federal agents.

        Duhanaj, 42, charged borrowers interest rates of more than 45 percent and threatened violence if the loans went unpaid, according to the criminal complaint.

        Ummm.. so what makes this guy any different than J.P Morgan Chase..or any of the other loaning institutions?
        have you ever seen the rate they charge if your “late”

        and dont the Feds have better things to do like investigate themselfs and the fed reserve?

      33. I believe this was just a test to see how the masses view and react to this form of behavior of arresting people for know reason. If no one stood up, this American would still be behind bars, dont doubt that for a min. You hear about this type of behavior in countries like China, Russia, Iran etc where if the gov doesn’t like what your saying, they would just swoop you up. Its a power / fear method that’s been been going on for years in communist countries. There’s a old saying, “Closes mouths dont eat” In this case, “Closes mouths lose rights”

      34. Mac..we really need to start this know?

        Im sure everyone here would be willing to help us..

        I havent seen you reply yet to any of my e-mails about it, or posts, yet many members here have thumbed up the idea..

        they have thier list..we better get on the ball with ours if were ever going to fight this tyranny

        please sir, dont let this go unchallenged..we are the people, we need a voice, and those that have , and will stomp and jackboot our rights need to be PUBLISHED

        I need your help with this

        • It also doesnt hurt to list the good people, and the Judges, and prosecutors that know whats going on..including any of these Military people who will defend our constitution from all forms of tyranny no matter where it rears it ugly head

        • VRF,

          A list is great, however may I remind you DO Not Post This List online. If it is to be shared print it pass it around, Nothing online is safe.


        • Start list with Ben Bernanke.

      35. This just goes to show you the tyranny of what things have become .They want to effectively cover all of ones voices up and use Fear as the factor for keeping them sealed . I say Bullshit on all of it .Free speech zones, being jailed for a thought or speaking out ,Taxed to death and working crappy minimum wage jobs with no benefits .They know good and well that SHTF is coming in a Big Way . So you have to try to control it with intimidation, incarceration and through the legal system which leaves one broke even if they win their case . One has to wonder if this is a Nazi incarnation reborn to control the populace ? As things get worse and they will , you will see more of these type of actions . Hell, If you by a pack of 22 shells and a Bible your a dam terrorist now days .They have to label you to make you an enemy .

        • Operation Paperclip

      36. This comment was found..
        Thought I’d share it

        Quote)-> What Brandon did do, was to type certain words into the Bureau of PreCrime’s servers, aka, Facebook. For this, he was promptly picked up by a swarm of law enforcers, including the FBI, Secret Service, and county police.

        Facebook is the Department of PreCrime, and the rest of the Internet is following. You had better start taking that seriously.

        And please don’t expect this situation to be reformed. Since 9-11, law enforcement on all levels has been publicly worshipped beyond measure. Aside from reality shows and sports, television has effectively become Cop Worship Theater. Their arrogance and their power will not go away for a long time.

      37. another quote

        “The only difference between the FBI and the KGB is that the Soviet secret police never pretended to be a legitimate law enforcement agency.”

        Sara Weaver has forgiven the people responsible for murdering her mother Vicki and younger brother Samuel twenty years ago. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who shot Vicki in the head while she was holding a ten-month-old infant, is still being sheltered by the Regime that employed him. If he were any part of a man, Horiuchi would make a pilgrimage to Sara’s home in Montana to express remorse for the crimes he committed against her family. than turn himseelf in for murder

        • @VRF,,,,To hell with a pilgrimage. If Horiuchi had any honor, he’d of put a .357 magnum in his mouth, pointed upwards and pulled the trigger 21 years ago. He is a pale slug spending his life, without remorse, and trying to find a reason to be revelant.

          Not sure, but I believe Sara lives in North Carolina.

          • I know this Swift

            That was a quote taken from elsewhere, hence the reason it says so at the begining of that post

            I know he is a coward..along with another long LIST of traitors

      38. The most interesting thing regarding these increasing number of tyrannical police-state actions are the individuals who carry out the actual enforcing of the tyranny. These are interesting personalities.

        You know the kind…

        The ones who declare “I’m just doing my job” or “I’m following orders” or “That’s the official procedure” or etc etc etc.

        Think about what this says these kinds of people. They take no personal respnsibility for their actions. They hide behind their phony “authority”. They delight in their ability to dominate and punish others. They think they’re doing the Lord’s work. They are very brave in larger numbers. They typically are not very intelligent – many are downright morons. They have no sense of right or wrong – they just do whatever their master commands them to do.

        They think their untouchable.

        They’re wrong….about a great many things.

        Yet, without these willing tools, the entire tyrannical mess would collapse in an instant.

        They’re the Achilles heel.

        • and thats why we need a LIST of who they are

      39. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

      40. How is it possible? Our government has become tyrannical, there is no rule of law for the government, they are above the law!!

      41. I know most you guys don’t like people who use cannabis, but what some of us did for cannabis prisoners of war was get the prison addressess of one or two cannabis “offenders” and post it online every month or so. We would send them money for their canteen accounts in the amount of 4.20, 42.00, or 420.00 if we could afford it.

        I sent one guy, Steve Cubby, 42.00 and I actually got a hand written letter of appreciation. He was the Libertarian presidential candidate in…’04. He was busted for growing medical cannabis for his chronic pain and sentenced to two years. I sent others money, and all were genuinely appreciative. Prison is a very lonely place. Any word from the outside is a ray of sunshine.

        Please don’t let your prejudice against cannabis stop a good idea. These men who are wrongly imprisoned, be it for a God given plant, or posting the wrong thing on facebook, deserve our support in some way.

        There are so many more out there besides Brandon. He is very lucky his story went viral. Very, very lucky.

        I don’t know how we could get the addressess of those picked up on psych charges, but there has to be a way. Brandon’s mental hospital address was posted. Do they have canteen accounts in mental institutions? I don’t know how they work, but there should be some way to reach these people. Without outside contact, they die a little more inside each day.

        This idea is better than trying to organize a protest outside some institution. Please think about it.

        • Long hemp products and pointy garden tools. BTW…does the “42” have some significance?

          • JRS. Yes. Actually, it is 420. That story is long and faceted. Basically, it is the time of day, after school, when stoners would gather to toke. Search cannabis 420 for a full explaination.

            Thanks for asking.

        • ‘The System’ won’t let these cannibis prisoners out; it needs these numbers for more funds.

      42. How about a Posse form. Half a dozen or more people go to these guys. At least two Cameras. Make a citizens arrest for kidnapping and whatever on the bad LEO’s. That might make news and send a shock wave through Americas police stations.

        I’d love to be there when they are booked.

      43. Pillow Biter Prez Barry goes too War … Declares WAR Against American Veterans !!!


        … Have Declared “WAR” upon ALL American Veterans !!!




        pls. see below …

        • Attention U.S. Military: You are Being Demonized. This is an Extremely Important Article … It’s now becoming overt. The meme emanating rapidly from the mainstream media is that the U.S. military is a threat to the nation! It sounds very 1984 and backwards, but what isn’t these days. What really captured my attention is a very clever and dangerous article published by Reuters titled “U.S. Army battling racists within its own ranks.” It sounds benign enough at first and as you continue to read it all seems pretty reasonable. Who wants crazy racists running around the armed forces? Nobody. That said, there is a tone throughout that clearly attempts to make the sheeple public suspicious about returning veterans, which is bothersome in its own right considering these young men and women are being sacrificed daily by the elite power structure that would never dip their dainty little toes anywhere near any action. –

            • AmeriKa – Governed By Organized Crime!

              While the United States of America is going through an incredibly obvious change toward dictatorship, the rest of the world looks on with great wonder. For the first time in modern history, many secular politicians and world leaders are using religious and Biblical terminology to describe what is happening. On March 24th, 2010, the London Daily Mail newspaper featured a shocking headline as follows: “Almost a Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Antichrist As Fourteen States Sue Over Healthcare Reforms.” In Washington, D.C., the President is being compared to the Antichrist! (1) In a recent Harris poll, 57% of Republicans believed Obama is secretly Muslim, and 67% believed he is a Socialist.


      44. Just another method to strip dissenting Americans of their gun rights. Once he was put in psychiatric evaluation, it throws up flags on the legal purchase of firearms. Don’t find it surprising if this becomes the norm to remove legal arms from vocal Patriots. This dictatorial regime and the one to follow will use whatever techniques necessary to pave the road for a police state without dissenting opinion. Whatever administration is to follow this one, I assure you, all these new powers will not be stripped from the books. Romney, Ryan and a new House and Senate may talk of rolling them ALL back but wait and see, ALL will not be rolled back. These are tools that are too sexy to both sides of the aisle and we are caught right in the middle. Make your preps and just wait for them to show you their true faces, I promise, all will eventually be revealed.

      45. They see reason. Astounding.

        I’ve been debating this with folks on another site. Yeah… the “axe” comment was pretty stupid. You have to at least admit posting that online wasn’t smart.

        But then again.

        “Free speech” never said anything about “smart”. And many of the remainder of his comments were correct.

        You can’t screw someone over without cause. I mean… if the cost of my being terrorist-free is the prosecution of “pre-crime”… I’d rather get blown up. At least I won’t have to worry constantly about myself, my family, my kids if I had any, etc… getting hauled off to the gulag because some politician’s policies this year are not to their liking and they express an opinion about that just a little too colorfully.

        There was a blogger recently calling for the castration of all men, and flaming the shit out of anyone that tried to make her see reason. It pissed me off. Mightily. And I thought long and hard about it and decided I liked the idea of her at least being ABLE to say what she said, craziness and offensiveness and all.

      46. What is not being said here is that ANYONE can be held for 72 hours for a psychological evaluation against their will. During this time they are not under arrest and they are not free to go. It sounds like that is what happened here. You can see it nearly everyday in your local emergency room. An individual threatens harm to himself or others and is involuntarily admitted for 72 hours observation in a psychiatric facility. Mr. Raub has no retaliatory criminal case and only has a civil case only if he can prove malice or other wrong doing on the part of the judge signing the psychiatric hold order. Glad he’s out.

        • You are absolutely right. Gov statute says you can be held for “observation”. Raub’s lawyer said there were around 20,000 similar cases in Va. alone last year. He said that if Raub would not have had support from fellow veterans and others he most likely would have disappeared into the system.(RT tv)

          • As I stated earlier, use those funds appropriated, the funds get cut off; if you expand that need with more incarcerations, the fund is increased.
            Works with EVERY govt. agency.

            • I’ll correct that –words got disappeared.
              If you don’t use those funds appropriated, the funds get cut off; if you expand with more incarcerations, the fund is increased.

      47. With Manning and now Raub, the “Overton Window” is shifting and the majority of Citizens don’t see it.

        For those who don’t under stand google it.

        Short explanation is:

        Monday – Gas is $3.00/Gl – people see it as normal
        Wednesday – Gas is $7.00/Gl – people are outraged
        Friday – Gas is $4.00/Gl – still mad but better than $7
        Monday – Gas is $4.00/Gl – people see it as normal

        • No Thanks: Raub is a patriot unjustly detained defending his Constitutional rights and speaking out with courage to power.

          Manning is a thief, a fucking private who didn’t have a right to expose US shit to an agent of a foreign power. (Assange)

          There is a difference. Don’t insult a Patriot like Raub by mentioning him in the same breath as Manning.

          • wow

            could ya be more wrong ????

            • Satori: While you may agree with what Manning did morally he willfully broke the law and under UCMJ was prosecuted. That is why there wasn’t dozens of organizations rushing to his defense. Now is he being treated inhumanly? Probably, he is.
              There is a pretty big difference between downloading information that is classified and speaking your mind.

              I am not sure if he would have been protected any more or less as a civilian. But in the military, he had to know when he was breaking the law he would have the hammer come down on him.

            • sometimes you have to break the law don’t you ??????
              at least that was what Thoreau said

              mindless obedience to authority is absolutely repugnant to me
              and should be to all

              didn’t Jesus break the law when he took the whip to the Pharisees in the temple ??
              didn’t the Apostle Paul break the law on occasion ???

              how about Ghandi ??
              how about Martin Luther King ????

              the list of HEROES who broke the law is endless
              its why we enjoy the freedoms that we do

              didn’t the colonists break the law when they revolted against England ??
              we’re not speaking the Queen’s English are we ??

              and the only thing Manning did was expose a bunch of governments,including our own
              he exposed their lies,their crimes and misdeeds
              good for him

              modern day hero as far as I am concerned

            • and here is a little example of what “they” think about the law


              think this sort of crap has stopped ????

              they’ve been doing this sort of thing and WORSE for a long long time
              and they ain’t gonna stop
              they’ll continue to cover up their lies

              I say the more whistle blowers
              the better

            • The only thing I was trying to say is that Raub had not broken any laws and Manning knowingly broke them. That is why in my mind they are different.

            • I agree with Satori–if it’s on paper, it should be accessible to all us.
              If not, don’t put it on paper.

      48. This is off subject, but people never learn. Issac is forecast to hit the northern gulf coast on or about the 7th anniversary of Katrina and folks are emptying grocery shelves already. My family has. Even ready for 5 years

      49. A Poop storm is comming and if you don’t start preping NOW you and your fammily are screwed. Live your life as you would and keep your mouth shut about your prep (OPSEC). Pay cash at this point. This is just a shot over the bow. One world govement at total Godless control is coming and soon. I have freinds that I do not associate with any longer due to thier ideolegy. They are now a liability to my family. Plan and prep… The traing my workspace is doing this fall is getting scary (note my name) Again for those that think this is just “Art Bell Coast to Coast” stuff… fine…. they predictied this stuff 10-15 years ago…. read “Behold a Pale Horse”. Move away from Urban centers, Get to know your usefull neighbors, pray, and prep.

      50. Lesson learned: Don’t keep all of your guns in one place. This may be how they plan to get many guns .. mental health issues.

        • Dh again was warned before going to VAMC for his follow up after carotid surgery
          1) you have no guns and the registered one was lost in that canoe accident
          2) you are not depressed
          3) you never have suicidal thoughts

      51. Worldwide fiat currency is toast. Prepare for the worsening depression and clamp down by fascist governments.This will be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.This will be a global event. There will be no place to get away from the effects.If you aren’t prepared to survive for at least a year on your own you will be in trouble.

      52. The real question IS should those who bring up false allegations as in this case undergo themselves a mental evaluation themselves and be held for 2 to 3 times what they tried to do to this guy.

      53. “But no one in government will be held accountable. No one.”

        I am holding them accountable with my vote in November!

      54. “I hope, therefore, a bill of rights will be formed to guard the people against the federal government as they are already guarded against their State governments, in most instances.” Thomas Jefferson to James Madison

        Where is the outrage? With this I recommend you read this book out about Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny. It’s a must read.

        It’s amazing how brazen this ‘detention’ was carried out with no regard for what Americans would say in regards to constitutional right.

      55. It was a test. A test to see how loud the people would get, how many times they could move him before the masses complained, how long they could hold him, how much they could demonize him, to see how the size of the complaints. It was a test.

      56. You need to stop this false flag stuff. The “feds” didn’t detain him because he was a vet. Under the statutes and based on what he posted, they had every right to take him to a mental institution. YOU ARE HURTING THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT with this nonsense. IS THAT YOUR INTENT?
        Here is what he posted:
        How is detaining him unreasonable?

        • Hey Jeff9, what’s your address? I’ll send you a free copy of all the Founding documents so you can read the error of your ways.

        • so what exactly did he say that was a crime

          all I saw was a lot of political hyperbole at worst

          big deal

          I called one of my Senators a potted plant
          (apologies to potted plants everywhere)

          is the po po gonna be busting down MY door ?????

      57. I have to agree with many comments posted here. I am pleased with this judges decision, I do not agree with this obvious violation against his freedom of speech or any other american citizens civil liberties. I am a little perplexed as to why there are comments dividing people due to race. I have been following much of the recent events not only in our political arena but also overseas and all this propoganda we are being fed by the media. As Americans we should all have due process my opinion is we are being programed to fear, and that is their justification to empower themselves and strip us of our power of unity. This is a class war a battle of the dominant wealthy class, against the poor and middle class. The wealthy against our seniors and children. We must stand together in unity and not let the propaganda turn us against eachother. The mainstream media will flood us with hate against eachother the Black Panthers the white supremasist groups religious differerences the truth is thats all a smokescreen to lure us away from the big picture and there true agenda a military state and control. We must not be misled these hate groups are a minority but they want to create hate which wil give these minority groups momentum to create more fear and justify there actions as security for our citizens. WE need the right to bear arms and we in unisom need to hold the government accountable under our constitution. WE need to do this peacefully and fight back with the paper and pens, fight back with the law and become active through education spread the knowledge, protest and petition, through our local newspapers and town hall meetings. WE need to be active but most of all we need to be united. Dont let hate feed hate, let knowledge feed change. The majority of Americans are decent and good people and want change now. for their children and their childrens children become active and speak your mind and jkin hands in bringing back the power to We the people, through the demand of reactivating our original Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our Bill of rights. Be active unite and demand it as your rights given to you by your forefathers that gave their life for it.

      58. Only 2 comments:

        What about the people we don’t know about who have been locked up? Is there any way to even find out about them?

        When do local Police – Sheriff – Local turn on thier Federal Masters and say enough is enough, I am not doing it?

        I guess I can answer the last one. When those people no longer recieve federal aid to prop up their pay and union pension funds.

        Very sad state of affairs.

      59. “Is every American citizen now guilty of subversion and hostilities against government interests?”…we could only hope…

      60. Citizens, can somebody give an answer to a questioning Englishman?, there are a lot of people across the planet that are extremely concerned with the way, your choice of so called leaders has been decided by the Elite,so the question is,”Is there a position on the voting paper to write in the name of your chosen candidate,or is the choice from only two”,when you cast your vote please remember if America sneezes, the rest of the world catches pneumonia. or the plague as it stands at the moment,

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