Campaigning Trump Vows: “I’ll Be the Greatest Jobs President God Ever Sent To This Planet”

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    Would America really become great again under a President Trump?

    That remains to be seen, but it is certainly clear that present day America has slumped quite a bit on jobs, opportunity and general prosperity.

    And Trump has identified the importance of these issues with a voters base – both within the GOP and well beyond reaching independents and Democrats, too. Establishment candidates have been unable to connect with Americans who are in a populist mood and fed up with the status quo – yet Trump connects easily despite being a wealthy billionaire.

    Mixed in with many other hot button issues, Donald Trump told supporters in Biloxi, Mississippi on January 2nd that he would be good at creating jobs as president. Not just good, but great. Not just fantastic, but the best that God ever made.

    He claims to have created tens of thousands of jobs in the private sector already.

    Check out the classic Trump boast at around 16:30-16:45:

    Liberty Fight posted a partial transcript and notes with the video:

    “I’ve employed tens of thousands of people, created jobs… I’ll be the greatest jobs president that God ever sent to this planet, believe me.” [at minute :16:40.]

    Trump also discussed repairing the country’s infrastructure, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, schools.

    (:56) “We’re gonna rebuild our country. We’re gonna create jobs for our young people. We protect other countries that do nothing for us, they don’t even like us. …What kind of deals are these? We’re gonna get rid of Obama care, we’re gonna repeal it and replace it. We’re gonna get something so good, and so great!”


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      1. I’m willing to give him a chance. Better him, than Hillary.

        • I only have one Savior, and He ain’t a presidential candidate. Best not put anybody on a pedestal.

          • Caucasion/Braveheart/Genius/the rest of your fake names: nobody said anything about worshiping Trump. sheesh
            you are like that kid with Down Syndrome running wild in the library, desperate for attention i guess

            • A lot of idiots are worshiping him though, and it’s misplaced. You have the only retarded comment here so far so look in the friggin mirror, jack.

              • aww cmon you just wanted to get one of your many alter egos aliases in on the first comment. You have been pissing all over this board for years. Usually with violent threats that degrade the comment section. sad really, not much we can do.

                • “Campaigning Trump Vows: “I’ll Be the Greatest Jobs President God Ever Sent To This Planet””


                  If you think about it, JUST THAT ONE CHANGE could save this entire country. We could be prosperous again. Our people could be comfortable again, with no need to go to war to save a dying economy. The influx of new tax revenue could bring down our national debt.


                  That, and stopping the deceitful foreign policy we have now, and turning powerful ENEMIES into ALLIES.

                  If TRUMP could do nothing more that putting this country back to work, and avoid world war three, IT WOULD BE WORTH IT – and Trump has my vote.

                  The globalist elites will fight him tooth and nail though, because their goal is to destroy us. Just put us back to work, and we’ll take it from there.

                  TRUMP 2016!
                  HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016

                  • “I’ll Be the Greatest Jobs President God Ever Sent To This Planet”
                    Really??? Thats a bit egotistical isn’t it? Did God send any? No.

                    If you do your homework, Trump had some ties to Hillary there are news stories out there that are a good source. So, what does that make him?
                    People that vote for him will be fooled again. But dont say I told ya so……
                    I think hes a blowhard. Saying what he knows good and well what people want to hear and getting them excited.
                    Not going to be a good year period. And not many good candidates.
                    As You know, they all say what you want to hear or believe.

              • Sounds like you’ve got yourself on a pedestal (the egoist you are).

                No one’s worshiping Trump. Stop projecting since it’s likely that you’re the one who worships politicians.

                • You know that statement is true as well as I.

              • He would look into his eyes and see the back of his head lol…

                • That he would. He thinks we’re the same person.

                  • Speaking of jobs ….. my sources tell me that Wal Mart will be closing all stores from midnight til morning, shutting down the graveyard shift and eliminating those jobs in an attempt to cut costs, hoping that those who shop in the overnight hours will continue to shop during the new hours, increasing productivity.

                    Thought I would pass it on. 🙂

                    • Another economic note for the financial morons here who believed that China would overtake the USA, you were right!!!

                      China has more than HALF of all the world’s debt. That’s much more than the USA and Europe COMBINED. LMFAO !!!


                    • The US government owes China less money than US Banksters loaned to Chinese businesses. Including some of those empty buildings… China’s version of a jobs program financed by the west. Oh what a tangled Web they weave. Tell me that the Feds did not borrow from the Chinese government and give that money to the Boyz to loan to Chinese businesses. Say it did not happen and the taxpayers aren’t holding the bag. Just guessing.

                    • DK,
                      I know what time it is and if this is true it’s even later than I thought.

                  • Caucasion,
                    Anyone can see you are not Genius. He worships at the altar of reason. Don’t know why these lay people are throwing psychological terminology around.

        • You people are brain dead fucking retards. I guess that means it’s just another Thursday in boomerland.

          Trump has varicated over ever fucking position he has.

          Trump is a fucking flake. He used to be a communist, now in only the last 3 years he has changed all his core beliefs? You stupid freaks.

          What the fuck does Trump even stand for?

          Vote 3rd party if you bother to vote at all.

          • I have to agree with you here. I also find it upsetting that Trump is for using eminent domain to usurp private property rights in order to give that property to private corporations. I don’t think we really know who the true Trump is. While I can agree with some of his current positions, I tend to see him as light on details and heavy on bombast. Unfortunately, this is just what the average person falls for as most people lack the intellect to explore the details and want someone to give them binary choices that feed off their anger and fear.

            I think Trump has decided he wants the presidency as another trophy to his ego. Thus, he is willing to do and say what is necessary to get the majority of the unwashed masses to agree with him and support him. In the end, it is more about winning than it is about principles.

            • Here is how much I believe in Trump and his cohorts:
              I bought w 5 gallon buckets and a plunger. I melted snow from Goliath and did this week’s laundry in them. Off grid laundry. It wasn’t bad. Not quite like my front load washer… but I am shifting to a pioneer lifestyle… step by step. I would like to not notice when the grid goes down. When I disappear… the Internet is gone!

              • My solution is to have the materials necessary to improvise solutions as needed. Sadly though, I live in a deteriorating suburban neighborhood and so any attempt to live off the grid is probably pointless. In a collapse, the pill heads, meth heads and pot heads will likely go out looting and eventually get to me and anything of value they can sell for more drugs. I just hope the collapse is far enough away that I can get some rural property to fall back to before it happens.

                • You can shoot the dope heads that come a-knocking, and nobody will give a rip – it’s the thugs with badges you need to look out for. You shoot at one of them and they call in heavy reinforcements and Chris Dorner your ass.


                  • Except that in a mild to moderate collapse, shooting the druggies will definitely be followed by a visit from the local constabulary. This will be followed by a confiscation of your weapon(s) as evidence and a possible revenge killing against you later on. So, I would really rather avoid ANY conflict that would force me to use deadly force.

                    • Me too! I will stay as.low key as possible. Of course I am not a soldier. Gardening is what I do. Self defense and feeding the troops.

          • That’s a well said post acid. From brain dead retards to communist. Trump is a wife beater and really not that great of a business man.

            • BS. If there was any possibility of truth to that, the MSM would’ve been all over it like a cheap suit. The truth is – EVEN HILLARY CAN’T FIND ANY DIRT LIKE THAT ON TRUMP…and that’s saying something.

          • Varicated? No such word.

            Think you meant vacillated.

            But more to the point, Trump should have Tony the Tiger as his mascot because he is, indeed, a flake with frosted hair.

          • Vote 3RD party…. you morons haven’t learned a fucking thing, just vote for the CUNT and get it over with.

            • NO WAY IN HELL will I vote for hillary. Ekki. Hakuna. None. Nada. Nyet. Nein. Zip. Zero. 不. δεν. žádné.

            • You talking about Carly, corporate hit man?

          • Sorry I missed that one. I will get right on it even though I am not a professor.

            • Rebecca,
              Your comment isn’t funny.

              • I did not mean it to be funny. I went straight to that site from the link to make a complaint about making women the problem instead of Muslims. I am a woman. He called for higher rank female than I am. I have no rank but I did make a complaint against that horrible mistreatment of women. Not funny to me.

                • Agreed, and one doesn’t have to be a “feminist” to see that it is wrong…you just need to be a free-thinking human being with a respect for all living things.

                  • Thanks, sixpack. They are letting Muslims get away with too much.

                    • Absolutely, just because they’re muslim. IDK, I always figured if they let you into their country, TRYING TO HELP YOU IN YOUR HOUR OF NEED, you kinda had an unspoken obligation NOT TO TERRORIZE THE FUCK OUT OF THE PEOPLE trying to help you…BUT that’s just me I guess.

                    • Yeah, go figure. Of course from their viewpoint we are bombing them out of their homes. .. they gotta be pretty mad at us. I emailed Obama about that. He does adjust some if enough people write to him, I have seen it happen. I emailed him about 2nd Amendment. He backed down some. He has to get some support to move forward. He did not get support even from Democrats on 2nd Amendment. He backed down. Even the Dems called it what it is. The crying was street theater to convince Democrats that it is for the children and not for power and domination.

            • For me, they have it exactly backwards – muslims need to avoid offending me by staying away from me. They wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

          • I”ve heard a couple of liberal women saying German girls in miniskirts are just asking for it.

            Unbelievable how 40 years of progress in criminalizing rape can now be just thrown out the window.

            What’s next, is refusing to submit going to make you a racist?

            • In that case, I’M A RACIST.

            • Well… it was an invading MALE army of Muslims… that’s why it is the women’s fault.

      2. Anybody but Hillary. If Trump wins the GOP nomination, he’s got my vote.

        The underlying question is: Will elections be suspended by Obama?

        • Is Trump a “Neo-Con”? Here’s a historical review that was recently written:

          “In interviews and on the stump, Sen. Ted Cruz likes to attack President Obama, Hillary Clinton and “some of the more aggressive Washington neocons” for their support of regime change in the Middle East.

          Every time we topple a dictator, Cruz argues, we end up helping terrorists or extremists.

          He has a point. But what interests me is his use of the word “neocon.” What does he really mean?

          Some see dark intentions. “He knows that the term in the usual far-left and far-right parlance means warmonger, if not warmongering Jewish advisers, so it is not something he should’ve done,” former George W. Bush advisor Elliott Abrams told National Review. Another former Bush adviser calls the term “a dog whistle.”

          I think that’s all a bit overblown. Cruz is just trying to criticize his opponent Marco Rubio, who supported regime change in Libya. There’s little daylight between the two presidential contenders on foreign policy, and this gives Cruz an opening for attack.

          But Abrams is right — and Cruz surely knows — that for many people “neocon” has become code for suspiciously Hebraic super-hawk. It’s an absurd distortion.

          At first, neocons weren’t particularly associated with foreign policy. They were intellectuals disillusioned by the folly of the Great Society. As Irving Kristol famously put it, a “neoconservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality and wants to press charges.” The Public Interest, the first neoconservative publication, co-edited by Kristol, was a wonkish domestic policy journal.

          Kristol later argued that neoconservatism was not an ideology but a “persuasion.” William F. Buckley, the avatar of supposedly authentic traditional conservatism, agreed. The neocons, he explained, brought the new language of sociology to an intellectual tradition that had been grounded more in Aristotelian thinking.

          The neocon belief in democracy promotion grew out of disgust with Richard Nixon’s détente and Jimmy Carter’s fecklessness, but it hardly amounted to knee-jerk interventionism. When Jeane Kirkpatrick articulated a theory of neoconservative foreign policy in Commentary magazine in 1979, she cautioned that it was unwise to demand rapid liberalization in autocratic countries, and that gradual change was a more realistic goal than immediate transformation.

          During the Cold War, neocons weren’t any more hawkish than anyone else on the right. They were advocating containment of the Soviet Union while National Review conservatives were demanding “rollback” and Barry Goldwater was talking about nuking the Kremlin.

          Even through the late 1990s, neocons were far from outliers in their belief that the United States should use its military power to support democracies abroad. Many members of both parties held that view. Remember, it was Bill Clinton who in 1998 signed the Iraq Liberation Act calling for regime change.

          After 9/11, some neoconservative intellectuals had off-the-shelf foreign policy ready for George W. Bush — which, yes, was hawkish in nature, but other Republicans and even Democrats supported their prescriptions, at least at first. As the Iraq War went south, the neocons were the only ones left defending it, and so got all of the blame.

          The association between neoconservatism and Jews stems partly from the fact that the first neocons were mostly Jewish, partly from the reality that they are all to this day — gentiles included — pro-Israel. That’s not particularly remarkable, though, since neocons want to help America’s democratic allies everywhere and since most Christian conservatives are pro-Israel, too.

          Today the neocon sociological persuasion is simply part of the conservative mainstream. The idea that self-identified neocons are uniformly more “pro-war” than other conservatives is ludicrous.

          Granted, neoconservatives contribute to the confusion. They like to claim that the alternative to their approach amounts to “isolationism” — another horribly misused word. Rubio recently leveled that charge at Cruz.

          Cruz, for his part, says he wants to “carpet-bomb ISIS” until the “sand glows.” There are many criticisms one can level at the position, but isolationist isn’t one of them.

          Neoconservatism is a product of the Cold War. It’s understandable that neoconservative intellectuals who helped win the Cold War might want to hold onto the label, but it’s time to give it a comfortable retirement in the history books.

          Meanwhile, the right is having a long overdue, and valuable, argument about how to conduct foreign policy. Keep it going, just leave neoconservatism out of it.”

          • This is the second time this week…

            China halts stock market today for the rest of the day, after 7% drop.

            Drudge Report

            • Just like the stocks sliding here but lo and behold investors pile in at the end of the day and everything is swell in Wall Street land.

          • Nobody “won” the cold war, mainly because it never really ended.

        • The Clintons will suicide Trump before he wins the nomination.

          • Not necessarily. Grandiosity always comes with a dose of paranoia.

      3. I hope Trump likes Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.

        “Alabama’s top justice on Wednesday ordered state probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses, despite the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling legalizing gay marriage last year.

        Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore cited conflicting rulings and said until they are resolved, a prior ruling upholding the state’s ban on gay marriage would remain in effect.”

        I love Texas and Alabama. I might just have to root for Alabama in the CFP championship game.

        • Probate judges in Alabama give marriage licenses? They only do estate issues here. We have “family” judges for that stuff.

      4. A Cyberattack Finally Has Hit A Major Power Grid, And It Did Exactly What We Feared

        “A widely feared nightmare scenario has finally occurred, although in another country — hackers were able to cause a widespread power failure in the Ukraine by infecting utilities’ computers with malware.

        It is the first time a cyberattack has caused a widespread blackout anywhere in the world.

        Half of the homes in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of the Ukraine lost electricity because of a malicious software program called Black Energy.”

        “It’s a milestone because we’ve definitely seen targeted destructive events against energy before — oil firms, for instance — but never the event which causes the blackout,” John Hultquist of the cybersecurity firm iSIGHT told Ars Technica. “It’s the major scenario we’ve all been concerned about for so long.”

        “Ukrainians lost power Dec. 23 after computers at three different utilities were infected with Black Energy. The program caused the blackout by somehow disconnecting a number of substations from the grid.”

        “This is the first time we have proof and can tie malware to a particular outage,” Trend Micro senior researcher Kyle Wilhoit told Reuters. “It is pretty scary.”
        “Black Energy is a particularly terrifying weapon because it enters systems through infected Microsoft Office documents.”

        • KY mom
          Did you notice the photo with one light on? You could see that for miles. Blackout curtains for at least one room moved up the list.

        • Well, Kiev right sector militia has left Crimea in the dark for months, by blowing up the towers that fed Crimea, leaving millions in the dark and cold, even though they had just paid Ukraine for their power.

          Then they sat on the damaged towers and kept work crews from repairing the damage and restoring power to Crimea. Russia had to build a power feed from their mainland to Crimea, to get some power restored…then Kiev cut off their power feed AGAIN!

          PLEASE, do not feel sorry for Ukraine – they asked for this, it’s called “payback.”

      5. Trump supposedly is not the establishment choice for president. I don’t really buy that. That’s just how the whole facade is being staged to yet again bamboozle the voters. Trump would not even be among the contenders if not for the establishment’s pre approval. He is just another slick liar set up to elect Hitlery. He has nothing to offer except phony statements, just like Obama.

        • I agree. He has had endless free press coverage. If the masters did not him, they would not give him two minutes. Bernie Sanders is totally disapproved by tptb and had to bring in 60 thousand people a pop before they gave him a small amount of grudging coverage. They also give Jeb/Hillary endless coverage.

          • Sorry guys, nice try. The coverage Trump gets from the MSM is negative attack coverage. It’s just that his supporters know this establishment tactic, and pay it no attention. In fact, it makes his supporters MORE determined and MORE loyal.

            hillary/jeb, OTOH, get the red carpet kind of coverage. Nobody ever says anything negative about them in the media. They never get the real, tough questions either. Hell, hillary doesn’t even think she has to answer any question that wasn’t written explicitly for her.

            You guys may need to take a closer look, and think a little more on this one. You’re not seeing the whole picture. JMO

      6. I have a lot of great faith in Donald Trump. He has a lot to loose if this country is not a great country. He can do it. I don’t care how he acts or what says.
        He is fighting for us. He is a strong man and that is what we need to fight off these enemies. You have my vote Mr.Trump.

        • You really should care how he acts and what he says. I think it’s important, as it speaks to his character.

          • Yes it DOES speak to his character – AND I’M ABOUT AS SICK AS I CAN BE OF THIS PC SHIT. Trump isn’t playing their game. I don’t play that PC game either. PC is just one way to silence critics and dissent. It’s garbage that is ruining our country.


            Trump is also a very successful billionaire businessman, so it’s obvious he has the skill set to handle people and get positive, world-wide results…DESPITE HIS “CHARACTER”.

            I’d say that’s an attractive attribute.

      7. CAUTION: [ HELL 1 MILE AHEAD ] Our world today, prepare and stay safe!

      8. Yeah, he’s better than Hellary, but he’s still a snake in a suit.

        • All his money was made working the current corruption.

      9. he is talking, boasting,& etc. He is not a empty slate talking, boasting & etc. like obamma & clintons. I would say that because the DNC & RNC dont want/like him, he will do his best to create alot of jobs. Then we have to look at the who will deny any jobs were crearted,and how much credance given to those liers.

      10. Trump is talking crap fooling people, but he aint fooling me. What has he mentioned about Oregon. Its not even on his topic. Care to mentioned how the problem needs be solved. lets see what you will tell the American white man and his patriots why eveyone out there is dead. This incident will let eveyone kwow who Donald Trump really is. I am no idiot and i am a constructive thinker and see things and read between lines.


        I have been informed from my source that none of those candidates will become the president in February because we wont be having and election. In fact something bad is going go down and also this source told me that Oregon is what decides if we will have his election. Like Stewart Rhodes warned, dont think that the administration wont attack the patriots and kill them. If you guys think that this cabal cares of gives a rats ass if the patriots are attacked, they are busy right now working on the CNN white terrorist narrative to feed to dumb down public, and then its business as usual. Only whats different this time is that we will be thrown into shtf, in 24-72 hrs if not by tonight. I do not trust any of these candidates including Trump, because i watched him tell Bill O’reilly that he is going to Bomb Iran, and work out things with the saudis. What is wrong with this picture? Is it not suppose to be the other way around. You hit Iran who has laws that protect women, where people have rights, a country that allows a large minority of jews, 70,000 of the plus christians that are protected by law and laws with respect for women, but he wants to take military action against Iran. Iran has no forced marriages, women can shop together, hang out together and talk to any man they want, yet Trump needs to attack Iran. I have met alot of people who are from Iran in Houston and they tell me that most of the Iranians like Americans and like our country. The Iranian people respect me and they like me, while i have had bad encounters with Sunni’s lying to me, causing problems with my business, where i had to stop doing business with them, because they are liars, and like to talk sh…t. One former customer told me something that made me think 5 years ago. He was in Iran on business and told me that the Iranians, someone in its govenement told him that the United States under Bush is constantly calling them up, threatening to attack them, keeps threatening them even now, with invasion and all out nuclear war. So they decided to build up thier military to protect themselves because they feel its enevitable that the US will attack them, Yet the US is supporting the saudis who at commiting attrocities and brutal acts against its own people. The question is why does Trump keep talking about attacing Iran. Its seems like and attack on Iran is enevitable now matter who is in the white house. Iran has a jew on the Supreme Council. Think this is crap, do a search on Youtube and see Jews living in Iran prospering and doing well. Isreal under control of the zionist has threatend Iran many times and still continues to threaten them…. Dont mis understand what i am implying here, its just facts of life.

        We are being lied to and bullsh…..ted by Trump. Sorry i dont currently support any of them. Ron Paul said that if he was elected president, that he would trade with Iran and work things out with them, buy thier oil, and trade with other products to resolve the issues with Iran indefnately. Ron Paul does not support the Saudis. Looks like Rand Paul needs to be the new president of the United States and No Donald Trump. I was supporting Trump until he made the threat to attack Iran. I am no dumb ass. Like i have been told, its already too late, and nothing will ever convince people like me to drop my guard, stop prepping, because Donald Trump aint coming to my rescure to feed me, give me food, water and safety or shelter. i may be wrong but we have to see him do it to belive it. Martial law will be declard and Obama will still be president all the way throuth 2016-2019, as they amp up the global population reduction program and kill us off in mass mnumbers over the next 3 years. I stand my ground with what my scientits friend told me since he moved out of town and has provided my with more than ample evidence that this will happen, that we are going die in mass numbers and not make it. In fact, i am reordereing more food and other supplies this month… if a engineered crash put in the streets after my house foreclosed, my car repoed, and i was starving in the streets for 3 weeks and alomost died diring the process to watch my family tell me that its because i am stupid why this happend to me, that thier is no calapse, while my stupid father is living off social security. As i crashed and burned and rose from my ashes to build a better world, with preps to survive indefinately over the next 20 years till the cabal dies off and hopefully get trapped in the DUMBS and die off in mass alowing us preppers to rebuilt society. No one can argue with me. Trump or any of these liar canditates runing wont be fooling me anymore. Their is no one to help me then and no one to help me now, much less in the future. The Road is where are heading, Period.



        Don’t phucking bullsh….t me people.

        • Wonderful post HCKS – except for the “Rand Paul” thing.

          Rand has strayed away from his fathers main core beliefs.
          Rand is certainly no Ron Paul.

          See post below where I responded to Kevin2

        • Still at it eh? Idiot. Did your moon men friends yell you that or maybe you scientist buddy. Or did daddy tell you that after he let you put on that sundress your and your pigtails. your comment all seem to come back around to 1.) Your sourses
          2.) degradation of women
          3.) Your manlyness
          Every single time
          I really do think its you who is the AGENCY ASS CLOWN sent here to discredit the genuine commenters.
          Myself and others have a common thought as to what you really are a very confused young person been over medicated since early childhood molested by a close family member. And now your suffering from a sexual identity crisis and have built yourself in your own mind a fantacy world made up of women you dominate aliens scientist and government contacts. One day its the Chinese the next its a disease for women Muslims are coming to rape our women and the fantasy list goes on. Move out of your moms basement get a real job tell whomever is molesting you to stop ” it makes you feel icky”
          Then adjust your meds get some counciling and try as hard as you can to stay out of public view

          • Angry Beaver –

            Why you angry?
            Is it because you are unable to get any beaver?
            Always getting rejected, tired of paying for it?
            Got the 7 year burning itch?

            Whats the problem dude?

            • None of the above the guy bugs me to no end the guy makes no sense whatsoever.
              As for the angry beaver I’m Canadian and the beaver is a proud and Nobel Animal lol. Hard to trap and kill. Why are you defending him did I make the young boy cry lol

              • Not defending him, he is very much capable of providing that for himself.

                Now, HCKS posts may come off a bit overwhelming for most … even for me at times, though I believe he very much understands that.

                HCKS does provide some good info.
                … but like anything in life, take it for what it is.
                I feel HCKS means well, and I sense hes very compassionate towards his fellow human beings – ones that are deemed worthy.

                I sense a person with honesty, while providing strong integrity about himself, and that in itself is a person worthy being around.

                He may come off to you as being outlandish, possibly not sane … but I understand where he is coming from, and I’d rather be surrounded by with 10,000 HCKS type of people, than the Liberal trash that currently surround me at this very moment in time.

                The guy is good in my book – you [angry beaver] appear to be new here. Attacking him, with a name I’m not familiar with = troll.

                hope I’m wrong about the “troll” thing about you Angry Beaver … be well.

                • Lol no not a troll for sure I’ve had to change screen names twice laptop and phone issues I’ve been visiting here for a bit longer then a year. And hcks well MIT the first one to jump on him for some of his comments. I’m sorry but I really don’t believe he’s an adult if he is then he’s got problems I mean the guy won’t answer even the most basic of questions like what’s his friends field if expertise? One day he hates women the next he’s got one ” riding his c@#$” we’ve heard of moon men aliens diseases that only wipe out women. All his comments come down to the single point of his ability to dominate women and his situation he uses language and vocabulary just like my youngest son (19) he owns a business but can’t spell even with spell check. I remember one post a while back that claimed he just had a normal job and had no use for women wouldn’t give them the time of day now he’s married with kids and a thriving business. He spews obscenitys and then reiterates how manly and tough he is while describing all his accomplishments. I ask you does a man of experience feel the need to do that ? He’s the only one that when he’s called out repeates the exact same pattern of insults followed by a stiff reminder of his awesomeness. I mean why would anyone from a reputable scientific community tell this guy anything I mean only a few acknowledge even here
                  I’m simply calling him out on his crap comments and he in turn accuses us of being agency ass clowns with a phuck you.
                  Guys like him are what give the justification to call the rest of us nuts. And that’s why when he gets out of hand I will jump down his throat every single time.

                  • I skip all his comments. He seems insane but I have only been here a short time. After the first couple posts I read… I now would not catch it if he said something good.

                  • And the few that do respond is the reason he keeps coming back.

                • Ones deemed worthy you got that right. Just ask his less than attractive girlfriend.

          • Angry Beaver,
            That is quite an assessment. You may be right but the one fact here that can’t be disputed with his rhetoric about women is that he has serious issues with his own mother or primary female caretaker.

      11. oil is down to $33 a barrel today
        and so far 40 shale oil companies have went bankrupt
        with MANY more on the way

        Trump has his work cut out for him

        so far

        he has been LONG on talk
        and SHORT on ideas

        • Yes, don’t tell me WHAT you are going to do, tell me HOW you are going to to do it. Then I may start to listen. I hear 0 on HOW from anyone.

      12. TRUMP SLOGAN: “Make America Great Again”

        BARRACK OBAMA: “Hope & Change”

        Two different people … two different slogans … both have very much the same familiarity’s.

        See the problem? … I do, and so should everybody else … “garbage in, garbage out … recycle every four years … & repeat process. ☣

        • The problem with Obama’s slogan is that Hope is not a strategy.

          • MakeMyDay, To answer your question on the other thread (soory Ive been very busy). The right time would be when the victim of this BLM shit actually want to stand up to them and the community supports them. That would make the whole thing a lot stronger and a lot more powerful instead of another fed bloodbath. From what Ive read the town of burns is 80% govt. employees for hells sake. With the support of community and personal commitment by the victim this could be a great thing. I think in this situation it is going to end very badly for them and for us.

          • That you are very much correct … “HOPE” = false security.

            Gives simple comfort to those who feel things will get better for simple people.

            HOPE distorts “reality” while they feel comfort in their fictional world.

            • Everything obama said turned out to be LIES. The “change” he and his masters had in mind, was not the change WE had understood and hoped for. It was OUR mistake for assuming HE meant what WE hoped he meant for change…he didn’t. THIS IS THE CHANGE HE HAD IN MIND.

              At least Trump’s slogan makes it CLEAR what he means…to make America great again. Not to HOPE for it, BUT TO JUST DO IT. We don’t know yet if it will come true without giving him a chance… WE DO, however, know oblahblah is full of shit.

              There’s more than one way to analyze things.

        • FTW, Sadly many Americans are suffering from a low IQ level to even understand your post. But as always thanks for the TRUTH.

      13. My first choice of the potential contenders is Rand Paul. My second choice is anyone but Hillary.

        If Bernie Sanders wasn’t anti Second Amendment at this point I would be considering him as its just him and Paul that have anything to say about The Federal Reserve and the use of the Military. Trump doesn’t mind using the Military to help another nation (which is the banksters) but wants payment for it. Our kids pay with their life and limb regardless.

        • Rand Paul is Pro Israel … meaning, once again … we’ll have a President putting Israel First in front of issues and putting America again on the back burner.

          Rand Paul is also in favor of using Armed Drones on American soil.

          If those subject matters fall into your favor of liking, then by all means … support it, and enjoy.

          • Not Rand Paulstien! He saved us with his support for ndaa act.

            • LOL … love the sarcasm Genius “stein” … oh yea … the sideshow he put on about the NDAA …yea, he acted very well… he should get an Oscar for his performance ツ

              • FTW and Genius:

                You are both correct about your assessment of Rand Paul.

                Would that you were my neighbors instead of the old bastard who had his “vote Obama” sign in his yard.

                • “Would that you were my neighbors instead of the old bastard who had his “vote Obama” sign in his yard.”

                  I’ve handled problems like this in the past … he’ll take a hint if you periodically “accidently” expose a sign here or there for his viewing pleasure …

                  Something along the lines of these –

                  卐 卐 ϟϟ ϟϟ 卐 卐

                  Though it may appear to be a bit extreme … and it is … the tactic is very much useful – sends a strong enough message, without having to say a word.

                  Whether it is wrong or not is a moot point… it’s a proven method of handling “obama supporters”

                  I’ve found it to be 100% successful – and the undesirables leave me alone in peace. ☮

        • Bernie Sanders has always supported the Second Amendment.

          • As long as he stays in Vermont. Should he get the nomination, there is no way the Democratic Party is going to let him scotch their anti-gun program.

      14. With the ghost of Cliven past in mind, GOP lines up against the Bundys’ ‘lawless’ takeover

        ht tp://

        too funny
        but very predictable

        seems like the Republican version of “hope and change”
        is gonna be exactly like the Democratic version

        • I wish it were otherwise.

      15. Trump thinks he’ll create gazillions of jobs? He’ll have to in-source most of the jobs that got out-sourced years ago, that’ll tick off the Third World countries and China, prices will go up for the now domestically produced goods and people will not be happy about the higher prices. Lotsa luck, Mr Trump.

        • Precisely what I was thinking too AnneMarie –

          How is Trump going to create Jobs?

          Gonna disregard the bogus FreeTrade Agreement, negelect NAFTA?

          He would have to, if he was somehow able to pull it off, but …. in the process … it would create a fiasco between other Nations … and that in itself is an act of war.

          Never gonna happen … once again … you have a candidate running for Presidency making promises that he will not be able to keep.

          When will Americans learn?

          If it makes a persons conscience more at ease … and you feel that you need to Vote … have at it … but what choice do any of us really have?

          Seriously, look at the final candidates that we have a “choice” to choose from … nobody is ever worthy … it’s a rigged game … and the game is not in our favor.

          • Bombing the fuck out of defenseless countries and ousting their elected leaders is AN ACT OF WAR.

            Moving in with NATO and stealing their national gold reserves for safe keeping (sarcasm) while the country is in chaos, is AN ACT OF WAR.

            Sanctioning countries economically, so badly that their people starve is AN ACT OF WAR.

            Putting missile batteries on the borders of a country, pointing at them, is AN ACT OF WAR.

            Bringing our jobs back to our country may piss off other countries who are taking advantage of us, but that’s no act of war – it’s this totally unfamiliar concept of PUTTING OUR OWN PEOPLE AND COUNTRY FIRST. What an idea, huh?

            Who gives a shit if that pisses other countries off, or if Chinese made crap costs more – BUY AMERICAN! That’s how we make America great again.

        • AnneMarie – Right, and one of the main reasons outsourcing jobs started, and wasn’t stopped/banned, is because if it were, for one example, a $40 computer part would cost $400… just one example of many. We’d be paying a lot more for certain items… actually the average person wouldn’t be able to afford it.

          • That is what they tell us. Germany has high wages and sells a lot. Their prices are not 10 times higher.

            • Nor would ours be 100X higher. That’s just the justification/lie they tell us for outsourcing our livelihood to other countries. It was all crap. We CAN do anything they can do, right here.

              We’ll just have to make the same kinds of internal changes away from globalism that Russia is doing right now.

              The globalists must fail, or we’re doomed.

              • I meant 10X higher, my keyboard is screweed up.

      16. FTW, good response to the angry beaver. BANNED ANGRY BEAVER. You are full of phucking sh..t kiss my ass prick. Its seems like everytime i place the facts, your agency ass clowns attack me. Like FTW said, how is Trump going to create jobs. The only new jobs can be created besides Oil is Freenergy Technology. This projects could literally build back the entire manufacturing base of the United and the world for that matter. So phuck off troll. Hey dumb phuck, bitch, woman of who ever you are. I am living with my girlfriend. You are the one that needs medication. And i have my own business and make my own phucking money and dont have to answer stupid disgruntled cunts like yourself. Eat sh…t you liberal Hillory Clinton supporting bitch.



        Agency ass clown SUPER MODERATOR.

        • You think that’s bad boy go read the roast I left you on the holder artical

          • Am I banned from the site or just from you delusional fancy world
            Answear one simple question: what is your scientist buddys field of study. So far he’s an expert on diseases world depopulation the gold and let’s not forget the moon men and aliens. I’ve noticed a lot of the crap you spew on here comes from a tabloid rag called weekly world news. Lol your so busted little boy do you loose yourself in those pages after daddie gives you your ass reaming. Then come on here to further forget trama

              • I know I’ve been after him and his followers all day lol just some of the shit that comes out of his keyboard ….. wow man and let’s not forget how perfect and awesome he is. Oh yuck I just threw up a bit gross

            • Never brass off a Canuck !

        • F===k off you self-aggrandizing son of a bitch. I’ve heard most of the info you disseminate from other sites so it’s old news. But when you get really hateful and verbally abusive towards women that’s another story. You are the prick that is inapropriate. And don’t tell me who needs meds or not because you are out of your league there. You had to know somebody would respond to your verbal abuse rants and you got it dude.

      17. Don’t care where he was born, he grew up in Texas,

        Choose Cruz in 2016!

        • Cruz is not a “natural born” Citizen.

          Born in Canada – Daddy is Cuban – Mom is Canadian, but claims she was born & raised in Delaware … but can not find Birth Certificate to confirm her status.

          Natural Born – means born within the United States.
          Is Ted Cruz a Citizen of the US? … yes, very much so … but he was not born here … and that is the problem.

          Cruz is also Pro-Israel – not a good choice to support, unless you like more of the same policies that continue to bring this country to it’s knees.

          • in 1797 Congress pass a law that said anybody that was born to an American Citizen is “a natural born citizen.”

            So, Yes, Cruz is a natural born citizen.

            • Well then … if that is the case … then why where people all hell bent on Obama’s authenticity of Birth Place?

              “natural born” = born within the borders of the United States.

              Even if his mother is a Citizen of the United States, and ends up claiming residency – Ted is a American Citizen, but not “natural”.

              The Constitution explicitly put this “natural” into play, because they knew .. if people who were seeking the highest office were born outside of the United States … where would their loyalty represent? The United States … their origin of birthplace … some other nation.

              It was to help keep foreign entities from entering a Presidential Race. Obviously in this day an age, it does not seem to matter who holds the highest seat … but … this is why the “natural born” was key back in the day.

              To keep foreign interest minded people out.

              The Presidency is the only seat where you need to be a “natural born”. He can run for anything else, but the highest form of governance is off limits to him.

              • People are upset with Obama’s birthplace because he lied about it then falsified his long form birth certificate.

                Commits felony fraud and nobody does anything about it.

                Why does Obama have a social security number that was issued in Connecticut?

                He had never been to Connecticut before the elections.

                • Agreed … there is a lot wrong with any information pertaining to Obama … is it a coincidence by chance? … absolutely not.

                  Honestly I could less about Cruz being a “natural born” or not … it is the things he says, that has my attention.

                  Cruz is a flip flopper kind of a guy … some of the things he supports concerns me deeply, and if people are actually listening to him, should be picking up on it.

                  He says some good, but within that mix he throws in some pretty questionable ideas which I would assume most people would not tolerate.

                  Such as … if you and others think we have an immigration problem now … if a person such as Cruz gets elected … you’re gonna see our shores get flooded with more and more immigrant freeloaders which we cannot support.

        • So Obama being raised in Hawaii negates his African birth? I don’t agree. Cruz is a tool. In fact they are all tools

      18. Nope trump don’t fool me. Ive voted for whom I perceived as the lesser evil for decades. And it hasn’t worked too good. Knowing there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. In gonna vote for the greater evil. Yep Hillary will get my vote. That ugly bitch will quickly show her true colors. And Im tired of waiting. Im only getting older lets take the bull by the horns and get the show started. Yep we tried a faggott porch monkey now lets try a angry ugly frigid female

        • Muslin’s throw faggot porch monkeys off roofs. I hope Barry gets his chance to fly.

        • that’s just ridiculous.


      20. You forgot a murderous bitch that if her crimes were more widely known she would be executed posthaste.

      21. You know, one of the most entertaining aspects of this election will be the disinterest in either Democrat candidate by the black voters who turned up in droves for Obama. They’re thinking- well, who do I like? The old white man… or the old white woman? Think I’ll stay home today.
        There is going to be no excitement about this election in the ethnic community.

      22. I hope there is something left of the United States after Obama is done with it.

      23. He would have to overturn over 30 years of policies of globalisation, disband the Fed, up taxes to start to balance the budget, reduce the influence of Wall Street, reduce the emphasis on the military, etc. The only way to be competitive, create jobs and wealth is to go back to what the US was doing just after WW2 which was ‘technology planning’. This keep the US nation competitive and strong while the US dominated across all technologies. The US via the banks moved to ‘financial planning’ and the rot set in as that functioned to undermine the nation and enrich US transnational ‘C’ level types and stockholders via off-shoring, out-sourcing, etc. Now the US dominates no technology sectors.

        • Just deporting 20 million illegal aliens is going to go a long ways towards cleaning up a lot of problems in this county.

      24. I don’t believe it matters who is the next president. The Great Depression 2 is on.

        Interesting that Trump’s business nearly went bankrupt once, and he bullshitted his way out of it. Would he somehow be able to manage Great Depression 2, better than an honest person?

        I’ve never been impressed with the outcome of a super rich guy winning high office, they have a poor view of the average person, and an inflated view of self that interfere with sound decisions.

        Personally Trump scares the crap out of me. Obama is a batshit narcissist and we’d just be replacing him with another batshit narcissist, which would still be much better than a commie pinko batshit crazy narcissist like Hillary.

      25. I can’t stand Hillary but gonna vote for her because I want the reset to come faster. I know she will Fuck the country up more. What’s trump gonna do for you nothing he will flip like a fish once he’s elected. Vote for who will do the most damage. Really don’t believe we can come back now. America is finished. Order out of chaos right lets do this.

        • Asshat,
          OMG, that thought is so creepy.

          What we do in the first year or two after the reset could make it a ten year or a twenty year ordeal. I’d like to see it over as quickly as possible. The worse our president reacts to the reset the more likely we are to end up in a world war.

          Hillary is a died in the wool believer in Keynesian economics. There will be no recovery until our universities and government are purged of the Keynesian madness that got us into this debt bubble disaster.

      26. Plan twice- spot on … agree with everything you said.

        Back in the early 80’s, when I first heard of Trump, there was a lot of noise about him taking over properties for a high-rise, which meant displacing families… AKA, eminent domain. There was all this hoopla about it and he turned his back on his own neighbors. There were many stories circulating that I do not think were rumors or gossip.

        Way back then, when Trump was an up-and-coming hotshot, stories and scandals about him were only aired on the local news, never nationally. If we weren’t ‘neighbors’, so to speak, I wouldn’t have that history – I only live 10 minutes from his primary residence, 5 minutes the way the crow flies (yes, worst place to be in a shtf) and can honestly say from what I’ve seen and heard over the past 35 years he will not make a good POTUS, at least imo.

        He presents a false image to the public, which is very typical and characteristic for people with NPD/Narcissism. I admire him, but do not like, trust or respect him. I think he will screw up badly and make others take the rap. If he is elected/selected many will not even be aware that he’s behind the problem or issue because he’s real good at spinning the facts and twisting the truth.

        He was an expert at finding a fall guy, blaming scapegoats and getting away with it. He took no responsibility for the crap that he pulled on some Investors and also with the AC Casinos and was very disrespectful of others when questioned. He’s very calculating. I don’t know him personally, but think I know him well enough to know he’s not POTUS material.

      27. last presidential election I said I would never vote again for the lesser of two evils,Republicrat or Democon. their is a lot about this guy I like. sure he is probably lying but I am sure he is less of a liar than the shitbag that occupies the golf cource. Trump appears to be pro gun,jobs,border enforcement,military,pro vetrans,cut foreign aid,rebuild our national infrastructure,anti Obama care,anti common core, whats not to like. We are still a year from the inauguration and I am sure he will step on his dick w golf shoes by saying something unscripted that is taken out of context.At least he does not need a teleprompter and does not shed fake tears.We will see.Keep your powder dry!

      28. If not Hillary now? Who how and When? All Trump is gonna do at best is buy the elete another 4 years to complete their agenda. He will preside over the influx of more so called refugees. Why wait until they are more numerious & stronger and we are fewer, older & weaker? Shure I hate that bitch and know she is evil. Good grief even those closely connected to Hillary hate her guts. However she is the one chosen to be selected anyway. Trump is part of the Dog and pony show in the circus they call campaighn elections. He is there to make certain that there isn’t any viable republican candidate who can beat Hillary. Better the evil we know and can see than a wolf in sheeps clothing.

      29. Trump is the real deal. If he wasn’t why are the establishment people on both sides of the aisle trying to destroy his character and reputation. He is self funding his campaign which means he’ll be beholden to NO ONE. He will be losing millions if not billions to take time out of running his business to try and save our country from it’s status quo government shit bags. If you want to know who will work best for the country and it’s people…take a hard look at the people being attacked by the “establishment Republicans and Democrats” and the elites. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and I would even throw Ben Carson in the mix…these guys have seen the most attacks from the aforementioned shitbags.

        • Trump is the same a Perot. The whole election and the party,s is a big farce. There isn’t any difference between the partys & cantidates. Its a dog and pony circus and Mr.T fell for it hook line & sinker. Trump is a liar and a thief. He took time out of running his business to host a TV show.

        • Mr. T, you just repeated omega of Trump’s many lies. He is not financing his own campaign, he loaned money to his campaign. His campaign paid back the loan through donations. He is free and clear. Now his campaign funds his extravaganzas. Corporate-owned media is tightly controlled and the Boyz have financed all day every day Trump. As a television personality he knows that bad boy plays better than anyone else. How is he not mainstream? He knows the players on both sides and he purchased them when he wants something… up to his eyebrows in corruption. Of course he was a Democrat, he lived in a Democrat state. He said on film years ago that if he ran for President he would run as a Republican because the base is stupid. Those running against him give him a hard time? Wahhhh. Nothing like they give Hillary. Nothing like he gives them.

          You have freedom to vote, but Mr. Bankruptcy lies… a lot.

      30. You are somehow under the impression that everybody has the means to get prepped like a freaking millionaire?

        Not everybody has that capacity.

        And for that matter, I don’t think the story was so much about prepping as it was about the life of a little girl at Christmas after the SHTF.

        You just feel like bitching about something/anything at the moment.

      31. I’ve never been impressed with the outcome of a super rich guy winning high office, they have a poor view of the average person, and an inflated view of self that interfere with sound decisions.

        But I got a chance to create this perücken

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