New Legislation Would Repeal Laws that Brought the Surveillance State

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    Rush Holt

    Your neighbors and coworkers are watching your every move. Remotely operated drones hover overhead automatically cataloging everything that moves. A faceless computer somewhere in the middle of a desert is recording every electronic interaction you make. Agents stand by waiting to violate your person and rifle through your belongings when you travel. Swarms of militarized police await their orders to come barreling through your door at the drop of a hat.

    With the stroke of a pen they’ve defined you as a terrorist and authorized your execution. Then they gave themselves the mandate to arrest and detain you without charge or trial. They’ve even created a secret court that can determine your guilt without publicly presenting any evidence against you.

    According to our government it is not only justified, but perfectly legal, and those in power often cite thousands of pages of laws and  regulations, all made possible by Congressional mandates like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

    This is the police state in which you live.

    It may seem that there is no hope in sight, that our freedoms have been lost.

    But fear not, fellow Americans, as there are still those within our most hallowed institutions that understand what the future holds should we continue to pursue this path, and they are taking the beast head on.

    If you reject the dark cloud of centralization, surveillance, and control that has descended upon this great nation, then this may well be your last chance to do something about it.

    From Congressional Representative Rush Holt (12th District New Jersey):

    Over the last decade, multiple individuals in the executive branch — and a few in Congress, including me — have warned repeatedly about how the radical over-reach of these programs was undermining the very foundations of our republic, even as the mass collection activities were not making us any safer. And that is the most important point: If investigators are following the Fourth Amendment probable cause guidelines, they will do a better job. Undisciplined fishing expeditions have not made us safer. Someone who recognized this fact and tried to prevent such excesses, former NSA executive Thomas Drake, was rewarded for his patriotic whistle-blowing by being prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

    In Drake’s case, he and a team of NSA colleagues had actually developed a relatively cheap, very effective and privacy-compliant way of getting the kind of terrorism-related data our government needed to fight groups like al-Qaida.

    Unfortunately, his discovery angered NSA’s senior management, which had invested huge sums of taxpayer money in a system that did not work and was ultimately canceled. Drake and his colleagues reported all of this to then-House Intelligence Committee chairman Porter Goss — who did exactly nothing.

    Drake and his colleagues then did what we tell government employees with concerns about waste, fraud and abuse to do in these cases: report it to the Pentagon’s Inspector General. Drake did, the IG validated his claims … and then proceeded to turn him and his colleagues over to the Justice Department on bogus charges. In the end, the criminal case against him was dropped but his career in government was destroyed.

    Soon, I will introduce legislation that would repeal the laws that brought us our current “surveillance state”: the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act.

    My bill would restore the probable cause-based warrant requirement for any surveillance against an American citizen being proposed on the basis of an alleged threat to the nation. And it would, for the first time, provide genuine legal protections for the Thomas Drakes of the world.

    If we hope to restore and preserve the republic that Hamilton, Patrick Henry and other Founders risked their lives to create, we must end the industrial-scale surveillance and perpetual war mentality that has been foisted on the American people in the name of “national security.”

    Under the assumption that the legislation was designed to protect the United States against foreign threats, Representative Holt voted for Patriot Act I under President Bush. He subsequently realized the dangers of the sweeping new laws as they came up for an extension under President Obama, refusing to further support their wide-ranging implementation within our own borders.

    Now, with the revelation that average American citizens with no ties to terrorism or criminality are being monitored without warrant or cause, and in full contradiction to the spirit of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Holt claims he will be introducing legislation to repeal the laws that have given police state leadership their authority.

    These are the issues of our time, and they transcend political lines. It doesn’t matter if you are a democrat, like Rep. Holt, or a Ron Paul republican. In this control grid, you are guilty just the same.

    They will come for you you eventually, no matter who you are. Look no further than the 20th century to understand that when governments engage in democide, everyone becomes a target.

    Representative Rush Holt may be giving us our last opportunity to restore America to a land where the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator remain respected and protected by the letter of the law.

    We’re running out of time, because should these transgressions continue unabated then you can be assured that the America in which we grew up will no longer exist.

    You can lend your support to Representative Rush Holt’s soon to be introduced legislation by contacting him here.

    Hattip Satori


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      1. Sounds great, but I’m not some naive moron that believes anything a politician has to say. We’ve been misled at every turn and this time will be no different, I suspect.

        • I do hope you’re wrong Joe…

          And the concern is, of course, that if the legislation is introduced, the rest of the deadbeats in Congress will reject it. This has happened time and again. And even in the case of overwhelming support (the massive call campaign to the Congressional switchboard prior to Obamacare, for example, where 99% of callers were reportedly against the legislation, did nothing to stop them pushing through their agenda)… So, i definitely understand your point.

          What Rep. Holt needs is a barrage of emails and phone calls to ensure he gets this done. Likewise, each of our representatives need the same.

          I just don’t want to believe that America is a lost cause.

          If America is lost — the whole world goes under. It’s as simple as that.

          • America a lost cause, welllllll…..they did elect that Kenyan to the most powerful office on the planet.
            The stupid kids who put him in will get what they deserve
            when the nation falls apart.

            • Stupid kids? Ahahaha, not so much old man.

              • Survive Its Death.

                • The government’s bag of devious tricks has no
                  bottom when it comes to do-gooders wanting to
                  put the country on the right track.
                  Trumped up scandalous affairs to heart attacks
                  in hot tubs. What is it we haven’t seen yet?
                  The PTB have no peer when it comes right down
                  to doing “dirty deeds done dirt cheap.”

                  • A democracy cannot survive as a permanent form of government. It can last only until its citizens discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority (who vote) will vote for those candidates promising the greatest benefits from the public purse, with the result that a democracy will always collapse from loose fiscal policies, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest democratic nations has been 200 years. Each has been through the following sequence:

                    From bondage to spiritual faith.
                    From faith to great courage.
                    From courage to liberty.
                    From liberty to abundance.
                    From abundance to complacency.
                    From complacency to selfishness.
                    From selfishness to apathy.
                    From apathy to dependency.
                    And from dependency back again into bondage.

                    Democracy relies on the public. The public is stupid!

                  • Guess what, Mr. Holt will be silenced just like all the others. They will find some dirt on him or make something up to turn him into the bad guy. Does anyone really think they will allow one man to destroy and expose their plan, a plan that has been in the works for decades? No, they have come too far and they are not finished with the complete transformation of what used to be America.

                    When a group of elite men try to own the souls and lives of anyone they deem beneath them, then we are nothing but fodder to them, our lives are meaningless, therefore we are expendable and disposable. We are expected to go along quietly and stop only long enough to worship their ungodly beings.

                    Rock the boat and you will be thrown overboard.

                    I would not want to be one of them on judgment day, that is when they will all answer for their crimes against humanity.

                  • ~~~Guess what, Mr. Holt will be silenced just like all the others. They will find some dirt on him or make something up~~~

                    Okay, before I introduced this legislature, I’d be sure to begin that speech with:
                    “Whatever you think you see on film/camera/video, whatever you think you hear recorded with my voice, whatever document you read that you think incriminates me of wrong-doing, remember what our government is capable of in the way of technology to quiet dissenters and shut down dissention of any kind.”

                    Not scholarly and lawyerly worded, but you get the point??

                • Statistics of only 9 “battleground” states. Don’t misrepresent the nation.

                  • @CND

                    It’s a representative sample.

                    If you look up individual state results, you will find the numbers to be the same. + or -.

                    The nations youth voted for Obama in 2012.

                    Why is that so hard to digest?

                    Oh… I know, you’re one of them.

                    “We are never gonna get anywhere at this rate.”

                • But Eisenkreuz wont let the facts get in the way of his delusions….

                  • Recall that Blond babe Fla Attny General woman? Seen constantly on Fox TV many many times and shows…Untill she disapeared recently, when zimmers trial began?

                    She spoke out big time against such total corruption in Holders DOJ agency, and many more outrages she spoke out about…So Why is she not Now halting the travesty of zimmers trail? Why is she so quiet and not on fox tv anymore?

                    I will tell you why. Because like all other neocon rinos she and fox tv folks are so confident that repubs are at the Cusp of enticeing Tons of Black voters to switch to vote repub, and same goes for their warped ideas of allow/promote illeagles amnesty and the mexicans also will vote repubs in Droves it will cause a Landslide next election cycle. So Pam Bondi alias Fla State Atty General chick is laying Low to allow an Innocent man to go to Prison if it assist repubs in Fla and nationally.

                    She has and Had the top power statewide in Fla to stop any charges criminally period. Every Prosecutor answers to Pam Bondi in Fla. Why so Silent now Pam?

              • Mac, I understand your concern, but Joe is right about about being wary of politicians these days. While I can appreciate what Holt is saying, I don’t believe anything will come of the effort. Just like you, I don’t want to give up on America, either; but I’m still of the opinion that an armed rebellion is the only way to save this nation now. Working within the system for reforms and having demonstrations have already proven to be fruitless. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. THEY MAKE IT CLEAR EVERY DAY WHAT THEIR ULTIMATE INTENTIONS TOWARD US ARE AND THOE ARE THE WORST INTENTIONS ANYONE CAN IMAGINE. WE HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS TO SUCH EVIL PEOPLE. THIS EVIL, CORRUPT SYSTEM WILL COLLAPSE. IT CAN AND WILL BE DEFEATED. braveheart

              • Eisen, we “old people” have more brains in our little fingers than you have in your whole body, so f#$% you!

            • I don’t believe for a moment that Obama was actually re-elected with the reported voting irregularities in key swing states. Thanks to foreign owned companies controlling the voting process in this country via electronic machines that do not offer a receipt of how you cast your vote THEY can put in anyone THEY want us to have. Stalin is smiling from beyond the grave— “Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”

              • I agree CL, any development of a third anything in this country is not allowed. This is because a minority government election outcome would constrain them and keep the people in charge until the government gets it right and thusly rewarded with a majority mandate from the people. A handcuffed government is not such a bad thing and nothing to fear with a proper ballot system. And you are right, ballot manipulation is one of their biggest weapons against freedom because now the people are not in charge. And in my lifetime I fear, the people will never be in charge or control of their government again. Stalin, my Lady, is reincarnate. And doing well.

              • We lost the vote the minute we went to electronic voteing machines. The computer people told the nation not to do it because it is just too easy to fix the vote and too hard to prove it.
                The only true vote is by hand and counted by 3 people and a camera.

              • Chantilly, this is the main reason I have no hope for the nation’s future.
                The working voters are outnumbered with the ‘gimme’ voters already, and if the ‘gimme’ voters stay home, the remote hacking can make it happen for TPTB just as planned without the votes from the ‘gimmes’.

                • grandpa said it better. 🙂

            • spark, good points. I stay hopeful that we, America, can bounce back but I prepare for it to be a long battle. Evil doesn’t take vacations and they don’t give up till they swing with a rope.

              • Greatest thing I’ve heard all day “Evil doesn’t take vacations and they don’t give up tell they swing with a rope”
                Amen to that

            • Slick, don’t broad brush the kids as stupid. The elected got voted in buy more adults than kids. I have talked with many youngsters and found they are in search of truth. It is our duty, us elders, to reach out to them and give them the education they aren’t getting.

              • The govenment is a representation of a morally and spirtually bankrupt society. When GOD has to be removed from schools and public places; the enemy wins.

                Paul said our battle is not against flesh and blood but the powers of the earth which are contolled by satan. Its no secret that TPTB worship him and forward his agenda. But OUR LORD will return and cast them into the lake of fire. This has to happen and there is no turning back.

                • Oh, how I agree Indy. “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God” I Peter 4:17. Even many churches have removed God. Christianity isn’t about us, it is about the Founder/Savior-Jesus. (paraphrasing)
                  …at the sound of His name; every knee shall bow and tongue confess: Jesus as Lord.

                  • Chuck Baldwins new article at newswithviews Today is jam packed with Rebuke of the american Church today and the vast Majority of phony pastors who refuse to preach truth and teach their flocks of true liberty etc.

                    Also IMHO, this Holt guys idea or bill will get nowheres fast. And the largest us reps block of no votes on repeal of anything related to patriot act etc or ndaa laws will be seen from Neocon Evangelicals who themselves are so brainwashed by such israel first preachers.

                    It is all we ever hear from repubs and fox tv airheads like hannity etc…”Strong defense of Israel”! “More Cash to Israel”!…”is it Good for…Jews? good for…Israel?”

                    THAT IS about all they care of when casting their house and senate votes. And of course most every major senate or house committee related to foriegn aid cash-war/defense- Israel issues-Pentagon-FBI-State Dept-Heads of committees are all or almost all Jewish. Go check if you doubt it.

                    Therefore nothing remotly like Holts bill has any remote chance to pass. be lucky if 3-4 house “Tea Party” evangelical Darlings vote For such a law. Even the “Mighty” Heroboy Rand Paul is a total sell out to israel. His Aranged visit to their “Wailing wall”(and nobody can Wail like their tribe does) Proves it in spades.

                    No matter what either partys folks tells us all…All they do, all they do or care about is israel/jewish issues period. I know many here Hate such facts. But wishing it away dont work. Wakeing Up does though!

                    PS!! EVERYBODY Watch that Yutube Vidoe that AHAB Posted a Link to in His reply one article Back…It is a video of Barbara Lenner Spectre an american Jewish woman, while she is IN Sweden with Her thinnk-tank org. And in video shes Explaining and Bragging how ALL this Multicult Invasions by Non-whites to usa and all European nations IS IN FACT A JEWISH PLAN. A Jewish Zionist By Design PLan to wreck Our white countries by Multicult invasion of african blacks and all other non whiteys.

                    Once viewed NONE can deny it any longer that YES It Is a Zio Jewish PLAN Period. Go watch her video and how she is Gloating while nearly Foaming at mouth in anticipation of a final end to white majorities in any nations.

                    WATCH IT!!! 100% PROOF=Jewish zionist Plan-zero Doubts…Wake Up “christian jew/israel firsters”! Like Ahab said, the Scofiled Bible folks of the bible belt Are at Top of zio jews Hit List, and no amount of scofield falshoods nor Crys for total war for israel suport shouted again and again is going to change this fact nor stop it from happening. Your evangelical christian Demise Is their Main plans! wake up.Watch that video. Wake Up!

              • ~~~Pew acknowledged that the president’s virtual takeover of the media in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy just before the election persuaded some who were undecided to vote for the president.~~

                OMG–did the first four years of unconstitutional action not even register with these voters?

            • Its the NWO Zionist Christian Brotherhood which is doing this, Obama is doing what he is told to do or he or his family get whacked like JFK, Don’t you idiots understand that yet??

          • Mac, It seems like the best intentions of saving the country and the world never get off the ground. WHY? Because people have been hypnotized by the slick talk of characters like BO and others that convince the idiot masses that there is nothing wrong at all. The masses want to hear lollipop lies rather than take the effort to get most of these worthless liabilites out of office. Each election it is either red or blue, not some third or fourth party with just maybe some hope for the future.

            The whole situation of the country and word as a whole reminds me of someone that runs very fast head first into a brick wall. Instead of figuring out that it is painful, they go back to the same starting point and run over and over into the same brickwall in hopes of breaking through it. The politicians depend on this same stupidity each 2 years or 4 years. Then the leaders put in, appoint, pieces of fecal material like helicopter ben that believes that the way out of debt is to print more money, lots of new money.

            Seriously Mac, I wish you could find an animated cartoon or maybe one of those Jackass episodes of some character running again and again into the same brickwall. This is the majority of the masses, getting more braindead with each run it with the wall.

            • be informed, its been awhile since i said somethingto your comment. glad your still around. off topic but remember when i was talking about the economy not collapsing last year. I todl you it would not. I was wrong about a couple of things, your right on with your ideas and you have always been honest. we got a tad more time. i think it will start getting bad this fall. be safe buddy. here in Cr iowa

            • Be Informed
              I have to tell you that I like reading your comments. I would like to offer a different slant on this one though. Why don’t the best intentions for saving our country ever get off the ground?
              Because there is “no saving” this system that we live in. It all has to come down and the only way to do it is to let it fall. I am an entreprenure, or more to the point, I used to be one. I know that many people will not agree with me. Many of our brightest minds and very astute people have checked out of the system. Rightly so! Since 2008, not one thing has been fixed and all I have seen is more foolishness stacked upon what was already rediculous. This has all happened on purpose with a larger plan in mind and it is a secret plan. We are where we are because of lies and secrecy and greed. That’s the only way where people can be controlled – by bribery and blackmail. If you have a family that you love and on one occasion you were drugged and were sodomized by another man and this was filmed, would they own you? As I understand it, this has happened on a large scale in our society especially our military, judges, politicians, etc. If you want to know “why” we are where we are, start researching “The Franklin Scandal” or “Charles Frith’s interview with Kay Griggs”. These subjects are difficult to digest and deeply disturbing, however, that rabbit hole needs to be gone down if you want the truth.
              Best wishes to all

              • Jeff you speak of things no one here wants to hear OR admit goes on.
                Heck, I have read many suggestions that Justice Roberts WAS blackmailed.
                MY GOD

                • POOP!!!
                  MY GOD TO HEAVEN, there is definitely the possibility with photo shop out there.
                  One hooker, a few thousands, a tech–they are in bizness!:-)

                • Jay Jay
                  I believe Roberts was blackmailed also. I feel the need to know the truth wherever that takes me. If I had to pick as a cause for our plight between stupid politicians and all pervasive evil, I’m just saying, I’m going with the evil since I don’t believe these people are that stupid. Do these actions occur in our society? I believe that initiation ceremonies to Skull and Bones and other secret societies definitely do approach this level of rape, sodomy, etc. When you think about it, it makes more sense than any other reason I have found yet. If people don’t want to look at it or consider it that is their choice.

          • Mac I love your site and I love the articles that you write for us to read, however my opinion about whether or not it will pass is simple “Does it make money” 4 simple words is what I think to some extent moves our politicians nowadays. what i mean by that is does money move hands does it help the politicians make more money than they had before etc etc.

            I know that it is a very negative and depressing way to look at that, however sadly enough they are and have been trying to get rid of the good listening politicians for a while and the ones that are left are the ones that only want to play the game. Not the ones that want to (for the most part)help the people. That being said I do believe that America can be saved. Again I’m not saying anything about America because I believe Americans have an amazing spirit to do anything they set their mind to

            I mean our historical tract record and many other countries records prove that. So again I know we can save America however the problem that we have is systemic (to some extent) and it might take an approach that doctors take when someone has cancer. When someone does you have to stronger measure against it.

            Sorry for the long wall of text

          • Why worry about “America falling apart”? It seems like the federal system will fall apart as soon as interest rates notch up as then payments for interest on the national debt will not be possible. Figure on that happening before the 2016 election. My guess is that the federal system will just fade away – – as it should.

            • Survive Its Death

            • @ Hey You –

              You got it amigo!!!!!!! VERY SOON NOW ….. and NO amount of ‘slickie-boy’ accounting practices or badly distorted statistical inference will be able to save the current system. The real BITCH in this particular scenario is that there is no longer much that the PTB can effectively do to correct or even delay the coming economic collapse and resulting social ‘melt-down’!

          • America is not lost Mac but personally i believe that we are way beyond legislating or voting this right, these asshat who have put this on us will hang on by their fingernails to the end even if they have to destroy all of us in the process, the threat of certain death will be the only thing that will defeat them, and we may have to fight their minions to the death, both ours and theirs, i just hope enough people have the gumption to stand elbow to elbow when the time comes, and it will come, unless everyone is willing to live as slaves to the government and their crap.
            Tell it like it is, stand and be heard, or go ahead and cower in a corner so your family can be slaves for their entire life. The choice is yours, if you fear death so much that you would rather hide you should most likely just accept your yoke of slavery and subservience.

            • Survive Its Death

            • Hard to remember that you first intention was to drain the swamp, when your up to your ass in alligators.

            • It has to happen soon, one more Generation it will be to late to turn back..

          • hey Mac

            i posted a 5 line comment on the steath collapse blog ,and one of the regulars coppied it and posted it also ,now i dont have a promlem with that as i see it as a compliment ,but what i dont understand is why his posted 22 min. before mine Unless !! he is the one that is oking the comments for content ,dont see any other way
            it sure as the heck wasent coencedense

            • Lower ……we’re in the middle of back to back geomagnetic storms right now.
              There’s your interference.

              Keep preppin’

          • Mac,
            Do not trust NJ democrats bearing gifts, Mr holt is not what he seems he is VERY anti Second Admendment. I do not trust him or any of our NJ representatives to do the right thing.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • yea ,that might be ,still doesent explain how this shit head seen my post 22 min before it posted ,unless he’s a moderator ,or unless he’s hacked this site

              • sorry this was for cooking mom

          • if congress rejects it, than we know what we have to do…time to reject Congress

            • Speaking of Congress..

              maybe its time to make them irrelevant..

              Im not sure If I got this right so someone correct me if im wrong, (im sure that wont be a problem on here:-)

              I heard a bilp on the radio that Congress just raised interest rates on student loans, adding somewhere close to another 2500$ of interest to a student loan per year,?

              Thanks Congress, really know how to styme the progress of this country, and its economy ,, kinda proves the point that they want this collapse that they are engineering , and to produce more uneducated people dependent upon GOV services..our working classes tax dollars

              • When the bill was written shifting student loans from private banks to the Fed gov’t, the interest rate was set for 3 years at the low rate.
                It was the Dems that controlled the house & senate when the bill was written and passed….it was designed from the beginning that the low rate would expire.

                • well aware of that, but as we have seen if they don’t WANT to do something they don’t…so obviously they didn’t WANT to continue to help further education in this country , their actions show that to me, as far as im concerned ..

                  just because something “expires” doesn’t mean they couldn’t have headed it off by coming up with something else or God forbid, something better..but that would involve work, and their lazy asses aint going to earn their salaries

                  • Just like billionaires calling for an end to the minimum wage, they should all be treated to a short drop and sudden jerk at the end of a fucking rope then get left on display.

          • What leverage does Obama have on congress, supreme court justices, four star generals? He obviously has access to every skeleton in every closet. The game is over until it self destructs.

            De Oppresso Liber
            I never thought we would be the oppressed.
            This is for you NSA:

          • Mac

            I am avid supporter of all you do here..


            Do you actually believe that all the alphabet agencies and central banks(the power masters)with 100’s of billions,probably trillions invested over time, are going to dismantle their fusion centers,the new data mining complex in Utah, all the satellites, all the power structures,all the employees, all the subcontractors,all the armaments, all that time and investment over the last 50 or more years because one politician and a small minority of citizens are outraged?


            • Possee you make a very good point, even though he or others may make an attempt to do the right thing the P.T.B won’t allow this to happen.

            • posse, it is not up to the “agencies” to destroy these things. It will be up to the people to do it.

              Knowing about a fusion center in Utah is merely target identification when the camels back is finally broken.

              With wise target selection the war being started by the banksters CAN be won by the People they are attacking. All that is required is to enforce the Law, and destroy any person or thing or place that aids in it’s violation.

          • Hi Mac,

            I certainly don’t want to be right. This Holt guy seems like he wants to be a straight shooter, but then again, this could all be a show to quell the growing fury building in this country. I’m sure many of these rulers, because they are certainly not leaders, are growing fearful of the rising tide. It could just be a move to placate the outspoken and give us a new thread of hope, just the way Ron Paul was used whether knowingly or not, for the exact same purpose. Give us a pretend voice that speaks angry words, writes good sounding legislation, yet gets nothing accomplished.

            America is already lost and the chaos ensuing around the globe should be a solid indicator of that. All we’re waiting for now is the final straw that sends us into the same type of chaos. We’re ripe for it and it is what most of us on your site prepare for. It’s a sad thing, but deep down, we mourn the loss of Lady Liberty and wish it wasn’t true.

            From my perspective, it is not “can we save America”, it has become, “let’s make sure we don’t suckered again when we rebuild.”, and this frame of mind seems to be growing among many. None of us has a crystal ball to predict the future and hope is something we all do. However, like driving toward a distant mountain range, the details of our landscape is becoming more clear as we approach.

            • Survive Its Death

            • ~~~However, like driving toward a distant mountain range, the details of our landscape is becoming more clear as we approach.~~~

              I think many here for a very long time have been using binoculars. 😉

          • Don’t forget Mac, there is STILL the issue of most of congress being blackmailed with the fruits of over a decade of surveillance of their every moves, not to mention how many sudden criminal prosecutions, mysterious plane crashes and heart attacks there will be, if the bill gains momentum on the floor…bet on it.

            • I’ll buy that theory sixpack.
              But in doing that one question comes to mind.
              If these servants to us(sarcasm here :-)) do know about the blackmail, surveillance, plane crashes, murders by suicide, etc. that have been taking place for decades right before our eyes, why do they even seek to serve(another sarcasm :-))in congress??
              Because they are corrupt, evil, and greedy???

              I do believe many are blackmailed, strong-armed into congress—but all of them?? 🙁

              • If you make an example out of one, the next fall in line. I do believe they target the most useful/powerful, not everybody. I think they just hold on to the material until they need to use it to put someone in line.

                If the entire congress had ANY guts at all, they’d ALL stand up at one time and just say no. If hundreds of them exposed the entire plot, I think it would be over for the NSA. Stand together or hang separately.

                What kind of hell would we have if all congressmen who won’t work for the NWO quit? We’d just give them the opportunity to put even more of their moles in positions of authority.

                In my view, it isn’t as much congress, or even the white house we need to get rid of—it’s the puppeteers themselves, whomever they may be, we need to eliminate.

                In order to protect our cookie jar, we must forget about the fingers and cut off the whole hand.

          • I pledge allegiance to the Corp
            of the United States of Fascism
            and to the Marxist state for which it stands
            One Enslaved Group of Sheep
            Lied to and Propagandized
            With Slavery and Injustice for all
            But the 1 Percent

          • Mac, As an Australian, and a Kiwi prior to that I take issue with your last sentence. I acknowledge our Australian politicians are ankle deep in Obummers crack, as they have been with every president since Johnson, but catastrophic failure on your part does not automatically equal a cluster fuck down here.

            There is a degree of irreverence remaining in the land of OZ that has yet to vanish.

            Amerika slipping round the S bend of history will likely be the event that arouses a very profound focus on the allegiances of our political representatives. I note when I talk to my local pollies about this subject that they get very, very uncomfortable.

            That aside, great site, keep up the great work.

        • Lawyers,Judges, Pols…will fuck you any chance they get…Keep Prepping.Peace

        • Exactly. Eventually Americans will realize that their hope does not come from any politician, whether its Rush “I’ve seen the Light” Holt or Ted “Expand Legal Immigration” Cruz.

          Eventually, Americans will realize that we haven’t had a representative government since 1860, when big business got Lincoln into office and then declared war on the States. Free market capitalism died at the same time, we just didn’t realize it until 1913 when the Bankster cartel formally took over the Federal monopoly on power and money. We’ve had a fascist dictatorship since then and your vote has meant exactly squat. The only way to return to a Jeffersonian Representative Republic is the way our Founders did it in 1775.

        • I thought the same for Allen West once he got in, then he voted for the NDAA of 2012.

          • Exactly so.

        • Like the Casino, the House ALWAYS win!!! You CANNOT win in a rigged system, which this is. All this pounding on the chest by these ass-hats (nickname for these PUBLIC servants), will not fix squat!!!

          Until the American population do what the Egyptian citizens did and converge on every State’s capital city with a MILLION+ strong and DEMAND the removal of every PUBLIC servants whom have BROKEN their OATHS to PROTECT the CONSTITUTION, these engagements are futile. Until that happens, I’ll just sit back and shake my head at the utter gullibility of the mass sheep.

          BTW, when you have PUBLIC servants that pass the bill before you READ the bill, you know you are in serious trouble. That in itself should have been the catalyst to remove these ass-hats in office. What a bunch of baboons..aka CON-gress..

        • Sorry MAC but I have to stick with JOE if you believe
          anything any politician says then you are being naïve
          and I would have to ask you who’s side are you on
          POLITICIANS are the lowest scum there is they will lie,
          cheat steal and even kill or have killed anyone that stands in their way of sereving their master

      2. Who knows what this Rush Holt could do? Sometimes they have the right ideas and then become part of the system after elected.

        I am voting for anybody but them (incumbents)….

        But then again, not sure we will be voting in 2016.

      3. step in the way of the money, the scheme and the players and your head will disappear in a pink mist like JFK.

        • Right you are, TRND. The majority, of both parties want only what puts money into their pockets and gets them re-elected. They speak with forked tongues and the majority of the sheeple follow along like little puppets.

          There are only a few, very few that are true patriots and want to change the system for the better; at whatever cost to them. Sorry to say, but not enough of them to make a difference and if they started making a difference, they would start having accidents. You know, the kind that all those opposing the likes of the Clintons during the 90’s had. There was documentation of over 50 people, that had mysterious deaths, that were somehow linked to the Clintons.

          We the people, still have a public voice, as long as we don’t talk about God, or negatively about queers,muslims, and killing unborn babies; but that is fading fast.

          No, I believe in what my Bible says, and that is that no flesh man will be able to save us or stop the destruction and confusion we are seeing. Things won’t get better on a national or international level until the end of this age. It is fast approaching. We are now entering the final phase of events and we will see some major shit start happening by this time next year.

          The warnings have been issued before. Get your house and heart in order; to be able to withstand the coming storm. We think it’s bad now, wait until this time next year and the year after. Let the shaking begin!


          • You hit the nail on head. We need more Patriots and Statesmen vs. citizens and politicians.

            • I hear Uncle Ted is thinking about running… 🙂

          • We desperately need more Patriots and Statesmen and less citizens and politicians.

          • @pissinwiththewind

            You can’t change the current system. It’s fixed.

            You can’t vote your way out!

            Why people don’t understand that concept is beyond me.

            What needs to happen is a total reset. A reset based on the original document… The Constitution.

            But, that will never happen. They (the shadow government) will never allow it.

            “They” would sooner sacrifice us all in a Civil War before they would allow any changes to the current system.

            But in the meantime… Keep on Voting!

        • Or maybe a in a blazing fireball like Michael Hastings.

          • Michael Hastings is a perfect example of why one should NEVER investigate government corruption, buy a new remotely controllable car, and then expect to drive it by yourself…I will ride a bicycle before I own a computerized, hackable car. Period. I don’t even ride in somebody else’s remotely controllable car.

      4. I don’t want to be a rainstorm on a fire, but this is but one reason in a long continuous chain of why the country and world is going to go through some major ass coring outs soon. True MEGA SHTF events.

        Again and again we see this free fall, and nothing is being done to stop it or even slow it down. There is no desire from the masses, they rather listen to BO and other utter liars. I deeply feel very sorry for all those that want to help save the country and world, that are falling on at least 99% deaf ears and deaf brains.

        • Be Informed,

          I agree. Like waves in the ocean, the collapse gains momentum. Yet, so many don’t or won’t see it, until a tidal wave washes over them.

          New report claims the government’s ‘official jobs numbers’ are being fabricated

          “While we have already extensively deconstructed the quality components of jobs in the US, showing first that in June 240K full time jobs were lost, even as 360K part-time jobs were “gained”, and second that so far in 2013 only 130K full time jobs have been added offset by 557K part-time jobs, we had sinking suspicions that there was something off with the quantity component as well…

          After all, at an average monthly gain of precisely 201.8K jobs in the past six months (or in 2013), this number seemed just a little too perfect considering the Fed’s implicit target of generating just over 200K jobs in a half year period before it begins tapering, which in light of declining gross issuance and less monetizable instruments, has been the Fed’s goal all along.”

          “Today, courtesy of the monthly JOLTS survey (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) we got just the confirmation we needed that, indeed, the official non-farm payroll number as per the Establishment Survey has been substantially off to the tune of a whopping 40% above what is quantitatively happening in reality.”

          Zero Hedge
          (also posted at the Daily Crux)

            • KY Mom says:

              “New report claims the government’s ‘official jobs numbers’ are being fabricated.”

              No Shit! And you had to read Zero Hedge to figure that one out?

              We are indeed lost!

              • That was the title of the article at the Daily Crux.

                No need for you to be haughty.

        • They’ve got everyone’s attention on Trayvon Martin instead…

      5. Bullshit. If this asshole voted for the Patriot Act once his judgement is obviously beyond repair. Dont trust him.

        • Eisen- You once wore diapers, didn’t you? Everybody learns. It’s the ones that learn from their mistakes that show real maturity. As for Rush Holt, don’t know anything about his record. He could be just another politician. Then again, if he’s the enemy of my enemy…?

          • That is the only way we win Is standing together against a common enemy.
            We all don’t like each other but if we all do not find a way to stand together they win.

            • FP: Says We all need stand together…Have you ever watched any of the several yearly events such as “Stand For Israel”? or Pastor John Hagee’s “CUFI” Org events shown on Live cspan? Cufi= “Citizens united For israel”

              Ever watch their AIPAC live events on cspan? All have One major in common…Aprox 50 Million, mostly white, usa christians who 100% support More Wars and More cash for all things israel and jewish causes like ADL-SPLC-ACJ-and about 300 More such all jewish run orgs nationwide.

              And NONE gives a Rats ass for america nor christians or white folks issues or happiness etc. While 50 Million fully delusional, foolsih, never question anything regarding that group or israel issues Jumps for Joy at funding and attending those many events.

              I strongly recomend if the Goal is “Standing as Patriots Together as One”? Begin with That group of 50 Million mainly white evangelical christians nationwide. Because without their Help too we wont stand a chance period.

              Most will KIll You if preachers cry or whine its good for israel or jews. They will believe You are Bad for those and attack like their Rabid state of israel acts daily.

              Good Luck as them fools are 10 times more stuborn/ignorant and reject any and all such change of mind than even Liberal dems do. Better luck to get Lib abortionists to change than them Hagee/israel/issues jewish supporters Facebook.

              Let us know how its going if you get results ok. Thank You.

          • At first I supported the Patriot Act, yea get the bad guys! That was the sales pitch, the chances are he never read the entire bill.

          • The bill might make it through the House, little chance in the senate, and no chance the man from the ‘Down Low Club’ will sign it.

      6. “We” hold the answer to this surveillance state nonsense in the palm of our hands. The answer is really simple, really.

        1. Dump the iPhone
        2. Dump cable and satellite tv.
        3. Turn off the computers & email
        4. Learn how to write letters again.

        The government rules us with our weakness for conveniences.

        • Did you see the news out yesterday that Android phones had NSA written software imbedded in them– supposedly the code was open so everyone could see all of it line be line- so nothing nefarious there- HA! yea I believe that.
          Wholeheartedly agree on 1-3 but word is that the Post Office scans the front of ever piece of mail if delivers–

          Guess we need to learn morse code or raise carrier pigeons.

          • They scan the front and back of every piece. Some letters I get have the return address on the flap instead of the front. Also postcards have to be scanned front and back so they can have the pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also x-ray the mail so they can read inside. If it’s typed, they can OCR it and add it to your NSA dossier.

          • Chantilly Lady: the Post office now not only Scans all letter mail it Photos and Records every piece of mail, mailed from anywhere usa. That was on TV News a day or two ago.

            There is zero real methods to totally avoid their systems especially Surveilence. unless maybe go live in a Cave and never ever go out from again ever. Even if were an option to do so…I refuse to life life that way.

            Maybe I am wrong? but this all combined sure to me looks like the very begining of “Yet Who could Fight the..Beast”? None if you trust the bible it came from(the words I mean) America has been Hyjacked By the NWO crowd to do all needed to erect that Beast system. So far it also appears headed to BE that actual Beast unless something changes soon.

            usa=Beast with Israel=woman who Rides/guides that beast. Thats whats going on so far anyways. Does that change? ??? time will tell I rekon.

            Depart from here my people…Thats in the bible also. Depart not so much as in leave the country..Rather Reject All things crooked and immoral and unethical they do and are. There is and will remain No other nations of safty to go to as its a worldwide thing.

            All destined to be Killed by the sword(all weaponery is meant) shall be so killed…All destined for Captivity shall be Taken captive.

            And woe to All who Lead Others to death or captivity as they too will be Taken Captive, and theirs will be even Worse when the Lords Wrath is Poured out uopn Them. Translation= NO where to run or hide. Whatevers to be shall be. Even with 25 yrs of preps stahed and a bugout local. Prep yes, prep spiritual too.

          • CL, most people couldn’t read code if it cane with an instruction manual. They know nobody knows what the hell they are looking at, even if they had the savvy to open the file to examine the source code/text.

        • I see you have a Red thumbs down, it was most likely a NSA dude that would become unemployed if we did as you suggested. 🙂

        • The quickest way, IMO, to rid ourselves of the surveillance state is to make it extremely expensive to maintain, so much so that the contractors can’t make any money, the govt can’t use much if any of the data it paid for and then circumvent as much of the rest.

          For one example: I’ll bet all of those outside traffic/surveillance/weather cams could be re-purposed, or at least used for target practice— with a never-ending resupply source.

          And if you can’t take it—break it…same thing cops do to us when they raid our homes. Payback IS a bitch.

      7. Who is John Galt….

        • Me. I left the rat race to their micromanaging stupidity almost 9 years ago. I am much happier working for myself. I just work when I feel like it. I wish one of my clients would quit sending in 1099s on me.

          More and more people around me are thinking about moving to Galt’s Gulch. I’m happy where I am, but if they move, I move.

      8. Spark hand me that scalple and forcepts…

        • My thoughts on the mob riots?
          I don’t believe it will happen.
          I believe this idea is aired on tv or written EVERY day online to put the idea in blacks’ heads.
          ‘Yeah, this is an injustice; let’s riot.’
          They don’t care any more for their neighbors than we do ours.

        • In the town I live in here in the Pacific Northwest the “Occupyers” were going to come and protest. The word got out in the street that the town folk would show up with bats, machetes, knives, bricks, gas, and so forth. The occupyers never showed. They whent to the two flaming liberal cites up here. Sometimes just a few well placed rummers at your local coffe shop where these libtards hang out will get the job done.

          • You mean like the red and black cafe? I lived in that area for years—never thought about going in there, not even once.

      9. Amen to that, California. It’s amazing what people will give up, in exchange for a few crumbs.
        ‘Use this plastic shopper card (so we can track every purchase) and we’ll give you 5 cents off a box of pop-tarts’
        Use this plastic card at our money dispensing machines because it’s ‘convenient’.
        Use this plastic card to buy stuff you cant immediately afford. Get it now, pay later! (plus we can track your movements and every purchase)
        Take this short survey (providing us with lots of valuable info on you) and we’ll give you a free taco!
        Shop online. It’s easy!
        Pay bills online, it’s easy!
        Do all your banking online. It’s easy!
        Give us your kids to brainwash in our indoctrination centers and you’ll get relieved of the responsibilities that go with parenting.
        Give us just a bit more control over you, and we’ll give the false illusion of ‘security’!
        Give us total control, we’ll provide total security!
        Don’t you feel safer now? No? You must be a rabble rouser. Probably even a domestic TERRORIST! Bend over for your probe. Now, Get on the bus! Move it, or we’ll shoot your ass!

        Who greased the slippery slope? The victims did it to themselves!

        • Amen, Oak.

          The majority (liberals and idiots) did it to themselves and the rest of us. The rest of us were too busy trying to make a decent living, while the majority was asleep at the wheel and let the scoundrels remain in control of the ship.

          So now we are sailing across the devils’s sea at forty knots with a tail wind. Pretty soon the sails will be ripped to shreds and no breeze in sight.

          Adrift in a sea of lies and confusion. Thank God, I bailed into my personal life raft(J.C.) several years ago.


          • Father, in peace I lie and sleep at night, for you alone Lord, make me dwell in safety. 🙂

        • I disagree. We didn’t grease the slope, we were face down on it trying to climb up while the elite powers that be did the greasing. Look at the history of ALL civilizations in the world, they ALL have consolidation of power as a main staple to forming their existence. The elite hire thugs who have no problem victimizing others (Because they don’t want to be victims themselves,) to do their “LAW ENFORCEMENT” while they pass laws that place the boot to the throat of the masses, while offering a “REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” through a judicial system that was mantled by the very elite the masses are being victimized by.

          Real Justice is dispensed by revolution, but seldom actually finds the parties responsible, the elite oppressors. Its only their henchmen, their servants, and non-involved combat casualties that die while the elite slink off to re-group and rise to power again.

          Metaphorically, the average U.S. citizen is fighting a swarm of locusts, intent on devouring their liberty, with a pop-sickle stick in one hand, and a flame-thrower in the other – and neither tool is suited to the task. A catalyzing event WILL eventually come about, forcing a drastic societal re-boot. Sadly, this will also come with a large death toll. Be ready to witness the streets run red with blood, they have before, and will again.

          I am but one man, and cannot any more change the coming of liberty’s destruction than I could stop a wave in the ocean from landfall…

        • I use the shopper cards. But the funny thing is, they don’t have the correct names on them. I use different ones, and I also loan them to anyone in line who doesn’t have one. So the computer doesn’t know what to think. Sometimes the computer thinks I’m Mexican. That’s okay because a couple of things I like are cheaper in the Mexican section. So if I scan my card at the kiosk up front, I might get some good coupons. Play the system, but use your own rules.

      10. I dont know the first thing about this guy other than his typical political formula. Create a problem, point fingers at the bad guys that love this problem and be the knight in shining armor that races in on a white steed to slay said problem. Ho hum have I seen this somewhere before?

        Its a spiritual problem that will not be solved by a politician.

        It would be just jim dandy if this guy could do something about it but I wouldn’t build my hopes up. I am forever jaded as to the political system and nothing short of a miracle will change that. We watched Dr Ron Paul MD ignored and dissmissed at the last dog n pony show when in reality he could have done so much for the people(GOP) that treated him so dissrespectfully and that was that for me. I’m done voting its a waste of time and effort as we can now planley see. Well maybe you can’t so I’ll spell some of it out for ya. Imagine for one second that your a liberal lefty hows that Gitmo closing working out? Could have ended that on day one in office. How about the universal healthcare system? Can you afford to get coverage now any easier or cheaper than you could before this guy got his hands on it? I dont know about you but my insurance is up an additional $1500/yr allready. How about redistribution of wealth? Is the guy at the bottom of the food chain any better off than he was before Obee, no hes in far worse shape only now he has a lot of friends in the same tax bracket but, the same @$$hats that held the money before still hold the money today only more of it. Are you getting a picture here are you seeing a patern yet? Nothing gets done that wasn’t planned for years if not decades ago. I hope I’m completely wrong on this.

      11. Already know of one Rush who’s a blowhard. Shame this guy’s first name isn’t “Grab”. Maybe he’s ok, maybe not. I think this tick (citizen spying) is too entrenched to bring about meaningful change. We’re down to about the last foot of rope regarding this country and they need to keep on doing what they’re doing to reach their goals. I believe what we need is a definite purge of folks that don’t recognize our constitution as it was written. Sure’s gonna be a lot of hardship and bleedin’.

        • Sorry, what I meant to say is that the spying is too entrenched and too well funded to even think we could bring it to a halt. That’s one genie will never get back into the bottle.

          • Damn! “we’ll” instead of “will”. Coffee need to be a little stronger…..

      12. “Representative Rush Holt may be giving us our last opportunity to restore America”

        Too bad he’s nearly alone… This will not end well.

        On a side note: Let’s see how long I stay “connected” this time…
        They’re ALL evil…

        • Oh how they Burned with true Anger in the Camps each night. Angry with themselves..Angry with each other, angry that none not a single one would attempt to at least Read those commie manifesto plans. And those Protocols of the Elders of Zion’s plan’s so many others tried to warn them of, and get at least a moderate few to begin reading of the plans from two or more centurys ago.

          Plans that by design were intended to create mass confusions, mass balkinization of their different groups and the entire nation into so many seperate squabling groups that not a one were able to see…..To See what evils had been done, and were constantly being improved upon gradually day by day untill…..That fatefull day it began in earnest. When like a Bolt of Lightening from the clouds above, unadultered evil such as none had ever seen nor actually believed even posible occured. If only they had tried, tried to Read of those many planed events designed to fully overtake their wonderfull freedoms, and beautifull nation like shock troop’s called Jack-Boot-Thugs by so many folks. So many who Knew in advance from wisely researching and massive hours of study of this almost invisable, yet in their faces daily enemys.

          While the masses foolishly kept dire watch upon their national gates, the enemys were already infested into the nation. Since 1880ad, the invasion began untill by the twenty first century, early into it, the much feared, enemy nation wreckers pounced.

          And now the aproximate one half of the nations people who were not as yet Murdered or taken to the Gulags to die a more slow, painfull death from exposure and starvations, were all thinking as One. Finally acting as One, as one with tens of millions of seperate parts attached as one together while asking again and again and over and over…Why oh Why did We Not Trust nor believe that some of our fellow patriotic folks actually were telling us the factual truths. If only we’d have Read those zionist jewish communistic evils planned for Our nation, as we knew happened in Russia and all over Eastern Europe barely a century earlier. But alas…None of us had taken a few moments to Read of those evil Plans designed for Our final demise.

          Welcome to the Camps americans…. Them Guys

      13. Every time congress tries to fix something it gets worse. Just take look at the fix on the NDAA.
        They also fixed healthcare. And the economy and the postal service and the…..
        The fix is in alright.
        Damn I hate being such a pessimist.

      14. It’s a bit late in the game for any politician imo.

        They all funded these goddamned programs!
        They all had intelligence briefings!
        They all profit at our expense promising small government and a conservative/tea party version of hope and change!

        Then they all vote for the Patriot Act NDAA etc etc etc etc.

        There is no knight in shining armour..period!

        No one is going to “save” America..

        Those who attempt to expose the truth are marginalized or eliminated..period!

        Show me one politician or journalist who has survived exposing the central banks and all their tentacles known as the intelligence gatherers..

        Just one!


        • I digress..


          and he is “marked”


        • OK OK…I lost my head there for a moment…

          Besides, it was a test to see if I was able to just post…
          Not that Mac would… but from somewhere in between… 😉

      15. I trust nobody. Everyone has their price and their agenda.

        Right Wingers, which I am, always say the same mantra–

        1. We need less Govt.
        2. We need less Govt. spending
        3. We need more job creation
        4. We need to balance the budgets
        5. We need immigration control

        How many are trying the above?

        • Their true mantra—

          1. We need less restrictions on Govt
          2. We need less Govt spending on American needs
          3. We need more job creation for China and Mexico
          4. We need to balance the budget by redistributing wealth to ourselves, while we can
          5. We need immigration control to import more cheap labor

      16. Our Nation is on life support. They have created so many problems that it is impossible to fix. Too much influence by bankers, politicians and special interest groups. We are waiting for them to pull the plug.

      17. WELL, its going to take more than that to fix this country
        everyone on the SHTF site knows that!

        Move to the country now! prep hard and deep while you still have that small window of time to do so!

      18. They won’t roll it back for a simple reason: this is the future and the only part of the economy that is doing well. There is lots of money to be made here and lots of jobs at stake.

        We are done: it’s over. Welcome to the Technocracy!

      19. count on yourself,politicians won’t. Fight as individuals,be less dependent on government. If everybody did that the government would wither…

      20. If we could just get 10,000 patriots to stand together it would send a message.

        • @ king krazy

          No, we need 20 million patriots with the backing of the US military to force a change……….Egypt proved it.

      21. Off topic but did any of you see THE Frontline program on PBS the other night comparing the two families they had followed since the 1990’s? That was a great editorial on what we all know and see happening. If you get a chance it is well worth watching, even if it is depressing. Would also be good for those asleep. I continue to be surprised by how many people can fall for all the crazy words being spoken today to prop things up. The Fed officials prop things up with words…no facts,because facts are awful. Politicians convince people they can fix student loans, taxes,immigration,etc…..but they don’t. All these words seem to be distractions. Keep preparing is all I can say (both spiritually and physically) it is the only hope we have to survive when the words fail.

      22. It’s a generational divide, those born after the baby boomers can’t remember when the American dream still held some promise and hope for the future. Now that the country has backslid in all facets of truth and justice, it has become the new normal. The younger folk are facing huge obstacles just to eat and put a roof over their heads. I would’nt want to be under 30 looking forward to the future anywhere on the planet.

      23. @ Merree. I had nightmares all last night about these blacks waiting at practically all intersections for any white person, spanish, or asian to beat up or kill. It was some these dreams that are too real. To me it is amazing that blacks call whites racist. When blacks are the most racist unfair individuals there are alive. A generation or two ago blacks did not have this utter seething loathing for other races that they have now. Blacks now have more rights now than anytime in history, yet they still want to go after white, spanish and asians that are in the same boat under the same government thumb that everyone is pinned under.

        Blacks don’t see that BO is nothing but someone part of the government. BO doesn’t care about blacks, whites, spanish, asians, or anything else. Yet blacks see BO as the second coming. Yes, you are so correct that if BO was brought up on war crimes charges that blacks would riot like they just killed Martin Luther King 10 times over. There are blacks that might riot if BO doesn’t get a third term, that don’t get it that a president is only suppose to have two terms maximum. Can you imagine that? Blacks rioting because BO is not the democrat running for president in 2016? You have the right idea, go hide somewhere and don’t come out. I would like to do that until the year 2200 with the total craziness and lack of any common sense that has infected the world with.

        • I will leave you with this quote, BI.

          “There are many humorous things in the world; among them, the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages.”

          Mark Twain

          • Being a famous guy does not always equate to being correct. That holds true in the case of mark Twain.

            Unless perhaps he was speaking of those savage whitemen of his era, known as Blue Coat Unionists Army famed for their savage brutal attacks upon Southerners and of course the Indians back then.

      24. This ones easy..He’s a Politician… need I say anymore?

      25. Mac Have I been ceNsored? My comments dont show up.??

      26. Market heading higher. Benny states out right that the presses will keep humming. This only insures a greater fall down the road. Wall Street dances now. Absolutely nothing has been changed to structurally help this once great nation. If anything, the coming changes will only solidify the collapse. More illegals working for lower wages than the typical American will accept. More incentive to get onto the govt gravy chain. Higher fuel prices, Higher insurance prices. Higher energy prices due to assault on coal. I see no good news about our near term future. Enjoy the current state while you can, if you are enjoying it at all.

      27. This is serious.

        Egypt is at peace with Israel because of the 1979 treaty that withdrew Israeli forces from the Sinai. You have Israeli forces INVADING Egypt, even to stop the islamic forces you have potential for another major regional war. You know that Iran and Syria are going to use this for their advantage to stoke the fires of getting all muslims behind them against the “big and little Satan” as they call it.

        • @BI: You Sir are so right this is very serious. This and Israel taking out the anti-ship missiles in Syria, for me it points to one thing; the next dark of the moon if it gets that far. We just may wake up to WW3 one morning soon. Finish your prep’s. VERY DARK DAYS ARE APPROCHING FAST! Get everything in order now.

          Keep the FAITH

          • Seems that the absolute worst ever policy our nation of the usa has done since americas inception was to be allies with and so totally Fund israel. Perhaps even worse then allowing our nation to be swindled and dragged into not one but Two World Wars twenty years apart, by those same Rabid warmongering revenge minded Khazer kommies eh. No wonder at all why they been litterally Booted from all 109 nations they have infiltrated like Termites and Cock Roaches, except for america so far,let’s make it #110 !!!!

      28. Oh Please … ;0p



        if this man poised a serious political threat to the illuminati bilderboybuggers ptb bankers / freemasons / jesuits / zio-jews GLOBAL POWER STRUCTURE … he’d already be BREITBARTED dead .






        NinaO ;0p

      29. It doesn’t matter if it passes or not. The government will ignore the law just like they ignore the other laws they don’t like. Remember the border fence? It was required by law to be FINISHED at least 5 years ago now.

      30. The govt, local and federal have been pouring billions into elaborate camera, and phone spy technology. I live in suburban Chicago and I can tell you, there is a camera on EVERY major street corner. Even on expressway signs. The infrastructure is in place, there is no way they are going to relinquish this power. Your lives are monitored to every aspect. Travel, communications, and spending habits. Until these shackles are broken, freedom is GONE!


        • If everybody nationwide wore a Full head covering Furry Gorilla Mask while out anywheres in Public venues, and driveing cars etc, the we all will look exact same as the dear leader Hobammy or like his sheboon wife Meswell. That should fully confuse their billion video cams eh.

          Also all get personalized Lic Plates for car…How about we all use “Jungle Bunny 1” for our lic plates to go with our Gorilla mask’s. NSA new facility in Utah will Blow every Fuse when they check stats from video cams.

      31. “It May Be That This Is Not A Case Of WAR PROFITEERING But The Evidence So Far Is It Is Just That” – Brand New U.S. Military Bases In Afghanistan For Nobody To Use – See more at:

      32. Look into operation mockingbird , the aristocracy and their idiot savants have never given a smudge of donkey dung. About the rights of the serfs .
        Empire america was founded by people who excelled at two things. Using guns , germs and steel to kill other people and take their shit.

        • M: You confuse usa with England. It was british who did all that crap for more centurys than america has existed. Thats main reason so many Came here From england.

        • That bitch judge just wants to make it up as she goes along, now she wants the table open to even 3rd degree ..He was tried on 2nd degree..and if that isn’t the case then he should walk..

          The DOJ has made too many calls to her, and shes trying to get some kind of pat on the back.. they just cant take the fact that this man was justified in what he did.

          and if this is the case of placating the rioting masses, than this “Just Us” system is completely broke, immoral, and a full on Joke.

          • next she will throw in a parking ticket and a jaywalking offence

            • Question–if this had been a white on white crime, would it have even made the news??

      33. Let’s face the facts Ladies and Gentlemen? Time and time again we hear of someone wanting to do good for the American people, but it always ends up, “We the People of the United States of America getting screwed”.

        Everyday you wake-up alive, is a good day by all means. Just keep your mind in the game and never let your guard down! It would be nice to predict the exact day WTWAWKI, comes to a screeching end, but it’s anyone’s guess. You just have to wonder how much longer can all the stitches keep the fabric of the world held together?

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      34. Not worried here. Yes, the alphabet agencies are violating our rights wholesale. But it will come down to angering the population, riots, marshal law, 15 million lone wolves working together loosely for a common goal.

        NSA- you are about to get yourself into a country wide wack-a-mole game that you cannot win.

      35. Opps
        To Late
        People don’t care, brain dead sheeple being spoon fed propaganda via CNN, FOX and all mass media think the economy is doing just fine, jobs are coming back, good times are here and who cares if someone is listening in on emails, texts and phone calls “I’m NOT doing anything wrong”. That’s the mentality you are up against.
        Sorry but you already lost.

      36. Save America? Restore America? That’s rich! As recently as ten or fifteen years ago…it may have been possible. Now however, it’s nothing more than a pipe dream. Normalcy Bias. We are currently living in a failed state. This is what a slow-motion collapse looks like. Death by a thousand cuts. It will get much worse before it gets any better. Is there hope? Of course there is! There WILL be another America, and it will eventually be far better than where we live now, but the map of this country is going to have to be re-drawn. We are now too divided. Our differences have become irreconcilable. Let THEM have this failed state. We’ll build America anew and restore the Constitution. But “save”, “restore”?! There’s simply NOT enough of what WAS America LEFT to save or restore! We and other Patriots like us constitute the last vestiges of viable donor “DNA” of America. The rest have succumbed to gangrene.

        • Sad, but true in my mind as well. No going back to the good old USA (ice cream, apple pie, and Fourth of July). Things must get way worse before they can truly get better. This big ass Band-Aid called QE and artificially low interest rates will come to an end and so it will begin. Get ready folks.

      37. I hope he does try to introduce this legislation, then every dipwad that votes against it should be impeached. Hey, it’s a start.

      38. my god my god what have we done to our country…my hope at this point is all who have had a hand in it will get what they deserve…for the 60% of us who have just tried to survive day after day, for the helpless innocent children and the elderly who have lost all hope…please god do not cause much suffering on those who have had little or nothing to do with what has happened…please god let them pass with as little pain as possible at the end of their lives…

      39. Politicians, if the mouth is moving…….

      40. Is this hope?……….or another sucker punch?

      41. No man can save it, just as it won’t be a man who saves it.

      42. This article shows why we should avoid GMO food…The pesticides and chemicals in our food and water not only cause infertility, but cancer and other health problems also.

        US Birthrates Plummet by 310,000 Babies: Responsible Economic Planning or Shadow Depopulation?

        “And the infertility problem is only going to get worked, as the new generation is being fed nothing BUT genetically modified foods. A Russian study proved that after only 3 generations of such a diet, complete infertility was the result.”

        The Organic Prepper

      43. Consider just the number of products in the grocery store are made from corn or meat from animals that have consumed corn…

        This is why we plant heirloom seeds in the garden.

        GMO corn – According to F.W. Engdahl, an American-German freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher, one long-standing project of the U.S. government has been to perfect a genetically-modified strand of corn.

        …according to the president of the small bio-tech firm in charge of that project:

        “We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”

        “Taking antibodies from women with a rare condition known as ‘immune infertility’ and isolating the genes that regulated the manufacture of those antibodies, they inserted them into the corn plants, creating, in essence, a biological weapon for population control.”

        Off the Grid News

        • KY Mom…Is there anything wrong with hybrid seeds other than you may not get the identical plant from saved seed? I save seed from my heirlooms but I also plant hybrids simply because they usually give better yields. Am I missing something here?

          • JRS,

            I believe hybrid seeds are made by crossing two different seeds to get the desired end result of getting an improved plant. That doesn’t mean it is GMO.

            GMO seeds are ones that have been ‘genetically modified’. Chemicals such as ‘pesticides’ and ‘anti-sperm antibodies’, etc. have been inserted into GMO seeds.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

      44. I think I’ll leave the saving of the world to the youngsters. I’m too old to run around the country willy nilly shooting at spooks. My area of defense runs around this little hamlet in Penn’s Woods.

        The sign on my door reads:

        Protected by shotgun 4 nights a week… Drunk the
        other 3…You pick the night.

        Time for a nip of dandelion.

      45. Off-topic alert:

        Gun show this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, The Outlet Mall, Loveland Colorado.

      46. Gotta give Holt this, he voted against the NDAA 2012. However, I’ve never heard of him until now, and the simple fact is that one person in that vipers’ nest in D.C. is never going to accomplish ANYTHING that TPTB do not want accomplished.

      47. Silver jumped over 5% today and ol’ Ben confirmed he ain’t taking his foot off the gas. What now?

        • And my local radio financial market commentator reported that the futures market in gold had gone into “backwardation”, which if I understand it correctly means the market is pricing based on lack of supply to meet demand.


      48. Americans need to realize that the Constitution is our only protection against tyranny and when we allow our government employees to override the Constitution we are shooting ourselves in the foot! And yes, Congressmen and Congresswomen are our EMPLOYEES! They are not above the American people they work for us!
        Please also remember that the Constitution is the most scared document ever written, because for the first time in human history a government was founded on the principle that the Rights and Power of the Individual precede and exceed the right and powers of government itself!
        Never before and most likely never again will such a government exist. It therefore our responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!

      49. Using my name in the same sentence as that central banker Hamilton is insulting! Hamilton and I disagreed on all points. He wanted a strong centralize federal government, he was a tyrant and did not beleive in a Republic, his followers were finalliy able to put the final nails in that coffin in 1865, and if it were not for me and the the other anti-federalists you would NOT have a BILL OF RIGHTS!

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