Can You See The Signs That Are Happening All Around Us?

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    Just because most people have eyes does not mean that they are able to see.  We live at a time when global events are going haywire all around us, but the vast majority of the population is still asleep.  Even though our world is being rocked by pestilence, economic troubleswars and rumors of wars, widespread civil unrest, and great natural disasters, most people simply assume that life will eventually return to “normal” at some point.  Sadly, that isn’t going to happen.

    I am entirely convinced that global events will continue to accelerate as we head into 2022, and most people will be absolutely blindsided by what is coming because they just didn’t want to believe that things could ever get so bad.

    It seems like each new day brings us some sort of a new disaster.  For example, on Monday the California coast was hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake

    A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Northern California on Monday, bringing significant shaking but likely minimal damage to the sparsely populated area.

    The earthquake occurred just after noon and was centered off the coast about 210 miles northwest of San Francisco, just off a tiny town called Petrolia that’s home to fewer than 1,000 people. The nearest population center, Eureka, is about 45 miles north.

    The good news is that the area where this quake struck is sparsely populated and not much damage was done.

    So a lot of people will forget about this earthquake very quickly, but that is a huge mistake.

    Seismic activity is increasing all over the world, and this is especially true along the Ring of Fire.  For much more on this, please see my recent article entitled “With Just Weeks To Go Until 2022, The Ring Of Fire Is Suddenly ROARING To Life”.

    Last week, the eyes of the nation were on the extreme winds and violent tornadoes that erupted in the middle of the nation.  According to the Weather Channel, what we witnessed was some of the strangest weather in the history of the upper Midwest

    Wednesday’s widespread windstorm, severe weather outbreak, and unusual heat from the Rockies and Plains into the upper Midwest were so bizarre for December that even weather historians were in awe according to the Weather Channel.

    “I can say with some confidence that this event – the heat and tornadoes – is among the most, if not the most, anomalous weather events ever on record for the upper Midwest,” weather historian Christopher Burt said.

    The damage that was caused by the tornadoes was simply jaw-dropping, and the power of the windstorms completely shocked a lot of the experts.

    In fact, we are being told that last Wednesday the U.S. experienced “the highest number of hurricane-force gusts in a single 24-hour period” ever recorded.

    When wind speeds are that high, wildfires can easily get out of control, and almost 400,000 acres were burned in the state of Kansas “in less than three days”

    As of Thursday, the Forest Service reported nearly 400,000 acres had burned across the state in less than three days. The bulk of that — almost 366,000 acres — was in the four-county area.

    Many farmers lost everything.  In some cases, the fires moved so fast that there was not even time to move animals out of the way.

    One firefighter that was on the front lines said that he had never seen fire move so rapidly in his entire life

    “It looked like a massive, massive ball of rolling fire and smoke,” said Keith Haberer, emergency manager for Russell and Ellsworth counties.

    Haberer, who has worked as a firefighter and emergency manager for more than 20 years, described the blaze as “incredible.” He said he had never seen fire move that fast.

    A record number of billion-dollar natural disasters hit the United States in 2020, and I believe that we are going to absolutely smash that record again in 2021.

    But this is all perfectly “normal”, right?

    Of course, the entire globe has been hit by disaster after disaster during the past two years, and this has brought us to the brink of an unprecedented global food crisis.  The following originally comes from the Washington Post

    Because of the pandemic, global hunger shot up by an estimated 118 million people worldwide in 2020, jumping to 768 million people, the most since as far back as 2006. The number of people living with food insecurity — or those forced to compromise on food quantity or quality — surged by 318 million, to 2.38 billion.

    Global food supplies are going to get even tighter in 2022 and beyond, but don’t worry, because the elite are telling us that if things get bad enough we can just eat bugs.

    In fact, many different forms of bug will soon be available for purchase in supermarkets all over Europe

    European member states certified house crickets, yellow mealworms, and grasshoppers as food fit to be sold at supermarkets. 

    The bugs will be sold in frozen, dried, and powdered forms and will be packed with nutrients and low-cost, according to Bloomberg. Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum published two articles explaining how people must get used to eating bugs. Those who can no longer afford meat, such as ham or turkey, and other traditional holiday foods will come to find a new substitute.

    Before I end this article, let me mention one more thing that I am keeping an eye on.

    Not too long ago, scientists discovered an absolutely gigantic comet that will be traveling through our solar system…

    This discovery could be one for the record books, leading some to call it a “mega comet.” It is estimated to be between 60 and 230 miles wide, which could make it the largest comet ever discovered, EarthSky said.

    To put the size in context, Halley’s Comet is about 3.5 miles wide, Long Island is 118 miles long and part of the Florida peninsula is 160 miles across.

    Scientists are assuring us that we will have nothing to worry about when it makes its closest approach to the sun in 2031.

    But at this point, it is so far away that they can’t even give us an accurate estimate of how big it is.

    So the truth is that they don’t really know how it will behave.

    We live in such unusual times, and every day there are more truly bizarre things for me to write about.

    But most of the population still wants to believe that someday we will all wake up and everything will be back to normal.

    Of course, the truth is that this isn’t a dream that we can just wake up from at some point.  The changes that we are witnessing are permanent, and the pace of change is only going to intensify during the months and years to come.

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      1. We are witnessing the “birthing pains” as described in the Bible.

      2. Many of us believe we are in the Bible’s End Times..

      3. Keep in mind that “normal” isn’t normal, never has been and never will be.

        Except for me, I’m normal. Every day I go out of my way to do things that are considered normal.

      4. With agenda 21 coming to a close now they will work on agenda 30. Expect more weather modification and food supply destruction. Most all of it man made. Deagle forecast of 64 million population in the US in 2025 seems to be pretty plausible. That figure aligns with vax deaths closely. Might wanna stock up on diapers cause it’s going to get pretty shitty!

        • We’re on the threshold of the great tribulation.

      5. 2031 huh!. about 9 yrs. of reeking hell upon humanity before the comets arrival. Well let er rip, again want off this rock anyhows’.

      6. It’s important to remember that we’ve only been keeping accurate records on natrual events for about 150 years. In the grand scheme of things, it’s like a blind man grabbing the trunk of the elephant and pronouncing that the elephant is like a snake. Fear and worry do nothing but shorten our lives. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Phillipians 4:6

      7. The signs are that Globalist Socialism is far more persistent than competent.

      8. We are entering a mini ice age and a then pole shift is getting closer, YUP , prepare or you’ll regret it!

      9. Just watched the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE in Minneapolis wherein a police officer was convicted of Manslaughter. This 26 year officer had mistakenly shot her firearm at a suspect that was resisting arrest. Her stated intent was to use her TAZER on the suspect therefore mistakenly using the wrong tool. The result of this type of idiocy is that society is less protected.

        8 of the 12 jurors had replaced the original jurors. What caused that? Good luck getting quick police response at your own emergency situations. In this case the CHAOS CROWD WON.

        • They just threw the semi trucker from the Englewood CO i-70 ‘fireball crash’ under the bus, awarded him a 100 year sentence.

          His trucking company failed to keep his brakes up and he failed to pull into a runaway truck ramp, supposedly unaware his brakes were smoking. Even the jurors, deceased family members survivors, and the judge thinks he should get a far lessor sentence.

          Protect the criminals, throw accidental injury people and the truly innocent behind bars and throw away the key?

          It’s almost like the prison system is dialing it in and wants the easiest to manage ‘customers’. Having a cop in there is like free labor. It’s all disgraceful. That video, that kid whom tried to get away and jumped back into his car. He caused his own death and it’s his fault completely. The human error regarding tazer vs gun was a result of his illegal unlawful criminal activity. One has to be short more than a few marbles to behave that way around police officers. He asked for his own death, and was rewarded with exactly what he asked for.

          • Well said sir. Our “legal system” cannot be accurately labeled a “justice system”.

            Look for lots of Minneapolis officers to move to Florida where the officers are wanted & the community supports them.

      10. That website just sent me down a rabbit hole and I’ll never be the same. From an associated link from that site;
        “megatron” speaks. QA with Megatron AI.
        WTF!? They named the most powerful AI in history megatron!? The holy shits!

        But damn, megatron? Sometimes it’s better to just ignore tech but the pace of development is truly mind boggling. I looked away and got a cup of coffee. By the time I got back it was developed and self replicating, having conversations and had read the entire literature of all humanity already…. Put’s a new spin on; “don’t piss off the internet.”

        And they’ve got this self replicating organic matter that could consume the entire planet!? Grey goo theory. Target seeking aggressive quasi polios which are ‘contained in the lab’. As they debate the ethical principals of this mad science on the side…

        As if the CERN risks of ‘strangelets’ which may actively be escaping particle colliders and have such heavy weight yet are microscopic, they may right now be getting unknowingly generated every time they run those things. The postulated strangelets particles could sink to the center of the earth and when enough are present, could cause a chain reaction which could spontaneously turn the entire earth into a massive rock… It’s the same concept as fears of grey goo, loss of all organic matter through mad science experiments…

        As we sit here bickering about who killed who and which shot we should or should not take and which next dumbass politician to vote for. Humanity is in real trouble, damn. Bet you a pepsi one of those labs is right on the ring of fire too. The inevitability of the incompetence of an entire species… And screw the new matrix movie too, we’re not in support of gender transitioned hollywood directors. They ruined that one ahead of time. Oh goodness, I’m no better than the rest of them. Humanity is Doomed!

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