Canadian Tyrant Trudeau Threatens To Reimpose COVID Restrictions & Mandates

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Headline News

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    Candian tyrant Justin Trudeau is threatening to reimpose COVID restrictions and mandates if a 90% vaccination and booster uptake is not met. This psychopath that ordered millions of boosters that he needs to inject into as many duped Canadians’ arms as possible.

    The propaganda and push for more vaccines is on. That’s one sign that the ruling classes have not convinced enough of the slaves to get injected for the waning Great Reset depopulation and slavery program to be rolled out. As we said from day one, these vaccines are obviously part of the agenda and the ruling classes will stop at nothing to get people injected.

    Further severe enslavement will come for those who disobey Trudeau. Comply and obey proving you’re a good slave, or refuse and be punished as a bad slave. This is the world they want for us. The Great Reset is well on it’s way, and we had better figure out how to stand together.

    If 80-90% of eligible Canadians are not “up-to-date” with their Covid vaccines, (up-to-date means the Canadians need to get the booster shots as well) they will be subject to severe restrictions under the Trudeau administration.

    Canada is hell-bent on making people’s life uncomfortable with restrictions that are simply unjust. As TFIGlobalNews inquired, why is the Canadian Prime Minister so obsessed with the COVID and mRNA injections when the whole world is moving towards normalization of everyday affairs? He’s not the only ruler who needs more people injected. The United States is rolling out additional booster shots and all the propaganda to tell them to get said shots.

    Annual COVID Boosters Coming: They Will Not Give Up

    “If we are able to hit that 80%, 85%, 90% of Canadians up-to-date in their vaccinations, we’ll have a much better winter with much less need for the kind of restrictions and rules that were so problematic for everyone over the past years,” said Trudeau.

    There is really no limit to the list of restrictions that Trudeau could possibly bring in after the recent announcement. There are also possibilities that he could house arrest people, he could also enforce stricter quarantine and travel restrictions, and whatnot. The only way to get out of this is to learn to say “no.” These psychopaths do not own us and we need to begin to understand that. It’s government and slavery, or free will and dangerous freedom. The time to decide is quickly coming to an end.


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