Can This Mechanic Help Repair America?

by | Sep 29, 2010 | Headline News | 34 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Last January, when Scott Brown won a Congressional senate seat in the Massachusetts election, it sent shivers through the entire Democrat Party. It was a clear rejection of the big-government policies drafted in a democrat-majority Congress and rubber stamped by the President. The kicker, of course, was that Massachusetts is a Democrat stronghold that should not have gone Republican. But it did, and it became clear that the sentiment of Massachusetts voters was not limited to just one state but an entire nation.

    And for many a political analyst, especially those on the right of the political spectrum, the assessment was that the people were now rejecting democrats.

    Establishment republicans, who believed that the people were now siding with them, may have made a serious mistake. Bill Waddell of Evolving Excellence explained that the people were not only rejecting the democrats, but that something much bigger was at play – a political revolution was afoot. “The next scenario to unfold will be for the lifelong political hacks in the Republican party to make the same mistake – to interpret the results of yesterday’s vote in Massachusetts as a vote for them, rather than what it was – a vote against the Dems,” writes Waddel, “in fact, ‘Re-Elect Nobody’ is the driving force these days, and the leadership of both parties should be very, very afraid.”

    This ‘Re-Elect Nobody’ effect is clearly demonstrated in the Florida Senate race, as incumbent Charlie Christ struggles for his political life and is now running as a no-party candidate, dropping his long-time republican brand. His challengers, democrat Kendrick Meek and Tea-Party darling Marco Rubio were up until recently evenly split in the polls. Rubio is now polling at 40%, a clear sign that there is a serious effort to destabilize the two-party system which has for so long forced the American people to choose the lesser of two evils.

    Tea Party candidates are popping up all over the nation, usually under the republican banner, but the issue is not necessarily one of party, but rather, establishment incumbents versus real people offering real representation.

    For their part, the Republican National Committee has shown their true colors, failing to provide any sort of funding or campaign support for non-establishment candidates who are making a real effort to change America for the better.

    In this regard, one candidate who is fighting tooth and nail without the support of the “Republican Party” establishment is Mike Yost of Florida’s 3rd Congressional district.

    An automobile mechanic by day, after attending a tax day Tea Party rally in 2009, Yost says he was inspired to run for Congress by the fact that 5000 other attendees who shared his same concerns for the country were struggling to find a way to change the nation for themselves and for their children – to bring America back to its roots of personal responsibility and limited government.

    Though his wife Debra joked that he was crazy for doing it, Yost felt strongly that the “little guy” was not being represented in Washington D.C. Being a little guy with a small business, he promptly took a leave of absence from his auto repair business to challenge nine term incumbent Corrine Brown for the congressional seat.

    As an unknown, Yost chose to pursue his candidacy by putting his boots on the ground and walking door to door, obtaining some 12,000 signatures from neighbors and residents in order to get on the ballot. His persistence with voters and desire to make America a better place lead to him winning the 3rd districts republican primary and he now faces off with incumbent Corrine Brown.

    Brown, for those unaware with Florida politics, is an 18 year establishment veteran that went uncontested two years ago in the 2008. Her victory, according to, democrats, republicans, and most national pollsters, is a foregone conclusion.

    But a recent poll conducted by the Yost For Congress campaign suggests that Mike Yost may be in a position to eliminate the democrat Brown with a surprise win in November. Polls indicate that Yost is currently 7 points down, which in the 3rd Congressional district is simply unheard of when running against Brown.

    The Florida Legislature, after the 1990 census, carved out the 3rd Congressional district, which stretches over 100 miles from Jacksonville to Pine Hills – so that there would be a strong minority district in the state. The diversity of the 3rd Congressional district alone would make most white candidates shudder – with a make up of 38% White, 49% African American and 8% Hispanic – but not Yost, who has made significant gains over the last several months.

    As a non-establishment candidate with roots in the Florida business community, Mike Yost understands what Americans are going through. His district in particular is plagued with high crime, high unemployment and a poor public education system – something Yost plans to change when he’s elected to Congress.

    Though he has made serious headway in the race against Brown, the Republican National Committee has refused, much like they did with other Tea Party associated candidates like Michelle O’Donnell,  to provide any traditional support mechanisms like funding or campaign workers to assist in defeating his competitor. It seems that, once again, the traditional Republican Party establishment likes to provide lip service, but refuses take action when necessary.

    Sources close to the Yost campaign have indicated to this author that the Republican National Committee has flat out refused to support Yost so as not to ruffle any feathers in the Brown campaign, which, of course, has tens of thousands to spend to defeat “the little guy.”

    Mike Yost isn’t giving up, and has pledged to continue knocking on doors and sharing his ideas for improving America with voters in his district – with or without the help of the Republican Party.

    For those living in the 3rd Congressional District, we urge you to consider Mike Yost’s plan for repairing America, which includes:

    • Creating enterprise zones within the district to drive new business to the north and central part of the state and reduce unemployment by 25%.
    • Improving community interaction with local high schools that includes business leader and political leader mentoring with the hopes of reducing high school drop out rates. This, of course, would lead to more skilled workers and less crime because educated individuals are less likely to act out of malice and desperation.
    • As a “personal-responsibility” candidate, Yost believes that when people come across hard times and lose their jobs, they should be provided with resources to retrain and develop new skills to either obtain new jobs, or even better, to create their own businesses in pursuit of the American Dream.
    • On Immigration: Though his is not a border state, Yost believes that the southern borders of the United States need to be secured first and foremost. He would fully support measures such as E-verify, which would penalize businesses that hire illegal immigrants. He’s tough on illegal immigration, but understands and values the fact that the makeup of the United States includes a healthy immigrant population, and as such, Yost support streamlining a path to citizenship for those who enter the United States through legal means.
    • Yost believes that America should significantly alter its energy policy, including more coal mining, off shore drilling, ANWAR drilling and incentives (not mandates) for alternative energy companies.
    • One of Yost’s key plans is to force Congress to Spend Less. This, of course, is what American families have been forced to do for the last several years, and Congress should be no different. Yost is no fan of earmarks, and he believes that in order to reduce billions in wasteful spending, that any earmark (or pork) that is added to bills should be eliminated. He intends to introduce legislation that will force Congress to vote on each and every spending item, rather than allowing Congressmen to simply add whatever spending measures they want to bills.
    • Eliminate personal income taxes through the Fair Tax. Mike Yost’s idea that low taxes help you to keep more of your hard earned money to spend the way you see fit isn’t revolutionary. But it’s one that has always been limited to pre-election talk and requires a political revolution in order to become reality. Rather than taxing individuals on their income, Mike will propose and fully support a Fair Tax, which allows you to keep 100% of your earnings. You would only be taxed on non-necessity consumption (food, clothing, etc. would not be taxed up to certain levels).
    • For more on Mike Yost’s thoughts, ideas and proposals on the major issues facing America today, visit the Issues Page at his web site.

    Mike Yost has a plan, and unlike typical life-time politicians, he will fight the establishment to carry it out. He’s a real American that wants to make a difference. He’s been successful in his personal life, as well as a multi-decade career in business.

    Unlike Corrine Brown, Yost has never had his employees forge treasury checks and documents, nor has he ever taken payments from secret bank accounts used for laundering money by racketeers. And though Mr. Yost is an automobile mechanic, neither he or anyone in his immediate family has ever accepted a free car from foreign business interests accused of embezzlement in exchange for lobbying the U.S. Attorney General to prevent prosecution by the United States.

    Corrine Brown, as well as her establishment Congressional colleagues, is not interested in enriching the lives of everyday Americans. But she is, most certainly, interested in enriching herself.

    And though Mike Yost may be in a district that is heavily African American, the issues at hand cross over racial lines, as the big government laws, taxes and policies of both, the established Republican and Democrat Congressional so-called representatives adversely affect the people regardless of the color of their skin.

    Whether you’re a republican, democrat, or currently without party in the 3rd Congressional district or another district with a race similar to Yost vs. Brown, the question is whether or not you want to continue with more of the same. In the case of Mike Yost, it is clear that sending Corrine Brown packing from Washington D.C. would be beneficial not only to Florida, but The United States as a whole.

    Make a difference in your Congressional district this November, and vote for a non-establishment candidate. We CAN change America, one seat at a time.

    For those interested in learning more about Mike Yost, we urge you to visit Yost 2010. If you are interested in donating, Mike could use your help.

    If you or someone you know lives in Florida, we encourage you to share this article with them. Send them a link, republish the full text in an email, or post it on your blog.

    Mike Yost For Congress:

    Two Part Interview with Mike Yost:


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      1. It’s raining Mrs. Brown!  Do you need any sand bags delivered to your house?

      2. A lot of people have tried and failed to save the system.  It is too late to do anything with it.  It is like trying to put a splinter in a dragons foot right before he puffs his fire up your butt. 
        At best, he will become a part of the problem no matter how good his intentions are.

        Don’t give up on the united States.  Remember, the States are the people, not the government corporations that claim to own everything.

        Do not support the United States or try to change it.  It is nothing more than a corporation of criminals.  Become a nonparticipant in the crimes going on and the government that supports them.  The only obligations you really have are those you impose on yourself.

        Freedom is yours for the taking.

      3. Comments….. That’s the problem Yost has, getting no support from the Repuglicans.  It’s the same for McDonnell, she beat the old party guy and the Repugs won’t support her.  The blacklash will be felt far and wide November 2. 

        GodCreation is right in his assumption.  Once these new incumbents get to Congress, they have no experience in how the system works.  Let’s see if anything gets changed–highly unlikely.

      4. The time to repair is now past.
        It’s time to junk it, and salvage whatever could be saved.

      5. GC and GF – You have to start somewhere.  If you don’t support folks like this who do you support?  I agree it’s awful damn late in the game but what else do you suggest?  Can’t just throw in the towel……….  Given enough of these guys maybe they can make some difference.

      6. We need an entire new congress made up of folks that are like him.  Seems to me he wants to do something and not be somebody.  We need more of that.  Will it work?  Doubtful, but worth a shot.  More power to him. 

        And I for one have already sent my notice to the Repubs not to call my ass for anymore donations.  I will make mine directly to the candidates from here on out.  We need outsiders not insiders.

      7. Comments….. Bill
        September 29th, 2010 at 5:27 pm
        GC and GF – You have to start somewhere.  If you don’t support folks like this who do you support?  I agree it’s awful damn late in the game but what else do you suggest?  Can’t just throw in the towel……….  Given enough of these guys maybe they can make some difference.
        I always vote absentee and that’s what I will do, I will vote.  But how many times have we the people voted for a particular measures only to have it overturned in the courts.  What’s the use, why vote I tell myself. Well, I vote because then I can gripe about the outcome.  Sure we have to start somewhere, but IMHO, it’s too late in so many ways.

      8. Bill,

        The only thing left to do is for the people to abandon the government as it exists and start anew.  Leave the private Federal Reserve to take its losses and liquidate it.  Let its stockholders face the people of the world they have screwed repeatedly for 100 years.  Yost would be a decent candidate for a new government, but there are no good candidates for the old corrupted one.  It does not recognize the law as applicable to it, and grants itself lawmaking authority that only exist within its corporate structure, and to those it forces into that structure through commercial fraud.

        The law of the land is the constitution for your state.    The state is the People on the land, not the corporations that pose as governments.  You are not obligated to the government  in any way shape or form.  Unless you begin to ask for its permission to live, by doing such things as getting a license to do what God has already given you the authority to do for yourself. 

        The law does not compel you to do anything other than defend your State from insurrection and overthrow.  Funny that is the only thing nobody does. 

        The United States Government is a foreign corporation that controls the governments of the states through the use of commercial fraud.   Your duty is to ignore its mandates and help to have it removed by force if required.

        Your obligations are all to the People of your state, none to the government.`1

      9. this amateur yokel is totally uneducated as to the disaster america is in. he is helpless in the face of extremely powerful insurance, defense, oil, finance and pharma. these monsters will chew this guy up so bad there won’t be anything left to spit up.

      10. This time things are different. The American people have had enough lies and damn lies! 

        Big Business, Big Banking, and Big Government, all enemies of the American middle class, are going to get their ass whupped real good. This election is the start of a Second American Revolution, which like the first, may take decades to win, and might even involve violence before its over. But it is a Revolution that we will win! Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it!

        America is awake. Americans are aware and  they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of a corrupt government that commits treason every day the southern border is left unsealed and 30 million jobs are given to invading aliens.

        We The People are going to take America back! To all the DEM’s and GOPs out there: bend over and kiss your ass goodbye! To all of the naysyers and cry babies: get some freaking backbone! This is your America, take some responsibility for it, and then take some action!


        If you are not man or woman enough to step up and take some initiative, don’t piss, and moan, and cry and complain. If thats all you do, then you are a freaking loser!

        A new burst of freedom is coming to America. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Get the fuck out of the way!

        November 2 2010 will be the shock heard round the the world!

      11. Yes, the US  is a corporate/banker control freak of the states, local gov. (agenda 21)  via grants.   All political efforts  have and are now useless.  Voting is futile..politicians are bought and paid for, the people don’t matter.    Read Greg Evensen’s latest post on News with Views.  Revolution/civil war is at hand;  The gov. has become the enemy.

      12. I’m a little bias, I like this guy. He is doing what our early political leaders did, leaving his trade and going to Washington to serve his Country.

        Maybe the system is beyond repair, but I would like the mechanic to have a chance to look at it, before we junk it. A lot of people will tell you to junk it, only to sell you a new car.

        The problem with America is we have allowed the two parties to choose who we get to vote for. This guy was choosen by the people of his district in spite of the parties working against him.

        Things are turning and in many races across America, we the people are choosing the horses in the race and that’s a good thing.

        Most Americans can’t vote for Mike, but we all can support him and I for one will contribute to him directly.

      13. Comments…..there is no winning until we fall.

      14. AMEN….Durango….AMEN!

      15. GC!!! I didn’t know you knew!!!

        Open your eyes, people.

        Gods Creation knows where this is all heading. It will never get much better. Oh, we may have a period here or there of better times, but, until we wake up and realize that we’re making ourselves corporate tax/debt slaves for nothing, it will continue, on average, to get worse until the system implodes.

      16. Thank You for this article, while Mr. Yost  is out of my district and I cannot vote for him I can support him and hope your readers can find 5 or 10 bucks to throw his way. Corrine Brown is a full blown SOCIALIST and is proud of it. the way her district has been carved out for her it is unlikely she will be defeated but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try as hard as we can. Time is running out people.

      17. Sorry Durango… don’t get it.   Voting is allowed by those in power to give you the illusion you have some say in the process, when, in fact, you don’t.

        Economic slavery replaced physical slavery of the 19th century because of the obvious advantages to the “masters”.  Baron Rothschild wasn’t kidding when he said “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I could care less who makes the laws”.

        Unfortunately, the only option left is to join the ranks of the non voters that I. like you, used to rant about.   Once the number of voters shrinks to the point it is obvious to all that elections are a sham, we might have a shot at the re-set button.

      18. TnAndy: Oh I get it. I appreciate that you have given up. That may be your choice. Too bad. That’s a defeatest’s attitude. A poor position to try to defend to me.

        You should probably try to get the attention of someone that will commiserate with you if you really have that attitude. I don’t have time for it and don’t want to waste my time trying to convince you of my position. If you want to quit, quit.

        I’m not talking about the 19th century.  I am speaking about the here and now. Recent primary results should give encouragement to the  discouraged and disenfranchised to get involved.

        If Obama can get elected, patriots can. Every concerned American who really cares about the future of this country ought to send five dollars to a twenty candidates who represent real American values.

        We don’t have to win every seat to control Congress this time around. The power of an engaged and enraged American electorate will grow. Right now, we just need to put the fear of God, unemployment, pitchforks, and tar and feathers into these bastards.

        That is possible and that is a good START. We have the power of numbers if We The People will use it. If your country isn’t worth 100 dollars to you, you deserve what you have!

        I will confess to my own previous disinterest, disillusion, and disengagement with the political process, while I have been busy getting MINE. But now America itself is at stake.

        It is the intention of this government to give amnesty to 30 million illegals and make them “new Americans” prior to trying to impose
        the North American Union upon US.

        If you think its bad now, wait until another 60 million more peasants from Mexico invade America and turn it into a third world nation, with third world inhabitants, and a third world quality of life.

        It time to get off the couch and check the cushions for the extra change to take this country back. See, SHTF America: Illegal Immigration  for an understanding of your future as an American if you do nothing.

        If you do nothing, you deserve what you have. I have MINE already, so I really don’t need to worry about people who have a GAF attitude. I am concerned about America and I am stepping up to try to make a difference.

        So should everyone else.

      19. Durango,

        You call it giving up, I call it a change in tactics.

        I worked my ass off for the Ron Paul campaign……and gave thousands of dollars to it.   And to see the results convinced me that NO politician has a chance to “change” the direction this country is going….and your vote means absolutely nothing.

        Nothing is going to change here until the vast majority are sitting in their cold, dark homes facing their hungry family, and then blood runs in the streets.

        The best course of action is to do all you can to bring that about, starve the beast at every opportunity.

        You are still idealistic enough to believe elections will change things, but in time, you will see the folly of that, as I have.

        Best of luck to you.


      21. I love the pledge of getting rid of payroll taxes, it is a great sound bite. What are you gonna cut. Police and fire? Road repair? I am amazed that the Tea Party will fight tooth and nail the proposed 3% increase in taxes for the richest in  our country and then bitches about the deficit.  We are doomed!!

      22. Johnny…..

        That argument about cutting cops and road repair is BS.

        Cops and firemen are paid with local taxes.   Roads are built/maintained with with the use tax on fuel.

        If you plan to argue for higher taxes and more government, at least do so with some facts that make sense.

      23. $$$$ is what runs this country, votes are a joke.  Remove the $$$$ out from corrupting politicians & the main problem will be solved.  Only problem with that is…..$$$$ = Power.  Without divine intervention, we’re toast.

      24. Politics politics politics. Vote for Me! I’ll make your life better. NO NO, vote for Me, me, I’m the best candidate. Yes, yes, we’ll fix America, fix Spain too and England and Australia, so the populations can grow healthily and we have more and more and more people, hundreds of billions of people on a planet that can happily sustain about half a billion.

        All good things come to an end my friends. All good things. And then we have BAD things.

      25. so tired of ruling class types looking down their noses at true America loving God feearing  candidates who wish to partake in governtmetn service and try and make a diffference. the a holes.  if u feel the  passion, i say go for it, and thank u for trying  to do the right thing for our country. its how things were done long ago, when things were simpler, more clear cut.  i long for those days

      26. TnAndy, yes you’re so right; Durango puts faith in scum politicians like all sheeple,  to  incl some of my relatives.
        All   voting is a farce; politicians are corp. puppets and told exactly how to vote and what to do by  the power elite.   Prepare and hunker down with your small trusted group of patriots.   We have lost the country and sold out to the WTO and U.N.

      27. No laura I do not put my faith in scum politicians. I never said that. Please do not presume to speak for me. No one hates the Congress or any other politician more than me. Be clear about it: I hate my government.

        But I love my country.

        And I believe that it is still possible to save it from destruction by those same scum politicians you mentioned by electing Patriots to office.

        If you are not ready to try to make a change in our government by ballot, then I expect you to do so by bullet. Otherwise you are just another pissing, moaning, crying, and complaining broad sitting on your hands spewing dissention, despair, and discouragement.

        Try to do something positive with your life; if not your yourself, for your country. America is an ideal worth fighting for: by ballot if possible, by bullet if necessary. Take your choice or be a quitter. “Hunkering down” is not the action of a Patriot, but a coward.

        What do you claim to be?

      28. Durango:   I’m going along with tnAndy at 10:59 and 11:27pm; boycott the polls.  People that prepare and hunker down (this means: not being active in politics or the community, but living/looking out for  self and family) If you think that is being a coward so be it..youre living in a dream world.  Don’t trust politicians; but keep a close knit patriot group family/friends so when the time comes we can resist the “bad guys” not hide in some cave. Being positive is making preps. not trusting in scum politicians!

      29. Laura I do not support scum bag politicians. I detest them. They are traitors to the oath of office they took and the trust that the American people have placed in them. That includes almost all of Congress for the past 40 years with the notable exception of Ron Paul, and every President since Kennedy.

        By “hunkering down” and not voting, you are playing right into the hands of the NAU, NWO, One World Government crowd, because that is EXACTLY what they want you to do, and as many sheeple that they can find like you, to do nothing.

        By encouraging others to do the same, you support the NWO agenda, not the perspective you claim to have. If you cared about America as much as you claim to do, then you would do something now, while the mood and the energy of the country is with you. That you will not, and encourage others to despair tells me that you are just another of their  sympathizers spreading propganda to benefit them , and not truth.

        The time to fight is NOW by every legal means. Once Big Brother has imposed the NAU and NWO upon US, the battle may wage, but the war will be lost, as Big Brother will legally have the power to enlist “blue helmets” from all over the world to defend a corrupt regime.

        Then, the man or woman that “collects” the most blue helmets wins!
        Make every shot count then. Make every vote count now to avoid that destruction.

      30. Durango:  How in the H is voting going to stop the NWO; they can declare an emergency by executive order as they see fit.  Voting is just for show like in China and other regimes and it’s rigged!    Some talk radio show folks say all we can do is prep. ourselves and families  as we have lost the country!  Who do you trust in to vote for?? Who is decent?  no one can answer that so far.  You’re apparently a young naive person; I have seen political scandals on all gov levels since Watergate and my elders told me about LBJ and Eisenhauer’s, JFK’s mistresses . don’t forget Clinton”s too,  and many local and state politicians.   You apparently have lived a very sheltered  life; there is a large scandal in my state (Ala) going on now on the state level with FBI arrests this morning.  Wake up ..none can be trusted.  True patriots prep. families and interact with other patriots. I don’t encourage anyone to despair; why don’t you tell the talk radio hosts they are encouraging it as all hope is gone..they offer no solution..get it??

      31. Laura:  I mentioned Kennedy because he was planning to kill the FED and some think that this is the real reason he was assasinated. After that Nixon abandoned the gold standard, and every President since, with the exception of Clinton, has dramatically increased government spending and the deficit.

        Laura: I don’t care how many babes these guys are poking! I only care how much of my tax dollars they are spending.

        I don’t listen to talk radio. Talk radio on the right, and Lame Stream Media on the left,  are for people who have never learned to think for themselves, and are being shoveled bullshit propaganda couched as “analysis” from both ends of the spectrum.

        Think of that spectrum as a length of rope stretched out in front of you on a table. Move the ends together in a circle, to where the ends meet. That is global socialism on the left and global fascism on the right. Tie the ends into a knot. That is the knoose with which both sides want to hang America.

        If you are not smart enough by now to discern the difference between democrats, republicans, and patriots there isn’t any help I can give you.

        I recommed that you read SHTF America: Illegal Immigration to see what these two ideologies are trying to do to America. Read SHTF America, Economics Page as well to understand their financial plan for you!

        To remain disengaged from the political process is to delegate America, and ourselves, to third world status; with third world inhabitants, and a third world quality of life.

        Please, get involved, while you can.

        PS. No, I have not led a sheltered life. I have been on my own since I was a senior in high school at seventeen. I have two degrees and have held four professional licenses prior to an early retirement as an investor in mining and oil and gas. I got MINE. I have been prepping for the Last Days for 40 years, so I don’t think that there is anything about that in which you can enlighten me.

        Now they are here. I got MINE. Get yours!

      32. Durango:   I will remain disengaged from the political process, and patriots agree there is no difference between dems and rep. (controlled by the elite) Patriots are preppers and will resist when it all comes down.  I mainly listen to Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman interviews, and Jack time is limited, and yes I have read books.  Two yrs ago, friends and I and threw in the trash all political NWO books as all hope is gone.  I only kept the survival books and medical self help, herbs and plants, etc.  You rec books to read;  all these type of  books say it’s over and done; with  no solutions except to prep. just like Celente says.  I am involved with fellow patriots only and like Tn Andy, I’m divorced from politics as America is down the sewer.   Celente, Schiff, Chapman, McIlvany, McLamb, etc all agree that the NWO  has been implemented. Check these guys out and quit trusting in scum low life politicians.  They are to be hated! Only sheeple trust in them.

      33. laura: I listen to all of those guys, and while I think Celente is one of the good guys, I prefer to listen to Jim Rogers, who puts his own money where his mouth is. 

        Remember that Celente like Limbaugh and others like them are all trying to sell you something to make a buck, boost their ratings, and generate income.

        I know that this is the American way, but they are entertainment value for me, at best. I am capable of making my own analysis from events and trends, and if money is the measure, I haven’t done too badly, as I have been ahead of the crowd and in the front of the trends for some time now.

        Sorry to hear that you have given up. I don’t know how to quit. Its one of the failings of my character.

      34. While a lot of comments have gotten off track, I would say just by your opinions and comments that this is the very best part of the political process.

        As far as I know this was the only article ever written about Michael Yost. 6 day after this article, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity are talking about Mike by name.

        So just by being here, you are taking part in the political process regardless of your belief or opinion.

        I thank you all for that and I’m sure Mike “the mechanic”, “the little guy”, “the yahoo” “the guy that can’t win” would thank you too.

        29 days folks, we can throw the bums out. I do think many of you are right, the damage has been done. 

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